Benjamin, jr., and Ruth Jackman, May7,1776.CR3

Elizabeth, and William Dole, Aug.27,1792.CR3

Nancy, Mrs., of Newbury, and Tristram Hobson, Oct.1,1820.*

Reuben of Newbury, and Sally Floyd, Nov.11,1824.*

Ruth, and Benjamin Jackman, jr., May7,1776.CR3

Sarah, and Jerermiah Jewett, 3d, Dec.31,1772.CR3


Caleb, of Ashford, and Mary Averill of Topsfield, July9,1719.

Daniel H., of Rowley, a.29y., cordwainer, s.Caleb and Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Eunice C. Conant, a.22y., d.William and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1847.*

Elizabeth, and James How, Apr.13,1658.CTR

Hanah, and William Averill, July31,1661.CTR

Hannah, and John Dorman, June24,1762.CR3

Joshua, of Rowley, and Sarah Abbot, Apr.17,1728.*

Joshua, and Susanna Holland Nov.6,1753.CR3*

Joshua, jr., of Rowley, and Elenor Fisk, at Rowley, Aug.21,1783.*

Mary, and Isaack Foster, May5,1658.CTR

Mary, of Rowley, and Nathaniell Fuller, int.Oct.14,1708.

Mary, and John Hovey, jr. of Boxford, Dec.4,1753.CR3

Nathan, and Mary Stone, Oct.21,1726.*

Nathan, and Hannah Eyres,末蔓末,1738. [Apr.1. int.]*

Sarah, and Robert Grant, int.June27,1719.

JACOB (Jacobs)

Joseph, and Susanna Symonds, Dec.18,1690.

Joseph, and Mary Bartlett of Newbury, int.Jan.26,1722-3.

Mag, and Abraham Tilton, at Chebacco, Dec.11,1693.

Martha, and Samuell Brown, int.21:2m:1707-8.

Mercy, and John Fowler, int.26:2m:1713.

Richard, and Mary Whipple, Jan.15,1673.CTR

Sarah, and Moses Chass of Newbury, int.June6,1713.

Thomas, and Sarah Browne, Dec.21,1671.CTR

JACOBS (Jacob)

Abigaile, and Thomas Brown, int.末蔓末,1704.

Mary, and Abraham Tilton, at Chebacco, Dec.11,1693.

Susanna, and Phillip Fowler, int.June2,1716.


Eliazabeth, and Luke Perkins, Apr.26,1677.CTR


Augustus, and Elizabeth C. Brown, Feb.1,1849.CR3*


Anstice, and Capt. Moses Hale of Newburyport, Feb.13,1821.

Nathan, Dr., resident in Ipswich, and Anna Patch, Sept.22,1792.*

Nathan, Dr., and Mrs.Mary Hodgkins, June19,1814.*

JEAWETT (Jewett)

Ellen, wid., of Rowley, and Daniel Warner, sr., June1,1686.CTR


William, and Anne Ra, int.26:3m:1716.


John, of Billerica, and Mary Safford, Apr.25,1799.*


George, Capt., of Newburyport, and Ruth Kendall, Jan.11,1813.*


Mary, of Hampton, and Moses Low, int.Sept.11,1802.


Edwin [Rev.CR2], of Walpole, NH, and Mary B. Shannon, Jan.25,1832.*

JEWET (Jewett)

Abigail, wid., and John Todd [jr. int.] of Rowley, Feb.16,1734.*

Amos, and Ann Noyes, Jan.28,1765.CR3

Benjamin, and Hannah Butler, Jan.22,1738-9.CR4*

Dummer, of Newbury, and Mary Staniford, Dec.12,1754.CR2*

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Sergt. Thomas Perrin, int.May30,1729.

Elizabeth [wid.int.], and Joseph Nelson of Rowley, Sept.5,1732.*

Ephraim, and Margaret Wood, int.May1,1742.

Ephraim, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Spofford of Boxford, June20,1771.CR2*

Faith, of Rowley, and Paul Dodge, int.Feb.25,1735.

Hannah, and Nathanael Smith, int.Aug.17,1734.

Isaac, and Dorcas Hovey of Topsfield, June12,1695.

