MACARTY (Maccartey)

Allice, and Zacheus Wilcome, int.Oct.12,1745.

MacCARTEY (Macarty)

Michael, and Priscilla Eastcourt, int.Nov.27,1720.


Elizabeth, and Charles Miller, int.Oct.8,1720.

Lucy, of Newburyport, and John Burnham, jr., int.Nov.21,1831.


Alexander, and Eliza Hobbs, Jan.29,1840.*

MACHMORE (Muchmore)

William, of Gosport, and Pheeny Lord, int.Oct.15,1743.

MACKANTIRE (Mackintire)

Johathan [of Reading. int.], and [] Martha Graves, Dec.6,1705.*


Daniel, of Boston, and Mary Smith, int.June17,1747.

MackINTIRE (MackAntire, MackIntyre, Macontier, McIntiah)

Daniel, resident in Topsfield, and Mrs.Grace Towns, int.Nov.21,1767.

MackINTYRE (MackIntire)

Lydia, and John Leach of Wenham, at Wenham, Feb.1,1728.*

MacMAHON (McMahon)

Thomas, and Mary Woodbury, Dec.17,1826.*


Elizabeth, Mrs., and Lawrence Clark, int.Dec.29,1758.

MACONTIER (Mackintire)

Amos, of Reading, and Sarah Severance, Oct.29,1741.*


Samuel, of Salem, and Hanah Browne, int.July10,1720.CR4


David, of Salem, and Martha Proctor, int.Mar.11,1726.

MANING (Manning)

Charls, and Elizabeth Merryfeld, int.Oct.25,1718.

Sarah, and William Lakeman, Jan.5,1772.CR2*

MANNING (Maning)

Abigail P[ickard.CR1], and Nehemiah Cleaveland of Newbury, Sept.8,1823.*

Abigail, and Ebenezer Fall, Dec.20,1842.*

Ann, "Ms.," and Ezekail Dodge, int.Jan.11,1760.

Anne, and Ezekial Dodge, Mar.13,1760.CR2

Anstice, and Philemon Dean, int.Mar.24,1716.

Anstis, and Samuel Chipman, int.June30,1744.

Anstis [], and Francis Cogswell [jr. int.], Feb.14,1771.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Nathan Perkins, int.Oct.23,1731.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Day, Mar.9,1756.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Solomon W[] Caves, Dec.9,1832.*

George W., and Elisabeth Brookings of Newbury, int.Oct.19,1833.

Harriet M[], and Willard B. Kinsman, Mar.21,1844.*

Jacob, and Hannah Porter, int.June10,1776.

Jacob, and Hannah Porter, Dec.19,1776.CR2

Jacob, and Anna Lord, Mar.15,1807.*

Jane, and Elisha Perkins of Topsfield, June1,1769.CR2*

John, and Jane Bradstreet, int.Mar.24,1727.

John, and Elizabeth Wallis, Feb.20,1733.

John, and [] Ruth potter, June14,1739.*

John, Dr., and Lucy Bowles, Nov.25,1760.CR2*

John, jr., and Mary Proctor, Feb.16,1764.*

John, jr., [Dr. int.], and Hannah Goodhue, Apr.4,1786.CR2*

John, 3d, and Sarah Lord, Jan.24,1793.*

John, a.45y., trader, s.Joseph and Eliza, and Mary L. Manning, a.40y., d.John and Sarah, Mar.25,1845.*

Joseph, and Priscilla Bordman, int.Jan.22,1726.

Joseph, and [] Elizabeth Boardman, Nov.14,1732.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Smith, Apr.4,1792.*

Joseph, Dr., and Elisabeth Pickard, Oct.13,1793.*

Lucretia, and Asa Smith, Nov.27,1788.*

Lucy, and Nehemiah Cleveland Esq, of Topsfield, Oct.6,1787.*

Lucy, and Daniel Story, jr., of Essex, May30,1825.*

Martha, Mrs., and Stileman Tarlton, of Newmarket, NH, int.Nov.11,1766.

Mary, and Caleb Kimball, int.Mar.22,1706-7.

Mary, and Stephen Howard, Apr.1,1755.CR2*

Mary, Mrs.and Ephraim Barker of Newmarket, NH, int.Feb.12,1760.

