BACHELOR (Bacheller, Bachellor)

Hannah, d.Rev. Samuel and Hannah (Boutel), Dec.27,1736.

Hannah, w.Rev., Feb.10,1779.CR3

Lydia (Chase), w.[wid.CR3] Dr. William, Nov.6,1821.

Nancy Sukey, d.Dr. William and Lydia (Chase), Jan.20,1824.

Polly, d.Dr. William and Lydia (Chase), burnt,末蔓末,1835.

William [Col.GR7], h.Hannah (Eaton), Feb.3,1840. [a.68y.GR7]


Mary, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.13,1730, in her 3d y.GR1

Mary, d.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.2,1733, a.1y.10m.GR1

Peasle, s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.19,1733, a.14d.GR1

Hannah, w.Joseph, Jan.15,1734-5. [in her 32d y.GR1]

Mehetabel, d.Joseph and Hannah, Apr.17,1738, in her 13th y.GR1

Nathaneil, s.Joseph and Hannah, Apr.24,1738, in his 9th y.GR1

Rebeckah, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah (Pearson), Apr.12,1751. [a.1y.GR1]

Joseph, h.Hannah (Pearson), Apr.7,1760.

William, May9,1763, in his 23d y.GR1

Nathaniel, Jan.26,1764, in his 24th y.GR1

Susanna (White), w.Enoch, Aug.26,1768.

BAILEY (Bayley)

Ann, d.[Dr.GR1] Joshua and Elizebath (Johnson), May26,1716. [a.2m.25d.GR1]

Mary, d.[Dr.GR1] Joshua and Elizebath (Johnson), Nov.19,1718. [a.1y.5m.5d.GR1]

Elizabeth, d.Joshua and Elizebath (Johnson), May5,1736. [in her 17th y.GR1]

Mary, d.Joshua and Elizebath (Johnson), May11,1736. [in her 13th y.GR1]

Abigail, d.Richard and Rachel (Page), Sept.12,1749.

Anna, d.Joshua and Elizebath (Johnson), Jan.末,1750.

Mercy, d.Jeremiah and Mercy (Burbank), Dec.31,1751.

Joshua [Col.CR1], h.Elizebath (Johnson), Feb.7,1752. [Feb.16, in his 67th y.GR1]

Jonathan, s.Ebenezer and Sarah (Palmer), May12,1761.

Abner, s.Richerd and Rachel (Page), Sept.14,1761.

David, s.Jeremiah and Mercy (Burbank), Mar.2,1762.

Thomas, Lt., Dec.23,1764. [a.88y.GR3]

Eunice(Walker), w.Thomas, Mar.26,1771, a.91y.GR3 [a.90y.CR3]

Elizabeth (Johnson), w.Joshua, Oct.21,1773. [in her 79th y.GR1]

Joseph, Aug.25,1776.CR3

Hannah, May3,1784.CR3

Patience, d.Benjamin, Mar.5,1790.CR3

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth (Emerson), Mar.1,1791.

末末,, July11,1792.CR3

Sally (Lowell), w.Woodbridge, Sept.14,1792.

Benjamin, Apr.13,1793, a.46y.GR7

Mehetabel, w.Benjamin, Apr.13,1793, a.46y.GR7

Paul, Jan.11,1794.CR3

末末, w.Nathan, June26,1797.CR3

Amos, h.Sarah (Cottle), June [19.CR3], 1800.

Jonathan, s.Obadiah and Merriam (Lufkin), Feb.末,1801.

Marcy(Burbank), w.Jeremiah, Feb.28,1801., a.84y.GR7

Sarah, Mrs., Feb.28,1801, a.73y.CR3

Jeremiah, h.Mercy (Burbank), Nov.27,1802. [Nov.26, a.94y.GR7]

Nathan, Capt., father of Obadiah [consumption.CR1], Aug.25,1806.

Deborah, wid.Capt. Nathan, Mar.30,1812.

Ebenezer, h.Sarah (Palmer), Nov.17,1815.

Emily, d.Josephn and Sally (Davis), Oct.17,1821.

Sally, d.Joseph and Sally (Davis), Nov.29,1822.

Mary Jane, d.Joseph and Sally (Davis), Jan.6,1823.

Woodbridge, h.Nabby (Lowel), Nov.25,1825.

Mehitable (Wells), w.Nathaniel, Dec.23,1825.

Obadiah, h.Merriam (Lufkin), Sept.15,1829.

Ann, Oct.13,1830.CR6

Benjamin, h.Mehetable (Johnson), Oct.26,1830. [a.83y.GR7]

Stephen, Nov.23,1831.CR6

Elizabeth (Emerson), w.Jonathan, Feb.10,1836. [a.66y.GR7]

Charles, h.Nancy (Shaw), Mar.26,1836.