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Choate [Cook?], int.Mar.27,1742.

John, jr., of Rowley, and Elizabeth Lull, int.Apr.15,1731.

Joseph, of Rowley, and Mrs.Martha Treadwell, int.Oct.12,1765.

Katherine, and Stephen Cross, Oct.25,1732.*

Mehetabel, and John Tuttle, Apr.22,1761.CR2 [1765. int.]*

Mehetable [of Rowley.int.], and George Abbot, Aug.14,1777.CR3*

Mercy, and Daniel Chapman [jr. int.], Nov.14,1733.*

Moses, and Abigail Bradstreet, May13,1741.*

Purchase, and Ruth Todd [of Rowley.int.], Oct.28,1736.*

Purchase, jr., and Mrs.Mary Kimball, int.Mar.7,1761.

Ruth [Mrs.int.], and Moses Smith, jr., Apr.11,1770.CR2*

Samuell, and Miriam Pool, Aug.24,1769.CR3

William, and Ann Town, Sept.5,1758.CR3

JEWETT (Jeawett, Jewet, Jewitt)

末末, and Daniell Dow, int.Apr.23,1715.

Aaron, and Abigaile Perly of Rowley, int.Nov.21,1719.

Aaron, and Hannah Pearson, at Rowley, Apr.20,1769.*

Aaron, jr., and Hannah Nourse, May31,1795.*

Aaron, and Elizabeth Bradstreet, May29,1796.*

Aaron, and Susanna Dole of Rowley, int.Sept.14,1811.

Abigail, and Amos Stickney of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.25,1751.*

Abigail, and John Pemberton Palmer of Rowley, at Rowley, June25,1793.*

Abigail, and Nathaniel Stickney of rowley, int.Nov.4,1819.

Abigail [L.CR1], and Charles Cotton, July21,1829.*

Abigail Heard, and John Spiller, June7,1835.*

Abraham, and Judith Mason of Rowley, int.Apr.12,1800.

Amos, and Phebe K. Howe of Rowley, int.Oct.17,1829.

Anne, of Rowley, and Charles Tuttle [jr. int.], at Rowley Apr.23,1735.*

Asa, and Susanna Harris, July3,1801.*

Benjamin, and Reform Trescot of Milton, int.12:10m:1714.

Charles S., and Judith Ann Knights of Gloucester, int.July22,1848.

Charlotte, and Richard P. Spiller, Sept.27,1840.*

Daniel, of Portland and Abigail Lakeman, Dec.8,1803.*

Daniel, and Mary Spiller, Sept.30,1841.*

David, and Emeline Pulcifer, 1833 or 1834. [Nov.2,1833. int.]*

Debora, and Nathaniell Knowlton, May3,1682.CTR

Dorothy, of Rowley, and [Dr. int.] John Calef, at Rowley, Jan.18,1753.*

Dorothy, and Andrew Russell, Feb.27,1814.*

Dorothy, and Prescott Hobson of Rowley, Aug.3,1826.*

Edward, and Abigael Potter, Jan.31,1793.*

Edward, jr., and Sarah Smith, Sept.24,1820.*

Eliza, and Mark French Keate of Rowley, int.May19,1821.

Elizabeth, and John Hidden of Rowley, at rowley, May16,1687.

Elisabeth, and Thomas Day, int.Jan.28,1709.

Elizabeth, and George Clark, int.Dec.31,1709.

Elisabeth, and Richard Webber, May19,1774.CR3

Elisabeth, and Joseph Lane, jr. of Gloucester, Dec.20,1792.

Elisabeth, and Alexander Teelock, resident in Ipswich, Aug.19,1793.*

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Nathaniel Bradstreet, int.Feb.21,1807.

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Averill, jr., Apr.25,1821.*

Elisabeth, of Londonderry, and Robert Stalker, jr., int.July12,1822.

Elisabeth, and Henry Potter, Dec.6,1830.*

Elisabeth T., and Curren Prescott, Oct.20,1831.*

Emeline C., and Nathaniel Treadwell, May7,1840.*

Epes, and Betsy Hidden, July4,1783.*

Ephraim, and Elizabeth Hammon, int.June11,1709.

