Mary A., and Alfred P. Clark, int.Jan.15,1848.

DAMARELL (Damerill, Dummarell)

Mercy, and John Collins, int.Apr.30,1719.


Hannah [Deane.CR5], and Jesse Saville of Gloucester, Feb.9,1786.*

DAMERILL (Damarell)

Deborah, and John Newmarch, int.June12,1708.


William, and Hanah Kinsman, Mar.20,1670.CTR


Joseph, Rev., and Mrs.Mary Staniford, int.June20,1766.

Joseph, Rev. Dr., and Mrs.Elisabeth Bradford of Rowley, int.Nov.12,1803.

Mary, and Maj. Thomas Burham, Nov.30,1797.*

Samuel, Rev., and Susanna Coombs of Newburyport, int.Mar.27,1801.

DANE (Dean, Deane)

Abigail, Mrs., and Benjamin Knowlton, jr., int.Apr.22,1756.

Abigail, and Samuel Parch, Nov.28,1780.CR2*

Anna, and Jonathan Lampson, int.Mar.12,1742.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Mary Cogswell, int.Aug.29,1755.

Daniel, and Abigail Burnham [of Chebacco. int.], Feb.12,1739-40.CR5*

Daniel, and Mrs.Sarah Goodhue, int.Jan.12,1771.

Ednah, Mrs., and John Proctor, at Hamilton, Jan.19,1797.*

Elizabeth, and James Adams, Apr.6,1742.CR5*

Elisabeth, and Andrew Dodge of Hamilton, May25,1797.*

Ester, Mrs., and Samuel Knowlton, jr., int.July9,1759.

Frances Ann, of Hamilton, and John Dorr, int.Mar.31,1849.

Hannah, and William Goodhue, Nov.14,1666.CTR

Hannah Mrs., and Samuel Griffin, jr. of Gloucester, int.Oct.12,1770.

Israel, and Edner Dodge, Jan.25,1791.*

John, and Abigaill Warner, Dec.27,1671.CTR

John, and Mrs.Edna Patch, int.May8,1761.

John, of Salem, and [Mrs.int.] Jemima Fellows, Jan.21,1773.CR2

John, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Edna Patch, both of the Hamlet, Apr.21,1773.CR2*

John, jr., and Eunice Patch, Feb.19,1792.*

Lidia, and James Brown, int.June27,1746.

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Thomas Appleton, Oct.19,1773.CR2*

Mary, wid., and Lt. Jacob Browne, both of the Hamlet, int.Nov.30,1735.

Mary, and Daniel Heard, Apr.16,1741.CR5*

Mary, and Francis Follansby of Newbury, int.Aug.26,1748.

Molley, and William Elenwood of Beverly, int.June15,1776.

Mary, and Nathaniel Farley, May28,1797.*

Mary Appleton, of Hamilton, and Eoch F. Brewer, int.Jan.10,1846.

Nathaniell, and Easter Kimball of Wenham, Dec.23,1732.CR5*

Nathaniel, jr., and wid.Lucy Tilton, int.Oct.12,1745.

Nehemiah, and Hannah Booteman, July16,1781.CR5*

Philemon, and Mary Thomson, Oct.7,1685.

Philemon, and Ruth Converse, Dec.25,1690.

Philemon [of Newbury.int.], and Hannah York, Apr.20,1742.*

Ruth, and George Eustice, int.May28,1748.

Samuel Q., of Hamilton, and Mary A. Barker, Sept.5,1839.*

Sar, and Daniell Warner, jr., Sept.23,1668.CTR

Sarah, and Benjamin Wheeler, jr., of Gloucester, int.Aug.16,1749.

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Ebenezer Ellenwood, jr. of Beverly, Feb.19,1771.CR2*

Sarah A., of Hamilton, and Isaac W. Kimball, int.Nov.18,1848.

Thomas, and Polly Brown, Apr.17,1788.*

William, of Hamilton, and Sarah Harris, Nov.17,1799.*

Zerviah, and Daniel Brown, jr., Jan.5,1777.CR2*


Jeremiah, and Abigail L. Salisbury, Apr.14,1839.*

Sarah, and Mathew Anable, Dec.24,1754.*

Stephen, and Mary Hibbert of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.9,1754.*

DANIEL (Daniels)

William, and Mary Jones, int.30:4m:1706.

DANIELS (Daniel, Dennils)

Ebenezer, and Rebecca Richardson, both of Rowley, Aug.1,1839.

John, and Sarah Johnson, int.Aug.23,1745.

Peggis, and Thomas Fisk of Wenham, Feb.18,1760.CR2*

Mary, and William Small, at Chebacco, Dec.15,1725.*

Minus, and Susanna Hobbs, int.July26,1718.

Reuben [Dunnels.int.], and Mary E. Fuller, Dec.31,1843.*

Stephen, of Salem, and Margarett Crooe, int.27:8m:1716.

Susannah, and John Foster, Sept.18,1791.CR3*

William, of Rowley, and Sarah Smith, Nov.26,1789.*

DANNIS (Dennis)

Thomas, and Mary Watson, June11,1724.CR5*

DARBEY (Darby)

Alse, of Beverly, and Jonathan Piper, int.Sept.21,1700.

DARBY (Darbey)

Andrew, and Elizabeth [Sarah.int.] Patch, Apr.2,1728.CR5*

John, and Rebecca Tarbox of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar.16,1728.*

Lucretia, and Joseph Bools, int.Mar.29,1707.

Timothy, and Sarah Coolige of Newbury, int.Apr.15,1731.


Addington, of Boston, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wainwright, Nov.10,1698.*

Byron S., a.26y., cordwainer., s.Ephraim and Sarah H., and Martha A. Potter, a.20y., d.Nathaniel and Ann, Dec.28,1847. [Dec.26.CR1]

Sally W., of Hamilton, and Samuel S. Skinner, Oct.30,1839.*

DAVIS (Davise)

Abigail, and John Porland Apr.11,1718.CR5

Abigail, and John Smith of Gloucester, Mar.18,1730.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Kimball, 3d, Feb.27,1754.CR3*

Alden, and Charlotte Low, July15,1832.*

Allis, of Lynnfield, and Joanthan Jewett, int.Oct.2,1807.

Benjamin, jr., of Gloucester, and Mrs.Rebecca Dodge, int.Sept.14,1753.

Charles, and Betty Fowler, June23,1773.CR3*

Charles, jr., and Salley Kenney of Rowley, int.Mar.19,1802.

Charles, of Newburyport, and Hannah Boardman, int.July21,1837.

Cyrus, and Bridget Burch, June1,1779.CR3*

Elias, of Gloucester, and Elizabeth Hunt, int.10:10m:1715.

Elizabeth, of Gloucester, and Isaac Littlehale, Oct.13,1686.CTR

Elizabeth, and John Chapman, Oct.28,1702.*

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Daniel Foster, at Rowley, May16,1733.*

Elisabeth, and Noah Colby [of Sheepscot. int.], Aug.14,1764.CR3*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Williams of Hampstead [NH. int.], Oct.29,1780.*

Epharim [Dr. int.], and Elizabeth Shoat, at Danvers, July3,1770.*

Hannah, of Gloucester, and John Warner, int.July4,1702.

