Abigail P., and John Dudley of New Haven, CT, Sept.8,1834.*

Asa, and Martha H. Pulsifer, Nov.20,1832.*

Elizabeth, and Elihu Wardell, May26,1665.CTR

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nathaniell Shepherd of Lynn, May5,1703.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Benjamin Appleton, int.Feb.23,1722-3.

Elizabeth, and Capt. Jonathan Cogswell, July1,1731.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Heard, Jan.13,1763.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Robert Dodge of Newbury, Feb.25,1796.*

Elisabeth, and David Choate of Essex, Jan.14,1828.*

Eunice, and Thomas Williams, jr., both of Newbury, Mar.21,1803.

Francis H., and Eliza Ann Grant of Salem, int.Mar.15,1845.

Hannah, and William Wade, Jan.27,1819.*

Hannah, a.23y., mantuamaker, d.William and Hannah, and John Pinder, jr., a.21y., currier, s.John and Mary, Apr.27,1845.*

Huldah, and Benjamin Kimball, 3d, Apr.16,1807.*

John, and Susannah Burnham, at Danvers, Oct.26,1769.*

John, and Mercy Merrifield, Nov.20,1794.*

John, jr., and Elisabeth Lord, Dec.3,1817.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Dorithy Buckly, Dec.9,1660.CTR

Jonathan, and Mrs.Jane Diamond, int.Mar.11,1709.

Lucretia, and Daniel Weed, Sept.28,1841.*

Lucy M., a.21y., d.William F. and Marcy, and Josiah F. Kimball of Lynn, a.24y., printer, s.Josiah and Hannah, May14,1845.*

Mary, Mrs., and Henry Wise, int.Aug.28,1725.

Mary, and Francis H. Abbot of Newbury, Apr.20,1826.*

Mercy, and Lt. Samuel Day, June29,1826.*

Nathaniel, s.Timothy and Ruth, and Mary Foster, d.Col. Joseph and Lydia, of Gloucester, July17,1777.*

Nathaniel, Col., and Hannah Treadwell, d.Jacob and Martha, Oct.29,1788.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Hannah Hodgkins, Dec.20,1803.*

Ruth, and Benjamin French Russel of Newbury, Nov.16,1809.*

Ruth, and Thomas Peirce, May30,1841.*

Samuel, and Lydia Treadwell, Dec.20,1810.*

Samuel, jr., and Eunice Caldwell, Nov.10,1830.*

Sarah, and Samuell Rogers, Nov.13,1661.CTR

Sarah, and Thomas Baker of Topsfield, Nov.26,1729.*

Susannah, Mrs., and Zacheus Mayhue of Chilmark, int.Sept.12,1713.

Susanna, wid., and John Heard, jr., Nov.4,1772.CR2*

Susanna, and Philip Lord, Mar.17,1820.*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Cogswell, Feb.22,1670.

Thomas, s.Col. Thomas, and [Mrs.dup.] Elisabeth Thornton of Boston, Apr.4,1700.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Merrifield, Sept.18,1794.*

Timothy, s.Capt. Thomas, and Ruth Woodberry of Beverly, May12,1737. [Apr. dup.]*

William, and Mrs.Mary Crocker, int.Mar.11,1769.

William, and [Mrs.int.] Eunice Baker, Dec.17,1773.CR2*

William Foster, and Mercy Lakeman, May11,1804.*

William, and Hannah Wade, Jan.27,1819.*

William F. [jr. int.], and Mary P. Brown, Dec.16,1841.*


Nabby, and John Carnes of Boston, Sept.2,1786.

Anne, Mrs., and Adam Winthrop of Boston, Nov.7,1700.*

Anne, Mrs., and William Fuller, int.Sept.19,1755.

Ann, and David Tilton, Dec.13,1759.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Jonathan Cogswell, 24:3m:1686.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Addington Davenport of Boston, Nov.10,1698.*

Elisabeth, and Dr. Parker Clark of Newburyport, Apr.12,1789.*

Francis, and Mrs.Sarah Whipple, Mar.12, [1690?].

Francis, Col., and Mrs.Elizabeth Hirst of Salem, int.June23,1711.

John, and Elizabeth Norton, Mar.10,1674.CTR

John, Esq., and Mrs.Christian Newton, jr. of Boston, at Boston, Feb.11,1723-4.*

John, and wid.Mary Eveleth, Nov.19,1746.CR4*

Lucy, Mrs., and Paul Dudley, Esq. of Boston, Sept.15,1703.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Samuel Waldo of Boston, int.June9,1722.

Samuel, and Mrs.Mary Flint of Salem, at Salem, Jan.27,1724.*

Sarah, and Jacob Perkins,末蔓末,1667.CTR

Sarah, and Stephen Minott of Boston, int.Sept.16,1710.

WAIT (Waite)

Abigail R., and Stephen Lord, jr., Nov.28,1819.*

Abram D., and Susan S. Lord, Sept.12,1833.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Tamisin Heard, int.Dec.21,1751.

Elisabeth [wid.int.], and Samuel Smith, Mar.28,1768.CR2*

Eunice, Mrs., and Robert Stocker, int.Nov.22,1761.

Eunice, and jonas Page of Shirley, May24,1808.*

Hale, of Wells, and Elisabeth Stanwood, May22,1800.*

Jason, of Sutton, and Mary Thomson, Mar.26,1729.CR5*

John, and Sarah Kimball, int.Oct.28,1749.

John H., and Mary E. Dresser of Gloucester, int.Nov.8,1829.

Nathaniel R., and Mary [W. int.] Philbrook, Dec.31,1843.*

Rebecca Appleton, and Rev. Appollow Hale of Tolland CT, Dec.1,1836.*

Ruth, and Tobias Lakeman, Apr.15,1742.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Sarah Day, int.Nov.4,1757.

Sarah, Mrs., and William Baker, int.May18,1754.

Sally, and Jonathan Haskell, Mar.16,1820.*

William R., and Roxann Woodworth of Bowdoinham, ME, Nov.29,1838.*

WAITE (Wait, Waitt)

Aaron, and Elizabeth Lowater [jr. int.], Nov.15,1752.CR2*

Aaron, and Elisabeth Mansfield, Aug.11,1784.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Holland int.Sept.25,1725.

Elisabeth, and Solomon Colman, Nov.16,1775.CR2*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Lock of Hallowell, Oct.16,1812.*

John, and Kathrine Carrell, Aug.14,1685.

John, and wid.Hannah Dear, int.Nov.16,1712.

John, and Sarah Baker, int.Apr.16,1715.

John, and Eunice Hale of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.21,1773.*

John, jr., and Rebekah Gould, Apr.17,1781.*

John, and Judith Hale of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.29,1785.*

Jonadab, and Hannah Adams, int.Sept.11,1725.

Joseph, and Rebekah Dodge, Sept.25,1802.*

Katherine, and John Spillar, int.Jan.15,1726.

Mary, and John Harris [farmer. int.], June11,1728.*

Polly, Mrs., and Stephen Baker, Jan.1,1798.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Swett, June4,1786.CR2*

Ruth, and Samuel Adams of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Nov.25,1718.*

Samuel, and Ruth Fellows, int.9:9m:1717.

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Hodgkins, int.July31,1742.

Samuel, jr., and Polly Peters, Dec.29,1793.*

Sarah, and Richard Kimball, Aug.13,1705.*

Sarah, and William Fuller, int.27:8m:1716.

Sarah, of Sutton, and Charles Roberts, at Sutton, Jan.11,1722.

Sarah, wid., and John Hodgkins, jr., Feb.4,1773.CR2*

Susannah, and James Lord, int.Mar.27,1725.

Thomas, and Susan Ayres, Nov.21,1677.CTR

Thomas, and Mary Kinsman, int.14:10m:1717.

WAITT (Waite)

Thomas [Wyatt.CR1], and Sally Fuller, Jan.5,1808.*

WALCUT (Walcutt)

Mary, of Salem, and William Brackenbury, int.Aug.15,1730.

WALCUTT (Walcut)

Mary, of Salem, and Nathaniel Wood, int.Nov.9,1728.


Edward, of Wenham, and Abigail Brown, int.Apr.7,1749.


