William, and Clarissa D. Stevens of Stratham, NH, int.Mar.4,1843.


Abigail, and Phineas Hardy of Bradford, May末,1749. [June末,1749.CR3]

Abigail, and Hugh Smiley, May19,1763.

Abby H., a.19y., d.John S.S. and Sally, and John S. Runnels, a.21y., joiner, s.William S. and Sally Soley, Nov.5,1846.*

Alfred, and Eliza T. Trussell [Aug.17,1833. int.]

Amos, and Mary Kelly of Amesbury, int.May24,1806.

Anna, and John Haynes, Nov.27,1807.*

Anne, and Reuben Emerson of Methuen, Mar.24,1768.CR1

Anne, and Samuel Clements, 3d, Nov.17,1807.*

Catherine, and Parker Jaques of Bradford, July2,1810.*

Comfort, of Marshfield, VT, and David Evens, 2d m., Mar.29,1838.*

Dolly, of Bradford, and William Sortridge of Portsmouth, July末,1796.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Ednah Ely, Mar.24,1768.CR4

Ebenezer, jr., Lt., and Alice Ela [Feb.22,1774.CR2]

Ebenezer, and Priscilla Jaques, Dec.3,1811.*

Ebenezer, Esq., 2d m., and Sarah Adams, Mar.16,1815.*

Edwin R., 2d m., a.23y., carpenter, b. Hopkinton, NH, s.Joseph, and Jane M. Peabody of Methuen, a.23y., b. Methuen, d.Ephraim, Dec.13,1849.*

Elisabeth, and Gideon Church, Nov.18,1755.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Moores, Dec.11,1787.*

Betsy, of Bradford, and John Bootman, int.May25,1804.

Elizabeth, and Edwin F. Ayer, May13,1841.*

Hannah, and Peter Carlton, Mar.12,1750-51.

Hannah, of Bradford, and Timothy Beetle, June24,1773.

Hannah, and John Atwood of Bradford, Mar.3,1814.*

Jane C., a.19y., d.John S.S. and Sarah, and Thomas W. Sargent, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Thomas W. and Sarah, Nov.23,1847.*

Joanna, Mrs., of Pelham, NH, and Jonathan Bailey, int.Aug.18,1837.

John, and Elisabeth Hains, May25,1738.

Josiah, 2d m., and Martha Dow, May17,1697.

Josiah, Capt., of Pelham, NH, and Abigail Ayer, July末,1813.*

Lydia, and Stephen Woodward of Plaistow, Dec.31,1782.CR2*

Martha, and James Willson, Dec.17,1725.

Martha, and Eliphalet Woodward of Plaistow, Dec.9,1779.CR2

Martha, and John Poor, 末蔓10,1781 [Apr.9.CR1]

Mary, and William Savery, Nov.22,1764.

Mary, and Moses Emerson, 3d, Nov.17,1807.*

Matilda, of Andover, and Nathan Webster, 2d m., May24,1821.*

Nancy, of Bradford, and John Ingersoll, Esq., int.Aug.27,1814.

Nancy, and Elbridge G. Eaton, at Georgetown, Dec.7,1841.*

Nathaniel, Rev., and Abby R. Gardner, Aug.1,1827.

Nathaniel, and Mary Ann Gile, Sept.末,1834.*

Pearse, of Pelham, and Eunice Eaton, Sept.17,1782.CR2*

Priscilla, and Joseph Browne, Jan.30,1755.

Priscilla, and David Marsh, jr., Apr.28,1795.*

Ruth W., a.17y., d.John S.S. and Sally, and Henry L. Perry, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Henry and Loliann, Mar.20,1849.*

Samuel, of Bradford, and, wid.Elizabeth Page, Sept.30,1725.

Samuel, 2d m., and, wid.Abigail Emerson, June末,1747.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Duston, Nov.22,1759.

Sarah, and Joshua Page, jr., Mar.8,1798.*

Sally, Mrs., of Allenstown, NH, and Osborn H. Tyler, Aug.5,1817.*

Stephen, and Anne Mitchel, Nov.25,1748.

Thomas [a.32y., husbandman.PR1], and Mary Whittier [a.29y., Oct.9,1771; Oct.15.CR2]

William, and Martha Whiting, Dec.1,1774.CR2

Zelenda [of], and William D.S. Chase, Dec.3,1817.


Abigail S., and James F. Gile, Sept.22,1842.*

Benjamien, and Hannah Clement, Nov.20,1729.

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Pecker, Feb.22,1787.*

Deliverance, wid., and Charles Haddock, June8,1784.*

Ednah, and Jacob Ela, 2d m., Nov.1,1738.

Eli, and Mary Vicory, Mar.2,1817.*

Ephraim Blasdell, and Polly Paine, at Amesbury, Nov.末,1790.

Ephraim B., jr., and Mary Proctor of Kingston, NH, Nov.21,1818.*

Hannah, and Thomas Russell Appleton, 2d m., May28,1827.*

Harriet Newell, and Moses How, Dec.11,1842.*

Hubbard C., and Hannah L. Dixon, Oct.15,1830.*

James, and Hannah Webb, at Salem, Sept.9,1821.

