Sarah, wid., July末,1832, a.51y.


Abigail d.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.1,1821, a.4m.GR14

Abraham, s.David, "by a bean getting into his windpipe," Mar.20,1772, a.3y.CR5

David, Sept.8,1807, a.82y.GR14

David, Revolutionary Soldier, Dec.19,1847, a.87y.GR14

Eunice w.David, May7,1849, a.84y.GR14

Frederic, s.Daniel and Sarah, June12,1822, a.6d.GR14

Isaac, of Winthrop, ME, Aug.12,1840, a.52y.GR14

Rachel Spofford w.David, Nov.9,1813, a.78y.GR14

Sally, consumption, Oct.末,1793.CR5

Sarah w.Daniel, Aug.15,1835, a.47y.

William, s.Daniel and Sarah, June18,1822, a.12d.GR14


Joseph, at West Newbury, Jan.2,1824, a.72y.

Moses, Dec.31,1795, a.80y.CR4

Sarah, wid.Moses, Dec.10,1805, a.83y.GR6


Joshua L., s.Joshua L., Sept.5,1836.


Elizabeth d.Dr. John and Elisabeth, Mar.7,1744.

Esther w.Robert, Mar.23,1800, a.43y.

Harriet d.Robert and Esther, Sept.13,1797, a.4m.

John, eldest s.Dr. John, Oct.29,1763, in his 21st y.GR16

John, Capt., in Guadaloupe, Sept.5,1771, a.33y.

Mary, Miss, Sept.14,1840, a.74y.

Rebecca B. w.John, and d.Samuel Danforth, Sept.13,1836, a.25y.

Samuell, s.John and Mary, Jan.4,1757, in his 8th y.GR16

Samuel, Esq., s.[Capt.GR12] John and Hannah, May24,1846, a.74y.10m.19d.


Andrew, s.Andrew and Mary, Sept.17,1760, a.11m.GR16

Mary d.Andrew and Mary, Nov.1,1758, a.3y.GR16


John F., at Trinidad, Cuba, July7,1846, a.44y.GR2

Thomas S., b. Marblehead, s.Rev. Mark and Stella, dysentery, Sept.23,1847, a.9y.6m.


Lucy w.Rev. Oliver, and d.Rev. Habijah and Mary Weld of Attleboro, May28,1781, in her 45th y.

Oliver, s.Rev. Oliver and Lucy, Jan.30,1765.


Anna w.John, neuralgia, Feb.7,1848, a.58y.

Ann Elizabeth d.John and Anna, Sept.15,1830, a.6m.GR14

Caleb, s.John and Annie, Jan.21,1837, a.20y.GR14

Caleb Titcomb, s.John, Jan.22,1837, a.15y.

Ezekiel, s.Lt., "occasioned by his sitting down or falling back into a milk pan of boiling water," Sept.15,1757, a.2y.4m.CR5

George Henry, s.John [and Anna.GR14], Nov.29,1835, a.20y.

Harriet w.Samuel, Mar.末,1840, a.26y.

John, s.John [and Anna.GR14], Aug.24,1835, a.22y.

Mary w.Lt. Samuel, fever, June2,1751, a.abt. 41y.CR5

Mehetabel d.Lt. Samuel, nervous fever, Nov.28,1756, a.14y.CR5

Samuel, Lt. [hernia.CR5], Dec.1,1778, a.72y.

Samuel, Dec.30,1824.

Sarah, wid.Samuel, Apr.末,1839, a.80y.

Susannah, wid.Samuel, Aug.末,1787.CR5


末末, w.Daniel, bur. Oct.3,1820, a.19y.PR1

Amos, Jan.15,1835. [a.76y.PR1]

Benjmain, Feb.27,1756, in his 56th y.GR16

Hannah d.Banjamin and Marget, Nov.1,1735, in her 4th y.GR16

James Crosby, s.[Capt.PR1] James and Catharine, May25,1835, a.1m.GR2

James Henry, s.James and Catharine, June15,1845, a.7y.8m.GR2

Margret w.Benjamin, Nov.11,1732, in her 39th y.GR16

Peabody, s.James and Catharine, June12,1845, a.2y.9m.GR2

Richarson, s.Banjamin and Marget, Mar.19,1732, a.7y.GR16

Sarah w.Amos [James."fell out of her chair and broke her neck. "PR1], May9,1826.


