Howard C., of New York, attorney-at-law, and Mary D. Heard, Dec.6,1848.CR2*


Bridget, and James Scott, int.Sept.8,1844.


Rachel, Mrs., and Dea.John Patch, jr., int.June30,1764.


Aaron, and Ester Burnam, int.Aug.11,1744.

Aaron, and Elizabeth, Tredwell, int.June3,1750.

Abigail, and Samuel Hinderson, Dec.29,1777.*

Abigail, and Samuel Caldwell, Nov.21,1799.*

Abraham, and Elizabeth Collins, int.Mar.15,1743.

Abraham, jr., and [], Ester Caldwell, Dec.3,1770.CR2*

Abraham, jr., of Beverly, and Eunice Rhodes, Apr.14,1824.*

Anne, Mrs.and Samuel Coleman, int.Dec.26,1767.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Mary Safford, int.July1,1758.

Benjamin, jr., and Margaret Wood Rindge, Nov.18,1787.*

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Caldwell, Dec.31,1789.*

Caroline, a.28y., mantuamaker, d.Silvanus and Hannah, and Jeremiah Prescott of Boston, a.32y., conductor on railroad, s.Josiah and Mary, May8,1844.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Birdley, int.Jan.17,1723.

Daniel, and Hannah Burley, Apr.20,1769.CR2*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Eunice Lord, Sept.28,1797.*

Daniel, and Mary Ann Lord, Oct.14,1823.*

David H., and Emeline Choate of Gloucester, Dec.28,1826.*

Deborah, and David Hart of Newmarket, Dec.10,1805.*

Ebenezer, and Lucy Rindge, Dec.1,1768.CR2*

Ebenezer, and [] Mercy Dodge, Dec.9,1773.CR2*

Ebenezer, jr., Capt., and Rebekah Dodge, May7,1795.*

Eliza, and Sewall Foster of Rowley, Apr.12,1820.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Edmund Heard, May17,1732.*

Betty, "Ms.," and Joseph Hovey, int.Dec.3,1757.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Daniel Rindg, jr., int.Aug.18,1764.

Elizabeth, and John Grow of Boston, int., Jan.6,1798.

Elizabeth, and Ezra Palmer of Boston, Oct.13,1807.*

Elisabeth, and Levi Young, Jan.末,1830.*

Elisabeth, and Hiram West of Lynn, Nov.9,1836.*

Elisabeth, and Capt. David Pulsifer of Salem, int.July18,1840.

Emeline, a.23y., d.Sylvanus and Hannah, and Nathaniel R. Farley, jr., a.35y., shoe manufacturer, b. Rowley, s.Nathaniel R. and Sarah, Nov.15,1849.*

Ester [], and Abraham Caldwell, jr., Dec.3,1770.CR2*

Eunice, and Nathan Davis of Portland Apr.12,1804.*

Eunice, Mrs.and Dea.Mark Haskell, Dec.25,1823.*

Eunice, and Samuel Wade, jr., Nov.10,1830.*

Eunice, and Rev. John P. Cowles of Oberlin, Ohio, Oct.16,1838.*

Francis, and Abigail Merifield, June1,1793.*

Francis, jr., and Lydia Hovey, int.Nov.30,1811.

Hannah, of Manchester, and William Clark, Esq. of Boston, at Manchester, Aug.8,1848.CR2

Harriet, and Stephen Stanwood, June20,1832.*

Harriet F., and Thomas G. Pickard of Rowley, Mar.7,1841.*

Jacob, and Rebecca Lull, int.Oct.18,1718.

Jacob, and Sarah Graves, June4,1843.CR6*

James, and Mary Kimball, Feb.28,1822.*

Joanna, and Isaac Stanwood, jr., June12,1810.*

John, and Sarah Foster, May1,1689.

John, and Elizabeth Lull, int.Nov.5,1715.

John, jr., and Abigail Hovey, int.Dec.10,1738.

John, and Mercy Dunnell, int.Jan.7,1748.

John and Sarah Harraden, at Gloucester, Jan.19,1764.*

John, 4th, and Mrs.Abigail Hodgkins, int.Jan.19,1765.

John, 5th, and [], Dolle Hoyt of Rowley, May31,1770.CR2*

John, jr., and wid.Lucy [], Wells, Aug.6,1771.CR2*

John, 4th, and Eunice Smith, Oct.7,1779.CR2*

John, and Martha Foster, Nov.30,1783.*

John, 3d, and Eunice Stanwood, Jan.30,1810.*

Joseph H., and Cynthia Hovey of Hallowell, ME, int.May22,1841.

Josiah, and Lucy Lord, Apr.21,1822.*

Lucy, and Stephen Caldwell, Mar.24,1803.*

Lucy, and Samuel Hunt, Dec.1,1833.*

Lucy, a.42y., d.Stephen and Lucy, and Isaac Day, widr., a.45y., mariner, s.Abner and Elizabeth, Apr.24,1845.*

Lucy S., a.20y., d.Daniel and Mary A., and George W. Nason of Springfield, a.25y., machinist, b. Auburn, ME, s.George and Rachel, Oct.25,1849.*

Lidia, Mrs., and Daniel Safford, jr., int.Apr.21,1758.

Lydia, and Benjamin Caldwell, jr., Dec.31,1789.*

Lydia, and Ebenezer Lord, 3d, int.Sept.30,1797.

Martha, and Stephen Ayres, int.Feb.28,1712.

Martha, Mrs., and Joseph Kimball, Nov.16,1806.*

Mary, and Jacob Foster, Mar.5,1697.

Mary, and Jeremiah Lord, int.Mar.27,1725.

Mary, and Jeremiah Day, int.June27,1741.

Mary, wid., and Jospeh Lord, int.Apr.5,1755.

Mary, and Ebenezer Lord, 3d., Apr.23,1800.*

Mary, and Simion Palmer of Boston, Jan.31,1811.CR1 [1812. int.]*

Mary Ann, and John Brown jr., June16,1836.*

Mary, a.36y., d.Thomas, deceased, and Mary, and William W. Rust, widr., a 40y., cordwainer, s.William and Rebecca, Sept.15,1844.*

Mary Aby, a.23y., d.John and Eunice, and Oliver Rice, of Elyria, OH, a 26y., trader, s.Ezekiel and Bethiah, Aug.27,1846.*

Mercy, and Moses Davis, jr., of Newburyport, Oct.21,1797.*

Moses, and Elizabeth Sutton, Nov.21,1785.*

Nathan, and Rebecca Safford of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.1,1789.*

Nathaniel, and Abigaile Wallingford,末蔓末,1704. [Feb.19,1703. int.]*

Nathaniel, and Mary Newman, Feb.11,1810.*

Rebeca, wid., and Samuel Goodhue of Nottingham, int.Apr.2,1748.

Rebeckah, Mrs., and Stephen Little, jr., of Newbury, Apr.3,1797.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Perkins, Dec.15,1796.*

Samuel, and Mary Jones, Jan.24,1826.*

Sarah, and Joseph Ayres, June9,1684.

Sarah, and Abraham Knowlton, int.Dec.9,1721.

Sarah, and Nathanael Hart, 3d., int.Aug.13,1737.

Sarah, and Benjamin Pinder, jr., Feb.12,1801.*

Sally, and Jacob Stanwood, Nov.9,1812.*

Sarah G., wid., a.33y., d.Moses and Sarah Graves, and Isaac Newhall, jr., widr., of Lynn, shoe manufacturer, Nov.9,1848.*

Stephen, and Mary Pulcifer, int.Oct.5,1745.

Stephen, and Abigail Low, int.May23,1774.

Stephen, jr., and Mercy Whipple, Jan.4,1787.*

Stephen, and Lucy Caldwell, Mar.24,1803.*

Stephen A., of Philadelphia, a.22y., merchant, b. Newburyport, s.Stephen and Mary, of Newburyport, and Frances C.F. Dodge, a.21y., d.William and Lucy R.F. May29,1845.*

Susan W., a.21y., d.James and Mary, and James P. Jewett, a.20y., shoemaker, s.Theodore and Dorothy, Dec.30,1845.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Ebenezer Webster of Portland Dec.1,1814.*

Silvanus, and Hannah Staniford, Nov.15,1808.*

Thomas, and [], Lucy Henderson, Jan.26,1773.CR2*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Lakeman, May26,1778.*

Thomas, jr., and Eliza Greenwood of Boston, at Boston, May1,1787.*

Thomas, and Mary Sweet, Feb.14,1793.*

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Mary Boardman, Oct.20,1800.*

Thomas, 3d., and Elisabeth Sweet, Nov.18,1805.*

William, and Lydia Lull, int.Nov.15,1729.

William, Capt., of Portland and Susannah Treadwell, Apr.30,1809.*


Jedediah Jewel, and Sarah Fowler, int.June28,1799.

John, Dr., and Mrs.Margaret Rogers, int.Nov.7,1747.

John, [Dr. int.], and Dorothy Jewett of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.18,1853.*

Margaret, Mrs., and Dr. Daniel, Scot, of Boston, int.Oct.11,1767.

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Sawyer of Wells, int.June6,1730.

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Nicholas White of Haverhill, Jan.8,1733.

Mary, wid., and Capt. Thomas Choats, Sept.24,1734.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. John Dutch, int.Oct.13,1770.

Robert, and Margaret Staniford, int.Nov.23,1723.


Mary, see Boals, Mary.

Stephen, and Nancy Quinby, June7,1806.*


Aphia, Mrs., and Ebenezer Cogswell, Oct.21,1834.*

CAMEL (Campbell)

John, and Polly Tuck, both of Manchester, Aug.10,1800.CR4


Jonathan, and Mercy Jane Keays, Aug.25,1839.*

CAMPANAL (Campanell)

David, jr., and Hannah Newmarch, int.Aug.24,1734.

