EAMES (Ames)

Samuel, jr., and Sally Lowel of Kingston, int.Nov.20,1786.

Daniel, and Hannah Winter, Apr.10,1788.*

Mary, and William Kelly of Exeter [NH. int.], Jan.6,1803.*

Hannah, and Thomas Tyler, Mar.26,1803.*

Pamelia, of Bradford, and David Cross, int.June1,1805.

Lydia, and Capt. David Low, July14,1806.*

Joanna, and Ezra C. Ames, Nov.19,1815.*


Submit, and Aaron Sargent, Nov.16,1757.

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Sillaway, June16,1784.

Sarah, and John Emerson of Newbury, Oct.26,1784.*

Abigail, and David Elliot, June7,1812.*

Joseph, and Ann Parker, int.Feb.17,1827.

Joseph, jr., and Hannah S. Robbins, Dec.11,1831.*


Philip, and, wid.Mary Mosse, Aug.23,1678.

Thomas, and Deborah Corlis, Jan.20,1679.

Deborah, wid., and Thomas Kingsbury, June29,1691.

Susanna, and Thomas Wood, May19,1693.

Jonathan, and Hannah Green, Apr.8,1701.

Joseph, of Salisbury, and Abigell Merrill, Mar.23,1715.

Meheteball, and Nathaniel Emerson, Oct.17,1728.

Peter, and Elizabeth Harriman, Dec.22,1733.

Sarah, and Robert Emerson, jr., June24,1735.

William, and Ruth Chase, Dec.14,1738.

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Ingalls, July10,1739.

Robert, of Concord [NH. int.], and Polly Bradley, Nov.13,1785.*

Ephraim, and Susanna Sargeant, Feb.3,1793.*


Thomas, and Wid.Hannah Draper, Aug.9,1716.

EATON (Eatton)

Elizabeth, and James Davis, jr., Dec.1,1648.

Thomas, and Martha Kent, Aug.14,1656.

John, sr., and Phebe Dow, Nov.20,1661.

Thomas, 2d m., and Eunice Singletery, Dec.末,1678 [1658?]

Ann, and Lt. George Browne, [bef. 1683.]

Thomas, jr., and Hanah Webster, May5,1684.

Rachel, and Daniel Griffing, Dec.12,1751.

Joseph, and Sarah Webster, Jan.24,1754.

Timothy, jr., and Abigail Massey of Saley, NH, [bef. 1756.]

Lydia, and Stephen Noyce of Plaistow, Mar.2,1757.

Susanna, and Benjamine Richards, jr., of Plaistow, NH, Oct.20,1757.

James, jr., and Abigail Emerson, Sept.7,1758.

Jonathan, jr., and Mary Stone of Plaistow, Sept.13,1759.

Abigail, of Plaistow, and Samuel Merrill, Oct.25,1759.

Moses, jr., and Anna Webster of Plaistow, Feb.5,1760.

David, and Elenor Clements, Feb.19,1761.

Ebenezer, of Plaistow, and Phebe Shepard, Oct.13,1761.

Mehetabel, and Ebenezer Bayley, jr., Oct.21,1762.

Ruth, wid., and Dea.Peter Green, Jan.24,1764.

Sarah, and Stephen Page, Apr.10,1764.

Nathaniel, Lt., and Rebecca Dodge of Lunenburg, May8,1766.

Hannah, and Abraham Emerson, July16,1767.

Moses, and Susanna Lecount, June21,1768.

Ebenezer, and Abigail Fulsom, Jan.10,1769.

Enoch, and Esther Williams of Ipswich [Dec.20,1769.CR1]

Abigail [Mrs.CR3], and Jesse Webster of Salem, NH, Apr.29,1773.

Hannah, and Samuel Cross of Methuen, Apr.14,1774.

Sarah, of Plaistow, and Ithamar Emerson [Oct.13,1774.CR2]

Amos, and Mary Gage of Pelham, NH, [bef. 1775.]

Mary, of Methuen, and Moses Webster, jr., Jan.26,1775.

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Edward Ordway, jr., [bef. 1777.]

Sarah, and Moses Haseltine, Sept.8,1777.

Sarah, and Moses Parker of Bradford, May24,1781.

Betty, and Moses Ingalls of Atkinson, Nov.8,1781.CR2

Joseph, of Sandown, and Elizabeth George, Dec.13,1781.

Timothy, jr., and Betty Frye, Feb.21,1782.

Eunice, and Pearse Gage of Pelham, Sept.17,1782.CR2*

Susanna, Mrs., and Benjamin Darling Malcolm of Newburyport, int.Dec.22,1782.

Job, of Plaistow, and, wid.Sarah Kimball, July3,1783.*

Mary, and Gideon Wood of Atkinson, int.Oct.31,1783.