Judith d.Thomas and Judith L., July2,1799, a.9m.GR2

Judith Little w.Thomas, Feb.13,1832, a.70y.GR2

Samuel, s.Thomas and Judith L., lost at sea, Mar.31,1812, a.25y.GR2

Thomas, July10,1799, a.51y.GR2

Thomas, s.Thomas and Judith L., July11,1799, a.15y.GR2

William, s.Thomas and Judith L., at Mobile, AL, Sept.6,1816, a.24y.GR2

NOWEL (Nowell)

Elisabeth d.Zechariah and Mary, Dec.4,1752, a.11y.4m.GR16

Zachariah, Nov.3,1752, a.48y.GR16

NOWELL (Nowel)

Mary w.Zechariah, Mar.2,1735, in her 22d y.GR16

Michael, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, bur. Mar.末,1756.CR8


末末, d.William and Sarah,末蔓末,1709.

末末, ch.Timothy and Lydia, Jan.8,1718.

末末, ch.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Nov.12,1727.

末末, ch.Friend, bur. Dec.20,1790.PR1

末末, ch.Rachel, bur.末蔓末,1792.PR1

末末, Esq., bur. Jan.10,1792.PR1

末末, w.James, bur. Apr.3,1792.PR1

末末, ch.Nicholas, bur.末蔓末,1795.PR1

末末, s.Ephraim, Oct.17,1803, a.6y.CR4

末末,, bur. July29,1810.PR1

末末, ch.Noah J., Oct.20,1812. a.1y.2m.CR1

末末, ch.Noah J., Oct.27,1812.CR1

末末, ch.Silas, bur. Jan.4,1817.PR1

末末, ch.stillborn, Isaac, bur. June10,1831.PR1

Abigail d.Daniel and Abigail, Aug.12,1731.

Abigail d.Ephraim, Sept.5,1742.CR4

Abigail, Jan.2,1756, a.71y.

Nabby d.Wadleigh and Hannah, Sept.4,1775, a.2y.CR4

Abigail, wid.Capt. Ephraim, June12,1783, in her 79th y.[in her 70th y.GR7]

Abigail, wid.Daniel, Aug.19,1787, a.80y.

Amelia, Mar.19,1807, a.61y.GR2

Amos, s.Joseph, Esq., at Falmouth, Aug.20,1752.

Amos, Feb.20,1820, a.72y.GR2

Amos, s.John and Sarah, Jan.30,1825, a.73y.

Amos, s.Amos and Sarah, Sept.12,1839, a.59y.

Ann, wid.John, Dec.20,1755.

Caroline, b. Ipswich d.Isaac G. and Elizabeth, fever, Jan.2,1846, a.1y.8m.

Charles William, s.Simeon and Mary, May31,1831, a.14m.GR2

Cutting, Dea, Oct.25,1734, a.85y.1m.2d.[1733. dup.]

Daniel, s.John, Mar.15,1715-16, a.42y.

Daniel, Capt., s.Col. Thomas and Martha, at Madeira, Oct.5,1728, a.54y.1m.6d.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Abigail, June13,1736.

Daniel, Apr.16,1765, in his 62d y.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Rebekah, Dec.5,1768, a.3y.1m.14d.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Rebekah, Jan.7,1777, a.1y.8m.1d.

Daniel, shoemaker, s.Samuel and Jane, lung fever, Apr.末,1848, a.51y.

Dorcas, wid.Silas, June18,1809, a.61y.GR2

Dorothy d.Moses, 3d and Margaret, Dec.29,1746.

Ebenezer, s.Capt. James and Hannah, Jan.9,1707.

Ebenezer, s.Maj. Samuel and Rebekah, in West Indies,末蔓末,1794, a.23y.1m.20d.

Ebenezer, s.Samuel, 3d and Jane, June19,1806. [a.4y.6m.GR2]

Edna d.Ephraim and Prudence, Sept.24,1728.

Ednah w.John, May21,1791.

Eliza Jane d.Stephen, jr. and Jane L., Sept.19,1815, a.2y.

Elizabeth w.Cutting, jr., Oct.4,1708. [a.26y.9m.25d.GR2]

Elizabeth, wid.Dea.Cutting, Jan.20,1746, in her 92d y.

Elizabeth w.Joseph, dropsical disorder, Sept.2,1764, a.abt. 58y.CR5

Elizabeth d.Stephen and Sarah, Aug.10,1778.