Mary, and Thomas Senter of,1734.

CAMPANALL (Campanell)

Ann, and William Galloway, Jan.15,1761.CR2*

David, and Mary Wilson, int.19:3m:1711.

Sarah, and William Robbins, 3d, int.Oct.31,1730.

CAMPANELL (Campanal, Campanall)

William, and Mrs.Mina Hurlburt, int.Jan.23,1762.

William, and wid.Elizabeth Hodgkins, int.Jan.12,1765.


Alexander, and Mary Dennen, Mar.6,1786.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Mark Fitts, int.Oct.24,1759.


John, and Hannah Clarke, Feb.4,1779.CR3


Mary, and Joseph Holden, Feb.6,1754.CR3*


Hipsabeth, and Moses Baker, int.Sept.30,1785.


Benjamin, and Mary Cross, at Chebacco, Mar.3,1701-2.


Joshua [resident in], and Mary Howard [of the Hamlet. int.], at Andover, June4,1739.*

Thomas, of Bradford, and Mary Kimball, int.Apr.16,1720.


John, of Boston, and Nabby Wainwright, Sept.2,1786.


Anna, of Newbury, and Thomas Perrin [jr. int.], at Newbury, July28,1729.*

Caleb Moody, of Newbury, and Mary Marshall, Dec.27,1750.CR7*

Mary Ann, a.18y., b. Newburyport, and John Hovey, jr., a.35y., laborer, s.John and Elizabeth, Nov.8,1846.*

CARRELL (Carril)

Katherine, and John Waite, Aug.14,1685.

CARRIL (Carrell)

Morris, and Mary Cosgrove of Beverly, Jan.16,1784.*


Cornelius Soule, of Providence, RI, and Susan Farley, at Salem, Aug.26,1834.*


Abraham, of Gloucester, and Mary Kinsman, Aug.23,1750.*

Jacob, jr., of Gloucester, and Margaret Low, int.Oct.9,1744.

Jacob, of Gloucester, and Tryphena Muchmore, Mar.15,1759.CR2*

Laurance, and "Ms." Sarah Brown, int.June6,1755.

Oliver, jr., of Leominster, and Priscilla Brown, Nov.25,1762.CR2*

Priscilla, [], and Benjamin Pulcipher, Oct.2,1775.CR2*


Mary Phillips, of Freeport, and Richard Rogers, int.July28,1810.


Anthony [Arthur. int.], and Sarah Cox, Oct.30,1702.*


Aaron J., a.23y., shoemaker, s.Mark F. and Elisabeth, and Ann M. Stickney of Dracut, dressmaker, b. Dracut, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, of Dracut, Dec.12,1844.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Joshua Russ Millett of Rowley, int.Dec.21,1844.


David F., of Poplin, NH, and Susan B. Boardman, int.Oct.23,1845.

CAVES (Cavis)

Soloman W[], and Elisabeth Manning, Dec.9,1832.*

CAVIS (Caves)

Elizabeth, and John Simonds, 3d of Salem, at Chebacco, Nov.22,1750.*

John, and Mary Low, int.Aug.19,1749.

Mary, and Francis Burnam, jr., Apr.25,1754.CR4*

Nathaniel, and [wid.CR7] Mary Burnam, May27,1760.*

Ruth, and Thomas Burnam, 4th, Mar.19,1794.*


Andrew, and Abigaile Hobbs, int.June18,1709.


Benjamin, and Mary Sweet, int.Jan.5,1737.

Dorothy, and Robert Austin, int.3:9m:1716.

Mary, wid., and Samuel Stainford, int.Aug.13,1715.


George, Dr., and Susan Brewster Gilbert of Boston, int.Sept.24,1831.

John, and Jane Freewoman, int.Aug.12,1780.

Sally Ann, of Hamilton, and Elias Haskell, int.Sept.12,1829.


Daniel, of Salem, and Betsey Pearson, Oct.6,1803.*

Ephraim, of Boston, and wid.Mary Brown, int.May25,1731.

Silas, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Brown, Dec.1,1813.*


James, and Rebecca Roberts, Jan.26,1780.*

James, a Scotsman and late Prisoner, and Rebeckah Roberts, Jan.26,1780.

Mary, and Jacob Pearl, resident in Ipswich, July26,1818.*

CHANLER (Chandler)

Mary, and John Sherrin, sr., Sept.30,1691.

CHANNEL (Channell)

Abraham, and Abigail Burnham, Dec.9,1779.*

Abraham [of Hopkinton, NH. int.], and Elizabeth Cleaveland Jan.1,1795.*

Fanny, and David [B.CR2], Balch of Salem, Dec.11,1808.*

Robert, and Lydia Butler, Nov.26,1807.*

Sally, and Dudley Choate, Sept.28,1817.*

CHANNELL (Channel)

Abraham, and Mary Smith of Boston, int.Nov.16,1807.


Elizabeth B., a.26y., d.Joseph and Dolly, and William G. Johnson of Rowley, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Nathaniel and Betsey, of Rowley, June8,1848.*

Eunice, and Nathaniel Kneeland Oct.28,1829.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and Nehemiah Jewett, Apr.1,1784.CR2*

John, and Margaret Chaplin, June2,1778.CR3

Joseph, and Ruth Wood, Sept.24,1778.CR3

Joseph, and Polly Bishop, Oct.11,1803.CR3

Luther, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Conant, Sept.28,1831.*

Margaret, and John Chaplin, June2,1778.CR3

Mary, and Joseph Nelson, Dec.12,1776.CR3

Mary Ann, of Rowley, and Joseph Foster, Mar.30,1841.*

Moses, jr., and Elisabeth Hopkinson, Dec.12,1776.CR3

Sally, and Nathaniel Nelson, Jan.17,1794.CR3

Sally L., and John Tenny of Rowley, int.Oct.18,1828.

Solomon, and Polly Young, Nov.20,1794.CR3


Abigail, jr., and Benjamin Kimbal of Brookfield Apr.17,1755.CR3*

Abigail, and George Weed of Marblehead, Sept.17,1827.*

Amos, and Susanna Warner, Dec.14,1767.CR2*

Amos, and Olive Foster, Aug.22,1776.CR3*

Amos S., and Eliza Ann Perkins of Topsfield, Dec.15,1836.*

Ann, and Francis Tenney [of Rowley.PR1], Nov.15,1832.CR3*

Anthony, and Sarah Patch of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept.25,1735.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Elizabeth Goold, int.Oct.13,1759.

Caroline S., and Capt. Ellingwood Smith of Manchester, May21,1839.*

Charles W., and Charlotte P. Smith, Nov.25,1841.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Mercy Jewet, Nov.14,1733.*

Daniell, 3d, and Hephzibah How, Feb.9,1764.CR3*

Daniell, jr., and Jerusha Conant, Apr.23,1765.CR3*

Daniel, and Catharine B. Morse of Newburyport, int.Apr.18,1840.

Deborah, wid., and John Henderson, May17,1758.CR3*

Edward, and Ruth Jewett of Rowley, int.Oct.29,1727.

Edward [jr. int.], and Sarah Kilborn of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.4,1732.*

Edward, and wid.Mary Quarles, June3,1735.*

Eliza H., and Nathan Moore [of], Oct.12,1837.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Riggs, Nov.24,1748.CR2*

Elisabeth, and John Murray of Boothbay, int.May23,1779.

Elisabeth, and Amos Smith, Mar.26,1781.CR2*

Hannah, and Thomas Pingree [of], Mar.17,1767.CR3*

Hannah F., and James Hibbert, both of Hamilton, Jan.9,1840.

Jedidiah, and Mehitabel Smith, Dec.3,1767.CR2*

Jedediah [jr. int.], and Sally Burnham, Sept.18,1806.*

Jedediah, and Margaret Lakeman, Oct.16,1825.*

Jedediah [jr.PR1], and wid.Jane Lunt [of Newburyport. int.], Dec.10,1835.CR3*

Jedediah, and Ann Leathering, Nov.7,1841.*

Jedediah, and Mrs.Lydia Martin, May末,1847.CR3

Jeremiah, and Mercy How [of Andover, Apr.10. int.], 1767.CR3*

Joanna, and Elbridge Day of Gloucester, Dec.11,1834.*

John, and Rebecah Smith, Sept.30,1675.CTR

John, and Elizabeth Davis, Oct.28,1702.*

John, and Deborah Ford, int.Feb.15,1723.

John, jr., of Topsfield, and wid.Martha Bodman, at Topsfield, Mar.1,1738-9.*

John, and Sarah Fowler, Nov.17,1767.CR2*

John, and Mrs.Joanna Perkins, int.Oct.21,1769.

John, jr., and wid.Mary Woodberry [of], Dec.4,1777.CR3*

John, jr., and Betsey Treadwell, Sept.30,1804.*

John, of Boxford, and Martha Davis, int.13:2m:1812.

John, jr., and Martha G. Conant of Rowley, at Topsfield, Oct.25,1838.*

John [of], and Elizabeth [W. int.] Morse,末蔓末,1841.CR3 [Jan.26,1841. int.]*

Jonathan, and Hannah Smith, Oct.23,1734.*

Jonathan, and Apphia Perkins [of], Apr.30,1767.CR3*

Jonathan, and Eunice Day, July6,1797.*

Jonathan, jr., and Elizabeth Richardson of Rowley, int.June18,1829.

Jonathan, and Mrs.Mary Adams, June6,1839.*

Joseph, and Mercy Winworth of Rowley, int.5:2m:1707.

Joseph, and Mary Perley [of], July23,1766.CR3*

Joseph, jr., and Allice Potter, Feb.16,1769.CR3*

Joseph, and Mary Lummus, int.Nov.29,1800.

