Samuel G. [of Topsfield.CR], and Lucy M. Wilkins, Aug.21,1834.*

Samuel G., and Eveline C. Farnham, int.Apr.24,1847.


James [jr. of Milford, NH. int.], and Polly Flint, June2,1811.*


John [of Salem.int.], and Huldah Peabody, May7,1820.*

WASHER (Wosher)

Stephen, of Soughegan West, and Sarah Wilkins, at Danvers, Mar.1,1758.


Joseph, and Susanna Quiner, int.May12,1844.


John R., a.30y., farmer, b. at Salem, s.Stephen, and Sarah S. Nason, a.30y., b. at Eliot, ME, d.John, June14,1848.


Parker, a.24y., cordwainer, b. at Vienna, ME, s.Job, and Sarah Griffin, a.27y., wid., b. at Seabrook, NH, d.Jonathan Chase, May25,1848.*


Abigail F., and Abijah Fuller, Dec.14,1826.*

Samuel W., and Polly Gould, Dec.28,1831.*

Sarah F., and Willard Russell, Apr.20,1830.*


Betsey, and John Wilson, int.Mar.19,1794.

Jonathan, and Keziah Averil, June27,1754.


Anna, of Danvers, and Samuel Nichols, at Danvers, May26,1760.

Daniel, and Lucinda Wyatt [both of Danvers.PR1],末蔓末,1840.CR

George W., a.25y., farmer, s.John and Mehitable, and Augusta A. Perkins, a.19y., d.William and Hannah, Nov.12,1846.*

Hannah, and Martin Stickney, Oct.30,1808.*

Jerusha, and Zarobabel Peabody, Oct.20,1743.

John, and Rebecca Curtice, June26,1777.

Joseph, and Rachel Curtis, Jan.2,1794.CR*

Lydia, of Danvers, and Nehemiah Knight, at Danvers, Aug.19,1790.*

Lydia, and Hiram Wright, May28,1829.*

Martha A., and Samuel F. Estey, Oct.3,1841.*

Mary, and Amos Nickols, July5,1770.

Olive, and Eli Richardson, July3,1817.*

Oliver, and Asenath Wilkins, Mar.4,1817.*

Perley, and [wid.CR] Eliza Hutchinson, Nov.30,1826.*

Phebe, and Samuel Tyler, jr., Aug.5,1829.*

Samuel, and Phebe Stiles, Feb.5,1817.*

WHITERIDGE (Whitteridge)

Richard, of Danvers, and Lydia Knight, at Danvers, Nov.4,1756.


William, and Lucy Dale of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct.28,1798.*

WHITTERIDGE (Whiteridge)


Amos, and Sally Burnham, both of Topsfield, July8,1819.CR

WILKINS (Willkins)

Abigail, and William Cobb [Cod.PR1] of Salem, at Salem, June27,1743.

Abigail, and Nathaniel Putnam, Feb.6,1744.

Nabby, and Joseph Wright, May13,1798.*

Abigail, and Addison Tyler, Apr.19,1836.*

Abijah, and Lucy Averil, May7,1772.

Abner, and Emma Marble of Salem, at Salem, Dec.29,1737.

Abner, and Eunice Smith,末蔓末,1769.PR5

Abner, and, wid.Mehitable Lovekin of Andover, at Andover, July14,1785.

Asa, and Sarah Lamon, Oct.24,1753.

Asenath, and Oliver White, Mar.4,1817.*

Bathsheba, and Samuel Sessions, Oct.11,1768.

Ben, and Sarah Wilkins, Sept.22,1778.

Benjamin, jr., and Elizabeth Tapley, Nov.15,1737.

Benjamin, and Mary Lambart, Aug.26,1740.

Benjamin, 3d, and Lydia Clarke, Apr.7,1742.

Benjamin, and Hannah Upton, Jan.27,1767.

Benjamin, and Naomi Smith, Sept.22,1778.

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Susanna Richardson, Oct.19,1818.*

Bray, and Lucy W[ilkins?], Apr.12,1750. [Apr.11.DC]

Caroline, d.Jesse and Peggy, and Stephen Lynde, shoemaker, of Stoneham, Nov.23,1846.*

Catharine, and Frederick Howe [of Danvers.int.], Feb.8,1827.*

Clarissa, and Joseph Fuller, May10,1822. [May7.CR]*

Cyrus K., a.25y., shoemaker, s.James and Betty, and Caroline E. Gould, a.21y., d.Henry L. and Lydia, May12,1847.*

Daniel, 3d, and Mrs.Sarah Fuller, Sept.9,1736.

Daniel, and Luci Bradford, Feb.27,1749.

Daniel, and Rachel Wilkins, Mar.14,1754.

David, and Annah Thomas, Oct.12,1731.

David, and Lucy Upton of Reading, at Reading, Oct.25,1733.

David, and Elizabeth Bailey, Mar.17,1736.

David, and Mary Berry, Oct.1,1801.*

David, 2d, and Betsy Curtis, May1,1808.*

Debby, and Andrew Eliott, July18,1798.*

Dixey, and Mrs.Harriet Curtis of Andover, int.Apr.29,1848.

