Bethiah, of Andover, and Samuel Morss, at Andover, Sept.24,1725.

Jeremiah, and Mary Noyes of New Marblehead, int.May6,1761.

Jonathan, of Newburyport, and Sally Stickney, Sept.30,1793.*

Mary, and Leonard White of Haverhill, int.July26,1794.

Michal, and Mehitable Black of York, Nov.23,1730.*

Michael, and Mary Little, Feb.5,1733-4.*

Tristram, and Mrs.Ruth Hooper of Marblehead, at Marblehead [at Danvers.dup.], Oct.4,1758. [Oct.24. dup.]*

DAM (Dane)

Leader, and Melinda Goodridge, Sept.29,1814.*

Mary, and Thomas Titcomb, Nov. ult., 1693.

DAME (Dam)

Charles C., and Frances A. Little, Sept.1,1842.*

Luther, a.22y., school teacher, s.Joseph and Statira, of Kittery, and Sarah E. Tenney, a.19y., d.Richard and Hannah, Nov.25,1847.*

Olive, of Barrington, NH, and John Chase, 3d., int.Mar.8,1817.


Daniel, Rev., D.D., of Newburyport, and Sarah Emery, Nov.8,1814.*

Lydia C., and Rev. Ed.Richard Tucker of Defiance, OH, int.May11,1844.

Mary, and William Anderson, 3d of Londonderry, NH, int.Sept.25,1830.

Sarah, and Isaac W. Wheelwright, int.Sept.29,1842.

Susan, and Rev. John M.C. Bartley of Hampstead, NH, int.Jan.12,1837.


Edward [Dean. int.], and Abigail Hill, June20,1744.*

Henry, jr., of Andover, and Hannah Chase, int.Mar.19,1831.

James, of Andover, and Phebe [Rebeckah.CR1] Pilsbury, June6,1799.*

John, and Mary Moody, Oct.29,1761.*

John, of Andover, and Sally Moody, Mar.6,1828.*

Philemon, and Hannah York of Ipswich, int.Mar.20,1741-2.

DANFORD (Danforth)

Bethiah, and Joseph Flood, jr., July1,1756.*

Eliphalet, of Rowley, and Martha Burbank, Nov.23,1738.*

Francis, and Sarah Chase, Nov.17,1714.*

John, and Dorcas White, Nov.24,1714.*

John, and Elisabeth Fitts, Nov.11,1735.*

John, 3d, and Mercy Coffin, int.Jan.21,1763. ("The Banns Forbid by Mercy Coffin. ")

Jonathan, and Mary White, int.Jan.21,1703-4.

Jonathan [John, jr. int.], and Mercy Martin, Sept.4,1766.*

Joseph, and Bethyah Noyes, Dec.13,1717.

Oliver, and Anna Stickney, Oct.14,1756.*

Rebecka, and Francis Akers, Apr.18,1718.

Samuel, and Mehitable Brown, Jan.13,1736-7.*

Sarah, of Bradford, and David Pearson. jr., Nov.6,1750.*

DANFORTH (Danford, Danfourth)

Anna, and Josiah Carr, Mar.11,1792.*

Daniel, and Eunice Poor, Oct.1,1798.*

Elizabeth, wid., of Andover, and Ebenezer Dow, at Andover, June12,1760.

Joseph, Lt., and Anna Quimbe, May22,1800.*

Joseph, and Jane Fairweather,末蔓末,1844. [Nov.23. int.]*

Joshua J., and Mary C. Boddily, Nov.21,1833.*

Joshua J., and Mary J. Knight, Dec.1,1836.*

Lois, and John Colman, July16,1765.*

Mary P., a.26y., d.Samuel and Edna, and Nathaniel Little, jr., a.26y., farmer, s.Tristram and Sarah, May22,1845.*

Myra, and Joseph Bailey, Nov.23,1826.*

Rebeckah, and John Buckley of Haverhill, Sept.30,1800.*

Rhoda [Rebecca.int.] B., and John Newman, Sept.末,1833.*

Richard, and Mary White, int.June30,1702.

Ruth, and Abner Woodman, Apr.11,1769.*

Samuel, and Ednah Plumer, Nov.10,1803.*

Sarah, and Moses George of Peeling, NH, Feb.26,1838.*

Simeon, and Judith Stickney, both of Rowley, July9,1801.CR5

William, and Hannah Rogers, Nov.1,1827.*

DANFOURTH (Danforth)

Anna, and Joseph Downer, May23,1779.*

DANIEL (Daniels)

Abigail, and Joshua Beck of Portsmouth, Apr.20,1716.*

DANIELS (Daniel)

Amos, and Elizabeth Creasey of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.9,1797.

George W., of Rowley, a.29y., shoemaker, b. Rowley, d.Philemon and Lucy, of Rowley, and Sarah J. Dwinnels of Rowley, a.17y., b. Rowley, d.Israel and Martha, of Rowley, July2,1846.

William, and Alice Wadleigh of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Dec.10,1718.

William, and Relief Fellows of Rowley, Dec.6,1817.*


John, of Kingston, and Hannah Mors, Oct.18,1738.*


William, and Susan R. Noyes [int.Dec.14.], 1833.*

DAUKINS (Dawkins)

Adeline, and Samuel D. Woodman, int.Oct.23,1849.

DAVENPORT (Daverport)

Dorcas, of Boston, and Anthony Stickne, int.Nov.26,1746.

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Solomon Haskell Currier, int.Jan.9,1808.

DAVERPORT (Davenport)

William, and Mrs.Sarah Gerrish, Apr.3,1740.*

DAVIDSON (Davinson, Davison)

Isabella, and Aaron Radcliffe, int.July19,1845.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Solomon Thurla, Apr.14,1787.*

DAVINSON (Davidson)

Abigaill, and Zachariah Fitch of Boston, Aug.14,1718.*

Johannah, Mrs., and John Lane, Nov.末,1693.

DAVIS (Davise)

Aaron, and Mary Knap, Nov.10,1761.*

Abigail, and Ruggles Colebe of Amesbury, Mar.15,1732-3.*

Abigail, and Stephen Wyat, Nov.25,1759.*

Abigail Haskel, of Newburyport, and David Pettengill, jr., int.Mar.9,1805.

Abraham, of Gloucester, and Mary Greenleaf, Jan.10,1732-3.*

Amos, of Amesbury, and Alice Currier, Nov.7,1745.*

Anne, of Amesbury, and Tristram Coffin, jr., int.Nov.12,1757.

