LAKEMAN (Lakmen)

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary, Aug.4,1804.

LAKMEN (Lakeman)

Isaac Harding, s.Nathan and Mary, Dec.30,1801.


John, s.John and Elezebeth, Feb.8,1793.


Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Feb.16,1694-95.


George, see Woodberry, George C.

LEACH (Lech, Leech)

Aaron Allen, s.Benjamin, 3d and Jucy, Jan.26,1836.

Abel, s.John, bp. Dec.30,1739.CR

Abigail, d.Richard, bp. May15,1726.CR

Abgil, d.John and Abgil, Oct.14,1730.

Albert Lord, s.Daniel, farmer, and Mary H. [Deborah.dup.], at Newport, June25,1843.

Amme, d.[Capt.CR] Ezekeil and Susannah, Jan.12,1787.

Andrew, s.Benjamin and Amey [Emme.CR], Sept.2,1757.

Andrew, s.[Capt.CR] Joseph and Elezebeth, Aug.14,1782.

Andrew, s.Ezekeil and Susannah, June17,1783.

Andrew, s.Benjamin, 3d and Betsy, Apr.5,1815.

Anna, d.Paul and Rebecca, Oct.27,1736.

Anna, d.Joseph and Miriam, Sept.4,1740.

Anna, d.Anna, bp. July27,1761.CR

Anna, d.Capt. Jo and Elizabeth, bp. Dec.31,1786.CR

Ann, d.Roburt and Hannah, May23,1696.

Benjamen, s.Samuell and Hannah, Feb.14,1691.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Emme, Dec.16,1750.

Benjamin Hilton, s.Paul, jr. and Miriam, bp. Jan.27,1765.CR

Benjamin, s.[Capt.CR] Ezekeil and Susannah, Aug.28,1785.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.11,1785.

Benjamin Butler, s.Benjamin, jr. and Susanna, Nov.8,1815.

Charles, s.Robburd and Hannah, Oct.7,1702.

Charles, s.Joseph and Pashents, Aug.10,1726.

Charles, s.Paul and Rebecca, bp. Aug.23,1741.CR

Charles, s.Paul, jr. and Miriam, bp. May17,1767.CR

Charles, s.Daniel, bp. Oct.6,1805.CR

Charles Henry, s.[Capt.CR] Charles and Evoline, Oct.10,1833.

Charlotte Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Deborah, July25,1836.

Daniel, s.Paul and Rebecca, bp. July16,1738.CR

Daniel, s.Paul, sr. and Sarah, bp. June10,1759.CR

Daniel, s.Paul and Sarah, bp. Apr.12,1761.CR

Daniel, s.Paul and Miriam, bp. Jan.9,1763.CR

Daniel, s.Daniel and Deborah, Mar.10,1822.

David, s.Ezekeil and Susannah, Mar.30,1791.

Edward Harrison, s.Daniel and Deborah, Nov.12,1840.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Hannah, Dec.23,1713.

Elesabath, d.Joseph and Pashant, July25,1731.

Elisabeth, d.Paul and Lydia, bp. Jan.24,1748.CR

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, June4,1774.

Betty, d.[Capt.CR] Joseph and Elezebeth, Apr.17,1784.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, 3d and Betsy, Aug.28,1813.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Hannah, Aug.29,1818.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, jr. and Susan, Jan.7,1825.

Emily Frances, d.Daniel and Deborah, Feb.28,1832.

Emmy, d.Thomas and Hannah, Dec.8,1812.

Eunice, d.Daniel and Eunice, Apr.24,1784.

Eveline Tuck, d.Charles, mariner, and Sophia B., June26,1849.

Ezekiel, s.Benjamin and Emme, Feb.2,1755.

Ezekeil, s.Ezekeil and Susannah, Oct.12,1777.

Ezekiel, s.Thomas and Hannah, July1,1809.

George Norton, s.Daniel and Eunice, July23,1801.

George Augustus, s.Daniel and Deborah, June21,1825.

Hannah, d.Paul and Lydia, Apr.29,1745.

Hannah, d.Ezekeil and Susannah, Mar.26,1789.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Aug.23,1810.

Helen Augusta, d.Daniel and Deborah, May25,1838.

Henry Clay, s.Benjamin, 3d and Lucy, Oct.9,1832.

Jane Forster, d.Thomas and Mary Jane, Oct.8,1843.

Jenney, d.Andrew and Jenny, Nov.13,1779.

Jerusha, d.Joseph and Hannah, bp. Feb.4,1776.CR

John, s.Robbert, jr. and Mary, Oct.1,1708.

John, s.Joseph and Miriam, Nov.19,1744.

John, s.Joseph, jr. and Jerusha, Aug.14,1772.

John, s.Joseph and Elezebeth, at Ipswich, Nov.27,1778.

John, s.Benjamin and Sarah, May12,1788.

John, s.Benjamin, jr. and Susan, June24,1813.

Joseph, s.Patience, bp. Mar.11,1721[-2].CR

Joseph, s.Paul and Lydia, Apr.15,1743.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Miriam, Oct.31,1747.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mirium, Mar.4,1750.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Jerushe, Nov.14,1767.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elezebeth, July27,1776.

Lewis, s.Benjamin and Lucy, Dec.13,1839.

