Dorothie (Swan), w.Samuell, Oct.21,1700.

Samuell, Aug.23,1708.

John, s.Samuell and Dorothie (Swan), slain by Indians, Aug.29,1708.

Jonathan, s.Isaac and Mary (Eatton), Jan.3,1737-8.

Abigail, d.Isaac and Mary (Eatton), Dec.15,1737.

John, s.Isaac and Mary (Eatton), Dec.27,1737.

Mary, d.Isaac and Mary (Eatton), Dec.27,1737.

Isaac, h.Mary (Eatton), at Cape Breton, [aft. 1744.]

Mary (Eatton), w.Isaac, July6,1758.


Rushton, Capt. [formerly of Boston.CR1], "at Mary Ayers" [gout.CR1], Jan.20,1828. [a.65y.CR1]


Mary, w.Henry, Dec.3,1822, a.21y.GR7


Hannah, d.James, jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton), July5 [8. dup.], 1650.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson), Mar.29,1662.

Christian, w.Thomas, Apr.7,1668.

Deborah, d.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes), Sept.25,1669.

Joseph, s.Thomas, Sept.15,1671.

Sissilla, w.James, May28,1673.

Johanah, d.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson), Sept.27,1673.

James, Jan.29,1678, a abt. 96y.

Ephraim, h.Mary, Sept.28,1679.

Elizabeth, w.James, Jan.21,1683.

Thomas, July27,1683.

Amos, s.Samuell and Deborah (Barnes), Apr.25,1686.

Daniel, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton), at Pemaquid, Apr.末,1689.

John, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth (Eaton), killed in Canada,末蔓末,1690.

Jonathan, s.Ephraim and Mary (Johnson), small pox, Dec.7,1690.

末末, ch.James, jr. and Sarah, July末,1694.

James, July18,1694.

Samuel, h.Deborah (Barnes), Sept.10,1696.

Mary, d.William and Mary (Calee), Feb.14,1701-2.

Ezra, s.James, jr. and Sarah, Dec.20,1702.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings), May10,1707.

James, h.Sarah, Apr.5,1708.

Mary, d.William and Mary (Calee), Jan.6,1709-10.

Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Patience (Hutchison), July31,1710.

Benjamin, s.Ephraim and Hannah (Eastman), Dec.10,1713.

Deborah, wid.Samuell, Jan.14,1718-19.

Mary, d.William and Mary (Calee), Dec.19,1718.

William, s.William and Mary (Calee), June27,1720.

Richard, s.James and Sarah (Bayley), June12,1721.

Elisha, s.James and Sarah (Bayley), Dec.8,1721.

Elizabeth, d.John and Hannah (Heath), July29,1727.

Katherine (Hastings), w.Samuel, Aug.3,1734.

John, s.John and Hannah (Heath), Apr.22,1735.

Elizabeth, d.John and Hannah (Heath), Jan.7,1736-7.

John, s.John and Hannah (Heath), Feb.14,1736-7.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Katherine (Hastings), Sept.19,1736.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah (Heath), Jan.1,1737-8.

Mary, d.John and Hannah (Heath), Jan.2,1737-8.

Elisha, h.Grace (Shaw), Jan.18,1738-9.

Elisabeth, d.Daniel and Esther (Barney), July17,1746.

Mary (Calee), w.William, Dec.5,1747.

Hannah (Eastman), w.Ephraim, Aug.13,1748.

Abigail (George), w.Samuel, jr., July11,1752.

Hannah, d.Amos and Hannah, Dec.25,1752.PR32

Sadah, d.Amos and Hannah, June28,1753.PR32

William, h.Mary (Calee), Sept.11,1753.

John, h.Sarah (Barney), July14,1781.

James, s.James and Abigail (White), May2,1791.

Margaret, d.James and Abigail (White), July13,1797.

Abigail, d.James and Abigail (White), July24,1797.

Hannah, w.Amos, July28,1799, in her 77th y.GR5

Amos, Jan.22,1810, a.81y.GR5

James, jr., May15,1817, a.19y.GR2

末末, inf.ch.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson), Mar.17,1823.

