Hannah, of Boston, and Moses Bradley, Feb.14,1764.


Isaac, and Mary Eatton, Dec.28,1727.

Mary, and Joseph Clement, Aug.25,1743.

Mary, of Newbury, and Leonard White, Aug.21,1794.*

Miriam, and Samuel Maccluer of Exeter, Dec.16,1773.CR2

Samuell, and Dorothie Swan, Nov.23,1683.

Samuell, and, wid.Hannah Keazer, Nov.6,1701.

William, a foreigner [of Salem.int.], and Betsy Silver, Oct.23,1825.*


Mary, and Josiah Peabody, [bef. 1793.]


Esther J., and [Capt. int.] Ezra Smith, 2d m., Jan.8,1832.*

Phebe, of Reading, and Daniel Niles, int.Apr.19,1828.


Rebekah, of Newbury, and John Bulkeley, int.Sept.1,1800.


Beniah, and Abigail Sargent, Apr.8,1834.*

Sophia, and Ephraim E. Lake, int.Apr.21,1821.


Unity Myra, of Boston, and Rev. James R. Cushing, int.Oct.24,1844.


Elijah [Dr. int.], and [Eliza W. int.] Kimball [June25,1825. int.]*

Leonard, of New Rowley, and Elizabeth Dustin, Dec.17,1835.*


John, of Portsmouth, and Sarah Bradley, Feb.28,1803. [1802. dup.]*

Joseph P., and Deborah Bailey, Aug.25,1828.*


Abigail, and Samuel Hardy of Londonderry, int.Feb.24,1810.

Charles, of Lowell, and Louisa M. Howe, July27,1843.*

Henry I., of Methuen, and Mary Merrill, int.Oct.26,1819.

Henry T., of Methuen, and Eunice Merrill, int.Aug.9,1823.

Jan末, of Bradford, and Jonathan Lufkin, Mar.末,1801.

John, of Newburyport, and Abigail Ingals, July1,1795.*


Abigail, and Richard Hubbert of Kingston, Dec.27,1722.

Abigail, Mrs., and James Trussell, Dec.28,1769.CR4

Abraham, of Nottingham West, and Mrs.Abiah George, May16,1765.CR4

Alfred H., and Abigail M. Crowell, int.Apr.27,1845.

Amos, and Hannah Dow, of Haverhill District, Feb.14,1748-9.

Amos, of Plaistow, and Sarah Hunkins, Nov.6,1788.*

Amos, and Hannah Griffin, Aug.31,1800.*

Amos, and Betsey McFee of Londonderry, int.May16,1818.

Amos, of Exeter, and Elizabeth B. Powers, Apr.30,1823.

Ann, and James Pecker, jr., [bef. 1682.]

Ann, and William Wilson, jr., [bef. 1736.]

Ann, of Warner, NH, and Edward Ordway, jr., int.Feb.10,1810.

Barzillai, and Phebe Eaton, int.Oct.2,1819.

Baziliai, widr., of Bradford, a.53y., shoemaker, s.Elisha T. and Ruthy C., and Fanny B. Osgood, wid., a 45y., d.Nathaniel Bailey, Nov.12,1846.*

Benjamin, of Plaistow, and Mary Green, June5,1788.*

Charles, and Betsy Mooer, Dec.2,1813.*

Charles, and Lucy B. Hayes, Sept.2,1830.*

Cornelius, of Starford, and Mehetabel Bartlett, Nov.24,1720.

Daniel, and Esther Barney, [bef. 1731.]

Deborah, and Henry Williams, Dec.1,1726.

Dinah, and William Mudgett, [bef. 1726.]

Ebenezer, and Patience Hutchison, [bef. 1710.]

Elbridge G., and Elizabeth B. Tucker of Amesbury, Aug.20,1834.*

Elisha, and Grace Shaw, June19,1694.

Eliza, and Moses Swasey, Oct.5,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Hastings, Oct.31,1676.

Betsey Jane, and James B. Sawyer, May31,1842.*

Elizabeth, of Kingston, NH, and Edward V. Marsh, int.June13,1845.

Ephraim, and Mary Johnson, Dec.31,1659.

Ephraim, and Hannah Eastman, [bef. 1707.]

Ephraim, of Amesbury, and Mary Page, May22,1734.

Ephraim, jr., of Amesbury, and Polly Dow of Plaistow, May7,1803.

