Mary, a.21y., d.William and Sarah P., and Francis C. Treadwell, jr. of Brooklyn, NY, a.23y., baker, b. N.Y. City, s.Francis C. and Martha R., of N.Y. City, July27,1846. [July26.CR2]*

William, Esq., and Mrs.Sarah P. Treadwell, Apr.12,1825.*

OBBEN (Obbin)

Sarah, Mrs., of Newburyport, and James Lufkin, int.Apr.17,1771.

OBBIN (Obben)

John, and Mary Harris, Nov.26,1812.*

OBEAR (Ober)

Sarah, and John Bragg, at Beverly, Dec.27,1781.

OBER (Obear)

Daniel, of Gloucester, and Mary Morgan, Nov.27,1834.*

John, s.Richard, of Beverly, and Hannah Woodbary, d.Thomas, of Beverly, July5,1694.

Margaret, Mrs., of Manchester, and Joseph Androse, at Manchester, Oct.25,1781.*

Martha, and Jonathan Kimball, both of Wenham, Apr.21,1732.


John, and Sarah Wells, Sept.1,1785.CR2*

John, and Elizabeth Ballord, int.Aug.21,1808.


William, of Topsfield, and Martha Ross, Dec.16,1804.*


Samuel, and Sarah Ordway, d.James, of Newbury, Feb.25, 末末 [before 1681].

Sarah, d.James, of Newbury, and Samuel Ordway, Feb.25, 末末 [before 1681].

ORNE (Horn)

David, and wid.Joanna Thompson [both of Chebacco. int.], at Chebacco, Sept.19,1732.*

ORSMENT (Osment)

John, of Manchester, and Margaret Annable, int.June23,1770.

Margaret, of Manchester, and Barnet Woodbury, at Manchester, Dec.15,1785.*

OSBORN (Osborne, Ossborne)

John Scolly, Dr., of Epsom, NH, and Abigail Hodgkins, Dec.28,1791.*

OSBORNE (Osborn)

John, and Mehittable Addams, Oct.11,1685.

OSGOOD (Ossgood)

Deborah, and Edmund Heard, int.Nov.7,1713.

Judith, and John Gains, int.Nov.27,1703.

William, of Andover, and Mrs.Mary Appleton, Jan.6, 末末 [Oct.4,1729. int.]*

OSMAN (Osment)

Elisabeth, and Mark Stanwood, Nov.20,1792.*

OSMENT (Orsment, Osman)

John, of manchester, and Margaret Annable of the Hamlet, Dec.6,1770.CR2

John, and Anna Morgan, both of Manchester, Nov.27,1800.CR4

Lucy, and John Dennis, Oct.1,1790.*


Henry, and Mary Marchent, May1,1661.CTR

OSSGOOD (Osgood)

Abigaill, and Shove Willson, Sept.9,1657.CTR


Mary Ann, and [Col. int.] Charles Kimball, Nov.19,1829.*

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