Elisebeth, d.James and Margret (Whitely), July21,1736. [July31, in her 14th m.GR1]

James, s.James and Margret (Whitely), July31,1736. [in his 5th y.GR1]

James, s.James and Margret (Whitely), at Hopkinton, Apr.末,1823.

John, s.James and Margret (Whitely), July12,1736. [in his 7th y.GR1]

Whitely, s.James and Margret (Whitely), July11,1736. [in his 4th y.GR1]


Esther (Frink), w.John, Jan.15,1808.

MANSIS (Mansise)

Eleanor, w.Simon, May末,1822.

Simon, h.Eleanor, June3,1831.

William, s.Simon and Elice (Webster), at sea.末蔓末,1805.

MANSISE (Mansis)

Alice, w.Capt. Simon, May11,1822, a.73y.GR1

Cornelius, sr., Aug.18,1798, a.83y.CR1

Jonathan, s.Simon and Alias, 末蔓30,1774, a.1y.9m.GR1

Simon, s.Simon and Elice (Webster), at sea,末蔓末,1803.


末末, ch.John, June25,1841.

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, May30,1776.

Enoch, h.Hannah (Hadley), Aug.7,1774.

John, h.Abigail (Chase), Dec.20,1775.

John, Dec.23,1783, a.76y.CR3

John, s.John and Hannah (Webster), Mar.23,1841. [a.39y.GR1]

Lidia, d.Samuel and Rebecca (Williams), Jan.22,1705-06. [in her 18th y.GR1]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebecca (Williams), Jan.23,1686.

Samuel, h.Elisabeth, May13,1771.

Samuel, May15,1827.

Sarah, w.John [old age.CR1], Apr.26,1809. [a.97y.CR1]


Mary S., Mar.1,1840.CR6

MARSH (Mash)

末末, ch.John, fits, Oct.22,1814, a.12h.CR1

Abigail, d.David and Mary (Moody) [old age and dropsy.CR1], Feb.17,1831. [a.83y.CR1]

Charles William, s.Rev. John, dysentery, Oct.2,1829, a.2ス y.CR1

Clarassa Davis, d.David, 3d [jr.CR1], and Sarah (Kinrick), Feb.26,1814. [a.2w.CR1]

Cutting, h.Ruth (White) [old age.CR1], Jan.14,1818. [a.88y.CR1]

David, consumption, Oct.23,1812, a.81y.CR1

David, jr., h.Priscilla (Gage), Dec.23,1840.

Eliza Brooks, w.Nathaniel, of NY City, Apr.24,1846, a.32y.GR6

Elizabeth Chandler, d.John and Mary (Plummer) [fits.CR1], Aug.13,1817. [a.17m.CR1]

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, and, d.Benjamin and Mary Clement, Mar.20,1833, a.33y.GR2

Enoch, s.Moses, jr. and Hannah (Lampson) [disorder of bowels.CR1], Feb.28,1802. [Mar.1, a.1y.1m.CR1]

George, s.Robert and Polly (Currier), Aug.26,1835. [Oct.CR5;, a.38y.GR1]

Hannah, w.Moses, May10,1843, a.78y.GR1 [a.79y.CR5]

Harriot, d.Moses, jr. and Hannah (Lampson) [typhus fever.CR1], Aug.2,1832. [a.23y.CR1]

Horace F., s.Robert and Mary N., July24,1846, a.7y.7m.12d.GR6

James, s.Moses and Rebeckah (Walker), Mar.2,1792. [a.22y.GR1]

James, s.Moses, jr. and Hannah (Lampson), Apr.17,1795. [in his, 2d y.GR1]

James, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, June15,1832, a.3y.GR2

John m., merchant, heart complaint, July12,1849, a.69y.

Jonathan, s.Moses, consumption, Aug.末,1802, a.21y.CR1 [Aug.13, a.20y.GR1]

Lucy Ann, d.David, 3d and Nancy P. (Burbank), Oct.5,1834.

Lydia, d.Moses and Rebeckah (Walker), Sept.4,1763.

