JACKSEN (Jackson)

Elizabeth, and John Mansfield of Lynnfield [of Danvers.int.], May20,1807.*

JACKSON (Jacksen)

Bartholomew, and Mary Runnels, Sept.23,1821.*

Charity, and Samuel M. Eaton, Dec.20,1835.

Elizabeth I., of Bridgewater, and Jesse Rice, widr., a.66y., innholder, Oct.17,1848.*

George, and Elisabeth Clark, Dec.26,1795. [Dec.20.CR3].*

George, and Lydia Goodwin, Nov.25,1824.*

George W., and Elizebeth M. Spiller of Concord, NH, int.Aug.11,1844.

Harmony [of Naples, ME. int.], and Joseph S. Pike, June24,1839.*

Jacob P., and Elizebeth Collins, Jan.13,1811. [1810.PR42].*

James, and Celinda Briggs of Providence, RI, int.June26,1836.

John A., and Eliza Allen, June9,1839.*

Joseph P., and Mary L. Skinner of Boston, int.June6,1832.

Julia, and Phinehas Nourse, both of Saugus, Jan.11,1844.

Martha, and Benjamin C. Newhall, Nov.28,1819. [Nov.29.PR30].*

Mary Ann, and James W. Ingalls, Nov.28,1844.*

Rebecca [P. int.], and Jonathan M. Newhall, July24,1839.*

Richard, and Rebeckah Fuller, July25,1720.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Barry, Oct.23,1838.*

Sally, of Chelsea, and William Day, int.Dec.30,1838.

Sarah, and Jacob Whitney, July23,1843.*

Sarah Ann, and Charles W. Chase, Sept.28,1843.*

Sarah Elizabeth, and Joseph Wesley Barry, int.Dec.3,1843.*

Tabitha R., and Amos Ridley, Oct.25,1838.*

William, and Mary Stanford, Jan.10,1809.*

William, and Hannah Huntress, Feb.27,1838.*

JACOB (Jacobs)

Benjamin H., and Elizabeth Downing, Oct.24,1818.*

Lydia M., and Leonard D. Usher, May11,1843.*

JACOBS (Jacob)

Clarrise, and Elijah Downing, July5,1814.*

Daniell, and Margaret White of Reading, at Reading, Jan.25,1725. [June25. dup.]*

Danell, and Abigaill Gloyd, Feb.11,1747-8.*

Edwin S., and Harriet Adeline Washburn, Oct.25,1846. [1845.PR132].*

Hannah, and Lazarus Barthrick, May26,1805.*

Henry, of Danvers, and Mrs.Margrett Newhall, int.Sept.9,1770.

Isaac P., and Maria W. Clough, Apr.3,1842.*

John, and Susanah Linder, Oct.7,1687.CTR

Joseph, and Sarah Lynzey, Dec.18,1693.CTR

Sary, and John Bolcom, July27,1719.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Harwood [of Salem.int.], Dec.28,1749.*


Ann J., and Henry R. Wheeler, int.Aug.13,1837.

Benjamin, and Sarah Linssey, Apr.10,1690.CTR

Benjamin, of Marblehead, and Hannah Blany, int.Mar.7,1718-19.

Benjamin, and Mary Breed, Mar.4,1742.*

Elizabeth, and William Onthank [of Boston. int.], July23,1752.*

Fredrick, and Mary M. Barker, int.Sept.4,1825.

Hannah, Mrs., and John Hawkes, int.Dec.5,1770.

John, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Richards, int.Feb.17,1720-1.

John, and Mehitabel Collins, int.Nov.22,1730.

Mary, and Timothy Hitchings, Nov.8,1774.*

Mathew, and Tabitha Barrett of Malden, June12,1766.*

Sarah, and Dr. Henry Burchstead,末蔓末,1713.PR17 [int.Sept.12.]*

Sarah [Mrs.PR6], and Jesse Upham [of Chelsea, at Chelsea.dup.], Apr.2,1767.*

JANES (Jayne)

Eliza, of Salem, and Isaac D. Lamson, int.Oct.4,1835.