Mary [], and Dr. Josiah Lord, Dec.29,1774.CR2*

Mary, and Capt. Michael Farley [jr.CR1], Dec.6,1813.*

Mary B., and Benjamin C. Brown, Oct.18,1829.*

Mary L., a.40y., d.John and Sarah, and John Manning, a.45y., trader, s.Joseph and Eliza, Mar.25,1845.*

Priscilla, jr., Mrs., and Thomas Morong of Salem, int.June18,1763.

Rebbecca, Mrs., and Enoch Huse, int.Nov.9,1754.

Richard, and Magarett Bordman, int.Oct.20,1722.

Richard, Capt., and Ruth Andrews of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.29,1764.*

Richard, Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Clenton, int.Nov.10,1770.

Richard, and Miriam Lord, May30,1776.*

Richard, and Lydia Pearson, Oct.14,1800.*

Richard, jr., and Abigail Lane, int.June8,1805.

Richard, and Judith Brown [d.Judith.CR2], Jan.10,1821.*

Robert, of Salem, and Rebecca D. Burnham, Dec.20,1824.*

Ruth, and Francis Rust, Apr.25,1793.*

Sarah, Mrs., and William McKean of Boston, int.Mar.3,1769.

Sarah, and Rev. Edmond [Edward.CR1] Richmond of Stoughton, June8,1814.*

Sally, and Daniel Nelson of Rowley, June4,1816.*

Sarah, and John W. Dodge, Aug.5,1833.*

Thomas, Dr., and Margaret Heard, May24,1807.*

William, of Gloucester, and Mary Smith, Jan.7,1702.*

William, and Mrs.Mary Treadwell, Nov.20,1817.*

MANSFEILD (Mansfield)

Nathanael, and Abigail Hodgkins, Aug.13,1772.CR5*

William, and Mrs.Hannah Farley, int.May14,1748.

MANSFIELD (Mansfeild)

Elisabeth, and Aaron Waite, Aug.11,1784.*

Elisabeth, and Aaron Wallis, May8,1816.*

Hannah [], and William Wells, July16,1770.CR2*

Samuel, Capt., of Salem, and Abigail Glasier, Oct.20,1813.*

Sarah [], and William Stone, Mar.29,1774.CR2*

Thomas, and Sarah Goodhue, int.Sept.1,1722.CR4

Thomas, and wid.Elizabeth Galloway, Feb.10,1742-3.CR4*


Abigail, wid., and Samuel,1772.CR2*

Nabby, and Moses Nelson, Apr.18,1797.CR3

Abigail, and George Newhall of Portland Aug.10,1800.*

Elisabeth, and John Staniford, Aug.8,1801.*

Hannah, and Aaron Kimbal, jr., Dec.2,1779.*

Jane, of Newbury, and John Newman, at Newbury, Dec.15,1720.*

John, of Salisbury, and Martha Fowler, int.Aug.19,1710.

Nathaniel, of Newbury, and Abigaill Holmes, int.Nov.11,1747.

Nathaniel, and [] Elisabeth Heard, June18,1772.CR2*

Nathaniel, jr., and Hannah Baker, Sept.29,1799.*


Mary, and Henry Ossborne, May1,1661.CTR


John, and Mary Cobb, both of Gloucester, Feb.16,1724.

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Antipas, and Sarah Low, Oct.5,1779.*

Benjamin, of Dunbarton, NH, and Eunice Choate, Nov.25,1773.*

Bethulah, and William Burnam, jr., June23,1774.*

David, and Susanna Goodhue, Jan.23,1772.*

David, and [Mrs.CR4] Anna Ingersoll, July7,1776.*

David, and Sally Hopkins of Amherst, NH, int.Dec.25,1795.

Edmund, and Hanah Androuse, int.Oct.15,1715.CR4

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Dodge, jr. of Beverly, Feb.18,1768.*

Hannah, and Nathan Burnham, Apr.14,1768.*

Jacob, of Andover, and Sarah Andrews, Feb.2,1773.*

Jonathan, and [Mrs.CR4] Mary Andrews, Oct.17,1784.*

Mary, and Thomas Burnham [7th.CR4], Nov.28,1784.*

Moses, and Hannah Choate, June21,1781.*

Richard, and Susanna Hobbs, Nov.7,1723.CR5

Sarah, and William Butler, Aug.26,1740.CR5*

Sukey, and Ebenezer Andrews, Apr.7,1804.*

Sussana, and Abner Day of Gloucester, at Chebacco, Apr.9,1740.*

Timothy, jr., of Bevery, and Mary Poland of Hamilton, at Hamilton, Jan.5,1804.