John, and Mary [R. int.] Colby, July6,1818.*

Mary, and Maj. Robert Treat of Bangor, Feb.28,1804.*

Mary, and John P. Hoitt of Bradford, int.July1,1826.

Mary A., and Abner Hardy of Bradford, int.Jan.14,1832.

Moses, and Mary Appleton, Oct.12,1769.CR1

Moses, jr., and Sally Russell of Bradford [Nov.6,1802. int.]*

Richard, a.40y., laborer, s.Ephraim and Mary, and Sarah Downing, a.42y., July4,1846.*

Ruth, and William Lamson, Dec.15,1763.

Samuel, and Deliverance Wakefield, Apr.2,1761.

Stephen, and Ednah Little, Dec.17,1734.


James, and Lydia Cushing, Jan.27,1820.*



Abigail, and William Hoite, Mar.25,1755.


Abby R., and Rev. Nathaniel Gage, Aug.1,1827.

Abigail H., a.21y., d.Paul and Anna, and Charles W. Chase, a.23y., merchant, s.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.28,1845.*

Alice B., of Dracut, and William B. Currier, int.Mar.5,1848.

Delia Ann, and Charles W. [Winship.CR1] Holbrook, both of Brighton, Dec.1,1842.

David W., and Hannah Whitaker, Nov.25,1834.*

David, and Sarah D. Brown, int.Oct.21,1843.

Elizabeth, of Dracut, and Leonard Richardson, int.Apr.5,1828.

Ellen P., of Bolton, and Hon. Stephen Minot, int.Dec.1,1840.

Hannah, and Elijah G. Lake, int.Nov.15,1823.

John, and Maria Stern, Nov.25,1834.*

John, and Rebecca Dodge of Francistown, NH, int.Aug.11,1844.

Jonathan, and Hannah Brown, Dec.15,1743.

Joshua, and Mrs.Mercy Pike, Nov.22,1711.

Mary, and George Kenniston, Dec.31,1837.*

Mary Louise, and John Ruggles, jr. of Brighton, Nov.30,1842.*

Paul, and Anna Merrick[of Hampstead, NH. int.], Dec.末,1812.*

Warren, and Sarah T. Greenleaf, Oct.4,1832.*


Elizabeth H., and Charles P. Hills, Apr.4,1827.*

Solomon, and Susannah T. Wadleigh of Salisbury, int.Sept.13,1836.

William, of Portsmouth, and Elizabeth How, July8,1806.*


Samuel A[lexander. int.], a.40y., farmer, s.James and Elizabeth, and Lucy Dodge, a.40y., d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Apr.25,1848.*

GATCHEL (Gatchwell)

Susanna, and John Young, Oct.7,1746.



Betsey, and William Walker of Bradford, Feb.25,1808.*

Hannah [], and John How, May27,1812.*

James, and [,] Abigail Pell, Dec.15,1782.*

James, and Hannah Barber, Jan.13,1803.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Betsey Sargeant, int.Oct.29,1791.


William P., of Dover, NH, and Mary K. [R. int.] Knight, Sept.27,1838.CR5*

GEORG (George)

Ann, wid., and Nathan Simons, 2d m., Dec.24,1718.

GEORGE (Georg, Goorge)

Abiah, Mrs., and Abraham Davis of Nottingham West, May16,1765.CR4

Abigail, and Samuel Davis, jr., Dec.22,1743.

Abigail, and Benjamin Moody, July9,1789.*

Abigail, and Edward S. Moody of Amesbury, Apr.21,1815.*

Abigail S., and Maj. Samuel Johnson, Dec.3,1827.*

Abby W., and Daniel T. Goss, Dec.4,1839.*

Alice, and James Pike, jr., Jan.18,1776.

Alice, and Eliphalet Blaisdell of Newbury, Nov.26,1812.*

Alice [], and [Maj. int.] Daniel Stevens of Plaistow, June29,1815.*

Almira Ann, and William Foss, Feb.5,1824.*

Amos, jr., and Hannah Johnson, Nov.27,1806.*

Amos, Maj., and Sarah Nichols, Apr.9,1816.*

Anne, and James Pike of Newbury, Mar.12,1746-7.

Austin, and Rhoda Cottle, July23,1751.

Austin, jr., and Sarah Shute, Jan.2,1755.

Austen, of Goffstown, and Lydia George, Mar.5,1782.

Austen, and Sally Bradbury, July6,1786.*

Benjamin, and Abiah Simonds, Aug.30,1804.*

Charles L., a.21y., shoemaker, s.Simeon and Nancy, and Emeline Morse, a.22y., d.John and Nancy, Nov.14,1848.*

Charlotte B., a.23y., d.Gideon and Nancy, and Samuel W. Parker of Reading, a.26y., carpenter, s.Jabez and Betsey, Oct.11,1848.*

Daniel, and Nancy Nichols, Apr.10,1832.*

David, and Anne Cottle, Oct.3,1745.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Eaton of Sandown, Dec.13,1781.

