Allen [of Unity, ME. int.], and Hannah M. Phillips, Nov.29,1829.*

Ann, and John Bailey,末蔓末, 末末.CR1

Thomas, of Vassalboro, s.Bartholomew and Elizabeth, of Vassalboro, ME, and Ann Phillips, d.Benjamin Hood and Elizabeth, 24:2m:1825.CR1


David, and Sally Shute, Nov.29,1810.*

TALBOT (Talbut, Tolbut, Tolbutt)

Ambrose, of Freeport, ME, a.25y., mariner, s.Bailey and Joanna, and Mary B. Alley, a.25y., d.John and Mary, Oct.19,1847.*

Joanna, and Silas Fuller, int.June18,1843.

TALBUT (Talbot)

Ambros, and Elisebath Johnson, Nov.24,1768.*

Phebe, and Henry Hollewel, Jan.20,1763.*


Thomas, and Elizabeth Johnson, 4:9m:1664.CTR


Amos, and Elizabeth Lye, Feb.24,1814.*

Amos [of], and [Mrs.CR5] Sarah Barry, Nov.8,1826.*

Amos P., of Boston, and Adaline E. Fuller, int.Nov.24,1842.

Ann Maria, and Samuel H. Frothingham, Nov.28,1833.*

Eliza B., dressmaker, and John Goodwin, cordwainer, Oct.13,1844.*

Betsey, of Danvers, and Rufus Batchelder, at Danvers, Oct.17,1799.*

Harriett, and Thomas P. Richardson, May19,1841.*

Mary, and Jonathan Howard, Oct.11,1757.*

Moses, and Rachel Berry, Apr.6,1808.*

Phillip P., and Sarah L. Carroll, Oct.19,1837.*

TARBALL (Tarbell)

Sarah, and Asa Newhall, Nov.21,1769.PR6

TARBEL (Tarbell)

Samuel, and Martha Knight, Oct.13,1811.*

Sarah, and Asa Newhall, Nov.21,1769.*

Susanna [], and Olever Walton, Feb.14,1781.*

TARBELL (Tarball, Tarbel, Tarble)

Elizabeth [of], and Nathan Hawks, jr., Jan.22,1805.*

TARBLE (Tarbell)

John, and Lydia Tufts, both residents in Lynn, int.Oct.1,1815.


末末, and Josiah Rhodes, Apr.6,1782.CR3

Abigail, see Ramsdell, Abigial.

Abigail, and Isaiah Burrill, June26,1825. [Apr.16.PR53]*

Alfred A., and Ellen Holder, Apr.13,1843.*

Alice [H. int.], and Moses A. Tucker, Dec.13,1804.*

Anna, and Joseph Alley [jr.PR25], May3,1807.*

Augustus H., and Lydia Parker, Apr.25,1836.PR31

Benjamen, and Deburah Gray, int.June21,1724.

Benjamin, and Hannah Rice of Weymouth, int.Feb.18,1753.

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Rhodes [of], Sept.20,1807.*

Benjamin W., and Sarah A. Davis of Salem, int.Sept.26,1841.

Charles Henry, and Rachel P. Hall, Aug.18,1833.*

Charles Henry, and Catherine Brady, Aug.16,1843.*

Daniel [resident of Lynn. int.], and Mary Tarbox, Apr.4,1765.*

Daniel, and Mrs.Martha Brooks of Woburn, int.Aug.2,1778.

David, and Rebakah Parrot, Jan.2,1792.*

David, and Elisebeth Mansfield, int.May26,1799.

David, jr., and Hannah Richardson, int.Aug.13,1815.

David, jr., and Sophronia Fisher, int.Dec.15,1844.

Dolly Ann, and Daniel B. Foster of Saugus, Aug.6,1843. [Aug.7.PR31]*

Ebenezer, and Mary Brean [Mary Breen of], Apr.15,1700.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Hull [Hall of], Mar.5,1718-19.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Rann, int.July13,1735.

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Mary Lerraby, int.Dec.12,1784.

Ebenezer Cook, and Betsey Willis, July1,1798.CR5*

Ebenezer Cook, and Lucy Larrabee, Mar.18,1804.*

Elener, and Edward Howard [Nov.末,1714. int.]*

Ellinor, and John Gott of Hebron, int.Sept.26,1718.

Elizebeth, and James Ferns, Dec.2,1755.*

Betsey, and Samuel Fairn, int.Oct.2,1785.

Betsey, and Ebenezer Walton, Sept.3,1806.*

Betsey, and Joseph Thomas of Salem, Sept.28,1806.*

Betsey, and James Lewis, Dec.27,1813. [Dec.27,1812. int.]*

Expearance, and William Whitcome of Boston, int.Mar.10,1721-2.

Experiancs, and Samuel Harpwell [of], Nov.8,1725.*

George, and Susan Richardson, Dec.15,1820.*

George M., and Catharine Moulton, Oct.25,1830.*

George F., and Anna Sawin, int.Sept.1,1844.

Godfree, and Hannah Layton [Laughton. int.], Mar.26,1722.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Nurs, int.Sept.2,1775.

