CALDWELL (Coldwell)

Electa, of Plaistow, NH, and Jonathan H. Robinson, Sept.20,1836.*

Betsey, and Henry Thacher, Dec.1,1808.*

Enoch, and Ruth Chase, Jan.16,1783.*

Enoch, and Patty Martin, Dec.12,1802.*

Hezekiah, and Hannah S. Parker, Oct.27,1835.*

Jacob [Capt. int], and Mary Whittier, Jan.29,1828.*

James A., of Boston, a.24y., merchant, s.Nathan and Louisa, and Harriet M. Kimball, a.19y., d.Alfred and Mary, Nov.19,1844.*

Lydia, and John Doak, Feb.1,1807.*

Martha A., and Albert G. Whittier, Apr.1,1841.*

Mary A., a.19y., d.Nathan and Louisa, and John B. Kidder, jr., a.20y., currier, s.John B. and Mary, Apr.23,1849.*

Matilda, and William M. Chase, Mar.6,1843.*

Nathan, and Loisa Ayer, Mar.24,1820.*

William, jr., and Elizabeth S. Huse, Feb.22,1832.*

CALEE (Kelly)

Mary, and William Davis, Dec.31,1700.

CALF (Calfe)

Robert, of Chester, and Elisabeth Bradley, Oct.12,1738.

Robert, of Chester, and, wid.Ann Whitticker, Oct.16,1755.

CALFE (Calf)


Molly, and Maj. John White, 2d m., at Hampstead, June4,1780.

CALLEY (Kelly)

Ealey, and Mary H.T. Clark of Sanbornton, NH, int.July23,1844.

CALLIM (Kilham)

Hannah, and Cornelius Mansise, int.Mar.24,1792.

CALLUM (Kilham)

Joanna, and John Webster, 2d m., Mar.2,1731-2.

John, and, wid.Elizabeth Gutterson, Nov.17,1670.


Francis A., widr., of Lowell, a.40y., machinist, s.George and Mary, and Mary P. Carrick of Lowell, a.24y., s.Wililam and Mary, Nov.26,1846.

CAMBELL (Cammel)

Jane, and James Waddel of Andover, May3,1739.

CAMMEL (Cambell)


Mary, and Stephen Wells, Oct.20,1805.*



James M[adison. int.], and Sophia Read of Merrimack, NH, Feb.14,1841.*



Thomas, and Dorothy Dorr, Jan.2,1755.


Isaac, and Mary Eaton of Londonderry, int.Nov.28,1807.

CARLETON (Carlton)

Aaron, jr., and Sarah Merrill, Mar.27,1800.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Morse, jr. of Bradford, Jan.20,1814.*

Amos, of Plaistow, NH, and Hannah Brickett, int.Apr.25,1847.

Caroline, and James Grimes altered to Graham, 1841 [of South Reading. int.], Nov.29,1827.*

Daniel, of Methuen, and Sarah R. [K. int.] Holt, Sept.17,1835.*

Deborah W., a.28y., d.Daniel, and Henry Maude, a.27y., spinner, s.William, Mar.4,1845.*

Ebenezer, and Polly Heath of Bow, int.Nov.24,1796.

Ebenezer, and Mary Peabody, both of Bradford, Apr.末,1810.

Edmund, and Abigail Hutchens, Jan.11,1781.

Betsey, and Jeremiah Pate, 3d of Dunbarton, int.June2,1789.

Elisabeth, of Methuen, and John Hancock Merrill, int.Sept.27,1801.

Betsy, Mrs., and Free Groves Parker of Bradford, int.May16,1818.

Farnum H., and Olive Proctor of Londonderry, NH, int.Sept.13,1817.

Hannah, wid., and Richard Kimball of Bradford, Apr.10,1788.*

Hannah, and John Currier of Atkinston, Nov.6,1823.*

Harriet, and Samuel B. How, both of Bradford, Dec.8,1834.

Israel, and Abigail Whittier, Nov.27,1788.*

Israel, and Mary Marsh, Dec.13,1836.*

James M., and Sarah Coming of Londonderry, NH, int.Aug.14,1834.

John, and Mary Jane Chapman, Dec.25,1828.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Sawyer, Sept.19,1798.*

Josiah, of Plaistow, NH, and Hannah Ela, int.Oct.29,1820.

Kimball [of Methuen.CR1], and Mary Mitchel [May5,1768.CR1]

Lois, and John C. Tilton, May30,1839.*

Polly, and Moses Morse, Dec.31,1789.*

Polly, and Elisha Barron of Charlestown, Jan.16,1808.*

Mary, and Samuel B. Hardy of Bradford, July30,1832.*

Mary F., and Dr. Kendall Flint, June28,1842.*

Mary L., and Sterling K. Perry, int.Feb.27,1843.

Mary, wid., a.55y., d.Andrew and Mary Peabody, and Nathan Fletcher, widr., a.57y., farmer, s.Eleazer and Rhoda, Apr.5,1846.*

Matilda, and Albert C. Heath, Oct.11,1839.*

Michael, and Ruth Ayer, Nov.20,1795.*

Moses, and Mary Sawyer of Boston, int.Nov.2,1811.

Nancy, and John Robinson of Chester, NH, int.Oct.30,1813.

Nancy Jane, and James S. Morse, at Bradford [Oct.17,1830. Bradford Rds.]

Nathan, and Pamela Spofford of Rowley, int.Nov.12,1814.

Oliver, and Margaretta Clagget of Amherst, int.Mar.22,1828.

Oren, of Plaistow, NH, and Sarah E. Adams, int.May28,1848.

Peter, jr., and Abigail Haseltine, Jan.6,1782.

Phineas, and Mrs.Mary Bowles of Beverly, Apr.29,1788.*

Phineas, and Ann Brickett, int.Sept.12,1812.

Phineas, and Fanny Brickett, Dec.13,1815.*

Pheby, and David Gleason of Methuen, Oct.28,1792.*

Rebeccah, of Bradford, and Kendall Johnson, of Roxbury [of Haverhill. int.], Apr.末,1804.*

Reuben, jr., of Bradford, and Judith Kimball, June5,1796.*

Samuel [Col. int.], and Sarah Clarke [of Atkinson, NH. int.], Sept.29,1835.*

Sally, of Methuen, and Moses Emerson, 3d, int.Aug.2,1801.

Sarah, and Joseph Howe of Methuen, int.Nov.5,1842.

Stephen, and Dolly Greely, int.Aug.2,1817.

William H., of Boxford, and Sarah C. Spofford, Mar.22,1825.*

William P., of Groton, and Elizabeth L. Ayer, Aug.1,1837.*

William A., a.21y., carder, s.Kimball and Betsey, and Ann S. Horn, a.23y., d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.8,1847.*

William H., and Rachel I. Libby, int.Jan.14,1849.

CARLTON (Carleton)

Aaron, and Mehetable Chadwick, both of Bradford [Jan.26,1769. Bradford Rds.]

Edward, jr., and Abiah Clement, July2,1734.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Clements, jr., Mar.2,1748-9.

Hannah, and Caleb Page, jr., of Dunbarton, NH, May1,1775.

Hannah, and Christopher Clement, Feb.23,1776.

Hannah, and Jonathan Carlton, of Charlestown, May17,1801.*

John, and Lydia Ladd, Jan.23,1740-41.

Jonathan, of Charlestown, and Hannah Carlton, May17,1801.*

Josiah, of Plaistow, and Susanna Ela, May24,1798.*

Moses, and Abigail Follinsby, Apr.29,1736.

Olive, and Timothy Lowell of Mason, Mar.12,1778.

Peter, and Hannah Gage, Mar.12,1750-51.

Richerd, and Hannah Hutchins, Aug.29,1738.

Richard, and Elizabeth Chickering, Oct.14,1798.*

Sarah, and Caleb Page, Mar.11,1741-2.

Thomas, of Bradford, and Abigail Currier, June6,1727.


William H., a.25y., last maker, s.Christopher and Mary B., and Isabelle E. Slocomb, a.18y., d.Rufus and Betsey, Feb.10,1847.*


Daniel, jr., and Almira Cough, int.Dec.1,1844.

Elizabeth, and Robert Long, jr. of Newburyport, July15,1802.*

Hannah P., of Newburyport, and James D. York, int.Mar.14,1834.

Joseph, and Mary Chase, Nov.末,1831.

Mary, and Josiah Hook of Salisbury, int.Oct.12,1799.

Nancy, and Metapher Chase, Apr.1,1819.*

Samuel, of Salisbury and [Mrs.CR4] Orpah Sanders, Nov.16,1752.

