MacCALLY (McColley)

Jane [Maccholly.CRI], and James Lunnagen, Mar.20,1716-17.

Sarah, and Edward Bennet, 30:9br:1713.


Benjamin [], and Sarah Dennis, July2,1769.*


Hannah, and Philip Gavett, Sept.6,1681.


Elenor, and Daved Hood, both from Ireland Nov.27,1723.


Catherine, a.24y., and John Gilbert, a.18y., seaman, s.John and Mary, Apr.7,1845.*

MackENTIRE (McIntire)

Mary, and George Briant, Nov.10,1767.CR3*


John, and Mary Laskin, int.Apr.8,1775.


Cain, and Elisabeth Herrick of Salem, at Salem, Nov.3,1719.

MackINTIRE (McIntire)

John, and Lydia Glanfeild, Apr.22,1728.

MacKOLLY (McColley)

Thomas, and Mary Blackler, June5,1726.

MACOLLY (McColley)

James, and Sarah Pearson, Aug.13,1723.

MADESON (Madison)

Leonard, and Abial Bound, Jan.20,1712-13.

MADISON (Madeson, Madson, Mattison, Mattson, Medison)

Mary, and Francis Cavendish, Jan.30,1746.

MADSON (Madison)

Andrew, of Salem, and Rebecca Prebble, int.June24,1797.


MAGGS (Meggs)

Mary, [], and John Rice [Reice. int.andCRI], Aug.28,1779.*


Robert, and Miriam Tucker, Feb.9,1728-9.CR3

MAHONEY (Mehoney)

MAILEY (Maley)

Mary Jane, a.18y., d.Thomas and Hannah, and Burrill T. Lewis, a.19y., carpenter, b. Lynn, s.Thomas and Mary, of Lynn, Nov.19,1844.*

MAIN (LeMain, Lemain, Maine, Mayne)

Abigail H., and Richard Ireson, Dec.25,1825.

Betty, and James Allen, Nov.26,1772.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Bruce, June10,1803.CR1*

Hannah, and John Stacey, Sept.13,1744.

Hannah, and John Whitefoot, Nov.21,1749.

Hannah, and Edward Scores, Feb.1,1757.

Hannah, and James Cox, Feb.14,1813.*

Jacob, and Sally Dennis Hammond [Mar.17,1805.CR2]*

Jacob A. [Ashton. int.], and Elizabeth J. Humphreys, Jan.24,1833.*

John, and Sarah Collier, May9,1743.

John, and Lydia Phillips, Dec.4,1759.

Lydia [], and Edward Bowen, Mar.27,1768.*

Lydia, wid., and John Batty, Aug.28,1777.*

Mary, and Henry Tewxberry, Jan.1,1740-41.

Mary, and George Knight, jr., Jan.28,1812.*

Mary B., and Edward Crowninshield, Feb.24,1829.*

Mary D., and Joseph B. Evans, Aug.26,1830.*

Richard S., and Mary T. Bray, int.Apr.9,1836.

Ruth, and James Nickelson, Sept.10,1816.*

Sarah, and Phillip Goudey, Feb.5,1766.*

Sarah R., and William Goodwin, 3d, Nov.14,1819.

Sarah L., and Charles B. Irish [of Newport, RI.CR2], July1,1828.*

Sally, and William Dodd, Feb.16,1832.*

Thomas, and Hannah Peach, Jan.26,1737-8.

Thomas, and Deborah Phillips, int.Mar.13,1830.

William, and Mary Stone of Manchester, Jan.29,1765.*

William, and Abigail Horten, Jan.6,1766.*

William, and [Mrs.CR2] Sarah Clark, Sept.22,1774.*

William, and Mrs.Sarah Foster, May28,1786.*

William and Ruth Bowden, Jan.20,1788.*

William P. and Elisabeth S. Knight, Dec.21,1836.*

MAINE (Main)

Deborah, and Samuel Browne, Oct.18,1726.CR3

Hannah, and James Darling, May16,1683.

Hannah, and John Pearce, Dec.17,1797.*

Henery, and Joanna Roads, Nov.4,1681.

John, and Elizabeth Hine, 13:xbr:1720.

John, and Elizabeth Pickett, Sept.1,1799.*

Mary, and Alexander Philips, Dec.13,1716.

Mary, and John Dixey, Dec.8,1737

Mary, Mrs.and Phenias Blogget, Nov.12,1797.*

Ruthy, Mrs.and Thomas Power, June15,1800.CR2*

Thomas, and Elenor Coes, July16,1714.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Mobs, May22,1746.CR3

Thomas, and Mary White, Sept.11,1791.*

Thomas, and Hannah Stiles, Dec.29,1800.CR2*


Abagail, of Gloucester, and Joseph Stevens, at Gloucester, July17,1727.


Richard, and Mary McColly, Dec.13,1768.*


Simeon, and Mary Richards, Jan.14,1770.CR3*

MAJOREY (Masury)

Anna, and Benjamin Ashton, Aug.28,1777.*

MAJORY (Masury)

Abigail [], and John Stevens, Mar.22,1770.*

Eleanor, and Jonathan Boden, Jan.29,1730.

Eleaner, and John Bartlet [jr.CR2], Nov.27,1734.

Elizabeth, and John Porter, Feb.7,1790.*

Jane, and Michael Marr, Oct.11,1764.

John, and Elizabeth Ball, Dec.29,1730.CR2

Joseph, and Mary Harris, Apr.14,1719.

Joseph, and Jane Miller, Dec.4,1753.

Joseph, and Abigail Pain, Nov.22,1767.CR3*

Mary, and John Shannon, June27,1743.CR3

Mary, Mrs., and Enoch Plummer of Newburyport, int.July17,1790.

Sarah, and John Williams, May31,1753.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Knight, Dec.17,1734.

Thomas, and Mary Shannon, at Salem, Oct.10,1752

William, and Sarah Powisland Dec.28,1727.CR3

William, and Elizabeth Gifford, Sept.24,1758.CR3

MALCHOLM (Malcolm)

Alexander, and Anna Adams, June30,1761.CR3

MALCOLM (Malcholm, Malcom)

Alexander, and Mary Reed, Nov.1,1748.CR3

Alexander, and Rebecca Florance, int.May8,1813.

Alixander, and Elizabeth Roundey, Dec.29,1816.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Ashton, Dec.31,1771.*

Hannah, and Thomas Swann, Dec.17,1807.*

Mary, and Francis Abbot, Nov.26,1767.*

MALCOM (Malcolm)

Abigail [R. int.], and Nichola Bartlett, Sept.4,1842.*

John Reed, and Mrs.Rebecca Orne, Nov.10,1782.*

John R., and Alice B. Caswell, Oct.20,1839.*

Rebecca, Mrs., and Benjamin Hammond, Nov.20,1797.*

MALEY (Mailey, Malley)

Alice, and John Lewis, July26,1764.

Alice, and John Goss, Mar.4,1770.*

Annist, and William Shirley, Feb.9,1777.*

Annis, and John Ingalls, Aug.25,1808.*

Daniel, and wid.Mary Hooper, Aug.3,1732.

Daniel, and Anist Pittman, May29,1749.

Daniel, and Jane Melzard, Sept.29,1774.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Vickery, May19,1801.*

Elizabeth, see Perkens, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, and Mathew Basset, Dec.4,1763.CR3

Elizabeth, and John Thrashier, Jan.26,1769.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.and Ebenezer Hibberd, Mar.3,1790.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR2], and John Savage, Sept.20,1803.*

Hannah [Mrs.CR1], and Richard Besom, Dec.18,1814.*

Jane, and Samuel Dodd, June5,1803.*

John, and Alice Tucker, Oct.24,1744.

John, and Elizabeth Tucker, July25,1773.*

John, and Mary R. [Reed.CRI] Twisden, Jan.28,1808.*

Polly B., and Joseph Dismore, jr., Dec.21,1822.

Mary R., Mrs., and Robert [M.CR2] Glidden, Jan.23,1830.

Nicholass, and Hannah LeCraw, Feb.14,1808.*

Thomas P., and Hannah Allen, Jan.25,1824.

William, and Mary Girdler, Feb.14,1754.


Mary, and Humphrey Taynour, Feb.25,1699-1700.

MALLEY (Maley)

Daniel, and Elizabeth Hooper, 7:xbr:1720.


