Nathan, and Martha Procter, May2,1779.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Trefry, Jan.23,1814.*

HAGATHY (Heagerty)

Jeremiah, and Mary Hendly, Oct.17,1771. [Oct.27.CR2]*


Abigail, and Joseph Selman, Dec.20,1770.*

Anna, and William Laskin, Dec.24,1760. [Dec.23.CR2]

Edward, and Rebekah Wood, Sept.29,1743.

John, and Ann LeCraw, Jan.16,1766.*

Rebekah, and [Capt. int.] John Devereux Dennis, July30,1765.*

HAILS (Hale)

Benjamin, and Lucy Bennet of Manchester, at Manchester, Jan.4,1732-3.

HAINES (Haynes)

Anstace [Agnes.CR2], and Nathaniell Wallis of Beverly, Sept.12,1726.

Isabella, and Ephraim Shelton, June5,1721.

HAINS (Haynes)

Elizabeth, and John Tarr of Gloucester, July29,1714.


Anist, and Elias Briard, Dec.19,1771.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Collins, Jan.7,1773.*

William, and Elizabeth Widger, Dec.22,1746.

HALE (Hailes, Hails, Hales, Hayles, Hayls)

Anna, of Beverly, and William Bartlett, at Salem, Sept.17,1740.

HALES (Hale)

Edward, and Elizabeth末蔓末, 末末. [bef. Dec.1751.]CR1

Elizabeth, and John Dixey, June14,1764.

Hannah, and John Powsland Nov.26,1751.CR1

Jane, and James Dulap, Jan.4,1763.

Jane, and Robert Courtis, Mar.1,1781.CR1*

Margarett, and Thomas Salter, June19,1752.

Martha, and Amos Humphries, Oct.24,1782.*

Mary, and Thomas Mullett, jr., Nov.29,1743.

Mehitabel, Mrs.and William Rogers, July17,1791.*

Richard, and Mehetabel Jayne, Aug.10,1779.*

Sarah, see Hayls, Sarah.

Tamosin, and William Brown, Feb.6,1755.


Hannah, and Thomas Felton, July10,1755. [July19.CR2]

John, and Patience Pittman, June15,1759.


Phillip, and Susanna Bassett of Yarmouthport, int.Apr.20,1833.

HALL (Haul)

Angeline D., and J. Brooks Parker, both of Boston, Aug.29,1841.

Charles, and Mary Dutch of Ipswich, int.Mar.6,1773.

John, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Scores, Sept.23,1778.*

Jonathan, and Deborah Gould of Salem, at Salem, Dec.12,1723.

Robert, and Elizabeth Norton, Apr.22,1725.CR3

Sarah, Mrs., and Peter Woden Barns, Apr.1,1787.*

HALLAREEN (Hallereen, Halloran, Halloreen, Olereen)

Nabby, and Joseph [Blaney.int.] Evens, Dec.1,1805.*

Daniel [Olereen. int.andCR2], and Patty Blackler, Jan.1,1804.*

Eliza, and William C. Stone, Mar.3,1829.*

Martha [Mrs.CR1], and Neal C. Lemmon, Feb.3,1811.*

Martha, and Capt. Jonathan B. Mason, Sept.25,1824.

HALLEREEN (Hallareen)

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and Ephraim Gilson, Nov.9,1788.*

HALLET (Hallett)

Joseph, and Mary White, Jan.26,1713-14.

Mary, and Richard Williams, Nov.29,1743.

Sarah, and John Barker, Oct.30,1768.*

Thomas, and Mary Oakes, Nov.17,1745.

HALLETT (Hallet, Hallit, Hollet)

Grace, and George Tucker, Dec.18,1712.

Joseph, and Abigale Roads, Dec.25,1682.

Lydia, and Samuell White, Dec.13,1716.

Susannah, and Robert Smith of Salem, Dec.1,1747.

Thomas, and Mary Oakes, Nov.17,1745.

HALLIT (Hallett)

Sarah, and Thomas Peach, Jan.15,1733.

HALLORAN (Hallareen)

Charles, and Abigail Ashton, int.Oct.17,1778.

Patrick, and Hannah More, Dec.2,1778.*

HALLOREEN (Hallareen)

Hannah, Mrs., and Aaron Kingsbery, int.May27,1786.


Nathaniel, and Mary Peirce, both of Manchester, Apr.10,1695.

HAMMEN (Hammond)

Elenor, and James Laskin, at Salem, Mar.24,1746.

HAMMON (Hammond)

Benjamin, see Homan, Benjamin.

Edward, see Homan, Edward.

Elizabeth, and Christopher Oaks, Mar.13,1774.*

John, and Elizabeth Peach, int.Apr.15,1775.

Magdalene, and Merrit Brimblecome, Dec.19,1765.*

Sarah, and Anthony Furnice, June3,1779.*

Thomas Peach, and Hannah Peach, Nov.7,1783.*

William, and Abigail Burn, June8,1794.*

HAMMOND (Hammen, Hammon)

Abigail, and William Goss, Sept.11,1797.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Oake, Dec.4,1735.

Benjamin, and Hannah Vinson, Nov.22,1744.

Benjamin, and Susannah Ellidge, Oct.16,1768.*

Benjamin, and [Mrs.int.] Jane Swetland Mar.8,1785.*

Benjamin, and Jane Swetland July18,1790.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Rebecca Malcom, Nov.20,1797.*

Benjamin [W. int.], and Nancy S. Preble, Dec.23,1837.*

Bethiah, and Lot Peach, Aug.13,1815.*

Deborah, Mrs., and James Bogia, Dec.23,1781.*

Edward, and Rebecca Wormstill, June1,1709.

Edward, and Mary Mully, Feb.15,1732.

Edward, and Susanah Oakes, Dec.2,1737.

Edward, and Rebecca Flack, Sept.24,1789.*

Edward, jr., and Sarah Doliber, int.Aug.17,1799.

Edward, and Nancy Blaney, Oct.25,1827.*

Elias, and Elizabeth Trevet of Lynn, Nov.9,1725.CR3

Elias, and Elizabeth Stadden, Dec.19,1751.CR1

Elias, and Deborah Welsh, Dec.18,1788.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Hinde, Oct.5,1749.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Oliver, Dec.14,1756.

Elisabeth V., and William Henry Allen, int.July8,1843.

Ellen, wid., a.32y., d.Charles and Mary Innis, and Charles Innis, wid., a.36y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Eleanor, July8,1847.*

Emma, of Beverly, and Thomas Peach Hammond, int.June20,1807.

Emma, and Samuel B. Gregory, May13,1834.*

Grace, Mrs., and Cornelius Bartlett of Salem, Apr.20,1794.*

Hannah, and Ephraim Ireson, May13,1769.*

Hannah, and John Wadden, Jan.10,1773.*

Hannah P., and Ezra R. Pritchard, July8,1841.*

Jane [Mrs.CR1], and William Price, Feb.2,1806.*

Jane, and William M. Chambers, Dec.5,1813.*

Jane C., a.20y., d.Joseph and Jane, and Edward [J. int.] Flinn, a.23y., seaman, b. Nova Scotia, s.Michael and Catherine, of Nova Scotia, Dec.2,1847.*

John, and Elenor Sweetland July12,1739.

John, and Deborah Wilkins, Dec.24,1772.*

John, and Elisabeth Peck of Wenham, at Wenham, June9,1775.

John, and Mrs.Jane Goodwin, May29,1791.*

John S., and Mary Blackler, Jan.1,1792.*

John, jr., and Elizabeth Wadden, Dec.10,1815.*

John, and Hannah Russell, Dec.9,1830.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah P. Ireson, Oct.8,1837.*

John S., and Abigail H. Pattin, Jan.22,1839.*

Joseph W., and Jane Crowninshield, Jan.30,1820.

Martha, and William Hooper, Nov.1,1831.*

Mary, and Thomas Brimblecomb, Jan.2,1759.

Polly, and Edward H. Dixey, Feb.2,1800.*

Mary, and Lewis Russell, Jan.30,1817.*

Mary, and Benjamin Wadden, jr., Sept.18,1818.

Mary, and Jeremiah Roundey, Jan.23,1821.

Mary, and Silvester Stevens, Nov.21,1826.*

Mary, and Thomas Breare, int.Nov.4,1848.

Nancey, and Mark Meservy, Oct.11,1795.*

Phillip, and Mary Sweetland Jan.11,1732.

Phillip, and Hannah Green, Jan.1,1765.

Rebecca, and Joseph Ashton, Feb.26,1758.CR3

Rebecca, and Joseph B. Pearce, Jan.28,1819.

Rebecca [E. int.], and Benjamin Scivery, July12,1827.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Smith, Nov.19,1780.*

Richard, and Bethiah Blaney, Jan.15,1809.*

Richard, and Judith H. Reynolds, Dec.13,1838.*

Richard, widr., a.43y., s.Edward and Jane, and Susan Pritchard, a.34y., d.William and Susanna, Apr.26,1848.*

Sarah, and James Oakes, Sept.24,1764.

Sally Dennis, and Jacob Main [Mar.17,1805.CR2].*

Sarah J., a.20y., d.William D. and Sally, and Samuel C. Martin, a.22y., seaman, s.Knott and Sally, Oct.19,1847.*

Thomas Peach, and Emma Hammond of Beverly, int.June20,1807.

Thomas P., and [Mrs.CR1] Martha G. Salkin, Jan.30,1812.*

Thomas P., and Ellen Roades, Mar.19,1833.*

William, and Hannah Peach, Jan.1,1738[-9].

William, and Susannah Vickrey, June7,1767.*

William, 3d, and Mary Wooldridge, Dec.3,1818.

William [D.CR1], and Sarah Severy, Jan.25,1821.

William, Capt., and Mary Brown, Sept.2,1824.

William, and [Mrs.CR2] Martha Brown, Dec.12,1830.*

William, Capt., and Mrs.Caroline L. Bartlett of Newburyport, May24,1842.*

William D., jr. [2d.int.], a.22y., cordwainer, s.William D. and Sally, and Martha L. Evans, a.21y., d., Joseph and Nabby, Oct.14,1847.*

HAMPSON (Hamson)

Ann, and Samuel Thorne, Dec.12,1754.CR3

Tammerson [Mrs.CR2], and Benjamin Brown, Aug.7,1814.*

HAMSON (Hampson, Harmson)

Hannah, and Rufus Allen of Lynn, int.Sept.2,1797.

John C., and Mary E. Knight, Nov.19,1839.*

Margaret, and William Furness, July7,1745.CR3

Martha Jane, a.17y., and William C. Goodwin, a.19y., int.Dec.25,1847.

Mary A., a.20y., d., John and Rebecca, and William H. Shirley, a.22y., trader, s.Pharez and Mary, Sept.29,1846.*

Rebecca, and William S. Roundey, May30,1841.*


Richard, and Mrs.Anna Johns, int.Jan.30,1790.

HANCOCK (Handcock)

Ruth, [Mrs.int.], and Richard Thompson, May24,1787.*

William, and Ruth Hooper, Nov.19,1777. [Nov.14.CR2].*

HANDCOCK (Hancock)

Mary, and Charles LeFleurie, Jan.24,1725.CR3

William, and Mary Buckman, Jan.18,1719-20.

HANLY (Hendley)

John, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Brimblecom, Sept.4,1779.*

HANNEFORD (Hanniford)

Miriam, and Ephraim Sanders, Jan.6,1714[-5].

HANNIFORD (Hanneford, Hannour)

Elizabeth, and Jotham Maverick, Aug.16,1690.

Sarah, and Joseph Henly, June9,1692.

HANNOUR (Hanniford)

Ebenezar [Hanniford.CR1], and Eleanor Gale, Mar.14,1726-7.

HANNOVER (Hanover)

Eleanor, and Joseph Lebalester, Jan.20,1787.*

Miriam, and John Barbet, Dec.30,1751.CR1

Othniel Beal, and Hannah Calley, July28,1781.CR1*

HANOVER (Hannover)

Ebenezer, jr., and Hannah James, Dec.4,1753.

Hannah, and George Bruce, Sept.21,1773.*

Hannah [Martha.int.], and John Barber, June30,1774.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Samuel Bartoll, int.May1,1795.

John Beal, and Rebecca Blackler, Apr.19,1789.*

Samuell, and Mary Tarr [jr.CR1], Feb.2,1759.