James, and Polly Noyes of Hampstead, int.May3,1787.

Abigail, and Peter Ayer, jr., Nov.1,1787.*

Mary, and Dea.Isaac Pearson of Boscawen [NH.CR1], Oct.4,1789.*

Abijah, and Elisabeth Poor of Atkinson [Mar.26,1790. int.]*

Lydia, and Joseph How [jr. int.], of Methuen, July8,1790.*

Lydia, and Pelatiah Hoyt, jr., [bef. 1791.]

Lucy, and John Kezar Gile, July17,1791.*

Sally, and Rev. Isaac Smith of Gilmanton [NH.CR3], Nov.10,1791.*

Hannah [of Methuen. int.], and William Bachelor, at Methuen [Apr.26,1794. int.]*

Ebenezer, and Deborah Vose of Bradford, int.May31,1794.

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Hutchins of Fryeburg, Oct.19,1794.*

Rebekah, and Stilson Hutchins of Fryeburg [NH.CR3], Mar.15,1795.*

Betsey, and Caleb Morse of Salem, NH, Aug.13,1795.*

Sarah, and James Gutterson of Atkinson, Oct.15,1795.

Moses, and Betsey Plummer, Dec.29,1795.*

Amos, 2d m., and Anna Ordway, Mar.29,1796.*

Elijah, and Betsey Voce of Bedford, NH, int.Oct.7,1796.

Enoch, jr., of Goffstown, and Priscilla Eaton, int.Feb.21,1797.

Priscilla, and Enoch Eaton, jr., of Goffstown, int.Feb.21,1797.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Emerson, Oct.11,1797.*

Timothy, Capt., and, wid.Mary Coburn of Dracut, Nov.28,1797.*

Phebe, and Rev. Ebenezer Dutch of Bradford, Feb.15,1798.*

Phineas, and Elizabeth Emerson of Hopkinton, Nov.15,1798.*

Ichabod, and Rebekah Hasaltine, Sept.8,1799.*

Polly [Mary.dup.], and John Emerson [jr. int.], Oct.15,1799.*

Ward, and Judith Ingalls of Walpole [Mar.5,1800. int.]*

Betsy, and Eliab Stone, jr. of Reading, July4,1802.*

Ruth, and Simon Cobourn of Salem, NH, Nov.25,1802.*

Ithamer, Col., of Weare, NH, and Mrs.Hannah Low, Dec.31,1805.*

Mary, of Londonderry, and Isaac Carkin, int.Nov.28,1807.

Moses, and [Mrs.int.] Sally Stevens of Salem, NH, Apr.10,1808.*

Eunice, and Warren Webster, of Salem, NH, Apr.14,1808.*

Samuel, and Lois Swain of Lynnfield, at Lynnfield, June21,1808.*

Betsey, and Jacob Peasley [Joab, of Plaistow.int.], Sept.14,1809.*

Charlotte, and James Greenleaf, Sept.1,1811.

Francis, Esq., and Mary Hildreth, Dec.末,1814.*

Sally [of Atkinson, NH. int.], and Samuel Webster, May2,1816.*

Hannah and Jeremiah Fitz, [bef. 1818.]

Job, and Ruth P. Sawyer, May28,1818.

Phebe, and Barzillai Davis, int.Oct.2,1819.

Amos, and Elice [Alice. int.] Emerson, May26,1820.*

Abigail, of Atkinson, NH, and John Pettengill, int.Aug.12,1820.

Timothy, and Mrs.Sarah Clark, int.June22,1822.

Fanny, and William Smiley, 2d, Mar.20,1823.*

Julia M., and Edmund Kimball, Mar.20,1823.*

Ward, and Rebekah Howard of Dublin, NH, int.Nov.1,1823.

Judith, and Isaac F. Williams of Boston, Sept.7,1824.*

William, of Boston, and Mehitable Bradley, Oct.3,1825.*

Eliza, and Gilman Dodge, Oct.16,1825.*

Samuel, of Plaistow, and Emeline M. Colby, Oct.30,1828.*

Clarinda E., and Benjamin Kimball [jr. int.], Oct.8,1829.*

Mary G., and John Whitaker, Jan.8,1833.*

Sarah P[utnam.int.], and William Smiley, 2d, Mar.10,1833.*

Mary E. [W. int.], and James Noyes, Jan.16,1834.*

Jeremiah B., and Martha Jane Rollins of Stratham, NH, int.May24,1835.

Sarah, Mrs., and Dea.Isaac Pearson, int.Oct.16,1835.

Thomas N., and Elizabeth Mills of Thornton, NH, Aug.19,1837.*

Lucy Ann, and Abel Tompkins of Boston, Sept.4,1838.*

Susan I., and William P. Buttrick, Apr.29,1841.*

Elbridge G., and Nancy Gage, at Georgetown, Dec.7,1841.