Samuel, of Boston, and Mrs.Lucy Wainwright, int.June9,1722.


Sarah, of Beverly, and Jonathan Kent of Chebacco, Nov.4,1773.CR5*


Elizabeth, and Edmund Pottar, int.14:2m:1711.

John, and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Reding of Beverly, at Beverly, May10,1757.*

Joseph, and Martha Greenough, Nov.17,1724.CR5*

Joseph B., of Concord, NH, a.24y., attorney and Counsellor-at-law, b. Concord, NH, s.Joseph and Ann, of Concord, NH, and Sarah A. Fitz, a.19y., May5,1847.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Patch, Mar.27,1718.CR5

Richard, and Sarah Story, Oct.29,1661.CTR


John, Rev., and Mrs.Elizabeth Appleton, int.Sept.16,1748.

WALLINGFORD (Wallingsford, Wellingford)

Abigaile, and Nathaniel Caldwell,末蔓末,1704. [Feb.19,1703. int.]*

WALLINGSFORD (Wallingford)

Elizabeth, and Jonas Laskey of Wenham, Aug.8,1762.*

WALLIS (Wollis)

Aaron, and Margret Kimball, Sept.27,1789.*

Aaron, and Elisabeth Mansfield, May8,1816.*

Abigail, and Joseph Smith, 3d, int.Mar.14,1740.

Anna, and Daniel Pottar, int.May13,1721.

Daniel, jr., and Hannah Appleton, Oct.13,1791.*

Dorcas, wid., alias Millet [of Gloucester. int.], and Christopher Hodgkins [jr. int.], at Gloucester, Apr.2,1751.*

Elizabeth [of Gloucester. int.in.CR4], and John Andrew [jr. int.CR4], at Gloucester, Dec.6,1716.*

Elizabeth, and John Manning, Feb.20,1733.

Elizabeth, and Moses Smith, int.Jan.17,1746.

Hannah, wid., and Nathaniel Goodhue, int.Apr.6,1753.

Hannah, Mrs., and Daniel Potter, jr., int.Mar.17,1759.

Joseph, and Hannah Smith, int.Dec.7,1735.

Lydia, and John Bowles, jr., Oct.9,1788.*

Martha, Mrs., and Pelatiah Brown, int.Oct.21,1758.

Martha Eunice, and Fredric Dawson, Mar.5,1840.*

Mary, wid., and Jacob Forster, int.Oct.14,1742.

Mary, and Aaron Wells, Dec.25,1766.CR2*

Melinda A., a.22y., d.Aaron and Betsey, and James A. Knox, a.22y., mariner, s.Rufus and Lucy, Oct.1,1848.*

Moses, and Hannah Appleton, May25,1800.*

Nicholas, and Sarah Bradstreet, Apr.13,1657.CTR

Nicholas, Ens., and wid.Rebecka Summersbie of Newbury, Apr.28,1691.

Rebecca, and John Dennison, int.Aug.12,1727.

Robert [jr. int.], and Hannah Kinsman, Dec.25,1735.*

Robert, jr., and "Ms." Eunice Brown, int.Oct.3,1763.

Samuell, and Sarah Watson, Dec.30,1690.

Samuell, and Anna Porter, July7,1696.

Samuell, and Sarah Pickard, int.27:12m:1713.

Samuel, and wid.Alice Kimball, int.May23,1730.

Samuel, and wid.Mary Hovey, Apr.1,1734.

Samuel, and Mrs.Mary Potter, int.Apr.13,1759.

Samuel, jr., and Lydia Wells, Apr.17,1760.CR2*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Reves, Jan.18,1785.*

Sarah, and Simon Stace, Apr.19,1659.CTR

Sarah, and Thomas Pottar, int.July22,1721.

Sarah, and Nathaniell Rust, Nov.15,1737.*

Sarah, Mrs., and John Friend, jr. of Wenham, int.Feb.12,1763.

William L. [S.CR2], a.25y., tanner and currier, s.Aaron and Betsey, and Sarah Wrigley, a.23y., b. England d.John and Mary, Nov.5,1849.*


James, of Newburyport, and Mrs.Elizabeth Staniford, Apr.5,1807.*


Martha, Mrs., and John Tuttell, Dec.3,1689.

Robert, Rev., of Wenham, and Mrs.Priscilla Appleton, int.Apr.28,1722.

Samuell, and Mrs.Sarah Tuttle, Nov.13,1699.

Sarah, wid., and John Dennis, int.June21,1713.

Sarah, and Nicholas Noyes of Newbury, int.Sept.7,1723.

WARDALL (Wardell)

Uzall, and Mary Ring, May3,1664.CTR

WARDELL (Wardall)

Elihu, and Elizabeth Wade, May26,1665.CTR

Elisabeth, and jacob Rowell, Sept.21,1691.

Jonathan, and Kathrin Chickrin of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Dec.12,1695.


Elisabeth N., and William B. Spiller, June20,1830.*


Grace, of Bristol, and Joseph Giddings, Dec.25,1701.*

Joseph, of Bristol, and Martha Giddings, int.Oct.15,1709.

Mary, and Abraham Rowell [of Amesbury.int.], Dec.2,1701.*

Moses, Capt., and Elisabeth Warner Boardman, int.Apr.3,1830.

Moses, Capt., and Amy S. Farley, Apr.12,1832.*

Nathaniell, and Hannah Edwards, May19,1702.*

Prudence, and Samuell Dutch, int.Dec.19,1702.

Susannah, wid., and John Harris, Nov.19,1700.

WARFE (Wharf)

Rebbecca, Mrs., and Manuel Astin of Gloucester, int.Nov.24,1770.


Abigaill, and John Dane, Dec.27,1671.CTR

Abigail, and John Heard, Dec.9,1736.*

Alfred, and Almira Richardson, int.July22,1836.

Ann, of Newbury, and Joseph Wilcom, at Newbury, Nov.20,1752.*

Asa, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Dutch, Nov.10,1774.CR2*

Benjamin, and Lucy Newman, Apr.2,1780.*

Caleb, and Mary Browne [Elizabeth Browne. int.], Nov.8,1734.*

Caleb, of Salem, and Mary Pearson, Aug.8,1809.*

Daniell, and Faith Browne, July1,1660.CTR

Daniell, jr., and Sar Dane, Sept.23,1668.CTR

Daniel, sr., and wid.Ellen Jeawett of Rowley, June1,1686.CTR

Daniel, jr., and Sarah Warner of Pomfret, CT, int.Apr.21,1728.

Daniel, and wid.Mary Ayers, int.Nov.25,1749.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Boardman, int.July5,1766.

Daniel A., a.22y., s.Stephen and Lucy M., and Lucy A. Wilson, a.19y., b. Deer Isle, ME, d.Henry and Lucy, May27,1847.*

Elizabeth, and Edmond Heard, Sept.26,1672.CTR

Elizabeth, and John Fowler of Amesbury, Nov.5,1729.*

Elisabeth, wid., and Philip Lord, jr., int.Jan.27,1774.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Dodge, jr., Jan.8,1795.*

George W., and Martha B. Francis of Hamilton, int.Nov.15,1844.

Hanah, d.Nathaniell, deceased, and ephraim Fellowes, s.Isaac, May19,1703. [May20. dup.]*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Stanwood of Gloucester, int.Oct.25,1723.

John, and Hanah Bachelour, Apr.20,1665.CTR

John, and Hannah Davis of Gloucester, int.July4,1702.

John, jr., and Anne Woodward of Gloucester, int.Nov.2,1728.

John, and Susanna Hodgkins, int.Oct.24,1747.

Louis [of Londonderry.int.], and Benjamin Kimbal, jr., Feb.2,1780.*

Lucy, Mrs., and John Cross, int.Nov.20,1762.

Lidia, Mrs., and James Smith, jr., int.May15,1762.

Martha, and Josiah Burroughs, int.May7,1743.

Mary, and William Adams, int.Dec.31,1715.

Mary, and Abell Boardman, int.May23,1735.

Mary [wid.int.], and Nathaniel Chapman, May7,1754.CR2*

Mary, Mrs., and John Todd of Rowley, int.Jan.7,1769.

Mary, and Sanford Peatfield, June4,1837.*

Mary D., and James P. Archer, int.Apr.10,1847.

