BACHALDER (Batchelder)

Isaac, of Canterbury [NH. int.], and Mary Gillmore, Jan.31,1770.*

BACHELDER (Batchelder)

Betsey B., and Oliver King, Dec.29,1834.*

William S., and Sarah V. Bunker of Newmarket, NH, int.Oct.17,1841.

BACHLLOR (Batchelder)

William, of Haverhill, and Hannah Eaton, Oct.30,1794.*


Jonathan, of Wamer, NH, and Sariah Bodwell, d.Henry, jr., July2,1826.*

BAILEY (Baily, Baley, Baly, Bayley)

Abigail of Salem, NH, and John Mitchael, int.May4,1834.

Allice W., of Londonderry, NH, and Albert S. Fales, int.Sept.26,1841.

Arvilla, of Swanzey, NH, and Joshua Palmer, int.Oct.13,1844.

Heaton, and Lavina T. Row of Deerfield, NH, int.Oct.18,1846.

Betsy J., and John I. [T. int.] Parry, of Pembroke, May24,1843.*

John, of Haverhill, and Abigall Cross, Nov.29,1810.*

Jonathan [K. int.], of Newport, NH, and Sarah R. Kimball, May6,1832.*

Louis Ann, of Haverhill, and James M. Currier, int.Nov.8,1846.

Luther S., a.25y., brickmaker, s.Daniel and Abigall, and Sally Gage, a.35y., d.Michael and Hannah, May9,1848.*

Lydia P., and Jonathan Cate, int.June3,1838.

Mehitable, of Dracut, and John C. Richardson, int.Nov.8,1812.

Sarah C., and John Lowell of Salem, NH, int.Mar.29,1829.

Sarah, a.18y., b. at Salem, NH, d.Samuel and Hannah, of Salem, NH, and William W. Nichols, a.20y., shoemaker, s.Nathaniel and Experiance, Aug.19,1849.*

Stephen, of Salem, NH, and Hannah M. Cluff, int.June29,1845.

Susan, of Salem, NH, and Dean Emerson, int.Nov.22,1840.

Susanna, and Nathaniel Kimball of Boxford, July29,1761. [July19. dnp.]*

Susannah, of Haverhill, and Cadford Mellon, int.[1803 or 1804.]

Ward, of Bridgewater, and Mary Sargent, Feb.末,1765.*

BAILY (Bailey)

Ruth, and Samuel Eaton, June15,1814.*

Thomas, of Haverhill, and Polly Webber, June11,1793. [int.July8.]*


Symons, and Susanna Sargeant, Oct.9,1759.


Elizabeth, of Salem, NH, and Dr. A[] D. Dearborn, at Boston, Jan.18,1834.*

John C., of Topsfield, and Sabrina Sargent, Apr.30,1829.*

Mary [W. int.], and Horatio B. Hackett, Sept.22,1834.*


Susan, of Haverhill, and Phineas Goodhue, int.Sept.11,1825.


Hannah, and Samuel Luscomb, int.Mar.11,1839.

Lydia E., a.21y., d.William and Hannah, and Washington Merrill, widr., a.39y., hatter, s.John and Sally, Apr.4,1849.*

BALEY (Bailey)

Hipzibah, of Andover, and Joshua Baley of Dracut, May11,1823.

Joshua of Dracut, and Hipzibah Baley of Andover, May11,1823.

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Edmond Perley, int.Nov.2,1806.


Anna, of Atkinson, NH, and Jesse Jones, int.Sept.24,1798.


Catherine C., and Josiah C. Lane, Sept.11,1840.*

BALY (Bailey)

Moses, of Dracut, and Tany Carleton of Pelham, Dec.5,1822.


Robbert, a transient person, and Mary Gutterson, int.Apr.5,1807.

Thomas, and Mrs.Esther Clement, Feb.26,1826.*


Rufus C., and Nancy Carr or Boston, int.Feb.9,1847.


Abigal, and Joseph Osgood, Nov.24,1795.*

Abigal, and Frye Austin, Sept.15,1825.*

Alles, of Salem, NH, and William Messer, Sept.25,1750.

Amose, and Dorcas Huse, Mar.6,1794.*

Amos, and Rebecca.[E. int.] Archer, June30,1827.*

Anna, Mrs., of Boxford, and Dea.Francis Swan, at Boxford, Aug.7,1777.

