Ruth, Mrs.[wid.Seth.GR1], at the Wid.Kimball's, Feb.12,1829. [a.82y.GR1]

Seth, "at Richard Hazen Kimballs," May24,1823. [a.76y.GR1]


Abigaill (Waldron), w.Richard, Mar.16,1735-6.

Anna (White), w.Dr. Nathaniel, Oct.21,1841.

Elizabeth, wid.Nathaniel, Apr.29,1714.

Elizabeth, d.Richard and Abigaill (Waldron), Oct.19,1737.

Gurdon, Governor of the colony of Connecticut, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Ward), in Connecticut.末蔓末,1724.

John, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Ward), Oct.2,1681.

Mary, 2d, w.Richard, at Boston, Mar.4,1740.

Middlecott Cooke, s.Richerd and Mary (Cooke), Mar.10,1752.

Nathaniell, Col., h.Elizabeth (Ward), May21,1707.

Nathaniel, Dr., h.Anna (White) [paralysis.CR1], May15,1815. [a.69y.CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Dr. Nathaniel and Anna (White), very suddenly at Newmarket, Oct.19,1838.

Richard, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Ward), Apr.22,1714.

Richard, s.Richard and Mehetable (Wainwright),末蔓末,1753.

Ward, s.Richard and Mehetable (Wainwright), Aug.5,1706.

William, s.Richard and Abigaill (Waldron), Nov.15,1733.

William, s.Richard and Abigail (Waldron), Oct.25,1737.


末末, ch.末末, fits, Jan.27,1821, a.6m.CR1

SANDERS (Saunders)

末末, ch.James and Sarah (Page), Mar.17,1680-81.

末末, ch.James and Hannah (Tewksbury), Oct.17,1691.

Avery, s.James and Sarah (Page), July15,1683.

Constant, d.Jacob and Ann (Barney), Oct.21,1753.

Elizabeth, d.James and Sarah (Page), Feb.15,1676.

Elizabeth, d.James and Hannah (Tewksbury), May1,1695.

Hannah, d.John, jr. and Lydia (Dustin), Oct.12,1741.

Hannah (Tewksbury), w.James, Sept.24,1746.

Jacob, s.James and Hannah (Tewksbury), Nov.6,1689.

James, s.James and Sarah (Page), June13,1671.

James, sr., h.Hannah (Tewksbury), Dec.9,1721.

Jesse, s.John, jr. and Lydia (Dustin), Oct.18,1740.

John, h.Mary (Sargent), Sept.8,1737. [in his 66th y.GR1]

Lydia, d.John, jr. and Lydia (Duston), Dec.20,1726.

Mary (Bixby), w.Nathaniel, Apr.24,1737. [in her 46th y.GR1]

Mary (Sargent), w.John, Apr.25,1752.

Nathaniel, Lt., Oct.26,1754, in his 54th y.GR1

Ruth, d.John, jr. and Lydia (Duston), Nov.1,1733.

Sarah, w.James, Mar.23,1685-6.

Seth, s.John, jr. and Lydia (Duston), June19,1730.

Thomas, s.John, jr. and Lydia (Duston), Feb.10,1722-3.

Timothy, s.John, jr. and Lydia (Duston), Feb.16,1736-7.

SARGEANT (Sargent)

末末, ch.Robert, consumption, Sept.16,1818, a.1y.CR1

Ensign, h.Elisabeth (Nickels), Aug.11,1790.

Mary, 2d, w.N.P., Esq. [wid.Hon. Nathaniel P., formerly, wid.Rev. Dudley Leavitt and sister Hon. Timothy Pickering.GR1; dysentery and consumption.CR1], Jan.30,1805. [a.72y.GR1]

Mary [W.CR5], d.Robert, Aug.16,1838. [Aug.17, a.23y.CR5]

Nathaneal, s.Rev. 末末, Aug.23,1731.GR1

Rhoda (Barnard), w.Nathaniel P[easlee.GR1] Esq., Oct.9,1774. [in her 40th y.GR1]

[Sarah.GR1], ch.Robert, chin cough, Aug.6,1820, a.14m.CR1 [ Sept.13.GR1]

SARGENT (Sargeant)

末末, ch.Edwin A. and Abby, croup, Sept.20,1848, a.10d.