Sarah, and William Clark, int.Nov.27,1779.

William, and Elizabeth Grant, Jan.27,1763.


Joseph, and Lydia Howard, Feb.16,1758.CR3


Jeremiah, see Harmson, Jeremiah.

Mary B., a.18y., d.Jeremiah and Susan, and Jacob Kimball, a.24y., mariner, b. Salem, s.John and Hannah W. of Salem, June6,1848.*

Mercy W., of Salem, and Ebenezer [R. int.] Pope, Feb.15,1835.*

Susan, Mrs.and Henry C. Clarke of Salem, int.Dec.9,1848.

HARDEN (Harding)

William, of Salem, and Sarah D. [B.CR5] Smith, Feb.5,1832.*

HARDIN (Harding)

Anna, and Benjamin Stasey, both of Salem Village, Nov.30,1688.

HARDING (Harden, Hardin)

Elisabeth, and Thomas E. Symonds, Feb.15,1831.*

Harriet, and Francis W. Broad of Cambridge, May29,1831.*

James [of Boston.CR1], and Mary Dennis, Aug.15,1802.*

Mary, and John Lefavour, jr., Jan.22,1837.*


Phyllis, and Richard Pue, Jan.23,1727-8.CR3

Susan, Mrs., and Joseph Clothey, Dec.25,1834.*

HARMAN (Harmon)

John, and Mary Russel, Dec.29,1755.CR3

HARMON (Harman, Hermon)

John, and Mrs.Esther Thorndike of Beverly, at Beverly, May13,1753.

Mary, and Samuel Gouldsmith, Apr.3,1790.*

HARMSON (Hamson)

Ann, and Samuel Thorne, Dec.12,1754.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Card, Dec.26,1790.*

Betsey, and Samuel Spinney of Lynn, int.May2,1801.

Hannah, and John Hudson, Dec.15,1774.*

Henry, and Hannah Chapman, Dec.21,1752.

Jeremiah [Hanson.CR2], and Susanna Witham, Apr.21,1829.*

John, and Grace Thorn, Dec.2,1756.

John, and Rebecca Cross, Feb.14,1819.

Joseph, and Annis Mowatt, Apr.14,1820.

Martha, and Benjamin Riddan, Jan.14,1748.

Mary [Margaret. int.andCR2], and Benjamin Lancey, June28,1778.*

Nancy, and John Butman, Aug.6,1815.*

Thomas D. [Harrison. int.], and Abigail Allen, June8,1827.*

William, and Elizabeth Eliot, July16,1786.*

William, and Tamesin Waitt, Sept.3,1809.*

HARPENY (Halfpenny)

Richard [Halfpenny.CR1], and Margret Dixey, Nov.23,1730.


Archibald, and Elizabeth Rowel, Apr.5,1755.CR3


Abigail, of Ipswich, and Stephen Dwinnel, at Ipswich, Oct.26,1732.

Abigail, and Benjamin Dennis, June24,1737.CR2

Andree [wid.CR2], and Peter Leonard, Nov.20,1723.

Anna, and Jonathan Orne, Esq., July12,1795.*

Anna M., and William Besom, Mar.9,1802.CR1*

Ann, and Samuell Gatchel, Sept.6,1750.

Benjamin F., a.25y., cordwainer, s.Ebenezer R., and Lucy A. Girdler, a.20y., d., John, Nov.22,1848.*

Charles, and Andrea Mason, Dec.3,1721.CR3

Deliverance, and Solomon Pappoon, Mar.1,1812.*

Ebenezer R., and Margaret Thompson, Sept.22,1811.*

Ebenezer R., jr., and Elisabeth H [K.CR2] Brown, Sept.11,1834.*

Edward B., and Sarah Doak, Jan.25,1838.*

Eleanor, and Cornelius Brimblecome, Nov.24,1799.*

Eliza, and Increase H. Brown, June8,1820.

Elizabeth, and Peter Green, July25,1744.

Elizabeth, and John Preston of Beverly, Feb.28,1754.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Peach, int.Oct.10,1778.

Elizabeth, and John Ball, Jan.2,1787.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Morse of Newburyport, Nov.2,1805. [Nov.3.CR3].*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Glover, Dec.1,1836.*

Elisabeth E., and John H. Goss, June13,1837.*

Ellen, and Twisden Bowden, Dec.16,1829.*

Grace, and Andrew Campbell, Dec.9,1770.*

Hannah, and Nathan Bowen, Nov.18,1741.

Hannah B., and Jacob Watts [jr.CR2] of Lynn, Sept.21,1823.

Hannah W., and Edmund Glover, Aug.27,1840.*

James, and Mary Reith, June2,1720.

James, jr., and Mary Bassett, Nov.21,1751.CR1

James, and Grace Necks, Jan.8,1767.*

James, and Betsey Traill, Dec.20,1812.*

James C., and Hannah D. Stacey, Mar.17,1833. [Mar.7.CR2].*

Jane, and Philip Bessom [jr. int.], June19,1837.*

Jane, and Amos B. Evans, Oct.29,1837.*

John, and Margarett Cooms, Jan.19,1693-4.

John, and Sarah Oake, Nov.24,1714.

John, and Ruth Lee, Nov.24,1746.

John, and Hannah Doliber, Dec.15,1748.

John, and Mary Thompson, June7,1750.

John, and Hannah [Sarah.CR2] Stone of Salem, Dec.5,1750

John, and Elenor Girdler, Feb.17,1774.*

John, and Sarah Martin, Dec.24,1778.*

John, and Mary Warner, Nov.23,1783.*

John B., and Mary Standley, Jan.20,1799.*

John, and Rebecca T. Bray, int.May9,1801.

John, 4th, and Mary Goodwin, Apr.10,1817.*

John B., and Emma Leavett, Nov.22,1829.*

John, a.31y., conductor, s.John and Miriam, and Mary W. Tucker, a.22y., d.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.10,1848.*

Joseph, and Martha Martin, Jan.30,1820.

Joseph, jr., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Martha, and Juliet Homan, wid., a.30y., d.Aaron and Eliza Winslow, Oct.14,1847.*

Lord, and Hannah D. Goodwin, Feb.26,1832.*

Lucy, of Charlestown, and Capt. John Blackler, int.Nov.27,1801.

Margaret, a.20y., d.Ebenezer R. and Margaret, and Samuel Knight, a.22y., cordwainer, s.William and Mary, Nov.7,1849. [Oct.7.CR5].*

Martha, and Nathan Walton of Reading, Mar.15,1757.

Mary, and John Bush, "both inhabitant at Bas riuer," Sept.4,1684.

Mary, and Joseph Majory, Apr.14,1719.

Mary, and Elisha Gatchell, Mar.30,1736.

Mary, and John Dennis, Dec.16,1742.CR1

Mary, and William Procter, at Salem, Jan.16,1753.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Joseph Hooper, int.Sept.13,1766.

Mary, and James Tooley [Taoley.int.], Dec.15,1774.*

Mary, and John Graves, jr., Apr.25,1805.*

Mary, and John Gerry, Sept.25,1808.*

Mary Jane, and William Steele, July17,1825.

Mary, and Nicholass Lampreel, Oct.29,1826.*

Mary, and Samuel Blair, Nov.27,1836.*

Mary Ann, and Thomas B. Allen, Oct.16,1842.*

Mason, and Elizabeth Dennis, Jan.27,1776.*

Mason, and Mrs.Mary Rich, Dec.22,1793.*

Mason, 3d, and Tamesin Brown, Nov.25,1806.*

Nancy, and Samuel Twisden of Lynn, int.Mar.14,1829.

Rebecca, and Francis Courtis, June12,1791.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Goodwin, Jan.24,1802.CR1*

Rebecca, and Thomas Martin, 5th, Dec.8,1812.*

Rebecca H., and Benjamin Courtis, Oct.2,1825.

Rebecca C., and Richard Martin, Mar.16,1837.*

Rebecca, of Lynn, and Simon H. Bartlett, int.Mar.6,1845.

Richard, and Mary Pickworth, 14:xbr:1719.

Richard, jr., and Elisabeth Smith of Salem, at Salem, Nov.7,1741.

Richard, and Ann Bradstreet [d.Rev. Simon.CR2], Oct.9,1764.

Richard, and Lucy Bradstreet of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Sept.24,1771.*

Robert, and Rebekah Basset, June11,1741.

Robert, and Sarah Bennet, June12,1767.*

Robert, jr., and Hannah Brown, Feb.7,1802.CR1*

Robert, jr., and Elizabeth Martin, Nov.26,1815.*

Robert, 3d, and Mary Atkins, Nov.30,1820.

Robert, [3d.int.], and Sally G. Martin, Feb.26,1828.*

Robert, and Nancy Doliber, Feb.25,1830.*

Samuell, and Elizabeth Westlake, Oct.20,1715.

Samuel, and wid.Hannah Goodwin, June15,1736.CR2

Samuell, and Martha Read, June13,1754.

Sarah, and William Hopkins, Dec.31,1683.

Sara, and Thomas Rogers, Dec.1,1715.

Sara, of Ipswich, and Robert Swann, May3,1722.

Sarah, and William Jones, Nov.12,1735.

Sarah, and [Capt.CR2] Ebenezer Reed, Mar.12,1772.*

Sarah, and [Capt.CR2] John Martin, Mar.7,1799.*

Sarah, and Burrill D. Turnet of Lynn, Nov.28,1805.*

Sarah, and John Doak, Feb.18,1810.*

Sarah, and Samuel Roades, jr., Feb.2,1820.

Sally G., Mrs., and John Roundey, Dec.4,1834.*

Sally M., and Samuel Evans, Mar.24,1839.*

Sarah T., a.24y., d.John and Mary, and Joseph [E.CR2] Glover, a.28y., engineer, s.Ephraim and Sally, Sept.1,1844.*

Susanna G., a.22y., d.John and Miriam, and Francis Boardman, a.21y., baker, s.Thomas and Alice M., Dec.19,1847.*

Tabitha, and Increase Gatchel, May19,1743.

William, and Mary Merrett, July29,1695.

William, and Mary Dodd, June29,1702.

William, jr., and Jane Haskal, June26,1755.

William, and Elizabeth Smethrush, July7,1778.*

William, and Mrs.Mehitabel Gutridge of Beverly, int.Apr.2,1803.

William, 3d, and Mrs.Mary [Sarah.CR1] Stacey, Dec.14,1806.*

William, jr., and [Mrs.CR1] Jane Swetland Mar.17,1812.*

William W., and Rebecca T. Goodwin, Dec.3,1815.*

William [D. int.], a.23y., seaman, s.John and Mary, and Rebecca E. Lefavour, a.22y., d.John and Jane, Jan.21,1845.*


Thomas D., see Harmson, Thomas D.


Isabella D., a.23y., b. St. George, ME, d.Ebenezer and Margaret, of St. George, ME, and William O. Doliber, a.30y., cordwainer, s.John and Sarah, Feb.17,1848.*

John, of Boston, and Mary Shapley, Apr.23,1752.

Mary, d.Samuell, blacksmith, of Lynn, and William Beale, sr., Mar.5,1683-4.

Sarah, of Salem, and John Webber, at Salem, Jan.8,1733.

William, of Lynn, and Elisabeth, [B.CR2] Bruce, Sept.29,1833.*

HARTSHORN (Hartshorne)

Samuel [Hatorn. int.], and Elizabeth Tukesbury, July17,1772.*

Thomas, and Mary Andrews, Mar.7,1759.

HARTSHORNE (Hartshorn)

Mary, and Joseph Miller, June25,1758.CR3


Jehoadan, and John Ward, both of Salem, Aug.22,1689.

Thomas, and Joanna Lightfoot, Nov.10,1683.


Rebecca, and William Tomkins, 25:xbr:1718.

HASKAL (Haskell)

Jane, and William Harris, jr., June26,1755.

HASKALL (Haskell)

Ambrose, and Anna Richardson, Jan.9,1723[-4]

Elizabeth, and John Dod, jr., June10,1724. [July10.CR1]

Marke, and Charity Pitman, Jan.7,1696-7.

Mark, and Susanah Hobart, Dec.28,1724.

William, and Mary Phillips, Dec.21,1730.