Isaac, and Anne Burnum, Mar.8,1731-2.*

Israel, and Sarah Dresser [of Rowley int.], Apr.16,1754.CR3*

James, and Abigaile Mettcalfe, int.Jan.5,1705.

James, and Abigail How of Marblehead, int.Nov.12,1720.

James, and wid.Martha Smith, May25,1732.*

James [jr. int.], and Mary Choate, Jan.25,1738.*

James, and Hannah Creasey of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.23,1762.*

Jane, and George W Spiller, int.Aug.26,1843.

Jedediah, of Gloucester, and Dorothy Hunt, int.Jan.22,1725.

John, and Elizabeth Gilbert, Dec.23,1714.CR5*

John, of Charlestown, and Mary Kimball, int.Jan.21,1720-21.

John, of Goffstown, NH, and Mary Proctor, Nov.25,1762.CR4*

John T., of Gloucester, and Ann F. Buckman, Nov.15,1838.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Melvin of Concord, at Concord, Nov.27,1766.

Liddea, wid., and Thomas Medcalf, widr.,末蔓末,168[6?].

Lydia, and Samuel Ross, int.Oct.6,1733.

Lydia, and Jacob How, jr., Nov.21,1751.CR3*

Martha, and John Chapman of Boxford, int.13:2m:1712.

Mary, and Nathan Davis of Rowley, int.June13,1724.

Mary, and Anthony Potter, jr., int.Oct.12,1745.

Moses, and Hannah Baily of Rowley, int.19:11m:1711.

Moses, and Mary Coles of Salem, int.Mar.29,1744.

Moses, of Gloucester, and Sarah Low, Dec.10,1761.*

Moses, jr., Newburyport, and Mercy Caldwell, Oct.21,1797.*

Nathan, of Rowley, and Mary Davis, int.June13,1724.

Nathan, of Portland and Eunice Caldwell, Apr.12,1804.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Cromby of Rowley, at Rowley, May6,1741.*

Rebeca, and David Knowlton Ross, Apr.2,1778.CR5*

Ruth, and Nathaniell Chapman, June末, [1697?].

Samuel, and Apphia W. Sands of Buxton, ME, int.Sept.22,1839.

Seth, of Barnstable, and Lydia Bennett, int.Oct.15,1720.

Sophronia, and Charles G. Blanchard of Brookline, Sept.23,1832.*

William, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Sarah Newman, int.Nov.19,1760.

William, and Mrs.Rhoda Benifeld of Amesbury, int.Oct.27,1764.

DAVISE (Davis)

Mary, of Gloucester, and Jacob Lufkin, int.Oct.22,1720.CR4


Anna, and David Furnace of Marblehead, int.Oct.4,1724.CR5

Daniell, and Margrett Low, Apr.8,1657.CTR

Daniel, jr., and Sarah Dodg, June28,1685.

Daniel, and Elisabeth Plomer, at Newbury, Nov.4,1726.*

Daniel, and Rebecca Lee, int.Oct.14,1749.

Darcas, and Nicholas Williams of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.16,1705.*

Dorothy, and Phinehas Redington, both of Topsfield, Nov.8,1726.

John, and Hannah Safford, Apr.10,1734.CR5*

John, of Newbury, and Joanna Dodge, May31,1792.*

Lydia, and Pitman Howard, Mar.26,1718.CR5

Margret, and George Holms, July10,1719.CR5*

Margaret, Mrs., of Wenham, and Caleb Adams, jr., int.Dec.24,1757.

Martha, and Banjamin Connant of Beverly, Jan.24,1720-21.CR5*

Mary, and John Hooker, int.29:1m:1713.

Mary, and Joshua Claffin [Cleveland.int.], Oct.16,1728.CR5*

Tammie, and John Roberts of Beverly, Apr.24,1788.*


Catherine, and Thomas Morley, int.Oct.24,1835.

Elizabeth, of Hamilton, a.28y., d.Benjamin and Martha, of Hamilton, and William Dawson of Hamilton, a.26y., laborer, s.George and Hannah, Mar.14,1749.

Fredric, and Martha Eunice Wallis, Mar.5,1840.*

John, and Mary Lord, Nov.24,1778.CR2*

Mary, and John McNeal, Mar.26,1786.*

Rebecca, a.19y., d.Benjamin and Martha, and Timothy J. Thurston, a.26y., shoemaker, b. Wakefield, NH, s.Ephraim and Rachel, of Wakefield, NH, Jan.12,1849.*

William, of Hamilon, a.26y., laborer, s.George and Hannah, and Elizabeth Dawson of Hamitlon, a.28y., d.Benjamin and Martha, of Hamilton, Mar.14,1849.


Aaron, and Sarah Goodhue, Dec.27,1750.CR2*

Aaron, jr., and Elisabeth Hodgkins, Nov.27,1774.CR2*

Abagail, wid.[of Gloucester. int.], and Josiah Burnham [of Chebacco. int.], at Gloucester, June25,1741.*

Abigail, and John Cummingham of Gloucester, May10,1757.CR4*

Abigail, of Manchester, and Samuel Choate, Mar.19,1761.CR2*

Abner, and Abigail Tilton, int.Oct.28,1752.

Abner, jr., and Elisabeth Potter, Dec.7,1780.CR2*

Anna, d.Thomas, and Simon Lull, Jan.13,1695.

Anstice, and Benjamin Foster of Beverly, July16,1796.*

Benjamin, and Martha Knight of Townsend, July11,1758.CR2*

Benjamin [B. int.], of Gloucester, and Betsy Fellows, July14,1811.*

Bethiah, and John Wells, Dec.19,1802.*

Bethulah, and Joseph Marshall, at Gloucester, Nov.24,1748.*

Daniel, and Sarah Ross, Nov.25,1784.*

David [of Hallowell. int.], and Abigail Lord, May15,1798.*

Elbridge, of Gloucester, and Joanna Chapman, Dec.11,1834.*

Elizabeth, and John Lampson, int.Dec.22,1722.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniell Lord, jr., int.Nov.27,1742.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Isaac Dodge, int.Nov.8,1755.

Elisabeth, and William Ball of Salem, Dec.14,1800.*

Eunice, and Jonathan Chapman, July6,1797.*

Eunice, and John Clifford of Brentwood, NH, Oct.21,1818.*

Ezekiell, of Gloucester, and Elizabeth Littleale, int.28:9m:1714.

Isaac, and Mary Story of Essex, int.Apr.29,1820.

Isaac, widr., a.45y., mariner, s.Abner and Elizabeth, and Lucy Caldwell, a.42y., d.Stephen and Lucy, Apr.24,1845.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Caldwell, int.June27,1741.

Jeremiah, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Susanna Kimball, Apr.13,1772.CR2*

Jeremiah, and Sarah Coleman, Nov.25,1798.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mary Smith, Dec.23,1804.*

Job, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Susanna Tilton, Dec.25,1754. [Jan.9.CR7]*

John, and Sarah Pengry, Apr.20,1664.CTR

John, and Sarah Wells, Jan.27,1691.