Winthrop, and Rebecca Davis, Feb.9,1738-9.


Mary P., of Lowell, a.24y., s.William and Mary, and Francis A. Calvert, widr., of Lowell, a.40y., machinist, s.George and Mary, Nov.26,1846.


Hannah, and Weld Flanders of Salisbury, Feb.3,1832.*

Joshua, of Newburyport, and [] Elizabeth Thaxter, Aug.21,1794.*

Moses, and Susan E. Webster, int.Oct.5,1839.

Samuel C., of Amherst, and Matilda Ayer, Apr.18,1826.*

Sarah, and Isaiah Webster, Aug.23,1801.CR3*

Sophia, of Wakefield, and Phineas Corliss, int.Nov.19,1825.


Charity, and William Pervere, int.Feb.6,1820.

Thomas, of Salem, and Eliza Greenough, Apr.26,1818.*


Eunice, and Asaph Kendall, Nov.27,1794.*

Mary, and Albert L. Dresser, Dec.30,1843.*

Rebecah, and Joseph Melony, alias Holland, Aug.8,1779.

Robert, and Elizabeth Poor, May14,1806.*

William, and Sarah Emerson, Mar.20,1837.*



Aaron J., 2d m., of Lawrence, a.27y., mechanic, b. Rowley, s.Moses F. and Mary Jane Withey, of Lawrence, a.27y., d.David, Nov.29,1849.

Apphia, and Benjamin Kimball, 2d, June25,1835.*


John, of Londonderry, and, wid.Mary Robinson, June18,1731.


Hannah, of Salem, and Jonathan Harriman, int.Aug.24,1793.

CELLEY (Kelly)

Mary B., of Lowell, and Farnham H. Messer, int.Oct.31,1835.


Reuben, of Londonderry, and [] Lydia Philbrick, Oct.4,1808.*

CHADBORN (Chadborn)

Ivory, and Sarah Ann Richardson, Apr.29,1827.*

CHADBOURN (Chadborn)

James, of Lewiston, ME, and Mary L. [S. int.] Bradley, Sept.19,1837.*


Polly, of Bradford, and James Ordway [Feb.26,1791. int.]*

Mehetable, and Aaron Carlton, both of Bradford [Jan.16,1769. Bradford Rds.]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Eliza [], and John Atwood, Sept.15,1813.*

Joanna, and Ebenezer Thayer, Jan.26,1843.*

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Wilson, and Betsy [] Moors, Oct.2,1783.*


Elizabeth, and Thomas Plummer,末蔓末,1780.

Fanny, and Nathan Fuller, Sept.13,1827.*

John, Rev., of Billerica, and Mrs.Mary White, Nov.3,1748.

John, Rev., of Billerica, and Mrs.Elisabeth White, Jan.18,1759.

John, of Plaistow, and Sarah P. Green, Sept.14,1828.*

Samuel, of Andover, and Mrs.Ann Pecker, Sept.12,1738.


Aaron, a.44y., trader, s.Aaron and Jane, and Eunice C. Smith, wid., a 35y., d.Michael and Charity Pillsbury, Feb.13,1848.*

Andrew J., and Ann D. Crowell, int.Feb.23,1845.

Elizabeth L., of Petersboro, and Samuel Haseltine, int.Mar.3,1810.

Harriot, and Joshua W. Kinrick, Aug.31,1820.*

Hiram, and Hannah H. Marble, Oct.28,1827.*

John, and Hannah Noyes, Dec.14,1815.*

Mary L., of Peterborough [NH. int.], and Isaiah Emerson, Dec.15,1808.*

Mary Jane, and John Carleton, Dec.25,1828.*

Roswell S., and Augusta Day of West Bradford, int.Oct.13,1844.

Sarah B., of Plaistow, NH, and Sylvester F. Pierce, int.Nov.9,1845.

CHASE (Chass)

Aaron, and Phebe Gile of Dunbarton, NH, at Dunbarton, Oct.26,1836.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Anthony Colby, July10,1769.CR4

Abigail, Mrs., and Daniel Currier of Amesbury, Apr.10,1772.CR4

Abigail, and Ephraim Stevens, Oct.13,1785.*

Abigail, and Oliver Morse, May22,1796.*

Abigail, and [Lt. int.] Isaac Webster of Kingston [NH. int.], Jan.1,1809.*

Abigail G., a.21y., d.W.D.S. and Zelinda, and Giles M. Kelly of Amesbury, a.31y., teacher, s.Jacob and Mary, Apr.20,1845.*

Abner, and Elisabeth Whittier, Nov.24,1721.

Abraham, of Newbury, and Abigail Cogswell, Feb.22,1795.*

Adaline B., and John K. Woodman of Northfield, NH, July6,1830.*

Adrian, and Rhoda Morse,末蔓末,1826.*

Amos, and Mrs.Mehitabel Kelly, Mar.17,1768.CR4

Amos, and Judith Little, both of Newbury, Sept.18,1794.

Amos B., and Polly [] Colby, Feb.5,1812.*

Amos, jr., and Sarah Pearson, Apr.17,1832.*

Anna, and Richard Cheney of Plaistow, June13,1771.

Anna, and John Chase, 3d of Newbury, Dec.18,1777.

Anna, and James [] Gunnison of Newburyport, Oct.14,1807.*

Anna Bradley, and James S. Loring of Boston, int.Oct.30,1834.

Ann, Mrs., and Daniel Noyes of Newbury, Oct.3,1745.

Anne, and Enoch Nichols of Amesbury, Aug.18,1763.

Ann B., and Thomas Thompson, mariner, June17,1841.*

Anthony, and Sarah Swet, May7,1782.*

Anthony, and Sarah Tompkins, Jan.1,1827.*

Augustas S., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Simeon, and Maria J. Tremaine, a.25y., b. Halifax, N.S., d.Duncine, Nov.1,1849.*

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Phebe Buck [July3,1781.CR2]

Benjamin Durrant, and Polly Flanders, Nov.3,1792.*

Benjamin W., and Ann Foster, Sept.12,1827.*

Caleb, and Susan Burrill, Dec.3,1816.*

Charity, and David Flanders of Plaistow, Oct.21,1796.*

Charles, and Mary Tompkins of Middlebury, int.Oct.9,1830.

Charles W., a.23y., merchant, s.Samuel and Hannah, and Abigail H. Gardner, a.21y., d.Paul and Anna, Oct.28,1845.*

Charles F., and Sarah C. Works of Lowell, int.May13,1849.

Charlotte G., and Benjamin Wilson, Mar.27,1834.*

Clarissa K., a.22y., d.Nathan and Fanny, and Samuel W. Kent, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Samuel N. and Cynthia, Nov.6,1847.*

Daniel, jr., a.25y., husbandman, and Susanna Willson, a.21y., Sept.3,1771.PR1

Daniel, of Concord, and Wid.Mirriam Pell, Nov.22,1779.

Daniel, and Molley [] Clements, Nov.13,1786.*

Daniel, of Newbury, and Abigail Currier, int.Feb.16,1793.

Daniel, and Sarah Bartlet of Plaistow, int.July4,1793.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Sargent, int.Oct.20,1821.

David, and Ruth Chase, Mar.6,1808.*

Ebenezer, and Tabitha Lake, Aug.4,1805.*

Edmund, and Hannah Pecker [Nov.25,1773.CR1]

Edmund, and Cynthia Merrell, Mar.24,1820.*

Edward L., and Levina Stevens, June12,1817.*

Elbridge W., and Sarah A. Clement of Lowell, at Albany, NY, Aug.24,1842.

Electa F., and Jacob Fullington of Amesbury, Apr.17,1832.*

Eliza L., and Daniel H. Hall, int.Aug.15,1829.

Eliza W., and Benjamin Harmon, Feb.3,1831.*

Eliza, and Elias T. Ingalls, Dec.27,1832.*

Eliza P., and Daniel Stackpole, Oct.8,1839.*

Eliza I., and Thomas W. Bailey of Barre, VT, int.Oct.17,1840.

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Thomas Hall of Plaistow, July19,1781.CR2

Elizabeth, and James Noyes of Plaistow, int.Feb.17,1810.

Betsy B., and Joshua Webster, jr., Nov.23,1820.*

Betsey, and Hezekiah Kelley, Nov.10,1836.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Coffin, Dec.26,1839.*

Betsy, and Thomas D. Riley, int.Oct.2,1840.

