Joseph, s.William and Mary (Corlis), Feb.4,1741-2.

Mary, wid.William, Oct.22,1722.

William, h.Mary (Corlis), "went after ye Army & died at Pemaquid," Feb.末,1688-9.


Caroline, unm., d.Thomas and Nancy [Ann.GR6], consumption, Sept.15,1844, a.23y.

Henry, s.Thomas and Nancy, Oct.22,1845.PR8


Harriet (Atwood), at Isle of France, Nov.30,1812, a.19y.GR1

NICHOLS (Nickols)

Abigail, unm., d.Thomas and Mary, dropsy of the chest, June5,1848, a.62y.

Ann E[lizabeth.GR4] (Ayer), w.John B., Feb.2,1845. [a.25y.6m.4d.PR2]

Edward L., s.Moses and Abigail, scarlet fever, Sept.22,1844, a.5y.6m.[ Sept.21.GR6]

Harriet B., w.James R., b. Boston, d.July31,1848, a.24y.2m.15d.

Henry M., Rev., b. Enfield, NH, Feb.26,1813, d.Sept.16,1842, a.29y.7m.GR7

Jacob G., s.Jacob, drowned Clear Creek, CA, Nov.13,1849, a.39y.2m.GR5

Lavinia, d.John B. and Lavinia B., scalded, Dec.2,1848, a.8m.2d.

Mary Boynton, d.Algernon and Mary, bowel complaint, Sept.25,1844, a.10m.

Minerva C., d.Thomas, jr. and Lydia (Sargent?), Sept.末,1835.

Myron Holley, s.Algernon P. and Mary A., cholera infantum, Aug.27,1849, a.6m.2d.

Nancy, w.Benjamin, Jan.末,1836. [Dec.20,1835, a.33y.GR5]

Phebe, Nov.末,1829.CR7

Sarah A., d.Trueworthy and Sarah P., b. Deerfield, Apr.21,1824, d.May13,1846.GR1

William O., s.Moses and Abigail, Jan.8,1840.GR6

NICKOLS (Nichols)

Jacob, s.Phineas and Anna (Sanders), Mar.20,1776.

Phineas, s.Phineas and Anna (Sanders), July4,1781.

Rebeckah, d.Phineas and Anna (Sanders), Dec.22,1779.


Dorothy, at the poorhouse, July24,1832.

James, only, s.wid.末末, consumption, at Philadelphia,末蔓末,1801.CR1


末末, ch.Thomas and Sarah (Knight), Jan.26,1687-8.

Ann A., d.Johnson and Sally (Brickett), Nov.3,1836.

Caleb, s.Eliphalet and Dolly, Sept.3,1805.PR22

Cyrus, Dec.13,1842, a.42y.GR5

Dolly, w.Eliphalet, jr., June20,1839. [a.56y.GR6]

Eliphalet, Dec.19,1846, a.69y.GR6

Elisa Ann, d.Enoch and Ann (Haynes), May6,1834. [a.1y.11m.GR1]

Follansbee, Aug.18,1829.

Hannah S.G., w.Theodore, Apr.4,1834. [a.35y.GR5]

Hannah, w.Eliphalet, paralysis, Apr.19,1849, a.78y.

Hiram, s.Theodore, Jan.末,1833.

James B., s.Eliphalet and Dolly, Oct.3,1805, a.3y.GR6

John Parker, s.Rev. Edmund and Mary, June21,1756, in his, 3d y.GR1

Joseph, June28,1824, a.78y.GR5

Mary Frances, d.Cyrus and Mary (Page), Nov.10,1832. [a.9m.GR5]

Philena [M.GR5], d.Theodore and Philena (Morse) [Hannah.GR5], Jan.26,1834. [a.3y.GR5]

Stephen, s.Eliphalet and Hannah (Page), drowned, Dec.26,1809.

Theodore, h.Betsey E. (Ordway), Mar.28,1835.

William, h.Joanna Q. (Wells), July28,1840. [July27, dup.;, a.34y.GR1]

William Henry, s.William and Joanna Q. (Wells), Oct.19,1840. [a.3y.GR1]

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