Lydia, d.David and Mary (Moody) [old age.CR1], July12,1828. [July19, a.83y.CR1]

Mary (Moody), w.Dea.David, Aug.12,1794. [a.91y.GR1]

Polly (Currier) [Mary.CR1], w.Robert [nervous fever.CR1], Oct.16,1796. [a.26y.CR1]

Mary, d.Moses and Rebeckah (Walker), Mar.15,1834. [a.70y.GR1]

Moses, jr. [2d.CR1], h.Hannah (Lampson) [consumption.CR1], May21,1815. [a.53y.CR1]

Nancy, w.David, b. Salisbury [1788.GR6], tumor, June14,1849, a.60y.

Nathaniel, Esq., consumption, Nov.5,1815, a.85y.CR1

Priscilla, wid.David, paralysis, Apr.6,1849, a.78y.

Rebeckah (Walker), w.Moses, Jan.15,1823. [a.84y.GR1]

Rebekah, d.Moses and Hannah, Nov.19,1837.GR1

Rebecca, unm.,末蔓末,1841. [ Sept.6, a.64y.CR5]

Robert, h.Elisabeth (Greenough), "killed while assiting to raise the frame of the meeting house about to be erected for the use of the Independent Congregational Society, near the spot where he was born," July10,1834. [a.64y.GR1]

Robert H., s.Robert and Mary N., Apr.13,1843, a.1y.10m.17d.GR6

Ruth (White), w.Cutting, Nov.3,1815. [a.85y.GR1]

Sarah, w.David, b.末蔓末,1771, d.末蔓末,1834.GR6

Sarah (Kinrick), w.David, 3d, Mar.11,1834.

Sarah E., d.Robert and Mary N., Aug.18,1844, a.6d.GR6

William, s.John and Mary, Oct.2,1829, a.2y.6m.GR1

MARTEN (Martin)

Christopher, May11,1719, in his 27th y.GR1

MARTIN (Marten, Martyn)

末末, and Zelenda (Knight), Aug.8,1832.

Abigail E., d.Richard and Zelenda, Feb.27,1838, a.16y.GR7

Abby E., d.Richard and Zelenda, Dec.3,1840, a.1m.20d.GR7

Eliza, Dec.1,1825.CR3

George E., s.Richard and Zelenda, Sept.13,1830, a.19d.GR7

Harriet A., d.Richard and Zelenda, Aug.7,1832, a.1m.GR7

Jacob, Nov.末,1832.

Oliver, h.Elizabeth (Knight), Dec.14,1835.

MARTYN (Martin)

Grace F., w.Rev. Job H., July1,1840.

Henry, s.Truman M. and Lydia S., Sept.15,1839. [a.7m.GR6]

Henry, 2d, s.Truman M. and Lydia S., June20,1847, a.2m.GR6

Sarah E., unm., d.Richard and Zelinda, consumption, Aug.16,1846, a.20y.[Nov.8,1849.GR7]

MASH (Marsh)

Daniel, s.Ephraim and Hannah (Smith), June30,1750.

David [Dea.GR1], s.John and Lidia (Emerson), Nov.2,1777. [in his 80th y.GR1]

Elizabeth (Worcester), w.Onisophorus, May9,1690.

Enoch, s.David and Mary (Moody) [jaundice.CR1], Feb.4,1806. [a.68y.CR1]

Hannah, w.Onisophorous sr., Mar.17,1685-6.

John, Dea., h.Mary, Nov.24,1734. [in his 71st y.GR1]

John, s.Onisophorous, jr. and Sarah (Lad), Apr.17,1796.

John, s.David and Mary (Moody), Sept.13,1821.

Jonathan, s.John and Lidia (Emerson) [h.Elisabeth.dup.], May28,1776.

Lydia (Emerson), w.John, Feb.10,1718-19.

Lydia, d.Ephraim and Hannah (Smith), Mar.2,1740-41.

Lydia, d.Ephraim and Hannah (Smith), Nov.17,1752.

Mehetable, d.John and Lidia (Emerson), May30,1720.

Nathaniel, s.David and Mary (Moody), July14,1815. [a.75y.GR1]

Onisophorus, May15,1713. [a.83y.GR1]

Thomas, s.Onisophorus, of Canada, pox, Nov.21,1690.