Joseph, of Gloucester, and Hannah Fellows, Nov.28,1805.*

Joseph H., and Hannah W. Dodge, Oct.25,1840.*

Joseph H., and Lucy Dodge, June16,1842.*

Joseph W., and Eliza [B. int.] Moulton [of Newburyport.PR1], Nov.18,1845.CR3*

Lois, and Daniel Kneeland Aug.9,1830.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Hezekiah Hodgkins, jr., int.June20,1752.

Lucy, and William Collins, Aug.31,1843.*

Lydia A., and Gorham T. Hill, int.Jan.19,1839. (Certificate forbidden.)

Margaret, and Jacob Metcalfe, Feb.19,1738.*

Mary, and John Barry, Jan.24,1676.CTR

Mary, and Thorndick Low, int.July2,1709.

Mary, wid., and Thorndick Low, int.Aug.17,1743.

Mary, and Aaron Pingree, jr. [of], Apr.末,1767.CR3*

Mary, of Rowley, and Isaiah Smith, int.Jan.20,1797.

Mary, and Humphry Kneeland of Topsfield, int.Oct.15,1822.

Nathan, and Priscilla Adams of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.26,1734.

Nathaniel, and Mary Wilborn, Dec.30,1674.CTR

Nathaniell, and Ruth Davis, June末, [1697?].

Nathaniel, and wid.Abigail Andrews, int.July23,1752.

Nathaniel, and [] Mary Warner, May7,1754.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Lydia Norfolk, Feb.22,1807.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Kimball, Mar.5,1815.*

Olive, Mrs., and Joseph Metcalf of Rowley, int.Feb.26,1800.

Olive F., and Jeremiah Ellsworth of Rowley, Oct.14,1828.*

Rebecka, and Francis Young, Dec.4,1678.CTR

Ruth, of the Hamlet, and Joseph Bowles, jr., int.Dec.23,1737.

Salome, and John Day, May25,1797.*

Samuell, and Ruth Ingalls, May20,1678.CTR

Samuel, and Phebee Batch [], at Chebacco, Mar.11,1701-2.*

Samuel, and Ester Harris, Feb.2,1703-4.*

Sarah, and Richard Webber, int.27:2m:1710.

Sarah, and Nathaniell Day, jr., Mar.31,1774.CR3*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Daniel Conant, int.Jan.16,1800.

Sarah, and William Lord, 3d, Nov.6,1827.*

Sarah, and Samuel Spiller, June7,1840.*

Sarah B., and Joseph Spiller, Dec.13,1840.*

Susan, and Aaron W. Harris, Dec.16,1834.*

Susan, and Nathaniel Howe, Nov.12,1839.*

Susanna, and John Nealand Mar.23,1731-2.*

Susanna, and Nathaniel Howe, Nov.4,1839.CR3*

William, and Elizabeth Smith, Mar.30,1682.CTR

William, and Margaret L. Jewett, Nov.7,1833.*

William H., and Harriet Potter, Nov.27,1834.*

CHASE (Chass)

Acquilla, of Newbury, and Mary Smith, int.May31,1712.

James, of Newbury, and Sally Hobson, June22,1819.*

John, of Lynn, and Sarah Lakeman, Dec.1,1824.*

Mary, and Solomon Hodgskins, int.Jan.21,1715.

Mary, of Newbury, and Joseph Safford, at Newbury, July30,1728.*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Lucius Steele, int.Aug.2,1828.

Sarah, and Levi Hovey, Nov.20,1817.*

Sally, Mrs., and John D.M. Kelly, both residents in Ipswich, int.Mar.21,1824.

Sally, Mrs., and Nehemiah Jewett, jr., Nov.20,1825.*

CHASS (Chase)

Moses, of Newbury, and Sarah Jacob, int.June6,1713.


Ames, Rev., of Manchester, and Mrs.Sarah Choate of Chebacco, Apr.5,1736.*

Edward, Rev., and Mrs.Martha Wigglesworth, Dec.11,1739.CR5*

Ezekiel, of Manchester, and Susanna Butler, Dec.6,1770.*

Francis, widr., of Newburyport, a.29y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Philip and Eunice, of Newburyport and Harriet C. Smith, a.24y., d.Daniel B. and Charlotte, June8,1845.*

Henry A., of Manchester, and Fanny R. Goodridge, Dec.12,1839.*

John, of Manchester, and Sarah Butler, June15,1769.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Rufus Knox, resident in Ipswich, Mar.19,1821.*

Mary Perkins, and Daniel Clarke, Oct.25,1836.*

Nancy [Mrs.CR2], of Boston, and David Baker of New Bedford, Dec.27,1836.

CHENEY (Cheny)

Eloner, of Newbury, and Richard Sachell, at Newbury, Dec.17,1696.

Rebecca, and Moses Hazzen, Feb.22,1770.CR3

CHENY (Cheney)

Hannah, and Richard Smith, Nov.末,1660.CTR


Betsey, and Harrison Wentworth, int.Mar.1,1836.

William P., and Margaret Sullivan, int.Apr.27,1844.


Kathrin, of Charlestown, and Jonathan Wardell, at Charlestown, Dec.12,1695.


Joseph, and Elizabeth Curtis, Aug.24,1808.*


Rebeckah, Mrs., of Beverly, and Rev. Nehemiah Porter, at Beverly, Feb.14,1749.*

Samuel, and Anstis Manning, int.June30,1744.


Dinah, and John Rogers, Nov.7,1679.CTR

CHOAT (Choate)

Abigail [], and David Low, jr., Dec.28,1752.*

Abraham, and Mrs.Sarah Potter, int.Feb.8,1755.

Daniel, and wid.Hannah Pitman, Nov.21,1738.CR4*

Daniel, jr., and Sarah Bigsbey, int.Mar.30,1754.

Ebenezer, and [] Elisabeth Greenleaf of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.3,1730.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Elizabeth Brown, Mar.28,1750.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Perkins [jr. int.], Jan.25,1743-4.CR4*

Elizabeth, and [Dr. int.] Ephraim Davis, at Danvers, July3,1770.*

Hannah, wid., and Francis Sawyer, int.July25,1751.

Hannah, and Rufus Lothrop of Norwich, CT, Nov.10,1757.*

Humphry, and Abigail Burnam, Nov.24,1743.CR4*

Humphry, and Ruth Lufkin, at Chebacco, July9,1752.*

Isaac, and Mrs.Sarah Low, int.Jan.23,1756.

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Eunice Geddinge, Jan.24,1751.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Forster, jr., Jan.23,1751.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Lakeman, jr., int.Sept.20,1760.

Stephen, and Mrs.Mary Low, Nov.28,1751.*

Thomas, Capt., and wid.Hannah Burnam, Nov.9,1743.CR4*

Thomas, jr., and Dorothy Proctor, Oct.22,1745.CR4*

William, and Mrs.Mary Geddings, int.Nov.17,1755.

CHOATE (Choat, Chote)

Aron, and Eunic Perkins, both of Chebacco, Oct.31,1782.CR5

Abigail, and John Bordman, int.Nov.27,1720.

Abigail, and Joseph Goodhue [jr. int.], Nov.20,1766.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Cogswell, Mar.29,1789.*

Abigail Patch, and Ebenezer Pool, 4th of Gloucester, Jan.26,1809.*

Abraham, and Sarah Potter, Mar.13,1755.CR2

Amelia and Samuel Burnham [jr. int], Nov.13,1815.*

Amos, and Lucy Smith, May2,1802.*

Anna, d.John, and George Martin, jr., Nov.29,1706.CR4*

Charles, and Polly Low, Oct.10,1815.*

Daniel, and Mary Adams, Feb.26,1727-8.CR5*

Daniel, jr., and Hannah Blackledge, Apr.3,1749.CR2*

Daniel, and Mrs.Anna Lull, int.Apr.16,1768.

David, and [Mrs.CR4] Mary Cogswell, June24,1784.*

David, jr., and Miriam Choate, Feb.24,1785.*

David, of Gloucester, and Sarah Appleton, July18,1789.*

David, and Miriam Foster, Oct.15,1791.*

David, of Essex, and Elisabeth Wade, Jan.14,1828.*

Dorothy, and Thomas Lew, Oct.2,1777.*

Dudley, and Sally Channel, Sept.28,1817.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Elisabeth Choate, May26,1793.*

Elizabeth [Cook?], and Jeremiah Jewet, int.Mar.27,1742.

Elizabeth, and Michael Farley, jr., Feb.5,1745-6.CR4*

Elisabeth, and Capt. Nathaniel Kinsman, Dec.31,1786.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Choate, jr., May26,1793.*

Emeline, of Gloucester, and David H. Caldwell, Dec.28,1826.*

Eunice, and Nathan Story of Manchester, Dec.22,1768.*

Eunice, and Benjamin Marshal of Dunbarton, NH, Nov.25,1773.*

Eunice and Jacob Andrews, 3d, June6,1802.*

Francis, and Hannah Perkins, both of Chebacco, Apr.13,1727.*

George, and Susannah Choate, Jan.1,1789.*

Hannah, and Lucas Pierce, Nov.21,1765.*

Hannah [], and Nathaniel Cross, June11,1772.CR2*

Hannah, and Moses Marshall, June21,1781.*

Hannah, and Samuel Smith, Jan.10,1793.*

Hannah, and Rev. Robert Crowell, both of Essex, at Essex, Sept.2,1822.

