Abigail, wid., old age, Mar.12,1812, a.82y.CR1

KAZER (Keezer)

David, s.John, 3d and Ruth (Davis), Sept.20,1761.

Jasse, s.John, 3d and Ruth (Davis), Nov.18,1758.


Edwin, s.Rev. George and Mary, b. in Eng., Jan.末,1818, d.Sept.末,1818.GR6

Elizabeth P., at Portland, ME, Feb.19,1847, a.16y.GR6

George, s.[Rev.GR6] Josiah and Eliza A. (Bradley), Mar.20,1834. [a.5m.GR6]

Louisa, d.Rev. George and Mary, b. in Eng., Jan.末,1818, d.Sept.末,1818.GR6

Mary, w.Rev. G[eorge, b. in England.GR6], Dec.27,1840. [a.65y.GR6]

KEEZER (Kazer, Keyzar, Kezer)

Ann, w.George S., consumption, May11,1848, a.48y.6m.1d.

KELLEY (Kelly)

Abeazah, May17,1823.CR3

Sarah Eames, d.William and Mary, Mar.10,1819, a.4y.9m.GR1

KELLY (Kelley)

Caroline, b.末蔓末,1828, d.末蔓末,1846.GR6

Joseph, Mar.29,1825., a.76y.GR5

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah (Ayer), Dec.13,1835.

Robert, h.Hannah (Ayer), Dec.13,1835. [a.47y.GR5]

Sarah E. [Sarah A., d.M., quinsy.CR1], Mar.17,1819. [Mar.28, a.7y.CR1]

William [consumption.CR1], Dec.28,1816. [Dec.8, a.52y.CR1]

William, Sept.23,1827, a.23y.GR1

KEMBALL (Kimball)

Hanah, w.Henry, killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

John, s.Henry and Hanah (Mash), killed Mar.15,1696-7.


末末, ch.Asa, quinsy, June6,1819. a 4y.CR1

Eunice, Aug.18,1819.


Eunice (Case), w.Asaph [childbed.CR1], May18,1808. [a.39y.CR1;, a.38y.GR1]

Mary Eliza, Nov.23,1820, a.9y.11m.GR6

Timothy, s.Asaph and Eunice (Clark) [moritification.CR1], Feb.20,1809. [Feb.23, a.2y.CR1;, a.3y.GR1]

William Henry, May14,1833, a.5y.2m.GR6


Anganette, Nov.9,1841.PR56

Eloisa R., Feb.26,1833.PR56

Emma J., Feb.16,1849.PR56

Robert, s.W末末 and R末末, of Berwick, Nov.2,1819, a.19y.

KENRICK (Kinrick)

Anna, d.Abner and Sarah (Wingate), Aug.8,1803.

Harriet Chapman, d.Joshua W. and Harriet (Chapman), June4,1839. [a.18y.GR6]

James, Sept.15,1829.

Joshua W., May18,1847, a.48y.8m.GR6

Sarah, d.John and Sarah (Colby), Aug.18,1803. [a.13m.GR1]


Abigail (Bayley), w.Jacob, July1,1756. [d.Joseph and Abigail Bayley of Newbury, a.34y.GR2]

Ann, w.Stephen, Aug.3,1660.

Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Ann, Feb.27,1652[-3]

Betsy, d.Justin and Lucy (Coldwell), Sept.17,1803. [ Sept.27, a.20m.GR1]


末末, inf.ch.Thomas, Oct.末,1834.CR1

KEYZAR (Keezer)

George, s.John and Hannah (Davis), killed by ye Indians, Mar.15,1696-7.

John, h.Hannah (Davis), killed by Indians, Mar.15,1696-7.

KEZER (Keezer)

Caroline Plummer, d.George and Ann (Kidder), Jan.29,1833. [a.4y.6m.GR1]

Ruth (Davis), w.John, 3d, Sept.12,1775, a.56y.