Ann, of Newburyport, and Benjamin Ordway, Dec.27,1829.*

Belinda Hills, and Ebenezer Bray Robbins, Mar.28,1831.*

Benjamin, and Ruth Brown, Nov.19,1728.CR7

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Sarah Moody, Mar.27,1753.*

Benjamin, and Mary Sheppard, at Boston, Mar.10,1761.

Benjamin, and Martha E[veline. int.] Morse, Nov.2,1829.*

Charles A., and Mary W. Hooker of Newburyport, int.Nov.5,1831.

Charles S., and Hannah M. Spooner of Newburyport, int.Aug.3,1849.

Cornelius, and Elisabeth Hidden of Rowley, at Rowley, Aug.29,1696.*

Daniel, see Dow, Daniel.

Eben P., and Rhoda A. Thatcher of Plainfield, CT, int.Aug.31,1844.

Ebenezer, of Gloucester, and Mary Pearson, Sept.11,1755.*

Ebenezer, and Lydia Ann Rappell, int.Mar.10,1838.

Elias Jackman, and Salley Walker of Newburyport, May30,1799.*

Elias, and Elizabeth Taylor, Aug.8,1820.*

Elias, of Newburyport, and Joanna Coffin, int.Oct.14,1831.

Eliphalet, of Exeter, NH, and Mary Jackman, Sept.10,1775.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Rogers [s.Thomas sr. int.], Aug.8,1709.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Norwood, both of Gloucester, Mar.26,1734.CR7

Elisabeth, and Moses Emery, int.Oct.15,1743.

Elisabeth, and Daniel Cheney, Feb.17,1757. [1756.CR2]*

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Eliphalet Jaques, int.Aug.30,1810.

Betsey, and Samuel Morss, Nov.20,1811.*

Elizabeth, and Patrick Burrill, Dec.7,1813.*

Elizabeth S., and John Goodwin, jr., May末,1826.*

Enoch, and Mary Huse, May8,1740.*

Ephraim, and Elizabeth Kingsbury, June9,1687.CTR

Ephraim, and Lydia Emery, May5,1726.*

Eunice, and Nathan Flood, Jan.10,1770. (He took "the said Eunice naked & so would not be obliged to pay any of her former husband's debts.")*

Francis, of Amesbury, and Judith Foster, int.Aug.31,1780.

Hannah, and William Wilson, both of Haverhill, Feb.26,1735-6.CR7

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Aquila Chase, int.Mar.12,1736.

Hannah, and Jonathan Griffen, Nov.12,1761.*

Hannah, Mrs., and [Capt.CR1] Benjamin Perkins, Oct.22,1811.*

Hannah, and Samuel Kilborn, May13,1821.*

Hannah S., and Benjamin S. Rogers of Rowley, Jan.12,1835.*

Hannah H., and Thomas Gould, Jan.11,1838.*

Hiram D., of Boston, and Mary K. Smith, int.May14,1842.

James [jr. of Haverhill, and Sarah Wiggens, "late of Blue Poynt. " int.], Aug. [16.CTR], 1693. ["He renouncing any right, claime or interest in her former husband James Wiggens his Estate." int.]*

James, and Rebecca Fitz, Jan.6,1813.*

James W., of Newburyport, and Mary Jane Eastman, int.Apr.1,1837.

James A., a.22y., painter, s.Alex J. and Mary, and Mary J. Chase, a.18y., d.Josiah and Esther, Dec.12,1848.*

Jane N., and Daniel P. Noyes, int.Oct.6,1849.

Jemima, and William Rogers, int.July15,1809.

Jeremiah, and wid.Mary Joye of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Mar.5,1688-9.

Johanna, of Haverhill, and Jacob Chase, Aug.24,1716.*

Joanna, of Salisbury, and William Stickney, 3d, int.Nov.12,1757.

John, and Sarah Carter, Apr.8,1681.

John, jr., of Amesbury, and Elizabeth Beetle, June28,1708.

John, and Hannah Heath of Haverhill, June29,1715.*

John, formerly of Virginia, resident in Newbury, and Abigail Smith, int.July3,1778.

John, and Priscilla Bartlett, Apr.18,1784.*

John O., of Georgetown, and Charlotte Larkin, Nov.20,1843.

Joseph, and Bette Wells of Chester, int.Dec.14,1734.

Joseph, of Newburyport, and Hannah Akers, July10,1774.*

Judith [ wid.int.], and Henry Bradley, Jan.7,1695-6.*

Lydia, wid., and Samuel Kenny, widr., Dec.7,1749.CR7*

Lydia, and Daniel Richardson, Nov.21,1751.CR2*

Lydia, of Sundown, NH, and Timothy Noyes, int.Dec.21,1784.

Lydia E., a.23y., d.Oliver and Zilpah, and Ira S. Tilton, a.26y., clothier, s.Josiah and Rhoda, Oct.12,1845.*

Margaret, and Samuel Trott of Boston, May25,1760.CR8

Maria, of Newburyport, and George Goodwin, int.Jan.9,1836.

Maria, of Pembroke, NH, and Oliver Hale, int.Sept.24,1836.

Martha, and William Rogers, int.Oct.26,1771. ("William Rogers Takes her the said Martha Davis Naked without any of her former husbands Estate & so will not be Obliged to pay any of her former husbands debts.")

Patty, of Billerica, and Abraham Taylor, int.Mar.15,1799.

Mary, and Stephen Roggers, Jan.1,1717.CR7

Mary, and Joseph Peaseley, both of Haverhill, June8,1724.

Mary, and James Lecount of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.6,1736.*

Mary, and Stephen Greenleaf, at Gloucester, Jan.24,1747-8.

Mary, of Gloucester, and Nathaniel Bayley, int.June20,1747.

Mary, and Jassiel Harraman of Plaistow, NH, Mar.19,1752.CR2*

Mary, of Gloucester, and Jeremiah Wheelwright, int.Aug.3,1754.

Mary, and Daniel Plumer of Gloucester [at Gloucester. dup.], May19,1763.*

Mary, and Amos Rogers [jr. int.], Dec.28,1769.*

Mary, and Samuel Rogers, June3,1784.*

Mary, and Jacob Webber of Hopkinton, NH, Jan.8,1816.*

Mary B., of Georgetown, a.19y., b. Georgetown, d.John, of Georgetown, and Green Wildes of Georgetown, a.20y., shoemaker, b. Georgetown, s.Ephraim and Huldah, of Georgetown, Oct.10,1846.

Mercy, and Daniel Lowell of Amesbury, Aug.29,1765.*

Moses, and Lydia Merrill, Nov.17,1759.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Lowel, Sept.28,1732.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Betty Flanders of Salisbury, int.May8,1766.

