MABLE (Marble)

Deliverance, and David Watts, Feb.3,1782.


John, and Elsa R. McDoniel of Epping, NH, int.Nov.8,1846.



Hannah [], and Nathaniel Soley, Dec.13,1786.*


Joshua, of East Kingston, and Martha Davis, int.Mar.7,1840.

MAHANA (Mahonay)

Anna, and Isaac Grant, Jan.12,1800.*

Timothy, and Hepzibah Smith, Jan.24,1803.*

MAHANY (Mahonay)

Hepzibah [], and Winthrop Hanson [of Dover, NH. int.], Mar.25,1805.*

John, and Esther Frink, Jan.15,1781.

William, of Bradford, and Betsey Straw, int.Mar.18,1813.

MAHONAY (Mahana, Mahany, Mehaney)

Thomas, and Hannah Hawley, int.Aug.12,1848.


Amos, and Mrs.Elizabeth White, June20,1732.


Benjamin Darling, of Newburyport, and Mrs.Susanna Eaton, int.Dec.24,1782.

MALOON (Mellon, Melloon, Meloon)

Cadford, of Methuen, and Susannah Bailey, Mar.18,1804.*


Adeline, Mrs., and Samuel Noyes, Oct.16,1837.*


Elizabeth, and Patrick Collins of Lawrence, int.Oct.17,1848.


MANSIS (Mansise)

Simon, and Elice [Alice.CR1] Webster, Aug.20,1767.

MANSISE (Mansis)

Cornelius, and Hannah Callin, int.Mar.24,1792.

Cornelius, Capt., jr., and Betsey Coats of Boston, int.Oct.15,1796.


Augusta H., of Lowell, and George Griffin, int.Apr.12,1834.

Charles, a.22y., wheelright, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, and Lucinda C. Whittier, a.17y., d.William and Nancy, Apr.19,1849.*

Cornelius [Mansise. int.], and Hannah Collins [Callin. int.], May12,1792.*

MARBEL (Marble)

John, and Deliverance Page, Jan.24,1722-3.

MARBLE (Mable, Marbel)

Abigail, wid., and Joseph Harriman, Feb.15,1781.

Daniel, and Joanna Cook, June18,1747.

Daniel, and Ann Currier, Mar.28,1751.

Enoch, and Hannah Hadley [Mar.18,1771.CR1]

Enoch, and Harriet Duston Simpson of Pembroke, NH, int.Sept.20,1828.

Hannah, and Timothy Messer [of Methuen.CR3], Feb.4,1747-8.

Hannah, wid., and Joseph Attwood, 2d m., Jan.7,1777.

Hannah H., and Hiram Chapman, Oct.28,1827.*

James W., and Elizabeth French, Oct.7,1828.*

John, 2d m., and, wid.Sarah Bradley, June11,1751.

John, jr., and Abigail Chase, Jan.26,1773.

John, and Hannah Webster of Salem, NH, May末,1798 [May4. int.]*

Katherine, and John Silver, 3d, Nov.30,1797.*

Leonard, and Mary Pettingill, July1,1828.*

Lydia, and timothy Lass, Nov.13,1740.

Mary, wid., and Obediah Belknap, Mar.17,1756.

Polly, of Salem, NH, and Jesse Gile, int.Nov.8,1794.

Miriam, and Peter Emmerson, June末,1744.CR3

Nathaniel, and, wid.Mary Roberds, Nov.5,1724.

Phebe, and Caleb Duston of Salem, NH, May24,1758.

Rachel, and James Davis of Methuen, Oct.3,1751.

Samuel [Marvin.CTR], and Rebecca Williams, Oct.14,1686.

Samuel, and, wid.Elisabeth Attwood, Jan.23,1748-9. [Dec.23,1748.CR2]

Samuel, of Salem, NH, and Sarah Andrews [Anderson. int.; Andrews.CR3], July16,1786.*

Samuel, and Phebe Rowel of Salem, NH, int.Mar.31,1798.

Sarah, and Ens.Mitchel Whittier [Nov.29,1770.CR1]

Sarah, and Dr. Jonanathan Ayer [July29,1772.CR3]

Sarah R., and Cotton K. Simpson of Pembroke, NH, Aug.3,1829.*


Enoch C., of Plaistow, and Hannah Colby, int.Aug.31,1822.

Stephen, and Mary [P. int.] Short, of West Newbury, Oct.21,1825.*


John, and Eunice B. Chase, both of West Newbury, at West Newbury, Apr.18,1833.

MARRILL (Merrill)

Mary, and John Lad, Oct.17,1717.

MARSH (Mash)

Abigail, and David Bradley, June13,1781.

Cutting, and Mrs.Ruth White, Nov.16,1758.

David, jr., and Priscilla Gage, Apr.28,1795.*

David, 3d, and Nancy P. Burbank, Oct.7,1830.*

David, jr., and Mrs.Nancy Colby of Salisbury, int.May16,1835.

Edward V., and Elizabeth Davis of Kingston, NH, int.June13,1845.

Eliza [], and Benjamin Jaquish [] of Bradford, Sept.3,1823.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Rev. Benjamin Tappen of Manchester, Nov.13,1746.

Elisabeth, Mrs., and John Key, Nov.15,1776.CR4

Betsey, and John Cheny [jr. int.], Sept.20,1785.*

Elizabeth, and Kimball Gibson of Boston, May28,1832.*

Elizabeth, and Ezra C. Ames, Apr.26,1842.*

Ephriam, jr., of Londonderry [NH.CR1], and Sarah Farnam, Mar.27,1759.

Hannah, and Joseph Bradley, July31,1735.

Hannah, of Londonderry, NH, and Stephen Cross, Dec.19,1765.CR2

John, and Mary Plummer, Dec.29,1811.*

Jonathan, and Mehetibel Duston, Feb.24,1736-7.

Jonathan, 2d m., and, wid.Elisabeth Whittier, Dec.3,1741.

Jonathan, of Danville, VT, and Sarah Kimball, Sept.14,1824.*

Judith, and John Boardman of Newbury, Nov.9,1752.