Asa, and Lydia Pierce, Mar.17,1768.*

Asa B., and Matilda Jennings, Aug.30,1836.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Foster, Mar.6,1780.*

Benjamin [of Sudbury,], and Dorcas Stevens, Dec.27,1787.*

Benjamin, and Eunice Farnum [], Mar.27,1794.*

Charles O., and Dorothy F. [S. int.] Flanders, Sept.3,1837.*

Charles, and Nancy A. Stevens of Wamer, NH, int.Sept.8,1844.

Daniel, and Polly Palmer of Dracut, Jan.16,1806.*

Daniel C., shoemaker, and Eliza.J. Richardson, of Londonderry, NH, Sept.29,1845.*

David, and Sarah Barker, Nov.27,1755.*

Dorcas, and Lovel Faulkner of Andover, int.Feb.16,1812.

Ebenezer, and Abigall Morss, Dec.21,1730.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Bodwell, Mar.22,1759.

Ebenezer [of], and Ruth Hibert [], Feb.19,1789.*

Ebenezer, and Rhoda Jennings, May1,1834.*

Elisa A., and Henry Jewell, int.Apr.16,1837.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Ephraim Stevens, at Andover, Jan.4,1757.

Elezebeth, and Mitchel Collies [], Dec.14,1771.*

Elisabeth, and James Palmer, Oct.6,1772.*

Ellen M[], and William.Ropes of Haverhill, Nov.24,1839.*

Elcy, and Joseph Oneal, July14,1791.*

George, and Nancy Whittier, Oct.18,1816.*

George, and Margaret E. Wardwell [Wendwell. int.] of Andover, Mar.4,1841.*

Hannah, and Daniel Stevens of Andover, Sept.25,1750.

Hannah, and Eliphalet Bodwell, July4,1758.

Hannah, and Daniel Morss, Dec.11,1783.*

Hannah, and Oliver Bowers [Bowen, of], Mar.12,1788.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Ditson of Pelham, NH, Mar.22,1818.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph V. Parker, Feb.5,1821.*

Harriot, and Samuel Lovjoy of Andover, Nov.28,1826.*

Hephsibah, and Caleb Foster [of Haverhill int.], Sept.2,1790.*

Isaac, and Abigail Emerson, Aug.26,1773.*

James, and Mariah Bixby [of Andover. int.], Sept.11,1727.*

James K., and Phebe [H. int.] JOnes of Epping, NH, Apr.11,1843.*

Jeremy B., and Deborah H. Johnson, Apr.6,1842.*

John, and Sarah Roberts of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.11,1742.

John, and Hannah Dow of Sandown, int.Sept.26,1772.

Jonathan, and Abigail Mitchell of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Oct.13,1750.

Joshua, and Martha Wright of Andover, at Andover, Nov.8,1750.

Judith, and Jacob Merrick, Mar.30,1770.*

Levina, and Jacob Tyler of Boxford, at Haverhill, Jan.23,1794.

Lydia and Josiah Griffin, Jan.19,1819.*

Margaret, and Simon Wardwell, jr. of Andover, June11,1812.*

Moriah, and Joseph Morss, Nov.6,1753.

Mary, and Timothy Swan, Jan.5,1737.

Mary, and Thomas Dow, June9,1767.*

Molley, and Solomon Jennings, May11,1779.*

Meheteball, and Thomas Eatton, Dec.24,1730.

Mehitaball, and Richard Barker of Andover, Mar.18,1741-2.

Mehitable, of Andover and John Whittier, at Andover, Feb.27,1770.*

Michael, and Rhoda Floyd of Wmdham, NH, int.Oct.16,1814.

Moses, and Lydia Guterson, Dec.14,1758.

Nancy, and Benjamin Kimball, Mar.21,1811.*

Nancy Aurelia, and Moses Burbank of Shelby County, Kentucky, Nov.5,1839.*

Olive, and Zadock Bodwell, Aug.21,1800.*

Philemon, jr., and Susanna Merrail, Oct.31,1753.

Phebe, and Nathan Asten, Sept.27,1769.*

Phebe, and John Cross of Pelham, NH, int.Oct.30,1808.

