James, of Salem, and Elizabeth Knowlton, June13,1728.*

BACHELLOR (Batchelder)

Hannah, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Joseph Appleton, jr., at Haverhill, June17,1762.*

Lydia, of Topsfield, and Thomas Foster, jr., at Topsfield, July26,1787.*

BACHELOUR (Batchelder)

Hanah, and John Warner, Apr.20,1665.CTR


Retire [Baker. int.], of Boxford, and Margaret Burnham, at Rowley, Aug.27,1764.*

Samuel, of Manchester, and Lucy Lufkin, Nov.27,1771.*


Nickolas, and Betsey May, both of Manchester, June10,1800.CR4


Anne, and Ebenezer Stanwood, jr., Sept.12,1782.CR2*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Wells, Sept.7,1761.CR2*

Daniel, and Phebe Lakeman, May19,1763.CR2*

Daniel, jr., and Mary Wells, Feb.26,1767.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Timothy Souther, Nov.17,1791.*

Mary, and Jacob Spafford, July14,1802.*

Parker M., of Kensington, NH, a.29y., farmer, b. Kensington, NH, s.Jonathan and Judith, of Kensington, NH, and Sarah P. Lord, a.29 y,., d.Josiah and Mary, May11,1845.*

Wiliam, of Newbury, and Anstis Emmerson, int.Sept.28,1751.


Hannah, of Amesbury, and Charles Boyles, int.Mar.15,1806.

BAILEY (Baily, Baley)

Ames [of], and Lydia Ross, Nov.28,1765.CR3

Christopher T., of Boston, widr., a.51y., merchant, and Livona Sawyer, a.38y., d.Moses and Frances, Nov.1,1844.

David, and Mehetabel Smith, Dec.18,1759.CR3

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and John Lord, 4th, int.Dec.31,1814.

Judith A., a.22y., d.Oliver and Judith, and Enoch Ira Dole of Rowley, a.24y., b. Rowley, cordwainer, s.Enoch and Susan, of Rowley, rec. June15,1848.*

Juliet Charlotte, and Mark Newman, Feb.3,1825.*

Leonard, a.23y., cabinet maker, s.Leonard and Mary, of Amherst, NH, and Elizebeth A. Wildes, a.20y., d.Thomas and Eunice, Aug.6,1848.*

Mary, and Jabez Ross, jr. Jan.19,1774.CR3

Mary and Joseph Fowler, Dec.8,1832.*

Nathaniell, of Rowley, and Sarah Clark, int.Nov.30,1700.

Oliver, of Rowley, and Judith Howe, June27,1822.*

Peirce, and Saloma Bailey of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.17,1793.*

Saloma, of Rowley, and Peirce Bailey, at Rowley, Dec.17,1793.*

BAILY (Bailey)

David, and Anna Spiller, July31,1804.CR3

Hannah, of Rowley, and Moses Davis, int.19:11m:1711.

Jacob, and Judith Jewett, Mar.30,1824.*

Polly, and Silas Crane, Sept.18,1804.CR3


Nabby, and Capt. Josiah Brown, May13,1819.*

Allen, and Rebecca Porter, Nov.16,1769.CR2*

Asa, and Hannah Newhall, Feb.4,1779.CR2*

Asa, and Mary Farley, Oct.12,1802.*

Bethia, of Salem and John Dyke, at Salem, Dec.8,1698.

Catherine, and Moses Goodhue, Jan.12,1792.*

Charles, and Martha Appleton, Aug.19,1813.*

Charles [Lt. int.], and Elisabeth H. Boardman, June23,1818.*

Chrisse, and Josiah Brown, July17,1806.*

David, of New Bedford, and [Mrs.CR2] Nancy Cheever of Boston, Dec.27,1836.

Dorcas, and Capt. William Brown, Dec.27,1810.*

Ebenezer, and Jemima Annable, Feb.20,1765.*

Edmond Moors [Morse int.], of Haverhill, and Elisabeth Harris, Jan.14,1790.*

Eliza A., a.26y., d.Samuel N. and Eliza, and Horatio P. Dunnels of Boston, a.27y., housewright, s.Amos and Lucy, of Boston, May23,1849.*

Elizabeth, d.John and Kathrine, and Benjamin Dutch, June30,1690.

Elisabeth, of Topsfield, and Michael Farloe, at Topsfield, Apr.24,1717.*

Elizabeth, and John Low [both of the Hamlet int.], Feb.4,1740-41.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Richard Simson, resident in Ipswich, int.Jan.9,1776.

Elisabeth, and John Choate, jr., Mar.末,1786.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Symonds of Salem, Nov.17,1805.*

Elizabeth, and Capt. Nathaniel Lord, June28,1818.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Blood, Sept.11,1831.*

Elisabeth H., Mrs., and Reuben Gerry of South Reading, June16,1833.*

Esther, of Manchester, and Joseph Cogswell, int.Oct.13,1827.

Eunice, Mrs., and William Wade, Dec.17,1773.CR2*

Eunice, and William Cleves of Beverly, Dec.1,1808.*

Fanny, and Obediah Lamson of Hamilton, Mar.4,1802.*

Hannah, and John Robbins, Jan.21,1729.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel March, jr., Sept.29,1799.*

Hannah, and Ammi Brown, Oct.27,1814.*

Joanna, and Tristram Brown, Jan.10,1796.*

John, and Kathrien Perkins, May13,1667.CTR

John, and Hannah Dutch, Nov.9,1703.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Perly of Boxford, int.16:9m:1717.

John, and Elizabeth Lovell, int.Dec.19,1724.

John [], and Judith Townsend, Jan.12,1729-30.*

John, jr., and Eunice Pope of Salem, at Salem, Nov.4,1743. [Oct.14,1745. int.]*

John, jr., and [], Joanna Patch, Nov.13,1770.CR2*

John, of Manchester, and Elisabeth Smith, at Manchester, Dec.2,1770.

John, jr., and Jenny Heard, Mar.11,1796.*

John, jr., and Lucy Appleton, June1,1800.

John, 3d, of Portland and Sally Hodgkins, July29,1803.*

John Chipman, and Rebecca Wells, both of Beverly, May3,1804.

John, sr., and Abigail Patch, Dec.22,1818.*

John, 3d, and Mrs.Elisabeth Sutton of Danvers, int.Feb.7,1835.

Joseph, and Mrs.Martha Foster, int.Sept.8,1770.

Katherine, and Benjamin Hoyt of Hampton [of Lynn. int.], Nov.11,1726.CR5*

Lucy, wid., and George Newman, jr., int.Apr.12,1755.

Lucy, and Aaron Smith, July28,1779.CR2*

Lucy, and Daniel Glazier, June10,1792.*

Margarett, and Samuel Stacey, int.Feb.23,1722-3.

Margaret, Mrs., and Joseph Kimball, int.Jan.15,1763.

Margret, and Robert Stocker, jr., Jan.25,1792.*

Margaret, and Nathaniel Lord, jr., Sept.20,1801.*

Martha, a.52y., d.John and Joanna, and [Capt.CR2] Tristram Brown, widr., a.70y., farmer, s.Jacob and Mary, May1,1845.*

Mary, and Joseph Saffourd, Mar.6,1660.CTR

Mary, and Daniel Heard, int.Nov.5,1715.

Mary, and John Boardman, 3d, int.Nov.26,1743.

Mary, and Joseph Perkins, Nov.18,1779.CR5*

Mary, and Michael Brown, Oct.2,1802.*

Mary Anne, and John Choate, jr., Apr.4,1822.*

Mary Ann, and John James Philbrook, Sept.12,1836.*

Moses, and Hipsabeth Card, int.Sept.30,1785.

Retire, see Bacon, Retire.

Robert, and Lucretia Burnham, Oct.12,1795.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Mary Emerson, Jan.31,1748-9.CR2*

Samuel, and Lucy Jones, int.Feb.8,1752.

Samuel, and Mrs.Sarah Richardson of Boston, int.Aug.25,1764.

Samuel, and wid.Sarah Holland Sept.7,1780.*

Samuel N[ewhall. int.], and Joanna Heard, Apr.15,1818.*

Samuel, and Susanna Holmes of Essex, int.Nov.25,1820.

Samuel N., and Eliza Hutchins of Concord, NH, int.Nov.17,1821.

Samuel, and Ruth Smigh of Beverly, int.Aug.28,1830.

Sarah, and John Gould, Oct.14,1660.CTR

Sarah, and John Waite, int.Apr.16,1715.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Kimball, jr., Nov.28,1782.*

Sarah, and John Rindge, May14,1786.*

Sarah, and Jeremiah Lord, Jan.20,1825.*

Sarah, and Lewis Titcomb, May29,1828.*

Stephen, and Mrs.Polly Waite, Jan.1,1798.*

Stephen, jr., and Elisabeth H. Richards, Mar.29,1832.*

Susanna, and William Newman, Dec.29,1814.*

Tamasin, and Joseph Abbey, int.Nov.5,1721.

Thomas, and Mary Annable, int.Nov.27,1703.

Thomas, of Topsfield, and [] Sarah Wade, Nov.26,1729.*

Thomas, and Mary Choate, Oct.6,1791.*

William, and Sarah Fitts, Dec.30,1686.CTR

William, and Elizabeth Heard of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Sept.24, [1713. int.]*

William, and wid.Anna Buswell of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Feb.21,1722-3.*

William, and Mrs.Sarah Wait, int.May18,1754.

William, and Eliza Bodwell, Sept.25,1828.*

BALCH (Baulsh)

David [B.CR2], of Salem, and Fanny Channel, Dec.11,1808.*

Freeborn [of], and [] Mary Hubbard, Mar.4,1736.*

Freeborn, of Beverly, and wid.Mary Platts, int.Aug.3,1760.

Joanna, and Nathaniel Balch, both of Beverly, Apr.11,1738.

Mary, of Beverly, and Micael Woodberry, May9,1734.

Mary, of Beverly, and William Dodge, June16,1736.

Nathaniel, and Joanna Balch, both of Beverly, Apr.11,1738.

Nathaniel, of Beverly, and Joanna Dodge, at Haverhill [bet. 1741 and 1762?].

Phebee [], and Samuel Chapman, at Chebacco, Mar.11,1701-2.*

Samuel, and Martha Newmarth, at Beverly, Oct.27,1675.

Westley Perkins [of], and Margaret Lord, Nov.5,1795.*


Isaac, of Sudbury, and Mrs.Elizabeth Van Bibber, int.Feb.5,1745.

BALEY (Bailey)

John, of Newbury, and wid.Sarah Gidding, int.Sept.29,1711.CR4


Tabitha, "Ms.," of Gloucester, and Stephen Lufkin, int.Feb.27,1755.

William, of Salem, and Elisabeth Day, Dec.14,1800.*

BALLARD (Ballord)

Joseph, resident in Ipswich, and Elisebeth Lakman, Nov.27,1787.*

BALLORD (Ballard)

Elizabeth, and John Obrian, int.Aug.21,1808.


Charles, and mary Patch, Oct.19,1841.*


James of Stoneham, a.28y., bricklayer, s.Alpheus and Phebe, of Stoneham, and Hannah C. Bond, a.21y., d.Abraham H. and Hannah, Dec.13,1847.*

Molly, and Solomon Adams, Sept.9,1779.CR3


James, of Newburyport, a.30y., mariner, s.James and Mary, and Abby Pearson, a.18y., d.Jonathan Wells and Elmira Harris, Nov.17,1846.*


Frederick [Bodwell. int.], and Olive Tibbets, Apr.2,1839.*


Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Daniel Dresser, at Rowley, Dec.2,1762.*

Ephraim, of Newmarket, NH, and Mrs.Mary Manning, int.Feb.12,1760.

Jane, of Acton, and Aaron Hubbard, int.Apr.29,1848.

Jeremiah, and Lucy A. Roberts, Mar.末,1841.*

Josiah, and Mary Heard, int.Mar.7,1746.

Maria R., of Salem, and Job Spiller, int.Oct.17,1819.

Mary, jr., and Samuell Woodbury, Apr.28,1763.CR3

Mary a., and Samuel Q. Dane of Hamilton, Sept.5,1839.*

Nathan, and Abigail Kezer, Aug.5,1776.CR3

Noah, and Martha Figett, int.May28,1715.

Sarah, and David Burpe, May24,1759.CR3

Thomas, and Sarah Esty, Dec.7,1761.CR3

BARLY (Burley)

James, and Rebecka Stacy, May25,1685.


John, of Marblehead, and Mrs.Annah Woodberry, int.Aug.9,1718.


Phineas W., of Boxford, a.23y., farmer, b. Boxford, s.Phineas and Sarah, of Boxford, and Harriet M. Russell of Georgetown, a.18y.b. Georgetown, d.Samuel and Lydia, of Georgetown, Apr.6,1845.


Francees, and Henry Bennett, May20,1685.

BARREE (Berry)

Lucy, and Thomas Jones, jr., int.Nov.7,1747.

BARRET (Barrett)

Nabby, of Beverly, and Moses Low, int.Nov.23,1811.

BARRETT (Barret)

Samuel, of Shirley, and Susan Treadwell, int.Mar.16,1838.

BARROW (Berry)

John, and wid.Susanna Stone, int.Nov.24,1733.

BARRY (Berry)

John, and Mary Chapman, Jan.24,1676.CTR

BARRYE (Berry)

John, and Mary Yescott, int.17:8m:1719.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Elizabeth, wid., and David Burnam, at Chebacco, Aug.20,1740.*

John, of Newbury, and Sarah Souther, Oct.6,1782.CR2*

Samuel, of Newton, and "Ms." Elizabeth Appleton, int.Sept.1,1760.