Mary C., of Lynn, and William Kimball, int.July29,1837. (Marriage forbidden by the man.)


Abigail, and Isaac Andrew of Salem, int., May10,1811.

Dorothy, and Samuell Green, 24:9br:1713.

Elisabeth, and Calvin H. Lake, Sept.16,1840.*

Grace, and Peter Trevally, Aug.15,1705.

Hannah, and John Chappell, June4,1701.

Hannah, of Salem, and Mathew J. [John. int.] Via, at Salem, Dec.13,1767.*

Joanna, and Richard Lee, July18,1691.

Mary A., a.21y., d.Samuel and Elisabeth, and John Walton of Salem, a.30y., tobacconist, s.John and Rebecca, July22,1844.*

Rebecca, a.21y., d.Samuel and Elisabeth, and Edwin R. Goodrich, a.23y., printer, s.Jeremiah and Mary E., of Maine, Jan.8,1849.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Preble, Aug.31,1818

Samuel, and Ellen Sargent of Taunton, int.Nov.2,1833.

Samuel, jr., a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, and Elisabeth W. Stevens, a.23, y., d.Thomas and Tabitha, May13,1847.*

MANSFEILD (Mansfield)

Abigail, and William Hooper, Dec.9,1697.

Ann, and John Reed [jr.CR2], June23,1748.

Paul, and Sarah Carter, both of Salem, Nov.9,1693.

MANSFIELD (Mansfeild)

Ebenezer, jr., of Lynn, and Sally G. Blaney, July18,1813.*

Isaac, and Mary Ingalls, Nov.21,1749.

Isaac, and Rebekah Stacey, Dec.28,1756.

Isaac, Esq. and Hannah Tewksbury, Jan.29,1790.*

Rebekah, and Dea.John Pearce, July2,1765.*


Anthony, and Frances Boys, Dec.26,1725.CR3


Robert, and Margaret Green, Dec.26,1729.CR3


William S., a.23y., farmer, s.Nathan and Susan, of Maine, and Eunice Evans, a.19y., d.Joseph B. and Eunice, Oct.28,1844.*


Giles, of St. Christopher's, and Elisabeth Martin, Oct.29,1727.CR3


Israel, of Great Britain, and Elizabeth Brawden, [Hannah Murry.CR2], Feb.1,1750.

Manuel, and Elizabeth Renew, int.June8,1773.


Ann, and Thomas Cloon, int.Sept.14,1772.

Charles, of Carrick, Ireland and Sarah Masury, Feb.26,1750-51

Hannah, Mrs., and Jonathan Brown, Apr.4,1787.*

Lydia, and John Fletcher, Dec.31,1817.*

Mary, and Thomas Savage, Aug.26,1777.*

Michael, and Hannah Tucker, July8,1749.CR3

Michael, and Jane Majory, Oct.11,1764.

Michael, and Lydia Pedrick, Oct.3,1780.*


Andrew, and Hannah Diamond, Nov.16,1743.

Edward, and Mary Prior, Mar.25,1835.*

Edward, and Rebecca Melzard, Oct.15,1837.*

Harriet, and Jonathan Blaney, Dec.6,1838.*

James H., and Mary S. Hooker, Nov.10,1839.*

Sarah, and Erasmus Dennis, Mar.1,1768.*


Joseph, and Elizabeth末蔓末, 末末. [bef. Nov.1,1740.]CR1

Sarah, and Thomas Curteis, Nov.11,1719.


John, see Martin, John.

MARSTON (Le Marsters, Le Master, Lemaster, LeMastyn, Marstone, Masters)

Benjamin, and Sarah Swett, Nov.13,1755.

David, and Dorcas Davis, Jan.26,1770.*

Deborah, and Samuel Lynds, Mar.1,1778.*

Elizabeth, and Richard Groves, Aug.31,1790.*

Jeffs, and Sarah Blany, July20,1769.*

John, and Anna Girdler, Aug.6,1752.

John, of Salem, and Elizabeth Ramsdell, int.Apr.1,1769.

Margret, of Salem, and John Chapel, July18,1726.CR3

Mary, and John Brock, Jan.16,1755.

Mary [], and Benjamin Blaney, Apr.17,1791.*

Sarah, and William Walton of Lynn, int.May30,1795.

Susannah, and Simon Grosse, Feb.4,1742.CR2

Tabitha, and Thomas Groves, Mar.25,1794.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Colliver, both of Salem, June14,1695.

William, and Mary Brown, Jan.11,1770.

MARSTONE (Marston)

Benjamin, and Mary Proctor, Jan.13,1757.CR3

MARTEN (Martin)

Mary, and Richard Benighton, Dec.6,1716.

MARTIN (Marten, Marting, Martyn)

Abial, and Daniel Lebbee, Jan.22,1713[-14].

Abigail, and John Vinson, Feb.19,1764.CR3

Abigail, and Samuel Calley, Jan.1,1768.*

Abigail, and Lewis Russell, int.Oct.8,1774.

Alice, and Joseph Dockham of Meredith, NH, Mar.8,1814.*

Alicia H., and Capt. John Gilley, Nov.17,1835.*

Ambrose, Capt., and Elizabeth Clemmons, Nov.22,1795.*

Arnold, and [Mrs.CR2] Sarah Mugford, July13,1777.*

Arnold, jr., and Mary Oliver, July29,1792.*

Arnold, 3d, and Mary Sparhawk, Feb.6,1820.

Arnold, and Mary Ann Burns of Salem, int.Apr.28,1838.

Bartholomew, and Mary Baset, May28,1789.*

Betthia, and John Waters, Sept.30,1728.CR3

Caroline F., and Franklin Alley, int.Feb.15,1840

Ebenezer, and Prudence Merrit, Oct.28,1766.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Jane Hitchens, Nov.25,1792.*

Ebenizer, and Ruth Nicholson, Nov.23,1820.

Ebenezer, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, and Sarah E. Lyon, a.22y., d.Samuel and Sally, June26,1845.*

Betsy, and Philip Besom, jr., Jan.22,1811.*

Hannah, and Charles Le Ballister, July13,1769.*

Hannah, and John Tissue, Dec.19,1771.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Nathan Bowen, Esq., Aug.13,1797.*

Hannah, and William Grow, int.Apr.22,1801.

Hannah, and Bernard Collins, [Mar.17,1805.CR2]*

Hannah, and Joseph Dixon, jr., of Lynn, July28,1822.

Hannah, and James Oliver, Nov.20,1825.

Hannah, and John H. Cross, Sept.5,1833.*

Hannah O. [V. int.], and Andrew M. Selman, Jan.16,1843.*

Hannah B., and David Quill, Nov.28,1843.*

Hannah A., and John H. Pitman, jr. of Boston, int.Feb.20,1847.

Hannah C., a.17y., d.Knott and Sally, and Charles W. Bartlett, a.21y., farmer, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.13,1849.*

Isaac, and Rebecca Clarke, Mar.5,1787.*

James, and Mary Thompson, Sept.8,1811.*

Jane, and Osgood Cheever of Londonderry [NH.CR2], Apr.8,1817.*

John, and Sarah Chamlet, Jan.30,1726.CR3

John, and Susannah Kelley, May6,1756.

John, and Sarah Roades, at Salem, July12,1764.

John [Marstin.CR2], and Mercy Brooks, Dec.29,1768.*

John, and Sarah Roundy, Nov.30,1769.*

John G., and Mary Stacey, Sept.16,1798.*

John [Capt.CR2], and Sarah Harris, Mar.7,1799.*

John, and Mrs.Margaret Howell, Nov.4,1824.

John, 3d, a.26y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Jane, and Mary B. Campbell, a.19y., d.Israel P. and Grace, May6,1847.*

John S., a.23y., carpenter, s.Arnold and Mary, and Alicia C. Pritchard, a.19y., d.Ezra and Mary, Oct.16,1848.*

Joseph, and Mary Martin, Sept.16,1830.*

Josiah, and Hannah Stiles, Oct.7,1784.*

Knott, jr., and Elizabeth Bowen, Dec.27,1756.