Rebecah, and Moses Goodhue of Andover, Dec.22,1814.*

Richard, of Andover and Mehitaball Barker, Mar.18,1741-2.

Samuel, and Hannah Foster, Sept.29,1784.*

Sarah, and John Masser, Mar.29, 末末. [int.1726-7.]*

Sarah, and David Barker, Nov.27,1755.

Sarah, and John Ford, June18,1767.*

Sarah, of Pelham, and John Hibberd, jr., Oct.6,1773.*

Salley, and Simonds Eps Barker, Nov.28,1799.*

Sarah H., and George W. Gage of Boston, int.Nov.14,1844.

Silas, and Abigail Clark, Nov.25,1802.*

Silas, and Hannah Bodwell, Aug.9,1831.CR1*

Symonds, and Olive Morss, May29,1788.*

Simonds Epes, and Borough Bartlet of Bethel, int.Aug.2,1798.

Simonds Eps, and Salley Barker, Nov.28,1799.*

Stephen, and Deborah Poor of Andover, at Andover, Oct.18,1750.

Stephen, jr., and Mrs.Peggy Hide of Tewksbury, int.June25,1781.

Stephen, Esq., and [] Abigail Swan, Mar.9,1784.*

Stephen, 2d, and Mary Woodbury of Beverly, int.Nov.15,1818.

Thamer, and Francis Sawyer of Dracut, Aug.31,1773.*

Thomas, and Hannah Whittamore of Nottingham West, int.Mar.19,1774.

Timothy, and Hannah Davis, Dec.27,1743.

Timothy, jr., of Dracut, and Mary Parker, Feb.27,1770.*

William E., and Hannah Center, int.May4,1828.

Zebediah, jr., and Phebe Merrill, Dec.15,1743.

Zebediah, and Deborah Merril, Mar.8,1749.

Zebediah, jr., and Susana Messer, June7,1775.*

Zilpha, and Jonas Richardson of Pelham, int.Feb.11,1782.


Osgood, of Andover, and Martha Luscomb, Apr.15,1824.*

Stephen, jr., of Andover, and Elizabeth Silver, May26,1742.

Theodore, and Anna Manser of Dracut, int.Feb.3,1800.

BARNES (Barns)

Amanda M., and Moses S. Pingrey, Oct.30,1842.*

Eunice Y., of Andover, d.McDougall and John Taggart of Andover, painter, s.Hugh J. and Elizabeth, Oct.24,1846.

Mary F., a.20y., d.Charles and Fanny, and William Hall, a.24y., laborer, Apr.11,1847.*


Frye B., and Mary Morrell of West Newbury, int.Apr.24,1848.


Milton B., of Lowell, and Sarah Davis, int.June28,1847.

BARNS (Barnes)

Nancy, and Joseph Dane, Aug.22,1842.*


Maria B., and Daniel Currier, June9,1842.*

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Borough, of Bethel, and Simonds Epes Barker, int.Aug.2,1798.

Daniel, and Hannah Martin, Dec.15,1796.*

Ellis [], and Edward Richardson, May8,1792.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Ephraim C., and Catharine Marble of Andover, int.Nov.29,1846.

Mary Augusta, of Haverhill, and John Tenney, int.Sept.19,1830.

Nancy, of Charlestown, NH, and Enoch Stevens, int.Dec.3,1826.


Elizabeth, of Sutton, and Moses Huse, at Sutton, Apr.20,1769.*

Titus T[heodore. int.], Rev., of Tewkesbmy, and [] Ruth Wood, July31,1794.*

BATCHELDER (Bachalder, Bachelder, Bachllor)

Almira B., and William Russ, May14,1826.*

Deborah L., and Elijah W. Jenness, July14,1835.*

Elisabeth C., of Haverhill, and Thomas M. Pomroy, int.Oct.4,1834.

Thomas [of Loudon. int.], and Ruth Clerk [Clark. int.], Aug.23,1787.*


Jonathan, and Mary Lovejoy, Jan.9,1765.*

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Humphrey, of Haverhill, and Hannah Russ, at Haverhill, [bet. 1753 and 1758.]

Moors, and Lydia Eatton, May5,1772.*

Sarah, of Andover, and Reuben Sawyer, Nov.15,1752.