Sarah, of Newbury, and Joseph Fowler, at Newbury, Dec.末,1707.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Lucretia, and Joseph Hardy, July29,1794.CR3

Mary, of Newbury, and Joseph Jacob, int.Jan.26,1722-3.

Ruth G., of Hill, NH, and William A. Howe, int.July14,1838.


Elisha, and Adeline Snow of Rochester, int.Mar.15,1845.

BATCHELDER (Bachellor, Bachelour, Batcheldor, Batchelor, Batchelour)

Abigail, of Wenham, and Jonathan Piper [jr.], at Wenham, June10,1724.*

Cornelius [jr. int.], of Beverly, and Sally Low, Nov.3,1816.*

David, and Susannah Wipple, int.Apr.30,1709.

David, and Mariann H. Lane of Amesbury, int.Sept.16,1837.

Esther, of Wenham, and Joseph Whipple, at Wenham, Jan.5,1731.*

Lydia, and John Annable, Sept.12,1780.CR5*

Martha, of Northampton, NH, and Bickford L. Rand int.Sept.22,1842.

Mary, of Wenham, and Benjamin Patch, at Wenham, June1,1726.*

Sarah, of Wenham, and Samuell Tilton, int.May7,1704.

Stephen, see Blatchford, Stephen.

BATCHELDOR (Batchelder)

Sarah, and James Andrews, Sept.5,1775.*

BATCHELOR (Batchelder)

William, and Sarah Andrews, Mar.19,1752.*

BATCHELOUR (Batchelder)

John, of Wenham, and Anne Peabody of Topsfield, Dec.13,1727.


Joanna, wid., and Benjamin Hoite, int.Nov.11,1738.

John, of York, and Hannah Hodgkins, int.Mar.11,1731.

BAULSH (Balch)

Ruth, and William Wood, int.Oct.11,1712.


George W., of Lowell, and Hannah H.B. Kimball, int.Apr.16,1845.

Peter, of Salem, and Betsy Anable of Hamilton, at Hamilton, Sept.25,1810.


Ezekiel, and Lois Brocklebank, Nov.2,1769.CR3

John, 3d, of Rowley, and Mrs.Hannah Dresser, int.Jan.26,1760.

William, and Abigail Kilbourn, Aug.31,1756.CR3


Mary, of York, and Samuel Fitts, int.Dec.3,1726.


Abigail, and Samuell Kelly, May19,1772.CR3

Obadiah, and Mary Wood, int.June2,1716.

Obadiah, and Mary Pulcifer, int.Nov.9,1745.

Thomas, and Hanna Croel, int.Apr.2,1744.

Thomas, jr. [of], and Molly Kimball, Nov.20,1770.CR3*


Hanah, and Abraham Perkins, Oct.16,1661.CTR


Abigail L., and John H. Spiller, May3,1838.*


Mary, and Andrew Peters, int.Oct.30,1708.


Daniel [should be Samuel], and Mary Poland both of Wenham, Dec.22,1827.

Elizabeth, wid., a.30y., d.William and Mary Stone, and William Buzell, a.33y., laborer, s.Jacob, Nov.16,1844.*

Lucy Ann, of Hamilton, a.19y., b. Hamilton, d.Samuel and Mary Jane, of Hamilton, and Daniel C. Hoyt of Hamilton, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.8,1848.

Samuel, of Hamilton, and Mrs.Elisabeth Buzell, int.July6,1839.

BECKET (Beckett)

Robert, and Jemima Lufkin, at Gloucester, Nov.5,1724.*

BECKETT (Becket)

Deborah, of Exeter, and Asa Ireland int.Jan.24,1778.


Abigail, Mrs., and John Bowls, int.May1,1762.

Joseph, jr., of Chebacco, and Mary Cross of Manchester, at Chebacco, 末蔓8,1730. [Dec.CR4]*

Mary, and Thomas Andrews, Feb.9,1681.CTR

Richard, and Mary Simson, grandd.Francis and Jane Jorden, May20,1689.

Ruth, of Manchester, and Daniel Rust, at Manchester, Nov.10,1763.*


Rhoda, Mrs., of Amesbury, and William Davis, int.Oct.27,1764.

BENNET (Bennett)

David, and Rebekah Buller, at Rowley, Feb.14,1682.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Hodgkins, int.Oct.18,1740.

Elisabeth, and Isaac Sands, Oct.16,1770.*

Frances, and James Clarke, Sept.20,1739.CR5*

Henry, and Mary Giddings, Oct.12,1727.CR5*

Henry, and Abigail Silby of Salem, int.Nov.18,1732.

Jacob, and Lydia Bragg, int.Aug.27,1709.

James, and Sarah Dodge, July3,1751.*

John, of Rowley, and wid.Elizabeth Perkins, June17,1730.*

John, jr., and Sarah Fellows, int.Mar.30,1754.

Joseph, and Mrs.Sarah Morss of Holliston, int.Nov.30,1754.

Lydia, of Beverly, and Matthew Coy of Wenham, Dec.14,1730.

Mary, and Nathaniell Knoulton, jr., Apr.29,1703.*

Mary, wid., and Solomon Lakeman, int.Mar.3,1732.

Mary, wid., and Joseph Burnum, Jan.3,1736.*

Mary, and Soloman Lakeman, jr., int.June13,1744.

Mary, and Eliphalet Wood of Norwich, May22,1746.CR4*

Moses, of Manchester, and Rachel Rust, Feb.15,1738-9.CR4*

Sarah, and Thomas Richards, Nov.21,1727.*

Sarah, and Stephen Adams, Sept.25,1770.*

Stephen, and Susannah Fuller, int.24:7m:1709.

Stephen, and Mercy Merrifield, int.Sept.11,1725.

Stephen, jr., of Topsfield, and Elizabeth Clark, int.Dec.20,1746.

Susanna, and Simon Browne, Dec.23,1734.CR5*

Susanna [], and Samuel Low, 3d, both of the Hamlet, Apr.19,1770.CR2*

William, of Manchester, and Lydia Whittington of Beverly, Aug.26,1729.

William, of Sandown, and Prudence Andrews, Oct.19,1779.CR2*

BENNETT (Bennet, Bennitt)

Benjamin, of Manchester, and Martha Burnham, Apr.7,1768.*

Hannah, and Enoch Burnham, Feb.11,1779.*

Henry, and Francees Barr [Burr.CTR], May20,1685.

Jacob, and Mary Pearce of Manchester, int.8:4m:1706.

John, and Sarah Proctour, int.May11,1723.

Joseph, and Mary Jewett, int.Nov.18,1727.

Lydia, and Seth Davis of Barnstable, int.Oct.15,1720.

Lydia, and Aaron Stephens, int.Mar.2,1722-3.

Mary, and John Bragg, May28,1711.*

Thomas, and Mary Wells, int.23:9m:1717.

William, and Sarah Giddings, int.Dec.23,1721.CR4

BENNITT (Bennett)

William, and Abigail Biggsbee, int.Apr.20,1720.CR4

BERRY (Barree, Barrow, Barry, Barrye, Berrye)

Abigail, and John Harris, 4th, Feb.19,1776.CR2*

Abigail, and Moses Lord, jr., Sept.15,1794.*

David, and Mrs.Amy Gould, July25,1839.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Daniel Appleton, at Cambridge, June8,1715.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Lakeman, int.Dec.11,1742.

Elizabeth, jr., and Joseph How, Jan.9,1759.CR2*

John, and Hanah, Hodgkins, Jan.17,1670.CTR

John, and Abigail Wise, Sept.7,1762.CR2*

Joseph, and Sarah Spiller, int.29:7m:1716.

Mary, and William Rust of Amherst, NH, Nov.29,1792.

Peter, and Susanna Dooke, int.Dec.23,1710.

Sarah, ahd Michael Holland int.Nov.30,1735.

Susanna, and Ezekiel Hunt, int.Apr.15,1732.

Thomas, of Boston, and Margret Rogers, Dec.28,1686.CTR

Thomas, Esq. [Dr. int.], and Mrs.Elizabeth Turner of Salem, at Salem, May2,1728.*

BERRYE (Berry)

Agnes, and Gyles Cowes, Feb.27,1672.CTR


William, and Mary Smith, May24,1792.*


Thomas, of Wenham, and Mary Dike, at Topsfield, Apr.3,1696.


Sally, of Topsfield, and Fredric Ross, Jan.31,1815.*


Abigail, and William Bennitt, int.Apr.20,1720.CR4


Sarah, and Daniel Choat, jr., int.Mar.30,1754.

BIGSBY (Bixby)

Tryphena, and Thomas Vickery, int.Sept.15,1722.

BILES (Byles)

Sarah, and Capt. Ebenezer Lord, May13,1779.*


Rebecka, Mrs., "late of Salsbury in England Gent.," and John Hale, s.Robert, "late (Decon) of Charlestowne," Dec.15,1664.CTR


Joshua, of Boston, and Sarah Burnam, int.June5,1708.


Benjamin, of Boston, and Joanna Harris, int.Dec.23,1710.

BIRDLEY (Birdly)

Elizabeth, and Daniel Caldwell, int.Jan.17,1723.

Mary, wid., and Sergt. Caleb Kimball, int.Apr.14,1722.

BIRDLY (Birdley)

Andrew, and Mary Connant, Mar.14,1681.CTR

Rebeca, and Abraham Fitt, Jan.7,1669.CTR

BISBY (Bixby)

Sarah [of], and Abraham [] How, Apr.14,1811.CR3*


Amos, of Rowley, a.26y., shoe manufacturer, s.Benjamin and Hephzibah, and Emeline Pickard, a.19y., d.Nathaniel and Catharine, Dec.28,1847. [Dec.26.CR1]

Anna, of Rowley, and Nathaniel Potter, jr., Jan.11,1827.*

Benjamin, and Nabby Henderson, int.Oct.19,1816.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Elisabeth Low, int.Oct.13,1817.

Benjamin, of Rowley, and Abigail H. Appleton, Oct.22,1835.*

Edward, and Anna Symonds, June5,1777.CR3

Esther, Mrs., and Sergt. Thomas Burnam, 16:10m:[1685?].

Hannah, wid., and David Hobson, June27,1769.CR3

Harriet Newhall, of Rowley, and Benjamin D. Appleton, July21,1836.*

Hester [Esther. dup.], and Aaron Burnam, Nov.4,1701.

James, and Sarah Holmes, int.Mar.28,1724.CR5

James, and Sarah Millet [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Dec.13,1750.*

Josiah, and Sarah Adams, Feb.7,1716-17.CR5

Lydia, and Daniel Bordman, Jan.7,1777.CR3

Margarett, and Ichabod Griggs of Roxbury, int.28:9m:1701.

Polly, and Joseph Chaplin, Oct.11,1803.CR3

Samuell, and Hester Coggswell, Aug.10,1675.CTR

Samuel, of Gloucester, and wid.Elizabeth Potter, int.Dec.9,1769.

Susannah, and Samuell Dodge, int.6:10m:1713.

Susanna, and Jacob Symonds, Jan.7,1777.CR3


Judath [Preston. int.], of Beverly, and Ezekiel Adams, at Beverly, June27,1749.*

BIXBY (Biggsbee, Bigsbey, Bigsby, Bisby, Buzbee)

Asa, of Topsfield, and Eleanor Howe, int.May4,1810.

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Caroline Emerson of Georgetown, Sept.5,1839.

Margaret, of Topsfield, and Abel Howe, int.May12,1810.

BLACHFORD (Blatchford)

John Curtice, and Lucy Staniford, Mar.19,1787.*

BLACKLEDGE (Blacklidge)

Hannah, and Daniel Choate, jr., Apr.3,1749.CR2*

Jabez, of Sheepscot, and wid.Hannah Fowler, int.Dec.13,1746.

BLACKLIDGE (Blackledge)

Jabez, and Ruth Platts of Rowley, at Rowley, May10,1753.*


Benjamin, of Falmouth, and Mehitabel Hunt, int.Nov.7,1724.


Ebenezer, of Boston, and Mary Whitaker, int.Aug.25,1744.


James, and Sarah C. Kneeland bot of Topsfield, Aug.21,1842.

Mary Ann, of Topsfield, and Elbridge G. Pearsons of Hamilton, June2,1833.

Sarah, and John H. Smith, Dec.22,1842.*


Asher, and Mrs.Sarah Lord, Aug.3,1830.*

Cornelia Maria, of Portland and Dr. Charles H. Browne, int.Jan.1,1847.

Dolly A., of Lynn, and Col. Nathaniel Harris, int.Nov.3,1849.

Elizabeth, and Mathew Perry, Mar.27,1665.CTR

Enoch, of Salisbury, and wid.Susanna Low, int.Sept.5,1771.

Johannah, and Aaron Clark of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.2,1741.*


Charles G., of Brookline, and Sophronia Davis, Sept.23,1832.*

Thomas S., and Amelia S. Gibson, both of Manchester, Aug.5,1849.


Joseph, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Cogswell, int.20:8m:1717.

BLASDEL (Blaisdell)

Eunice, of Topsfield, and Horace Dickenson, int.Jan.25,1834.

BLATCHFORD (Blachford)

Stephen [Batchelder. int.], of Gloucester, and Nancy Kinsman, Aug.14,1834.*

BLISH (Blush)

Margarett, and Stephen Perkins, int.Sept.26,1719.

BLODGET (Blogget)

Lydia, and Warren W. Simonds, int.Mar.1,1845.