Harriot [Miss.GR8], d.Jonathan and Elisabeth (Emerson), Mar.17,1838. [Mar.22, a.42y.GR7]

Hannah Buck, d.Joseph and Sally (Davis), July27,1840.

Jonathan, Mar.25,1843, a.79y.GR7

John [Capt.GR8], m., farmer, consumption, Oct.13,1844, a.61y.[Oct.7.GR8]

Rufus Edward, s.Thomas W. and Eliza J., typhus fever, Sept.26,1845, a.11m.18d.

Mary, wid., b. Salem, NH, d.John and Martha Lowell, fit, Oct.2,1845, a.84y.7m.21d.

Mamrum, consumption, May24,1848., a.68y.

Maria M., w.Obadiah, May24,1848, a.68y.GR6

George H., s.John W. and Susan, dysentery, Oct.10,1848. a, 2y.[Oct.28.GR9]

Cyrus W., b. Methuen, s.John W. and Susan, drowning, July11,1849, a.12y.[1841, a.11y.GR9]

William A., s.Charles M. and Lydia A., Aug.13,1849, a.17m.GR6


Abigail, d.Jonathan and Mary (Conant), Apr.20,1766.

Jonathan, h.Mary (Conant), Mar.9,1805. [a.81y.CR1;, a.80y.GR1]

Mary (Conant), w.[wid.GR1] Jonathan, [old age.CR1], Aug.8,1812. [a.85y.CR1;, a.86y.GR1]


Abigail, d.Nathanael and Joanna (Dodge), Sept.11,1748.

Matilda, d.Weslet Perkins and Margaret (Lord), Oct.8,1802.

Margaret (Lord), w.Wesley Perkins, Sept.10,1807. [ Sept.16, a.35y.GR1]

Jacob, s.Wesley P. and Margaret, Dec.17,1807, a.13m.GR1

Mary, Mrs.[wid.Freeborn.GR1], mother of Wesley Perkins, his family, Aug.7,1808. [a.74y.GR1]

Susan Boardman, d.Westly P. and Susan (Osborn), Oct.28,1809. [a.10w.GR1]

Mary Boardman, d.Westly P. and Susan (Osborn), July27,1816. [a.3y.4m.GR1]

Eliza Plummer, d.Wesley and Ann, Nov.20,1823, a.13d.GR1

Westly P., h.Susan (Osborn), Apr.27,1827. [a.61y.GR1]

Susan, w.Wesley P., Feb.28,1844, a.73y.GR1

Joanna, w.Albert, dysentery, Sept.24,1849, a.29y.


Hyram, s.Daniel, Jan.18,1809. [a.2y.CR1]


Andrew L., Dec.7,1827.


Ebenezer, h.Abigail (Palmer),末蔓末,1816.


Sarah Jane, of Reading, d.Abner and Ann (Buttrick), Sept.1,1834.


Rebecca, w.Samuel, Sept.13,1802, a.71y.GR3

Samuel, Dec.29,1818, a.84y.GR3


Zebadiah, s.Zebadiah and Elizabeth (Lovejoye), Mar.1,1718-19.

Mehitable, w.Jonathan, [bet. 1780 and 1792.]

Jonathan, h.Mehitable,末蔓末,1792.

Jemima, of Pelham, "at the house of Isaac R. How, Esq." Mar.10,1821.


Mary, d.Rev. Edward and Sarah (Cary), May24,1749. [a.20d.GR1]

Edward, s.Rev. Edward and Sarah (Cary), Sept.6,1753. [a.5y.8m.23d.GR1]

Theodore, s.Rev. Edward and Sarah (Cary), May14,1763. [a.9m.GR1]

Nathaniel, s.Rev. Edward and Sarah (Cary), Nov.13,1764. [a.6y.3m.GR1]

Edward, Rev., h.Sarah (Cary), Jan.26,1774. [in his 54th y.GR1]

Sarah (Cary), wid.Rev. Edward [old age.CR1], Nov.18,1805. [a.82y.CR1]


William Jasper, s.James and Kezia C., Jan.26,1842, a.3y.8m.GR7

Kezia C., d.James and Kezia C., June2,1842, a.7y.5m.GR7


Henry, Benjamin Singletery's man, drowned, July8,1689.

BARTLETT (Bartlet, Bartlitt)

Hannah[Bartlet], d.Christopher and Deborah (Weed), Aug.30,1690.

Sarah[Bartlet], d.Christopher and Deborah (Weed), Apr.5,1693.

末末蔓[Bartlet], ch.Christopher and Deborah (Weed), Sept.21,1694.

末末蔓[Bartlet], ch.Christopher and Deborah (Weed), Aug.3,1699.

末末蔓[Bartlet], ch.Christopher and Deborah (Weed), Apr.末,1700.

Christopher[Bartlet], h.Deborah (Weed), Apr.14,1711.

