James, and Elizabeth Emerson, Dec.9,1834.*


Mary, of Newburyport, and Patrick Faherty, int.Dec.5,1846.

Michael, and Elisabeth Henry of Newburyport, int.Aug.12,1848.

Patrick, and Mary Faherty of Newburyport, int.Dec.5,1846.


George A., and Abby Langley, both of Lowell, Oct.5,1841.

Lucretia, of Canton, and Joseph Longfellow, int.Mar.27,1841.


Benjamin, of Wenham, and Martha Hale, Sept.3,1754.*


Jane, and Joseph Danforth,末蔓末,1844. [Nov.23. int.]*

Susan F., and Giles A. Noyes, int.Oct.6,1849.


William, of West Newbury, and Alice P. Clifford, Oct.7,1832.*

FANNIN (Fanning)

Dorcas, and Thomas Brown of Hampton, Dec.13,1710.*

FANNING (Fannin)

William, and Elizabeth Allen, Mar.24,1667-8.


Benjamin, of Bedford, and Joanna Page of Billerica, Jan.19,1732-3.CR7

Hannah, of Ipswich, and Abil Huse, jr., int.Apr.21,1738.


Anthony [Capt. int.], and Eunice Rogers, Feb.20,1746-7.*

FARNAM (Farnum)

Daniel, resident in Newbury, and Mrs.Sybil Anger of Cambridge, int.June21,1740.

FARNEM (Farnum)

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Barker, both of Andover, Oct.16,1708.


Phineas, and Zeubah Burt, both of Groton, Feb.12,1729-30.CR7

FARNUM (Farnam, Farnem)

Anson, W., and Susan Lunt of Newburyport, int.Nov.18,1826.

Samuel [Varnum.CR1], and Darah Jackman, Apr.24,1806.*

Stephen, and Susan Smith, Nov.26,1829.*


Abigail, and Jacob Merrill, May4,1835.

Ann, and Gorham Hills,末蔓末,1836.

Ebenezer, and Ruth Bartlet, int.Oct.8,1803.

Lewis G., of West Newbury, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Ebenezer and Ruth, of West Newbury, and Sarah Jane Emery, a.21y., d.Thomas, May1,1845.

William B., and Martha Stevens, both of West Newbury, Dec.11,1839.


John, and Jane Lakin, both of Groton, July10,1735.CR7


Robert, and Sarah How, both of Marlboro, Dec.1,1730.CR7

FAVOR (Favour)

Elizabeth, and Samuel Nowell, July16,1747.CR2*

Richard, and Mrs.Jemimah Rich, Sept.24,1741.*

FAVOUR (Favor, Feavor)

Dorothy, and William McCullock, int.Aug.25,1759.

FEAVOR (Favour)

John, and Hannah Brickit, June28,1716.*

John, and Dorothy Weed, int.Oct.5,1745.

Sarah, and Benjamin Procter, Sept.25,1740.

Willlouby, and Jane Richardson, Dec.30,1725.*


Mary, and John Woodman, July15,1656.

FELCH (Feltch)

Chelmsford, of Lowell, and Elizabeth M. Mace, Dec.26,1841.*

Daniel, of Newburyport, and Susan Lurvey, int.Mar.4,1809.

Irena, of Newburyport, and Joel Adams, July末,1832.*

Joseph H., and Mary Haskell, Apr.16,1834.*

Mary M., and William L. Shuff,末蔓末,1840. [Apr.18. int.]*

Nicholas, of Newburyport, and Melinda Bartlet, int.Sept.28,1839.

William A., and Lucy M. Page of Newburyport, Dec.19,1844.*


Solomon P., and Elizabeth C. Nute of Newburyport, int.July7,1849.


Benjamin, and Lydia Akers, May4,1758.*

Betty, of Hopkinton, NH, and Daniel Hale, 3d, int.May14,1785.

Eunice, of Ipswich, and John Wood, int.May13,1758.

Relief, of Rowley, and William Daniels, Dec.6,1817.*


Elisabeth, of Rowley, and Benjamin Poor, July9,1717.

FELTCH (Felch)

Clara M. a.32y., b. Kensington, d.Jacob and Hannah, and John B. Nelson of Newburyport, a.30y., merchant tailor, b. Newburyport, s.Samuel and Sarah, of Newburyport, July18,1849.*

Emeline M., and Hiram Janvrin, Dec.10,1843.*


Cornelius, and Anna Morse, June1,1806.*

Hugh [a seafaring man. int.], and Lydia Brookins, Nov.27,1781.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Pirkins of Newburyport, int.Sept.5,1789.

