CAIS (Case)

Ebenezer, s.Humphrey and Elisabeth, June6,1793.

Elijah, s.Humphrey and Elisabeth, Dec.17,1781.

Elisha, s.Humphrey and Elisabeth, Jan.2,1796.

Humphrey, Nov.12,1753.

Humphrey, s.Humphrey and Elisabeth, Dec.19,1790.

Martha F., d.Elijah and Patty, May23,1811.

Molly, d.Humphrey and Elisabeth, Mar.12,1787.

CARIEL (Carrel, Carriell)

Betty, d.twin, John and Rebeckah, Apr.27,1739.

Rebekah, d.John and Rebekah, Mar.18,1725-6.

Sarah, d.John and Rebekah, Mar.20,1734.

Susanna, d.twin, John and Rebeckah, Apr.27,1739.

CARREL (Cariel)

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, bp. June19,1731.CR


Mary, d.Francis and Sarah, June4,1744.

Samuel, s.Francis and Sarah, Dec.28,1742.

Sarah, d.Francis and Sarah, Mar.17,1745.

CARROLL (Cariel)

CASE (Cais, Casse)

Asa, s.Ebenezer and Rebecka, bp. Sept.2,1750.CR

Eunice, d.Ebenezer and Rebecka, bp.末蔓末,1745.CR

Huldah, d.Asa and Huldah, bp. Dec.4,1792.CR

Humphrey, s.Ebenezer, bp. July13,1755.CR

John, s.wid.Hannah, bp. Aug.8,1756.CR

Margaret, d.wid.Hannah, bp. Aug.8,1756.CR

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Rebecka, bp.末蔓末,1740.CR

Naomi, d.Humphrey and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.22,1784.CR

Sarah, d.Asa and Huldah, bp. Dec.4,1792.CR

CASSE (Case)

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Rebecka, bp.末蔓末,1742.CR


Amos, s.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, July28,1761.

Amos, s.Amos and Betty, Dec.6,1801.

Betsey, d.Amos and Betty, Dec.15,1792.

Betsey, d.Amos and Betty, Sept.12,1808.

John, s.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, July28,1755.

John, s.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, Jan.25,1758.

John, s.Amos and Betty, Sept.27,1791.

Hety [Hitty.DC], d.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, June11,1764.

Sarah, d.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, June6,1744.

Solomon Wilkins, s.Amos and Betty, Mar.4,1796.

Siluister, s.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, Aug.13,1745.

Siluister, s.Thomas, jr. and Abigail, Jan.5,1757.


George Warren, s.Franklin R., shoemaker, and Emily, Aug.9,1849.


Hennery Wilkins [Henry, only.DC], s.William and Abigail, Jan.25,1743.

Sarah Wilkins [Sarah, only.DC], d.William and Abigail, Jan.28,1745.

COMMINGS (Cummings)

Abigail, d.John [jr.DC] and Mary, Oct.5,1743.

Benjamin, s.John and Mary [Marcy.DC], Sept.12,1723.

Benjamin, s.John and Mary, Oct.7,1731.

Hannah, d.John and Mary [Marcy.DC], Nov.6,1718.

Joanna, d.David and Joanna, Nov.27, [1732.DC].

John, s.John and Mary [Marcy.DC], Apr.19,1717.

Jonathan, s.John [jr.DC], and Mary, Feb.13,173[9.DC].

Joseph, s.John and Mary, Feb.5,1733.

Marcy, d.John and Mary [Marcy.DC], Oct.26,1720.

Rubin, s.John and Mary [Marcy.DC], Jan.20,1725-6.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, May30,1729.


Elizebeth, d.Samuel and Mary, Apr.19,1745.


末末, s.Zenas, paper manufacturer, and Rebecca, July2,1844.

末末, s.Stephen O., paper maker, Aug.19,1848.

Eliza, d.Zenas and Rebecca, Jan.19,1834.


George Washington, s.twin, Richard and Seviah, June4,1809.

Olive, d.Richard and Seviah, July24,180[7?].

Ruby, d.twin, Richard and Seviah, June4,1809.

Sarah Averill, d.Richard and Seviah, July13,180[5?].


Jean, d.John and Mary, Oct.8,1732.

John, s.John and Mary, Dec.15,1729.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Mar.5,1731.

Thomas, s.John and Mary, bp. Jan.26,1735.CR

CUMMINGS (Commings)

David, s.Samuel and Joanna, June24,1827.

Helen B., d.Henry, carpenter, and Eliza, Feb.8,1848.

Samuel H., s.Samuel and Joanna, Nov.4,1829.


Amos, s.Amos and Hannah, May24,175[4.DC].

Andrew, s.Israel and Abigail, Feb.27,1749.

Andrew, s.Eli and Susannah, June14,1781.

Andrew, s.Jesse and Elisabeth, Aug.12,1811.

Andrew Fuller, s.Israel and Phebe, Feb.14,1813.

Andrew Fuller, s.Andrew Fuller and Harriet, Dec.15,1841.

Asher, s.Eli and Susanna, July14,1786.

Dudley, s.Israel and Abigail, Feb.12,1751.

Eddey [Edy.DC], [d.?] Eli and Susannah, Jan.10,1778.

Edward, s.Israel and Phebe, Feb.9,1815.

Eli, s.Israel and Abigail, Oct.27,1745.

Eli, s.Eli and Susannah, Jan.14,1784.

Elizebeth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Mar.4,174[4?].

Bette, d.Israel and Abigail, June22,1764.

Betsey, d.Israel and Elizebeth, Mar.12,1780.

Hannah, d.Amos and Hannah, Apr.3,1753.

Huldah, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Dec.14,1746.

Israel, s.Israel and Abigail, Oct.20,1754.

Israel, s.Israel and Elizebeth, Aug.7,1781.

Israel, s.Israel and Phebe, Nov.24,1808.

James, s.Levi and Abigail, Apr.1,1827.

Jesse, s.Israel and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1786.

Jesse, s.Jesse and Elisabeth, Feb.5,1810.

Jesse, s.Israel and Phebe, Mar.24,1816.

John Augustus, s.John, farmer, and Alethea, Oct.10,1847.

Leny [Levi.DC], [s.?] Israel and Abigail, Nov.12,1756.

Levi, s.Israel and Elizabeth, at Andover, May10,1788.

Levi, s.Levi and Abigail, Aug.20,1819.

Levi, s.Levi and Abigail, June1,1821.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1748.

Mary, d.Israel and Elizabeth, Jan.22,1803.

Polly, d.Israel and Phebe, Oct.10,1810.

Hity, d.Amos and Hannah, May11,1763.

Mehitabel, d.Israel and Elizebeth, July8,1784.

Phebe, d.Amos and Hannah, Aug.6,1760.

Phebe, d.Israel and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1796.

Priscilla Killam, d.John and Alethear, July17,1842.

Rachel, d.Amos and Hannah, May17,175[7.DC].

Rebecca, d.Amos and Rebecca, Jan.21,1749.

Rebeckah, d.Amos and Hannah, Dec.1,17[55.DC].

Rebecca, d.Eli and Susannah, Mar.23,1776.

Ruth, d.Israel and Abigail, Feb.17,1744.

Sarah, d.Israel and Abigail, Feb.25,1759.

Sarah, d.Israel and Elizebeth, Oct.16,1782.

Stephen, s.Benjamin, bp. Mar.31,1754.CR

Sukey, d.Eli and Susanna, Sept.10,1788.

Warren, s.Israel and Phebe, June17,1822.

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