Elizabeth, a.21y., d.David and Alice, and Jeremiah P. Fowler, a.40y., brick maker, s.John and Martha, Oct.9,1845.*

Enoch, and Mary Sanders, Nov.5,1747.

Enoch S., and Mary Jane Currier of Amesbury, int.Aug.27,1842.

Ephraim, and Abigail Smith [of Plaistow, Oct.1,1790. int.]*

Ephraim, a.36y., farmer, s.Ephraim and Abigail, and Sarah L. Gile of Plaistow, NH, a.32y., d.David and Mary W., Oct.29,1845.*

Ezra, and Judith Davis, Dec.2,1740.

Ezra, of Amesbury, and Judith Webster, Sept.25,1800.*

Francis, a.42y., farmer, s.Richard and Mary J. Eaton, a.36y., d.Samuel, Nov.1,1849.*

Hannah, and Joseph Taylor, Dec.18,1798.*

Hannah, and Nathan Chase, Jan.10,1823 [Jan.25, int]*

Hannah, and Thomas Whittier, both of Boxford, May24,1843.

Hannah E., a.19y., b. West Newbury, d.Abel and E.W., and Samuel Laubham, a.23y., trader, b. Wurzburg, Germany, s.Myer and Esther, Dec.5,1848.*

Humphery, and Abigail Ela, Aug.23,1744.

Humphrey, of Plaistow, and Rebecca Nichols, Nov.19,1799.*

Jacob, and Hannah Whittier of Methuen, int.June27,1818.

James, jr., and Elisabeth Haseltine, Oct.15,1772.

James, Capt., and, wid.Mehetabel Emerson, Aug.23,1785.*

John, and Hannah Ela, Oct.27,1741.

John, 3d, of Newbury, and Anna Chase, Dec.18,1777.

John, and Betsey Kelley, June28,1798.*

John, and Ann Ayer, June25,1818.*

John A., of East Kingston, and Nancy Jane Randlett, int.Aug.25,1821.

John Johnson, and Charlotte [P. int.] Cooper of Amesbury, Sept.10,1839.*

John S., and Lucy A. Scott, int.Jan.16,1848.

John, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Frederick and Mary, and Martha T. Fowler, a.20y., d.John and Lydia, June7,1849.*

Joseph, and Deborah Williams, Sept.10,1792.*

Joseph, Dr., and Elisabeth Atwood of Atkinson, int.Aug.10,1799.

Joseph R., and Jane M. Hoyt, int.Sept.15,1832.

Josiah, and Ruth Bradley, Feb.17,1780.

Josiah, of Chester, NH, and Adaline Ayer, Apr.27,1826.*

Judith [Mrs.CR4], and Jonathan Webster, 3d, May19,1774.

Judith, and James Ayer, Dec.31,1778.

Judith A., and Dudley F. Holt, Apr.25,1822.*

Julia Ann, and John Nichols, May9,1839.*

Leonard, and Mary Colbey [Nov.24,1772.CR4]

Lois M., and Isaac W. Merrill, Oct.17,1831.*

Lucy R., and John T. Hoyt, Sept.27,1832.*

Lydia and Ephraim Colby [jr. int.], July24,1806.*

Lydia, and Africa Hamlen of Harvard, Nov.30,1809.*

Lydia D., and Timothy Flanders, int.Apr.8,1826.

Mirriam, and Samuel C. Hovey of Bradford, int.Sept.16,1826.

Martha J[ane. int.], a.19y., d.Nathan and Hannah, and John L. Frisbie, a.21y., machinist, s.Timothy and Betsey, Aug.23,1846.*

Mary, and Joshua Emerson of Methuen, Nov.17,1757.

Mary, and Daniel Bedel of Salem, NH, Oct.16,1764.

Polly, and William Little, Nov.26,1797.*

Mary, and Josesiah Hask of Salisbury, Oct.31,1799.

Polly, and Samuel Ayer of Plaistow, Nov.28,1805.*

Mary L., and Paul Dale, June2,1817.*

Mary, and Joseph Johnson, Apr.20,1819.*

Mary Jane, and Ebenezer Fullington of Amesbury, int.Aug.10,1822.

Mary, of West Newbury, and Josiah Brown, int.Mar.8,1823.

Mary, and Lucius Steele of Ipswich, Aug.26,1828.*

Mary, and Joseph Carr, Nov.末,1831.

Metapher, and Nancy Carr, Apr.1,1819.*

Metapher J., of Bradford, and Mary George, Oct.27,1836.*

Moody, and Elizabeth Bradley, Dec.26,1802.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Whittier, Mar.4,1762 [May4.CR4]

Moses M., and Sarah P. Adams, Aug.2,1829.*

Myra, and Leonard Johnson, int.Oct.9,1819.

Nancy, and Gideon George, Dec.21,1804.*

Nancy, and Frederic Johnson, Mar.12,1816.*

Naomi, and Hazen Butrick, Nov.5,1832.*

Nathan, and Hannah Chase, Jan.10,1823. [Jan 25. int.]*

Nathan, and Fanny Bachellor, June末,1835.*

Peasley M., and Mrs.Martha Osgood, Nov.22,1827.*

Phebe, and Salvenus Noyes, Aug.27,1741.

Rachel, and Joseph Kimball of Newbury, Feb.5,1801.*

Rachel, and Benjamin Godkin, int.May5,1821.

Rebekah, and Moses Bartlet of Plaistow, Dec.29,1796.*

Richard, of Newtown, NH, and Martha Davis of Amesbury, Aug.12,1804.

Robert, and Betty [] McKenzia, Jan.16,1783.*

Rufus L., and Jane P. Wells [of], Nov.26,1845.PR17*

Ruth, and William Eastman, Dec.14,1738.

Ruth, and Jonathan Harriman, May2,1781.

Ruth, and Enoch Caldwell, Jan.16,1783.*

Ruth, and David Chase, Mar.6,1808.*

Salome, and Noyes G. Pearson of Methuen, Dec.2,1830.*

Samuel, a.21y., chaise maker, and Elizabeth Snow, a.19y., July3,1770.PR71

Samuel, of Portland, and Abigail Bradley, Feb.1,1807.*

Samuel, of Portsmouth, NH, and Betsey Cogswell, Apr.29,1811.*

Samuel, and Sally Adams Gile of Hopkinton, NH, int.Sept.2,1813.

Samuel, 2d m., and Hannah Cogswell, Dec.24,1818.*

Samuel, and Priscilla Cogswell, May6,1825.*

Sarah, and Samuel Ayer, jr., Apr.6,1781.

Sarah, and Steven B. Chase, Sept.11,1832.PR37

Sarah P., and John L. Hall, int.Oct.20,1844.

Sarah G.E., and Edwin Harriman, Feb.16,1852.*

Simeon, and Anna Woodard [], May11,1814.*

Simeon, and Sarah Brown, May16,1832.*

Simeon, a.52y., shoemaker, s.Simeon and Eunice, and Betsey C. Bailey, of West Newbury, a.53y., d.Stephen and Nancy, May10,1844.*

Sophia, and Richard S. Dunlap, Oct.2,1808.*

Sophia, and Daniel Currier, Nov.19,1816.*

Sophia, and Aaron Choats of Essex, Mar.22,1819.*

Stephen B., and Sarah Chase, Sept.11,1832.PR37

Susanna, and Zachariah Johnson, Sept.30,1735.

Susanna, of Salem, NH, and Thomas Boyle, int.Nov.2,1798.

Sylvester, a.23y., farmer, s.Thomas and Sarah, and Mary Ann Sargent, a.19y., d.Rufus K. and Hannah, Dec.4,1845.*

Tappan, and Hannah Johnson, Sept.14,1825.*

Theophilus, and Ann Farrington of Amesbury, int.Sept.18,1795.

Thomas [H., of West], and Ann N. Ladd, Feb.4,1823.PR49*

Thomas N. [of], and Harriet Duston, Apr.19,1827.*

Thomas N., widr., a.50y., farmer, s.Moses and Mary, and Martha Webster, a.31y., d.Aaron and Susannah, Dec.10,1846.*

Wells, of Amesbury, and Ruth Morse, Mar.4,1762.

William, and Abigail Gove of Kensington [Aug.15,1783. int.]*

William, and Elisabeth Johnson, int.July9,1791.

William D.S., and Zelenda Gage [of], Dec.3,1817.*

William M., and Matilda Caldwell, Mar.6,1843.*

William Eustuis, a.20y., shoemaker, and Maryette Nichols, a.20y., d.Jacob and Elizabeth, July21,1844.*

William M., of Hampstead, NH, and Lucy Ann Noyes of Atkinson, NH, Apr.6,1848.