BLOGGET (Blodget)

Anne, and William Steel [both of Chebacco. int.], Dec.16,1731.*

Mary, and Moses Foster [both of Chebacco. int.], at Chebacco, Jan.18,1732-3.*


Samuel, and Elisabeth Baker, Sept.11,1831.*

BLUSH (Blish)

Abraham, "late of Boston," and Margarett Sergant, "resident at Ipswich," int.Oct.30,1707.


Hannah, and John Wilcomb, int.Nov.25,1738.

John, and Sarah Day, int.Jan.3,1744.

Sarah, and Benjamin Averill, Nov.9,1769.CR2*

William, of Portsmouth, and Susana Wood, int.Jan.30,1702.

BOALS (Bolles)

Mary, "alias Call," and Nathaniel Lord, Dec.31,1685.

BOARDMAN (Boarman, Boarmans, Bodman, Bordman, Boreman, Borman)

Abell, and Mary Warner, int.May23,1735.

Abel, of Newburyport, and Lydia Potter, May11,1783.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Thomas Prime of Rowley, int.Jan.23,1746.

Abigail, and Nathan Brown, jr., int.July11,1776.

Abigail, and Asa Wiggin of Salem, Oct.11,1812.*

Anna, and John Vincent White, Sept.6,1804.*

Ann [wid.CR7], and Joshua Low, Apr.3,1760.*

Bethiah, and Josiah Fitts, Feb.20,1776.CR2*

Daniel, and Mary Hodgkins, Sept.15,1778.CR2*

Daniel, and Bethiah Burnham, Oct.27,1799.*

Elizabeth [], and Joseph Manning, Nov.14,1732.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Warner, int.July5,1766.

Elisabeth, of Topsfield, and Benjamin Johnson, Sept.8,1766.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Colcord of New Hampshire, May10,1785.CR5

Elisabeth, and Ephraim Brown, jr., Nov.13,1791.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Capt. Richard Homan, Sept.23,1792.*

Elisabeth H., and [Lt. int.] Charles Baker, June23,1818.*

Elisabeth Warner, and Capt. Moses Wardwell, int.Apr.3,1830.

Hannah, and John Treadwell, Oct.9,1728.*

Hannah, and Charles Davis of Newburyport, int.July21,1837.

Jacob, and Joanna Hodgkins, int.Apr.16,1742.

Jacob, and Mary Ash of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept.20,1742.*

Jacob [jr. int.], and Mrs.Zerviah Burnam [wid.CR7], July26,1750.*

John, 3d, and Mary Baker, int.Nov.26,1743.

John, jr., and Mrs.Anna Fuller, int.Feb.24,1748.

John Howe, and Hannah Pedrick, Dec.24,1795.*

John, and Catharine Perkines, Nov.25,1802.*

Lucy, and John Appleton, 3d, Aug.4,1731.*

Lucy [], and Nathaniel Lord, 3d, July4,1771.CR2*

Lydia S., a.19y., d.Thomas C. and Lydia C., and Nathaniel F. Hovey, a.24y., bricklayer, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.14,1847.*

Martha Kinsman, and Elias Haskel of Gloucester, Sept.21,1812.*

Mary, and William Dickenson of Marblehead, Feb.5,1732.*

Mary, wid., and William Boswell of Amesbury, int.Apr.10,1754.

Mary, and James Kinsman, Nov.6,1760.CR2*

Mary, and Thomas Caldwell of Newburyport, Oct.20,1800.*

Sarah, and Daniel Noyes, Dec.8,1763.CR2*

Sarah, and Abraham Brown, Jan.10,1780.CR2*

Sally G., and Cyrus Kneeland both of Topsfield, Sept.30,1832.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Cogswell, int.Sept.22,1744.

Stephen, and Martha Kinsman, June2,1791.*

Stephen, and Rachel Perkins, Dec.4,1814.*

Susan B., and David F. Caverly of Poplin, NH, int.Oct.23,1845.

Susanna, and James Burnham, Feb.5,1786.CR2*

Thomas [Cornet. int.], and Sarah Gierly of Marblehead, at Rowley, May23,1727.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Elizabeth How, int.May23,1747.

Thomas G. [C. int.], and Lydia A. [C. int.] Spiller, Nov.23,1828.*

Thomas C., and Eliza Andrews, Sept.12,1830.*

Winthrop, and Abigail Elwell Kinsman, Jan.30,1821.*

Winthrop, and Elisabeth Kinsman, Dec.28,1824.*

BOARMAN (Boardman)

Elizabeth, and Jedadiah Tittcom of Newbury, int.29:4m:1717.

Jacob, and wid.Martha Rogers, May18,1699.*

Offin, and Sarah Heard, Feb.28,1698.

BOARMANS (Boardman)

Margarett, and Thomas Burnam [jr. int.], Sept.30,1703.*

BODMAN (Boardman)

John, jr., of Topsfield, and ["Ms." int.] Bethiah Giddings, Nov.8,1770.CR2*

Martha, wid., and John Chapman, jr. of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.1,1738-9.*

BODWELL (Bardwell)

Eliza, and William Baker, Sept.25,1828.*

BOLLES (Boals, Bolls, Bools, Bowels, Bowles, Bowls)

Joseph, 3d, and Abigail Adams, int.June23,1744.

BOLLS (Bolles)

Mary, and Nathaniel Lord, Dec.31,1685.CTR


Mary, and Samuel Wood, May27,1684.


Hannah C., a.21y., d.Abraham H. and Hannah, and James Bancroft of Stoneham, a.28y., bricklayer, s.Alpheus and Phebe, of Stoneham, Dec.13,1847.*

BOOLS (Booles)

John, and Mary Martin of Andover, int.16:9m:1706.

Joseph, and Lucretia Darby, int.Mar.29,1707.

Samuell, and Mary Lomas, int.May7,1709.


Hannah, and Nehemiah Dane, July16,1781.CR5*

BORDMAN (Boardman)

Daniel, and Lydia Bishop, Jan.7,1777.CR3

John, and Abigail Choate, int.Nov.27,1720.

Lois, of Topsfield, and Thomas Cummings, jr., at Topsfield, Apr.26,1763.*

Margarett, and Richard Manning, int.Oct.20,1722.

Mary, and John Potter, June15,1758.CR2*

Mary, and Robert Dodge, both of the Hamlet, int.Apr.1,1764.

Nathaniel, jr., of Topsfield, and Martha Perley, at Topsfield, Apr.1,1736.*

Priscilla, and Joseph Manning, int.Jan.22,1726.

Sarah, and Thomas Cross, int.Feb.18,1720-21.

BOREMAN (Boardman)

Martha, and Caleb Pool [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Mar.28,1727.*


Joanna and Isaack Fellows, Jan.29,1672.CTR

BORMAN (Boardman)

Abigail, of Topsfield, and Isaac Cummings, at Topsfield, Mar.8,1716.*

Daniell, and Hanah Huttcheson, Apr.12,1662.CTR

Joanna, and John Newmarsh, Nov.22,1671.CTR

Martha, and Thomas Low, July4,1660.CTR

Mary, of Topsfield, and Ebenezer Foster, at Topsfield, Jan.23,1705.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Perkins, Jan.1,1667.CTR


William, and Betty Harris, Oct.29,1778.CR2


William, of Amesbury, and wid.Mary Boardman, int.Apr.10,1754.


Elizabeth, and Nicholis Pearl, Oct.25,1686.CTR

Hannah, and John Fitts, int.Aug.20,1726.


Ebenezer, jr., of Salem, and Elizabeth Gilman, July17,1755.CR2*

BOWELS (Bolles)

Abigail [], and John Patch [Oct.9. int.], 1720.CR5*

John, and [] Lydia Howard, Feb.10,1729-30.CR5*

Joseph, and Phebe Smith, Feb.1,1719-20.CR5*

Ruben, and Lucy Brown, Aug.12,1773.CR5*

Ruth, and Anthony Dike, Nov.21,1729.CR5*


Sarah, and Andrew Cole of Wenham, May12,1793.*

William, and Eunice Low, Dec.31,1798.CR4*


Joel, of Salem, and Margaret Rogers, Oct.4,1808.*

Joel, of Salem, and Lucretia Rogers, Apr.26,1819.*

BOWLES (Bolles)

Charles, and Lucy Kimball, int.May2,1741.

Deborah, and Ebenezer Johnson, jr. [of Woburn. int.] at Woburn, Apr.30,1756.*

John, and Deborah Kilham of Wenham, at Wenham, Nov.14,1727.*

John, jr., and Lydia Wallis, Oct.9,1788.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Mary Hossum, int.Dec.22,1753.

Joseph, jr., and Ruth Chapman, of the Hamlet, int.Dec.23,1737.

Lucy, and Dr. John Manning, Nov.25,1760.CR2*

Lidia, Mrs., and Benjamin Dike, int.Nov.9,1754.

Mary [], and Amos Whipple, both of the Hamlet, May8,1770.CR2*

Phebe, and Robert Edwards of Salisbury [], Feb.9,1737-8.CR5*

Ruth, Mrs., and Nathaniel Adams, jr., int.Dec.2,1757.

Ruth, wid., and Thomas Lampson, int.Mar.25,1758.

Sally, and Richard Richardson, at Woburn, Nov.20,1794.

BOWLS (Bolles)

John, and Mrs.Abigail Belcher, int.May1,1762.


George [resident in], and Mary Russell [of Boston. int.], Sept.21,1737.*


Abraham, and Patience Lufkin of Gloucester, int.Aug.20,1814.

Adam, and Lydia Burnham, Dec.18,1788.*

Adam, and Ruth Storey, Feb.27,1816.*

Mary, and Stephen Story, jr., Dec.29,1785.*

BOYLES (Boyls)

Charles, and Hannah Bagley of Amesbury, int.Mar.15,1806.

BOYLS (Boyles)

Charles, and Sally Stacy, Oct.21,1792.*


Daniel, of Rowley, and Fanny Nourse, May11,1831.*

Dorothy, of Rowley, and Samuel Dresser [jr. int.], at Rowley, Apr.26,1732.*

Edmund, of Newbury, and Mary Heard, Mar.22,1792.*

Ednah, of Rowley, and Samuel Brown, at Rowley, Apr.9,1734.

Elijah, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Martha Lord, int.Aug.26,1771.

Hanah, and Nathaniell Warner, Nov.24,1673.CTR

Mary, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Nathaniel Roberts, int.Dec.16,1769.

Mercy, and Josiah Clarke, Dec.14,1670.CTR

Moses, of Rowley, and Lucy How, int.July31,1786.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Kezer, Dec.10,1776.CR3


Mehitabell, and John Downeing, 2:9m:1669.CTR


Mary, and Joseph burnum, Oct.20,1731.*

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Harris or Rowley, int.Aug.11,1753.

Mercy, and Samuell Harris, int.31:8m:1719.

William, and Abigail Heard, at Newbury, Sept.3,1707.*

William, and wid.Mary Cross, int.28:9m:1719.

William, and Mary Walcut of Salem, int.Aug.15,1730.


John, of Quicy, and Eliza Gray, Sept.4,1814.*

Susan, of Berwick, ME, and Thomas Staples, int.Aug.2,1828.

William F. [S. int.], of Lynn, and Susan W. Harris, Oct.8,1843.*


Rebecca, and Richard Priar, int.Nov.7,1712.


Bethiah, of Beverly, and William Howard [jr. int.], at Beverly, Dec.29,1720.*

Bethiah, of Middleton, and John Goold, int.Jan.7,1747.

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Rowley, and Rev. Dr. Joseph Dana, int.Nov.12,1803.

Persis, of Pelham, NH, and Daniel Smith, 3d, int.May25,1832.

Rachell, and Nathaniell Jones, Jan.3,1704.

Rhachel, of Boxford, and Jacob Dresser, int.Jan.4,1741.


Enoch, of Haverhill, and Mary Low [at Haverhill. dup.], Oct.10,1770.*


John, jr., of Beverly, and Elisabeth Hobson, Aug.19,1813.*

BRADSTREET (Broadstreet, Brodstreet)

Abigail, and Moses Jewet, May13,1741.*

Dolly, of Gloucester, and Charles Andrews, int.Nov.4,1815.

Elizabeth, and Abram Parker of Bradford, int.5:3m:1711.

Elisabeth, of Topsfield, and Dea.Mark How, at Topsfield, Apr.26,1763.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Plumer of Newbury, at Rowley, May31,1764.*

Elisabeth, and Aaron Jewett, May29,1796.*

Ezekiel, and Abigail Pearson, at Rowley, Dec.12,1771.*

Hannah, and Jacob Wood of Boxford, int.Dec.6,1713.

Hannah, Mrs., and Richard Shatswell, jr., int.Mar.30,1751.

Hannah, and John White, int.Mar.1,1823.

Jane, and John Manning, int.Mar.24,1727.

John, and Judith Hale, at Newbury, Feb.14,1771.*

John, Capt., of Topsfield, and Priscilla Howe, Apr.23,1821.*

Joseph, Dr., of Topsfield, and wid.Hannah Ross, int.Nov.4,1783.

Lucy, and George Todd of Rowley, Feb.4,1779.*

Lydia, of Gloucester, and Benjamin Andrews, int.Dec.2,1817.

Martha, wid., of Topsfield, and Anthony Potter, at Topsfield, Oct.20,1762.*

Mary, and Nathan Pearson, June20,1774.CR3*

Moses, and Elizabeth Harris, Mar.11,1661.CTR

Moses, jr., and Abigail Lunt of Rowley, int.Sept.10,1720.

Moses, and Mary Coburne of Dracut, int.Mar.14,1723.

