TAILOR (Tayler)

Nancy, wid.John Stacey, Dec.22,1841, a.87y.

Sarah, wid.Duncan, Dec.18,1806.


John [Italian.PR1], "a Foreigner and a State Pauper," Oct.5,1818. [a.48y.PR1]


William, s.John and Deborah, Mar.12,1749-50.CR3



Isabella (Reith), Mrs.,末蔓末,1746.CR1

John, s.John and Isabella, Sept.22,1736, a.8y.8m.22d.GR1

John, suddenly,末蔓末,1742.CR1

Richard, s.John and Isabella, Oct.24,1733, a.18m.2d.GR1

Talbot, Oct.9,1736, a.2y.6m.GR1

Thomas, s.John and Isabella, Sept.14,1737, a.12y.9m.11d.GR1

TAYLER (Tailor)

Mary, bur. Dec.10,1715.CR3


Elizabeth, w.Valentine, d.Samuel and Sarah Dodd, Oct.4,1769, a.33y.GR1

Jane, w.[Valentine.GR1] (m.1st, Thomas Dixcy), June14,1781.CR1 [a.45y.3m.GR1]

Jane T., d.Maj. John, consumption, Mar.7,1814. [Mar.5, a.15y.PR1; Mar.5, a.15y.6m.CR3]

Lydia, wid.Valentine, Apr.16,1807.

Martha, w.Maj. John, d.Capt. Samuel Tucker, Sept.17,1816.

Valentine, Oct.8,1804, a.68y.7m.GR2

TESHEW (Tisho)

末末, May14,1834, a.8y.

John, "a Revolutionary Pensioner," Mar.20,1838, a.87y.3m.

TESHO (Tisho)

末末, wid.John, Sept.6,1843, a.84y.11m.

TEWKSBURY (Tuexbury)

Grush, s.the late James, "in the Hospital at Manilla," June9,1825.

James, Sept.15,1812, a.55y.GR1

Nancy, Feb.1,1835, a.70y.9m.[Jan.27.GR1]


末末, ch.Isaac, July3,1811.

末末, ch.Capt. Isaac, Jan.22,1837, a.1y.2m.

Enoch, "Soldier belonging to the Garrison in this Town under the Command of Capt Stephen Renny, Went to Boston last week and Returned the last Evening in a Violent Storm and found Dead this Morning, Near Mrs aynes Tavern at the entrance of this Town," Mar.29,1812. [Mar.28, a.33y.PR1]

Isaac, at the Hospital at Charlestown, Oct.13,1822. [a.46y.PR1]

Isaac, m., master mariner, "Shot Accidentally at Valparaiso, S.A.," June24,1847, a.50y.


Martha, Apr.28,1837.CR5

THOMPSON (Thomson, Tompson)

末末, w.Benjamin, 3d, d.Benjamin Girdler, July1,1807.

末末, wid.Jonathan, rec. Jan.27,1811.

末末, wid.Benjamin, mason, "in an Advanced Age," Dec.15,1813.

末末, ch.William, 4th and Lydia, "Scalded to Death," June11,1816.

末末, inf.ch.John, 4th and Sarah, July1,1816.

末末, inf.ch.Thomas and Data, Jan.2,1819.

末末, ch.Benjamin and Margaret, dropsy in the head, Aug.2,1825, a.abt. 2y.[a.19m.PR1]

末末, inf.ch.John and Sarah, Feb.3,1826.

末末, ch.Amos and Hannah D., May15,1826.

末末, young ch.John and Mary, June30,1826.

末末, ch.Benjamin and Margaret, Feb.24,1827.

末末, inf.ch.John, May10,1832.

末末, ch.John, June15,1832, a.8m.

末末, ch.John, 3d, Jan.18,1835, a.3m.

末末, ch.Charles, Aug.28,1835, a.6y.

末末, ch.John W., Nov.27,1836, a.28d.

末末, ch.Charles D., Apr.18,1837, a.4d.

Amos, s.Thomas and Barbara, suddenly, May24,1824.

Anna, w.William, Apr.8,1836, a.78y.[Apr.7, a.77y.GR1]

Barbara, wid.Thomas, blacksmith, June2,1832.

Benjamin, mason, "in an advanced Age," Aug.26,1806.

Benjamin, "of a Violent Fever at Rotirdam," rec. Nov.12,1809.

Benjamin, mason, consumption, at the poorhouse, Apr.27,1818.

Benjamin, s.Richard, at Salem, Feb.15,1830.