Esther, and Robert Ford, [bef. 1729.]

Ezekiel, of Kingstown, and Sarah England, Sept.9,1755.

Francis, of Amesbury, and Johannah Ordway, Sept.6,1716.

George W., of Amesbury, and Mary Ann Merrick, Apr.22,1841.*

George K., a.27y., currier, s.John and Sarah, and Sarah C. Spofford of Boxford, a.26y., d.Frederic and Deborah, Nov.13,1848.*

Gilbert F., and Louisa Stuart of Newtown, NH, July末,1836.*

Hannah, and John Keyzar, Sept.28,1677.

Hannah, and Richerd Colbie, [bef. 1739.]

Hannah, and Josiah Rowel of Methuen, May1,1740.

Hannah, and Matthew McFee of Londonderry, Dec.24,1818.*

Harriet N., and Amos C. Gubtal, int.Nov.14,1848.

Hiram P., and Harriet A. Fletcher, Nov.16,1843.*

Isaac, of Amesbury, and Elisabeth Kelley, Dec.6,1780.CR2

James, jr., and Elizabeth Eaton, Dec.1,1648.

James, jr., and, wid.Sarah Wiggins, Aug.16,1693.

James, and Sarah Bayley of Bradford [Mar.29,1716. Bradford Rds]

James, of Dover, and Ruth Ayer, Nov.5,1728.

James, of Methuen, and Rachel Marble, Oct.3,1751.

James, and Abigial White of Plaistow, Aug.4,1787.*

James, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Rebecca Jenness, Dec.4,1817.*

James [Isaac. int], of Amesbury, and Nabby Nichols, Apr.27,1819.*

James, jr., and Lydia Morse [of West Newbury.int.], Mar.23,1825.*

Jemima, and Abraham Rideout, Mar.末,1714.

Joanna, and George Corlis, Oct.16,1645.

Joanna, and Jacob Chase, [bef. 1719.]

John, and Jane Peasley, Dec.10,1646.

John, and Hannah Heath, [bef. 1717.]

John, jr., and Sarah Barney of Rehoboth, [bef. 1733.]

John, jr., and Priscilla Clark, Oct.20,1747.

John, and Ruth Merrill of Atkinson, int.Apr.19,1800.

John, and Sarah S. Mooer, int.Feb.1,1817.

John, and Susan O. Balch, Aug.31,1830.*

John, 3d, and Lydia B. Sanborn, Feb.7,1839.*

Jonathan, and Margarett Wood, [bef. 1712.]

Joseph, resident of Haverhill, and Elisabeth Pike of Haverhill District, Nov.28,1745.

Joseph, and Lydia Quimby of Goffstown, int.Dec.20,1794.

Joshua, of Amesbury, and Anna Williams, int.Nov.15,1821.

Joshua, and Hannah Johnson, Oct.7,1834.*

Judith, and Samuel Gild, Sept.1,1647.

Judith, and Samuel Emmerson, Dec.14,1687.

Judith, and John Keezer, [bef. 1710.]

Judith, and Ezra Chase, Dec.2,1740.

Judith, and Daniel Morrison, May1,1750.

Katherine, and William Hoyt of Methuen, Jan.1,1729-30.

Lois Ann, and Nathan Johnson, Oct.4,1844.PR46*

Lucy D., a.29y., d.Samuel and Anstis, and Joseph Carrier, a.27y., shoemaker, s.Beniah and Mary, May28,1846.*

Martha, of Amesbury, and Richard Chase of Newtown, NH, Aug.12,1804.

Martha Jane, and Stephen England, Nov.27,1833.*

Martha, and Joshua Magoon of East Kingstown, int.Mar.7,1840.

Mary, and Josiah Heath, July19,1671.

Mary, wid., and Edward Clark, 2d m., Nov.1,1682.

Mary, and Joseph Clarke, Aug.18,1685.

Mary, and John Lowle, [bef. 1708.]

Mary, and James Lecount, [bef. 1736.]

Mary, and John Morrison, Aug.14,1750.

Mary, and Joseph Mirick, Feb.11,1818.*

Mary, of Amesbury, and Peter Dow, int.Oct.29,1819.

Mary, of Amesbury, and Charles W. Dow of Plaistow, [bef. 1823.]

Mary, and George W. Demerritt, May10,1838.*

Mary, a.34y., and Isaac Hale, a.48y., both of Atkinson, NH, June10,1847.