Moses, and Mrs.Dorothy Northend of Rowley, at Rowley, Oct.27,1737.*

Moses, and Lucy Pickard of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.12,1749.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Sarah Mighill of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.26,1775.*

Moses, of Topsfield, and Martha Potter, Apr.11,1822.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Northen of Rowley, int.Oct.29,1726.

Nathaniell, and [] Hannah Hammond, Aug.15,1739.*

Nathaniel, and Phebe Jewett of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.7,1762.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Jewett of Rowley, int.Feb.21,1807.

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Sarah Perley of Rowley, int.Mar.2,1830.

Nathaniel, jr., and Elisabeth Scott, Dec.16,1841.*

Phebe, and John Creasey, jr. of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.15,1792.*

Samuel, jr., of Topsfield, and "Ms." Ruth Lamson, int.Oct.末,1762.

Sarah, and Nicholas Wallis, Apr.13,1657.CTR

Sarah, and John Lambert of Rowley, int.Oct.19,1804.

Susana, and John Fisher, int.Feb.7,1744.

William, and Eunice Perkins, both of Topsfield, Apr.7,1814.

BRADY (Bready)

John, and Catharine Doyle, int.Jan.17,1846.

BRAG (Bragg)

Mary, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Steele, Jan.18,1789.*

Thomas, and Mary Emmerson, Dec.23,1686.CTR

BRAGG (Brag)

Edward, and wid.Sarah Reddington, 28:8br:1691.

Elisabeth, and John Harris, 4th, Dec.12,1765.CR2*

John, and Mary Bennett, May28,1711.*

John, and Sarah Obear, at Beverly, Dec.27,1781.

Lydia, and Jacob Bennet, int.Aug.27,1709.

Samuel, and wid.Mary Kinsman, int.Aug.17,1765.

Thomas, and Pheby Reddington, Aug.24,1675.CTR

Timothy, and Liddea Gott, Feb.24,168[5?]. [1685.CTR]

Timothy, and Martha Killom [of], Dec.23,1714.CR5*

Timothy, jr., and Elizabeth Low, int.Jan.24,1740.


Azor H., of Gloucester, and Sally P. Brown, Dec.1,1836.*

Elvira, and John G. Cole, int.Feb.24,1849.

Enoch, of Gloucester, and Hannah Low, int.July26,1782.

Harriot, of Gloucester, and John Dodge, int.Nov.20,1801.

Lucey, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Jacob Prockter, int.Dec.9,1775.

Lucy G., and Daniel B. Kendall, int.May28,1831.

Mary, and John Ring, Nov.18,1664.CTR

Polly, and Asa Burnham, Dec.24,1801.*

Sarah Woodberry, and John [Joshua.CR1] Loring of Salem, June21,1807.*

BREADY (Brady)

Jane, and John Kimball, jr., int.Oct.12,1745.


David, of Hamilton, and Eunice Potter, Apr.29,1819.*

Enoch F., and Mary Appleton Dane of Hamilton, int.Jan.10,1846.

John, and Mary Whitmore, 23:8m:1647. CTF

John, and Susanna Warner, Jan.末,1674.CTR

John, and Martha Perkins, June3,1689.

John, of Rowley, and Hannah Dodge, July20,1789.*

John, jr., of Hamilton, and Mrs.Hannah Sweet, May24,1824.*

Sarah A., and Joseph [D. int.] Moody, May16,1841.*


Mary, and Benjamin Fowler, int.Dec.17,1709.

BRIDGE (Bridges)

Anna, of Wenham, and John Lampson, 3d, Oct.5,1749.*

BRIDGES (Bridge)

Edmond, and Mary Littlehale, Apr.6,1665.CTR

John, and Sarah How, Dec.5,1666.CTR

Josiah, and Elizabeth Norton, Nov.13,1676.CTR

Josiah, and Ruth Greenslip, Sept.19,1677.CTR

Obadiah, and Mary Smith, Oct.25,1671.CTR


Daniel, and Rebecca Groves, both of Beverly, May9,1782.CR5

Sarah T., of Salem, and William P. Dennis, int.Oct.9,1830.

BROADSTREET (Bradstreet)

Hannah, and Daniel Tood, jr. or Rowley, Apr.17,1783.*


Samuel [Brokas, of], and Lydia Colman, at Marblehead, Dec.28,1763.*


Asa [of], and Mary How, Apr.16,1771.CR3*

Clarissa, and Perry Putnam, Nov.25,1841.CR6

James, and Sarah Adams, Mar.4,1777.CR3

Jeremiah, and Mary Harris, Dec.28,1842.*

John, jr. [of], and Sarah Fowler, Dec.25,1764.CR3*

John F., of Rowley, and Hannah Kimball, int.Feb.9,1833.

Lois, and Ezekiel Bayley, Nov.2,1769.CR3

Molly, and John Adams, jr., Mar.4,1777.CR3

Nathan [jr. int.], of Rowley, and Susannah Hammond, at Rowley, Oct.14,1784.*

Preston [L. int.], and Sarah R. Lakeman, Sept.1,1843.*

Samuell, and Jane Dickinson, Nov.8,1764.CR3

BRODSTREET (Bradstreet)

Sarah, and Samuel Coburn [jr. int.] of Dracut, Dec.13,1781.*


Elisabeth, of Newbury, and George W. Manning, int.Oct.19,1833.


Sarah, and Philip Coolidge of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.14,1726.*

BROWN (Browne)

末末n, and Dorcas Fowler, both of Wenham, Oct.17,1732.

Aaron, and Anna Russell, Jan.13,1741.*

Aaron F., and Nabby B. Brown, Dec.25,1839.*

Abigail, and Joseph Tilton, int.Apr.10,1741.

Abigail, and Edward Walden of Wenham, int.Apr.7,1749.

Abigail, and John Potter [jr. int.], Aug.16,1781.CR5*

Abigail H., and Aaron Sweet, jr., Mar.12,1826.*

Nabby B., and Aaron F. Brown, Dec.25,1839.*

Abner, and Sally Archibold, Jan.29,1809.*

Abraham, and Sarah Boardman, Jan.10,1780.CR2*

Adam, and Esther Parkman of Wenham, at Wenham, Aug.4,1743.*

Adam, and Mrs.Anna Whipple, int.May9,1761.

Adam, jr., and Prissilla Putnam of Sutton, at Sutton, Dec.3,1772.*

Albert, and Nabby Foster, Sept.2,1828.*

Ammi [of Gloucester. int.], and Sarah Fellows, July15,1798.*

Ammi, and Hannah Baker, Oct.27,1814.*

Anna, and William Kinsman, Mar.2,1773.CR5*

Anna [], and Paul Morgan, jr. of Gloucester, Jan.3,1775.CR2*

Anna, of Hamilton, and Ebenezer Goodhue, int.Nov.3,1806.

Ann, and Abijah Eaton of Boston, int.Aug.14,1809.

Ann Maria, and John Conant, jr. of Topsfield, Dec.5,1820.*

Ann B., and Warren Kimball, May13,1835.*

Arthur, and wid.Lydia Howlet [of], Apr.5,1750.CR3*

Bartholomew, of Beverly, and Hannah Wood, int.June24,1749.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Fossee, int.4:10m:1714.

Benjamin, jr., and Ester Stone, int.Oct.15,1748.

Benjamin, jr., and wid.Elizabeth Forster, int.Jan.5,1750.

Benjamin, 4th, and Mrs.Martha Roberts, int.Mar.20,1762.

Benjamin, 4th, and Hannah Woodberry, July29,1792.*

Benjamin, and Atarah Andrews of Essex, int.May25,1822.

Benjamin C., and Mary B. Manning, Oct.18,1829.*

Charlotte, and Alexander Meedy, Nov.21,1811.*

Christian, and Francis Goodhue, jr., Apr.13,1758.CR2*

Clarissa, and Solomon Perley, both of Topsfield, Aug.23,1814.

Cornelius, of Boxford, and Mary Crocker [Crooke. int.], at Boxford, [Apr.8. int.], 末蔓2,1734.*

Daniel, and Hannah Russel, Nov.9,1738.*

Daniel, jr., and Zerviah Dane, Jan.5,1777.CR2

Daniel, and Rhoda Brown, Aug.2,1801.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Jemima Brown, May19,1825.*

David, and Ruth Story of Chebacco, Apr.19,1772.CR5*

David, and Mary Potter, June5,1798.*

David A., a.18y., laborer, s.George and Esther, and Mary Lakeman, a.19y., Mar.9,1845.*

David, and Sarah C. Currier, both of Newbury, Oct.22,1846.CR2

Deborah, of Gloucester, and Samuel Stacy, int.Sept.10,1810.

Dorothy, and Caleb Burnum, Feb.10,1731-2.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Perkins, Mar.24,1768.*

Adnah, and Benjamin Patch, int.Apr.6,1754.

Elisha, jr., and Mrs.Elizabeth Roberts, int.Dec.15,1759.

Elisah, Capt. and Martha Brown. Aug.26,1790.*

Elisah, and Charlotte Kinsman, July2,1840.*

Eliza, a.17y., d.Walter and Annis, and John R. Norfolk of Salem, a.23, y., machinist, s.Joseph and Rebecca, of Salem, Dec.26,1847.*

Elizabeth, and David Roberts, Feb.18,1729-30.CR5*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Adams, jr., int.Apr.14,1744.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Langdon of Portsmouth, NH, int.Oct.25,1746.

Elizabeth, Mrs.and Ebenezer Choat, Mar.28,1750.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Sawyer, int.Mar.11,1753.

Elizabeth, and Robert Perkins, July19,1753.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nathaniel Brown, int.Oct.28,1758.

Elizabeth, and Lt. Jacob Brown, int.Nov.14,1761.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Windham, CT, and James Lord, jr., int.Aug.7,1762.

Betty, and William Poland int.July14,1781.

Betsy, and John Raymond of Beverly, Aug.25,1791.*

Betsy, and Isaac Hacket [Hagget. int.] of Salem, Nov.26,1801.*

Elisabeth, and John Patch, jr., Aug.5,1802.*

Elisabeth, and Silas Chamberlain of Beverly, Dec.1,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Hosmer, both of Concord, Nov.17,1815.CR1

Elisabeth P., and Alonzo Butler of Lowell, Oct.16,1834.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Brown, jr., May26,1839.*

Elisabeth F., and Joshua Lamson of Hamilton, Apr.15,1841.*

Betsey, and [Maj. int.] William Giddings, Dec.26,1843.*

Elizabeth C., and Augustus Janes, Feb.1,1849.CR3*

Ephraim, jr., and Elisabeth Boardman, Nov.13,1791.*

Ephraim, jr., of Gloucester, and Hannah Kinsman, Oct.6,1811.*

Ephraim, jr., and Lucy Story of Essex, int.Feb.19,1820.

Ester, wid., and William Holland jr., int.July21,1752.

Ester, "Ms.," and Daniel Redington, int.Apr.18,1761.

Eunice, Mrs., and Timothy Thornton of Boston, int.Mar.28,1761.

Eunice, "Ms.," and Robert Wallis, jr., int.Oct.3,1763.

Eunice, and Joseph Proctor of Londonderry, Dec.25,1808.*

Eunice, and Joseph Kinsman, May18,1809.*

Eunice A., a.19y., d.James and Lucy, and Manasseh Brown, jr., a.21y., farmer, s.Josiah and Nabby, Mar.6,1845.*

Fanny, and Benjamin Patch, 3d, of Hamilton, Jan.18,1816.*

Frances, and Stephen Staples of Tamworth, NH, int.Nov.16,1824.

Francis, and Mary Anable, Feb.17,1761.*

Francis, and Judith Burnham, Dec.31,1778.*

Francis, and Sally Brown, Sept.28,1830.*

George, and Lucy Meedy, Sept.8,1807. [1802.CR2]*

George, and Esther Saunders, Aug.5,1813.*

George, jr., and Eunice A. Tucker, Apr.14,1836.*

Hannah, and Ephraim Smith, int.6:1m:1714.

Hannah, and David Pulcifer, int.Feb.5,1742.

Hannah, Mrs., and Isaac Martin, int.Jan.31,1761.

Hannah, Mrs., and William Dodge, 3d, int.Feb.20,1761.

Hannah, and Joseph Procter, Feb.4,1773.*

Hannah, and Nathan Fellows, Oct.27,1785.CR5*

Hannah N., and John H. Harris, jr., July20,1826.*

Hephzibah, and Nathaniel Brown, Feb.1,1768.*

Isaac, and Lydia Smith, Mar.31,1825.*

Jacob, and Sarah Burnam of Chebacco, int.Jan.10,1707-8.

Jacob, Lt., and Elizabeth Brown, int.Nov.14,1761.

Jacob, 3d, and Mrs.Elizabeth Grover, int.Dec.27,1766.

Jacob, 3d, and [] Mary Patch, Nov.5,1772.CR2*

Jacob, 4th, and Mary Adams, both of the Hamlet, Jan.20,1774.CR2*

Jacob, Lt., and Phebe Tilton, Nov.14,1782.CR5*

Jacob, and Frances Q. Roles of Ossipee, NH, int.Sept.3,1825.

Jacob F., a.22y., teacher, s.Jacob and Frances Q., and Lavinia A. Cogswell, a.20y., d.Joseph and Esther, June8,1848.*

James, and Mehetable Pengry, int.June7,1707.

James, and Jemima Quarles, int.Nov.16,1712.

James, and Lidia Dane, int.June27,1746.

James, and [] Sarah Lampson, July25,1751.*

James, and Jemima Patch, Dec.2,1766.CR2*

James, and Mary Potter, both of the Hamlet, Apr.16,1769.CR2*

James [jr. int.], and Jemima Kinsman, Jan.1,1782.CR5*

James, of Manchester, and Sarah Story, Nov.21,1797.*

James, of Hallowell, and Hannah Meedy, Oct.25,1804.*

James, jr., and Lucy Fellows, July2,1812.*

Jemima, wid., and Nathaniel Potter, int.Oct.19,1751.