Mercy, and Israel How, int.Sept.4,1714.

Nathaniell, and Hanah Boynton, Nov.24,1673.CTR

Nathaniel, and Mary Tuttle, int.28:2m:1716.

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Elizabeth Kimball, int.Nov.12,1768.

Philemon, and Abigail Tuttle, Apr.27, [1697?]

Priscilla, and Joseph Adams, int.Oct.29,1727.

Ruth, and John Curtis of Marblehead, int.Sept.29,1738.

Samuell, and Mercy Swan, Oct.21,1662.CTR

Sarah, of Rowley, and Benjamin Fowler, int.13:5m:1717.

Sarah, of Pomfret, CT, and Daniel Warner, jr. int.Apr.21,1728.

Sarah, and Jonathan Parling of Concord, Jan.23,1734.*

Sarah, and William Holyday, jr., int.Apr.21,1744.

Sally, of Londonderry, and Andrew Smith, int.Jan.22,1785.

Sarah, and Lt. Daniel Straton of New Ipswich, June2,1785.*

Stephen, and Lucy Mary Lord, Aug.5,1824.*

Susanna, and John Brewer, Jan.末,1674.CTR

Susannah, "Ms.," and Michael Hodge of Salisbury, int.Aug.2,1760.

Susanna, and Amos Chapman, Dec.14,1767.CR2*

Susannah, and Benjamin Dodge of Hamilton, Nov.25,1819.*

William, and Mary Holland int.June18,1747.

William, and Mary Whitaker, int.Sept.28,1751.

William, of Danvers, and Lucy Tilton, Apr.8,1773.CR5*

William, 3d, and susanah Palmer of Rowley, Nov.21,1780.*

William, jr., and Mary Dodge of Hamilton, int.Nov.9,1805.


Sarah, and Henry Gould, Sept.20,1675.CTR


Ephraim, and Abigail Burnam, May13,1701.*

Jonas, and Sally Parker, Nov.9,1794.CR3

Mary, Mrs., and Amos Knowlton of Wenham, int.Dec.30,1765.

Nathan, and Rachel Hooker [of the Hamlet. int.], Aug.15,1739.*

Ruth, and James Frost, Oct.14,1735.*


Hannah E., and George W. Fall, Nov.11,1838.*

Laura, and Charles Smith of Boxford, int.Jan.25,1838.

WASTCUTT (Yescott)

Sarah, and Robert Holmes, int.Jan.4,1701.


Mary, of Providence, RI, and Alexander Lovell, jr., resident at Ipswich, int.May1,1731.

WATERS (Watters)

Benjamin, of Salem, and Ester Gilbert, int.Mar.30,1745.

WATSON (Wattson)

John [of Plymouth.int.], and Sarah Roggers, at Plymouth, Jan.26,1715.*

Mary, and Thomas Dannis, June11,1724.CR5*

Sarah, and Samuell Wallis, Dec.30,1690.

WATTERS (Waters)

Susanah, and Benedict Pulsipher, Feb.末,1673.CTR

WATTSON (Watson)

William, and Sarah Perly, Jan.15,1670.CTR

WAYMOUTH (Weymouth)

Eunice, and Jefferson Nichols, Aug.30,1836.*

Joann, a.21y., d.Richard L. and Joanna, and Joseph Ross, a.24y., housewright, s.Joseph W. and Sarah, Jan.14,1847.*

Joshua, of Litchfield, Lincoln Co., and Mary Lakeman, June21,1796.*

Richard L., and Joanna Lummus, Jan.6,1824.*


Mary, Mrs., and Dea.William Goodhue, Sept.7,1669.CTR

Mary P., a.19y., d.William and Harriet, and Stephen W. Curtis, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Abigail Green, Jan.2,1848.*


Andrew, and Johanna Webber, Dec.22,1736.CR5*

Anna, of Gloucester, and Benjamin Fellows, jr., int.Apr.24,1784.

Edward, jr., and Sarah Newman, jr., int.Aug.1,1730.

Elisabeth, and Samuell Bulley, Feb.22,16[93?].

Elizabeth, and Richard Webber, Sept.11,1734.*

Francis, and Sarah Hodgkins, Aug.6,1752.CR3*

Johanna, and Andrew Webber, Dec.22,1736.CR5*

Joanna, and Joseph Harris, int.Dec.2,1743.

Joanna, Mrs., of Methuen, and Joseph Hodgkins, int.Mar.8,1764.

John, and Jane Ford, Mar.6,1727.*

Molly, of Wenham, and Michael Newman, at Wenham, July22,1770.*

Patience, and John Ford, jr., int.Aug.5,1727.

Patience, of Methuen, and John Hodgkins, 4th, at Methuen, Feb.20,1755.*

Richard, and Sarah Chapman, int.27:2m:1710.

Richard, and Elizabeth Webber, Sept.11,1734.*

Richard, and Joanna Harris, int.June18,1738.

Richard, and Elisabeth Jewet, May19,1774.CR3

William, and wid.Mary Wells, Jan.30,1733.


Ebenezer, of Portland and Mrs.Susanna Caldwell, Dec.1,1814.*

Hannah, and John Dodge of Wenham, Feb.3,1734-5.CR4*

Harriet H., of Bradford, and David T. Kimball, jr. of Mt. Vernon, IN, Oct.10,1837.

Josiah, Rev., and Elisabeth Knight of Atkinson, NH, int.Nov.14,1799.

Nathan, of Haverhill, and Sarah Low, int.Nov.6,1708.CR4

Samuel, of Kingston, NH, and Elizabeth Burnum of Chebacco, Feb.6,1732-3.*

Sarah, wid., and Hennery Curtice, int.June30,1722.CR4

Sarah, Mrs., and Thomas Lufkin, sr., July29,1724.CR4*


Daniel, and Lucretia Wade, Sept.28,1841.*

Deborah, of Amesbury, and Caleb Hobbs, int.Dec.22,1705.

George, of Marblehead, and Abigail Chapman, Sept.17,1827.*


Mary, and John White, at Chebacco, Feb.15,1702.


Francis, Rev., and Harriet A. Conant, both of Linebrook, Apr.4,1839.*

John, of Norwich, and Susanna Emins, int.3:11m:1718.

Moses, and Rebecca Dod, int.Apr.13,1706.

Phillip, and Hanah Hagget, Feb.20,1666.CTR

WELLES (Wells)

Liddea, and Richard Kimbole, 13:11m:16[85?].

WELLINGFORD (Wallingford)

Nicholas, of Rowley, and Sarah Elethrop, int.Aug.21,1703.


James L. [M. int.], and Elisabeth Graves, Sept.24,1837.*

James M., widr., a.32y., cordwainer, s.Thaddeus and Sarah, and Emma Hunt, a.26y., d.John J. and Theodocia, Apr.26,1849.*

WELLS (Welles)

Aaron, and Mary Wallis, Dec.25,1766.CR2*

Aaron, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Eunice Smith, Jan.18,1797.*

Abigaill, and Nathaniell Tredwell, June19,1661.CTR

Abigaile, and John Yell, int.Jan.14,1715.

Abigail, and John Kinsman, jr., Feb.9,1758.CR2*

Beamsley, and [wid.int.] Ruth Andrews, Dec.13,1759.CR2*

Benjamin, a.38y., s.Jonathan and Lydia, and Sarah A. Hutchinson, a.35y., d.Charles F., of Francistown, NH, May9,1847.*

Daniel [David.int.], and Sarah Williams, Mar.24,1729.*

David, and Elizabeth Wilcomb, int.Oct.16,1731.

Elizabeth, and John Burnam, June9,1669.CTR

Elizabeth, and George Heart, May5,1698.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Adam Smith, int.Jan.28,1748.

Elizabeth, wid., and William Robbins, int.Apr.20,1759.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Badger, Sept.7,1761.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Lord, 4th, Oct.11,1807.*

Eunice, Mrs., and William Brown, 4th [4d.CR7], Apr.22,1755.*

Hannah, Mrs., and John Stozo of New Brunswick, int.Aug.31,1765.