Betty w.Timothy, Apr.25,1784, a.38y.9m.CR4

Elizabeth w.Maj. Thomas, May15,1793, a.62y.11m.CR4

Betty w.Stephen, Aug.5,1812, a.77y.GR7

Elizabeth d.late Stephen and Sarah, July13,1815. [a.35y.CR1]

Elizabeth d.Isaac G. and Elizabeth, drowned, Sept.5,1832, a.3y.

Elisabeth w.Pike, debility, Oct.31,1849, a.58y.

Elizabeth w.末末, Oct.31,1849.CR1

Enoch, s.William, 3d and Lydia, at West Newbury, Mar.3,1828, a.83y.

Ephiam, s Ens.James and Hanah, Dec.19,1694.

Ephraim, Capt., s.James and Hannah, Apr.5,1779, a.80y.3m.10d.

George Putnam, s.Capt. Daniel and Mary H., Aug.27,1834, a.2y.11m.

George Thurlow, s.Josiah P. and Patience, Sept.2,1840, a.3m.

Hannah d.Joseph, 2d and Hannah, Sept.8,1723.

Hannah d.Joseph, 2d and Hannah, Jan.11,1727.

Hannah w.Joseph, 2d, Nov.14,1730.

Hannah, July9,1801.

Harriet d.Noah Johnson and Mehitabel, Nov.20,1812. [a.14m.dup.]

Harriet [Jackman.CR1] w.George W., consumption, Feb.28,1849, a.25y.6m.

Helen M., b. Newburyport w.Horace P., and d.James and Eunice L. Horton, consumption, June10,1847, a.19y.5m.

Hephsibah d.Nathaniel, worms, Nov.30,1768, a.7y.CR5

Isaack, July29,1718.

James, Rev. [b. Choulderton, Wilts.Eng., 1608.GR2; first teacher in the Church.S. dup.], Oct.22,1656. [a.48y.GR2]

James, s.Col. Thomas, Esq., at York, Sept.3,1708.

James, Sept.25,1745.

James, bur. Jan.9,1796.PR1

James, bur. Sept.30,1803.PR1

Jane w.Samuel, 3d., Nov.13,1802, a.30y.

Jane Little w.Stephen, jr., and d.Edmund and Sarah Knight, July6,1816, in her 39th y.

Jane d.Samuel and Hannah, Feb.21,1825, a.18y.

Jane d.Pike and Elizabeth, consumption, Mar.17,1847, a.24y.

John, s.Timothy and Mary, Feb.19,1695-6.

John, s Nicholas, jr. and Sarah, Aug.7,1696.

John, Feb.20,1745.

John [schoolmaster.CR5], s.Daniel and Judeth [cancer.CR5], Aug.13,1759, a.50y.4m.4d.

John, Dea, s.William and Sarah, Jan.4,1772, a.86y.

John, s.Daniel and Abigail, July18,1778, a.37y.

John, Capt., s.John and Sarah, May14,1784, in his 45th y.

John, bur. Dec.26,1787.PR1

John, s.Stephen and Mary, June末,1804, a.69y.

John, Jan.7,1812. [a.50y.GR8]

John, s.Joshua and Sarah, Jan.1,1813, a.76y.

John, s.Noah J. and Mehitabel, May21,1824, a.6y.

John James, s.Amos and Nancy, Feb.13,1840, a.29y.

Joseph, Dec.13,1754.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Judith [colic.CR5], Sept.13,1781, a.76y.1m.8d.

Joseph, Feb.10,1815.

Joseph, s.Lemuel and Sarah, Jan.4,1823, a.37y.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Apr.6,1844, a.10y.

Joseph Clement, s.George W. and Harriet, dropsy, May4,1849, a.1y.3m.

Joshua [jr. A.M.CR5], s.Joshua and Sarah [nervous fever.CR5], Sept.3,1773, a.34y.4m.18d.

Joshua, s.Daniel and Judith, Jan.22,1803, a."almost" 96y.

Judith d.Parker and Judith, Oct.28,1708.

Judith d.William, 3d and Mary, Feb.15,1756.

Judith w.Eliphalet, Sept.9,1759, in her 36th y.GR16

Judith d.Samuel and Rebekah, Feb.17,1777, a.3y.7m.3d.