Lydia, and John Haseltine, Aug.15,1740.

Lidiah, and David Dexter [Aug.27,1767.CR1]

Mary, and Edmund Bartlet of Newbury, Oct.2,1754.

Mary Ann [of Newburyport. int.], and John Edwards, Mar.10,1835.*

Mary, and Rev. George W. Kelly of Hamilton, May21,1835.*

Mary, and Israel Carleton, Dec.13,1836.*

Mary Jane, and William Taggart, Esq., Aug.15,1842.*

Mehitabel, and Joseph Haynes, 2d m.[Feb.27,1756.PR27]

Mehitabel, and Maverick Johnson, Oct.31,1765.

Miriam, and Thomas Haynes, jr., Nov.3,1762.

Moses, and Rebeckah Walker, Feb.6,1759.

Moses, jr., and Hannah Lampson, Feb.21,1791. [Feb.20.CR1]*

Moses, a.48y., yeoman, s.Robert and Elizabeth, and Hannah Whittaker, a.46y., d.Peter E. and Sarah, July3,1848.*

Robert, and Polly Currier of Amesbury, Dec.20,1795.*

Robert, 2d m., and Elisabeth Greenough of Atkinson, Dec.11,1798.*

Ruth, and Samuel Pecker, Sept.末,1799.*

Samuel, of Nottingham West, NH, and Elizabeth G. Clements, Sept.25,1819.*

Thomas, and Ann Grele, Nov.17,1741.

Thomas, and Lois Ayer [Mrs.Lois A. Allen. int.], Oct.15,1827.*

MARSHEL (Marshell)

MARSHELL (Marshel)


George, of Lowell, a.26y., currier, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, and Mary H. Greenleaf, a.24y., d.Samuel E. and Sarah, Nov.25,1847.*

Olive, Mrs., of Methuen, and Walker Smith, int.Jan.27,1798.

Peter, and Dorothy Whittier of Canaan, NH, int.Jan.3,1807.

MARTIN (Martine, Martyn)

Alonzo S., and Alice Greely, Sept.26,1833.*

Caroline, and Franklin Alley, both of Marblehead, Mar.11,1840.

Charlotte, and Henry W. Sargent of Salem, NH, Mar.5,1818.

Eliphalet, of Amesbury, and Ruth Whittier, Feb.12,1760.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Currier, Nov.11,1813.*

Isaac, and Judith N. Heath, Sept.27,1829.*

Jane, of Amesbury, and Thomas Worthin, Jan.3,1733-4.

John, of Lowell, and Caroline E[] Souther, July15,1832.*

Lois H., and John G. Babb of Quincy, FL, int.May25,1839.

Patty, and Enoch Caldwell, Dec.12,1802.*

Mary, and William Cumpton, Apr.21,1663.

Hitty, and Nathaniel Foot, Dec.8,1829.*

Richard, and Zelinda Knight, Nov.22,1821.*

Roxana, and Samuel B. Pettingell of Salem, NH, Mar.22,1827.*

Samuel, of Lowell, and Abigail Emerson, Jan.23,1827.

MARTINE (Martin)

MARTYN (Martin)

Truman M., and Lydia S. 末末, at New Bedford, Oct.14,1829.


Sarah, and Stephen Harriman, jr., Feb.24,1748.

MASH (Marsh)

Abigail, and Abial Mercer, Jan.3,1694-5.

Ephraim, and Hannah Smith, at Providence, RI, May13,1731.

Hannah, and Henry Kemball, Dec.14,1677.

John, and Lidia Emerson, Nov.16,1688.

John, 2d m., and, wid.Mary Eatton, Feb.11,1719-20.

Mary, and Cornelius Page, 2d m., Jan.16,1684.

Onisophorus, jr., and Sarah Lad, Dec.8,1685.

Onisophorus, sr., and, wid.Elizabeth Worcester, Oct.29,1686.

Onisophorus, sr., 3d m., and, wid.Sarah Wallingford, May18,1691.


Benjamin F., and Mrs.Sally Hayes of Middleton, NH, int.Oct.29,1840.

Lucia, and Ransom P. Fogg, Nov.23,1834.*

Samuel B., and Lois P. Knight of Atkinson, int.Mar.26,1831.

MASSER (Messer)

Thomas, and Jane Pearle, July9,1722.


Daniel, of Salem, NH, and Mrs.Mary Ayer, Mar.20,1760.

Hannah, of Salem, NH, and John Ingalls, May12,1774.

MASTEN (Mastin)

MASTIN (Masten)

Hannah, of Methuen, and Ebenezer Webster [May7,1767. Methuen Rds.]

MATHES (Mathews)

MATHEWS (Mathes)

David, and Betsy C. Quimby, May4,1836.*

Priscilla, wid., of Boston, a.35y., and Joel C. Ames, widr., a.26y., hostler, s.Anthony and Nancy, Feb.12,1847.*


Henry, a.27y., spinner, s.William, and Deborah W. Carleton, a.28y., d.Daniel, Mar.4,1845.*

Henry, widr., a.28y., spinner, s.William and Helen, and Ann Silver, a.25y., d.Jonathan P. and Nancy, Dec.13,1846.*


Ann, and Timothy Johnson, Oct.25,1695.

Kathraine, wid.[of Boston.CTR], and John Johnson, 3d m., Sept.8,1680.


Anna, and Abiel Barker of Andover, Sept.21,1738.

Hannah, and Webster Emerson, Apr.15,1767.CR1

Henry, and Hannah Bootman, Aug.20,1765.CR1

John, and Ann Dow, Feb.27,1733-4.

Joshua, and Sarah Currier, Nov.7,1764.


Nathaniel, and Hannah Black, June18,1795.*


Samuel D., and Sally George, Oct.15,1835.*


James, and Meriam Berry, Nov.3,1790.*

Meriam, wid., and Stephen Godkin, Mar.27,1796.*


Anna [McCollester. int], of Londonderry, and Samuel Knight, Oct.20,1808.*


Leo Philip, and Sarah Jane Rounds of Newburyport, int.Oct.1,1842.


Dinah, and John Robinson, residents in Haverhill, Nov.9,1753.