Allen W., formerly of Rumney, NH, Aug.28,1832. [a.27y.GR3]

Amos, s.Robert and Tamar, Sept.15,1819, a.15m.GR1

Ann, d.Henry and Ann (Smith), Aug.10,1761.

Charles, s.Amos and Martha, Feb.8,1833.PR63

Jonathan, h.Sarah (Dillaway), Apr.15,1806.

Lydia, wid.[w.Amos.GR1], d.Josiah and Lydia Brown, consumption, Jan.20,1846, a.75y.

Polly, d.Nathaniel Peaslee and Rhoda (Barnard), July10,1808.

Mary, w.Isaac, Sept.21,1830.

Mary, w.Joshua, Feb.7,1835.

Nathaniel Peaslee, Esq., Oct.末,1791.

Phillip, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Dillaway), July5,1802.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel Peaslee and Rhoda (Barnard) [consumption.CR1], Mar.4,1803. [a.29y.GR1]

Sarah (Dillaway), w.Jonathan, Aug.末,1820.

Sarah, ch.Isaac, Aug.9,1820.

Sarah, d.Robert and Tamar, Aug.16,1821, a.5w.GR1

Sarah, Jan.12,1828.CR6

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah (Dillaway), Oct.16,1832.

Sarah, d.Moses and Sarah K., brain fever, June26,1847, a.4y.

Tabitha, d.Nathaniel Peaslee and Rhoda (Barnard), Aug.21,1806.

William, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Dillaway), Mar.12,1749.

William, s.Jonathan and Sarah (Dillaway), Oct.3,1754.

SATCHWELL (Shatswel)

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

末末, ch.stillborn, John and Mary (Sargent), Oct.17,1702.

Elijah, unm., s.末末, and Lydia, consumption, Apr.6,1849, a.54y.

Thomas, s.John and Mary (Sargent), Dec.27,1718.


Deborah, w.Thomas, consumption, Apr.6,1832, a.48y.CR1

Martha, Mrs., Dec.末,1843.CR5


Abigail G., w.George S., Jan.20,1840.

Abigail, Mar.4,1847, a.74y.CR5

Ann, w.Samuel S., b. Chaplin, ME, consumption, Jan.4,1849, a.22y.

Charles F., s.Moses L. and Maria W. (Quimby), Oct.29,1834.

Eliza C., w.Joseph, Oct.30,1838.

Betsey, d.Amos and Hannah (Duston), Oct.12,1786.

Hannah (Snow), 1st, w.William, Jan.14,1790. [a.37y.GR2]

Hannah, Mrs., formerly, w.James Haseltine, Dec.22,1815, a.72y.GR2

Hannah, d.Amos and Hannah (Duston),末蔓末,1848.

Harriot, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Whittier), May13,1833.

Harey, s.Amos and Hannah (Duston), Aug.10,1784.

Isadore F., s.James B. and Betsey J., consumption, Nov.22,1848, a.9m.8d.

Jesse Henry, s.John A., Oct.1,1840, a.14m.CR1

John, s.John and Abigail (Tompson), Aug.7,1746. [a.17m.GR1]

John, h.Hannah (Mansfield), "by leaping from the Steple of the Meeting House," July末,1784.

Jonathan A. [John Ayer, consumption.CR1], July26,1840. [a.41ス y.CR1]

Joshua, s.Joshua and Katharine (Richardson), suddenly, June28,1749.

Leonard, h.Mary (Smiley), Mar.31,1838. [1837, a.33y.3m.GR9]

Leonard, h.Abigail (Brickett), June24,1841. [a.54y.GR2]

Leonard, s.William and Clara F., Aug.27,1847, a.16m.GR2

Lucinda [S.GR1], d.William and Eliza, Sept.7,1835. [ Sept.6, a.8y.GR1]

Maria W., w.Moses L., b. Newbury, spine complaint, Mar.7,1849, age 50y.

Martha, unm., d.Joshua and Ruth, July12,1848, a.66y.

Mary (Whittier), w.Nathaniel, July20,1834.

Nancy, d.Amos and Hannah (Duston), Dec.末,1836.

Nathaniel, h.Mary (Whittier), Mar.27,1819.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Sarah (Bowditch), Feb.15,1752.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Sarah (Bowditch), Sept.28,1754.

Peter, Apr.11,1835.

Rachel, d.Leonard and Rachel, July15,1842, a.4y.6m.GR1

Ruth (Peaslee), w.Joshua, Feb.21,1827.