Benjamin, Nov.2,1832, a.32y.

Christopher Grant, s.Benjamin and Margaret, Aug.2,1826, a.1y.6m.GR2

Cornelius, s.John and Margaret, Jan.11,1809, a.25y.

Cornelius, s.Cornelius and Mehitable, "at Sea on board Ship Zephyr, of Salem," rec. Mar.29,1830, a.21y.

Data, w.Thomas, Jan.22,1826.

Betsey, d.William and Sarah, consumption, Feb.6,1826.

Elisabeth, wid.John, Dec.14,1837, a.72y.

Elisabeth, wid.William, Oct.17,1839, a.84y.

Elisabeth, wid.John, consumption, Nov.4,1845, a.76y.

James, consumption, Aug.24,1828, a.37y.

Jane, d.Richard and Thomasine, bur. at Salem, Feb.11,1728-9.CR3

Jane [Mrs.CR3], Oct.4,1833, a.73y.[Oct.3.CR3]

Jane, wid.Samuel, at Lynn, Oct.28,1840, a.82y.3m.

John, jr., eldest, s.John and Margaret, Dec.6,1796, a.21y.1m.GR1

John, s.Samuel and Jane, at Port au Prince, rec. Sept.10,1810.

John, "of a Lingering Disorder," May25,1821, a.70y.

John, Sept.8,1833, a.3m.

John, "at sea [cook.PR8], Schr Van Buren," Jan.2,1836. [1835.PR8]

John, May19,1841, a.72y.

Jonathan, Nov.20,1783.PR14

[Jonathan.PR14], s.Jonathan and Mary R., Oct.27,1819. [Nov.1.PR14;, a.2y.PR1]

Lydia, July30,1834, a.47y.[1833.CR5]

Margaret, w.John, Sept.26,1807.

Margaret, d.Samuel and Sally, Apr.13,1810.

Margaret, wid.William, June19,1833, a.75y.

Martha, d.Richard and Thomasine, bur. at Salem, Feb.1,1728-9.CR3

Mehittable, wid.Cornelius, Feb.5,1809.

Rebecca, wid.James, at the poorhouse, Feb.3,1820. [a.70y.PR1]

Samuel, "of a Lingering Sickness," June5,1812. [a.58y.PR1]

Samuel, s.the late Thomas and Barbara, suddenly, Dec.4,1824. [a.28y.PR1]

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Margaret, Feb.23,1837, a.1y.GR2

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Margaret, disease of head, Aug.21,1843, a.7y.

[Sarrah R.PR14], d.Capt. Jonathan and Mary R. [fits.PR1], May25,1824. [May28.PR14;, a.3y.PR1;, a.2y.GR6]

Thomas, consumption, Aug.15,1822. [a.58y.PR1]

Thomas, cordwainer, consumption, June2,1843, a.21y.

[William.GR2], s.Thomas [and Barbary.GR2], blacksmith, Nov.27,1806. [a.20m.4d.GR2]

William, s.William and Anna, "drowned at Liverpool," Oct.16,1809.

William, 3d, "on board Ship Ganges, Robt Hooper, Master, from Isle of France," rec. Oct.17,1820.

William, 3d, consumption, Apr.9,1828.

William, consumption, Feb.12,1831, a.70y.

William, Dec.6,1841, a.84y.7m.

William, s.John and Sarah, consumption, Aug.1,1844, a.17y.11m.

THOMSON (Thompson)

末末, ch.William, 3d, July27,1828, a.9m.


末末, ch.Jacob and Patty, Nov.29,1815.

末末, wid., "in an Advanced Age," Apr.29,1825.

末末, ch.Philip, May28,1837, a.3d.

Anna, consumption, Apr.22,1825, a.70y.PR1

Jacob, suddenly, Feb.2,1821. [a.40y.PR1]

Jacob, rec. Mar.20,1832, a.26y.

John, "Lost Overboard out of the Privateer Ship Alfred," rec. Aug.26,1812. [a.22y.PR1]

Patty, wid.Jacob, consumption, Dec.14,1846, a.68y.

Redden, Nov.2,1840, a.70y.

Redden, unm., seaman, s.Redden and Sally, "drowned from Schr Neponsett," Apr.14,1845, 3. 37y.

Sarah, wid.William, Aug.1,1817, a.82y.[a.88y.PR1]

Sarah, wid., May2,1826.

Sally, wid.Redden, stomach disease, Oct.16,1841, a.67y.[1842.CR3]

William H., s.Philip and Nancy S., Sept.23,1846, a.9m.