MARSHALL (Marshal)

Abigail, and Edward Shaw of Hampton, at Newbury, July2,1719.*

Abigail, and Ebenezer Stevens, jr., of Gloucester, at Chebacco, Jan.30,1751-2.*

Abigail, of Newton [late of Boston. int.], and William Story, Esq., at Newton, Feb.29,1776.*

Anna, and Samuel Page, at Chebacco, Oct.8,1702.

Anna, and Caleb Andrews, at Chebacco, Dec.20,1750.*

Benjamin, and Prudence Woodward, Nov.2,1677.CTR

Benjamin, and Bethiah Goodhue, int.Nov.24,1711.CR4

Benjamin, jr., and Susanna Thomson, Oct.5,1741.CR4*

Benjamin, 3d, and Sarah Rust, Nov.15,1744.CR4*

Benjamin, and Betsy Goodhue, int.Dec.12,1801.

Bethiah, and John Burnum [4th.CR4; Jonathan. int.], both of Chebacco, May10,1736.*

Caleb, and Abigail Perkins, Dec.3,1807.*

Caleb, and [] Judith Lufkin of Gloucester, Jan.14,1813.*

Dinah, and Sergt. Thomas Edwards, int.Sept.28,1717.CR4

Dorothy, and David Harris, July4,1754.CR4*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Annable, int.Dec.22,1722.CR4

Edmund, and wid.Hannah Hadlock of Gloucester, int.Apr.10,1754.

Elizabeth, and David Burnam, jr., Sept.25,1734.CR4*

Elizabeth C., a.21y., b. Marblehead, d.Joseph and Sally, and Reuben H. Hardy, a.22y., cordwainer, b. Rowley, s.Reuben and Sarah A., June25,1846.*

Eunice [wid.CR4], and Enoch Pearson, Jan.12,1777.

Ezekial, and Hannah Wheeler [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Aug.1,1717.*

Ezekial, and Jane Haskell [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Mar.29,1753.*

Francis, and Anna holmes, Nov.12,1810.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Andrew Sargent of Gloucester, Mar.12,1751.*

Hannah [], and Robert Nason of Gloucester, Nov.13,1753.*

Hannah, and Thomas Media, Nov.29,1781.CR2*

Hannah, and Noah Burnham, Apr.10,1811.*

Holle, and Ruth Peters, July28,1731.*

Isaac, and Abigail Cogswell, at Chebacco, Feb.22,1749.*

James, and Elizabeth Annable, int.Sept.29,1722.

Joanna, and Nathaniell Foster, at Chebacco, Apr.19,1704.

John, and Sarah Perkins, int.Sept.8,1716.

John, and Mary Ireland Feb.18,1734-5.CR5*

John, and Mary Thompson, int.Feb.28,1744.

John, and Mary Geddinge, Apr.10,1749.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Fuller, int.Jan.15,1742.

Joseph, and Bethulah Day, at Gloucester, Nov.24,1748.*

Joseph, and Susanna Byles of Beverly, Feb.7,1758.CR4*

Kendall W., and Clarissa Jane Hunting of Needham, int.Mar.20,1847.

Mary, and John Russell, at Chebacco, Oct.7,1702.

Mary, and Ralph Buttler, int.Feb.2,1711-2.CR4

Mary, and Nathaniel Hadlock of Gloucester, at Chebacco, Dec.13,1750.*

Mary, and Caleb Moody Carr of Newbury, Dec.27,1750.CR7*

Mary, "Mrs.," and Richard Pulcipher, int.Dec.24,1757.

Mary [jr. int.], of Wenham, and William Varnum [Venan. int.], at Wenham, Apr.10,1760.*

Polly, and Ira Burnham, Dec.26,1814.*

Moses [jr.CR1], and Sally Foster, June11,1807.*

Moses, a.24y., farmer, b. Essex, s.Joseph and Sally, and Mary Parsons, a.25y., d.Joseph and Margaret, Oct.21,1846.*

Prudence, wid., and Dea.John Choate, Mar.12,1728-9.*

Prudence, and Joshua Andrews, Feb.27,1745-6.CR4*

Rachell, Mrs., and Thomas Jones, int.Mar.6,1756.

Richard, and Abiah Browne, Sept.26,1723.*

Sarah, wid., and Thomas Choate, jr., at Chebacco, Oct.10,1739.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Emmerson of Uxbridge, Dec.20,1752.*

Sally B., a.22y., b. Essex, d.Joseph and Sally, and Ephraim Parsons, a.32y., tailor, b. Salem, s.Joseph and Margaret, Apr.23,1846.*

Susannah, and Abner Day, Gloucester, Oct.27,1739.