Hannah P., and William Webber of Danvers, Dec.1,1845.*

Hannah S., a.18y., d.Jonathan S., and William B. Ramsdell, a.19y., cordwainer, s.Shadrach, Dec.2,1849.*

Hervey, and Lucinda Newhall, Aug.2,1830.*

Harvey, and Mrs.Mary Lindsey, int.May4,1845.

Hepzebah, and James Lewis, Mar.2,1826.*

Horace A., a.21y., s.Harvey and Lucinda, and Phebe Jane Hisia, a.18y., d.Henry and Jane, May27,1848.*

Isaac H., and Margaret Brown, Aug.6,1836.PR31*

Jacob, and Abigail Baxtor, int.Oct.5,1729.

James M., and Mary Morse of Boston, int.May1,1842.

James M., and Eunice L. Crediford, Apr.11,1847.*

Jeremiah, and Joanah Cook, Sept.4,1733.*

Jeremiah, and Anne Cox [], Sept.5,1755. [Aug.28.PR6]*

Jeremiah, and Ruth Lath, Aug.30,1759.*

Joanna, and John Prockter, Jan.7,1779.*

John, and Mary Haven, July4,1667.CTR

John, and Dorriti Gray, Oct.30,1723.*

John, of Marblehead, and Mary Pitman, int.Feb.10,1750-51.

John A., and Marcey Rhodes, int.June13,1813.

John A., and Hannah Marcy, bef. 1815.

John, and Mary Bell of Danvers, int.June30,1816.

John W., and Sally Very of Danvers, int.Apr.25,1819.

John, and Hannah P. Lufkin, July13,1835.*

Jonathan S., and Hannah R. Newhall, Mar.14,1830.*

Jonathan S., and Lucy Stephens, Nov.22,1836.*

Lucinda, and Asaph Bisbee, Aug.7,1814.*

Lydia, and Joseph Gleeson of Oxford, int.Oct.23,1743.

Lydia, and William Redfern [of Boston. int.], Oct.20,1805.*

Lydia, and John Heath [of], Dec.8,1811.*

Lydia N., and Joseph W. Ingalls, May6,1841.*

Lydia A., a.23y., d.William and Dolly, and Aza A. Breed, a.28y., teamster, s.Samuel and Anna, Dec.31,1848.*

Margaret A. [L. int.], a.17y., d.William and Dolly, and William S. Waitt, jr., a.26y., cordwainer, s.Edmund and Martha, Dec.21,1848.*

Martha, and Daniell Johnson, Mar.2,1673-4.

Mary, and Joseph Alley, int.Oct.28,1750.

Mary, and Moses Aborn of Danvers, int.Mar.15,1752.

Mary, and William Rice of Ipswich, int.Dec.3,1758.

Mary, and Daniel Tarbox [resident of Lynn. int.], Apr.4,1765.*

Mary, and Edward Cambridge, Sept.5,1770.CR3*

Polley [], and John Linsey, Dec.1,1789.*

Mary, and John Bates [Battis.CTR; Battes, "a stranger. " int.], Apr.24,1795.

Mary, and Isaiah Burrill, Apr.8,1804.*

Mary M., and John G. Doake, int.Aug.9,1840.

Mary Jane, and Thomas J. Ayer, int.Nov.9,1845.

Mary J., and Francis Breed, jr., Jan.16,1848.*

Mary, and Benjamin Waite, Mar.6,1849.*

Nancy, and Elbridge G. Hood, Mar.23,1835.*

Nathaniel, and Ruth Frail of Salem, at Salem, Dec.17,1723.*

Nathaniel, and Rebeckah Pearce [of], at Marblehead, June11,1752.*

Nathaniel, and Abigail Cox, June22,1775.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Elisebeth Oens of Marblehead, int.Apr.17,1803.

Nelson, and Lucinda Knight, Dec.21,1835.*

Noah, and Hannah Burroughs of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.30,1738.*

Rebecca, and Josiah Rhoads, jr., Apr.6,1781.

Rebecca, and George F. Coates, int.Feb.12,1843.

Samuell, and Rebeka Armitage, Nov.14,1665.

Samuel, and Experiens Look, Oct.16,1678.

Samuel, and Mary Allen, int.Dec.26,1756.

Samuel, and Mary Wheeler of Malden, at Malden, May21,1758.*

Samuel, and Sally L. Newhall, Feb.3,1817.*

Sarah, and John Huit, int.Oct.15,1738.

Susen, and Thomas Parton, Mar.8,1818.*

Susan, Mrs., a.43y., d.William and Sarah Richardson, and John M. Fisher, widr., of Woburn, a.49y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.14,1847.*

Ward, and Merriam Holder, May25,1838.*

William, and Lydia Atwell, Sept.23,1779.*

William, jr., and Dolly R. Hill, May17,1808.*

William, 3d, and Grace H. Wheeler of Salem, int.Sept.21,1817.

William M., and Lucy A. Shepard, int.July31,1836.

William M., and Hannah Bowden of Marblehead, int.Sept.16,1838.


Elizabeth, of Dunstable, and Timothy Bancroft, int.Sept.3,1732.