Leuse, d.Joseph and Miriam, Oct.17,1737.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Miriam, Nov.1,1753.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Jerusha, bp. Sept.25,1774.CR

Mary, d.Robert and Elezebeth, July11,1723.

Mary, d.John, bp. Feb.13,1731-2.CR

Molley, d.Daniel and Molly, bp. Aug.3,1755.CR

Molly, d.Paul, jr. and Meriam, Apr.19,1761.

Molly, d.Daniel and Eunice, Sept.13,1786.

Mary Augusta, d.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.5,1820.

Mary Hill, d.Daniel and Deborah, Dec.22,1829.

Mary Jane, d.Thomas, mariner, and Mary Jane, Oct.8,1843.

Mary Jane, d.Thomas, marriner, and Mary Jane, July7,1845.

Mary Abby, d.Daniel, jr., cabinet maker, and Mary Abby, Mar.9,1847.

Normon, s.Samuell and Hannah, Dec.27,1709.

Orry, d.[Capt.CR] Joseph and Elezebeth, Dec.19,1788.

Permela, d.Daniel and Eunice, Aug.22,1793.

Pashonce, d.Joseph and Pashonce, Nov.2,1728.

Paul, s.Robburd and Hannah, May11,1698.

Paul, s.Paul and Rebecca, bp. July16,1738.CR

Paul, s.Paul, jr. and Meriam, Jan.22,1759.

Persillah, d.Samuell and Hannah, May13,1712.

Rebecca, d.Paul and Rebecca, bp. July16,1738.CR

Rebecca, d.Paul, jr. and Meriam, June28,1757.

Rebecca, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Sept.5,1757.

Rebeckah, d.Daniel and Eunice, Aug.21,1788.

Richard, s.Richard and Abigail, Oct.9,1735.

Richard, s.Benjamin and Salley, Sept.18,1798.

Richard, s.Benjamin, 3d and Lucy, Dec.31,1830.

Robert, s.John Leach, bp. Mar.27,1737.CR

Robert, s.Paul [sr.CR] and Sarah, Aug.12,1763.

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Emme, Feb.22,1752.

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Elezebeth, Apr.17,1778.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Hannah, Nov.20,1706.

Samuel, s.Richard and Abigail, Oct.19,1731.

Samuel Allen, s.Paul, sr. and Sarah, bp. June17,1753.CR

Samuel, s.Joseph, jr. and Jerusha, Sept.2,1770.

Samuell, s.[Capt.CR] Joseph and Elezebeth, Dec.5,1780.

Samuel, s.Benjamin, 3d and Lucy, Aug.29,1837.

Sarah, d.Robbert and Elizabeth, Mar.10,1715.

Sarah, d.Paul [sr.CR] and Sarah, Mar.1,1757.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.24,1789.

Sarah, d.Benjamin, jr. and Susan, Apr.16,1821.

Susan, d.Thomas and Hannah, Apr.10,1814.

Susan, d.Benjamin, jr. and Susan, Feb.6,1819.

Susan Caroline, d.Daniel and Deborah, Mar.12,1834.

Susannah, d.Ezekeil and Susannah, Apr.13,1781.

Thomas, s.Ezekeil and Susannah, Sept.4,1779.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.6,1807.

William, s, Thomas and Hannah, May31,1817.

William Tuck, s.Charles and Evoline, Sept.2,1836.

LEATHERER (Leathers)

Richard, s.Richard and Susannah, June18,1690.

LEATHERS (Leatherer)

Annah, d.twin, Richard and Susannah, Oct.5,1692.

Rebeckah, d.twin, Richard and Susannah, Oct.5,1692.

LECH (Leach)

Catron, d.Samuel and Arabelah, Oct.1,1680.

Elesabeth, d.Robart and Hanah, Mar.8,1692.

Hanah, d.Robart and Hanah, Nov.18,1685.

Hannah, d.Samuell and Hanah, Aug.26,1686.

John, s.Robart and Hannah, Jan.15,1687.

Joseph, s, Robart and Hannah, June4,1694.

Mary, d.Robart and Hanah, Mar.18,1690.

Pernelapah, d.Samuell and Arabela, Sept.26,1678.

Richard, s.Samuell and Hannah, May6,1690.

Robart, s.Robart and Sarah, Feb.28,1682.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Arabelah, May8,1681.

Sarah, d.Robart and Sarah, June11,1680.

LEE (Ley)

Aaron, s.Nathaniel and Elesebath, Feb.8,1728-9.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Lydia, Jan.10,1751-2.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Sarah, bp. Aug.30,1783.CR

Aaron, s.Nathaniel and Susanna, Sept.19,1793.

Abial, s.[Dea.CR] Benjamin and Mary, June27,1748.

Abgel, d.Edward and Hannah, Feb.10,1727-8.

Abigall, d.Samuell, jr. and Mary, Dec.26,1733.

Nabbe, d.Capt. John and [Jo.TC]anna, July23,1751.

Nabby, d.Nathanael and Sarah, Sept.12,1770.

Abigail, d.Edward and Eunice, Jan.14,1772.

Nabby, d.Ebenezer and Mary, July24,1773.