Judith d.Joseph, jr. and Elizabeth, Sept.14,1816, a.77y.

Judith d.James and Eleanor, Jan.13,1826, a.73y.

Judith w.Nicholas and d.William and Mary Noyes, July21,1832, a.76y.

Judith d.Daniel and Abigail, at Newburyport, Oct.20,1832, a.85y.

Lemuel [ch.Samuel.CR5], Oct.25,1798, a.2y.GR14

Lemuel, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Aug.29,1830, a.87y.

Louisa d.Amos and Sarah, June28,1820, a.27y.[a.29y.GR2]

Lucinda Jane d.Noah Johnson and Mehitable, Nov.27,1812. [a.3y.dup.]

Lucinda d.Noah Johnson and Mehitabel, Mar.20,1817. [a.17m.dup.]

Lydia d.Timothy, Dec.13,1783, a.3m.CR4

Lydia w.William, July12,1791, a.68y.10m.CR4

Lydia d.John and Elizabeth, Feb.13,1820.PR27

Margarett w.Moses, jr., Dec.24,1755.

Mark, bur. Oct.18,1785.PR1

Martha w.Thomas, Sept.3,1674.

Martha w.Simon, May8,1754, a.28y.

Martha, wid.Thomas, and d.William Floyd, Nov.26,1827.

Mary d.Dea.William, Dec.16,1703.

Mary w.Capt. Thomas, June14,1735. [in her 35th y.GR7]

Mary d.Joseph, jr., Dec.15,1735.

Mary d.Dea., of Hollis, "lived with her grandfather, Capt. Benjamin Pearson," consumption, Feb.20,1769, in her 25th y.CR5

Mary, wid.William, Apr.28,1810.

Mary, wid.Capt. John, at Hamilton, Feb.25,1825, a."almost" 80y.

Mary, brought from Ipswich, bur. Dec.22,1825.PR1

Mary d.Amos and Sarah [brought from Byfield.PR1], Sept.10,1832, a.38y.

Mary Parish d.Capt. Daniel and Mary H., Mar.31,1834, a.2m.

Mary Pike d.Pike and Elizabeth, Nov.25,1835, a.15y.

Mary d.Pike, bur. Nov.27,1835, a.16y.PR1

Mary Ann w.Simeon and d.Joseph Goodwin, May30,1842, a.36y.

Mary w.末末, Sept.26,1843.CR1

Mary J.O. d.Isaac P. and Abigail K. stoppage, Oct.3,1845, a.9m.

Moses, s.Dea.William and Sarah, Feb.16,1693-4.

Moses, s.Capt. Thomas and Mary, Aug.16,1735. [a.2m.2d.GR7]

Moses, s.William and Anna, Jan.3,1747.

Moses, Mar.26,1775.

Moses, s.[Maj.GR7] Thomas, jr. [and Elizabeth.GR7], Oct.19,1778, a.5y.9m.CR4

Moses, Esq.,末蔓末,1792.CR1

Nathan, s.Simon and Martha, Oct.16,1752.

Nathan, Sept.24,1842, a.65y.GR2

Nehemiah, "lingring consumptive disorder," July9,1764, a.abt. 55y.CR5

Nicholas, s.Lt. Cutting, Dec.5,1694.

Nicholas, s.Cutting, jr. and Elizebeth, July29,1712.

Nicholas, Feb.18,1809, a.76y.

Nicholas, s.James and Eleanor, Sept.13,1843, a.95y.7m.18d.

Oliver, s.Joseph, 3d and Jane, Apr.30,1725.

Oliver, s.Joseph, throat distemper, Aug.25,1750, a.3y.CR5

Parker, Oct.29,1708.

Parker, s.Joseph, 2d and Hannah, Sept.28,1724.

Parker, June24,174, in his 10th y.GR7

Parker, of West Newbury, "drowned at the Sea Shore in Newbury by going in to bathe," Oct.9,1843, a.26y.

Patience w.Josiah P., Oct.3,1843, a.39y.8m.

Pike, s.Nicholas and Judith, Aug.31,1843, a.52y.8m.

Prudence w.Ephraim, Mar.7,1730.

Rebecca [d.Nicholas.CTR], Dec.1,1683.

Rebecca d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.28,1693-4.

Rebekah, wid.Maj. Samuel, and d.Nathan and Mary Wheeler, July29,1829, a.92y.