HASKEL (Haskell)

Jane, and Nathaniel Brimblecom, Nov.18,1798.*

Remember, and Philip Meservey [Meserve. int.], Jan.10,1771.CR2*

William, of Yarmouth, and [Mrs.int.] Mary Pattin, Nov.19,1769.*

HASKELL (Haskal, Haskall, Haskel, Haskill)

Charity, and Geore Wilson, Nov.11,1753. [Nov.15.CR2]

Grace, and John Reynolds, jr., May26,1813.*

Hannah, and Samuell Goodwin, Oct.26,1721.

Mark, and Ruth Coomes, June18,1751.

Mark, and Rebekah Alley, Sept.15,1774.*

Mary, and John Lewis, Apr.13,1826.

Mary H., and Joseph Wormsted, jr., Jan.17,1830.*

Ruth, and John White, Oct.1,1780.*

Sarah Jane, a.23y., d.William and Sally, and John Sargent Tremere, a.27y., wharfinger, b. Boston, s.John B. and Sarah, of Boston, Mar.2,1848.*

Susannah, and Peter Jane, Nov.27,1753.

Susanna, and Thomas Cloutman, Sept.18,1788.*

Thomas, and Mary Prentiss, Feb.21,1790.*

Thomas C., and Miriam Pitman, Sept.3,1822.

William, and Anna Turner, Sept.21,1767.*

William, jr., and Mary Martin, Jan.13,1803.*

William, and Joanna Evans, Sept.6,1818.

William, and Sally Bird, Dec.5,1822.

William Thomas, and Sarah Elizabeth Girdler, Oct.31,1844.CR3*

William A., and Hannah Phillips, int.Nov.27,1847.

HASKILL (Haskell)

Mary, and Joseph Lawrence, Apr.13,1734.CR3

HASSAM (Horsom)

HASTINGS (Hastins)

James, and Mary Dodd, Nov.29,1739.

Thomas, and Mary Lapthorn, int.Aug.18,1787.


Moses F., of Lynn, and Emeline S. Chipman of Boston, Feb.18,1847.CR5

Nailer, of Lynn, and Lydia Thayer, int.Dec.2,1797.

HATHAWAY (Hatheway, Hathway)

Benjamin G., a.24y., carpenter, s.Jeremiah and Anna, of Rebecca Oliver, a.18y., d.James and Rebecca, June16,1844.*

Eliza [A. int.], and George P. Goss, Oct.11,1832.CR5

Betsey, and Daniel Hill, int.Apr.25,1829.

Elisabeth, and Joseph A. Hathaway, Dec.4,1842.*

George, and Sally Martin, Nov.26,1839.*

John, and Rachel F. Peach of Salem, int.Jan.29,1841.

Joseph A., and Elisabeth Hathaway, Dec.4,1842.*

Mary Ellen, and Samuel S. Reynolds, Sept.19,1841.*

Sally G., and Joseph F. Shepherd, July9,1835.*

Sophia [W.CR2], and John Bartlett, jr., Apr.3,1836.*

Stephen P., and Hannah Horton, Dec.28,1828.*

Stephen, jr., and Mary Bassett, July23,1843.*

William, and Rebecca Bartlett, Jan.21,1838.*

William, and Mary E. Wilkins, Feb.9,1842.*


Lydia, [Hatherly.CR1], of Boston, and William Hind, Dec.22,1725.

HATHEWAY (Hathaway)

Gardner, and Eleanor Stone, Jan.29,1784.*

HATHWAY (Hathaway)

Eleanor, and Moses Hill, Dec.9,1823.

Eleazer, and Lois H. Russell, Sept.23,1821.

Hannah, and William Wooldridge, int.Nov.7,1829.

James, and Hannah Garney, May26,1816.*

Jeremiah, and Anna Gardner, Apr.8,1810.*

John, and Betsy Whippen, Feb.19,1807.*

Joseph, and Eliza Gardner, July5,1818.

Mary, and John Stone, Mar.27,1814.*

Stephen, and Mary Williams, Apr.26,1818. [Apr.20.CR2]

William, and Sophia Wyman, Mar.10,1816.*

HAUL (Hall)

Cornelius, of Georgetown, and Mary Oliver, July15,1752.


Ruth, and Edward Piggott, at Cowesett, Oct.9,1733.CR3

HAWKES (Hawks)

Abigail B., and Adoniram C. Orne, Mar.3,1837.*

Amos, and Deborah Flint, Dec.31,1761.

Ann, and John Anthony, Dec.3,1755.

Benjamin, and Deborah Kimbal, Jan.31,1760.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Griffin, Jan.18,1757.

Edna P., a.46y., b. Salem, d.Benjamin and Abigail, of Salem, and Robert Orne, widr., a.46y., cordwainer, s.John, June9,1844.*

Elisabeth, and Andrew Alley of Lynn, Mar.2,1820.

James B., and Mary Bridgeo, Nov.25,1828.*

James B., and Judith H. Cruff, Dec.30,1832.*

James B., and [Mrs.int.] Mary C. Bassett, Dec.31,1843.*

Lydia, and Joshua Ward of Salem, Jan.21,1744[-5]

Mary, and Andrew Laskey, jr., Feb.1,1814.*

Mehitable, and Joseph Phillips, Sept.30,1821.

Moses, and Eliza Ann B. Proctor, Mar.5,1843.*

William, and Elizabeth C. Pearce [Barns.CR2], May29,1791.*

William, jr., and Jane LeMaster, Oct.17,1819.

HAWKINGS (Hawkins)

Deborah, and Isaad Goodale, Jan.1,1717-18.

Elizabeth, and Samuell Coes, Jan.1,1717.

Elizabeth, and William Merry, Oct.3,1754.

Jacob, and Elizabeth Homan, 4:xbr:1720.

James, and Elizabeth Humphreys, Mar.5,1692-3.

Joan, and John Riddan, Mar.12,1692-3.

John, and Margaret Dixey, Jan.22,1718-19.

Lucia, and Richard Lander of Salem, at Salem, July13,1754.

Martha, and Peter L'abbe, Sept.13,1744.CR3

Mary, and Phillip Hye, Apr.5,1762.

Priscilla, and Francis Grant, July13,1702.

Robert, and Tabitha Homan [d.John.CR2], Oct.1,1719.

Robert, and Susanah Williams of Salem, at Salem, May10,1746.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Bartlett, Dec.24,1741.

Thomas, and Hannah Giffords [Gessords.CR2], Jan.14,1717.

HAWKS (Hawkes)

Anna, and James Hines, Dec.12,1789.*

Benjamin, and Mehetabel Laskey, Jan.19,1790.*

Deborah, Mrs., and Capt. Edward Bowen, July14,1774.*

Deborah, and Samuel Roundy, May16,1795.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Foster, Apr.9,1752.CR1

Elizabeth, and Nicholas Perry, Dec.12,1790.*


Abigail, and Francis Grandy, Dec.27,1764.

Elizabeth, and William Nicholson, jr., Feb.7,1739-40.CR1

Elizabeth, and William Sandin, Apr.19,1774.*

Grace, and Thomas Piper, both of Wenham, Nov.21,1692.

Hannah, and George Chinn, Dec.11,1753.

Johanna, and John Pederick, Dec.3,1691.

Joseph, and Anna Pearce, Sept.24,1750.

Joseph, and Hannah Pearce, Nov.26,1754.

Margarett, and James Laskey, Dec.11,1755.

Mary, and John Tucker, Oct.9,1746.

Mary, and John Grandy, jr., Dec.5,1752.

Sarrah, and Andros Cannon of Boston, Oct.23,1702.

Sarah, and Simon Cazwell, Feb.8,1767.*

Shapley, and Mary Dolliver [Dolliber.CR1], Dec.28,1725.

Shapley, and Jane Dean, Nov.25,1768.*


John, and Elizabeth Dixcy, Oct.28,1695.


Thomas, and Mary Gale, Dec.18,1755.

HAYDEN (Haydon)

Hannah and William Burke, Feb.7,1775.*

Mary, and Charles Hinckley, Oct.12,1790. [Oct.10.CR2].*

Selim, and Rachel Curtis, both of Boston, June9,1816.

HAYDON (Hayden)

Barbara, and Thomas Holder, June29,1731.CR3

William [Heydon.CR1], and Hannah Hinds, Dec.13,1750.

HAYES (Hays)

Augustus A., of Roxbury, and Henrietta B. Dana, July13,1836.*


Elizabeth, and James Trefry, May7,1742.CR2

HAYLS (Hale)

Sarah [Hales.CR1], and Edward Boden, Aug.6,1741.

HAYNES (Haines, Hains)

Francis, and Elizabeth Hooper, Dec.25,1695

Ruth [Hooper.CR1], and Jonathan Breed, June1,1725.

Sarah, and Elias Cook, Feb.24,1725[-6]

HAYS (Hayes)

Thomas, and Mary Mitchel, int.June19,1806.

HAYTER (Heiter)

Elizabeth, and Abraham Morse, June7,1774.*


Penelope, and Richard Stacey, July12,1759.CR3

HAZEL (Hazell)

George, and Mrs.Elisabeth Savage, Mar.12,1809.*

HAZELL (Hazel)

John, and Betsy H. Smethurst, Mar.21,1844.*


Samuel, of Salem, and Mary Dunn, int.Jan.28,1775.

HEAGERTY (Hagathy)

Jeremiah, and Sarah Mojey, Oct.6,1757.CR3

HEBBARD (Hibbert)

Hannah, and John Dennis, Feb.20,1772.*


Mary, and Joseph Noyart, May29,1728.CR3


William, and Elizabeth Oliver, Aug.19,1755.CR3

HEIGH (High)

John, and Mary Waddon, Feb.25,1740-41.


William, and Hannah Bartlett, at Salem, Oct.30,1738.

HEITER (Hayter, Heyter, Hiter, Hyter)

Elizabeth, and Hilkiah Tincom of Plymouth, Dec.15,1709.

George, and Elizabeth Brooks, Feb.9,1758.


Mary, "her mother dead and father gon to the Eastward," and William Clapp, both of Boston, Nov.24,1685.


Elizabeth, and John Milk, both of Salem, Aug.20,1689.


Lydia, Mrs., and Russell Trevett, Dec.22,1777.*


Thomas, of Charlestown, and Hannah Russell, Sept.26,1715.


David, of Salem, and Elisabeth Darling, at Salem, Dec.12,1743.

HENDLEY (Hanly, Hendly, Henle, Henley, Henly)

Elias, and Sarah Caswell, Sept.6,1801.*

Hannah, and Michael Bowden, Apr.1,1735.

Rebeckah, and Joseph Lyndsey, Oct.11,1739.

Rebeckah, and Stanford Flack, Jan.14,1768.*

Rebekah, and John Savage, July24,1785.*

Sarah, and John Brown, Oct.17,1754.CR3

Sarah, and John Spinney, Jan.31,1790.*

Sarah, and Samuel Dodd, Feb.10,1790.*

Sarah, and Andrew Leavett, Sept.5,1820.

HENDLY (Hendley)

Benjamin, and Mary Blackler, Feb.9,1762.

Benjamin, and Sarah Lindsey, June8,1763.CR1

Elias, and Hannah Stadden, Dec.5,1710.

Elias, and Sarah Ingalls, Sept.26,1749.

Elias [jr.CR1], and Sarah Cooke, Aug.6,1764.

Elizabeth, and Andrew Stacey, Sept.24,1773.*

George, and Mary Hendly, Apr.11,1737.

George, and Sarah Necke, Dec.2,1746.

Hannah, and Michael Smethurst, Nov.19,1730. [Nov.18.CR1]

John [jr.CR1], and Deliverance Dodd, Sept.7,1724.

John, and Abigail Hooper, May29,1749.

John, and Jane Huling, Dec.29,1785.*

Joseph, and Mary Homan, Dec.23,1714.

Joseph, jr., and Margaret Ashton, Dec.10,1745.

Margaret, and John Girdler, 16:xbr:1713.

Mary, and George Hendly, Apr.11,1737.

Mary, and John White, June9,1752.

Mary, and Jeremiah Hagathy, Oct.17,1771. [Oct.27.CR2].*

Mary, and John Graves, Feb.21,1775.*

Mary, and John Newton, int.Apr.29,1786

Mary, and Edward Hiller, Nov.24,1787.*

Mary, and Joseph Nance, Mar.18,1794.*

Mary [Mrs.CR2], and John Brown of Salem, Nov.30,1794.*

Miream, and John Pedrick, Oct.2,1712.