Harvey, and Hepzebeth Quarles, May3,1804.*

Hepzibah, and John Butman of Boxford, Apr.29,1810.*

Jacob, and Hannah Burnham, Nov.10,1768.*

James, and Abigail Perkins, Nov.16,1786.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Ruth Choate, Jan.21,1779.*

Jeremiah, of Londonderry, NH, and Mrs.Mary Story, Nov.21,1794.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Choate, Feb.23,1804.*

Joanna, and Solomon Choate, 3d, July16,1799.*

John, Dea., and wid.Prudence Marshall, Mar.12,1728-9.*

John [jr.CR7], and Mary Eveleth, Nov.6,1760.*

John, jr., and Elisabeth Baker, Mar.末,1786.CR2*

John, Esq., and Mrs.Sarah Newman of Newburyport, int.Mar.28,1789.

John P[], and Lucretia Cogswell, Mar.18,1802.*

John, jr., and Elizabeth Cummings of Topsfield, int.Sept.7,1811.

John, jr. and Mary Anne Baker, Apr.4,1822.*

John, Esq., and Mary Cogswell of Essex, int.Oct.27,1832.

John, jr., of Essex, and Anstice M. Smith of Hamilton, Nov.14,1832.

Joseph, and Sarah Cummings of Topsfield, int.Nov.1,1806.

Katy, and Nathaniel Goodhue, Nov.26,1788.*

Lois, and Jeremiah Kimbal, Dec.30,1774.*

Lucy, and William Burnham [4th.CR4], Oct.6,1785.*

Lucy, and Solomon Choate, jr., Sept.7,1794.*

Lucy, and William Cogswell of Salem, Jan.17,1805.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Kindall, jr., Sept.4,1798.*

Lydia, and John Perkins, Feb.19,1801.*

Lydia M., and John H. Dodge, Aug.1,1842.*

Margarett, and Benjamin Craft, Dec.2,1728.

Margaret, and John Crocker, jr., May25,1786.

Martha, and Capt. Thomas Hodgkins [jr.CR2], Nov.21,1790.

Mary, wid., and Samuel Story, int.16:7m:1716.

Mary, and Solomon Story, int.Feb.24,1721-2.CR4

Mary, and James Davis [jr. int.], Jan.25,1738.

Mary, and Nehemiah Brown, Nov.28,1771.

Mary, and Thomas Baker, Oct.6,1791.

Mary, and Jeremiah Choate, Feb.23,1804.

Mary, and Thomas Millet, jr. of Gloucester, July16,1806.

Mary, and Dr. Thomas Sewall, Nov.28,1813.

Mary, of Gloucester, and James H. Kendall, Aug.31,1828.

Mary L., and Richard Sutton, July14,1840.

Miriam, and David Choate, jr., Feb.24,1785.

Nathan, and Mary Perkins, Apr.10,1794.

Nehemiah, and Susanna Brown, Mar.27,1755.CR2

Patience, Mrs., of Gloucester, and William Lufkin, int.June17,1773.

Priscilla, and John Story, Apr.11,1787.

Rachel, and Nehemiah Cogswell, July30,1772.

Rachel, and David Burnham, 3d, Jan.4,1796.

Robert, and Unice Perkins, int.Jan.7,1715.

Robert, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Knowlton, int.July8,1758.

Robert, and Mrs.Mary Cleaveland Feb.15,1781.CR2

Ruth, and Jeremiah Choate, jr., Jan.21,1779.

Samuell, and Mary Brown, int.Mar.31,1716.

Samuel, and wid.Damaras Martin, Mar.4,1728-9.

Samuel, and Abigail Day of Manchester, Mar.19,1761.CR2

Sarah, and Caleb Cogswell, int.Feb.11,1726-7.CR4

Sarah, Mrs., of Chebacco, and Rev. Ames Cheever of Manchester, Apr.5,1736.

Sarah, and John Tilton, Feb.8,1757.CR2

Sarah, and Stephen Lufkin of Gloucester, Dec.22,1763.

Solomon, and Dorothy Proctor, Apr.7,1785.

Solomon, jr., and Lucy Choate, Sept.7,1794.

Solomon, 3d, and Joanna Choate, July16,1799.

Stephen, Dea., and Mrs.Elizabeth Potter, June7,1770.CR2

Stephen, jr., and [] Elizabeth Patch, Feb.13,1772.CR2

Susanna, and Thomas Herrick, jr. of Gloucester, Nov.20,1766.

Susanna, and John Andrews, 3d, Dec.1,1768.

Susanna, and Daniel Andrews, Jan.11,1781.CR2

Susanna, and William Choate, jr., Aug.19,1784.

Susannah, and George Choate, Jan.1,1789.

Thomas, Capt., and wid.Mary Calef, Sept.24,1734.

Thomas, jr., and wid.Sarah Marshall, at Chebacco, Oct.10,1739.

Thomas, 3d, and Abigall Haskell [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Dec.7,1742.

Thomas, Lt., and wid.Rachel Lufkin, May11,1769.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Proctor, Sept.1,1774.

William, jr., and Susanna Choate, Aug.19,1784.

CHOTE (Choate)

Anna, and John Burnum, int.Oct.21,1710.CR4

Benjamin, and Abigail Burnum, int.May23,1707.CR4

John, and Elisabeth Graves, July7,1684.

John, jr., widr., and wid.Elizabeth Gidings, May19, [1690?].

John, Dea., and wid.Sarah Perkins, int.July20,1723.CR4

Rachel, and Joseph Rust, int.Aug.24,1723.CR4

Samuel, and Mary Williams of Roxbury, 23:9br:1688.

Sarah, and John Burnam, 4th, at Chebacco, Apr.18,1693. [Apr.13. dup.]

Sarah, and John Story, int.Feb.16,1716-17.CR4

Thomas, and Elisabeth Burnum, int.Nov.6,1714.CR4


James, and Mary Wood, Nov.30,1673.CTR [1672. dup.]


Joshua [], and Mary Davison, Oct.16,1728.CR5

CLARK (Clarke)

Aaron, of Rowley, and Johannah Blake, at Rowley, Nov.2,1741.

Alfred P., and Mary A. Dale, int.Jan.15,1848.

Ebenezer, and Margery Patch of Wenham, at Wenham, Oct.3,1745.

Edmund, of Manchester, and Lucy Clinton of the Hamlet, Jan.11,1769.CR2

Edward, and Sarah Stevens, int.12:12m:1714.

Edward, and Sally Tucker, Dec.25,1817.*

Eliza [of], and Allexander Potter, June2,1847.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Richard Hubbard, Nov.9,1697.

Elizabeth, and William Hodgkins, int.Sept.12,1724.

Elizabeth, and William Foster, int.Sept.7,1734.

Elizabeth, and Richard Downe, int.Oct.24,1735.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan B. Brown of Salem, int.Sept.19,1844.

George, and Elizabeth Jewett, int.Dec.31,1709.

George, jr., of Gloucester, and Sarah Day, July21,1799.*

George, 3d, of Gloucester, and Mary Burnham, Mar.25,1821.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and Daniel Foster, int.Jan.9,1724-5.

Harriet Newhall, of Rowley, and William Salone, int.Mar.4,1843.

Humphrey, and Elizabeth Pache, at Chebacco, June27,1701.

Humphrey, of Topsfield, and Mercy Clinton, Jan.26,1809.*

Israel, and wid.Ann Sweat, July11,1758.CR3*

Israel, jr., and Mrs.Ruth Swett, int.Dec.19,1764.

Jeremy, of Windham, and Hannah Goold, May3,1750.*

John, and [] Mary Lord, Apr.23,1702.*

John H., Capt., of Watertown, and Betsey Appleton, June26,1823.*

Joseph, and Mary Pierce, int.May6,1727.

Joseph D., and Sarah M. Howe of Rowley, int.Jan.26,1833.

Josiah, and Priscilla Greenwood of Boston, int.Dec.6,1707.

Jude A., and Sarah S. Prime of Hamilton, int.Oct.29,1836.

Lawrence, and Mrs.Elizabeth Macome, int.Dec.29,1758.

Lydia Ann, of Somersworth, NH, and Jonathan Dorr, int.Oct.30,1841.

Mary, and Amos Dorman of Topsfield, Apr.11,1734.

Mary, of Topsfield, and Lt. Abigah How, int.Apr.25,1751.

Mary, and Moses Richards, Nov.19,1778.CR3

Mary, of Gloucester, and John Varney, int.Dec.17,1807.

Marcy, and Joseph Roberts, May22,1760.CR3*

Nathaniell, of Wells, and Martha Tredwell, int.May7,1715.

Parker, Dr., of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Wainwright, Apr.12,1789.*

Samuel, and Mary Hedden, int.June5,1725.

Samuel, of Topsfield, and [] Anna Lampson, July18,1771.CR2*

Sarah, and Nathaniell Bailey of Rowley, int.Nov.30,1700.

Sarah, and James Marston of Salem, int.Apr.7, I722.

Susanna, and Thomas Harris, jr., Apr.12,1759.CR2*

Thomas, of Boston, and Mary Fuzz, int.Aug.4,1722.

William, of Boston, and Mrs.Hannah Appleton, Oct.11,1705.*

William, of Beverly, and Eunice Hidden, Dec.15,1790.*

William, jr., of Hamilton, and Priscilla W. Perkins, Dec.21,1820.*

William, Esq., of. Boston, and Hannah Caldwell of Manchester, at Manchester, Aug.8,1848.CR2

CLARKE (Clark)

末末, wid., and Joseph Goodhue, July4,169.

Daniel, and Mary Perkins Cheever, Oct.25,1836.*

Elizabeth, and John Lord, Dec.9,1695.

Elizabeth, of RowLey, and Ephraim Dow, Nov.8,1726.CR5*

Hannah, and John Canada, Feb.4,1779.CR3

James, and Frances Bennet, Sept.20,1739.CR5*

James A., resident in Ipswich, and Catharine Rust, Jan.21,1824.*

John, and Mary Burnam, Oct.9,1672.CTR

John, and Susana Giddings, d.Joseph, deceased, Dec.17,1695.