Knot, and Ann Girdler, Jan.27,1765.CR3

Knott, 3d, and Anna Abbot, Sept.25,1794.*

Knott, 5th, and Sally Frost, June18,1809.*

Knott, 4th, and Martha Reynolds, Nov.12,1809.*

Knott, Capt., and [] Mercy Martin, Jan.20,1810.*

Knott, 3d, and Hannah Goss, Aug.19,1817.*

Knott [3d.CR2], and Martha Martin, July1,1832.*

Knott H., and Mrs.Grace Campbell, Dec.4,1838.*

Lues, and Esther Green, June20,1720.

Lucia, a.20y., d.Isaac, and William Bessom of Lynn, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Philip, Mar.23,1848.

Lucy, and John Vickery, jr. of Beverly, at Beverly, July22,1787.*

Lucy L., and Willard Howe of Lynn, int.Sept.27,1828.

Lydia M., and Amos P. Alley, int.Apr.28,1838. (Man died before marriage)

Martha, and Richard Curtis, Sept.14,1731.

Martha, and Joseph Harris, Jan.30,1820.

Martha, and Knott Martin [3d.CR2], July1,1832.*

Mary, and John Carridge, May28,1726.CR3

Mary, and John Goodman, int.Apr.22,1769.

Mary, and James Fuller, Dec.11,1774.*

Mary, and Samuel Gutridge, Feb.17,1775.*

Mary, and Peter Bubier, int.Oct.12,1782. (Woman died before marriage.)

Mary, and Richard Whittemore, Dec.23,1792.*

Mary [Mercy.CR1 and int.], and Benjamin Abbot, Dec.15,1793.*

Mary, and Benjamin Prichard, Feb.6,1798.*

Mary, and Christopher Stevens, int.Jan.4,1800.

Mary, and William Haskell, jr., Jan.13,1803.*

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Brown, Mar.13,1803.*

Mary [Mrs.CR1], and John B. [Barker. int.] Pedrick [ Sept.19,1804.CR1].*

Mary [A.CR2], and Capt. Richard Brown, Feb.22,1807.*

Mary, and Jonathan Brown, Oct.25,1810.*

Mary, and Jonathan P. Woods, June2,1811.*

Mary, and Benjamin T. [I.CR2] Valentine, May14,1820.

Mary, and Joseph Martin, Sept.16,1820.*

Mary Ann, and William P.M. Martin, Dec.26,1824.

Mary E., and Elisha D. Pedrick, Apr.7,1841.*

Mary, a.24y., d.Ebenezer and Ruth, and William Nutting, jr., a.28y., cordwainer, s.William and Mary, July29,1849.*

Mary H., of Lynn, and Rev. David H. Sherman of Barre, Dec.25,1849.CR5

Mehitable, and Purchase Smith [June17,1804.CR2].*

Mercy [], and Capt. Knott Martin, Jan.20,1810.*

Marcy B., and Richard F. Doliber, Oct.24,1842.*

Miriam S., a.21y., d.William P.M. and Mary A., and Samuel S. Clough, a.23y., cordwainer, b. Salem, s.William and Sarah [Samuel and], of Salem, Apr.2,1846.*

Nancy, and Samuell Swasey, int.July15,1797.

Nancy, and William Thompson, 3d, Nov.19,1815.*

Nancy, and Samuel Chinn, jr., Feb.4,1816.*

Nathan Bowen, and Sarah Wright, Jan.11,1785.*

Nathan B., Capt. and [Mrs.CR2] Anna Phillips, Sept.1,1801.*

Nicholas T., a.19y., seaman, s.Thomas and Hannah, and Lydia Pearson, a.17y., d.Robert and Mary, Oct.6,1844.*

Peter, and Martha Lawrence, May11,1695.

Peter, and Constance [(Hines)CR1] Pickworth, July26,1722.

Peter, and Abigail Foye, Dec.9,1746.

Peter, and Elizabeth Fowler, Nov.17,1776.*

Peter A., and Elizabeth Stacey, Dec.25,1825.

Peter A., and Jane H. Bridgeo, Jan.31,1839.*

Peter, and Sally Fratis, Feb.8,1844.*

Peter, a.29y., cordwainer, s.Sally and Rebecca B. Smethurst, a.29y., d.Camaliel and Rebecca, Sept.11,1845.*

Rebecca J., a.22y., d.Ebenezer and Ruth, and Joshua Lefavour, a.24y.[a.23y.CR2], cordwainer, s.John and Jane, Feb.6,1847.*

Richard, and Hannah Crow [Cruff.CR1 and int.], Mar.14,1771.*

Richard, 3d, and Mrs.Sally Gardner, Jan.19,1836.*

Richard, and Rebecca C. Harris, Mar.16,1837.*

Robert, and Bethiah Bartlett, Oct.15,1700.

Robert, and Abigail Andrews, July18,1754.

Ruth, and John Barker, at Salem, Nov.7,1738.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Fulford, Jan.6,1696-7.

Samuel, and Martha West, July20,1729.CR3

Samuel, and Sarah symmes of Boston, int.Feb.4,1779.

Samuel, and Mary Foot, at Lynn, Aug.26,1780.*

Samuel, and Jane Standley, Dec.20,1809.*

Samuel, jr., and Sally B. Graves, May24,1835.*

Samuel C., and Hannah S. Phillips, Mar.17,1842.*

Samuel C., a.22y., seaman, s.Knott and Sally, and Sarah J. Hammond, a.20y., d.William D. and Sally, Oct.19,1847.*

Sarah, and John Oaks of Lynn, Oct.24,1689.

Sarah, and Hezekiah Eaglestone [of Boston.CR2], 31:xbr:1721

Sarah, and Joseph Pedrick, May9,1725.CR3

Sarah, and George Melzard, Dec.11,1739. [Dec.13.CR2]

Sarah, and Daniel Felton, Aug.5,1751.

Sarah, and William Bennett, Feb.11,1755.

Sarah, and John Harris, Dec.24,1778.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Mead, of Medford, Nov.10,1793.*

Sarah, and William Stacey, June2,1795. [Aug.12.CR2]*

Sarah, and Samuel Brown, Jan. [17.CR1], 1796.*

Sarah, and James Oliver, May28,1797.*

Sally G., and Robert Harris [], Feb.26,1828.*

Sally H. [K.CR1], Mrs., and David [S.CR1] Simpson, May5,1833.*

Sally, and George Hathaway, Nov.26,1839.*

Sergeant, and Elizabeth Laurence, Feb.5,1792.*

Susannah, and Edward Tucker, Dec.14,1762.

Susannah, and John Melzard, Sept.24,1772.*

Thomas, and Elenor Knott, Apr.28,1701.

Thomas, and Mary Gourden, Nov.20,1746.

Thomas, and Sarah Goodwin, Feb.27,1750.

Thomas, and Martha Nicholson, Feb.17,1763.

Thomas, and [] Mary Tooley, May27,1780.*

Thomas, 3d, and Elizabeth Adams, Jan.16,1785.*

Thomas, 3d, and Mary Butnam, Feb.5,1804.*

Thomas, 4th, and Abigail Bridgo, Dec.14,1806.*

Thomas, 4th, and Sarah Vickery Pedrick, Dec.31,1809.*

Thomas, 5th, and Rebecca Harris, Dec.8,1812.*

Thomas, 5th, and Hannah Tucker, Mar.4,1813.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Sarah Ashton, Feb.19,1832.*

Thomas, of Lynn, and Elisabeth Simonds, July31,1834.*

Thomas S., and Mary Goldsmith, July17,1837.*

Thomas G., and Mary T. Peach of Salem, June3,1838.*

William, and Elizabeth Girdler, Nov.22,1759.CR3

William P.M., and Mary Ann Martin, Dec.26,1824.

William, and Sally K. Bliss, Oct.29,1826.*

William P.M., and Jemima Carlton [of Boston. int.], Aug.26,1832.CR5*

William, and Mary A. [Ann. int.] Chinn, Oct.11,1838.*

William C., a.22y., seaman, s.Knott and Sally, and Louisa Legrow [of], a.22y., Feb.16,1845.*

MARTING (Martin)

Eleanor, and Gorge Carte, Feb.13,1728[-9].

MARTYN (Martin)

Deborah, and John Davis, Oct.12,1727.

Hannah, and Joal [Job.CR1] Burnham, 29:7br:1719.

John, and Mary Grossee, Oct.5,1732.