Mary (Clement)[Bartlet], w.Christopher, Oct.10,1735.

Christopher[Bartlet], Capt., June28,1747, in his 69th y.GR2

Anna (Bayley)[Bartlet], w.Enoch, Jan.23,1750 [in her 24th y.GR1]

Katherine (Dummer)[Bartlet], w.Enoch, Nov.19,1761.

Parnel, wid.Maj. M.C., windy colic, Sept.6,1796., a.73y.CR1

Charles[Bartlet], s.Capt. Israel and Tabitha [quinsy.CR1], July2,1797., a.10m.GR1

Mary[Bartlet], d.Bailey, Esq. and Peggy (White) [croup.CR1], Feb.28,1802. [Mar.14, a.2y.7m.CR1]

Frederic Augustus, s.Bailey, Esq. [sore throat.CR1], Aug.14,1805. [a.2w.CR1]

Enoch[Bartlet], h.Kathereine (Dummer), Feb.末,1809.

Sarah (Kimball), w.Capt. Samuel [child bed.CR1], Dec.8,1809 [Dec.12, a.28y.CR1;, a.27y.GR1]

Harriet[Bartlet], d.Bailey, Esq. and Peggy (White) [consumption.CR1], Jan.20,1820. [Jan.18, a.27y.CR1]

Tabitha (Walker), w.Israel [lung fever.CR1], Dec.18,1824. [a.84y.CR1;, a.73y.GR1]

Samuel, Capt., bur. in Cuba, June15,1825, a.48y.GR1

Bailey [Hon., sheriff, Essex Co.CR1], h.Peggy (White) [old age.CR1], Sept.9,1830. [a.81y.CR1]

Peggy (White), w.[sheriff.CR1] Bailey, Esq. [consumption.CR1], Oct.14,1831. [a.65y.CR1]

George P., s.Henry S. and Sally (Russel), Oct.3,1834.

Mary Augusta[Bartlet], d.Bailey, Esq. and Peggy (White), Aug.末,1837.

Israel[Bartlet], h.Tabitha (Walker), Apr.21,1838. [Apr.24,1839.GR1;, a.90y.CR1]

Nathaniel, Sept.10,1838.

Eliza, d.Charles L. and Harriet (Plummer), Aug.3,1839.

Louisa Amelia, d.Bailey, Esq., June20,1840.

Thomas, Sept.29,1842, a.64y.GR6

Thomas S., s.Thomas and Patience H., Mar.16,1846, a.2m.GR6

Francis, m., s.Bailey and Peggy, fits, Sept.21,1848, a.41y.10m.28d.

BARTLITT (Bartlett)

Susannah, w.Christopher, Jr., [bet. 1713 and 1718.]

Daniell, s.Christopher, jr., and Susannah (Griffing), drowned, Jan.2,1714-15.

Mehetball, d.Christopher and Mary (Clement), Oct.27,1737.

BATCHELDER (Bachelder)

Huldah, w.Rev. William and, d.Dea.Benjamin Saborn of Deerfield, NH, b. Jan.22,1769, d.May25,1847.GR6

Benjamin P., b. Berwick, ME, Mar.21,1804, d.Sept.28,1805.GR6

Samuel, s.Col. William and Hannah, May23,1816, a.14y.GR7

William, Rev., Apr.8,1818. [in his 51st y.GR6]

Gustavus, s.Rev. William and Huldah (Sanborn), Sept.21,1820. [ Sept.2, a.18y.GR6]

Theodata, d.Rev. William and Huldah (Sanborn), Oct.10,1820 [a.25y.GR6]

Eugenio K., s.Shadrach and Jane M., Sept.23,1843, a.2y.6m.GR9

Hannah, wid.[Col. William.GR7], b. Methuen, d.Timothy and Mary Eaton, lung fever, June19 [20.GR7], 1847, a.79y.6m.


Emily (Atwood), at Granby, Sept.3,1848, a.43y.GR1


Augusta, d.Samuel and Susan B., Apr.9,1845.GR2

Maria, d.Samuel and Suan B., Sept.12,1847.GR2


Susan E., b. West Newbury, d.John and Irene, dropsy, Oct.13,1844, a.2y.6m.

Irene, fever, Nov.11,1844, a.31y.


末末, ch.末末, Nov.3,1782.CR3


Joseph, s.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.28,1672.

Sarah, w.Samuel, Apr.18,1689.

Hannah (Ayer), w.Ebenezer, Nov.末,1779, a.106y.11m.


Peggy[Benet], Feb.末,1794.


Albert, h.Anna L. (White), at Boston,末蔓末,1847. [Oct.13, a.29y.GR1]

Mary D[alton.GR1], b. Andover, d.Albert and Anna L., bowell complaint, Sept.16,1849, a 1y.4m.15d.


末末, ch.Ebenezer and Sarah J., consumption, Sept.1,1849, a.10m.