Edwin A., Rev., of Waltham, and Sarah Elizabeth Slocum, int.Aug.27,1842.

James M., and Hannah Pettingill of Atkinson, NH, int.Sept.17,1842.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Duston, int.Dec.3,1842.

Abby Sophia, of Bradford, and Ambros C. Dresser, Apr.16,1843.*

John G., a.29y.shoemaker, s.Jonathan and Mehitable Emerson, a.22y., d.George P., May8,1845.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Jane Mills of Dunbarton, NH, int.Oct.19,1845.

Daniel W., and Sarah L. Smith of West Newbury, int.Oct.26,1845.

Sarah, of Boston, and John Houston, int.Oct.3,1846.

Mary H., a.25y., d.Job and Ruth, and Silas Anderson, 2d m., a.31y., carpenter, s.James and Nancy, Sept.26,1849.*

Mary J., a.36y., d.Samuel, and Francis Chase, a.42y., farmer, s.Richard, Nov.1,1849.*

EATTON (Eaton)

Jonathan, and Sarah Sanders, Mar.17,1695-6.

Job, and Mary Simons, Jan.10,1698-9.

Jonathan, 2d m., and Ruth Page, Jan.23,1699-1700.

John, and Mary Singletery, June25,1700.

Ruth, and Ebenezer Kimball, [bef. 1709.]

Judith, and Joseph Haseltine, Nov.28,1717.

Mary, wid., and John Mash, 2d m., Feb.11,1719-20.

Hannah, and Caleb Allen of Suffield, Apr.4,1721.

Samuel, and Meheteball Herriman, June11,1724.

Lydia, and Joseph Harriman, May23,1723.

Mary, and Isaac Dalton, Dec.28,1727.

James, and, wid.Rachel Ayer, June13,1728.

Mary, and Thomas Whittier, Aug.21,1729.

Thomas, and Lydia Kimball, [bef. 1730.]

Ruth, and Samuel Merrill, May2,1732.

Jonathan, and Jane Page, Nov.27,1733.

Jeremiah, and Hannah Osgood, [bef. 1734.]

Sarah, and John Bradly, jr., Jan.9,1734-5.

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Perham of Nottingham, Nov.5,1740.

John, and Judith Hale of Newbury, Oct.12,1741.

Samuel, 2d m., and Hannah Emerson, Nov.5,1741.

Mary, of Salisb ury, and Benjamine Kimball, [bef. 1743.]


Martha Ann, and Charles Field, int.Oct.30,1842.

EDMOND (Edmonds)

Francis, of Portland, ME, and Mary Ann Soley, Aug.26,1835.*

EDMONDS (Edmond, Edmunds)

Elias S., and Hannah Bridges, both of Georgetown, May10,1843.

EDWARD (Edwards)

Simeon, and Mary K. Bailey of West Newbury, Nov.24,1825.*

EDWARDS (Edward)

John, jr., and Elisabeth Crockitt of Stratham, Dec.15,1737.

John, 3d, and Jemima Wallinford of Bradford [Apr.2,1761. Bradford Rds.]

William, and Lydia Baker, Aug.末,1776. [Oct.15.CR4]

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Joseph Copp of Plaistow, Feb.4,1779.CR2

Elisabeth, and William Buck, Dec.29,1786.*

William, and Ruth Gile, Nov.26,1790.*

Ruth, and Lt. Andrew Johnson, Dec.16,1821.*

John, and Lucy Pollard [of Plaistow, Oct.26,1822. int.]*

William, jr., and Ellen Harding, Nov.21,1825.*

David, and Celinda Bailey, Jan.20,1831.*

Mary Ann, of Newburyport, and Samuel Hoyt Pingry, int.Sept.15,1832.

John, and Mary Ann Marsh [of Newburyport. int.], Mar.10,1835.*

Celinda, Mrs.[Miss.int.], and Jacob W. Keniston, Dec.29,1842.*

Sarah G., of Ipswich, and Hiram Rowell, Nov.1,1843.*

John, widr., a 53y., farmer, s.William and Ruth, and Sophronia Buswell, a.39y., d.Isaac and Phebe, Aug.26,1845.*


Betsey [Mrs.int.], and Silas Gould, Aug.28,1791.*

ELA (Ely)

Israel, and Abigail Bosworth [of Ipswich.CTR], Nov.11,1680.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Bastar, "illegally married" [in England.dup.], Aug.29,1698.

Martha, and Jonathan Clark, Feb.23,1715-16.

Martha, and John Hannaford, May5,1737.

Jacob, 2d m., and Ednah Gale, Nov.1,1738.

Israel, and Terziah Ordway of Amesbury, Dec.23,1740.

Hannah, and John Chase, Oct.27,1741.

