SACHELL (Shatswell)

Richard, and Eloner Cheney of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.17,1696.

SACHWELL (Shatswell)

John, and Phebe Brown, Mar.22,1725.CR5

Lydia, and Henry Haggett of Wenham, int.1:10m:1711.


John, and Elizabeth Peeters, Nov.25,1678.CTR

SAFFORD (Saffourd, Sawford)

Abraham, and Mrs.Martha Dennis, int.Nov.26,1757.

Daniel, and Abagail Foster, int.Mar.10,1732.

Daniel, and Hannah Hovey, int.Oct.30,1736.

Daniel, and wid.Elizabeth Herbert of Salem, at Salem, Nov.22,1753.*

Daniel, jr., and Mrs.Lidia Caldwell, int.Apr.21,1758.

Daniel, and Sarah Pulcifer, int.Oct.17,1778.

Deborah, and Moses Graves, Nov.7,1793.*

Ebenezer, and [] Lucy Haskall, Apr.9,1772.CR2*

Ebenezer, and Eunice Fitts, Apr.2,1789.*

Elizabeth, and Nathan Wheeler, at Rowley, Jan.13,1689-90.

Elizabeth "Ms.," and Moses Pindar, int.Oct.4,1765.

Elisabeth, and William Potter, May11,1780.CR5*

Elisabeth, and William Soward, Sept.21,1798.*

Hannah, and James Tyler [of Preston. int.], Oct.8,1705.*

Hannah, and John Davidson, Apr.10,1734.CR5*

Hannah, Mrs., and Parker Dodge, int.Apr.19,1765.

Hannah [of Salem.CR2], and Josiah Dodge, Dec.7,1794.

Joanna, Mrs., and Capt. Ebenezer Dodge of Hamilton, Sept.25,1815.*

John, and Hannah Newman, Sept.15,168[5?].

John, and Abigaill Martin, July11,1702.*

John, and Martha Haskall, int.Sept.13,1735.

John, and Martha Whipple, Dec.30,1784.CR5*

Joseph, and Mary Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, July30,1728.*

Lucy, and John Patch, 5th, Jan.19,1773.CR5*

Lydia, and Nehemiah Dodge, Nov.11,1773.CR5*

Margaret, and Stephen Brown [], July17,1780.CR5*

Martha, Mrs., and Nathaniel Howard of Newbury, int.Jan.8,1757.

Mary, Mrs., and Benjamin Caldwell, int.July1,1758.

Mary, and John Jefts, of Billerica, Apr.25,1799.*

Mehetable, and John Hovey, May25,1702.*

Moses, and Mary Hood of Topsfield, at Topsfield, July23,1768.*

Nathan, of Green, and Susannah Safford, Dec.24,1815.*

Nathaniell, and Margaret Holms, Apr.9,1741.CR5*

Rebecca, of Rowley, and Nathan Caldwell, at Rowley, Jan.1,1788.*

Samuel, and Priscilla Goodhue, Apr.8,1783.*

Samuell, jr., Capt. and Joanna Appleton, Nov.21,1811.*

Sarah, "Ms.," and Thomas Howllet of Topsfield, int.Nov.17,1759.

Simeon, and Mrs.Deborah Harris, int.Oct.1,1768.

Susannah [], and Capt. Daniel Lord, May10,1796.*

Susannah, and Nathan Safford of Green, Dec.24,1815.*

Thomas, and Sarah Scot of Rowley, int.June12,1725.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Dresser, int.Apr.1,1727.

Thomas, jr., and Elizabeth Ayers of Newbury, int.June4,1737.

Thomas, jr., and wid.Margaret Stacey, int.Dec.3,1748.

Thomas, and [] Eunice Wharf, at Gloucester, June5,1764.*

William, of Wells, and Lois Knowlton, Apr.2,1801.*

SAFFOURD (Safford)

Joseph, and Mary Baker, Mar.6,1660.CTR


Abigail L., and Jeremiah Danforth, Apr.14,1839.*


William, and Harriet Newhall Clark of Rowley, int.Mar.4,1843.

SAMBURNE (Sanborn)

Jemima, and John Stacey, jr., int.Oct.15,1720.


Elizabeth, and Samuel Giddings, at Boston, Nov.8,1699.


Mary, and John Edwards, Nov.24,1658.CTR

SANBORN (Samburne, Sanbourn)

Solomon, of Tamworth, NH, and Relief Brown, Nov.12,1820.*

SANBOURN (Sanborn)

Meshak, of Hampton [], and Hannah Dodge, Dec.3,1781.*

SANDERS (Saunders)

David, and Priscilla Nelson, Feb.末,1794.CR3

Ezekiel, and Sarah Burpee, Nov.19,1803.CR3

Joshua, and Elizabeth Stickney, Dec.10,1792.CR3


Apphia W., of Buxton, ME, and Samuel Davis, int.Sept.22,1839.

Benjamin, resident in Ipswich, and Mrs.Elizabeth Lord, int.Sept.18,1762.

Betty [], and Thomas Cutter of Newburyport, Oct.23,1775.CR2*

Betsey, and Nathaniel Burnham, int.Mar.13,1784.

Isaac, and Elisabeth Bennet, Oct.16,1770.*

James, and Mrs.Mary Low, int.Dec.5,1767.

Patience, and Thomas Hodgskins, int.28:9m:1714.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Smith, int.末蔓末,1726.CR5

Thomas, and Edeth Patch, Dec.27,1739.CR5*

Thomas, and Abigail Burley, Nov.22,1774.CR5*


Lidia, and George White, Apr.5,1671.CTR

SARGENT (Sergant)

Andrew, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Hannah Marshall, Mar.12,1751.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Jonathan Martin, int.Mar.20,1762.

Elisabeth, and Aaron Burnham, Jan.12,1779.*

Eps, and Abigail C. Smith, Nov.29,1826.*

George M. [of Georgetown. int.], and Martha T. Ramsdall, Mar.5,1843.*

Hannah [wid.CR7], of Gloucester, and Simeon Burnham, Nov.6,1766.*

Harriot, of Gloucester, and Oliver Emerton, int.June2,1813.

Joseph, jr., of Gloucester, and Mrs.Dorothy Smith, int.June24,1738.

Katharine P., and Perley Haskell, Oct.13,1836.*


Joseph, of Roxbury, and Judith Le Grove [Legro. int.], Feb.9,1727-8.CR5*

SATCHEL (Shatswell)

John, and Sarah Youngliff, June20,1684.CTR

SATCHELL (Shatswell)

Sarah, and Roger Ringe, June9,1684.CTR

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Capt. Jonathan Fellows, jr., int.May3,1735.

Esther, and George Brown, Aug.5,1813.*

Lydia, of Rowley, and Jonathan Story, at Rowley, Dec.31,1772.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Burpe, May23,1751.CR3

SAVERY (Savory)

Eliphelet, of Bradford, and Lucy Perkins, Mar.9,1797.*


Eliza, of Gloucester, and Samuel Brown, int.June15,1829.

Jesse, of Gloucester, and Hannah Dame, Feb.9,1786.*

SAVORY (Savery, Seavey)

Thomas, of Bradford, and Mercy Adams, int.Aug.10,1723.

SAWARD (Sayward)

John, and Mrs.Elizabeth Leatherland int.Oct.13,1764.

SAWFORD (Safford)

Elezabeth, and Allexander Lovell, July20, [1697?].

Thomas, and Einor Setchwell, Oct.7,1698.

SAWYER (Sayer, Saywer)

Abigail, Mrs., and Daniel Gilman of Exeter, NH, int.Aug.22,1736.

Amos, of Beverly, and Mary Appleton, June7,1798.*

Angeline, and Capt. John Rea, both of Topsfield, Sept.5,1837.

Caroline, of Henniker, NH, and Rev. Daniel Fitz, int.Aug.11,1826.

Daniel, of Wells, and Frances Abbott, int.Nov.22,1740.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Isaac Appleton, int.Apr.25,1730.

Eunice, and John Moulton of Portsmouth, int.May14,1743.

Francis, of Wells, and wid.Susanna Low, int.Jan.15,1725.

Francis, and wid.Hannah Choat, int.July25,1751.

Francis, and Mrs.Mary Knowlton, int.Oct.26,1751.

George Whitefield, Dr., and Polly Killiam of Middleton, int.Mar.8,1800.

John, and Abigail Kilbourn, June22,1774.CR3

John, and Sarah Killam of Middleton, int.Mar.11,1803.

Joseph, of Wells, and Mrs.Mary Calef, int.June6,1730.

Joseph, of Fairfield, and Susannah Day, Sept.29,1791.*

Livona, a.38y., d.Moses and Frances and Christopher T. Bailey of Boston, widr., a.51y., merchant, Nov.1,1844.

Mary, Mrs., and Abner Harris, int.Apr.20,1751.

Moses R. [K.CR2], of Danvers, a.32y., currier, s.Moses and Frances, and Caroline Kimball of Boscawen, NH, a.25y., d.Benjamin and Sally, Oct.7,1844.

Nathaniell, and Lydia Porter, June11,1778.CR5*

Samuel, and wid.Elizabeth Brown, int.Mar.11,1753.

Sarah, and Aaron P. Lord, Aug.28,1823.*

SAYER (Sawyer)

Francis, and Mrs.Hannah Staniford, int.Jan.6,1749.

Sarah, of Scarboro, and Nehemiah Brown, int.Jan.5,1739.

SAYWARD (Saward, Sayword)

Cyrus H. and Joanna Spiller, Mar.2,1837.*

Elisabeth, and John Graves, jr., Sept.1,1791.*

SAYWER (Sawyer)

Francis, of Wells, and Elisabeth Dennis, int.Oct.6,1705.

SAYWORD (Sayward)

Samuel, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Susanna Lord, int.Apr.3,1761.


Sarah, and George Burroughs, int.27:12m:1713.

SCOT (Scott)

Daniel, Dr., of Boston, and Mrs.Margaret Calef, int.Oct.11,1767.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Thomas Safford, int.June12,1725.

SCOTT (Scot)

Benjamin, of Rowley, and Martha Perley, Mar.27,1781.CR2*

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Phillips of Rowley, int.Oct.15,1824.

Dolly, and David Perley of Rowley, int.May24,1809.

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Bradstreet, jr., Dec.16,1841.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and John Jewett, at Rowley, Feb.23,1741. [1742. int.]*

Hannah, and Maj. Paul Dole, jr. of Rowley, Oct.31,1824.*

James, and Bridget Cahalan, int.Sept.8,1844.

Jane, and Nathan Todd, Mar.26,1776.CR3

Martha [wid.CR7], and Samuel Giddings, June18,1761.*

Martha, and Ens.Solomon Dodge of Rowley, int.July14,1809.

Mary Ann, and Warren Nourse, Oct.3,1843.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Kimball, Feb.20,1811.CR1*

Perley, and Almira Stone, Nov.7,1839.*

Sarah, and William Cummings of Topsfield, Apr.23,1815.CR1*

Sarah, and George Hodgsdon, Sept.1,1831.*


Ann, of Newburyport, and Isaac Smith, jr., int.Oct.17,1842.