Woodman, and Lydia Goodridge [Oct.24,1788. int.]

CHASS (Chase)

CHEANEY (Cheney)

Hannah, and Benjamin Hunkins, Aug.11,1763.

Isaac, and Abiah Hunkins, Dec.3,1767.

James, of Plaistow, and Mary Colby, July26,1764.

John, and Sarah Colby, Nov.20,1760.

CHENEY (Cheaney, Cheny)

Alice, Mrs., and Jesse Tuttle of Boston, Dec.9,1834.*

Ellis, Mrs., and Henry D. Bean, Apr.20,1828.*

Giles, of Plaistow, NH, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Dustin, and Sarah Ela, a.22y., d.Jonathan, Dec.22,1844.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Silver, Feb.3,1778.

Joseph, of [] Bradford, NH, and Eliza [] Knight, Dec.24,1820.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Elisabeth Ela [Oct.5,1769.CR4]

Nathaniel, and Bettey Key, Mar.9,1780.

Richard, of Plaistow, and Anna Chase, June13,1771.

Thomas, and Hannah Stevens, May17,1726.

Thomas, of Lowell, and Abigail Ferrin, Mar.25,1828.*

CHENY (Cheney)

John [jr. int.], and Betsey Marsh, Sept.20,1785.*


Jane, and Joshua Blunt, int.Nov.19,1836.


Anna, and Coffin Dole Norris, Feb.13,1798.*

Elizabeth, and Richard Carlton, Oct.14,1798.*

Martha, and Otis Vinal of Charlestown, May16,1802.*


Caroline H. [Churchill. int.], and Phineas E. Davis, Sept.3,1839.*


Aaron, of Essex, and Sophia Chase, Mar.22,1819.*

Abby C., a.24y., d.Aaron and Sophronia, and William P. Furness of Durham, NH, a.28y., trader, s.Edward and Charlotte, Nov.27,1845.*

Eliza, of Sandwich, NH, and Stephen N. Page, int.Jan.12,1834.

[Sarah Ann, of Newburyport. int.], and William Teel [Dec.15,1827. int.]*



Sarah, and Joseph Attwood, Dec.15,1743.


Elisabeth, and William Presse, Mar.26,1767.

Gideon, and Elisabeth Gage, Nov.18,1755.

John, Capt., of Fairhaven, and Sarah Johnson, Dec.31,1840.*

CHURCHILL (Chirhill)


Sarah, and Benjamin Phillbrick, Oct.15,1730.


Peggy, and Thomas Bolan, int.Feb.19,1848.


Margaretta, of Amherst, and Oliver Carleton, int.Mar.22,1828.

CLARK (Clarke)

Edward, 2d m., and, wid.Mary Davis, Nov.1,1682.

Betsey, of Amesbury, and Timothy Smith of Plaistow, July24,1796.

Elsa, Mrs., and John Sargent of Newton, NH, int.Sept.9,1849.

Ephraim, and Ruth Whittaker, June11,1719.

Greenleaf, and Julia Cogswell of Atkinston, int.Jan.13,1810.

Hannah, and William Appleton of Newburyport, Dec.17,1782.

Hannah, and Jonathan Currier, Nov.1,1798.*

Harriet, and James Flanders, May7,1832.*

John W., of Boston, a.23y., brick mason, s.John and Mary, and Sarah M. Hutchingson, a.20y., d.Elisha and Harriet, June9,1844.*

Jonathan, and Martha Ela, Feb.23,1715-16.

Jonathan, 2d m., and Priscilla Whitticker, Dec.4,1718.

Joseph, of Methuen, and Judith Sanders, Sept.1,1748.

Leonard, and Mrs.Sophronia Colby of Rockport, int.May4,1845.

Mary, and Joshua Emerson, July2,1706.

Polly, and Joshua Prescutt [Present. int,] of Sandwich, NH, Mar.5,1792.*

Mary, and Lemuel Leonard, Mar.13,1828.*

Mary, of Chester, NH, and John Austin, int.Nov.17,1832.

Mary H.T., of Sanbornton, NH, and Ealey Calley, int.July23,1844.

Moses, and Mary Kimball of Bradford, at Bradford, Nov.末,1804.*

Moses, and Hannah Emerson, Dec.13,1810.*

Nathaniel Sandors [], and Pheby Mitchel, Oct.28,1783.*

Nathaniel, jr., of Plaistow, NH, and Betsy Brickett, Nov.23,1820.*

Priscilla, and John Davis, jr., Oct.20,1747.

Samuel, and Abigail Gutterson, Aug.14,1721.

Sarah, and Nathan Morse of Chester, Sept.7,1775.

Sarah, and Joseph Coffin, Oct.2,1806.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Timothy Eaton, int.June22,1822.

CLARKE (Clark)

Abigail W., and James C. Stuart, Nov.29,1843.*

Hanniel, and Mary Gutterson, Aug.20,1678.

Joseph, and Mary Davis, Aug.18,1685.

Patty, and Ebenezer Mitchel, Dec.30,1802.*

Mathew, and, wid.Mary Wilford, Apr.2,1679.

Sarah [of Atkinson, NH. int.], and [Col. int.] Samuel Carleton, Sept.29,1835.*

Susannah, and Richard Haseltine, Nov.24,17[78.CR1]


William, of Plaistow, NH, and Mrs.Mary Plummer, int.Aug.2,1846.


Joshua, of Beverly, and Mrs.Elisabeth Putnam, Feb.26,1746-7.

CLEMENT (Clements, Clemments)

Abiah, and Edward Carlton, jr., July2,1734.

Abigail, Mrs., and Timothy Dustin, Dec.16,1766.CR2

Abigail, and John Mullkine, int.Feb.28,1829.

Ann, and David Whitticker, Apr.20,1738.

Benaiah, and Ruth Page, July17,1800.*

Benjamin, and Mary Bartlet, July10,1739.

Christopher, and Hannah Carlton, Feb.23,1776.

David, and Mrs.Dilly Ladd of Atkinson, NH, Nov.10,1767.CR2

David, Col., and Mrs.Abigail Bradley, Nov.12,1822.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuell Watts, Mar.8,1696-7.

Elizabeth, and Isaak Bradly, May16,1706.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Gale, Nov.20,1729.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Haines, Aug.1,1734.

Elisabeth, and John Watts, jr., Aug.14,1746.

Jesse, and Elizabeth Ayer, Jan.20,1820.*

Job, and Margaret Dummer, Dec.25,1644.

John, jr., and Ruth Sanders, July28,1736.

John, Lt., 2d m., and, wid.Mary Kimball, Feb.25,1755.

Jonathan, and Sarah Watts, Mar.12,1729-30.

Joseph, and Mary Dalton, Aug.25,1743.

Joseph, and Mary Bolcom, June24,1832.*

Lidia, and John Johnson, jr., 2d m., Feb.19,1688-9.

Lydia, and Cornelius Johnson, Jan.7,1724-5.

Mary, and Christopher Bartlitt, Feb.11,1717-18.

Mary, and Benjamin Gile, June6,1810.*

Mary Bartlett, and Oliver Jones of Dracut, June5,1833.*

Mehetabell, and John Griffing, jr., of Bradford, Dec.13,1727.

Mehetabel, wid., and George Little, Oct.19,1736.

Mehetabel, and Jeremy Cogswell, June19,1766.CR1

Mehetebel, and David Kimball of Pembroke, NH, Dec.15,1774.

Miriam, and Joseph Ames, Nov.29,1739.

Moses, and Phebe Willson, Oct.22,1734.

Obediah, and Priscilla Heath, Dec.18,1729-30.

Obediah, 2d m., and Sarah Flanders of Amesbury, Dec.20,1733.

Philip, and Phebe Sawyer, Sept.4,1766.CR2

Phebe, and Levey Barton of Spencer, May4,1812.*

Prudence, of Amesbury, and Joseph Grele, jr., Aug.6,1752.

Rachel, and Ebenezer Mitchel, jr., Apr.6,1777.

Robert, jr., and Elizabeth Towne [Fane. dup. andCTR], Dec.8,1652.

Robert, jr., and Deliverance Oddihorn, "at Grt Island," Dec.18,1690.

Ruth, and Abiel Foster, July11,1728.

Samuel, and Ruth Peasly, July11,1705.

Samuel, and Mary George, May11,1816.

Sarah, Mrs., and Richard Hazzen, jr., Oct.22,1719.