Betsy, and Moses Clements of Amesbury, May21,1818.*

Betsey, and Zaccheus Colby [of Newton, NH, July13,1822. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Hugh M. Currier, Apr.2,1833.*

Elisabeth A.T. [F. int.], and William W. Colby of West Newbury, Nov.26,1840.*

Betsey C., and Moses Walker, jr., Mar.19,1844.*

Ezra, and Nancy Ginnins of Bradford, int.Mar.15,1784.

Frederick, and Mira White of Pelham, NH, int.Sept.29,1832.

George W., and Mary Francis Parker, July30,1842.*

Gideon, and Elisabeth Jewett of Rowley, Apr.14,1737.

Gideon, jr., and Deborah Stevens of Plaistow, Sept.26,1758.

Gideon, and Nancy Chase, Dec.21,1804.*

Greenleaf D., and Angelina L. Kimball of Derry, NH, int.Aug.13,1841.

Henry, and Mary Heath, both of Hampstead, Aug.30,1823.

Hezekiah, and Mary Tyler, Jan.1,1800.*

Hezekiah S., and Mary M. Huse, June13,1833.*

John, and Mary Jane Brown, Nov.24,1823.*

John, of West Newbury, and Vashti Corliss, May6,1825.*

John S., and Lucy Ann Haynes, Aug.2,1840.*

Levi, and Dolly Page, July20,1819.*

Lois, and Samuel Brown of Bradford, int.Apr.1,1826.

Lewis, and Alice Pike, Feb.末,1776.

Lucian, and Harriette E. Morrison of Derry, NH, int.Sept.9,1849.

Lucy, and David H. Dolby, Dec.23,1821.*

Lydia, and Austen George of Goffstown, Mar.5,1782.

Lydia, and David Pettengill, jr., int.Nov.21,1817.

Lydia H., and Jasper H. Morse, Apr.11,1839.*

Maria, and Nathaniel Morse of Newburyport, Nov.10,1842.*

Martha E., and John M. [R. int.] Babb of Westborough, ME, Mar.21,1844.*

Mary, and Israel Morrill, Mar.6,1755.

Mary, and Zachariah Hannaford of Canterbury, July12,1764.

Mary, and Benjamin Baker of Salisbury, NH, Apr.29,1779.CR2

Mary, and Thomas Nichols, Jan.16,1780.

Polly, and Libbeus Gorden of Salem, NH, Feb.9,1794.*

Polly, and Moses Copps of Newburyport, Oct.2,1804.*

Mary, and Samuel Clement, May11,1816.

Polly, and Samuel Clements, int.Apr.11,1817.

Mary C., and John G. Usher of Charlestown, Nov.6,1825.*

Mary, and Metapher J. Chase of Bradford, Oct.27,1836.*

Moses [], and Abigail B. Ladd, May31,1818.*

Moses [], and Mary D. Whittier, Nov.29,1827.*

Moses, 4th, and Sophia Ann Whittier, June11,1833.*

Nancy, and James P. Brickett of Amesbury, int.Feb.4,1832.

Nathaniel Ash, and Apphia Stevens Moores, Aug.30,1791.*

Nathaniel, of Lowell, and Mrs.[] Betsey Colby, Oct.31,1833.*

Paulina, and Dudley Thurston, Dec.25,1827.*

Rebecka, and Thomas Corlis, Dec.4,1718.

Rebecca Ann, and Ebenezer Jaques of Bradford, June17,1832.*

Rhoda, wid., and Henry Morse, Oct.30,1760.

Ruth W., and Hugh Collingill, Apr.10,1842.*

Samuel, and [Mrs.CR4] Rebekah Page, July25,1754.

Samuel, and Hannah Goodridge, Aug.30,1800.*

Samuel, and Ruth Cottle of Bradford, int.Mar.1,1817.

Samuel, jr., and Asa Reed Souther, Dec.14,1817.*

Samuel, and [] Mary P. Butman, Sept.11,1828.*

Sarah, and Samuel Smith, jr., Jan.14,1719-20.

Sarah, and William Follinsby, jr., Dec.25,1750.

Sarah, and Jacob Nichols, Apr.24,1760.

Sarah, and John Hunniford, int.Oct.23,1788.

Sally, and Enoch Foot, Nov.25,1802.*

Sally, and Phineas Sargeant, Oct.21,1807.*

Sally, and Samuel D. Maynard, Oct.15,1835.*

Simeon, and Anne Noyes, Sept.19,1813.*

Simeon, and Mrs.Delia Welch of Hampstead, int.Feb.13,1830.

Sophia, of Plaistow, NH, and Samuel Esterbrooks, int.Oct.21,1820.

Susanna, and Nathan Kimball of Bradford, Dec.13,1750.

Susanna, and Jacob Green, Apr.2,1775.

Timothy, and Sarah Emerson, Sept.27,1764.

William, and Sarah Smith, Feb.24,1724-5.

William, jr., and Ruth Hastings, May26,1763.