John, and Elizabeth Cue of Wenham, June26,1704.*

John, jr., and Eunice Burnum, int.May5,1722.

John, jr., and Sarah Day, Dec.22,1774.CR3*

John, and Salome Chapman, May25,1797.*

John, jr., and Hephzibah Smith, Nov.3,1814.*

Joseph, and Miriam Knowlton, Mar.26,1723.*

Judith R., and Edward H. Goldsmith of Manchester, int.Oct.22,1825.

Louisa, and Asa P. Stone, May27,1838.*

Lucretia, of Gloucester, and John Cogswell, jr., int.Apr.6,1810.

Lucy, and William Galloway, int.Apr.7,1781.

Lucy, and John Lefavor of Marblehead, Jan.6,1794.*

Lydia, and Daniel Dean, int.May16,1714.

Lydia, Mrs., and John Brown, int.Nov.13,1773.

Martha, and Jacob Wyldes of Topsfield, Nov.20,1755.CR4*

Mary, and Samuell Lock of Lexington, int.27:2m:1717.

Mary [of Gloucester. int.], and Richard Varrel, at Gloucester, Jan.12,1727.*

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Coburn of Nottingham West, int.Dec.3,1760.

Mary, Mrs., and Isaac Kimball, Sept.28,1817.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Dennis, June7,1728.*

Nathaniel, and Hepzibah Appleton, Mar.8,1763.CR2*

Nathaniell, jr., and Sarah Chapman, Mar.31,1774.CR3*

Rebeckah, and John Spiller, Feb.4,1789.*

Rhoda, and Nathaniel Kimball of Wenham, int.Nov.16,1843.

Robert, and Elizabeth Andrews, int.Sept.8,1744.

Samuel, Lt., and Mercy Wade, June29,1826.*

Sarah, and David Fiske, June17,1674.CTR

Sarah, and Jonathan Fellows, int.Dec.13,1712.

Sarah, and Samuell Holland of Boston, int.Dec.26,1739.

Sarah, and John Blye, int.Jan.3,1744.

Sarah, and Benjamin Dutch, int.Nov.29,1746.

Sarah, Mrs., and Samuel Wait, int.Nov.4,1757.

Sarah, and John Day, jr., Dec.22,1774.CR3*

Sarah, and George Clark, jr. of Gloucester, July21,1799.*

Sally P., and Luke R. Prince of Beverly, Oct.6,1812.*

Susanna, and Benjamin Burnham, May25,1778.*

Susannah, and Joseph Sawyer of Fairfield, Sept.29,1791.*

Susannah, and Samuel Henderson, Nov.16,1802.*

Tabitha, and Parker Burnham, Mar.8,1787.*

Thomas, and Ann Woodward, Oct.20,1672.CTR

Thomas, and Elisabeth Jewett, int.Jan.28,1709.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Manning, Mar.9,1756.CR2*

Thomas, jr., and Lucy Hodgkins, June26,1783.*

DEAN (Dane)

Abigaile, and Joseph Crackbone of Cambridge, Mar.29,1704-5.*

Abigail, and Samuel Dodge, int.Apr.24,1741.

Daniel, and Lydia Day, int.May16,1714.

Edward, and Lydia Emery of Newbury, at Newbury, May31,1716.*

Elizabeth, of the Hamlet, and Nathaniell Knowlton, int.Dec.25,1742.

John, jr., and Fanny Quarles, both of Hamilton, Dec.25,1803.

Mary, and Andrew Burley, Esq., Sept.末,1762.*

Nathan [of Windham, CT. int.], and Mars.Sarah Rogers, May30,1751.*

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Pottar, int.Dec.6,1712.

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Mary Pickett of Beverly, at Beverly, July9,1769.*

Philemon, and Anstice Manning, int.Mar.24,1716.

William, and Sarah Stone, int.May13,1748.


Hannah, see Dame, Hannah.

DEAR (Deare)

Hannah, wid., and John Wait, int.Nov.16,1712.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Hovey, int.Nov.20,1730.

Lydia, and John Pottar, int.Dec.24,1709.

Mary, and Isaac Knowlton, int.Oct.12,1723.


Lucy, of Rockport, and George Hobbs, int.Feb.22,1845.

DEARE (Dear)

Edward, and Elizabeth Griffen, Mar.3,1660.CTR


Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Nathaniell Perkins, int.9:4m:1717.

Margaret, of Newbury, and Joseph Pelkinton, at Newbury, Mar.2,1725-6.*

DEERING (Dering)

Susanna, and Moses Wildes [of Topsfield.int.], Dec.12,1775.CR3*


Hannah, and Samuell Priar, int.Nov.29,1707.

DENISON (Dennison)

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Rogers, Nov.14,1660.CTR

Elisabeth A., of Gloucester, and Joseph Fellows, int.Apr.7,1821.

Hannah, and Nathaniell Kingsbery of Norwich, int.Apr.2,1709.

John, Maj., and Mrs.Mary Leverett, at Cambridge, Apr.9,1719.*

Jonathan, of Gloucester, and Susanna Fellows, Apr.3,1821.*

Pricilla, and Thomas Parson, Oct.9,1666.CTR

DENNEN (Dennin)

Mary, and Alexander Campbell, Mar.6,1786.*

DENNES (Dennis)

Polly, of Gloucester, and Thomas Proctor, int.Aug.6,1803.

DENNILS (Daniels)

Mehitable, of Rowley, and John Pearley, int.Nov.27,1798.

DENNIN (Dennen)

Sally, and Thomas Moore, Feb.2,1784.CR2*


William, of Gloucester, and Susannah Galloway of Chebacco, Dec.1,1726.*

DENNIS (Dannis, Denness)

Abigail, and Philip Hammon, jr., Nov.25,1784.*

Arthur, and Mary Goodhue, Dec.11,1766.CR2*

Arther, and Lucy Burnham, Apr.21,1791.*

David, of Newcastle, and Susannah Kinsman, July1,1779.CR2*

David, Esq., of Nobleboro, and Mrs.Mary Kinsman, int.Apr.22,1809.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Hovey,末蔓末,1704. [July23. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Francis Saywer of Wells, int.Oct.6,1705.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Day, June7,1728.*

Elisabeth, and Hale Hilton of Beverly, Feb.1,1801.*

Hannah, and Phineas Cole of Wells, Jan.15,1799.*

Hannah, and John S. Tenny, Esq. of Norridgewock, ME, Feb.9,1831.*

John, and Lydya White, Aug.31,1699.*

John, and wid.Sarah Ward, int.June21,1713.

John, jr., and Martha Wilcomb, int.Dec.12,1736.

John, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Salome Hodgkins, May13,1773.CR2*

John, and Lucy Osment, Oct.1,1790.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Hannah Rogers, int.June26,1767.

Joseph, Capt., and Susanna Fellows, Sept.14,1809.*

Lucy, of Rowley, and William Robbins, at Rowley, Nov.26,1772.*

Lidia, Mrs., and Nathaniel Heard, int.Aug.16,1766.

Lydia, and John Newmarch, jr., Dec.28,1809.*

Martha, Mrs., and Abraham Safford, int.Nov.26,1757.