Eben [of Danvers.int.], and Ruthey Peabody, Aug.22,1824.*

Elias, Lieut., and Rebecca Meriam, Feb.4,1798.*

Elias, 2d, and Mary Curtis, May15,1827.*

Elijah, and Mary Wilkins, Oct.10,1765.

Elijah, and Lucy Peabody, int.Oct.23,1784.

Elisha, and Lydia Nickols, Oct.4,1738.

Elisha, and Hannah Maria Bartlett, Nov.1,1837.*

Eliza, and Ezra Richardson, Dec.25,1827.*

Elizabeth, and Samuell Wilkins, June13,1740. [June19.DC]

Elizabeth, and Peter Homan, July10,1744.

Betty, and Jonathan Lamon, July末,1765.

Elizabeth, and David Upton, Mar.20,1766.

Elizabeth, of Danvers, and John Russell, at Danvers, June13,1771.

Elizabeth, and Israel Curtice, Sept.2,1779.

Betty, and Amos Cave, Oct.24,1790.*

Betty, and Jonathan Fry Rea, July9,1800.*

Elisabeth, and Joel Peabody [of Boxford.int.], Feb.8,1807.*

Betsey, and James Wilkins, May1,1817.*

Betsey, and Jeremiah F. Peabody, Mar.1,1843.*

Elizabeth, and Mark Newman, Sept.20,1843.

Enos, and Jemima Smith, Apr.10,1764.

Ephraim, and Hannah Dixy, Apr.6,1806.*

Esther, and Samuel Mitchel, June21,1801.*

Esther, and Israel Fuller, Dec.20,1804.*

Esther, and Benjamin Fuller [of Danvers.int.], July7,1824.*

Eunice, and John Lamon, June17,1741.

Eunice, and Joseph Stiles, Oct.29,1761.

Eunice, and James Nichols, int.Feb.23,1804.

George P., and Mrs.Charlotte A. Perkins, int.Jan.13,1849.

Hannah, and John Wosher, Mar.5,1735.

Hannah, and Jonathan Bailey, June20,1743.

Hannah, and Humphrey Case [of Salem.SR], June4,1747.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Martyn, June2,1752.

Hannah, and Israel Kenny, Sept.18,1764.

Hannah, and William Peabody [of Lynnfield.int.], May11,1800.*

Harriet, and Elder [Rev. int.] Philemon R. Russell [of Lynn. int.], Apr.14,1840. [Apr.4.CR]*

Henrey, jr., and Elizabeth Clerk, May9,1734.

Henry A., and Lydia E.P. How of Danvers, int.Nov.23,1844.

Huldah, and Jonathan Russell, May25,1769.

Icabod, and Mary Clark, May9,1744.

Ithamer [Thomas.DC], and Lois 末末, June3,1736.

James, and Betsey Wilkins, May1,1817.*

Jesse, and Peggy Peabody, Oct.10,1810.*

John, jr., and Naomi Wilkins, Apr.6,1738.

John, and [wid.int.] Susanna Wilkins, July13,1824.*

Jonathan, and Abigail Goodale of Salem, at Salem, Oct.5,1737.*

Jonathan, 3d, and Lydia Wilkins, Dec.5,1750.

Jonathan [jr.CR], and Susanna Berry, Oct.9,1764.

Joseph, jr., and Abigail Burt, July20,1736.

Lucy, and Moses Perkins, May20,1802.*

Lucy M., and Samuel G. Wakeham [of Topsfield.CR], Aug.21,1834.*

Luther, and Mary Richardson, Apr.29,1830.*

Luther, and Mary S. Emerson, Aug.26,1840.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Wilkins, 3d, Dec.5,1750.

Lydia M., and Jeremiah Sanborn [of Lynn. int.], Sept.30,1827.*

Margery, and Pelatiah Wilkins, Aug.9,1796.*

Margaret, and John Shorey [of Jonesborough.int.], Feb.8,1818.*

Margery, and Abishai Higgins, Dec.15,1843.*

Marjery, and Elisha Upton, Apr.11,1753.

Mary, and Joseph Sibbly, Oct.4,1731.

Mary, and Edward Putnam, Nov.29,1743.

Mary, and James Nickols, Sept.14,1749.

Mary, and John Shepherd of Souheygan West, at Danvers, Oct.26,1757.

Mary, and Elijah Wilkins, Oct.10,1765.

Mary, and Nathaniel Sherman, Feb.6,1791.

Mary, and Eben Goodhue of Danvers, int.Sept.28,1816.

Mary, and Dea.John Nichols, Dec.2,1816.*

Mary, and Ezra Eaton [of Reading. int.], Mar.12,1826.*

Mehitable, and Israel Kenney, jr. [of Hollis, NH. int.], Oct.9,1794.*

Miriam, and William Hodgsdon, June23,1762.

Moses, and Deborah [Daborah.int.] Averill of Andover, at Andover, Feb.19,1793.*

Nancy, and William Gilford [Gifford.PR1; of Danvers.int.], Oct.22,1812.*

Nancy, and Levi Fish, jr., Jan.26,1837.*

Naomi, and John Wilkins, jr., Apr.6,1738.