FERGUSON (Forguson)

James, and Dorcas Noyes, May19,1825.*

FESSENDEN (Fissenden)

Moses, see Tupenden, Moses.


Mary, of Boston, and Charles Peirce, jr., int.Mar.24,1759.


John, and Anna Longfellow, Mar.6,1777.*

FILBROOK (Philbrook)

Zachariah, of Hampton, and Mary Lowle, July9,1715.*


John, and Elizabeth B. McQuillen, int.Dec.7,1849.


Eleazer, and Nancy Mace, Dec.26,1819.*

Nathan, and Patience Shaddock, both of Groton, Oct.2,1730.CR7


Reubin, Capt., and Mary Little, Oct.13,1811.*

William, of Boston, and Mary Sprague, Dec.2,1760.*


Daniel T., and Eliza P. Dutton of Boston, int.Oct.13,1849.

David, and Lidia Morse, Feb.20,1794.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Job Watson of Newburyport, Jan.22,1812.*

Jonathan, and Mary Chase, Nov.17,1823.*

Marcy, and Charles Chaplin of Rowley, Apr.10,1832.*

Samuel, of Boxford, and Judith Noyes, Feb.1,1737-8.*

Samuel, and Rebeckah Flood, Feb.12,1791.*

Samuel, jr., and Lydia E. Blake of Hampton, NH, Nov.20,1834.*

Sarah, and Charles Stewart, both of Rowley, Dec.31,1741.

William, Dea.[Dr. int.], of Rowley, and Mrs.Bethiah Goodrich, at Rowley, Dec.19,1753.*

William, and Mary A. Floyd, Oct.25,1841.*

FISSENDEN (Fessenden)

Hannah, Mrs., and John Sewall, Oct.27,1674.


Eleazer T., Rev., of New Haven, CT, a.56y., Professor of Divinity, s.Nathaniel and Mary, of New Haven, and Mary C. Lunt of Newburyport, a.45y., b. Newburyport, d.Micajah and Sarah G., of Newburyport, Jan.6,1848.

Jedediah, of Norwich, resident in Newbury, and Mrs.Abigel Coffin of Nantucket, now resident in Newbury, Sept.13,1701.*

Zachariah, of Boston, and Abigaill Davinson, Aug.14,1718.*

FITS (Fitz)

Isaac, of Ipswich, and Mary Noyes, June5,1723.*

FITTS (Fitz)

Eleanor, of Salisbury, and David T. Tucker, int.Nov.14,1845.

Elisabeth, and John Danford, Nov.11,1735.*

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Nehemiah Haskill, int.Nov.6,1762.

Emily, of Salisbury, a.19y., d.William and Priscilla of Salisbury, and Francis Ordway, a.21y., ship carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Polly, Oct.29,1845.*

Richard, and Sara Ordway, Oct.8,1654.

William, of South Hampton, and Elizabeth Abbot of Newburyport, Apr.2,1826.CR10

FITZ (Fits, Fitts)

Rebecca, and James Davis, Jan.6,1813.*


Jane [Fitsgard.int.], "an Irish woman," and Joseph Scott of England [of White Haven, Great Britain. int.], Dec.28,1736.CR7*


Andrew S., and Olive Kimball of Dover, NH, int.Nov.1,1845.

Anna, of Amesbury, and Samuel Marsh, int.Feb.末,1789.

Charles, and Eliza Somerby of Newburyport, int.Sept.14,1822.

Daniel, and Anna Merrill, Dec.16,1784.*

Daniel, jr., and Sarah Bailey of Newburyport, int.Dec.3,1807.

Eliphalet, and Betty Bailey, int.Apr.13,1807.

Elisabeth, of Salisbury, and Benjamin Greenfeild, int.Apr.2,1737.

Elisabeth, and John Flood, jr., Sept.22,1765.*

Betty, of Salisbury, and Nathaniel Davis, jr., int.May8,1766.

Ephraim W., and Ann E. Colby, Feb.4,1844.*

Hannah, and Moses Flood, int.Jan.3,1772.

Hannah, and Richard Davis of Newburyport, Apr.27,1777.*

Harriet M., and Albert G. Maxwell, int.Dec.7,1833.