Shuah F., Dec.9,1839, a.20y.GR1


Deborah, w.Henry, b. Andover, disease of the heart, Nov.11,1845, a.29y.


John, Mar.26,1689.


Ruth, w.George H., b. Campton, inflammation of bowels, Mar.28,1849, a.22y.4m.


Abigail, w.James C., Dec.8,1793, a.22y.GR2

Eunice (Clark), w.Maj. Moses, Jan.13,1820.

Moses, Maj., h.Eunace (Clark), Apr.6,1802.

Nathan, s.Moses and Eunace (Clark), Aug.17,1829.

McHARD (Mackhard)

James, h.Margret (Whitely), June末,1772.


Priscilla, wid.William, of Taunton, May26,1786, a.54y.GR1


Dolly I. (Johnson), w.Daniel P., Dec.6,1830. [1831, a.31y.GR5]


Rachel, w.[Capt.GR1] Thomas, July30,1833. [a.45y.GR1]


Hanah [w.Richard.dup.], d.Theophilus and Susanna Shatswel, Dec.27,1670.

Richard, h.Hanah, Mar.29,1671.


George W., s.Mary, Dec.3,1822, a.21m.GR1

MERILL (Merrill)

Mary, Mrs., formerly, w.Dea.Benjamin Clement, July31,1805, a.85y.GR2

MERRIEL (Merrill)

末末, Mr., Aug.末,1751, in his 50th y.GR3

Lucie, d.Nathaniel and Ruth, June20,1742, in her 15th y.GR3

MERRILL (Merill, Merriel)

末末, ch.Amos, bur. May24,1799.CR3

末末, ch.末末, Apr.14,1800.CR3

末末, w.Dea.M., consumption, Mar.7,1810, a.64y.CR1

末niel, ch.stillborn Nathan and Mary (Gordin), Oct.28,1729.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Rhoda, Dec.29,1811, a.23y.GR7

Abigail, wid.Samuel, Esq., May22,1816, a.79y.GR7

Anna H., d.John B. and Sarah B., lung fever, Oct.30,1846, a.1m.7d.

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Sarah (Woodman), July4,1709.

Charles d., s.Dean and Mary, Sept.24,1834.PR65

Charles H., s.Charles and Adriana (West), Apr.26,1839.

Cloe (Bailey), 2d, w.Samuel, jr., Jan.末,1804.

Damaris, d.twin, Nathan and Damaris (Lancester), Feb.7,1743-4.

Damaris (Lancester), w.Nathan, Feb.29,1743-4.

Ebenezer, Dec.4,1817. [Dec.18.PR47]

Ebenezer, h.Abiah (West), Nov.29,1834.

Enoch, s.Nathan and Mary (Gordin), Aug.26,1736.

Evan, Col., h.Anna (Haynes), Nov.10,1821. [a.52y.GR3]

Gyles, s.Rev. Gyles and Lucy (Cushing), Aug.29,1770. [a.2y.GR2]

Gyles, Rev., h.Lucy (Cushing), Apr.27,1801, a.63y.

Hannah, w.Ebenezer, Sept.28,1842.PR47

Harriet, d.Joseph, canker, Jan.末,1806, a.1y.5m.CR1

Isaac Martin, s.Jonathan and Rebecca (Barker), Mar.21,1836.

James, Oct.4,1788, a.24y.GR7 [Oct.3.CR3]

Jeremiah, s.Nathaniel and Ruth (Wallinford), Sept.3,1735.

John, h.Lucie (Webster), May15,1705.

John, h.Lydia (Gage), July3,1741.

John Emory, s.John E. and Hannah N., Dec.4,1830, a.13m.4d.GR1

Joseph Whiting, July15,1772.

Lucy (Cushing), w.Rev. Gyles, Aug.7,1798. [a.51y.GR2]

Mary, throat distemper, Oct.27,1736.PR73

Mary, d.Nathan and Mary (Gordin), May2,1738.

Mary (Gordin), w.Nathan, May21,1738.

Moses, s.John and Lydia (Gage), Dec.22,1736.

Moses, Apr.9,1795, a.87y.GR2

Nathaniell, h.Ruth (Wallingford), Aug.25,1737.