Susannah, and John Dodge, jr., May4,1800.*

Timothy, and Hitty Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.18,1776.*

William, and Elizabeth Nason, int.Dec.4,1736.

William, and Lucy Butler, Oct.13,1815.*


Martha A., of Dresden, ME, and Benjamin K. Ross, int.Sept.24,1840.

MARSTESON (Masterson)

Abial, and Isaac Foster, jr., int.Dec.23,1710.CR4

MARSTON (Masters)

Benjamin, and Mrs.Patience Rogers, Apr.15,1696.

James, of Salem, and Sarah Clark, int.Apr.7,1722.

Winthrop, of Hampton, NH, and Martha Butler, Dec.9,1742.CR4*


Abigaill, and John Safford, July11,1702.*

Abraham, jr., and Sarah Low, int.Oct.15,1724.

Damaras, wid., and Samuel Choate, Mar.4,1728-9.*

David, and Elizabeth Hovey, int.July20,1765.

Edward, and Susannah Hammon, Jan.28,1787.*

Elizabeth, and David Goodridge of Lunenburg, at Chebacco, Mar.19,1740.*

Elizabeth, and John Potter, 3d, Jan.31,1758.CR2*

Ephraim, and Mary Burnham, Sept.19,1769.*

Eunice, and David Dow, Nov.9,1815.*

George, jr., and Anna Choate, d.John, Nov.29,1706.CR4*

George, jr., and Mercy Durke, int.June4,1709.CR4

George, sr., and Elisabeth Durke, int.Feb.21,1712-3.CR4

George, jr., of Windham, CT, and Grace Howard of Chebacco, Oct.23,1733.*

George, and Eunice Burnham, Oct.22,1745.CR4*

Grace, and William Brown, 3d, int.Jan.21,1748.

Hanah, and Samuell Gidding, Oct.4,1671.CTR

Hannah, and John Smith [], July11,1705.*

Hannah, and John Lawson, mariner, Apr.12,1761.CR2

Hannah, Mrs., and Capt. John Lawson, mariner, int.Mar.26,1765.

Isaac, and wid.Rachel Rust, both of Chebacco, Mar.17,1736.*

Isaac, and Mrs.Hannah Brown, int.Jan.31,1761.

Job, and Lucy Shatswell, int.Feb.12,1763.

John, and Jane Durke, int.Apr.29,1710.CR4

John, jr., and Elizabeth Thomson, Dec.12,1734.CR4*

John, and Mary Holland Mar.21,1754.CR2*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Elizabeth Sargent of Gloucester, int.Mar.20,1762.

Joseph, and Damaras Storey, both of Chebacco, int.Mar.17,1721-2.

Joshua, and Sarah Storey, Jan.1,1744-5.CR4*

Joshua, and Mrs.Elizabeth Knowlton [Miss.CR7], Jan.2,1752.*

Josiah, of Chebacco, and Mary Hidden of Rowley, at Rowley, June3,1731.*

Josiah, and "Ms." Lidia Norwood of Lynn, int.Apr.9,1763.

Judith, and Adam Silvester of Newburyport, Oct.28,1794.*

Judith, and John Jewett of Denmark, Feb.23,1817.*

Lewis, of Wenham, and Sarah Kilham, at Wenham, Mar.12,1751.*

Lucy, and Samuel Lord, 3d, int.Sept.23,1749.

Lydia, Mrs., and Jedediah Chapman, May末,1847.CR3

Martha, and Thomas Browne, at Chebacco, Mar.30,1732.*

Mary, of Andover, and John Bools, int.16:9m:1706.

Mary, and John Howard, int.Feb.22,1712.

Mary, and Joseph Cody, both of Chebacco, Oct.20,1722.

Mary [], and Daniel Geddinge, July25,1749.*

Mary, and Moses Harris, May26,1793.*

Nathaniel, and "Ms." Mary Travis of Gloucester, int.Dec.4,1754.

Nathaniel, of Rowley, and wid.Abigail Pierce, July6,1775.*

Rachel, Mrs., and Ebenezer Kimball, int.Dec.17,1774.

Sarah, and Reginall Foster, Sept.末,1665.CTR

Sarah, and Freegrace Norton of Suffield, int.30:3m:1713.