William, and Hannah Pearson of Bradford, int.Jan.28,1815.

Celinda, and Charles [E. int.] Emerson of Thomaston, ME, Oct.6,1842.*


Charles, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth A. Butters, Mar.24,1842.*

GETCHELL (Gatchel)


Kimball, of Boston, and Elizabeth Marsh, May28,1832.*



Jonathan, Capt., of Gloucester, and Lydia Brown, Dec.13,1792.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Symon Wainwright, Oct.6,1681.

GILD (Guild)

Ephraim, and Martha Bradly, Jan.5,1686.

James, and Ruth Parker, Feb.21,1688-9.

John, and, wid.Sarah Sutton [of Newbury.CTR], Jan.3,1680.

Judith, and James Page, June21,1671.

Samuel, and Judith Davis, Sept.1,1647.

GILE (Guild)

Aaron N., and Eliza [S. int.] Henderson, Jan.31,1831.*

Abigail, and Eliphalet Bartlet of Newton, NH, June8,1769.CR1

Alice, and Samuel Thompson, Jan.27,1820.*

Ann, and William Cochrane of Pembroke, NH, Nov.26,1772.CR2

Benjamin, and Mary Clement, June6,1810.*

David, and Polly Wood of Bradford, Apr.末,1800.*

Deborah, and Isaac Snow, Jan.29,1814 [June10,1814. int.]*

Ebenezer, and Mary Johnson, Jan.7,1719-20.

Ebenezer, and Lydia Johnson, Jan.6,1731-2.

Elizabeth, and John Page, Nov.15,1733.

Betsey, and Edmund Richardson of Methuen, Dec.15,1796.*

Enoch E., and Philomela Wood of Bradford, int.Oct.15,1820.

Hannah, and Samuel Middleton Whittier [Dec.1,1793. int.]*

Hannah, and John Currier of Hampstead, June2,1807.*

James [jr., Capt. int.], and Sarah Bradley, Dec.30,1817.PR20*

James F., and Abigail S. Gale, Sept.22,1842.*

Jesse, and Polly Marble of Salem, NH, int.Nov.8,1794.

John Kezar, and Lucy Eaton, July17,1791.*

Judith, and Henry Green of Killingly, Oct.26,1721.

Luther, and Esther Ricker of Rochester, int.May1,1830.

Mary, and Jonathan Clough of Killingly, Feb.24,1728-9.

Mary Ann, and Nathaniel Gage, Sept.末,1834.*

Moses, and [] Mary C. Steele, Apr.26,1838.*

Pheby, and Ammiruhami Mooers, jr., Nov.27,1787.*

Phebe, of Dunbarton, NH, and Aaron Chse, at Dunbarton, Oct.26,1836.*

Ruth, and William Edwards, Nov.26,1790.*

Samuel, jr., and Phebe Kezar, Jan.13,1763.

Sarah, and Samuel Davis, Mar.3,1717-18.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Green of Killingly, Nov.29,1722.

Sarah, and Paul Page, Nov.27,1777.

Sally Adams, of Hopkinton, NH, and Samuel Gile, int.Sept.2,1813.


Sarah [of Salisbury.CTR], and Peter Patre [Patie.CTR], Nov.8,1682. [Nov.3.CTR]

GILLMAN (Gilman)

Hannah [of Exeter. int.], and Heman Ladd, May14,1823.PR49*


Sarah, wid., of Lynn, and John Johnson, 2d m., Mar.3,1674-5.

GILMAN (Gillman)

Elizabeth, wid., a.36y., d.Joseph and Susan Bachellor, and Jonathan Stevens, widr., a.40y., shoe cutter, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Apr.30,1848.*

Frederick, and Eunice Emely Holland, Mar.31,1823.*

Hannah, of Exeter, and Heman Ladd, int.Apr.26,1823.

Israel, of Exeter, and Abigail Morrison, Nov.3,1743.

Jason, and Persis F. Morse, Jan.22,1827.*

Lidia, and John White, Oct.24,1687.

Molley, of Plaistow, and David Bryant, Nov.25,1783.CR2*

Mary Jane, and William Moody, Dec.3,1826.*

Nancy E., and John N. Ellsworth, Mar.31,1833.*

Samuel, and Martha Nichols, int.Mar.23,1822.

True Worthy, of Exeter, and Mrs.Hannah Ayer, Jan.8,1752.*


David, and Mary Steward, June4,1772.CR3


Mary Eliza [], and William Flannagan, Jan.18,1849.*

GININGS (Jennings)

Nathaniel, of Salem, NH, and Eliza Pevere, int.Sept.15,1821.

GINNINGS (Jennings)

Nancy, of Bradford, and Ezra George, int.Mar.15,1784.


Benjamin I., and Abigail E. Sargent, Feb.末,1835.*

William S., and Elizabeth R. York of Brentwood, NH, int.Nov.5,1842.


David, of Methuen, and Pheby Carleton, Oct.28,1792.*

Sarah, and Lt. Samuel Johnson, Nov.15,1823.*


Mercy A., and Stephen J. Colby, int.Oct.13,1844.