SEAIRS (Sears)

Elisabeth, and Abner Dodge, both of Beverly, Oct.25,1781.CR5

SEARL (Searle)

John, jr. [of], and Ruth Metcalf, Nov.22,1764.CR3*

Samuel, and wid.Martha Willet, Dec.5,1775.CR3

SEARLE (Searl, Searles)

Deborah, of Byfield, and Joseph Metcalf, jr., at Newbury, Dec.4,1765.*

Elisabeth, and Israel Adams, jr., Feb.21,1770.CR3

Grace, and Thomas Dennis, Oct.26,1668.CTR

Grace, and John Harris, Jan.8,1685.

Horace, of Lynn, and Lydia Wells, Feb.1,1825.*

Lucy, and Amos Stickney, June7,1770.CR3

SEARLES (Searle)

Sarah P., a.22y., and Joseph G. Perkins, jr. of Newbury, a.23y., cordwainer, b. Newbury, s.Joseph G. and Elizabeth E., of Newbury, Oct.6,1848.*

SEARS (Seairs)

Joseph, and Rebecca Raymond of Beverly, Jan.30,1732.

SEAVERY (Savory)

Joseph, of Wenham, and Sarah Stockwell, int.12:7m:1713.


Richard, a.28y., laborer, s.Nathaniel and Elisabeth, and Hannah Curtis, a.26y., d.Martha Roberts, Sept.25,1845.*


Hannah, wid., of Wenham, and Ens.Joseph Fowler, int.Oct.31,1730.


Andrew, jr., of Wenham, and Elizabeth Downes, of the Isles of Shoals, Mar.23,1737.

Thomas, of Wenham, and Mary Campanal, int.Apr.25,1734.

Thomas, of Wenham, and Elizabeth Lovel, int.Sept.30,1738.

SERGANT (Sargent)

Margarett, resident of Ipswich, and Abraham Blush, "late of Boston," int.Oct.30,1707.

SETCHWELL (Shatswell)

Einor, and Thomas Sawford, Oct.7,1698.


Abbey, and Mary Stone, int.Mar.22,1745.

Margaret, and William Coleman, int.Dec.23,1739.

Sarah, and Amos Macontier of Reading, Oct.29,1741.*


Mary S., of Vassalboro, and Dr. Reuben D. Mussey, int.Aug.1,1806.

Thomas, of Kittery, and Elizabeth Appleton, int.Mar.1,1743.

Thomas, Dr., and Mary Choate, Nov.28,1813.*


Lydia C., and Jason Wilkins of Salem, June20,1830.*


Mary B., and [Rev.CR2] Edwin Jennison of Walpole, NH, Jan.25,1832.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Abigail Vaughn of Portsmouth, int.23:8m:1714.


John, see Shipper, John.

John, of Wenham, and Lucy Andrews, int.Dec.7,1797.

SHATCHWELL (Shatswell)

John, and Phebe Browne, int.Feb.25,1725.

Jonathan, and Mary Burnum, int.Dec.6,1729.

Richard, and Mary Treadwell, int.May19,1722.

SHATSWELL (Sachell, Sachwell, Satchel, Satchell, Setchwell, Shatchwell, Shattswell, Shetewell)

Francis, and Sarah Platts [of], July1,1755.CR3*

Hannah, and Daniel Goodhue, jr., Nov.30,1788.*

Isaac, and Sarah Fuller, June1,1783.CR2*

Jeremiah, of Wenham, and Mrs.Martha Tredwell, int.July13,1757.

John, and Elizabeth Coye, int.Mar.31,1744.

John, and Annis Lord, Feb.22,1827.*

Jonathan, and Susanna Pearson, Mar.28,1782.CR5*

Lucy, and Job Martin, int.Feb.12,1763.

Martha, and John Fellows, Dec.8,1772.*

Mary, "Ms.," and Jeremiah Bryant of Newmarket, int.Feb.17,1765.

Mary, and Rev. Joshua Dodge of Haverhill, Feb.28,1809.*

Moses, and Sarah Lord, Oct.31,1793.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Lord, May1,1783.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Todd of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept.11,1790.*

Richard, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Bradstreet, int.Mar.30,1751.

Sarah, and Roger Ringe, June9,1684.

Sarah, Mrs., and Philip Fowler of Newmarket, int.Sept.27,1760.

Sarah, Mrs., and Richard Lakeman [3d.CR1], Dec.29,1807.*

Sarah, a.22y., d.John and Annis, and William H. [A.CR1] Parker, a.22y., turner, s.John H. and Mary G., Nov.15,1849.*

SHATTSWELL (Shatswell)

Hannah, and Robert Stone, May3,1821.*

John, and Sarah Younglove, June20,1684.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Tenny of Rowley, int.Oct.9,1819.


Benjamin, jr., of Beverly, and Elisabeth Cushing, May7,1778.CR5*

Edward, of Hampton, and Abigail Marshall, at Newbury, July2,1719.*

Jemima [], of Beverly, and John Thomson, Nov.14,1774.CR5*

Peter [of], and Jemima Woodbury, Jan.12,1728-9.CR5*


Samuel, of Goffstown, and Lydia Galloway, int.Mar.13,1784.

SHEPARD (Shepherd)

Samuel, of Amherst, and Elisabeth Smith, Nov.18,1779.CR2

Sarah, of Rowley, and Nathan D. Dodge, May30,1829.*

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

Isaac B., and Lydia Lakeman, Sept.30,1823.*

John, of Rowley, and wid.Rebecca Priar, int.Aug.28,1718.

Nathaniell, of Lynn, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wade, May5,1703.*


Abraham C., and Elizabeth Smith, Apr.11,1836.*

Isaac, and [] Hannah Lord, Jan.7,1842.*

Samuel, jr., of Portsmouth, NH, and Mary Burley, June26,1760.CR2*

SHERRIN (Sherwin)

John, sr., and Mary Chanler, Sept.30,1691.

SHERWIN (Sherrin)

Abigail, and Isaac Fitts, jr., int.Mar.31,1722.

Eleanor, and Jacob How of Charlestown, int.Jan.20,1721-2.

Frances, of Boxford, and Isaac Comings, at Topsfield, Nov.23,1696.*

John, and Francis Lomase, Nov.25,1667.CTR

Mary, and Caleb Foster, June9,1702.*

Sarah, and John Goodhue, int.1:10m:1711.

William, and Mercy Cooker, int.Oct.30,1725.

SHETEWELL (Shatswell)

Mary, and Simon Smith, Nov.20,1771.CR5*


Ebenezer, and Debby Indicott, both of Danvers, May16,1790.


John [Shapton. int.], of Wenham, and Lucy Andrews, at Wenham, June5,1798.*


Abigal, of Salem, and Henry Bennet, int.Nov.18,1732.


Joseph, of Newbury, and Mary Kimball, int.Aug.23,1718.


Mary, and William Skinner, int.Jan.31,1718.


Adam, of Newburyport, and Judith Martin, Oct.28,1794.*

SIMMONS (Symonds)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Lord, 3d, int.July5,1738.

Hannah, and Thomas Fleet, int.Jan.22,1745.

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Charles, of Malden, and Mary Stacy, Dec.1,1808.*

John, 3d, of Salem, and Elizabeth Cavis, at Chebacco, Nov.22,1750.*

Joseph, of Boxford, and Mrs.Martha Fowler, int.Dec.27,1754.

Warren W., and Lydia Blodget, int.Mar.1,1845.

SIMONS (Symonds)

Josiah, and Ruth Rust, Aug.15,1816.*


Elizabeth, and Abbraham Stephens of Falmouth, Nov.19,1781.*

Walter, of Cape Elizabeth, and Mrs.Elizabeth Dodge, int.Oct.17,1770.


Elizabeth, Mrs., of Boston, and Daniel Rogers, int.Sept.6,1760.

SIMPSON (Simson)

John, of Newburyport, and Susan Nowell, int.Dec.7,1825.

SIMSON (Simpson)

Mary, grandd.Francis and Jane Jorden, and Richard Belcher, May20,1689.

Richard, resident in Ipswich, and Mrs.Elizabeth baker, int.Jan.9,1776.


George, and Rachel Knowlton, Feb.16,1786.*


Deborah and George Hadly, June29,1668.CTR


Benjamin, and Mary Jewett, int.Apr.24,1708.

John, of Marblehead, and Eunice Kimball, int.Nov.11,1727.

Mary, and Peter Cooper, Dec.25,1755.CR3

Nehemiah, of Marblehead, and Mercy Kimball, int.Oct.3,1730.


Samuel S., and Sally W. Davenport of Hamilton, Oct.30,1836.*

William, and Mary Silver, int.Jan.31,1718.


William, and Lucinda Ann Pease of Nantucket, int.Mar.27,1841.


Caroline, and Mayhew Mayne, int.July13,1833.


John, jr., and Sarah Nell Williams, int.Jan.20,1753.

William, and Mary Daniels, at Chebacco, Dec.15,1725.*

SMITH (Smyth)

Aaron, and Mrs.Dorothy Coffin of Gloucester, int.Apr.29,1769.

Aaron, and Lucy Baker, July28,1779.CR2*

Aaron, jr., and Eunice Lord, Oct.23,1794.*

Aaron, 3d, and Mehitable Pingry, May15,1823.*

Abigail, and Joseph Roe of Gloucester, int.July19,1712.CR4

Abigail, and Benjamin Glazier, int.June12,1721.

Abigail, and Benjamin Glazier, int.Dec.2,1721.

Abigail, Mrs., and Thomas Dodge of Lunenburg, int.Nov.13,1762.

Abigail, and William Dennis, June2,1763.CR2*

Abigail, and Asa Kimball of Marblehead, June23,1768.CR2*

Abigail, and James Smith, 4th, Dec.17,1781.CR2*

Abigail [], and Elnathan Hubbard of Boxford, Dec.13,1803.*

Abigail, and Capt. Moses Foster, Sept.27,1808.*

Abigail C., and Eps Sargent, Nov.29,1826.*

Adam, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wells, int.Jan.28,1748.

Ammi R. [jr. int.], and Sarah Wilcomb, July10,1785.*

Ammi Ruhamah, Capt., and Sarah Kimball, Oct.23,1798.*

Ammi, and Lucy Lakeman, Nov.26,1815.*

Amos, and Elisabeth Chapman, Mar.26,1781.CR2

Andrew, and Sally Warner of Londonderry, int.Jan.22,1785.

Anna, and Moses Spiller, Nov.24,1793.*

Anna, and Oliver Pilsbury of Hamilton, Dec.8,1808.*

Ann, and Jacob Goodhue, jr., Feb.2,1775.*

Anne, and Isaac Kimball, int.Oct.11,1823.