Sarah, and Benjamin Wheeler of Gloucester, int.Nov.12,1720.CR4

Sarah, and Thomas Emerson, int.Nov.4,1721.CR4

Sarah, and Benjamin Woodbury, Dec.5,1754.CR4*

William, and Elizabeth Standford, int.26:7m:1713.


Elizabeth [], of Beverly [of], and Alexander Lovil, at Beverly, Oct.28,1703.*


Judith, of Rowley, and Abraham Jewett, int.Apr.12,1800.

Richard Clarke, of Salen, and Margaret Harlow, Apr.2,1807.*

MASTERS (Marsten)

John, and Hannah Buckman, Feb.12,1829-30.*

MASTERSON (Marsteson)

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Coggswell, July31,1657.CTR


Thomas, of Wenham, and Lucy Andrews, May21,1818.*

William, and Hannah Andrews, Nov.30,1815.*


Martha, and Samuell Parish, at Chebacco, May24,1699.


George, of Amesbury, and Betsey Burnham, June5,1823.*


Lyman, Rev., of Braintree, and Rachel Dwight Howe, Oct.28,1830.*

MAXCY (Maxy)

Elijah, and Mary Loney, Dec.末,1778.*

MAXE (Maxy)

Mary [Maxwell. int.], and Jonathan Knowlton, June15,1731.*

MAXEY (Maxy)

Elijah, and Elisabeth Potter, Nov.24,1774.CR5*


Ebenezer, of Beverly, and Mary Urann, int.Nov.20,1736.

John, of Beverly, and Martha Maxwell of Wenham, Nov.17,1736.

Martha, of Wenham, and John Maxwell of Beverly, Nov.17,1736.

MAXY (Maxcy, Maxe, Maxey)

Elijah, and Mary Lovis, int.Apr.4,1746.


Elizabeth, and Daniel Jones, int.Sept.24,1763.

Betsey, and Nickolas Badcock, both of Manchester, June10,1800.CR4

Moses [of the Hamlet. int.], and Sarah Moulton of Wenham, at Wenham, July13,1738.*

Moses, and "Mrs." Elizabeth Burnam, int.June19,1756.

MAYBE (Maybe)

Anne, and Ezekiel Hodgkins, jr., int.Apr.21,1750.

John, and Mrs.Margaret Robins, int.Mar.22,1755.

Sarah, and Philo Lovell, "so called," int.Dec.16,1749.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Varrell, int.June21,1746.

Thomas, and Ester Nichollson, int.May28,1748.

MAYBEE (Maybe, Mayby)

Anne, and George Harper of Charlestown, SC, Jan.13,1752.CR2*

Elizabeth, and William Perkins, May25,1749.CR2*

John, and Deborah Austin, Apr.19,1760.CR2*

MAYBY (Maybee)

Thomas, and Sarah Kindden, int.4:11m:1717.


Zaccheus, of Chilmark, and Mrs.Susannah Wade, int.Sept.12,1713.


Mahew, and Caroline Sleeper, int.July13,1833.


Ebenezer, jr., of Hallowell, and Fanny Burnham, Dec.3,1810.*


Daniel, resident in Ipswich, and wid.Elizabeth Russell, int.July28,1731.


Margaret, and Robert McMahon, int.Dec.5,1846.

McINTIAH (Mackintire)

Keziah, and Reuben Wheeler, Sept.12,1786. [ Sept.10.CR4]*


Joseph, Rev., of Milton, and Amy Swasey, Sept.1,1799.*

William, of Boston, and Mrs.Sarah Manning, int.Mar.3,1769.

William, and [Mrs.CR4] Elisabeth Giddings, Feb.末,1777.

McKENZEY (McKenzie)

Phillip, and Susanna Hobbs, Nov.13,1777.CR3

McKENZIE (McKenzey)

John, and Rebecca Burnham, Feb.15,1810.*


James, resident in Ipswich, and Joanna Burnham, Nov.7,1793.*

McMAHON (MacMahon)

Robert, and Catherine Kane of Boston, int.Aug.1,1846.

Robert, and Margaret McGann, int.Dec.5,1846.


Florence, resident in Ipswich, and Sophia Butler of Essex, int.Oct.7,1820.


Jane, and William Hodgkins of Portland Aug.14,1810.*

Lydia, of [Derry.TC], NH, and [John.TC] Stanwood, int.末蔓末,1793. [?]