Martha, Mrs., and Benjamin Lampson, int.Jan.2,1765.

Martha, and Thomas Harris of Boston, July7,1799.*

Martha, and James Harris, jr., Jan.3,1814.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Stanwood, May27,1781.CR2*

Nathaniel, Capt., and Susannah Hodgkins, Feb.2,1800. [1801. dup.]*

Rebekah, and Stephen Lord, Sept.4,1791.*

Ruth, and William Galloway, Nov.18,1781.CR2*

Samuel, and Mrs.Rebecca Hovey, int.July3,1762.

Sarah, wid., and Capt. John How of Topsfield, int.Dec.7,1706.

Sarah, and John Lord of Portland Oct.16,1797.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Lord, Nov.26,1809.*

Susan [Susanna A. int.], and Ebenezer Pulsifer, Dec.12,1843.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Capt. William Low of Salem, Nov.3,1805.*

Thankful, and Nathaniel Treadwell, 4th, Aug.28,1791.*

Thomas, and Grace Searle, Oct.26,1668.CTR

Thomas, and Martha Kinsman, May11,1732.*

Thomas, jr., and Mrs.Mary Leatherland int.Apr.16,1759.

Thomas, Maj., and Mrs.Hannah Swain of Reading, at Reading, Apr.21,1763.*

William, and Abigail Smith, June2,1763.CR2*

William [Lt. int.], and Priscilla Burnham, Jan.30,1800.*

William, jr., and Eunice Pearson, Jan.27,1801.*

William P., and Sarah T. Brimmer of Salem, int.Oct.9,1830.

DENNISON (Denison)

John, and Rebecca Wallis, int.Aug.12,1727.

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. Nathan Rogers, Dec.25,1728.*


Margarett, and William Mueton, int.Oct.24,1713.

DERING (Deering)

Henry S., Dr., of Brookhaven, L.I., NY, and Harriet E. Hulse, Apr.29,1839.*


John, and Sally Hooper of Manchester, int.Dec.30,1815.

John, and Eliza Elwell of Gloucester, int.May23,1818.

DIAMOND (Dimon, Dimond)

Jane, Mrs., and Jonathan Wade, int.Mar.11,1709.

DICKENSON (Dickinson)

Elmira, a.25y., d.Darius and Mary, and Oliver Porter, a.21y., laborer, s.Samuel and Mary, Dec.9,1845.*

Charles, and Abigail H. Wright, May30,1836.*

Harriet, and Samuel Haskell, Jan.8,1834.*

Horace, and Eunice Blasdel of Topsfield, int.Jan.25,1834.

James, and Dolly Foster, Nov.2,1803.CR3

Lavina, and Cyrus Averill of Wenham, Dec.8,1828.*

Martha, and William Quarles, Dec.9,1669.CTR

Mercy, and Nathaniell Addams, June30,1668.CTR

William, of Marblehead, and Mary Boardman, Feb.5,1732.*

DICKINSON (Dickenson)

Jane, and Samuell Brocklebank, Nov.8,1764.CR3

Jonathan, and Hepzibah Hazen, Jan.30,1793.CR3

Rebeca, of Rowley, and Samuel Metcalf, at Rowley, Mar.22,1733.*

Sarah, and Edward Ellsworth, Apr.5,1770.CR3

Thomas, and Lydia Perly, Nov.22,1791.CR3

William, jr., of Rowley, and Lydia Foster, June6,1816.*

DIKE (Dyke)

Abigail, and John Perkins, Mar.4,1735.*

Anna, and Pittman Howard, Mar.23,1775.CR5*

Anthony, and Abigaile Williams, int.9:6m:1719.

Anthony, and Ruth Bowels, Nov.21,1729.CR5*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Lidia Bowles, int.Nov.9,1754.

Elizabeth, and Solomon Smith, Feb.15,1727.*

George W., widr., of Stoneham, a.40y., shoe manufacturer, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, and Levina Fellows, a.30y., d.Ephraim and Charlotte, Feb.10,1848.*

Hannah, and Robert Fitts, Jan.1,1718.CR5*

Joanna, of West Boylston, and Rev. William H. Kinsley, int.Oct.15,1836.

Mary, and Thomas Bettes of Wenham, at Topsfield, Apr.3,1696.

Nathaniell, and Mary Thomson, Jan.29,1716-17.CR5

Samuel, and Mary Perkins, int.Aug.15,1747.

Samuel, and Hannah Dodge, Sept.15,1785.CR5

Sarah, and Robert Tenant, Mar.23,1749.*

DIMON (Diamond)

Andrew, and Elizabeth Elliott of Marblehead, at Marblehead, July24,1705.*

DIMOND (Diamond)

Elizabeth, and Theophilus Cotton, int.5:2m:1707-8.

Thomas, Capt., and Jane Gains, int.Apr.19,1707.

DIRGEY (Durgey)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Ford, Mar.5,1700.

DIRKE (Durke)

Mary, and Joseph Peck, int.Nov.26,1709.CR4

DIRKYE (Durke)

William, and Martha Crose, Dec.20,1664.CTR


Amos, of Essex, and Mary Jane Stone, int.July29,1831.


John M., and Mrs.Mary S. Currier of Rowley, Aug.16,1837.*


Charity, and William Willcomb, int.Oct.19,1707.

Rebecca, and Moses Welch, int.Apr.13,1706.

DODG (Dodge)

Sarah, and Daniel Davison, jr., June28,1685.

DODGE (Dodg)

Aron [Asa.int.], of Rowley, and Peggy Knowlton, Nov.24,1785.CR5*

Abigail, and Abraham Perkins, at Chebacco, Nov.6,1701.

Abigail, and David Gold, both of Topsfield, Aug.10,1726.

Abigail, and Ezra Knowlton, Feb.11,1762.*

Nabby, and Nathanael Rogers, Jan.6,1785.CR2*

Abigail, and Dr. Samuel Adams, Jan.29,1789.*

Abner, and Elisabeth Seairs, both of Beverly, Oct.25,1781.CR5

Abraham, and Mrs.Abigail Cogswell, int.Apr.17,1762.

Abraham, Capt., and Mrs.Bethiah Stanford, June2,1782.CR2*

Adoniram Judson, of Wenham, and Julia Perly, int.July7,1829.

Ambrose, and Mrs.Martha Stone, int.Apr.24,1762.

Ammi, and Lucy Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.11,1776.

Andrew, and Mary Tindge, Jan.21,1762.CR2*

Andrew, of Hamilton, and Elisabeth Dane, May25,1797.*

Antypas, and Johanna Low, at Chebacco, Jan.24,1699.

Antipas, and Mrs.Hannah Whipple, int.May24,1755.

Barnabas, and Martha Perkins, Sept.27,1728.*

Barnabas, and Mrs.Elizabeth Giddings, int.Nov.12,1763.

Barnabas, Capt., of Gloucester, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Dodge, Dec.8,1782.CR5*

Benjamin, of Beverly, and Mrs.Lidia Dodge, June19,1754.*

Benjamin, of Hamilton, and Susannah Warner, Nov.25,1819.*

Bethiah, of Hamilton, and Jacob Brown Kinsman, int.Apr.9,1802.