Mary Jane, and Robert Bartlett, Oct. [6. int.], 1839.*


Abigail, and Edward Pell [of Boston. int.], Sept.26,1728.*

Anna, and William Roby [Capt. William Robe of Boston. int.], Mar.13,1728-9.*

Anna, and Benjamin Parker of Portsmouth, June25,1762.CR3*

Benjamin, and Rhoda Dexter of Lowell, int.Jan.11,1846.

Charles H., a.20y., cordwainer, s.Ephraim G. and Dorcas, and Sarah E. Parkard, a.21y., d.Isaiah and Sarah, Dec.1,1847.*

David, and Abigail Buckman of Chelsea, Oct.22,1828.CR5*

David, and Harriett Danforth of Fall River, int.Oct.2,1842.

Dorcas [], and Jonathan Breed, Mar.19,1837.*

Elizabeth, and Abraham Welman, int.Nov.2,1717.

Ephraim G., and Mary Lewis, Sept.24,1818.*

Ephraim G., and Dorcas Wait, May22,1823.*

George W., of Richmond, VA, and Rebecca Hawkes of Saugus, Aug.28,1836.

George B., and Sarah Ann Leavitt, Dec.11,1845.*

John, and Esther Watts, Dec.29,1831.*

Joseph G., and Harriett Breed, int.July17,1831.

Joseph, and Harriet Breed, Aug.22,1831.PR53

Lucina, of Lisbon, NH, and Oren A. Durrell, int.Sept.15,1838.

Mary, and Samuel Phips, Nov.28,1728.

Mary [of Reading. int.], and Nathaniel Bancroft, May18,1749.*

Mary Elizabeth, a.21y., d.Ephraim and Dorcas, and John Noyes, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Abraham and Rebecca, Oct.28,1847.*

Paul B., and Olive Needham, July4,1836.*

Rebeckah, and Timothy Orne [of], June20,1747.*

Ruth, of Andover, and Thomas Graves, Feb.22,1714-15.*

Sally, and Lorenzo Badger, Sept.17,1837.*

Sarah, and Henry Orr, Dec.31,1846.*

Virginia, of Savannah, GA, and Otis Johnson, Mar.18,1824.PR18

William, and Mrs.Sarah Burrill, int.May29,1726.


John P., and Sarah T. Phillips of Salem, int.Oct.27,1833.

John P., widr., a.38y., cordwainer, and Charlotte W. Batchelder, a.30y., Feb.6,1848.*

TEBBETS (Tibbetts)

Ezra R., and Catharine A. Hood, Nov.16,1834.*


Ebenezer S., and Jane Ramsdell, May4,1845.*

George S., and Eliza Ann Johnson, int.May20,1832.*

George S., and Hannah W. Morrison, Mar.9,1834.*

James M., and Hannah D. Rowe [Rose. int.], Aug.17,1845.*

TEWKSBURY (Tukesberry, Tukesbury)

James W., and Lydia M. Breed, int.Mar.24,1844.

THATCHER (Thacher)

Hannah B. [of Malden. int.], and Reuben Washburn, Oct.10,1813.*

Samuell, and Mary Farnsworth, Apr.11,1676.

Thomas Cushen, Rev., and Elisebeth Beaney of Malden, int.May3,1795.


Mary [], and Elias Trask of Salem, Jan.5,1767.*


Benjamin, resident in Lynn, and Lyden Doak of Marblehead, int.Nov.19,1795.

Charles, of Randolph, a.26y., typer, s.Elisha and Anna, and [] Susan V. Thompson, a.24y., d.Daniel and Ann Lewis, Dec.26,1847.*

David, and Sarah A. Allen, int.Feb.16,1845.

Eunice, and James Stone, June24,1810.*

George W., and Mary Hutchinson of Francistown, NH, int.Nov.30,1843.

Hannah T., and Phillip Ashton, Mar.25,1838.*

Harriett, and David Adams, June9,1846.*

Lydia, and Nalah hatch, Jan.14,1798.CR5*

Morgiana C.F. Thayer, of Boston, and William N. Hunnerwell, int.Sept.27,1835.

Rhoda, and Abraham Spear, Feb.14,1839.*

Samuel, of Reading, and Mary Fern, int.Oct.22,1727.


Henry J., and Sally A. Calder, Dec.1,1839.*

THOITS (Thawitts, Thoyts)

Desiar, and Alexander Lucum, "a stranger," int.Dec.9,1775.


Ann Maria, a.18y., d.John and Susan P., and James B. Watts, a.21y., cordwainer, s.William and Elvira, Aug.14,1847.*

Briggs B., and Sidney L. Welch, Mar.16,1845.*

Cyrus, and Elenor Flinn, int.Jan.25,1807.

Eliza, and Daniel Gallucia, July26,1812.*

Eliza N., of Salem, and Gideon Low, int.Apr.16,1843.

Elizabeth, and James Lewis, Aug.1,1797.*

Elizabeth [M. int.], and Nathaniel Chase, Aug.5,1827.*

Ellen F., and Thomas Dennis of Salem, int.Apr.26,1840.

George, and Elizabeth Goldsmith, int.Nov.8,1840.

