Sarah (Whitting), w.Charles,末蔓末,1764. [ Sept.11, in her 34th y.GR1]

Susanna, w.Charles, Feb.4,1781, a.36y.GR1

Susanna, d.Charles and Susanna, Feb.16,1781, a.6y.6m.GR1

Lydia, d.Charles and Susanna, Oct.25,1788, a.20y.GR1

Charles, h.Susannah (Brickett), May末,1796.

Charles, h.Deliverance [lung fever.CR1], May6,1796. [a.65y.CR1;, a.63y.GR1]

Sally Gale, d.Deliverance, consumption, Feb.2,1801, a.37y.CR1

Leonard, s.James and Dolly (Hoyt), Nov.12,1801.

末末, d.James and Dolly (Hoyt), Mar.8,1802.

John, s.James and Dolly (Hoyt), Jan.9,1805.

Rebecca, d.James and Dolly (Hoyt),末蔓末,1812.

Dolly (Hoyt), w.James, June30,1817. [a.45y.GR1]

末末, ch.stillborn, Daniel, Apr.12,1818.CR1

James [h.Dolly (Hoyt). dup.], s.Charles and Susanna (Brickett), May10,1823. [a.52y.GR1]

Leonard, s.James and Dolly (Hoyt), May13,1823.

Sarah, wid., old age, May15,1824., a.84y.CR1

Deliverance, w.Charles, May30,1824.


John, s.James and Judith (Emerson), Sept.27,1740.


Benjamin, hasty consumption, Feb.22,1798, a.52y.CR1

HAINES (Haynes)

Jonathan, h.Sarah (Moulton) [b. Eng. 1616, came to this country 1633.GR3], killed [by Indians near Lowell ave.GR3], Feb.22,1697-8.

Elizabeth (Kingsbury), w.Jonathan, Sept.17,1741.


Ebenezer, h.Sarah (Wicomb), drowned in Casco Bay Harbour, Jan.29,1749-50.

Lydia (White), d.Nicolas and Mary, at Newbury, VT, Nov.末,1792.

James, s.Ezekiel and Phebe (Coburn) [consumption.CR1], Mar.31,1796. [a.9y.CR1]

Eustace Carey, d.[Capt.GR1] Ezekiel, jr. and Hannah Church (Cookson), Aug.13,1826. [a.10m.GR1]

Martha, d.Ezekiel and Phebe (Coburn), Mar.27,1829. [a.23y.GR1]

Farnum, May13,1834.

James A., s.James and Rebekah (Steele), Aug.19,1835.

Phebe (Coburn), w.Ezekiel, Jan.20,1842. [Feb.5, a.78y.GR1]


Martha D., w.John C., consumption, Dec.13,1849, a.21y.


Edward W[oodbury.GR1], s.Andrew W. and Harriet (Bradley), Oct.10,1822. [a.1y.11m.GR1]

Andrew F[uller.GR1], s.Andrew W. and Harriet (Bradley), Dec.27,1829. [a.1y.4m.GR1]

HANNAFORD (Hanniford)

Joseph, s.Zacheriah and Mary (Grealee), Dec.19,1749.

John, s.Zacheriah and Mary (Grealee), Nov.2,1762.

HANNIFORD (Hannaford)

Lois (Nichols), w.Asa, Apr.15,1775.


Nancy [G.GR1], w.Stephen N., Nov.2,1835. [a.27y.GR1]

Winthrop, Aug.28,1836. [a.37y.GR7]

Caroline R., d.Peter and Susan, dysentery, Oct.18,1848, a.11m.


Mary, w.Jesse sr.,末蔓末,18末.

Jesse, Capt., sr., father Jesse, jr., July16,1810.

末末, J., Mr., consumption, Aug.末,1810, a.78y.CR1

末末, wid., consumption, Oct.8,1811, a.70y.CR1

William, s.Jesse and Hannah (Webster) [fever.CR1], Dec.24,1813. [a.5y.CR1]

Almira, d.Jesse and Hannah (Webster), Jan.18,1828.

Hannah, w.Thomas, tumor, Feb.20,1846, a.73y.1m.20d.