Rebecca, and George Hiller, Mar.15,1795.*

Samuell, and Mary Pederick, Oct.31,1717.

Samuel, and Sarah Jones, Dec.12,1743.

Sarah, and Philip Ashton, Nov.20,1701.

Sarah, and John Wescoat, June1,1715.

Sara, and Benjamin Pederick, June6,1719.

Sarah, and Peter Doliber [Dolliver, jr.CR1], Dec.3,1747.

Sarah, and Jacob Oakes, July8,1748.

Sarah, and John Brown, Oct.17,1754.

Sarah, and Thomas Holbrook of Boston, Aug.7,1755.

Sarah, and William Matthews, Apr.6,1759.

Sarah, and John Obe, Dec.22,1763.CR1

Sarah, and Stephen Goot, int.Sept.25,1773.

Sarah, and Ephraim Chambers, Dec.30,1773.*


Lydia, of Salem, and Benjamin Gale, at Salem, Dec.28,1730.

HENLE (Hendley)

Hannah [Hendly.CR1], and Andrew Bulle [Bulle.CR1], Mar.9,1724[-5].

HENLEY (Hendley)

Sarah [wid.CR1], and Richard Sedgemore, Jan.5,1703-4.

HENLY (Hendley)

Benjamin, and Miriam Waldron, Apr.12,1694.

Elias, and Margaret Greenfeild, July21,1686.

John S. [Strong.CR1], and Mrs.Hannah Barnard, Dec.5,1802.*

Joseph, and Sarah Hanniford, June9,1692.

Joseph, and Margaret Batchelder of Wenham, at Wenham, May3,1773.*

Merriam [(Waldron). int.], and Abraham Lashere, Sept.29,1704.

Sarrah, and William Batchelour of Boston, Oct.1,1702.

Thomas, and Sarah Curtis, July15,1687.


John H., of Lynn and Margaret Hyde, May11,1836.*

HEPTINSTAL (Eppinstal, Hippenstall)

Samuel, and Elizabeth Rose, Dec.25,1740.CR3

HERMON (Harmon)

John, and Sarah Severy, Dec.4,1768.CR3*


Eliza, a.20y., and Abraham Melzard, a.24y., seaman, s.John and Sally, Apr.15,1847. [Apr.16.CR2].*

HERRICK (Hyrick)

Asa, and Elizabeth Stacey, Jan.26,1768.*

Elisabeth, of Salem, and Cain Mackinine, at Salem, Nov.3,1719.

Joseph, of Beverly, and Anna Ivimy, July12,1744.

Sydney, of Beverly, and Joanna Chadwick, June20,1841.*


Jacob, and Elizabeth Towser, Dec.6,1765.*


George, see Howel, George.

HEWS (Hughs)

James, and Susannah Nicholson, July10,1768.*

HEY (High)

Phillip, and Mary Card, Jan.31,1740.

HEYTER (Heiter)

Sarrah, and Phillip Brimblecomb, Oct.18,1704.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Roades, Dec.1,1743.

HIBBERD (Hibbert, Hebbard)

Ebenezer, of Methuen, and Mrs.Elizabeth Maley, Mar.3,1790.*

HIBBERT (Hibberd)

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Patty Lee of Manchester, at Manchester, Oct.3,1776.*

Joseph, and Mary Lyons, Feb.3,1776.*

Joseph, Capt. and Mrs.Anna Dugard, July9,1780.*

Lois [jr.CR1], and Ralph Devereux, jr., Sept.12,1765.

Lois, and John Dennis, Aug.30,1789.*

Nehemiah, and Hannah Fitteplace, Sept.26,1769.*

HICHBORN (Hitchbon)

William C., of Charleston, SC, and Louisa Hooper, Nov.25,1835.*


David, and Elizabeth Sweetland Sept.16,1766.*

Eleanor, and John Hunter, Nov.8,1761.CR3

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Lio, Nov.17,1772.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and William Matthews, Nov.12,1797.*

Patrick, and Elisabeth Pinson, at Salem, Sept.2,1726.

William, and [wid.CR2] Elizabeth White, Feb.24,1774.*


Elizabeth, and William Bartlett, Apr.25,1775.*

Elizabeth, and John Skinner, Oct.13,1787.*

Martha, and John Russell, Sept.27,1764.

Mary, and Collins Ingalls of Lynn, June30,1793.*

Wilson, and Elizabeth Mullett, July24,1764.CR3


Joseph, and [Mrs.CR2] Mary Sargent, Oct.23,1806.*

Mary Ann, and Frederick Robinson, Apr.16,1825.

Samuel B., and Mary C. Cruff, June10,1832.*

Samuel B., widr., a.34y., trader, s.Joseph and Mary, and Hannah Quiner, wid., a.27y., d.Nicholas and Hannah Tucker, Sept.27,1847.*

HIGGANS (Higgins)

Mary, Mrs., and John Brown, int.June12,1784.

HIGGINS (Higgans)

Solomon, and Rebecca S. Phillips, Oct.26,1824.CR1

HIGH (Heigh, Hey, Huy, Hye)

Eliza, and John Courtis, int.Jan.9,1830.

Elizabeth, and Shubael Spooner of Dartmouth, int.Mar.13,1779.

John, jr., and Betsy Stacey, Mar.20,1803.*

Joseph, a.23y., s.John and Elisabeth, and Sarah S. Sinclair, a.23y., d.Archibald and Rebecca, Jan.30,1845.*

Margarett, and Joseph Millar, Sept.1,1799.*

Martha Griffin, and Capt. John A. [Adams.CR1] Salkins, May14,1805.*

Mary T., and John Symonds, Jan.24,1839.*

Rebecca S., a.21y., d.John and Elisabeth, and Samuel Cox Mullett, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Margaret, Nov.17,1844.*

Sally, and Benjamin Ashton, May12,1799.*

Sally, and Samuel Cole, Apr.2,1843.*

William T. [L.CR2], and Mary R. Felton, Dec.11,1834.*

HILBERT (Hibbert)


William, and Anne Vinning, July16,1723

HILL (Hills)

Anne, of Beverly, and David Presson, at Beverly, Aug.14,1719.

Banjamin, and Mary Lindsey, Apr.8,1762.

Daniel, and Betsey Hathaway, int., Apr.25,1829.

Elizabeth, and Edward Tucker, Nov.18,1718.

Elizabeth, and William Andrews, Dec.8,1761.CR3

Hugh, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Goudey, Mar.13,1766.*

John, and wid.Miriam Pedrick, Nov.16,1719.

John, and Mary Wormstall, Dec.24,1725.CR3

Joseph, and Sarah Trefry, May11,1794.*

Martha, of Watertown, and Samuel Linesy, at Watertown, May4,1727.

Mary, and Samuel West, July13,1749.CR3

Mary, and Thomas Vining, Jan.22,1772.*

Mary, and Enoch Rand July10,1803.*

Moses, and Eleanor Hathway, Dec.9,1823.

Moses, 2d m., a.50y., farmer, and Bethiah [C. int.] Mowatt, a.44y.[a.38y.int.], d.Hugh and Bethiah, at Salem, Nov.6,1849.*

Sarah, Mrs.and Andrew Peltro, int.Nov.21,1795.

William, and Elizabeth Grealey, int.June4,1768.

HILLER (Hilyar)

Bethiah C., and Felix Alexander, Mar.10,1816.*

Edward, and Mary Hendly, Nov.24,1787.*

Edward, and Mary Bruce,末蔓末,1788.PR13

Felix A., and Sarah H. Caswell, Dec.31,1837.*

Francis, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Bethiah, and Elisabeth H. Tucker, a.24y., d.Joseph and Rebecca, Mar.18,1847.*

George, and Rebecca Hendly, Mar.15,1795.*

George B., and Margarett Ingalls, Apr.1,1824.

George B., and Sally Grant, Apr.16,1829.*

George B., and [Mrs.int.] Eleanor Brown, May12,1839.CR5*

John C., and Mary Ingalls, Jan.21,1827.*

John C., and Ann P. Barnes, Feb.16,1833. [1834. int.and dup.]*

Joseph E., a.22y., cordwainer, s.Bethiah, and Sarah M. Goodwin, a.17y.[a.19y.CR2], d.John and Sarah, Feb.12,1847.*

Martha, Mrs., and Daniel Sweetser, May26,1836.*

Mary [Hilliard.CR2], and Francis Jones, Oct.6,1799.*

Rebecca, and Edward Scores, Nov.4,1824.

Samuel, and Martha Lee, May14,1820.

Thomas, and Mary Chapman, July23,1789. [1788.PR13]*

HILLS (Hill)

Benjamin, and Mary Strahan, Dec.1,1737.

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. Simon Broadstreet [Bradstreet.CR1], Nov.16,1738.


Deborah, and Thomas Mugurre, Mar.9,1761.CR3

John, and Abigail Snelling, both of Boston, Oct.12,1694.

Richard, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wilson, Sept.21,1784.*

Stilson, and Hannah Severy [Suyverett.CR2], 7:xbr:1721.

William, and Margaret Stilson, June2,1699.

HILYAR (Hiller)

Edward, and Mary Boyles, Apr.26,1764.CR3


Charles, and Mary Hayden, Oct.12,1790. [Oct.10.CR2].*

Deborah Freeman, and Martin Wells, Aug.27,1809.CR3*

Hannah, of Barnstable, and Joseph Lee, at Barnstable, Oct.9,1771.*

Hannah, and Dr. Elijah D. Huntington of Chelmsford, May31,1825.*

Joseph, and Deborah Freeman, Nov.4,1783.CR3*

Richard, Capt., and Elizabeth Knights of Newburyport, int.Nov.11,1780.

HIND (Hines)

Abigall, and Thomas Rolles, Aug.19,1729.

Benjamin, and Mary Tucker, Dec.5,1790.*

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Valentine Tedder, Oct.18,1781.CR1*

William, and Lydia Hatherlis [Hatherly.CR1] of Boston, Dec.22,1725.

HINDE (Hines)

Benjamin, and Alice Peach, May29,1727.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Hammond, Oct.5,1749.

Benjamin and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Renew, Jan.10,1770.*

Hannah, and Joseph Dod, Oct.3,1723.

Mary, and Benjamin Scudder, Jan.15,1769.CR3*

HINDS (Hines)

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Le Grow, Jan.10,1769.*

Hannah, and William Haydon [Heydon.CR1], Dec.13,1750.

John, and Mary Dennis, July2,1754.

Sarah, and William Doliber, Oct.8,1747.

Susanah, and John Northy, Mar.2,1731-32.

HINE (Hines)

Constance, and John Pickworth, May31,1721.

Elizabeth, and John Maine, 13:xbr:1720.

Hannah, and Michael Grush, Sept.25,1783.*

John, and Constance Bennett, Nov.25,1700.

John, and Mary Riddan, Nov.29,1744.

John, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Ingalls, Feb.12,1786.*

Joseph, and Sarah Peach, 8:xbr:1720.

Susanna [Mrs.CR1], and George G. Perry, May16,1813.*

William, and Elizabeth Girdler, Jan.24,1758.

HINES (Hind, Hinde, Hinds, Hine, Hynde)

Abigail, and Joseph Hooman, Dec.21,1710.

Anna, and John Bartlett, 4th, Nov.24,1822.

Ann [Mrs.CR2], and John Tishoe, Apr.4,1801.*

Elizabeth, and William Meservy Phillips, int.May9,1778.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Salter, July18,1785.*

Hannah, and George Powers, Jan.10,1790.*

James, and Anna Hawks, Dec.12,1789.*

Mary, and William Burrows, May25,1776. [May26.CR2].*

Mary, and George Cloutman, Sept.15,1818.

Sarah, and William Ingalls, Mar.11,1780.*

Sarah [Mrs.CR2], and Francis Power, Dec.24,1780.*

William, and Elizabeth Dimon, Nov.13,1688.