Hannah, and John Low, May12,1830.*

Joanna, and Ebenezer Cobb, Nov.27,1808.*

John ["a stranger. " int.], and Rebacah Ramsdal, Mar.15,1796. [Mar.14.CR3]*

Joseph, of Salem, and Betsey Tarbox, Sept.28,1806.*

Josiah L., and Lucy J. Henford, int.Mar.10,1839.

Josiah L., and Catharine L. Millett of Salem, int.May14,1843.

Lewis, and Eliza W. Perkins, Mar.7,1839.*

Mary, and Asa Haskell [of], June9,1831.PR53*

Mary A[nn. int.], and Joseph Brown, Sept.21,1831.*

Mary A., and William H. Wardwell of Saco, ME, int.Mar.21,1847.

Susan F., and Thomas C. Haskell, jr., Mar.15,1846.*

William, "a stranger," and Eunis Rhoads, June4,1730.

THOMPSON (Tompson, Tomson)

Amos, and Matilda Ball, Jan.8,1846.*

Benjamin, jr., of Marblehead, and Harriett A. Tucker, int.Jan.12,1845.

Elizabeth, d.Robert B., and John H. Bubier, cordwainer, s.Christopher, Dec.10,1848.*

Elizabeth, a.23y., d.William, of Marblehead, and Henry S. Nichols, blacksmith, s.Josiah M., July22,1849.*

Elmena, and Otis Justin Breed, Mar.13,1842.*

Esther, and Benjamin Newhall, Dec.末,1822. [Dec.29.PR53]*

Giles, resident in Lynn, and Fanny Waterman of Halifax, Plymouth Co., int.Feb.8,1818.

Horace, and Mary Ann Evans, int.Nov.22,1846.

Huldah, and William A. Chapman, Jan.30,1842.*

James, and Susan V. Lewis, int.Dec.15,1844.

James H., a.26y., cordwainer, b. Marblehead, s.William, and Martha B. Frye, a.20y., b. Nantucket, d.Isaac, Dec.30,1849.

John, and Sally Mudge, residents in Lynn, int.Sept.15,1811.

Lydia P., and Levi S. Richardson, int.Aug.5,1838.

Mary Jane, a.18y., and Joseph H. Dearborn, a.20y., June29,1845.*

Nancy, and Joseph G. Masters, int.Nov.4,1838.

Rebecca B. [d.William B. and Eunice.CR1], and David Johnson [s.Humphrey S. and Abigail.CR1], 25:10m:1843.

Robert, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Robert B. and Elizabeth, and Lydia R. Newhall, a.19y., d.Timothy and Betsey, Apr.30,1846.*

Sarah, and Thomas Spinney, Aug.21,1798.CR5*

Sarah Ann, and William B. Gove [of Weare, NH. int.], May30,1836.*

Sarah D., and Benjamin F. Boynton, Aug.13,1840.*

Sarah, and Aaron B. Morse, Aug.22,1840.*

Sarah E., of Boston, and Edward Prince, of Portland ME, Oct.10,1848.

Susan V. [], a.24y., d.Daniel and Ann Lewis, and Charles Thayer of Randolph, a.26y., typer, s.Elisha and Anna, Dec.26,1847.*

William D., and Eunice Breed, Nov.6,1808.*

William D., jr., a.21y., clicker, s.William D. and Eunice, and Ann Jane Ashton, a.22y., shoe binder, d.Samuel and Mary, Dec.29,1844.*


James M., of Middletown, a.23y., shoemaker, s.James and Sylvia, and Mary Ann Ham, wid., of Salem, a.31y., d.John and Eliza Clark, Jan.31,1848.


Larkin, Esq., of Salem, and Sarah Phillips, Dec.24,1821.*

THOYTS (Thoits)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Chilson of Smithfield, int.Jan.5,1734-5.

Susana, and Ebenezer Williams, Nov.16,1750.*


Sarah Ann, and Elias Sargent, June25,1837.*

THURSTIN (Thurston)

David, resident in Lynn, and Lydia Drew of Wakefield, NH, int.Jan.20,1823.

John A., and Eliza Downing, Feb.8,1836.*

THURSTON (Thurstin)

Harriett J., and George W. Stone, a.24y., painter, Nov.20,1845.*

Lydia A., a.22y., b. Saugus, d.David, and Hiram W. Wardwell, a.31y., cordwainer, b. Andover, s.Simon, Oct.25,1849.*

TIBBETS (Tibbetts)

Thomas, and Judith D. Smith of Lyman, ME, int.Mar.28,1841.

TIBBETTS (Tebbets, Tibbets, Tibbutts)

Eli R., and Lucy H. Alley, Apr.5,1838.*

Joshua, and Hannah B. Collins, July3,1842.*

TIBBUTTS (Tibbetts)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and William P. Robinson, int.Jan.6,1833.


Mary, and Tyrus [] Dow [of], Jan.7,1796.*


Daniel, jr. [of Edgecomb, ME. int.], and Sally Drew, Oct.6,1822.*

Betsey, of Kensington, and Jonathan Godfrey, int.Dec.15,1799.