Anstice M., of Hamilton, and John Choate, jr. of Essex, Nov.14,1832.

Anthony, and Elizabeth Dammarell, int.Nov.1,1712.

Anthony, and Hepzibah Wheeler [of], Sept.28,1773.CR3*

Anthony, and Margarett Harris, int.Aug.16,1781.

Asa, and Lucretia Manning, Nov.27,1788.*

Bemsley, and Mary Kinsman, Oct.6,1811.*

Benjamin, and Lucy Kimball, Jan.31,1822.*

Caroline, and Capt. Zenas Cushing of Derry, NH, Apr.17,1838.*

Catharine, and Pero Hall of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug.14,1746.

Caty, and Nathaniel Pickard of Rowley, Feb.26,1822.*

Charles, and "Ms." Martha Rogers, int.Dec.14,1759.

Charles, and Susan D. Hodgkins, Feb.28,1823.*

Charles, of Boxford, and Laura Washburn, int.Jan.25,1838.

Charlotte P., and Charles W. Chapman, Nov.25,1841.*

Cheney, and Lydia Potter, Sept.30,1762.CR2*

Christian, and Daniel Fitts, Jan.17,1750-51.CR2*

Cooley, and Sarah Burnum, 末蔓12, 末末. [Dec.20,1729. int.]*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Paine, June29,1702.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Foster, int.Dec.10,1720.CR4

Daniel, and Deborah Wilcomb, int.Mar.24,1721-2.

Daniel, 3d, and Mary Kimball, Nov.11,1729.*

Daniel, and Mrs.Sarah Brown, Feb.25,1761.*

Daniel, jr., and Elisabeth Holland Nov.15,1778.CR2*

Daniel, and Hannah Lord.Mar.7,1782.CR2

Daniel, jr., and Polly Nelson of Rowley, int.Apr.13,1805.

Daniel B., and Charlotte J. Perkins, May22,1814.*

Daniel, 3d, and Persis Bradford of Pelham, NH, int.May25,1832.

Daniel, B., jr., and Hannah Green, int.Feb.23,1839.

Deliverance, and John Gooldsmith, both of Marblehead, Mar.26,1759.

Dorothy, and Robert Rogers, Feb.4,1702-3.*

Dorothy, Mrs., and Joseph Sargent [Smith.dup.], jr., of Gloucester, int.June24,1738.

Ebenezer, and Mary Perkins, int.Oct.9,1714.

Ebenezer, and [] Thankful Emerson, July2,1729.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Hovey, Jan.29,1760.CR2*

Elizabeth, and John Smith, Nov.13,1678.CTR

Elizabeth, and William Chapman, Mar.30,1682.CTR

Elizabeth, and Thomas Lull, sr., Oct.29,1705.*

Elizabeth, and John Dow, int.Nov.7,1725.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Sands, int.末蔓末,1726.CR5

Elizabeth, and Abraham Tilton, 3d, int.May11,1728.

Elizabeth, and John Louden, Nov.18,1729.*

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Smith, int.Mar.24,1733.

Elizabeth, and John Howard, int.Sept.21,1734.

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Smith, Oct.23,1734.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Brown, 3d, int.Nov.18,1743.

Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and Rice Knowlton of Wenham, Nov.26,1750.

Elisabeth, jr., and Ruben Burnham, Mar.10,1756.CR3*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Caleb Lampson, int.Oct.末,1765.

Elisabeth, and John Cole Jewett, May18,1769.CR2*

Elisabeth, and John Baker of Manchester, at Manchester, Dec.2,1770.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Shepard of Amherst, Nov.18,1779.CR2

Elisabeth, and Thomas Gould, Aug.14,1784.CR5*

Elisabeth, and Matthew Whipple, Oct.2,1785.CR5*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Lakeman, Apr.10,1786.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Manning [jr. int.], Apr.4,1792.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Kilbourn, jr., Aug.9,1795.*

Elisabeth, and Paltiah Smith, Nov.3,1796.*

Betsy, and Ebenezer Dusten of Enfield, NH, int.Feb.27,1799.

Elisabeth, and Amos Jones, June30,1800.*

Elizabeth, and John Wood of Scarboro, June29,1803.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Treadwell, 4th, Sept.21,1809.*

Elizabeth, and Abraham C. Sherburne, Apr.11,1836.*

Elisabeth B., and William H. Jewett, Dec.18,1836.*

Elizabeth C., and Alfred Kimball, Dec.5,1843.*

Ellingwood, Capt., of Manchester, and Caroline S. Chapman, May21,1839.*

Enoch, of Newbury, and Ruth Sweet, Nov.3,1805.*

Ephraim, and Hannah Brown, int.6:1m:1714.

Ephraim, of Sudbury, and Susanna Wells, Mar.13,1755.CR2*

Ephraim, and Mary Adams, Sept.27,1781.CR2*

Eunice, Mrs., and Joseph Wells, int.Oct.24,1766.

Eunice, and John Caldwell, 4th, Oct.7,1779.CR2*

Eunice, and Campbell Ripley of Salem, int.Nov.16,1782.

Eunice, Mrs., and Campbell Ripley of Salem, Apr.6,1783. [Nov.28,1782.TR]

Eunice, and Aaron Wells of Hampton Falls, NH, Jan.18,1797.*

Eunice, and Daniel Cogswell, Nov.27,1828.*

Frances, and Daniel Androuse, int.Aug.5,1721.CR4

George, and Abigaile Kirk, Mar.14,1704-5.*

Hanah, of Boston, and Samuel Coleman, int.Apr.12,1707.CR4

Hannah, of Beverly, and Nehemiah Porter, int.19:9m:1716.

Hannah, and Israel Tricker, both of Wenham, Mar.22,1725.

Hannah, and Jonathan Chapman, Oct.23,1734.*

Hannah, and Joseph Wallis, int.Dec.7,1735.

Hannah, Mrs., and Isaac Burnam, int.Jan.11,1752.

Hannah, wid., and Jonathan Wells, int.July25,1772.

Hannah, and Thomas Jones, Nov.2,1773.CR3*

Hannah, and Solomon Lowel, Apr.18,1775.CR3

Hannah, and Lemuel Pearson, Jan.7,1783.CR2*

Hannah, and James Fuller, Dec.21,1797.*

Hannah, and Jabez Ross, June28,1800.*

Hannah, and Dr. James Goss of Gloucester, Feb.16,1802.*

Hannah, and Langly Brown, Oct.31,1811.*

Hannah, and John Lord, 3d, Dec.26,1813.*

Hannah [Mrs.CR1], and Samuel Henderson, Apr.27,1820.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Maj. Temple Cutler of Hamilton, int.Apr.4,1823.

Hannah [M. int.], and Ezra Merrill, May5,1836.*

Harriet F., and Denison Rust, May24,1827.*

Harriet C., a.24y., d.Daniel B. and Charlotte, and Francis Cheever, widr.of Newburyport, a.29y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Philip and Eunice, of Newburyport, June8,1845.*

Hazadiah, of Beverly, and Anna Woodbery, int.Dec.4,1708.CR4

Hepzibah, and John Day, jr., Nov.3,1814.*

Huldah, and Henry Haskall of Gloucester, Sept.22,1731.*

Huldah, and Timothy Morss [of], Oct.12,1769.CR3*

Isaac, and Eunice Adams, int.Dec.14,1744.

Isaac, and wid.Elisabeth Pearson, Oct.22,1765.CR3

Isaac, jr., and Ann Scribner of Newburyport, int.Oct.17,1842.

Isaiah, and Mary Chapman of Rowley, int.Jan.20,1797.

Israel, and Sarah Cooper, Sept.2,1766.CR3

Jacob, and Lydia Wells, Nov.13,1718.CR5*

Jacob, and Sally Stanwood, Feb.26,1792.*

Jacob, and Molly Potter, Feb.7,1793.CR3*

James, jr., and Mrs.Lidia Warner, int.May15,1762.

James, and Jemima Foster, Dec.6,1769.CR3*

James, 4th, and Abigail Smith, Dec.17,1781.CR2*

James, jr., and Mary Andrews, May30,1782.*

James, jr., and Elizabeth Hobson, May22,1814.*

James T., and Eunice Henderson, June7,1843.CR6*

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Smith, Oct.23,1734.*

Jeremiah, and Jemima How, July23,1776.CR3*

Jeremiah, and Lucy Pulsepher, Apr.25,1799.*

Jeremiah, a.25y., laborer, s.Jeremiah and Lydia, and Mary J. Holmes, a.19y., d.John and Sally, July3,1845.*

Jesse, jr., of Salem and Priscilla Treadwell, May22,1817.*

Joanah, and John Yell, July27,1690.

Joanna, and Jeremiah Perkins, int.Nov.7,1730.

Joanna, and Israel Fellows of Granville, N.S., Nov.8,1789.*

Job, and Mary Burnam, Oct.22,1741.CR4*

Job, and Hannah Stone, Apr.24,1788.*

John, and Elizabeth Smith, Nov.13,1678.CTR

John, and Mercy Adams, Feb.4,1702-3.*

John [], and Hannah Martin, July11,1705.*

John, and Elizabeth Burnam, int.Jan.10,1707-8.

John, 4th, and Meriah Emins, int.June16,1716.

John, and Hannah Treadwell, May27,1728.*

John, of Gloucester, and Abigail Davis, Mar.18,1730.*

John, 3d, and wid.Sarah Pulcepher, Dec.24,1730.*

John, s.John, "late of Ipswich," cordwainer, and Eleanor Phillips, int.Aug.2,1735.

John [jr. int.], and wid.Elizabeth Newman, June17,1740.*

John, of Newbury, and Rachel Lufkin, June18,1747.CR4*

John, and wid.Mercy Fowler, Feb.7,1751.CR3*

John, 4th, and Mrs.Hannah Goodhue, int.Dec.29,1758.

John, and Sarah Storey, int.Jan.10,1761.

John, Capt., and [] Susanna How, Jan.28,1762.CR2*

John, 4th, and Mrs.Mary Work, int.Apr.27,1765.

John, of St. Johns, Nova Scotia, and Jerusha Potter, Feb.21,1769.CR3*

John, 3d, and Lucy Pinder, Jan.20,1785.*

John, and Susannah Emmons, formerly of Ipswich, Mar.1,1792.

John, 3d, and Betsey Burnham, Nov.27,1798.CR4*

John, jr., and Hannah Jones, May26,1801.*

John, of Manchester, and Abigail Giddings, Jan.1,1811.*

John, of Biddeford, ME, and Jane Stephenson, July8,1831.*

John, and Betsey Dodge, Dec.16,1832.*

John H., and Sarah Blaisdell, Dec.22,1842.*

Jonathan, and wid.Elizabeth Storey [both of Chebacco. int.], Jan.25,1732.*

Jonathan, of Beverly, and [] Elizabeth Lummus, Mar.17,1771.CR2*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Moses of Portsmouth, 25:10m:1708.

Joseph, and Susannah Fellows, int.9:2m:1710.