Sarah, of Salem, NH, and Vernum Hall, int.July23,1774.


George T., of Boston, a.28y., s.Samuel and Ruth, and Sarah E.M. Carleton, a.24y., d.J.W. and Lucy Ann, Oct.26,1848.*


Joseph W and Lucy S.D. Harris, int.Mar.10,1844.

Mary O., a 23y., d.John and Mary, and Oren Hall of Derry, NH, a.24y., carpenter, s.Elisha and Betsey, July19,1849.*

Sarah E., of Lowell, and Asa Butrick, int.June14,1835,

Wellington, a.18y., shoemaker, and Ann Davis, a.20y., May11,1845.*


Spencer F., and Lucy A. Leonard of Paxton, int.May2,1831.

BEARS (Beers)

Lydia K., of Woburn, and Loran W. Perham, int.Sept.23,1846.

BEERS (Bears)

John, and Lucretia Ellis of Newton, int.Sept.2,1827.

BELKNAP (Balknap)


Peter, of Gofftown, NH, and Mary Robertson Bodwell [Robinson. int.], Dec.25,1822.*

Robert G., and Mrs.Sophronia B. Doe of Lowell, int.Sept.27,1835.


Sarah, of Claremont, NH, and Benjamin Morrill, int.Sept.1,1833.


Elisabeth H., and Nelson P. Cross, int.Sept.4,1836.

Frances, Mrs., of Salem, NH, and Samuel Eaton, int.Apr.8,1832.

Hannah, Mrs., of Newburyport, and Samuel Cross, int.Sept.28,1823.

Joshua D., of Rochester, NH, and Delia M. Carleton, int.Jan.23,1842.

Martha, and Marvill M. Follett, int.May7,1837.

Mary Jane, and James Gardner, May27,1841.*

Susan G., and James Merrill of Andover, int.Apr.1,1838.

Thomas, jr., of Pittsfield, NH, and Mrs.Dolly Haven, Jan.16,1833.*


Dudley, of Windham, NH, and Elizabeth Pingrey, Oct.17,1780.*


John D., and Emeline E. Spencer, both of Saybrook, CT, Sept.8,1841.


John, of Andover, a.24y., spinner, s.John and Sarah, and Sarah Ann Holt, a.16y., d.James and Mary Ann, Mar.28,1847.

BIXBY (Bigsbey)

Charles P., and Mrs.Betsey F. Johnson of Lawrence, int.July31,1847.

Elisabeth, of Middleton. and Amos R. Sawyer, int.Nov.10,1789.

John P., and Rebecah Carleton, Dec.23,1811.*

Mariah [of Andover. int.], and James Barker, Sept.11,1727.*

Poley, and Nathaniel Morrill of Danville, VT. [both of Methuen. int.], Feb.26,1798.*.

Moses, Lt., and Hannah Parker of Dracut, Nov.11,1817.*

Nancy, and Nathaniel Merrill, Mar.12,1801.*

BLAISDELL (Blaisdle)

Charles, and Mariah Webber, June5,1834.*

Judith P., and George Harris, Nov.27,1834.*

Mariah C., a.25y., b. at Campton, NH, d.Eliphalet and Allice, and Charles L. Merrill, a.25y., merchant, s.Jonathan and Margaret C., Dec.23,1849.*

BLAISDLE (Blaisdell)

Sophia G., and John L [J. int.] Webster, Feb.12,1833.*


Enos, and Mary Mellon, Oct.24,1822.*

Ezekiel and Mercy Perkins of Jaffrey, NH, int.Aug.4,1833.

Martha F., and Lewis Young, May31,1840.*

Moses, and Nancy Strong of Newburyport, int.Aug.24,1806.


Mehitable, of Milford, NH, and Farnum Morse. int.June9,1800.

Samuel, of Charlestown, and Persis How, 2d, Dec.16,1821.*

BLODGET (Blodgett)

Jacob, of Nottingham [West, NH. int.], and Abigail [Alice. int.] Hebberd, Feb.15,1803.*

BLODGETT (Blodget)

Wilder D., of Lowell, and Eliza I. Ellnwood of Dracut, Sept.13,1842.


Benjamin, and Abigail Frost of Lowell. Apr.20,1843.*

Benjamin A., and Olive Jane Emmons of Lowell, int.Mar.11,1847.