Mary Ann, and Jeremiah Bulfinch, jr., June8,1845.*


Susan Maria, and John McCabe, Feb.13,1844.*


Alathea H., and Henry M. Bubier, Nov.27,1836.*

Charles H. [W. int.], and Elizabeth E. Russell, Oct.20,1835.*

Fredrick, and Lucy A. Lakeman, Nov.18,1841.*

Fredrick, and Frances S. Dow, int.Apr.21,1844.

George, resident in Lynn, and Susan M. Alley, int.Mar.25,1821.

Margaret, of Salem, and Nathaniel A. Wardwell, int.Nov.6,1842.

Mary, and Nathaniel Walden, Oct.27,1825.*

Mary Jane, of Malden, and John Lewis, 3d, int.June14,1835.

Mary W., and Samuel W. [M. int.] Bubier, Oct.30,1844.*

Relief, and Joseph Moulton, s.Joseph, s.Ezekiel, s.Joseph, at Poultney, VT, June7,1821.

Sarah H., and Ebenezer Davis of Danvers, July15,1836.*

TOLBUT (Talbot)

Tragroth, and Phebe Johnson, int.Feb.24,1733-4.

TOLBUTT (Talbot)

Sarah, and Richerd Searl, Nov.6,1755.*


John, and Elizabeth Collens, "last" 9br:1666.CTR


Ralph, of Great Britain, and Mrs.Mary Jeffords, int.July17,1710.

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Anne, and John Burrill, Jan.26,1748.

TOMSON (Thompson)

Jonathan, of Marblehead, and Jane Coats, Sept.7,1721.*


Mary, and Isaac Langdon [a stranger. int.], Nov.5,1730.*

TOOMEY (Tumey, Twomey)

Patrick, and Jane Holmes, int.Mar.18,1849.


Elisha, widr., a.51y., cordwainer, and Hannah Raddin, a.53y., Feb.13,1848.*

Elizabeth Jane, and Paul Rogers, July3,1842.*

Lauriston, and Sarah Ann Morse, int.Apr.2,1837.

Mehitable C., and William Moore, jr., int.Dec.26,1841. (postponed.)

Mehitabel C., a.26y., d.William and Mehitable, and Daniel Moulton, a.38y., shoemaker, s.Charles and Hannah, May23,1844.*

William, and Abigail Fuller, int.May10,1840.

William, 2d m., a.58y., wood sawyer, s.William, and Abigail Boody, "not the 1st m.,", a.54y., d.Samuel Varney, Jan.21,1849.*


Jeremiah, and Sarah Jane Ramsdell, Dec.12,1841.*

TOWN (Towne)

Eunice, and John Chamberlain Woodard, both residents of Lynn, int.May22,1796.

Joseph, of Topsfield, and Mary Mower, int.Feb.21,1730-31.

Phebe, and Nathaniel Newhall, July25,1723.*

William, of Salem, and Ann Floyd, int.Jan.29,1826.

TOWNE (Town, Townes)

Joseph Hardy, Rev. [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], and Eliza J.C. Wiley, May1,1833.*

Martha, of Topsfield, and Isaac Larrabe, int.Mar.12,1714-15.

William, and Mary E. Trask, int.Aug.10,1845. (Marriage forbidden.)


Sally, and William Bacon, July13,1806.*

TOWNS (Towne)

Thomas, and Sally Brown, Jan.13,1822.*

TOWNSEN (Townsend)

Daniel [of], and Abiah Chever, Apr.9,1792. [Apr.29,1791.CR2]*

TOWNSEND (Townsen)

Andrew, and Abigail Collins, July18,1678.

Charles, and Abba P. Lamphier, int.Apr.12,1846.

Daniel, and Lydia Sawier of Reading, at Reading, Oct.18,1726.*

Daniel, and Zerviah Upton of Reading. at Reading, Jan.14,1764.*

Daniel, jr., and Rebecca Nourse, Oct.21,1818.*

Daniel, and Ann Rich, Nov.16,1834.*

David, and Mary Huchason [Nov.1,1724. int.]*

David, and Judah Wiley, int.June26,1748.

Dorcas, Mrs., and James Punchard [of], July31,1760.CR2*

Eliza Ann Berry, and Samuel C. Heath, Aug.3,1836.*

Elizabeth, and Samuell Merriam, 22:10m:1669.CTR

Elizebeth, and Jonathan Gowing, Apr.24,1722.*

Elizabeth, and John Newhall, int.Dec.31,1732.

Elizabeth, and Elikanah Hitchins, Jan.23,1761. [Jan.24.CR3]*

Betty, and William Mansfield, May31,1770.*

Elizabeth [], and Jesse L. Lewis, Nov.30,1843.*

George, and Mary B. Richardson of Lynnfield, int.May4,1834.

John, and Sara Pearson, 27:11m:1668.CTR

John, and Mehitabell Browne, Apr.23,1690.

John, and Sarah Boutel of Reading, at Reading, Apr.28,1698.