William, m., shoreman, apoplexy, Mar.21,1849, a.74y.


末末, wid.Philip, "in an advanced age," Feb.24,1809.

末末, ch.stillborn, Philip, Nov.18,1828.

末末, ch.John, Oct.8,1832, a.15m.

末末, d.John and Mary, croup, May23,1844.

Emma E., d.Richard and Elisabeth, cholera morbus, Sept.15,1843, a.10m.3d.

Hannah, w.John, Feb.10,1838, a.28y.6m.6d.

John [Nathaniel.PR1], Capt., consumption, Jan.3,1823.

John, June24,1838, a.5y.1m.

Nathaniel H., Capt., "Master of the Scho Molly at St Pieres, Martineco," Sept.20,1809.

Nathaniel, s.the late Nathaniel H. and Nancy [fever.PR1], "with Capt. Jno Girdler, Brig Orient" [at Batavia.PR1], rec. Nov.12,1820. [a.13y.PR1]

Nathaniel, drowned, July2,1839, a.8y.3m.

Philip, Capt., May14,1838, a.49y.8m.

Philip, s.John and Mary, croup, May25,1844, a.2y.6m.

Philip, m., fisherman, "Drowned on Grand Bank, Schr Minerva," Sept.19,1846, a.33y.

Philip, s.Philip, cordwainer, and Mehitable, "Infantile," Feb.17,1849, a.2y.4m.

Sarah, wid.Philip, suddenly, Jan.16,1828, a.abt. 74y.

Tabitha, Dec.17,1833, a.75y.


John, Jan.6,1736, a.44y.GR2

TIBBETS (Tibbits)

Sarah, d.the late James Tuexbury, at the workhouse, Feb.17,1808.

TIBBITS (Tibbets)

[James.PR1] "of the Gravell, at Hooper's Farm," Mar.13,1825, a.21y.

TINDLEY (Tingley)

末末, ch.Thomas and Sally, Sept.17,1827, a.abt. 18m.

Nancy, consumption, Apr.28,1812, a.18y.PR1

TINGLEY (Tindley)

Anna, d.Thomas and Anna, Apr.29,1812, a.17y.

Anna, wid.Thomas, consumption, Oct.8,1818.

TISHEW (Tisho)

末末, May13,1834, a.80y.PR2

TISHO (Teshew, Tesho, Tishew, Tishoe)

Peter, "on board Benjamin Tutt, on Grand Bank," May14,1810.

Samuel, Capt., suddenly, Mar.12,1831.

TISHOE (Tisho)

George, lost at sea, Sept.19,1814, a.29y.PR1


William Henry, Aug.26,1840, a.7m.10d.


George, s.George and Mary, croup, Nov.12,1844, a.5y.


Nancy, w.John, Aug.23,1816.

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Elizabeth (Holman), Mrs., Nov.22,1789.CR1

Jonathan, 1:10m:1738, a.67y.CR1


Annis, d.James and Mary, consumption, Feb.3,1827, a.19y.

Annis, wid.James, Aug.10,1833, a.78y.

Elisha, s.James B. and Mary, scrofula, May6,1845, a.10y.11m.

James, "of a lingering disorder," May11,1821. [a.70y.PR1]

Mary, d.James and Mary, Mar.7,1826, a.20y.


Margaret, "at the Poor House, in an Advanced Age," Mar.28,1816.

TRACEY (Tracy)

Elizabeth, wid.Thomas, Dec.17,1806.

TRACY (Tracey)

Thomas, "Rec'd the Account of his Death, being Drowned at Sea," Apr.11,1806.


末末, ch.John, Oct.1,1835, a.1y.8m.

George H., unm., trader, s.John and Sarah, typhus fever, Dec.4,1847, a.23y.8m.13d.

John, Capt., Sept.24,1808. [ Sept.25, a.53y.6m.GR1]

John, m., merchant, typhus fever, Nov.16,1847, a.58y.4m.28d.

John, unm., trader, s.John and Sarah, typhus fever, Dec.21,1847, a.31y.5m.26d.

Martha Ellen, d.James and Mary E., dysentery, Sept.24,1849, a.11m.

Mary, wid.Capt. [John.GR1], rec. Dec. [22.GR1], 1830, a.72y.

TREFRY (Trevy)

末末, w.Edward, Sept.15,1807.

末末, inf.ch.James and Elizabeth, May29,1808.