Sally, d.Joshua and Ruth (Peaslee), May10,1827.

Susanna, d.William and Hannah (Snow), May11,1782.

Susannah, d.William and Hannah, Feb.9,1827, a.43y.GR2

William, h.Bethia W. (Wyman) [paralysis.CR1], July1,1817. [a.62y.CR1;, a.63y.GR2]


Ruth A., w.Edward, May21,1842, a.46y.GR5


James, "a foreigner,"末蔓末,1811.

SHAPARD (Shepard)

Lydia (Boynton), w.Samuel, May26,1749. [in her 38th y.GR2]

Mary, d.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Graves), Dec.1,1754.

Mary, d.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Graves), Apr.11,1762. [a.3y.4m.GR1]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia (Boynton), June23,1741.

Sarah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Graves), June7,1762. [a.11m.28d.GR1]

SHAPERD (Shepard)

Mehetabel, d.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Graves), Apr.2,1762. [a.8y.8m.GR1]

Ruth (Johnson), w.Jonathan, May13,1743.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Ruth (Johnson), July11,1842.

SHAPHERD (Shepard)

Mehetabell, d.Jonathan and Mehetebell (Tenne), Jan.10,1730-31.

Mehetebel, w.Jonathan, Oct.24,1737.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Meheteball (Tenne), Aug.28,1736.


Theophilus, Aug.17,1663.


Elizabeth, servant of John Hutchins [drowned.CTR], July25,1661.

John, Rev., h.Elizabeth (Smith), Sept.29,1794. [a.48y.GR1]


Elbridge G., Dec.23,1846, a.65y.GR1

Eleanor, w.Elbridge G., Aug.23,1837, a.54y.GR1 [Aug.27.CR1]

SHEPARD (Shapard, Shaperd, Shapherd, Sheperd, Shephard)

Joanna, w.Jonathan, June17,1769, a.63y.GR1

Jonathan, Sept.12,1770, a.73y.GR1

SHEPERD (Shepard)

Mary (Graves), wid.Jonathan, Oct.1,1807.

SHEPHARD (Shepard)

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.4,1686.

SHERATT (Sherrat)

Elizabeth, w.Hugh, Sept.18,1670.CTR

SHERRAT (Sheratt)

Elizabeth, w.Hugh, May29,1662.


George Henry, s.Charles and Rebecca (George), Apr.18,1831.

George, s.Charles, rash, Apr.25,1831, a.2ス y.CR1

George H., s.Charles and Rebecca (George), Dec.11,1836.

John Calvin, s.Daniel and Anna W. (Pettingell), Apr.末,1830. [Apr.9, a.3m.14d.GR1]

Rebecca, d.Charles, June6,1836.

Sarah Emma, d.Daniel and Ann W., July27,1843, a.14m.GR1


William, h.Dolly (Gage), Jan.27,1813.


Bridget, wid.Joseph, Nov.23,1810, a.84y.GR5


Dolly, Feb.29,1784.CR3

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan P. and Nancy (Smith), Dec.末,1836. [Dec.26, a.4y.8m.GR1]

John, 3d, h.Katharine (Marble), Jan.20,1815.

John, s.Jonathan and Nancy, Mar.12,1827, a.2m.GR1

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary (Williams), Apr.25,1686.

Rebeckah, w.Daniel, May9,1830.

Thomas, h.Mary (Williams), Aug.26,1695.

SIMMONS (Symmons)

Elizabeth, wid., July26,1679.CTR

Joseph, May2,1833.

SIMONDS (Simons)

Anna, wid., Dec.10,1778.CR3

Lucinda, Oct.30,1835.

Sarah, wid.Nathan, Oct.29,1791, a.83y.GR1

Walter, s.Ebenezer and Susan (Shaw),末蔓末,1836.

Walter Scott, s.Jonathan and Harriet N. (Quinby), Dec.4,1841.

Walter S., s.Jesse and Frances, Dec.5,1841, a.3y.10m.8d.GR9

SIMONS (Simonds)

Anna (Emerson), w.Jonathan, Dec.10,1798.

John, h.Mehetibel (Whitticker), Apr.9,1742.

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Webster), Feb.3,1675.

Jonathan, h.Sarah (Heath), Apr.8,1764.

Jonathan, h.Anne (Emerson), May6,1772.

Mary (Bodwell), w.Nathan, Jan.17,1716-17.