BICKOM (Becum, Bickcum, Bickom)

Mary[Bickcum], w.William B., Sept.5,1813, a.42y.GR1

William[Bickcom], Jan.28,1821, a.53y.GR1

Abigail (Ballad)[Becum], w.William B., Nov.17,1832.

Mary, w.Jacob, Nov.20,1832.

Sarah Ann, d.Jacob, Sept.18,1833, a.19m.

末末, d.Jacob and Susan H. (Colby), Mar.22,1836., a.1d.


Theodore,末蔓末,1837, or 1838.CR6


Mary, d.Benjamin and Sarah, May26,1755.

Sarah (Lufkin), w.Edmund [comsumption.CR1], Jan.22,1803. [a.63y.CR1]


Buckley, unm., b. Dudley, Eng., s.Thomas and Anna, heart complaint, Mar.26,1849, a.17y.2m.


William[Blasdell], s.Abner and Mary (Clement), Aug.10,1730.


Solomon, s.Samuel and Lucy (Ballord), Sept.23,1799.

Leonard, s.Samuel and Lucy (Ballord) [sore mouth.CR1], Sept.16,1800. [a.2w.CR1]

Samuel, h.Lucy (Ballord), drowned, with five others, May24,1807. [a.53y.CR1]


Ealce, d.William and Lydia (Chase), Nov.9,1735.

Ruth, d.William and Lydia (Chase), Nov.17,1735.


William P[arker.GR1], s.James D. and Hannah E. (Saunders), July3,1839. [a.4y.3m.GR1]

Edwin, Sept.20,1841.


Lydia, Mrs.[wid.John.GR1], of Newburyport, Aug.4,1841. [a.76y.GR1]

Charles, s.C.W. and Sally, May8,1849, a.8y.GR9


Eliza, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Ayer) [comsumption.CR1], June8,1802. [June25, a.11m.CR1]

[Eliza.PR57], ch.Nathaniel, fits, Feb.3,1806,10m.CR1

Nathaniel, h.Elizabeth (Ayer) [consumption.CR1], Sept.7,1807. [ Sept.15.GR1]


Elizabeth, unm., b. Methuen, old age, Feb.5,1845, a.89y.


Esther, d.Joseph and Sarah (Williams), June19,1683.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah (Williams), May10,1693.

John, h.末末 (Hall), drowned, May1,1721.

Joseph sr., h.Sarah (Williams), Feb.26,1724-5.


John, s.Moses and Phebe (Weed), Dec.16,1735.


Mary, d.Capt. Nathaniel and Mary, formerly of Charlestown, Sept.12,1789, a.19y.GR1


James, May6,1847, a.35y.GR6


Isaac, s.John and Mary (Hancock), Sept.26,1753.

BRACY (Bracey)

Hannah (Pecker), w.Thomas [consumption.CR1], Sept.5,1805. [a.43y.CR1]

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah (Pecker) [consumption.CR1], Sept.28,1812. [a.18y.CR1]

Hannah Pecker, d.James, jr. and Sarah (Bradbury), Jan.2,1817.

James, jr., h.Sarah (Bradbury) [consumption.CR1], Apr.14,1818. [Apr.10, a.26y.CR1;, a.27y.CR1]

Sarah, w.James, Apr.10,1821., a.30y.GR1

Mary (Smith)[Bracey], w.Thomas, Apr.22,1836.

Mary, Feb.末,1837.CR7

Thomas, h.Mary (Smith), Feb.20,1839.


James, s.James and Elizabeth (Sanders), Dec.31,1727.

Elizabeth, d.James and Elizabeth (Sanders), Nov.15,1736.

Sarah, d.James and Elizabeth (Sanders), Nov.25,1736.

Ebenezer, s.James and Elizabeth (Sanders), Mar.6,1747-8.

Mary [Miss.GR1], sister of Daniel, Apr.10,1835. [Apr.9, a.57y.GR1]

BRADLEY (Bradly, Breadly, Broadley, Brodley, Brodly)

Mary [Bradly.CTR][Broadley], d.Daniel and Mary (Williams), Mar.14,1669-70.

Daniell[Broadley], h.Mary, "killed by ye Indians," Aug.13,1689.

Mehetabel, d.Joseph and Hanah (Heath), Jan.23,1691-2.

Daniel, jr.[Bradly], h.Hannah (Dow), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Hannah[Bradly], d.Daniel, jr. and Hannah (Dow), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Hannah (Dow)[Bradly], w.Daniel, jr., killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hanah (Heath), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Martha, d.Joseph and Hanah (Heath), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Mary[Bradly], d.Daniel, jr. and Hannah (Dow), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Hanah (Heath), killed,末蔓末,17末.

Mehetable[Bradly], d.Abraham and Elizabeth (Phillbrick), Aug.13,1706.