末末, s.Edward, "fever at West Indies," July末,1820.PR1

末末, ch.John, June20,1821, a.abt. 17m.

末末, ch.Thomas, Apr.17,1834, a.18m.

末末, inf.ch.John, May7,1836.

末末, ch.John, June15,1839, a.1y.10m.2d.

末末, ch.John, Sept.26,1839, a.6m.

末末, ch.stillborn, Edward and Mary A., Oct.13,1843.

末末, s.Thomas, canker, Apr.10,1844, a.7m.

末末, s.William and Martha, dysentery, Sept.17,1848, a.1y.5m.

Edward, jr., "lost out of Capt David Bruce, jr., at Sea, in a Vessel out of Boston" rec. May27,1820. [b.末蔓末,1788.GR1].

Edward, July28,1834, a.82y.

Edward [F.PR11], m., fisherman [s.Edward and Hannah.GR1] "Drowned on Grand Bank, Schr Trio," Sept.19,1846, a.37y.

Eliza, d.James and Betsey, Aug.29,1808, a.abt. 9y.

Elizabeth, w.James, d.Samuel Ashton, May22,1808.

Elizabeth, wid.Thomas, at the poorhouse, Feb.19,1828.

Elisabeth Hales, d.Lydia, throat distemper, May15,1842, a.13y.6m.

Franklin, s.John and Elisabeth, lung fever, May4,1847, a.5m.16d.

Henry G., s.Samuel S. and Sally, "Killed on Railroad, Marblehead Cars," Nov.3,1848, a.18y.10m.13d.

James, jr., s.Edward, "with Capt David Brace, jr.," Aug.1,1820.

James [s.Edward and Hannah.GR1], Aug.9,1831, a.15y.

John, s.the late John and Sarah [fever.PR1], at Plattsburg, Aug.22,1814. [Aug.24, a.18y.PR1]

John, s.John and Susanna, Sept.11,1814, a.22y.3m.28d.GR2

John, s.Samuel S. and Sally, measles, Nov.9,1821, a.3ス y.

John, "lost going to Grand Bank" [Sch.Panther.PR8] rec. Oct.1,1830.

John, m., fisherman, "Drowned near Sable Island Schr Salus," Sept.19,1846, a.42y.

Jonathan, lost at sea, Sept.19,1814, a.22y.PR1

Mary [Patty.CR4], Apr.8,1838, a.76y.

Peter, at Williamsburgh, VA, rec. July25,1821.

Sarah, "aged,"末蔓末,1785.CR1

Sarah, wid., Aug.24,1828, a.74y.

Sarah H., w.Thomas, consumption, May15,1846, a.20y.

Sukey, d.Capt. John and Susanna, Dec.21,1806, a.10y.3m.10d.GR2

Susanna, d.Capt. John and Susanna, Jan.17,1796, a.6y.2m.11d.GR2

Susanna, Jan.2,1836, a.41y.

Susanna, Aug.31,1836, a.76y.[Aug.29.GR2]

Tabitha, d.Capt. John and Susanna, consumption, Mar.4,1829, a.29y.[Mar.10.GR2]

Temmesin, unm., consumption, Dec.18,1818.

Thomas, "fell over board returning with fall fare," Nov.26,1791.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas, deceased, Feb.29,1807.

Thomas, m., seaman, s.William and Mary, drowned [Sch.Good Exchange.PR8], rec. Feb.18,1846, a.44y.[1845.PR8]

William, 3d, s.William, jr., "with Capt Bowditch at Archangel," rec. Dec.4,1809.

William, "Suddenly, at the lower end of the Town," Mar.4,1824.

William, at the almshouse, Sept.11,1838, a.83y.

TREVETT (Trevitt, Trivet)

末末, ch.Capt. Benjamin [fever.PR1], Aug.16,1822, a.5m.[a.9m.PR1]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1712.CR1

Benjamin, Capt, suicide, July29,1824, a.39y.[a.33y.PR1]

Mary, d.Samuel R. and Sarah, June末,1785.

Mary Seaver, w.Capt. Benjamin, consumption, Apr.27,1823, a.37y.

Michael Wormsted, s.Samuel R. and Sarah, Dec.17,1793.

Rebecca, d.Russell and Susannah, July22,1747, a.22m.8d.

Rebecca, d.Samuel R. and Sarah, May末,1784.

Richard, s.Richard, jr. and Elizabeth, Jan.25,1727-8, a.3y.9m.6d.GR1

Russell, s.Samuel R. and Sarah, Oct.5,1812.