Sarah, and Daniel Pilsbury, jr., Jan.1,1735-6.

Sarah, and Samson French of Dunstable, Mar.7,1748-9.

Sarah A., of Lowell, and Elbridge W. Chase, at Albany, NY, Aug.24,1842.

Susanna, Mrs., and Stephen Huse, Jan.2,1734-5.

Timothy, and Hannah Ford, Apr.1,1728.

CLEMENTS (Clement)

Amos, and Abigail Hills, July12,1789.*

Benjamin, and Polly Griffin of Atkinston, Feb.9,1796.*

Ebenezer, and Edith Rogers, Jan.18,1793.*

Elenor, and David Eaton, Feb.19,1761.

Elizabeth G., and Samuel Marsh of Nottingham West, NH, Sept.25,1819.*

Hannah, and Joseph Brickett, June16,1802 [Jan.16,1803. dup.]*

Henry, of Salem, NH [MA. int.], and [Mrs.CR1] Hannah Cole, Jan.12,1812.*

James, and Anna Kimball of Salem, NH, Apr.12,1757.

John, and Deborah Burns, Nov.27,1793.*

Molly [], and Daniel Chase, Nov.13,1786.*

Mary [], and Moses Merrill, Nov.3,1791.*

Miriam and James Rix [May21,1765.CR1]

Moses, jr., and Sarah Bailey of Newbury, May17,1780.

Moses, of Amesbury, and Betsy George, May21,1818.*

Phebe, and John Bryant of Plaistow, NH, int.Feb.15,1817.

Samuel, jr., and Elisabeth Carlton, Mar.2,1748-9.

Samuel, 3d, and Anne Gage, Dec.13,1750.

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Hills, June3,1790.*

Samuel, and Polly George, int.Apr.11,1817.

Sarah, and Joshua Hale, Apr.末,1800.*

Susan, and John Whittier [2d.dup.], Dec.23,1809.*

Susanna, and Samuel Kimball of Hopkinton [NH.CR1], May25,1789.*


Benaiah, Dr., and Abigail Sawyer [of Plaistow, int.; of Atkinson, Oct.27,1782.CR2]*

Sarah, and Joshua Bailey, Esq. of Hopkinton, Nov.6,1788.*

CLOUGH (Cluff)

Almira, and Daniel Carr, jr., int.Dec.1,1844.

Betsey, of Louden, NH, and John Atwood, int.Oct.末,1814.

Enoch, of Hopkinton, NH, and Fanny Heath, int.May20,1820.

Harriet Jane, and Israel Ela, July1,1841.*

James, and Mary G. Pettingill of Newburyport, int.Jan.22,1842.

John, and Eliza S. Spaulding, Sept.23,1838.*

Jonathan, of Killingly, and Mary Gile, Feb.24,1728-9.

Lydia, and William Webster, Sept.8,1763.

Lydia, and John Follet, May19,1836.*

Martha, and Cornelius Page, Nov.13,1674.

Polly, and Nathan Emerson, Sept.1,1795.*

Mary C., and Charles H. Kent, int.Oct.22,1847.

Morris, a.22y.shoemaker, s.Joseph and Rachel, and Martha A. Foss, a.20y., d.Chapman and Susanna, Nov.16,1845.*

Precilla, and David Perry, int.Aug.17,1822.

Priscilla A., and David Perry, Nov.1,1835.*

Susan, a.28y., d.James, and John H. Dearborn of Stratham, NH, a.28y., mason, s.John and Mary, Mar.13,1848.*

Thomas, and Mary Guile, Jan.15,1705-06.

CLUFF (Clough)

Phineas, of Timnath, and Sarah Ladd, Dec.29,1778.


Betsey, of Boston, and Capt. Cornelius Mansise, jr., int.Oct.15,1796.

COBURN (Cobourn, Coburne)

Augustus M., of Salem, and Harriet S. Hale [May4,1839. int.]*

Mary, wid., of Dracut, and Capt. Timothy Eaton, Nov.28,1797.*

Phebe, and Ezekiel Hale, Apr.13,1786.

Uriah, of Dracut, and Sarah Merrill, Oct.17,1775.

COBURNE (Coburn)


Gerry W., and Mary Jane Batchelder, June11,1832.*

William, of Pembroke, NH, and Ann Gile, Nov.26,1772.CR2

COFFEN (Coffin)

COFFIN (Coffen)

Abel, of Newbury, and Rebecca Pecker, May8,1816.*

Abigail, and Henry Hill of Groton, Sept.26,1833.*

Benjamin, of Newburyport, and Sally Kimball, July15,1798.*

Charles and Elizabeth Chase, Dec.26,1839.*

Frederick I., of Newburyport, and Lucy P. Savary, May24,1831.*

Joseph, and Sarah Clark, Oct.2,1806.*

Joshua, and Clarissa Dutch of Exeter, NH, int.Nov.13,1817.

Judith B., and Isaac Pettengill, Oct.9,1831.*

Richard [Capt.CR1], of Newbury, and Fanny [Elizabeth F. int.] Webster, Mar.22,1810.*

Richard, and Mary Elizabeth Pingry, int.May22,1841.

Sarah, of Newbury, and James Bradburry, int.July26,1783.

William H., of West Newbury, and Betsy Currier of Lowell, Mar.20,1828.


Maria Louisa, of New Bedford, and Rev. Stephen Phippen Hill, int.Aug.10,1833.

COGGSWELL (Cogswell)

Thomas, and Betsy Kimball of Bradford, Dec.19,1811.

COGSWELL (Coggeshall, Coggswell)

Abigail, and Abraham Chase of Newbury, Feb.12,1795.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Goodridge, Nov.23,1830.*

Edward, and Sarah Ann Goodrich, Aug.1,1841.*

Betsy, and Samuel Chase of Portsmouth, NH, Apr.29,1811.*

Hannah, and James Pecker, jr., Dec.13,1744.

Hannah, and Samuel Chase, 2d m., Dec.24,1818.*

John, jr., and Abigail White of Haverhill District, Aug.29,1749.

John, jr., 2d m., and Sarah Bartlet, Mar.19,1752.

John, jr. [of], and Betty Griffin of Bradford, Feb.29,1784.*

John, of Newmarket, and Caroline Duston, Nov.14,1826.*

Julia, of Atkinson, and Greenleaf Clark, int.Jan.13,1810.

Lydia, and James Russel, Nov.19,1826.*

Margaret J., a.19y., d.George and Mary, and Samuel W. French of Portsmouth, NH, a.26y., calker, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.30,1848.*

Nathaniel, and Judith Badger, Jan.13,1739-40.

Sally, and Moses French, Apr.13,1809.*

Sarah B., and Samuel Foot, Oct.14,1819.*

Thomas [a.22y., leather dresser.PR71], and Ruth Badger [a.19y.PR71] of Gilmanton [NH.PR71], Feb.26,1770.

Thomas, and Lydia Harriman [Harrman. int.; of Plaistow, NH, Jan.15,1794.CR1]*

COLBEY (Colby)

Betsy, and Nathan Ayer, Nov.7,1779.

Mary, and Leonard Chase [Nov.24,1772.CR4]

COLBIE (Colby)

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Henry, Dow, Apr.11,1692.

COLBY (Colbey, Colbie)

Anthony, and Mary Currier, Oct.23,1701.

Anthony, and Mrs.Abigail Chase, July10,1769.CR4

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Hunking, Oct.19,1773.

Benjamin H., and Mary D. French [of Deerfield, NH. int.], Jan.22,1824.*

Daniel, and Mary Fulsom [Aug.24,1775.CR4]

Ebenezer, jr., and Anna Hoyt of Amesbury, Dec.7,1782.*

Eliza, and Abraham Kimball of Concord, NH, int.Sept.7,1822.

Eliza, and John Poor, jr., Nov.2,1826.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Harvey of Amesbury, Feb.19,1765.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Kelly, jr., Dec.16,1778.

Elizabeth, and Dudley Tibbets, Oct.29,1816.*

Betsey, Mrs.[], and Nataniel George of Lowell, Oct.31,1833.*

Elvira, and John S. Fuller, Aug.26,1830.*

Emeline M., and Samuel Eaton of Plaistow, Oct.30,1828.*

Ephraim, and Hannah Ela, Dec.1,1768.

Ephraim, and Mrs.Hannah Williams, Aug.29,1776.CR4

Ephraim [jr. int.], and Lydia Chase, July24,1806.*

Francis T., and Jane Piper, July19,1832.*

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Isaac Colby, 2d m., Apr.末,1757.