Mary (Follinsby), w.Jonathan, May24,1764.

Mary, d.Jonathan, 3d and Anne (Emerson), Dec.10,1766.

Mary, d.J., rickets, Feb.9,1810, a.4y.CR1

Moses, s.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Follinsby), Sept.5,1754.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Webster), by a fall, June18,1682.

Sarah (Heath), w.Jonathan, Feb.10,1763.

Sarah, d.Nathan, jr. and Sarah (Hazzen) [old age.CR1], Aug.6,1831. [a.93y.CR1]

William, s.Samuel and Elizabeth (Webster), July15,1680.


James, s.James and Ruth (Remich), Nov.末,1830.

James, b. Mar.5,1752, d.末蔓末,1844.GR7

James, m., yeoman, b. Dundee, Scotland, accident, June14,1844, a.92y.

Joseph, Nov.9,1820, a.23y.GR7

Ruth, w.James, b. July23,1766, d.Feb.23,1838.GR7

William, Dec.4,1835.


Amos, h.Sarah, Nov.1,1724.

Jonathan, s.Nathaniel and Sarah (Belknap), Nov.24,1678.

Nathaniel, h.Sarah (Belknap), killed, Aug.13,1689.

Richard, h.Susanna, Oct.25,1687, a.102y.

Susanna, w.Richard, Apr.11,1682.

SLOCOMB (Slocum, Slocumb)

末末, ch.R. and B., fits, Nov.19,1819, a.3w.CR1

Betsey S., w.Rufus, b. Amesbury, billious fever, Nov.5,1848, a.54y.

Elizabeth, w.James, b. Canterbury, NH, consumption, Apr.6,1849, a.38y.2m.14d.

George W., s.James and Hannah (Paattee), Sept.29,1836.

Hannah (Pattee), w.James, Oct.3,1836. [a.25y.GR1]

Harris F. [Horace F.GR1], s.James and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1845, a.3m.

SLOCUM (Slocomb)

末末, ch.末末, dropsical head, July16,1825, a.9m.CR1

SLOCUMB (Slocomb)

Charles W., s.James and Elizabeth, Aug.16,1847, a.6y.4m.6d.GR1

Rufus T., s.James and Hannah, Sept.29,1836, a.2m.GR1

SMEITH (Smith)

Hew, Aug.3, [17末], in his 48th y.GR3

SMILEY (Smyley)

Amos, h.Nancy P. (Moors), Apr.19,1833.

Betsy, Sept.22,1840.

Fanny (Eaton), w.William, 2d, at Portland, Mar.2,1827.

George W., s.William and Fanny E., July5,1826, a.4m.GR6

George [L.GR6], s.William and Sarah, lung fever, Mar.6,1845, a.2y.7m.

Hannah, d.Dea.William and Hannah, Dec.11,1795, a.2y.GR1

Hannah (Nelson), w.William, Jan.3,1840. [a.90y.GR1]

James, h.Sally (McFarland), Apr.15,1824. [a.67y.GR2]

John, Nov.末,1774.PR64

Lucy Ann, d.Francis and Ruth (Duston), Aug.5,1834. [Aug.6, a.1y.7m.GR2]

Mary, wid.John, Oct.14,1804.

Mary, w.William, June27,1841. [June28, a.59y.CR1]

Nancy P., wid., milliner, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth Moores, consumption, June24,1845, a.50y.

Nathan M[adison.PR64], s.Francis and Ruth, Jan.31,1846.PR7 [Jan.3, a.23y.GR2]

Sarah, w.John, May31,1754, in her 32d y.GR1

Sally (McFarland), w.James, May29,1823. [a.57y.GR2]

William, h.Hannah (Nelson), Nov.25,1804. [a.57y.GR1]

William, Jan.16,1849, a.71y.GR1

SMITH (Smeith)

末末, ch.Walker, Nov.4,1784.CR3

末末, s.Solomon, Oct.17,1792.CR3

末末, wid., Jan.13,1799.CR3

末末, d.Mrs., typhus fever, Dec.3,1820, a.13y.CR1

末末, Mrs., Aug.21,1835.

Abiah, Dec.25,1794.CR3

Abiah, w.Walker, July29,1797, a.48y.GR7

Charles Salmon, consumption, Sept.27,1797, a.18y.CR1

Cynthia, d.Jesse [and Lydia.GR7; consumption.CR3], July29,1832, a.14y.