Charles, and Olive A. Dearborn, June14,1843.*

BODWELL (Bodwill)

Aaron G., and Lucy How, Feb.19,1843.*

Abigail, and Nathaniel Land of Haverhill, at Haverhill, [June16,1748. dup.]

Abigail, and Samuel Hildrech, May21,1776.

Abigail L., and Henry D. Preston, May17,1835.*

Allice, and Samuel Haseltine of Boxford, int.Apr.6,1804.

Allice, and Josiah Gage, Esq. of Pelham, NH, int.Nov.5,1815.

Almira, and George A. Waldo, Dec.30,1823.*

Alpheus, and Hannah Bodwell, int.May1,1786.

Alpheus, 2d, and Abby S. Cluff of Salem, NH, int.Sept.6,1840.

Christopher H., and Eliza Cate, Jan.24,1843.*

Daniell, jr., and Abigall Ladd of Haverhill, [bef. 1747.]

Daniel, Capt, and Ruth Ingalls of Andover, at Andover, Apr.14,1761.*

Daniel, 3d, and Alice Messer, Jan.2,1772.*

Daniel, of Andover, and Rhoda H. Merrill, Sept.12,1841.*

David M., and Mary S. Williams of Shirley, int.Sept.7,1833.

Dorcas, and Dr. John L. Bodwell, June17,1795.*

Ednar, and Jonas Bond [of Dublin. int.], Dec.10,1789.*

Eliphalet, and Hannah Barker, July24,1758.

Eliza [], and Jonathan Jones of Chelmsford, Aug.28,1823.*

Elizebath, and Richard Whittier, Sept.24,1741.

Elezebeth, and John Sargent, jr., Sept.12,1771.*

Elisebath, and Joseph Harris, Sept.10,1796. [int.July18,1797.]*

Elisabeth, and Joshua Davis, July2,1799.*

Elisabeth H., and Asa Simons, int.Oct.15,1837.

Elizabeth A., of Salem, NH, a.22y., d.John and Phebe, and Joel T. Shaw of Lawrence, a.27y., mechanic, 3. Seth T. and Oarinda, Aug.14,1848

Enoch, and Abigail Hibberd, May27,1802.*

Fanny, and Trueworthy White, Oct.7,1802.*

Hannah, and Samuel Pottells, Nov.21,1734.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Barker, Mar.22,1759.

Hannah, and Alpheus Bodwell, int.May1,1786.

Hannah, and Col. Timothy Poor of Andover, Dec.30,1823.*

Hannah, and Lt. Benjamin Currier, June23,1825.*

Hannah and Silas Barker, Aug.9,1831.CR1*

Hannah Augusta, and Samuel Foss, Mar.31,1840.*

Harriet D., and Jeremiah R. Frye, Dec.26,1843.*

Harriet D., wid., a.40y., d.(?) Joshua, and Enoch Merrill, widr., of Andover, NH, a.54y., yeoman, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, Jan.23,1848.*

Hazen, of Andover, and Huldah How, int.May3,1829.

Henery, jr., and 末末 末末, int.Mar.25,1726-7.

Henry, 2d, and Anne Pottelle, bef. 1729.PR14

Henry, and Mary Robbinson of Andover, at Andover, Sept.20,1759.

Henry [jr. int.], and Sally Lowel, Dec.12,1793.*

Henry A., and Myra J. Day of Boxford, int.Oct.11,1846.

Heman, and Betsey Hall, Sept.7,1813.

Isaac, and Betsey Messer, Mar.26,1788.*

Isaac, 2d and Sally Fuller of Danvers, int.Jan.10,1813.

Isaac R., and Persis Sanbom of Sanborntown, NH, June19,1825.*

James, and Elisabeth Roberts of Newbury, at Newbury, June13,1734.

James, and Sarah Austen, Nov.28,1739.

Jesse and Pamela Mitchel Oct.30,1803.*

John, and Elizabath Messer, Dec.22,1748.

John, jr., and Merribah White, Oct.2,1775.

John [Capt. int.], and Elisabeth Powers [of Merrimac. int], Apr.26,1788.*

John L., Dr., and Dorcas Bodwell, June17,1795.*

John, and Lucinda Yong of Pelham, NH, int.Nov.1,1818.