Mary W., a.20y., d.Samuel and Anstis, and William Harmon, a.24y., currier, s.Abial and Mary, Sept.19,1849.*

Mehetabell, and William Harris of Amesbury, Jan.2,1723-4.

Miles, and Martha Stevens of Andover, int.Mar.11,1826.

Moses, and Ruhamah Dow, Jan.16,1681.

Moses, and Hephzibah Richeson of Bradford, [Apr.24,1740. Bradford Rds.]

Moses, of Andover, and Lydia Johnson, Dec.29,1763.

Nancy S., of Boston, a.23y., d.John and Sarah, and Daniel Buswell of Bradford, a.28y., harness maker, s.Isaac and Phebe, Aug.2,1846.

Nathanael, and Martha Heath of Amesbury, [bef. 1750.]

Olive N. [V. int.], of Amesbury, and John I. Doak, Aug.23,1838.*

Phineas E., and Caroline H. Chirhill [Churchill. int.], Sept.3,1839.*

Phebee, and Jonathan Coleburn, Apr.18,1717.

Priscilla, and John Tompson of York, Jan.30,1728-9.

Priscilla, and William White, July4,1816.*

Rebecca, and Wintrop Carr, Feb.9,1738-9.

Robert, and Deborah Robenson, [bef. 1727.]

Ruth, and John Kazer, 3d, Apr.29,1741.

Samuell, and Deborah Barnes, Dec.17,1663.

Samuel, and Katherine Hastings, Apr.20,1699.

Samuel, and Sarah Gile, Mar.3,1717-18.

Samuel, jr., and Abigail George, Dec.22,1743.

Samuel, and Mary Erwine [Erving.CR4], Mar.1,1753.

Samuel, and Eliza Bartlett, Apr.24,1834.*

Samuel E., and Louisa Currier, int.Apr.30,1840.

Sarah, and John Page, jr., June18,1663.

Sarah, and Isaac Colby, Apr.25,1734.

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Daniel Johnson, jr., May25,1742.

Sarah, of Amesbury, and David Hunkins [ Sept.26,1783.CR2]*

Sarah, and Dudley Porter, [bef. 1784.]

Sarah, and Joseph Bailey, Jan.18,1803.*

Sarah A., and Leonard Johnson, Dec.9,1832.*

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Thomas Colby, int.Aug.12,1836.

Sidney, and Mary Webster, Jan.25,1838.*

Stephen, and Mary Tucker, Dec.23,1685.

Susanna, and John Black, [bef. 1730.]

Thomas, and Mary Shephard, May22,1700.

William, and Mary Calee, Dec.31,1700.

William, and Hannah Buck, June25,1780.

William S., of Portland, and Ann Prime, May23,1827.*

William N., a.32y., shoemaker, s.Reuben and Abigail, and Nancy C. Merrill, a.24y., d.Jonathan and Rebecca, Apr.25,1849.*


Augusta, of West Bradford, and Roswell S. Chapman, int.Oct.13,1844.

Charlotte M., of Bradford, a.19y., d.John and Harriet, and William S. Harriman, a.21y., shoemaker, s.John and Mary A., Feb.27,1848.*

Elizabeth, of Bradford, and Stephen Webster [May4,1775. Bradford Rds.]

Hannah, and Jonathan Emmerson, June15,1699.

Hiram, and Sophronia A. Wheeler, both of Bradford, June22,1841.

John [Capt. int.], of Danvers, and Harriot W. Hildreth, May27,1821.*

Joseph, and Fidelia Hale, both of Bradford, June20,1824.

Myra J., of Boxford, a.24y., d.John and Mary, and Henry A. Bodwell of Methuen, a.26y., s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.3,1846.

Salome, of Bradford, and James A. Montgomery of Andover, Dec.11,1838.

William, of Bradford, and Anna Poor, Mar.19,1799.*


William, and Mary Shatswell, June30,1662.


Ann M., a.20y., d.Thomas and Catharine, and George S. Merrick, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.17,1847.*

Simeon P., of Lawrence, a.23y., carpenter, s.John and Rachel, and Caroline F. Robinson of Brentwood, NH, a.25y., d.Ephraim and Betsey, June25,1849.

DEARBORN (Dearbon)

John Sandburn, of Chester [NH.CR1], and Mary Emerson, Sept.27,1764.