Phebe Ann of Topsfield, and John T. Ingalls, int.Mar.24,1844.


Ebenezer, of Willingham [of Wilminton. int.], and Rebecca Starns, June19,1739.*

JARVICE (Jarvis)

Thomas, of Marblehead, and Jane Massey, int.Feb.4,1775.

JARVIS (Jarvice)

Charles O., and Martha L. Gibson, Jan.31,1847.*

Edmund B., and Nancy Carter, Jan.15,1835.*

Elizebeth, and Jonathan B. Marstin, Oct.3,1813.*

Margerrit [of Boston. int.], and Samuell Burrill [at Boston. dup.], Sept.14,1697.*

JAYNE (Janes)

Clement P., a.25y., mariner, s.Joseph and Susan, and Phebe Ann Perkins, a.22y., d.Andrew and Susan, Aug.6,1848.*

Hester Ann, and Charles A. Sweetser of Saugus, Oct.6,1842.*

Joseph C., and Sukey Chadwell, Sept.12,1804.*

JEARNS (Gearnes)

JEFFERDS (Gifford)

Abigail, and Jonathan Leison [Reason. int.] of Salem, at Salem, May11,1727.*

Susanna, and William Pelsue of Salem, at Salem, Feb.27,1734.*

JEFFERY (Jeffrey)

Benjamin F., of Danvers, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Edward and Hannah, and Eliza A. Gowen, a.24y., d.James and Sarah N., Dec.2,1847.*

Elizabeth, and Timothy Sewell of Boston, int.July23,1716.

John, and Susannah Southwick of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.3,1759.*

John [of Lynnfield.int.], and Mary Larrabe, May24,1812.*

Joseph, and Sally Russel of Danvers, at Danvers, Nov.14,1799.*

Oliver K., of Danvers, clothier, s.Edward and Hannah, and Lydia M. Brown, d.Benjamin, Dec.1,1847.*

Phoebe, and John Southwick [of Danvers.int.], July25,1766.*

JEFFORDS (Gifford)

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Giles of Beverly, int.Aug.3,1735.

Elizabeth, and Peeter Hinkson, Sept.16,1714.*

Else, and Elexander Sloley of Marblehead, int.Oct.31,1725.

Joseph, and Prisilla Griffin, Mar.12,1730-31.*

Mary, Mrs., and Richard Chany of Boston, int.Feb.15,1702-3.

Mary, and Francis Hutchenson of Reading, at Reading, May18,1708.*

Mary, Mrs., and Ralph Tomkins of Great Britain, int.July17,1710.

Mary, and Ralph Merry, int.Oct.3,1711.

JEFFREY (Jeffery, Jeffries, Jeffrys)

John, and Sarah Roles, int.June6,1841.

Joseph, and Abigail Berry, July1,1768. [July9.CR3]*

Phebe, and John Burrrill, int.Mar.20,1762.

Samuel, and Mary Nutter of Danvers, int.Apr.3,1842.

JEFFRIES (Jeffrey)

Mehitable, and Franklin Johnson of Salem, int.May14,1843.

JEFFRYS (Jeffrey)

Albert, and Melvina A. Breed, Dec.12,1841.*

JEFFS (Jefts)

Michel, of Gloucester, and Lydia Cummins, Nov.6,1817.*

JEFTS (Jeffs)

Mary H., and George W. Freeman, July30,1839.*


Katharine, of Salem, and Ebenezer Abron, Dec.18,1777.*


John, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Haden, Nov.22,1739.*

JENCKS (Jenks)

Abigail, and Hezekiah Rhoads, May26,1726.*

Elizabeth, and John C Hilson, int.Apr.27,1706.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Scott of Providence, int.July14,1721.