Ellen, of Exeter, and Owen McCarty, int.Aug.17,1839.

Hannah [], and John Collingill [of], Jan.31,1839.*

Henery F., and Hannah K. Poor, Nov.14,1833.*

Owen, and Ellen McCarty of Exeter, int.Aug.17,1839.


Molly, of Salem, NH, and John Stewart, jr., int.Jan.31,1784.

Samuel, of Exeter, and Miriam Dalton, Dec.16,1773.CR2


Eliza G., wid., a.22y., d.Wesley and Ann Balch, and John A. Low, widr., of New York, gentleman, s.William and Elizabeth, Aug.15,1848.*

Parker, jr., of Waldoboro, ME, and Eliza G. Balch, int.Mar.24,1844.




Sarah, of Rowley, and Dr. George Moody of West Bradford, Oct.13,1830.


Andrew, of Manchester, NH, and Elizabeth Crowell, int.Mar.22,1842.

Hannah B., of Salisbury, and Sewall P. Goodrich, int.June7,1846.

Jane [M. int.], of Lowell, a.23y., d.John and Gratia, and Henry Lake, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Ephraim and Sarah, Mar.10,1849.*

John B., and Mary S. Killgore of Mercer, ME, int.Jan.9,1841.

Susan E., of Salisbury, and Levi C. Wadleigh, Oct.1,1843.*

Warren A., a.23y., last maker, s.Rheuben and Susan, and Mary D. Heath, a.19y., d.Daniel and Mary D., Feb.8,1848.*

McDANIEL (McDoniel)

Betsey, of Pembrook, and William Dole, int.Oct.10,1829.

McDONIEL (McDaniel)

Elsa R., of Epping, NH, and John Mace, int.Nov.8,1846.


Sarah, of Candia, NH, and Richard West, 2d, int.Jan.4,1817.


Eliza, Mrs.[], and John Plummer, Apr.24,1824.*

Eliza, and Nathaniel Bemis, int.May27,1843.

Eunice [McFarling. int.], and Parker Page of Cambridge, VT, Feb.5,1788.*

Frances P., and [Capt. int.] John Grimes of Hampstead, NH, Dec.3,1835.*

James Clark, and Abigail Kimball of Bradford, int.Mar.3,1792.

Moses, jr., and Sally Bradley of Andover, Aug.6,1797.*

Nathan, and Susan Pearson, July4,1814.*

Osgood, and Mary Bartlett, Sept.14,1806.*

Sally, and James Smiley, Apr.29,1781.

Susan, Mrs., and Joseph Rowell, Esq. of Waterville, VT, May28,1834.*

William F.S., and Elizabeth Bradley, Feb.16,1813.*


Betsy, of Londonderry, and Amos Davis, int.May16,1818.

Hamdin, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Mathew and Hannah, and Sarah C. Sealy, a.24y., d.Edward and Ruth, May14,1846.*

Matthew, of Londonderry, and Hannah Davis, Dec.24,1818.*

McHARD (Mackhard)

Sarah, and George Duncan of Boston, Jan.21,1764.

McINTIRE (Mackintire, McKintire)

Clarrissa E., and Jacob G. Nichols, Nov.12,1835.*

James, of Salem, and Ruth Austin, int.July13,1793.

Maria A., of Salem, and Ira Noyes, int.June11,1836.


Mary, of Dunbarton, and Benjamin Willis, jr., Jan.9,1791.*

Priscilla, and John Hazen of Burton, Sept.2,1787.*

Sally, and Caleb Stark, Esq. of Dunbarton, Nov.4,1787.*

McKINTIRE (McIntire)

Nathaniel, and Hannah Ayer, Dec.18,1784.*


Betty, and Robert Chase, Jan.16,1783.*


James, and Barbary Hoeley, int.Dec.31,1847.


James, a.24y., shoemaker, s.John and Mary, and Elizabeth A[nn. int.] Steele, a.18y., d.L. and Mary Gile, Apr.30,1848.*


John S., a.23y., carpenter, s.John and Jane C., and Mary P. Wheeler, a.19y., d.Thomas B. and Abigail P., Dec.27,1848.*

McQUESTEN (McQueston)

Daniel P., and Mary Ann Bradley, Oct.13,1835.*

John J., and Abigail P. Bradley of Dover, ME, int.Oct.19,1845.

McQUESTON (McQuesten)

Daniel P., of Londonderry, and Dolly I. [T. int.] Johnson, Dec.2,1818.*


Ellen Ann, and Charles B. Walker, int.Sept.2,1849.


Lucy, and Job Tyler, Sept.4,1827.*

William, and Louisa Russ of Hamilton, int.Jan.19,1822.


Timothy, and Joanna Springer, Oct.17,1773.CR1

MEHANEY (Mahonay)

Polly, and James Kid, July26,1801.*

MELLON (Maloon)

James, and Ruth W. Sawyer, Feb.22,1831.*

MELLOON (Maloon)

Mary E. of Dover, NH, and Woodbury Smith, int.Dec.30,1849.


Joseph, alias Holland, and Rebecah Case, Aug.8,1779.

MELOON (Maloon)

David, and Rhoda Willson, Dec.13,1801.*


Abial, and Abigail Mash, Jan.3,1694-5.

Richard, and Hannah Shatswell [Satchwell.CTR], Mar.18,1668-9.

Richard, and Mehetabel Smith, Nov.30,1721.


Mary Jane, a.20y., b. Norton, N.B., d.Jeremiah, and Charles H. Cole., a.29y., shoemaker, b. Bradford, s.Benjamin, Nov.29,1849.*

MERIEL (Merrill)

MERRELL (Merrill)

Cynthia, and Edmund Chase, Mar.24,1820.*

MERRICK (Mirick)

Anna [of Hampstead, NH. int.], and Paul Gardner, Dec.末,1812.*

Emeline, and Orin Heath, int.Mar.18,1849.

George S., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Mary, and Ann M. Dean, a.20y., d.Thomas and Catharine, Feb.17,1847.*

Jacob, and Sally Tenney of York, int.Oct.5,1811.