Nabby, d.Solomon and Sarah, bp. May14,1774.CR

Nabby, d.wid.Sarah, bp. Nov.20,1774.CR

Nabby, d.Joseph and Anne, May10,1782.

Nabby, d.Amos and Mercy, Sept.8,1797.

Abby Ann, d.Jacob and Abigail, Nov.9,1827.

Abraham, s.Isaac, jr. and Judith, July16,1828.

Adda Elizabeth, d.Andrew, cabinet maker, and Jane Elizabeth, Nov.20,1848.

Adeliade H., d.Henry F., cabinet maker, and Hannah L., June7,1844.

Adeline Eliza, d.James and Nancy, Nov.7,1842.

Adeliza T., d.Andrew and Fanny, Dec.5,1826.

Allen, s.Nathan and Bula, May1,1813.

Amas, s.Samuell and Mary, Jan.5,1732-3.

Amos, s.Edward and Hannah, Dec.11,1736.

Amos, s.Edward and Eunice, Oct.22,1769.

Amos, s.Amos and Mercy, Dec.4,1791.

Andrew, s.Samuel, jr., bp. June23,1723.CR

Androw, s.John, 4th and Abgail, May5,1744.

Andrew, s.Isaac and Rachal, June16,1766.

Andrew, s.John and Elezebeth, Sept.1,1790.

Andrew, s.Winthrop and Lucy, Apr.19,1795.

Andrew, s.Andrew and Fanny, Dec.15,1829.

Andrew, s.John and Sarah E., July14,1841.

Anna, d.Nathaniell and Elezebeth, June1,1741.

Anna, d.Benjamin, jr. and Abigail, Feb.3,1757.

Anna, d.Thomas, jr. and Anna, Sept.29,1757.

Anna, d.Solomon and Sarah, Jan.27,1763.

Anna Fisk, d.Henry and Hannah, Oct.4,1796.

Anne, d.Thomas and Rose, June27,1730.

Ann, d, Nathaniel and Elizabeth, bp. May2,1731.CR

Anne, d.Joseph and Anne, June14,1780.

Annie Stone, d.Arial P., jr., cabinet maker, and Eliza T., Dec.31,1848.

Annis, d.John, 3d and Joanna, Oct.10,1743.

Annise, d.Capt. Isaac and Rachel, bp. June21,1778.CR

Annes, d.Winthrop and Lucy, May11,1790.

Ariel, s.Israel and Margret, Feb.6,1796.

Ariel Parish, s.Ariel P. and Ann, June22,1825.

Asa, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, May19,1769.

Azarias, s.Jacob and Mary, Aug.29,1758.

Bathire, d.Edward and Hannah, June24,1731.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.17,1731-2.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Abigail, Apr.10,1759.

Benjamin, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Feb.12,1768.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Anne, Aug.21,1786.

Bethiah, d.Nathaniel and Susannah, May5,1803.

Bula Ann, d.Nathan and Bula, Jan.25,1815.

Charles Edward, s.James and Nancy, Nov.1,1836.

Charles Henry, s.David and Clarrissa, Oct.27,1838.

Clarinda, d.Nathaniel and Susanna, Oct.23,1813.

Claracey, d.Nathan and Elezebeth, Sept.15,1804.

Clarrissa, d.David and Clarrissa, Aug.4,1835.

Daniel, s.[Dea.CR] Benjamin and Mary, July5,1750.

Daniel Webster, s.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Nov.16,1832.

David, s.Samuell, jr. and Mary, Oct.29,1728.

David, s.[Capt.CR] John and [Joanna.CR], 末蔓24, [bp. Sept.27,1747.CR].

David, s.[Dea.CR] Benjamin and Mary, Aug.28,1753.

David, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Oct.10,1775.

David, s.Isaac, jr. and Rachel, Feb.21,1798.

David, s.William and Elezebeth, May24,1802.

David Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Susanna, June11,1810.

David, s.John, 2d and Sarah, June8,1830.

David, Augustus, s.David and Clarrissa, Oct.29,1833.

Debroah, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.17,1733.

Daborah, d.Samuell, 3d and Daborah, May4,1738.

Dabrow, d.Dea.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.20,1745-6.

Deborah, d.James and Deborah, July1,1772.

Downing, s.John and Mary, May1,1726.

Downing, s.Downing and Hannah, June1,1757.

Downing, s.Downing, jr. and Ellaner, Jan.8,1778.

Ebenezer, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.8,1743-4.

Ebenezer Raymund, s.[Capt.CR] Samuel and Mary, July26,1751.

Ebenezer, s.Nathan, bp. Oct.20,1765.CR

Edward, s.Edward and Hanah, Nov.29,1729.

Edward, s.Jacob and Mary, Sept.4,1754.

Edward, s.Edward and Eunice, Sept.14,1754.

Edward, s.Amos and Mercy, Sept.6,1795.

Edward, s.Solomon and Jemimah, Nov.10,1795.

Edward, s.Josiah and Anna, July4,1796.

Edward, s.Josiah, bp. Sept.25,1803.CR

Edward, s.Winthrop and Janey, Nov.29,1805.

Elener, d.Downing and Elener, July14,1783.

Eliza, d.William and Elezebeth, Sept.20,1803.

Eliza Ann, d.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Sept.11,1818.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Rebeckah, Aug.17,1710.