Jemima, and Daniel Brown [jr. int.], May19,1825.*

Jeremiah, and Lucy Potter, Aug.16,1770.*

Joanna, and Nathaniel Kinsman, Dec.16,1828.*

John, 4th, and Mary Patch, Nov.26,1750.*

John, 3d, and Molly Burnham, Dec.3,1771.*

John, and Mrs.Lydia Day, int.Nov.13,1773.

John, 7th, and [] Mary Hubbard, both of the Hamlet, Jan.20,1774.CR2*

John, 3d, and Hannah Proctor, at Chebacco, Dec.1,1789.*

John, and Elizabeth Killam of Wenham, Oct.27,1792.*

John Burnham, and Elizabeth Potter of Hamilton, int.Oct.12,1809.

John [jr. int.], and Ruth Andrews, Feb.15,1814.*

John Burnham, adn Mary Kinsman, Apr.2,1818.*

John, 3d, of Newburyport, and Nabby G. Soward, Mar.31,1822.*

John, jr., and Mary Ann Caldwell, June16,1836.*

John, jr., and Eunice Kinsman, Sept.17,1840.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Lakeman, Apr.14,1748.CR2*

Jonathan, and Lucy [S. int.] Kimball, May8,1836.*

Jonathan B., of Salem, and Elizabeth Clark, int.Sept.19,1844.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Abbott, int.2:9m:1706.

Joseph [jr. int.], and Susanna Dodge, Apr.18,1734.CR5*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Perkins, Jan.1,1778.*

Joseph, of Haverhill, and Elisabeth Perkins [Pearson. int.], Dec.3,1779.*

Joseph, and Martha Perkins, Nov.27,1806.*

Joseph, jr., and Rebeckah Appleton, Jan.15,1808.*

Joseph P., a.31y., farmer, s.Joseph and Rebecca, and Susan W. Lord, a.25y., d.Philip and Susan, Mar.26,1846. [Apr.9.CR2]*

Josiah, resident in Gloucester, and Abagail Lord, Gloucester, Dec.19,1762.

Josiah, and Sarah Wright of Concord, at Concord, Oct.31,1765.

Josiah [Lt. int.], and Chrisse Baker, July17,1806.*

Josiah, Capt., and Nabby Baker, May13,1819.*

Judith [d.Judith.CR2], and Richard Manning, Jan.10,1821.*

Langly, and Hannah Smith, Oct.31,1811.*

Lemuel, and Anna Patch, Apr.26,1780.*

Levi, and Susan Mears of Essex, int.May12,1826.

Lucretia, and Joel B. Stowe of Plymouth, NH, Nov.7,1838.*

Lucy, and Samuel Potter, jr., int.Jan.14,1748.

Lucy, and Daniel Tilton, jr., Feb.6,1752.CR2*

Lucy, and Ruben Bowels, Aug.12,1773.CR5*

Lucy, and Joseph Cole, July27,1780.CR5*

Lucy, and Timothy Tibbits, resident in Ipswich, Dec.11,1796.*

Lucy M., and John Sweet, July3,1834.*

Lidia, and Ebenezer Harris, int.Mar.15,1743.

Lydia, and James Lord, Jan.26,1780.*

Lydia, wid., and James Lord, Jan.26,1780.

Lydia H., a.22y., d.Nathan and Lydia, and Josiah Lord, jr., a.24y., carpenter, s.Josiah and Mary, May21,1845. [May2.CR1]*

Lydia, Mrs., of Salem, and Joseph Farley, int.June9,1849.

Manessah, and Mary K. Brown, Dec.15,1836.*

Manasseh, jr., a.21y., farmer, s.Josiah and Nabby, and Eunice A. Brown, a.19y., d.James and Lucy, Mar.6,1845.*

Maria, and Isaac A. Dodge, both of Hamilton, Dec.29,1833.

Martha, Mrs.[of Reading. in.], and Rev. Samuel Wigglesworth, Mar.12, 末末. [Nov.22,1729. int.]*

Martha, Mrs., and Samuel Patch, int.Feb.18,1757.

Martha, and Robert Burnham, at the Hamlet, June11,1776.

Martha, and Capt. Elisha Brown, Aug.26,1790.*

Patty, of Hamilton, and Ebenezer Cogswell, int.May1,1794.

Martha P., and Hervey Whipple of Hamilton, Jan.1,1835.*

Mary, and John Hubbard, int.22:2m:1710.

Mary, and Samuell Choate, int.Mar.31,1716.

Mary, wid., and Ephraim Chamberlain of Boston, int.May25,1731.

Mary [], and Moses Kimball [jr. int.], Sept.10,1734.*

Mary, and Nathaniell [Nathan, jr. int.] Brown, Feb.28,1738-9.CR5*

Mary, and Thomas Pinder, int.Nov.1,1740.

Mary, and James Patch, int.Jan.11,1747.

Mary, wid., jr., and Abigah How, int.Mar.10,1749.

Mary, wid., and Benjamin Dutch, Dec.25,1749.*

Mary, and John Henderson, jr., int.Mar.31,1753.

Mary, "Ms.," and Jonathan Dodge, jr., int.Apr.26,1766.

Mary, and Israel Andrew Dodge of Wenham, int.Mar.30,1770.

Mary, Mrs.and John Lovereing, jr., int.Oct.13,1770.

Mary, and John Loverain, jr., both of the Hamlet, Apr.29,1771.CR2

Molly, and Andrew Story, Aug.24,1778.CR2*

Mary, and James Lakeman, Nov.8,1779.CR5*

Mary, and Moses Lufkin, Aug.22,1780.CR5*

Polly, and Thomas Dane, Apr.17,1788.*

Mary, and Stephen Holt of Salem, Mar.20,1803.*

Mary, and John Patch, jr., June30,1811.*

Mary K., and Manessah Brown, Dec.15,1836.*

Mary P., and William F. Wade [jr. int.], Dec.16,1841.*

Mary E., and Joseph Kinsman, jr., Sept.20,1842.*

Mary Ann, and Frederic N. Leonard of West Springfield, Dec.1,1849.CR2*

Mehetabel, and Job Gidding, Dec.15,1757.CR2*

Mercy, of Chebacco, and John Linsey of Marblehead, May末,1728.CR5*

Mercy, and James Fuller Lakeman, Nov.3,1776.CR2

Michael, and Mary Baker, Oct.2,1802.*

Nathan, and Mrs.Elizabeth Low, int.Sept.11,1767.

Nathan, jr., and Abigail Boardman, int.July11,1776.

Nathan, jr., and Mehitable Dodge, both of Wenham, Sept.21,1800.

Nathan, jr., and Lydia Hood of Topsfield, Sept.20,1814.*

Nathaniell [Nathan, jr. int], and Mary Brown, Feb.28,1738-9.CR5*

Nathaniel, and Mary Jewett of Rowley, at Rowley, June1,1742.*

Nathaniell, Dr., and Ester Porter, int.Jan.10,1746.

Nathaniel, of Billerica, and Margaret Killam, int.Nov.17,1752.

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Elizabeth Brown, int.Oct.28,1758.

Nathaniel, and Hephzibah Brown, Feb.1,1768.*

Nehemiah, and Sarah Sayer of Scarboro, int.Jan.5,1739.

Nehemiah, and Mary Tanor, int.June2,1743.

Nehemiah, and Mary Choate, Nov.28,1771.*

Nehemiah, and Susanna Smith, July20,1819.*

Pelatiah, and Mrs.Martha Wallis, int.Oct.21,1758.

Phillip, Lt., and wid.Sarah Brown, int.Sept.13,1766.

Phebe, and John Sachwell, Mar.22,1725.CR5

Priscilla, and Oliver Carter, jr. of Leominster, Nov.25,1762.CR2*

Rachel, Mrs., and John Hale of Waldoboro, Oct.21,1817.*

Rebecca A., and Francis Dodge of Danvers, Nov.26,1841.*

Relief, of Wenham, and William Homan, int.May24,1777.

Relief, and Solomon Sanborn of Tamworth, NH, Nov.12,1820.*

Rhoda, Daniel Brown, Aug.2,1801.*

Rhoda, and James Potter, Dec.2,1830.*

Richard, jr., of Newbury, and Mrs.Martha Whipple, at Newbury, Apr.22,1703.*

Samuel, and Mary Andross, at Chebacco, Apr.17,1703.

Samuell, and Martha Jacob, int.21:2m:1707-8.

Samuel, and Ednah Boynton of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.9,1734.

Samuel, of Wenham, and Bethiah Adams, at Wenham, Mar.7,1775.*

Samuel, and Eliza Saville of Gloucester, int.June15,1829.

Sarah, and Joseph Foster, int.30:11m:1714.

Sarah, and Richard Ringe, int.3:9m:1716.

Sarah, and Abraham Hobbs, May15,1738.CR5*

Sarah, wid., and Daniel Giddins, int.Mar.19,1742.

Sarah, of Billerica, and Isaac Foster, at Billerica, Nov.8,1744.*

Sarah, and Philip Lord, jr., Dec.13,1748.CR2*

Sarah, "Ms.," and Laurance Carter, int.June6,1755.

Sarah, Mrs., and Daniel Smith, Feb.25,1761.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Wells, int.Jan.16,1762.

Sarah, wid., and Lt. Phillip Brown, int.Sept.13,1766.

Sarah, and Josiah Poland Mar.6,1769.*

Sarah, and George Dodge, jr., June29,1780.CR5*

Sally, and Joseph Friend, both of Wenham, Aug.5,1800.

Sarah, of Hamilton, and William Kinsman, jr., Nov.4,1802.*

Sally, and Daniel Witham [jr. int.] of Gloucester, Oct.24,1805.*

Sarah [], and Moses Perkins, Aug.18,1814.*

Sally, and John P. Lakeman of Salem, Apr.2,1820.*

Sally, and Francis Brown, Sept.28,1830.*

Sarah, and Nathan Burnham, jr. of Essex, July20,1834.*

Sally P., and Azor H. Bray of Gloucester, Dec.1,1836.*

Simon, and Mrs.Lydia Hooker, int.Sept.17,1774.

Stephen, and wid.Ann Fellows, int.Aug.10,1746.

Stephen [jr. int.], and Betsey Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.17,1761.*

Stephen, 3d, and Mrs.Elizabeth Potter, int.Dec.15,1770.

Stephen [], and Margaret Safford, July17,1780.CR5*

Stephen, jr., and Rachel Meedy, May2,1805.*

Stephen C[hoate.CR1], and Mary Lynde S[mith.CR1] Dodge, Apr.2,1834.*

Susan, and John Hill, int.Sept.7,1844.

Susanna, of Reading, and Nathaniel Appleton, int.Apr.27,1745.

Susanna, and Nehemiah Choate, Mar.27,1755.CR2*

Susannah, and William Lakeman, 3d, June27,1797.*

Thomas, and Abigaile Jacobs, int.末蔓末,1704.

Thomas, and Mary Lamson, Sept.21,1732.CR5*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Hendly [Hender. int.], Dec.27,1736.CR5*

Thomas, 3d, and Elizabeth Smith, int.Nov.18,1743.

Thomas, and Sarah Roundy, Oct.4,1829.*

Thomas, jr., and Elisabeth Brown, May26,1839.*

Tristram, and Joanna Baker, Jan.10,1796.*

Tristram, jr., and Sarah Appleton, May13,1830.*

Tristram [Capt.CR2], widr., a.70y., farmer, s.Jacob and Mary, and Martha Baker, a.52y., d.John and Joanna, May1,1845.*

Walter, and Mrs.Lucy Post, int.Dec.15,1838.

William, 3d, and Grace Martin, int.Jan.21,1748.

William, 4th [3d.CR7], and Mrs.Eunice Wells, Apr.22,1755.*

William, 3d, and Lucy Adams, Feb.10,1778.*

William, of Wenham, and Judith Addams, May10,1787.*

William, of Newbury, and Mary Plummer, Aug.19,1806.*

William, Capt., and Dorcas Baker, Dec.27,1810.*

Winthrop, and Loisa Jane Allen, Nov.12,1835.*

BROWNE (Brown)

Abia, and Richard Syle of Rowley, int.Sept.12,1719.CR4

Abiah, and Richard Marshall, Sept.26,1723.*

Abigail, and Thomas Jones of Manchester, int.Feb.13,1719-20.CR4

Benjamin, and Sarah Browne [int.Feb.25,1736.].CR5*

Charles H., Dr., and Cornelia Maria Blake of Portland int.Jan.1,1847.

Ebenezer, of Rowley, and wid.Mehitabell Hovey, int.Mar.24,1721-2.

Elisha, and Lydia Browne [int.Mar.10,1736.].CR5*

Elizabeth, and John Holland Nov.5,1701.

Elizabeth [], and William Hassey [Hassen, of Rumney], at Chebacco, Apr.5,1702. [Apr.20. int.]*

Esther, and Caleb Adams, Feb.3,1730.*

Faith, and Daniell Warner, July1,1660.CTR

Hanah, and Edward Cogswell, int.Aug.21,1708.CR4

Hanah, and Samuell Mafield of Salem, int.July10,1720.CR4

Jacob, jr., and Mercy Quarles, int.Feb.8,1727.

Jacob, and Mary How, May20,1731.*

Jacob, Lt., and wid.Mary Dane, both of the Hamlet, int.Nov.30,1735.