John W., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Nathan and Lucy, and Harriet F. Loyejoy, a.23 Y., d.Stephen and Pamelia., Dec.28,1848.*

Joseph, and Maley [] How, Dec.17,1795.*

Joseph A., and Abigal Osgood, Aug.21,1827.*

Joseph A., and Mary Osgood, Oct. [28. int.], 1832.*

Joseph R., a.30y., farmer, s.Joseph and Mary, and Eunice Fox, a.26y., d.Josiah and Hannah.Dec.3,1848.*

Joshua, and Priscilla Parker, int.June20,1761.

Lucinda, Mrs., and Bodwell Richardson, both of Andover. Dec.30,1841.

Lydia, and Solomon Woolcoat of Brookfield, May28,1778.*

Lydia, and Robert Chase of Newbury, Dec.7,1780.*

Martha J., and Jesse C. Silver, Dec.17,1844.*

Mary, and Timothy Merrick, Dec.5,1728.*

Mary, and Pierce Gage of Pelham, Nov.29,1764.*

Molley, and Silas Brown, Nov.20,1777.

Mary, and Patrick Fleming, June17,1819.*

Mary Robertson [Robinson. int.], and Peter Bell of Goffstown, NH, Dec.25,1822.*

Mary B. [Mary R.], and William M. Bodwell, Apr.20,1826.*

Mary Ann, and Ebenezer Smith of Cambridge, int.Oct.13,1839.

Nathan, and Lucy White of Pelham, NH, int.Nov.10,1822.

Olive, and Benjamin Sargent, Dec.28,1786.*

Olive, and Isaac Rogers, Feb.28,1819.*

Parker, and Hannah Abbot of Andover, at Andover, Feb.27,1776.

Parker Ladd, and Betsey [] Merrill, June24,1798.*

Parker L., and Nancy Hemphill of Windham, NH. int.Apr.8,1810.

Persis, and John Pingree, Nov.27,1788.*

Percis, and Henry D[erbor. int.] Preston of Rumney, NH. May5,1808.*

Pirses, and Ebenezer Gage, int.Mar.18,1832.

Phebe, and Samuell Stevens, at Haverhill, Feb.5,1729-30.*

Phebe, and William Morss, May13,1756

Phebe M., and Amos Emerson, Dec.2,1823.*

Rhoda, and Assa Roberson [of Pimbrork. int.], Nov.1,1787.*

Ruth and Isaac Redington of Lunenburg, Dec.27,1759.

Ruth [], and Josiah Abbott of Andover, May15,1784.*

Ruth, d, and Erastus Goodale, Oct.2,1837.

Samuell, and Elizebath Mansur, Sept.28,1758.

Samuel, and [] Elisabeth Ordway, Apr.24,1815.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Hibberd, Dec.13,1768

Sarah, and Ruben Boles, jr., Feb.12,1800.*

Sariah, d.Hemy, jr., and Jonathan Badger of Warner, NH, July2,1826.*

Salona T., and Joseph H. Drew, int.Aug.24,1839.

Stephen, and Sarah Lancaster, Mar.18,1741-2.

Stephen, and Ruth Guterson, Feb.7,1744-5.

Stephen, and Sophia C. How, May9,1837.*

Susanna, and William Hildreth [of Dracut. int.], Jan.25,1787.*

Susanah, and Nathaniel Morse, Dec.14,1800.*

Tiffin, and Caleb Richardson, May13,1736.

William, and Sarah Annis, Dec.24,1772.*

William, and Rachel French of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Feb.8,1786.*

William, jr., and Ruth Whittier, Mar.26,1797.*

William M., and Mary B. Bodwell [Mazy R.], Apr.20,1826.*

Zadock, and Olive Barker, Aug.21,1800.*

BODWILL (Bodwell)

Parker L., and Hannah [] Hemphill, Nov.16,1812.*

Phebe M., and William W. Smith of Salem, NH, int.Apr.14,1848.

BOINTON (Boynton)

Polly, and James Sargent, jr., June5,1794.*

BOLES (Booles, Bools)

Abigal, and Richard Gardner of Dracut, June28,1831.*

Dan, and Hannah C. Hamlett, int.Jan.13,1828.