Elezebeth, d.John, jr. and Mari, July24,1717.

Elezebeth, d.Thomas and Elezebeth, Dec.15,1720.

Elesebath, d.Nathaniel and Elesebath, Aug.28,1723.

Elesebath, d.Edward and Hannah, Sept.29,1726.

Bety, d.[Capt.CR] John, jr. and Joanne, July28,1749.

Betty, d.Jacob and Eunice, July29,1752.

Elizabeth, d.Downing and Hannah, June9,1754.

Elisabeth, d.Aaron and Lydia, bp. Aug.3,1760.CR

Elizabeth, d.Aaron and Lydia, June8,1762.

Elizabeth, d.Solomon and Sarah, Nov.10,1766.

Elezebeth, d.Edward and Eunice, June6,1774.

Elezebeth, d.Joseph and Anne [Abigail.CR], June12,1784.

Elezebeth, d.John [2dCR] and Elezebeth, Oct.28,1787.

Elezebeth, d.Isaac, jr. and Rachel, Aug.24,1793.

Elezebeth, d.Nathan and Elezebeth, June28,1797.

Elezebeth, d.William and Elezebeth, Mar.1,1800.

Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Elizabeth, July6,1809.

Elizabeth, d.Andrew and Fanny, bp. June30,1822.CR

Elizabeth Ann, d.Ariel P. and Ann, Nov.8,1827.

Alvira Hilton, d.Henry F. and Hannah, May2,1842.

Emily Augusta, d.Edward and Mary, July16,1837.

Euines, d.Edward and Hannah, Feb.7,1734-5.

Euneis, d.Jacob and Unice, bp. Nov.4,1746.CR

Eunice, d.Edward and Eunice, Sept.14,1752.

Unice, d.Edward and Unice, bp. July7,1754.CR

Eunice, d.William and Eunice, Sept.6,1794.

Ezekiel, s.Samuell, jr. and Mary, July5,1724.

Ezekiel, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, May12,1773.

Ezra, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Jan.25,1769.

Fanna, d.Capt. John and Joanna, bp. Oct.19,1755.CR

Fanny, d.Andrew and Fanny, bp. June29,1823.CR

Fanny, d.John and Sarah E., Jan.9,1843.

Fanny Elizabeth, d.John, farmer, and Sarah E., Oct.9,1846.

George Girdler, s.Downing, jr. and Elener, Sept.16,1780.

George, s.Nathan and Bula, Sept.30,1809.

George Waterman, s.Benjamin and Lydia, bp. Nov.12,1826.CR

George Everett, s.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Mar.22,1836.

George, s.David, fisherman, and Clarisa, Dec.8,1847.

Hanah, d.John and Sarah, Aug.13,1695.

Hannah, d.Edward and Hannah, Mar.21,1725.

Hannah, d.Richard and Hannah, June18,1744.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Eunice, Apr.19,1749.

Hannah, d.Downing and Hannah, Jan.18,1750.

Hannah, d.Edward and Eunice, Mar.15,1763.

Hannah, d.Winthrop and Lucy, Dec.26,1792.

Hannah, d.Henry and Hannah, Mar.6,1793.

Hannah, d.Downing and Elenor, May30,1794.

Harde, s.Downing and Elener, Aug.1,1792.

Hariot Putnam, d.Henry and Hannah, Mar.20,1795.

Harriot, d.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Aug.18,1816.

Henrietta, d.Henry and Hannah, Oct.13,1803.

Henry, s.Thomas, bp. Oct.16,1726.CR

Henry, s.[Capt.CR] Samuel and Lydia, Oct.28,1766.

Henry, s.Nathaniel and Susannah, Mar.28,1801.

Henry, s.Josiah and Anna, Sept.17,1803.

Henry Franklin, s.Henry and Hannah, Dec.23,1807.

Hipsey [Hephzibah.CR], d.Danil and Hannah, Nov.28,1776.

Isaack, s.Edward and Hannah, Dec.12,1738.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Rachel, Oct.11,1761.

Isaac, s.Isaac, jr. and Rachel, Nov.11,1790.

Isaac, 3d, s.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Nov.16,1825.

Israel, s.Nathan and Sarah, Nov.10,1763.

Israel, s.Israel and Margret, Nov.5,1789.

Isral Elliott, s.James and Nancy, July24,1832.

Jacob, s.Samuell [jr.] and Mary, Jan.28,1717.

Jacob, s.Edward, Jan.19,1721-2.

Jacob, s.Nathaniell and Elezebeth, Jan.16,1737.

Jacob, s.[Jacob and Unice.CR] [June22.TC] [bp. July27,1747.CR].

Jacob, s.Capt. Samuell and Lydia, bp. Feb.27,1763.CR

Jacob, s.Isaac and Rachel, June1,1771.

Jacob, s.Abiel and Sarah, bp. Dec.13,1772.CR

Jacob, s.[Capt.CR] Isaac and Rachal, Nov.27,1780.

Jacob, s.twin, Nathan and Elezebeth, Jan.6,1800.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Betsey, Dec.1,1803.

James, s.twin, Nathaniell and Elesabeth, Feb.3,1734-5.

James, s.Aaron and Lydia, Nov.11,1766.

