George P., s.Moses [and Polly.GR5], Sept.5,1838, a.1y.7m.[ Sept.27.GR5]

Helen or Ellen [Cynthia E.PR1], d.Moses and Mary, quinsy, May25,1845.


Benjamin, m., wheelwright, b. at Andover, inflammation of the bowels, Oct.19,1847, a.46y.


Sally, d.Amos, Aug.5,1796, a.4y.

Sally, d.Amos, Oct.7,1801, a.4y.

Zacheriah, s.Amos, July29,1796, a.2y.


Amos, s.Levi, Nov.6,1838, a.18y.


[Horace Joshua.PR1], ch.[Amos and Sally.PR1], Sept.9,1841, a.1y.[1840.PR1]

FLINT (Flynt)

Enoch Perley, s.Jesse, Nov.6,1841, a.21y.3m.21d.

Fanny, w.Jesse, May27,1824, a.29y.7m.7d.

Huldah, wid.Dea.John, May1,1802, a.74y.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Nov.11,1784, a.8d.

Jeremiah, Sept.5,1818, a.71y.

John, Lt., Dec.6,1802, a.46y.9m.6d.

Mary Ann, d.Jeremiah, Feb.17,1825, a.4y.3m.16d.

[Polly.GR11], w.Jeremiah, June8,1836, a.42y.[a.38y.GR11]

Roger, Capt., Aug.1,1811, a.35y.7m.

Sarah, wid.[wife.GR11] Jeremiah, Feb.25,1826, a.70y.8m.[Feb.24.GR11]

FLYNT (Flint)

Samuel, putrid fever, Mar.24,1769.CR


Abigail, w.Jacob, Nov.23,1789, a.83y.

Abigail F., w.Abijah [b. at Amherst, NH.PR1], colic and inflammation of the bowels, July7,1846.

Andrew, father of John, coffin made, Sept.25,1802.PR4

Archelaus, Col., "in the Army and buried at Charlestown, No. 4, NH" Aug.末,1776, a.49y.3m.21d.PR1

Daniel, s.Daniel, May19,1801, a.3m.19d.

David, Sept.11,1821, a.62y.9m.GR4

David, Dr., Nov.6,1821, a.70y.[a.64y.GR8; a.70y.PR1]

Elbridge, unm., s.Daniel and Sally, farmer, consumption, Feb.12,1849, a.29y.6m.1d.

Elijah, s.Col. Archelaus, Nov.末,1775.PR1

Elisha, Jan.12,1804.GR1

Elisabeth, d.William, Dec.30,1749, a.4y.

Elizebeth, d.William, Dec.30,1749, a.4y.

Elizabeth, w.Elisha, Jan.末,1803.GR1

Elisabeth, w.Andrew, Jan.1,1812, a.91y.

Betty, w.Col. Archelaus, May7,1822, a.96y.GR2

Betty, wid.Col. Archlaus, May7,1823, a.96y.

Ephraim, Capt., Feb.20,1792, a.69y.GR1

Esther, d.Benjamin, Apr.6,1826, a.17d.

Eunice, d.David [and Debby.GR4], Aug.5,1794., a.2y.4m.12d.[1795.GR4]

Ezra, s.Jacob,末蔓末,1763, a.32y.

Fanny Sophia, d.Abijah, Dec.20,1832, a.5y.2m.

Fanny S., d.Abijah, July14,1842, a.8y.

Frederick A., s.Timothy and Hannah, Dec.21,1847.GR2

Holten, s.Jacob, Nov.27,1767, a.23y.

Holten, "Languishment after a Putrid fever," Dec.9,1767.CR

Israel, s.Elisha, Sept.2,1776, a.24y.

Jacob, Nov.15,1731, a.77y.

Jacob, Oct.17,1767, a.67y.[putrid fever, Oct.27.CR]

Jacob, Nov.20,1799, a.51y.[a.52y.GR8]

John, May14,1735, a.58y.4m.

John, Jan.24,1746, a.36y.

John, s.Andrew, Mar.3,1754, a.2y.

Joseph, "of Lunenburg, with fever, very sudden, being occasionally down on business at Benj. Fullers," Jan.5,1769.CR

Margaret, Aug.末,1842, a.14y.

Mary, w.Jacob, July17,1741, a.81y.

Mary, w.Capt. Ephraim, Dec.14,1786, a.63y.GR1

Polly Swain, d.John, Mar.22,1796, a.4y.7m.

Polly, w.John, Jan.18,1827, a.65y.

Mary W., d.Abijah and Abigail, marasmus, Sept.19,1846, a.7m.28d.

Nehemiah, Mar.24,1785, a.34y.GR1

Phebe, d.Andrew, Sept.30,1750, a.2y.

Phebe, d.Andrew, Feb.22,1754, a.4y.

Phebe, wid.John, June18,1757, a.74y.

Rebecca, wid., d.Nathaniel and Susanna Berry, heart disease, Oct.30,1844, a.75y.

Ruth, w.Nehemiah, July15,1783, a.28y.GR1

Ruth, unm., Oct.10,1824, a.56y.GR2

Samuel W., s.Timothy and Hannah, Dec.7,1843, a.1y.11m.GR2

Samuel, unm., s.Daniel and Sally, farmer, drowned [in Ipswich river.PR1], Aug.16,1848, a.33y.8m.9d.

Sarah, wid.Timothy, Jan.11,1824, a.93y.GR2

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph, Nov.22,1826, a.1y.4m.9d.

Simeon, Mar.10,1806, a.46y.6m.29d.

Susanah [Susanna.CR], wid.[old age, dropsy.CR], Oct.6,1765, a.84y.

Timothy, Sept.14,1796, a.89y.GR2

Timothy, jr., June17,1843, a.34y.GR2

William Henry, s.Abijah, Dec.23,1832, a.3y.6m.

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