Nancy P. of Newburyport, and Henry T. Nichols, certif. Oct. 16, 1847.


Elijah, a. 27 y., carpenter, s. Ebenezer and Eunice, and Nancy J. Hardy, a. 24 y., Jan. 1, 1848.*

Emily, a. 32 y., b. Methuen, d. Samuel, and George G. Davis, 2d m., a. 29 y., operative, b. Billerica, s. Timothy, Nov. 28, 1849.*


Caroline, of Methuen, and Jonathan Neal, certif. Nov. 21, 1847.

George G., and Sally Maria Huntingdon of Danvers, certif. Dec. 7, 1847.


Mary E. of North Berwick, ME, and George Copp, int. Mar. 30, 1849.


Ann, and Patrick Deacy, certif. Aug. 9, 1848.


Aaron, a. 21 y., painter, s. Aaron and Hannah, and Martha Jane Ham, a. 18 y, d. George B. and Olive Ann, Aug. 4, 1848.*


E.F., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Gardner and Lucy, and Esther Brown, a. 19 y., d. Samuel and Abigail, June 7, 1849.*

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