James, s.[Capt.CR] Downing and Elener, at Glocester, Mar.11,1788.

James, s.Nathaniel and Susannah, July30,1798.

James Henry, s.James and Nancy, Aug.17,1828.

Jane, d.Winthrop, bp. Dec.2,1804.CR

Jeney, d.Winthrop and Jeney, Mar.26,1804.

Jeremiah, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.16,1721.

Jeremiah, s.Richard and Hannah, May23,1742.

Jerimiah, s.Aaron and Lydia, July25,1753.

Jeremiah Allen, s.Edward and Eunice, Nov.17,1756.

Joanna, d.John, bp. Apr.21,1734.CR

Joanna, d.John, 3d and Joanna, Nov.1,1739.

John, s.John and Sarah, Sept.17,1685.

John, s.Samuell and Mary, Feb.12,1715-16.

John, s.John and Mary, Apr.21,1719.

John, s.John, 3d and Joanna, May16,1738.

John, s.John, 4th and Abgail, Dec.17,1741.

John, s.Downing and Hannah, Apr.12,1761.

John, s.Isaac and Rachel, July20,1773.

John, s.Nathanell and [wid.CR] Sarah, May16,1775.

John, s.John, jr. and Elezebeth, Dec.3,1782.

John, s.Isaac, jr. and Rachel, Sept.25,1795.

John, s.Josiah and Anna, Oct.20,1798.

John, s.John and Sally, May27,1800.

John, s.Josiah, bp. Sept.25,1803.CR

John, s.William and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1810.

John, s.Andrew and Fanny, Dec.6,1813.

John Quincy Adams, s.John, 2d and Sarah, Feb.25,1825.

John Edward, s.Edward and Mary, May6,1833.

John, s.David and Clarrissa, Oct.28,1836.

John Richard, s.John, cordwainer, and Sarah Elizabeth, Mar.6,1845.

Johnnathan, s.Samuel, sr. and Rebackah, June15,1718.

Jonathan, s.Jacob and Mary, bp. Aug.21,1757.CR

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, June15,1752.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Anna, bp. Apr.8,1792.CR

Joseph Lendall, s.Nicholas T. and Sarah, Nov.9,1829.

Josiah, s, Samuell and Rebeckah, Oct.24,1706.

Josiah, s.Samuel, bp. Apr.6,1735.CR

Josiah, s.Edward and Hannah, Nov.8,1740.

Josiah, s.Edward and Eunice, June14,1759.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Anna, Sept.23,1784.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Anna, Sept.9,1786.

Lois, d.Nathan and Sarah, bp. Aug.14,1774.CR

Lois Hibbert, d.Henry and Hannah, Jan.21,1799.

Loisa Ingersol, bp. Apr.1,1810.CR

Louisa Allen, d.Joseph and Lydia, Dec.1,1822.

Louisa, d.Lydia, bp. July6,1828.CR

Luse, d.Edward and Hannah, Feb.12,1732-3.

Lucy, d.Capt. John, Esq., bp. Aug.21,1757.CR

Lucy, d.[Maj.CR] John, Esq. and Joanna, Apr.28,1759.

Lucey, d.Nathan and Sarah, Feb.4,1773.

Lucy, d.Winthrop and Lucy, Sept.13,1785.

Lucy, d.Thomas and Ruth, Dec.20,1795.

Lidiah, d.Samuell and Rebekah, Apr.19,1699.

Ledya, d.Nathaniel and Elezebeth, Apr.24,1726.

Lydia, d.Aaron and Lydia, Feb.29,1756.

Lydia, d.Solomon and Sarah, Mar.12,1761.

Lydia, d.[Capt.CR] Samuel and Lydia, Aug.9,1764.

Lydia, d.Edward and Eunice, May26,1765.

Lydia, d.Aaron, jr. and Sarah, Aug.30,1784.

Lydia, d.Henry and Hannah, Oct.15,1790.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Susannah, Dec.5,1795.

Lydia, d.Solomon and Jemimah, Oct.19,1799.

Lydia, d.Amos and Mercy, Mar.2,1800.

Mahala, d.Isaac, jr. and Rachal, Aug.1,1800.

Malachi, s.Nathan and Sarah, Aug.1,1771.

Margret, d.Israel and Margret, Aug.24,1793.

Peggey, d.Israel and Margret, Jan.11,1798.

Marietta, d.Henry F., "planing and sawing," and Hannah L., June3,1846.

Martha, d.John, jr. and Martha, Jan.12,1710-11.

Martha, d.Capt. John and Joanna, bp. Sept.23,1753.CR

Patty, d.Solomon and Sarah, July21,1772.

Mary, d.Samuell and Rebeckah, Oct.20,1695.

Mary, d.Samuell and Mary, May14,1713.

Mary, d.John, jr. and Mary, Apr.15,1714.

Mary, d.Samuell, jr. and Mary, Feb.28,1719-20.

Mary, d.Josiah and Mary, June28,1730.

Mary, d.John, 3d and Joanna, Oct.20,1741.

Marey, d.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.4,1741.

Mary, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, June10,1744.

Mary, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. Jan.8,1748-9.CR

Molley, d.Downing and Hannah, Oct.3,1765.