Obadiah S., and Juliann C. Hayes of Strafford, NH, int.Dec.1,1835.

Obadiah S., and Mrs.Mary J[ane. int.] Andrews, Aug.28,1843.*

Oliver, and Zilpah Pearson, Mar.6,1809.*

Rachel, and George Naish, Aug.29,1754.CR8

Rebeckah [d.Samuel, deceased.int.], and Abiel Kelly, Jan.5,1696.*

Rebecca B., and Moody Ordway, both of West Newbury, Sept.30,1836.

Richard, of Newburyport, and Hannah Flanders, Apr.27,1777.*

Richard, and Salley Rogers, July17,1800.CR5

Robert, and Dorothy Pearson, Nov.3,1776.*

Ruth, and Cutting Pettengell [jr. int.], Aug.26,1756.*

Ruth, and Nathan Chase, June22,1763.*

Samuel, of Amesbury, and Mirriam Gardner, Jan.23,1749-50.*

Samuel, and Ruth Annis, Oct.28,1756.*

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Rebecca Adams, int.Oct.14,1797.

Sarah, and Joseph Moers, int.Aug.12,1734.

Sarah, of Newburyport and Dudley Porter of Marblehead, Sept.25,1767.

Sally, and James Leatherby of Newburyport, Dec.29,1796.*

Sally, and Moses Chase, Nov.7,1814.*

Stephen, and Betty Sawyer, Jan.25,1786.*

Susan, of Gloucester, and Eliphalet Poor, int.Oct.28,1817.

Susannah, and John Black, both of Haverhill, Jan.1,1729-30.CR7

Susanna, and Nathaniel Hooper of Wiscasset, int.Mar.25,1749.

Susanna, and Benjamin Ordway, Dec.25,1775.*

Thomas, and [Mrs.CR2] Lydia Greenleaf, Dec.28,1778.*

William [of Haverhill. int.], and Mary Kelly, Dec.31,1700.*

William, jr., of Newburyport, and Ruth Hale, int.Aug.17,1793.

William, of Amesbury, and Nancy Jackman, int.June11,1831.

William A., of Newburyport, a.23y., Sailmaker, b. Newburyport, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Hannah A. Thurlow, a.20y., d.John and Lois, Aug.10,1846.*

Zachary, and Judith Brown, Feb.4,1680-81.

DAVISE (Davis)

Elisabeth, and Samuele Batchelder [of Hampton. int.], May14,1707.*

DAVISON (Davidson)

Daniel, and Elisabeth Plomer, both of Ipswich, Nov.4,1726.

Joanna, Mrs., and Richard Kent, Jan.6,1674.

John, of Newburyport, and Eunice Sawyer Moulton, int.May18,1787.

John, and Joanna Dodge of Ipswich, at Ipswich, May31,1792.*

Mary, and Jacob Sheaf of Boston, Nov.22,1710.*

Moses, of Salem, and Martha Ann March of Newburyport, Nov.29,1832.

Sarah, and Stephen Dudley of Exeter, July末,1708.*

DAWKINS (Daukins, Dockins)

Hannah M., a.18y., b. England d.William and Charlotte, and James Ogden of West Newbury, a.23y., farmer, b. Lincolnshire, Dec.11,1847.*

Jane, and Stephen Woodman, Aug.8,1843.*

DAY (Dayes)

Abigail L., and Jeremiah Downs, Oct.27,1830.*

Abraham, jr., of Bradford, and Elisabeth Little, Jan.12,1764.*

Amos, of Newfield, and Hannah Robbins, Dec.2,1811.*

Bayley, of Bradford, and Hannah Carlton, May5,1787.*

Elizabeth, of Bradford, and Daniel Kent, at Bradford, Apr.末,1792.*

James, and Sarah Flood, Jan.10,1797.*

James, and Mary Louder, July4,1822.*

Jeremiah, and Betsey Hall Eldridge, May7,1822.*

Moses, of Bradford, and Patty Carlton, int.Oct.18,1785.

Nancy, of Gloucester, and James Bray, int.Oct.5,1816.

Susanna, and Jonathan Woodman, at Gloucester, June22,1777.


Abraham, of Bradford, and Mary Bailey, Jan.25,1737-8.*

DEALANE (Delaney)

Phillip, and Jane Atkinson, int.Oct.26,1695.

DEAN (Deane)

Abigail, and Capt. Joseph Brown, Dec.2,1777.*

Edward, of Ipswich, and Lydia Emery, May31,1716.*

Edward, and Abigail Hills, Mar.18,1756.*

Betty, and Timothy Noyes, Jan.10,1770.*

John, of Salem, and Sarah Atkins, Sept.1,1763.CR8

John Gardner, and Mary Russel Peirce of Newburyport, int.Jan.1,1833.

Lucretia, of Exeter, and Amos Morse, int.Sept.15,1817.

Mary, of Ipswich, and Francis Follensby, int.Sept.3,1748.

Mary, and William Greenleaf, June18,1782.*

Mary Ann and Moses Fowler, Oct.23,1835.*

Oliver, and Anna Pilsbery, int.July9,1796.

Samuel, and Margery Greenough, Feb.19,1761.*

Sarah, and [Capt.CR2] Moses Sargent Moody, Sept.15,1787.*

DEANE (Dean)

Henry L., Rev., of Brookfield, and Catharine Tenney of Newburyport, Oct.3,1838.

Lydiah, and Thomas Bancraft of Reading, Oct.31,1717.


George L., of Somersworth, NH, a.25y., physician, b. Wakefield, s.Lewis, of Somersworth, and Susan a.Nason, a.21y., b. Ashland d.Levi, and Sarah, Nov.29,1849.*

Harrison W., and Lois Adams, Jan.22,1839.*

Nancy, of Deerfield, NH, and Gideon R. Lucy, int.June10,1837.

Sally, of North Hampton, NH, and Thomas M. Leavitte, int.Sept.27,1810.


Margeret, and Joseph Pekkinton of Ipswich, Mar.2,1725-6.*


Humphry [Sergt. int.], and Sarah March, Dec.25,1705.*


Julia A.E., of Newburyport, a.23y., d.Samuel T. and Catharine, and Louis Worcester of Newburyport, a.28y., lawyer, b. Gloucester, s.David, Apr.10,1848.


Abigail, of Salem, and Thaddeus Eaton, int.Oct.17,1813.

Lydia, and Josiah Ward, both of Salem, Nov.6,1781.

DELANE (Delany)

Jane, and John Dole, Sept.1,1730.*


Betsey, of Newburyport, and Jacob Whitmore, int.Apr.25,1824.