Nathan, and Abigail Wait, June6,1734.*

Samuell, and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Floid of Malden, May5,1709.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Ramsdell, int.Aug.22,1716.

Sarah, and Henery Stanton, Oct.26,1720.*

JENKES (Jenks)

Deborah, and Ezra Coats, Nov.12,1761.*

John, Capt., and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Wait, Aug.21,1760.*

Mary, Mrs., and France Marble, int.Nov.20,1769.

Sara, and John Chilson, July28,1667.CTR


Aaron [resident of Lynn. int.], and Sarah Downing, Dec.14,1828.*

Content C., and Nathan Jenkins [bef. 1845.]CR1

Emily M., of Stoneham, and David E. Parker, int.Oct.3,1847.

Joel, and Mary Harnet of Malden, int.Jan.28,1720-21.

John [of Malden.CR3], and Hannah Monk, Mar.27,1765.*

Mary C., and Samuel Sias [of Saugus.int.], May26,1839.*

Nathan, of Berwick, ME, s.Joshua and Syble, and Alice Breed Johnson, d.Ezra and Anna, 17:4m:1833.CR1

Nathan, and Content C. Jenkins [bef. 1845.]CR1

Sarah, and Joseph Meriam, Aug.19,1675.

JENKS (Jenckes, Jencks, Jenkes, Jinks)

John, and Elizabeth Berry [of Boston. int.], at Boston, Jan.4,1720-1.*

John [of Medford.int.], and Rebeckah Newhall, Dec.7,1749.*

Mary, and Josiah Nuting, May6,1751. [May18.CR3].*

Mary, and Ivory Boardman, Jan.3,1774.CR3*

Samuell, jr., and Hope Sargant, Jan.3,1714-15.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Lt. John Lewis, Feb.10,1706-7.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Sargent, June27,1757.*


William, and Rebecca Hitchens, at Marblehead, Aug.30,1686.


John, a.25y., cordwainer, s.John and Lydia, of China, ME, and Caroline D. Frye, a.17y., d.Elisha and Elizabeth, 21:1m:1846.


Louisa D., a.23y., b. Salem, d.John, and Nathan H. Phillips, a.27y., cordwainer, d.Enoch, Dec.25,1849.*


Joanna, and Lemuel Gilson, int.July7,1844.


Alfred, and Mary E. Warner, Nov.3,1836.*

Thomas, and Martha Hoyt of Boston, int.Aug.18,1833.

JEWETT (Juett)

Charles W., and Mary E. Roundy, Nov.30,1837.*

Dorothy, of Hebron, and Benjamin F. Newhall, int.Mar.13,1825.

Lucy C., a.19y., d.Lucy C., and Richard B. Carter, a.31y., trader, s.Richard, Nov.9,1848.*


Abel S., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Abel and Lucy, and Mary Harris, a.21y., d.Christopher and Eliza, May14,1844.*

Abel S., 2d m., a.29y., cordwainer, b. Attleboro, s.Abel, and Marino W. Full, a.20y., b. Eng., d.John, Nov.18,1849.*

George H., and Elizabeth Low, Mar.28,1833.*

Samuel, and Lucy H. Alley, June28,1838.*

JINKS (Jenks)

John, and Sarah Meriam, July11,1681.

JOANES (Jones)

Michael [formerly of Stratford.int.], and Mary Collins, Mar.18,1708-9.*

Ruth, and Thomas Howard, 15:9m:1667.CTR

JOANS (Jones)

Cornelus [of Stratham.int.], and Abigail Hawkes, Apr.22,1729.*

Elizibeth, of Wilmington, and Samuel Herrick, int.Aug.8,1742.

Sarah, and Joseph Brown, Dec.22,1680.

Thomas, and Martha Wilson [of Malden. int.], Apr.24,1729.*


Anna, of Salem, and Jonathan Fuller, int.Dec.15,1793.