William, and Sarah Severy, Mar.30,1775.*

William, and Susannah Ashton, Apr.6,1806.*


Grace, and Cornelius Thompson, Feb.22,1733-4.CR3

HINSMAN (Hinsmans)

Alonzo H. [jr. int.], and Sally Jane Roundey, Feb.2,1843.*

Sebastian, a.23y., ropemaker, s.John and Elisabeth, and Abigail E. Dean, a.22y., d.Peter O. and Abigail, Sept.4,1845.

HINSMANS (Hinsman)

William O. [V. int.], and Mary A. Smethurst, July24,1843. [July25.CR5].*

HIPPENSTALL (Heptinstal)

Francis, and Ann Spenny, Aug.15,1769.*

HITCHBON (Hichborn)

George, and Mary Robinson, July19,1770.CR3*

HITCHENS (Hitchins)

Aaron O. [Oakes.int.], and Mary Orne, Aug.8,1798.*

Elkanah, and Miriam Phillips, Oct.11,1778.*

Jane, and Ebenezer Martin, jr., Nov.25,1792.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Davis of Boston, Jan.18,1801.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Mary Vickrey, Jan.6,1774.*

HITCHINGS (Hitchins)

Amos, and Mrs.Miriam Davis, Jan.22,1786.*

Eliza, and James Lefavor, Jan.31,1830.*

Martha, and Richard Renew, Oct.6,1789.*

HITCHINS (Hitchens, Hitchings)

Amos, and Martha Oakes, Jan.14,1768.*

Elkanah, and Jane Hubbard, Aug.24,1769.*

James, and Ann Dixey, May8,1766.*

Rebecca, and William Jennings, both of Lynn, Aug.30,1686

Richard, see Kittchens, Richard.

Samuell, and Hannah Boden, Dec.6,1716.

Samuell, and Mercy Belcher, Sept.16,1754.

HITER (Heiter)

Charlotte, and Thomas Procter, Dec.1,1831.*

Emily [F. int.], and William A. Bartlett of Lynn, Oct.18,1836.*

Francis, and Lois Newhall, Mar.20,1808.*

Louisa [M. int.], and John C. Dennis, June15,1828.*


Lewis [Levi.CR2], of Stratham, NH, and Louisa Phillips of Lynn, May29,1832.

HOALBROOK (Holbrook)

Mary, and John Wills [Willis.CR2], Oct.8,1789.*


Mary, and Moses Pitman, jr., Nov.18,1708.

Mary, and George Synot, Nov.17,1729.CR3

Mary, and Jonathan Thompson, jr., Jan.21,1745-6.

Rebecca, and Benjamin Carder, Dec.22,1712.

Thomas, and Mary Elson, June21,1692.


Prudence, and Thomas Furnace, Nov.5,1717.

Susanah, and Mark Haskall, Dec.28,1724.


George [of Great Britain.CR2], and Hannah Collins, Dec.22,1757.


John M.S., and Sarah E. Stone, June27,1839.*


John, and Mary Johns, June9,1776.*

Mary, and Joseph Phillips, Feb.14,1802.CR1*

HODGKINS (Hodskins)

David [of Machias.CR2], and Polly Wilson, Sept.15,1797.*

HODSKINS (Hodgkins)

Mary W., of Salem, and Thomas H. Merritt, Feb.9,1826.


Peter, and Ann Tucker, of Salem, int.Aug.22,1803.

HOEMAN (Homan)

Edward, and Naomi Willin, July5,1703.


Thomas, and Esther Renew, at Salem, Apr.28,1751.

HOLBROOK (Hoalbrook)

Thomas, of Boston, and Sarah Hendly, Aug.7,1755.

Thomas, and Mary Merrit, Apr.14,1757.*

HOLDEN (Holder)

Edward, of St. Louis, MO, and Charlotte G. Gallison, Mar.31,1840.*

John, and Mary Raymond, July28,1799.

John, and [Mrs.CR1] Hannah Atkins, Sept.8,1825.

John, jr., and Margaret Williams, July30,1840.*

Martha, and Abraham Kimball, Oct.16,1829.*

HOLDER (Holden)

Anna, and Christopher Bassett, Apr.3,1774.*

Daniel, and Desire Stiles, Apr.9,1797.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Bowden [4th int.], Apr.15,1798.*

Jane, and Lloyd Smethurst, Dec.20,1787.*

Nathaniel, and Susannah Horsom, Apr.3,1755.

Sarah, and William Dennis, June30,1778.*

Sally, and Joseph Selman, Dec.25,1825.

Thomas, and Bathsheba Needham, Feb.11,1721-2.

Thomas, and Barbara Haydon, June29,1731.CR3


Priscilla, of Topsfield, and Jonathan Orne, at Topsfield, Oct.20,1768.*

HOLEMAN (Holman)

Elizabeth, and John Tompson, Nov.26,1730.

Elisabeth, and Robert Knights, Dec.15,1767.*


Elizabeth, and John Reith, Dec.15,1765.CR3*

Samuel, of Boston, and Lydia Nicholson, Dec.1,1763.CR1

HOLLET (Hallett)

Abigail, and Peirce Powers, Jan.3,1725.CR3

Mary, and Phillip Lefavour, Jan.2,1772.*


Hannah, and William Stacey, Oct.28,1766.*

HOLMAN (Holeman)

Hannah, and David Flint of Salem, Dec.12,1734.

John, and Mary Beal, Dec.5,1695.

John, and Huldah Flint of Salem, at Salem, Nov.13,1723.

Margarett [Homan.CR1], and John Richardson, Dec.3,1724.

Mary, and Samuell Chinn, Dec.28,1758.

Rebekah, and James Thompson, May5,1736.

Rebekah, and Ebenezer Bowden, Feb.3,1763.

Samuel, and Sarah Treby, Nov.5,1696.

Samuell, and Mary Bartlett, Nov.23,1727.

Sarah, and James Beveridge, Feb.7,1733-4.

Sarah, and Nicholas Girdler, Dec.29,1774.*


Ellen C., a.24y., d.Peter and Christiana, and Geoge W. Winslow, widr., a.38y., blacksmith, s.Aaron and Eliza, Nov.7,1844.*

HOLMES (Holms, Homes)

Lucy, and Samuel Snow, Mar.4,1823.

Rebekah, of Boston, and William Fowle, int.Apr.9,1768.

HOLMS (Holmes)

George, and Mary Tully, int.Sept.26,1772.


Jacob, of Andover, and Margaret Dolever, at Andover, May25,1747.

HOLTON (Houlton)

Eunice, wid., and Samuel Hooper, Jan.25,1733.


Edward, Rev., and Mrs.Elizabeth Brown, Aug.8,1717.CR1

HOMAN (Hoeman, Hooman)

Alec, and Moses Meack, Dec.23,1728.

Ambros, and Sarah Homan, Sept.15,1777. [ Sept.16.CR2].*

Ambrose, and [Mrs.int.] Tabitha Crips, June28,1801.*

Ann, and Philip Eeds, Dec.21,1691.

Benjamin, and Hannah Fitteplace, Dec.12,1765.*

Benjamin [Hammon. int.andCR1], and Mary Dennis, July3,1767.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Meek, Nov.6,1777.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Sarah Tedder, Mar.15,1791.*

Benjamin, and Mary Conway, June9,1816.*

Benjamin, jr., and Juliet Winslow, Oct.7,1839.*

Clatry, and Hannah Dixey, Nov.23,1738.

Edward, and Elizabeth Gold, Oct.27,1692.

Edward, and Margaret Stevens, June25,1759.

Edward, and Mrs.Sarah Skinner, Feb.5,1778.*

Edward, and Mrs.Sarah Barns, Aug.28,1783.*

Edward, and Ruth Goldsmith, July17,1785.*

Edward, and Alice Gale, May25,1794.*

Edward [Hammon. int.], and Mary Thompson, Dec.20,1801.*

Edward, jr., and Mrs.Elizabeth Doliber, Apr.3,1802.*

Edward, 3d, and Mary Doliver, Dec.14,1809.*

Edward, and Maria L. Gregory, Feb.12,1840.*

Edward, jr., and Sally Ann Graves, Apr.27,1841.*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Hawkins, 4:xbr:1720.

Elizabeth, and Andrew Vincent, Nov.22,1725.

Elizabeth, wid., and Mark King, June24,1736.CR2

Elisabeth, and Phillip Ashton, Jan.28,1762.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Atkins, Dec.20,1770.CR3*

Elizabeth, and George Willes [Wills.int.andCR2], Mar.31,1774.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas M. Bassett, Feb.15,1829.*

Elizabeth P., and Elias [G. int.] Smethurst, Dec.1,1831.*

Elisabeth P., and Robert Lefavour, Apr.21,1844.*

Ephraim A., and Mrs.Sarah H. Prichard, July28,1831.*

Ephraim A., widr., a.41y., seaman, s.William and Elisabeth, and Susan Knox, a.35y.[a.30y.int.], b. Wolfboro, NH, d.Thomas and Lydia, of Wolfboro, NH, Mar.31,1846.*

Hannah, and Joseph Hooper, Dec.21,1749.

Hannah, and George Bridgeo of Jersey, Jan.2,1752.CR1

Hannah, and Edward Stacey, Nov.26,1761.

Hannah, and David Smith, Aug.13,1795. [Aug.16.CR2].*

Hannah, and Christopher Stevens, jr., Dec.12,1819.

Hannah M., and John Butman, Feb.15,1841.*

Isaac, and Margarett Richardson, Dec.10,1747.

Jane, and Thomas Woodberry, Apr.16,1771.*

Jane, and Joseph Abbott, Dec.10,1772.*

John, and Miriam Pederick, Nov.17,1715.

John, and Elizabeth Gifford [Gessords.CR2], 22:xbr:1720.

John, and Sarah Merrit, June5,1744.

John, and Sarah Fitteplace, Apr.7,1763.

John, and Sarah Dennis, Dec.21,1784.*

John, jr., and Mary Pitman, Jan.18,1812.*

John, jr., and Mary G. Dixey, Aug.11,1841.*

Joseph, and Abigail Merret, Dec.21,1715.

Joseph, and Sarah Bray, Sept.17,1730.

Joseph, and Sarah Dod, Nov.19,1730.

Joseph, 3d, and Mary Chaney of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.20,1734.

Joseph, and Sarah Clarke, Aug.14,1753.

Joseph, and Abigail Goldsmith, Mar.17,1782.*

Joseph, and Nancy Verty, May30,1814.*

Joseph W., a.23y., seaman, s.Edward and Mary, and Mary W. Frederick, a.20y., d.William and Remember, Feb.24,1848.*

Juliet, wid., a.30y., d.Aaron and Eliza Winslow, and Joseph Harris, jr., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Martha, Oct.14,1847.*

Margarett, see Holman, Margarett.

Margaret, and Samuell Rusall, Nov.12,1729.

Margaret, and Sands Standly, jr., Sept.22,1748.

Margrett, and James Thompson, Feb.2,1762.

Margaret, and Richard Richardson, Jan.27,1778.*

Margaret, and Nathaniel Moodey, May11,1783.*

Margaret A., a.17y., d.Benjamin and Mary, and Humphrey Dennis, a.26y., seaman, s.John and Sarah, Dec.21,1844.*

Martha, and William Bowen, Feb.21,1770.*

Mary, and Joseph Hendly, Dec.23,1714.

Mary, and William Cummin, Nov.29,1715.

Mary, and William Hoper [jr.CR1], June27,1721.

Mary, and Joseph Lawrence, Oct.5,1736.CR2

Mary, and John Dixey, Jan.2,1745-6.

Mary, and John Bridges, July18,1754.

Mary, and Jonas Dennis, jr., Dec.20,1757

Mary, and Ambrose Dod, June16,1763.CR1

Mary, and John Cook, Mar.30,1780.*

Mary, and Ichabod Wentworth of Dover, NH, Apr.5,1814.*

Mary R., and Capt. Jonathan Thompson, Feb.4,1816.*

Mary A. [Abigail.CR1], and Crispus Graves, jr., Feb.27,1825.

Mary, and Samuel Chapman, Apr.19,1835.*

Mary, and Albert G. Weed, May9,1838.*

Mary, and Peter S. Powers, Sept.1,1839.*

Mary A., and Richard B. Caswell, Jan.29,1840.*

Miram, wid., and William Giffard [Gessords.CR2], Feb.22,1724 [-5.CR2]

Naomi, and George Girdler, Jan.28,1706-7.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Wood, Feb.11,1752.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Croof, Jan.30,1772.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Roads, Oct.6,1774.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Elizabeth Goss, Nov.7,1819.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Tucker, Mar.11,1827.*

Nathaniel, and Lucy A. Wilkins, Feb.12,1840.*

Peter [jr.CR1], and Mary Hoyle, Dec.12,1723.