Harriet Newall, d.Aaron and Mary (Atwood) [consumption.CR1], May25,1817. [a.16m.CR1;, a.11m.18d.GR1]

Mary, d.wid.M., inflammation of brain, Sept.21,1818, a.4y.CR1

Mary, d.Aaron and Mary, Nov.5,1818, a.4y.6m.GR1

HARIMAN (Harriman)



Caroline B., d.James and Caroline A. (Butters), Sept.24,1843.

Eliza, w.Benjamin, consumption, July3,1844, a.37y.3m.

Hannah, w.Benjamin, b. Epping, NH, palsy, Oct.2,1849, a.77y.

HARRIMAN (Hariman, Heriman, Herriman)

Mary, d.Matthew and Mary (Calee), June15,1728.

Laben, s.Joseph and Lydia (Eatton), July16,1734.

Kezia, d.Joseph and Lydia (Eatton), June14,1737.

Phillip, s.Matthew, jr. and Martha (Page), July19,1741.

Hette, d.Joshua and Elizabeth (Simons), Jan.1,1742-3.

Patience (Roberds), w.Stephen, Aug.26,1742.

Matthew, jr., h.Martha (Page), Oct.28,1743.

Elisabeth, d.Stephen and Elisabeth (Griffing), Oct.22,1748.

Dudley, s.Joel and Mary (Braddstreet), Nov.4,1756.

Joshua, Apr.23,1772.CR3

末末, ch.Hannah, Feb.2,1779.CR3

末末, ch., wid.Eunice, Feb.28,1779.CR3

末末, ch.Enoch, Apr.27,1782.CR3

Dorcas, wid., June4,1783.CR3

Jonathan, Dec.23,1792.CR3

Martha (Palmer), w.Enoch, Dec.8,1814.

Joel, h.Mary (Braddstreet), May18,1823.

Caroline, d.John and Abigail Duston, June20,1823.

Abigail (Duston), w.John [d.Thomas and Susanna (Kimball). dup], July4,1823.

Sarah, d.Joel and Mary (Bradstreet), Jan.18,1828.

Betsey (Kimbal), w.Nathaniel K., Dec.5,1828. [Dec.8, a.33y.GR2]

Hannah, Mrs.Harriman, alias Stevens, at the poorhouse, Apr.8,1831, a.70y.CR1

末末, ch.John, fits, Oct.29,1831, a.1ス y.CR1

Abigail, w.Joseph, June20,1834.

Olive T. (Emery), w.Moses, Feb.5,1835.

Sally [Sarah.GR1], d.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.16,1841. [a.47y.GR1]

Nathan B., Dec.6,1841, a.40y.GR8


Thomas, Feb.18,1763, a.74y.GR3

Johannah, Sept.13,1766, a.76y.GR3

Benjamin, s.David and Dorotha (Marshell), Feb.末,1772.

Jonathan, Aug.9,1773.CR3

David, h.Dorotha (Marshell), Nov.2,1784.

David, s.David and Dorotha (Marshell), May2,1785.

Charles Nelson, s.Stephen and Mary J., Aug.21,1830, a.3y.GR1


Witter Corning, s.Benjamin and Phebe (Stevens), Apr.3,1754.

William Henry, s.Joseph and Anna (Treat) [quinsy.CR1], Dec.22,1795. [a.5セ y.CR1]

John, s.Joseph and Anna (Treat) [drowned, at sea.CR1], Oct.18,1797. [Oct.1, a.17y.CR1]

James [James Henry.CR1], s.Joseph and Anna (Treat) [consumption.CR1], Mar.29,1802. [a.6y.CR1]

Samuel Treat, s.Joseph and Anna (Treat), Oct.1,1802. [Oct.21, a.24y.CR1]

Mary, Madam [old age.CR1], Dec.25,1804. [a.86y.CR1]

Joseph, h.Anna (Treat) [old age.CR1], May22,1828. [a.80y.CR1]

Anna (Treat), w.Joseph [old age.CR1], May20,1832. [a.81y.CR1;, a.80y.GR1]


James, s.Thomas and Sarah (Swan), Sept.1,1676.

