Abigail, of Salem, and John Burton, jr., at Salem, May14,1734.


Jacob U., and Polly O. Richardson, Oct.1,1843.*

Mary, of Danvers, and Joseph Russel, at Danvers, Dec.18,1792.*

Ruth, of Danvers, and Nehemiah Wilkins, int.Dec.17,1831.


Jane, and Samuell Flynt, Apr.5,1750.


Abi, and Benjamin Clark Osbourn, of Danvers, int.Dec.13,1828.

Allen, and Rebecca Hobbs, Oct.9,1803.*

Almira, and William Peabody of Boxford, at Topsfield, Mar.25,1835.*

Amos [of], and Rachel Berry, Jan.1,1789.*

Amos, jr., and Abigail Needham of Billerica, int.Oct.11,1828.

Andrew, and Ruth Curtice, Dec.13,1769.

Andrew, and Susanna Gage, June13,1787.*

Andrew, and Marcy Beadle, June2,1791.*

Andrew, and Mary Ann Pettengail, Dec.25,1827.*

Anna, and Elijah Knight [of New], Aug.29,1786. [Aug.27.DC; Aug.29,1785.CR]*

Anna, and Jesse Estey, June19,1808.*

Ann, and William A. Phelps, Sept.2,1841.*

Asa, and Anna Gould, June4,1771.

Bemsley, and Ruth Maston, Nov.12,1754.

Bemesly, and Betty Peabody of Danvers, at Danvers, May25,1779.

Benjamin, and Hannah Black, Sept.23,1765.

Benjamin W., and Nancy Perkins, int.Oct.22,1836.

Benjamin, and Harriet Brown of Tewksbury, int.Dec.27,1838.

Bethiah, and Thomas Peabody, Nov.12,1761.

Charles [of], and Hannah How, Apr.27,1831.*

Daniel, and Phebe Foster of Andover, at Andover, June4,1750.

Daniel, and Sarah T. Clark of Danvers, int.Jan.1,1844.

David, and Eunice Peabody, Oct.5,1784.*

David, and [] Betsey Moores, Jan.30,1820.*

Betty, and Elisha Gould, Sept.19,1779.

Betsy [], and Peter Cross [jr. of], Nov.27,1798.*

Eunice, and David Peabody, Oct.5,1784.*

Fanny, and David Hutchinson, May27,1819.*

Francis, and Dorothy [Perkins.Topsfield Rds.], Jan.27,1714-15.

Francis, jr., and Margaret Knight, Mar.26,1739.

Francis, and Sarah Cumings, Aug.16,1774.

Francis, 2d, and [] Hannah Giddings, Dec.8,1807.*

Francis, 3d, and Polly Russell of Boxford, int.Oct.30,1813.

Francis, 3d, and Lydia Peabody, Dec.26,1838.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Fuller, Mar.2,1731-2.

Hannah, and Jesse Smith, both of Middleton, at Danvers, Jan.20,1793.

Hannah, and Benjamin Averill, June2,1808.*

Hannah, and Perry Green Hopkins [of], Nov.30,1809.*

Hephzibah, and Asa How, Dec.12,1793.CR*

Huldah, and John Warren [of], May7,1820.*

Isaac, and Sarah Wilkins, Mar.8,1749.

Isaiah B., and Lydia M. Prescott, Jan.28,1837. [Feb.28.CR]*

James, and Susan Newhall of Pepperrell, int.Dec.24,1820.

James, and Susan Augusta Sheldon, int.Nov.4,1837.

Jeremiah, and Mary Eaton, Apr.18,1831.*

Jeremiah F., and Betsey Wilkins, Mar.1,1843.*

Jesse, and Martha Bradstreet, Dec.9,1834.

Jesse, and Mrs.Martha Bradstreet, int.Apr.5,1835.

Joel [of], and Elisabeth Wilkins, Feb.8,1807.*

John W., and Elizabeth [W. int.] Estey, June4,1839.*

Joseph, and Mary Symonds, Jan.24,1775.