Hannah, and John Friend, jr. of Wenham, Jan.1,1767.CR2*

Hannah, Mrs., and Ezekiel Potter, jr., Jan.6,1785.CR2*

Hephzibah, and Nehemiah Patch, Apr.28,1763.CR2

James L., of Salem, and Elisabeth Kinsman, May20,1832.*

John, and Mary Phillips, int.Nov.20,1725.

John, jr., and Betsy Kinsman, Dec.15,1796.*

John, and Bethiah Day, Dec.19,1802.*

John [jr. int.], and Eunice Spiller, Apr.15,1821.*

John, and Eleanor Stiles of Portsmouth, NH, int.Dec.3,1845.

Jonathan, and Ann Lovell, int.Nov.14,1746.

Jonathan, and Martha Hodgkins, Mar.10,1767.CR2*

Jonathan, and wid.Hannah Smith, int.July25,1772.

Jonathan, and Lydia Sweet, June19,1798.*

Jonathan, jr., and Eleanor Maria Harris, Jan.17,1842.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Sarah Brown, int.Jan.16,1762.

Joseph, and Mrs.Eunice Smith, int.Oct.24,1766.

Lucy, and Jeremiah Lord, jr., June2,1757.CR2*

Lydia, and Jacob Smith, Nov.13,1718.CR5*

Lydia, and Samuel Wallis, jr., Apr.17,1760.CR2*

Lydia, and Horace Searle of Lynn, Feb.1,1825.*

Mary, and Thomas Bennett, int.23:9m:1717.

Mary, wid., and William Webber, Jan.30,1733.

Mary, Mrs., and Gedeon Parker, int.July28,1753.

Mary, and Daniel Badger, jr., Feb.26,1767.CR2*

Moses, and Eunice Kinsman, int.Nov.20,1724.

Moses, jr., and Mary Harris, Jan.11,1749.*

Nathaniell, and Liadia Thurlley, Oct.29,1661.CTR

Nathaniel, and Sarah Kinsman, int.July7,1723.

Nathaniel, jr., and Lucy Goodhue, Mar.15,1769.CR2*

Nathaniel, jr., and Betsy Harris, Nov.27,1791.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Sarah Lakeman, Dec.17,1795.*

Philemon, and Elizabeth Loney, int.July19,1765.

Philemon, and Sarah George, June4,1804.*

Rebecca, and John Chipman Baker, both of Beverly, May3,1804.

Ruth [wid.int.], and William Urann, Mar.27,1749.CR2*

[Ruth.int.], wid., and John Caldwell, jr., Aug.6,1771.CR2*

Sarah, and John Day, Jan.27,1691.

Sarah, and Joseph Harrenden of Gloucester, int.Feb.18,1720-21.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Kimball of Wenham, at Wenham, Mar.14,1722.*

Sarah, and Nathaniell Lord, 3d, int.Feb.27,1746-7.

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Holland int.Aug.20,1768.

Sarah, and John Obrien, Sept.1,1785.CR2*

Sarah, and William Lakeman, jr., Dec.8,1796.*

Simeon, and Martha Burnham, Mar.9,1770.*

Stephen, and Louisa Stiles, int.May25,1839.

Susanna, and Ephraim Smith of Sudbury, Mar.13,1755.CR2*

Susanna, and William Soward, int.Nov.15,1796.

Thomas, and Mary Perkins, Jan.10,1669.CTR

Thomas, and Sarah Start, int.Mar.12,1736.

William, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Mansfield, July16,1770.CR2*


Harrison, and Betsey Chesley, int.Mar.1,1836.


Thomas, of Newburyport, and Mrs.Salome Gains, int.July22,1769.


Hanah, and Samuell Perkins,末蔓末, 末末.CTR

Hiram, of Lynn, and Elisabeth Caldwell, Nov.9,1836.*

John, and wid.末末 Atwood, Sept.9,1697.

Mary, and Robert Woodbury, at Chebacco, Dec.11,1693.

Sarah, of Salem, and Joseph Wise, Oct.28,1794.*

Thomas, and Anne Curtinn, int.Apr.10,1708.

Thomas, and Susanna Varrill, int.27:10m:1718.


Thomas, of Reading, and Sarah Gold, Feb.23,1737-8.CR4*

WEYMOUTH (Waymouth)

Samuel, of Portsmouth, and Mary Burnam, int.10:10m:1709.

WHARF (Warfe)

Eunice [wid.Gloucester. int.], and Thomas Safford, at Gloucester, June5,1764.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Nathaniel Ropes, jr. of Salem, int.June2,1770.

James, and Bethiah Dresser of Rowley, Nov.9,1779.CR2*


Abijah, and Elizabeth Andrews, Nov.8,1728.*

Benjamin, of Gloucester, and Sarah Martin, int.Nov.12,1720.CR4

Benjamin, jr., of Gloucester, and Elizabeth Pulcifer, int.Dec.19,1746.

Benjamin, jr., of Gloucester, and Sarah Dane, int.Aug.16,1749.

Benjamin, and Sarah Woodbury of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.26,1767.*

Cornelius, of Stoneham, and Elisabeth Haden, int.Apr.18,1840.

David, and Mrs.Ma末 Rodick of Harpswell, int.Jan.10,1761.

Elizabeth, of Chebacco, and Daniel Palmer of Rowley, Oct.28,1736.*

Elisabeth, and Francis Haskall of Gloucester, Nov.20,1745.

George, a.25y., laborer, b. Rockport, s.Aaron, of Rockport, and Elizabeth Ann Williams, a.22y., d.Mary Tucker, July6,1845.*

Hannah, wid., and Isaiah Wood, 23:4m:1684.

Hannah [of Gloucester. int.in.CR4], and Ezekiel Marshall, at Gloucester, Aug.1,1717.*

Hepzibah [of Rowley.int.], and Anthony Smith, Sept.28,1773.CR3*

John, of Rowley, and Mrs.Mary Kill, int.Apr.8,1765.

John Dane, of Gloucester, and Anna Tuttle, Jan.5,1792.*

Lucy, and Samuel Procter, Dec.25,1754.CR7*

Mary, and Thomas Burnam, 3d, Apr.16,1728.CR4*

Mary, of Wenham, and William Burrows, Oct.28,1728.*

Molley [Mrs.int.], and Simeon Burnam, Dec.18,1752.*

Mehitable, of Gloucester, and Joseph Emerson, int.Feb.27,1746.

Nathan, and Elizabeth Safford, at Rowley, Jan.13,1689-90.

Reuben, and Keziah McIntiah, Sept.12,1786. [ Sept.10.CR4]*

Reuben, and Elisabeth Howard, May4,1789.*

Sarah, and Daniel Giddings, sr., both of Chebacco, Mar.9,1726-7.*

Susanna, and Richard Goss of Gloucester, June5,1766.*

WHIGHT (White)

Martha, and James Holmes, at Chebacco, Feb.1,1692.

WHIPPLE (Wipple)

Amos, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Bowles, both of the Hamlet, May8,1770.CR2*

Anna, Mrs., and Adam Brown, int.May9,1761.

Anna, Mrs., and Nathan Poland int.Jan.17,1767.

Anna, and Edmund Patch, May5,1778.CR5*

Benjamin, and Sarah Tutle, Dec.14,1780.CR5*

Bethiah [Mrs.int.], and Oliver Appleton [jr. int.], Jan.9,1728.CR5*

Bethiah, Mrs., and Jonathan Lampson, jr., int.Feb.19,1768.

Cyprian, s.Lt. John, and Dorathy Symonds, d.William, Dec.19,1695.

Dorothy, and Mark Perkins, int.June4,1721.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Puttnam [of Salem.int.], Apr.10,1705.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Emerson, int.Nov.19,1715.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Gilbert, int.Sept.17,1739.

Elizabeth, "Ms.," and Solomon Smith, jr., int.Dec.11,1762.

Francis, and Abigail Lamson, May11,1727.CR5*

Hannah, and John whipple, June7,1714.CR5

Hannah, Mrs., and Antipas Dodge, int.May24,1755.

Hannah, Mrs., and Nathan Patch, int.Dec.14,1756.

Hannah, Mrs., and David Harradine, jr. of Gloucester, int.Jan.16,1768.