Otis, of Milford, a.24y., caulker, b. Medford, s.Charles and Bethiah, of Medford, and Sarah Merrill, a.24y., d.Thomas and Abigail, Oct.8,1846.

DELANY (Dealane, Delane)

Dorothy, of Newburyport, and William Dutton, int.Oct.29,1823.


Tabitha, and John Downin, Nov.4,1731.CR7


Eliza A., and Capt. Abner Lane, Apr.末,1831.


James, and Mary Bartlett, Apr.9,1778.*


Elisabeth, and 末末 Rayner, at Rowley, Nov.12,1662.

Mary, and William Bolton, Nov.22,1659.

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Daniel Wise, both of Ipswich, Dec.16,1740.CR7


Elisabeth, of Gloucester, and Daniell Bailey, May23,1750.CR9*

DENNET (Dennett)

Charles, and Mary Downer, July25,1805.*

DENNETT (Dennet)

Abigail, and Thomas Knox, July末,1808.*

Mary, and James Riale [Ralle. int.], July4,1810.*

Thomas G., and Hannah Stevens of Andover, int.Mar.9,1821.

DENNEY (Denny)

Mary M., and John Colby, jr., of Warner, NH, Dec.3,1832.*

Nancy, of Warner, NH, and John Woodwell, jr., Aug.19,1820.*


George W., and Mary Adams, int.Aug.20,1831.

John J., and Jane Wright, int.May5,1849.

Polley, of Newburyport, and Moses Ordway, int.Aug.25,1804.

Michael Doak, of Newburyport, and Sally Woodwell, int.June21,1799.

DENNY (Denney)

Francis G., of Warner, NH, and Joseph A. Atkinson, Nov.24,1825.*

DEUTY (Duty)

Matthew, and Deborah Goodridge, Jan.4,1722-3.*

Samuel, jr., and Bethiah Pearson of Rowley, Nov.14,1749.*


John, and Deborah Ann Lunt, Nov.12,1837.*


Abihail, wid., of Amesbury, and Richard Bartlett, widr., at Amesbury, Nov.11,1718.

DICASON (Dickinson)

Mary [of Rowley.int.], and Daniell Pearson, Dec.9,1708.*

DICKERSON (Dickinson)

Mary, of Rowley, and Samuel Plumer, int.Mar.29,1823.


William, and Sally Currier, Sept.5,1799.*

DICKINSON (Dicason, Dickerson)

Lucy, of Rowley, and Enoch Noyes, at Rowley, July4,1739.*

Sarah, of Byfield Rowley, and Parker Pillsbury, Mar.24,1774.*


John [Dreser. int.], of Rowley, and Hannah Boynton, Apr.2,1724.*


Deborah L, of Boston, a.27y., b. Auburn, and Charles H. Colman, a.29y., school teacher, s.Daniel T. and Ann, Oct.20,1846.*

Hannah B., of Auburn, NH, a.23y., b. Auburn, Nh., and William Colman, a.25y., butcher, s.D.T., Sept.26,1848.*

John, Esq., of Londonderry, and Mrs.Mary Rogers,末蔓末,1808 or 9. [Mar.29,1809. int.]*


Judith, Mrs., and Benjamin Pidgeon, July12,1742.*


Eunice Knight, and Jesse Thurlo, Nov.27,1813.*

George, and Polly Shaw, int.Sept.25,1789.

John, and Fanny Lunt,末蔓末,1830. [Jan.2. int.]*

Mary, and Nathaniel Goodwin, jr., Apr.8,1817.*

Thomas, and Phebe Woodman, Jan.20,1825.*


Mary, and Stephen Lavenuck, Sept.25,1672.


John, and Sarah Jane Noyes, Aug.22,1831.

Michael, and Elsey Murray Moulton, Jan.11,1807.*

DOCKINS (Dawkins)

William, of West Newbury, and Elizabeth Rogers, int.June7,1842.


Andrew, and Polly Thurla, Apr.20,1799.*

Philip, and Elizabeth Golding, both of Boston, July6,1726.CR7

DODG (Dodge)

William, of Newburyport, and Abiah Lurvey, int.May21,1796.

DODGE (Dodg)

Abraham, of Newburyport, and Amelia Noyes, Sept.16,1783.

Abraham, jr., and Dolly York, Apr.9,1809.*

Amelia, and Methuselah Bointon, Aug.17,1806.*

Bethia, of Rowley, and John Noyes, at Rowley, Feb.29,1768,*

Daniel, and Martha Moody, both of Newburyport, Dec.3,1769.

Daniel, of Newburyport, and Lucy Adams, int.Oct.15,1814.

Elizabeth, and John Merrill, A.M., Sept.22,1814.*

Emily, and Francis H. Abbot, Dec.18,1820.*

Hannah, and William Smith, May25,1818.*

Joanna, of Ipswich, and John Davison, at Ipswich, May31,1792.*

John, of Newburyport, and Rebeckah Jaques, int.Sept.22,1804.

Lydia, of Newburyport, and James B. Christian of St. John's, Apr.5,1833.

Martha, of Rowley, and Amos Rogers, jr., int.Jan.18,1805.

Mary, of Newburyport, and James S. Pettingell, int.May31,1834.

Mary G., and John E. Remick, both of Newburyport, Dec.31,1838.

Paul, and Jenny Pearson, June28,1799.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Wade of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Feb.25,1796.*

Ruth W[ade. int.], and John P[rentiss.int.] Adams of Dover, NH, Mar.29,1824.*

Sally, and Enoch Colby, Mar.12,1809.*

Sarah L., of Newburyport, a.21y., b. Newburyport, d.Silas and Marcia, and Paul Lunt, jr., a.36y., cordwainer, s.Paul and Mary, Nov.21,1849.*

Thomas, of Beverly, and Abigail Stickney, July25,1781.*

William [P. int.], Esq., of Salem, and Sarah Dole, Apr.9,1807.*

Zecheriah, and Catharine Noyes, Dec.15,1804.*


Mary, of Romney, NH, and Samuel Chase, jr., int.Sept.2,1810.

DOEL (Dole)

Richard [Dole. jr. int.], and Sarah Ilsley, Apr.3,1706.*

DOGGET (Dogget)

Lydia, and Samuel Clift, both of Marshfield, Oct.10,1734.CR7

DOGGETT (Doggett)

John [Dagett, of Marshfield int.], and Rebecca Browne, June22,1697.*

DOLE (Doel)

Abigail, and John Plumer, 3d, Apr.4,1751.*

Abner, and Mary Jewit, Nov.1,1694.