Joseph [], and [] Hannah Averill, May25,1790.*

Joseph [Capt., of], and Catharine Smith, Aug.28,1791.*

Joseph, 3d, and Olive Berry, Sept.4,1800.*

Joseph, 3d, and Anna Flint, Oct.22,1805.*

Joseph, 2d, and Mary W. Johnson of Boxford, int.July7,1838.

Lucy, and Elijah Wilkins, int.Oct.23,1784.

Lucy, and Abraham Gage [jr.CR], June25,1795.*

Lucy, and Samuel Wilkins, Apr.20,1806.*

Lucy, and [Capt. int.] Benjamin Goldwait, June1,1820.*

Lydia, and Francis Peabody, 3d, Dec.26,1838.*

Margaret, and Ebenezer Knight, July14,1773.

Peggy, and Jesse Wilkins, Oct.10,1810.*

Petty, of Danvers, and Bemesly Peabody, at Danvers, May25,1779.

Mary, and Samuell Conant, Aug.9,1744.

Molly, and Edmond Perkins, Oct.7,1787.*

Mary Ann, and Josiah Ross [of], Dec.29,1842.*

Nancy, and Nathaniel Dunpha [Duncklee.PR1; R.CR; of Gloucester. int.], July18,1825.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Symonds, Oct.18,1750.

Nathaniel, and Ruth Eliott, int.Nov.24,1792.

Olive, and Benjamin Dole [of], Nov.26,1799.*

Orin, and Olive E. Howard of New Market, NH, int.June18,1847.

Phebe, and Henry Blazedell, May4,1772.

Phebe, and John Gillingham of Danvers, int.Jan.24,1814.

Priscilla, and James Bishop [of], Nov.4,1790.*

Rachel Louisa, and Frederick Tarr of Gloucester, int.Nov.8,1828.

Ruth, and John Curtis, Oct.8,1765.

Ruth, and Jacob Gould [3d, of], May25,1790.*

Ruthey, and Eben Wilkins [of], Aug.22,1824.*

Samuel, and Ruth Trask of Salem, at Beverly, Apr.13,1749.

Samuel, and Mary A. Oakes, of Boston, int.Nov.27,1819.

Samuel, and Elizabeth W. Curtis, Apr.26,1838.*

Sarah, and Daniel Porter, Mar.29,1770.

Sarah, and Joseph Symonds, Apr.5,1791.*

Sally, and Coombs Tarr [of Gloucester. int.], Dec.21,1826.*

Sally, and Andrew Berry, int.July10,1830.

Sarah P., a.19y., d.Francis and Mary, and John R. Goodwin, a.19y., shoemaker, s.James and Mary, Nov.26,1846.*

Stephen, and Ruth Story, Oct.15,1755.

Stephen, and Olive Bancroft, Feb.13,1812.*

Susan, and Webster Emerson [of], July5,1818.*

Thomas, and Bethiah Peabody, Nov.12,1761.

Warren, and Lydia Dale, Sept.8,1805.*

William, and Deborah Goold, Nov.15,1749. [Nov.13.DC]

William [of], and Hannah Wilkins, May11,1800.*

William, of Boxford, and Almira Peabody, at Topsfield, Mar.25,1835.*

Zerubbable, and Lydia Fuller, Feb.21,1732-3.

Zarobabel, and Jerusha White, Oct.20,1743.


Cornelius, a.27y., farmer, b. at Boxford, s.Jonathan and Olive, and Sarah A[nn. int.] Thompson, a.18y., d.James and Nancy, Sept.15,1846.*


William, Ens., "resident," and Eunice Kenney, int.Oct.2,1819.


Andrew, and Rachel Eliott, Mar.31,1773.

Arethusa, and Jesse Stiles, Aug.9,1826.*

Augusta A., a.19y., d.William and Hannah, and George W. White, a.25y., farmer, s.John and Mehitable, Nov.12,1846.*

Charlotte A., Mrs., and George P. Wilkins, int.Jan.13,1849.

