William S., of Boston, and Julia A. Barker, int.Aug.1,1844.

SALTER (Solter)


Jeremiah [of Lynn. int.], and Lydia M. Wilkins, Sept.30,1827.*


Timothy, and Rhoda French of Andover, int.May28,1831.

SAWYER (Soyer)

Amos Richardson [of Methuen. int.], and Elisabeth Bixby, Mar.30,1790.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Russell, both of Middleton, at Danvers, Feb.23,1775.

George Whitfield, Dr., and Polly Killam, Mar.27,1800.*

John [of], and Sarah Killam, Apr.14,1803.*


Betsey, and Ira Kenney, Apr.31,1840.*

Elizabeth, and Henry Mansfield, Feb.20,1841.*


Polly, and Samuel Stowers Bixby, Mar.17,1790.*

Samuel, and Bathsheba Wilkins, Oct.11,1768.

SHEA (Chay)


Benjamin H[], a.22y., shoemaker, b. at Reading, s.Abraham and Hannah, and Rebbecca Stevens, a.19y., b. at Danvers, Dec.末,1844.*

Hannah C., and Charles McIntire, int.Oct.1,1831.

Harriet N., and Elbridge Stiles, int.May11,1833.

Henrietta M[], a.19y., b. at Reading, d.Abraham and Hannah, and Willard Symonds, a.25y., farmer, b. at Andover, s.Jonas and Martha, Dec.末,1844.*

Hermon [T. int.], and Angelina Richardson, June30,1836.*

Susan Augusta, and James Peabody, int.Nov.4,1837.


John, of Souheygan West, and Mary Wilkins, at Danvers, Oct.26,1757.


Mary, and John Russell [of Andover. int.], Mar.3,1811.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Wilkins, Feb.6,1791.


John [of], and Margaret Wilkins, Feb.8,1818.*


Joseph, and Mary Wilkins, Oct.4,1731.

SIMONDS (Symonds)


Richard, and Rachel Wilkins, July25,1764.


Samuel, and Lucy Putnam, Mar.9,1780.

Samuel, and Jerusha Fuller, Nov.25,1802.


Aaron, and Mary Thomas, Nov.7,1765.

Aaron, and Mary Bixby, Jan.16,1786.

Anna, of Salem, and Timothy Wilkins, int.Nov.26,1730.CR

Catharine, and [Capt. int.] Joseph Peabody [of], Aug.28,1791.*

Eunice, and Abner Wilkins,末蔓末,1769.PR5

George, of Danvers, and Betsy Rea, int.Feb.13,1842.

Huldah, of Danvers, and Elijah Fuller, int.Oct.20,1811.

Jacob, and Hannah Upton, Sept.4,1771.

James, and Moriah Rolf, Mar.14,1775.

Jemima, and Enos Wilkins, Apr.10,1764.

Jesse, and Hannah Peabody, both of Middleton, at Danvers, Jan.20,1793.*

Mary, and Amos Carrol, Sept.29,1748.

Naomi, and Benjamin Wilkins, Sept.22,1778.

Priscilla, of Andover, and Benjamin Berry, at Andover, July1,1736.

Rebecca, and Porter Lummas of Amherst, NH, int.July17,1789.

Sarah, of Salem, and Uriah Wilkins, at Salem, Aug.9,1737.

Sarah, and Timothy Fuller, July6,1749.

Sarah, and Othniel Wilkins, Jan.16,1764.

Sarah, and William Gray, int.July1,1786.


Moses, and Lydia Berry, May27,1823.*


Samuel [Samuel Foster.DC], and Judith Aueril, Apr.20,1732.


Eli S., a.29y., shoemaker, b. at Livermore, ME, s.Eli, and Polly Ann Flint, a.21y., d.Ruth McIntire, June10,1849.*


Hepsibah, and Jacob Upton, July5,1792.CR

SOYER (Sawyer)

Francis, and Elizabeth Richardson, Mar.22,1749.

STEALL (Steel)

Joseph, and Sarah Putnum, Aug.2,1731.

STEARNS (Sterns)

John, and Lydia Marstin, Feb.18,1767.

Samuel, and Hephzibah Briant, Dec.2,1761.

STEEL (Steall)

Sarah, and Daniel Greenough, May28,1759.

STERNS (Stearns)

Samuell, and Dorithy Perkins, Jan.3,1739.


Esther, of Andover, and Thomas Wilkins, at Andover,末蔓末,1745-6.