Dolle, d.Benjamin and Dorothy (Ballerd), Dec.18,1736.

Elisabeth, w.Samuel, Jan.7,1736, a.31y.GR1

Emeline Miranda, d.William, Oct.1,1833, a.11m.

Esther J. (Damon), 2d, w.[Capt.GR1] Ezra, Feb.3,1833. [a.25y.GR1]

Ezra, Capt., Jan.14,1846, a.47y.GR1

Franklin, s.Ezra and Eunice C., Sept.26,1846, a.1y.7m.GR1

Hannah, w.Capt. Joseph, May6,1782, a.37y.GR2

Hannah, May9,1795.CR3

Hannah (Kimball), w.[Capt.GR1] Ezra, Sept.24,1830. [a.30y.GR1]

Hannah D., d.Capt. Ezra and Eunice C. (Pillsbury), May9,1842. [a.3m.3d.GR1]

Hepzibah, wid.Rev. Hezekiah, Dec.9,1824. [a.78y.GR1]

Hezekiah, Rev. Dr., Jan.24,1805.

James, s.Rev. Hezekiah and Hepzibah, July31,1784, a.3y.GR1

James, Feb.26,1789, a.25y.GR2

John, Dea., Mar.8,1787.CR3

John, s.John and Elisabeth (Bayley),末蔓末,1811. [ Sept.17, a.74y.GR7]

John, s.Walker and Abiah (Emerson), Mar.5,1816.

Jonathan K., Oct.12,1843, a.69y.GR1

Joseph, s.Ezra and Eunice C., dysentery, Sept.3,1848, a.10y.20d.

Judith (Thurlo), w.Jonathan Kimball, Nov.2,1810. [a.36y.GR1]

Lois M., w.Jesse, Apr.21,1842, a.37y.GR8

Lucy [d.Walker.GR7], "in the Family of Moses Wingate," Oct.23,1833. [a.41y.GR7]

Polly, Aug.11,1795.CR3

Mary (Dustin), w.Jonathan, July9,1833.

Miriam (Leach), w.William, Mar.19,1814.

Nathaniel, h.Elizabeth, Nov.1,1692.

Peter, s.Rev. Hezekiah and Hepzibah, Oct.30,1781, a.9w.3d.GR1

Phineas, Aug.13,1797.CR3

Rebecca, May18,1837, a.40y.GR1

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Hannah (Page), Oct.3,1735.

Samuel, Jan.26,1747-8, in his 77th y.GR2

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Hannah (Page), Jan.14,1757.

Samuel, s.Timothy and Lydia (Colby), Jan.27,1759.

Sarah (Lecount), w.[wid.GR7] John, jr., Sept.9,1820. [a.82y.GR7]

Solomon, s.John and Elisabeth (Bayley), Apr.4,1832.

Timothy, s.Samuel and Abagial, May22,1716, a.5 (?) y.GR1

Walker, s.John and Elisabeth (Bayley), July31,1801. [1802., a.52y.GR7]

William, h.Miriam (Leach), Mar.24,1814.

William R., s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1822, a.9m.GR1

Wiliam, May10,1836.

SMYLEY (Smiley)

Francis, s.John and Mary, Mar.末,1780.

Mary, d.John and Sarah (Cannon), Feb.19,1810.


Deborah (Gile), w.Isaac [consumption.CR1], May1,1819. [May1,1820, a.27y.GR1; Apr.末,1820, a.26y.CR1]

Elisabeth (Bowditch), w.Isaac, Nov.4,1783.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.5,1785, a.1y.GR2

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, June8,1791, a.1y.GR2

Hannah, w.Joseph, Dec.1,1806, a.41y.GR2

Isaac, s.Isaac and Elisabeth (Bowditch), Mar.31,1756.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Elisabeth (Bowditch), Apr.25,1759.

Joseph, June18,1791, a.29y.GR2


Hannah (Mackintire), w.Nathaniel, Feb.17,1824.

Nathaniel, h.Hannah (Mackintire), May30,1823.


Alexander, s.Jonathan and Lucy (Green), Dec.7,1822.

B., fits, July18,1822, a.24y.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Mary (Goodwin), Nov.17,1826.

George, s.Jonathan and Lucy (Green) [consumption.CR1], Sept.12,1825. [a.36y.CR1]

John, s.Samuel and Mary (Goodwin), Nov.23,1804.