Caroline E., a.22y., d.Manning and Hannah S., and Isaac E. Burnham, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Isaac and Hannah B., Mar.8,1848.*

Charles, and Eliza Grow, Mar.2,1817.CR2*

Cornelius, and [Mrs.int.] Lidia Poland both of the Hamlet, Mar.26,1771.CR2*

Daniel, of Wenham, and Joannah Burnam, int.May4,1706.

Daniel, and Elisabeth Dodge, Mar.28,1786.*

David, of Wenham, and Anna Lowe, Jan.14,1741-2.CR5*

David, and Rebecca Wise, May19,1792.*

Deborah, and John Poole of Cape Ann, July31,1717.CR5

Deliverance, "Ms.," and John Whipple, 5th, int.May28,1768.

Ebenezer, Capt., of Hamilton, and Mrs.Joanna Safford, Sept.25,1815.*

Edner, and Israel Dane, Jan.25,1791.*

Eleanor, Mrs., and Joseph Giddings, int.Jan.9,1768.

Eliza, and Elisha Perkins, jr. of Topsfield, Apr.3,1825.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Brookfield, and Rufus Dodge, int.Oct.28,1756.

Elizabeth, wid., and Isaac Tilton, int.May29,1760.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Goodhue, Feb.1,1770.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Walter Simonton of Cape Elizabeth, int.Oct.17,1770.

Elisabeth, and Capt. Jabez Treadwell, July22,1784.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Dodge, Mar.28,1786.*

Elisabeth, and Abner Goodhue of Salem, Oct.18,1789.*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Dutch, Dec.25,1796.*

Elisabeth, and Capt. John Lord, 3d, Oct.10,1831.*

Betsey, and John Smith, Dec.16,1832.*

Betsey, Mrs., and Nathan Fellows, Mar.2,1840.*

Ellen, and Capt. Nathaniel Jones, Jan.8,1795.*

Enoch F., of Hamilton, and Phebe Ann Potter, June12,1832.*

Eunice, of Beverly, and Benjamin Felloes, at Beverly, Dec.1,1736.*

Eunice, of Hamilton, and Aaron Haskel, int.Oct.22,1795.

Ezekiel, and Anne Manning, Mar.13,1760.CR2*

Ezekiel, and Mary Howard, Jan.12,1784.*

Ezekiel, of Beverly, and Anna Cleaves of Hamilton, Oct.9,1803.

Ezekiel, jr., and Abigail Pearson, Feb.27,1810.*

Frances C.F., a.21y., d.William and Lucy R.F., and Stephen A. Caldwell of Philadelphia, a.22y., merchang, b. Newburyport, s.Stephen and Mary, of Newburyport, May29,1845.*

Francis, of Danvers, and Rebecca A. Brown, Nov.26,1841.*

George, and Martha Fisk of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.13,1742.*

George, jr., and Mary Cleaves of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.24,1774.*

George, jr., and Sarah Brown, June29,1780.CR5*

George B., of Hamilton, and Priscilla S. Goodhue, int.Dec.2,1848.

Getsey, of Wenham, and Stephen Brown [jr. int.], at Wenham, Dec.17,1761.*

Grover, and Abigail Burnham, Mar.12,1767.*

Hannah, and Meshak Sanbourn of Hampton [Hampton Falls.int.], Dec.3,1781.*

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and Capt. Barnabas Dodge of Gloucester, Dec.8,1782.CR5*

Hannah, and Samuel Dike, Sept.15,1785.CR5*

Hannah Perkins, and John Dodge of Wenham, Mar.12,1789.*

Hannah, and [Ens.int.] Samuel Whipple, July12,1789.*

Hannah, and John Brewer of Rowley, July20,1789.*

Hannah, and Capt. John Sweet, Feb.27,1814.*

Hannah W., and Joseph H. Chapman, Oct.25,1840.*

Hannah S., a.28y., d.Manning and Hannah S., and William H. Graves, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Moses adn Sarah, Oct.19,1848.*

Hepzibah [Mrs.int.], and Edmund Patch, jr., both of the Hamlet, Apr.2,1771.CR2*

Isaac, and Mrs.Elizabeth Day, int.Nov.8,1755.

Isaac, and Hannah Adams, Nov.8,1787.*

Isaac A., and Maria Brown, both of Hamilton, Dec.29,1833.

Israel Andrew, of Wenham, and Mary Brown, int.Mar.30,1770.

Israel, of Wenham, and Hannah Whipple, Feb.22,1781.CR5*

Jabez, and Margery Knolton, Nov.25,1718.CR5

Jacob, of Wenham, and Sarah Hubbard of the Hamlet, int.Mar.5,1735.

Jacob, of Wenham, and wid.Martha Dodge, Apr.8,1741.CR5*

James B., of Hamilton, and Hannah Stanwood, Oct.22,1818.*

Jerusha, of Beverly, and Paul Dodge, at Beverly, Dec.13,1732.*

Jerusha, Mrs., and Samuel Quarles, int.Apr.28,1764.

Jesse, of Hamilton, and Martha Fowler, int.Nov.15,1806.

Joanna, wid., and Joseph Hale of Boxford, int.Sept.19,1708.

Joanna, and Nathaniel Balch of Beverly, at Haverhill [bet. 1741 and 1762?].

Joanna, and John Davison of Newbury, May31,1792.*

John, of Wenham, and Hannah Webster, Feb.3,1734-5.CR4*

John [3d.int.], of Wenham, and Bethiah Conant, at Wenham, Nov.17,1737.*

John, of Beverly, and Hannah Fouler, May6,1741.CR5*

John, and Mary Dodge of Wenham, int.Oct.25,1788.

John, of Wenham, and Hannah Perkins Dodge, Mar.12,1789.*

John B[oardman. int.], and Olly Lovett of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.13,1791.*

John, jr., and Susannah Marshall, May4,1800.*

John, and Harriot Bray of Gloucester, int.Nov.20,1801.

John Howard, and Susannah Willcomb, Dec.21,1809.*

John H., and Mrs.Lydia Newmarch, Nov.19,1815.*

John W., and Sarah Manning, Aug.5,1833.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Goodhue, at Chebacco, Dec.17,1701.

Jonathan, jr., and "Ms." Mary Brown, int.Apr.26,1766.

Jonathan, jr., and Rebecca Killam of Wenham, Apr.30,1793.*

Joseph T., and Sarah P. Jewett, Oct.3,1833.*

Joshua, Rev., of Haverhill, and Mary Shatswell, Feb.28,1809.*

Josiah [jr. int.], of Wenham, and Susannah Knowlton, jr., at Wenham, Mar.30,1739.*

Josiah, and Hannah Safford [of Salem.CR2], Dec.7,1794.

Lavinia, of Hamilton, and Amos Gould, jr., int.Nov.9,1822.