John, and Eunice Kinney, Jan.10,1813.*

Lydia, and Carles [] Mason, of Danvers [of], at Danvers, Apr.30,1752.*

Martha, and William Richardson, July25,1754.*

Mary Ann, and William M. Stanwood, Dec.27,1829.*

Mary Ann, of Salem, and Joseph Johnson, jr., Oct.23,1845.*

Mehitabel, and James Gould, jr., of Salem, Jan.3,1758.*

Nathaniel, and Margarett Chamberlin of Malden, at Malden, Dec.9,1736.*

Prisila, and John Larrabe, June10,1735.*

Prudence, and Samuel Poole, Mar.13,1738-9.*

Rebecca P., and Wendall S. Foss, June12,1836.*

Sarah of Reading, and John Pool, int.Aug.29,1762.

Sarah [S. int.], and Daniel Rich, Nov.9,1836.*

Sophia W., and Henry S. Holmes, Sept.28,1834.*

Susanah [of Malden. int.], and Daniell Hichins, jr., Oct.19,1708.*

Susanah, and Moses Hawkes, Feb.22,1729-30.

Thomas, and Susanah Green of Reading, int.Aug.29,1762.

Thomas, and Martha Parrott, int.Dec.5,1830.

Zurriah, and Micajah Cutler, Oct.24,1813.*

TOZER (Tozzer)

Eunice, and Andrew W. Tufts, Nov.19,1820.*

TOZZER (Tozer)

George G., and Caroline A. Ingalls, June12,1842.*

Samuel M., and Grace V. Collyer, Oct.21,1838.*

Samuel M., and Hannah K. Ripley, Sept.3,1843.*


Cyrus M., a.24y., machinist, b. Norwich, CT., s.Cyrus and Hannah, and Caroline M. Needham, a.24y., d.George W. and Caroline N., Mar.20,1848.*


Rosanna, and James Smith, int.Aug.6,1844.


William, and Mary Wait, May15,1778. [May10.CR2]*


Tabitha H., of Marblehead, and John Collier, int.Apr.3,1831.


Charles, and Hellen J. Sands, int.Dec.20,1846. (Married once.)

Elias, of Salem, and [] Mary Thawitts, Jan.5,1767.*

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Joseph Letherbe, int.Jan.19,1745.

John A., a.21y., last maker, s.John, and Abba R. Sanborn, a.18y., d.Benjamin R., May7,1848.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Hannah Gowing, June22,1767.CR2*

Martha, of Beverly, and James Quiner, int.May31,1801.

Mary E., and William Towne, int.Aug.10,1845. (Marriage forbidden.)

Susan M., a.19y., d.Israel and Maria, and Isaac L. Craigg, a.27y., cordwainer, s.Amos and Abby, Aug.20,1848.*


Eliza, 2d m., of Salem, a.54y., d.Thomas Homan of Marblehead, and John Russell, 2d m., a.61y., cordwainer, s.Joseph.Cambridge, June10,1849.*

John, Rev., and [] Mehitabel Dexter of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Sept.15,1763.


Richard, and Joana Rogers, 21:7m:1669.CTR


Daniel J., and Sabrina Trefethen, both of Boston, June16,1839.

Sabrina, and Daniel J. Trefethen, both of Boston, June16,1839.


Susan, and William H.H. Bryant, int.Nov.28,1841.

TREVETT (Trevit, Trevitt, Trivit)

Henry, and Mary Halloway, May31,1695.CTR

TREVIT (Trevett)

Henry [of], and Elizabeth Riddan, June13,1754.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Norwood, int.Oct.13,1716.

Sarah, and Francis Norwood, Mar.11,1707-8.*

TREVITT (Trevett)

Hennary, and Elizabeth Newhall, June14,1698.

TRIVIT (Trevett)

Russell, of Marblehead, and Anna Potter, int.Nov.4,1739.


Abigail, a.45y., d.Thomas and Sarah, and Thomas F. Newhall, widr., a.49y., farmer, s.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.24,1847.*

Sarah, of Bridgton, ME, and Francis Newhall, int.Sept.4,1842.


Mary, and John Smith [both late of Boston. int.], Oct.26,1775. [Oct.23.CR3]*


Joseph, of Marblehead, and Sarah Bancraft, int.Sept.27,1724.


A. Ward, and Mary A., Weston, Sept.20,1846.*


David B., and Martha T. Ramsdell, Dec.21,1836.*


David [of], and Mary Coats, Nov.13,1752.*


Esther P., and Edward H. Ashcroft of Malden, Nov.7,1841.*

Henry, and Eunice Perry of Sweden, ME, int.Oct.1,1848.

Isaac A., and Harriott Tufts, Dec.25,1831.CR5*

John C., and Angelina Richardson of Malden, int.June3,1832.

Lucy Jane, and Abram Waters of Springfield, Sept.18,1845.*

William, and Elizabeth W.S. Barrett, July27,1830.*


Andrew G., of Manchester, NH, and Emily B. Goodrich, int.Oct.16,1842.

Ann, and Warren Ashton, Apr.1,1835.*

Daniel, and Hannah Fuller, Aug.8,1821.*

Daniel, and Sarah Ann Rich, July1,1835.*

Ebenezer, and Lucy C. Archer of Salem, int.Aug.22,1847.

Elce, and John Shepard, Nov.20,1722.*

George B., and Lucy A. Girdler of Manchester, int.Nov.2,1834.