Jesse E., and Lydia B. Perkims, int.June23,1832.

Joanna, of Salisbury, and Nathan Bartlet, at Salisbury, Mar.5,1740-41.*

John, and Hannah Bayley, Mar.31,1777.*

John, of Newburyport, and Esther Park, int.Mar.13,1830.

Joseph F., and Sarah W. Flanders, Feb.17,1825.*

Joseph G., and Mary Ann Currier, Sept.3,1838.*

Joseph G., and Jane Clarke, int.May1,1847.

Lydia, and Charles Brown of Newburyport, int.Oct.22,1823.

Lydia [A. int.], a.18y., d.John and Ruth, and James Anderson, a.22y., caulker, s.Robert and Jane, June2,1849.*

Mary, and Silas Rogers [jr. int.], Mar.6,1785.*

Mercy, and Moses Dustan, May4,1775.*

Nathan A., ship carpenter, and Harriet M. Gurney of Newburyport, d.Nathaniel, of Newburyport, Nov.2,1844.*

Richard, and Mercy Whiten [Whitney.int.], Aug.19,1740.*

Ruth, wid., and Lowell Crocker, widr., ship carpenter, s.Joseph Morse of Salisbury, Feb.16,1845.*

Sarah W., and Joseph F. Flanders, Feb.17,1825.*

Sara E.J., of Newburyport, and Alexander Whittier, int.May31,1845.

Tabitha, and Samuel Merrill, jr., Jan.1,1746-7.*

FLOID (Floyd)

Catharine, and Jonathan Cheney, jr., of Rowley, int.July4,1834.

FLOOD (Floyd)

Aaron, and Betsey George of Newburyport, Mar.17,1799.*

Abigail, and Joseph Rogers, int.Jan.26,1805.

Anna, and Moses Godfrey [of Kingston. int.], Sept.15,1765.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Elizebeth Morey, Apr.22,1741.*

Daniel, and Sarah Laboree, Jan.5,1735-6.*

Ebenezer, and Margaret Courser, int.Jan.7,1737-8.

Ebenezer, and Nancy Cary, int.Oct.13,1803.

Elisabeth, and Eliphaz Dow of Salisbury, Sept.2,1729.CR7

Elisabeth, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Joshua Vickery, int.Jan.3,1772.

Enoch, and Mary Goodridge, May31,1753.*

Enoch, and wid.Grace Mackenly, Jan.24,1771.*

Enoch, jr., and Sarah Currier, int.Sept.22,1801.

Esther, and Ebenezer Barton, May5,1710.*

George, and Mary Pin, June8,1767.

Gideon, and Hannah Rogers, Oct.18,1775.

Hannah, and Gideon Rogers, int.Sept.2,1775.

Hannah, and Abner Perkins, Jan.3,1776.*

Hannah, and Allen Morison, Nov.13,1795.*

James, and Elizabeth Shoars, both of Boston, Sept.10,1730.CR7

James, and Sarah Rogers, Jan.16,1770.*

John, and Jane Philips, Oct.14,1736.*

John, and Abigail Labore, int.Jan.23,1741-2.

John [resident in Newbury.int.], and Jane Hooper [July21. int.], 1753.CR9*

John, jr., and Elisabeth Flanders, Sept.22,1765.*

Joseph, and Martha Acres, int.Jan.5,1704-5.

Joseph, jr., and Bethiah Danford, July1,1756.*

Joseph, and Abigail Rogers, Jan.20,1777.*

Joseph, and Martha Goodridge, Nov.7,1799.*

Levi, and Elisabeth Smith, Nov.24,1802.*

Lydia, and William Burrill, int.Oct.28,1786.

Mark, and Katharine Labore, Nov.11,1741.*

Martha, and Israel Gardner, June3,1755.*

Patty, and Aquilla [Augustus.int.] Mayew [of Rye. int.], June17,1802.*

Moses, and Mary Harris of Dover, Nov.20,1738.*

Moses, and Hannah Flanders, int.Jan.3,1772.

Moses, and Jane Russell, Mar.1,1800.*

Nathan, and Eunice Davis, Jan.10,1770. ("He took the said Eunice naked & so would not be obliged to pay any of her former husband's debts.")*

Peter, and Lucy Snow, Jan.12,1803. [May21,1803. int.]*

Rebeckah, and Samuel Fisk, Feb.12,1791.*

Richard, and Mary Connaway of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.26,1729.