Emily Ann, and William B. Kittredge of Pelham, NH, int.June11,1843.

Greanleaf, and Hannah Farnum, Apr.2,1816.*

Jesse, and Mary Morse, Oct.1,1816.*

Lydia, and Samuel Richardson, 3d, Dec.24,1812.*

Olivia, and Edward McCoy, Nov.30,1841.*

Phebe, and John Marsh Farnum, int.Jan.28,1810.

Ruben, jr., and Sarah Bodwell, Feb.12,1800.*


Jonas [of Dublin. int.], and Ednar Bodwell, Dec.10,1789.*

BOOLES (Boles)

Levy, and Mary Smith of Dracut, int.Apr.19,1807.

BOOLS (Boles)

Lucy, and Asa Palmer, int.June25,1806.


Nancy, of Groton, and Daniel B. Lewis of Lowell, May31,1835.


Jeremiah, of Landaff, NH, and Mrs.Susanah Webster, int.Feb.25,1810.

Moses W., and Mary W. Messer, July7,1836.*

Moses W., and Abiah W. Marston, int.May19,1839.

Oliver, see Bowers, Oliver.


Elisabeth [of Merrimac. int.], and [Capt. int.] John Bodwell, Apr.26,1788.*

Oliver [Bowen, of], and Hannah Barker, Mar.12,1788.*


Sarah, and Samuel Chase of Newbury, July6,1769.*

BOYNTON (Bointon)

David, and Parsis Willson, July11,1797.*

Hannah, and Robert Richardson, Aug.19,1795.*


Shadrack R., and Elizabeth [S. int.] Cripps, July25,1833.*

Thomas J., and Eliza A[nn. int.] Jones, Dec.31,1834.*


Hannah, of Salem, NH, and Briant Emerson of Chelmsford, Jan.7,1830.

Jesse W., of Salem, NH, and Abigail B. Morse, int.Jan.3,1836.

Olive, Mrs., and Samuel Austin, int.Aug.9,1839.


Hannah of Andover, and John Gutterson, at Andover, July28,1735.

Hannah, and Nathan Webster of Haverhill, int.Oct.22,1815.

Ithamar, of Haverhill, and Mehitable Stevens, Oct.1,1778.*

Jeremiah, of Haverhill, and Anne [] How, Nov.6,1783.*

John, of Andover, and Fanny Swan, Dec.31,1811.*

Leverett, and Catherine C. Frye, July8,1839.*

Mary [], and Nathaniel Loud of Andover, Feb.20,1812.*

Nancy, and Asaph K. Horton of Dorchester, int.Nov.23,1817.

Sarah A., a.30y., of Andover, and Benjamin A. Dane [Dame. int.], a.29y., hatter, b. at Andover, s.Benjamin A. and Lydia., of Andover, June19,1845.*


Phebe, of Pelham, NH, and Artemus Herrick, int.Nov.4,1821.

Ruby [of Pelham, NH. int.], and Thomas Thaxter, Sept.25,1827.PR17


Lucy A., of Newmarket, NH, and JonathanS. Curtis, int.Dec.1,1846.


Jane, and John Davis, Nov.24,1825.*

Josephine, and John Davis, Feb.24,1831.*


Thomas K., jr., of Lowell, and Persis Haseltine [int.Jan.5,1835.]*


Daniel H., of Haverhill, and Louisa Perley, int.Nov.17,1844.


Susanna, and Peter Waters of Newbury [of Newbrey Port. int.], Mar.21,1771.*


Albert L, and Sarah D. Knight of Lowell, int.Aug.9,1839.

Elizabeth H., a.25y., b. at Derry, NH, d John, and Amos C. Rollins, widr., of Lawrence, a.32y., shoemaker, b. at Pomfret, VT, s.William, Dec.2,1849.*

Easther, and Elisha Webber, Mar.2,1780.*

Esther D., and Samuel Keeser, int.Sept.22,1833.

John and Alice Jennings, Apr.16,1815.*

John, and Hannah F. Morrill of Lowell, int.July3,1836.

Joseph, and Abiah How, Apr.11,1822.*

Joseph F., of Haverhill, a.30y., shoemaker, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Emeline Pecker, a.37y., d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.31,1848.*

Lemuel P., and Mary S. Moor of Sudbary, int.Feb.21,1830.