GOARDIN (Gordon)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Emmerson, May26,1686.



Mary [of Hampton.CTR], and John Stockbridge, Nov.23,1681.


Benjamin, and Rachel Chase, int.May5,1821.

John, and Ruth Kimball of Plaistow, int.Mar.11,1826.

Julia Ann, and William P. Richardson of Wilmington, int.Mar.30,1845.

Stephen, and, wid.Meriam McAdams, Mar.27,1796.*

GOODEN (Goodwin)


Eliza, of Methuen, and James Kimball, int.Aug.9,1823.

Phineas, of Methuen, and Susan Balcomb, Sept.27,1825.*

GOODIN (Goodwin)

Hannah, and Francis Johnson of Andover, June3,1718.

GOODRICH (Goodridge)

Daniel, and Marion Brickett, at Boston, Oct.28,1841.*

Emeline, a.16y., d.Ezekiel and Sarah, and William W. Stickney of Atkinson, NH, a.21y., shoemaker, s.John and Nancy, Dec.28,1848.*

Ezekiel, jr., and Sarah J. Smith, int.Sept.20,1846.

Ezekiel, 2d m., a.55y., carpenter, s.Barnard and Mary, and Sarah Olive [Oliver. int.] Frink, a.51y., d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.9,1849.*

Joseph, and Abigail Sawyer, Nov.13,1834.*

Mary F., a.20y., d.Ezekiel and Sarah, and Joseph Page of Andover, a.24y., carpenter, s.Joseph and Sally, May6,1847.*

Sarah Ann, and Edward Cogswell, Aug.1,1841.*

Sarah Jane, 2d m.[], and Eben B. Bickford, May20,1849.*

Sewall P., and Hannah B. McCrillis of Salisbury, int.June7,1846.

Timothy t. [J. int.], and Mary D. Bachelor, June18,1826.*

GOODRIDGE (Goodrich)

Abigail, and Moses Ross, Jan.11,1829.*

Anna, and Joseph Webster, 2d of Salem, NH, July30,1801.*

Barnard, and Polly Silver [July7,1793.CR1]*

Barnard, jr., and Elizabeth Nichols, Feb.3,1817.*

Betsey, and Edmund Brickett, int.Apr.25,1792.

Elizabeth, and Leonard Hardy of Bradford, int.Sept.23,1826.

Emeline, and Richard K[imball. int.] Wheeler, May13,1830.*

Enoch, of Newbury, and Mary Greenleaf, Jan.7,1749-50.

Ezekiel, and Sarah Pecker, Aug.2,1818.*

Hannah, and Samuel George, Aug.30,1800.*

Hannah B., and William H. Ladd, Dec.29,1831.*

John, and Lydia Morrison, Apr.7,1763.

John, and Polly Johnson, Apr.11,1796.*

Lydia, and Woodman Chase [Oct.24,1788. int.]*

Lydia [], and John S. Corliss, 2d m., Dec.2,1806.*

Polly, and John Lowel of Salem, NH, May2,1799.*

Mary, and Isaac Emerson of Plaistow, NH, Nov.6,1814.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Cogswell, Nov.23,1830.*

Moses [], of West Newbury, and Sarah E. Poyen, Dec.1,1831.*

Susan, and Robert Foot of Amesbury, Dec.6,1818.*

GOODWIN (Gooden, Goodin)

Clarissa, wid., a.42y., d.Benjamin and Betsey French, and Joseph Cowdry, widr., a.41y., shoe cutter, s.Joseph and Lucy, Oct.22,1848.*

Eliza, of Boston, and Hezekiah Kimball, int.Aug.11,1816.

Eliza, of Amesbury, a.30y., d.Moses and Jerusha, and Thomas Page, widr., of Amesbury, a.40y., shoemaker, s.Joshua and Ruth, Dec.29,1845.

George C., of Methuen, and Jane Pearson, Apr.2,1833.*

Hannah, and Charles C. Ramsey, both of Newtown, NH, Apr.12,1843.

Nancy, and Daniel Morrison, Dec.5,1840.*

Sarah A., of Dover, NH, and Leonard Rand, int.Apr.4,1847.

GOORGE (George)

Rebecca [], and Benjamin Sambern of Salisbury, NH, Aug.22,1784.*

Richard, and Polly Aubin, July14,1791.*

GORDEN (Gordon)

Libbeus, of Salem, NH, and Polly George, Feb.9,1794.*

GORDIN (Gordon)

Elexander, and Sarah Patee, June22,1742.

Daniell, and Margaret Heriman, Sept.15,1708.

Mary, and Nathan Merrill, Apr.8,1728.

GORDON (Goardin, Gorden, Gordin, Gourden)

Angeline, and Timothy Huse, int.Nov.9,1845.

Anna, of Salem, NH, and David Currier, int.Oct.19,1811.

Eliza, of Salem, NH, and William Greenleaf, 2d, May12,1818.*

Sereno, of Salem, NH, and Ebenezer Bailey, May31,1821.*

Sophia [of Salem, NH. int.], and Isaiah Webster, 2d, Dec.24,1822.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Herriman, Nov.22,1699.