Rebekah, w.James, jr., Aug.13,1824, a.32y.GR5

Joshua, s.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson), Dec.10,1824.

James, h.Abigail (White), Sept.15,1825. [a.74y.GR2]

William, h.Hannah (Buck), Apr.9,1827.

Betsy (Mooer), w.Charles, June14,1829.

末末, d.Moses and Betsey, Oct.14,1831, a.2d.GR4

Nancy, w.Joshua, Apr.15,1834.

Hannah (Buck), w.William, Aug.6,1836.

Mary T., d.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson), Oct.23,1836.

Caroline M., d.John and Susan O. (Balch), Oct.23,1837.

Eveline, d.John and Polly, Oct.19,1838, a.19y.GR8

Harriet Parker, d.John and Susan O. (Balch), Aug.21,1839.

Mehitable, d.Joshua and Hannah (Johnson), Feb.12,1841.

Hannah (Johnson), w.Joshua, Mar.27,1841.

Edward Orestes, s.John and Susan O. (Balch), Sept.4,1842.

Abigail, wid.James, Feb.26,1844, a.87y.GR2

Jonathan, b. Chester, NH, s.Jonathan and Martha [Polly.GR8], brain fever, Oct.20,1845, a.17y.[Oct.27.GR8]

Melency Ann, d.Elbridge G. and Elizabeth B., consumption, Dec.6,1845, a.1y.7m.2d.

Hannah, wid.[w.Amos.GR5], b. Chester, NH, d.Phillip and Ruth Griffin, dysentery, Aug.5,1846, a.80y.11m.12d.[Aug.6.GR5]

John, 1st, May4,1847, a.53y.GR1


William, h.Mary, Apr.15,1665.

Theophilous, July20,1665.CTR


Benjamin, s.John and Mary (Scott), Jan.14,1689-90.


Mary Ann, d.Oliver H.S. and Caroline N. (Prescott), Jan.21,1842.


Job M., s.Job and Susan, croup, Jan.20,1845, a.13m.

DINSMORE (Densmore, Dinsmoor)

Adam, s.Francis and Elisabeth (Mitchel), June2,1762.

William[Densmore], s.Francis, Sept.7,1775.CR3

末末蔓[Densmore], Mrs., July26,1792.CR3

Caroline[Dinsmoor], w.John B., and, d.John and Polly, June18,1843, a.32y.GR1

Lydia[Densmore], unm., old age, Aug.2,1849, a.67y.


Susanna, d.David and Martha (Esgate), Mar.29,1731.

Joanna, d.David and Martha (Esgate), Oct.20,1735.

Ebenezer, Apr.28,1779, in his 30th y.GR1

Abigail (White), w.Joseph [inflammation on brain.CR1], Dec.28,1805. [a.58y.CR1]

Martha (White), w.Dea.Joseph [consumption.CR1], June11,1816. [a.68y.CR1;, a.67y.GR1]

George Cleaves, s.Rev. Joshua and Mary [liver complaint.CR1], July7,1817, a.7m.GR1

Joseph, h.Martha (White), at Salem, Nov.28,1822.

Gilman, h.Eliza (Eaton), at Boston, Jan.13,1841.

Deborah T., w.Thomas, anemia, Aug.21,1848, a.41y.7d.


Benjamin, drowned in Merrimac River, May24,1807, a.25y.GR1

Betsey, w.William, July3,1808. [a.32y.GR1]

William, h.Polly (Ayer), Apr.9,1816. [a.46y.GR1]

Mary L. (Chase), w.Paul, Oct.11,1830.

Mary Ann, d.William and Polly (Ayer), Aug.3,1833. [Aug.8, a.18y.GR1]

Mary, d.Paul and Lydia T. (Souther), June15,1835.

Paul, h.Lydia T. (Souther), Mar.19,1836.

Edward P., s.Paul and Lydia T. (Souther), June23,1836.


Joseh, h.Sarah (Kinrick) [typhus fever.CR1], Oct.18,1820. [Sept.15, a.27y.CR1; a.28y.GR1]

Joseph Augustus, Mar.8,1824, a.4y.GR1


James, s.James and Auroner, scarlet fever, Jan.20,1849, a.7y.