John H., of Stratham, NH, a.28y., mason, s.John and Mary, and Susan Clough, a.28y., d.James, Mar.13,1848.*

Samuel[Dearbon], of Bradford, and Nancy Dodge, Aug.25,1801.*


John, and Mary Scott, [bef. 1681.]


Mary, and Luther W. Kelly, int.Nov.19,1848 (not published).


Oliver, H.S., and Caroline N. Prescott, [bef. 1838.]


George W., and Mary Davis, May10,1838.*

DENISON (Dennison)

Ruth, and Joseph Kingsbery, jr., Feb.5,1705-06.


Martha L. of Poland, ME, and Osmore Perley, int.Oct.14,1849.


Ephraim, of Portsmouth, and Lucy How, int.June3,1812.


James, of Newburyport, and Mrs.Mina [Jemima.int.] Pettengill, Oct.28,1792.*

Martha, and Caleb Currier, 2d m., Apr.末,1807.*

DENNISON (Denison)

Eliza, and Aaron Hoyt, Jan.8,1835.*

Thirza E., and James Lougee, Aug.27,1835.*


David, and Lydiah Marsh [Aug.27,1767.CR1]

David, of Hampstead [NH.CR1], and Elisabeth Bradley, Nov.12,1786.*

Samuel, and Betsy Moody, Nov.25,1813.*

Timothy, of Medford, and Ruth Webster, Mar.2,1794.CR1*


Job T., and Charlotte L. Brown, May12,1838.*


Sarah, and Jonathan Sargent, Mar.4,1745-6.


Francis, and Elisabeth Mitchel, [bef. 1760.]

John B., of Lowell, and Caroline Dow, Aug.23,1836.*


John, and Elmira Johnson of Newburyport, int.Nov.27,1848 (Forbid and withdrawn)


Abigail F., of Amesbury, and Alexander D. Stackpole, int.Apr.7,1827.

Rachel [of Tewksbury.int.], and Leonard Sawyer, 3d, Oct.27,1833.*


Hannah L., and Hubbard C. Gale, Oct.15,1830.*


John, and Lydia Caldwell, Feb.1,1807.*

John I., and Olive N. [V. int.] Davis of Amesbury, Aug.23,1838.*

DOCKHAM (Dockum)

Joseph H.[Dockum], a.21y., carpenter, and Lucy T. Pearson, a.22y., May25,1845.*

Stephen, and Lydia W. Currier, both of Methuen, July31,1834.


Allen Washington [Worthington.CR1] Esq., of New York City, and Eliza Green Tileston, Nov.28,1832.*

Ann D., of Hampton Falls, NH, and John Keely, Nov.27,1834.*

Bethiah, Mrs., and John Wood, int.Sept.10,1791.

David, and Martha Esgate, [bef. 1731.]

Elizabeth, of Londonderry, and Joseph Whittiker, int.Nov.6,1824.

Ephraim, of Beverly, and Bethiah Baker, Mar.21,1771.CR1

Ezra, of Beverly, and Hannah Whitting, [bef. 1749.]

George H., of Hampton Falls, NH, and Mary Keely, Nov.26,1835.*

Gilman, and Eliza Eaton, Oct.16,1825.*

Joanna, of Ipswich, and Nathanael Balch of Beverly, [bef. 1740.]

Joseph, and Abigail White of Atkinson, Sept.16,1773.

Joseph, Dea., 2d m., and Martha White, May21,1806.*

Joshua, Rev., and Mary Shatswell of Ipswich, int.Feb.4,1809.

Judith, of Rowley, and Thomas Peabody, int.Nov.25,1788.

Lucy, a.40y., d.Thomas and Elizabeth, and Samuel A[lexander int.] Garwood, a.40y., farmer, s.James and Elizabeth, Apr.25,1848.*

Nancy, and Samuel Dearbon of Bradford, Aug.25,1801.*

Rebecca, of Lunenburg, and Lt. Nathaniel Eaton, May8,1766.

Rebecca, of Francistown, NH, and John Gardner, int.Aug.11,1844.

Sophia, of Bradford, and Daniel Gowin, int.Apr.18,1807.

Thomas, and Deborah [T. int] Brickett, Sept.2,1830.*

Thomas, 2d m., a.46y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, and [Mrs.int.] Lucy A.C. Dow, 2d m., a.32y., d.James and Abigail Foss, May15,1849.*


David H., and Lucy George, Dec.23,1821.*


Adaline, of Rowley, and Leonard Morse, int.Oct.25,1834.