Ruth, and Ebenezer Sergeant, Jan.1,1769.*

Sarah, and Richard Urian of Contocook, Nov.22,1742.*

Sarah, and Ezekiel Rogers, Mar.末,1780.*

Sara Evens, and William Burrill, Feb.16,1789.*

Sarah, and James Day, Jan.10,1797.*

Seth, and Hannah Evins, Nov.22,1744.*

Stevens, and Annah Toby, July21,1772.*

FLORY (Flowry)

Louisa Mary, of Newburyport, and Moody Lunt, Jan.27,1833.

FLOUD (Floyd)

Phillip, and Sarah Poor, Mar.1,1721-22.*

FLOWRY (Flory)

Lewis H., of Boston, and Fanny C. Goodwin, int.Apr.26,1845.

FLOYD (Floid, Flood, Floud, Flud)

Aaron, and Hannah Stickney, Dec.1,1834.*

Abigail, and Samuel Holmes of Rowley, int.Sept.9,1831.

Amos, and Hannah Battis, July5,1809.*

Ann, and Silas D. Floyd, int.Oct.9,1847.

Benjamin P., and Sarah P. Milton, Nov.13,1834.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Lois Pulsifer of Rowley, Jan.7,1833.*

Eliza w., and Asa Whitehouse, June末,1840.*

Enoch, jr., and Sarah E Hervey of Gloucester, int.Dec.4,1832.

Enos, and Polly Knight, Jan.19,1808.*

Eunice, and Robert Robinson of Boston, int.Aug.8,1846.

Hannah, and [Capt. int.] Mark Allen of Gloucester, Dec.13,1807.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Benjamin Jackman, Feb.24,1812.*

Hannah, and Caleb Woodwell, Dec.末,1834.*

Harriet M., a.23y., d.John and Abigail, and Emanuel J. Bennett of New York, a.23y., cigar maker, b. New York City, s.John and Mary, of New York, Apr.24,1848.*

Huldah, and Gideon Rogers, jr., Aug.2,1815.*

Jane, and William Ilsley, Sept.14,1819.*

Joanna, and Benjamin Pettingell, jr., Sept.11,1824.*

John, and Elisabeth Harris of Newburyport, int.May24,1806.

John, jr., and Eliza B. Chace, int.Mar.19,1826.

John, jr., and Susan F. Towle of Newburyport, Jan.7,1829.*

Joseph, and Eunice Gould of West Newbury, int.May19,1849.

Lucy, and William Goodridge, Dec.26,1822.*

Lydia, and Giles Woodman, Jan.25,1827.*

Martha Ann, and Andrew M. Quimby of Rowley, Nov.29,1832.*

Martha J., a.16y., d.Michael and Betsey, and Luther P. Gould, a.23y., shoemaker, s.John and Ruth, Aug.3,1845.*

Mary A., and William Fisk, Oct.25,1841.*

Polly, and Robert Floyd, int.June3,1844.

Oliver, and Mrs.Jane White, May27,1810.*

Paul, and Sarah Willet of Newburyport, Sept.11,1811.*

Paul [jr. of Rowley.int.], shoemaker, s.Paul, and Adaline S. Plumer, a.21y., d.Silas, July28,1844.*

Paul, widr., a.59y., farmer, d.John and Polly [Elizabeth.dup.], and Sarah Norton, a.48y., d.Amos and Sarah, Jan.21,1845.*

Robert, and Sally Woodwell, Oct.21,1819.*

Robert, and Polly Floyd, int.June3,1844.

Sarah, and Jonathan York, Nov.15,1807.*

Sally, of Ipswich, and Reuben Jackman, int.Feb.6,1824.

Silas, and Ann Thurlo, Dec.15,1812.*

Silas D., and Ann Floyd, int.Oct.9,1847.

FLUD (Floyd)

Anne, and Samuel Johnson of Andover, Nov.23,1727.*

John, and Lydia Kenna, Dec.30,1714.*


Mary, and George Hardy, Nov.24,1686.CTR

FOLANSBE (Follansbee)

Betsey, and Moses Emery, Sept.24,1803.*

James, Lt., and Sarah Plumer, Oct.末,1789.*

John, and Jane Dresser, June末,1792.*

Polly, and Daniel Pilsbury, int.Nov.2,1805.