Joseph, and Rebeckah Hunt, int.Oct.10,1725.

Joseph, jr., and Dorothy Smith, Gloucester, June25,1738.

Joseph, 3d, and Abigail Wallis, int.Mar.14,1740.

Joseph, of Reading, and Priscilla Knowlton, int.Jan.30,1744.

Joseph, and Mrs.Lucy Fitts, int.Apr.18,1752.

Joseph, and Hannah Lord, May5,1806.*

Joseph, jr., and Harriet Newell, Dec.17,1839.*

Joshua, and Hepsibah Patch, Dec.21,1788.*

Joshua, and Sophia Cogswell, Nov.12,1818.*

Josiah, Dr., and Margaret Stanford, Feb.9,1779.CR2

Judith, and Nathaniel Perkins of Topsfield, June2,1808.*

Lucretia Rich, and William Young Merrill, resident in Ipswich, Nov.17,1822.*

Lucy, and Daniel Gilbert, int.Mar.30,1745.

Lucy, and Nathaniel Lord, 3d, May21,1778.CR5*

Lucy, and Joseph Pettingill [of Newburyport. int.], Oct.22,1778.CR2*

Lucy, of Leominster, and Jeddiah Tuttle, at Leominster, May6,1779.*

Lucy, and Amos Choate, May2,1802.*

Lucy, and Ephraim Grant, Dec.19,1819.*

Lucy, and John Pingry, Nov.24,1825.*

Lucy B., and Stephen Coburn of Andover, Apr.5,1826.*

Lydia, and Mark Fisk, Nov.2,1738.*

Lidia, Mrs., and Thomas Nichols of Amesbury, Oct.30,1770.CR2*

Lydia, and Israel Potter of Gilmanton, Oct.14,1784.*

Lydia, and Isaac Brown, Mar.31,1825.*

Margaret, and Samuel Smith, int.Aug.28,1742.

Margaret, and William M. Rogers, Apr.11,1811.*

Margaret, and Capt. Robert Kimball, Nov.27,1817.*

Martha, and Samuell Smith, Nov.13,1678.CTR

Martha, and John Rogers, Jan.末,1687.

Martha, and William Urinn, int.Dec.29,1706.

Martha, and Samuel Woodberry of Rowley, int.Apr.11,1724.

Martha, and John Gold, Nov.4,1729.*

Martha, and Thomas Giddinge of Chebacco, int.Oct.3,1730.

Martha, wid., and James Davis, May25,1732.*

Martha, and Nathanael Hodgkins, Feb.26,1733.

Martha, and John Burnam, 3d, int.Sept.3,1748.

Martha, and Samuel Kinsman, Nov.30,1769.CR2*

Patty, and Abraham Jones, Nov.24,1798.CR4*

Mary, and Obadiah Bridges, Oct.25,1671.CTR

Mary, and William Manning of Gloucester, Jan.7,1702.*

Mary, and Thomas Andrews, int.Apr.8,1711.

Mary, and Acquilla Chase of Newbury, int.May31,1712.

Mary, wid., and Matthew Perkins, jr., int.Jan.14,1720-21.

Mary, and Thomas Hunt, Nov.2,1738.*

Mary, and Daniel Mackilvean of Boston, int.June17,1747.

Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Phelps of Salem, int.Feb.15,1768.

Mary [], and Benjamin Radford, jr. of Marblehead, Oct.29,1772.CR2*

Mary, and Daniel Burnham, Nov.7,1790.*

Mary, and William Cogswell, 3d, Feb.12,1791.*

Mary, and William Bethel, May24,1792.*

Mary [Mrs.CR2], and William Price, jr. [of Gilmanton, NH. int.], Jan.22,1795.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Day, jr., Dec.23,1804.*

Mary, and Jonathan Eveleth, Nov.14,1805.*

Mary, of Boston, and Abraham Channell, int.Nov.16,1807.

Polly, and Aaron Lord, 3d, Sept.24,1809.*

Mary, and Nehemiah Haskell, July22,1827.*

Mary, and Edward Perkins [of Gloucester. int.], Nov.20,1834.*

Mehetabel, and David Bailey, Dec.18,1759.CR3

Mehitabel, and Jedidiah Chapman, Dec.3,1767.CR2*

Mercy [], and Auther Abbet, Sept.16,1716.CR5*

Mercy, and Nathaniel Treadwell, jr., int.May29,1725.

Mercy, and William Killbourn [of Lunenburg. int.], Nov.3,1767.CR3*

Moses, and Elizabeth Wallis, int.Jan.17,1746.

Moses, and Ruth Little of Hampstead, Sept.3,1754.*

Moses, jr., and [] Ruth Jewet, Apr.11,1770.CR2*

Moses, and Mrs.[] Mary Hodgkins, July20,1778.CR2*

Moses, of Salem, and Mehitable Lord, July14,1792.*

Nancy, and Frederic Hazelton of Derry, NH, Nov.26,1832.*

Nathan, and Mary Fellows, int.Jan.24,1740.

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Fuller, int.Feb.20,1702.

Nathanael, and Hannah Jewet, int.Aug.17,1734.

Nathaniel, and Mary Coffin [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, May30,1765.*

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Abigail Greanleaf Ayres of Gloucester, int.Sept.10,1808.

Noah, and Lucy Androuse, Feb.27,1723-4.CR4*

Patience, and Robert Curtinn, int.14:2m:1716.

Patience, and John Hodgkins, int.Oct.24,1735.

Patience, and Nathaniel Appleton of Bath, Nov.4,1813.*

Paltiah, and Elisabeth Smith, Nov.3,1796.*

Peter [resident in], and Sarah Appleton, Mar.29,1753.*

Philemon, and Mary Lufkin, Apr.10,1754.*

Philemon, of Chebacco, and Mary Poland June22,1780.CR5*

Phebe, and Joseph Bowels, Feb.1,1719-20.CR5*

Prudence, and Daniel Lumas, int.Nov.8,1746.

Rachel, and John Burnum, jr., int.Oct.20,1722.CR4

Rachel, and John Perkins, jr., Jan.末,1803.*

Rebecah, and John Chapman, Sept.30,1675.CTR

Rebeckah, and John Robinson of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Aug.28,1733.*

Reuben, and "Ms." Mary Lovereign, int.Dec.6,1766.

Richard, and Hanah Cheny, Nov.末,1660.CTR

Richard, of Gloucester, and Ruth Hunt, Nov.13,1729.*

Richard, resident in Ipswich, and wid.Mary Browne, int.Nov.25,1732.

Richard, and Sarah Spillar, Nov.24,1752.*

Ruth, and Joseph Metcalfe, Nov.22,1704.

Ruth, and Nathaniel Burnum [jr. int.], Jan.1,1729.*

Ruth [], and John Stanwood, Oct.27,1774.CR2*

Ruthe, and Thomas Greenwood of Marblehead, int.Feb.3,1806.

Ruth, of Beverly, and Samuel Baker, int.Aug.28,1830.

Salome, Mrs., and Jacob Pickard, int.Mar.14,1761.

Samuell, and Martha Smith, Nov.13,1678.CTR

Samuel [jr. int.], and Susanna Fowler of Wenham, at Wehnam, Apr.5,1726.*

Samuel, and Margaret Smith, int.Aug.28,1742.

Samuel, and Mary Lakeman, int.Mar.27,1754.

Samuel, and [] Elisabeth Wait, Mar.28,1768.CR2*

Samuel, and Hannah Choate, Jan.10,1793.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Elizabeth Lamson of Beverly, int.Nov.2,1811.

Samuel, and Mrs.Lucy Randall, Nov.27,1816.*

Sarah, see Brown, Sarah.

Sarah, and John Newman, Nov.9,1664.CTR

Sarah, and Samuell Lomas, Nov.18,1664.CTR

Sarah, and Joseph Goodhue, int.June5,1708.

Sarah, and William Holland int.27:3m:1710.

Sarah, and Jonathan Andrews, int.Dec.6,1718.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Grant, int.Oct.4,1746.

Sarah, Mrs., and Seth Dodge of Lunenburg, int.Mar.11,1758.

Sarah, and David Nealand [of], Jan.1,1761.CR3*

Sarah, and Francis Roberts, Nov.16,1783.*

Sarah, and Capt. Thomas Hodgkins, 4th, Jan.1,1788.*

Sally, and Nehemiah Flanders, jr. of Newburyport, int.Nov.29,1788.

Sarah, and William Daniels of Rowley, Nov.26,1789.*

Sarah, James Butler, Nov.24,1797.*

Sarah, and Samuel Harris, jr., Sept.4,1800.*

Sally, and James Perkins, jr., Nov.20,1806.*

Sarah, and Samuel Ross, Dec.16,1806.*

Sarah, and Edward Jewett, jr., Sept.24,1820.*

Sarah, and Theodore Andrews, Apr.24,1829*

Sarah, and Joseph Howe, int.Aug.14,1830.

Sarah, and William Lakeman [jr. int.], Apr.7,1836.*

Simon, and Mary Shetewell, Nov.20,1771.CR5*

Solomon, and Elizabeth Dike, Feb.15,1727.*

Solomon, jr., and "Ms." Elizabeth Whipple, int.Dec.11,1762.

Stephen, and Prudence Emens, int.Mar.8,1711-12.

Stephen, and Lydia Cummings, int.Oct.5,1723.

Stephen, jr., and Abigail Howard, int.Mar.27,1742.

Stephen, jr., and Elisabeth Cross, June16,1767.CR2*

Susanna, and Benjamin [] Hadley of Amesbury, May26,1726.CR5*

Susannah, wid., of Salem, and Samuel Lummus, at Salem, Feb.2,1746. [Dec.27,1746. int.]*

Susanna, and William Dodge, 3d, May26,1778.*

Susannah, Mrs., and Ephraim Pray, resident in Ipswich, Dec.31,1797.*

Susanna, and Nehemiah Brown, July20,1819.*

Thankfull, and Ebenezer Stanwood, Apr.15,1760.CR2*

Thomas, and Joana 末末, Oct.25,1671.CTR

Thomas [4th, s.John. int.], and Elizabeth Emins, July13,1704.*

Thomas [], and Martha Emins, Jan.23,1705.*

Thomas, and Tryphena Russell, int.Aug.27,1737.

Thomas, jr., and Mrs.Elizabeth Gooldsmith, int.Nov.12,1763.

Trypheena, Mrs., and Joseph Edwards, resident in Ipswich, int.Sept.10,1763.

Vymond, of Salem, and Mary Hodgkins, int.Oct.21,1727.

Willard, of Topsfield, and Mary Gould, Aug.24,1828.*

William, and Elizabeth Lowden, Feb.5,1760.CR2*

William, and Dorcas Stone, Sept.11,1796.*

William M., and Hannah Appleton, Oct.2,1814.*

William, and Priscilla C. Dodge, at Gloucester, Mar.24,1844.*

William P., of Charlestown, a.32y., cordwainer, s.Charles and Mary A., and Sarah N. Vinton of Rowley, a.19y., d.Jacob and Sarah S., Sept.21,1848.