Harriet A., and Benjamin Thompson, jr., of Marblehead, int.Jan.12,1845.

James, and Sarah M. Davis, Oct.15,1835.*

Joseph A., of Ipswich, and Susan K. Ripley, Nov.3,1840.*

Mary, and Jacob Ingols, Nov.17,1737.*

Polly, and Edmund Nourse, July20,1809.*

Moses A., and Alice [H. int.] Tarbox, Dec.13,1804.*

Moses A., and Nancy Pratt [of Reading. int.], Nov.29,1827.*

Peter, and Lois Richardson, Nov.26,1801.*

Peter, jr., and Mary Ann Alley, June6,1824.*

Sally, and George W. Newhall, int.May28,1843. (Published without their knowledge.)

Sarah, and Benjamin Franklin [of Norwich, CT. int.], Nov.20,1845.*

Silvanus, and Sophia Maria French [of Sandwich, NH. int.], Jan.26,1840.*

Thomas, and Filela Haskins [of Grafton, NH. int.], Nov.3,1833.*


Margreat A. [of Newton. int.], and George H. Breed, Nov.27,1845.*


Aaron, and Timnah Sweetser, June14,1833.*

Alfred, and Maria Blanchard [d.Amos.PR53], June20,1824.*

Ammi, resident of Lynn, and Janney Richards, int.Sept.30,1792.

Ammi, and Huldah Lee, Feb.13,1803.*

Andrew W., and Eunice Tozer, Nov.19,1820.*

David, and Jane Massey, May18,1788.*

David, and Elisebeth Mansfield, Dec.25,1796.*

David, and Eunice Hart, Jan.16,1803.*

David, and Mary Ann Hill, July18,1833.*

David B., and Eliza Ann G. Church [Churchill. int.], Aug.21,1845.*

Eliza, and Joseph Sweetser, jr., Dec.10,1818.*

Elizabeth of Malden, and David [Daniel. int.] Mansfield, at Malden, Jan.6,1736-7.*

Grimes, and Mary Witt, June23,1770.*

Grims, and Mary Ballard, Mar.10,1783. [Mar.20.CR3]*

Grimes, and Margaret Turel [resident of Lynn. int.], Oct.19,1794.*

Hannah [of], and John Simpson, Oct.31,1820.*

Harriott, and Isaac A. Tuck, Dec.25,1831.CR5*

Henry, and Lydia C. Mansfield, Oct.5,1840.*

Ivory, and Betsey Turell, July23,1797.CR5*

Jane, and Isaac Lewis, Nov.15,1807.*

John [of Malden. int.], and Rebecca Fuller, Apr.28,1763.*

Lydia, and John Tarble, both residents in Lynn, int.Oct.1,1815.

Maria [Mrs.CR5], and Joseph A. Pitman, Sept.12,1830.*

Martha, and William Williams, June末,1681.CTR

Mary, and George Meek, May26,1799.CR5*

Moses B., and Abigail J. Stevens [of Charlestown.PR53], Oct.19,1823.*

Moses B., a.23y., morocco dresser, s.Moses B., and Lydia A. Hay, a.19y., d.John, Sept.28,1849.*

Permeley, and Matthew Keltey [resident of Lynn. int.], May24,1829.*

Richard, and Susan Newhall, Dec.25,1821.*

Richard, and [Mrs.CR5] Rebecca Brooks, Nov.20,1823.*

Robert D., and Eliza Needham, Nov.14,1831.*

Samuell, jr., of Medford, and Peggy Hopkins, int.May25,1776.

Samuel, and Anna Stone, Nov.28,1816.*

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth A. Marshall of Woburn, int.Oct.15,1848.

Samuel F., a.27y., cordwainer, s.Samuel, and Nancy L. Wippen, a.26y., b. Marblehead, d.Joseph B., Dec.30,1849.*

Sarah, and Ezra Floyd, Apr.7,1822.*

Sarah T., and Harrison G. Sumner of Salem, int.Jan.17,1836.

Sophia, of Saugus, and George Burrill, int.Apr.13,1834.

Susan E., and Joseph W. Carroll, int.May22,1836.

Timnah [], and Simeon Smith, May28,1837.*

William B., and Elizabeth Wilkins of Cambridgeport, int.May4,1845.

TUKESBERRY (Tewksbury)

William, and Abigail Boardman, Jan.29,1800. [Dec.23.CR3]

TUKESBURY (Tewksbury)

John Sargent, and Mary Cheever, July29,1798.CR5


Thomas, a.25y., mariner, s.James and Sicelia, and Ann Johnson, a.24y., Dec.10,1847.*

TUMEY (Toomey)

Morris, and Hannah Sweetser, Aug.12,1832.*

TUREL (Turell)

Margaret [resident of Lynn. int.], and Grimes Tufts, Oct.19,1794.*

TURELL (Turel, Turrill)

Betsey, and Ivory Tufts, July23,1797.CR5*

Joseph, and Elizebath Henchman, Nov.9,1773.*


Burrill D., resident of Lynn, and Sarah Harriss of Marblehead, int.Oct.20,1805.