Abigail, and Humphery Chase, Aug.23,1744.

Mary [Mrs.CR4], and Joseph Palmer, 2d m., Feb.26,1746-7.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Holman, Apr.21,1748.

John, and Ruth Whittier, Jan.24,1765.

Tabitha, and Richard Colby, 2d m.[June26,1766.CR4]

Jacob, and Elisabeth Ayer, July28,1768.

Hannah, and Ephraim Colby, Dec.1,1768.

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Cheney, jr. [Oct.5,1769.CR4]

Edward, and Hannah Colby, Oct.26,1773.

Alice, and Lt. Ebenezer Gage, jr. [Feb.22,1774.CR2]

Lydia, and Daniel Appleton, Oct.26,1775.

Ednah, and Benjamin Hannaford of Concord, Feb.1,1779.

Jonathan, and Susanna Hunkins [June3,1779.CR2]

John, and [Mrs.CR1] Ruth Sanders, June22,1780.

Persis, Mrs., and Jonathan Noyes of Methuen, Jan.2,1781.CR2

Nathaniel Whittier, of Dover, and Easther Emerson, Nov.7,1790.*

Joseph, of Lebanon, and Sarah Emerson, Mar.1,1795.*

James, and Sophia Spafford, Sept.11,1796.

Benjamin, of Lebanon, NH, and Abigail Emerson, Dec.22,1796.*

Theodore, of Lebanon [NH.CR1], and Sophia Ayer, Sept.2,1798.*

Jonathan, jr., and Sally Heath of Plaistow, int.June3,1815.

Elizabeth, and Moses Walker, Nov.30,1815.*

Hannah, and Josiah Carleton of Plaistow, NH, int.Oct.29,1820.

Ann [A. int.], and [Capt. int.] Benjamin Webster, Feb.末,1828.*

Israel, and Harriet Jane Clough, July1,1841.*

John, and Caroline Heath, Nov.7,1841.*

Robert, and Mary Ann Foster, int.Mar.31,1844.

Sarah, a.22y., and Giles Cheney of Plaistow, NH, a.21y., shoemaker, Dec.22,1844.*

ELIOT (Elliot)

Thomas, and Sarah Swett, Jan.14,1778.

John, and Lydia Moores [ Sept.4,1784. int.]*

Tabithy, and Joseph Lake [ Sept.30,1785. int.]

Abigail, and Francies Swan [jr. int.], of Methuen, Dec.26,1786.*

Ephraim, jr., and Mehetabel Haseltine, Mar.13,1788.*

Thomas, of Newton, NH, and Betsy Nichols, int.Nov.25,1803.

ELLIOT (Eliot, Elliott)

Sally, and Joseph Poyen of Hampstead, Mar.5,1805.*

David, and Abigial Easterbrooks, June7,1812.*

Sophia, and John Ayer, 3d, Mar.23,1819.*

Jeremiah, of Lee, and Abigail Alexander, int.Oct.16,1824.

Ann, and Stephen S. Crosby, Esq., of Bangor, int.June11,1825.

Mary C., and Theodore Ordway, int.May3,1828.

Adaline, and Moses P. Brookings, int.July8,1835.

Samuel, a.27, shoemaker, s.Daniel, and Sophia E. Ayer, a.23y., d.John, Dec.27,1844.*

ELLIOTT (Elliot)

Betsy M., and John Fullonton of Parsonfield, ME, June1,1841.*


Edmund P., and Cynthia Stevens, int.Feb.5,1825.

Edmund P., and Lydia Stevens, May末,1825.*

Joseph, and Rebecca Hovey, of Bradford, Sept.10,1832.*

Rebecca S., and Edward K. Whittemore, int.Mar.9,1845.

Caroline E., a.22y., d.Isaac and Lois, and Timothy Colby, a.26y., coachman, Nov.7,1847.*


John N., and Nancy E. Gilman, Mar.31,1833.*


Eliza, Mrs., and Abijah Kelly, int.Jan.30,1843. [Dec.30?]

ELY (Ela)

Ednah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Gage, Mar.24,1768.CR4


Gates T., of Plaistow, NH, and Harriet E.C. Remington of Lowell, May11,1845.

EMERSON (Emmerson)

Michael, and Hannah Webster, Apr.1,1657.

Hannah, and Thomas Duston, Dec.3,1677.

Sarah, d.Robert, and William Whiticker, Jan.15,1684.

Lidia, and John Mash, Nov.16,1688.

Joseph, and Martha Toothaker, July16,1690.

Abigail, and Samuell Smith, Nov.30,1693.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Duston, Dec.27,1698.

Joshua, and Mary Clark, July2,1706.

Benjamin, and, wid.Sarah Phillbrick, Jan.14,1707-08.