Ann, and John Greenleaf, int.Mar.13,1813.

Betsey, and Leonard B. Smith of Dover [NH. int.], Mar.3,1842.*

Julia A., and Silas Anderson, Dec.29,1842.*

Paul, and Mary L. Chase, June2,1817.*

Paul, 2d m., and Lydia T. Souther, Aug.18,1831.*

Susannah, and William Ford, July27,1809.*

William, and Polly Ayer, Feb.22,1809.*

William, and Betsey McDaniel of Pembrook, int.Oct.10,1829.


Joseph, of Portsmouth, NH, and Sarah Kinrick, June27,1819.*

Sarah [Mrs.int], and Samuel Wood, Apr.30,1829.*


Parker, of Plaistow, and Hannah Ordway, Feb.5,1756.


Jesse, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Foss, June6,1849.*


Dorothy, and Thomas Capron, Jan.2,1755.

DOW (Dowe)

Abiah, and John Cooper of Hampton, Dec.27,1739.

Abigail, and John Hobbs of Hampton, Dec.24,1719.

Abigail, and William Whittier, [bef. 1766.]

Abigail, and David Kimball [Apr.20,1768.CR1]

Ann, and John Maxfield, Feb.27,1733-4.

Ann S., and William C. Swett, Jan.6,1831.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Johnson, [bef. 1766.]

Caleb R., of Atkinson, NH, and Elizabeth H. Cronk of Boston, Jan.20,1842.

Caroline, and John B. Dinsmore of Lowell, Aug.23,1836.*

Charles W., of Plaistow, and Mary Davis of Amesbury, [bef. 1823.]

Elizabeth, and William Heath, [bef. 1726.]

Elisabeth, and David Foster of Rumford, Oct.16,1749.

Elizabeth W., and Charles B. Hall, Sept.20,1842.*

Eunice, and Jonathan Hoit, [bef. 1762.]

Ezekiel C., and Elizabeth A. Hills of Chester, NH, int.Dec.29,1844.

Fanny, of Salem, NH, and James Ayer, 3d, Apr.1,1818.*

George B., and Hannah E. Emerson, in. July1,1842.

Hannah, and Daniel Bradly, jr., Jan.5,1686-7.

Hannah, of Haverhill District, and Amos Davis, Feb.24,1748-9.

Hannah, and Sherburne Straw, 2d m., May10,1808.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Colbie of Rowley, Apr.11,1692.

Henry[Dowe], and Mary Emery, June5,1771.CR1

Hezekiah, and Lucy A.C. Foss, May3,1842.*

Isaac[Dowe], of Portsmouth, and Lydia Foster, May11,1743.

James M., of Boston, and Martha T. Noyes, int.Dec.1,1844.

Jeremiah, of Plaistow, and Martha Nichols, Nov.27,1800.*

Jeremiah, and Polly Dow, July20,1826.*

Jerusah, and Samuel Stevens, [bef. 1737.]

Joanna, and Moses Tucker of Salisbury, Sept.20,1727.

Job, of Atkinson, and Hannah Hazeltine, int.Nov.29,1806.

John, and Mary Page, Oct.23,1665.

John, and Sarah Browne, May23,1696.

John, jr., and Meheteball Haines, June3,1728.

John, and, wid.Elisabeth Simons, Feb.13,1739-40.

John, and Polly Plummer, Sept.27,1804.*

John, of Portland, and Sarah [B. int.] Wade, Oct.20,1823.*

Jonathan, and Mary Haseltine, July8,1745.

Joseph[Dowe], and Judith Emery, Apr.20,1768.CR1

Judith, and John Whitting, Aug.20,1723.

Leonard, of Charleston, and Rebeccah Mulliken, Oct.5,1829.*

Lucy A.C., 2d m.[Mrs.int.], a.32y., d.James and Abigail Foss, and Thomas Dodge, 2d m., a.46y., carpenter, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, May15,1849.*

Martha, and Joseph Heath, June27,1672.

Martha, and Josiah Gage, 2d m., May17,1697.

Mary, wid., and Samuel Shephard, July14,1673.

Mary, and David Roberds, Mar.24,1718-19.

Mary, wid., and Henry Herring, May7,1745.

Polly, of Plaistow, and Ephraim David, jr. of Amesbury, May7,1803.