Chauncey Hastings, s.John B. and Mary (Sargent) [Hannah.GR1], June2,1835. [a.2y.5m.GR1]

Roseylama, "at the Rev. Mr. Whiting's" [inflammation of brain.CR1], Sept.6,1817. [a.19y.CR1]

KILHAM (Callum)

KIMBAL (Kimball)

Betsy, Aug.19,1785.CR3

Hannah, d.James, July29,1778.CR3

Harriot, d.Cotton, quinsy, Sept.7,1796, a.2y.CR1

James, Dec.19,1781.CR3

Jeremiah, s.James, July29,1778.CR3

Richard, Feb.5,1780.CR3 [in is 48th y.GR3]

KIMBALL (Kemball, Kimbal)

末末, d.William, May4,1836.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Mary (Emerson), Sept.13,1737.

Abigail, w.[Lt.GR2] Jeremiah, "at the house of her son Richard," Aug.6,1804. [a.70y.GR2]

Abigail, w.David [consumption.CR1], May4,1811, a.57y.GR1 [May10,1812, a.56y.CR1]

Abner, s.Abner and Dinah (Barnett), Sept.1,1746.

Abner, h.Dinah (Barnett), Aug.1,1752.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Hannah (Haseltine), Sept.16,1746.

Adeline, d.twin, Solomon and Polly (Shepard), May1,1822.

Alfred, s.Richard and Lucy (Snow), Jan.8,1797. [a.12w.GR2]

Amos, s.Abner and Dinah (Barnett), Aug.23,1750.

Benjamin, Dea., h.Mary (Emerson), Aug.5,1741.

Benjamin, h.Betsey, Sept.2,1833. [a.77y.GR7]

Catherine W., d.Hazen and Eliza P., Sept.13,1835, a.7m.23d.GR5

Charles, s.Cotton and Rhoda (Sargeant) [consumption.CR1], May7,1817. [a.26y.CR1]

Christopher Sargeant, s.Cotton and Rhoda (Sargeant), Dec.3,1820.

Cotton, h.Rhoda (Sargeant) [consumption.CR1], Aug.4,1824. [a.70y.CR1]

David, h.Abigail (Dow), Nov.26,1817. [Nov.25, a.77y.GR1]

Ebenezer, h.Ruth (Eatton), Jan.23,1714-15.

Betsey, Miss, Aug.19,1788, a.21y.GR3

Elisabeth, d.Cotton and Rhoda (Sargeant), Nov.24,1817.

Betsey, w.Benjamin, Oct.1,1857, a.94y.GR7

Fanny, d.twin, Solomon and Polly (Shepard), Jan.11,1830.

Frederick Augustus, s.Richard Hazen and Deborah (Saltmarsh), Jan.2,1821. [Dec.25,1820, a.1m.GR1]

George, s.Cotton and Rhoda (Sargeant) [consumption.CR1], June20,1816. [a.32y.CR1]

Gyles Merrill, s.[Maj.GR2] Richard and Lucy (Snow), July2,1803. [a.2y.GR2]

Hannah (Haseltine), w.Abraham, Jan.9,1746-7.

Hannah, w.Sterling, Aug.4,1835.

Hannah, wid.[w.Moses.GR1], b. Plaistow, d.Moses and Thankful Bradley, chronic disease, May13,1846., a.76y.

Harriot, d.Cotton and Rhoda (Sargeant), Mar.28,1790.

Henry, s.David, drowned at sea, Mar.20,1796, a.26y.CR1

Hezekiah Smith, Aug.29,1833.

Jabez, Esq. [counsellor-at-law.GR1], "had resided about 2 years in family of Nathaniel P. Sargeant," [consumption.CR1], Mar.19,1805. [a.33y.CR1]

Jeremiah, "at his son Richard's," Nov.6,1808.

John, s.Abraham and Mary (Pike), Feb.9,1748-9.

John, h.Mary (Sargeant), Apr.10,1807.

John, "in the family of William Smilty," Dec.10,1833.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Mary (Emerson), Aug.12,1737.

Joseph [Capt.GR1], s.David,末蔓末,1816. [ Sept.1, a.37y.GR1]

Lois, at Portland,末蔓末,1833.CR7

Lucy Merrill, d.[Maj.GR2] Richard and Lucy (Snow), July26,1804. [a.4y.6m.GR2]

Lydia (Duston), w.James, at her son Cotton's house, Sept.10,1806.