Mary Ann, and George W. Davis of Amesbury, Apr.22,1841.*

MERRIEL (Merrill)

Sarah, and Abner Herriman, Sept.17,1723.

MERRIL (Merrill)

Abigail, and Capt. Isaac How, jr., Nov.27,1828.CR3*

MERRILL (Marrill, Meriel, Merrell, Merriel, Merril)

Abell, and Abigail Stevens, June19,1694.CTR

Abell, and Sarah Bodwell, Nov.15,1714.

Abigell, and Joseph Eastman of Salisbury, Mar.23,1715.

Abigail, and Samuel L. Knight of Atkinson, Apr.26,1839.*

Abigail A., and George Farrington, Apr.5,1840.

Abraham, and Meheteball Stevens, June20,1734.

Alvah, of Methuen, shoe manufacturer, s.James and Abby, and Harriet Corliss, d.John and Abigail, Sept.10,1844.*

Amos, and Rebekah Barber, Nov.29,1798.*

Anna, Mrs., and Capt. William Rea of Lempster, NH, Feb.7,1833.*

Ann, and Charles Haseltine, Apr.17,1828.*

Ann E. [], of Atkinson, NH, a.19y., d.Ebenezer and Abiah, and David Emery, a.28y., s.Jesse and Sarah, June4,1844.*

Ann Maria, and William Swan of Lawrence, int.Dec.13,1849.

Charles, and Adriana West, Nov.25,1835.*

Charles, of Methuen, a.28y., farmer, s.James and Abigail, and Lydia P. Webster, a.25y., d.Moses and Elizabeth, June11,1844.*

Clarissa, and William P. Whittier of Amesbury, int.Apr.10,1824.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Morse [of], Dec.15,1793.PR47*

Ebenezer, and Abiah West, Dec.19,1823.*

Elizabeth, and Caleb Page, Oct.24,1727.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Whittier of Amesbury, Oct.10,1728.

Elizabeth, and Jacob A. Cummings of Boston, int.July29,1809.

Betsy, and William Cummings of Boston, Aug.23,1809.

Elizabeth Ann, of Salem, NH, and Joshua Morse, int.Aug.3,1839.

Emily, and Thomas S. Bradford of Derry, NH, Nov.16,1843.*

Eunice, and Henry T. Davidson of Methuen, int.Aug.9,1823.

Evan, Maj., and Anna Haynes, Feb.22,1807.*

George E., a.30y., farmer, s.Even and Anna, and Elizabeth M. Kimball, a.30y., d.Richard and Mary L., Dec.7,1847.*

Gyles, Rev., and Mrs.Lucy Cushing, Oct.13,1767.

Hannah, of Salem, NH, and Brickett Bradley, at Salem, Apr.9,1813.*

Hannah, Mrs., and John Ayer, int.June1,1822.

Hepsibah, and Jonathan Herriman, Apr.3,1777.

Horatio, jr., and Cinderella Shaw, both of Lowell, Mar.20,1844.

Isaac, and Mehitabell Hastings, Nov.18,1735.

Isaac W., and Lois M. Chase, Oct.17,1831.*

Isabella, of Goffstown, NH, and Joseph W. Hale, int.Oct.13,1832.

James C., Esq., of Boston, and Ann Saltonstall, Nov.29,1820.*

James, of Andover, and Susan G. Berry of Methuen, June7,1838.

Jesse, and Priscilla Kimball, Mar.1,1789.*

Joanna, wid., and Ebenezer Mitchel, 2d m., Oct.18,1777 [Oct.23.CR3]

John, and Lydia Haines, Jan.15,1722-3.

John Hancock, and Elisabeth Carleton of Methuen, Sept.27,1801.

John E., of Methuen, and Hannah N. Harding, Nov.20,1828.*

John B., and Sarah B. Webster, Sept.8,1836.*

Jonathan, of Newburyport, and Hannah Currier, Feb.28,1787.*

Jonathan, and Susannah Adams, at Newbury, Mar.29,1800.

Jonathan, of Methuen, and Louisa Crowell, int.Oct.21,1843.

Joseph, and Ruth Corlis, Sept.23,1731.

Joshua, of Newbury, and Jenny Moors, Mar.4,1775.

Judith, and James Simonds, int.Dec.24,1785.

Lois, and Capt. Jesse Smith, Nov.11,1830.*

Lucy, and Isaac Snow, jr., Aug.30,1787.*

Martha R., of Methuen, a.43y., and Wingate Ilsley, widr., a.51y., shoemaker, Jan.26,1845.*

Mary, and Josiah Heath, jr., Oct.22,1724.

Mary, and Jacob Kelly of Amesbury, Aug.16,1810.*

Mary, and Henry I. Davidson of Methuen, int.Oct.26,1819.

Mehitabel, of Salem, NH, and Leonard Emerson, int.Apr.3,1819.

Mehitable D., and Rufus T. Slocomb, int.Jan.19,1845.

Mercy, and Thomas Cross of Northfield, int.May21,1784.

Moses, and, wid.Hannah Ladd, Nov.28,1782.*

Moses, and Mrs.Mary Clements, Nov.3,1791.*

Moses, and Mary D. Greenleaf, int.Oct.20,1804.

Moses, Esq., of New Gloucester, and [] Abigial Abbot, Oct.3,1809.*

Moses, Dea., of Methuen, and Mrs.Eliza Currier, Sept.29,1839.*

Moses P., a.22y., shoemaker, s.Moses and Ann, and Betsey J. Boswell, a.19y., d.David and Betsey, Mar.2,1847.*

Nancy C., a.24y., d.Jonathan and Rebecca, and William N. Davis, a.32y., shoemaker, s.Reuben and Abigail, Apr.25,1849.*

Nathan, and Mary Gordin, Apr.8,1728.

Nathan, and Damaris Lancester [of Methuen.CR3], Mar.2,1741-2.

Nathan, and Susanna Staples, July19,1744.

Nathaniel, s.John, and Ruth Wallinford, June10,1718.

Nathanael, and Ruth Harriman, Aug.16,1744.

Nathaniel, of Atkinson, and Polly Little int.June6,1789.