John, resident in Ipswich, and wid.Elisabeth Fuller, Dec.19,1771.CR2*

John, and Mary Dawson, Mar.26,1786.*


Lydia, and Azor Stone, both of Hamilton, Feb.23,1809.


John, of Stratham [NH. int.], and Ruth Knowlton, Nov.13,1732.*


Mary, of the Hamlet, and David Ireland int.July21,1739.


Adeline, and William S. Tozer, int.Sept.27,1834.

Daniel, and Hepzibah Butler, Mar.17,1819.*

John, and Susannah Story, Dec.29,1799.*

Patty, and Henry Rust, July23,1805.*

Susan, of Essex, and Levi Brown, int.May12,1826.

William, and Elizabeth Butler, Oct.11,1812.*

Williams, and Lucy Butler, Jan.12,1806.*

MEDCALF (Metcalf)

Thomas, widr., and wid.Liddea Davis, 168[6?]


Thomas, and Hannah Marshall, Nov.29,1781.CR2*


Alexander, and Charlotte Brown, Nov.21,1811.*

Hannah, and James Brown of Hallowell, Oct.25,1804.*

John, and Sophia Gould of topsfield, int.May24,1817.

Lucy, and George Brown, Sept.8,1807. [1808.CR2]

Rachel, and Stephen Brown, jr., May2,1805.*

Thomas, jr., and Rachel Herrick of Wenham, int.July2,1808.


Sarah, of Concord, and Jonathan Davis, at Concord, Nov.27,1766.

MERIAM (Merriam)

Hitty, and Aaron Conant, both of Topsfield, Nov.23,1815.

MERIFIELD (Merrifield)

Abigail, and Francis Caldwell, June1,1793.*

Francis, jr., and Lucy Fuller, Mar.21,1790.*

MERRIAM (Meriam, Mirriam)

Martha, wid., of Topsfield, and Solomon Low, widr, of Boxford, yeoman, May14,1849.

MERRIFEILD (Merrifield)

Francis, and Elizabeth Holland int.14:9m:1714.

Sarah, and Thomas Vittory [], Sept.7,1731.CR5*

MERRIFIELD (Merifield, Merrifeild, Merryfeld)

Elisabeth, and Thomas Wade, Sept.18,1794.*

Francis, and Hannah Lakeman, Jan.1,1760.CR2*

James, and Lucy Hodgkins, May19,1806.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Daniel Nudd, Mar.30,1815.*

Mary, and William Stephens of Boston, Dec.4,1842.*

Mercy, and Stephen Bennet, int.Sept.11,1725.

Mercy, and John Wade, Nov.20,1794.*

Susannah, and Hezekiah Howard, int.Nov.12,1721.

Susanna, and Richard Lakeman, 3d, Dec.11,1794.*

Thomas, and Mercy Wood, int.Sept.19,1730.

Thomas, and Mehitable Appleton, Nov.25,1798.*

MERRIL (Merrill)

Samuel, and Olive Kezer, Dec.4,1794.CR3

Sarah, and Joseph Knight, Oct.22,1761.CR3

MERRILL (Merril)

Daniel, and Susan S. Soward, Feb.14,1820.*

Elisabeth, of Rowley, and Isaac Lord, Mar.26,1835.*

Ezra, and Hannah [M. int.] Smith, May5,1836.*

Henry [M., of], and Lucy Ann Foster, Nov.22,1849.CR3 [Nov.12.PR1]*

Jemima, and Francis Foster, Nov.24,1736.*

Nathan S. [Morrill. int.], and Lucretia P. Green, Nov.25,1841.*

Phineas, of New Rowley, and Lucy Foster,末蔓末,1832.CR3

Phinehas D., widr.of Georgetown, a.38y., farmer, s.Benjamine and Eunice, of Georgetown, and Mrs.Hannah H. Conant, a.33y., d.Mark and Lucy How, at Georgetown, June1,1848.*

William Young, resident in Ipswich, and Lucretia Rich Smith, Nov.17,1822.*

MERRYFELD (Merrifield)

Elizabeth, and Charles Maning, int.Oct.25,1718.

METCALF (Medcalf, Metcalfe)

Hannah, and Israel Davis, Mar.20,1750.CR3*

Joseph, and Sarah Ayers, int.Dec.9,1721.

Joseph, jr., and Deborah Searle of Byfield, at Newbury, Dec.4,1765.*

Joseph, of Rowley, and Mrs.Olive Chapman, int.Feb.26,1800.