MARYFEILD (Merryfield)

Bonnel, and Susanna White, 10:xbr:1719.

MASCOLL (Maskal)

Stephen, of Salem, and Mary Frettee, Oct.4,1705.

MASKAL (Mascoll)

Mary, and Peter Briggs of Boston, Oct.18,1708.

MASON (Masson)

Andrea, and Charles Harris, Dec.3,1721.CR3

Charity E. [Masson. int.], and James Mason [Masson. int.], Jan.25,1842.CR2*

David, and Mary Selman, Oct.22,1778.*

Eliza [Masson. int.], and George Innis, Apr.4,1844.*

Elisabeth, and James Bannedy, Dec.25,1732.CR3

Elizabeth, and John Scarlet, May22,1750.

Elizabeth, and William Parsons, May31,1770.*

Elizabeth, and Joel Brooks, int.Dec.12,1789.

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Russell, int.May17,1817. (Marriage forbidden by the woman.)

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR1], and Joseph Witham, Jan.27,1818.

Emanuel, of Gloucester, and Sarah Stevens, May5,1757.

George, and Charity Johnson, Sept.9,1780.*

George [John.CR5], a.24y., seaman, s.Hannah, and Sarah H. Pappoon, a.28y., d.Solomon and Deliverance, Nov.4,1847.*

Hannah, and William Furnis, Jan.10,1751.

Isaac W., a.21y., s.Jonathan B. and Martha, and Lydia A. Dennis, a.19y., d.John and Sarah, July11,1844.*

James [Masson. int.], and Charity E. Mason [Masson. int.], Jan.25,1842.CR2*

Jane [Majery.CR1], and Thomas Eden, Mar.30,1719.

John, and Mehitable Pearce, Mar.13,1814.*

Jonathan B., and [] Martha Severy, Mar.25,1813.*

Jonathan B., Capt., and Martha Hallareen, Sept.25,1824.

Joseph, and [] Mary Bennet, Feb.22,1789.*

Joseph J., and Sally Crip [Crisp.CR2], Mar.11,1812.*

Mary, and Henry Florence, Feb.16,1742-3.CR3

Mary, Mrs., and William Courtis, Jan.15,1784.*

Mary, of Reading, and Samuel Wormsted, int.Sept.1,1787.*

Mehitable, Mrs., and Samuel Roades, Nov.6,1823.

Miriam E. [C.CR2], a.20y., d.James and Martha, and Samuel Hooper, a.23y., seaman, s.Joseph and Sally, Feb.27,1845.*

Philip, and wid.Mary Woodier, Oct.6,1724.

Robert, and Barbara Oakes of Lynn, Mar.4,1726.CR3

Sarah, and William Cummins, Mar.10,1757.

Sarah, [] and John Quin, Mar.28,1780.*

Sarah, Mrs., and William Goodwin, 3d., int.Mar.25,1837.

Thomas J., and [] Elizabeth Symmes, Sept.15,1811.*

William, and [] Hannah Dobson, June14,1787.*

MASSEY (Mercy, Mersuy)

George, and Betsey Dennis, Sept.28,1801. [ Sept.20.CR2]*

George, and Lucy Pope, June1,1831. [June21.CR5]*

George W., and Mary E. Cutter of Dedham, int.May22,1847.

Sarah, and George Letillain [?], at Salem, Jan.9,1752.

Sally, and Matthew Mattison, May24,1827.*

MASSON (Mason)

James [Mason.CR2], and Miriam [S.CR2] Thorner, Aug.31,1820.

MASTERS (Marston)

John, and Deborah Dove, both of Salem, Oct.18,1683.

MASURY (Majorey, Messuary, Mesurier)

Elizabeth, and William Powsland July8,1755.

Sarah, and Charles Marr of Carrick, Ireland Feb.26,1750[-51].

MATHEU (Matthews)

Elenor, and Samuell Bishop, Dec.25,1718.

MATHEWS (Matthews)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Cole, Jan.5,1718-19.

James, of Georgetown, and Sarah Roads, Oct.19,1767. [Oct.11.CR1]*

Mary, and William Polson, 7:7br:1719.

MATTHEWS (Matheu, Mathews)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Ives, Aug.21,1710.

Robert, and Sarah Brown, Nov.3,1771.CR3*

William, and Sarah Hendly, Apr.6,1759.

William, and Mrs.Elizabeth Hickey, Nov.12,1797.*

MATTISON (Madison)

Andrew, and Jane Tewksbury, Oct.16,1828.*

Matthew, and Sally Massey, May24,1827.*

MATTSON (Madison)

Andrew, and Eliza Thrasher, Aug.2,1818.

MAUGIER (Maujer)

Rowland and Sarah Boit, Dec.6,1733.CR3

MAUJER (Maugier)

George, and Sarah Merritt, June5,1726.


Margaret, and John Ryan, July16,1769.CR3*

MAVERICK (Mavericke)

Jotham, and Elizabeth Hanniford, Aug.16,1690.

MAVERICKE (Maverick)

Sarah, and John Norman, Nov.10,1683.

MAXEY (Maccay)


Maria, and Moses A. Shackley, both of Danvers, "but then residing in Marblehead," Jan.19,1841.


Hezekiah, Rev., and Margaret White of Boston, int.Sept.23,1803.

William, and Mrs.Mary Ashton, Oct.29,1778.*


David, of Salem, and Mary Cash, Oct.12,1794.*

MAYCOMB (Michom)

Elizabeth, and Jeremiah Hurley, int.Jan.18,1772.


Christian, and Nancy Nowland July20,1819.

Nicholas, and Abigail Reith, Nov.3,1696.

Rebecca, and Peter Nossitor, both of Salem, May19,1688.

MAYNE (Main)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Chamblet, Aug.23,1741.CR3

Johanna, and William Sandin, Oct.24,1709.

MAZARVY (Messervey)

Susanna, and Cornelius Philips, May13,1754.CR3


Mary [], and Lambrith Murphy, Oct.7,1788.*

McCAULEY (McColley)


Louisa A., a.20y., d.John, and Warren S. Shepherd, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Warren and Betsey, Oct.1,1846.*


McCLOCKLING (Meclocklin)

John, and Elizabeth Clarke, Jan.10,1770.*

McCOLLEY (Maccally, Mackolly, Macolly, McColly, McCulley, Mecholly, Mecolly)

John, and Mrs.Hannah Williams, int.May18,1802.

McCOLLY (McColley)

Mary, and Richard Maize, Dec.13,1768.*

Sarah, and Edward LeCraw, July28,1757.

Thomas, and Mary Pope, Dec.11,1785.*

William, and Mary Ashton, Oct.19,1756


John, and [Mrs.CR2] Susanna Burt, Sept.23,1821.


Rosanna, and James Alvord, Dec.9,1836.*

McCULLEY (McColley)

Alice, and John Witham, Jan.28,1844.*

McDANIEL (McDaniels)

Adnais [Aannias.CR2], and Mary Straton of Salem, May3,1781.

Peter, and Mary Ball, May2,1753.

Robert, and Grace Allen, Oct.15,1754.

William, and Joanna Down, Jan.3,1760.

McDANIELS (McDaniel)

Grace, and Samuel Garrison, June4,1766.*


Elisabeth, a.20y., b. Nova Scotia, d.William and Lovey, of Nova Scotia, and James Eastland a.36y., cordwainer, s.James and Mary, Aug.22,1847.*


Jane G. [Grizzilda J. int.], and Henry Clark, Aug.9,1841.*


William [Melhuish.CRI], and Susanna Browne, June19,1718.


Sally [], of Salem, and Elias M. Dupar, at Salem, Sept.28,1797.*


Luke, and Susanna Nicholson, int.Sept.2,1790.


John, and Mrs.Sarah Cheever, Nov.15,1788.*


Hannah, and Stephen Battiss, int.May3,1828.


John, and Sarah Cooke, July5,1753.

McINTIRE (McIntyer, Mackentire, Mackintire)

Eben, of Salem, and Susanah Webber, at Salem, May17,1744.

Thomas, and Mary Mullett, Jan.25,1763.


John [Jonathan.CR2], and Deborah Howell, Apr.21,1791.*

Jonathan, and Jane Procter, Aug.12,1792.*


Christie Ann, and Henry P. Reynolds, Nov.4,1841.*


William and Mary Cain, Dec.3,1767.*


Delila, and Benjamin Stone, 2d, int.Sept.3,1848. (Marriage forbidden.)