Martha, d.Benjamin and Mary (Emerson), Sept.23,1737.

Mary Anne, d.Cotton and Rhoda (Sargeant), Sept.11,1803.

Mary (Little), w.Richard, 2d, May2,1829.

Polly (Shepard) [Mary.GR1], w.Solomon, June26,1830. [a.59y.GR1]

Mary W[hittier.GR6], b. Newburyport, d.Nathaniel and Sarah Crosby (adopted, d.Hermon and Harriet Kimball), typhoid fever, Sept.30,1848, a.10y.10m.

Mehitable, d.Rufus and Lucy E. (Adams), July7,1825.

Moses, s.Jonathan and Ledy, of Bradford, Aug.2,1727, a.23y.GR1

Moses, s.Richard and Sarah (Snow), Aug.17,1793. [a.8y.GR2]

Moses, h.Mary (Jennings) [consumption.CR1], May4,1819. [a.33y.CR1;, a.36y.GR1]

Moses, h.Hannah (Bradley), Apr.5,1841. [a.71y.GR1]

Nathaniel, Oct.20,1821.PR6

Phebe, d.twin, Abner and Dinah (Barnett), Nov.8,1754.

Richard [Col.GR2], h.Lucy (Snow), Mar.16,1823. [Mar.17, a.63y.GR2]

Richard Hazen, drowned, Aug.30,1827. [a.54y.GR1]

Ruth, d.Abner and Dinah (Barnett), Nov.11,1736.

Ruth, d.twin, Abner and David (Barnett), Apr.6,1742.

S., fever, Aug.末,1821, a.45y.CR1

Samuel, Nov.15,1800.CR3

Sarah (Snow), w.Richard, Nov.28,1793. [a.34y.GR2]

Solomon, h.Polly (Shepard), July24,1825. [a.53y.GR1]

Warren F., s.Warren and Mary E., scarlet fever, Aug.30,1845, a.5y.1m.20d.

William, s.Benjamin and Betsey [consumption.CR1], Nov.22,1832. [a.29y.CR1]


Sarah, d.James and Deliverance (Harriman), June26,1764.


Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Love (Ayers), May24,1686.

Ephraim, killed by ye Indians, May2,1676.

Henry, h.Susannah, Oct.1,1687. [a.77y.CTR]

John, h.Elizabeth, Jan.23,1670.

Mehetabel, d.Thomas and Deborah, killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Samuel, h.Huldah (Corlis), Sept.26,1698.

Susanna, w.Henry, Feb.21,1678.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Deborah, killed Mar.15,1696-7.

KINRICK (Kenrick)

Anna, d.Abner and Sarah (Wingate), Nov.26,1804.

Charles, Oct.25,1821, a.17y.4m.18d.GR1

John, h.Sarah (Colby) [asthma.CR1], Sept.13,1807. [a.39y.CR1;, a.42y.GR1]


Ann, wid.Dr. Aaron, late of Portland, Mar.1,1844, a.65y.GR1

Benjamin W., Lt. (U.S.A.), s."late" Dr. Aaron, b. Portland, Jan.14,1806, d.at Cantonment Gibson, AR, May15,1832.GR1


末末, s.Aaron, May3,1836.

Aaron, M.D., s.Dr. Jonathan, of Canterbury, NH [at Bradford.CR5], May7,1838, a.36y.GR1


Alice, w.[wid.GR1] Stephen, Feb.22,1840. [a.65y.GR1]

Jeremiah, Jan.30,1828.

Rachel F., d.Samuel and Anna, Aug.17,1823, a.1y.GR1

Stephen, h.Alice (Berry), June19,1835. [a.63y.GR1]


Nathaniell, Apr.10,1754, in his 44th y.GR1


Eliza J., w.Rufus K., Dec.24,1827, a.28y.GR5

Oliver M., s.Rufus K. and Rachel H. (Morse), Dec.26,1841. [a.2ス y.GR5]

KNOWLTON (Knolten)


Hannah, consumption, June26,1819, a.64y.CR1

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