Polly, of Bradford., and Isaac Pettengill, Mar.3,1808.

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Lydia Perley, int.Mar.12,1809.

Samuel H., and Fanny C. Fales, int.May5,1839.

Silas, and Molley Bodwell, Nov.20,1777.

Silas, Dr., of Kittery, and Nabby W[ebster. int.] Huse, Dec.16,1805.*

Thomas, and Nancy Mallon [Meloon. int.], Mar.29,1798.*

William, of Andover, and Dorcas Jennings, Apr.20,1829.*


Lydia G., of Boston, and Calvin Putnam, int.July6,1834


Amos, of Haverhill, and Lydia Chamberlin, Oct.14,1778.

Sophia A., and Calvin L Cummings, May18,1843.*


Alvira, of Rindge, NH, and Jewett Jones, jr., int.Sept.1,1839.

Stephen F., a.25y., teamster, s.Joseph and Lucy, and Eliza Jane Cram, a.21y., d.Frances and Sarah, Apr.12,1849.*


Sarah V., of Newmarket, NH, and William S. Bachelder, int.Oct.17,1841.


Deborah, of Andover, and Joshua Swan, Oct.28,1784.*

Debrorah, wid., and Ichabod Purkens, int.Aug.4,1785.

Hannah, of Nottingham West, and John Pettengill, jr., int.July12,1784

Moses, of Shelby County, Kentucky, and Nancy Aurelia Barker, Nov.5,1839.*

BURDETT (Burditt)

Mary C., of South Reading, and James Butler, int.May28,1825.

BURDITT (Burdett)

Sarah J., of South Reading, and John W. Hawks, int.Aug.20,1843.


S[elene. int.] G., of Chelsea, VT, snd Lydia A. Pecker, Apr.1,1841.*

BURIT (Burt)

Margaret E., and James L. Stinson of Malden, int.Nov.1,1840.

Mary C., and Hazen R Mason, Oct.9,1842.*

William, of Wilmington, and Rebeca Messer, Feb.26,1818.*


Sarah C., and Samuel M. Griffin, May12,1844.*

BURLEY (Burleigh)

Elizabeth J., and John A. Wiggen of Lowell, int.Oct.22,1849.


Catharine, Mrs., of Lawrence, and James Murphey, int.May25,1849.

George, of Andover, and Hannah Thistle, Mar.4,1819.*


Roxa, of Boscawen, NH, and James H. Peabody, int.Sept.18,1836.


John, of Saugus, and.Azubah Rogers, int.Sept.12,1819.

BURT (Burtt)

Mariah S., a.21y., and Alfred B. Little of Atkinson, NH, a.25y., farmer, s.Amos and Sally, June7,1849.*

Martha I., and Branch G. Gutterson, storekeeper, Sept.4,1845.*

Malinda, a.24y., d.John T., and George Pecker, a.29y., shoemaker, s.George W. and Susan, Feb.11,1849.*

BUSWELL (Buzzell)

Charlotte, of Bradford, and Jonathan Swan, May22,1822.*

Hiram, and Elizabeth H. Walker, Sept.7,1834*

Joseph, and Mary M. Taylor, May18,1837.*

Joshua, and Mrs.[] Dorothy Marston, Apr.12,1829.*

Joshua, jr., and Harriet Poor,末蔓末,1833. [int.Jan.13.]*

Moses, and Mary Pharin [Ferrien. int.], Nov.14,1771.*


Almira, and Nathaniel Currier, both of Pelham, NH, Nov.19,1835.

James, and Mary C. Burdett of South Reading, int.May28,1825.

Sarah Hill [Mrs.CR1], and Perley Parker of Dracut, Aug.28,1825.*


Asa, and Sarah E. Bean of Lowell, int.June14,1835.

Samuel C. [p. int.], and Sophronia Eaton, at Andover, Nov.1,1835.*


Harriet W., of Londonderry, NH, and Benjamin S. Smith, May2,1843.*

BUZELL (Buswell)

Samuel D., of Andover, a.25y., carpenter, b. at Effingham, NH, s.Benjamin and Betsey, and Mary Jane Knox, a.23y., d.Boardman and Ada, June9,1845.

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