Peter, and Mary Haseltine, Jan.24,1721-2.

Priscilla L., of Derry, NH, and William Merrill, int.Sept.8,1844.

Prudence, and Thomas Stevens, Apr.29,1736.

Rebecah, and Josiah Gage, Dec.3,1724.

Ruth, and Benjamin Wood of Dracut, July末,1744.CR3

Ruth, of Atkinson, and John Davis, int.Apr.19,1800.

Samuel, and Ruth Eatton, May2,1732.

Samuel, and Abigail Eaton of Plaistow, Oct.25,1759.

Samuel, jr., and Rhoda Bailey, Nov.25,1784.*

Samuel, jr., 2d m., and Chloe Bailey, Dec.23,1790.*

Sarah, and Asa Ladd, Dec.28,1757.

Sarah, and Uriah Coburn of Dracut, Oct.17,1775.

Sarah, and John Pearley of Methuen, Dec.29,1782.*

Sarah, and John Ober of Salem, NH, Nov.3,1785.*

Sarah, and Aaron Carleton, jr., Mar.27,1800.*

Sally, of Bradford, and Samuel S. Jackman, int.Apr.5,1806.

Susanna [], of Methuen [of Haverhill. int.], and Henry Ingalls, Apr.17,1811.*

Thomas, of Rumford, and Mehetabel Johnson, Sept.29,1757.

Thomas T., and Hannah M. Nichols, both of Amesbury, Jan.15,1843.

Thomas A., of Georgetown, and Carolina C.F. Holt, int.Apr.22,1843.

William, and Priscilla L. Merrill of Derry, NH, Sept.8,1844.

William Y., and Catharine D. Nichols, int.Jan.16,1848.


Samuel, and Mary Page, removed to Reading, Dec.16,1695.

MESSER (Masser)

Benjamin S., and Sarah M. Frost of Brentwood, NH, int.Nov.17,1844.

Daniel, of Methuen, and Sarah Emerson, Mar.22,1763.

Dolly C., a.25y., d.William and Mary, and Edwin Bowley, a.26y., trader, s.Eben and Mary, Oct.4,1848.*

Farnham H., and Mary B. Celley of Lowell, int.Oct.31,1835.

Maria, of Nashua, and Rodney C. Fletcher, int.Nov.2,1839.

Matthew, and Ruth Haynes, May29,1823.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Ann Lull, Apr.5,1829.*

Thomas, of Methuen, and Mary Knolton, June20,1758.

Timothy [of Methuen.CR3], and Hannah Marble, Feb.4,1747-8.


Alce, and Eleazer Lurvey, Jan.8,1705-06.

MIDDLETINE (Middleton)

MIDDLETON (Middelltine, Middletine)

Eliza [], and Benjamin Wilson, Sept.18,1812.*

Elisabeth, and Micah Amy, Apr.14,1757.

Elizabeth, and Abraham Ratford, resident in Haverhill, Mar.19,1770.CR1

Hannah, and Daniel Adams, Dec.9,1784.*

Jemima, and James Pettingal, June10,1771.CR1

Mary, and Jonathan Kimball, jr., Oct.28,1798.*

Mehetabel, Mrs., and Jacob Row, May17,1769.CR4

Nancy, and Church Wilkey, May27,1808.*

Samuel, and Eunice Hoyt, Dec.8,1789.*

Sarah, and William Townsend, Mar.4,1762.

Sarah, and William Soley, int.Sept.24,1819.

William, and Dorothy Brewer, May28,1694.

William, and Sally Stickney of Newburyport, int.July4,1793.


Mehetable, Mrs., of Bradford, and Samuel Ayer, int.Apr.11,1789.



James, of Chester, and Sarah Stuart [], Dec.30,1783.*


Elizabeth, of Thornton, NH, and Thomas N. Eaton, Aug.19,1837.*

Elisabeth Jane, of Dunbarton, NH, and Samuel Eaton, int.Oct.19,1845.

James, and Elizabeth Pecker, int.June30,1832.

Jane, and Moses Trussel, Nov.20,1739.

John, and Ruth Estkoot, both residents of Haverhill, Mar.9,1746-7.

John, and Nancy Straw, Apr.3,1813.*

Myranda T., of Andover, a.18y., d.Andrew and Olive, and Joseph W. Sawyer, of Andover, a.21y., gunsmith, s.Aaron and Mary, Nov.13,1846.

William, and Judith Osgood of Salisbury, int.June17,1786.


Mary, and Daniel Finton of Exeter, NH, int.Oct.27,1848.



Harriot, a.29y., d.Stephen, and Isaac Pitman of Boston, a.35y., merchant, Oct.17,1844.*

Stephen, Esq., and Rebecca Trask of Bradford,末蔓末,1809. [ Sept.24. int.]*

Stephen, Hon., and Ellen P. Gardner of Bolton, int.Dec.1,1840.

MIRICK (Merrick)

Joseph, and Mary Davis, Feb.11,1818.*

Lydia, and Oliver P. Lake, Oct.22,1818.*

Moses, of Methuen, and [] Sophia Straw, Jan.29,1821.*

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Abiah, Mrs., and Maj. Joseph Varnam of Dracut, Sept.末,1747.

Abiah, and Samuel Johnson of Salem, NH, Apr.末,1759.

Abigail, and Jonathan Barker of Methuen, Oct.13,1750.

Abigail, and William Ayer, jr., of Plaistow, Jan.19,1764.

Abigail, and Tristram Haynes, Aug.16,1790.*

Andrew, jr., and Hannah Ayer, Apr.5,1720.

Anna, Mrs., and Timothy Corlis of Brimfield, Apr.25,1780.CR2

Anne, and Stephen Gage, Nov.25,1748.

Bradley, and Mehetabel Webster, July7,1763.

Daniel, and Rebecca Hastings, Nov.18,1777.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Williams, Apr.末,1749.

Ebenezer, jr., and Rachel Clement, Apr.6,1777.

