MACKENTIRE (Mackintire)

Jotham [of Reading. int.], and Hannah Thomas, Apr.3,1810.*

Phebe, and John Berry, jr. of Andover, int.Apr.11,1807.

MACKINTIRE (McIntire, Mackentire)

Benjamin, and Experience Elliott, Dec.13,1750.

Daniel, of Reading, and Sarah Hutchinson, at Reading, Feb.27,1781.

David, of Reading, and Margaret Buxton, at Reading, Nov.13,1734.

Eliab [of Reading. int.], and Mary [] Johnson, May2,1802.*

Jacob, of Reading, and Phebe Hutchinson, at Reading, June4,1777.

Simeon, and Emma Wright, July5,1795.*

Timothy, and Nama Town of Andover, at Andover,末蔓末,1747.

Zadock, and Lois Nichols, Apr.2,1817.*


Margaret, and Matthew Martin, at Beverly, Feb.27,1758.


Henry, and Elizabeth Searls, Feb.20,1841.*

Sarah, and Joseph Averill, Dec.24,1745.


Emma, of Salem, and Abner Wilkins, at Salem, Dec.29,1737.

James, and Keziah Buck of Andover, at Andover,末蔓末,1742-3.

Keziah, and Joseph Hutchinson, July19,1764.

Mary, and Isaac Holt of Souheygan West, at Danvers, Dec.26,1757.

Sarah, and Dudly Curtice, July16,1777.

MARSTIN (Maston)

Hannah, and Daniel Long, Oct.31,1765.

Lydia, and John Stearns, Feb.18,1767.

MARTIN (Martyn, Matein)

Annar D., and Sewall Eliott, Oct.2,1838.*

Matthew, and Margaret Manning, at Beverly, Feb.27,1758.

MARTYN (Martin)

Nathaniel, and Hannah Wilkins, June2,1752.


Eliza, and William Brown, July4,1839.*

Elisabeth, of Lowell, and Samuel Wilkins, 2d, int.Mar.14,1844.

Josiah, of Andover, and Harriet L. Cahoon, int.Sept.7,1843.

Richard, of Reading, and Susanna Knight, at Reading, Aug.13,1782.

MASTON (Marstin)

Ruth, and Bemsley Peabody, Nov.12,1754.

MATEIN (Martin)

Sarah, wid., and Josiah Kenney, int.May2,1790.

McINTIRE (Mackintire)

Charles, and Hannah C. Sheldon, int.Oct.1,1831.

Eliab, a.60y., widr., farmer, s.Hezekiah and Anne, and Polly Johnson, a.50y., d.John and Sarah, of Bridgewater, VT, Mar.27,1845.*

Betsy, Mrs., of North Reading, and James Nichols, int.Feb.21,1847.

Lydia, of Reading, and David Russell, jr., int.Mar.21,1818.

Rhoda [of Reading. int.], and Joseph Hutchinson, June21,1820.*

MERIAM (Merriam)

Elisabeth, and Jesse Putnam [of], June10,1804.*

Fanny, and Simon Mudge [of], June11,1807.*

Rebecca, and Lieut. Elias Wilkins, Feb.4,1798.*

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Abigail [], and Benjamin Fuller, Dec.16,1792.CR*

Andrew, and Ann Jane Nixon, int.Apr.29,1815.

Andrew, and Ann Burge of Hollis, NH, int.July13,1839.

Catherine, and Capt. Stephen Wilkins of Danvers, Mar.末,1836.CR*

Francis P., and Mary F. Crosby of Danvers, int.Nov.1,1844.

Francis P., and Hannah B. Crosby of Leominster, int.Nov.3,1849.

James N., and Hannah W. Ober of Beverly, int.Sept.22,1848.

Silas, Dr., and Abigail Deal, Feb.25,1766.


Emily Ann, wid., b. in Maine, and Jason Richardson, farmer, s.David, Danvers, June11,1845.*

Hannah R., of Danvers, and Francis Benitez, int.Mar.21,1845.

Joseph [of Danvers.CR], and Elizabeth Fish, Dec.29,1835.*

Rosiller R., Mrs., and David Richardson, int.Apr.6,1844.


Betsey, Mrs., and Amos Richardson, int.Nov.25,1846.


Samuel, and Esther Wilkins, June21,1801.*


Eliza Ann, and Isaac Osgood Barnard [of Andover. int.], Dec.25,1828.*

Betsy [], and David Peabody, Jan.30,1820.*

Hannah, and William Perkins, Dec.2,1824.*

Hiram, and Susan Ann Symonds Fuller, Nov.28,1833.*

Sally, and Luke Towne, both of Topsfield, May7,1819.CR


George W.L., of New York city, and Mrs.Martha Ann Francis, int.July10,1830.


Benjamin, and Lydia Foster, Oct.3,1754.


Nancy, of Danvers, and Elijah Hutchinson, int.Jan.2,1808.

Simon [of], and Fanny Meriam, June11,1807.*

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