INGALLS (Ingals)

Abigail, w.Henry, Aug.29,1807, a.58y.GR5

Charlotte E., d.Elias T. and Eliza C., cholera infantum, Sept.19,1849, a.1y.18d.

Elizabeth, d.Elias T. and Eliza (Chase), Dec.7,1841.

Betsey Cogswell, d.Elias T. and Eliza (Chase), Dec.8,1841.

Hannah (Watts), w.Eldad, June20,1738.

Henry, at the poorhouse, Jan.17,1824.

Henry, Apr.15,1824.CR3

Henry, at the poorhouse, Apr.12,1832.

Ruthey, mother of Elias T., Aug.26,1843, a.63y.

Susanna, July20,1824.CR3

INGALS (Ingalls)

Mary, d.Henry and Abigial (Wingate), Apr.9,1783. [in her 2d y.GR1]


Ruth, w.Maj. Zebulon, Nov.16,1813, a.65y.GR5

Zebulon, Jan.,1829, a.70y.GR5


Sarah, Mrs., at the house of Henry West, Dec.14,1822.

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