Robert, and, wid.Abigail Ordeway, Mar.24,1715.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Haseltine, Dec.9,1718.

Mehetable, and Peter Grifing, Feb.21,1722-3.

John, jr., and Abigail Stevens, Nov.8,1722.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Heath, Feb.17,1725.

Nathaniel, and Meheteball Eastman, Oct.17,1728.

Micha, and Katherine Morrill, Nov.4,1729.

Susanna, and Caleb Heath, Mar.26,1730.

Timothy, and Elizabeth Page, Dec.15,1731.

Samuel, and Sarah Ayer, Feb.15,1732-3.

James, and Mary Webster, Sept.19,1732.

Samuel, and Tryphane Webster, Jan.21,1734-5.

Roberd, jr., and Sarah Eastman, June24,1735.

Charles, and Susanna Silver, Feb.1,1736-7.

Benjamin, and Hannah Watts, Aug.25,1736.

Lydia, and Nehemiah Bradley, Sept.1,1736.

Jonathan, and Abigail Lake, Oct.6,1736.

Judith, and James Hadley of Amesbury, Mar.9,1737-8.

Jonathan, 2d m., and Sarah Wright, of Woburn, Apr.18 [15. dup.], 1741.

Hannah, and Samuel Eatton, 2d m., Nov.5,1741.

Jonathan, jr., and Susanna Bayley, Mar.31,1743.

Abigail, and Benjamin Patee, Aug.28,1744.

Joseph, 4th, and Mehittable Haseltine, Nov.2,1744.

Hannah, jr., and Abel Webster of Chester, Mar.12,1745-6.

Ithamore, and Lydia Duston, Mar.20,1745-6.

Mary, and Joseph Corlis, Feb.19,1746-7.

Nehemiah, and Susanna Simons, May28,1747.

Abigail, wid., and Samuel Gage, 2d m., June末,1747.

Joseph, 3d, and Lydia Emerson, Oct.末,1747.

Lydia, and Joseph Emerson, 3d, Oct.末,1747.

Hannah, and Samuel Runnels of Boxford, Nov.19,1747.

Mehetabel, and Edward Abbott of Rumbord, Jan.23,1748-9.

Mark, and Abiah Ingalls, of Haverhill District, June2,1748.

Lydia, and Jonathan Corlis, Mar.末,1749.

Samuel, jr., and Rebeckah Attwood, Oct.11,1753.

Rachel, and Evan Jones of Methuen, Dec.6,1753.

Lydia, and Samuel Ordway, Sept.9,1756.

Joshua, of Methuen, and Mary Chase, Nov.17,1757.

Sarah [of Newbury.dup.], and James Emerson, jr. [at Newbury.CR3], Feb.28,1758.

Abigail, and James Eaton, jr., Sept.7,1758.

Eliezer, and Susanna Bradley, Feb.26,1760.

Anne, 3d, and Jonathan Simons, Feb.12,1761.

Josiah, and Sarah Richards, of Plaistow, Feb.2,1762.

Sarah, and Daniel Messer of Methuen, Mar.22,1763.

John, jr., and Hannah Bradley, May19,1763.

John, 3d, and Ann Haseltine, Apr.17,1764.

Josiah, jr., of Methuen, and Phebe Pattee, May24,1764.

Mary, and John Sandburn Dearborn of Chester [NH.CR1], Sept.27,1764.

Sarah, and Timothy George, Sept.27,1764.

Reuben, of Methuen, and Anne Gage, Mar.24,1767.CR1

Webster, and Hannah Maxfield, Apr.15,1767.CR1

Abraham, and Hannah Eaton, July16,1767.

Richard, jr., and Rachel Ayer, Nov.12,1767.CR1

Jeremiah, and Elisabeth Whittier of Methuen, Oct.20,1768.

Mary, and Jesse Annis, Dec.15,1768.CR1

Mehitable, and Richard Bailey, jr., July13,1769.

Phebe, Mrs., and Moses Dow, July24,1769.

Mary, and Daniel Rollins, Aug.4,1769.CR1

Hannah, and Samuel Young, Feb.15,1770.CR1

Eunice, and Moses Harriman [Mar.22,1770.CR1]

Micah, and Mehitable Morse [Apr.23,1772.CR3]

Ruth, and John Johnson of Hampstead, June2,1772.

Lois, and James Webster, 2d m.[Oct.15,1772.CR3]

Lydia, Mrs., and Abel Huse of Methuen, Nov.19,1772.CR3

Sarah, and George Corliss, Jan.21,1773.CR2

Richard, and Anne Huse, June23,1774.

Ithamar, and Sarah Eaton, of Plaistow [Oct.13,1774.CR2]

Elisabeth, and Oliver Lund of Dunstable, Jan.12,1775.

Abiah, and Walker Smith, Feb.14,1775.