Molly, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Sept.23,1770.

Mary, d.Solomon and Sarah, bp. Jan.28,1776.CR

Molly, d.Joseph and Anne, Nov.30,1788.

Polly, d.Downing and Elener, Mar.20,1790.

Mary, d.Henry and Hannah, July12,1800.

Polly, d.Isaac, jr. and Rachal, May11,1803.

Mary Russell, d.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Oct.10,1823.

Mary Abigail, d.Ariel P. and Ann, June30,1830.

Mary Ann, d.Edward and Mary, Feb.26,1831.

Mary Frances, d.John, farmer, and Sarah Elizabeth, b. Watertown, Nov.19,1848.

Mary Benson, d.Henry F., planer and sawer, and Mary A., b. Benson, VT, Apr.14,1849.

Mehitable, d.James and Nancy, Sept.29,1830.

Mercy Thorn, d.Amos and Mercy, Sept.4,1793.

Nancy, d.Israel and Margret, Feb.15,1800.

Nancy Hill, d.James and Nancy, May11,1824.

Nathan, s.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.22,1736-7.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Sarah, July11,1762.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Sarah, June14,1767.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Elezebeth, Nov.10,1787.

Nathaniell, s.Samuell and Rebeckah, Oct.3,1703.

Nathaneil, s.Nathaniell and Elizebeth, July21,1724.

Nathaniell, s.twin, Nathaniell and Elesabeth, Feb.3,1734-5.

Nathaniel, s.John, 3d and Abigail, June30,1746.

Nathaniel, s.twin, Aaron and Lydia, Dec.27,1764.

Nathanael, s.Capt. Samuel and Lydia, May15,1771.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Sarah, May5,1773.

Nathaniel, s.wid.Sarah, bp. Nov.20,1774.CR

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Susannah, Jan.21,1790.

Nathaniel, s.Priscilla Stone, Oct.19,1845.

Nehemiah, s.Benjamin and Mary, Apr.10,1739.

Nehemiah, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, May6,1765.

Nehemiah, s.Nathaniel and Susanna, Sept.5,1805.

Nicholas Thorndike, s.Nicholas T. and Sarah, Feb.19,1828.

Olive, d.Nathaniel and Susanna, Aug.20,1807.

Oliver, s.Nathan and Sarah, Nov.1,1768.

Oliver, s.Nathan and Sarah, Feb.13,1770.

Permela, d.Jacob and Elezebeth, Oct.16,1805.

Parmelia, d.Jacob, bp. Nov.4,1805.CR

Rachel, d.Thomas, bp. Apr.1,1739.CR

Rachel, d.Solomon and Sarah, Nov.3,1764.

Rachel, d.Isaac and Rachel, Oct.5,1768.

Rachel, d.[Capt.CR] Isaac and Rachel, Feb.10,1776.

Rachel, d.Isaac, jr. and Rachel, Dec.5,1787.

Rebeckah, d.Samuell, jr. and Mary, Sept.16,1725.

Rebacker, d.Josiah and Mary, Jan.21,1731-2.

Rebecca, d.Josiah, bp. Jan.23,1731-2.CR

Rebaker, d.Nathaniell and Elezebeth, Nov.20,1738.

Rebecca, d.Capt. Samuel and Mary, bp. Apr.10,1748.CR

Rebecca, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Apr.8,1749.

Rebecca, d.[Capt.CR] Samuel Lee, jr. and Mary, Aug.6,1750.

Rebeca, d.twin, Aaron and Lydia, Dec.27,1764.

Rebecca, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, Jan.21,1771.

Rebecca, d.Aaron and Lydia, Oct.5,1773.

Recherd, s.John and Mary, Mar.10,1720.

Richard, s.Downing and Hannah, bp. Feb.5,1764.CR

Richard, s.Downing and Hannah, July1,1768.

Richard, s.John, jr. and Elezebeth, Sept.3,1784.

Rose, d.Thomas and Rose, bp. Nov.12,1727.CR

Ruth, d.Samuell and Rebeckah, Dec.10,1697.

Ruth, d.twin, Thomas, bp. Aug.23,1724.CR

Ruth, d.Jesiah and Mary, Sept.13,1726.

Ruthe, d.Downen [Downing.CR] and Hannah, Sept.7,1748.

Ruth Raimond, d.Capt. Samuell, bp. July29,1753.CR

Ruth, d.Daniel and Hannah, Sept.11,1774.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth, Aug.26,1791.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Ruth, Feb.15,1793.

Samuell, s.Hennery and Mary, Aug.16,1667.

Samuell, s.John and Sarah, Dec.18,1687.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Rebeckah, Feb.24,1693-4.

Samuel, s.Samuell and Mary, Oct.21,1714.

Samuell, s.Samuell, 3d and Daborah, Dec.20,1739.

Samuel, s.Capt. Samuel and Lydia, bp. Oct.5,1760.CR

Samuel, s.Capt. Samuel and Lydia, bp. Jan.17,1762.CR

Samuel, s.Nehemiah and Sarah, Sept.1,1766.

Samuell, s.Capt. Samuel, bp. Apr.8,1768.CR

Samuel, s.Solomon and Sarah, bp. Jan.28,1776.