Abner, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Belcher [of Boston. int.], at Boston, Jan.5,1698.*

Abner, jr., and Mary Kent, Sept.3,1730.*

Amos, of Rowley, and Abigail Stevens, int.Jan.26,1774.

Anna [Anne. int.], and William Ilsley, jr., Nov.24,1747.*

Anna, and David Stickney, Mar.20,1750.*

Anna L[ongfellow.int.], and Joseph Hale, jr., Oct.30,1800.*

Anne, and Moses Coffin, Nov.28,1732,*

Affia, and Josiah Bartlet, Aug.18,1767.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Clarke, Dec.21,1731.*

Daniel, and Sarah Pearson, Mar.8,1753.*

David [jr. int.], and Judith Pearson, Oct.12,1781.*

Ebenezer, of Hallowell, and Hannah Balch, Nov.14,1814.*

Edmund, Lt., of Rowley, and wid.Elizabeth Dole, at Rowley, Nov.23,1779.*

Edmund, of Bangor, and Judith Thurston, June9,1811.*

Elias P., of Salisbury, and Hannah G. Wadleigh, int.Jan.7,1832.

Elizabeth [d.Richard, jr. int.], and Joshua Plumer, Nov.6,1699.*

Elisabeth, and John Brown, jr., Jan.20,1712-13.*

Elizabeth, and David Bailey, Feb.22,1738-9.*

Elisabeth, and Henry Dole, Oct.4,1742.*

Elisabeth, and Abner Greenleaf, jr., Jan.12,1762.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Johnson, jr. of Newburyport, May19,1767.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Wadleigh, jr., of Brentwood, Feb.9,1775.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Lt. Edmund Dole of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.23,1779.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Woodman of Newburyport, int.Sept.1,1781.

Betsy, and Benjamin Ilsley, Oct.8,1794.*

Enoch, and Molly Plummer, Sept.26,1784.*

Enoch, jr., and Martha Noyes, May31,1808.*

Eunice, and John Thirston, June25,1765.*

Eunice, and and Nicolas Lunt, Jan.25,1768.*

Eunice, and Benjamin Wheeler, of Danvers, Mar.3,1818.*

Eunice S. [T. int.], and Caleb Woodbury, jr., Dec.16,1832.*

Fanny, of Rowley, and Jewett Ilsley, int.Aug.5,1786.

Friend, and Phebe Young of Wellfleet, int.Nov.16,1793.

Greenleaf, and Selina Titcomb of Newburyport, int.Apr.11,1818.

Hannah, and John Moodey, May18,1692.CTR

Hanah, Mrs., and Lt. Jonadab Waite, int.Dec.13,1699.

Hannah [sr. int.], and Edmund Goodridg, Nov.16,1701. [Oct.3,1702. int.]*

Hanah, Mrs., and Robert Greenough, jr. of Rowley, Jan.20,1704-5.

Hannah, and Luke Sweet of Newburyport, May9,1765.*

Hannah, and Stephen Poor, int.Nov.16,1771.

Hannah Plummer, and Jonas Bartlet, May18,1800.*

Henry, and Sarah Brocklebank, Nov.3,1686.CTR

Henry, and Mary Hale, Nov.13,1728.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Dole, Oct.4,1742.*

Henry, and Anne Poor, int.Aug.20,1772.

Henry, jr., of Limerick, and Sally Butler, Feb.21,1808.*

Henry Lunt, and Mary Ilsley, June12,1809.*

Isaiah, and Lydia Noyes, May10,1770.*

James, and Hannah Carleton of St. Johnsbury, VT, int.June2,1815.

Jane, and Joseph Noyes, Aug.17,1711.*

Jane, and Matthew Perkins, Jan.23,1763.*

Jane, of Salisbury, and Samuel Moody, jr., int.Jan.11,1765.

Jeremiah, and Abigail Chase, Nov.11,1773.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Gerrish, Oct.23,1676.

John, and Hannah Tod of Rowley, int.Jan.15,1708.

John, and Jane Delane, Sept.1,1730.*

John, jr., and Sarah Plumer, Mar.6,1745-6.*

John, 3d, and Abigail Lunt, June27,1765.*

John, and Mary Toppan of Newburyport, int.Jan.3,1807.

Jonathan, and Prudence Green leaf, Apr.28,1725.*

Jonathan, jr., and Jane Noyes, Jan.4,1749-50.*

Joseph, and Lidya Noyes, Feb.1,1716-17.*

Judith, and John Rolfe [jr. int.], Oct.7,1715.*

Judith, and Nathaniel Mighill of Rowley, int.Aug.28,1776.

Judith, and John Emery Bartlet of Newburyport, int.May8,1807.

Judith, C[lark. int.], and Moses Bartlet, June13,1822.*

Judith, and George Adams, jr., Dec.22,1823.*

Love, and Joshua Titcomb, Dec.19,1751.*

Lydia, and EnochThurlow, Jan.26,1815.*

Mary, and Joshua Boynton, int.Apr.30,1708.

Mary, and John Gerrish, Dec.14,1723.*

Mary, and Benjamin Lunt, 3d, Sept.28,1749.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. William Woodbridge, Dec.14,1749.*

Mary, and Jonathan Titcomb, May9,1751.*

Mary, and Samuel Plumer, 3d, Apr.8,1755.*

Mary, and Thomas Cross, Dec.2,1762.*

Mary, and Jacob Hale, Sept.1,1774.*

Polly, and Thomas Gage, Oct.18,1799.CR5

Mary, of Rowley, and Samuel Edgley, int.June5,1824.

Mary A.H., wid, a.41y., b. Sussex Vale, NB., d.Samuel and Sally, of New Brunswick, and Dr. Charles Proctor, widr., of Rowley, a.43y., Physician, b. Rowley, s.Benjamin and Anna, of Rowley, Nov.29,1849.*

Moses, and Lydia Hobson [Hopson. int.] of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.9,1765.*

Moses, and Sally Thurla, June27,1799.*

Moses [3d.CR1], of Danvers, and Sally Boardman Titcomb, Nov.9,1815. [Nov.8.CR1]*

Nathan, and Phebe Harris of Rowley [of Ipswich.int.], at Rowley, June6,1754.*

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Noyes, Nov.26,1730.*

Nathaniel, and Judith Noyes, Jan.15,1761.*

Nathaniell and Mary Somerby, Nov.1,1763.CR9*

Nathaniel [of New Milford.int.], and Elisabeth Pearson, Nov.5,1799.*

Oliver, and Nabby Carlton, Nov.24,1790.*

Patience, and John Hale, jr., July25,1716.*

Phebe Y[oung.CR10], and Henry Stickman of Newburyport, Mar.11,1816.*

Phebe Thurlo, and Enoch Pearson, Sept.13,1821.*

Priscilla, and Samuel C[olby.CR5] Shute, both of Rowley, Apr.5,1823.