Eliza, a.21y., b. Pictou, N.S., d.Daniel and Jane, of Pictou, N.S., and Joseph Graves, a.21y., cordwainer, s.John [B. int.] and Hannah, July8,1845.*

Grace, and Moses Jordan, Mar.17,1839.*

James, and Mary Flack, int.Sept.25,1771.


Mary, a.21y., b. Scotland d.John and Mary, of Scotland and William Stone, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Nehemiah and Mary, Nov.6,1849. [Oct.6.CR5]*


Catharine, a.22y., and Richard Peach, a.27y., laborer, s.Lot and Bethiah, Aug.4,1844.*


Mary, and Swett Hooper, at Boston, Aug.24,1779.

McNUT (Magnut)

MEACK (Meek)

Moses, and Alec Homan, Dec.23,1728.

MEACOM (Maycomb)


Nathaniel, of Medford, and Sarah Martin, Nov.10,1793.*

MEADER (Meeder, Meder)

Samuel, of Salem, and Tabitha Curtis, Dec.22,1799.*


William, and Mrs.Margaret Prichard, Aug.26,1832.*


John, and Sarah Trevy, Nov.2,1691.

MECLOCKLIN (McClockling)

Joseph, and Sarah Andrews, Feb.2,1762.CR3

MECOLLY (McColley)

John, and Miriam Yabsley, Dec.31,1765.*

Mary, and William Nick, Feb.10,1774.*

Mary, and Samuel Dampney [Damprey.CR2], Aug.4,1776.*

Sarah, wid., and Thomas Meder, Dec.5,1734.

Sarah, and John Gruth [Gryst.CR2], Dec.18,1749.


Maneuil, and Grace Seward, May31,1764.

MEDER (Meader)

Thomas, and wid.Sarah Mecolly, Dec.5,1734.

MEDISON (Madison)

Abigall, and William Croffts, May15,1733.

MEEDER (Meader)

Grace, and Thomas Walker, Apr.29,1775.*

MEEK (Meach, Meeke)

Abigail, and Richard Wood, May7,1769.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Homan, Nov.6,1777.*

Alice, and Peter Le France, May10,1753.

Alice, and William Lee, Jan.28,1755.

Christian, and James Downton, July5,1719.

Deborah, and Jonas Laskin, int.Sept.21,1765.

Deborah, and William Allen, int.July24,1769.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Giles, Aug.2,1756.CR3

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Johns, July2,1767.CR3*

Hannah, and William Barston, Nov.15,1735.

Jacob, and Joanna Salter, Feb.2,1806.*

Lydia B., and Joseph B. Bartlett, Jan.27,1820.

Margeritt, and Alexander Feiffe, Oct.12,1704.

Margret, and Nicholas Green, Nov.18,1725.CR3

Mary, and Edward Horn, Jan.25,1717-8.CR3

Mary, and Thomas Bridges, Jan.23,1775.*

Moses, and Elizabeth Jarvis, June20,1751.

Richard, and Mary Palmer, June12,1699

Richard [jr.CR2], and Elizabeth Vining, Nov.24,1724.

Richard, of Salem, and Abigail Roles, June18,1753 [June15.CR2]

Richard, Capt., and Hannah Bartlett, Mar.8,1807.*

Sarah, and John Ashton, Dec.21,1732.

Thomas, and Charity Vickrey, May9,1779.*

Thomas, Capt., and Mrs.Lydia Boden, Mar.6,1798.*

Thomas, jr., and Mercy Nichols, of Beverly, int.Aug.11,1803.

Thomas, Capt., and Mary Phillips, Nov.6,1803.*

Thomas, Capt., and Mary Bartlett, July5,1825.

MEEKE (Meek)

Leonard, and Christian Hooper, Nov.9,1704.

Mary, and Thomas Freeman, Nov.11,1697.

MEGGS (Maggs)

Thomas, and Mary Cristey, int.May12,1773.

MEHONEY (Mehony)

George, and Sarah Bixby, int.Oct.19,1773.

Mary, and Thomas Tippin, Aug.29,1743.

MEHONY (Mehoney)

Cain, and Sarah Meroe [Merow.CR1], Dec.31,1724.

MELVIL (Melvill)

John, and Tabitha Caswell, Feb.22,1784.*

MELVILL (Melvil)

David, widr.[of Boston. int.], a.45y., oil manufacturer, and Abigail L. Goss, wid., a.37y., d.John and Elisa Phillips, Aug.19,1849.*

MELZAR (Melzard)

Thomas, and Elizabeth Stevens, July14,1768.*

MELZARD (Melzar)

Abigail, and William Pickett, Sept.8,1799.*

Abigail, and John Green, Jan.18,1829.*

Abraham, a.24y., seaman, s.John and Sally, and Eliza Herran, a.20y., Apr.15,1847. [Apr.16.CR2]*

Anna, and John Skaling, May24,1788.*

Ann, and Benjamin Phippen of Salem, Apr.20,1830.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Bowen, Nov.26,1797.*

Benjamin, and Ann Salkins, Mar.21,1844.*

Elizabeth, and John Riddan, June13,1776.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Welsh, Feb.1,1787.*

Elizabeth, and Sovering Donaldson, Dec.20,1787.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph [Benjamin. int.] Russell [jr. int.], Nov.13,1803.CR3*

Elizabeth, and William Joplin of Salem, int.June11,1808.

Elizabeth O., and William S. Roades, May11,1828.

Elisabeth S., and Solomon Salters, Mar.31,1829.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Joseph S. Green, Sept.13,1836.*

Emeline M.R., see Russell, Emeline M.R.

George, and Sarah Martin, Dec.11,1739 [Dec.13CR2]

Gorge, and Sarah Mullett, Aug.19,1770.*

George, and Mary Pearce, Aug.29,1793.*

George, and Sarah Wharty, June5,1803.*

George, and Mrs.Jane Caswell, Dec.25,1803.*

George, jr., and Mrs.Mary Stacey, Nov.23,1820.

George, and Mrs.Sarah Melzard, Jan.11,1827.*

George R., a.21y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Sarah, and Sarah E. [C.CR2] Wilford, a.18y., d.George and Sarah, Aug.19,1845.*

Hannah, and Philip Brimblecom [Jan.末.CR1], 13,1774.*

Hannah, and John Russell, 5th, Dec.29,1811.*

Hannah, and Amos Grandy, int.May1,1830.

Hannah E., and Francis D. Fratis, Feb.5,1837.*

Jane, and Daniel Maley, Sept.29,1774.*

John, and Mary Russel, May7,1758.CR3

John, and Susannah Martin, Sept.24,1772.*

John, jr., and [Mrs.CR1] Sally Fettyplace, Feb.18,1816.*

Mary, and James Bean, Jan.18,1787.*

Mary, Mrs.and Nathan Bowen, Esq., int.Sept.12,1801.

Mary, and John Smith, Jan.2,1821.

Mary, and John Severy, Jan.11,1831.*

Nicholas, and Hannah White, Apr.19,1750.

Nicholas, and Mary Power, Jan.26,1777.*

Rebecca, and Edward Marsh, Oct.15,1837.*

Richard, and Mary Girdler, Aug.29,1795.*

Sarah, and James Brister, Aug.2,1761.CR3

Sally [Mrs.CR1], and Alfred Joice, July22,1817.*

Sally, and Ebenezer Woods, Mar.12,1818.

Sarah, and George Floyd of Lynn, int.Apr.24,1826.

Sarah, and William Roades, int.Dec.16,1826. (Marriage forbidden by woman)

Sarah, Mrs., and George Melzard, Jan.11,1827.*

Sarah, and Samuel A. Doliber, June2,1829.*

Thomas, and Sarah Trefry, Dec.13,1801.CR1*

Thomas, and Eliza Currill, Dec.31,1826.*


Michael, and Mary Flanegan, at Salem, Dec.18,1752.


Sarah, and William Webber, Dec.2,1707.

MERCY (Massey)

Jane, Mrs., of Lynn, and Thomas Jarvis int.Feb.2,1775.

MERETT (Merritt)

Sarah, and John Allen, Aug.31,1727.