Rebecca, wid., and Jeremiah Foster, int.June21,1735.

Ruth, and Aaron Kimball, Feb.17,1729.*

Ruth, and John Searl, jr. [of], Nov.22,1764.CR3*

Samuel, and Rebecca Dickinson of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.22,1733.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Stickney [of], Jan.3,1758.CR3*

METCALFE (Metcalf)

Abigaile, and William Buttler, int.3:8m:1713.

Jacob, and Margaret Chapman, Feb.19,1738.*

Joseph, and Ruth Smith, Nov.22,1704.


Abigaile, and James Davis, int.Jan.5,1705.


Robert, of Newbury, and Anna Forster, int.June7,1746.


Nathaniel, Esq., and wid.Judith Dole, Oct.22,1776.CR3

Sarah, of Rowley, and Moses Bradstreet [jr. int.], at Rowley, Jan.26,1775.*

Thomas, Dea., and wid.Rachel Lane, Oct.15,1778.CR3


Charles, and Elizabeth Mace, int.Oct.8,1720.

Rodney, and Lydia Ann Stevenson, Apr.25,1831.*

MILLET (Millett)

Deborah [of], and Nathaniel Fuller, jr., Jan.29,1749.*

Edward, of Rowley, and Lucinda Dodge, Oct.15,1840.*

Nathaniel A., and Elisabeth Valpey of Salem, int.June7,1828.

Sarah [of Gloucester. int.], and James Bishop, at Gloucester, Dec.13,1750.*

Thomas, jr., of Gloucester, and Mary Choate, July16,1806.*

MILLETT (Millet)

George [W., of], and Lydia [E. int.] Conant, Nov.28,1848.CR3*

Joshua Russ, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Ann Cate, int.Dec.21,1844.


Joseph, Lt. [of], and Lucy Rust, Aug.13,1785.CR5*


Ebenezer, resident in Ipswich, and Dille Frye of Hamilton, int.May7,1794.


Stephen, of Boston, and Sarah Wainwright, int.Sept.16,1710.

MIRRIAM (Merriam)

Mary, of Lynn, and David Pottar, int.Jan.6,1710.

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Anne, and Jonathan Ellsworth, both of Rowley, Feb.9,1780.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Ruth, of Gloucester, and William Procter, at Gloucester, Aug.21,1785.*


Benjamin [jr. int.], of Newburyport, and Solome Pinder, Apr.30,1801.*

Elisabeth T., of Newbury, and Benjamin E. Hoyt, Sept.17,1836.*

Joseph [D. int.], and Sarah A. Brewer, May16,1841.*

MOORE (Moors, More)

Louisa, and Aaron Goodwin of Essex, int.Nov.2,1839.

Mary [of Andover.PR1], and Thomas Foster, jr., Apr.28,1836.CR3*

Nathan [of], and Eliza H. [K. int.] Chapman, Oct.12,1837.CR3*

Thomas, and Sally Dennin, Feb.2,1784.CR2*

MOORS (Moore)

Abner, and Susanna Lull, Oct.6,1762.CR3

MORE (Moore)

John, and Mary Ann Conant, Oct.29,1835.*

Lydia, Mrs., of Boston, and Robert Kinsman [at Boston, Apr.3. dup.], Apr.4,1700.


Sherburn F., and Lucy Mary Jewett, Oct.19,1837.*


Abigail, of Beverly, and Freeborn Patch, Jan.14,1731.

Abigail, Mrs., and Abraham Fitx, at Gloucester, Mar.31,1790.*

Anna, and John Osment, both of Manchester, Nov.27,1800.CR4

Lucy, Mrs., and William Buttman of Beverly, int.Aug.21,1772.

Mary, and Daniel Ober of Gloucester, Nov.27,1834.*

Paul, jr., of Gloucester, and [] Anna Brown, Jan.3,1775.CR2*

Robert, and Sarah Patch of Beverly, May9,1733.

Zachariah [of], and Hepzebah Patch, Dec.13,1795.*


John, and Susan Henderson, June20,1833.*

Thomas, and Catharine Dawson, int.Oct.24,1835.


Thomas, of Salem, and Mrs.Priscilla Manning, jr., int.June18,1763.


Rachel, of Chester, NH, and Isaac Howe, int.Jan.12,1797.

MORRICE (Morris)

Amos, and wid.Mercy Gooding, int.28:12m:1719.

MORRIS (Morrice)

Elisabeth, and George Frederic, June28,1840.*

Henry, and Abigail Treadwell of Amesbury, int.Aug.4,1738.