Eunice, of Rowley, and Timothy Harris, at Rowley, May7,1765.*

Eunice, and Moses Peabody, May18,1843.CR6*

Faith, and John Pengry, May20,1678.CTR

George [jr. int.], of Rowley, and Sarah Noyes, at Rowley, Apr.16,1771.*

Hannah, and Stephen Person of Rowley, int.Jan.6,1710.

Hannah, and Samuell Plummer [of Rowley.int.], May28,1776.CR3*

Hannah, of Rowley, and Daniel Nourse, jr., int.July4,1801.

Hannah, and Moses Hale of Rowley, May19,1803.*

Hannah, and Simeon Ellsworth, May24,1828.*

Hannah, and Daniel Haskell, jr., July25,1839.*

Harriet, and William T. Averill of Gloucester, July15,1841.*

Israel K., and Sally Averill, July23,1820.*

Israel K., and Lucy A. Treadwell, Jan.28,1830.*

James P., a.20y., shoemaker, s.Theodore and Dorothy, and Susan W. Caldwell, a.21y., d.James and Mary, Dec.30,1845.*

Jane, and John Todd, jr., Aug.20,1767.CR2*

Jane, of Rowley, and John Whipple, 4th, int.Dec.20,1781.

Jane, and Joshua Plummer of Newburyport, Feb.16,1808.*

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Kemball, Jan.4,1687-8.CTR

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Bugg, at Rowley, Jan.21,1729.*

Jeremiah, 3d, and Sarah Jackman, Dec.31,1772.CR3

Jeremiah, and Huldah Nourse, Feb.8,1801.*

John, and Hannah Scott of Rowley, Feb.23,1741.*

John Cole, and Elisabeth Smith, May18,1769.CR2*

John, and Elizabeth Hodgkins, Sept.27,1792.*

John, of Denmark, and Judith Martin, Feb.23,1817.*

John, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Ingalls of Bridgeton, ME, int.Dec.2,1843.

Jonathan, and Anne Hopkinson of Rowley, int.26:2m:1707.

Johathan, and Allis Davis of Lynnfield, int.Oct.2,1807.

Joseph, and Jane Hazen of Rowley, int.Nov.8,1707.

Joseph, and Hannah Russel, Aug.7,1790.*

Joseph, and Sarah Lord, Dec.6,1821.*

Joseph, and Sarah Kimball, Feb.8,1824.*

Judith, and Jacob Baily, Mar.30,1824.*

Lavinia, and Moses P. Lowell of Rowley, int.Mar.24,1820.

Lucy, and Ephraim B. Harris, July31,1817.*

Lucy M., and Robert F. Dodge of Hamilton, Aug.19,1834.*

Lucy Mary, and Sherburn F. Morey, Oct.19,1837.*

Margaret J., and Silas Crane, jr., Sept.25,1828.*

Margaret L., and William Chapman, Nov.7,1833.*

Mark R., and Elizabeth Gould, Sept.12,1822.*

Mark R., and Mary Dole of Rowley, int.Nov.4,1837.

Mary, and Benjamin Skillion, int.Apr.24,1708.

Mary, and Phillip Nealand int.Dec.10,1709.

Mary, and Joseph Bennett, int.Nov.18,1727.

Mary, of Rowley, and Nathaniel Brown, at Rowley, June1,1742.*

Mary, Mrs., and Larkin Thorndike, Esq. of Beverly, Jan.3,1792.*

Mary, Mrs., and Col. Larkin Thorndike of Beverly, Jan.3,1792.

Mary, of Rowley, and Amos Pearson, int.May7,1803.

Mary, and John Lane, jr., Aug.3,1819.*

Mary Ann, and Perkins Potter of Gloucester, Mar.末,1830.*

Mehitable, and James Fowler, June6,1802.*

Moses, jr., and Elisabeth Pulcifer, Feb.11,1773.CR3*

Moses, and Abigail Pearson, Apr.17,1798.*

Moses, 3d, and Mary P. Staniford, Mar.14,1824.*

Moses, 4th, and Mrs.Abigail Wright, Aug.28,1825.*

Nathan, and Lucy Spiller, Dec.3,1827.*

Nehemiah, and Katharine Garland of Salem, int.Oct.8,1709.