Rebecca [T.GR2] d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, July27,1830. [a.18y.GR2]

Richard, "fell from the tongue of his cart & was killed by the Wheel passing over him, Dec.5,1768.

Salome d.Capt. John and Mary, Dec.15,1768, a.13m.

Salome d.John, 6th and Mary, Dec.18,1769.

Salome d.John and Mary, asthma, at Boston, Nov.末,1847, a.68y.7m.

Samuel, s.John, jr. and Sarah, Dec.1,1735.

Samuel, bur. Nov.27,1809, a.35y.PR1

Samuel, Maj., s.Daniel and Abigail, Apr.1,1820, a."almost" 83y.

[Sarah.S. dup.], Feb.21,1652.

Sarah d.Dea.William, Dec.18,1703. [Dec.3. dup.]

Sarah, Mrs., Mar.10,1707-8.

Sarah d.Cuting, jr. and Elizebeth, Mar.末,1723.

Sarah w.Nathan, May30,1725.

Sarah w.Dea.William, Feb.末,1742.GR16

Sarah, wid.James, May29,1754.

Sarah w.John and d.Col. Moses and Abigail Little, Aug.15,1775, a.31y.8m.

Sally d.Nathaniel, Apr.15,1781, a.19m.CR5

Sarah w.Joshua, Nov.19,1794.CR5 [Nov.1, a.87y.GR14]

Sarah, Feb.4,1801, a.85y.

Sarah, wid.Stephen, and d.Dea.Silas and Judith Pearson, June21,1808, a.57y.7m.

Sarah w.Lemuel, Mar.22,1809, a.51y.

Sarah w.Amos, May23,1811. [a.61y.PR1]

Sarah [formerly w.Samuel Chase.GR7], Jan.15,1813, a.80y.

Sarah d.Stephen and Sarah, July4,1818, a.43y.

Sarah d.Samuel, of Campton, NH, Aug.13,1819. [a.22y.CR1]

Sarah Elizabeth d.Isaac G. and Elizabeth H., Sept.5,1832.

Sarah Thurlow d.Josiah P. and Patience, Aug.15,1839, a.6m.

Sarah, Apr.11,1844, a.67y.GR2

Silas, July5,1800, a.48y.GR2


Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary, Jan.1,1794, a.53y.

Stephen [jr.CR4], s.Maj. Thomas and Elizabeth, June26,1796, a.38y.GR7

Stephen, s.Stephen and Sarah, at Boston, July16,1812, a.30y.

Stephen, s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.15,1815, a.84y.

Susanna w.Stephen, and d.Lt. Joseph and Mary Chase, Feb.11,1756, in her 21st.GR7

Susanna, wid., bur. Jan.末,1804.PR1

Tabitha w.Dea.John, Oct.5,1771, in her 81st y.

Thomas, Capt., July10,1753.

Thomas, Capt., July10,1758, in his 64th y.GR7

Thomas, bur. Dec.12,1787.PR1

Thomas A.M., eldest s.Maj. Thomas and Elizabeth, Aug.19,1797, a.43y.GR7

Thomas, Maj., s.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Nov.29,1801, a.72y.7m.17d.

Timothy, Aug.21,1718, in his 63d y.GR2

Wadleigh, Lt., "in the Camp of a Wound he received in the Battle at the Northward of the 7th Oct.," Oct.27,1777, a.32y.1m.CR4

William, Dea, Mar.10,1744, in his 21st y.GR16

William, ch.Timothy, Aug.9,1778, a.20m.CR4

William, bur. May末,1790.PR1

William,末蔓末,1792, a.73y.CR4


William, killed by falling on a scythe, Aug.28,1797.

William, Aug.25,1803.CR4 [a.33y.GR8]

William Henry, s.Amos and Nancy, July11,1844, a.17y.

Woodbridge, s.Moses and Margaret, Dec.6,1775.

Zacheus Pike, s.Josiah P. and Patience, Aug.26,1836, a.4m.

Zacheus T., s.Josiah P. and Patience, Sept.3,1837, a.3w.GR2

Zebulon, s.Daniel and Abigail, June11,1736.


末末, ch.Levy, bur. Dec.23,1827, a.7m.PR1


Abner, s.Solomon and Miranda, diarrhoea, Aug.5,1849, a.8m.24d.

Randall, s.Solomon and Miranda, diarroea, Aug.13,1849, a.9m.1d.

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