Thomas sr., May31,1654.

Mary, d.John and Mary (Page), Apr.末,1668.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Dorcas (Kemball), Nov.4,1669.

John, h.Mary, Nov.26,1672.

Dorcas, d.Thomas and Dorcas (Kemball), Apr.3,1673.

Thomas, h.Dorcas, June21,1676.

Joseph, s.John and Mary (Page), Mar.16,1688-9.

末末, ch.Henry and Elizbeth (Colbie), Oct.13,1693.

Martha, d.Stephen and Ann (Storie), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

末末, "Anonima," ch.John and Sarah (Browne), Dec.29,1696.

John, s.John and Sarah (Browne), June9,1698.

Timothy, s.Stephen, jr. and Mary (Hutchins), Sept.末,1698.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah (Browne), Aug.10,1699.

Ann, d.Samuel and Ruth, May19,1706.

Ann, w.Stephen, Feb.3,1714-15.

Abraham, s.John and Sarah (Browne), Apr.11,1716.

Stephen, July3,1717.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Ruth, Aug.29,1721.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ruth, May28,1722.

Joanna, w.Stephen, Oct.29,1734.

James, s.Nathaniel and Mary (Hendrick), Feb.3,1737-8.

Elizabeth, d.John, jr. and Meheteball (Haines), Sept.11,1737.

John, s.John, jr. and Meheteball (Haines), Sept.14,1737.

Stephen, h.Mary (Hutchins), June17,1743.

Samuel, h.Ruth, Dec.30,1749.

Ruth, w.Samuel, July25,1751.

Isaac, h.Lydia (Foster), Jan.末,1779.

Sarah, old age, Jan.末,1798, a.93y.CR1

Albert, s.John and Polly (Plummer) [dysentery.CR1], Aug.7,1817. [a.2y.CR1]

James, Jan.31,1839. [a.66y.8m.16d.GR6]

Harriot Scott, d.John and Polly (Plummer), Apr.7,1840. [a.18y.1m.10d.GR6]

Narciss, b. 1805, d.末蔓末,1841.GR1

Hezekiah, b. 1794, d.末蔓末,1843.GR1

末末, inf.s.James and Martha T., July9,1846.GR1

Martha, m., d.Phineas and Mary Nichols, dropsy, Dec.17,1849, a.77y.


Nanny, d.John, jr. and Molly (Ayer), Apr.16,1795.

末末, wid., Dec.11,1797, a.90y.CR3

George Washinging, s.John, jr. and Molly (Ayer), Sept.13,1802.

Molly, d.John, jr. and Molly (Ayer), June23,1812.

Molly (Ayer), w.John, jr., Sept.8,1820.

David, s.John, jr. and Molly (Ayer), Mar.末,1838.


Louisa, d.Ephraim K., Mar.13,1835.


Samuell, s.Adam and Hannah (Brewer), Sept.5,1704.

Elisha, s.Adam and Hannah (Brewer), June21,1705.

Hannah, d.Adam and Hannah (Brewer), May5,1706.

Adam, s.Adam and Hannah (Brewer), July6,1709.

Adam, h.Hannah (Brewer), Nov.4,1711.


Samuel Gile, s.Nicholas B. and Susan (Sargent), Jan.7,1837.

Emily (Page), w.Elbridge G., June21,1839. [June20, a.22y.GR1]

Mary, b. Newfield, ME, consumption, June4,1844, a.55y.

Thomas, m., shoemaker, b. Newfield, ME, s.John and Mary K., consumption, July8,1846, a.37y.9m.

Rebecca E., unm., b. Newfield, ME, d.John and Mary, consumption, May14,1848, a.20y.2m.


Louisa Henriette, d.Louis H. and Elizabeth, dysentery, Aug.22,1849, a.15d.


Mary C., unm., b. Ireland, Sept.11,1845.


末末, inf.ch.Charles H. and Mary Blake (Leavitt), Feb.22,1834.