Mary[Broadley], wid.Daniel, Oct.6,1714.

Moses[Bradly], s.twin, Isaak and Elizabeth (Clement), Mar.29,1724.

Meriam, d.twin, Isaak and Elizabeth (Clement), Apr.3,1724.

Joseph, h.Hannah (Heath), Oct.5,1727.

David, s.John and Susannah (Staples), Dec.30,1728.

Elisabeth[Breadly], d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Ayer), July6,1736.

Ruth[Breadly], d.Daniel and Elizabeth (Ayer), Sept.10,1736.

Obadiah, throat distemper, Nov.26,1736, a.13y.PR73

Nathaniel[Bradly], s.Isaak and Elizabeth (Clement), Oct.4,1737.

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Lydia (Emerson), Dec.5,1737.

Jonathan, s.twin, stillborn, William and Mehetable (Emerson), Feb.14,1744-5.

Joseph, s.twin, stillborn, William and Mehetable (Emerson), Feb.14,1744-5.

Meariel, d.William and Mehetabell, July8,1746, a.4y.8d.GR1

Hannah (Marsh), w.Dea.Joseph, Jan.24,1747-8.

Simon, s.Nehemiah and Lydia (Emerson), Sept.13,1747.

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Lydia (Emerson), Oct.13,1747.

Lydia, d.twin, Daniel and Elisabeth (Ayer), Jan.16,1748-9.

Martha, d.twin, Daniel and Elisabeth (Ayer), June17,1748.

Joseph, Dea., h.Sarah (French), Oct.1,1749.

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Lydia (Emerson), May6,1753.

Joseph, h.Sarah (Hardey), July31,1754. [in his 19th y.GR2]

William, s.Nehemiah and Lydia (Emerson), Nov.21,1754.

Miriam, d.Nehemiah and Lydia (Emerson), Aug.29,1758.

Abigail, d.twin, Isaac, jr. and Lydia (Kimball), Sept.13,1760.

Hannah (Heath), w.Joseph, Nov.2,1761.

Martha, d.Joseph and Hannah (Marsh), Nov.7,1761.

Lydia (Kimball), w.Isaac, jr., May23,1762.

Ruth, d.Isaac, jr. and Rachel, Aug.27,1764.

Mehetable (Kimbal), w.Peter, Sept.4,1774.

Elisabeth, Sept.11,1774, a.29y.CR3

Joseph, Nov.1,1775.CR5

Samuel[Breadly], s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Ayer), Mar.11,1776.

William, h.Mehetabel (Emerson), Feb.28,1780.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Polly (Osgood), Apr.1,1782.

Polly Osgood, d.Joseph and Polly (Osgood), June11,1783.

Daniel, Capt., July22,1784, a.75y.GR1

Abigail, d.William and Mehetable (Emerson), Oct.23,1784.

Elisabeth, w.Capt. Daniel, Apr.26,1785, a.77y.GR1

Susanna, d.William and Mehetable (Emerson), Nov.16,1785.

Joseph, s.Enoch and Mary (Low), Jan.14,1786.


Stephen, h.Abiah (Stone), Aug.12,1792. [a.32y.GR1]

Mehetable, d.William and Mehetable (Emerson), July22,1796.

Anne, d.William and Mehetable (Emerson) [lethargy.CR1], Mar.26,1798. [a.34y.CR1]

Thomas Osgood, s.Joseph and Polly (Osgood), Oct.18,1798.

Elisabeth (Ordway), w.Nathaniel [jaundice.CR1], Mar.13,1799. [Mar.14, a.69y.CR1;, a.60y.GR1]

Jeremiah[Brodley], Oct.15,1799.CR3

末末蔓[Brodley], w.Daniel, July25,1801.CR3

Isaac, h.Rachel [old age.CR1], Jan.末,1802. [Jan.14, a.83y.CR1]

Isaiah, s.Isaiah and Polly (Duston), [Mar.2,1803, a.3y.GR7]

Polly (Duston), w.Isaiah, Mar.5,1803. [Mar.4, a.30y.GR7]

Nathaniel, h.Elisabeth (Ordway) [consumption.CR1], Apr.3,1804. [Apr.2,1804, a.66y.CR1]

Rachel, w.Isaac, Feb.末,1805.

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Sarah (Noyes) [ulcerated lungs.CR1] Sept.29,1809. [a.24y.CR1;, a.26y.GR1]

Abigail[Brodley], d.Francis, consumption, June7,1810, a.6y.6m.CR1

David [Lt.GR1], h.Abigail (Marsh) [consumption.CR1], May2,1811. [a.74y.CR1;, a.70y.GR1]

Martha[Brodly], wid., old age, July末,1811, a.84y.CR1

Mehetable (Emerson), w.William, July末,1811.

末末蔓[Brodly], ch.J. and M., quinsy, Aug.末,1811, a.6m.CR1

Eliza, d.Joseph and Mirriam (Currier), July末,1813.