Hannah, and Israel Dodge of Wenham, Feb.22,1781.CR5*

Hannah, and Matthew Lamson, Aug.2,1782.CR5*

Hervey, of Hamilton, and Martha P. Brown, Jan.1,1835.*

James, and Mary Fuller of Salem, at Salem, Jan.12,1704.*

James [jr. int.], and Sarah Adams, Jan.9,1728-9.CR5*

Jemima, Mrs., and Samuel Adams, int.Dec.6,1766.

Jemima, and Nathaniel Abot of Beverly, Dec.18,1768.*

John, and Elizabeth Woodman, May5,1659.CTR

John, Capt., and Mrs.Elizabeth Paine, June28,1680.CTR

John, and Kathrin Layton, June16,1681.CTR

John [jr. int.], and [wid.int.] Joanna Pottar, Apr.14,1703.*

John, and Mary Fairfeild of Wenham, int.10:12m:1710.

John, and Hannah Whipple, June7,1714.CR5

John [5th.int.], and Elizabeth Annable, Apr.末,1719.CR5*

John, 3d [4th.int.], and Dorothy Moulton, Aug.18,1737.*

John, 4th, and Mrs.Martha Cogswell, int.Dec.6,1766.

John, 3d, Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Adams, int.Apr.23,1767.

John, 5th, and "Ms." Deliverance Dodge, int.May28,1768.

John, 7th, and Anna Lamson, June27,1774.CR5*

John, 4th, and Jane Jewett of Rowley, int.Dec.20,1781.

Jonathan, and Frances Edwards, July14,1702.*

Jonathan, and Martha Whipple, int.Nov.15,1777.

Joseph, and Mary Symonds, Dec.10,1697.

Joseph, and Esther Batchelder of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.5,1731.*

Joseph, and Ruth Treadwell, int.Dec.31,1762.

Lucy, and Benjamin Peck, Mar.2,1779.CR5*

Lucy A., and John Tuttle, jr., both of Hamilton, June12,1823.

Martha, Mrs., and Richard Brown, jr. of Newbury, at Newbury, Apr.22,1703.*

Martha, Mrs., and Edwards Lampson, int.Nov.23,1759.

Martha, and Jonathan Whipple, int.Nov.15,1777.

Martha, and John Safford, Dec.30,1784.CR5*

Mary, and Richard Jacob, Jan.15,1673.CTR

Mary, and Increase How, int.Apr.23,1709.

Mary, Mrs., and Maj. Symond Epes, int.Mar.26,1715.

Mary, Mrs., and Benjamin Crocker, int.12:10m:1719.

Mary, and John Jones, Aug.20,1734.

Mary Ann, of Hamilton, and John Cleaveland Kimball, Dec.28,1823.*

Matthew, and Mrs.Martha Thing, June11,1697.

Matthew, and Martha Cogswell, int.Sept.23,1710.

Matthew, and Elisabeth Smith, Oct.2,1785.CR5*

Mercy, and Stephen Caldwell, jr., Jan.4,1787.*

Minah, and John Annable, Jan.18,1787.*

Nathaniell, and Mary Appleton, int.Nov.10,1744.

Paul, and Susanna Woodbury, int.Oct.29,1743.

Samuel, and Bethiah Patch, June20,1726.*

Samuel, of Danvers, and Elisabeth Burnam, Jan.19,1773.*

Samuel [Ens.int.], and Hannah Dodge, July12,1789.*

Sarah, Mrs., see Frail, Sarah.

Sarah, and Joseph Goodhue, July13,1661.CTR

Sarah, Mrs., and Francis Wainwright, Mar.12, [1690?]

Sarah, wid., and Walter Fairfeild, int.14:2m:1711.

Sarah, Mrs., and Robert Anable, jr., int.Dec.27,1766.

Sarah, and Ezekiel Adams, jr., Jan.14,1773.CR5*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Joseph Poland [jr. int.], Dec.15,1774.CR5*

Stephen, and Anne Woodbury, int.Apr.4,1747.

Susanna, and John Laine of Billerica, at Salem, 20:10m:1683.

Susanna, Mrs., and John Rogers, int.Sept.6,1718.

Susanna, and Joseph Burnam, int.Aug.2,1760.

Susanna, and Nathaniel Poland jr., Oct.31,1765.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary Furnace, int.Nov.23,1759.

Thomas, jr., and Molly Elenwood, Nov.15,1787.*

William, and Mary Adams, Apr.11,1738.CR5*

William, 3d, and Katherine Appleton, May29,1776.CR2*

William, 3d, and Sarah Lovering, Apr.16,1782.CR5*

WHITAKER (Whitticker)

Mary, and Ebenezer Blair of Boston, int.Aug.25,1744.

Mary, and William Warner, int.Sept.28,1751.

Samuel, of Concord, and Sarah Bucknam, int.Sept.11,1731.

WHITE (Whight)

Abigail, and John Burgin, at Chebacco, Nov.29,1789.*

Benjamin, and Susannah Cogswell, d.William, Jan.21,1681.CTR

Benjamin, and wid.Elizabeth Russell, Mar.21,1733.*

Elizabeth, and Arthor Abbott, Apr.26,1669.CTR

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Salem, and Jacob Treadwell, int.Sept.14,1782.

George, and Lidia Sanson, Apr.5,1671.CTR

Jeremy, and Remember Hadlock, Apr.22,1757.*

John, and Merryum Gale, both of Beverly, Apr.9,1696.

John, and Mary Weeding, at Chebacco, June9,1703.

John, jr., and Mehitable Pope, Dec.14,1727.CR4*

John, of Haverhill, and Martha Appleton, Aug.4,1731.*

John, and wid.Rebecca Lufken, Apr.16,1741.CR4*

John Vincent, and Anna Boardman, Sept.6,1804.*

John, and Hannah Bradstreet, int.Mar.1,1823.

Lydya, and John Dennis, Aug.31,1699.*

Martha, Mrs., and William Abbott, May9,1758.*

Mary, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Samuel Appleton, int.Nov.26,1768.

Polly, and John Crosby of Chelmsford, May1,1783.*

Nicholas, Capt. of Haverhill, and Mrs.Mary Calef, Jan.8,1733.

Rachel, of Gloucester, and Lt. Abijah How, int.Sept.30,1752.

Rebecca, Mrs.[wid.CR7], and John Burnam, Feb.20,1751.*

Samuell, of Haverhill, and Mrs.Ruth Phillips, Apr.21,1724.CR5*


Michael, and Polly Burnham, Dec.26,1817.*

WHITERIDGE (Whittredge)

Hannah, of Beverly, and Luke Dodge, at Beverly, Apr.9,1761.*


Martha, Mrs., and John Rogers, Mar.4,1690-91.


Robert, and Hanah Knight, Nov.9,1664.CTR


An, and Georg Farough, 16:11m:1643-4.CTF

Mary, and John Brewer, 23:8m:1647.CTF


Elisha, Dr., and Mrs.Eunice Farley, int.June22,1776.

James P., of Shirley, and Lydia B.P. Treadwell, May31,1836.*

James P., widr., of Shirley, a.43y., trader, b. Shirley, s.Thomas and Henrietta, of Shirley, and Sarah Ann Treadwell, a.27y., d.Moses and Lydia B.P., June10,1846.*

WHITRIDGE (Whittredge)

John, of Beverly, and Lucy Dodge of the Hamlet, Aug.13,1769.CR2*

WHITTEREDGE (Whittredge)

Rebeccah, of Danvers, and Livermore Dodge, at Danvers, Apr.1,1792.*


Joseph, of Haverhill, and Hannah Guile, at Haverhill, Oct.6,1741.*


Sarah Jane, and Nathaniel P. Rust, July12,1827.*


Lydia, of Beverly, and William Bennet of Manchester, Aug.26,1729.


Mary Ann, and George G. [J. int.] Abbot, Jan.6,1839.*

WHITTREDGE (Whiteridge, Whitridge, Whitteredge)

Phebe, and Simon Tuttle, Sept.2,1790.*

WIAT (Wyatt)

William, of Wenham, and Lucy Cross of Manchester, Sept.22,1791.CR2

WIATT (Wyatt)

Joseph, and Martha Hodgskins, int.June7,1712.


Samuel, and Mrs.Martha Foster, int.Jan.2,1762.