George, s.James and Elisabeth, Apr.7,1766, a.14y.6m.GR1

Mary, d.James and Elizabeth, Oct.31,1777, a.28y.GR1

Elizabeth, w.James, Sept.4,1779, a.64y.GR1

Elizabeth, w.James, Nov.9,1785, a.49y.GR1

Hannah, w.James, Aug.3,1813, a.83y.GR1

James, July24,1817, a.93y.GR1

James, Esq., h.Rebecca (White) [s.James and Elisabeth (Bell). dup.], Jan.5,1821. [Jan.5,1822, a.65y.8m.14d.PR5]

Samuel White, h.Mary (White) [consumption.PR5], Oct.21,1824. [a.33y.10m.2d.PR5]

Rebekah White, d.twin, James Henry, Esq. and Mary (Willis), Sept.22,1827.

Benjamin Willis, s.James Henry, Esq. and Mary (Willis) [cholera infantum.PR5], Oct.22,1830.

Rebecca [White.GR1], wid.James, very suddently, Nov.4,1838. [a.84y.2m.25d.PR5]

George, s.James Henry, Esq. and Mary (Willis) [croup.PR5], Feb.17,1840.


末末, ch.illegitimate, William, Apr.11,1818., a.1d.CR1


Lovicy M. (Heath), w.Elias, Dec.26,1841.

DUSTON (Dustan)

John, s.Thomas and Hannah (Emerson), Jan.28,1689-90.

Mehetable, d.twin, Thomas and Hannah (Emerson), Dec.16,1694.

Martha, d.Thomas and Hannah (Emerson), killed, Mar.15,1696-7.

Mary, d.Thomas and Hannah (Emerson), Oct.18,1696.

Thomas, s.twin, Nathaniell and Mary (Ayer), Feb.25,1716-11. [sic. should be 17.]

Mary (Ayer), w.Nathaniell, Apr.17,1725.

Mary (Ingals), w.Thomas, Oct.29,1732. [Oct.9,1732.PR6]

Timothy, h.Sarah (Johnson), [aft. 1733.]

Sarah (Johnson), w.Timothy, July20,1735.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Susanna (Farnom), Feb.7,1748-9.

Stephen, s.Thomas, jr. and Mary (Ingals), Aug.24,1750.

Susanna (Farnam), w.Jonathan, Aug.22,1757.

Tryphene (Haseltine), w.Nathaniel, jr., Jan.3,1759.

Nathaniel, h.Sarah (Gage), Feb.17,1762.

Thomas, h.Mary (Ingals), Feb.24,1767. [in his 84th y.GR1]

Joshua, h.Rachel (Jackman), Aug.5,1771. [in his 43d y.GR1]

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Ruth (Perry), Jan.9,1774.

Rachel, Apr.14,1794.CR3

John[Dustan], moritification, July8,1797, a.73y.CR1

Amelia, d.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball), Jan.7,1801. [Jan.20.PR6]

Hannah (Russel), w.Jonathan, Mar.9,1801.

Mary, d.Joshua and Rachel (Jackman), Mar.5,1803.

Nathaniel, h.末末 (Hardy), Aug.16,1806.

Thomas, s.Susanna (Kimball) [fits.CR1], Sept.1,1817. [a.49y.CR1]

Dolly (Harriman), w.David, Feb.末,1828.

Ann, w.Timothy, Oct.15,1829, a.67y.GR2

Martha K., d.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball) [fever, at Lowell.CR1], Feb.25,1830. [a.18y.CR1; a 19y.GR1]

Joshua, s.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball), Jan.25,1832. [Jan.26, a.40y.GR1]

Timothy, July23,1840, a.75y.GR2

Thomas H., s.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball) [unm., trader, intemperance, dup.; apoplexy.CR1], Dec.12,1844. [a.38y.CR1]

Susannah [(Kimball), w.Thomas.dup.], w., b. Plaistow, NH, fever, Mar.3,1845, a.71y.[a.69y.GR1]

Augustus, s.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball), Apr.18,1849.


Joseph, h.Ruth (Whittier), Jan.末,1813.

Ruth (Whittier), w.Joseph,末蔓末,1816.

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