Bickford L., of Topsfield, and Eunice Carter, Jan. 23, 1823.*


Abraham, Rev., and Hannah Leavitt of Hampton, NH, int. Jan. 9, 1803.


John, jr., of East Tomastown, ME, and Abigail Edwards, Aug. 1, 1837.*


George, of Marblehead, and Elizabeth Harsham, int. Feb. 17, 1764.

RAY (Rea)

Peter W., and Amanda M. Peart, both of Boston, Dec. 21, 1840.


Joanna, of Beverly, and John Lea, 3d, at Beverly, June 16, 1737.*

Mary, and Samuell Lee, jr., int. June 26, 1743.

Ruth [Ruth Lee. int.], and Sewall Tuck of Beverly, May 21, 1772.*

REA (Ray)

Molly, of Beverly, and Samuell Ober, Mar. 6, 1785.*


Eben R., a. 23 y., sawer, s. James and Bethiah, and Mahala Standley, a. 18 y., d. Paul and Mahala, June 20, 1847.*

Joseph, of Cambridge, and Mrs. Levina Bond, Mar. 26, 1778.*


Edward, of Marblehead, and Rachel Bennet, May 7, 1772.*


Anna, and James Burges, Feb. 1, 1821.*

Betsy, and Thomas Williams, int. Dec. 31, 1819.

Hannah L. [Mrs. CR], and Henry F. Lee, Aug. 19, 1841. TC*

John, and Anne Bare, June 11, 1793. CR

John, and Betsey Danford, Nov. 24, 1796.*

John, and Hannah Hilton, Nov. 10, 1830.*

Lydia, and Samuel S. Hooper, Apr. 13, 1826.*


Asa, and Elizabeth Allen, May 29, 1809.*

Asa, jr., and Betsey Preston, July 16, 1835.*

Lydia, and William Godsoe, May 30, 1841. TC*

Nathan, a. 26 y., blacksmith, s. Asa and Betsy, and Mary Elizabeth Butler of Gloucester, a. 18 y., tailoress, d. Daniel and Rhoda, of Gloucester, Oct. 31, 1844.*

Nathan, widr., a. 30 y., blacksmith, a. Asa and Betsy, and Caroline Allen, a. 19 y., d. Azariah and Sally, June 25, 1848.*

Ruben, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and Mary Samples, Dec. 10, 1793. CR


Sarah, of Glocester, and John Allen, jr., int. Nov. 27, 1756.

ROBASON (Robinson)

Mary, and Robbert Leach, Mar. 15, 1704-5.


Luther, and Sarah Robinson of Gloucester, int. Nov. 26, 1811.

ROBERDS (Roberts)

Jonathan, jr., of Beverely, and Hanah Badcock, ibt. Oct. 27, 1734.

ROBERTS (Roberds)

Andrew, and Mrs. Molly Morse of Beverly, June 26, 1783.*

Andrew, of Beverly, and Eunice Leach, Dec. 26, 1805. CR*

Andrew, and Mary Ann Ward of Beverly, Nov. 9, 1836.*

Anne, and Phelep Caststeirs, int. May 28, 1791.

Eliza, of Beverly, and James Dow, int. Jan. 3, 1819.

Eunice, and Joseph Killham, Oct. 5, 1830.*

Hannah, and Henry Stone [of Gloucester. int.], May 23, 1830.*

Laura A., of Rockport, and Arthur S. Allen, int. Oct. 10, 1846.

Louisa, and Samuel Driver, Mar. 3, 1836.*

Mary, and William Morse of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan. 19, 1798.*

Mehitable, and William Cross, Nov. 26, 1834.*

Marcy, and David Goodrich of Beverly, int. Dec. 31, 1809.

Oliver, a. 26 y., fisherman and cordwainer, s. Andrew and Eunice, and Ruth Foss of Beverly, a. 20 y., b. Strafford, NH, d. Enoch and Ruth, of Strafford, NH, Nov. 18, 1847.*

William, and Mercy Stanley of Beverly, at Beverly, Jan. 11, 1776.*

William, and Lucy Sanderson of Beverly, Feb. 27, 1806. CR*

ROBINSON (Robason, Robison)

Mary, of Salem, and Robert Leach, Mar. 15, 1705. TC

Sarah, of Gloucester, and Luther Robbins, int. Nov. 26, 1811.

ROBISON (Robinson)

John, of Salam, and Vilet Kahall, int. July 6, 1798.

RODGERS (Rogers)

Abigail W., and Enoch Allen, June 17, 1834.*

ROGERS (Rodgers)

Hannah, of Wenham, and Daniel Lee, at Wenham, Dec. 16, 1773.*

Nathaniel, of Wenham, and Elizabeth Hill, Oct. 10, 1752.*

Samuel, a. 22 y., varnisher, s. Samuel W. and Mary G., and Adeline Carter, a. 17 y., d. Nathan, jr. and Adeline, Dec. 9, 1847.*


John, and Marthe Hoston of Gloucester, Apr. 4, 1787.


John, and Juday Hooper, int. July 25, 1747.


Martha R., of Boston, and Charles H. Trask, int. Sept. 18, 1849.


Horace, a. 27 y., cabinet maker, b. Ipswich, s. Ephram and Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Sarah M. Wheaton, a. 26 y., Cape Breton, d. Joseph and Mary Ann, of Arrowshot, C.B., May 6, 1845.*

ROW (Rowe)

Abram [Abraham. int.], and Olive M. [Maria. int.] Goldsmith, Dec. 2, 1832.*

ROWE (Row)

Martha, of Gloucester, and Samuel Kilham, Dec. 30, 1830.*

Nancy, and John Andrews, Jan. 3, 1813. CR*

RUSSEL (Russell)

Betsey, and Capt. George Girdler, int. Dec. 15, 1811.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Hilton of Beverly, int. Mar. 13, 1814.

Lucy, and Michael [D. CR] Monies of Salem, June 20, 1825.*

Polly, and Simion [Simion Fedreck. int.] Miller, Nov. 28, 1802. CR*

Sarah, and Azariah Allen, Sept. 14, 1824.*

William [jr. int.], and Nabby Hooper, Nov. 14, 1813. CR*

RUSSELL (Russel)

Caroline, and Thomas W. Crumby, Oct. 14, 1838.*

Elizabeth, and John Easkoot, Aug. 30, 1812. CR*

Isaac, and Elezebeth Lee, int. Aug. 20, 1794.

Judith, and Isaac Lee, jr., June 12, 1814. CR*

Mary, of Beverly, a. 17 y., b. Beverly, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Winthrop Pickering of Gloucester, a. 22 y., yeoman, b. Gloucester, s. Elisha and Mary, of Gloucester, Sept. 6, 1848.

William, and Judath Killam, int. Oct. 25, 1788.

William, and Elizabeth Girdler, Oct. 4, 1835.*


Daniel, of Ipswich, and Ruth Belcher, Nov. 10, 1763.*

Nancy, Mrs., of Lynn, and Joseph Price, int. Dec. 21, 1844.

Rachel, of Ipswich, and Moses Bennet, at Essex, Feb. 15, 1739.*

Sarah, of Gloucester, and John Allen, jr., int. Nov. 27, 1756.

William C., and Eliza Lee, Feb. 21, 1828.*


Moses, of Essex, and Olive Lee, June 7, 1829.

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