WIGGENS (Wiggin)

Hanah, of Stratham, and William Cogswell, jr., int.Feb.24,1721-2.CR4

WIGGIN (Wiggens, Wiggins)

Asa, of Salem, and Abigail Boardman, Oct.11,1812.*

WIGGINS (Wiggin)

Hannah [Mrs.int.in.CR4], and Jonathan Cogswell, Oct.23,1717.CR5*

WIGGLESWORTH (Wiggleworth)

Edward, and [Mrs.int.] Bridget Cogswell, both of the Hamlet, Jan.18,1770.CR2*

Katharine, and Nathaniel Jones, at Newbury, Nov.24,1762.*

Martha, Mrs., and Rev. Edward Cheever, Dec.11,1739.CR5*

Mary, Mrs., and John Low, jr. [both of the Hamlet. int.], Feb.21,1737-8.*

William, and [Mrs.int.] Deborah Adams, both of the Hamlet, Feb.6,1770.CR2*

WIGGLEWORTH (Wigglesworth)

Samuel, Rev., and Mrs.Martha Brown [of Reading. int.], Mar.12, 末末. [Nov.22,1729. int.]*


James, and Judith Annam, int.June11,1768.


Mary, and Nathaniel Chapman, Dec.30,1674.CTR

WILCOM (Willcomb)

Joseph, and Ann Warner of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.20,1752.*

WILCOMB (Willcomb)

Deborah, and Daniel Smith, int.Mar.24,1721-2.

Elizabeth, and David Wells, int.Oct.16,1731.

John, and Hannah Blye, int.Nov.25,1738.

Joseph, and Sarah Lord, int.Feb.24,1737.

Joshua, of Chester, NH, and Mary Soward, Nov.14,1824.*

Martha, and John Dennis, jr., int.Dec.12,1736.

Mary, and Joseph Lakeman Ross, Dec.23,1795.*

Mary [C. int.] Mrs., and Samuel F. Edwards of Boston, July3,1834.*

Sarah, and ARthur Abbot, jr., int.Nov.18,1738.

Sarah, and Ammi R. Smith [jr. int.], July10,1785.*

William, and Rebeckah Harris, int.Sept.11,1725.

William, and Susannah Lord, int.Jan.30,1790.

WILCOME (Willcomb)

Joseph, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Treadwell, int.June22,1765.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Stanwood, int.Jan.11,1744.

Sarah [Hannah.int.], and Jeremiah Ross, Sept.15,1793.*

Zacheus, and Allice Macarty, int.Oct.12,1745.

WILDES (Wilds, Wyldes)

Asahel W. [H.CR1], M.D., and Wilhelmina Dodge, Dec.7,1843.*

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Eunice Conant, at Topsfield, Oct.12,1797.*

Elizabeth [H. int.], and Joseph W. Rust, Oct.6,1840.CR3*

Elizabeth A., a.20y., d.Thomas and Eunice, and Leonard Bailey, a.23y., cabinet maker, s.Leonard and Mary, of Amherst, NH, Aug.6,1848.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Averell, jr., Oct.1,1776.CR3

Israel, and Lydia Ann Averill of Topsfield, Apr.22,1840.*

Mary, of Topsfield, and Moses Conant, June29,1779.*

Moses [of Topsfield.int.], and Susanna Deering, Dec.12,1775.CR3*

Moses, and Sarah Ann Adams, both of Topsfield, June1,1840.

Thomas, of Topsfield, and Eunice Foster, Aug.19,1824.*

WILDS (Wildes)

Hepzibah, of Topsfield, and Lot Conant, at Topsfield, June4,1786.*


Abraham, of Middleton, and Mary Emmons, July20,1800.*

Jason, of Salem, and Lydia C. Seward, June20,1830.*


David, of Boston, and Elisabeth S. Robbins, int.Oct.29,1825.

Sidney, Prof. of Harvard University, and Elisabeth Ann Andrews, Dec.28,1815.*

Sidney, Prof. of Harvard University, and Hannah Staniford Heard, Jan.26,1819.*

WILLCOM (Willcomb)

Richard, and Elizabeth Hodgskin, int.22:2m:1710.

WILLCOMB (Wilcom, Wilcomb, Wilcome, Willcom)

Daniel L., and Louisa Sweet, Apr.5,1827.*

Joseph, and Mary Holmes of Essex, Sept.25,1825.*

Susannah, and John Howard Dodge, Dec.21,1809.*

William, and Charity Dod, int.Oct.19,1707.

William, Capt., and Sarah Sweet, Aug.16,1827.*

WILLET (Willett)

Betsy, and James Burnham, jr., May2,1784.CR2*

John [jr. int.], and Susannah Appleton, Jan.23,1803.*

Levi, and Julia Ann Potter, Aug.28,1832.*

Martha, wid., and Samuel Searl, Dec.5,1775.CR3

Martha, and Joshua Lord, Apr.15,1830.*

Mary, and John Fellows, June10,1804.*

Moses, and Martha Fellows, May24,1804.*

WILLETT (Willet)

George, and Mary Hodgkins, Dec.9,1830.*

Martha, Mrs., and Capt. Jeremiah Kimball, Apr.30,1834.*

Mary, and Daniel L. Hodgkins, Sept.6,1835.*


Abigaile, and Anthony Dike, int.9:6m:1719.

Abigail, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Poland int.June12,1736.

Abigail, and Israel Tilton of Hopkinton, July23,1752.CR2*

Dorothy, and Benjamin Woodbury [jr.CR4], Apr.6,1779.*

Elizabeth [of Beverly.int.], and Daniell Wood, June16,1704.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Fuller, jr., int.Mar.11,1758.

Elizabeth, Mr., of Weston, and Benjamin Crocker, at Weston, Sept.9,1760.*

Elisabeth Ann, and John P. Lakeman, jr., int.Mar.12,1842.

Elizabeth Ann, a.22y., d.Mary Tucker, and George Wheeler, a.25y., laborer, b. Rockport, s.Aaron, of Rockport, July6,1845.*

Esther, and Enoch Eaton of Haverhill, at Haverhill [Nov.18,1769. int.]*

Humphrey, and Estes Galloway, int.Aug.3,1745.

Jonathan, and Jane Holmes of Beverly, Apr.15,1734.

Joseph, of Hampstead [NH. int.], and Elisabeth Davis, Oct.29,1780.*

Joshua, and Mrs.Lucy Lord, int.Mar.7,1761.

Joshua, and Mrs.Jane Petingall of Newbury, int.Oct.4,1765.

Lydia, of Gloucester, and Samuel Currier, Mar.7,1733.

Margarett, of Salem, and Alexander Lovell, int.28:9m:1719.

Martha, Mrs., and Thomas Perkins of Topsfield, int.Nov.22,1751.

Mary, of Roxbury, and Samuel Chote, 23:9m:1688.

Mary, of Beverly, and Samuel Hutchins of Bradford, Oct.6,1729.

Mary, and Joseph Russell of Medford, Dec.29,1731.*

Mary, of Beverly, and George Peirce, Feb.1,1732.

Mary, and Daniel Cummins of Topsfield, int.Feb.6,1746.

Polly, and Isaac Burnham, jr., at Beverly, July29,1799.*

Nicholas, of Beverly, and Darcas Davison, at Beverly, Nov.16,1705.*

Prudence, and Samuell Hadlock, Jan.14,1719-20.

Rebecca, wid., and Dea.Daniel Heard, int.May18,1765.

Robert, and Elizabeth Redding, int.Dec.25,1725.

Robert, and Mary Eastcourt, int.Oct.18,1735.

Samuel, of Salem, and Margaret Rust, at Salem, Oct.24,1694.

Samuel, and Rebeckah Fitts, int.Nov.24,1722.

Samuel, jr., and Lidia Burley, int.Mar.3,1743.

Sarah, and Bagriel Pouchi, July26,1726.CR5*

Sarah, and Daniel [David.int.] Wells, Mar.24,1729.*

Sarah Nell, and John Small, jr., int.Jan.20,1753.

Sarah, of Boston, and Francis Rust, jr., int.Dec.19,1778.

Thomas, jr., and Eunice Wade, both of Newbury, Mar.21,1803.