Daniel T., and Abby W. George, Dec.4,1839.*

Hannah S., of Bradford, and Charles West, Dec.23,1830.*

John E., widr., a.45y., shoe cutter, s.William and Martha, and Louisa Hoyt, a.39y., d.Daniel and Ruth, May14,1848.*


Jonathan, and Emeline Haynes, Oct.27,1831.*

Lydia P., and William How, both of Bradford, May25,1836.

Nathan, of Newton [NH.CR3], and Polly Green, Feb.28,1799.*

Silas, and [] Betsey Edy, Aug.28,1791.*

William A., and Sarah F. Pritchard of Newburyport, int.May10,1834.

GOURDEN (Gordon)

Susanna, of Salem, NH, and James Haseltine, 3d, June30,1793.*


Abigail, of Kensington, and William Chase [Aug.15,1783. int.]*


Daniel, and Sophia Dodge of Bradford, int.Apr.18,1807.


Elisabeth, and John Silver, jr., Mar.3,1793.*

James W., widr., a.41y., shoecutter, s.John and Hannah, and Elizabeth G. French, a.33y., d.Moses and Sarah, Mar.9,1847.*

GRALE (Greely)


Isaac, and Anna Mahana, Jan.12,1800.*


James, and Sarah Roberds, Sept.1,1741.

Lydia, and Abijah Hovey of Boxford, Mar.21,1744-5.

Martha, and Solomon Kimball of Bradford, Nov.8,1750.

Mary, and Jonathan Shaperd, jr., May30,1751.

Ruth, of Exeter, and Seth Johnson, jr., int.June11,1791.


Sarah, of Andover, and Stephen Ayer, Apr.18,1769.

GREALEE (Greely)

Mary, and Zacheriah Hannaford, Oct.12,1732.

Moses, and Mehetabel Page, July6,1732.

GREALY (Greely)

Martha, and Richard Hutchins, Oct.2,1727.

Ruth, and James Hutchins, Nov.12,1729.


William [Gregg.CR3], of Londonderry, and Elisabeth Kile, Jan.31,1739-40.

GREELEY (Greely)

Benjamin, and Laura B. Smith, int.Oct.2,1841.

Dolly, and Stephen Carleton, int.Aug.2,1817.

Joseph, and Mary Ann Morrison of Newburyport, int.Nov.3,1832.

Sophia, and Samuel Gardner, jr., Apr.17,1818.*

GREELY (Grale, Grealee, Grealy, Greeley, Grele, Grelee, Grely)

Alice, and Alonzo S. Martin, Sept.26,1833.*

Anna, of Kinston, and Reuben Greely, int.Apr.1,1785.

Clement, and Hannah Moody of Amesbury, int.Nov.21,1798.

Hannah, and John Bradbury of Salisbury, Feb.13,1723-4.

Hannah, and Darius Johnson of Bradbury, int.Jan.29,1825.

Hannah, Mrs., of East Kingston, NH, and Theodore Noyes, int.May17,1828.

Joseph, and Martha Willford, Feb.7,1694-5.

Joseph, and Mary Smith, Dec.31,1719.

Joseph, and Mehitable Griffin of Newburyport, int.Apr.7,1838.

Judith M., and Retier P. Morse of Salisbury, int.May17,1823.

Mary, Mrs., and Ezekiel Willson, 2d m., June5,1760.

Mary, and Timothy Johnson, Mar.23,1762.

Reuben, and Anna Greely of Kingston, int.Apr.1,1785.

Stephen, and Betsy Balch of Bradford, int.Apr.19,1793.

GREEN (Greene)

Aaron, and Mary Kimball of Kingston, int.Jan.1,1831.

Abigail, and Moses Hall of Rumford, Oct.31,1750.

Abigail, and Timothy Badger, Dec.13,1782.

Alexander, and Julia Ann Hastings, Oct.22,1835.*

David, and Vashty Page, July4,1782.*

Denison B., of Boston, and Mary E. Le Bosquet, int.Aug.24,1846.

Eaton of Andover, and Sally Nichols, Oct.1,1829.*

Ebenezer, of Killingly, and Sarah Gile, Nov.29,1722.

Ebenezer, and Mary Currier, Oct.10,1765.

Elizabeth, of Bradford, and William Heath, jr., June18,1730.

Elizabeth, of Sandown, and John Corliss, 2d, int.Oct.18,1828.

Hannah, and Jonathan Eastman, Apr.8,1701.

Henry, of Killingly, and Judith Gile, Oct.26,1721.

Jacob, and Susanna George, Apr.2,1775.

John, and Rachel Roberds, Sept.1,1741.

Joseph C., and Judith Ann Kimball of Sanbornton, NH, int.Apr.20,1849.

Lucy, and Jonathan Souther, Feb.6,1783.

Martha, and Jonathan Webster, 3d, June7,1770.CR1

Mary, and Peter Green, Nov.4,1678.

Mary, and George Hastings, Nov.23,1738.