Jacob [jr., of the Hamlet. int.], and Ruth Wood, Nov.16,1736.*

Jacob, 3d, and Anna Quarles, both of the Hamlet, int.Oct.25,1737.

James, and Mrs.Sarah Cogswell, int.July13,1723.

Jemima, of the Hamlet, and Nathaniel Poland int.Mar.2,1735.

John, and 末末,末蔓末,1677.CTR

John, jr., and Mary Fitts, int.Jan.2,1724-5.

John [], and Mary Young, July17,1729.*

John, and Sarah Emmerson [both of the Hamlet. int.], Dec.8,1736.*

John [turner. int.], and wid.Elizabeth Pottar [of the Hamlet. int.], Sept.22,1737.*

Jonathan, and Lidea Kindrick, d.John, Apr.6,1694.

Joseph, and Hanah Asselbie, Feb.27,1671.CTR

Lidea, and Andrew Hodges, Nov.27,1659.CTR

Lydia, and Elisha Browne [int.Mar.10,1736.].CR5*

Martha, and Willard Goldthwaite, both of Salem, Oct.19,1848.CR2

Mary, and Thomas Lord, May24,1686.

Mary, and Samuel Lord [jr. int.], July4,1728.*

Mary, wid., and Richard Smith, resident in Ipswich, int.Nov.25,1732.

Mary, and Moses Lufkin, Apr.10,1733.*

Mary [Elizabeth Brown. int.], and Caleb Warner, Nov.8,1734.*

Mary C., and Elbridge Elsworth of Rowley, Oct.16,1832.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Knowlton, int.Aug.19,1737.

Nathaniel, and Judith Perkins, Dec.16,1673.CTR

Phebe, and John Shatchwell, int.Feb.25,1725.

Sarah, and Thomas Jacob, Dec.21,1671.CTR

Sarah, and John Cogswell, int.Sept.25,1708.CR4

Sarah, Benjamin Browne [int.Feb.25,1736.].CR5

Simon, and Susanna Bennet, Dec.23,1734.CR5*

Susanna, of Boxford, and William Lakeman, jr., int.Oct.9,1731.

Thomas, of Wenham, and Abigail Adams, int.June25,1727.

Thomas, and Martha Martin, at Chebacco, Mar.30,1732.*

William, and Dorothy Giddings, at Chebacco, Apr.17,1703.*

William, and Dorothy Giddings, int.末蔓末,1704.

William, jr., and Elizabeth Kinsman, int.Jan.1,1726.


Jeremiah, of Newmarket, and "Ms." Mary Shatswell, int.Feb.17,1765.

Katherine, and Thomas Hodgkins, int.Dec.2,1738.


Henry, of Hamilton, and Rebecah D. Lord, Oct.11,1812.*


Dorithy, Mrs., and Jonathan Wade, Dec.9,1660.CTR


Daniel, and Elizabeth Edwards [of], Nov.23,1720.CR5*

Hannah, and John Masters, Feb.12,1729-30.*

Jeremiah, and Hanna Lamson, int.Dec.末,1720.CR5

Joseph, and Mary Legroo, int.Nov.29,1724.CR5

Mary, and William Handcock of Marblehead, int.Dec.13,1719.CR5

Sarah, and Samuel Whitaker of Concord, int.Sept.11,1731.


John, resident in Ipswich, and Hannah Butler, int.Nov.3,1787.

Richard, of Boston, and Judith Lufkin, Apr.13,1758.CR4*

BUCKNAM (Buckman)

Ann F., and John T. Davis of Gloucester, Nov.15,1838.*

Daniel, of Sutton, a.75y., and [] Elizabeth Woodbery, a.71y., Feb.1,1773.CR5*


Anna, and Daniel Griffen, Aug.2,1726.CR5*


Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Jewett, at Rowley, Jan.21,1729.*

Mary, and Anthony Attwood, int.Oct.8,1715.


Susan, and Rev. Daniel Poor of Danvers, int.July1,1815.


Hanah, and Funell Ross, Mar.16,1664.CTR [Partially crossed out.]

BULLER (Bulley)

Rebekah, and David Bennet, at Rowley, Feb.14,1682.

BULLEY (Buller, Bully)

Elizabeth, and William Stone, int.Apr.19,1718.

Samuell, and Elisabeth Webber, Feb.22,16[93?].

BULLY (Bulley)

Patience, and Griffin Jones, int.May30,1719.


John, and Mary Johnson, Apr.22,1777.CR3


Bridget, and Cyrus Davis, June1,1779.CR3*

James, resident in Ipswich, and Rachel Farnum of Andover, at Andover, Oct.17,1754.*

Warren, and Jane Crombie, Dec.25,1783.CR2*


Robert, and Susanna Pulcipher, int.31:8m:1719.

BURGEN (Burganie, Burgin)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Stone, int.Nov.10,1744.

Margaret, and Daniel Ross, Aug.20,1781.CR2*

Mary, and John Spiller, jr., int.Nov.10,1744.

Robert, and Margaret Gibson, Dec.3,1751.CR2*

Sarah, and John Stanwood of Newburyport, Dec.12,1776.CR2

Susanna, and William Harris, July5,1744.*

BURGES (Burgess)

Sarah, Mrs., and Samuel Lord, jr. [in his 82d y.CR1], Feb.18,1810.*

BURGESS (Burges)

Bartholomew Horace, of Danvers, and Sarah Sweet, Apr.28,1782.*

BURGIN (Burgen)

John, and Abigail White, at Chebacco, Nov.29,1789.*

BURK (Burke)

Deliverance, and Nathaniel Fuller [jr. int.], Feb.6,1740-41.*

BURKE (Burk)

John, Capt., and Martha Thorndike, both of Beverly, June17,1783.CR5


Andrew, jr., and wid.Hannah Burnam, Jan.9,1738.*

BURLEY (Barly, Burleigh, Burly)

Abigail, and Thomas Sands, Nov.22,1774.CR5*

Andrew, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Cogswell, int.Aug.20,1743.

Andrew, Esq., and Mary Dean, Sept.末,1762.*

Andrew, and Mrs.Abigail Ross, Nov.26,1776.CR2*

Hannah, and Daniel Caldwell, Apr.20,1769.CR2*

Lidia, and Samuel Williams, jr., int.Mar.3,1743.

Martha [Burns?], and Jacob Story, int.Dec.22,1711.CR4

Mary, and Samuel Adams, int.Sept.28,1706.

Mary, and Samuel Sherburne, jr. of Portsmouth, NH, June26,1760.CR2*

Mehetabel, and John Crocker, Dec.3,1747.CR2*

William, Capt., of Boston, and Susanna Farley, Dec.14,1786.*

BURLY (Burley)

Andrew, jr., and Lydia Pengry, int.9:9m:1717.

Rebecca, and Robert Kinsman, June28,1705.*

Sarah, and Richard Kimball, int.12:12m:1715.


John, and "Ms." Elizabeth Pittman, int.Jan.7,1758.

BURNALL (Burnell)

Sarah, and Samuell Potter, Dec.4,1705.*

BURNAM (Burnham)

Aaron, and Hester Bishop, Nov.4,1701.

Abigail, and Ephraim Warren, May13,1701.*

Abigail, and Humphry Choat, Nov.24,1743.CR4*

Abigail [of Chebacco. int.], and William Goodhue, 3d, June29,1759.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Moses Emmerson of Durham, int.Nov.27,1761.

Ammi, and Martha Foster, Oct.26,1756.CR4*

Amos, and Mrs.Sarah Giddinge, Jan.27,1757.*

Ann, and Josiah Burnam, jr., at Chebacco, Apr.3,1740.*

David, and Elizabeth Perkins, int.28:2m:1711.

David, jr., and Elizabeth Marshall, Sept.25,1734.CR4*

David, and wid.Elizabeth Bartlet, at Chebacco, Aug.20,1740.*

Deborah, and Isaac Andrews, Apr.10,1755.CR4*

Dorothy, and Abner Poland Apr.13,1761.CR4*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Griffin of Gloucester, int.June5,1754.

Elizabeth, "Ms.," and Moses May, int.June19,1756.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Jabez Treadwell, jr., int.Apr.13,1765.

Elizabeth, wid., and Dea.Mark Haskal, int.Oct.24,1767.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Whipple of Danvers, Jan.19,1773.*

Ester, and Aaron Caldwell, int.Aug.11,1744.

Eunice, and George Martin, Oct.22,1745.CR4*

Frances, and John Kindrick, int.May29,1703.

Francis, and Mary Burnam, wid., May10,1744.CR4*

Francis, jr., and Sarah Eveleth, int.Nov.25,1749.

Francis, jr., and Mary Cavis, Apr.25,1754.CR4*

Francis, and Margaret Cogswell, Nov.19,1754.CR4*

Hannah, and Jonathan Pool, at Gloucester, July4,1722.*

Hannah, wid., and Andrew Burleigh, jr., Jan.9,1738.*

Hannah, and Isaac Parsons of Gloucester, July4,1739.CR4*

Hannah, wid., and Capt. Thomas Choat, Nov.9,1743.CR4*

Hannah, and Nathan Burnam, Nov.22,1744.CR4*

Hannah, Mrs., and William Goldsmith, July4,1754.*

Hannah, and William Goldsmith, Aug.29,1774.CR2*

Isaac, and Mrs.Hannah Smith, int.Jan.11,1752.

Isaac, and Mrs.Lucy Giddings, Feb.26,1756.*

Jacob, and Mehetable Perkins, at Chebacco, Nov.20,1704.

Jacob, jr., and Sarah Cogswell, Aug.19,1734.CR4*

James, and Sarah Rogers, int.27:12m:1713.

Jeremiah, 3d, and Mrs.Mary Burnam of Gloucester, int.Aug.30,1754.

Joannah, and Daniel Dodge of Wenham, int.May4,1706.

Joanna, and Amos Andrews, Jan.23,1766.CR4*

John, and Elizabeth Wells, June9,1669.CTR

John, 4th, and Sarah Chote, at Chebacco, Apr.18,1693. [Apr.13. dup.]

John, Dea., and wid.Elizabeth Goodhue, at Chebacco, Oct.9,1740.*

John, 3d, and Martha Smith, int.Sept.3,1748.

John, and Mrs.Rebeca White [wid.CR7], Feb.20,1751.*

Jonathan, and Mary Perkins, int.Mar.17,1710.

Jonathan [Sergt. int], and Martha Foster, May13,1730.CR4*

Jonathan, 3d, and Elizabeth Procter, Oct.4,1737.CR4*

Jonathan [4th.CR7], and Mary Rust, Oct.12,1749.*

Jonathan, and Abigail Ross, int.Oct.3,1761.

Joseph, and Judith Perkins, int.5:3m:1716.

Joseph, and Susanna Whipple, int.Aug.2,1760.

Joseph, 3d, and Mrs.Joanna Storey, int.Aug.11,1770.

Joseph, and Margret Burnam, Nov.18,1773.*

Joshua, Dr., and Mrs.Susanna Poole of Lynn, int.Mar.25,1749.

Josiah, and Abigail Varny, July12,1687.CTR

Josiah, jr., and Ann Burnam, at Chebacco, Apr.3,1740.*

Lucy, and Enoch Haskall of Gloucester, Feb.3,1757.CR4*

Margret, and Joseph Burnam, Nov.18,1773.*

Mary, and John Clarke, Oct.9,1672.CTR

Mary, and Charles Tuttle, Mar.22,1703.*

Mary, and Samuel Weymoth of Portsmouth, int.10:10m:1709.

Mary, and John Andrews, 3d, Jan.5,1741-2.CR4*

Mary, and Job Smith, Oct.22,1741.CR4*

Mary, and Thomas Andrews, jr., Oct.28,1741.CR4*

Mary, Mrs., and Daniel Staniford, int.Jan.15,1742.

Mary, wid., and Francis Burnam, May10,1744.CR4*

Mary, wid., and Nathaniel Emmerson of Doublastown, int.Nov.15,1749.

Mary, and Ebenezer Cogswell, Nov.22,1749. [Nov.2.CR7]*

Mary, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Jeremiah Burnam, 3d, int.Aug.30,1754.

Mary, and Stephen Page of Hampton, May17,1755.*

Mary [wid.CR7], and Nathaniel Cavis, May27,1760.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Burnam, Jan.20,1774.*

Molly, and Thomas Pingry [of], June11,1777.CR3*

Mehitable, and Joshia [] Foster, May16,1763.CR4*

Mercy, and Beamsly Perkins, Feb.4,1762.CR2*

Nathan, and Hannah Burnam, Nov.22,1744.CR4*

Nathan, and Hannah 末末, Nov.22,1754.

Nathaniel, and Mary Burnam, Jan.20,1774.*

Nehemiah, and Elisabeth Burnam, Mar.1,1741-2.CR4

Prisscilla, Mrs., and John Tredwell, int.Mar.19,1747.

Rachell, and Joseph Andrews, jr., at Chebacco, Jan.1,1751-2.*

Ruamah, and Jesse Storey, Dec.13,1753.*

Samuel, and Martha Storey, Nov.17,1743.CR4*

Samuel, and Mrs.Ruth Lufkin of Gloucester, int.Jan.25,1762.

Sarah, and Mesheck Farley, Aug.6,1684.

Sarah, of Chebacco, and Jacob Brown, int.Jan.10,1707-8.

Sarah, and Joshua Bill of Boston, int.June5,1708.

Sarah, and James Andrews, Sept.2,1745.CR4*

Sarah, and Adam Cogswell, Dec.20,1753.*

Sarah [of Chebacco. int.], and Clark Lennekin of Townsend, Dec.12,1758.CR2

Sarah, Mrs., and John Varney, int.Feb.18,1769.