John, resident in Ipswich, and Lois Appleton, Oct.25,1793.*

WILLSON (Wilson)

Abigail, and Robert Knight of Manchester, Feb.3,1686.CTR

Jane, and Francis Jordan, 6:9m:1635.CTF

Mary, and Joseph Knowlton, Aug.14,1677.CTR

Mary, and David Campanall, int.10:3m:1711.

Shove, and Abigaill Ossgood, Sept.9,1657.CTR

WILSON (Willson)

Eliza M., and Mark H. Lord, int.Oct.5,1844.

Henry, jr., and Lucy Patch, Nov.7,1839.*

Joshua, of Exeter [NH. int.], and Priscilla How, June24,1731.*

Lucy A., a.19y., b. Deer Isle, ME, d.Henry and Lucy, and Daniel A. Warner, a.22y., s.Stephen and Lucy M., May27,1847.*


James, and Lydia Galloway, Mar.17,1784.CR2


Charles, of Upton, and Margaret Robins, int.Mar.3,1750.


Adam, of Boston, and Mrs.Anne Wainwright, Nov.7,1700.*


Mercy, of Rowley, and Joseph Chapman, int.5:2m:1707.

WIPPLE (Whipple)

Susannah, and David Batchelder, int.Apr.30,1707.


Abigaill, and Adam Gosswell, Nov.19,1686.CTR

Abigail, and John Berry, Sept.7,1762.CR2*

Ammi, and Mrs.Mary Ringe, int.21:1m:1713.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Jonathan Cogswell, int.Oct.17,1767.

Hannah, Mrs., and Dr. Samuel Rogers, Jan.1,1735.*

Henry, and Mrs.Mary Wade, int.Aug.28,1725.

John, and Mrs.Mary Rogers, int.Oct.23,1714.

John, jr., and Mary Cogswell, Mar.22,1756.CR2*

John, and Mrs.Lucy Appleton, June15,1806.*

John, and Hannah Galloway, May14,1817.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Martha Appleton, int.Feb.5,1708.

Joseph, and Mrs.Elizabeth Stone, int.Nov.19,1768.

Joseph, and Sarah West of Salem, Oct.28,1794.*

Lucy, and John White, at Chebacco, June9,1703.

Lucy, Mrs., and Richard Rogers, int.Dec.9,1752.

Mary, and Thomas Lord of Berwidk, Sept.25,1746.CR4*

Mary, Mrs., and Nathaniel Farley, int.Nov.17,1764.

Marcy, Mrs., and Capt. Joseph Eveleth, Aug.11,1737.*

Rebecca, and David Dodge, May19,1792.*

Sukey, Mrs., and Nathaniel Kent, int.Nov.21,1767.

William, and Mrs.Mary Heard, int.July4,1771.


Margaret, and Stillman Emerson, Feb.3,1842.*


Otis, and Esther C. Horn, both of Wakefield, NH, Aug.23,1840.

Peleg, and Elizabeth Rogers, int.Nov.21,1719.


Daniel [jr. int.], of Gloucester, and Sally Brown, Oct.24,1805.*

Henry, of Gloucester, and Lois Story, Jan.19,1797.*

WITT (Witts)

Elizabeth, and Samuell Knowlton, Apr.末,1669.CTR

WITTS (Witt)

James, and Lydia Galloway, int.Mar.6,1784.

WOLLIS (Wallis)

Samuel, and Ann Porter of Salem, at Topsfield, July7,1696.

WOOD (Woods)

Abigail, and John Fitts, int.Feb.2,1722-3.

Abigail [Mrs., of Boxford.int.], and Thomas Newman, Nov.17,1772.CR3*

Anthony, and Mary Grover, 11:4m:1666.CTR

Daniell, and Elizabeth Williams [of Beverly.int.], June16,1704.*

Daniel, and Sarah Fitts, Nov.11,1729.*

Eliphalet, of Norwich, and Mary Bennet, May22,1746.CR4*

Elizabeth, wid., of Rowley, and David Hammond, at Rowley, Dec.1,1782.*

George W., and Mrs.Adeline L. Stickman of Boston, int.July15,1848.

Hannah, and Bartholomew Brown of Beverly, int.June24,1749.

Hannah, and Edmund Tenney, Nov.8,1763.CR3

Isaiah, and wid.Hannah Wheeler, 23:4m:1684. [Dec.23.CTR]

Isaiah, of Windham, CT, and wid.Sarah Potter, int.Apr.3,1762.

Jabez [of Middleboro. int.], and Mary Thomson [of Chebacco. int.], Nov.3,1737.CR5*

Jacob, of Boxford, and Hannah Bradstreet, int.Dec.6,1713.

Joanna [Mrs.int.], and Ephraim Gibson, Dec.1,1737.*

John, and Mary Hely, May1,1676.CTR

John, and Mary Hatch, int.17:9m:1711.

John, and [wid.int.], Martha Ring, at Rowley, June14,1727.*

John, of Newbury, and Eunice Fellows, July6,1758.CR2*

John, of Scarboro, and Elizabeth Smith, June29,1803.*

Jonathan, jr., and Jane Platts, Nov.14,1775.CR3

Josiah, of Charlestown, and Mrs.susanna Giddinge, int.July22,1757.

Judith, and Walter Fairfield, int.Oct.9,1708.

Louisa, and George E. Foss, int.Dec.16,1843.

Margarett, and John Bigson of Boston, int.Dec.18,1708.

Margaret, and Ephraim Jewet, int.May1,1742.

Martha, and John Thorn, July28,169.

Mary, and James Chute, Nov.10,1673.CTR [1672. dup.]

Mary, and Obadiah Beal, int.June2,1716.

Mercy, and Thomas Merrifield, int.Sept.19,1730.

Nathaniel, and Mary Walcutt of Salem, int.Nov.9,1728.

Nathaniel, and wid.Elizabeth Goodhue of Chester, NH, int.Nov.27,1731.

Nehemiah, jr., and Mary Hodgkins, int.Dec.25,1725.

Nehemiah [jr. int.], and Deborah Leach of Wenham, Mar.28,1726.CR5*

Philemon, and Abigaile Ross, Nov.22,1704.*

Ruth, and David Burnum, int.Jan.3,1730.

Ruth, and Jacob Browne [jr. of the Hamlet. int.], Nov.16,1736.*

Ruth, and Joseph Chaplin, Sept.24,1778.CR3

Sabiah, of Topsfield, and Joseph Burnum, jr., int.Feb.26,1736.

Samuel, and Mary Bolton, May27,1684.

Sarah, and Moses Hopkinson, Mar.28,1757.CR3

Simon, and Elizabeth Foster, Aug.8,1674.CTR

Symond [Sergt. int.], and [wid.int.] Elizabeth Hodgskins, June28,1705.*

Simon, Lt., and wid.Abigail Butler, June16,1731.*

Simon, jr., and Ruth Howard, Nov.16,1732.*

Susana, and William Blye of Portsmouth, int.Jan.30,1702.

Thomas, and wid.Elisabeth Burpe, Sept.9,1771.CR3

Thompson, and Martha Foster, Dec.8,1691.

William, and Ruth Baulsh, int.Oct.11,1712.

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

Annah, Mrs., and John Barnard of Marblehead, int.Aug.9,1718.

Anna, and Israel Foster, both of Manchester, Nov.2,1724.

Benjamin, sr., of Beverly, and Ruth [Sarah.int.] Conant, at Beverly, Dec.14,1721.*

Benjamin, 3d, of Beverly, and Susanna Dodge, at Beverly, Jan.12,1769.*

Benjamin, of Shirley, and Johadadan Conant, int.Sept.22,1795.

Bernard, and Mrs.Sarah Roberts, int.Oct.19,1765.

Bethiah, and David Poland int.Dec.7,1811.

Daniel [David.int.and.CR2], of Hamilton, and Elisabeth Stanwood, Mar.12,1797.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Gains, Sept.2,1784.CR2

Elisabeth, and John Woodberry, jr., int.Aug.30,1788.

Betsy, of Beverly, and Jeremiah Lufkin, int.Mar.13,1804.

Eliot, of Gloucester, and John Foster Poland int.Dec.4,1816.