Hannah, and Edward Ela, Oct.26,1773.

Hannah, and Enoch C. March of Plaistow, int.Aug.31,1822.

Isaac, 2d m., and Hannah Colby of Amesbury, Apr.末,1757.

Isaac, and Mrs.Phebe Hunt, Sept.27,1768.CR4

John, and Lydia Stevens of Plaistow, June3,1773.

John, of Amesbury, and Mary Hasseltine, June22,1808.*

Lewis, and Mary Emerson, May16,1833.*

Martha W., and George Boardman, both of Bradford, Oct.9,1825.

Mary, and Nehemiah Stevens, Mar.18,1741-2.

Mary, and James Cheaney of Plaistow, July26,1764.

Polly [], and Amos B. Chase, Feb.5,1812.*

Mary [R. int.], and John Gale, July6,1818.*

Mary Jane, and Stephen Harris, Oct.4,1826.*

Mary Ann, and Eliphalet Martin Holt of Boston, Mar.31,1829.*

Mary, and Frederick Emerson, Mar.19,1835.*

Nancy, Mrs., of Salisbury, and David Marsh, jr., int.May16,1835.

Nathan, and Mariah Jackson, Jan.10,1841.*

Nicholas, and Elisabeth Kimball, Mar.6,1796.*

Patience, and Robert Hastings, May4,1758.

Philbrook, and Susanna Bradley, July13,1758.

Philip, of Amesbury, and Sarah Stephens Mooers, int.June21,1806.

Philip, and Susan C. Morrill of Amesbury, int.Dec.27,1828.

Rebecca, and John Williams, jr., Sept.9,1661.

Richard, 2d m., and Tabitha Ela [June26,1776.CR4]

Sarah, and John Cheaney, Nov.20,1760.

Sarah, and Sanders Bradbury, May26,1763.

Sarah, and Elias Bootman of Amesbury, Nov.19,1783.CR2*

Sarah, of Bradford, and John Kinrick of Amesbury [July4,1790. Bradford Rds.]

Sarah W., and William G. Kimball of Bradford, Sept.25,1834.*

Sophronia, Mrs., of Rockport, and Leonard Clark, int.May4,1845.

Stephen, jr., and Clementine Kimball, July24,1823.*

Stephen J., and Mercy A. Glidden, int.Oct.13,1844.

Susan H. [B. int.], and Samuel H. Boardman of Newburyport, Sept.13,1832.*

Susan H., and Jacob Bickon, Mar.20,1833.*

Theophilus, of Amesbury, and Elisabeth Hastings, Oct.18,1750.

Thomas, and Sarah Davis of Newburyport, int.Aug.12,1836.

Timothy, a.26y., coachman, and Caroine E. Ellis, a.22y., d.Isaac and Lois, Nov.7,1847.*

William, and Harriet D. Kimball, Sept.13,1838.*

William W., of West Newbury, and Elisabeth A.T. [F. int] George, Nov.26,1840.*

Zaccheus [of Newtown, NH.], and Betsey George [July13,1822. int]*


Elihu W., of Kingstown, NH, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Daniel and Polly, and Lucy A. Frost, a.20y., d.Samuel A. and Mary B., Nov.12,1848.*

COLDWELL (Caldwell)


Benjamin, and Hannah Runnels, Mar.9,1806.*

Charles H., a.29y., shoemaker, b. Bradford, s.Benjamin, and Mary Jane Merene, a.20y., b. Norton, N.B., d.Jeremiah, Nov.29,1849.*

Hannah [Mrs.CR1], and Henry Clements of Salem, NH. [MA. int], Jan.12,1812.*

Isaac, and Hannah Atwood of Atkinson, int.June25,1792.

Samuel, of Boxford, and Abigail Currier, Apr.10,1766.CR1

Sarah, and Eliphalet Buck, Sept.6,1785.*

Susanna, of Bradford, and David Hills, int.Nov.6,1787.


Jonathan, and Phebe Davis, Apr.18,1717.

COLENS (Collins)

Elijah, of Boston, and Abigail Peasley, int.21:1m:1728.CR8


Isaac, and Abigail Stevens of New London, NH, int.Nov.7,1829.


Hugh, and Ruth W. George, Apr.10,1842.*

John [of], and [] Hannah McCarty, Jan.31,1839.*

William, and Abigail Silver, May10,1827.*

COLLINGS (Collins)

COLLINS (Colens, Collings)

Charles, of Sandwich, and Sarah W. Sawyer, July15,1843.*

Dorothy, of New Chester, NH, and Samuel Sawyer, Aug.24,1836.*

Hannah [,], and Cornelius Mansur [Mansise. int.], May12,1792.*

John K., and Ann D. Saunders, Sept.14,1835.*

Mary, and Abraham Nichols, Jan.16,1772.CR1

Mary Ann, of Hooksett, NH, and Charles Heath, int.Apr.23,1842.

Patrick, of Lawrence, and Elizabeth Manning, int.Oct.17,1848.

Phebe, and John Alley, Dec.28,1796.*

COMING (Cummings)

Sarah, of Londonderry, NH, and James M. Carleton, int.Aug.14,1834.


William, and Mary Martin, Apr.21,1663.


Almira S., and Col. Prentice Cushing, both of Lowell, Jan.8,1835.CR1


Hannah, a.20y., b. Ireland, d.Michael, and Andrew Huse, a.30y., laborer, b. Ireland, s.Patrick, Oct.30,1849.*

COOK (Cooke)

Anna, and Moses Downing, Feb.14,1763 [Feb.21. dup]

Dolly, and Nathaniel Kimball, June11,1780.

Edward, of Salem, NH, and Fidelia Webster, Aug.29,1833.*

George, of Salem, NH, and Eunice A. [] Wells, May10,1836.*

Joanna, and Daniel Marble, June18,1747.

Josiah [jr. int], of Alsted, and Sarah Emerson, Oct.20,1791.*

Lucy P., of Salem, NH, and Nathan Webster, 2d, int.Apr.27,1833.

Mary, and Richard Emerson of Londonderry, Dec.31,1789.

COOKE (Cook)


Hannah Church, and Ezekiel Hale, jr., Sept.25,1810.*


Abigail M., of Exeter, NH, and John Pervere, int.Mar.21,1842.


Charlotte [P. int.], of Amesbury, and John Johnson, Chase, Sept.10,1839.*

Deborah, and Samuell Haseltine, Dec.28,1670.CTR

Elbridge G., and Charlotte M. Kennet of West Newbury, int.June30,1842.

Elbridge G., and Mary P. Silloway, int.Aug.24,1845.

Elizabeth, of Amesbury, and Jonathan Osgood, Aug.16,1832.*

George S., and Maria Quested, int.Nov.8,1846.

John, of Hampton, and Abiah Dow, Dec.27,1739.

Mary, and Cornelious Page, Dec.9,1729.

Moses, of Rowley, and Ruth Johnson, Apr.8,1741.

COP (Copp)

David, and Ann Tucker, Oct.27,1725.


William H., and Mary E.D. Kimball of Bradford, int.Nov.14,1847.

COPP (Cop, Copps, Cops)

Abiah, and Samuel Emerson, Apr.17,1777.

George C. [B. int.] of Hampstead, and Ruth Sawyer, May3,1798.*

Josiah, of Pedistow, and Mrs.Elizabeth Edwards, Feb.5,1779.CR2

COPPS (Copp)

Moses, and Meheteball Griffing, July17,1732.

Moses, of Newburyport, and Polly George, Oct.2,1804.*

COPS (Copp)

Aaron, and Mary Heath, Dec.30,1698.

Elisabeth, and John Straw, Jan.2,1783.*


Simon, of Salem, NH, and Ruth Eaton, Nov.25,1802.


Robert, and Sarah Reune, Jan.18,1719-20.

CORLILL (Corliss)

Betsy [], and James Emerson, June22,1790.*


James, and Ruth Ayer, Nov.5,1706.

CORLIS (Corliss)

Abigail, and Amos Kimbal, Feb.20,1774.

Anna, and Jonathan Crowel, Sept.16,1784.*

Ann, and John Robie, Nov.1,1677.

Deborah, and Thomas Eastman, Jan.20,1679.

Deborah, and Josiah Brown, July6,1758.

George, and Joanna Davis, Oct.26,1645.

George, and Judith Webster, May13,1747.

Hannah, and Bliss Willoughby of Norwich [CT.CR3], Nov.20,1741.