JOHNSON (Johnston)

Adam, and Abigail Nurse, Jan.13,1745-6.

Albirt, and Deborah Lindsey, Mar.31,1816.*

Albert, jr., a.23y., painter, s.Albert and Deborah, and Mary E. Lamson, a.16y., d.David and Susan, May21,1846.*

Alice Breed, d.Ezra and Anna, and Nathan Jenkins of Berwick, ME, s.Joshua and Syble, 17:4m:1833.CR1

Andrew, and Asenath Dudley of Raymond, NH, int.Apr.10,1836.

Anna, and Joseph Barry, June20,1816.*

Ann, and Joseph Alley, Dec.10,1755.*

Ann, a.24y., and Thomas Tumath, a.25y., mariner, s.James and Sicelia, Dec.10,1847.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Richards, Jan.5,1764.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Breed, Jan.27,1774.*

Benjamin, and Rachal Roberts of Weston, at Weston, Sept.29,1776.*

Benjamin, and Jurshe [Mrs.Jerusha.int.] Newhall, June22,1790.*

Benjamin Bream, and Besey Batcheller, Sept.24,1795.*

Benjamin B[urchstead.int.], and Harriet Newhall, Apr.30,1818.*

Benjamin H., and Lydia Bacheller, Dec.19,1822.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Homan, Jan.30,1825.*

Benjamin H., and Ruth Delano, Dec.25,1836.*

Benjamin B., and Rebecca Smith, Dec.29,1836.*

Bethiah, and Nathaniel Perkins [of Boston. int.], Feb.13,1744-5.*

Bethiah, and William Chever of Salem, Oct.29,1776.*

Caleb, and Olive Hartwell of Charlemont, int.Jan.5,1800.

Caroline A., a.18y., d.Jonathan and Anne, and Joshua B. Johnson, a.24y., fisherman, s.Charles and Mary, Nov.25,1847.*

Catherine, of Rindge, NH, and John Demary, resident of Lynn, int.Feb.14,1813.

Charles H., and Mary Elizabeth Smith, int.Apr.26,1846.

Christopher, and Antoinette De Graves Breed, int.Jan.13,1833.

Clarissa Ann, and Artemas Murdock, jr. [of West Boylston. int.], Apr.18,1837.*

Daniell, and Martha Tarbox, Mar.2,1673-4.

Daniel, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, both deceased, and Nancy Collins, d.Samuel and Judith, deceased, 18:5m:1803.CR1

Daniel, and Comfort Allen of Richmond, NH, [bef. 1826.]CR1

Daniel, s.Nehemiah and Lhydia, deceased, and Miriam Breed, d.Benjamin and Huldah Allen, deceased, 22:10m:1828.CR1

Daniel Alfred, and Emily Barton of Boston, int.Oct.16,1842.

David, and Easter Laugton, Dec.21,1715.*

David, cordwainer, s.Nehemiah and Lydia, deceased, and Miriam Purinton, d.James and Anne, 16:11m:1791.CR1

David [s.Humphrey S. and Abigail.CR1], and Rebecca B. Thompson [d.William B. and Eunice.CR1], 25:10m:1843.

Deborah, and Ezra Moulton, July22,1751.*

Dolly M., and John Flint, 3d of Reading, Nov.14,1833.*

Edward, and Bethia Newhall, Oct.3,1744.*

Edward, and Mary Collins, int.Feb.12,1774.

Edward, and Mary Orgen, July26,1798.CR5

Edward, and Susan Breed, Aug.2,1830.*

Edward A., and Sarah W. Atwill, Sept.19,1836.*

Edward, jr., and Sarah Jane T. Nevens, int.May28,1837.

Edward [jr. int.], and Mary Davis [of Marblehead.int.], Mar.21,1839.*

Elbridge H., a.22y., morocco dresser, s.Holten, and Martha A. Cole, a.19y., b. Dover, NH, d.Tobias, Dec.6,1849.*

Eliza Ann, and George S. Teel, int.May20,1832.