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Mary (Goodwin), July22,1671. [in his, 3d y.GR1]

Jonathan, h.Lucy (Green) [consumption.GR1], Jan.7,1807.

Joseph, s.Samuel, bursting of a swivel, Aug.4,1799, a.28y.CR1

Lucy, d.wid., consumption, June24,1809, a.6y.CR1

Lucy (Green), w.Jonathan [dysentery.CR1], Sept.13,1830. [a.73y.CR1]

Mary Fernel, d.Jonathan, fever, Sept.末,1805, a.21y.CR1

Mary, fits, Nov.23,1825. a 38y.CR1

Moses, s.Jonathan and Lucy (Green), Nov.27,1825.

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Mary (Goodwin), Apr.6,1766. [a.2y.5m.GR1]

Samuel, jr., consumption, July14,1813, a.58y.CR1 [a.57y.GR1]

Samuel, old age, Feb.15,1814, a.84y.CR1

Timothy, s.Samuel and Mary (Goodwin), Nov.6,1804.


Abigail, w.Joseph B., Jan.30,1843, a.27y.GR1

Lydia, w.Samuel B., Nov.4,1843, a.46y.GR1


末末, ch.Paul, consumption, May17,1827, a.9m.CR1

Joseph, carpenter, b. Boxford, consumption, Sept.26,1846, a.43y.

Miriam, wid.Moody, Esq., Oct.20,1831, a.71y.GR2


末末, ch.Joseph S. and Eliza, of Salem, fever, Aug.13,1813, a.2y.CR1


Henery, h.Joannah (Pike), Mar.10,1753.

Henry, s.Solomon and Anne (Morse), May15,1755.

James, s.Joshua and Meribah (Black), June1,1761.

Joannah (Pike), w.Henery, Aug.9,1761.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Anne (Morse), May25,1756.


Nathan, "a Stranger," Nov.6,1786.CR3


Abby [Abigail.GR1], unm., d.A[lexanderGR1] D. and Abigail [E.GR1], typhus fever, Oct.21,1848, a.18y.10m.


Catherine, wid.Abraham, Feb.4,1839, a.65y.GR1


Abigail, Sept.29,1778.CR3

John, s.Samuel and Abigail (Prince), at Cape Breton, Nov.8,1745.

STEEL (Steele)

William, s.William and Mehetabel (Lord), Mar.29,1807. [a.3d.GR1]

William [Capt.GR1], h.Mehetabel (Lord), Oct.16,1819. [Oct.17, a.35y.GR1]

STEELE (Steel)

Lewis Dunham, s.William and Mehetabel (Lord), Aug.3,1818. [a.1y.6m.GR1]

STEEVENS (Stevens)

末末, ch.John, jr. and Hanah (Curier), Feb.8,1697-8.

末末, ch.John, jr. and Hanan (Curier), Jan.末,1699-1700.

Hanah (Curier), w.John, jr., Jan.23,1699-1700.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

末末, ch.末末, Aug.25,1786.CR3


末末, twin chn. William and Mary, May29,1681.

Daniel, s.William and Elizabeth, May27,1673.

Elizabeth, w.William, Feb.6,1675.

James, s.William and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1674-5.

Jonah, s.William and Mary, small pox, Dec.21,1690.

Mary, w.William, May29,1681.

STEVANS (Stevens)

STEVENS (Steevens, Stephens, Stevans)

末末, ch.D., fits, Apr.20,1822, a.8m.CR1

Abigail, wid., June8,1827.CR3

Elizabeth Maria, d.George H. and Mary Jane (Emerson), Feb.末,1833. [Feb.6, a.3m.GR1]

John, s.John, jr. and Mary (Bartlet), Sept.28,1717.

Mary B., w.Jonathan, Nov.29,1847, a.34y.GR1

Sally, Feb.7,1826.CR1

Sarah Bradley, Miss, July1,1841, a.25y.CR5

STEWART (Stuart, Stuward)

末末, ch.末末, consumption, Mar.9,1821, a.6y.CR1

Harrison C., s.twin, Obed and Elizabeth Jane (Osgood), Feb.20,1836.

John, Nov.6,1784.CR3

Mary E., d.John and Alice S., Mar.19,1844, a.10d.GR7

Richard, Aug.4,1840.