Nehemiah, and Dorothy Hills, Dec.16,1784.*

Phebe, of Newburyport, and Stephen Coffin Dutton, int.Dec.3,1797.

Samuel, and Lydia Noyes, Nov.26,1800.*

Susanna, and David Bartlet [jr.CR2], Sept.10,1785.*

FOLANSBEE (Follansbee)

Abial Pearson of New Milford, and Lydia Pearson, int.Sept.14,1805.

Jane, and Edward Woodman of Washington, int.June8,1804.

Lucy [H. int.], and Benjamin Brown, Oct.25,1806.*


Mary, of Exeter, and Daniel Morison, int.Mar.27,1707.

FOLINSBY (Follansbee)

Thomas, jr., and Hannah March, Jan.5,1715-16.*

FOLLANSBE (Follansbee)

Francis, and Hannah Cambel, Nov.20,1777.*

John, and Abigail Woodman, Dec.9,1779.*

Joshua, of Salisbury, and Mary Sawyer, Sept.13,1779.*

Moses, jr., of Weare, NH, and Sarah Clark, Oct.15,1778.*

FOLLANSBEE (Folansbe, Folansbee, Folinsby, Follansbe, Follensbe, Follensby, Follingsby, Follinsbe, Follinsbee, Follinsbey, Follinsby)

Clarissa, and David Buswell, Feb.28,1809.*

Hazen L., of Newburyport, a.23y., trader, b. Newburyport, s, Nathan and Catherine, and Rebecca B. Bartlett of Newburyport, a.25y., b. Newburyport, d.Samuel and Rebecca, of Newburyport, July3,1846.

John, and Judith Bailey, int.Nov.11,1809.

Lydia G., a.29y., b. Georgetown, d.Moses and Ruth, and James Cogswell of Manchester, a.27y., blacksmith, b. Manchester, s.James and Mary, Oct.21,1847.

Polly, of Newburyport, and Henry Cromwell Jaques, int.May9,1807.

Moses, and Priscilla Heath, June14,1756.

Nehemiah, and Priscilla Chase, June2,1808.*

Newman, and Mary Chase, Sept.23,1814.*

Sally, of Andover, and Moody Morse, Sept.9,1806.*

William, and Sarah Tukesbury, Aug.17,1806.*

William Francis, of Newburyport, and Lydia C. England int.Apr.13,1833.

FOLLENSBE (Follansbee)

Nabby, and Capt. John Carlton, Jan.27,1791.CR2

Sarah, and James Carr, Oct.5,1749.*

FOLLENSBY (Follansbee)

Francis, and Mary Dean of Ipswich, int.Sept.3,1748.

Hannah, and Eliphalet Rawlings of Bradford, Jan.23,1755.*

Moody, and Sarah Smith, Feb.7,1750.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Knap, Aug.9,1750.*


Martha, and Capt. Othniel Homans, both of Boston, May29,1730.CR7

FOLLINGSBY (Follansbee)

Thomas, and Mary Bancroft of Reading, at Reading, Feb.18,1734-5.*

FOLLINSBE (Follansbee)

Ann, and Thomas Noyes, 3d, June30,1743.*

Hannah, and William Sawyer, jr., Apr.2,1735.*

Judeth, and Daniel Spaford of Rowley, Nov.17,1742.*

William, and Mehitable March, Oct.2,1733.*

FOLLINSBEE (Follansbee)

Rachel, and Abial Goodridge, Apr.23,1776.*

FOLLINSBEY (Follansbee)

John, and Susanna Moers, Nov.20,1760.*

FOLLINSBY (Follansbee)

Abigail, and Richard Smith, Oct.25,1753.*

Anne, and Moses Chase, Nov.10,1684.

Francis, and Judeth Moodey, Dec.15,1719.*

Francis, and Mrs.Sarah Ripp, Oct.27,1741.*

Mary, and Robert Pike of Salisbury, Dec.1,1686.CTR

Mary, and Philip Chase, Apr.17,1712.*

Rebecca, and Thomas Chase, Nov.22,1677.

Thomas, sr., and Mrs.Jane Mosemore of Boston, int.Apr.3,1713.

FOLSOM (Folesome, Foulsom)

David, of Newmarket, NH, and Dorothy Johnson, int.Feb.2,1771.