Hannah, and Benjamin Brown, 4th, July29,1792.*

Isaac, and Hannah Patch of Beverly, at Beverly, Dec.11,1735.

Isaac, and Mehitable Woodberry, May23,1782.CR5*

Jeremiah, of Beverly, and Martha Dodge, at Beverly, Nov.21,1768.*

Joanna [of Beverly.int.], and Isaac Andrews, at Beverly, July25,1780.*

John, and Sarah Knowlton, both of Beverly, Apr.2,1723.

John, jr., and Elisabeth Woodberry, int.Aug.30,1788.

Josiah, of Beverly, and Hannah Perkins, June15,1731.*

Lucy, and Samuel Stone of Beverly, at Beverly, May21,1719.

Lucy, "Ms.," and Joseph Poland jr., int.June5,1756.

Lydia [wid.int.in.CR5], and Rice Knowlton [of Wenham.int.in.CR5], Dec.12,1727.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Michael Farley, at Beverly, July18,1709.*

Mary, of Beverly, and Benjamin Jones, Mar.3,1736.

Mary, and Ebenezer Tenney, May28,1754.CR3

Molly, Mrs., of Beverly, and Wesley Burnham, at Beverly, Dec.10,1771.*

Mary, wid.[of Rowley.int.], and John Chapman, jr., Dec.4,1777.CR3*

Hitty of Beverly, and Timothy Marshall, at Beverly, Apr.18,1776.*

Mehitabel, and Isaac Woodberry, May23,1782.CR5*

Michael, and Mary Balch of Beverly, May9,1734.

Nathaniel, and Rebecca Woodberry, of Beverly, Apr.20,1734.

Nicolaus, and Elizabeth Thorn, Nov.28,1722.CR5

Nicholas, and Bethiah Foster, Jan.6,1785.CR5*

Peter, and Mary Dodg, at Chebacco, Nov.18,1692.

Rachel, and Timothy Patch of Wenham, Nov.18,1731.*

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Woodberry, Apr.20,1734.

Robert, and Mary West, at Chebacco, Dec.11,1693.

Ruth, Mrs., of Beverly, and Timothy Wade [s.Capt. Thomas.dup.], at Beverly, May12,1737.*

Samuel, of Rowley, and Martha Smith, int.Apr.11,1724.

Samuell, and Mary Barker, jr., Apr.28,1763.CR3

Sarah, Mrs., of Beverly, and John Hubbard [jr. int.], at Beverly, Apr.14,1747.*

Sarah, and Robert Haskel, jr., both of Beverly, Feb.12,1782.CR5

Susanna, and Oliver Poland both of Hamilton, at Hamilton, Dec.1,1803.

Thomas, and Hitty Preston [of Beverly.int.], at Beverly, July6,1775.*

WOODBERY (Woodbury)

Anna, and Hazadiah Smith of Beverly, int.Dec.4,1708.CR4

Benjamin, and Lydia Adams, Feb.14,1722-3.CR5

Elizabeth, and Joseph Thurston of Rowley, int.Aug.2,1707.

Elizabeth, wid., a.71y., and Daniel Bucknam of Sutton, a.75y., Feb.1,1773.CR5*

Isaac, and Elisabeth Poland June9,1774.CR5*

Liddiah, and Robert Dodge of Beverly, int.June25,1709.CR4

WOODBURY (Woodberry, Woodbery)

Andrew, and Lydia Woodbury, int.Apr.19,1785.

Anne, and Stephen Whipple, int.Apr.4,1747.

Barnet, and Margaret Orsment of Manchester, at Manchester, Dec.15,1785.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Martin, Dec.5,1754.CR4*

Benjamin [jr.CR4], and Dorothy Williams, Apr.6,1779.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Low, int.Dec.2,1742.

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Poland [jr. int.], May3 [13.CR7], 1762.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Gaines, int.May29,1784.

Hannah, d.Thomas, of Beverly, and John Ober, s.Richard, of Beverly, July5,1694.

Hannah, and Thomas Writter of Hartford, int.Feb.6,1741.

Hannah, and Moses Truel, resident in Ipswich, int.Nov.9,1754.

Isaac [jr. int.], and Martha Kimball of Wenham, at Wenham, June14,1761.*

Isaac, 3d, and Anna Kimball of Wenham, int.Nov.13,1783.

Jacob Brown, and Hannah Roberts, Dec.21,1780.*

James, and Eunice Knowlton, Oct.13,1791.*

Jemima, and Peter Shaw [of Beverly.int.], Jan.12,1728-9.CR5*

Jemima, and Samuel Low, int.Oct.29,1743.

John, and Hepsibah Kilham of Wenham, at Wenham, Oct.22,1769.*

Lydia, and Andrew Woodbury, int.Apr.19,1785.

Lydia, of Hamilton, and William Lakeman, 4th, int.June3,1830.

Major, and Mary Appleton, Nov.25,1784.*

Mary, and William Thomas Tuttle, July2,1792.*

Mary, and Thomas MacMahon, Dec.17,1826.*

Robert, and Mary West, at Chebacco, Dec.11,1693.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Benjamin Wheeler, at Rowley, Nov.26,1767.*

Sarah, and James Story, Nov.5,1786.*

William, and Mary Kilham of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.12,1773.*


Elizabeth, and John Whipple, May5,1658.CTR

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Samuel Symonds, int.Mar.11,1731.

John, of Newbury, and Anna Adams, int.Nov.7,1725.

Stephen, of Bradford, and Hannah Harris, int.Feb.26,1725.

WOODS (Wood)

Margarett, and George Robbins, Dec.30,1703.


Ann, and Thomas Day, Oct.20,1672.CTR

Anne, of Gloucester, and John Warner, jr., int.Nov.2,1728.

Margrett, and William Andrews, Oct.20,1672.CTR

Martha, and Nathaniel Emerson,末蔓末, [1685?].

Prudence, and Benjamin Marshall, Nov.2,1677.CTR

Sarah, and A. William Row, Nov.末,1671.CTR

Sarah, and Benjamin Foster, at Chebacco, Mar.15,1725-6.*

Thomas, of Brookline, and "Ms." Mehitable Gooldsmith, int.Feb.7,1756.


Roxann, of Bowdoinham, ME, and William R. Wait, Nov.29,1838.*


Susana, and Thomas Stace, 4:8m:1653.CTF


Mary, Mrs., and John Smith, 4th, int.Apr.27,1765.


Molly, and Joseph Burnham [3d.int.], at Hamilton, May22,1797.*


Ruth, of Newbury, and Timothy Morse, jr., int.Sept.23,1809.


Abigail, Mrs., and Moses Jewett, 4th, Aug.28,1825.*

Abigail H., and Charles Dickenson, May30,1836.*

John H., jr., of Stoneham, a.41y., musician, s.John H. and Ruth, and Melissa M. Greenwood, a.19y., d.Thomas S. and Paulina A., Sept.20,1849.*

Mathew, and Abigail Soward, June18,1812.*

Miriam, and John Aggett, int.Aug.25,1744.

Sarah, of Concord, and Josiah Brown, at Concord, Oct.31,1765.


Sarah, a.23y., b. England d.John and Mary, and William L. [S.CR2] Wallis, a.25y., tanner and currier, s.Aaron and Betsey, Nov.5,1849.*


Thomas, of Hartford, and Hannah Woodbury, int.Feb.6,1741.


John, of Salem, and Betsy Ayers, int.Mar.29,1811.


William, of Canterbury, NH, and Mary Freeman, int.Sept.26,1774.

WYATT (Wiat, Wiatt, Wyert)

Richard, of Hamilton, and Tryphosia Herrick, resident in Ipswich, int.Dec.16,1822.

Stephen, jr., of Newburyport, and Hannah Treadwell, int.Mar.25,1777.

Thomas, see Waitt, Thomas.


Jane, and Robert Park of Londonderry, int.Feb.6,1744.

WYERT (Wyatt)

Abraham, of Wenham, and Mary Higgins, Mar.18,1779.CR5*

WYLDES (Wildes)

Jacob, of Topsfield, and Martha Day, Nov.20,1755.CR4*


Margret, of Georgetown, and Nehemiah Patch, jr., int.Feb.27,1796.


John, of Salem, and Sarah Appleton, Nov.2,1793.*

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