Daniel [non-resident. int.], and Sarah Wilkins, Jan.14,1798.*

Dorithy, and Samuell Sterns, Jan.3,1739.

Dudley, and Sarah Perkins, both of Topsfield, Nov.19,1818.CR

Edmond, and Molly Peabody, Oct.7,1787.*

Elenor [Elenor Sterns.CR], and Larraford Gilboard, Nov.1,1769.

Eliza Jane, and Daniel Brown of Cambridge, int.Mar.10,1849.

Betsey, and Kimball Carleton of Andover, int.May1,1825.

George, and Maria Black of Danvers, July11,1839.CR

Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph Russell of Andover, at Andover,末蔓末,1746.

Hannah, and Elijah Averill, Jan.4,1776.

Jonathan, and Mary Dodge of Wenham, at Wenham, July12,1743.

Joseph B[], and Patty Eliott, July4,1822.*

Keziah, and Jonathan Griffin, Mar.23,1732.

Lavinia, and Edward P. Averill, int.Nov.10,1849.

Lydia, and Samuell Symonds, jr., July8,1746.

Martha Ann, a.19y., d.Joseph B., and Joseph Averill, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Benjamin, Oct.22,1844.

Mary A[nn. int.], and Nehemiah P[] Fuller, Dec.25,1823.*

Moses, and Lucy Wilkins, May20,1802.*

Nancy, and Benjamin W. Peabody, int.Oct.22,1836.

Olive, and Daniel Richardson, Feb.19,1829.*

Oliver, and Betsy Berry, Dec.4,1796.*

Phebe, of Topsfield, and Jonathan Knight, at Topsfield, Dec.18,1750.

Phebe, and Benjamin Berry, Apr.9,1770.

Phebe, and Joshua Convers [of Woburn. int.], Nov.27,1806.*

Rachel, and Roger Elliot, July25,1754.

Rachel, and Stephen Nichols, July1,1790.*

Sarah, and Joshua Lovejoy, Apr.3,1770.

Susanna, and Ebenezer Berry, Sept.19,1734.

Timothy, jr., and Phebe Peters, Apr.17,1744.

Timothy, and Mrs.Hepzibah Goodridge, at Boxford, Oct.21,1779.

William, and Hannah Moore, Dec.2,1824.*


Rebecca, of Danvers, and David Stiles [jr. int.; Apr.PR1; Mar.19. int.], 末蔓21,1836.CR*


Anna, and Archelaus Kinney, Dec.19,1753.


Elisabeth, and Josiah Hutchinson, Apr.29,1789. [Apr.23.CR]*

Mary, of Andover, and Jonathan Richardson, at Andover, Oct.14,1779.

Phebe, and Timothy Perkins, jr., Apr.17,1744.

PETTENGAIL (Pettengill)

Abigail [], and Levi Curtis, June29,1819.*

Mary Ann, and Andrew Peabody, Dec.25,1827.*

PETTENGILL (Pettengail, Pettingell)

Debby, and John Herrick, Jan.10,1786.

Susanna, of Andover, and Joseph Averill, at Andover, Dec.12,1780.

PETTINGELL (Pettengill)

Rachel, and Joseph Averill, int.Apr.16,1814.


Horace D., a.26y., carpenter, b. in Maine, s.Ebenezer and Eliza H., and Lydia S. Danforth, a.21y., b. at Danvers, d.Joseph and Lydia, Mar.18,1846.*

Mary, and Jonathan Nickols, May24,1731.

William A., and Ann Peabody, Sept.2,1841.*


George, and Mrs.Hannah Phillips of Scituate, at Scituate, May5,1748.

Hannah, Mrs., of Scituate, and George Phillips, at Scituate, May5,1748.


William, Rev., and Mrs.Rachel Fuller, Nov.13,1751.


Robert, and Abigail Upton, June15,1775.


Eunice L., of Topsfield, and Jeremiah Fuller, int.Mar.21,1841.