Polly, and Jeremiah Dow, July20,1826.*

Miriam, and Joseph Stewart of Newburyport, Aug.8,1792.*

Moses, and Mrs.Phebe Emerson, July24,1769.

Moses, of Plaistow, and Sally Bradley, Feb.23,1800.

Nancy T., of Georgetown, a.21y., d.Daniel and Betsey, and Tristram G. Rogers, a.20y., shoemaker, of Georgetown, s.David and Esther, Dec.25,1845.

Nathaniel, and Mary Hendrick, Oct.4,1726.

Peter, and Susannah Page, Nov.12,1730.

Peter, and Mary Davis of Amesbury, int.Oct.20,1819.

Phebe, and John Eaton, sr., Nov.20,1661.

Richard, and Phebe Heath, Nov.28,1728.

Ruhamah, and Moses Davis, Jan.16,1681.

Ruth, and Jonathan Haseltine, Nov.10,1715.

Samuel, and, wid.Ruth Ayer, May5,1691.

Samuel, of Plaistow, and Abigail Kindick of New Newbury, Dec.6,1821.

Sarah, and Ichabod Grindal, July15,1782.*

Simeon, of Amesbury, and Phebe Sanders, Feb.23,1758.

Stephen, and Ann Storie [Stacy.CTR], Sept.16,1663.

Stephen, jr., and Mary Hutchins, Dec.14,1697.

Stephen, 2d m., and, wid.Johannah Hutchins, Feb.7,1715-16.

Stephen, and Hannah Shepard, [1744.CR3]

Stephen S., and Betsy E. Brocklebank, both of Georgetown, at Georgetown, Oct.29,1840.

Thomas, and Dorcas Kemball, [bef. 1669.]

Thomas W., of Lynn, and Melinda Haynes, Nov.29,1838.*

Timothy, and Judith Worthen, June13,1723.

Zeruiah, and John Straw, [bef. 1743.]


Robert, and Mary Snellen, Nov.13,1719.


Solomon, of Newbury, and Phebe Person, int.Dec.7,1782.


Aaron, and Susan Foster, Oct.20,1831.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Emerson, int.Nov.16,1845.

Elizabeth A.F., and Henry Grover, int.July5,1849.

Hannah, and James Alexander [resident in Haverhill. int.], Apr.12,1796.*

John, jr., and Molly [Polly.CR3] Ayer, July26,1787.*

Moses, and Anna Cook, Feb.14,1764. [Feb.21. dup.]

Phebe, a.29y., d.Benjamin and Doratha, and Moses Emerson, a.37y.farmer, s.Moses and Mary, May19,1846.*

Richard E., of Salem, NH, and Lorenna B. Adams, Dec.3,1835.*

Sally, and Solomon Smith, Nov.18,1784.*

Sarah, and Abel Osgood, July7,1793.*

Sarah S., and Matthew Evins, int.Apr.26,1819.

Sarah, a.42y., and Richard Gale, a.40y., laborer, s.Ephraim and Mary, July4,1846.*

William, and Tallitha Whittier, Nov.8,1789.*

DOYNE (Doyen)

Abigail [Dohoins.CR3], and Thomas Wyman, Mar.9,1747-8. [Oct.13,1748.CR3]

Augustus F.[Doyen], and Lucinda Sargent, May5,1836.*


Adam, and Hannah Brewer, Mar.6,1703-04.

Hannah, wid., and Thomas Eastwood, Aug.9,1716.


Albert L., and Mary Case, Dec.30,1843.*

Ambros C., and Abby Sophia Eaton of Bradford, Apr.16,1843.*

Elbridge G., and Emily Page, May17,1838.*

Elbridge G., and Mary Brown Bradley, Sept.9,1840.*

Jeremiah, and Mehetabel Bradley, Dec.3,1735.

Mary J., of Georgetown, and Eli J. Sawins, int.Jan.20,1844.

Moses [D. int.], a 25y., shoemaker, s.John and Harriet Walton [of Kensington, NH. int.], a.17y., d.William, Oct.12,1844.*

Nicholas B., and Susan Sargent, Apr.12,1836.*

Thomas, and Jane Morrison, int.Jan.14,1838.

Thomas N., and Harriet Sargent, Dec.28,1843.*

Thomas, and Sarah B. Fitts, int.Aug.18,1844.


Lucy H., of Plymouth, and Charles Robertson, int.Jan.2,1844.