Polly, and Nathan Gould of Newton [NH.CR3], Feb.28,1799.*

Mary Ann, and James Morrison of Providence, Jan.20,1829.*

Mary Ann, and George W. Lee, Aug.29,1839.*

Miriam, d.Benjamin and Martha, of Hampton Falls, both deceased, and Isaiah Page, s.Caleb and Mary, 7:2m:1827.CR8

Moses, and Sally Poor of Hampstead, int.Apr.13,1796.

Nathanael, and Mary Buck, July16,1741.

Peter, and, wid.Elizabeth Kingsbery, Dec.11,1672.

Peter, and Mary Green, Nov.4,1678.

Peter, jr., and Martha Singeltery, Apr.30,1713.

Peter, jr., and Abigail Warner, Feb.19,1735-6.

Peter, Dea., and, wid.Ruth Eaton, Jan.24,1764.

Peter, and Mrs.Deliverance Hovey of Newton, NH, May4,1769.CR4

Peter, of Concord, NH, and Mrs.Ruth Ayer, Apr.29,1773.

Peter N., and Susan Bachelder [Nov.15,1817. int.]*

Rachel, and John Mascoll Williams, Oct.17,1779. [Oct.21.CR3]*

Roland, and Clara D. Stevens, int.Aug.17,1842.

Samuel A., of Methuen, and Martha Ann P. Smiley, May12,1833.*

Sarah, and Ezekiel Bayley of Newbury, June17,1746.

Sarah, and Amos George, Oct.7,1777.

Sally, and William Noyes of Newbury, int.Aug.24,1800.

Sarah P., and John Chandler of Plaistow, Sept.14,1828.*

GREENE (Green)

Thomas R., of Andover, and Rhoda S. Whittier, int.Dec.5,1829.

GREENLEAF (Greenleff)

Anna, and John Crowell, Sept.26,1811.*

Ann, and Wesley Balch, Jan.29,1822.*

Caleb, and Susanna Emerson, Dec.13,1785.*

Caroline, a.29y., d.Samuel E. and Henry C. Parker, of Bradford, a.31y., ferryman, b. Bradford, s.Benjamin, Nov.22,1849.*

Charlotte L., Mrs., and George Simpson, July1,1832.*

Eliza, and Hiram Plummer, Nov.22,1810.*

Enoch, of Newburyport, and Dolly Ingorsull, int.Sept.11,1789.

Hannah, of Newburyport, and James Duncan, int.Aug.11,1786.

Hannah, and Moses Kelly, Feb.27,1800.*

James, and Charlotte Eaton, Sept.1,1811.

John, and Ann Dole, int.Mar.13,1813.

Mary, and Enoch Goodridge of Newbury, Jan.17,1749-50.

Polly, and Sherburn Straw, Aug.29,1790.*

Mary D., and Moses Merrill, int.Oct.20,1804.

Mary H., a.24y., d.Samuel E. and Sarah, and George Marston of Lowell, a 26y., currier, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.25,1847.*

Nancy, of Boston, and William Cranch, Esq., int.Feb.28,1795.

Nathan S., of Skowhegan, ME, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Enoch and Lydia, and Charlotte E. Wood, a.25y., d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.26,1847.*

Ruth, and John Mitchell, Nov.25,1800.*

Samuel, and Mary Moors, June8,1769.CR2

Samuel, and Alice Ladd, Dec.9,1779.

Samuel E., and Sarah Hale, Dec.3,1816.*

Samuel, and Dolly Osgood, Oct.1,1820.*

Sarah T., and Warren Gardner, Oct.4,1832.*

Stephen [jr.CR1], and, wid.Lydia Stevens of Charlestown, Apr.26,1753.

Susannah, and Jenness Hawkins, Apr.14,1833.*

William, Capt., and [] Mary Soley, Apr.11,1784.*

William, jr., Lt., and Abigail Soley, Mar.16,1788.*

William, 2d, and Eliza Gordon of Salem, NH, May12,1818.*

William H., and Lucy A. Williams of North Andover, int.June13,1847.

GREENLEFF (Greenleaf)


Eliza, and Thomas Cary of Salem, Apr.26,1818.*

Eliza [K. int.], and William B. Kendall, Apr.29,1819.*

Elisabeth, of Atkinson, and Robert Marsh, 2d m., Dec.11,1798.*

Betsey, and Dudley Porter, 2d m., Feb.1,1807.*

Betsy, and Stephen Little of Hampstead, NH, Aug.11,1814.*

Eunice M., and Thomas W. Sawyer, July3,1828.*

Hannah, of Bradford, and William Lowd, int.Dec.19,1795.

Harriet, and William Kimball [] of Bradford, Oct.26,1826.*

William, of Boston, and Mary Harrod, Apr.15,1811.*


Nancy K., and Gardner Keniston, int.Mar.12,1842.

GREGG (Greaye)


Maria L., and Edward Homan, both of Marblehead, Feb.11,1840.

GRELE (Greely)

Ann, and Thomas Marsh, Nov.17,1741.