Elizabeth, d.John and Ruth (Swan), June19,1683.

Ruth, w., John, small pox, Dec.12,1690.

John, h.Hannah (Frame), killed, Aug.29,1708.

John, jr., Aug.29,1708, in his, 3d y.GR1

HASALTINE (Haseltine)

Mary, Feb.10,1703, in her 37th y.GR1

Judith, Mrs., Sept.29,1782, a.92y.CR3

Lydia, Miss, June6,1784.CR3

末末, w.Jeremiah, Aug.8,1784.CR3

Hannah, Miss, Nov.23,1791.CR3

Ruth, Mrs., Mar.23,1796.CR3

HASELTINE (Hasaltine, Hasletine, Hassaltine, Heselton)

Deliverance (Robie), w.Nathaniel, Dec.20,1686.

Sarah, d.John, jr. and Mary, June20,1688.

John sr., Dec.23,1690, a.abt. 70y.

Benjamin, s.John, jr. and Mary, Aug.31,1695.

Jean, wid.John sr., July17,1698.

Joseph, s.Nathaniell, jr. and Abigall (Tenny), Feb.14,1719-20.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Ruth (Dow), Mar.15,1719-20.

John, s.twin, Philip and Judith (Wabster), Feb.5,1722-3.

Nathaniel, h.Ruth, Jan.14,1723-4.

Abraham, s.Jonathan and Ruth (Dow), June21,1728.

Joseph, s.twin, Phillip and Judith (Wabster), Sept.2,1728.

Sarah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Simons), Nov.16,1728.

Elizabeth, d.John, jr. and Mary, Mar.15,1731-2.

Mary, d.Joseph and Judith (Eatton), Jan.2,1736-7.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Judith (Eatton), Jan.28,1736-7.

David, s.Jonathan, jr. and Mary (Simons), June末,1737.

Benjamin, s.twin, Phiip and Judith (Wabster), May30,1738.

Lois, d.Phillip and Judith (Wabster), June2,1738.

Ann, d.Philip and Judith (Wabster), June21,1738.

Stephen, s.Philip and Judith (Wabster), June29,1738.

Phillip, s.twin, Philip and Judith (Wabster), Aug.5,1738.

Asa, s.Philip and Judith (Wabster), Sept.1,1738.

Mary (Simons), w.Jonathan, jr., Feb.27,1746-7.

Elisabeth (Hutchins), w.James, July12,1750.

Ruth, d.Timothy and Ann (Hancock), Aug.10,1750.

Jonathan, h.Ruth (Dow), Feb.26,1753.

David, s.Jonathan, 3d and Lydia (Browne), Aug.20,1753.

Ann (Hancock), w.Timothy, July25,1759.

Joseph, h.Judith (Eatton), Apr.25,1765.

Joseph, jr., h.Mary (Webster), Dec.22,1766.

Sarah, d.John and Lydia (Marsh), May19,1767.

Elisabeth, d.Phillip and Patience (Rowel), Jan.15,1774.

Jesse, s.Phillip and Patience (Rowel), Sept.19,1775.

Sarah, d.Phillip and Patience (Rowel), Oct.3,1775.

John, s.Nathaniell, jr. and Abigail (Tenny), June14,1802.

James, h.Hannah (Kimball), Nov.末,1803. [Nov.1, a.74y.GR2]

Elizabeth, w.Joseph, Jan.16,1817, a.34y.GR7

Abigial, w.James, Sept.20,1820, a.66y.GR1

Mary, d.Samuel, jr. and Lydia (Webster), Mar.,1823.

Benjamin, h.Betsy (Hardy), Sept.24,1826. [a.35y.GR1]

James, May17,1833. [a.82y.GR1]

James, h.Susannah (West), July15,1833. [a.60y.GR6]

Hannah (Ladd), w.Ladd, Dec.2,1833. [a.69y.GR7]

Susannah (West), w.James, Jan.2,1834. [a.54y.GR6]

Charles W., s.Ward and Martha, Mar.24,1834, a.2y.10m.GR7

William W., s.Ward and Martha (Webster), Mar.24,1834.