Margaret, and Joseph Ximiness, Oct.19,1835.*


Katherine, Mrs., of Newbury, and Enoch Bartlet, 2d m., [bef. 1756.]

Margaret, and Job Clement, Dec.25,1644.

Samuel, and Mrs.Eunice Noyes, [bef. 1765.]


Charles H., and Mary Blake Leavitt [of Exeter. int.], Mar.21,1831.*


Elisabeth, and John Thaxter, Esq., Nov.13,1787.*

George, of Boston, and Sarah Mchard, Jan.21,1764.

James, and Elisabeth Bell, [bef. 1749.]

James, and Betsey Leonard, Apr.3,1780.

James, and Hannah Greenleaf of Newburyport, int.Aug.11,1786.

James, jr., and Rebecca White, Jan.26,1790.*

James Henry, Esq., and Mary Willis of Boston, June26,1826. [June28.PR5]*

Margarete, and Rev. Thomas Baldwin of Boston, Dec.1,1812.*

Rufus H., and Sarah Ann Plummer, Oct.26,1843.*

Samuel, and Hannah Emerson, Dec.24,1783.*

Samuel White [Maj. int.], and Mary White, Dec.7,1815.*

Sarah, a.29y., and Philip Godfrid Kast of Salem, a.31y., physician, Jan.22,1770.PR71


Elisabeth, of Salem, NH, and Stephen B. Bodwell, int.Nov.9,1845.

Mary, and William Dwinnels, Dec.31,1817.*

Richard S., and Sophia Chase, Oct.2,1808.*

Sophia [Mrs.int.], and Sherburn Straw, jr., Sept.18,1812.*


Isabel, and Phillip Stanwood, Jan.4,1738-9.


Betty, and Nathaniel Currier, [bef. 1772.]


Thomas W., of Boxford, and Ann Ayer, int.Mar.8,1823.


Catharine, wid., of Charlestown, a.45y., d.Reuben Ormsbee, and James Jewett of Charlestown, a.45y., laborer, s.Ebenezer, Dec.25,1844.


Elias, and Lovicy M. Heath, June3,1836.*


John C., and Mary Tucker of Orange, NH, int.Feb.9,1845.

DUSTON (Dustin)

Abigail, and Samuel Watts, [bef. 1716.]

Abigail, and Jonathan Webster, Oct.25,1739.

Abigail, and Thomas Page, Feb.12,1788.*

Abigail, and John Harriman, at Stoneham, Nov.22,1818.

Caleb, of Salem, NH, and Phebe Marble, May24,1758.

Caroline, and John Cogswell of Newmarket, Nov.14,1826.*

David, and Elisabeth Morrill, Mar.22,1743-4.

David, and Dolly Harriman, Mar.17,1801.*

Dudley, and Judith Merrill, [bef. 1772.]

Elizabeth, and Mathias Button, June9,1663.

Elizabeth, and John Kingsberry, [bef. 1669.]

Elizabeth, and Stephen Emerson, Dec.27,1698.

Betty, and Joseph Cross of Gorham, May9,1793.CR1*

Betsy, and John Brickett, jr., Nov.11,1814.*

Elizabeth[Dustin], and Leonard Darling of New Rowley, Dec.17,1835.*

Hannah, and Joshua Page, Feb.19,1734-5.

Hannah, and Amos Sawyer of Danvers, May12,1774.

Harriet, and Thomas N. Chase [of Plaistow.int.], Apr.19,1827.*

Jesse, and Elisabeth Swan [Apr.12,1768.CR4]

John, and Marcy Morse of Boxford [Apr.4,1738. Boxford Rds.]

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Watts, [bef. 1715.]

Jonathan, 2d m., and Sarah Patee, Feb.20,1732-3.

Jonathan, jr., and Susanna Farnom, Feb.17,1746-7.

Jonathan, and Ruth Perry, Mar.15,1759.

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Russel, Oct.15,1777.

Jonathan [jr. int.], of Canaan, NH, and Lydia Bradley, Jan.29,1802.*

Joshua, and Rachel Jackman, Nov.8,1764.

Judith, and Jesse Sawyer, Nov.10,1768.

Lucy M.[Dustin], and William Brickett, Dec.4,1834.*

Lydia, and John Sanders, jr., Nov.15,1721.

Lydia, and Ithamore Emerson, Mar.20,1745-6.

Lydia, and James Kimball of Bradford, Oct.13,1748.