Harriot[Brodly], consumption, Feb.18,1814, a.14y.CR1

Mary Low, d.Enoch, jr. and Abigail, Aug.24,1815, a.10y.GR7

Mary[Brodley], consumption, Dec.6,1815, a.14y.CR1

Peter, h.Mehetable (Kimbal), and, s.Daniel and Elizabeth (Ayer) [old age.CR1], Jan.31,1817. [a.71y.CR1]

Sarah (Noyes), w.Benjamin [cancer.CR1], Apr.20,1817. [Apr.24, a.69y.CR1;, a.68y.GR1]

Dudley, h.Elizabeth (Brown), Feb.14,1818. [Feb.18, a.52y.GR1]

Abigail[Brodley], d.Dudley and Elizabeth, Oct.28,1818, a.8y.GR1

Francis, h.Polly (Mooers) [suicide.CR1], Jan.5,1819. [Feb.16, a.42y.CR1]

Francis Edwin, s.Francies and Polly (Mooers) [quinsy.CR1], Sept.16,1819. [a.11y.CR1]

Sarah, d.William and Mehetable (Emerson) [consumption.CR1], Aug.4,1820. [Aug.15, a.68y.CR1]

Abigail, d.Dudley and Elizabeth (Brown), Oct.29,1820.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mirriam (Currier), July23,1821.

Caleb Low [Capt.GR7], s.Enoch and Mary (Low), Aug.2,1821. [Aug.3, a.41y.GR7]

Joseph[Brodly], jr., consumption, May6,1822, a.22y.CR1

Mary, w.Enoch, Esq., Aug.23,1822, a.75y.GR7

Benjamin, dropsy, July9,1823, a.75y.CR1

Benjamin, h.Sarah (Noyes), Sept.2,1823.

Joshua Merrill [Capt.GR7], s.Brickett and Hannah (Merrill), Nov.末,1823. [Nov.17, a.6y.GR7]

Sarah, w.Charles, of Portland, and, d.Jonathan K. Smith, at Portland, June16,1824. [June15, a.26y.GR1]

Abigal (Marsh), w.David [wid.Lt.GR1; old age.CR1], Apr.12,1826. [Apr.6, a.87y.CR1;, a.84y.GR1]

末末蔓[Brodley], ch.Nathan, mortification, July18,1826, a.17m.CR1

Daniel[Brodley], Dec.6,1826.CR3

William, at Derry, NH, Oct.26,1829, a.73y.CR1

Israel, s.Joseph and Mirriam (Currier) [consumption.CR1], Mar.7,1830. [a.24y.CR1]

John, Nov.30,1830.CR7

Elizabeth, formerly of Plaistow, NH, Jan.末,1833.

Hannah (Merrill), w.Brickett, Aug.15,1833. [a.39y.GR7]

Enoch, h.Mary (Low), May2,1834. [May29, a.85y.GR7]

George Willington, s.Brickett and Hannah (Merrill),末蔓末,1835. [Feb.18, a.19y.GR7]

Edward H., s.James and Lucinda (Stevens), Sept.29,1835.

Marian[Brodley], Feb.末,1838, a.59y.CR5

Miriam, w.Joseph, Feb.16,1838, a.59y.GR1

Samuel, s.Daniel, jr. and Susanna (Mitchel), at the house of James H. Duncan, Esq., Jan.1,1839.

George Bricket, s.twin, Brickett and Lucretia L. (Page), Mar.11,1839. [a.7m.CR1]

Abby Louisa, d.Enoch L. and Sarah A. (Shaw), Sept.19,1839.

Ellen Lucretia, d.twin [Capt.CR1] Brickett and Lucretia L. (Page), Mar.30,1840. [Mar.20, a.15m.CR1]

Hannah, unm., Apr.1,1841.

Caroline L., w.Isaac, Nov.1,1842, a.24y.GR1

Martha P[age.GR7], d.Brickett and Hannah, inflammation of lungs, Mar.14,1845, a.15y.[Mar.22.CR1]

Joseph, July23,1846, a.76y.GR1 [July22, a.77y.CR5

Susan M., d.Charles and Sarah, at Jonesville, MI, Sept.18,1846., a.25y.GR1

Susan, unm., d.Daniel and Susannah, consumption, Jan.12,1848, a.76y.

Phebe, w.Benjamin, Apr.9,1848, a.96y.GR2

BRADSTREET (Bradstret)

Samuel[Bradstret], h.Margret (Gordin), June9,1738.

Eliza, d.Asa, Sept.20,1832.


Dorothie, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Feb.20,1673.

Thomas, s.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Mar.6,1674-5.

Ann, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Feb.6,1678.

Richard, twin s.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Dec.27,1679.

Thomas, twin s.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Dec.30,1679.