Jacob, and Marcy Commings, July1,1740.

PINGERY (Pingrey)

Aaron, and Marthy Clemons, Mar.25,1751.

PINGREY (Pingery)

Asa, of Rowley, and, wid.Mary Kenney, int.Feb.20,1806.


Rebecca, of Andover, and Amos Curtis, at Andover,末蔓末,1749.


Joseph N., of Topsfield, and Elizabeth B. Averill, int.Oct.2,1841.


Daniel, and Sarah Peabody, Mar.29,1770.

Mary, and Asa Kenny, July8,1762.


Benjamin, and Anna Bailey, both of Wenham, Nov.末,1817.CR


Hannah M., and Isaac Robby, Aug.25,1833.CR


Abigail M., and Moses A. Gould, Apr.8,1839.*

Lydia M., and Isaiah B. Peabody, Jan.28,1837. [Feb.28.CR]*


Joseph, and Rachel Berry, Oct.5,1753.

Sarah, and Caleb Chase, Apr.8,1746.


Lois, of Derry, NH, and Benjamin Averill, jr., int.末蔓末,1845.

PUTNAM (Putnum)

Abigail, and Israel Curtis, Apr.25,1744.

Abigail, and Asa Kenny, Oct.8,1765.

Abigail, and Joseph Putnam, int.May17,1795.

Anna, and Joseph Putnam, Dec.29,1799.*

Archelaus, and Mary Nickols, June27,1775.

Caleb, of Wilton, NH, and Hannah Russell, int.May10,1784.

Debby [Debbe. int.], and David Fuller, Feb.末,1785.*

Edward, 3d, and Ruth Fuller, Dec.8,1734.

Edward, and Martha Nurse of Reading, at Reading, Feb.24,1736-7.

Edward, jr., and Mary Wilkins, Nov.29,1743.

Eleazur [of], and Sarah Fuller, Feb.27,1784.*

Elias E., a.26y., trader, b. at Danvers, s.Elias and Eunice, and Lydia P. Batchelder, a.25y., d.Amos and Betsey P., Oct.9,1845.*

Betty, wid., of Danvers, and Lieut. Archelaus Fuller, at Danvers, Apr.17,1759.

Betty, and Archelaus Bachelor, Nov.11,1767.

Betty, and Amos Curtice, Dec.7,1780.

Betty, and Samuel Wilkins, Nov.13,1796.*

Betsey, and Israel Fuller [of Amherst, NH], Dec.28,1826.*

Eunice, and Thomas Lovwell [Lowell.DC], Sept.19,1743.

Ezra, and Lucy Putnam of Salem, at Salem, June21,1750.

Hannah, and Amos Fuller, May8,1746.

Jesse [of], and Elisabeth Meriam, June10,1804.*

Joseph, and Ruth Flint, Oct.15,1770.

Joseph, and Abigail Putnam, int.May17,1795.

Joseph, and Anna Putnam, Dec.29,1799.*

Lois, and Phinehas Putnam, May20,1746.

Lucy, of Salem, and Ezra Putnam, at Salem, June21,1750.

Lucy, and Samuel Small, Mar.9,1780.

Lucy, and Timothy Fuller [of], Apr.23,1840.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Flint of Reading, at Reading, Apr.26,1737.

Mary, and Ephraim Fuller, Oct.17,1749.

Mary, of Bedford, and John Jacobs, at Bedford, June19,1760.

Mehitable, and Joseph Knight, Apr.4,1769.

Miles, and Rachel Wilkins, Sept.23,1747.

Nathaniel, and Abigail Wilkins, Feb.6,1744.

Phinehas, and Lois [Putnam.DC], May20,1746.

Sarah, of Danvers, and Amos Felton, at Danvers, May25,1790.*

Susanna, and Josiah Hayward of Reading, at Reading, Aug.25,1736.

PUTNUM (Putnam)

Abigal, and Joseph Fuller, jr., Nov.11,1730.

Sarah, and Joseph Steall, Aug.2,1731.

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