Dorothy, and Ebenezer Chase, May18,1741.*

Elisabeth, and Philip Read, Dec.27,1787.*

Elizabeth, and John Akerman, jr. of Newburyport, int.July21,1821.

Enoch, of Newburyport, and Abigail Hale, Oct.6,1774.*

Mary, and Nathan Somerby of Newburyport, Aug.1,1775.*

Salley, and Joseph Lunt Colby, July2,1796.*

Thankful, of Newburyport, and Henry Pierce, int.Oct.3,1818.

William L., of Falmouth, and Judith Pearson, June10,1819.*


Mark W., of Somersworth, NH, a.28y., manufacturer, s.Francis, of Durham, NH, and Maria H. Nason, a.27y., d.Levi, Jan.1,1845.*


Eli, Rev., of Gloucester, and Mrs.Sarah Parsons, Sept.13,1781.*


Christopher, resident in Newbury, and Elisabeth Robertson, July2,1780.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Dutton, Nov.14,1793.*

Rebecca, and Rice Edwards [of Wenham.int.], Mar.22,1710.*

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Johnson Brookins, int.Nov.24,1770.


Amos B., and Mary R. Porter of Newburyport, Mar.4,1833.

FORGUSON (Ferguson)

Arthur, and Elisabeth Tilton, Feb.2,1762.*

FORSTER (Foster)

Isaac, and Judith Hills, July9,1752.*


Joanna, and Jonathan Blake, Jan.16,1727-8.*

Johannah, and Nathaniel Willit, Jan.25,1736-7.CR7*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Catharine Philips, both of Charlestown, May9,1729.CR7

Mary, of Charlestown, and [Capt. int.] George Borrow [Burroughs.int.], at Charlestown, Aug.12,1789.*


Benjamin Randall, and Elizabeth Duggins, Aug.24,1813.*

Clark, and Eunice Wells Eaton of Northampton, NH, int.Aug.23,1818.

Edwin, and Hannah Peirce, both of Rowley, Aug.3,1819.CR5

George E., of Ipswich, and Louisa Wood, Jan.7,1844.*

Hannah J., and Jacob Souter, int.Jan.2,1836.

John, and Esther Cheney, both of Rowley, Feb.8,1814.CR5

Lois, Mrs., and Obadiah Hills, both of Rowley, Nov.31,1814.CR5

Sarah, and Phillip Quimbe, Dec.13,1797.*

Titus, and Flora Fuller, int.Nov.16,1783.


Thomas, and Ruth Jackson, July3,1791.CR1*

FOSTER (Forster)

Abigail, and Peter Stanwood, int.Nov.12,1803.

Anna, of Ipswich, and Robert Mitchil, int.June7,1746.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Charlestown, and Capt. Timothy McDaniel, of Co. Wicklow, Ireland now of Boston, Aug.11,1732.CR7

Elisabeth, of Ipswich [of Chebacco. int.], and Nathan Page, at Chebacco parish, Ipswich, Apr.19,1758.*

Elisabeth, and Olliver Goodridge, int.June14,1788.

Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Moses Woodman, at Boxford, Nov.29,1798.*

Ephraim, of Andover, and Abigail Poor, Jan.17,1715-16.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Virgin, both of Pennacook, Feb.9,1731-2.CR7

Isaac, and Lois Low, Apr.24,1755.*

Isaac, and Jane Longfellow of Rowley, int.Apr.23,1796.

Jesse, of Portsmouth, NH, and Eliza Toppan, Oct.1,1818.*

John, of Charlestown, and Sarah Richardson, at Charlestown, May31,1692.

John, of Canterbury, and Sarah Kimbal, Aug.25,1800.*

Judith, and Francis Davis of Amesbury, int.Aug.31,1780.

Lois, of West Newbury, and Benjamin Pearson, int.Dec.2,1820.

Mary, of Rowley, and Joseph Plumer, at Rowley, Dec.15,1774.*

Mary, and William Plumer, Dec.20,1791.CR2*

Mary, and Nicolas Durgin, int.Nov.11,1803.

Mary, of Boxford, and Charles Harrison Kimball, int.May3,1817.

Mehetable [of Ipswich.int.], and Noah J[ohnson. int.] Noyes [ Sept.26. int.], 1807.CR1*

Mercy, of Ipswich, and Isaac Plummer, int.Aug.24,1785.