Peter, and Tabitha Pousland June7,1748.

Peter, and Mary Grant, Aug.25,1776.*

Peter, and Priscilla Dennis, Nov.13,1787.*

Philip, and Hannah Clattery, Nov.4,1697.

Philip, and Mary Owen, Dec.11,1701.

Phillip, and Mary Pearson, Feb.1,1733.

Philip C., and Mary Carr of Hillsborough, NH, int., May15,1813.

Priscilla, Mrs., and Benjamin Abbot, Sept.9,1802.*

Rachel, and Peter Forrister, July31,1806.*

Rebecca, and Andrew Stacey, Jan.27,1724[-5.CR2]

Rebekah, and Richard Dixey, July25,1766.*

Rebecca, and William Pedrick, jr., Dec.25,1791.*

Rebecca W., and Joseph Bessom, Feb.12,1835.*

Richard, and Hannah Gooding, Dec.30,1736.

Richard, Capt., and Mrs.Susanna Stacey of Ipswich, int.Aug.10,1776.

Richard, jr., and Abigail Patten, Feb.2,1804.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Mary Brown, May15,1827.*

Sarah, and John Fettiplace, Sept.19,1737.

Sarah, and Nehemiah Prebble of York, Jan.28,1739-40.CR1

Sarah, and Alexander Smith, Sept.27,1764.

Sarah, and John Foot, Mar.1,1772.*

Sarah, and Edward Scores, Mar.6,1772.*

Sarah, and Joseph Legrow, Dec.19,1773.*

Sarah, and John Waitt of Lynn, Apr.12,1774.*

Sarah, and Ambros Homan, Sept.15,1777. [ Sept.16.CR2].*

Sarah, and John Florance, Dec.6,1787.*

Sarah, and George Pearce, Aug.14,1800.CR2*

Sarah, and John B. Selman, int.Dec.19,1800.

Sally, and David Quill, Dec.30,1817.*

Sally S., and Ambrose Allen, jr., Apr.30,1826.*

Sally, and Simon Lampreel, July27,1828.*

Sarah E., and John W. Smethurst, Oct.16,1836.*

Susannah, and Mark Morse, Dec.27,1757.

Tabitha [d.John.CR2], and Robert Hawkins, Oct.1,1719.

Tabitha, and Thomas LeMasty [Lemaster. int.], Dec.19,1765.*

Thomas, and Sarah Bartlett, May26,1735.

Thomas, and Jean Russell, Jan.5,1758.

Thomas, and Tabitha Glover, Nov.28,1782.*

Thomas, and Sarah B. Dolliber, July13,1819.

William, and Mary Richardson, Jan.13,1725[-6]

William, jr., and Deliverance Gale, Dec.25,1753.

William, and Rebekah Orne, Apr.29,1760.

William, and Elizabeth Ashton, Jan.23,1780.*

William, and Mary Orne of Wenham, int.May27,1780.

William, and Elizabeth Pritchard, Feb.15,1784.*

William, and [Mrs.CR2] Sarah Wellman of Salem, Jan.15,1795.*

William, and Sarah Stevens, June7,1803.*

HOMES (Holmes)

John, and Mary Dwinell of Topsfield, at Salem, Nov.23,1726.

HOOCKER (Hooker)

George, and Mary Walles, July13,1780.*


Abigail, and Peter Hulen, at Salem, Mar.1,1749.

Daved, and Elenor Macfarlon, both from Ireland Nov.27,1723.

Sarah, Mrs., of Salem, and Israel Eaton, int.Oct.25,1802. (Marriage forbidden.)

HOOKER (Hoocker)

Elizabeth, and Ventiman Reed, Aug.19,1755.CR3

Elizabeth [Chapman. int.], and William Goss [jr. int.], Mar.13,1806.*

Elisabeth, and Jacob Poland int.Feb.15,1817.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Bartholomew B. Smith, Nov.28,1824.

Elisabeth S., and Amos Grandy, int.Sept.20,1834.

Hannah, and Leavitt Kingsbury of Walpole, Oct.10,1802.CR3*

John, and Mary Floury, Dec.28,1732.CR3

John, and Susanna Wood, Sept.15,1816.*

Joseph, and Mary Dyer, Dec.28,1699.

Martha, and Joseph Brown, Mar.16,1813.*

Mary, and William Cross, June12,1808.*

Mary S., and James H. Marsh, Nov.10,1839.*

Philip, and Hannah Chapman, July28,1778.*

Philip, jr., and Betsy Smith, Oct.9,1808.*

Stephen C., and Ann G. Thrasher, Dec.31,1833.*

Susann, and Eleazer Leech, Nov.23,1820.

Susanna, Mrs., and Peter Parker [Park. int.andCR2], Aug.23,1829.*


Thomas, and Sarah Forster, June9,1726.

HOOMAN (Homan)

John, and Margaret Robinson, Sept.22,1709.

Joseph, and Abigail Hines, Dec.21,1710.

HOOPER (Hoper, Houper)

Abigail, and Abial Pitman, Mar.29,1714.

Abigail, and John Hendly, May29,1749.

Abigail, and Andrew Leavitt, June21,1829.*

Alice, and [Capt. int.] Jacob Fowl, jr., Nov.7,1765.*

Alice, and Samuel Clemmens, Sept.20,1772.*

Anna Maria, and [Capt. int.] Robert C. Hooper, July7,1829.*

Ann, and Thomas Calley, Dec.26,1748.

Ann, and William Jeffs, Nov.13,1760.

Ann, and John Abbot, Aug.15,1765.*

Ann, and William Poat, sr., Aug.7,1789.

Asa, and Deliverance Knight, June26,1791.*

Asa, jr., and Martha Paine, Aug.18,1831.*

Benjamin, and Susanna Wilson, Mar.6,1785.*

Benjamin T., and Betsey Peck, Sept.4,1826.*

Benjamin T., and Mrs.Hannah Hooper, Sept.15,1835.*

Christian, and Leonard Meeke, Nov.9,1704.

Debby W., and Capt. Nicholson Broughton, Oct.8,1816.*

Delyverance, and John Grosse, Jan.19,1709-10.

Deliverance, and Robert Allen, Dec.22,1767.*

Deliverance, and Capt. Jacob Hooper, Dec.21,1820.

Dorcas, and Thomas Russell, Nov.24,1737.

Ebenezer L., a.33y., master mariner, s.John and Abigail, and Elizabeth Russell, a.27y.[a.29y.CR2], d.Joseph and Elizabeth, June22,1845.*

Eliza, and Dr. William K. Brown of Portland ME, May16,1832.*

Elizabeth, and Francis Haynes, Dec.25,1695.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Malley, 7:xbr:1720.

Elizabeth, and Robert Gefford, Aug.5,1754.

Elizabeth, and Noah Downe, July5,1763.CR1

Elizabeth, and Henry Bubier, Aug.27,1786.*

Elisabeth, and Joshua Frost, Aug.18,1799.*

Elizabeth T., and Benjamin T. Reed, jr. of Boston, Nov.15,1825.

Elisabeth, of Augusta, ME, and Robert P. Stevens, int.Apr.30,1836.

Eunice, and John Hooper, int.May25,1799.

Eunice, and Capt. William G. Blackler, Sept.16,1828.*

George, and Margarett Standley, Jan.28,1816.*

George, a.23y., cordwainer, s.George and Margaret, an Elisabeth Brown, a.22y., d.Edmund and Elisabeth, Nov.23,1847.*

Grace, and Ambrose Allen, Feb.20,1785.*

Greenfeild, and Alice Tucker, Jan.16,1706-7.

Greenfield, and Abigail Butman of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.4,1786.*

Hannah, and Joseph Barker, Jan.9,1755.

Hannah, and Samuel White, Oct.27,1768.*

Hannah, and John Miller, July30,1772.*

Hannah, and Joseph Gregory, Apr.19,1790.*

Hannah, and William Reed, Nov.13,1800.CR2*

Hannah, and William Clothey, Apr.19,1807.*

Hannah W., and [Capt.CR2] Simon T. Williams, Aug.18,1818.

Hannah, and David [R.CR1] Le Craw, Feb.12,1828.*

Hannah, and Joshua T. [Thomas.CR2] Stephenson of Boston, Mar.5,1833.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Benjamin T. Hooper, Sept.15,1835.*

Hannah, and John L. Roundey, Nov.19,1840.*

Hannah, a.23y., d.George and Margaret, and John Caswell, jr., a.27y., cordwainer, s.John and Hannah, Jan.27,1848.*

Harriet, and Capt. Henry Hooper, Dec.7,1830.*

Henry, and Mary Norman, Mar.15,1691-2.

Henry, and Elezabeth Bartlett, Aug.4,1725.

Henry, and Rebecca Fittyplace, July8,1783.*

Henry, Capt., and Harriet Hooper, Dec.7,1830.*

Jacob, Capt. and Delivrance Hooper, Dec.21,1820.

John, and Dorcas Pitman, Dec.13,1711.

John, and Priscilla Dodd, Dec.23,1736.

John, 3d, and Susannah Dixcey, Jan.12,1741-2.CR1

John, and Marion White, May20,1743.CR3

John, and Mary Ellis of Beverly, at Beverly, June6,1745.

John, and Grace Grist, Aug.13,1765.CR3*

John, and Hannah signcross, Sept.7,1766.CR3*

John, and Mary Roundy, Dec.9,1773.*

John, and Sally Christie, Dec.27,1792.*

John, and Eunice Hooper, int.May25,1799.

John, and Abigail LeCraw, Dec.15,1799.*

John, 5th, and Hannah G. Cowell, Sept.10,1816.*

John, 4th, and Lydia Blackler, July19,1818.

John, and Lydia Roundey, June19,1833.*

Joseph, and Mary Freeman, Nov.25,1701.

Joseph, and Hannah Charder, Nov.28,1723.

Joseph, and Hannah Homan, Dec.21,1749.

Joseph, and Sarah Brown, Feb.11,1762.

Joseph, and Mary Dennis, Dec.31,1765.*

Joseph, and Mary Harris of Newburyport, int.Sept.13,1766.

Joseph H. [A.CR1], and Hannah Thrasher, Mar.18,1810.*

Joseph, and Sally Collyer, Nov.3,1811.*

Joseph, and Mary Bunyan, Sept.10,1833.*

Knott, and Tabitha B. Stone, Feb.14,1839.*

Lois, d.Capt. Samuel, and John R. Russell, s.Capt. John, sr. June16,1778.PR19*

Louisa, and William C. Hichborn of Charleston, SC, Nov.25,1835.*

Lydia, and Capt. Benjamin Boden, Aug.9,1778.*

Lydia, and Capt. Glover Broughton, July24,1827.*

Margarett, and Benjamin Ashton, Jan.20,1724[-5]

Margaret, and George D. Walton of Salem, int.Aug.5,1843.

Martha, and Rev. Nehemiah Adams of Cambridge, Jan.11,1832.*

Martha, wid., a.34y., d.Francis and Mary Paine, and Thomas H. Adams, widr., a.37y., seaman, s.Thomas and Elisabeth, Jan.22,1845.*

Mary, and John Cruff, Dec.9,1714.

Mary, and Charles Taylor, Dec.16,1714.

Mary, and Joseph Griffen, Nov.29,1726.

Mary, wid., and Daniel Maley, Aug.3,1732.

Mary, and William Nick, June18,1758.CR3

Mary, and Francis Jonsley, Feb.26,1760.CR3

Mary, and Peter Bubier, May4,1761. [May14.CR2]

Mary, and Thomas Smith, Aug.15,1790.*

Mary, and Thomas R. Fowler, May23,1799.*

Mary, and John Garney, Sept.6,1810.*

Mary, and Edmund Kimball, June13,1813.*

Mary I. and Capt. Francis Blackler, Mar.30,1817.*

Polly [R.CR2], and George Wilson, Nov.19,1818.

Mary, and John B. Lindsey, Oct.24,1824.

Moses, and Mary Knight, Sept.7,1738.