Ebenezer, 2d m., and, wid.Joanna Merrill, Oct.18,1777. [Oct.23.CR3]

Ebenezer, and Patty Clarke, Dec.30,1802.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Lowger [Lougee.CR3] of Gilmanton, Dec.20,1780.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Webster, Feb.16,1737-8.

Hannah, and Samuel Varnum of Dracut, Oct.26,1738.

James, and Martha Bradley, Dec.10,1719.

James, and Hannah Leach, Apr.16,1782.

John, and Sarah Simons, Jan.29,1728-9.

John, and Abigail Hibbert of Methuen [May30,1773. Methuen Rds.]

John, and Ruth Greenleaf, Nov.25,1800.*

Katharine, of Bradford, and Abraham Stafford, int.May31,1800.

Lydia, and Theophilus Sargent of Chester, Sept.13,1753.

Martha, and Richard Ayer, June14,1753.

Patty, and Simeon Emerson, Apr.14,1799.*

Mary, and Kimball Carleton [of Methuen. May5,1768.CR1]

Mehetebal, and Emerson Corliss, Sept.14,1783.*

Philip, and Abigail Johnson, Jan.12,1726-7.

Pheby, and Nathaniel Sandors [] Clark, Oct.28,1783.

Samuel Gibson, and Anna Ladd, Mar.22,1772.

Sarah, and Obediah Belknap, Oct.27,1742.

Sarah, and Pearley Ayer, Nov.13,17[54.CR3]

Sarah, and Parker Flanders of Salisbury, Apr.15,1755.

Susanna, and John Stewert, Mar.9,1735-6.

Susanna, and Daniel Bradley, jr., Jan.10,1754.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Abigail R., and Isaac Kelly, Apr.17,1837.*

Elijah C., and Sally S. Groce [of Chester, NH.CR3], July20,1829.*

Harriet C., a.19y., d.Elijah C. and Sally, and Simeon G. Pomroy of Boston, a.25y., cabinet maker, s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1848.*

Martha [C. int.], and Nathan W. [N. int.] Austin of Salem, NH, Dec.4,1834.*

Mary, of Newbury, and John Brown, at Newbury, Oct.15,1795.

Newell D., and Rheny A. Leonards, int.July17,1842.

Rachell, and William Whittier, May17,1716.

Rebecca, and Thomas Lancaster, July9,1835.*

Susannah, and Isaac Allen, Feb.末,1814.*

MOER (Moore)

MOLTON (Moulton)

Ann, wid., and Thomas Westcomb, Aug.8,1745.

Hannah, of Chester, and Ebenezer Keazer, Mar.20,1745-6.

Sarah, and Abiel Astin, May24,1727.

Soberiatie, and Ebenezer Brown, at Hampton, Feb.27,1724.

MONARK (Monock)

Francis A., and Marrion E. Rollins, "both of City Salem," Oct.30,1838.

MONOCK (Monark)

Hannah, of Salem, and George Soley, int.Jan.1,1826.

MONROE (Munroe)

Benjamin, and Sally S. Partridge of Medford, int.Nov.19,1817.


James A., of Andover, and Salome Day of Bradford, Dec.11,1838.

MOODEY (Moody)

Elisha, resident in Haverhill, and Mary Knowlton, Feb.14,1754.

MOODY (Moodey)

Abigail, and Dearborn Sanborn of Sanbornton, Nov.4,1802.*

Abigail [], and Dr. James Bricket, Jan.24,1803.*

Abigail P., and Edmund Whittier, Sept.28,1807.*

Almira, and Moses B. Pecker, May22,1821.*

Ann M., and William Silloway of Amesbury, Nov.12,1839.*

Benjamin, and Abigail George, July9,1789.*

Cutting, and Mary Tenney of Newbury, at Newbury, May31,1807.

Dolly, and Eliphalet Noyes, Apr.5,1800.PR22

Edward S., of Amesbury, and Abigail George, Apr.21,1815.*

Betsy B., of Amesbury, and Joseph Bartlett, Nov.26,1812.*

Betsy, and Samuel Dexter, Nov.25,1813.*

Emily C., of Amesbury, and Pliny Slocomb of Sutton, June24,1840.

George, Dr., of West Bradford, and Sarah McCreasy of Rowley, Oct.13,1830.

Hannah, of Amesbury, and Clement Greely, int.Nov.21,1798.

Joseph, and Mrs.Harriet Wiggin, June28,1832.*

Lucy Parker, and Fitz William Burbank of Bradford, Oct.16,1808.*

Martha, and Caleb Richards of Atkinson, Jan.24,1790.*

Mary S., a.23y., d.Edward S. and Abigail, and John L. Orne, a.29y., shoemaker, s.Ephraim B. and Hannah, May13,1847.*

Moses, and Elizabeth Buckmaster, Sept.10,1785.*

Moses B., and Eliza Ann True of Salem, int.Apr.26,1839.

Sally, and John Philbrick, Jan.30,1817.*

William, and Mary Jane Gilman, Dec.3,1826.*

MOOER (Moore)

Betsy, and Charles Davis, Dec.2,1813.*

Sarah S., and John Davis, int.Feb.1,1817.

MOOERS (Moore)

Abigail, and James Haseltine, Jan.11,1773.CR2

Ammiruhami, jr., and Pheby Gile, Nov.27,1787.*

Anne, and Thomas Haynes, Jan.1,1778.

Benjamin, and Abigail Hazzen, Nov.16,1749.

Benjamin, 2d m., and, wid.Rachel Duston, Sept.2,1779.

Daniel, of Newbury, and Abigail Springer, Jan.4,1753.

David, and Tamar Duston, Aug.19,1777.

Edmund, and Betty Griffin of Plaistow, Nov.30,1779.

Harriot, and Ebenezer Le Bosquet, May15,1797.*

Katharine, and Joshua Weed, May20,1804.*

Molly, and Dan Page, Dec.8,1779.

Polly, and Francies Bradley, Nov.3,1796.*

Sarah, a.20y., and Jeremiah Pecker, gentleman, a.33y., Mar.6,1770.PR71

Sarah Stevens, and Philip Colby of Amesbury, int.June21,1806.