Zebulon, and Rachel Tilton, Jan.15,1754.*

Zebulon, and Mary Cummings of Topsfield, at Wenham, Aug.29,1776.*

SMYTH (Smith)

Joseph, and Rebecca Emerton, Dec.4,1785.*


Mary [], and Alexander Thompson, Aug.3,1699.*


Adeline, of Rochester, and Elisha Bassett, int.Mar.15,1845.


Lucy, of Gloucester, and Joseph Emmerton, jr., Apr.16,1761.CR4*

Ruth, of Topsfield, and Isaac Fitts [jr. int.], at Topsfield, Feb.12,1745-6.*

William, of Gloucester, and Margaret Giddinge, Mar.10,1757.CR4*


Mehitable N., wid., a.42y., d.James and Christiana Filoon, and Job Young, widr., of Abington, a.55y., stone cutter, s.Job and Mary, Nov.12,1849.*


Elisabeth, and William Russell, Dec.28,1824.*

Rebecca [], and John Harris, 3d, Mar.25,1773.CR2*

Rebecca, Mrs., and Benjamin Fellows, Apr.23,1778.CR2*

Sarah, and John Bartlett of Newbury, Oct.6,1782.CR2*

Timothy, and Sarah Norton, June7,1763.CR2*

Timothy, and Elisabeth Badger, Nov.17,1791.*

Timothy, and Eliza P. Greenough of Bradford, int.July27,1822.


John, of Danvers, and Elisabeth Russell, May15,1815.*

Samuell, of Salem Village, and Mary Ross, June24,1686.CTR


Abigail, and Mathew Wright, June18,1812.*

Nabby G., and John Brown, 3d of Newburyport, Mar.31,1822.*

Abraham, and Elisabeth Ringe, Dec.30,1794.*

Abraham, and Mary Sweet, June3,1828.*

Elisabeth, and Elisha Glover, Oct.9,1828.*

Hannah, and Thomas Harris, int.Mar.16,1805.

Hannah, and Thomas Harris, Apr.4,1805.

Isabella, and Samuel P. Guilford, Aug.22,1833.*

John Leatherland and Margaret Lakeman, Aug.9,1787.*

John [] and Rebekah Swett, Feb.27,1792.*

Margaret, and Asa W[] Conant, Dec.27,1809.*

Mary, and Joshua Wilcomb of Chester, NH, Nov.14,1824.*

Mary, a.24y., d.Moses and Elizabeth, and Luther [T. int.] Lord, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Sept.7,1845.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Spiller, June25,1819.*

Sarah L., and Thomas Lord, Sept.20,1818.*

Susan S., and Daniel Merrill, Feb.14,1820.*

Welcome, and William Treadwell, Aug.23,1814.*

William and Susanna Wells, int.Nov.15,1796.

William, and Elisabeth Safford, Sept.21,1798.*

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Chandler, and Betsy Walker Cobb of Londonderry, NH, int.Feb.15,1812.

Jacob, and Mary Badger, July14,1802.*

Mary, of Rowley, and Jeremiah Kimball, jr., int.Mar.23,1799.

SPARK (Sparks)

John, resident in Ipswich, and Mary Crumbee of Bradford, int.Mar.24,1732.

Rose [d.John, b. Apr.18,1673.CTR], and Thomas Newman, June1,1692.

SPARKS (Spark)

Elisabeth, and Jacob Perkins, Dec.25,1684.

Louisa, and George T. Hobson, Jan.8,1843.*

Sarah [d.John, b. Feb.17,1675.CTR], and John Newman, Jan.31,1705-6.*

SPILLAR (Spiller)

Henry [jr. int.], and Sarah Newmarch, Sept.30,1731.*

John, and Katherine Waite, int.Jan.15,1726.

Mary, and John Filmore, int.Nov.28,1724.

Mary [], and Abraham Perkins, July5,1770.CR2*

Mary, and John Pindar, Sept.21,1823.*

Robert, and Mrs.Abigail Perkins, int.July26,1770.

Sarah, and Richard Smith, Nov.24,1752.*

Sarah, Mrs., and William Harding, int.Apr.27,1765.

SPILLER (Spillar)

Abigal, and Samuell Lakeman, jr., Nov.14,1782.CR5*

Abigail, and Samuel Stone, jr., May6,1792.*

Anna, and David Baily, July31,1804.CR3

Catharine B., and John H. Varrel, May21,1840.*

Daniel N., and Susanna Fuller, Dec.24,1818.*

David, and Susannah Perkins, Nov.23,1806.*

Elisabeth, and John Pitman, June3,1781.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Moses Soward, June25,1819.*

Eunice, and John Wells [jr. int.], Apr.15,1821.*

George W., and Jane Davis, int.Aug.26,1843.

Hannah, and David Pickard, both of Rowley, Apr.29,1811.CR3

Henry, and Mary Hodgkins, Mar.4,1754.CR2*

Henry, of Salisbury, and Mary Perkins, Nov.14,1790.*

Hepzibah, and Joseph Stanley, int.Oct.20,1832.

Jeremiah, and Mary Fuller, Nov.28,1793.*

Joanna, and Cyrus H. Sayward, Mar.2,1837.*

Job, and Maria R. Barker of Salem, Oct.17,1819.

John, and Sarah Lakeman, int.Oct.29,1715.

John, jr., and Mary Burgen, int.Nov.10,1744.

John, and Mary Pulcifer, Mar.10,1779.CR2*

John, and Rebeckah Day, Feb.4,1789.*

John, and Abigail Heard Jewett, June7,1835.*

John H., and Abigail L. Bean, May3,1838.*

Joseph, and Sarah B. Chapman, Dec.13,1840.*

Lucy, and Nathan Jewett, Dec.3,1827.*

Lydia A. [C. int.], and Thomas G. [C. int.] Boardman, Nov.23,1828.*

Mary, and David Hodgkins, Nov.28,1757.CR2*

Mary, and John Goldsmith, June14,1784.CR2*

Mary Jane, and John W. Ruthiford, Mar.末,1841.*

Mary, and Daniel Jewett, Sept.30,1841.*

Moses, and Anna Smith, Nov.24,1793.*

Moses [jr. int.], of Salem, and Lucy Lakeman [both of], Dec.31,1804.*

Richard P., and Charlotte Jewett, Sept.27,1840.*

Samuel, and Anne Grant, May16,1749.CR2*

Samuel, of Rowley, and Agnes Venner [Vennen. int.], Oct.4,1781.CR2*

Samuel, and Lois Conant, Apr.24,1828.*

Samuel, and Mary Dunnels, Feb.26,1832.*

Samuel, and Sarah Chapman, June7,1840.*

Sarah, and Joseph Berry, int.29:7m:1716.

Sarah A., a.26y., d.David and Susan H., and Rufus O. LeBaron, a.23y., trader, s.Apollos and Rhoda, May27,1849.*

Susan, and William L. Rust, int.Oct.10,1831.

Susanna, and Nathaniel Heard, jr., Dec.3,1780.CR2*

Thomas, and Sarah Andrews, Nov.末,1779.*

Thomas, and Hannah Newmarch, Mar.4,1792.*

William, and Anna Poland Oct.2,1794.*

William B., and Elisabeth N. Warden, June20,1830.*

William, and Martha Curtiss, June24,1830.*

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

Elenor, of Rowley, and [Adj. int.] Abram Howe [], at Rowley, Feb.5,1784.*

Sarah [], of Boxford, and Ephraim Jewet, June20,1771.CR2*

STACE (Stacey)

Simon, and Sarah Wallis, Apr.19,1659.CTR

Thomas, and Susana Wooster, 4:8m:1653.CTF

STACEY (Stace, Stacy)

Edward, and [] Hannah Hunt, Apr.23,1775.CR2*

George [Capt. int.], of Marblehead, and Susanna Swasey, June30,1763.CR2*

Hannah B., and Isaac Burnham, July17,1823.*

Jemima, wid., and Samuel Lord, jr., int.Nov.11,1743.

John, jr., and Jemima Samburne, int.Oct.15,1720.

John, and Elizabeth Littleale, int.Nov.5,1720.

John, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Hannah Harris, int.Jan.18,1755.

Joseph, and Mercy Pulcifer, int.July15,1749.

Margeret, wid., and Thomas Safford, jr., int.Dec.3,1748.

Nymphas, of Gloucester, and "Ms." Elizabeth How, int.Dec.26,1761.

Samuel, and Margarett Baker, int.Feb.23,1722-3.

Samuel, and Hannah Ayers, int.June21,1746.

Sarah, Mrs., and Thomas Knowlton, int.Aug.16,1755.

Susanna, Mrs., and Capt. Richard Homan of Marblehead, Sept.8,1776.CR2*

STACY (Stacey)

Margaret, and Joseph Burnham Hovey, int.Mar.8,1806.

Margaret [Story.dup.], and Stephen B. Hovey, Mar.26,1806.

Mary, and Charles Simonds of Malden, Dec.1,1808.*

Nymphas, of Gloucester, and [] Phebe Dole, at Rowley, Sept.30,1767.*

Rebecka, and James Barly [Burley.CTR], May25,1685.

Samuel, and Deborah Brown of Gloucester, int.Sept.10,1810.

Sally, and Charles Boyls, Oct.21,1792.*

Susannah, and Joseph Fowler, 3d, Aug.9,1801.*


Samuell, and wid.Mary Chadwell, int.Aug.13,1715.


John, and Hannah Hoyt of Salem, int.Apr.21,1832.

John, and Mary R. Hardy of Bradford, int.Aug.29,1845.

Robert, jr., and Elisabeth Jewett of Londonderry, int.July12,1822.

STANDFORD (Staniford)

Elizabeth, and William Martin, int.26:7m:1713.

STANDLEY (Stanley)

末末, wid., and William Fuzz, int.Jan.16,1702-3.

STANDLY (Stanley)

Esther, and James Gerrish, int.May1,1708.

STANFORD (Staniford)

Bethiah, Mrs., and Capt. Abraham Dodge, June2,1782.CR2*

Margaret, and Dr. Josiah Smith, Feb.9,1779.CR2

STANIFORD (Standford, Stanford)

Aaron [Capt. int.], and Mary Pickard of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.27,1777.*

Aaron, Capt., and Lucy Lord, Mar.18,1787.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Dr. Joshua Fisher, int.June29,1776.

Daniel, and Mrs.Mary Burnam, int.Jan.15,1742.

Ebenezer, and Lucy Fowler, July26,1780.*

Ebenezer, and Judith Lord, Nov.28,1792.*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Harris [jr. int.], Mar.25,1804.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and James Warburton of Newburyport, Apr.5,1807.*

Ester, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Daniel Low, int.Aug.9,1771.

Hannah, Mrs., and Francis Sayer, int.Jan.6,1749.

Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph Rogers, int.Dec.28,1765.

Hannah, and Thomas Ross, Oct.22,1786.CR2*

Hannah, and Silvanus Caldwell, Nov.15,1808.*

James, and Mrs.Bethiah Patch, int.Apr.19,1765.

James, and Abigail Patch, Dec.26,1799.*

James, and Mary L. Sweet [d.Capt. Aaron.CR1], Oct.30,1827.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Potter, Dec.10,1750.CR2*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mary Fowler, Jan.27,1774.CR3*

John, and Elisabeth March, Aug.8,1801.*

Lucy, and John Curtice Blachford, Mar.19,1787.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Daniel Dutch, Sept.27,1808.*

Margaret, and Robert Calef, int.Nov.23,1723.

Margaret, and Ephraim Kendall, Dec.4,1831.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Moses Sweet, at Newbury, Mar.23,1737-8.*

Mary, and Dummer Jewet of Newbury, Dec.12,1754.CR2*

Mary, and Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, May4,1758.CR2*

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. Joseph Dana, int.June20,1766.

Mary, and William Hodgkins, Mar.1,1792.*

Mary, and Thomas Staniford, Feb.24,1799.*

Mary P., and Moses Jewett, 3d, Mar.14,1824.*

Sally, and Aaron Perkins, jr., July28,1796.*

Sarah, and Capt. Thomas Kimball, Sept.8,1799.*

Thomas, and Hannah Ringe, int.Dec.27,1707.*

Thomas [jr. int.], and [] Sarah Burnum, Dec.28,1732.*

Thomas, and Mary Staniford, Feb.24,1799.*

Thomas, jr., and Judith Burnham of Essex, int.June11,1824.

Tryphena, and Phillip Lord, int.Dec.10,1720.

STANLEY (Standley, Standly, Stanly)

Joseph, and Hepsibah Spiller, int.Oct.20,1832.

Mary, and Josiah Howard, Oct.19,1784.CR5*

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Richard Coy, Jan.14,1731.

Sarah, of Marblehead, and John B. Stone, int.Aug.21,1847.

STANLY (Stanley)

James, and Esther Clifford of Newbury, July20,1686.CTR


Abigail, and John Symmon, Feb.8,1787.*

Anne, and Samuel Harris, Apr.3,1733.*

Clementine, a.25y., d.Isaac and Joanna, and Isaac Flitner, widr., of Union, ME, a.37y., hysician, s.Benjamin and Mary, June10,1846.*

Ebenezer, of Gloucester, and Hannah Warner, int.Oct.25,1723.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Wilcome, int.Jan.11,1744.

Ebenezer, and Thankfull Smith, Apr.15,1760.CR2*

Ebenezer, jr., and Anne Badger, Sept.12,1782.CR2*

Ebenezer, jr., and Joanna Constable, int.Sept.16,1797.

Ebenezer, jr., and Sarah Stanwood, Dec.31,1811.CR1*

Elisabeth, and Daniel [] Woodberry of Hamilton, Mar.12,1797.*

Elisabeth, and Hale Wait of Wells, May22,1800.*

Eunice, and John Caldwell, 3d, Jan.30,1810.*

Hannah, wid., and Thomas Hodgkins, Jan.20,1730.*

Hannah, and James B. Dodge of Hamilton, Oct.22,1818.*

Isaac, and Eunice Hodgkins, Feb.26,1778.*

Isaac, jr., and Joanna Caldwell, June12,1810.*

Jacob, and Sukey Lord, Oct.23,1808.*

Jacob, and Sally Caldwell, Nov.9,1812.*

John, and [] Ruth Smith, Oct.27,1774.CR2*

John, of Newburyport, and Sarah Burgen, Dec.12,1776.CR2

John, Ens., and Mary Goodhue, Nov.24,1790.*

John, and Mary Goodhue, Nov.25,1790. [Nov.24.TR]

[John.TC], and Lydia McMurphey of [Derry.TC], NH, int.末蔓末,1793 [?].

Mark, and Elisabeth Osman, Nov.20,1792.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Dennis, May27,1781.CR2*

Sally, and Jacob Smith, Feb.26,1792.*

Sarah, and Bickford Pulcipher, Dec.21,1797.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Stanwood, jr., Dec.31,1811.CR1*

Sarah E., d.Ebenezer and Sarah, and George Fellows, widr,. of Salem, s.Ehraim and Eunice, Dec.28,1848.*

Stephen, and Harriet Caldwell, June20,1832.*


Harriet, and John Dorr, int.May25,1845.

Stephen, of Tamworth, NH, and Frances Brown, int.Nov.16,1824.

Thomas, and Susan Brackett of Berwick, ME, int.Aug.2,1828.

Thomas, and Hannah Pray, Aug.5,1830.*


Anne, and Nathan Fellows, int.Feb.5,1742.

Sarah, and Thomas Wells, int.Mar.12,1736.

William, and Mercy Figg, int.9:4m:1717.

William, and Deborah Loud, int.Feb.11,1726.

STEEL (Steele)

Joseph, of Gloucester, and Hephzibah Perkins, int.Oct.28,1778.

William, and Anne Blogget [both of Chebacco. int.], Dec.16,1731.*

William, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Pheebe Lord, int.Dec.30,1755.

William, and Mehitable Lord, Sept.18,1804.*

STEELE (Steel)

Anna, and John Cogswell [jr.CR4], Dec.11,1783.*

Joseph [Capt. int.], and Mary Brag, Jan.18,1789.*

Lucius, and Mary Chase of Haverhill, int.Aug.2,1828.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Aaron, and Lydia Bennett, int.Mar.2,1722-3.

Abraham, of Falmouth, and Elisabeth Simonton, Nov.19,1781.*

James, and Ruth Andrews, Apr.13,1786.*

Sarah, of Gloucester, and Samuel Varrell, int.Oct.31,1730.

William, of Boston, and Mary Merrifield, Dec.4,1842.*

STEPHENSON (Stevenson)

Jane, and John Smith of Biddeford, ME, July8,1831.*


Samuell, and Mary Killbourn, Nov.27,1753.CR3


Priscilla H., of Boston, and Joseph Farley, jr., int.Oct.18,1845.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Abigail, of Wenham, and William Kilham, at Beverly, Jan.15,1705-6.*

Ebenezer, jr., of Gloucester, and Abigail Marshall, at Chebacco, Jan.30,1751-2.*

Francis, and Hannah Pearson, Oct.25,1770.CR3

Gift, and Timothy Clarke of Haverhill, Nov.14,1723.CR5*

John, 3d, and Hannah Phillbrick, at Haverhill, [bef. 1741?].

Jonathan [jr. int.], of Plaistow, and Jemima Lufkin, Feb.27,1752.*

Josiah W., jr., of Tospfield, a.22y., s.Josiah W. and Alice And Elizabeth S. Potter of Topsfield, a.20y., d.John and Harriet, Feb.17,1845.

Lidia, wid., and Thomas Peirce, int.May10,1746.

Lydia, and George Hart, Jan.30,1755.CR2*

Mary, and Thomas Crooke, int.Oct.23,1714.

Mary, of Durham, NH, and Amos Heard, int.Aug.25,1787.

Moses, and Abigaile Hovey, int.Apr.19,1707.

Phillips, resident in Ipswich, and Mary Tredwell, int.Aug.7,1746.

Richard, of St. Georges River, and Dorothy [] Varrell, June11,1730.*

Sarah, and Edward Clark, int.12:12m:1714.

Thomas, and Charity Perkins, both of Topsfield, May24,1722.

Thomas, of Newbury, and wid.Sarah Holyday, int.Dec.23,1747.

STEVENSON (Stephenson)

Lydia Ann, and Rodney Miller, Apr.25,1831.*

STEWARD (Stewart)

Benjamin, of Weymouth, and Patience Androuse, int.Feb.6,1719-20.CR4

John [resident in], and Abigail Phips, Jan.16,1755.CR4*

STEWART (Steward)

Abigail, of Rowley, and John Yell, at Rowley, Nov.29,1736.*


Adeline L., Mrs., of Boston, and George W. Wood, int.July15,1848.

STICKNE (Stickney)

Amos, of Newbury, and [] Mary Burrill, at Newbury, Nov.7,1739.*

STICKNEY (Stickne)

Amos, of Rowley, and Abigail Jewett, at Rowley, Dec.25,1751.*

Amos, and Lucy Searle, June7,1770.CR3

Ann M., of Dracut, dressmaker, b. Dracut, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, of Dracut, and Aaron J. Cate, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Mark F. and Elisabeth, Dec.12,1844.*

Ann, of Rowley, d.Jeremiah and Rachel, and Francis P. Hale, jr. of Rowley, s.Francis P. and Sally, Aug.29,1849.

Benjamin [of], and Sarah Metcalf, Jan.3,1758.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Sanders, Dec.10,1792.CR3

Mary, wid., and Samuel Duty, Nov.15,1757.CR3

Mehitable, of Rowley, and Joseph Howe, at Rowley, Feb.7,1793.*

Moses, of Rowley, and Mrs.Sarah Graves, int.June24,1757.

Nathaniel, of Rowley, and Abigail Jewett, int.Nov.4,1819.

Paul, and Elisabeth Pike, Mar.24,1778.CR3

Sarah, of Byfield, and Nathaniel Kimball, jr., at Newbury, May15,1783.*

Sarah, of Billerica, and Ezra Trask Foster, at Billerica, Oct.3,1784.

Thomas, and Dolly Lancaster, Feb.9,1792.CR3

STILES (Styles)

Andrew, of Middleton, and Hannah Kimball, Oct.18,1812.*

Eleanor, of Portsmouth, NH, and John Wells, int.Dec.3,1845.

Louisa, and Stephen Wells, int.May25,1839.

STIMPSON (Stimson)

Charles, and Mercy Annable, at Chebacco, Nov.19,1730.*

George, and Alice Phillips, July22,1676.CTR

Mary, of Chebacco, and Daniel Burnum, int.Aug.4,1720.

STIMSON (Stimpson)

Elisabeth, and John Hobbs, int.Apr.6,1706.CR4

George, and Margret Rust, Jan.16,1723-4.CR4*


Robert, and Mary Ayers, int.Dec.19,1730.

Robert, and Mrs.Eunice Wait, int.Nov.22,1761.

Robert, jr., and Margret Baker, Jan.25,1792.*


Margaret S., and Capt. John T. Giles, both of Rockport, Apr.11,1840.


John, and Margaret [] Lurvey, Nov.2,1705.*

Sarah, and Joseph Seavery of Wenham, int.12:7m:1713.

William, and Sarah Lambert, Apr.14,1685.


Albert A., of Braintree, a.25y., trader, s.Hezekiah and Christiana, and Adeline Potter, a.27y., d.Daniel and Eunice, Nov.4,1846.*


Abigail, Mrs., and Frederick Lewis, int.Mar.5,1774.