Betsy (Hardy) [Elizabeth.GR1], w.Benjamin, May22,1834. [May24, a.43y.GR1]

Charles M., s.Charles and Ann (Merrill), Apr.2,1836.

Daniel Chapman, s.Samuel, "at his father's house in the West Parish," May末,1837.

Mehitable, d.Stephen and Mary (Kimball), Apr.末,1838.

Martha, w.Ladd, jr., Aug.4,1841.

William, Capt., Oct.25,1841, a.58y.GR1 [Oct.30.CR1]

Susan (Badger), w.[Capt.GR1] William, Dec.5,1841. [a.55y.GR1]

Sarah (Haynes), w.Joseph, Jan.24,1842.

Martha Ann, d.Ward and Martha, Sept.15,1842, a.2y.2m.GR7

Ladd, Oct.5,1842, a.85y.GR7

Stephen, Feb.3,1844, a.74y.GR2

Harriet A., d.Albert A. and Abigail, lung fever, Oct.19,1844, a.3y.1m.[Oct.20.GR7]

Ruth, unm., cancer, Feb.6,1845, a.91y.

Sarah, d.Theophilus and Roxy, brain fever, Oct.6,1845, a.14y.9m.5d.

Frederick W., June28,1846, a.29y.GR6

Elizabeth L., w.Samuel, b. Peterboro, intemperance, June20,1847, a.57y.

John H., m., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, drowning, June25,1849, a.36y.

William H., unm., merchant, s.James and Susanna, disease on brain, Dec.26,1849, a.43y.

HASLETINE (Haseltine)

Susannah, d.Samuel and Mary (Johnson), Oct.26,1716.

David, s.David and Mary (Johnson), Aug.30,1736.

John, s.Samuel and Mary (Johnson), Sept.10,1736.

HASSALTINE (Haseltine)

Samuel, Mar.5,1773, in his 47th y.GR3


James, s.Robert, jr. and Ruth (Sanders), July26,1735.

Robert, s.Robert, jr. and Ruth (Sanders), June4,1737.

Rebekah (Kelly), w.John, Oct.5,1758.

末末, ch.Richard, Feb.22,1779.CR3

John, Nov.25,1794.CR3

Andrew, Feb.25,1818.

Chauncey [Col.CR1], Apr.8,1840. [Apr.10, a.42y.CR1]


Asa, Capt., h.Phebe (Sprague), Jan.1,1779.


Charles William, s.Thomas M. and Joanna G. (Wyatt), Aug.20,1834. [a.18m.GR1]

Charles W.H.H. [William Henry Harrison.GR1], s.Thomas M. and Joanna G. (Wyatt), Dec.6,1841. [a.15m.CR1]

Joanna Gaffney, w.Thomas M., Mar.22,1842, a.33y.CR1

John W., m., yeoman, b. Dover, NH, s.Aaron and Deborah W., obstruction and mortification of the intestines, Nov.11,1845., a.68y.

HAYNES (Haines)

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth (Clement), July23,1747.

Moses, s.Jonathan and Ruth (Page), Sept.5,1747.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Elizabeth (Clement), Aug.20,1753.

末末, ch.stillborn, Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan.29,1756.PR27

Hannah (Heriman), w.Thomas, Feb.12,1761.

Augustus, s.Ammiruhami and Sarah (French), Feb.6,1768.

Thomas, h.Hannah (Heriman), Dec.6,1771. [in his 92d y.CR3]

David, s.Joseph and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1775.PR27

Betty, d.Ammiruhami and Sarah (French), Dec.15,1781.

Hazen, s.Jonathan and Polly (Corliss), Apr.29,1793.

Phineas, s.Warren and Polly (Nichols), June4,1799.

Joseph, h.Mehitabel (Marsh), Dec.26,1801. [a.87y.GR3]

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1810.PR27

Sally, d.Jonathan and Polly (Corliss), Jan.1,1810.

Joseph Warren, s.Warren and Polly (Nichols), Aug.4,1811.