MOORE (Moer, Mooer, Mooers, Moores, Moors, Mores)

Charles H., of Roxbury, a.23y., clerk, s.William C. and Mary Ann, and Emily A. Stafford of Munroe, ME, a.19y., d.Edward B., Feb.22,1847.

Daniel, gentleman, of Pembroke, NH, a.30y., and Elizabeth White, a.28y., Feb.27,1770.PR71

MOORES (Moore)

Apphia Stevens, and Nathaniel Ash George, Aug.30,1791.*

John, and Susanna Morrill, Nov.28,1786.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Gage, Dec.11,1787.*

Joseph, and Tamer Atwood of Bradford, int.Sept.12,1789.

Lydia, and John Eliot [ Sept.4,1784. int.]*

MOORS (Moore)

Betsy [], and Wilson Chamberlin, Oct.2,1783.*

Jenny, and Joshua Merrill of Newbury, Mar.4,1775.

John, jr., and Olley [Olive. int.] Morrill, Sept.25,1783.*

Mary, and Samuel Greenleaf, June8,1769.CR2

Nancy P., and Amos Smiley, Oct.24,1819.*


Eleanor, of Boston, a.20y., d.John and Bridgett, and Charles L. Chase, a.20y., trader, s.Jacob and Hannah, Sept.14,1848.*

MORELAND (Morland)

Cyrus, and Mary Goodwin, of Merrimack, NH, Jan.10,1833.*

Susan, and Leverett Robbins, Dec.25,1832.*

MORES (Moore)

Edmund, and Sarah Duston, Jan.30,1745-6.


James, b. at Deer Island, and Mrs.Abigail Ross, Dec.15,1794.*

MORLAND (Moreland)

William, of Salem, NH, and Abigail Emerson, int.June26,1809.


Elisabeth, and David Duston, Mar.22,1743-4.

Elisabeth, and Robert Mullen, May19,1785.*

Isaac, of Salisbury, and Mrs.Mary Ayer, Aug.27,1741.

Israel, and Mary George, Mar.6,1755.

Josiah B., and Pamelia G. Plummer, Sept.15,1841.*

Katherine, and Micha Emerson, Nov.4,1729.

Olley [Olive. int.], and John Moors, jr., Sept.25,1783.*

Susan, of Salisbury, and Thomas D. Hunt, int.Apr.26,1823.

Susan C., of Amesbury, and Philip Colby, int.Dec.27,1828.

Susanna, and John Moores, Nov.28,1786.*

William, 3d, of Salisbury, and Ruth Pecker, Oct.25,1809.*


Joseph Gardner, of Bradford, and Cynthia Hinman, Jan.4,1805.*


Abigail, and Israel Gilman of Exeter, Nov.3,1743.

Benjamin, and Dolly Moses of Litchfield, NH, int.Aug.18,1834.

Daniel, and Judith Davis, May1,1750.

Daniel, and Nancy Goodwin, Dec.15,1840.*

David, a.23y., laborer, s.Solomon and Elizabeth, and Mary N. Brown, a.23y., d.Benjamin and Betsey, Nov.28,1847.*

Ebenezar, of Newburyport, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wilson, Jan.13,1838.*

Harriette E., of Derry, NH, and Lucian George, int.Sept.9,1849.

James, of Providence, and Mary Ann Green, Jan.20,1829.*

Jane, and Thomas Dresser, int.Jan.14,1838.

John, and Mary Davis, Aug.14,1750.

John, of Northwood, NH, and Mehitable F. Bartlett, Sept.10,1839.*

Lydia, and John Goodridge, Apr.7,1763.

Mary Ann, of Newburyport, and Joseph Greeley, int.Nov.3,1832.

Zechariah N., and Sarah J. Pease of Newburyport, int.Feb.6,1845.

MORS (Morse)

Prudence, Mrs., and William Richard, son of Hampstead, Oct.14,1771.CR4

MORSE (Mors, Morss)

Abigail B., and Philip Quimby, jr., Apr.27,1830.*

Abigail, and Albert A. Haseltine, Feb.26,1838.*

Abby Maria, and George W. Farnum, Sept.20,1843.*

Amelia A., and Rev. Edmund Worth [jr. int.] of Hebron, NH, Nov.9,1831.*

Anna M., a.24y., d.Joshua and Sarah, and George H. Morse of Boston, a.25y., engraver, s.Hazen and Lucy, June4,1846.*

Anne, and Benjamin Ordway, Dec.30,1762.

Benjamin, jr., of Bradford, and Abigail Carleton, Jan.20,1814.*

Caleb, of Salem, NH, and Betsey Eaton, Aug.13,1795.*

Catharine P., and John H. Morse, June15,1834.*

Daniel, and Sarah Ann Morse, int.Apr.1,1836.

David, and Sarah Morse [Nov.10,1768.CR4]

David, and Ruth Johnson, May29,1794.*

Dean, of Amesbury, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Amos and Lucretia, and Martha Jane Robbins of Amesbury, a.20y., d.James and Mary, Apr.5,1846.

Edmund, and Rebecca Leach, Jan.20,1818.*

Edmund, of Boston, and Hannah Smiley, Nov.13,1828.*

Edmund, and Chloe Farnham of Andover, int.Feb.15,1846.

Edwin, a.21y., carpenter, s.Edmund and Rebecca, and Mary A. Plummer, a.19y., d.Henry and Abagail, May18,1845.*

Eliza Ann, and Stephen Brown, both of West Newbury, at West Newbury, May26,1842.

Elizabeth, of Bradford, and Isaac Harding, June22,1824.*

Elizabeth, of John Dwinnels of Charlestown, int.Sept.30,1826.

Elisabeth G., and Thomas F. Grimes of Boston, Dec.1,1839.*

Elizabeth, and William Swain, July6,1843.*

Emeline, a.22y., d.John and Nancy, and Charles L. George, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Simeon and Nancy, Nov.14,1848.*

George H., of Boston, a.25y., engraver, s.Hazen and Lucy, and Anna M. Morse, a.24y., d.Joshua and Sarah, June4,1846.*

Gideon, and Hannah Johnson, int.Jan.3,1793.