Richard, and [Hannah.TC] Rofe, wid., 末蔓3,1647.

Richard, and Sara Greenlefe, June7,1677.

Richard, sr., and Hannah Broklebank, Mar.4,1678.

Richard, jr., and Elizabeth Stickney of Rowley, int.June2,1709.

Richard, jr., and Sarah Emmery, jr., May21,1719.*

Richard, jr., and Mrs.Susanna Noyes, Jan.14,1745-6.*

Richard, 3d, and Martha Merrill, Oct.16,1759.*

Ruth, and Thomas Plumer, Nov.3,1767.

Ruth, and Philip Butler of Newburyport, Sept.18,1782.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Knight, Oct.30,1720.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Gunneson, Apr.7,1752.*

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Little, Nov.20,1777.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Coffin, Mar.29,1693.

S[arah, Mrs.int.], and William Johnson of Woburn, Jan.1,1707.*

Sarah, and Tristram Little, Oct.30,1707.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Woodman, jr., Jan.31,1722-3.*

Sarah, and James Knight, May22,1740.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Daniel Perkins of Boxford, Nov.27,1740.*

Sarah, and Joseph Warner, Aug.8,1749.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Lt. Jethro Pearson of Exeter, June7,1753.

Sarah, of Salisbury, and John March, 3d, int.Oct.23,1756.

Sarah, and Joshua Moody [jr. int.], May4,1758.*

Sarah, and Enoch Plumer, Oct.9,1759.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Poor, Nov.8,1759.*

Sarah, and Henry Adams, jr., int.Nov.7,1767.

Sarah, and Amos Carlton, Oct.3,1780.*

Sally, of Rowley, and Thomas Somersby, jr. of Newburyport, June4,1803.CR5

Sarah, and William [P. int.] Dodge, Esq. of Salem, Apr.9,1807.*

Sarah, and Joel R. Peabody of Topsfield, int.Nov.18,1841.

Seth J., of Rowley, and Mary Ann Poor, Nov.22,1825.*

Sewall, of Rowley, and Jane M. Knight [int.Nov.10.], 1832.*

Silas, and Judith Rolf, Sept.25,1777.*

Stephen, and Seusanah Noyes, Nov.29,1716.*

Stephen, Susanna Adams, Mar.15,1768.*

Susan H., and Rev. John P. Cleaveland of Salem, Nov.6,1727.*

Tabitha [Mrs.int.], and John Noyes [3d.int.], Nov.17,1715.*

Thomas, of Lancaster, and Hannah Plumer, May16,1744.*

William, and Mary Brocklebank, Oct.13,1684.

William, jr., and Rebeckah Person of Rowley, int.Jan.9,1713-14.

William, and Judeth Jaques, Apr.3,1755.*

William, and Edna Thurston, May28,1786.*

William, and Abigail Plumer, Dec.4,1842.*

DOLIBER (Doliver)

Ruth, Mrs., of Marblehead, and Capt. Joseph Atkins, Nov.18,1734.CR7

DOLIVER (Doliber)

Peter, of Marblehead, and Mary Coker, int.Mar.2,1752.


Joseph [Dwinnel, of Newfield.int.], and Rebekah Dresser, Apr.2,1795.*

DONNELL (Donnels)

Abigail Ann, and Joseph Small, Dec.18,1832.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Brown, Apr.6,1823.*

George, jr., and Phebe [T. int.] Wormsted, Nov.7,1833.*

Mary, and Rufus Barton [Baston. int.], Dec.18,1832.*

Zechariah, and Sarah Hardy, June22,1769.*

DONNELS (Donnell)

George, and Betsey Pettengill, Apr.3,1805.*


Bathsheba, and Enoch Evans, Sept.24,1817.*

DORMAN (Dorming)

Jesse, of Newburyport, and Rebeckah Goodwin, Oct.5,1797.*

DORMING (Dorman)

Joseph, and Mary Jillings, Int. Dec.2,1761.


Daniel, of Newburyport, and Sally Carlton, int.June11,1785.


William, Capt., and Sarah Williams, both of Salem, June1,1730.CR7


Abby C., a.20y., d.Daniel and Joanna, and Robert Morss of Boston, a.29y., accountant, s.Robert and Mary, of Boston, Nov.18,1846.*

Benjamin P., and Margaret A. Campbell of Newburyport, int.Nov.30,1838.

Daniel [Davis.CR10], and Joanna Morse Pettingell, Aug.13,1810.*

Ebenezer, and wid.Elizabeth Danforth of Andover, at Andover, June12,1760.

Eliphaz, of Salisbury, and Elisabeth Flood, Sept.2,1729.CR7

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Merrill, Feb.4,1739-40.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Hale, 3d, July17,1776.*

Elisabeth, and Enoch Moody, Feb.25,1778.*

Hepzebah, of Rowley, and John Frazer, at Rowley, June6,1754.*

John, and Elisabeth Moodey, Jan.29,1735-6.*

John, and Betsey Bickford, int.Mar.7,1835.

Judith, of Plaistow, and Sewll Short, int.Jan.16,1807.

Lydia, and John Poor, 4th, Feb.16,1769.*

Margaret, of Ipswich, and Henry Grinleaf, Aug.24,1727.CR7

Mary, and Edward Beacham, int.Nov.15,1755.

Mary, and Jacob Merrill, Feb.8,1778.*

Rachel, d.John, of Hampton, and Richard Collins, Mar.1,1738-9.CR6

DOWN (Downs)

Joseph, and Elisabeth Silver, Apr.7,1763.*


Abigail, and Abner Rogers, Feb.24,1800.*

Amos, and Abigail Burrill of West Newbury, Sept.11,1828.*

Andrew, and Susannah Huntington, Dec.20,1699.*

Andrew, and Sarah Pike, July15,1756.*

Daniel, and Judith Pilsbury, Dec.11,1796.*

Betsey, of West Newbury, and George Gould, Oct.27,1842.*

Gideon, and Judith Merryl, Mar.28,1729.CR7

Hannah, and Robert Rogers, Jan.8,1784.*

John, and Hannah Pierson, Jan.4,1726-7.*

Joseph, and Mary Knight, July9,1660.