Almira, and Perley Scott, Nov.7,1839.*

Asa P., and Louisa Day, May27,1838.*

Azor, and Lydia McWay, both of Hamilton, Feb.23,1809.

Benjamin, and Judith Annable, int.Oct.14,1721.

Benjamin, and Sarah [] Edwards of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.25,1739.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mrs.Lucy Roberts, int.Jan.25,1766.

David, and Elizabeth Corning, both of Beverly, Jan.18,1726.

Dorcas, and William Smith, Sept.11,1796.*

Dorothy [of Gloucester. int.], and Thomas Varney, at Gloucester, Sept.10,1751.*

Edward, and Mrs.Lucy Hodgkins, int.Feb.16,1754.

Edward, and Nathaniel Treadwell, jr., May4,1775.*

Edward, and Hannah Lamson, Nov.19,1778.CR5*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Joseph Wise, int.Nov.19,1768.

Elisabeth B., of Hamilton, and Simon Kinsman, int.June6,1829.

Elizabeth P., and Isaac D. buzell, int.Mar.19,1831.

Ester, and Benjamin Brown, jr., int.Oct.15,1748.

Esther, and William Creesy, jr. of Newburyport, int.Jan.10,1789.

Hannah, and Job Smith, Apr.24,1788.*

John, and Hester Gaines, at Beverly, Apr.12,1683.

John B., and Sarah Stanley of Marblehead, int.Aug.21,1847.

Josiah, and Dorothy Fuller, int.July21,1715.

Lucy, and Winthrop Runnels of Lee, NH, Dec.9,1783.CR2*

Martha, Mrs., and Ambrose Dodge, int.Apr.24,1762.

Mary, and Nathan Jackson, Oct.21,1726.*

Mary, and Abbey Severance, int.Mar.22,1745.

Mary, Mrs., and John Raines of Newburyport, July6,1817.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Ebenezer Russell, int.May末,1819.

Mary Jane, and Amos Dixon of Essex, int.July29,1831.

Marsey, and Thomas Andros, Gloucester, Nov.22,1718.

Phoebee, and Daniel Larcum, at Chebacco, May29,1693.

Remember, and Benjamin Allen, both of Beverly, Aug.5,1725.

Robert, and Mary Harris, Mar.13,1796.*

Robert, and Anna Hodgkins, June7,1818.*

Robert, and Hannah Shattswell, May3,1821.*

Samuel, of Beverly, and Abiel Gaines, at Beverly, May27,1690.

Samuel, of Beverly, and Lucy Woodberry, at Beverly, May21,1719.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Burgen, int.Nov.10,1744.

Samuel, and Mrs.Ester Perkins, int.Jan.25,1767.

Samuel, and Elisabeth Hodgkins, Apr.19,1785.*

Samuel, jr., and Abigail Spiller, May6,1792.*

Sarah, and William Dean, int.May13,1748.

Sarah, and Abraham Patch, Aug.30,1789.*

Susanna, wid., and John Barrow, int.Nov.24,1733.

Susanna, and Benjamin Kimball [jr. int.], Aug.17,1800.*

William, and wid.Ester Cross, int.Oct.22,1698.

William, and Elizabeth Downs, int.4:11m:1717.

William, and Elizabeth Bulley, int.Apr.19,1718.

William, jr., and Abigail Hodgkins, int.Oct.30,1741.

William, and [] Sarah Mansfield, Mar.29,1774.CR2*

William, and Polly hovey, Sept.12,1802.*

William, and Mary L[akeman. int.] Lord, Nov.28,1832.*

STOREY (Story)

Damaras, and Joseph Martin, both of Chebacco, int.Mar.17,1721-2.

Deborah, and Westley Burnam, Nov.10,1743.CR4*

Elizabeth, wid., and Jonathan Smith [both of Chebacco. int.], Jan.25,1732.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Foster, both of Chebacco, July5,1733.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Storey, at Chebacco, Jan.10,1739.*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Perkins, jr., int.July28,1743.

Elizabeth, and John Rindge, int.Dec.7,1745.

Hannah, and Timothy Knoulton, int.Aug.30,1711.

Jacob, jr., and Mary Butler, at Chebacco, Jan.24,1739.*

Jeremiah, and Margaret Harris, int.July30,1737.

Jesse, and Ruamah Burnam, Dec.13,1753.*

Joanna, and Jacob Goodhue, Jan.22,1744-5.CR4*

Joanna, Mrs., and Joseph Burnam, 3d, int.Aug.11,1770.

Jonathan, and Mrs.Katherine Hill, int.Apr.10,1771.

Lois, and Francis Pool of Gloucester, at Chebacco, Oct.19,1752.*

Lidia, and Nathaniel Lufkin, Jan.17,1754.*

Martha, and Samuel Burnam, Nov.17,1743.CR4*

Mary, wid., and Joseph Fellows, May15,1739.CR4*

Nehemiah, and Sarah Gold, Dec.24,1741.CR4*

Rachel, and Joseph Goodhue, jr., Apr.9,1741.CR4*

Samuel, and Sarah Storey, at Chebacco, Jan.11,1750.*

Sarah, and Joshua Martin, Jan.1,1744-5.CR4*

Sarah, and Samuel Storey, at Chebacco, Jan.11,1750.*

Sarah, and John Smith, int.Jan.10,1761.

Stephen, and Mary Emerson, both of Chebacco, int.Sept.23,1721.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Storey, at Chebacco, Jan.10,1739.*

William, of Boston, and Mrs.Joanna Appleton, int.Apr.11,1747.

William, and Mary Giddinge, Jan.12,1748.*

STORY (Storey, Storye)

Abel, and Martha Burnham, Dec.2,1813.CR2*

Abigail, and Benjamin Todd, jr. of Rowley, Apr.29,1806.*

Abraham, and Lucy Story, Jan.7,1787.*

Andrew, and Molly Brown, Aug.24,1778.CR2*

Annah, and John Procter, int.June13,1713.CR4

Anne, and Jonathan Andrews, Apr.16,1761.CR4*

Daniel, and Ruth Burnham, Dec.3,1772.*

Daniel, and Rhuami Holmes, May3,1813.*

Daniel, jr., of Essex, and Lucy Manning, May30,1825.*

David, and Thankful Burnham, Dec.6,1770.*

David, and Sally Andrews, Apr.1,1802.*

Ebenezer, and Susanna Story, June16,1763.CR4*

Elisha, and Lois Perkins, Jan.29,1784.*

Elisabeth, and John Androuse, int.Jan.4,1706-7.CR4

Elisabeth, and Thomas Holmes, July8,1793.*

Betsey [Mrs.CR4], and Thomas Giddings, Aug.10,1805.*

Betsey, and David Low, Nov.11,1813.*

Ellen, "Ms.," of Boston, and Thomas Dodge, int.Oct.22,1763.

Ephraim, and Elisabeth Emerson, int.Dec.17,1715.CR4

Ephraim, and Hannah Burnham Goldsmith, of Andover, int.Jan.14,1804.

Eunice [Storer. int.], and Thomas Lufkin, jr., at Chebacco, Dec.27,1750.*

Eunice, and Isaac Low, July21,1771.*

Eunice, and William Burnham, 4th, Aug.10,1798.CR4*

Hannah, and Westly Burnham, 3d, Nov.10,1796.*

Hannah, and Daniel Norton, Jan.8,1805.*

Isaac, and Deborah Foster, May14,1761.CR4*

Isaac, jr., and Susanna Burnham, Nov.28,1793.*

Jacob, and Martha Burley [Burns?], int.Dec.22,1711.CR4

Jacob, jr., and Lucy Haskel, int.June6,1789.

James, and Sarah Woodbury, Nov.5,1786.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Mary Burnham, Nov.19,1761.*

Jerusha, and Caleb Norwood of Gloucester, Apr.19,1770.*

Jesse, and Eunice Burnham, Nov.19,1799.*

John, and Sarah Choate, int.Feb.16,1716-17.CR4

John, and Hannah Perkins, Apr.13,1760. [May.CR7]*

John [Parker Story.CR4 and int.], and Mary Pierce, Mar.31,1785.*

John, and Priscilla Choate, Apr.11,1787.*

John, and Mary Story, Oct.15,1812.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Saunders of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.31,1772.*

Jonathan, Capt., and Lucy Perkins, Dec.22,1785.*

Jonathan, jr., and Molly Low, May2,1790.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Polly Burnham, July18,1802.*

Jonathan, 4th, and Susanna Crafts, Aug.26,1804.*

Joseph, and Rachel Low, Feb.3,1774.*

Joseph, and [Mrs.CR4] Mary Foster, Nov.22,1800.*

Kate, and Peter Lewis, May28,1794.*

Lois, and Symonds Low, Dec.13,1781.*

Lois, and Henry Witham of Gloucester, Jan.19,1797.*

Lois, and Stephen Burnham, Jan.9,1808.*

Lucy, and William Butler [s.Thomas.CR4], both of Chebacco, Apr.7,1737.*

Lucy, and Jeofford Goldsmith, Apr.25,1769.*

Lucy, and Abraham Story, Jan.7,1787.*

Lucy, and Thomas Holmes, Dec.25,1788.*

Lucy, and Henry Nuting, Nov.29,1807.*

Lucy, and Thomas Low [jr. int.], Sept.2,1817.*

Lucy, of Essex, and Ephraim Brown, jr., int.Feb.19,1820.

Lucy, of Essex, and Wade Cogswell, int.Jan.25,1823.

Lydia, and William Holmes, Mar.17,1785.*

Lydia, and Michael Story, Mar.7,1810.*

Margret, and Aaron Burnham, Sept.25,1766.*

Martha, and Ebenezer Low, Jan.9,1765.*

Martha, and Grover Burnham, Oct.20,1793.*

Mary, and Moses Foster, jr., both of Chebacco, May末,1781.CR5*

Mary, and Aaron Foster, jr., Apr.17,1785.*

Polly [Mrs.CR4], and Abraham Hobbs, 3d of Topsfield, Apr.23,1794.*

Mary, Mrs.and Jeremiah Choate of Londonderry, NH, Nov.21,1794.*

Polly, and zebulon Foster, Nov.30,1794.*

Mary, and Israel Dunnels, Dec.26,1797.*

Mary, and John Story, Oct.15,1812.*

Mary, of Essex, and Isaac Day, int.Apr.29,1820.

Michael, and Betsey Goodhue, Feb.19,1795.*

Michael, and Lydia Storey, Mar.7,1810.*

Nathan, of Manchester, and Eunice Choate, Dec.22,1768.*

Nathan, and Sarah Burnham, Apr.23,1772.*

Nathan, jr., and Joanna Foster, Sept.8,1791.*

Nathan, and Mrs.Elizabeth Holmes, Dec.8,1808.*

Nehemiah, and [wid.CR7] Mary Lee of Manchester, Jan.7,1766.*

Perkins, and Rachel Burnham, Nov.22,1815.*

Phinehas, and Roxanna [] Burnham, July14,1804.*

Priscilla, and Seth Story, Jan.7,1789.*

Ruhamah, and Ammi Burnham [jr.CR4], Dec.23,1784.*

Ruth, of Chebacco, and David Brown, Apr.19,1772.CR5*

Ruth, and Peter Colado of Manchester, Sept.17,1815.*

Ruth, and Adam Boyd, Feb.27,1816.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Burnum, int.Dec.23,1710.CR4

Samuel, and wid.Mary Choate, int.16:7m:1716.