Eliza, and Joseph Ladd of Andover, May13,1833.*

Eliza C., of Taunton, and William L. Stiles, int.Sept.18,1836.

Eliza Ann, and David Lakeman, Nov.17,1836.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Talmun, 4:9m:1664.CTR

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Newhall, Oct.26,1742.*

Elizabeth, and John Hutchason, int.Dec.25,1743.

Elisebath, and Ambros Talbut, Nov.24,1768.*

Elisebeth, and John Burrill, Nov.2,1771.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and David Meed, Oct.21,1773.CR2*

Elizebeth, and William Luscomb of Salem, Apr.23,1811.*

Betsey, and Ellis Newhall, June23,1814.*

Betsey, of Woburn, and Samuel M. Rice, int.Apr.10,1836.

Elizabeth A., and William K. Chase, Aug.12,1838.*

Elizabeth H., of Boston, and Amos Holt, int.July3,1842.

Enoch, and [Mrs.int.] Elisebeth Newhall, June9,1790.*

Ezra, s.Samuel and Sarah, deceased, and Anna Frye, d.William and Tamesin, of Salem, at Salem, 29:10m:1807.CR1

F. Henry, a.23y., innkeeper, s.Joseph and Betsey, and Syrena T. Gurney, a.22y., d.Seth and Elizabeth, Nov.25,1847.*

Francis, s.Pharaoh, deceased, and Hannah, and Anna Breed, d.Abraham and Sarah, 23:7m:1817.CR1

Francis, jr., and Sally [C. int.] Rice, Oct.30,1827.*

Franklin, of Salem, and Mehitabel Jeffries, int.May14,1843.

George, and Eliza C. Lummus [d.Dr. Aaron.PR18], Apr.2,1818.*

George L., and Betsey L. Lydston [resident in Lynn. int.], Nov.12,1829.*

Hannah, and Joseph Maul of Salem, Nov.26,1740.*

Hannah, and Richard Richards, Feb.14,1802.*

Hannah, d.Samuel and Sarah, deceased, and Paul W. Newhall of Philadelphia, PA, s.Estes and Hepzibah, deceased, 29:6m:1831.CR1

Hannah, a.29y., d.Francis and Anna, and Stephen Hanson, a.27y., trader, s.Robert and Elizabeth, of Thorndike, ME, July14,1847.

Hannah M., a.23y., b. Beverly, d.Joseph, jr., and Thomas Stacey, 2d m., a.34y., trader, s.Benjamin, Nov.29,1849.*

Harriett [A. int.], and William Wright, July15,1841.*

Henry, and Ann G. Pierce of Biddeford, ME, int.Nov.5,1848.

Holten, and Ruth Lyndsey, Feb.18,1768.*

Holten, and Nabby Mason, Apr.1,1799.CR5*

Holton, and Margeret [B. int.] Witt, July23,1826.*

Huldah, and Ebenezer Holder, July4,1811.*

Huldah, d.Samuel and Sarah, deceased, and Jacob Purinton, s.James and Elizabeth, deceased, of Marietta, Ohio, 16:7m:1817.CR1

Humphrey Sawyer, s.Pharaoh, deceased, and Hannah, and Abigail Mower, d.Enoch and Lydia, 16:10m:1816.CR1

Isable, of Holliston, and Thomas Lusk, at Holliston, July12,1737.

Jacob I., and Mary Bruce, Nov.5,1820.*

Jacob A., and Agnes Ashcroft, Nov.26,1846.*

James, and Rebekah Hooper [of Marblehead.int.], Feb.21,1760.*

James, and Sarah Hawkes, Nov.26,1761.*

Jenne, and Jacob Welman, int.Jan.9,1742-3.

Jerusha, and Richard S. Ham, June30,1811.*

John Legory, and Anna Burchsted, Sept.11,1791.*

John Legory, and Sarah Rogers [2d m.PR19], Sept.28,1794.*

John, and Elizebeth Hitchings, Apr.10,1804.