Simeon, and [] Molley Wheeler, Dec.18,1753.*

Solomon, jr., and Mrs.Mary Knight of Damask Cove, int.Aug.3,1754.

Stephen, of Gloucester, and Hannah Butler, Apr.10,1760.*

Susanna, and Daniel Corning of Beverly, int.12:12m:1715.

Susanna, and Richard Farrin, Jan.6,1757.CR2*

Susanna, Mrs., and Daniel Haradin of Gloucester, int.Oct.14,1767.

Thomas, and Lidia Pengry, Feb.13,1665.CTR

Thomas, Sergt., and Mrs.Esther Bishop, 16:10m:[1685?].

Thomas [jr. int.], and Margarett Boarmans, Sept.30,1703.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Priscilla Appleton, int.13:10m:1718.

Thomas, 3d, and Mary Wheeler, Apr.16,1728.CR4*

Thomas, 3d, and Judith Lord, int.Jan.11,1744.

Thomas, 5th, and Lucy Cogswell, at Chebacco, Jan.17,1750.*

Thomas, 6th [3d, of Chebacco. int.], and Mrs.Mary Hows, Dec.4,1755.*

Westly, and Joanna Thompson, at Chebacco, Dec.9,1740.*

Westley, and Deborah Storey, Nov.10,1743.CR4*

William, jr., and Bethulah Marshal, June23,1774.*

Zerviah, Mrs.[wid.CR7], and Jacob Boardman [jr. int.], July26,1750.*

BURNELL (Burnall)

Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Robert Grant, int.25:7m:1714.


John, and Sarah Hutchinson, int.Mar.8,1739.

BURNHAM (Burnam, Burnum)

Aaron, and Margret Story, Sept.25,1766.*

Aaron, and Elisabeth Sargent, Jan.12,1779.*

Aaron, and Lucy Poland Dec.25,1790.*

Abel, and Esther Butler, Oct.25,1812.*

Abigail [of Chebacco. int.], and Daniel Dane, Feb.12,1739-40.CR5*

Abigail, and Isaac Allen, Nov.24,1763.*

Abigail, and Grover Dodge, Mar.12,1767.*

Abigail, and Abraham Channel, Dec.9,1779.*

Abigail, and Joseph Hale of Newburyport, Feb.2,1797.*

Abigail, of Gloucester, and Josiah Burnham of Chebacco, int.Dec.4,1805.

Abigail, and Michael Burnham, Nov.27,1806.*

Abigail, and William Gilbert, jr. of Gloucester, int.Feb.14,1807.

Abner, and Anna Burnham, Dec.4,1804.*

Abraham, and Hannah Pulsifer, Nov.20,1806.*

Abraham, and Charlotte Fuller, Aug.4,1831.*

Ammi [jr.CR4], and Ruhamah Story, Dec.23,1784.*

Amos [jr. int.], and Abigail Goodhue, Jan.3,1782.*

Amos, and [Mrs.CR4] Mehitable Foster, Oct.4,1782.*

Andrew, 2d, of Essex, a.23y., shipwright, b. Essex, s.Michael and Patience, of Essex, and Charlotte A. Kinsman, a.20y., dressmaker, d.William and Sarah, Nov.24,1844.*

Anna, and Aaron Low, jr., Dec.30,1778.*

Anna, and Zebulon Foster, int.July22,1789.

Anna, and Ezra Burnham, Nov.14,1795.*

Anna, and Israel Andrews, Sept.17,1801.*

Anna, and Abner Burnham, Dec.4,1804.*

Asa, and Polly Bray, Dec.24,1801.*

Benjamin, and Susanna Day, May25,1778.*

Benjamin, jr., and Polly Knowlton of Hamilton, int.Feb.11,1799.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Lucy Hardy, July9,1817.*

Bethiah, and Daniel Boardman, Oct.27,1799.*

Caleb, and Jemima Pulsefer, Sept.14,1791.*

Charles, and Sarah Burnham, Nov.27,1783.*

Daniel, jr., and Elisabeth Giddings, at Chebacco, July8,1789.*

Daniel, and Mary Smith, Nov.7,1790.*

David, 3d, and Ann Grover, Dec.21,1764.*

David [3d.CR4], and Martha Perkins, Feb.7,1788.*

David, 4th, and Polly Noble, at Chebacco, Dec.19,1789.*

David, 3d, and Rachel Choate, Jan.4,1796.*

Deborah, and Nathaniel Emerson, Aug.24,1773.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Low, Aug.9,1781.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Dodge, Nov.15,1792.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Lucy Burnham, Nov.21,1805.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Mrs.Hannah Hale, Dec.16,1813.*

Elisabeth, and George Pierce, Nov.9,1761.*

Elisabeth, and Stephen Low, Dec.31,1761.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Dea.Thomas Burnham, June11,1778.*

Elisabeth, and William King, Mar.24,1780. [Mar.21.CR4]*

Elisabeth, and Stephen Low [jr.CR4], Jan.9,1785.*

Betsey, and John Smith, 3d, Nov.27,1798.CR4*

Betsy, and Daniel Andrews, May21,1801.*

Elisabeth [Mrs.CR2], and Jabez Richards of Dedham, Apr.19,1804.*

Betsey, and George Matson of Amesbury, June5,1823.*

Elisabeth, of Essex, and Ebenezer Cogswell, jr., int.Dec.1,1827.

Enoch, and Hannah Bennett, Feb.11,1779.*

Epes, and Abigail Craft, Apr.8,1802.*

Esther, and Ralph Butler, Aug.15,1786.*

Eunice, and Joshua Burnham, Sept.16,1762.*

Eunice, and Jesse Story, Nov.19,1799.*

Ezra, and Anna Burnham, Nov.14,1795.*

Fanny, and Ebenezer Mayo, jr. of Hallowell, Dec.3,1810.*

Francis, 3d, and Mercy Holmes, Apr.9,1767.*

Francis, 3d, and [Mrs.CR4] Sarah Eveleth, June22,1777.*

Francis [3d.CR4], and Anne Goodhue, May27,1790.*

Francis, and Mina [] Andrews, Nov.30,1815.*

Grover, and Polly Allen, Nov.27,1788.*

Grover, and Martha Story, Oct.20,1793.*

Hannah, and Thomas Story, Nov.3,1768.*

Hannah, and Jacob Choate, Nov.10,1768.*

Hannah, and Joseph Cogswell, jr., July28,1791.*

Hannah, and David Andrews, jr., Oct.16,1794.*

Hannah B., Mrs., and Aaron Cogswell, jr., Feb.21,1837.*

Henry, and Sally Poland May2,1805.*

Ira, and Polly Marshall, Dec.26,1814.*

Isaac, jr., and Polly Williams, at Beverly, July29,1799.*

Isaac, and Hannah B. Stacey, July17,1823.*

Isaac E., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Isaac and Hannah B., and Caroline E. Dodge, a.22y., d.Manning and Hannah S., Mar.8,1848.*

Jabez, and Martha Burnham, Mar.2,1786.*

Jacob, 3d, and Lucy Burnham, June11,1772.*

Jacob, jr., and Lucy Haskel, at Chebacco, July2,1789.

Jacob, jr., and Sally Hidden, Mar.24,1801.*

James, of Gloucester, and Ruhamah Low, Nov.25,1770.*

James, jr., and Betsy Willet, May2,1784.CR2*

James [], and Mehitable Hidden of Rowley, at Rowley, Oct.11,1785.*

James, and Susanna Boardman, Feb.1,1786.CR2*

James, and Lydia Knowlton of Hamilton, int.June2,1798.

Jesse, and Joanna Andrews, Apr.14,1789.*

Joanna, and Isaac Allen, Mar.17,1792.*

Joanna, and James McKinly, resident in Ipswich, Nov.7,1793.*

Joanna, of Gloucester, and James Eveleth, int.July23,1817.

John, and Mehetabel Kinsman, Nov.23,1780.CR2*

John, jr., and Judith Pulcifer, at Gloucester, Jan.1,1793.*

John, 3d, and Lydia Herrick of Gloucester, int.Feb.26,1803.

John, and Abigail Herrick, Feb.26,1815.*

John, jr., and Lucy Mace of Newburyport, int.Nov.21,1831.

Jonathan, jr., and Ruth Haskell of Gloucester, int.July29,1784.

Jonathan, jr., and Suky Burnham, Oct.2,1794.*

Joseph, jr. [of Chebacco. int.], and Hannah Toppan of Gloucester, Apr.2,1765.*

Joseph [], and Molly Worley, at Hamilton, May22,1797.*

Joshua, and Eunice Burnham, Sept.16,1762.*

Joshua, and Lucy Andrews, Nov.27,1792.*

Joshua, and Anna Andrews, Apr.28,1796.*

Joshua, and Hannah Treadwell, Nov.12,1812.*

Josiah [of Chebacco. int.], and wid.Abagail Day [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, June25,1741.*

Josiah, of Chebacco, and Abigail Burnham of Gloucester, int.Dec.4,1805.

Josiah, and Sarah Emmons, Mar.7,1830.*

Judith, and Francis Brown, Dec.31,1778.*

Judith, and Joseph Allen, Apr.21,1799.*

Judith, of Essex, and Thomas Staniford, jr., int.June11,1824.

Lucretia, and William Cogswell, Apr.4,1771.*

Lucrecia, and Robert Baker, Oct.12,1795.*

Lucy, and Isaac Abbott of Concord, NH, Feb.28,1771.*

Lucy, and Jacob Burnham, 3d, June11,1772.*

Lucy, and Nathaniel Burnham, int.Dec.4,1778.

Lucy, and Jacob Andrews, Oct.16,1783.*

Lucy, and Samuel Hardy, Oct.3,1785.*

Lucy, and Arther Dennis, Apr.21,1791.*

Lucy, and Ebenezer Burnham, jr., Nov.21,1805.*

Luke, and Eunice Foster, Nov.29,1802.*

Lydia, and Thomas Emerton, Jan.14,1768.*

Lydia, and Adam Boyd, Dec.18,1788.*

Lydia, and Thomas Gould, Jan.22,1817.*

Margaret, and Retire Bacon [Baker. int.] of Boxford, at Rowley, Aug.27,1764.*

Margret, and Mark Burnham, jr., Mar.3,1791.*

Margaret, and Amos Lee of Manchester, Oct.25,1804.*

Peggy, and John Goodhue, Oct.7,1817.*

Mark, and Hannah Goodhue, Nov.26,1767.*

Mark, jr., and Margret Burnham, Mar.3,1791.*

Martha, and Benjamin Bennett of Manchester, Apr.7,1768.*

Martha, and Simeon Wells, Mar.9,1770.*

Martha, and Robert Burnham, both of Chebacco, June11,1776.CR5*

Martha, and Jabez Burnham, Mar.2,1786.*

Martha, and Ira [F. int.] Percival of Campton, NH, Sept.23,1806.*

Martha, and Abel Story, Dec.2,1813.CR2*

Mary, and Jeremiah Story, jr., Nov.19,1761.*

Mary, and Ephraim Martin, Sept.19,1769.*

Mary, and William Story, jr., Mar.22,1770.*

Molly, and John Brown, 3d, Dec.3,1771.*

Mary, and Timothy Ross, Jan.17,1776.CR3*

Mary, and Samuel Treadwell, Oct.7,1784.*

Polly, and Jonathan Andrews, Feb.8,1787.*

Molly, and Caleb Andrews [jr.CR4], Mar.23,1797.*

Molly, and Abraham Perkins, jr., Aug.1,1799.*

Polly, and Jonathan Story, 3d, July18,1802.*

Mary, and [Capt. int.] Jacob Andrews, 4th, Jan.10,1805.*

Mary, Mrs., and William Holmes, Mar.20,1817.*

Polly, and Michael Whitehouse, Dec.26,1817.*

Mary, and George Clark, 3d of Gloucester, Mar.25,1821.*

Mehitable [], and James Nutten [Nutter. int.] of Hamilton, Dec.31,1805.*

Michael, and Abigail Burnham, Nov.27,1806.*

Miriam, and Samuel Goldsmith, Nov.25,1813.*

Moses, and Joanna Kent, int.July2,1783.

Moses, jr., and Eunice Andrews, Apr.6,1799.CR4*

Nathan, and Mary Goldsmith of Andover, at Andover, Nov.20,1783.*

Nathan, jr., and Susannah Burnham, Mar.29,1798.*

Nathan, jr., of Essex, and Sarah Brown, July20,1834.*

Nathaniel, and Lucy Bunham, int.Dec.4,1778.

Nathaniel, and Betsey Sands, int.Mar.13,1784.

Noah, and Hannah Marshall, Apr.10,1811.*

Parker, and Tabitha Day, Mar.8,1787.*

Parker, and Martha Lufkin, Dec.3,1804.*

Parker, and Mary Hardy, Sept.14,1809.*

Priscilla, and [Lt. int.] William Dennis, Jan.30,1800.*

Rachel, and Jonathan Foster, Nov.27,1772.*

Rachel, and Seth Burnham, Dec.22,1803.*

Rachel, and Jeremiah Morse, int.Sept.13,1806.

Rachel, and Perkins Story, Nov.22,1815.*

Rebecca, and John McKenzie, Feb.15,1810.*

Rebecca D., and Robert Manning of Salem, Dec.20,1824.*

Ruben, and Elisabeth Smith, jr., Mar.10,1756.CR3*

Richard, and Thankful Andrews, Nov.12,1817.*

Robert, and Martha Brown, at the Hamlet, June11,1776.