Josiah, and Mercy Boynton, Dec.14,1670.CTR

Lydia, wid., and Samuell Pickard of Boxford, int.22:4m:1717.

Rebecka, and Ebenezer Harris, Sept.15,1690.

William, and Hannah Lufkin, Dec.25,1792.*

CLEAVELAND (Cleavland, Cleveland)

Elisabeth, and Abraham Channel [of Hopkinton, NH. int.], Jan.1,1795.*

John jr., and Mrs.Susanna Cogswell, int.July29,1772.

Mary, Mrs., and Robert Choate, Feb.15,1781.CR2*

Nehemiah, of Newbury, and Abigail P[ickard.CR1] Manning, Sept.8,1823.*

CLEAVES (Cleves)

Anna, of Hamilton, and Ezekiel Dodge of Beverly, Oct.9,1803.

Mary, of Beverly, and George Dodge, jr., at Beverly, Apr.24,1774.*

William, of Wenham, and Hannah Perkins, June27,1782.*

CLEAVLAND (Cleaveland)

Abigail, and Joseph Cogswell [jr.CR4], May31,1788.*

John Rev., and Mrs.Mary Dodge, int.May30,1747.


Anne, of Hampton, and John Gamage, int.Nov.28,1702.

CLEMENS (Clement)

Richard, and Mrs.Mary Green, int.Apr.3,1767.

CLEMENT (Clemens)

Henry, of Weare, NH, and [Mrs.CR4] Mary Treadwell, Oct.20,1796.*

CLENTON (Clinton)

James, and Sarah Tilton int.July19,1743.

Jonathan, and Sarah Moulton, Dec.8,1732.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Richard Manning, int.Nov.10,1770.

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Ebenezer, and [Mrs.CR4] Mary Cogswell, Mar.25,1777.

John, Rev., and Mary Foster of Salem, at Salem, Sept.28,1769.*

Joshua, see Claffin, Joshua.

Mary, and Jonathan Proctor, Mar.5,1771.*

Nehemiah, Esq., of Topsfield, and Lucy Manning, Oct.6,1787.*

CLEVES (Cleaves)

Ezra, of Beverly, and Elizabeth Patch, May8,1808.*

William, of Beverly, and Eunice Baker, Dec.1,1808.*


Esther, of Newbury, and James Stanly, July20,1686.CTR

John, of Brentwood, NH, and Eunice Day, Oct.21,1818.*

CLINTON (Clenton)

James, and Mercy Patch, Dec.28,1759.CR2*

Larence, and Rachell Halseld, Dec.末,1665.CTR

Lucy, of the Hamlet, and Edmund Clark of Manchester, Jan.11,1769.CR2*

Mercy, and Humphrey Clark of Topsfield, Jan.26,1809.*

Samuel, and Jemima Parsons of Gloucester, int.July10,1779.

Sarah, and Ephraim Harris, Aug.2,1791.*


Daniel, of Bradford, and Mertin Hollgate, int.July17,1725.

Daniel, of Boxford, and Elizabeth Galloway, Nov.1,1739.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Thurla, Nov.4,1777.CR3

Mercy, and William Kezer, July18,1775.CR3

Nathaniell, and Rebecca Kezer, Sept.18,1765.CR3


Peter, and Elizabeth Heart, Nov.15,1791.CR3


Abel, and Elisabeth Lord, Dec.7,1834.*


Betsy Walker, of Londonderry, NH, and Chandler Spafford, int.Feb.15,1812.

Mary, and John Marriner, both of Gloucester, Feb.16,1724.


Mary [], and Francis Harris, Dec.21,1772.CR2*

COBURN (Coburne)

Dolly Varnum, of Dracut, and Rev. David Tenny Kimbal, int.Sept.24,1807.

John D., resident in Brunswick, NH, and Mary S. Kimball, int.Mar.10,1849.

Lydia Ann, of Dracut, a.22y., and John R. Kimball of Brooklyn, NY, a.27y., at Dracut, May30,1844.CR1

Samuel, of Dracut, and Sarah Brodstreet, Dec.13,1781.*

Stephen, of Andover, and Lucy B. Smith, Apr.5,1826.*

Thomas of Nottingham West, and Mrs.Mary Day, int.Dec.3,1760.

COBURNE (Coburn)

Mary, of Dracut, and Moses Bradstreet, int.Mar.14,1723.


Joseph, and Mary Martin, both of Chebacco, int.Oct.20,1722.


Dorothy, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Aaron Smith, int.Apr.29,1769.

Edmond [], of Newbury, and Lucy Kimball, Apr.25,1809.*

Mary [of Gloucester. int.], and Nathaniel Smith, at Gloucester, May30,1765.*

Tristram, of Salisbury, and Elisabeth Lord, int.July11,1801.

COGGSWELL (Cogswell)

Elizabeth, and Nathaniell Masterson, July31,1657.CTR

Hester, and Samuell Bishop, Aug.10,1675.CTR

John, and Mrs.Margrett Giffard, July22,1674.CTR

COGSWELL (Coggswell)

Aaron, and Lucy Kinsman, May20,1802.*

Aaron, jr., and Mrs.Hannah B. Burnham, Feb.21,1837.*

Abigail, and Thomas Andrews, int.Nov.29,1712.CR4

Abigail, and Isaac Marshall, at Chebacco Feb.22,1749.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Abraham Dodge, int.Apr.17,1762.

Abigail, and Thomas Pickard of Rowley, Dec.12,1765.*

Nabby, and Joshua Giddings, jr. of Hamilton, May24,1797.*

Abigail, and Capt. Joseph Farley.Nov.17,1807.*

Adam, and Sarah Burnam, Dec.20,1753.*

Anna, and Lt. Nathan Dodge of Hamilton, Nov.24,1808.*

Anne, and John Goodhue, int.Dec.6,1712.CR4

Anstice, and Lt. Oliver Appleton, July2,1816.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Choate, Mar.29,1789.*

Bethany, and Samuel Gott [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, July22,1723.*

Bridget [], and Edward Wigglesworth, both of the Hamlet, Jan.18,1770.CR2*

Caleb, and Sarah Choate, int.Feb.11,1726-7.CR4

Caleb, and Mary Tyler of Boxford, int.Aug.10,1728.

Daniel, and Betsey Lummus of Hamilton, int.Dec.5,1795.

Daniel, and Sarah Cogswell of Essex, int.Dec.22,1821.

Daniel, and Eunice Smith, Nov.27,1828.*

Daniel, and Mercy D. Randall, May21,1833.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Burnam, Nov.22,1749. [Nov.2.CR7]*

Ebenezer, and Patty Brown of Hamilton, int.May1,1794.

Ebenezer, jr., and Elisabeth Burnham of Essex, int.Dec.1,1827,

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Aphia Calley, Oct.21,1834.*

Edward, and Hanah Browne, int.Aug.21,1708.CR4

Elisabeth, and Thomas Wade, Feb.22,1670.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Hawkes of Lynn [at Chebacco. dup.], at Lynn, June16,1701.

Elizabeth, and James Eveleth, int.26:12m:1715.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Blany of Marblehead, int.20:8m:1717.

Elizabeth, and Stephen Boardman, int, Sept.22,1744.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nathaniel Farley, int.Nov.9,1754.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Elihu Hewes, int.Oct.6,1756.

Elisabeth, and Seth Goodhue, Nov.23,1775.*

Elisabeth, and Dr. Parker Russ, Dec.4,1800.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nathaniel Robbins, Esq. of Union, June15,1814.*

Emmerson, and Mrs, Mary Pecker, Dec.30,1736.*

Eunice, and Josiah Fairfield [of Wenham, Dec.21,1724.CR5]*

Eunice, Mrs., and John Farley, int.Sept.26,1761.

Eunice, wid., and William Foster, jr., Oct.29,1772.CR2*

Francis, and Mrs.Elizabeth Rogers, Mar.14,1728.*

Francis [jr.CR7], and Mrs.Eunice Low, Oct.12,1756.*

Francis, and Elizabeth Crocker, Nov.19,1767.CR2*

Francis [jr. int.], and [] Anstis Manning, Feb.14,1771.CR2*

Gifford, and Sarah Parsons [of Gloucester.], at Gloucester, Dec.27,1722.*

Hanah, and Thomas Burnum, jr., Nov.22,1712.CR4*

Hannah, wid., and Lt. Thomas Perly oE Boxford, int.Apr.18,1713.CR4

Hannah [], and James Burnum [jr. int.], Oct.3,1728.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Andrew Burley, jr., int.Aug.20,1743.

Hannah, Mrs., and Zebulon Lane of Gloucester, int.Mar.16,1749.

Hannah, and Francis Perkins, Feb.27,1755.CR4*

Hannah, and John Proctor of Manchester, May31,1781.*

Jacob, and Mrs.Elizabeth Eveleth, int.Feb.2,1748.

James, and Mary P. Allen of Gloucester, int.May18,1818.

Jemima, of Gloucester, and William Cogswell, Oct.21,1781.

John, and Sarah Browne, int.Sept.25,1708.CR4

John, and Mary Cogswell, May11,1741.CR4*

John [jr. int.and.CR4], and Anna Steele, Dec.11,1783.*

John, jr., and Lucretia Day of Gloucester, int.Apr.6,1810.

Jonathan, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wainwright, 24:3m:1686.

Jonathan, and [] Hannah Wiggin, Oct.23,1717.CR5*

Jonathan, Capt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Wade, July1,1731.*

Jonathan, jr., and Mary Appleton, Dec.28,1748.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wise, int.Oct.17,1767.