Livermore, and Rebeccah Whitteredge of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.1,1792.*

Livermore, and Mary Perkins Hobbs, Oct.13,1836.*

Lucinda, and Edward Millet of Rowley, Oct.15,1840.*

Lucy, and Daniel Connet of Beverly, Jan.23,1716-17.CR5

Lucy, of the Hamlet, and John Whitridge of Beverly, Aug.13,1769.CR2*

Lucy [Mrs.int.], and Charles tuttle, jr., both of the Hamlet, Feb.20,1771.CR2*

Lucy, of Wenham and Ammi Dodge, at Wenham, Dec.11,1776.

Lucy Reddin, and Jonathan Andrews, int.Sept.13,1834.

Lucy R.F., Mrs., and Abraham Hammatt of Bath, Mar.26,1835.*

Lucy, and Joseph H. Chapman, June16,1842.*

Luke, and Hannah Whiteridge of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.9,1761.*

Lidia, Mrs., and Benjamin Dodge of Beverly, June19,1754.*

Lydia, and Ens.John Roe, jr. of Gloucester, int.Aug.2,1784.

Manasseh, of Hamilton, and Jemima Low, Oct.27,1803.*

Manning, and Hannah L. Grant of Marblehead, int.Nov.8,1817.

Martha, of Beverly, and John Gilbert, jr., int.Dec.23,1699.

Martha, and John Conant of Beverly, 13:12m:1713.

Martha, wid., and Jacob Dodge of Wenham, Apr.8,1741.CR5*

Martha, Mrs., and Joseph Trow of Beverly, int.Mar.20,1767.

Martha, and Jeremiah Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.21,1768.*

Martha [wid.int.], and Solomon Dodge of Topsfield, Mar.22,1791.*

Mary, and Peter Woodbery, at Chebacco, Nov.18,1692.

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. John Cleavleand int.May30,1747.

Mary, Mrs., and Benjamin Tyler Reed of Marblehead, int.Sept.28,1771.

Mary, of Beverly, and John Knowlton, at Wenham, Sept.5,1776.*

Polly, of Wenham, and Joseph Patch, int.Nov.15,1782.

Mary, of Wenham, and John Dodge, int.Oct.25,1788.

Mary, and Ebenezer, Burnham, Nov.15,1792.*

Mary, and Eleazer Craft Andrews, both of Wenham, Oct.14,1800.

Mary Lynde S[mith.CR1], and Stephen C[hoate.CR1] Brown, Apr.2,1834.*

Mary Ann, and William Frye of Amesbury, June22,1842.*

Mary M., and Joseph L. Akerman of Saco, ME, Dec.15,1842.*

Mehitable, and Nathan Brown, jr., both of Wenham, Sept.21,1800.

Mehetabel, of Rowley, and Samuel P. Jewett, int.June24,1826.

Mercy [Mrs.int.], and Ebenezer Caldwell, Dec.9,1773.CR2*

Mial, and Mrs.Bethiah Potter, int.June18,1768.

Moses, of Beverly, and Sarah Fellows, Feb.12,1761.CR2*

Nancy L., and William D. Thayer, both of Cambridge, at Essex, Dec.6,1846.CR2

Nathan, Lt., of Hamilton, and Anna Cogswel, Nov.24,1808.*

Nathan D., and Sarah Shepard of Rowley, May30,1829.*

Nathaniel, jr., of Beverly, and Elisabeth Marshal, Feb.18,1768.*

Nathaniel, of Perry, NH, and Sarah Poland of Beverly, Dec.20,1798.CR4

Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Grover of Beverly, int.Dec.19,1741.

Nehemiah, and Lydia Safford, Nov.11,1773.CR5*

Nehimiah, and Sarah Low, May21,1796.*

Nicholas, of Wenham and Lucy Cole, Mar.27,1788.*

Parker, and Mrs.Hannah Safford, int.Apr.19,1765.

Paul, and Jerusha Dodge of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.13,1732.*

Paul, and Faith Jewet of Rowley, int.Feb.25,1735.

Paul, jr., and Sarah Dodge, Oct.3,1765.CR4*

Pheebe, wid., and Joseph Tilton, both of the Hamlet, July23,1771.CR2*

Phebe, and Nathaniel Raymond of Beverly, Dec.15,1774.CR5

Prisscilla, and Nathaniel Treadwell, 3d, Nov.13,1788.*

Priscilla C., and William Smith, at Gloucester, Mar.24,1844.*

Rebbecca, Mrs., and Benjamin Davis, jr. of Gloucester, int.Sept.14,1753.

Rebecca, and Maj. Thomas Burnham, Nov.6,1783.*

Rebekah, and Capt. Ebenezer Caldwell, jr., May7,1795.*

Rebekah, and Joseph Waite, Sept.25,1802.*

Richard, and Martha Low, at Chebacco, Nov.16,1694.

Richard, of Wenham, and Mary Thorn, at Wenham, Nov.16,1724.

Richard, and Sarah Tuttle, Nov.27,1734.CR5*

Robert, of Beverly, and Liddiah Woodbery, int.June25,1709.CR4

Robert, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Wade, Feb.25,1796.*

Robert F., of Hamilton, and Lucy M. Jewett, Aug.19,1834.*

Rufus, and Mrs.Elizabeth Dodge of Brookfield, int.Oct.28,1756.

Samuell, and Susannah Bishop, int.6:10m:1713.

Samuell, and wid.Margret Holms, May21,1730.CR5*

Samuel, and Abigail Dean, int.Apr.24,1741.

Samuel, and Jemima Hayward of Beverly, at Beverly, Sept.11,1766.*

Samuel D., and Maria Perley, Nov.28,1822.*

Sarah, wid., and Samuell Porland sr., Nov.11,1718.CR5

Sarah, and James Bennet, July3,1751.*

Sarah, and Paul Dodge, jr., Oct.3,1765.CR4*

Sarah, Mrs., and Dr. Nathaniel Jones of Cape Elizabeth, int.Apr.19,1766.

Sarah, and William Coleman, May13,1783.*

Sarah, and Daniel Dutch, Sept.17,1786.CR2*

Sarah F., a.29y., instructress, d.Ezekiel and Abigail, and [Capt. int.] Nehemiah Haskell, widr., a.44y., mariner, s.Aaron and Eunice, May29,1844.*

Seth, of Lunenburg, and Mrs.Sarah Smith, int.Mar.11,1758.

Skipper, of Wenham, and Sarah Cogswell, Apr.11,1745.CR4*

Solomon, of Topsfield, and [wid.int.] Martha Dodge, Mar.22,1791.*

Solomon, Ens., of Rowley, and Martha Scott, int.July14,1809.

Susanna, and Joseph Brown [jr. int.], Apr.18,1734.CR5*

Susanna, and Benjamin Woodberry, 3d, of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan.12,1769.*

Susanna, and Jonathan Farley, Dec.20,1784.CR2*

Thomas, of Wenham, and Hannah Harris, int.Feb.23,1746.

Thomas, of Lunenburg, and Mrs.Abigail Smith, int.Nov.13,1762.

Thomas, and "Ms." Ellen Story of Boston, int.Oct.22,1763.

Thomas, Capt., and [Mrs.int.] Ruth Giddinge, Sept.23,1773.CR2*

Thomas, jr., and Mehitable Tuttle, Jan.1,1792.*

Thomas, jr., and Elisabeth Warner, Jan.8,1795.*

Wilhelmina, and Asahel W. [H.CR1] Wildes, M.D., Dec.7,1843.*

William, of Wenham, and Rebecca Appleton, Jan.9,1729.*

William, and Mary Balch of Beverly, June16,1736.