John, and Lydia High, Nov.13,1834.*

John B., and Joanna Newhall, Sept.14,1836.*

John N., of Providence, RI, and Ellen M. Warner, int.Apr.19,1840.

Jonathon, and Sarah Mansfield, May30,1710.*

Jonathan, and Susanna Mower, Jan.16,1728-9.*

Jonathan, and Kartherin Brumagin, June11,1745.*

Jonathan, and Susannah Farington, July25,1753.*

Jonathan, and Anna Williams, Jan.19,1771.*

Jonathan, and Eunice Cox, June26,1800.CR5*

Jonathan, and Ann Stone of Reading, int.Apr.20,1823.

Joseph, and Ann Legery, int.Aug.15,1736.

Joseph, and Rebeaca Inguls, Dec.16,1783. [Nov.25.CR3]*

Joseph, jr., and Mary Chadwel, Sept.4,1791.*

Joseph [3d.int.], and Polly Cox, May7,1797.*

Joseph, jr., and Betsey Graves of Reading, int.June13,1819.

Joseph, 3d, and Joanna Green, June26,1823.*

Joseph, and Jerusha E. Cushing, Sept.29,1833.*

Joseph Harris, of Nashville, TN, and Harriett Adaline Chadwell,末蔓末,1836. [Feb.14. int.]*

Joseph, jr., and Mary Ann Townsend of Salem, Oct.23,1845.*

Joshua B., a.24y., fisherman, s.Charles and Mary, and Caroline A. Johnson, a.18y., d.Jonathan and Anne, Nov.25,1847.*

Legree, and Ruthey V. Andrews of Marblehead, int.Apr.4,1824.

Leonard, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Reuben and Mary, and Ruth R. Aborn, a.22y., shoe binder, d.James and Lydia, Oct.10,1844.*

Lewis, and Sally G. Parkhurst of Milford, int.Aug.8,1824.

Lucretia, of Salem, and Enoch Collins, int.Nov.20,1825.

Lucy, and John Lakeman, Sept.24,1829.*

Lydia, and John Lyndsey, Oct.24,1745.*

Lydia, and Samuel Hallowell, Apr.20,1806.*

Lydia, and Josiah Newhall, jr., Mar.19,1811.*

Lydia, and Ebenezer Hall, Dec.1,1811.*

Lydia, and Micajah Alley, 3d, Feb.20,1812.*

Margaret, and James Scarlet, int.May27,1849.

Martha, and Trevitt Mansfield, int.Mar.19,1774.

Martha P., of Lowell, and Colman W. Murch, int.Aug.28,1836.

Mary, and Jonathon Knower of Malden, int.Apr.7,1716.

Mary, and Solomon Newhall, int.Jan.15,1726-7.

Mary, and Ephriam Berry, Dec.17,1729.*

Mary, and Samuel Burrill [of Boston. int.], Nov.13,1766.*

Mary, and Eliphlet Breed, Dec.10,1772.*

Mary, and Benjamin Burrill, Sept.28,1806.*

Mary, d.Pharaoh, deceased, and Hannah, and Joseph Basset Breed, s.Abraham and Sarah, 23:9m:1807.CR1

Mary, and John Sandford [of Salem.int.], Mar.18,1810.*

Mary [of Salem.int.], and Amos Rhodes, May8,1812.*

Mary C. [at Nahant.PR53], and Rev. Henry Bulfinch, Mar.8,1824.*

Mary C., and Amariah Bailey, Apr.29,1838.*

Mary R., of Salem, and George B. Harney, int.Oct.28,1838.

Mary Ann, and Joseph M. Rowell, Dec.30,1840.*

Mary Ann, and Joseph M. Rowell, Jan.23,1845.*

Melona W., and George W. Forsyth, int.July7,1839.