Samuel Russell, s.Samuel R. and Sarah, Nov.4,1822.

Samuel R., Capt. [" a revolutionary soldier and engaged in the battle of Bunker Hill. "CR3], Jan.12,1832, a.80y.

Susanna, d.Russell and" Susannah, June18,1748, a.1y.6m.

TREVITT (Trevett)

Elisabeth [Ann.CR3], grandd.the late S.R. Trevitt, Dec.29,1837, a.20y.

TREVY (Trefry)

Agnes "or Annice," [w.?] Thomas,末蔓末,1749.CR1

Elizabeth (Humphries), Mrs.末蔓末,1730, a.84y.CR1

TRIVET (Trevett)

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, July25,1720, a.11m.GR1

Richard, Capt., abt. 22:2m:1731.PR22


末末, inf.ch.Capt. John and Eleanor, Jan.6,1811.

末末, ch.Thomas and Abigail, very suddenly, Aug.14,1812, a.abt. 3y.[Aug.11, a.2y.PR1]

末末, inf.ch.Capt. John and Elizabeth, Mar.30,1813.

末末, d.Thomas and Abigail, very suddenly, Sept.17,1813, a.abt. 6y.

末末, Mrs., at the almshouse, Jan.23,1817, a.49y.PR1

末末, inf.ch.John and Elizabeth, July29,1817. [a.3m.PR1]

末末, ch.Thomas and Abigail, suddenly, Apr.13,1821. [a.3ス y.PR1]

末末, ch.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.17,1825, a.abt. 5y.

末末, ch.Chadwell, Oct.25,1834, a.2y.

Abigail, wid.Capt. George, consumption, June15,1830.

Andrew, sr., Dec.12,1691, a.49y.GR1

Benjamin, suddenly, at the poorhouse, Nov.23,1817.

Charity, w.Joseph, lung fever, Mar.24,1826.

Eleanor, w.Capt. John, d.Capt. David [and Sarah.GR1] Stevenson, Jan.10,1811. [Jan.7, a.30y.GR1]

Elizabeth, w.Capt. John, d.Capt. Philip Besom [phthisis.PR1], May15,1817. [May13, a.30y.PR1]

George, bur. Apr.6,1734.CR3

George, jr., fever, July21,1823, a.52y.[a.54y.PR1;, a.52y.6m.GR1]

George, Nov.2,1832, a.88y.

Henry Merritt, s.Capt. John and Martha [consumption.PR1], June17,1819, a.9m.

John Conway, inf.s.Joseph and Charity, Oct.24,1814.

John Conway, inf.s.Joseph and Charity, Oct.2,1816.

Mary, w.George, Mar.12,1832, a.87y.

Nathaniel, s.Capt. William and Elisabeth, in India, Dec.1,1817.

Nicholas, Feb.3,1716-17, a.47y.GR1

Nicholas, Dec.19,1801, a.56y.GR1

Nicholas, jr., unm., seaman, s.Nicholas and Hannah, "Drowned from Schr Independence," Apr.4,1848, a.43y.

Rebecca, w.Joseph, pleurisy fever, May17,1849, a.61y.11m.

Sarah, d.Philip B., croup, Jan.26,1846, a.4y.1m.

Susannah, wid.Nicholas [fever.PR1], May8,1812. [a 60y.PR1]

Thomas, s.the late Thomas and Elisabeth, "lost from the Bowsprit of the Schr whereof Wm Goss was Skipr, from Grand Bank," rec. Nov.28,1811.

Thomas, jr., "Skipper of Schr Hermoine lost on the passage from Grand Bank," abt. Nov.8,1840. [a.36y.GR6]

William, s.Nicholas and Deborah, bur. Aug.31,1731.CR3

William, s.the late Capt. William and Elizabeth, at Batavia, Nov.22,1821.

TUEXBURY (Tewksbury)

末末, wid.James, "in an Advanced Age," Nov.23,1815.

末末, inf.ch.illegitimate, Jane, Nov.4,1823. [a.20m.PR1]

James, "Killed on board the Ship Catharine, Francis A. Burnham, Master," rec. Aug.14,1812. [a.18y.PR1]

Mary, "formerly the Wife of James Tuexbury, at the Work house," June9,1808.


Charlotte, d.the late Joseph, "fell dead on the side walk," Oct.31,1841, a.20y.

Joseph, at Salem, very suddenly, Apr.15,1824, a.39y.