Mehitabel, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Jan.19,1680.

Mary, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), May1,1681-2.

Ebenezer, s.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), July30,1683.

Mehetabel, d.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), Feb.29,1687-8.

Peter, s.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), at Pemaquid, Apr.末,1689.

Samuel, s.Peter and Elizabeth (Linfurth), May27,1690.

Peter, Oct.20,1708.

BRICKETT (Bricket)

James, s.Dr. [Col.GR1] James and Ednah (Merrill), Sept.19,1775. [in his 13th y.GR1]

Sarah, d.Dr. [Col.GR1] James and Ednah (Merrill), Nov.15,1775. [in her 7th y.GR1]

Prudence, w.John, Apr.25,1783, a.44y.GR2

James, s.Dr. Daniel and Polly, Nov.12,1786, a.9m.GR1

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, May22,1791.PR54

Polly, d.John and Abigail, May22,1791, a.15m.GR2

James, s.John and Abigail, Nov.28,1797.PR54

Polly, d.John and Abigail, Nov.28,1797. a 14m.GR2

[Abigail.CR1] (Bradley)[Bricket], w.Moses [consumption.CR1], Oct.末,1798. [Oct.11, a.26y.CR1]

James, s.Dr. Daniel, sore mouth and spasms, Sept.13,1800, a.2w.CR1

Ednah (Merrill)[Bricket], w.Dr. [Gen.CR1] James [dropsy.CR1], Sept.21,1802 [a.66y.CR1]

Daniel, s.John and Abigail, June9,1803, a.2y.8m.GR2

Betsy, d.John and Abigail, June9,1803.PR54

Moses, s.John and Abigail, Sept.13,1803, a.15m.GR2 [ Sept.23.PR6]

Daniel, s.John and Abigail, Sept.23,1805.PR54

James, s.John and Abigial, Dec.10,1807, a.13y.GR2

John, s.John and Abigail, Dec.10,1807.PR54

Sarah, d.Dr. Daniel and Polly (West) [Mary.GR1; fever.CR1], Oct.24,1810. [a.25y.GR1;, a.24y.CR1]

Polly (West) [Mary.GR1], w.Daniel, Mar.20,1815. [a.51y.GR1]

Mary, w.John, Feb.18,1817.

Hannah, w.Barnard, Esq., Sept.16,1818, a.31y.GR2

Hannah (Bryant), w.Barnard [consumption.CR1], Sept.16,1818. [a.32y.CR1]

James, Gen. [Dr.CR1], h.Ednah (Merrill) [old age.CR1], Dec.10,1818. [a.81y.CR1]

Barnard, Feb.16,1820, a.77y.GR2

John, Feb.21,1825, a.85y.GR2

John, h.Mary, Feb.28,1825.

Susan, d.John and Abigail, Aug.7,1826, a.40y.GR2

Barnard[Bricket], h.Deborah (Towne), Feb.末,1829.

Daniel, h.Polly (West), Jan.15,1834.

Daniel[Bricket], Dr., Jan.16,1835, a.74y.GR1

Barnard, h.Hannah (Bryant), Apr.15,1836 [a.56y.GR2;, a.57y.CR5]

Abigail Francis, d.Joseph and Abigail W. (Adams), Sept.20,1840.

Edwin[Bricket], at Portland, AL, Oct.21,1840, a.35y.GR1

Elizabeth, d.Barnard and Elizabeth, July28,1842, a.22y.GR2

John, Dec.27,1845, a.83y.GR2

Abigail, w.John, Mar.17,1848, a.85y.GR2


Harriot, of Newburyport, "sickened and died in the Family of John Bartlet" [an orphan, canker and scarletina.CR1], Aug.22,1802.


Walter P., s.Moses P. and Adeline, Apr.末,1838, a.1y.5m.GR5

Abbie Ann, d.Moses P. and Adeline, June末,1843, a.3y.10m.GR5

Lizzie M., d.Moses P. and Adeline, Aug.末,1844, a.4y.GR5

Elizabeth M., d.Moses P. and Adeline, dropsy in the head, Aug.1,1844, a.4y.

BROWN (Browne)

John[Browne], s.Nicolas and Mary (Linfurth), July4,1677.

Ann (Eaton)[Browne], w.George, Dec.16,1683.

George[Browne], Capt., Oct.31,1699, a.76y.[Oct.30, a.78y.GR1]

Nicolas[Browne], h.Mary, June5,1705.

Hannah, wid.Capt. George, Feb.末,1715-16.

Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Soberiartle (Molton), Mar.15,1736.

Martha, d.Rev. John and Joanna (Cotton), Oct.5,1736. [a.14y.GR1]

Nathaniel, s.Rev. John and Joanna (Cotton), Oct.21,1736. [a.10y.11m.GR1]

Samuel, s.Rev. John and Joanna (Cotton), Nov.8,1736.