Robert, Oct.27,1812, a.46y.GR3

John L., h.Mary (Harding) [fever.CR1], Feb.22,1817. [Feb.26, a.26y.CR1]

Thomas, h.Anne (Mooers), Apr.18,1817. [Apr.16, a.63y.GR1]

Ammi, Jan.26,1822, a.81y.CR3

Charles A., s.Charles and Sarah, Apr.11,1824, a.6m.8d.GR1

Polly (Corliss), w.Jonathan, May末,1824.

Molly, w.Jonathan, May11,1824, a.65y.GR3

Mary, May14,1824.CR3

Sarah, wid., Dec.10,1825.GR3

Mehitabell, w.[wid.CR3] Joseph, Feb.4,1826, a.87y.GR3

Loisa Ann, d.Moses, 2d and Harriet (Webster), July3,1830. [a.13m.GR7]

末末, inf.ch.John R., Mar.10,1832.

Jonathan, Feb.26,1833, a.73y.GR3

Almira M., d.Gilman and Mary (Morse), Mar.5,1836. [a.13m.9d.GR7]

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Hannah (Adams), Apr.5,1838.

Anna, w.Thomas, Dec.7,1840, a.81y.GR1

Arthur Warren, s.Gilman and Mary, Apr.21,1844, a.20y.GR7

Amos, s.Zacheus and Hannah B., May30,1844.PR26

Hazen, consumption, s.Zacheus and Hannah, May30,1844, a.9m.

Mary, w.Gilman, b. Canaan, NH, consumption, Jan.2,1845, a.44y.

Zacheus, m., farmer, s.Jonathan and Molly, consumption, Sept.9,1847, a.43y.

Mary, w.Warren, old age, July13,1848, a.79y.

Mary F., b. Charlestown, d.Elbridge and Louisa, scarlet fever, Dec.15,1848, a.1y.8m.

Louisa, unm., d.Zacheus and Hannah, heart disease, May3,1849, a.21y.

HAZEN (Hazzen)

Richard, s.Richard and Mary (Peabody), Aug.6,1695.

George, s.Richard and Mary (Peabody), Dec.6,1704.

Elizabeth, d.Richard and Mary (Peabody), July8,1713.

John, s.Richard and Mary (Peabody), July12,1714.

Abigail (White), w.Morris, Dec.末,1792.

HAZZEN (Hazen)

Mary (Peabody), w.Lt. Richard, Sept.13,1731. [in her 60th y.GR1]

Richard, Lt., Sept.25,1733. [in his 65th y.GR1]

Nathaniel, s.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Nov.19,1737.

Mary, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Nov.30,1737.

Sarah, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, July29,1740.

Nathaniel, s.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Dec.10,1745.

Richard, Apr.20,1753, in his 32d y.GR1

Grace, w.Lt. Richard, May20,1761.

Mary, d.Richerd, jr. and Miriam (Hoit), May末,1771.

Nathanael, s.Richerd, jr. and Miriam (Hoit), May7,1774.

Richerd, s.Richerd, jr. and Miriam (Hoit), "at N.," July20,1774.

Moses, s.Moses and Abigial (White), at Troy, NY,末蔓末,1802.

John, s.John and Anna (Sweat), Feb.末,1828.


Elizabeth, d.Bartholomew and Hannah (Moyce), Jan.28,1654.

Benjamin, s.Bartholomew and Hannah (Moyce), June29,1657.

Elizabeth, d.Bartholomew and Hannah (Moyce), Feb.11,1659.

Hannah, d.Bartholomew and Hannah (Moyce), Nov.9,1668.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah (Partridge), Apr.2,1669.

Joseph, h.Martha, Dec.1,1672.

Hannah, w.Bartholomew, July19,1677.

Bartholomew, h.Hannah, Jan.15,1681.

Elizabeth, d.John and Sarah (Partridge), Dec.9,1683.

Mehetabel, d.John and Hannah (Haines), May末,1699.

David, s.triplet, John and Hannah (Haines), Nov.25,1699.

John, s.triplet, John and Hannah (Haines), Nov.25,1699.

Jonathan, s.triplet, John and Hannah (Haines), Nov.25,1699.

Josiah, jr., h.Hannah (Starling), Apr.21,1721.

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth (Dow), July9,1728.