Moses, and Sarah Sweetland Sept.18,1766.*

Nancy Cowell, and Capt. Christopher Francis, Apr.10,1808.*

Nancy H., and Capt. Nicholson Broughton, Aug.2,1822.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Chamblet, Sept.10,1730.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Weber, Jan.14,1748.

Nathaniel, and Polly Leech, May12,1793.*

Nathaniel L. [Capt.CR1], and Hannah G. Blackler, Feb.22,1825.

Rebecca, Mrs., and Capt. William Picket of Newburyport, Nov.12,1795.*

Rebecca, and William Hooper, Nov.17,1818.

Robert, and Bethiah Bartlett, Oct.4,1726.

Robert ["King Hooper, so called," in pencil], and Ruth Swett, Sept.10,1735.

Robert, and Sarah Brimblecome, Dec.19,1742.CR2

Robert, and Abigail Blany, Aug.21,1755.

Robert, 3d, and Mary Ingalls, Sept.7,1761. [ Sept.1.CR2]

Robert, Hon., Esq., and Mrs.Hannah Cowell, Jan.3,1764.CR1

Robert, and Anna Cowell, May23,1769.*

Robert, and Patience Pool of Gloucester, int.Dec.21,1776.

Robert, Esq., and [Mrs.int.] Elizabeth Pousland May8,1777.*

Robert, 5th, and Elizabeth Whitaker of Salem, int.Sept.6,1777.

Robert, Capt., and Mary Glover, Dec.11,1788.*

Robert, and Polly Williams of Roxbury, int.Nov.21,1809.

Robert, and Caroline Leathem [of Roxbury.int.], Oct.15,1816.PR6*

Robert C. [Capt. int.], and Anna Maria Hooper, July7,1829.*

Ruth, see Haynes, Ruth.

Ruth, and Tristam Dalton of Newbury, at Danvers, Oct.24,1758.

Ruth, and William Hancock, Nov.19,1777. [Nov.14.CR2]*

Samuel, and Mary White, at Boston, Feb.16,1693.

Samuell, and Rebekah Carder [Charder.CR1], Nov.14,1728.

Samuel, and wid.Eunice Holton, Jan.25,1733.

Samuel, and Lois Andrews, July2,1758.CR3

Samuel, and Mrs.Elizabeth Wendell, int.May1,1773.

Samuel, a.23y., seaman, s.Joseph and Sally, and Miriam E. [C.CR2] Mason, a.20y., d.James and Martha, Feb.27,1845.*

Sarah, and Samuel Ireson, July14,1729.

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and John Pearce, May21,1765.*

Sarah, and John Clemens, Sept.6,1770.*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Joseph Abbot, Aug.28,1774.*

Sarah, and Aaron Blomphy, May21,1778.*

Sarah A., and John Johnson, Feb.12,1809.*

Sally [Mrs.CR1], and Nehemiah Stone, June16,1816.*

Sally, and David Blaney, Nov.6,1825.

Sarah E., and James D. Russell, Esq., both of Boston, Nov.4,1835.

Sarah C., a.30y., d.Joseph and Sarah, and Edmund Glover, 2d, m., a.31y., ropemaker, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, Nov.29,1849.*

Sukey [Susanna.int.], and Isaac Downs [of Salem.int.], June9,1798.*

Susan, and Capt. Henry G. Gray, July22,1835.*

Susannah, and Joseph Candish, Sept.1,1770.*

Susanna, and John Cloutman, Nov.30,1794.*

Swett, and Mary McNeil, at Boston, Aug.24,1779.

Tabitha, and John Thrasher [jr. int.], Jan.26,1777.*

Thomas, and Mary Tutt, int.Feb.27,1773.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Whittan, int.Dec.24,1803.

Thomas, and Grace Hooper Allen [Jan.6,1805.CR2].*

Thomas, and Mrs.Sally Berry, Dec.23,1811.*

William, and Abigail Mansfeild, Dec.9,1697.

William, and Mary Salkins, Mar.8,1757.

William, and Grace Caswell, Feb.1,1781.*

William, of Windham, and Elizabeth Vickery, Oct.18,1787.*

William, Capt. and Mary Reed, June13,1790.*

William, Capt., and Sarah Randall of Hollis, ME, Feb.11,1816.*

William, and Rebecca Hooper, Nov.17,1818.

William, and Martha Hammond, Nov.1,1831.*

William L., and Mary C. Bowden, Feb.2,1832.*

William H. [Henry.CR3], a.25y., merchant, s.John and Lydia, and Maria T. [Theresa.CR3] Girdler, a.23y., d.Richard and Sally, of Boston, Oct.21,1846.*


Ann, and Robert Jemmison [Jamieson. int.], Mar.1,1770.*

Thomas, and Ann King, Jan.9,1755.

HOPER (Hooper)

Elizabeth, and William Moss, Oct.31,1721.

William [jr.CR1], and Mary Homan, June27,1721.


Alexander, of Boston, and Elizabeth Chubb, Aug.25,1767.*

William, and Sarah Harris, Dec.31,1685.

HORN (Orne)

Edward, and Mary Meek, Jan.25,1727-8.CR3

Mary, and Christopher Confy, Oct.1,1732.CR3

HORNE (Orne)

George, and Mary Ulmer, July12,1760.CR3

John, and Hanah Ulmer, July12,1760.CR3

William, and Rebekah Cain, Apr.27,1761.CR3

HORSOM (Horsum, Hosham, Hossim, Hossom)

Susannah, and Nathaniel Holder, Apr.3,1755.

HORSUM (Horsom)

Elizabeth, and George Rapall, Mar.8,1764.CR1

HORTEN (Horton)

Abigail, and William Cowls of [Froom.CR2] Great Britain, Apr.16,1751.

Abigail, and William Main, Jan.6,1766.*

Ann, and Joseph Widger, Apr.3,1752.

Grace, and John Williams, Jan.5,1763.

Grace, and John Green, Feb.4,1766.CR3*

Hannah, and William Broughton, Aug.27,1760.

John, and Mary Dennis, May2,1769.*

Mary, and Benjamin Ashton, Jan.22,1771.*

Rebekah, and Thomas Roads, Aug.21,1744.

Rebekah, and James Lapthorne, June8,1757.

Samuel, and Hanah Boden, Dec.29,1757.CR3

Samuel, and Mary Bartlett, int.Dec.12,1772.

Sarah, and Christopher Bubier, Oct.3,1754.

HORTON (Horten)

Abigail, and William P. Brown, May7,1809.*

Ann, and David Blanchard, Mar.21,1824. [Mar.20.CR2]

Eleanor, and Joshua Prentiss, 3d, Mar.13,1814.*

Elizabeth, and Abijah Bowden, Jan.29,1756.CR3

Elizabeth, and Capt. Benjamin Dennis, Dec.22,1799.*

George, and Hannah Andrews, June4,1797.*

George, and [Mrs.CR2] Jane Oakes, May27,1817.*

George, and Elisabeth S. Lord of Lynn, int.Sept.1,1832.

Hannah, and Elisha Doten of Plymouth, Feb.1,1708-9.

Hannah, and Nickolas Tucker, June5,1739.

Hannah H., and Thomas Bridges of New York, Aug.10,1825.

Hannah, and Stephen P. Hathaway, Dec.28,1828.*

Mary, and Joseph Picket, Sept.30,1736.CR2

Mary [Mrs.int], and Benjamin Johnson, Nov.8,1785.*

Mary, and Francis Bowden, June10,1792.*

Mary E., and Andrew C. Sturdevant of Bowdoinham, ME, Mar.14,1833.*

Rebekah, and John Johnson, Jan.24,1742.CR2

Richard, and Mary Bodin, Feb.24,1712-13.

Richard, and Elizabeth Andrews, Aug.14,1759.

Richard, jr., and Hannah Wood, int.Oct.20,1798.

Samuel, and Abigail Ashton, Mar.23,1742.CR2

Samuel, Capt. and Mrs.Eleanor Williams, Apr.8,1790.*

Samuel, jr., and Emma Brown, May1,1814.*

Sally B., and Francis G. Clarke of Salem, Feb.7,1819.

Susanna, Mrs.and Francis Salter, July17,1791.*

Thomas, and Grace Vickery, June7,1730.CR3

Thomas, and Mary Shepard, Dec.5,1745.CR3

Thomas, and Susannah Calley, Sept.30,1781.CR1*

HOSHAM (Horsom)

Miriam, and Peter Love, int.Jan.4,1768.

HOSSIM (Horsom)

Samuel, and Miriam Searl, July17,1764.

HOSSOM (Horsom)

Miriam, and James Davis, Sept.6,1768.*

William, and Sarah Allin, Dec.4,1684.

HOULTON (Houlton)

Mary, of Salem, and William Stacey, at Salem, Aug.22,1723.

HOUPER (Hooper)

Robert, and Anna Grinfeild, Dec.4,1684.

HOUSTON (Hueston)


Joseph, and Margret Cooke of Salem, int.Apr.12,1766.

HOW (Howe)

Abigail, and James Davis [of Ipswich.CR1], 7:xbr:1720.

Hannah, and William S. Woodbury, Nov.13,1843.*

Nathaniel, and Mehitable Green, Jan.20,1793.*

Sally, and Jonas Adams of Malden, int.Oct.8,1815.


Benjamin, and Grace Ingalls, Feb.26,1765.*

Charles, and Rebekah Candish, int.Nov.27,1776.

David, and Susanna Ebborne, Dec.15,1726

Deborah, and William Bubier, June19,1770.*

Elizabeth, and James Skinner, Esq., Nov.27,1746.

Frances, and Thomas Dismore, July28,1774.*

Grace, and Benjamin Brown, Jan.16,1770.*

Grace, and William Courtis, Feb.14,1790.*

Jonathan, of Chelmsford, and Susannah Row, Apr.10,1744.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Pitts, Mar.14,1741-2.CR3

Joseph, and Rachel Stacey, int.June13,1772.

Lydia, and Joseph Hanscom, Feb.16,1758.CR3

Margaret, and Charles Stracaan, July28,1768.CR3*

Nehemiah, and Ruth Clarke, both of Beverly, Jan.12,1692-3.

Rachel, and Nicholas Cole, Dec.7,1800.CR2*

Sarah, and Edward Coburne, both of Beverly, Jan.12,1692-3.

Sarah, and Joseph Smethurst, Aug.19,1745.CR3

Susannah, and Nathaniel Ramsdell, Oct.8,1753.

Susanna, and Francis Brandigin of Salem, int.Sept.16,1809.

Susanna, and Samuel G. Burt, Nov.26,1815.*

William, and Abigail Oaks, Mar.2,1779.*

HOWE (How)

James, a.20y., seaman, s.James and Mary, and Hannah S. Peirce, a.18y., d.Robert and Mary, Aug.28,1844.*

Mary A., d.James and Mary, a.28y., and Joel S. Goodwin, a.29y., carpenter, s.William and Sarah, Oct.28,1844.*

Willard, of Lynn, and Lucy L. Martin int.Sept.27,1828.

HOWEL (Howell)

George, and Hannah Dod, Mar.28,1715.

HOWELL (Howel)

Deborah, and John [Jonathan.CR2] McIntyer, Apr.21,1791.*

Joseph, of Great Britain, and Martha Waltham, Apr.11,1760.

Lydia, and Thomas Porter, Mar.24,1782.*

Margaret, Mrs.and John Martin, Nov.4,1824.

Martha, and Job Davis, Oct.9,1770.*

HOWKINGS (Hawkins)

Anstace, and Jacob Oliver, Feb.1,1727[-8].


Sally, and Asa Whitaker, Sept.20,1789.*

HOYL (Hoyle)

Dorcas, and Robert Gefford, Jan.15,1753.

Martyn, and Charity Anderson, July25,1744.

Mary, and William Peters of Salem, Apr.4,1751.CR1

Samuel, and Mary Bayley, Dec.3,1741.CR1

HOYLE (Hoyl)

Charity, and William Bromfield, Mar.8,1753.

Christian, and Marke Moss, Nov.9,1699.

Dorcas, and William Watts, June12,1711.

John, and Mary Oakes, Jan.13,1721-2.

Martin, and Dorcas Trevy, Feb.24,1700-1.

Mary [wid.CR1], and John Morrise, Mar.20,1720.