MEROE (Merrow)

Sarah [Merow.CR1], and Cain Mehony, Dec.31,1724.

MERRET (Merritt)

Abigail, and Joseph Homan, Dec.21,1715.

Arabella, and Edward Penhale, Mar.31,1713.

Elizabeth, and John Pearce, Nov.30,1715.

Jean, and Nathaniel Bartlett, Mar.25,1746.

John, and Jean Hubbart, 24:xbr:1719.

Mary, and Thomas Clark, 14:9br:1722.

Rebecca, and Robert Gifford, Oct.8,1722.

Samuell, and Charity Saunders, June24,1717.

Samuell, jr., and Elizabeth Sanders, 10:xbr:1722.

MERRETT (Merritt)

Henry, and [] Susanna Powers, July21,1811.*

Jean, and Richard Pederick, Nov.16,1721.

John, jr., and Mary Pearce, Jan.27,1793.*

Mary, and William Harris, July29,1695.

MERREY (Murray)

Elizabeth, and Joseph Batchelder, Dec.31,1771.*


Henry A. [of Baltimore.CR2], a.32y., clerk, s.Frederick J. and Hannah, and Hannah H. Gregory, a.31y., d.John H. and Tabitha, Nov.30,1848.*

MERRICK (Merricks)

Ebeneizer, and Elisabeth Oliver, June29,1763.

Michael, and Sarah Proctor, Mar.5,1765.

MERRICKS (Merrick)

Elizabeth, and John Phillips, June2,1791.*

MERRIFIELD (Merryfield)

Anna, Mrs., and Benjamin Walpy, int.June9,1781.

Ann, and John Rogers, Oct.2,1753.

Elizabeth, and John Withem, Feb.8,1753.

Mary, and Richard Tutt, Oct.19,1755.CR3

MERRIT (Merritt)

Charity, and Robert Pogue [Pouge.CR1], Oct.1,1753.

Elizabeth, and James Lyons, Mar.1,1747[-8].

Elizabeth, and James Dennis, Sept.26,1748.CR3

Elizabeth, and Edward Eliot, May24,1761.CR3

Francis, and Sarah Girdler, Sept.4,1760.

Hannah, and Thomas Gross, June2,1696.

Jane, and George Wills, June4,1747.

John, jr., and Sarah Grant, June2,1696.

John, and Elizabeth Stevens, Nov.13,1764.

Mary, and John Ingalls, Aug.23,1750.

Mary, and Thomas Holbrook, Apr.14,1757.

Mary, and Jonathan Rich, Jan.6,1763.

Nicholas, jr., and Anna Girdler, Jan.22,1700-1.

Prudence, and Ebenezer Martin, Oct.28,1766.*

Sarah, and John Homan, June5,1744.

Sarah, and Thomas Cally, Jan.5,1766.CR3*

MERRITT (Merett, Merret, Merrett, Merrit)

Francis, and Mary Pedrick, June6,1790.*

Hannah, and Joseph Brimblecom, Nov.10,1730.

Jean, and Nathaniel Bartlett, jr., Mar.6,1745-6.

John, sr., and Christian Furnace, Nov.26,1702.

John, and Mrs.Maria S. Bessom, int.Apr.13,1849.

Lucy, and Joseph Dolliver, Jan.27,1736[-7]

Mary, and Robert Pierce, Dec.10,1717.CR1

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Kitchens, Feb.8,1829.*

Mary E., a.25y., d.Thomas and Mary, and George A. Luscomb of Salem, a.23y., cordwainer, b. Salem, s.William H. and Mary J., July5,1849.*

Miriam, and Richard Ireson [jr.CR1], Nov.22,1737.

Nathaniell, and Lucy Dennis, Oct.15,1730.

Nicholas [3d.CR1], and Jane Giffard, Dec.2,1724.

Obedience, and Josiah Bartlet, Nov.28,1706.

Samuel, and Mary Boden, July22,1733.CR3

Sarah, and Roger Russell, Dec.28,1704.

Sarah, and Gorge Maujer, June5,1726.

Sarah R., wid., a.41y., d.John B. and Sarah Selman, and Joseph Lindsey, widr., a.49y., master mariner, s.Joseph and Deborah, June3,1845.*

Thomas, and Mary Pedrick, Sept.6,1818.

Thomas, Capt., and Sarah R. Selman, Dec.22,1825.

Thomas H., and Mary W. Hodskins of Salem, Feb.9,1826.

William, and Mary W. Peach, Jan.21,1838.*


Elizabeth, and John Roads, Dec.29,1765.CR3*

John, and Tabitha Dod, Dec.7,1730.

Michael, and Elizabeth Seal, June10,1770.*

MERROW (Meroe)

Elizabeth, and William Dixey, int.Feb.18,1769.

Ruth [Murray.CR1], a.23y., and John Dolliver [sr., a.73y.CR1], Mar.26,1730.

MERRY (Murray)

Abigail, and Zachery Striker, Nov.29,1715.

Abigail, and Josiah Nichols, Dec.3,1747.

Abigail, of Lynn, and Capt. John Williams, int.Dec.10,1766.

John, and Hannah Chapman, Feb.5,1751.

Mary, and Abram Quiner, Feb.13,1743-4.CR3

Rachell, and William Odell, Aug.6,1733.

Sarah, and Samuell Kitchins, Dec.18,1753.

William, and Elizabeth Hawkins, Oct.3,1754.

MERRYFIELD (Maryfeild, Merrifield)

Bonnel, and Mary Tory, Jan.27,1744-5.CR3

Susannah, and Benjamin Ceely, Aug.30,1742.CR2

MERSUY (Massey)

George [], and Mrs.Mary Bartlett, Dec.6,1780.*

MESERVEY (Messervey)

Amos, and Elizabeth Caswell, Jan.19,1773. [Jan.17.CR2]*

Elisabeth, and Palmer Bishop, Dec.21,1762.

John, and Mary Dolliber, Jan.29,1769.*

Joseph W.H., and Sarah I. Swett, int.Apr.12,1834.

Philip [Meserve. int.], and Remember Haskel, Jan.10,1771.CR2*

MESERVY (Messervey)

Ann, and Thomas Morgan, Feb.1,1762.CR3

Elizabeth, and William Peach, Aug.2,1772.*

John, and Annis Cruff, Apr.6,1715.

Mark, and Nancey Hammond, Oct.11,1795.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Bowden, Dec.8,1768.*

Samuel, and Ann Pearce, Feb.13,1791.*

Susanna, and Cornelius Phillips, May13,1754.

William, and Elizabeth Cooms, Jan.31,1745-6.CR3

William, and Mary Johnson, Sept.18,1791.*


Elizabeth, and George Munroe, both of Salem, Mar.22,1829.

Sarah, and Benjamin Parsons, Nov.26,1741.

William, and Mary Tucker, 26:xbr:1717.

William, and Elizabeth Foster, Oct.4,1747.CR3

William, and Mary Peltro, Aug.26,1760.CR3

MESSERVEY (Mazarvy, Meservey, Meservy, Messervy, Miservy, Misservee, Misservy)

Ambrose, and Lydia S. Hyam, Aug.28,1825.

Ambrose H., a.23y., seaman, s.Ambrose H. and Lydia, and Sarah Ann [Lydia Ann. int.] Pearson., a.17. y., d.Robert and Sarah, Aug.12,1849.*

Francis, and Abigail Webber, Oct.23,1781.CR1*

Francis, and Jane Waitt, Aug.30,1807.*

Jane, and John Skinner of Salem, int.Oct.29,1814.

Lydia [Mrs.CR1], and Peter Union, Dec.26,1830.*

Lydia, a.18y., d.Ambrose and Lydia, and Thomas H. Sawyer [of], a.21y., butcher, s.Asa and Mary, of Danvers, Dec.9,1847.*

Mark H., and Grace N. [M. int.] Freeto, Apr.10,1827.*

Mary, and Peter Standley, jr., Apr.22,1810.*

Nancy, and Benjamin S. [T.CR2] Andrews, Nov.29,1827.*

Philip H., and Lydia Trefry, Dec.21,1825.

MESSERVY (Messervey)

Amos, and Mrs.Hannah Doak, int.Sept.19,1805.

Mary, and William Sandin, May12,1771.*


Joseph, of Salem, and Anne Scadlock, Nov.20,1712.