Tryphena, and Abijah Kelley, Feb.15,1776.

Eunice, and Thomas Bailey, Feb.22,1776.

Betty, and Thomas Smith, Mar.20,1777.

Samuel, and Abiah Copp, Apr.17,1777.

Seth, and Polly Crowel, May8,1781.

Susanna, and William Stickney of Concord, NH, Sept.16,1781.

Elenor, and Daniel Haseltine of Salem, NH, Nov.28,1782.*

Moses, jr., and Sarah How of Methuen, Dec.9,1783.*

Susanna, and James Hutchens of Londonderry, Dec.23,1783.*

Hannah, and Samuel Duncan, Dec.24,1783.*

Nehemiah, Capt., and Molly Whittier [Jan.24,1784. int.]*

Samuel, and Sally Redington, Feb.8,1784.*

John, of Newbury, and Sarah Easterbrooks, Oct.26,1784.*

Susanna, and Jonathan Lane of Raymond, June16,1785.CR2*

Mehetabel, wid., and Capt. James Chase, Aug.23,1785.*

Susanna, and Caleb Greenleaf, Dec.13,1785.*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Bailey, Oct.18,1787.*

Richard, of Londonderry, and Mary Cook, Dec.31,1789.*

Daniel, and Polly Knight of Atkinson [Jan.20,1790. int]*

James, and Betty Corlill [Corliss.int.], June22,1790.*

Easther, and Nathaniel Whittier Ela of Dover, Nov.7,1790.*

Sarah, and Josiah Cook [jr. int.], of Alsted, Oct.20,1791.*

Mary, and Eliphelet Bartlet of New Town [NH. int.], Mar.4,1792.*

Jonathan, and Hepsibah Redington of Bakerstown, int.Feb.23,1793.

Nehemiah, 3d, and Abigail Knight of Newbury, int.Nov.28,1793.

Lydia, and Samuel Philbrick [jr. int.] of Ware [NH.CR3], Sept.14,1794.*

Sarah, and Joseph Ela of Lebanon, Mar.1,1795.*

Nathan, and Polly Clough, Sept.1,1795.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Ela of Lebanon, NH, Dec.22,1796.*

Samuel, of Berlin [VT. int.], and Rebekah Webster, Feb.12,1797.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Eaton, Oct.11,1797.*

Moses, 3d, and Judith Kelly of Amesbury, int.Oct.16,1797.

Moses, and Anna Bradley, int.Mar.3,1798.

Elizabeth, of Hopkinton, and Phineas Eaton, Nov.15,1798.*

Simeon, and Patty Mitchel, Apr.14,1799.*

John [jr. int.], and Polly [May.dup.] Eaton, Oct.15,1799.*

Amos, and Sarah Holland, Jan.9,1800.*

John, and Abigial Walingsford of Bradford, int.May31,1801.

Moses, 3d, and Sally Carleton of Methuen, Aug.2,1801.

John, jr., and Abigail Dutey of Salem, NH, int.Oct.4,1801.

James, and Rachel Stevens, Dec.15,1802.*

Jonathan, and Betsy Bailey, Feb.24,1803.*

Jemima, and Nathan Bailey, jr., May10,1803 [May9.CR1]*

Polly, and Josiah Tewksbury, jr., of Hawk, Nov.8,1804.*

Day, and Eliza Emerson, Jan.10,1805.*

Eliza, and Day Emerson, Jan.10,1805.*

Molly, of Plymouth, NH, and Benjamin Johnson, int.Feb.23,1805.

Jonathan, and Patty Bailey of Salem, NH, int.Apr.12,1806.

Hannah, and Moses Lull, Apr.8,1807.*

Ithamar, jr., and Mary Ayer, Sept.17,1807.*

Moses, 3d, and Mary Gage, Nov.17,1807.*

Josiah, and Mrs.Mary Webster of Salem, NH, int.Apr.20,1808.

Richard, and Ellis [Alice. int.] Little of Atkinson, NH, Nov.17,1808.*

Isaiah, and Mary L. Chapman of Peterborough [NH. int.], Dec.15,1808.*

Abigail, and William Morland of Salem, NH, int.June26,1809.

Daniel R., and Abigail Tewksbury of Hawk, Mar.1,1810.*

Rachel, and Theodore Emerson of Bridgeton [ME.CR1], Aug.18,1810.*

Theodore, of Bridgeton [ME.CR1], and Rachel Emerson, Aug.18,1810.*

Mary, and Joseph Smith, Esq., of Dover, NH, Oct.24,1810.*

Thimothy, and Lucinda Burdick Morse, Feb.20,1811.

Lucy, and Dudley Bailey of Salem, NH, int.June2,1811.

Nancy, and Jonathan Hastings, int.July11,1812.