Nathaniel, and Judeth Poor, Jan.15,1734-5.*

Nathaniell, and Anna Mireck, Jan.1,1756.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Bridget Homan of Mountsweage, int.Mar.4,1758.

Rachel, and William Sargent, Mar.24,1780.*

FOULSOM (Folsom)

Abraham, of Exeter, and Anne Chase, Oct.27,1703.*

Mary, and Georg March, June12,1672.


Stephen H., and Nancy Cheever of Newburyport, int.Jan.24,1829.


Abigail, and Capt. William Milberry of Newburyport, Oct.14,1792.*

Anna, and Reubin Greeley, int.Jan.28,1781.

Anne, and Samuel Jackman of Boscawen, NH, int.Aug.5,1772.

Benjamin, of Ipswich, and Mary Thorla, May26,1731.*

Elisabeth, and Elexander Cambel, Sept.21,1786.*

Elizabeth, and Abraham Somerby, int.Nov.1,1835.

Hannah, and John Eaton, both of Salisbury, Jan.13,1734-5.CR7

Hannah, of Salisbury, and Joseph Lunt Colby, int.July26,1812.

Hannah, and Moses Stevens of Liberty, ME, July17,1836.*

Henrietta M., of Salisbury, and Benjamin Johnson, Mar.10,1844.*

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Sarah Bartlet, Dec.末,1707.*

Lemuel, and Mary Boulter of Kensington, May10,1757.*

Martha, of Ipswich, and John Harris, int.Sept.15,1744.

Mary, of Ipswich, and Elezer Newhall, int.July21,1738.

Molly, and Stanton Prentice of Newburyport, Sept.24,1784.*

Mary S., of Salisbury, and Adariel H. Hodgdon, int.July6,1833.

Moses, and Mary Ann Dean, Oct.23,1835.*

Nancy B., and Alfred Currier, int.July18,1840.

Olive, and Joseph Coffin, jr., Feb.13,1749-50.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Abigail Hogskins, July1,1742.*

Sarah, and John Hale, jr., May1,1750.*

Ursula, and Edwin Currier of Newburyport, Nov.16,1843.*


Charles J., of Newburyport, and Sybil Carkin, Dec.3,1835.*

Charles J., and Mary Sumner of Newburyport, int.Jan.2,1841.

Stephen Russell, and Miriam Jackman, Feb.17,1811.*

Stephen R., of Newburyport, shoemaker, and Hester Scales of Concord, NH, Dec.25,1844.

William R., and Mary E. Carkin, both of Newburyport, June20,1833.


Abigail, and David Mansfield, jr., July10,1817.*

John, of Medford, and [wid.CR2] Dorothy Coffin, Apr.22,1731.*

John, and Theodosia Lord, residents in Newbury, int.May16,1807.

John, and Theodosia Lord, Mar.11,1809.

Mary Ann, a.29y., d.John and Dorcas, and Castor Bean of Haverhill, a.32y., barber, s.James and Lydia, of Haverhill, May18,1845.

Thomas, and Rebekah Atkins, Nov.3,1776.*

FRANKLIN (Franklyn)

Lydia, and James Scott, chandler, both of Boston, Sept.8,1730.CR7

FRANKLYN (Franklin)

Mary, and Marmaduke Holmes, both of Boston, Apr.23,1731.CR7

FRAZER (Frieshur)

Abigail, and Jacob Abbot, Jan.7,1716.

Anna, and David Ilsley of Newburyport, at Rowley, Apr.4,1789.*

Collin, and Anna Stuard, Nov.10,1685.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Somerby, jr. of Newburyport, June10,1779.*

Gershum, and Hannah Thirston, Jan.9,1718-9.*

Hannah, and Samuell Goodridge, June30,1710.*

Hannah, and Samuel [Lemuel. int.] Spofford of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.9,1785.*

John, and Elizabeth Little of Rowley, at Rowley, July26,1743.*

John, and Hepsebah Dow of Rowley, at Rowley, June6,1754.*


Peter, and Charlotte Gardner, May16,1804.*

FREES (Freeze)

George, and Mary Atkinson, Apr.19,1737.*

FREEZ (Freeze)

Dorothy, Mrs., and Faune Clements, Mar.7,1718.*

FREEZE (Frees, Freez)

Hannah, and Thomas Haskins, Feb.14,1716-17.CR7

Jacob, and Elisabeth Adams, Dec.17,1761.*

James, and Mary Merrill [d.Daniel, deceased.int.], June2,1697.*

Mary, and Jonathan Moers of Newburyport, int.Oct.18,1766.