Mary, of Andover, and Mark How, at Andover, Apr.22,1740.

Rebbecca, a.19y., b. at Danvers, and Benjamin H[] Sheldon, a.22y., shoemaker, b. at Reading, s.Abraham and Hannah, Dec.末,1844.*


Amos, of Beverly, and Mrs.Elizabeth Thomas, at Beverly, Sept.10,1771.

Clarissa, of Danvers, and Joseph P. Stiles, int.Dec.8,1829.

Martin, and Hannah White, Oct.30,1808.*

STILES (Stils)

Andrew, and Hannah Kimball of Ipswich, int.Aug.8,1812.

Andrew, and Phebe Hadley of Andover, int.Mar.26,1825.

Cyrus, and Hannah Curtice, Apr.4,1781.

Cyrus, and Hannah Berry, Oct.29,1789.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Booth, May22,1742.

Daniel, and Sarah Averil, Sept.25,1771.

Daniel [Ensign. int.] and Betty Peabody, Oct.2,1800.*

David, and Nancy Farnum of Andover, Jan.25,1812.

Elbridge, and Harriet N. Sheldon, int.May11,1833.

Elijah, and Tabby Gray of Andover, int.Sept.20,1806.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Lacy, Oct.5,1771.

Farnum, and Elizabeth P. Russell, Apr.27,1837.*

Hannah K., and Andrew E. Gould, Sept.2,1841.*

Harriet A., and Perley W. Richardson, int.Sept.22,1849.

Hezekiah, and Hannah Barnard of Andover, at Andover, Nov.24,1736.

Jene [], and Elias Berry, Dec.22,1786.*

Jesse, and Arethusa Perkins, Aug.9,1826.*

John, and Mary How, Jan.20,1768.

John, jr., and Rebecca Kenney, Nov.26,1795.*

Joseph, and Eunice Wilkins, Oct.29,1761.

Joseph P., and Clarissa Stickney of Danvers, int.Dec.8,1829.

Mary, and Samuel Berry, Apr.22,1779.

Mehittabel, and John Barneard, Dec.17,1733.

Moses [of], and Molly Averill, Nov.5,1805.*

Phebe, and Samuel White, Feb.5,1817.*

Samuel, and Edny Gould of Boxford, at Boxford, Dec.13,1781.

Sally [], and Ezra Gowing [of], Oct.29,1809.*

Simeon, and Mary Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Sept.8,1768.

Simeon, and Sarah Eliott, Nov.21,1811.*

Zeruiah, and Richard Crisben, Dec.9,1800.*

STILS (Stiles)

Ebenezer, and Sarah How, Apr.25,1733.


Elenor, of Reading, and Elisha Fuller, at Reading, Dec.24,1771.


Ruth, and Stephen Peabody, Oct.15,1755.


Polly, and John Fuller, Oct.8,1784.*

SWINNATON (Swinnerton)

Betsy, and Thomas Goodridge, Nov.3,1788.*

SWINNERTON (Swinnaton)

Job, of Salem, and Sarah Hutchinson, at Salem, Sept.1,1748.

Sally [of], and Ensn. Ezra Bradstreet, Mar.21,1804.*

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Anna, and Humphrey Hobbs, July27,1737.

Anna, and John Fuller, jr., int.May3,1814.

Joseph, and Lucy Kimball of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct.31,1744.

Joseph, and Sarah Peabody, Apr.5,1791.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth H. Nichols, int.Mar.30,1834.

Lydia, and Joseph H. Eaton, May7,1829.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Paul Averill, at Wenham, Feb.3,1736.

Mary, and John Fuller, Nov.18,1736.

Mary, and Nathaniel Peabody, Oct.18,1750.

Mary, and Joseph Peabody, Jan.24,1775.

Rebecka, and Zacheus Goold, Nov.4,1745.

Ruth, and Joseph Hobbs, Dec.6,1733.

Samuell, jr., and Lydia Perkins, July8,1746.

Samuel, jr., and, wid.Sarah Hobbs of Salem, int.Nov.13,1784.

Sarah, and Lewis Tyler, Oct.21,1832. [Oct.31.CR]*

Sukey, and [Capt. int.] Putnam Curtis, Dec.6,1821.

Susanna, and Samuel Devereaux [of], Feb.19,1795.*

William, of Hillsborough, NH, and Mary Fuller, int.Apr.30,1792.

William, and Polly Fuller, Sept.23,1792.CR

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