Eliza Aann, of Westmoreland NH, and Henry F. Lapham, resident in Lynn, int.Sept.30,1827.

Lydia, and John Henry Burchstead,末蔓末,1759.PR17

Sarah Ann, and Ira Sanborn, Aug.4,1834.*


Bridget Ann, and Thomas Clark, int.July17,1842.

TURRILL (Turell)

Joseph, and Sally Berry, Oct.17,1780.

TUTEL (Tuttle)

William, resident of Lynn, and Elisebeth Numan, May25,1788.*

TUTELL (Tuttle)

John [of], and Mary Burill, Dec.14,1752.*

Sarah [], and Benjamin Blaney [of], May15,1754.*


Benjamin, and Mary Ann Chase of Marblehead, int.May1,1842.

TUTTE (Tuttle)

Betsey, and Alasy Faulkner, Dec.18,1803.

Mary, and Abner Hagget of Wenham, Feb.12,1782.

Richard, and Eunice Burrill, Sept.28,1779.*

Thomas, and Martha Burrill, Oct.28,1775.*

TUTTEL (Tuttle)

Martha, and Joseph Dager, Nov.12,1795.*

Thomas, and Hannah Sweetser, Mar.12,1796.*

TUTTELL (Tuttle)

Mary, of Chelsea, and Samuell Viall, int.Oct.21,1750.

TUTTLE (Tutel, Tutle, Tuttel, Tuttell)

Anna, of Chelsea, and John Burrell, at Chelsea, June7,1764.*

Catherine, and Perkins H., Dow, June15,1834.*

Edward, and Ellen Jewett Daniel, Apr.21,1842.*

Eliza, and Nathaniel Sidney [of], Sept.9,1813.*

Eliza, and Elijah H. Green of Stoneham, int.May4,1845.

John, and Elizabeth Cheever, int.Apr.30,1843.

Jonathan, of Boston, and Sarah Burrill, int.Dec.6,1718.

Jonathan, and Martha Ireson, Jan.5,1812.*

Jonathan, and Betsey Atwill, Dec.14,1814.*

Lambert, and Rebecca Emerton, Dec.2,1828.*

Maria, and William Shaw, jr., of Danvers, Mar.29,1832.*

Mehitable, and John Ramsdill, Aug.19,1806.*

Nancy, and David Wire, Aug.20,1797.CR5*

Nancy, and Richard Tuttle, May19,1805.*

Nancy, and Lemuel Gilson, resident in Lynn, int.Jan.7,1821.

Nancy, and Augustus Haskell, Mar.16,1837.*

Nancy B., of Saugus, and Edward D. Hitchings of Saugus, cordwainer, Jan.13,1849.

Richard, and Nancy Tuttle, May29,1805.*

Samuel, and Lydia Meachem, June29,1774.*

Sally [Susan.CR5], and Job Lurvey of Salem, Feb.4,1810.*

William N., of Saugus, and Mary Newhall, int.Mar.25,1821.

William N. [of], and Joann Hudson, Jan.29,1829.*


Ebenezer S., and Hannah P. Snow, both of Marblehead, Dec.24,1844.CR5

Hooker O., and Lydia Heath, Aug.25,1836.*

Jane, and Abraham Wallace, int.Feb.19,1843.

Jane, a.22y., d.Samuel and Jane, and Henry A. Stone, a.25y., fisherman, s.Joshua and Sally, Nov.7,1847.*

John B., and Elizabeth A. Lewis, Jan.28,1841.*

John G., and Margarett Skinner, May8,1845.*

Samuel, and Nancy Harris, both residents in Lynn, int.Mar.15,1829.

Samuel, jr., and Hannah B. Stone, May23,1833.*

Samuel, 3d, and Mary Ann Breed, June13,1845.*


Lydia, of Marblehead, and John Pitcher, int.Jan.20,1799.

TWISS (Twist)

Anne, of Salem, and Ephraim Brown, at Salem, Feb.15,1743.*

Edward, of Salem, and Hannah Eborn, at Salem, Feb.3,1708.*

Hezekiah D., and Martha Lock of Burlington, Nov.3,1844.*

Jonathan, of Salem, and Elizabeth Nurse, at Salem, Dec.8,1843.*

TWIST (Twiss)

Benjamin, of Danvers, and Rebakah Gowing, Oct.11,1770.*

Daniell, of Salem, and Mary Aburns, int.Nov.6,1714.

George [of], and Mrs.Elisabeth Larribee, Sept.15,1774.CR2*

Mary, Mrs., and Nathan Walton of Reading, at Reading, Feb.3,1779.*

Peter, and Sarah Twist [of], Aug.26,1772.*

Sarah [of], and Peter Twist, Aug.26,1772.*

TWOMEY (Toomey)

Morris, and Mary Hassett, int.Apr.19,1846.

TYLER (Tylor)

Jephthah, of New Marlboro, and Mrs.Mary Bryant, Oct.9,1765.CR2*

TYLOR (Tyler)

David, of Boxford, and Matha Howard, int.Nov.21,1736. (Marriage forbidden by Benjamin Downing, Nov.22,1736, but found insufficient according to Law, Nov.25,1736.)

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