Hannah [of], and Ebenezer Merrill, Dec.15,1793.PR47*

Harriot N., and Nathaniel M. Grimes, Oct.27,1839.*

Henry, and, wid.Rhoda George, Oct.30,1760.

Henry [Bodwell. int.], of Methuen, and Lydia Hunkins, Feb.12,1789.*

Horace T., and Louisa White of Methuen, Apr.16,1829.*

James S., and Nancy Jane Carleton, at Bradford [Oct.17,1830. Bradford Rds.]

Jane, and Moses Reed, Dec.17,1833.*

Jasper H., and Lydia H. George, Apr.11,1839.*

Jemima, and Isaac Snow, Aug.2,1827.*

John H., and Catharine P. Morse, June15,1834.*

Joseph T., 2d m., of Brentwood, NH, a.33y., stone cutter, b. Brentwood, NH, s.John, and Harriet Eliza Hill, a.21y., d.Asaph, Nov.12,1849.*

Joshua, and Elizabeth Ann Merrill of Salem, NH, Aug.3,1839.

Judith, and Samuel Bradbury, Mar.2,1758.

Leonard, and Adaline Dole of Rowley, int.Oct.25,1834.

Lois, and John Appleton Ayer, Nov.15,1785.*

Lois Ayer, and Horatio Gates Allen, May2,1813.*

Louisa, and Samuel Plummer, Nov.20,1823.*

Lucinda Burdick, and Timothy Emerson, Feb.20,1811.*

Lydia [of West], and James Davis, jr., Mar.23,1825.*

Margaret, and Harrison Adams, Nov.7,1843.*

Marey, of Boxford, and John Duston [Apr.4,1738. Boxford Rds.]

Polly, of Hampstead, and Abial Kelley, June7,1792.*

Mary, and Gilman Haynes, Dec.5,1822.*

Mary Ann, and William Bailey of Canaan, PA, July5,1830.*

Mary Ann, and Levi H. Robinson, July11,1833.*

Mary, and George Kendrick, both of Amesbury, Feb.15,1843.

Mehitable, and Micah Emerson [Apr.23,1772.CR3]

Moses, and Polly Carleton, Dec.31,1789.*

Moses, of Methuen, and Nancy Ayer, Apr.23,1805.*

Nathan, of Chester, and Sarah Clark, Sept.7,1775.

Nathaniel, of Newburyport, and Maria George, Nov.10,1842.*

Nathaniel, widr., of Newbury, carpenter, and Sophia W. Estabrook, June24,1847.*

Persis F., and James Gilman, Jan.22,1827.*

Peter, and Abigail Webster, int.Feb.8,1807.

Philena, and Theodore Noyes, June15,1819.*

Rachel, and John Ayer, June9,1785.CR2*

Rachel H., and Rufus K. Knowles, Dec.25,1828.*

Retier P., of Salisbury, and Judith M. Greely, int.May17,1823.

Rhoda, and Adrian Chase,末蔓末,1826.*

Ruth, and William Gutterson, Dec.24,1724.

Ruth, and Wells Chase of Amesbury, Mar.4,1762.

Ruth, and William Bailey, Apr.2,1817. [Oct.2.CR1; Sept.6. int.]*

Sarah, and David Morse [Nov.10,1768.CR4]

Sarah Ann, and Daniel Morse, int.Apr.1,1836.

Sarah A., of Amesbury, a.21y., d.Amos and Lucretia, and Richard C. Thompson of Amesbury, a.26y.farmer, s.Jacob and Rachel, Mar.25,1847.

Stephen, and Abigail Favor of Newtown, int.Sept.15,1827.

Stephen, and Hannah B. Favor, Jan.13,1833.*

Theodore, of Protutworth, and Anna Nichols, Jan.8,1788.*

Thomas, of Falmouth, and Eliza [S. int.] Kimball, May22,1808.*

William, and Mrs.Judith Hale, June17,1729.

William, and Molly Young, Oct.21,1784.*

William, of Methuen, and Mary Silver, Dec.17,1818.*

William [jr. int.], of Enfield, NH, and Lois [M. int.] Pettingill, Jan.4,1821.*

MORSS (Morse)


Dolly, of Litchfield, NH, and Benjamin Morrison, int.Aug.18,1834.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Russel, May30,1734.

Mary, a.24y., d.Joseph and Lydia, and Phineas Sargent, a.27y., laborer, s.Hosea and Roxanna, Feb.1,1846.*

MOSS (Mosse)

Joseph, and Lidia Plummer, Jan.4,1688.

MOSSE (Moss)

Mary, wid., and Philip Eastman, Aug.22,1678.

MOTGRIDGE (Mugridge)

MOULTON (Molton)


Mary [of Charlestown.CTR], and John Johnson, jr., Sept.8,1680.




MUGET (Mudgett)


Ruth [Motgridge. dup.], and Samuel Jackman, Oct.16,1783.*



Robert, and Elisabeth Morrill, May19,1785.*

MULLIKEN (Mullikin)

Harriet, and George W. Haskell, Feb.9,1832.

John, and Susanna Huse, June15,1758.

John, and Abigail Clement, int.Feb.28,1829.

Rebeccah, and Leonard Dow of Charlestown, Oct.5,1829.*

Stephen, and [Mrs.CR1] Lydia Wade, Nov.24,1800.*

Susanna, and Joseph Burrill, Dec.17,1791.*

MULLIKIN (Mulliken)

Lydia, of Lexington, and Joseph Burrill, int.Nov.25,1782.

MUNROE (Monroe)

Edwin, jr., and Nancy Shorning, both of Charlestown, Apr.31,1839.

Martha F., of Charestown, and Rev. Elbridge G. Brooks of Cambridge, Nov.7,1839.

MURRAY (Murry)

William W., and Mary Wentworth, int.Mar.10,1838.

MURRY (Murray)

Hannah B., and Solen Sargent, int.Nov.20,1834.

Maria, and Nathan Rowe, May24,1836.*


Hannah, of Newbury, and Robert Hunkins, jr., Dec.6,1738.

John, and Abiah Hunkins, Nov.29,1739.

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