Lydia, and Joshua Shaw of Sandown, NH, Apr.8,1813.*

Suky, of Methuen, and John Ayer, jr., int.Sept.3,1814.

Isaac, of Plaistow, NH, and Mary Goodridge, Nov.6,1814.*

Benjamin, 2d, and Margaret Balch, Apr.25,1815.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Soloman Tenney of Bradford, int.Oct.9,1816.

James, and Betsy Bradley of Cornish, NH, int.Nov.5,1817.

Sophronia, of Methuen, and John Corliss, jr., int.Sept.26,1818.

Leonard, and Mehitabel Merrill of Salem, NH, int.Apr.3,1819.

Elice [Alice. int.], and Amos Eaton, May26,1820.*

Hannah, and Moses Clark, Dec.13,1820.*

Isaac, of Andover, and Mary Bradbury, Aug.5,1821.*

Daniel, jr., and Polly Webster, int.Mar.16,1822.

George P., and Maria Sargent, Jan.12,1823.*

Mary, and Daniel Webster, Feb.24,1825.*

Samuel, and Nancy Wilson of Londonderry, int.Mar.18,1826.

John, and Betsey Bailey, Oct.26,1826.*

Harriet, and Albert D. Wiggin, Jan.10,1827.*

Abigail, and Samuel Martin of Lowell, Jan.23,1827.

Henry, and Evelina Benbridge of Philadelphia, Nov.27,1827.

Ann, and Jesse Emerson [Feb.22,1828.CR3]*

Jesse, and Ann Emerson [Feb.22,1828.CR3]*

Jacob, and Laura Pearson, Dec.2,1828.*

Almira, and William Horton, Sept.1,1829.*

Oliver, and Lucinda Currier of Methuen, int.Apr.23,1831.

Marantha, and John S. Webster, Sept.22,1831.*

Mary Jane, and George H. Stevens, Dec.6,1831.*

Alice L., and Lt. Bailey Knight of Atkinson, Dec.27,1831.*

Phebe, and David Boynton of Derry, NH, May2,1833.*

Mary, and Lewis Colby, May16,1833.*

Jeremiah, and Judith Parker, int.Oct.20,1833.

Moses E., and Matilda A. Haseltine, Aug.21,1834.*

Frederick, and Mary Colby, Mar.19,1835.*

John F., and Caroline Webster, June18,1835.*

Mary W., and Robert G. Walker, June30,1835.*

Mary Ann, and Benjamin Sargent, Nov.5,1835.

Benjamin F., and Martha Low Hardy, June28,1836.*

Abigail, and James Whittaker, Oct.6,1836.*

Sarah, and William Case, Mar.20,1837.*

Mary Ann, and Elsworth Webster, May24,1838.*

Ruth, and Dea.John W. Hayes of Dover, NH, July25,1839.*

Julia Ann, of Salem, NH, and Orenzo T. Emerson, int.Oct.30,1840.

Orenzo T., and Julia Ann Emerson of Salem, NH, int.Oct.30,1840.

Louisa F., and Albert Noyes of Atkinson, NH, Nov.11,1840.*

Hannah E., George B. Dow, int.July1,1842.

Charles [E. int.], of Thomaston, Maine, and Celinda George, Oct.6,1842.*

Lydia, and Simeon A. Newcomb, int.June10,1843.

Isaiah H., and Sarah A. Stuart, June29,1843.*

Jonathan E., and Rachel Brown of Newmarket, NH, int.Oct.28,1843.

Joseph E., of Lowell, and Caroline N. Ayer, int.Oct.31,1843.

Joseph C., and Mary A. Simpkins of Newington, NH, int.June26,1844.

William, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Moses and Sarah Clark, a.26y., d.Moses, Oct.15,1844.*

Isaiah, and Sally Emery, Feb.16,1845.

Mehitable, a.22y., d.George P., and John G. Eaton, a.29y., shoemaker, s.Jonathan, May8,1845.*

Charles, and Elizabeth Downing, int.Nov.16,1845.

Luther, a.29y., teacher, s.Luther and Patience, and Nancy T. Emerson, a.27y., d.Daniel R. and Abigial, Nov.27,1845.*

Nancy T., a.27y., d.Daniel R. and Abigail, and Luther Emerson, a.29y., teacher, s.Luther and Patience, Nov.27,1845.*

Moses, a.37y., farmer, s.Moses and Mary, and Phebe Downing, a.29y., d.Benjamin and Doratha, May19,1846.*

George R., and Mary F. Curtis of Danvers, int.May30,1847.

Francis, a.24y., farmer, s.Ithamar and Mary, and Elizabeth L. Tilton, wid., a.32y., Apr.2,1848.*

Ithamar E., a.34y., farmer, s.Ithamar and Mary, and Adeline K. Flanders, a.19y., d.Gorham and Irene, Nov.2,1848.*

Elizabeth S., a.21y., d.George P. and Mariah W., and James S. Simonds, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Nehemiah and Martha, Feb.25,1849.*


Caleb, and Abigail Simons, July23,1730.