Meribah, and James Ramsdell, June26,1755.*

Nathaniel, of Charlton, and Anna Davis, int.Nov.11,1827.

Nehemiah, cordwainer, s.David, husbandman, and Lydia Newhall, d.Samuel, 3d, husbandman, Oct.15,1753.CR1*

Nehemiah, cordwainer, s.David, deceased, and wid.Hannah Holder, 16:8m:1775.

Nehemiah, and Betsey Rhodes, Nov.16,1815.*

Nehemiah, and Hannah J. Downing, Jan.9,1831.*

Olive C., and Montraville Simonds of Boston, int.Feb.14,1841.

Otis, and Virginia Taylor of Savannah, GA, Mar.18,1824.PR18

Peter, and Mary Ann Sanborn, Oct.11,1842.*

Pharaoh, and Lydia Sawyer of Newbury, [bef. 1782.]

Phebe, and Tragroth Tolbut, int.Feb.24,1733-4.

Rachel, and Samuel Newhall [of Salem.int.], Dec.22,1799.CR5*

Rachel, and William Coggswell, Sept.10,1834.*

Rebekah, and Samuel Winship, jr. of Lexington, at Lexington, July4,1771.*

Rebacca, and William Chever of Salem, int.Feb.14,1779.

Rebecca, and Joseph Alley, 3d, July28,1812.*

Rebecca M., d.Albert and Deborahy, and James M. Fraser, a.22y., painter, s.John and Elizabeth, of Newton, Nov.27,1845.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Newhall, July3,1705.*

Richard, and Lydia Batchelor, Oct.21,1756.*

Richard, and Lucy Ann Putnam, Oct.29,1826.*

Rufus, and Rachel Putnam, Mar.7,1824.*

Ruthe, and Parker Kendell of Reading, int.Oct.26,1699.

Ruth, of Boston, and William Meachum, at Boston, Oct.28,1798.*

Ruth, and Micajah Newhall, jr., int.Sept.4,1808.

Ruth V. [Mrs.int.], and John Lovejoy, May17,1835.*

Samuell, and Mary Collens, 22:11m:1663.CTR

Samuel, and Ruth Holton, int.Apr.4,1731.

Samuel, of Newbury, s.Nehemiah, and Sarah Breed, d.Ezra, cordwainer, 11:4m:1783.CR1

Samuell, and [Sarah Challais of Amesbury.CR1], 2d w., Jan.29,1800.

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Worthing, Sept.24,1820.*

Samuel, and Mary C. Higgs of Harbour Island Bahamas, May18,1825.PR18

Samuel, of Manchester, and Lucy L. Allen, Oct.15,1839.*

Sarah, and Hennery Bacheller, Aug.18,1747.

Sarah, and Thomas Burrill, June9,1767.*

Sarah, and Samuel J. Ireson, Jan.1,1828.*

Sarah, and Oliver Q. Lewis, Nov.5,1845.*

Susanna, and Leonard Coburn, June12,1808.*

Thomas B., and Eliza Ann Hall, July23,1845.*

Timothy, and Elizabeth Lewis, Nov.27,1766. [Jan.12,1767.CR3]*

Timothy, and Elisebeth Chadwell, Nov.15,1799. [1789.CTR and int.]*

Timothy, jr., and Harriet Bruce, May11,1818.*

Walter, and Hannah B. Pratt of Reading, int.May30,1841.

Washington H., and Minerva Rice, June18,1837.CR5*

Welcome W., and Lucy Keyes of Sterling, int.Sept.30,1827.

William, and Elizabeth Wiley, Mar.21,1724.

William, and Elizabeth Wiley, int.Dec.23,1733.

William, jr., and Hannah Newhall, June27,1780.*

William, and Mary Fuller, Oct.4,1781.

William, and Elizabeth H. Attwill, Nov.9,1831.*

William R., and Eunice M. Dyer of Durham, ME, int.Apr.23,1837.