Nehemiah [jr. int.], and Magaret Hazen of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.8,1767.*

Nehemiah, and Hannah Chaplin of Rowley, Apr.1,1784.CR2*

Nehemiah, jr., and Sally Jewett, Oct.22,1795.*

Nehemiah, jr., and Mrs.Sally Chase, Nov.20,1825.*

Nehemiah, jr., and [Mrs.CR2] Eliza Gowell, Jan.29,1833.*

Nehemiah, and Fanny Lord, Mar.6,1834.*

Olive, and [Capt.CR2] George W Howe of Rowley, Nov.26,1835.*

Perkins [Purchase. int.], jr., and Mrs.Sarah Gould, at Boxford, May7,1765.*

Phebe, of Rowley, and Nathaniel Bradstreet, at Rowley, Dec.7,1762.*

Purchase, and Joanna Todd of Rowley, Jan.31,1788.CR2*

Reforme, and Nathaniel Knoulton, int.15:4m:1717.

Richard Dummer, and Lucy Kinsman, Dec.25,1791.*

Ruth, of Rowley, and Edward Chapman, int.Oct.29,1727.

Ruth, of Rowley, and Stephen Pearson, at Rowley, Oct.末,1787.*

Samuel, and Rebeckah Swett, Apr.28,1808.*

Samuel P., and Mehetable Dodge of Rowley, int.June24,1826.

Sarah, of Boxford, and Joseph Conant, int.Nov.7,1725.

Sarah, and Moses Hobson, jr., Aug.18,1778.CR3

Sally, and Nehemiah Jewett, jr., Oct.22,1795.*

Sally, and Isaac Lord, jr., Mar.25,1809.*

Sarah P., and Joseph T. Dodge, Oct.3,1833.*

Sewall [P. int.], and Susan Haskell, May6,1827.*

Susan H., a.23y., d.John and Judith, and Andrew Tucker of Gloucester, a.22y., mariner, s.Daniel and Patience, of Gloucester, Apr.25,1847.*

Susan E., and Jesse Fewkes, int.Dec.12,1849.

Susanna, and John Creasey, jr. of Rowley, int.May26,1821.

Thomas, and Lucy Pinder, int.Mar.29,1811.

Thomas S., Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Sweet, int.Nov.25,1820.

Thomas S., of Salem, and Mary P. Harris, June16,1836.*

Thomas, and Lucy Pinder, Apr.末,1844.CR1

William H., and Elisabeth B. Smith, Dec.18,1836.*

JEWITT (Jewett)

Joanna, and Isaac Potter, Mar.8,1787.*

Mary, of Rowley, and Joseph Farnum Foster, int.Aug.31,1805.

Moses, jr., and Abigail Todd of Rowley, int.Mar.22,1806.

JOHNSON (Jonson)

Anna, Mrs., of Andover, and Thomas Cummins, int.Jan.26,1754.

Anna, of Andover, and Hazadiah Porter, Mar.23,1756.CR4*

Anne, Mrs., of Andover, and Lt. Thomas Cummings, at Andover, Mar.28,1754.

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Boardman of Topsfield, Sept.8,1766.CR2*

Christopher, and Mary Hadlock, int.Oct.5,1717.CR4

Ebenezer, jr. [of Woburn. int.], and Deborah Bowles, at Woburn, Apr.30,1756.*

Elizabeth, and John Peirce, int.Jan.26,1744.

Hannah, and Daniel Haskell [jr. int.] of Gloucester, Dec.12,1750.CR7

Hannah, and William Hobson, Nov.9,1753.CR3

Hannah [H. int.], wid., of Newburyport, and Joseph Perley, Sept.11,1837.CR3*

Isaac, of Andover, and Allice Potter, July8,1779.CR2*

Isaac [G. int.], of Newburyport, and Martha S. Fellows, July18,1842.*

John, and Sarah Pain, July22,1723.CR5*

John, jr., and Anne Treadwell, int.Nov.29,1729.

John, of Rowley, and Mary Fitts, int.Apr.4,1750.

Jonathan, of Rowley, and Hannah Lancaster, int.Feb.27,1730.