Charles, of Boston, and Lucy Balch, Oct.末,1821.*

Betty, of Tewksbury, and James Merrill, int.Oct.29,1774.

Ether, and John Swett [father of Samuel. int.], Jan.12,1713-14.*

Hester [Esther. int.], and Daniel Pettingale, Mar.26,1708.*

Jane, and Jonathan Pettingell, int.Nov.19,1774.

Johanna, and Matthew Pettengall, int.Oct.23,1703.

John, and Sarah Noyes, Jan.6,1708.*

John, and Rebeccah Akers, Jan.31,1739-40.*

John, of Atkinson, and Salley Colby, int.July21,1800.

Julia, of Salisbury, and Micah Lewis, int.Oct.2,1839.

Lucy, Mrs., and Col. Ebenezer Hale, Sept.28,1835.*

Marshall, of Reading, and Hannah T. Colman, Apr.24,1814.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and James Jackman, 3d, at Salisbury, Dec.8,1721.

Mary, and Isaiah Ilsley, int.Nov.28,1783.

Nathaniel, and Jane Blane, Nov.1,1750.*

Phillippe [of Boston. int.], and Jonathan Call, at Boston, June18,1745.*

Phillippa, and Josiah Pettingell, int.Oct.22,1774.

Phebe, and Daniel Somerby, jr., of Newburyport, int.Aug.23,1777.

Reuben, and Tirzah Ring, Jan.31,1754.CR8

Richard, and Abigail Collins of Salisbury, int.Feb.12,1798.

Sarah [Mrs.dup.] and [Dea.dup.] Joseph Bradly of Haverhill, Sept.20,1748.*

Simon, of Salisbury, and Mrs Abigail Noyes, May8,1707.*

William, and Olive Merrill of Londonderry, NH, int.Apr.2,1808.


Henry, and Elisabeth Harris of Ipswich, int.Nov.22,1758.

FRIER (Fryer)

Abigail, Mrs., of Berwick, and Dea.William Moodey, int.Dec.11,1714.


John, and Susanna Wright [of Ipswich.int.], June28,1753.*


Hannah, Mrs., and Daniel Weed, Feb.15,1742-3.*


Levi, Rev., of Ipswich, and Mehitable Hale, June1,1780.*


Abigail, and Thomas Peirce, Feb.8,1732-3.*

Elisabeth, of Kittery, and Daniel Peirce, May15,1725.*

Elizabeth, and Moses May, both of Ipswich, July3,1734.CR7

Hannah, of Marblehead, and Charles Chase, int.Nov.23,1828.

Mehittable, Mrs.[d.Charles, of Kittery.int.], and Thomas Peirce, Jan.5,1697-8.*

Samuel, Capt., and Mary White, both of Boston, Aug.22,1727.CR7

Sarah M., of Newburyport, a.21y., b. Newburyport, d.Dependance and Jemima L., and William C. Merrill, widr., of Newburyport, a.25y., shipwright, b. Newburyport, s.Jacob and Dorothy S., June21,1847.


Dorothy, of Boston, and Capt. John Quircke of Bristol, Eng., at Hampton, Feb.3,1724-5.CR7


Nathan, and Sarah Bridges, both of Andover, July6,1715.

FRYER (Frier)

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Dorothy Woodbridge, Oct.29,1679.


James, and Mrs.Mary Allgreen, Nov.9,1816.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Carey, int.Sept.7,1811.


Edward, of Leominster, and Anna Thurston, Feb.2,1786.*

Flora, and Titus Foss, int.Nov.16,1783.

John P., and Sarah Jane Lunt, May8,1828.*

Sally O., of Danvers, and David R. Howard, int.Apr.7,1835.


John, of Ross, England merchant, and Hannah Gibbons of Marblehead, Aug.7,1729.CR7


Lawrence, and Ruth Whitmore, Jan.27,1763.CR8


Esther S., and Josiah Chase, jr., Feb.5,1817.*

William, of Kittery, and Mary Pearce of Boston, Aug.22,1734.CR7


Ann, and John Clerk, both of Salem, May29,1734.CR7


John, and Ann Lunt, Nov.14,1734.*

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