Naomi, and Amos Richardson, int.Oct.2,1813.

Nehemiah, and Sarah Russell, Aug.12,1772.

Nehemiah, and Ruth Parker of Danvers, int.Dec.17,1831.

Olive, and Samuel Estey, June24,1804.*

Othniel, and Sarah Smith, Jan.16,1764.

Pelatiah, and Margery Wilkins, Aug.9,1796.*

Phinehas, and Rebecka Bailey, July3,1740.

Phebe, and Francis Elliot, Aug.14,1753.

Priscilla, and David Kinney, May21,1750.

Rachel, and Miles Putnam, Sept.23,1747.

Rachel, and Daniel Wilkins, Mar.14,1754.

Rachel, and Richard Skidmore, July25,1764.

Rebecca, and Allen Berry, Dec.6,1826.*

Ruth, and Amos Upham [of Malden. int.], Nov.30,1797.*

Ruth, and Timothy Fuller, jr. of Danvers, int.Mar.1,1808.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Wilkins, June13,1740. [June19.DC]

Samuel, and Mary Hutchinson of Danvers, at Danvers, Dec.5,1781.

Samuel, jr., and, wid.Sarah Killam, at Boxford, July14,1785.

Samuel, and Betty Putnam, Nov.13,1796.*

Samuel, and Lucy Peabody, Apr.20,1806.*

Samuel H., and Elizabeth Estey, Dec.27,1837.*

Samuel [Capt. int.], and [Mrs.int.] Sally W. Josephs, Feb.22,1843.*

Samuel, 2d, and Elisabeth Mason of Lowell, int.Mar.14,1844.

Sarah, and Isaac Peabody, Mar.8,1749.

Sarah, and Stephen Washer of Souheygan West, at Danvers, Mar.1,1758.

Sarah, and Ben Wilkins, Sept.22,1778.

Sarah, wid., and Israel Thomas, int.May17,1794.

Sarah, and Daniel Perkins [non-resident. int.], Jan.14,1798.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Goodhue [non-resident. int.], Mar.15,1804.*

Sarah R., and Stephen Emerson, Feb.23,1832.*

Solomon, and Patince Lambart, Oct.29,1730.

Solomon, and Eunice Kenney, Nov.9,1790.*

Solomon, Maj., and Sophia Wilkins of Amherst, NH, int.Oct.21,1815.

Sophia, of Amherst, NH, and Solomon Wilkins, int.Oct.21,1815.

Sophia, and Samuel Russel, June26,1823.*

Stephen, and Hannah Curtis, Aug.24,1732.

Stephen, and Anna Berry, Apr.11,1760.

Stephen, Capt., of Danvers, and Catharine Merriam, Mar.末,1836.CR*

Susan [Susannah.PR1 and int.], and Joseph Berry, Sept.18,1828.*

Susanna, and Eli Curtise, Apr.12,1773.

Susanna [wid.int.], and John Wilkins, July13,1824.*

Tabitha, and John Johnson, Feb.4,1764. [Feb.19.CR]

Thomas, and Esther Stevens of Andover, at Andover,末蔓末,1735-6.

Timothy, and Anna Smith of Salem, int.Nov.26,1730.SR

Timothy F., and Elizabeth Daniels, Apr.6,1841.*

Uriah, and Sarah Smith of Salem, at Salem, Aug.9,1737.

Uriah, and Phebe Russell of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.16,1771.

William, and Margaret Case, Nov.3,1762.

Zadock, of Danvers, and Abigail Berry, at Danvers, Jan.6,1789.*

WILLKINS (Wilkins)

Anna, and Robart Burnate, Feb.19,1734-5.

Ebenezer, and Marcy [Mary.DC] Willkins, Apr.24,1730.

Betty, and Jeremiah Town, Dec.15,1735.

Marcy [Mary.DC], and Ebenezer Willkins, Apr.24,1730.


Hannah, and Ira Hutchinson, May10,1825.*

John, and Betsey Whipple, int.Mar.19,1794.


Isaac, of Danvers, and Maraett Tyler, int.July1,1837.


Joseph, and Elizabeth Fuller, May31,1743.

Mehitable E., and Daniel Thomas, int.Apr.1,1833.

WOSHER (Washer)

John, and Hannah Wilkins, Mar.5,1735.


David, and Sarah Easty, Jan.1,1772.

Emma, and Simeon Mackintire, July5,1795.*

Francis, and Anne Harper of Harvard, at Harvard, Oct.15,1771.

Hiram, and Lydia White, May28,1829.*

Joseph, and Nabby Wilkins, May13,1798.*

Joshua, and Sarah Richardson, Jan.11,1762.

Melintha, and William Goodhue [of Andover. int.], May10,1821.*

Rebecca, and William Kenney, Oct.29,1796.*

Sally R., and Jonathan Berry [jr. int.], Nov.25,1824.*

William, and Hannah Knight, Apr.25,1769.


Lucinda, and Daniel White [both of Danvers.PR1],末蔓末,1840.CR

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