Nathaniel, h.Sarah (Woodman), July4,1738.

Peter, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Apr.2,1847.PR47

Rhoda (Bailey), w.Samuel, jr., Jan.18,1789. [a.28y.GR7]

Ruth, d.Samuel and Ruth (Eatton), Nov.3,1735.

Ruth, d.Nathaniel and Ruth (Wallinford), Sept.8,1736.

Samuel, Esq., h.Abigail (Eaton), Dec.29,1801. [a.64y.GR7]

Samuel Gyles, s.James C. and Anna S., Apr.28,1830, a.6y.GR6

Sarah, d.John and Lydia (Gage), Nov.13,1737.

Sarah, d.twin, Nathan and Damaris (Lancester), Feb.7,1743-4.

Sarah True, w.Moses, June3,1793, a.72y.GR2

Sarah C. [consumption.CR3], Nov.22,1833.

Susanna, d.Nathan and Susanna (Staples), May8,1751.

Thomas, of Bradford, at Brown's Tavern, Mar.20,1833.

William, h.Elsa (How), Apr.6,1843. [a.70y.GR8]


Mary, w.William, Dec.24,1844, a.50y.7m.GR6

Ruth W., unm., b. Methuen, d.Nathaniel and Mary, consumption, Mar.4,1846, a.45y.2m.9d.


John Y, Dec.18,1833.


末末, "Anonimus," ch.William and Dorothy (Brewer), Feb.26,1698-9.

Eunice (Hoyt), w.Samuel, Aug.28,1834.

Joseph, s.Samuel, consumption, Sept.16,1798, a.2y.CR1

Kezia, d.William and Dorothy (Brewer), Apr.11,1721.

Mary, d.Samuel and Eunice (Hoyt), June7,1802.

Peter, s.William and Dorothy (Brewer), Feb.7,1697-8.

Samuel, h.Hannah, June末,1788.

Samuel, s.twin, Samuel and Hannah, Feb.1,1814.

Sarah, d.Samuel, jr. and Hannah, Dec.12,1778.

Thomas, s.William and Dorothy (Brewer), Oct.31,1701.

William, s.William and Dorothy (Brewer), July5,1699.

William, s.William and Dorothy (Brewer), Feb.5,1707-08.


Matilda, unm., d.John and Nancy, consumption, Sept.19,1849, a.40y.


Rebecca (Trask), w.Stephen, Esq. [d.Samuel and Rebecca Trask of Bradford.GR6; scarlet fever.CR1], Nov.27,1832. [a.48y.CR1]

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Abiah, d.Philip and Abigail (Johnson), Nov.23,1727.

Abigail, d.John and Abigial (Bacheller), Nov.15,1745.

Abigail (Johnson), w.Phillip, Apr.26,1747.

Abigail, d.Philip and Abigall (Johnson), May17,1747.

Abigail, Apr.19,1788, a.75y.CR3

Andrew, Mar.15,1753, in his 27th y.GR3

Bradley, s.James and Martha (Bradley), Aug.26,1736. [in his, 2d y.GR1]

Bradley, Jan.14,1794.CR3

Bridget, d.William and Mehetabel (Pool), July12,1763.

Daniel, h.Rebecca (Hastings), May22,1786.

Elizabeth, d.Andrew, jr. and Hannah (Ayer), Sept.21,1725.

Esther, d.Ebenezer and Sarah (Williams), Sept.23,1762.

Hannah, wid., Jan.13,1780.CR3

James, s.James and Martha (Bradley), Apr.11,1727.

James, s.Philip and Abigail (Johnson), Aug.11,1742.

James, Capt., h.Martha (Bradley), Dec.19,1745. [in his 50th y.GR3]

James, s.Phillip and Abigall (Johnson), May14,1747.

John, Feb.14,1774.CR3

John, s.John and Abigial (Bacheller) [h.Abigail (Hibbert). dup.], Feb.末,1802.

Jonathan, s.John and Sarah (Simons), July9,1736.

Joseph, s.James and Martha (Bradley), Oct.27,1725.

Katharine, d.William and Mehitabel (Pool), Sept.10,1763.

