Jacob, s.Jacob and Prudence, bp. Nov.10,1771.CR


James, "Printis of" Capt. Jacob Allen, Apr.13, 末末, [rec. abt. 1779.]


Abigail, d.Benjamin and Anna, Apr.7,1753.

Nabby, d.Benjamin and Anna, Nov.9,1760.

Nabby, d.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, Dec.17,1796.

Andrew Woodbury, s.Benjamin [jr.CR] and Elezebeth, Nov.11,1782.

Anna, d.Benjamin, jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR

Anna, d.Samuel and Molly, Sept.9,1794.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Anne, Apr.3,1754.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, [jr.CR] and Elezebeth, July17,1778.

Charlotta, d.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, Dec.20,1794.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Anna, Oct.10,1757.

Daniel, s.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, Apr.26,1787.

Betsey, d.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, May22,1785.

Israel Foster, s.Benjamin and Anna, Dec.18,1755.

Israel, s, [Capt.CR] Israel Foster and Nabby, May19,1781.

Israel, s.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, July6,1790.

Issachar, s.Benjamin and Anna, Mar.25,1758.

Issachar, s.Benjamin and Anna, Nov.17,1768.

Issachar, s.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, Apr.29,1789.

Jenny, d.Benjamin and Anna, bp. Mar.31,1771.CR

Margrett, d.Benjamin and Anna, Jan.21,1765.

Molly, d.Samuel and Molly, June12,1791.

Molly, d.Benjamin, jr. and Elezebeth, Dec.13,1792.

Hitty, d.Samuel and Molly, Mar.18,1789.

Peter, s.Benjamin and Anna, bp. Nov.30,1772.CR

Priscilla, d.Benjamin and Anna, Feb.14,1767.

Prudence, d.Jacob, bp. Nov.末,1773.CR

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Anna, Aug.10,1762.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Molly, Oct.20,1787.

ORSBORN (Osborn)

Ann Mariah, d.Oliver, mariner, and Ann, Aug.26,1847.

Horace M., s.William, seaman, and Nancy, at Black Cove, Newport, Sept.19,1845.

ORSMENT (Osment)

Anna, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.5,1760.CR

Anna, d.John and Margret, Sept.7,1775.

Anne, d.John and Annah, Apr.5,1722.

Asa, s.Benjamin and Jane, Oct.31,1768.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, bp. May28,1758.CR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Dec.20,1762.CR

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Jane, Jan.23,1765.

Betty, d.Benjamin and Betty [Elizabeth.CR], May18,1745.

Elizabeth, or Betty, d.John and Margarett, June15,1773.

Betty, d.John and Margaret, bp. Sept.25,1774.CR

John, s.John and Annah, Feb.28,1718-19.

John*, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.11,1743-4.CR*Orsment or Orsman

John, s.John and Hannah, bp. Mar.31,1745.CR

[John.CR], s.Benjamin and Betty, May29,1747.

John, s.[Capt.CR] John and Margret, Feb.6,1777.

John, s.John and Anna, Nov.7,1801.

Kezia, d.John and Anna, Oct.24,1814.

Lucey, d.John and Margarett, June7,1771.

Lucy, d.John and Margaret, bp. Sept.25,1774.CR

Ledeah, d.John and Annah, Nov.27,1727.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, May27,1752.

Peggy, d.John and Anna, Apr.13,1812.

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Jane, Apr.7,1771.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Apr.21,1755.

Sally, d.John and Anna, Feb.1,1806.

Washington, s.John and Anna, Jan.5,1809.

William Andreas, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, bp. May7,1749.CR

William Andreas, Benjamin, bp. June17,1750.CR

Bill, s.Benjamin and Jane, Jan.18,1767.

OSBORN (Orsborn)

Ann Maria, d.Oliver and Ann, Sept.1,1839.

Asa William, s.Asa and Lydia, June14,1828.

Elizabeth Choate, d.Asa and Lydia, Feb.22,1834.

Emily Augusta, d.Asa and Lydia, June16,1831.

Emeline Putnam, d.William and Nancy, July30,1841.

Evaline, d.Asa and Lydia, Aug.22,1825.

Harriet Newhall, d.William and Nancy, Apr.23,1843.

Julia Frances, d.William and Nancy, May24,1839.

Lydia Ann, d.Asa and Lydia, Nov.9,1823.

Rebecca Leach, d.William and Nancy, Nov.9,1832.

OSMENT (Orsment)

Joanna, d.John, jr. and Hannah, Feb.16,1742-3.


Mary, d.John and Mary, Mar.11,1687.

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