Joseph, s.the late Joseph, Mar.15,1841, a.23y.

Ruth, wid.Joseph, cancer, Mar.2,1842, a.63y.


末末, inf.ch.Samuel and Sarah, Dec.4,1809.

Abigail, unm., at the poorhouse, Jan.8,1814, a.96y.[Jan.7, a.92y.PR1]

Abigail, consumption, Mar.22,1843, a.74y.9m.

Elizabeth, d.twin, Samuel and Sarah, Jan.15,1815.

Ellen, w.Joseph P., consumption, Aug.11,1846, a.42y.

Harriet, d.twin, Samuel and Sarah, May24,1815, a.abt. 4m.[May23. dup.]

Prudence, w.Isaac, Apr.4,1717.CR1 [in her 20th y.GR1]

Samuel, s.Joseph P. [and Ellen.GR6], Sept.7,1840, a.1y.[ Sept.8.GR6]

Sarah, w.Samuel, palsy, Feb.21,1847, a.70y.8m.


末末, inf.ch.Richard, Aug.2,1806.

末末, ch.Capt. Richard, Sept.26,1807.

末末, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Nov.18,1810, a.abt. 5y.

末末, inf.ch.Benjamin, jr. and Sally, July5,1817.

末末, wid.Richard, "in an advanced age," May19,1818. [a.80y.PR1]

末末, inf.ch.Benjamin and Sally, Mar.31,1827.

末末, ch.Richard, Sept.4,1837, a.8m.

末末, ch.stillborn, John, Apr.13,1843.

Benjamin, Apr.15,1835, a.65y.

Benjamin, "on board Schr Only Son," rec. Dec.28,1839.

Betsey B., w.Richard, cancer, May11,1847, a.29y.11m.

Hannah Elisabeth, d.John, Dec.19,1840, a.4m.

John, "lost in Schr Sarah Ellen, from Gd Bank," Mar.4,1843, a.30y.

Richard, s.Richard and Mary, Oct.7,1811.

Richard, Capt., suddenly, of the yellow fever, Sept.25,1819. [a.34y.6m.GR4]

Richard, s.Benjamin [cook.PR8], "on board Schr Only Son," rec. Dec.28,1839.

Richard Martin, s.William and Hannah, dysentery, Sept.3,1849, a.1y.19d.

Sally, wid.Benjamin, old age, Nov.7,1849, a.79y.6m.23d.


末末, wid.John, Sept.8,1807.

末末, ch.Samuel and Jane, Oct.15,1819. [a.2y.PR1]

末末, inf.ch.Ebenezer S. and Catharine, Nov.16,1826.

末末, inf.ch.Ebenezer S. and Elisabeth, Mar.20,1828.

末末, ch.stillborn, Nicholas, Oct.18,1837.

末末, ch.Thomas, canker, July1,1842, a.10m.

Catharine, w.Ebenezer S., consumption, Nov.20,1826.

Christopher, Capt., Apr.20,1767, a.67y.GR2

Christopher, s.Capt. Christopher and Deborah, Apr.22,1767, a.28y.GR2

Christopher, 3d, s.John and Sarah, July23,1770, a.3y.GR2

Christopher, "at Point Petre, Gadaloupe in the Schooner Regulator, John Quiner, Master," rec. Sept.18,1818.

[Ebenezer.CR3], ch.Ebenezer S. and Catharine, Sept.3,1816.

John, "at Boston, by falling from a Ship's Deck overboard," June21,1811.

John, s.John and Hannah, "in the West Indies, Sail out of Boston," rec. Mar.8,1822.

Lydia, w.Capt. Thomas, Dec.16,1760, a.31y.GR2

Nicholas, s.Nicholas, Aug.15,1839, a.1m.19d.

Samuel, Oct.5,1713 or 1743, a.67y.GR1

Samuel, Oct.5,1745, a.67y.GR1

Samuel, consumption, Aug.7,1820. [a.66y.PR1]

Sarah, w.Capt. Christopher, Oct.10,1766, a.66y.GR2

Sally, w.Christopher, July27,1839, a.22y.

Thomas, July27,1835, a.38y.


Martha, b. Boston, wid.Stephen, palsy, Sept.10,1846, a.76y.5m.5d.

Mary, b. Carlisle, PA, d.[Sergt. dup.] Stephen and Eliza, bowel complaint [consumption. dup.], May9,1844, a.2y.13d.

Stephen, "U.S. Pensioner at Fort Sewall," palsy, Jan.13,1844, a.78y.

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