Patty, Aug.16,1782.CR3

Mary, d.Andrew, jr. and Hannah (Ayer), Nov.末,1736.

Mehetabel, d.William and Mehetabel (Pool), Apr.7,1764.

Phillip, h.Abigail (Johnson), May28,1747.

Phillip, s.Philip and Abigail (Johnson), Dec.25,1747.

Phineus, s.John and Abigial (Bacheller), Nov.5,1745.

Phebe, d.John and Sarah (Simons), July1,1736.

Rachel, d.Andrew, jr. and Hannah (Ayer), Nov.末,1736.

Ruth, d.Philip and Abigail (Johnson), Apr.23,1747.

Ruth, d.Ebenezer and Joanna, Mar.3,1783.

Samuel, Feb.13,1753, in his 23d y.GR3

Samuel Gipson, s.William and Mehetabel (Pool), Sept.6,1776.

Sary, d.Andrew, Apr.12,1705, in her 15th y.GR1

Sarah (Simons), w.John, Mar.29,1736. [in her 26th y.GR1]

Sarah, w.Ebenezer, Dec.22,1768, in her 37th y.GR3

Sarah (Williams), w.Ebenezer, Dec.23,1768.

Susanna, d.Phillip and Abigail (Johnson), Apr.23,1747.

William, s.Andrew, jr. and Hannah (Ayer), Jan.11,1723-4.

William, s.William and Mehetabel (Pool), Jan.2,1769.

William, s.Mehetabel (Pool), July8,1776.

William, s.Daniel and Rebecca (Hastings), Oct.末,1785.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Abiah, 2d, w.Andrew, Feb.2,1745-6.

Abigall (Attwood), w.Andrew, Dec.15,1714. [Dec.12, a.54y.GR1]

Andrew, h.Abigall (Attwood), Nov.25,1736. [in his 80th y.GR1]

Cynthia, d.Ebenezer and Martha C., Apr.9,1842, a.17y.GR8

Ebenezer, s.John and Ruth (Greenleaf), July12,1838.

Hannah (Leach), w.James [wid.GR1], Mar.25,1814. [a.54y.GR1]

James, s.Lt. James and Marthea, Sept.末,1740, in his 8th y.GR3

James, h.Hannah (Leach),末蔓末,1813.

John, Jan.21,1837.GR6

Martha, w.Jonathan, Jan.末,1836.

Martha C., w.Ebenezer, Jan.26,1836, a.50y.GR8

Patty (Clarke) [Martha.GR8], w.Ebenezer, Jan.26,1836. [a.50y.GR8]

Mehetibal, d.Lt. James and Martha, May16,1741, a.11d.GR3

Newell Dalton,末蔓末,1848.GR6

Wealthy J[ane.GR8], b. Chester, NH, d.Elijah and Sarah, brain fever, June16,1847, a.14y.

MOOARS (Moore)

David, s.Joseph, June22,1795.CR3


Cutting, h.Mary (Tenney), Dec.4,1834. [a.54y.GR5]

Eliza, w.Joseph, Mar.11,1808., a.30y.GR5

Harriet C., Sept.29,1839, a.6y.CR1

Harriet, d.J末, dropsy, Dec.14,1844, a.6y.CR1

Louise Victory, d.Joseph and Harriet, dropsy in the head, Dec.16,1844, a.5y.

Moses, Esq., July19,1809, a.57y.GR5

Moses B., at Philadelphia, July15,1822.

Moses, h.Elisabeth (Buckmaster), May5,1833.

MOOERS (Moore)

Abigail (Hazzen), w.Benjamin,末蔓末,1778. [Oct.19, in her 50th y.GR1]

Abigail Hazen, d.twin, Jonathan and Elisabeth (Gage), Sept.6,1788.

Benjamin, Sept.25,1799, a.75y.GR1

John, s.Ammiruhama and Jane (Sillaway), Oct.21,1762.

Jonathan, h.Elisabeth (Gage), Dec.8,1805.

Moses, s.Benjamin and Abigail (Hazzen), Mar.28,1754.

Sarah (Duston), w.Edmund, Mar.24,1749-50. [in her 22d y.GR1]

Susanna, d.Edmund and Suanna (Hall), Aug.26,1753.