Joseph, jr., and Prudence Clement of Amesbury, Aug.6,1752.

Ruth, and Nathaniel Whittier, Jan.30,1755.

GRELEE (Greely)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Smith, Jan.24,1681.

Hannah, and Seth Johnson, Mar.25,1756.

Mary, and John Singletery, Dec.17,1700.

Molley, and Ebenezer Wood, July27,1775.

GRELY (Greely)

Benjamin, and Ruth Whittier, Jan.1,1722-3.

Mary, and Thomas Webster, June19,1717.

GRIFFEN (Griffin)

James, and Rachal Smith, Oct.28,1784.

Rhoda, and Joseph Page, Sept.25,1808.*

GRIFFIN (Griffen, Griffing, Grifing)

Elisabeth, and Thomas Staples, Apr.21,1694.CTR

Betty, of Plaistow, and Edmond Moers, Nov.30,1779.

Betty, of Bradford, and John Cogswell, jr. [of], Feb.29,1784.*

Elizabeth, and John Valentine, Nov.10,1808.*

Elizabeth, and Johh Williams of Boston, int.Apr.8,1838.

George H., and Augusta H. Mansur of Lowell, int.Apr.12,1834.

Hannah, and Amos Davis, Aug.31,1800.*

Harriet N., and David P. Sargent, int.May21,1848.

Joshua, and Rebeccah Le Bosquet, July8,1813.*

Polly, of Atkinson, and Benjamin Clements, Feb.9,1796.*

Mary, of Windham, NH, and James M. How, int.July3,1817.

Mehitable, of Newburyport, and Joseph Greely, int.Apr.7,1838.

Nancy G., of Bradford, and Stephen Roberts, Aug.20,1837.*

Nathaniel, and Lydia Foster, int.July19,1812.

Phebe, and John Heds, Dec.30,1802.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Orne, int.Aug.24,1839.

T[] F., a.25y., shoemaker, and Elizabeth J. Black, a.18y., Dec.22,1845.*

GRIFFING (Griffin)

Daniel, and Rachel Eaton, Dec.12,1751.

Elizabeth, and Hugh Sherrat, Feb.10,1662.

Elisabeth, and Stephen Harriman, Mar.10,1742-3.

John, and Lidia Satchwell [Shatswel. dup.], Sept.17,1663.

John, jr., of Bradford, and Mehetabell Clement, Dec.13,1727.

Meheteball, and Moses Copps, July17,1732.

Samuel, and Hannah Johnson, Apr.19,1726.

Susannah, and Christopher Bartlitt, Sept.9,1703.


George, jr., and Catherine Poor, Mar.22,1840.

GRIFING (Griffin)

Peter, and Mehetable Emerson, Feb.21,1722-3.


Charles G. (altered to Graham, 1841.), and Mary F. Souther, June18,1835.*

James (altered to Graham, 1841.), [of South Reading. int.], and Caroline Carleton, Nov.29,1827.*

John [Capt. int.], of Hampstead, NH, and Frances P. McFarland, Dec.3,1835.*

Nathaniel M., and Harriot N. Morse, Oct.27,1839.*

Thomas F., of Boston, and Elisabeth G. Morse, Dec.1,1839.*


Ichabod, and Sarah Dow, July15,1782.*


Daniel, and Mary Bailey, Nov.20,1817.*

Sally S. [of Chester, NH.CR3], and Elijah C. Mitchell, July20,1829.*


Henry, and Elizabeth A.F. Downing, int.July5,1849.

Joseph, of Gloucester, and Sarah Page, May19,1757.



Amos C., and Harriet N. Davis, int.Nov.14,1848.

Joseph, and Abigail Currier of Atkinson, NH, int.Sept.28,1822.


Elizabeth, of Salisbury, and Moses E. Wood, Oct.11,1838.*

GUILD (Gild, Gile, Guile)

Abiah, and Thomas Duston, jr., Oct.23,1746.

Ephraim and Mary Simons, Mar.19,1753.

Francis G., of New Sharon, Maine, and Eliza A. Hoyt, int.Oct.28,1849.

Hannah, and Stephen Cross, July3,1746.

GUILE (Guild)

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Joseph Whitticker, Oct.6,1741.

Joseph, and Mary Heath, Jan.9,1717-18.

Mary, and Thomas Cough, Jan.15,1705-06.

Meheteble, and Nathaniel Johnson, Dec.29,1715.

Moses, and Eunice Johnson, Nov.1,1741.


James [], of Newburyport, and Anna Chase, Oct.14,1807.*

Sarah, of Portsmouth, and Charles Haynes, int.Nov.23,1822.


Abigail, and Samuel Clark, Aug.14,1721.

Elizabeth, wid., and John Callum, Nov.17,1670.

James, of Atkinson, and Sarah Eaton, Oct.15,1795.*

Mary, and Hanniel Clark, Aug.20,1678.

Sarah, and Israel Hendrick, Nov.8,1688.

Sarah, and Zebediah Astin, both of Methuen, Apr.18,1729.

William, and Ruth Morse, Dec.24,1724.

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