Joseph, and Abigail Patch, Aug.16,1763.CR2*

Joseph [jr.CR4], and Abigail Cleavland May31,1788.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Burnham, July28,1791.*

Joseph, jr., of Londonderry, NH, and Mehitable Howe, Jan.1,1818.*

Joseph, and Esther Baker of Manchester, int.Oct.13,1827.

Lavinia A., a.20y., d.Joseph and Esther, and Jacob F. Brown, a.22y., teacher, s.Jacob and Frances Q., June8,1848.*

Lucretia, and John P[] Choate, Mar.18,1802.*

Lucy, and Thomas Burnam, 5th, at Chebacco, Jan.17,1750.*

Lucy, and Moses Kinsman, Sept.28,1780.*

Margaret, and William Goldsmith of Wenham, Apr.11,1745.CR4*

Margaret, and Francis Burnam, Nov.19,1754.CR4*

Martha, and Matthew Whipple, int.Sept.23,1710.

Martha, and John Andrews, 3d, Mar.1,1747-8.CR2*

Martha, Mrs., and John Whipple, 4th, int.Dec.6,1766.

Mary, and Jacob Perkins, int.Sept.8,1716.

Mary, and Joseph Gillbert, int.Apr.19,1718.

Mary, of Chebacco, and William Cogswell, 24:7br:1719.*

Mary, and John Cogswell, May11,1741.CR4*

Mary, Mrs., and Benjamin Dane, int.Aug.29,1755.

Mary, and John Wise, jr., Mar.22,1756.CR2*

Mary [Mrs.CR4], and Ebenezer Cleveland Mar.25,1777.

Mary [Mrs.CR4], and David Choate, June24,1784.*

Mary, and Winthrop Burnham, Dec.12,1793.*

Polly, and Abel Low, Jan.14,1802.*

Mary, and Capt. Winthrop Low, Dec.17,1818.*

Mary, and Daniel Hardy of Essex, Nov.18,1830.*

Mary, of Essex, and John Choate, Esq., int.Oct.27,1832.

Mary, and Daniel Norton, both of Essex, June9,1836.

Nathaniel, Dr., and Sarah Northend of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.26,1761.*

Nathaniel Peasly, of Atkinson [of Haverhill. dup.], and Susanna Lakeman, May20,1777.*

Nathaniel Peasly, of Atkinson, and Susannah Lakeman, Nov.20,1777. [May20.TR]

Nathaniel, and Eunice Low, Feb.20,1794.*

Nehemiah, and Rachel Choate, July30,1772.*

Samuel, and Mary Lufkin [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Feb.13,1724.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Perkins, Mar.5,1764.*

Sarah, Mrs., and James Browne, int.July13,1723.

Sarah, and Jacob Burnam, jr., Aug.19,1734.CR4*

Sarah, and Skipper Dodge of Wenham, Apr.11,1745.CR4*

Sarah, and Abraham Perkins, Dec.11,1766.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Grotten, Mar.24,1773.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Oliver Appleton, at Rowley, Dec.19,1790.*

Sarah, of Essex, and Daniel Cogswell, int.Dec.22,1821.

Sophia, and Joshua Smith, Nov.12,1818.*

Susannah, d.William, and Benjamin White, Jan.21,1681.CTR

Susannah, and Samuel Low, int.Dec.11,1718.CR4

Susanna, and Jeremiah Parsons [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Dec.14,1724. [1721. int.]*

Susanna, and Moses Treadwell, Apr.13,1769.*

Susanna, Mrs., and John Cleaveland jr., int.July29,1772.

Susanna, and William Elwell, Aug.11,1776.*

Susanna and Moses Kinsman, Dec.21,1809.*

Wade, and Lucy Story of Essex, int.Jan.25,1823.

William, and Mrs.Martha Emerson, Oct.9,1685.

William, sr., and Jemimah Tilton, int.July26,1718.CR4

William [sr. int.], and Mary Cogswell of Chebacco, 24:7br:1719.*

William, jr., and Hanah Wiggens of Stratham, int.Feb.24,1721-2.CR4

William, and wid.Elizabeth Appleton [jr. int.], Mar.13,1734.*

William, and Lucretia Burnham, Apr.4,1771.*

William [jr. int.], and Jemima Cogswell [Haskell. int.] of Gloucester, Oct.21,1781.*

William, 3d, and Mary Smith, Feb.12,1791.*

William, and Hannah Porter Lamson of Amherst, NH, int.Mar.22,1794.

William, of Salem, and Lucy Choate, Jan.17,1805.*

Zacheus, and Abagail Low, Jan.1,1807.*


Hannah, of Newbury, and Stephen Perley, at Newbury, Mar.17,1715.*


Peter, of Manchester, and Ruth Story, Sept.17,1815.*


Elizabeth, of Boothbay, and Francis Low, int.Oct.28,1815.

Noah [of Sheepscot. int.], and Elisabeth Davis, Aug.14,1764.CR3*


Jonathan, of New Hampshire, and Elisabeth Boardman, May10,1785.CR5


Andrew, of Wenham, and Sarah Bowers, May12,1793.*

John G., and Elvira Bray, int.Feb.24,1849.

Jonathan, jr., of Beverly, and Lucy Emerson, May21,1747.CR4*

Joseph, and Lucy Brown, July27,1780.CR5*

Lucy, and Nicholas Dodge of Wenham, Mar.27,1788.*

Phineas, of Wells, and Hannah Dennis, Jan.15,1799.*

Rebecca, and Henry Gold, jr., int.19:2m:1712.

Sarah [wid.CR4], and Aaran Low, Mar.22,1781.*

Solomon, of Hamilton, and Ruth Poland Apr.19,1801.*

Thomas, and Sarah Andrews, Mar.25,1774.*


Phillip, and Sarah Brooks, int.末蔓末,1726.CR5

COLEMAN (Colman)

Dudley, of Haverhill, NH, and [] Mary Jones, of the Hamlet, Nov.15,1770.CR2*

Rebecca, and Jacob Lufkin [both of Chebacco. int.], Aug.26,1736.*

Samuel, and Hanah Smith of Boston, int.Apr.12,1707.CR4

Samuel, and Mrs.Anne Caldwell, int.Dec.26,1767.

Samuel, and Mrs.Anna Pulcipher, Jan.29,1809.*

Sarah, and Jeremiah Day, Nov.25,1798.*

Stephen, and Mrs.Abigail Hoyt, int.Mar.15,1771.

William, and Margaret Severance, int.Dec.23,1739.

William, and Sarah Dodge, May13,1783.*


Mary, of Salem, and Moses Davis, int.Mar.29,1744.

William, and Hannah Patch, May14,1780.CR5*

COLLINGS (Collins)

Frances, and Thomas Averill, Dec.8,1657.CTR

James, and Hanah Dutch, Dec.22,1674.CTR

Sarah, and Richard Littlehale, Oct.23,1676.CTR

COLLINS (Collings)

Daniel O[], of Lynn, and Sarah Lord, Nov.29,1832.*

Elizabeth,. and Abraham Caldwell, int.Mar.15,1743.

Elizabeth, and James Fuller, int.Aug.29,1747.

John, and Mercy Damarell, int.Apr.30,1719.

William, and Lucy Chapman, Aug.31,1843.*

COLMAN (Coleman)

Lydia, and Samuel Brock [Brokas of], at Marblehead, Dec.28,1763.*

Sarah, and Challice Dow of Kingston, Dec.30,1746.CR4*

Solomon, and Elisabeth Waite, Nov.16,1775.CR2*

William, and [] Elizabeth Lakeman, May9,1758.CR2*


Sarah [Cotton. int.], and Stephen Lavenuke of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.22,1741.*

COMINGS (Cummings)

Isaac, and Frances Sherwin of Boxford, at Topsfield, Nov.23,1696.*

COMMINGS (Cummings)

Abigail, of Topsfield, and Samuel Potter, at Topsfield, July12,1738.*

John B., of Topsfield, and Martha Knowlton of Hamilton, at Hamilton, Jan.26,1804.

Joseph, jr., and Judith Perkins of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.21,1758.*

CONANT (Connant, Connet)

Aaron, and Eunice Dorman [of], Mar.18,1779.CR3*

Aaron, and Hitty Meriam, both of Topsfield, Nov.23,1815.

Aaron F., and Catherine Furbush, Oct.末,1845.PR18

Alven [T., of], and Belindey [] Pingree, Dec.28,1848.CR3*

Asa W[], and Margaret Soward, Dec.27,1809.*

Bethiah, and John Dodge [] of Wenham, at Wenham, Nov.17,1737.*

Calvin, and Hannah How, Nov.29,1836.*

Daniel, and Sarah Chapman of Rowley int.Jan.16,1800.

Daniel, Capt., of Ipswich, and wid.Lucy Hazen of Rowley, Mar.26,1811.CR3*

Daniel, and Irene Foster, Apr.22,1830.*

Daniel, and Hannah Conant of Rowley, Jan.1,1839.*

Eleanor E., a.23y., d.William and Ruth, and [Capt.CR2] Jacob S. Potter, a.27y., farmer, s.Nathaniel and Phebe, Feb.20,1845.*

Elisabeth, and Reynold Foster, Jan.22,1767.CR3*

Elisabeth, and Luther Chaplin of Rowley, Sept.28,1831.*

Eunice, and Elijah Cummings of Topsfield, at Topsfield, June24,1783,*

Eunice, and Daniel Wildes of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Oct.12,1797.*

Eunice F., of Rowley, and John Peabody, May13,1835.*

Eunice C., a.22y., d.William and Elizabeth, and Daniel H. Jackson, of Rowley, a.29y., cordwainer, s.Caleb and Elizabeth, of Rowley, Nov.30,1847.*

Gilbert, and Levina Foster, Oct.26,1831.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and Daniel Conant, Jan.1,1839.*

Hannah H., Mrs., a.33y., d.Mark and Lucy How, and Phinehas D. Merrill, widr., of Georgetown, a.38y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Eunice, of Georgetown, at Georgetown, June1,1848.*

Harriet A., and Rev. Francis Welch, both of Linebrook, Apr.4,1839.*

Israel, and Martha Gould of Topsfield, int.Aug.14,1812.