Abraham, and Elinor Brown, Feb.28,1726.CR3

MEYER (Mayer)

MICHOM (Maycomb)

James, and Miriam Lawrence, Apr.19,1734.CR3


Richard, and Mary Williams, int.Feb.25,1774.

MILDRICK (Milrick)

Abigail, and John Burke, Jan.2,1787.*


Sarah, and Moses Stacey, Mar.17,1782.*


Enoch M., and Mary Mitchel, Feb.26,1809.*


Mary, Mrs., and John Bovill, Mar.28,1780.*

Mary, and Ambrose Webber, int.Nov.21,1795.

William, and Mary Laskin, Aug.16,1769.*


John, and Elizabeth Hempfeild, both of Salem, Aug.2,1689.

MILLAR (Miller)

Alexander, of Great Britain, and Jane Pederick, Aug.15,1749.

Joseph, and Margarett High, Sept.1,1799.*

MILLER (Millar)

Andrew, and Patience Selman, May5,1793.*

Benjamin, of Acton, ME, and Ellen Cloutman, Oct.19,1841.*

Eliza, and William Pierce, int.Jan.14,1837. (Marriage forbidden by the man.)

Hannah, and Nicholas Coombs, Aug.17,1794.*

Jane, and Joseph Majory, Dec.4,1753.

John, and Hannah Hooper, July30,1772.*

John, and Mary Stone, June6,1824.

Joseph, and Mary Hartshorne, June25,1758.CR3

Mary, and William Carrol, Oct.10,1802.CR3*

Mary Elisabeth, a.21y., d.John and Mary, and Nahum Warren, a.26y., seaman, b. Maine, May5,1846.*

Sarah, and John Berry [jr.CR2] of Salem, Sept.29,1805.*

MILLETT (Millet)

Abigail [Mullet.CR2], and William B. Dolliber, Apr.3,1832.*

Deborah D., and Rev. Edward T. Taylor of Hull, Oct.12,1819.

Deliverance, and Joseph Ellison, Nov.3,1729.CR3

Franklin, a.23y., seamna, s.John and Alice, and Hannah Knight, a.23. y., d.William and Mary, Jan.27,1848.*

Martha, and Joseph Butman, Sept.12,1827.*

Nicholas [M. int.], a.33y., cordwainer, s.John and Alice, and Ann D. Graves, a.28y., d.Samuel and Sally, Mar.24,1846. [Mar.25.CR5]*

Philip B., and Tabitha Bartlett, June28,1829.*

Seward B., and Mrs.Tabitha Millett, Mar.8,1835.*

Tabitha, Mrs., and Seward B. Millett, Mar.8,1835.*

Thomas, and Caroline Morse, int.Feb.14,1848.

William, and Hannah Roberts, Dec.27,1841.*


George, and Anna Flack, Jan.15,1767.*

Isaac, and Susannah Trashier, Jan.16,1757.CR3

Isaac, and Mary Dolliber, int.Dec.19,1772.

MILRICK (Mildrick)

John, and Mrs.Abigail Lovise, Jan.14,1781.*


Stephen, of Boston, and Mrs.Mary Browne, Jan.4,1712-13.

MISERVY (Messervey)

Mary, and Benjamin Ashton, Aug.2,1753.

MISSERVEE (Messervey)

Francis, and Annah Corney, Feb.4,1752.CR1

Phillip, and Mary Charder, Oct.24,1727.

MISSERVY (Messervey)

Jane, and George Strong, Sept.8,1761.

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Eleanor, and Samuel Selman, Nov.12,1820.

John, and Mary Clone, Jan.14,1773.*

John, and Elenor Conway, Feb.18,1798.*

John, jr., and Mrs.Elizabeth Gilbert, int.Oct.11,1806.

John, jr., and Mary D. Russell, May26,1829.*

Mary, and Thomas Hays, int.June19,1806.

Mary, and Enoch M. Miley, Feb.26,1809.*

Mickel, and Mrs.Elisabeth Jackson, int.Dec.7,1805. (Certificate forbidden.)

Sarah, and Ambrose Webber, Jan.1,1799.*

MITCHELL (Mitchel, Mitchill)

Benjamin L., a.21y., s.John and Mary, and Elisabeth T. Pritchard, a.19y., d.William and Elisabeth, Feb.13,1845.*

Catharine, and John Roundey, Sept.13,1818.

Hannah R. and John Davis, July3,1838.*

Jane, and Charles Richards, Feb.23,1728-9.CR3

Jean, and Joseph Gallison, Sept.18,1698.

John, widr., a.42y., trader, s.John and Eleanor, and Sarah Kent, a.19y., d.Josiah and Sarah, Aug.7,1848.*

John, jr., a.21y., cordwainer, s.John and Mary [G. int.], and Mary A. Graves, a.21y., d.Crispus, jr. and Mary A., Dec.13,1849.*

Mary H. [G.CR5], and Richard Phillips, Mar.20,1832.*

Mehitable C., and Benjamin Lindsey, Oct.2,1831.*

Sarah, and Daniel Chase [jr.CR2] of Lynn, Nov.7,1824.

William, and Sally Stone, Jan.19,1832.*

MITCHILL (Mitchell)

Joanna, and Henry Darling, Feb.24,1697-8.


Elizabeth, and Thomas Maine, May22,1746.CR3

George, and Martha Calley, Dec.11,1721.CR3

MOGEE (Moje, Mojey, Moujer)

Hannah, and Charles Flowers of Salem, int.Oct.6,1832.

MOJE (Mogee)

Frances, and John Smith Mullet, Sept.23,1766.CR3*

MOJEY (Mogee)

Sarah, and Samuell Roads, Sept.5,1751.

Sarah, and Jeremiah Heagerty, Oct.6,1757.CR3

MOLINE (Noline)


Anthony, of New Haven, and Hannah A. Wilkins, July18,1819.


Nathaniel, and Margaret Homan, May11,1783.*


Margaret, of Lowell, and Samuel Swett, int.May5,1846.

Thomas, and Jane Salter, May23,1754.


William, and Susanna Welcome, Jan.24,1727.CR3

MOOR (Moore)

Thomas, and Hannah Kendell, Dec.15,1768.CR3*

MOORE (Moor, Moors, More, Mower)

Hannah, and John Hunt, int.Oct.8,1774.

Humphrey, and Mary Williams, Apr.15,1709.

Jane, and John Reed, Sept.5,1790.*

MOORS (Moore)

Hannah, and John Lewis, int.Sept.5,1776.

John, and Mary Picket, int.Sept.末,1776.


Michael, and Elenor Hunter, at Salem, Apr.14,1763.

MORE (Moore)

Hannah, and Patrick Halloran, Dec.2,1778.*

Hannah [], and Benjamin Stevens, Feb.27,1786.*

Mary, Mrs.and Philip Cuttle, Jan.26,1784.*


Charity, of Salem, and Pickering Collins, at Salem, Oct.13,1772.*

Edward, and Elizabeth Ford, Feb.3,1695-6.

Elizabeth, and George Goudey, Jan.15,1735[-6].

James, and wid.Grase Nick, Apr.30,1728.

Moses, and Abigail Baker of Beverly, at Beverly, Mar.11,1713-14.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Martin, Mar.1,1727.CR3

Thomas, and Deliverance Bassett, Apr.末,1748. [Apr.6.CR2]

Thomas, and Ann Meservy, Feb.1,1762.CR3


Eleanor, and Joel Mun, Dec.17,1769.CR3*


Rebeckah [Rachel.CR1], and Martin Doiel, Mar.9,1780.*

MORRIS (Morrise)

James, and Mrs.Sarah Richardson, int.Dec.21,1782.

MORRISE (Morris)

John, and Mary Hoyle, Mar.20,1720.


Isabella M., and Thomas [L. int.] Glass, Dec.14,1837.*

MORS (Morse)

Abraham, and Rebeckah Roads, Mar.11,1751.

Abraham, and Hanah Chapman, Feb.4,1759.CR3

Abraham, and Mary Girdler, Dec.31,1761.CR3

Elizabeth, and Thomas Doliber [Dolliver.CR1], jr., Dec.15,1743.

Mark, and Emma Woodberry of Beverly, at Beverly, Oct.25,1763.

Rachel, and Benjamin Pittman, Mar.20,1733-4.