William [Lt. int.], of Wenham, and [wid.int.] Abigail Giddings [of the Hamlet. int.], at Wenham, Feb.28,1738.*

William, jr., and Mrs.Mercy Smith, int.Feb.3,1753.

William, Lt., of Wenham, and Elisabeth Knowlton, at Wenham, Apr.24,1754.*

William, 3d, and Mrs.Hannah Brown, int.Feb.20,1761.

William, 3d, and Susanna Smith, May26,1778.*

William, 3d, and Elisabeth Farley, July1,1779.*

William, 3d, and Rachel Poland Nov.17,1785.CR5*

William, and Lucy Rogers Farley, June4,1807.*


Daniel, and Rachal Pulcifer, July4,1810.*


Daniel [J.CR1], resident in Ipswich, and Lucy Lord, July21,1820.*


Enoch Ira, of Rowley, a.24y., cordwainer, b. Rowley, s.Enoch and Susan, of Rowley, and Judith A. Bailey, a.22y., d.Oliver and Judith, rec. June15,1848.*

Jacob, of Rowley, and Polly Swett, Nov.2,1814.*

Joseph, and Sarah Palmer, Dec.16,1777.CR3

Judith, wid., and Nathaniel Mighill, Esq., Oct.22,1776.CR3

Mary, of Rowley, and Mark R. Jewett, int.Nov.4,1837.

Mehitable, and Thomas Foster, jr., Dec.7,1803.*

Moses, of Rowley, and Susanna Heard, Oct.31,1793.*

Moses, jr., of Rowley, and Susannah Heard, Oct.31,1793.

Nathan, of Newbury, and Mrs.Pheeby Harris, int.Mar.28,1754.

Paul, jr., Maj., of Rowley, and Hannah Scott, Oct.31,1824.*

Phebe [wid.int.], and Nymphas Stacy of Gloucester, at Rowley, Sept.30,1767.*

Stephen [jr. int.], of Rowley, and Mary Lord, May5,1785.*

Susanna, of Rowley, and Aaron Jewett, int.Sept.14,1811.

William, and Elizabeth Jackman, Aug.27,1792.CR3

DOLIVER (Dolliver)

Anna, of Gloucester, and Daniel Fuller, at Gloucester, Oct.17,1726.*


Richard, of Exeter, NH, and Tamma Knowlton, July13,1788.*

DOLLIVER (Doliver)

Susanna, of Gloucester, and Thomas Varrell, int.Feb.24,1727.

DOOK (Dooke)

Deliverance, and Richard Pearce, int.Nov.12,1715.

DOOKE (Dook)

Susanna, and Peter Berry, int.Dec.23,1710.

DORE (Dorr)

Edmund, and Lydia Hanson of Dover, NH, int.Oct.19,1837.


Amos, of Topsfield, and Mary Clark, Apr.11,1734.

Deborah, of Boxford, and John Fowler, jr., int.Mar.17,1804.

Eunice [of Topsfield.int.], and Aaron Conant, Mar.18,1779.CR3

John, and Hannah Jackson, June24,1762.CR3

Lucy Dodge, and William Lakeman, jr., Oct.18,1821.*

Timothy, of Rowley, and Deborah Pearley, int.Jan.4,1782.

DORR (Dore)

John, and Harriet Staples, int.May25,1845.

John, and Frances Ann Dane of Hamilton, int.Mar.31,1849.

Jonathan, and Lydia Ann Clark of Somersworth, NH, int.Oct.30,1841.


Robert, and Sarah Lufkin, Jan.25,1753.*

DOUTON (Dunton)

Elizabeth, and Robert Perkins, int.Oct.25,1718.

Mary, and Joseph Holland int.5:1m:1715.


Challice, of Kingston, and Sarah Colman, Dec.30,1746.CR4*

Daniell, and 末末 Jewett, int.Apr.23,1715.

David, and Eunice Martin, Nov.9,1815.*

David F., and Mary P. Annable of Hamilton, int.Dec.29,1849.

Ephraim, and Elizabeth Clarke of Rowley, Nov.8,1726.CR5*

Hanah, and Jonas Gregory,末蔓末,1670.CTR

Hannah, and Abijah How, int.June23,1721.

Hephzibah, wid., and Thomas Treadwell [3d.int.], May16,1734.*

Jeremiah, see Low, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Sutton, int.30:9m:1706.

Jeremiah, and Hephzibah Hobson of Rowley, int.Sept.5,1724.

John, and Elizabeth Smith, int.Nov.7,1725.

Margarett, and Nathaniel Treadwell, jr., int.Apr.17,1725.

Margarett, and Abraham Tilton, 3d, int.Apr.1,1727.

Mary, and Silvanue Lakeman, jr., int.Nov.30,1745.

DOWN (Downe)

Zepheniah, and Polly Downs of Manchester, at Manchester, Oct.16,1788.*

DOWNE (Down)

Richard, and Elizabeth Clark, int.Oct.24,1735.

DOWNEING (Downing)

Hanah, and Isaack Foster, Nov.25,1678.CTR

John, and Mehitabell Brabrooke, 2:9m:1669.CTR

DOWNES (Downs)

Elizabeth, of the Isles of Shoals, and Andrew Senter, jr. of Wenham, Mar.23,1737.

DOWNING (Downeing)

David, and Susanah Robards, at Chebacco, Nov.5,1701.

Nathaniell, and Mrs.Margarett Pynchons, Aug.10,1704.

Sarah, and Thomas Lufkins, at Chebacco, Dec.22,1692.

DOWNS (Downes)

Elizabeth, and William Stone, int.4:11m:1717.

Polly, of Manchester, and Zepheniah Down, at Manchester, Oct.16,1788.*


John, and Abigail Lufkin, Jan.30,1728-9.*

DOYL (Doyle)

Felix, of Gloucester, and Sarah Goodhue, Dec.27,1759.CR4*

DOYLE (Doyl)

Catharine, and John Brady, int.Jan.17,1846.


Abraham [of Chichester. int.], and Lydia How, Aug.23,1792.CR3*

DRESSAR (Dresser)

Hannah, and Samuel Pottar, int.Mar.22,1711-12.

Sarah, of Rowley, and John Abbott, int.1:11m:1714.

DRESSER (Dressar)

Abigail, Mrs., and Isaac Noyes of Newburyport, int.Oct.13,1772.

Bethiah, of Rowley, and James Wharf, Nov.9,1779.CR2*

Daniel, jr., and Bridget Pemberton, Apr.17,1760.CR2*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Barker of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.2,1762.*

Daniel, and Esther Plumer of Newbury, May24,1792.*

David, and Mary Kilburn [of Rowley.int.], Dec.21,1737.*

Elisabeth, and Elijah Foster, May4,1773.CR3*

Hannah, Mrs., and John Bayley, 3d of Rowley, int.Jan.26,1760.

Jacob, and Rhachel Bradford of Boxford, int.Jan.4,1741.