Mary, and John Burbank, Apr.22,1777.CR3

Nathaniell [of Rowley.int.], and Sarah Annable, Nov.19,1778.CR5*

Nathaniel, jr., of Rowley, and Margaret B. Rogers, Dec.5,1844.CR1*

Sarah, and John Daniels, int.Aug.23,1745.

Susannah, of Bridgeton, and Asa Potter, int.Oct.16,1819.

William G., of Rowley, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Nathaniel and Betsy, of Rowley, and Elizabeth B. Chaplin, a.26y., d.Joseph and Dolly, June8,1848.*


Abigail, and Joseph Jones of Manchester, at Manchester, Nov.21,1746.*

Abigail, "Mrs.," and Dr. Wallis Rust, int.Nov.17,1764.

Abraham, and Anna Lufkin, May19,1775.*

Abraham, and Patty Smith, Nov.24,1798.CR4*

Amos, and Elisabeth Smith, June30,1800.*

Anna, "alias Anner," and Nathaniel Kent, May11,1770.*

Anna, wid., and Stephen Story, Nov.27,1791.*

Benjamin, and Mary Woodberry of Beverly, Mar.3,1736.

Bethiah, and John Harris, jr., int.Dec.14,1745.

Daniel, and Elizabeth May, int.Sept.24,1763.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Creesy, int.July8,1739.

Elizabeth, and David Pinder, Dec.8,1810.*

Griffin, and Patience Bully, int.May30,1719.

Hannah, and William Jones of Manchester, Dec.17,1745.CR4*

Hannah, and John Smith, jr., May26,1801.*

Joanna, Mrs., and John Holland jr., int.Aug.16,1755.

John, and Mary Whipple, Aug.20,1734.

John, of Manchester, and Abigail Jones, int.Sept.26,1746.

Joseph, of Manchester, and Abigail Jones, at Manchester, Nov.21,1746.

Lucy, and John Henderson, int.Sept.28,1751.

Lucy, and Samuel Baker, int.Feb.8,1752.

Mary, and William Daniel, int.30:4m:1706.

Mary, "Mrs.," and James Thurstan of Exeter, NH, int.June3,1756.

Mary [Mrs.int.], of the Hamlet, and Dudley Coleman of Haverhill, NH, Nov.15,1770.CR2*

Mary, and Samuel Caldwell, Jan.24,1826.*

Nathaniell, and Rachell Bradford, Jan.3,1704.

Nathaniell, and Sarah Annable, Nov.16,1726.CR5

Nathaniel, and Katharine Wigglesworth, at Newbury, Nov.24,1762.*

Nathaniel, Dr., of Cape Elizabeth, and Mrs.Sarah Dodge, int.Apr.19,1766.

Nathaniel, and Susanna Harris, Dec.5,1768.CR2*

Nathaniel, Capt. and Ellen Dodge, Jan.8,1795.*

Sarah [Elizabeth Jones, resident in Ipswich.int.], and John Varney, Dec.31,1747.*

Thomas, of Manchester, and Abigail Browne, int.Feb.13,1719-20.CR4

Thomas, jr., and Lucy Barree, int.Nov.7,1747.

Thomas, and Mrs.Rachell Marshall, int.Mar.6,1756.

Thomas, and Mrs.Abigail Poland Apr.27,1756.*

Thomas, and Hannah Smith, Nov.2,1773.CR3*

Thomas, jr., and Eunice Hardy, Feb.22,1797.*

William, and Joanna Lord, Oct.13,1729.*

William, of Manchester, and Hannah Jones, Dec.17,1745.CR4*

JONSON (Johnson)

James, of Greenland and Elisabeth Thomson, int.Sept.25,1708.CR4

JORDAN (Jordon)

Frances, and Jane Willson, 6:9m:1635.CTF.

Robert, and Martha F. Perley, of Winthrop, ME, int.Oct.7,1848.

JORDON (Jordan)

Hanah, and Thomas Fowlar, Apr.23,1660.CTR

Mary, and John Kimball, Oct.8,1666.CTR


Mary, and Isaac Hall, both of Gloucester, Aug.22,1734.


Zelinda, of Georgetown, and Daniel Holt, int.Mar.20,1845.

Zelinda, see George, Zelinda.

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