Sarah, and Richard Walker, Oct.29,1661.CTR

Sarah, and Andrew Lane of Gloucester, Apr.10,1777.

Sarah, and Thomas Huse of Dunbarton, NH, Nov.13,1777.*

Sarah, and James Brown of Manchester, Nov.21,1797.*

Sally, and Caleb Low, Mar.26,1808.*

Seth, and Priscilla Story, Jan.7,1789.*

Solomon, and Mary Choate, int.Feb.24,1721-2.CR4

Solomon, and Rose Goodhue, Oct.24,1780.*

Stephen, jr., and Mary Boyd, Dec.29,1785.*

Stephen, and wid.Anna Jones, Nov.27,1791.*

Stephen, jr., and Maria Tuck of Manchester, int.May17,1817.

Susanna, and Ebenezer Story, June16,1763.CR4*

Susannah, and Thomas Fostor, Nov.29,1787.*

Susannah, and Nathaniel Holmes, Mar.26,1791.*

Susannah, and John Mears, Dec.29,1799.*

Thomas, and Hannah Burnham, Nov.3,1768.*

William, and Susanna Fuller, Oct.25,1671.CTR

William, and Sarah Burnham, Jan.3,1769.*

William, jr., and Mary Burnham, Mar.22,1770.*

William, Esq., and Abigail Marshall of Newton [late of Boston. int.], at Newton, Feb.29,1776.*

William, jr., and Bethsheba Grey of Boston, at Boston, Dec.6,1778.*

William, Capt., and Lydia Giddings, Apr.6,1786.*

Zachariah [jr. int.], and Susanna Low, Jan.14,1768.*

Zachary, and Rachell Andrews, int.July4,1714.

STORYE (Story)

Martha, and Thomas Butler, int.16:11m:1719.

Seth, and Martha Low, int.30:9m:1717.

STOW (Stowe)

Abner [of the Plantation of Hassanamisco in Sutton. int.], and Mary Adams, June27,1733.CR5*

STOWE (Stow)

Joel B., of Plymouth, NH, and Lucretia Brown, Nov.7,1838.*


John, of New Brunswick, and Mrs.Hannah Wells, int.Aug.31,1765.

STRATON (Stratton)

Daniel, Lt., of New Ipswich, and Sarah Warner, June2,1785.*

STRATTON (Straton)

Jacob, and Louisa Porter of Salem, int.Oct.9,1841.


Mary, and Abner Tarbox of Marblehead, int.Apr.6,1751.


Benjamin, and Elizabeth Dutch, int.20:9m:1714.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Anne Emmerson, int.June2,1739.

Elizabeth, and Jabez Sweet [jr. int.], Feb.23,1737.*

STYLES (Stiles)

John, of Boxford, and Mary French, Dec.14,1705.*


Margaret, and William P. Chesley, int.Apr.27,1844.


Rebecka, wid., of Newbury, and Ens.Nicholas Wallis, Apr.28,1691.


Richard, of Gloucester, and Rebecca Hobbs, int.9:8m:1714.


Catharine L., a.26y., d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, and Edwin Poor of Newbury, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Samuel W. and Hannah, Feb.4,1847.*

Ebenezer, and Katharine Low, Dec.10,1755.CR2*

Ebenezer, Capt., and Eliza [] Low, Dec.14,1809.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Susan Newman, Feb.5,1838.*

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Dow, int.30:9m:1706.

Elisabeth, and Moses Caldwell, Nov.21,1785.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Danvers, and John Baker, 3d, int.Feb.7,1835.

Katharine, and Henry Russel, jr., Jan.18,1787.*

Mary, and Abraham Kimbal, Mar.14,1791.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Foster, Oct.19,1758.CR2*

Richard, of Portsmouth, and Lucy Lord, Dec.13,1802.*

Richard, of Portsmouth, originally of Ipswich, and Lucy Lord, d.Dr. Samuel, dec., Dec.13,1802.

Richard [Lt. int.], and Rebeckah Foster, Oct.25,1807.*

Sarah, and Daniel Russell, Feb.28,1793.*

Susanna, "Ms.," and Thomas Kimball, int.Jan.12,1760.

Susannah, and Benjamin Lord, jr., Feb.23,1786.*

William, and Susanna Kimball, int.Jan.8,1725.

William, of Danvers, and Elisabeth Treadwell, Apr.14,1799.*

SWAIN (Swaine, Sweayen)

Benjamin, of Reading, and Sarah Appleton, Dec.7,1727.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Reading, and Maj. Thomas Dennis, at Reading, Apr.21,1763.*

Hephzibah, Mrs., of Reading, and Thomas Norton, int.May19,1753.

John, of Reading, and Mary Perkins of Topsfield, Dec.1,1720.

SWAINE (Swain)

Hepsibah, of Reading, and Joseph Appleton, at Reading, Nov.16,1732.*

SWAN (Swann)

Mercy, and Samuell Warner, Oct.21,1662.CTR

SWANN (Swan)

Robert, of Marblehead, and Sarah Harris, int.Dec.9,1721.

SWASEY (Swazey)

Abigail, and Joseph Hodgkins, jr., Nov.7,1793.*

Amy, and Rev. Joseph McKean of Milton, Sept.1,1799.*

Charlotte, and Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard of Newbury, June14,1808.*

Hannah, and Joseph Hall [Hale. int.and.CR2], Jan.10,1802.*

Joseph S., of Salem, and Abigail Hammond, int.Mar.30,1822.

Susanna, and George Stacey of Marblehead, June30,1763.CR2*

Susanna, and [Lt. int.] Jabez Farley, Jan.28,1790.*

SWAZEY (Swasey)

John, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Newmarsh, int.Aug.29,1752.

Samuel, and Susanna How, Feb.10,1747-8.CR2*

SWEAT (Sweet)

Ann, wid., and Israel Clark, July11,1758.CR3*

Benjamin, and Mary Ireland Dec.15,1774.CR5*

Enoch, and Mary Perkins, int.Dec.27,1766.


Thomas, Dr., of Reading, and Mrs.Hannah Appleton, int.Sept.26,1730.

SWEET (Sweat, Sweett, Swett)

Aaron, and Sarah Harris, Dec.22,1799.*

Aaron, jr., and Abigail H. Brown, Mar.12,1826.*

Anna, and Partrick Furlong, Nov.20,1777.*

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Hart, Nov.9,1777.CR2*

Benjamin, jr., Capt., and Sarah Lord, Dec.2,1813.*

Elisabeth, and William Robbins, Oct.2,1798.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Caldwell, 3d, Nov.18,1805.*

Hannah, and Isaac Kilbourn, Oct.31,1802.*

Hannah, Mrs., and John Brewer, jr. of Hamilton, May24,1824.*

Jabez, and Mary Moses, int.Aug.5,1710.

Jabez [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Studley, Feb.23,1737.*

Jabez, of Boston, and Lydia Lord, Nov.29,1798.*

John, and Mrs.Margaret Lakeman, int.Nov.9,1771.

John, jr., and Elisabeth Graves, Feb.7,1797.*

John, Capt., and Hannah Dodge, Feb.27,1814.*

John, and Lucy M. Brown, July3,1834.*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Poor, Apr.22,1760.CR3

Louisa, and Daniel L. Willcomb, Apr.5,1827.*

Lucy, and Aaron Appleton, Oct.7,1800.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Wells, June19,1798.*

Margaret, and Michael Lord, July19,1827.*

Martha, and Nathaniel Newman, jr. of Newbury, int.Nov.13,1742.

Mary, and Benjamin Chadwell, int.Jan.5,1737.

Mary, and John Peters of Gloucester, Dec.17,1771.CR2*

Mary, and Thomas Caldwell, Feb.14,1793.*

Mary L. [d.Capt. Aaron.CR1], and James Staniford, Oct.30,1827.*

Mary, and Abraham Soward, June3,1828.*

Miriam, and Walter Piper of Newburn, int.June14,1744.

Moses, and Mary Ross, Sept.27,1781.*

Ruth, and Enoch Smith of Newbury, Nov.3,1805.*

Sarah, and Bartholomew Horace Burgess of Danvers, Apr.28,1782.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Thomas S. Jewett, int.Nov.25,1820.

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Stephen Low, Sept.29,1822.*

Sarah, and Capt. William Willcomb, Aug.16,1827.*


Paul, of Reading, and Mary Hart, Dec.20,1769.CR2*

SWEETT (Sweet)

Moses, and Mary Staniford of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.23,1737-8.*

SWETT (Sweet)

Benjamin, and Rebecca Waite, June4,1786.CR2*

Polly, and Jacob Dole of Rowley, Nov.2,1814.*

Rebekah, and John Soward [], Feb.27,1792.*

Rebeckah, and Samuel Jewett, Apr.28,1808.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Israel Clark, jr., int.Dec.19,1764.


John, jr., of Milton, and Elizabeth Parker, Aug.19,1818.*


Samuel, and Sarah Leach, at Chebacco, June23,1740.*


Richard, of Rowley, and Abia Browne, int.Sept.12,1719.CR4


Lidia, wid., and Richard Potter, int.Feb.16,1760.

SYMMON (Symonds)

John, and Abigail Stanwood, Feb.8,1787.*

SYMONDS (Simmons, Simonds, Simons, Symmon)

Anna, and Edward Bishop, June5,1777.CR3

David, and Jane Dutch, int.Nov.10,1709.

Dorathy, d.William, and Cyprian Whipple, s.Lt. John, Dec.19,1695.

Hephzibah, and Simeon Town, Feb.23,1779.CR3

Jacob, and Susanna Bishop, Jan.7,1777.CR3

John, of Topsfield, and Mary Harris, int.Feb.26,1742.

Joseph, of Wenham, and Cynthia Langmaid, int.Apr.30,1836.

Judith [S. int.], and Enoch Haskell of Boston, Dec.4,1826.*

Mark, of Andover, and Deborah Towns, int.Aug.29,1774.

Mary, d.Samuell, of Boxford, and Joseh Peabody, s.Joseph, of Boxford, Mar.末,1693.

Mary, and Joseph Whipple, Dec.10,1697.

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Elizabeth Baker, Nov.17,1805.*

Phebe, of Topsfield, and Nathaniel Potter, at Topsfield, Feb.11,1798.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Woodman of Newbury, int.Mar.11,1731.

Sarah, and Thomas Low, jr., Dec.2,1687.CTR

Susanna, and Joseph Jacob, Dec.18,1690.

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