Johadaden, and Benjamin Woodberry of Shirley, int.Sept.22,1795.

Jerusha, and Daniell Chapman, jr., Apr.23,1765.CR3*

Joanna, and Nathaniel Hutchinson of Sutton, int.June4,1733.

John, of Beverly, and Martha Dodge, int.13:12m:1713.

John, jr., of Topsfield, and Ann Maria Brown, Dec.5,1820.*

John B., and Sarah Conant of Rowley, Oct.13,1840.*

John, and Mrs.Martha Hubbard, both of Topsfield, Nov.9,1848.

Joseph, and Sarah Jewett of Boxford, int.Nov.7,1725.

Joseph, and Ruthy Guilford of Danvers, int.Apr.11,1807.

Joseph, and Anna Foster, Sept. [24.PR17], 1816.*

Joseph, 3d, and Lucy H. Foster, Oct.18,1832.*

Joshua, and Jerusha Cummings, int.Jan.1,1736.

Joshua, and Julia Jane Peabody, int.Nov.5,1849.

Lois, and Samuel Spiller, Apr.24,1828.*

Lot, and Eunice Foster, Mar.31,1768.CR3*

Lot, and Hephzibah Wilds of Topsfield, at Topsfield, June4,1786.*

Lydia [Mrs.CR1], and Thomas Peabody of Topsfield, Dec.1,1810.*

Lydia [E. int.], and George [W. int.] Millett [of] Nov.28,1848.CR3*

Margaret, Mrs., and Levi Kneeland Aug.18,1822.*

Martha, and Thomas Knolton, at Beverly, May11,1711.*

Martha, and John A[ppleton. int.] Newman, Apr.30,1833.*

Martha G., of Rowley, and John Chapman, jr., at Topsfield, Oct.25,1838.*

Mary Ann, and John More, Oct.29,1835.*

Moses, and Mary Wildes of Topsfield, June29,1779.*

Moses, jr., and Lydia Gilford, int.Aug.27,1803.

Ruth [], and Benjamin Woodberry, sr. of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.14,1721.*

Ruth, and Emerson Howe, Dec.2,1840.*

Samuel, and Julia W. Morse, Apr.12,1835.CR3*

Sarah, and Ephraim Andrews of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Apr.6,1797.*

Sally, and Abraham Lummus, Dec.25,1827.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and John B. Conant, Oct.13,1840.*

Sarah, of Rowley, a.24y., b. 2Rowley, d.Joseph and Ruth, of Rowley, and Alvin T. Guilford, a.23y., shoemaker, b. Salisbury, s.Samuel and Submit C., of Salisbury, Dec.10,1845.*

William, and Elizabeth Potter, int.Nov.8,1746.

William, jr., and Mary Perkins [of], Mar.31,1768.CR3*

William [jr. int.] and Ruth Foster,末蔓末,1801.CR3 [Nov.3. int.]*

William, 3d, and Elizabeth Foster, int.Apr.9,1808.

William F., and Martha Potter, May30,1828.CR3*

William Foster, and Martha Perley, Aug.21,1832.*

CONNANT (Conant)

Benjamin, of Beverly, and Martha Davison, Jan.24,1720-21.CR5*

Mary, and Andrew Birdly, Mar.14,1681.CTR


Mary, and Richard Flood oE Newbury, Nov.26,1729.*

CONNET (Conant)

Daniel, of Beverly, and Lucy Dodge, Jan.23,1716-17.CR5


Joanna, and Ebenezer Stanwood, jr., int.Sept.16,1797.

Margaret, and Samuel Pickard, Feb.23,1807.*


末末, and Moses Pengry, June29,1680.CTR

Ruth, and Philemon Dane, Dec.25,1690.


Lydia, of Beverly, and Nathaniel D. Dutch, int.Mar.12,1808.

Nathaniel, of Deerfield, and Sarah Kellum, June21,1687.CTR


Mercy, and William Sherwin, int.Oct.30,1725.


John, and Isabel Kilwell, both of Chebacco, Apr.23,1726.*

COOLIDGE (Coolige)

Experience, wid., and Benjamin Crocker, May17,1736.*

Philip, of Newbury, and Sarah Brooks, at Newbury, Oct.14,1726.

COOLIGE (Coolidge)

Sarah, of Newbury, and Timothy Darby, int.Apr.15,1731.


Susanna, of Newburyport, and Rev. Samuel Dana, int.Mar.27,1801.


Fanny M[], and Aaron Goodhue, jr., Feb.20,1834.*

Peter, and Mary Skillion, Dec.25,1755.CR3

Sarah, and Israel Smith, Sept.2,1766.CR3


William, and Mary Pulsifer of Rowley, Mar.15,1808.CR3


Daniel, of Beverly, and Susanna Burnam, int.12:12m:1715.

Elizabeth, and David Stone, both of Beverly, Jan.18,1726.

Judith, of Beverly, and John Patch, int.Jan.8,1800.

Samuel, of Beverly, and Susanna Knolton, at Beverly, May27,1690.


Mary, of Beverly, and Morris Carril, Jan.16,1784.*


Charles, and Abigail [L.CR1] Jewett, July21,1829.*

Charles, and Susan Harris, July17,1834.*

Emily A., a.18y., d.Charles and Abigail L., and Moses Harris, laborer, s.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.5,1848.*

Sarah, see Colter, Sarah.

Theophilus, and Elizabeth Dimond, int.5:2m:1707-8.


Jonathan [Coser. int.], of Manchester, and Lucy Foster, Jan.17,1771.*

COWES (Cows)

Gyles, and Mary Dutch, July29,1668.CTR

Gyles, and Agnes Berrye, Feb.27,1672.CTR


John P., Rev., of Oberlin, Ohio, and Eunice Caldwell, Oct.16,1838.*

COWS (Cowes)

Elizabeth, and John Harris, int.26:8m:1717.


Sarah, and Anthony [Arthur. int.] Cary, Oct.30,1702.*

COY (Coye)

Matthew, of Wenham, and Lydia Bennet of Beverly, Dec.14,1730.

Richard, and Rebecca Stanley of Beverly, Jan.14,1731.

COYE (Coy)

Elizabeth, and John Shatswell, int.Mar.31,1744.

Mary, of Beverly, and Thomas Knolton, at Beverly, June6,1706.*


Joseph, of Cambridge, and Abigaile Dean, Mar.29,1704-5.*

CRAFT (Crafts)

Aaron, and Abigail Craft, July19,1779.*

Abigail, and Thomas Butler, jr. [both of Chebacco. int.],末蔓末,1731-2. [Mar.9.CR4]*

Abigail, and Aaron Craft, July19,1779.

Abigail, and Epes Burnham, Apr.8,1802.*

Benjamin, and Margarett Choate, Dec.2,1728.*

John Osment, of Manchester, and Susanna Lowe, July18,1793.*

Margaret [], and John Andrews, Nov.7,1757.CR4*

Martha, and Benjamin Andrews, jr., Apr.8,1806.*

Mary, and William Fellows, Jan.3,1760.*

CRAFTS (Craft)

Eleazer, and Martha Low, Oct.17,1738.CR5*

Hannah, and Sargent Burnham, July1,1802.*

Israel, and Susan C. Kinsman, Oct.19,1884.*

Susanna, and Jonathan Story, 4th, Aug.26,1804.*


Samuel W., and Maria Perley of Rowley, int.Aug.14,1847.


Silas, and Polly Baily, Sept.18,1804.CR3

Silas, jr., and Margaret J. Jewett, Sept.25,1828.*

William P., and Hannah E. Lord, Oct.23,1837.*


James, and Abigail Andrews, July29,1802.*

CREASEY (Creesy)

Hannah, of Rowley, and James Davis, at Rowley, Mar.23,1762.*

John, jr., of Rowley, and Phebe Bradstreet, at Rowley, Nov.15,1792.*

John, jr., of Rowley, and Susannna Jewett, int.May26,1821.

CREASY (Creesy)

Bradstreet, and Sarah W. Hoeper, Nov.4,1827.*


Elisabeth, and Benjamin Redding, Feb.4,1779.CR3

Joseph, and Jane Redding, Sept.17,1776.CR3

Mehitable, of Topsfield, and William Towle of Salem, Apr.12,1815.CR1

CREESEY (Creesy)

John, of Salem, and Mary Green, at Salem, bet. 1694 and 1698.

Mary, of Salem, and Joseph Foster, at Salem, Aug.3,1712.*

CREESY (Creasey, Creasy, Creesey, Cresey, Cresie)

Henry, of Beverly, and Lydia Lord of Lynn, Nov.6,1828.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Jones, int.July8,1739.

Michael, of Rowley, and Martha Dutch, int.31:8m:1719.

Samuel, and Martha Urann, Aug.22,1738.*

William, jr., of Newburyport, and Esther Stone, int.Jan.10,1789.

CRESEY (Creesy)

Lucy, and Asa Andrews of Boxford, Apr.7,1757.CR3

CRESIE (Creesy)

Mighill, and Mary Quilter, Apr.6,1660.CTR


Benjamin, and Mrs.Mary Whipple, int.12:10m:1719.

Benjamin, and wid.Experience Coolidge, May17,1736.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Elizabeth Williams of Weston, at Weston, Sept.9,1760.*

Elisabeth, and Francis CogswelL, Nov.19,1767.CR2*

John, and Mehetable Burley, Dec.3,1747.CR2*

John, and Mrs.Elizabeth Lakeman, int.Nov.28,1767.