Samuel, s.Solomon, jr. and Jemimah, Sept.26,1792.

Samuel, s.William and Elezebeth, Feb.10,1798.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Dec.7,1691.

Sarah, d.Edward and Hannah, Apr.21,1723.

Sarah, d.Josiah, bp. Jan.29,1737[-8].CR

Sarah, d.Solomon and Sarah, Aug.8,1757.

Sarah, d.Nathan and Sarah, bp. June14,1767.CR

Sarah, d.Edward and Eunice, June18,1767.

Sarah, d.Nehemiah and Sarah, bp. Apr.2,1775.CR

Sarah, d.Solomon, jr. and Jamimah, Sept.18,1786.

Sally, d.twin, Nathan and Elezebeth, Jan.6,1800.

Sally, d.William and Elezebeth, Aug.28,1805.

Sarah Jane, d.John, 2d and Sarah, Aug.7,1832.

Sally Stone, d.Ariel P. and Ann, June21,1838.

Seaweard, s.John and Mary, May21,1724.

Solomon, s.Thomas and Rose, Jan.16,1733-4.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Sarah, Jan.22,1759.

Solomon, s.Solomon, jr, and Jemimah, July8,1782.

Susan, d.James and Nancy, Apr.24,1827.

Susan Emily, d.Isaac, jr. and Judith, Nov.19,1829.

Susan, d.Nancy, bp. July3,1835.CR

Susanna, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.14,1734-5.

Susanah, d.Richard and Hannah, at Salem, Apr.4,1747.

Susannah, d.Nathneil and Susannah, Aug.24,1791.

Thomas, s.John and Sarah, Oct.14,1693.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, Aug.27,1718.

Thomas, s.twin, Thomas, bp. Aug.23,1724.CR

Thomas, s.Thomas and Rose, Mar.16,1731-2 [Mar.17.GR]

Thomas, s.Solomon and Sarah, May16,1768.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Ruth, Mar.1,1798.

Thomas, s.William and Elizabeth, Feb.24,1808.

William, s.Thomas and Rose, Oct.29,1728.

William, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.18,17[32-]33.CR

William Raymond, s.John and Joanna, July30,1745.

William, s.Solomon and Sarah, June2,1770.

William, s.Solomon, jr. and Jamimah, Oct.27,1784.

William, s.Downing and Elener, Oct.30,1784.

William, s.Josiah and Anna, July11,1789.

William, s.Solomon, jr. and Jamimah, Sept.2,1790.

William, s.William and Elezebeth, June9,1796.

William, s.William and Elizabeth, July21,1812.

William King, s.James, fisherman, and Nancy P., June6,1844.

Winthrope, s.Isaac and Rachel, Dec.13,1763.

Winthrop, s.Winthrop and Lucy, Sept.24,1787.

LEECH (Leach)

Benjamen, s.Recherd and Abbigel, Jan.13,1718.

Benjamin, s.Recherd and Abbigel, Jan.2,1723-4.

Elizebeth, d.Recherd and Abbigel, Apr.25,1717.

Elesebeth, d.Robert, jr. and Elesebeth, Mar.7,1718.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Sept.10,1719.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Patiance, May9,1720.

Hannah, d.Reccherd and Abigel, Dec.13,1720.

Mary, d.Robert and Elezebeth, June5,1723.

Rachel, d.Joseph and Pashents, Oct.28,1717.

LENDALL (Lendell, Lendoll, Lindall, Lyndal, Lyndall)

Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, May30,1819.

Amos, s.John, jr. and Anne, July29,1788.

Amos, s.Amos and Sally, Sept.10,1830.

Anne, d.John, jr. and Anne, Nov.5,1786.

Ann Tewksbury, d.Amos and Sophia, Nov.14,1816.

Aurelia Brown, d.Amos and Sophia, at N. Port, June7,1822.

Charles Augustus, s.Amos and Sally, Mar.1,1838.

David Henry, s.Amos and Sally, Aug.7,1833.

George Addison, s.Amos and Sarah, May30,1842.

Hannah, d.John (Lendal) and Anne, Aug.19,1794.

Hannah, d.John, bp. Sept.4,1803.CR

Jacob, s.John, jr. and Anne, Oct.10,1784.

Jacob, s.John, jr. and Anna, bp. Sept.10,1786.CR

Jacob, s.John and Anna, Aug.14,1803.

Joann, d.Joseph and Abigail, Dec.11,1823.

John, s.John, jr. and Anne, Aug.17,1783.

John, s.John, jr. and Anna, bp. Sept.10,1786.CR

John, s.Amos and Sophia, at N. Port, Oct.17,1824.

Joseph, s.twin, John and Anne, Feb.22,1791.

Samuel Nelson, s.Amos and Sally, Mar.3,1836.

Sarah, d.twin, John and Anne, Feb.22,1791.

Sarah Tewksbury, d.Amos and Sophia, at N. Port, Oct.19,1819.

Sophia Browm, d.Amos and Sophia, Dec.4,1814.

Thomas, s.John and Anna, May24,1797.

Thomas, Amos, farmer, and Sarah, Mar.29,1845.

LENDELL (Lendall)

Judith, d.John and Eunice, bp. Sept.26,1762.CR

LENDOLL (Lendall)

Abigail, d.Joseph (Lendall) and Nabby, May31,1819.