Ann, d.stillborn, William and Elizabeth (Dow), Nov.2,1732.

Elisabeth, d.twin, Samuel and Elizabeth (Emerson), Apr.9,1735.

Mary, d.William and Elizabeth (Dow), Mar.15,1737.

Jeremiah, s.William and Elizabeth (Dow), Apr.9,1737.

Sarah, d.Bartholomew and Mary (Pike), Sept.24,1737.

Ruth, d.John, jr. and Lydia (Bradly), Sept.26,1737.

Anna, d.John, jr. and Lydia (Bradly), Oct.16,1737.

Merriem, d.John, jr. and Lydia (Bradly), Oct.18,1737.

Joshua, s.David and Ann (Staples), Nov.7,1737.

Susanna, Aug.5,1829.PR6

Louisa D., w.John P., Sept.12,1838. [ Sept.8, a.23y.GR6]

Henry Augustus, s.John P. and Lois D., July3,1839, a.2y.7m.17d.GR6

Dustin, Feb.5,1841.

Albert S., s.Albert C. and Matilda, croup, Mar.26,1846, a.3y.7m.6d.

Mary Dent, w.Daniel, b. 末末,1807, d.末蔓末,1847.GR6

Edward L., d.John P. and Eliza A[nn.GR6], drowning, May4,1848, a.5y.5m.14d.

Miner M., s.William and Esther M., dysentery, Aug.27,1849, a.2y.


Dorothie, w.Daniel, June5,1659.

Abraham, s.Daniel and Mary (Stockbridge), small-pox, Dec.1,1690.

Jotham, Oct.9,1727.


Rufus, m., carpenter, h.Betty, old age, Oct.10,1849, a.73y.[Nov.9.GR4]


James, shoemaker, b. Tuftonborough, NH, erysipelas, Jan.22,1845, a.24y.3m.

HERIMAN (Harriman)

Moses, s.John and Sarah (Morrill), May9,1725.


Mehetabel (Steel) [w.Jonathan A., of Beverly.GR1], d.Willam and Mehetabel (Lord), Nov.11,1833. [Dec.11, a.29y.GR1]

HERRIMAN (Harriman)

Nathaniel, s.Mathew and Elizabeth (Swan), Dec.末,1695.

Mary, d.Matthew, jr. and Martha (Page), 末蔓14,1712-13.

Sarah, d.Richard and Sarah (Hall), Nov.20,1728.

Ebenezer, s.Stephen and Patience (Roberds), Aug.11,1733.

Mehetibel, d.Abner and Sarah (Merriel), Mar.8,1737.

Matthew, s.Joshua and Elizabeth (Simons), Apr.21,1737.

Moses, h.Eunice (Emerson), at Ticonderoga, Sept.6,1776.

Lydia, d.Moses and Eunice (Emerson), Mar.31,1779.

Mary, d.Asaph and Abigail, Mar.27,1795, a.19y.GR2

Israel, May2,1811, a.33y.GR5


Sarah Spofford, d.Caleb and Mehitable H. (Spofford) [scarlet fever.CR1], May10,1832. [a.4セ y.CR1]

George Melvin [George Andrew.CR1], s.Caleb and Mehitable H. (Spofford) [scarlet fever.CR1], May16,1832. [a.14m.CR1]

HESELTON (Haseltine)

Hannah, w.James, Dec.30,1844, a.92y.GR2


Abigail, w.Dr. Samuel, Nov.17,1822. [a.66y.GR1]

Samuel, Dr., at Belpre, OH, Aug.7,1823.


Edward [Edwin.GR1], typhus fever, Mar.2,1820, a.17y.CR1 [a.18y.GR1]

Edmund E., b. Manchester, Eng., arrived in this country 1767, d.Apr.22,1821, a.75y.GR1

Abigail (Curney), w.Edmund [wid.Edmund E.GR1], Dec.22,1834. [a.85y.GR1]


Eunice, Dec.14,1836.


Moody, s.Nathaniel and Deborah (Hobart), Dec.27,1799.

Maryane, d.Nathaniel and Deborah (Hobart), Dec.20,1802.