John, Rev., Dec.2,1742.

Hannah, d.Simeon and Hannah (Young), Oct.21,1752.

Henry, s.[Capt.GR4] Henry Young and Elisabeth (Lovejoy), Mar.13,1760. [in his 7th y.GR4]

Josiah, h.Sarah (Rogers), July11,1770.

Lydia (Stevens), w.Josiah, jr., Apr.10,1782.

William, s.John and Mary (Cotton), Nov.5,1800.

Hezekiah, s.John and Mary (Mitchell), drowned, Aug.12,1804.

Nathan Perley, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Jan.16,1811, a.13m.GR7

Caleb S., s.twin, John and Mary (Mitchell), Mar.19,1813.

Edmund G., s.twin, John and Mary (Mitchell), May19,1813.

末末, Mr., consumption, Jan.28,1821, a.59y.CR1

末末, ch.末末, fits, Apr.末,1827, a.5d.CR1

Mary White, d.Oliver and [Mary Ann.GR1] (Parker), June3,1833. [a.1y.9m.GR1]

Mary Ann, d.John and Mary (Mitchell), Mar.27,1834.

Cordelia Ames, d.William and Sarah, Mar.13,1839, a.8m.GR1

Emeline, d.Hiram and Eliza A., June10,1839, a.10w.GR1

Mehitable H., d.Theodore and Mary E., June19,1842, a.3y.10m.GR5

Augustus G., s.Frederic A. and Harriet, croup, Jan.24,1846, a.7y.5m.

Eliza, w.James D., b. Plaistow, NH, consumption, May19,1849, a.25y.


Edward, 2d, h.Hannah (Farnum) Tyler, June10,1699.


Bettey, d.William and Anna (Whitticker), May19,1764.

Sally, consumption, Apr.4,1809, a.35y.CR1


Ebenezer [jr.GR1], s.Ebenezer, May14,1736. [May15, a.19y.GR1]

Lydia, d.Ebenezer, Oct.11,1736. [a.21y.GR1]

Phebe, d.Ebenezer and Judith (Weed), Feb.2,1741-2.

Asa, s.Ebenezer and Judith (Weed), Oct.28,1741.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Lydia (Morse), Sept.21,1744.

Asa, s.Jonathan and Lydia (Morse), Feb.7,1747-8.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Lydia (Morse), Sept.15,1753.

Hannah (Ames), w.Jacob, at Chester, Mar.18,1809, a.81y.


Sarah, Feb.16,1762.

S., fever, Sept.23,1822, a.19y.CR1

Lucy Parker (Moody), w.Fitz William, Apr.27,1830. [Apr.28, a.37y.GR1]


David H[enry.GR1], s.David [and Mary.GR1], June27,1841. [a.2y.6m.GR1]

Mary C., w.David, b. Enfield, NH, consumption, Feb.19,1849, a.45y.11m.19d.[July19.GR1]


Samuel R., unm., b. Shelby, NY, s.John and Jane, heart disease, June18,1848, a.26y.3m.8d.

Jane H., w.John [wid.Dea.John of Shelby, NY.GR1], b. New Boston, NH [May1,1849.CR5], a.51y.


Lydia, w.Joseph, Oct.21,1789, a.36y.GR1

Harriet, d.Joseph and Susanna (Mulliken), [bet. 1809 and 1811.]

Susanna (Mulliken), w.Joseph [consumption.CR1], Aug.27,1831. [a.55y.CR1;, a.56y.GR1]

Joseph, May31,1837, a.81y.GR1

Almira A., d.Jonathan F. and Ann [N.GR1], croup, Apr.27,1845, a.1y.2m.


George, Capt., Nov.5,1822, a.88y.GR5

Mary, w.George, May19,1823, a.80y.GR5

Sarah, Mar.11,1834, a.67y.GR5

BUSWELL (Busiell)

Mary[Busiell], Miss, Feb.23,1814, a.68y.GR1

Sophia (Plummer), w.Daniel, May5,1824.

Benjamin P., unm., printer, s.Benjamin and Sarah, consumption, May10,1845, a.19y.

BUTMAN (Bootman)

Richard[Bootman], h.Mary (Parker), Apr.13,1825.


Sarah L., d.H.A. and Sarah L., Oct.27,1847, a.2y.8m.19d.GR6


Teagle, w.Mathias, Feb.4,1662.

Patience, d.Mathias and Teagle, Oct.30,1662.

Patience, d.Mathias, Oct.30,1662.

Mathias, h.Elizabeth, Aug.13,1672.

Elizabeth, wid.Mathias, July16,1690.

BUTTRICK (Butrick)

Hazen[Butrick], h.Naomi (Chase), killed while tearing down and old house, Mar.24,1834. [a.28y.GR1]

William[Butrick], July2,1840. [July1, a.65y.GR1]

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