William, s.twin, Benjamin and Abigail (Hazzen), Jan.末,1765.

William Hazen, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth (Gage), June13,1794.

MOORE (Mooars, Mooers, Moors)

Fidelia H[arriet.GR8], d.Jeremiah and Sarah B., cholera infantum, Sept.5,1849, a.1y.

MOORS (Moore)

Elizabeth, Miss, Aug.7,1837, a.47y.2m.26d.GR1

[Rachel.GR1], wid.[Benjamin, formerly, wid.Joshua Duston.GR1], old age, July24,1826, a.81y.CR1


Harriet, d.David and Mary, June16,1822, a.2y.GR1

Israel, h.Mary (George), Mar.3,1806.

Mary (George), w.Israel, July16,1807.

Mary Jane, d.David and Mary, Sept.2,1820, a.18m.GR1


Elisha, s.Benjamin and Dolly, dropsy in the head, Aug.4,1848, a.1y.1m.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Judith (Davis), Aug.29,1750.

Ira, Aug.末,1840.


Abigail F., Feb.22,1832.CR6

Abigail, w.Peter, Nov.末,1839. [Nov.1, a.55y.GR7]

Caroline T., d.George and Anna, disease of the head, Sept.14,1848, a.1y.3m.

Charles H[enry.GR1], unm., printer, s.Edmund and Rebecca, consumption, Sept.12,1848, a.22y.2m.14d.

David, h.Rebecca (White), Apr.23,1814.

Elizabeth P., dressmaker, d.Amos and Lucretia [S.GR5], disease of the brain, Nov.8,1849, a.20y.6m.21d.

Henry, h.Rhoda, Mar.24,1835.

James K., unm., b. Bradford, s.John and Jane, consumption, July31,1848, a.26y.

John, s.William and Judith (Hale), Nov.19,1750.

John Henry, s.Dea.John [and Nancy.GR1], Mar.24,1834. [a.4y.7w.GR1]

John, Dec.10,1840.

Joseph, Sept.26,1831.CR6

Joseph, s.Stephen, Apr.9,1832.

Joseph, Dec.24,1843, a.67y.GR5

Polly (Carleton), w.Moses, June11,1826.

Mary, wid.Capt. Moses, June12,1826, a.57y.GR1

May Ann, unm., d.Edmund and Rebecca, typhus fever, Nov.7,1845, a.18y.

Nancy, w.John, Oct.27,1844, a.53y.GR1

Oliver, h.Abigail (Chase), May8,1838. [a.68y.GR5]

Patience, d.William and Judith (Hale), Mar.24,1755.

Peter, widr., hatter, b. Hampstead, s.Peter and Sally, intemperance, Dec.3,1846, a.62y.

Rebecca, w.Edmund, dropsy, June26,1844, a.51y.12d.

Ruth (Johnson), w.David, Nov.16,1795.

Sarah, d.William and Judith (Hale), Jan.5,1759.

Sarah, w.David, Feb.末,1771.

Sarah M[inns, wid.Joshua.GR1], wid., b. Boston, d.Lemuel and Mary Tileston, fever, Mar.29,1846, a.54y.

Tamzon, d.William and Judith (Hale), Aug.17,1745.

William, s.William and Judith (Hale), July5,1730.

William, s.William and Judith (Hale), June24,1748.


Lidia (Plummer), w.Joseph, Nov.8,1689.

MULIKIN (Mulliken)

末末, ch.末末, chin cough, June15,1810, a.1w.CR1


Robert, h.Elisabeth (Morrill), Oct.19,1802.

MULLIKEN (Mulikin, Mullikin)

Joseph, s.John and Susanna (Huse), Feb.27,1770.

Joseph, s.John and Susanna (Huse), Aug.9,1795.

Ruth, d.John and Susanna (Huse), Aug.11,1773.

Stephen, s.John and Susanna (Huse), July13,1763. [in his 5th y.GR1]

Susanna (Huse), w.John [old age.CR1], Mar.1,1820. [a.85y.CR1]

MULLIKIN (Mulliken)

John, s.John and Susanna (Huse), July30,1795.

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