Charles P., Aug.22,1829, a.25y.GR1

Nathaniel, Esq., Oct.10,1837, a.59y.GR1


Joseph, s.Job and Sarah, Jan.末,1724-5.

Seth, s.twin, Job and Sarah, Feb.10,1728-9.

Thomas, s.twin, Job and Sarah, Feb.10,1728-9.

Joshua, s.Job and Sarah, July26,1734.


David, Col., Apr.19,1799.CR3

Mercy, wid., "d.in Nathaniel Hills' family," Jan.22,1811.


Franklin Brown, s.Daniel E. and Elizabeth C., Dec.8,1839, a.14w.GR1


Mary Ann, w.Franklin, July11,1840.

末末, w.Franklin, July11,1840.

Sarah A., w.Franklin, b. Epsom, NH, consumption, May21,1848, a.32y.


Sarah, d.William, June4,1651. [June10. dup.; June18.CTR]

Abigail, d.William, June13,1657.


Judith, d.James and Jamima, Dec.1,1737. [in her 11th y.GR1]

Deborah, d.James and Jamima, Dec.12,1737. [in her 13th y.GR1]

Abigail, d.James and Jamima, Dec.20,1737. [in her 9th y.GR1]

James, s.James and Jamima, Dec.25,1737. [in his 5th y.GR1]

Jemima, w.James, Apr.19,1746.


Joseph, h.Rebecah (Case), Oct.3,1804.


John Milton, s.Dudley F. and Judith A., June30,1827, a.5m.9d.GR4

Moses Wisner, s.Moses K. and Susan (Steele), Aug.31,1832. [ Sept.30, a.6m.GR1]

Susan (Steele), w.Moses K., Dec.12,1841. [a.31y.GR1]

Joshua L., Apr.12,1848, a.63y.7m.GR1

Moses K., m., silversmith, s.Joshua and Harriet, dysentery, Oct.12,1848, a.39y.


Elizabeth (Herrick), w.Elisha [consumption.CR1], Nov.6,1824. [Nov.7, a.27y.GR1]


Lucretia, d.John W., Feb.8,1841.


Caleb, Sept.27,1741, in his 19y.GR1


Almira (Emerson), w.William, Jan.29,1833.


Sarah, inf.d.Ira and Sarah K. (Poor), Mar.末,1837.

Mary Frances, d.Ira and Sarah K. (Poor), Apr.23,1841.


Ann, d.John, Aug.15,1835.

HOW (Howe)

James, Esq., b. Rochester, NH, May11,1787, d.Boston, May12,1832.GR1

Persis (Whittier), w.David, July8,1787. [in her 27th y.GR1]

James Marsh, s.David and Betsey, Dec.26,1795, a.20m.GR1

Betsey (Redington), w.David, Feb.14,1803. [a.42y.GR1]

Elizabeth Willis, d.James and Elizabeth B. (Willis) [dysentery.CR1], Aug.19,1818. [Aug.28, a.3y.6m.CR1]

William Garland, s.Isaac R. and Sarah (Saltonstall) [worms.CR1], Aug.26,1826. [Aug.17, a.3m.CR1]

Hannah, w.Capt. Isaac, jr., July19,1828, a.39y.CR3

Frances, d.Isaac R. and Sarah (Saltonstall), Sept.5,1828. [a.11m.CR1]

Isaac [Capt.GR7], h.Louis, Jan.17,1829. [a.68y.GR7]

Lois, d.Capt. Isaac, July1,1829, a.30y.GR7

Sarah, w.David, Esq., Aug.13,1831, a.74y.GR1

Margaret, d.Phineas and Tryphena, Aug.17,1831, a.17m.GR8

Lois, w.[Capt.GR7] Isaac, Jan.9,1837. [a.81y.GR7]

Helen S., d.Phineas and Tryphena, Jan.10,1841, a.13y.GR8

Sarah Helen, d.Phineas and Tryphina (Wheeler), Jan.10,1841.

Worcester C. [formerly of Barnett, VT.GR1; consumption.CR1], Feb.6,1841. [Feb.26, a.27y.CR1]

David, Esq., Jan.10,1842, a.85y.GR1


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Deborah (Plumer), Oct.4,1756.