William F., and Abba Stone of Providence, int.Apr.10,1842.

William L., and Lucy Ann Williams, int.Oct.9,1842.

William, and Amelia Scott of Guysborough, N.S., Nov.13,1848.

JOHNSTON (Johnson)

Adam, and Abigail Molton, int.Oct.6,1745.

Catharine C. [of Boston. int.], and Benjamin J. Phillips, June4,1827.*

Maria, of Hillsboro, NH, and Rev. Otis Rockwood, int.June20,1819.

JONES (Joanes, Joans, Jonns)

末末, and Thomas Rich, Oct.14,1825.PR53

Abner, of Amesbury, yeoman, s.John, of Amesbury, deceased, and Susanna, deceased, and Sarah Newhall, d.Samuel, deceased, and Kezia, deceased, 15:10m:1800.CR1

Azubec, and John Mudge, jr., July24,1808. (John Mudge, jr. 's name changed to Parker Mudge.)*

Clarisa, of Lowell, and Joshua Marshall, int.May15,1831.

Deborah, and Joseph Gould, Feb.20,1767.*

Edward J[ames.int.], and Mary Falls, Apr.23,1837.*

Elizabeth A., and Joseph P. Whitemore, Nov.27,1845.*

Ellen A., and David Burns, int.Feb.27,1848.

Eunice, d.Stephen and Eunice, of Brunswick, ME, and Thomas Rich, s.James and Hannah, both deceased, 14:10m:1825.CR1

James L., and Deborah T. Scribner, int.Sept.14,1845.

Joanna, of Newburyport, and Cyrus Flanders, int.May25,1834.

John A., a.23y., morocco dresser, s.Griffith and Nancy, and Lucy K. Barker, a.19y., d.Asa and Lois, Dec.9,1847.*

Lydia S., and Gustavus Nourse, Apr.4,1844.*

Lysander, of Boston, and Myra Snow of Saugus, Nov.28,1848.

Mary Ann, of Boston, and James H. Downing, int.Aug.25,1844.

Mary Ann, and Joseph H. Spaks, Nov.26,1846.*

Mary, and Daniel Paige, [bef. 1850.]CR1

Nancy, and John B. Souther, Dec.17,1834.*

Nathaniel, cordwainer, s.Ebenezer, of New Ipswich, NH, deceased, and Sarah, and Lydia Chase, d.Benjamin and Eunice, 19:10m:1796.CR1

Nathaniel, and Louis [Lois.int.] Alley, Nov.26,1801.*

Sally, and John G. Phillips of Salem, int.May24,1829.

Sarah, and Thomas Ripley, jr., Apr.22,1841.*

Simon, and Betsey S. Galucia [of Danvers.int.], July2,1832.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth B. Ingalls, Apr.3,1842.*

Warren, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Simon and Rebecca, and Phebe A. Shaw, a.23y., d.Jonathan and Lucy, Aug.2,1846.*

William H., and Mary Moulton, Feb.3,1833.*

William B., and Sarah Coombs of Marblehead, int.Jan.29,1837.

William S., and Elizabeth Falls, May19,1842.*

JONNS (Jones)

Anna, and William Merriam, Oct.11,1676.

JORDAN (Jorden)

Nahum, and Martha Ann Francis of Boston, int.June23,1844.

Sally, and William Fisk, May30,1808.*

JORDEN (Jordan)

Sarah, and William P. Leavitt, July4,1836.*


Caroline K., and Warren A. Alley, June7,1829.*

Holten Sumner, and Susanna Sweetser, Apr.10,1836.*


Frances Theresa, and George Francis Lord, Jan.6,1848.*

Sewell S., and Eliza Ann Bradley, int.Sept.5,1841.

JUETT (Jewett)

Nehemiah, and Experience Pearce, 19:8m:1668.CTR

Patience, and Suball Walkeer, May29,1666.CTR

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