Huldah, and Samuel Kingsberry, Nov.5,1679.

James, and Sara Corlis, Jan.22,1767.

Johanah, and Joseph Hutchins, Dec.29,1669.

John, and Mary Wilford, Dec.17,1684.

John, jr., and Abigail Mitchell, Nov.30,1737.

John, jr., 2d m., and Abiah Whittier, Sept.13,1753.

John Swaddock, and Elisabeth Annis, Jan.28,1762.

Jonathan, and Lydia Emerson, Mar.末,1749.

Joseph, and Mary Emerson, Feb.19,1746-7.

Martha, and Samuel Lad, Dec.1,1674.

Martha, and Joseph Hutchins, June9,1763.

Mary, and William Neff [of Newbury.CTR], Jan.23,1665.

Mary, and Thomas Page, jr., Mar.14,1744-5.

Meheteball, and Richard Vriann, Oct.17,1717.

Ruth, and Joseph Merrill, Sept.23,1731.

Sarah, and Joseph Ayer, Nov.24,1686.

Sarah, and Abraham Amy, May30,1754.

Sarah, and James Corliss, Jan.22,1767.

Thomas, and Rebecka George, Dec.4,1718.

Timothy, and Sarah Hutchins, Feb.15,1726.

Timothy, of Brimfield, and Mrs.Anna Mitchel, Apr.25,1780.CR2

CORLISS (Corlill, Corlis)

Abigail, and James Pearley, Nov.17,1788.*

David, and Abigail Ingals of Canterbury, Aug.28,1796.*

Betsy, and Phineas Ayer of Chelmsford, Nov.1,1812.*

Elizabeth [M. int.], and Daniel Hodgden, June18,1820.*

Emerson, and Mehetebal Mitchel, Sept.14,1783.*

Ephraim, and Lydia Ayer, Dec.12,1776.

Ephraim Esq., and Mrs.Lucy How of Rochester, NH, int.May11,1809.

Ephraim, and Nancy Robinson, Feb.21,1826.*

George, and Sarah Emerson, Jan.21,1773.CR2

Harriet, d.John and Abagail, and Alvah Merrill, of Methuen, shoe manufacurer, s.James and Abby, Sept.10,1844.*

John, and Abigail Bradley, Nov.26,1789.*

John S., 2d m., and [] Lydia Goodridge, Dec.2,1806.*

John, jr., and Sophronia Emerson of Methuen, int.Sept.26,1818.

John, 2d m., a.57y., farmer, s.John, and Mary E. Kimball, 2d m., a.39y., b. Peterboro, NH, d.Samuel Haseltine, Dec.27,1849.*

Kezia, and James Barnet, Apr.2,1835.*

Lydia, and Jesse Smith, int.Nov.16,1816.

Marantha, and John Wilson of Methuen, int.Oct.18,1833.

Polly, and Jonathan Haynes, Jan.18,1779.

Mary Low, and David B. Pecker, Dec.27,1838.*

Phineas, and Sophia Carter of Wakefield, int.Nov.19,1825.

Pheby, of Salem, NH, and Levy Hastings, int.Jan.16,1784.

Ruth, of Salem, NH, and Richard Hastings, int.Nov.24,1785.

Samuel, and Hannah Silver, Sept.8,1774.

Stephen, and Sally Bailey, Apr.17,1794. [Apr.5,1793.PR13]*

Steven, and Priscilla Sanborn [of Sandown, NH. int.], Sept.14,1837.PR13*

Vashti, and John George of West Newbury, May6,1825.*

Zelinda, and Joseph Webster, 4th, Nov.22,1821.*


Mary, wid., and William Whitticker, Jan.28,1702-03.


James C., and Anna M. Lane of Exeter, int.Oct.7,1849.


Edmund, and Honora A. Kern, int.Dec.29,1849.

COTTEN (Cotton)


Anne, and David George, Oct.3,1745.

Hannah, and Caleb Currier, June29,1800.*

Joseph, and Dolly Nichols, Sept.21,1780.

Rhode, and Austin George, July23,1751.

Ruth, of Bradford, and Samuel George, int.Mar.1,1817.

Thomas, and Mrs.Anne Weed, Nov.21,1765.CR4

William, and Mrs.Mary Tyler, int.May3,1788.

COTTON (Cotten)

Bethiah Whitmore, and Reuben Wyman, Nov.10,1790.


Asa, and Almira Frost of Amesbury, int.Apr.19,1828.


Joseph, widr., a.41y., shoe cutter, s.Joseph and Lucy, and Clarrissa Goodwin, wid., a.44y., d.Benjamin and Betsey French, Oct.22,1848.*


Sarah, and Thomas Pendergast, Mar.17,1779.

Thomas, and Sarah Oliver, Mar.11,1776.


Thomas, and Jane Johnson, Mar.9,1737-8.



William, Esq., and Nancy Greenleaf of Boston, int.Feb.28,1795.

CREASEY (Cresey)

Charles, of Rowley, and Mary Bradley, int.Dec.29,1832.

CRESEY (Creasey)

Jedediah, and Nancy Holland, July19,1801.*


Eleazer, and Judith Sanders, Apr.7,1720.

CROCKETT (Crockitt)

CROCKITT (Crockett)

Elisabeth, of Stratham, and John Edwards, jr., Dec.15,1737.


Elizabeth H., of Boston, and Caleb R. Dow of Atkinson, NH, Jan.20,1842.


Abigail S., wid., d.John and Abigail Crosby, and Joseph C. Robinson of Stratham, NH, a.25y., farmer, s.David and Nancy, June5,1848.*

Roswell A., of Salem, and Mehitable S. Sawyer, int.June15,1845.

Sarah A., of Gilford, NH, and William Twilight, int.Mar.21,1834.

Stephen S., Esq., of Bangor, and Ann Elliot, int.June11,1825.

William [S. int.], and Abigail Pervere, Oct.15,1834.*


Abigail, of Methuen, and John Bailey, Nov.28,1810.*

Abijah, of Methuen, and Mrs.Deborah Spofford of Boxford, Nov.7,1833.

David, and Pamelia Eames of Bradford, int.June1,1805.

Eunice, and Justus Page of Tinmouth, VT, int.July12,1797.

Hannah, and William Rogers,末蔓末,1782.

John, and Sarah Peocok, Apr.15,1708.

Joseph, of Gorham, and Betty Duston, May9,1793.CR1*

Nelson P., and Elizabeth H. Berry, both of Methuen, Sept.20,1836.

Samuel, of Methuen, and Hannah Eaton, Apr.14,1774.

Sarah, and Jonathan Hartshorn, both of Methuen, June26,1729.

Sarah, a.21y., and John Baker of Manchester, a.26y.cordwainer, June22,1772.PR1

Stephen, and Hannah Guild, July3,1746.

Stephen, and Hannah Marsh of Londonderry, NH, Dec.19,1765.CR2

Thomas, of Northfield, and Mercy Merrill, int.May21,1784.

William, and Mary Fraile, Apr.9,1706.


Lydia, of Chester, NH. [of Haverhill. int.], and John Loan, Oct.23,1836.*

CROWEL (Crowell)

David, and Elisabeth Emerson, May17,1781.

Jonathan and Anna Corlis, Sept.16,1784.*

Polly, and Seth Emerson, May8,1781.

Samuel, jr., and Elisabeth Foot of Salem, NH, int.Sept.2,1784.

CROWELL (Crowel)

Abigail M., and Alfred H. Davis, int.Apr.27,1845.

Ann D., and Andrew J. Chapman, int.Feb.23,1845.

Elizabeth, and Andrew McCrillis of Manchester, NH, int.Mar.12,1842.

John, and Anna Greenleaf, Sept.26,1811.*

Jonathan, and Betsy Ayer [Mar.9,1822. int.]*

Louisa, and Jonathan Merrill of Methuen, int.Oct.21,1843.

Minerva, and Wilder Tilton, Apr.19,1832.*


Ann, of Andover, and John P. Randall, int.Oct.24,1840.

Hannah, Mrs., and Leonard White, Esq., June21,1842.*

Jacob A., of Boston, and Elizabeth Merrill, int.July29,1809.

Joseph H., and Rebeckah B.L. Whipple, of Tyngsboro, int.Mar.12,1841.

Luther, and Dorithy Blaisdell, at York, ME, Aug.13,1826.

Mary E., of Portland, ME, a.34y., d.Daniel and Hannah, and Seth Paine, widr., of Bangor, ME, a.44y., merchant, s.Josiah and Phebe, June4,1846.