Robert, and Martha Burnham, both of Chebacco, June11,1776.CR5*

Robert, and Eunice Emerton, Jan.3,1793.*

Rose, and Aaron Kinsman, Dec.5,1765.*

Roxanna [], and Phinehas Story, July14,1804.*

Ruth, and Daniel Story, Dec.3,1772.*

Samuel, and [wid.CR7] Hannah Hooper of Manchester, Aug.29,1765.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Perkins, Nov.27,1766.*

Samuel, and Lucy Andrews, Aug.6,1812.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Amelia Choate, Nov.13,1815.*

Samuel, jr., and Sally Burnham, Nov.27,1816.*

Sarah, and William Story, Jan.3,1769.*

Sarah, and Nathan Story, Apr.23,1772.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Goodhue, July30,1778.*

Sally, and Amiziah Andrews, Nov.3,1782.*

Sarah, and Abner Poland jr., Mar.20,1783.*

Sally, and Joseph Hovey, jr., June2,1783.*

Sarah, and Charles Burnham, Nov.27,1783.*

Sally, and William Burnham, 5th, Oct.31,1805.*

Sally, and Jedediah Chapman [jr. int.], Sept.18,1806.*

Sally, and Samuel Burnham, jr., Nov.27,1816.*

Sargent, and Hannah Crafts, July1,1802.*

Seth, and Rachel Burnham, Dec.22,1803.*

Seth, and Rebekah Andrews of Gloucester, June3,1813.*

Simeon, and [wid.CR7] Hannah Sargent of Gloucester, Nov.6,1766.*

Solomon, and Elizabeth Kirby, Nov.22,1790.*

Stephen, and Lois Story, Jan.9,1808.*

Suky, and Jonathan Burnham, jr., Oct.2,1794.*

Susanna, and Phinehas Haskel of Gloucester, June4,1761.*

Susannah, and John Wade, at Danvers, Oct.26,1769.*

Susanna, and Isaac Story, jr., Nov.28,1793.*

Susannah, and David Andrews, jr., Mar.28,1797.*

Susannah, and Nathan Burnham, jr., Mar.29,1798.*

Tabitha, and Abner Andrews of Gloucester, Dec.21,1815.*

Thankful, and David Story, Dec.6,1770.*

Thomas, 5th, and Lucy Cogswell, Jan.17,1750-51.

Thomas, 6th, and Martha Titcomb of Andover, at Andover, June2,1778.*

Thomas, Dea., and Elisabeth Burnham, June11,1778.*

Thomas, Maj. [], and Rebecca Dodge, Nov.6,1783.*

Thomas [7th.CR4], and Mary Marshal, Nov.28,1784.*

Thomas, 4th, and Ruth Cavis, Mar.19,1794.*

Thomas, Maj., and Mary Dana, Nov.30,1797.*

Thomas, 3d, and Abigail Low, Nov.7,1807.*

Wesley, and Mrs.Molly Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.10,1771.*

Westly, 3d, and Hannah Story, Nov.10,1796.*

William, and Tabitha Goldsmith, Jan.17,1771.*

William [3d.CR4], and Rachel Andrews, Mar.24,1785.*

William [4th.CR4], and Lucy Choate, Oct.6,1785.*

William, 4th, and Rachal Poland at Chebacco, Aug.23,1789.*

William, 4th, and Eunice Story, Aug.10,1798.CR4*

William, 5th, and Sally Burnham, Oct.31,1805.*

William, 5th, and Mary Goldsmith of Manchester, int.Aug.26,1811.

Winthrop, and Mary Cogswell, Dec.12,1793.*

Zebulon, and Judith Andrews, July21,1803.*


Martha, see Burley, Martha.

BURNUM (Burnham)

Abigail, and Benjamin Chote, int.May23,1707.CR4

Anne, and Isaac Davis, Mar.8,1731-2.*

Benjamin, and Jane Hadlock, at Chebacco, Oct.16,1732.*

Caleb, and Dorothy Brown, Feb.10,1731-2.*

Daniel, and Mary Stimpson of Chebacco, int.Aug.4,1720.

David, and Ruth Wood, int.Jan.3,1730.

Ebenezer, and Dorathy Androuse, int.Nov.29,1718.CR4

Elizabeth, and Thomas Kinsman, July12,1687.CTR

Elisabeth, and Thomas Chote, int.Nov.6,1714.CR4

Elizabeth, and Joseph Poland at Chebacco, Jan.17,1732-3.*

Elizabeth, of Chebacco, and Samuel Webster of Kingston, NH, Feb.6,1732-3.*

Eunice, and John Day, jr., int.May5,1722.

Hannah, and John Kinsman, Jan.31,1733.

Jacob, and Mary Low, int.Nov.20,1714.CR4

James [jr. int.], and [] Hannah Cogswell, Oct.3,1728.*

Jeremiah [jr. int.], and Jane Pride [Mar.CR4] 5,1729-30.*

Jeremiah [jr.CR4], and Abigail Andrews, both of Chebacco, Dec.2,1736.*

John, and Anna Chote, int.Oct.21,1710.CR4

John, jr., and Rachel Smith, int.Oct.20,1722.CR4

John, 3d, and Mary Burnum, both of Chebacco, May10,1733.*

John [4th.CR4; Jonathan. int.], and Bethiah Marshall, both of Chebacco, May10,1736.*

Jonathan, jr., and Rose Annable, int.Nov.22,1718.CR4

Joseph, and Mary Brackenbury, Oct.20,1731.*

Joseph, and Margaret Allice, int.Jan.11,1735.

Joseph, and wid.Mary Bennet, Jan.3,1736.*

Joseph, jr., and Sabiah Wood of Topsfield, int.Feb.26,1736.

Josiah, and Elisabeth Buttler, int.Dec.5,1713.CR4

Margaret, and Samuel Griffin of Gloucester, Oct.28,1729.*

Mary, and Samuel Story, jr., int.Dec.23,1710.CR4

Mary, and Jonathan Shatchwell, int.Dec.6,1729.

Mary, and John Burnum, 3d, both of Chebacco, May10,1733.*

Mehitable, and John Foster, jr. [both of Chebacco. int.], at Chebacco, Dec.27,1732.*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Ruth Smith, Jan.1,1729.*

Phebe, and John Adams, int.May1,1725.

Priscilla, wid., and Arthur Abot, May23,1734.*

Robert, and Johannah Low, Jan.26,1724-5.CR4*

Sarah, and Cooley Smith, 末蔓12, 末末. [Dec.20,1729. int.]*

Sarah, and John Young of Kingston, NH, [Nov.CR4] 13,1729.*

Sarah [], and Thomas Staniford [jr. int.], Dec.28,1732.*

Sarah, and Solomon Giddinge, jr., both of Chebacco, Dec.9,1736.*

Solomon, and Mehetable Emmerson [Nov.CR4] 13,1729.*

Stephen, and Mary Andrews, both of Chebacco, Nov.6,1735.*

Thomas, jr., and Hanah Cogswell, Nov.22,1712.CR4*

BURPE (Burpee)

David, and Sarah Barker, May24,1759.CR3

Elisabeth, wid., and Thomas Wood, Sept.9,1771.CR3

Hephzibah, d.Jonathan, and Rev. George Lesslie, Oct.26,1756.CR3

Isaac, of Haverhill, and Lydia Lummus, int.Oct.22,1779.

Jeremiah, and Mary Saunders, May23,1751.CR3

Mary, and Benjamin Adams, 3d, Mar.30,1775.CR3

Nathaniel, and Ruth Cromby, Sept.7,1779.CR3

Sarah, and Asa Plummer, Aug.16,1769.CR3

BURPEE (Burpe, Burpey)

Ester, of Rowley, and Allen Perley, at Rowley, Dec.5,1788.*

Sarah, and Ezekiel Sanders, Nov.19,1803.CR3

BURPEY (Burpee)

Samuel, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Harris, at Rowley, Mar.26,1730.*


Elizabeth, and John Paine, Sept.21,1657.CTR

Frances, see Barr, Frances.

Frances, and Henry Bennet, May20,1685.CTR


Mary [], and Amos Stickne of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.7,1739.*


George, and Sarah Scales, int.27:12m:1713.

George, and Susanna Hobs, Nov.13,1740.CR5*

Hannah, and Noah Tarbox [of Lynn. int.], Nov.30,1738.*

Josiah, and Martha Warner, int.May7,1743.

BURROWS (Burroughs)

William, and wid.Sarah Allen, int.May16,1719.

William, and Mary Wheeler of Wenham, Oct.28,1728.*


Ira, of Boston, and Mary Hall, Dec.20,1801.*

BUSWELL (Buzzell)

Anna, wid., of Salisbury, and William Baker, at Salisbury, Feb.21,1722-3.*

BUTLER (Buttler)

Abigail, wid., and Lt. Simon Wood, June16,1731.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Butler of Hampton, NH, Feb.27,1738-9.CR4*

Nabby, and Jonathan [] Thomas Tuttle, Mar.7,1804.*

Alonzo, of Lowell, and Elisabeth P. Brown, Oct.16,1834.*

Asa, of Gloucester, and Elisabeth [H.CR1] Emmons, Jan.15,1832.*

Benjamin, of Hampton, NH, and Abigail Butler, Feb.27,1738-9.CR4*

Elisabeth, and Isaac Perkins, Nov.17,1737.CR4*

Elisabeth, and Issac Rowe of Gloucester, July10,1783.*

Elizabeth, and William Mears, Oct.11,1812.*

Elisabeth p., and William Poor of Danvers, Apr.14,1842.*

Esther, and Abel Burnham, Oct.25,1812.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Jewet, Jan.22,1738-9.CR4*

Hannah, and Stephen Burnam of Gloucester, Apr.10,1760.*

Hannah, and John Buckminster, resident in Ipswich, int.Nov.3,1787.

Hepzibah, and Daniel Mears, Mar.17,1819.*

Jacob, and Lucy Giddings, Nov.30,1815.*

James, and Sarah Smith, Nov.24,1797.*

Jane, and Ransome S. Haynes, Nov.13,1831.*

John, and Hannah Perkins, Apr.16,1730.CR4*

John, and Abigail Lufkin, Apr.16,1730.CR4*

John, of Newbury, and Mrs.Hannah Heard, int.Aug.27,1748.

Judith, and John Lang [Long. int.] of Portsmouth, NH, Dec.27,1811.*

Lucretia, and Moody Haskel, June11,1805.*

Lucy, and William Mears, Jan.12,1806.*

Lucy, and William Marshall, Oct.13,1815.*

Lydia, and Robert Channel, Nov.26,1807.*

Martha, and Winthrop Marston of Hampton, NH, Dec.9,1742.CR4*

Mary, and Daniel Giddings, jr., both of Chebacco, Mar.30,1726.

Mary [of Chebacco. int.], and Jacob Storey, jr., at Chebacco, Jan.24,1739.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Lufkin, jr., Dec.31,1776.CR2

Rachael, and William Grover [jr., of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Feb.17,1763.*

Ralph, and Esther Burnham, Aug.15,1786.*

Sarah, and John Cheever of Manchester, June15,1769.*

Sally, and Thomas Lang of Deerfield, NH, May28,1817.*

Sophia, of Essex, and Florence McMann, resident in Ipswich, int.Oct.7,1820.

Susanna, wid., and Jacob Perkins, Feb.10,1728-9.*

Susanna, and Joshua Low, Aug.8,1734.CR4*

Susanna, and Ezekiel Cheever of Manchester, Dec.6,1770.*

Thomas, jr., and Abigail Craft [both of Chebacco. int.],末蔓末,1731-2. [Mar.9.CR4]*

William [s.Thomas.CR4], and Lucy Story, both of Chebacco, Apr.7,1737.*

William, jr., and Hannah Andrews, Apr.5,1739.CR4*

William, and Sarah Marshal, Aug.26,1740.CR5*

William [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Goodhue, Feb.28,1760.CR4*

BUTMAN (Buttman)

Joanna [Bootman. int.], of Beverly, and Isaac Fellows [jr. int.], at Beverly, Dec.17,1795.*

John, of Boxford, and Hepzibah Choate, Apr.28,1810.*

BUTTLER (Butler)

Elisabeth, and Josiah Burnum, int.Dec.5,1713.CR4

Hannah, and Joseph Andross, at Chebacco, Nov.1,1704.

Mary, and Daniel Giddinge [jr. int.], Mar.30,1726.CR4*

Ralph, and Mary Marshall, int.Feb.2,1711-12.CR4

Thomas, and Abigail Androw, at Chebacco, Aug.29,1704.

Thomas, and Martha Storye, int.16:11m:1719.

William, Lt., and Mary Ingalls, at Chebacco, July21,1703.

William and Abigaile Metcalfe, int.3:8m:1713.

BUTTMAN (Butman)

William, of Beverly, and Mrs.Lucy Morgan, int.Aug.21,1772.


James H., and Abigail H. Reed of Danvers, int.Nov.7,1846.

Priscilla, and Caleb Foster [jr. int.], at Rowley, Nov.4,1729.*

BUZBEE (Bixby)

William, of Newton, and Elizabeth Galloway, int.12:10m:1714.

BUZZELL (Buswell)

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Beck of Hamilton, int.July6,1839.

Isaac D., and Elisabeth P. Stone, int.Mar.19,1831.

William, a.33y., laborer, s.Jacob, and Elizabeth Beck, wid., a.30y., d.William and Mary Stone, Nov.16,1844.*

BYLES (Biles)

Nathaniel, of Gloucester, and Sarah Proctor, Mar.27,1766.*

Susanna, of Beverly, and Joseph Marshall, Feb.7,1758.CR4*

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