Joseph, and Abigail Merrill, Mar.6,1733-4.*

Joseph, and Anna Danfourth, May23,1779.*

Judith, and William Rogers [jr. int.], Aug.29,1749.CR2*

Martha, and Ezekiel Rogers,末蔓末,1810 or 11. [July28,1810. int.]*

Mary, and John Poor, Nov.6,1740.*

Mary, and Charles Dennet, July25,1805.*

Nancy, and William Gould of West Newbury, int.Apr.7,1827.

Nancy M., of Newburyport, and Joseph Pickett, Nov.28,1838.*

Nanny, and Nathan Longfellow, Sept.10,1799.*

Paul P., and Hannah Moody, Mar.末,1811.*

Samuel, and Sarah Moody,末蔓末,1808. [Apr.16. int.]*

Sarah, and Joshua Ordway, Oct.9,1759.*

Sarah, and Isaiah Rogers, Jan.15,1783.*

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Edmund Nicols, int.Apr.17,1802.

Solomon, and Phebe Pearson of Haverhill, June12,1783.*

Stephen, and Susanna Chisemore, Dec.9,1773.*

Susanna, and Daniel Rogers, jr., Oct.19,1785.*

DOWNIN (Downing)

John, and Tabitha Delawn, Nov.4,1731.CR7

DOWNING (Downin)

David, and Susanna Beacham, Mar.7,1762.*

John, and Martha Smith, Mar.10,1755.*

John, and Sarah Hartshorn of Plaistow, NH, int.Feb.1,1783.

Martha, and Richard Richards.Dec.18,1782.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Howard of Newburyport, Nov.13,1794.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Moses George, Oct.27,1752.

DOWNS (Down)

Hannah Dole, and Ira Ricker of Newburyport, int.Sept.20,1821.

Jeremiah, and Abigail L.M. Day, Oct.27,1830.*

Massey, and Samuel Lunt, May6,1802.*

Prince Lumbard, and Sarah Morse, int.Sept.8,1798.

Salley Coffin, of Newburyport, and Jedediah Kilborn, int.Nov.17,1804.

Sally, and Ebenezer Harris of Ipswich, int.May17,1823.

Sally, and Robery Cole, Nov.13,1826.*

Susan S., and John B. Chase, Oct.16,1824.*

Thomas, and Hannah Cavender, Sept.5,1800.*

Thomas, and Lydia Miller, int.Apr.4,1821.

William, and Elisabeth Hunt, int.Dec.26,1771.

DOWS (Dowse)

Jonathan, of Charlestown, and Mary Blanchard of Littleton, Mar.26,1734.CR7

DOWSE (Dows)

Samuel, and Alice Call, both of Charlestown, Oct.2,1733.CR7

DOYAL (Doyle)

Charles, and Elizabeth Coffin, July28,1791.CR2*

Sally, of Newburyport, and Joshua Colby, jr., int.May2,1812.

DOYLE (Doyal)

Ann, of Newburyport, and Daniel Wells, int.Aug.6,1825.

Ann, and Moses Plumer of Amesbury, int.Oct.16,1830.

Charles C., of Newburyport, and [Mrs.CR10] Mary C. Coffin, Oct.13,1831.*

Betsey, and William Currier, Aug.19,1812.*

Harriet, and Nathaniel Chase, Apr.18,1822.*

Martha Thurston, and John Woodwell Hunt, int.Mar.22,1828.

Sally, and Amos Wood of Newburyport, int.Nov.22,1817.

Tamzon, of Newburyport, and Samuel W. Wells, int.Sept.19,1835.

DRESOR (Dresser)

Samuel, of Ipswich, and Sarah Moulton, int.Nov.17,1733.

DRESSER (Dresor, Dresser)

Daniel, of Ipswich, and Esther Plumer, at Ipswich, May24,1792.*

Jane, and John Folansbe, June末,1792.*

John, of Ipswich, and Abigail Poor, Oct.27,1757.*

Moses, resident in Newbury, and Sarah Murray, int.Mar.1,1781.

Rebekah, and Joseph Donnald [Dwinnel, of Newfield.int.], Apr.2,1795.*

William O., and Mary W. Hale, May12,1837.*

DRESSOR (Dresser)

Elisabeth, and James Ball, Feb.6,1789.*

Mary, and Samuel Wallis, Aug.23,1789.*

Polley, and Benjamin Nelson of Rowley, int.Feb.20,1802.

Mercy, of Rowley, and Moses Longfellow, int.Mar.16,1804.


Lydia, of Peeling, NH, and Amos Chase, jr., int.Oct.19,1816.


Samuel, of Newburyport, and Frances Loisa Brooks,末蔓末,1811. [Mar.9. int.]*


Lidia, of Framingham, and Joseph Pike, at Framingham, Dec.5,1722.


Thomas, and Grace Brickwood, both of Boston,末蔓末,1729.CR7


Stephen, of Exeter, and Sarah Davison, July末,1708.*

DUGGIN (Duggins)

John, and Elizabeth Ireland Sept.17,1791.CR1*

Mary, and Josiah Pettengill, int.Dec.18,1801.

DUGGINS (Duggin)

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Randall Foss, Aug.24,1813.*

William, and Mary Symons, Oct.2,1783.*


Mary, and Bemjamin W. Robinson, int.Nov.10,1827.

DUMER (Dummer)

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Moses Hale, int.Jan.5,1703-4.

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Rev. Jedediah Jewett of Rowley, Nov.11,1730.*

Hannah, and Peter Cogswell, of Newburyport, int.Aug.19,1786.

Jane, Mrs., and Henry Sewall, Mar.25,1646.

John, and Mrs.Sarah Peirce, int.Dec.8,1704.

Mehitable, Mrs., and Moses Hale, Nov.8,1744.*

Richard, and Mrs.Elizabeth Apleton, Nov.2,1673.

Sarah N., a.29y., b. Rowley, d.Samuel and Joanna, of Rowley, and Joshua N. Kent, a.29y., farmer, s.Jacob and Mary, Nov.11,1845.*

DUMMER (Dumer)

Abigail, and William Dummer, May28,1811.*

Catharine [Mrs.dup.], and Enoch Bartlet of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Aug.21,1755.*

Catherine, and Oliver Canney, Aug.14,1826.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Rev. Christopher Toppan, June28,1739.*

Elisabeth, and Moses Little, 3d, Aug.6,1786.*

Jeremiah, of Hallowell, and Hitty Moody, May末,1792.*

John, and Hannah Titcomb, Feb.20,1755.*

John, and Susanna Duty of Rowley, at Rowley, Aug.27,1789.*

Joseph G., and Mary P. Peabody of Boxford, int.Aug.15,1835.