Mary, and Peter Homan [jr.CR1], Dec.12,1723.

Marey [Ann.CR1], and John Goodwin [Goodale.CR1], Nov.5,1728.

Mary, and David Addams of Boston, Feb.4,1746.

Samuel, and Mary Fortune, Nov.16,1699.

Sarah, and John Leversage of Boston, June16,1747.

Susanna, and Andrew Tucker, jr., Oct.27,1709.

HUBBARD (Hubbart, Hubbert)

Abigail, and Rev. Timothy Flint [of Lunenburg.CR1; of Reading. int.] July28,1802.*

Amanda, and Richard S. Eustis, Apr.12,1846.

Amos, and Tabitha Bowden, Dec.29,1767.*

Amos, and Elizabeth Bartlett, Aug.3,1794.*

Daniel, and Rachel Coes, Oct.16,1760.CR3

Ebenezer, Rev., and Abigail Glover, Feb.6,1783.*

Elizabeth, and Peter Grealey, at Salem, Apr.19,1739.

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Benjamin Eaton, Feb.10,1811.*

Hannah, and George Goudey, Dec.25,1759.

Jane, and Elkanah Hitchins, Aug.24,1769.*

Lydia, of Ipswich Hamlet, and Billey Leach, at Hamilton, May13,1776.*

Mary, and William Pittman, Dec.7,1762.

Nicholass B., and Bethiah G. Florance, Dec.12,1824.

Phillip, and Sarah Brown, June24,1755.

Rachael [Mrs.int.], and Jeremiah Proctor, Oct.30,1768.CR3*

Richard, and Hannah Pittman, Sept.26,1738. [ Sept.27.CR2]

Sarah, and Daniel Kimball, Mar.11,1766.*

William B., a.22y.[a.23y.CR2], cordwainer, s.Nicholas and Bethiah G., and Sally B. Witham, a.18y., d.Burrill and Sally, Dec.21,1846.*

HUBBART (Hubbard)

Amos, and Sarah Russell, Jan.17,1732-3.

Jean, and John Merret, 24:xbr:1719.

HUBBERT (Hubbard)

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR2], and Samuel Smith, Nov.9,1780.*

Richard, and Mrs.Sarah Thrasher, Nov.5,1780.*

HUCHINSON (Hutchinson)

Mary [Mrs.int.], and Stephen [M. int.] Caldwell, Dec.13,1827.CR5*

HUCKSTABLE (Huxstable)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Pittman, Aug.31,1705.

Hanah, and Alexander Baker of Boston, Mar.3,1702-3.

HUDSON (Hutson)

John, and Hannah Harmson, Dec.15,1774.*

Mary [Sarah.int.], and Thomas Brown, May2,1768.CR3*

Mary, and Nehemiah Stone, June26,1777.*

Sarah, and Henry Whitton, both of Boston, Apr.7,1721.CR3

Sarah, and Henry Whitton, at Boston, Dec.5,1733.CR3


James, and Mrs.Deborah Coles, Dec.28,1780.*

HUGHS (Hews)

Sarah, and Moses Philips, Nov.24,1715.


James, and Sarah Thrash, Dec.19,1805.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Joshua Boynton of Salem, int.Apr.11,1812.

HULEN (Hulin, Huling, Hulion)

Archibald, and Sarah Ingalls, Sept.18,1796.*

Elias, Capt., and Polly Newhall, Oct.29,1797.*

Peter, and Abigail Hood, at Salem, Mar.1,1749.

Sarah, and Nicholas Gale, Dec.15,1799.*

HULIN (Hulen)

Abigail, see Union, Abigail

Archibald S., and [Mrs.CR1] Sarah Leech, Oct.25,1807.*

Elias, jr., and Olive Putnam, Jan.30,1820.

Louisa J., and Benjamin Dennis, Jan.23,1825.

Mary E., and Joseph Lindsey [jr.CR1], July4,1826.*

Olive [Mrs.int.], and Moses Procter, Dec.23,1827.*

Sally, and Edward Humphreys, Dec.30,1817.*

HULING (Hulen)

Abigail, and Thomas Russell, Mar.4,1779.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Diamond, Dec.19,1784.*

Jane, and John Hendly, Dec.29,1785.*

Mary, and John Bailey, Feb.13,1783.*

HULION (Hulen)

Elias, and Elizabeth Selman, Feb.2,1762.

HUMPHREY (Humphreys, Humphries, Humphris, Humphryes, Humphrys)

Marcia, and Capt. William B. Orne, Aug.31,1826.CR3

Richard, and Margaret [S. int.] Thompson, Dec.6,1832.*

HUMPHREYS (Humphrey)

Nabby, and James F. Lewis [of Lynn.CR2], Oct.27,1801.*

Amos [jr.CR1], and Betsy Stacy, Jan.17,1808.*

Amos, jr., and Martha Brown, Aug.23,1835.*

Benjamin, and Jemima Gale, Apr.28,1775. [May28.CR2]*

Benjamin, and Hannah Humphreys, Oct.29,1801.*

Edward, and Naomi Collins, June24,1700.

Edward, and Sally Hulin, Dec.30,1817.*

Edward, jr., and Mary Lefavour, June10,1841.*

Elizabeth, and James Hawkins, Mar.5,1692-3.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Trefry, Nov.18,1701.

Elizabeth J., and Jacob A. [Ashton. int.] Main, Jan.23,1833.*

Elisabeth H., and Samuel G. Doliber, Dec.25,1839.*

George W., and Betsey H. Devereux, Dec.27,1821.

Hannah, and Benjamin Humphreys, Oct.29,1801.*

Henry, and Sarah Browne, July18,1700.

Jane [Ann. int.], and John Cloutman [jr. int.], Nov.17,1793.*

John, and Mary Caswell, Feb.26,1776.*

John, and Eliza Doliber, Oct.5,1826.*

Lucy, and Oliver Blanchfield, jr., Dec.14,1837.*

Martha, and Samuel Anderton, June27,1805.*

Martha H., and Thomas F. White, Apr.6,1843.*

Martha, a.26y., d.Amos and Martha, and James Nowland 3d, a.22y., cordwainer, s.James and Mary, Dec.5,1847.*

Mary, wid., a.45y., d.Richard and Mehitable Russell, and William Humphreys, widr., a.56y., cordwainer, s.Amos and Martha, Sept.15,1846.*

Rebecca, and John Phillips, jr., Jan.26,1817.*

Rebecca B., a.24y., d.Amos and Betsey, and Franklin Knight, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Franklin and Harriet, Apr.12,1849.*

Samuel, and Hannah Gouldsmith, Dec.25,1774.*

Samuel, and Juda Reynolds, Mar.2,1800.*

Sally J., a.20y.[a.18y.CR2], d.Edward and Sally, and William C. Lefavour, a.20y.[a.21y.CR2], cordwainer, s.John and Jane, Oct.18,1846.*

Thomas, see Thompson, Thomas.

Thomas G., a.22y., cordwainer, s.William and Lucy, and Margaret S. Thompson, a.21y., d.Charles D. and Betsy, Oct.7,1847.*

William and Miriam Le Craw, Feb.11,1772.*

William, and Elizabeth Velson, Oct.20,1805.*

William, and Lucy Gallison, Dec.28,1815.*

William, jr., and Nancy S.H. Caswell, Aug.1,1839.*

William, widr., a.56y., cordwainer, s.Amos and Martha, and Mary Humphreys, wid., a.45y., d.Richard and Mehitable Russell, Sept.15,1846.*

HUMPHRIES (Humphrey)

Amos, and Martha Hales, Oct.24,1782.*

Bethiah, and Samuel Gale, Nov.20,1783.*

Edward, and Annies [Agnes.CR1] Stacey, Nov.17,1726.

John, and Hannah D. [Dennis.PR12] Bridgeo, Nov.11,1830.*

Richard, and Sarah Collyer, Jan.6,1761.

Samuel, and Mary Russell, Feb.4,1830.*

Sarah, and Peter Wills, Dec.30,1742.CR3

HUMPHRIS (Humphrey)

Agnes, and Benjamin Stacey, 3d, May28,1752.

John, and Mercy Eaton, May25,1786.*

Mary, and William Carridge, May31,1756.

Samuel, and Sarah Curtis, Oct.27,1768.*

Sarah [Mrs.int.], and Charles Florance, Feb.12,1785.*

HUMPHRYES (Humphrey)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Richards, June28,1726.CR3

HUMPHRYS (Humphrey)

William, and Rebekah Brown, Sept.26,1745.


Elizabeth, and Thomas Brown, Jan.3,1826.

Elisabeth S., and Elisha Pote, Mar.27,1842.*

Emma R., a.25y., d.Job, and Elisha Pote, a.27y., trader, int.June14,1845.

Hannah, and Joseph Stickney of Salem, Jan.23,1816.*

Job, and [Mrs.CR2] Ruth Stone, Mar.6,1789.*

Job, jr., and Polly Velson, Aug.25,1808.*

Job, jr., and Emma R. Thrasher, Nov.9,1834.*

John, and Hannah Moore, int.Oct.8,1774.

John, and Rebecca B. Bartlett, Apr.4,1839.*

Rachel, and Thomas Swan, May22,1699.

Ruth S., and William Florance, Nov.29,1829.*

Sally, and Ebenizer Prichard, int.Oct.24,1829.


Arthur, of Ireland and Sarah Twisen, Jan.20,1712-13.

Elenor, and Michael Moran, at Salem, Apr.14,1763.

John, and Eleanor Hickey, Nov.8,1761.CR3

John, and Elizabeth Webber, int.June25,1785.


Elijah, Dr., of Chelmsford, and Hannah Hinckley, May31,1825.*


Darling, and Eleanor Staples, int.Jan.30,1836.


Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Maycomb, int.Jan.18,1772.

HUTCHINGS (Hutchins)

Charles, of Penobscot, and Nelly Bowler, Nov.10,1797.*

HUTCHINS (Hutchings)

Thomas, and Sarah Ellis, Aug.26,1697.

HUTCHINSON (Huchinson)

Martha, and Caleb Downing of Lynn, Oct.20,1774.*

Sarah, and Robert Cook, Dec.23,1742.CR1

Sarah, and Samuel Caswell, Dec.17,1771.*

Thomas, of Lynn, and Sarah Charder, Jan.23,1735[-6].

Thomas, and Mary Trask of Beverly, at Beverly, Nov.22,1764.

HUTSON (Hudson)

Hannah, and John Green, [3d.int.], Apr.2,1798.*

John, and Sarah Wood, May11,1744.

HUXSTABLE (Huckstable)

Honour, and Edward Alexander, Nov.21,1709.

HUY (High)

Sarah, and John Poor, June21,1762.


Abigail, Mrs., and John Webber, Apr.25,1784.*

Joseph, and [Mrs.int.] Abigail Green, Mar.26,1844.*

Lydia S., and Ambrose Messervey, Aug.28,1825

Richard, and Abigail Gould, Feb.2,1777.*

Richard, and Elizabeth Kitchens, Sept.9,1800.CR1*

Richard, jr., and Mary Rose, Nov.4,1827.*


Elisha G., and Eliza Jane Cass, Dec.29,1829.*

Hepzibah [Mrs.CR2], of Boston, and Thomas Cloutman, June14,1832.*

Louisa, of Wolfboro, and Nathaniel Gouldsmith, int.Mar.11,1829.

Margaret, and John H. Henry of Lynn, May11,1836.*

HYE (High)

Hannah, and Thomas Doble, Oct.4,1775.CR1 [1776. int.]*

John, and Mary Salter, Jan.14,1772.*

Mary, and Barnabas Gale, Dec.4,1760.

Mary, and James Stroughton, Jan.1,1765.CR3

Phillip, and Mary Hawkings, Apr.5,1762.

Phillip [Hyd.int.], and Mary Porter, Dec.30,1770.*

Sarah, and James Renew, July8,1766.*

Susanna, and Anthony Lewis, Feb.9,1775.*

HYNDE (Hines)

Ruth, and William Burgen [Burgren. int.], Dec.25,1766.CR3*

HYRICK (Herrick)

Anna, and Capt. John Adams, Nov.14,1751.CR1

HYTER (Heiter)

Samuel, and Hannah Smith, Dec.18,1785.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Phillips, Nov.17,1793.*

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