Mary, and Jathro Clough, June14,1733.

Mary, and Thomas Whittier, jr. [Jan.2,1772.CR1]

Polly, and Isaiah Bradley, July8,1787.*

Mary[Dustin], and Jonathan Smith, Feb.20,1824.*

Mehetibel, and Jonathan Marsh, Feb.24,1736-7.

Mehitabel, and Thomas Shepard [Mar.4,1767.CR2]

Moses, and Mary Buck, July21,1767.CR1

Nathaniel, and Mary Ayer, [bef. 1712.]

Nathaniel, 2d m., and Lydia Bond, June8,1726.

Nathaniel, jr., and Triphane Haseltine, Apr.28,1742.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Gage, Nov.22,1759.

Nathaniel, and [Hannah.CR2] Hardy, [May9.CR2], 1799.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Eaton, int.Dec.3,1842.

Obadiah[Dustin], of Salem, NH, and Ann Whitaker, Nov.24,1831.*

Peter, and Betty Sawyer, Feb.7,1771.CR1

Rachel, wid., and Benjamin Mooers, 2d m., Sept.2,1779.

Ruth, and John Whittier [jr. int.], Jan.21,1790.*

Ruth, and Francis Smiley, [June16.PR7], 1822.*

Sarah, and John Watts, Mar.10,1708-09.

Sarah, and Edmund Mores or Moros, Jan.30,1745-6.

Sarah, and Daniel Jacques of Bradford, Mar.15,1764.

Sally, and Peter Whitaker, Sept.30,1794.*

Susan [Susanna.int.], and Aaron Webster, Oct.24,1813.*

Susanna, and Timothy Patch of Tewksbury, Apr.23,1777.

Tamar, and David Mooers, Aug.19,1777.

Thomas, and Hannah Emerson, Dec.3,1677.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Ingals, [bef. 1718.]

Thomas, jr., and Abiah Guild, Oct.23,1746.

Thomas, and Susanna Kimball of Plaistow, Dec.30,1790.*

Timothy, and Sarah Johnson, [bef. 1720.]

Timothy[Dustin], and Mrs.Abigail Clement, Dec.16,1766.CR2*

Timothy, and Ann [Anna.int.] Cushing, Aug.3,1790.*


Clarissa, of Exeter, NH, and Joshua Coffin, int.Nov.13,1817.

Ebenezer, Rev., of Bradford, and Phebe Eaton, Feb.15,1798.*


Abigail, of Salem, NH, and John Emerson, jr., int.Oct.4,1801.

Phebe [of Salem, NH. int.], and Obadiah Foster [Nov.23,1800. int.]*


Harriet, of Newbury, and Samuel Noyes, int.Nov.14,1835.

Susannah, and John Browne, [bef. 1710.]

DWINELL (Dwinels, Dwinnell, Dwinnells, Dwinnels)

Almira Ann[Dwinnels], and Leonard Bailey, July26,1837.*

Charles H.[Dwinnels], and Harriet Arling of Concord, NH, int.July27,1845.

Charles H.[Dwinnels], a.24y.shoemaker, s.William and Mary, and Susan C. Harris of Nashua, NH, a.18y., d.John and Elizabeth, Oct.25,1846.*

Elizabeth[Dwinels], and James S. Pevere, Aug.11,1822.*

Irene[Dwinnels], and John Bean, Dec.31,1832.*

John[Dwinnels], of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Morse, int.Sept.30,1826.

Joseph, of Bradford, and Ruth Whittier, June18,1791.*

Joseph G.[Dwinnells], of Amesbury, and Achsa Short of West Newbury, Aug.3,1837.

Joseph J.[Dwinnels], a.27y., shoemaker, s.William and Mary, and Hannah M. Kelly, a.26y., d.Daniel and Mary, May3,1846.*

Moses[Dwinnels], a.24y., shoemaker, s.William and Mary, and Hannah E. Bly [of Plaistow, NH. int.], a.20y., d.Benjamin and Nancy, Oct.22,1849.*

Nancy[Dwinnels], and William Whittier, jr., Feb.7,1826.*

Phillip H.[Dwinnels], and Sarah B. Hambleton of Scituate, int.Feb.22,1840.

Susannah[Dwinnell], and Nathaniel Soley, jr., Dec.20,1812.*

William[Dwinnels], and Mary Dunlap, Dec.31,1817.*

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