Ruth, and Nathaniel Smith, Nov.19,1730.

Ann, and Joseph Heath, jr., Apr.14,1732.

Humphrey, and Sarah Heath, Mar.14,1737-8.

Mary, and Jonthan Hutchins, May29,1740.

John, and Aibgail Webster, Jan.24,1751-2.

Hannah, and John Johnson of New Salem, NH, June27,1754.

Molley, Mrs., and James Merrill of Plaistow, Mar.15,1759.

Sarah, and William Woodbury of Salem, NH, Apr.16,1761.

Joshua, of Plaistow, and Hannah Currier, May5,1763.

Abigail, wid., and Thomas Webster, 2d m., Oct.14,1766.

Judith, and Joseph Dowe, Apr.20,1768.CR1

Jacob, Rev., of Pembroke, and Elizabeth Cushing, July18,1769.CR2

Joshua, of Atkinson, NH, a.32y., yeoman, and Rachel Currier, a.27y., Aug.27,1770.PR71

Mary, and Henry Dowe, June5,1771.CR1

John, and Abiah Page, May6,1779.

Enoch, of Newbury, and Sarah Sargeant, Oct.10,1784.CR2*

Moses, and Polly Webster, Nov.29,1787.*

John, and Mrs.Sarah Plats of Boxford, int.May14,1796.

Benjamin Rollins, of Atkinson, and Ruth Webster, Dec.27,1798.*

Rachel, and Peter Hall of Pelham, Nov.29,1799.*

Betsy, and Christopher [S. int.] Kimball, Sept.29,1805.*

Samuel, and Ruby Woodward of Haverhill, NH, Feb.4,1808.*

Mary [wid.int.], and Maj. Zebalon Ingersoll, May11,1814.*

Mary, and John Webster, int.Sept.20,1817.

Harriot, Mrs., and Samuel W. Ayer, int.Dec.6,1823.

Olive T., of Portsmouth, NH, and Moses Harriman, Apr.1,1832.*

Moses G.J., Esq., and Mrs.Frances G.B. Warner of Buxton, ME, int.Sept.16,1836.

Benjamin E., Capt., of Atkinson, NH, and Elizabeth H. Poor, June21,1841.*

David, a.28y., s.Jesse and Sarah, and Ann E[lizabeth.int.] Merrill of Atkinson, NH, a.19y., d.Ebenezer and Abiah, June4,1844.*

Sally, and Isaiah Emerson, int.Feb.16,1845.

Caroline H., of Portsmouth, NH, a.22y., d.Daniel and Dolly, and Harrison Tibbetts, a.30y., shoe cutter, s.Dudley and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1849.*

EMMERSON (Emerson)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Goardin, May26,1686.

Samuel, and Judith Davis, Dec.14,1687.

Jonathan, and Hannah Day, June15,1699.

Peter, and Mirriam Marble, June末,1744.CR3


Sally, of Danvers, and Andrew Bryant, int.Nov.24,1798.


Sarah, wid., and John Swaddock George, 2d m., July15,1752.

Sarah, and Ezekiel Davis of Kingstown, Sept.9,1755.

Stephen, and Sarah Nickels, June3,1783.*

Stephen, and Martha Jane Davis, Nov.27,1833.*

James A., and Mary A. Pray, both of West Newbury, Sept.14,1842.

ERWINE (Erwin)

Mary [Erving.CR4], and Samuel Davis, Mar.1,1753.

ESTABROOK (Estabrooks)

Sophia W., and Nathaniel Morse, widr., of Newbury, carpenter, June24,1847.*

ESTABROOKS (Estabrook)

John R., of East Havehill, and Ann Matilda Hopkinson of Bradford, int.Nov.9,1839.

ESTERBROOKS (Estabrooks)

Samuel, and Sophia George of Plaistow, NH, int.Oct.21,1820.


Ruth, and John Mills, both residents of Haverhill, Mar.9,1746-7.


William, of Bradford, and Abigial Harriman, Mar.7,1743-4.

EVANS (Evens, Evins)

Daniel [David.int.], and Elizabeth Knight, Apr.30,1823.*

Deborah Jane, and George V. Bradley, int.July20,1836.

Sarah C., of Amesbury, and John W. Ladd, int.June29,1845.

EVENS (Evans)

David, and Hannah Simmonds of Amesbury, Mar.22,1829.*

David, 2d m., and Comfort Gage of Marshfield, VT, Mar.29,1838.*

EVINS (Evans)

Matthew, and Sarah S. Downing, int.Apr.26,1819.

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