Joshua, and Deborah Jewett of Rowley, int.May6,1820.

Joshua, and Charity Curtis, int.May16,1840.

Mary, and Nathaniel Pearly, Esq. of Hallowell, Feb.末,1796.*

Richard, and Dorothy Light, Jan.22,1712-13.*

Richard, and Judith Greenleaf, June6,1754.*

Richard [jr. int.], and Hannah Northend of Rowley, at Rowley, June21,1785.*

Samuel, and Eunice Noyes, May16,1765.*

Samuel, jr., and Joanna Tenny, Oct.26,1816. [1815.CR2]*

Shubael, of Salem, and Deborah Moody, Mar.1,1808.*

William, and Dorothy Northend of Byfield Rowley, June2,1761.*

William, and Abigail Dummer, May28,1811.*


David, and Fanny Bartlet of Newburyport, int.Jan.17,1824.


John, of Rowley, a.26y., carpenter, b. Quebec, L.C., s.Herbert and Honored, of Quebec, and Susan A. Edgerly of Rowley, a.19y., b. Rowley, d.Samuel and Mary, of Rowley, Feb.17,1848.


James, and Abigail A. Scott, int.Aug.7,1830.

Robert, of Brunswick, and Mary Obrien, int.Dec.11,1802.


Edward, and Anna Jackson, both of Newton, Sept.15,1735.CR7

John [resident in Newbury.int.], and Content Peasle, Nov.17,1763.*

DURGAN (Durgin)

George, and Phebe E. Stanford, Apr.21,1837.*

DURGIN (Durgan)

Ann, and Samuel Goodwin, int.July3,1829.

George, and Margaret Green, int.Sept.16,1845.

Nicolas, and Mary Foster, int.Nov.11,1803.

Rebecca [of Durham.int.], and Enos Bartlet, Feb.16,1815.*

Sarah, and Thomas Tewksbury, Oct.10,1814.*

DUSTAN (Duston)

Lydia, and Nathaniel Low Chase, Apr.8,1773.*

Moses, and Mercy Flanders, May4,1775.*

DUSTEN (Duston)

Anna, and Martin Morland [of Newburyport. int.], Nov.25,1790.*

DUSTIN (Duston)

Hannah, and Abel Woodman, June17,1779.*

Sarah, and Elias Cook of Newburyport, July13,1777.*

DUSTON (Dustan, Dusten, Dustin, Dutson)

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Wats, both of Haverhill, May18,1715.

Mary, and Samuel Wats, jr., both of Haverhill, May25,1715.


Charlotte, of Exeter, and Moses Atkinson, 3d, int.May22,1808.

Clarissa Harlow, and Joshua Coffin, at Exeter, NH, Dec.2,1817.

Margaret, of Wells, and Enoch Ilsley, int.Jan.5,1811.

DUTSON (Duston)

David [Duston. int.], and Elisabeth Morrill, Mar.23,1743-4.*


Abigail Coffin, and Thomas Merrill, Jan.8,1809.*

Abigail, and Paul G. Lunt, Feb.11,1841.*

Adeline, and Henry Mann, May27,1828.*

Almira, of Newburyport, and Matthias Jackman, Dec.19,1841.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Currier of Newburyport, Nov.15,1801.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Norton of Newburyport, Oct.2,1808.*

Benjamin, and Martha Ann Ash, both of Newburyport, Oct.9,1836.

Eliza P., of Boston, and Daniel T. Fisk, int.Oct.13,1849.

Elizabeth M., and Thomas S. Ordway, both of West Newbury, Dec.27,1824.

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and George Ash, Oct.11,1835.*

Harriet, and Samuel Noyes of Haverhill, Dec.3,1835.*

Mary, and David Parsons, Nov.22,1812.*

Mary March, and Benjamin Hale Cheever of Newburyport, int.Apr.9,1825.

Sarah, and William Harris of Newburyport, int.Nov.1,1823.

Stephen Coffin, and Phebe Folansbe of Newburyport, int.Dec.3,1797.

Stephen T., of Jay ME, and Sarah Stickney, Oct.6,1825.*

Thomas, and Anna Coffin, Nov.17,1767.

Thomas, jr., and Mary Moulton, Nov.27,1788.*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Ford, Nov.14,1793.*

William F., and Sally Rogers of Newburyport, int.June17,1821.

William, and Dorothy Delany of Newburyport, int.Oct.29,1823.

DUTY (Deuty)

Andrew, and Mehitable Woodman, Apr.20,1726.*

Apphia, and Samuel Boynton, May14,1766.*

Bethiah, and Ezra Clough, both of Byfield Rowley, Mar.15,1759/

Elisabeth, of Byfield Rowley, and Francis Pingry of Rowley, Dec.13,1759.

Jane, and Richard Goodridge, int.June15,1761.

John, and Mary Pilsbury, Mar.24,1774.*

John [jr. int.], and Lydia Rogers, Nov.18,1802.*

Joseph, and Sarah [Mary.int.] Pike, Nov.19,1754.*

Judith, and Samuel Gould, Dec.14,1826.*

Lydia, and Jesse Rogers, Nov.24,1807.*

Mary, and Daniel Rogers, Jan.3,1798.*

Mehetable, and Onesiphorus Page of South Hampton, NH, Apr.28,1767.*

Mehetable, of Byfield Rowley, and John Hamilton, "a foreigner," Dec.25,1778.

Sarah, and John Uran of Rumford, Nov.24,1746.*

Susannah, of Rowley, and John Dummer, at Rowley, Aug.27,1789.*


Thomas, of Newburyport, and Abigail Rappell, int.Nov.4,1834.

DWINEL (Dwinnell)

Henry, and Lydia Curtice of Danvers, ay Danvers, June16,1779.*

DWINELS (Dwinnell)

Eunice, of Rowley, and Daniel Rogers, int.Oct.15,1836.

DWINNEL (Dwinnell)

Amos, and Betsey Creessy of Rowley, int.Nov.19,1796.

Joseph, See Donnald, Joseph.

DWINNELL (Dwinel, Dwinels, Dwinnel, Dwinnells, Dwinnels)

Mercy, and Joseph Pilsbury [jr. int.], June26,1781.*

DWINNELLS (Dwinnell)

Jacob, and Dolly Varney Rogers, int.Aug.1,1831.

DWINNELS (Dwinnell)

Sarah J., of Rowley, a.17y., b. Rowley, d.Israel and Martha, of Rowley, and George W. Daniels of Rowley, a.29y., shoemaker, b. Rowley, s.Philemon and Lucy, of Rowley, July2,1846.

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