John Franklin, s.John S., carpenter, and Mary Jane, Feb.10,1845.

Mary Louisa, d.John S., cabinet maker, and Mary J., Apr.23,1846.

LEY (Lee)

Abigall, d.John and Sarah, Apr.11,1703.

Benjamen, s.John and Sarah, Dec.19,1705.

Edward, s.John and Sarah, Feb.19,1698-9.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, June21,1697.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Mar.30,1701.

LINDALL (Lendall)

David, s.John and Anna, Feb.4,1800.

Mary, d.John (Lendall) and Eunice, Aug.20,1773.

LITTELFEILD (Littlefield)

Emme, d.Sebely and Emme, Dec.20,1735.

Mary, d.Sebely and Emme, Aug.3,1737.

Nathanel, s.Sebely and Emme, Dec.19,1738.

Seuesannah, d.Sebley and Emme, Aug.3,1740.


Mary Sargent, d.John, cabinet maker, b. Salsbury, NH, and Mary P., b. Jackson, NH, Nov.7,1849.

LITTLEFEILD (Littlefield)

Josiah, s.Emme, bp. Apr.28,1734.CR

LITTLEFIELD (Littelfeild, Littlefeild)

Abigall, d.Eliahab and Rachell, Jan.21,1712.

Elihab, s.Elihab and Rachil, of Wells, Oct.23,1697.

Siblee, s.Eliab and Rachil, Jan.6,1710-11.

Sibly, s.Sibly and Neme [Emme.CR], Sept.18,1742.


Elsey Obear, d.Isaac and Anna, of Beverly, at Beverly, May4,1802.

Helen Maria, d.John Cleaveland and Elsey, at Beverly, May14,1825.

John Cleaveland s.Isaac and Susannah, of Hopkinton, NH, at Hopkinton, Oct.6,1794.

Mary Abba, d.Rufus W. and Mary B., Oct.16,1834.

Rufus Danforth, s.Rufus W. and Mary B., July12,1829.


Auther A., s.Frederic A., cabinet maker, and Mary Ann, Dec.18,1844.

Mary Abby, d.Frederic, cabinet maker, and Mary Ann, Dec.24,1847.


John, s.John and Ruth Ann, at Augusta, ME, Jan.18,1840.


Daniel, s.Daniel, jr. and Annes, Jan.28,1798.

Eliza, d.Daniel and Annes, July1,1802.

Eliza Everett, d.Dea.Albert E. and Elizabeth, Oct.17,1836.

Francis, s.Francis and Mary, Sept.26,1808.

Francis, s.Capt., bp. Apr.23,1809.CR

John, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, bp. July6,1760.CR

John, s.Francis and Mary, Jan.31,1810.

Judith, d.Stephen, bp. Mar.30,1755.CR

Julia Augusta, d.Albert E. and Elizabeth, Aug.21,1840.

Nancey, d.Daniel and Annes, June23,1794.

Orraley, d.Daniel and Annice, Feb.23,1800.

Sally, d.Daniel, jr. and Annice, Sept.5,1796.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.16,1758.CR

LUCAS (Lucus)

S末末, d.Moses B., mariner, and Mary B., Feb.4,1847.

LUCUS (Lucas)

Moses B., s.Moses B., marriner, and Mary, July11,1845.

LUFFKIN (Lufkin)

Anna, d.David and Anna, bp. Aug.25,1754.CR

Jeremiah, s.David, bp. Aug.23,1752.CR

LUFKIN (Luffkin)

Charles Franklin, s.Ezra, cabinet maker, and Judeth, June10,1846.

Charles Franklin, s.Ezra, cabinet maker, b. Gloucester, and Judeth L., b. Gloucester, Aug.28,1848.

Ezra Sumner, s.Ezra and Judith, Dec.3,1838.

George Ezra, s.Ezra and Judith, Apr.17,1843.

Lucy Boyd, d.Ezra and Judith, July17,1834.


Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Rebeckah, Sept.7,1818.

Benjamin Haskell, s.Rebbecca, bp. Sept.7,1828.CR

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Rebekah, Aug.29,1804.

Mary Eliza, d.Jonathan and Rebeckah, Mar.20,1814.

Nancy Norwood, d.William and Maria, Jan.6,1838.

Rebecca, d.Jonathan, bp. Aug.末,1810.CR

William, s.Jonathan and Rebekah, Dec.2,1809.


末末, s.James, railroad contractor, and Sarah A., May17,1847.

LYNDAL (Lendall)

Eunice, d.John and Eunice, July25,1755.

Hannah, d.John and Eunice, Mar.21,1770.

Jacob, s.John (Lyndall) and Eunice, May12,1764.

LYNDALL (Lendall)

Amos, s.John and Eunice, Nov.15,1766.

John, s.John and Eunice, Oct.17,1759.

Judah [Judith.CR], d.John and Eunice, Sept.8,1762.

Sarah, d.John and Eunice, May2,1757.


Emily Pillsbury, d.William and Betsy, Apr.17,1827.

Lewis Pilsbury, s.William, cabinet maker, and Elizabeth Ann, Oct.1,1844.

William Cleaveland s.William and Betsy, Dec.24,1837.

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