John, jr., and Margaret Choate, May25,1786.*

Lydia, and Elisha Treadwell, June21,1780.

Mary [Crooke. int.], and Cornelius Brown of Boxford, at Boxford, [Apr.8. int.] 2,1734.*

Mary, [], and Joseph Gunnison [of], Sept.10,1738.*

Mary, Mrs., and William Wade, int.Mar.11,1769.

Mehitable, Mrs., and Thomas Appleton, int.Nov.26,1768.

William, of Newburyport, and Martha H. [S. int.] Harris, Oct.27,1842.*

CROEL (Crowell)

Hannah, and Thomas Beal, int.Apr.2,1744.

CROMBIE (Cromby, Crommey, Crumbee)

Aaron, and Polly Lowel, Feb.13,1787.*

Jane, and Warren Burch, Dec.25,1783.CR2*

Mary, of Newbury, and John Hodgkins, jr., July16,1789.*

CROMBY (Crombie)

Benjamin, of Rowley, and Rebecca Davis, at Rowley, May6,1741.*

Ruth, and Nathaniel Burpe, Sept.7,1779.CR3

CROMMEY (Crombie)

John, and Hannah Foster, Nov.24,1763.CR3*

CROMPTON (Crumpton)

Francis, jr., and Mrs.Esther Andrews of Boston, int.Feb.10,1727.


Margarett, and Stephen Daniels of Salem, int.27:8m:1716.


Mary, see Crocker, Mary.

Thomas, and Mary Stevens, int.Oct.23,1714.


John, of Chelmsford, and Polly White, May1,1783.*

CROSE (Cross)

Martha, and William Dirkye, Dec.20,1664.CTR

Robert, and Martha Tredwell, Feb.19,1664.CTR

CROSS (Crose)

Anna, and James Foster, int.Mar.15,1706-7.

Annah, and Joseph Hart, July23,1714.*

Anna, and Thomas Hodgkins, 4th, int.Aug.末,1747.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Elizabeth Heard, int.Dec.9,1769.

Dudley [Lt. int.], and Sarah Harris, Dec.6,1812.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Abraham Fitts, int.Nov.18,1739.

Elisabeth, and Stephen Smith, jr., Jan.16,1767.CR2*

Ester, wid., and William Stone, int.Oct.22,1698.

Esther, and Samuel Howard, int.Feb.28,1712.

John, and Mrs.Lucy Warner, int.Nov.20,1762.

John D[udley.CR1], and Lydia C. Lord, Mar.9,1834.*

Lucy, of Manchester, and William Wiat of Wenham, Sept.22,1791.CR2

Martha, and Nathaniell Kimball, int.Apr.10,1746.

Mary, and Benjamin Carill, at Chebacco, Mar.3,1701-2.

Mary, of Manchester, and Joseph Belcher, jr. of Chebacco, at Chebacco, 末蔓8,1730. [Dec.CR4]*

Mary, and Thomas Kimball of Wenham, int.Dec.27,1750.

May, wid., and William Brackenbury, int.28:9m:1719.

Nathaniel, and Mary Cues, int.Oct.15,1715.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Lord, int.Apr.30,1720.

Nathaniel, and wid.Phebe Addams, int.May12,1732.

Nathaniel, and [] Hannah Choate, June11,1772.CR2*

Ralph, and Mary Graves, Nov.6,1705.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Graves, int.Sept.26,1719.

Sarah, and Benjamin Dutch, Jan.7,1702.*

Stephen, and Katherine Jewet, Oct.25,1732.*

Thomas, and Sarah Bordman, int.Feb.18,1720-21.


Robert, Rev., and Hannah H. Frost of Andover, int.Aug.13,1814.

Robert, Rev., and Hannah Choate, at Essex, both of Essex, Sept.2,1822.

CRUMBEE (Crombie)

Mary, of Bradford, and John Spark, resident in Ipswich, Mar.24,1732.

CRUMPTON (Crompton)

Hannah, Mrs., and William Perkins, int.Feb.1,1723.

Mary, Mrs., and Richard Rogers, int.June11,1726.

CUE (Cues)

Elizabeth, of Wenham, and John Day, June26,1704.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Yell, int.20:8m:1716.

CUES (Cue)

Mary, and Nathaniel Cross, int.Oct.15,1715.

CUMMINGS (Comings, Commings, Cummins)

Amos, of Topsfield, and Mercy Knowlton, Feb.26,1784.CR5*

Anna, Mrs., and John Towne of Topsfield, int.June25,1763.

Elijah, of Topsfield, and Eunice Conant, at Topsfield, June24,1783.*

Elizabeth, of Topsfield, and John Choate, jr., int.Sept.7,1811.

Hannah, and Robert Perkins [of], Jan.8,1751.CR3*

Isaac, and Abigail Borman of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.8,1716.*

Isaac, of Topsfield, and Hannah Eastie, Jan.5,1720-21.*

Jemima, and Jonathan Foster, Jan.1,1733.*

Jerusha, and Joshua Conant, int.Jan.1,1736.

Jonas, of Topsfield, and Hepsebeth Knowlton, Aug.16,1787.*

Joseph, Capt., and Mrs.Prisscilla Lampson, Nov.11,1751.*

Lydia, and Stephen Smith, int.Oct.5,1723.

Mary, of Topsfield, and Zebulon Smith, at Wenham, Aug.29,1776.*

Mehitabel, of Topsfield, and Stephen Adams, at Topsfield, Oct.7,1784.*

Pelatiah, and Sarah Kimball of Wenham, at Wenham, Sept.17,1754.*

Sarah, of Topsfield, and Joseph Choate, int.Nov.1,1806.

Thomas, and Lydia Richardson of Dracut, int.July17,1736.

Thomas, Lt., and Mrs.Anne Johnson of Andover, at Andover, Mar.28,1754,*

Thomas, jr., and Lois Bordman of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Apr.26,1763.*

William, of Topsfield, and Sarah Scott, Apr.23,1815.CR1*

CUMMINS (Cummings)

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Mary Williams, int.Feb.6,1746.

David, of Topsfield and Sarah Goodhue, int.Oct.30,1741.

John, and Sarah Luffkin, int.18:11m:1717.

Joseph, of Topsfield, and wid.Martha Hodgkins, int.Sept.22,1739.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Hale of Boxford, int.Oct.26,1744.

Lydia, and Ebenezer Porter, Dec.17,1755.CR4*

Mary, and Ezekiel Potter, June4,1741.*

Moses, and Mrs.Ester Adams, int.Nov.2,1754.

Pompey, and Rose Pernam int.Sept.28,1764.

Samuel, of Uxbridge, and Mrs.Sarah Emmerson, int.Nov.10,1753.

Sarah, and Benjamin Lamson, Nov.25,1736.CR5*


John, of Gloucester, and Abigail Day, May10,1757.CR4*


Timothy, and Julia Lombard, int.Nov.1,1846.


Abel, of Chester, NH, and Sally Quimby, Oct.23,1804.*

Joshua, and Ester Henderson, int.Dec.15,1744.

Mary S, Mrs., of Rowley, and John M. Dobson, Aug.16,1837.*

Mary Sophia, and Alvin A. Newton, int.Sept.15,1849.

Samuel, and Lydia Williams of Gloucester, Mar.7,1733.

Sarah C., and David Brown, both of Newbury, Oct.22,1846.CR2


Susannah, and Jacob Hobbs, int.Aug.21,1714.

CURTICE (Curtis)

Abigail, and Ezekiel Andrews, Feb.19,1707-8.CR4*

Hennery, and wid.Sarah Webster, int.June30,1722.CR4

Hennery, and wid.Mary Thomson, int.Oct.20,1722.CR4

Jane, and James Holmes, int.Dec.1,1716.CR4

John [of], and Eunice Harris, July14,1785.*

Mary, and James Tarrent, int.Feb.28,1718-19.CR4

CURTIN (Curtaine, Curtinn)

Mary, and Joshua Hobbs, Mar.19,1729.*

CURTINN (Curtin)

Anne, and Thomas West, int.Apr.10,1708.

Robert, and Patience Smith, int.14:2m:1716.

CURTIS (Curtice, Curtiss)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Chillis, Aug.24,1808.*

Hannah, a.26y., d.Martha Roberts, and Richard Seavey, a.28y., laborer, s.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, Sept.25,1845.*

John, of Marblehead, and Ruth Warner, int.Sept.29,1738.

Olive, and Jonathan Hobbs, at Newbury, Nov.6,1836.*

Sarah, of Topsfield, and Michael Hollgate, resident in Ipswich, int.Oct.13,1733.

Stephen W., a.22y., cordwainer, s.Abigail Green, and Mary P. Webb, a.19y., d.William and Harriet, Jan.2,1848.*

CURTISS (Curtis)

Elizabeth, and William Andrews, jr., int.July29,1710.

Love, of Boxford, and Thomas Gallop, int.Nov.7,1719.

Margarett, of Beverly, and Richard Holland int.6:9m:1708.

Margarett, and John Annable, int.14:8m:1711.

Martha, and William Spillar, int.May2,1827.

Martha, and William Spiller, June24,1830.*


Elisabeth, and Benjamin Shaw, jr. of Beverly, May7,1778.CR5*

Zenas, Capt., of Derry, NH, and Caroline Smith, Apr.17,1838.*


Augusta, of Hamilton, and Nathaniel Appleton, jr., int.Feb.10,1827.

Temple, Maj., of Hamilton, and Mrs.Hannah Smith, int.Apr.4,1823.


Thomas of Newburyport, and [] and Betty Sands, Oct.23,1775.CR2*

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