Florines, ch.Rufus M., consumption, Sept.25,1849, a.3m.25d.

HOWE (How)

Mary C[ranch.GR9], w.Col. Jacob and, d.Rev. Jacob Norton, Nov.6,1841, a.37y.CR1 [Nov.3.GR9]

Anna Maria, w.Nathaniel S., Sept.24,1843, a.23y.GR6

Caroline M[atilda.CR5], unm., d.Isaac R. [and Sarah S.GR6], bleeding of the lungs, Aug.9,1844, a.22y.

Anna E[lizabeth.CR5], unm., d.Isaac R. and Sarah S., consumption, July7,1845, a.21y.

Hannah, wid., d.Samuel and Rebecca Barber, fits, Mar.30,1847, a.82y.[Mar.31, a.81y.6m.GR3]


William, h.Mehetable (Swasey), drowned "with 5 other persons," May24,1807.

John, s.John and Ruth (Flanders), Dec.23,1818.

Ruth (Flanders), w.John, Nov.9,1825.

David Webster, d.William and Dolly (Shortidge), June14,1828.

Nancy P., w.Dea.Daniel C., July6,1830, a.30y.GR5

James Henry, s.Aaron and Sarah M., May9,1846, a.6d.GR2

Elizabeth J., d.William and Abby, May20,1846, a.5y.6m.GR1

Daniel C. [s.Daniel and Betsy.PR60], Nov.26,1848, a.19y.GR4

Aaron Sylvester, s.Aaron and Sarah M., June24,1849, a.2y.1m.16d.GR2


Lydia, d.Thomas and Abigail (Harriman), Feb.16,1761.

Kezia, d.Thomas and Abigail (Harriman), Mar.4,1761.

Thomas, h.Abigail (Harriman), June3,1768.

Abiah, w.Jonathan, June4,1834.



Stephen, Mar.21,1841.CR7

Emma M., d.Philip and Pluma, bowel complaint, Aug.21,1844, a.11m.

HURD (Herd)

HURLEY (Hurly)

John, Sept.6,1729, in his 35th y.GR1

Hannah, w.John, Aug.21,1746, in her 20th y.GR1

HURLY (Hurley)

Timothy, s.John and Esther (Hastings), Apr.15,1721.


Stephen, s.Stephen and Susanna (Clement), Sept.6,1743.

Miriam, d.Stephen and Susanna (Clement), Sept.8,1743.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Susanna (Clement), Sept.20,1748.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Susanna (Clement), Nov.14,1754.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Susanna (Clement), Dec.29,1764.

Ruth, d.Stephen and Susanna (Clement), Sept.19,1765.

John, s.John and Elisabeth (Tenny), Sept.8,1801.

Elisabeth Tenny, d.John and Elisabeth (Tenny), Aug.12,1802.

John, h.Elisabeth (Tenny), July12,1838.

Joseph, July21,1838, a.70y.CR1 [July12.GR1]


William, s.William and Sarah (Hardey), Dec.21,1662.

Johanah, d.Joseph and Johanah, Feb.5,1677.

Andrew, s.Joseph and Johanah, June3,1681.

John, Feb.6,1685.

Joseph, h.Johanah, Apr.19,1689.

Frances, w.John, Apr.5,1694.

Samuell, Ens., Jan.18,1712-13.

末末, ch.stillborn, Joseph and Zeruiah (Page), Sept.9,1731.

Timothy, s.Joseph and Zeruiah (Page), Mar.6,1736-7.

William, s.Joseph and Zeruiah (Page), Mar.29,1737.

Willford, s.James and Ruth (Grealy), Apr.11,1737.

Jeremiah, s.James and Ruth (Grealy), Apr.15,1737.

Ruth (Grealy), w.James, Mar.24,1739-40.

Hannah (Marrill), w.Samuell, June9,1744.

David, h.Elisabeth (Stevens), Aug.4,1749.

James, h.Ruth (Grealy), Apr.16,1760.


Thomas M., s.Elisha and Harriet M., Apr.4,1836, a.11m.GR6


Ann, dropsy, July12,1846.CR1

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