Thomas, and Rachel Dodd, Dec.27,1764.

William, and Ruth Breed, Dec.22,1731.

MORSE (Mors, Moss)

Abigail, a.21y., d.Levi, and George B. Barnard, widr., a.25y., wagoner, s.George and Sally, Apr.4,1847.*

Abraham, and Esther Trask of Salem, at Salem, Aug.23,1759.

Abraham, and Elizabeth Hayter, June7,1774.*

Abraham, and Rebecca Clarke, July11,1785.*

Caroline, and Thomas Millett, int.Feb.14,1848.

Elizabeth, and John Stimpson, May31,1768.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Nicholison, May10,1789.*

Emma, and Joseph Bootman, May22,1774.*

John, and Elizabeth Bartlett, Dec.22,1767.*

Jonathan, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Harris, Nov.2,1805. [Nov.3.CR3]*

Levi, and Mercy Northey, Feb.2,1812.*

Levi, jr., a.28y., trader, s.Levi and Lucy [M. int.] Lefavor, a.18y., d.Francis and Lucy, Sept.26,1848.*

Louisa, and William Blackler, Nov.22,1838.*

Lucy Maria, a.20y., d.Levi, and Henry A. [] Lefavour, a.20y., s.John and Jane, May13,1849.*

Mark, and Susannah Homan, Dec.27,1757.

Mary, and John Lewis, Dec.19,1751.

Mary, and John Willis, Mar.5,1772.*

Polly, and Benjamin Weed, jr., Jan.10,1819.

Mary J. and Philip B. Strong, May31,1831.*

Mary [Mercy.CR2], and James Laskey, Dec.3,1835.*

Rachell, and Moses Woodfin, Jan.18,1824.

Rebecca, and Aaron B. Knapp, Dec.11,1825. [Dec.18.CR2]

Sally, and George Roberts, Apr.17,1814.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth White, June7,1770. [June5.CR2]*

Stephen, and Polly Dixey, Sept.11,1796.*

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Leech, Sept.13,1794.*

William H., and Lydia Cross, Feb.7,1833.*


Robert, and Mary Cloutman, Jan.20,1736[-7].

MOSS (Morse)

Christian, and John Bartoll, Dec.17,1711.

Marke, and Christian Hoyle, Nov.9,1699

William, and Elizabeth Hoper, Oct.31,1721.

MOUJER (Mogee)

Thomas [Mowjox.CR2], and Mary Blanch, Nov.19,1723.



John, and Elizabeth Cory, d.Giles, both of Salem, Sept.16,1684.

Jonathan, and Hannah Bartlett, Dec.20,1809.*

Mary Ellen, of Lynn, and Thomas R. Bartoll, int.Jan.29,1842. (Marriage forbidden by the woman)


William, and Lois Goosman, May29,1769.CR3*


Simon, and Miriam Byrd, July13,1725.CR3


John, and Johanna Foot, 18:xbr:1718, [Dec.21.CR3]


Annis, and Joseph Harmson, Apr.14,1820.

Bethiah [C. int.], a.44y.[], d.Hugh and Bethiah, and Moses Hill, 2d, m.farmer, at Salem, Nov.6,1849.*

Hugh, and Annis Chapman, Apr.24,1796.*

MOWER (Moore)

Ebenezer, and Abagail Butler of Ipswich, at Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Nov.16,1757.

John, and Hannah Robinson, Oct.11,1756.

MUCKFORD (Mugford)

James, and Lydia Nicholson, Dec.19,1752.

Robert, and Mary Evans, Oct.13,1752.


Ezra Warren, of Lynn, and Eliza R. Bray of Salem, at Salem, Jan.23,1837.CR3

James, jr., Rev., and Harriet W. Goodridge of Boston, int.Sept.11,1841.

MUGFORD (Muckford)

Elizabeth, and James Warner, Oct.7,1792.*

Hannah, and Jacob Putnam, Oct.9,1785.*

Hannah P., and Samuel Foss, Sept.17,1834.*

James, and Sarah Griste, Aug.25,1771.CR3*

Lydia, and Richard Stevens, Jan.29,1784.*

Mary, and John Putnam, Jan.3,1790.*

Sarah [Mrs.CR2], and Arnold Martin, July13,1777.*

MULLET (Mullett)

Abigail, see Millett, Abigail.

Abraham, jr., and Rebeckah Boit, Jan.28,1762.

Alice, and Edward Cunningham, Nov.23,1769.CR3*

Elias, and Rebekah Pearce, Nov.29,1744.

Elizabeth, and Wilson Hickman, July24,1764.CR3

Hannah, and Richard Ellidge, Jan.21,1766.*

Hannah C., and Thomas R. Woodfine, Nov.10,1829.*

John Smith, and Frances Moje, Sept.23,1766.CR3*

John, and Mrs.Susanna Grant, Oct.12,1783.*

Margaret, and James G. Bowden, May24,1835.*

Mary, and John Britain, Feb.11,1762.CR3

Mary, and Thomas McIntire, Jan.25,1763.

Mary, and William Shields, int.Apr.12,1777.

Mary, and John Trail, Oct.27,1778.*

Rebekah, and Clement Barnard, Dec.28,1762.

Rebekah, and [Capt. int.] Richard Stacey, Oct.31,1765.CR3*

Samuel Cox, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Margaret, and Rebecca S. High, a.21y., d.John and Elisabeth, Nov.17,1844.*

Sarah, and Gorge Melzard, Aug.19,1770.*

Sarah, and John Dipper, Sept.2,1770.*

Thomas, and Mary Smith, Feb.4,1739-40.CR1

Thomas, jr., and Mary Hales, Nov.29,1743.

Thomas, and [] Elizabeth Killum of Manchester, Mar.11,1773.*

Thomas, and [Mrs.CR2] Abigail Russell, July30,1780.*

Thomas, Capt., and Peggy [Margaret.CR1] Cocks, Mar.31,1808.*

MULLEY (Mullett)

Philip, and Mary Stevens, 29:7br:1719.

MULLY (Mullett)

Abraham, and Susannah Pain [both of Jersey.CR1], Mar.19,1722-3.

Mary [wid.CR2], and Thomas Cloutman, Oct.3,1723.

Mary, and Edward Hammond, Feb.15,1732.


William, and Mary Sykes, June4,1733.CR3


Joel, and Eleanor Moring, Dec.17,1769.CR3*


William, jr., of Salem, and Meriam Grove, at Salem, Dec.16,1786.


James, and Lydia Robertson, Sept.21,1770.CR3*


Clement, and Rachel Quill, int.Mar.8,1777.


Benjamin S., and Hannah B. Runey, both of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Feb.3,1842.

George, and Elizabeth Messer, both of Salem, Mar.22,1829.

Hanson, of Lynn, and Mary Chapman, int.Aug.3,1833.

Rebecca, of Lancaster, and Dr. Calvin Briggs, int.Nov.11,1809.

William F.A., of Providence, RI, and Sarah E. Frost, Nov.28,1839.*


Thomas, and Deborah Hilton, Mar.9,1761.CR3


Neil, and Eleanor [Helen. int.] Brown, Sept.9,1838.*


Nathan, and Ann Francis, Aug.26,1809.CR3*

MURFY (Murphy)

Ann, and George Young, June16,1696.

MURPHEW (Murphy)

Edward [Murphey.CR2], and Mary Salter, July6,1753.

MURPHEY (Murphy)

Mary, and Nicholas English, Feb.7,1773.*

MURPHY (Murfy, Murphew, Murphey)

James, and Hannah Goodwin, int.Aug.15,1774.

Lamberth, and Eleanor Robinson, Dec.25,1769.CR3*

Lambrith, and [] Mary McCassett, Oct.7,1788.*

MURRAY (Merrey, Merry, Murrey, Murry)

John, and Hannah Proctor, June9,1746.

John, and Mary Pitman, Nov.12,1774.*

MURREY (Murray)

James, and Sarah Pittman, Dec.31,1740.

John, and Hannah Brimblecom, Feb.13,1766.*

Mary, and Joseph Meeder Laurance, Feb.9,1777.*

MURRY (Murray)

Hannah, see Brawden, Elizabeth.

Mary, and Adam Teel, Jan.23,1772.*


Elizabeth, and John Darling, Feb.4,1680.

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