Sarah [A. int], and Hiram Orcutt of Hanover, NH, Aug.15,1842.*

William, of Boston, and Betsy Merrill, Aug.23,1809.


Thomas, of Suncook, and Ann Otterson, July5,1738.

CURIER (Currier)

Hanah, of Amesbury, and John Steevens, jr., May18,1697.


Abigail [], and Edmund Hill, June24,1792.*

Paul, and Abigail LeCount, Oct.24,1779.

CURRIER (Curier)

Abigail, and Thomas Carlton of Bradford, June6,1727.

Abigail, and Samuel Cole of Boxford, Apr.10,1766.CR1

Abigail, and Daniel Chase of Newbury, int.Feb.16,1793.

Abigail, of Atkinson, NH, and Joseph Gubtal, int.Sept.28,1822.

Abby, a.25y., d.Nathan and Sarah, and Edwin A. Sargent, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Amos and Martha, Nov.26,1847.*

Allice, and Robert Peesly, Dec.16,1701.

Alpheus, and Sarah I. Bartlett of Plymouth, NH, int.Mar.27,1841.

Amos, and [Mrs.CR4] Mary Currier, Mar.13,1753.

Ann, and Daniel Marble, Mar.28,1751.

Asa, and Rebecah Plummer, Mar.22,1769.

Asa, and Loretta Ayer, Sept.19,1839.*

Azubah H., of Plaistow, NH, and Calvin Sawyer, int.May5,1844.

Bennaiah, and Polly Walker, Oct.29,1816.*

Benaiah, and Judith Grimes, int.Sept.22,1821.

Benjamin M., and Louisa Ann Hoyt, both of Amesbury, July26,1836.

Caleb, and Abigail Roberds, Nov.12,1736.

Caleb, and Hannah Cottle, June29,1800.*

Caleb, 2d m., and Martha Dennis, Apr.末,1807.*

Caroline, of Danville, NH, and Isaac Bradley, int.Oct.6,1838.

Catherine, a.21y., and William Fegan, a.24y., shoemaker, both of Rowley, Feb.14,1845.

Charles H., of Bradford, a.23y., farmer, s.William, and Hannah S. Locke, of Bradford, a.19y., d.Abraham, June16,1845.

Daniel, of Amesbury, and Mrs.Abigail Chase, Apr.10,1772.CR4

Daniel, and Sophia Chase, Nov.19,1816.*

David, and Polly Rowel, Nov.30,1794.*

David, and Anna Gordon of Salem, NH, int.Oct.19,1811.

Dorithy, of South Hampton, and Jonathan French, int.Aug.24,1822.

Eliphalet, and Hannah Ingalls [of Walpole, NH, int], Jan.1,1805.*

Eliphalet, and Eliza White [of Methuen. int.] Dec.末,1819.*

Elizabeth, and John Worth of Newbury, Feb.19,1722-3.

Elisabeth, of Plaistow, and Benjamin Bradley, jr., int.Apr.5,1801.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Foot, Apr.30,1812.*

Elizabeth [of Atkinson. int], and Moses Webster, 3d, 2d m.[Dec.8,1821. int.]*

Betsy, of Lowell, and William H. Coffin of West Newbury, Mar.20,1828.

Elizabeth R., a.23y., d.Nathan and Sarah, and Levi Taylor, a.25y., trader, s.Oliver and Letice M., May1,1849.*

Franklin, of Bradford, and Susan M. Alley, Nov.25,1841.*

Grace, wid., and Thomas Kimball of Bradford, Sept.4,1729.

Grace, and Nathan Kinerson [Kenniston. int.], of Newbury, Feb.9,1804.*

Hannah, and Joshua Emery of Plaistow, May5,1763.

Hannah, and Jonathan Merrill of Newburyport, Feb.28,1787.*

Hugh M., and Elizabeth George, Apr.2,1833.*

James M., of Methuen, and Lois Ann Bailey, int.Nov.8,1846.

James M., of Manchester, NH, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Mary, and Sarah Brown of Amesbury, a.22y., d.William and Harriet, Dec.3,1846.

John, and Grace Hall, Feb.7,1705-06.

John, and Rachel Whitticker, Apr.16,1724.

John, jr., and Elisabeth Watts, Sept.13,1737.

John, of Hampstead, and Hannah Gile, June2,1807.*

John, and Betsey Walker, Oct.23,1821. [Aug.17,1822. int]*

John, of Atkinson, and Hannah Carleton, Nov.6,1823.*

John, widr., a 50y., shoe maker, and Martha J. Burnham, a.32y., June2,1844.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Clark, Nov.1,1798.*

Joseph, a.27y.shoemaker, s.Beniah and Mary, and Lucy D. Davis, a.29y., d.Samuel and Anstis, May28,1846.*

Loretta, Mrs., and Rev. Frederick Foster, Dec.30,1841.*

Louisa, and Samuel E. Davis, int.Apr.30,1840.

Lucinda, of Methuen, and Oliver Emerson, int.Apr.23,1831.

Lydia W., and Stephen Dockham, both of Methuen, July31,1834.

Merriam, of Amesbury, and Joseph Bradley [jr. int.], Sept.29,1796.*

Mary, and Anthony Colby, Oct.23,1701.

Mary [Mrs.CR4], and Amos Currier, Mar.13,1753.

Mary, and Ebenezer Green, Oct.10,1765.

Mary, Mrs., and Moses Ordway of Louden, June15,1780.CR2

Polly, of Amesbury, and Robert Marsh, Dec.20,1795.*

Mary, and Hiram Wright, Nov.27,1834.*

Mary Ann, Mrs., and Charles Rowe of Franklin, NH, int.Oct.29,1837.

Mary W., a.22y., d.Beniah and Judith, and John Hazen Ayer, a.21y., shoemaker, s.John and Sophia, June12,1845.*

Mehitable E., and Ezra W. Bartlett, int.Oct.5,1839.

Nathaniel, and Molly Webster, Oct.17,1799.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Martin, Nov.11,1813.*

Nathaniel, jr. and Eliza Sargent, Dec.4,1823.*

Rachel, a.27y., and Joshua Emery, of Atkinson, NH, a.32y., yeoman, Aug.27,1770.PR71

Rebecca [], and Ebenezer Noyes of Plaistow, Oct.9,1788.*

Reuben, and Elizabeth Robbinson, Nov.2,1729.

Reuben, and Lydia Atwood, May16,1773.

Reuben, and Naomi Robinson, July8,1798.*

Richard, jr., of Methuen, and Sarah Currier, Oct.4,1791.

Sarah, and Icabod Rogers, Jan.13,1689-90.

Sarah, and Joshua Maxfield, Nov.7,1764.

Sarah, and Richard Currier, jr. of Methuen, Oct.4,1791.

Sarah, and Moses Kimball of Bradford, Dec.21,1803.*

Sarah, of Salem, NH, and Richard H. Ayer, int.Jan.8,1842.

Sarah A[nn. int.], a.21y., d.Charles and Jane, and Sylvanus S. Bartlett, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Jeremiah and Fanny, Sept.23,1846.*

Sarah Jane, of Methuen, and William E. Pingry, int.Oct.3,1847.

Sophia H., of Plaistow, and Moses Thompson, int.Apr.30,1831.

Stephen [jr. int.], of Methuen, and Hannah Pettingill, Dec.15,1822.*

Thomas, and Mary H. Putnam, June28,1831 [July9. int.]*

Walter W., a.22y., shoe cutter, s.Jonathan and Mary, and Elizabeth L. Heath, a.18y., d.Daniel L. and Mary, May17,1846*

William B., and Alice B. Gardner of Dracut, int.Mar.5,1848.


George [H. int.], and Charlotte [C. int] Kimball, May24,1827.CR1*

Mary F., of Danvers, and George R. Emerson, int.May30,1847.


Ann [], and Timothy Duston, Aug.3,1790.*

Ann, and Enoch Foot, Esq., int.Sept.29,1844.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Hannah Haseltine, Dec.17,1767.

Caleb, and Mrs.Sarah Sawyer, Aug.13,1761.

Elizabeth, and Rev. Jacob Emery of Pembroke, July18,1769.CR2

James R., Rev., and Unity Myra Daniels of Boston, int.Oct.24,1844.

Lucy, Mrs., and Rev. Gyles Merrill, Oct.13,1767.

Lydia, and James Galley, Jan.27,1820.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Jackman [Nov.29,1770.CR2]

Prentice, Col., and Almira S. Conant, both of Lowell, Jan.8,1835.CR1


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