John, and "Ms." Abigail Poor of Newbury, int.Aug.27,1757.

John, of Boxford, and Jane Harriman, Mar.19,1761.CR3

Lydia, and Aaron Pingrey of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.31,1771.*

Martha, and Anthony Potter, July11,1695.

Martha, of Rowley, and Jabez Potter, at Rowley, Oct.6,1730.*

Mary, of Rowley, and David Foster, at Rowley, Dec.4,1696.

Mary, and Jacob Perkins [at the Hill. int.], Dec.6,1733.*

Mary, and Samuel Pickard of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept.26,1752.*

Mary E., of Gloucester, and John H. Wait, int.Nov.8,1829.

Mehitable, and Phillip Nelson of Haverhill, int.May27,1749.

Mehitable, and Jeremiah Pickard of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.14,1773.*

Marcy, and Joseph Lesslie, Mar.27,1755.CR3

Nathan, of Rowley, and Lydia Foster, int.Apr.25,1724.

Rebecca, and Francis Palmer, jr. of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.21,1761.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Dorothy Boyton of Rowlye, at Rowley, Apr.26,1732.*

Samuel, Sergt., and wid.Sarah Moulton of Newbury, int.Nov.16,1733.

Sarah, and Thomas Safford, jr., int.Apr.1,1727.

Sarah [of Rowley.int.], and Israel Davis, Apr.16,1754.CR3*


Thomas, of Dover, NH, and Ruth Rust, int.Aug.5,1815.


Elizabeth, and William Good, at Chebacco, June7,1693.


John, and Abigail Poor of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.27,1757.


John, of New haven, CT, and Abigail P. Wade, Sept.8,1834.*

Paul, Esq., of Boston, and Mrs.Lucy Wainwright, Sept.15,1703.*

DUMMARELL (Damarell)

Elizabeth, and Anthony Smith, int.Nov.1,1712.


John, of Gloucester, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Pearley, Apr.10,1775.CR2*

DUNNELL (Dunnels)

Mercy, and John Caldwell, int.Jan.7,1748.

DUNNELS (Dunnell)

Amos, and Lucy Townsend, Nov.12,1818.*

Eliza, and William Pulsifer, Aug.13,1829.*

Horatio P., of Boston, a.27y., housewright, s.Amos and Lucy, of Boston, and Eliza A. Baker, a.26y., d.Samuel N. and Eliza, May23,1849.*

Ira, resident in Ipswich, and Sally Annable of Hamilton, int.Apr.27,1822.

Israel, and Mary Story, Dec.26,1797.*

John H., and Elisabeth Ann Lord, Feb.13,1831.*

Mary, and Samuel Spiller, Feb.26,1832.*

Reuben, see Daniels, Reuben.

Sarah W., of Hamilton, a.20y., d.Ira and Sally, and John Tibbetts of Hamilton, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Aaron and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1844.

DUNTON (Douton)

Ruth, and Samuell Potter, Apr.18,1692.

DURGEY (Dirgey)

William, and Rebecca Gould, int.Jan.13,1704.


Mark H., and Mary Treadwell, Dec.16,1828.*

DURKE (Dirke, Dirkye)

Elisabeth, and George Martin, sr., int.Feb.21,1712-13.CR4

Jane, and John Martin, int.Apr.29,1710.CR4

John, of Gloucester, and wid.Annah Low, int.Jan.26,1711-12.CR4

Mercy, and George Martin, jr., int.June4,1709.CR4


Ebenezer, of Enfield, NH, and Betsy Smith, int.Feb.27,1799.


Abigail, and Daniel Chapman, int.Nov.30,1723.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Baker, d.John and Kathrine, June30,1690.

Benjamin, and Sarah Cross, Jan.7,1702.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Day, int.Nov.29,1746.

Benjamin, and wid.Mary Brown, Dec.25,1749.*

Daniel, and Sarah Dodge, Sept.17,1786.CR2

Daniel, and Mrs.Lucy Staniford, Sept.27,1808.*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Appleton, int.Aug.31,1700.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Studley, int.20:9m:1714.

Elisabeth, and David Pulsepher, Nov.30,1794.*

Eunice [Mrs.int.], and Ebenezer Hovey, Feb.4,1773.CR2*

George, and Sarah Abbot, Apr.21,1736.*

Hanah, and James Collings, Dec.22,1674.CTR

Hannah, and John Baker, Nov.9,1703.*

Hannah [Elizabeth.int.], and Jonathan Fellowes, May17,1705.*

Hannah, and Joseph Ayres, sr., int.29:2m:1710.

Hannah, and Mark Haskell, int.Nov.9,1739.

Jane, and David Symonds, int.Nov.10,1709.

John, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Calef, int.Oct.13,1770.

Martha, and Michael Creesy of Rowley, int.31:8m:1719.

Mary, and Gyles Cowes, July29,1668.CTR

Mary, and Samuell York [of Gloucester. int.], Feb.21,1705.*

Mary, and Humphrey Rhoderick, Jan.4,1732.*

Mary [wid.int.], and James Fitts, July24,1754.CR2*

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Charles Hall of Marblehead, Apr.1,1773.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Sarah Haskall, int.Mar.31,1750.

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Dodge, Dec.25,1796.*

Nathaniel D., and Lydia Cook of Beverly, int.Mar.12,1808.

Robert, and Hanah Lovell, last, w.Dec., 1677.CTR

Samuell, and Abigaill Gidding, Feb.12,1673.CTR

Samuell, and Prudene Wardwell, int.Dec.19,1702.

Samuel, and Hannah Annable, int.Sept.2,1721.

Samuel, and Mehitable Northend of Rowley, at Rowley, May24,1737.*

Samuel, and Mary Fowler, int.Jan.23,1741.

Sarah, and Daniel Tilton, int.Nov.20,1725.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Perley, Nov.2,1769.CR2*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Asa Warner, Nov.10,1774.CR2*

Stephen, and Mary Rogers, Feb.18,1779.*

Susannah, and Benjamin Knolton, at Beverly, Dec.26,1705.


Jesse, of Beverly, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Treadwell of the Hamlet, Nov.22,1770.CR2*


Moses, and wid.Ann Harrise, Sept.8,1761.CR3

Samuel, and wid.Mary Stickney, Nov.15,1757.CR3

DWINELL (Dwinnell)

Prudence, wid., and Benjamin Ireland Aug.13,1751.CR3*

Sarah, of Tospfield, and Abraham Foster, at Topsfield, May14,1718.*

DWINNEL (Dwinnell)

Stephen, of Marblehead, and Abigail Harris, Oct.26,1732.*

DWINNELL (Dwinell, Dwinnel, Dwinnil)

Grace, Mrs., and James Holden of Framingham, int.Aug.25,1759.

Mary, and Jonathan Perley, June6,1749.CR2*

Zecherias, and Grace Ireland int.July30,1743.

DWINNIL (Dwinnell)

Joseph, and Lucy Passmore, Nov.8,1751.CR3*


Dorothy, and John Addams, May8,1677.CTR

DYKE (Dike)

John, and Bethia Baker of Salem, at Salem, Dec.8,1698.

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