Mercy, wid., and Capt. Samuel Emmes of Boston, int.Dec.19,1724.

MORSE (Morss)

Catharine B., of Newburyport, and Daniel Chapman, int.Apr.18,1840.

Elisabeth, and Clemons Pingery of Rowley, int.Sept.6,1794.

Betsey, and Clement Pingry, Sept.23,1794.CR3

Elisabeth [W. int.], and John Chapman [of],末蔓末,1841. [Jan.26,1841. int.].CR3*

Enoch, of Newbury, and Martha Goodhue, int.Dec.10,1738.

Hanah, and Thomas Newman, June8,1665.CTR

Harriet L., Mrs., and John H. Harris, widr., of Boston, a.45y., printer, s.John H. and Hannah, Jan.28,1849.

Jeremiah, and Rachel Burnham, int.Sept.13,1806.

Julia W., and Samuel Conant, Apr.12,1835.CR3*

Oliver D., of Springfield, a.23y., clergyman, b. Leominster, s.Joseph and Susan, of Leominster, and Elizabeth D. Foulds, a.24y., b. Nottingham, Eng., d.Thomas and Rebecca, Nov.26,1846.*

Samuel, and Anna Andrews, both of Gloucester, Feb.18,1819.CR4

Susannah, of Newbury, and Nathaniel Piper, at Newbury, Mar.26,1728.

Timothy, jr., and Ruth Worth of Newbury, int.Sept.23,1809.

William [H. int.], and Lucy Holmes [of Halifax. int.], Sept.25,1831.*

MORSS (Morse)

Anne, of Newbury, and Eliphalet Adams, at Newbury, Apr.16,1730.*

David, and Elizabeth Thomas, Sept.5,1793.CR3

Huldah, and David Goodwin [jr. of], Aug.21,1792.CR3*

John, and Polly Pingry, Dec.末,1794.CR3

Sarah, Mrs., of Holliston, and Joseph Bennet, int.Nov.30,1754.

Susanna, of Newbury, and Thomas Perrin, at Newbury, May24,1731.*

Timothy [of], and Huldah Smith, Oct.12,1769.CR3*


Elizabeth, of Portsmouth, and Joseph Smith, 25:10m:1708.

Mary, and Jabez Sweet, int.Aug.5,1710.


Bartholemew, of Salem, and Eunice Fellows, int.Sept.20,1820.

Benjamin, of Wenham, and Tabitha Howard, int.Jan.31,1740.

Caleb, and Jerusha Fisk of Wenham, Nov.8,1734.*

Caleb, and Sarah Tilton, Mar.1,1738-9.CR5*

Daniel, and Martha Allen, Mar.2, [1729-30. int.]*

Dorothy, and John Whipple, 3d [], Aug.18,1737.*

Eliza [B. int.; of Newburyport.PR1], and Joseph W. Chapman, Nov.8,1845.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Gilbert, Oct.27,1763.CR2*

Hannah, of Wenham, and Joseph Ayer [of the Hamlet. int.], at Wenham, May4,1738.*

James, and Mehitabell Hovey, int.Mar.10,1721-2.

John, of Portsmouth, and Eunice Sawyer, int.May14,1743.

Nathaniel, and Katherine Averil [of], Dec.22,1736.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mrs.Anna Kimball, int.Oct.24,1761.

Samuel, and Sarah Fisk of Wenham, Mar.13,1733.

Sarah, and Jonathan Clenton, Dec.8,1732.*

Sarah, wid., of Newbury, and Sergt. Samuel Dresser, int.Nov.16,1733.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Moses May [of the Hamlet. int.], at Wenham, July13,1738.*


Ebenezer, of Marblehead, and Abigail Potter, Nov.16,1757.CR4*

MUCHMORE (Machmore)

Tryphena, and Jacob Carter of Gloucester, Mar.15,1759.CR2*


William, and Margarett Dent, int.Oct.24,1713.


Thomas, and Elisabeth Easty, Mar.18,1784.CR5*


Luke, and Mercy Lufkin, int.Feb.19,1735.


Frances, and Hanah Addams, Dec.6,1659.CTR


Molley, and Ephraim Knowlton, Sept.11,1780.CR5*


John, of Boothbay, and Elisabeth Chapman, int.May23,1779.


Reuben D., Dr., and Mary S. Sewall of Vassalboro, int.Aug.1,1806.

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