Thomas, Sept.22,1784.CR3


Catharine A[yer.GR1], d.Jeremiah, 2d and Mary (Ayer), [bowel complaint.CR1], July18,1830. [a.14m.CR1]

Jeremy, h.Ruth (Willson), at Louisburg, Aug.8,1758.

Josephine, d.Jeremiah and Mary (Ayer), Feb.1,1838. [Feb.2,1839, a.14m.GR1]


Ruth, d.John and Mary Godfry, Feb.26,1681.


末末, Mrs., at the poorhouse, fever, Apr.23,1828, a.76y.CR1

Abgail, wid.John, Nov.1,1810.

Dolly, d.wid., a scald and morification, Aug.23,1796, a.3y.CR1

Elisabeth, d.John and Elisabeth (Cops), May4,1827.

Elizabeth (Cops), wid.John, May21,1838.

John, s.John and Abigail (Springer), May2,1757.

STUART (Stewart)

Richard, Capt., Aug.4,1840, a.68y.GR5

Robert, m., butcher, b. Danbury, NH, s.Samuel and Mary, delirium tremens, Oct.7,1845, a.35y.9m.

Sarah, wid.[Capt. Richard.GR5], b. Newton, NH, d.William and Hannah Rowell, paralytic, Nov.3,1845, a.76y.9m.3d.

STUWARD (Stewart)

John, s.John, jr. and Abigail (Phipps), Jan.19,1756.

William, s.John, jr. and Abigail (Phipps), June11,1762.


James M., drowned at Plum Island, Aug.24,1833.


John, uncle to Ann Swaddock George, Feb.13,1707-08.


William, m., comb maker, b. Newburyport, s.Jacob and Ruth, consumption, Nov.23,1847, a.31y.1m.7d.


Elizabeth, w.Robert sr., Aug.11,1689. [in her 57th y.GR1]

Elizabeth, d.Joshua and Sarah (Engalls), Jan.19,1717-18.

Joshua, s.Joahua and Sarah (Engalls), Jan.2,1714-15.

Robert, h.Hannah, Feb.11,1697-8. [in his 74th y.GR1]

Samuel, s.Robert and Elizabeth (Acie), June11,1671.

Samuel, h.Dorothie (Ames), Nov.28,1751.

SWASEY (Swazy)

Lavinia B., w.William, b. Hopkinton, NH, consumption, Dec.29,1848, a.40y.

SWAZY (Swasey)

末末, ch.Mr. 末末, quinsy, June12,1819. a 2y.CR1

Mehitable (Page), w.Moses, Feb.17,1825.

SWEAT (Swett)

末末, ch.Major, chin-cough, June18,1810.CR1

SWEATT (Swett)

Abraham, h.Sarah (Poor) [old age.CR1], Apr.18,1817. [Apr.23, a.76y.CR1]

Sarah (Poor), w.Abraham [old age.CR1], July1,1815. [a.84y.CR1]

Timothy, h.Anne (Merrill), Feb.1,1759. [in his 28th y.GR4]

SWEET (Swett)

Ruth (Hastings), w.John, June1,1776. [in her 71st y.GR4]

Sarah (Sanders), w.John, jr., June11,1755. [in her 56th y.GR4]

SWETT (Sweat, Sweatt, Sweet)

Abby W., d.Jackson B. and Elizabeth, scarlet fever, Jan.17,1846, a.9m.1d.

Alice A. [wid.John.GR1], June25,1842, a.63y.CR5

Charles Varnum, s.Daniel and Mehitable (Varnum), Sept.2,1810.

Dorothy, wid.William, b. Newton, NH, cancer, Dec.26,1849, a.58y.[a.60y.GR6]

Elizabeth [Rebecca.CR1; Elizabeth, wid.Nathan.GR1], wid., b. Charlestown, erysipelas, Mar.28,1845, a.65y.[Mar.29.CR1]

Jackson, s.Jackson and Elizabeth, Nov.4,1841.PR38

James, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Sanders), Oct.3,1725.

John, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Sanders), Sept.7,1728.

Moses, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Sanders), Feb.25,1729.

Nathan, on his passage from Berbice to Portland [fever.CR1], Apr.2,1806, a.31y.GR1

Philip C., at New Orleans, LA, Aug.11,1839, a.26y.GR6

Rachel, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Sanders), Oct.13,1726.

William C., at Jacksonville, IL, Oct.16,1849, a.40y.GR6

SYMMONS (Simmons)

William, drowned, Aug.16,1667.CTR

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