HACKET (Hackett)

Ebenezer, and Abigail Emery, Mar.24,1752.*

HACKETT (Hacket, Hackit)

Mehitabel, Mrs., and Capt. Thomas Carter, Oct.9,1808.*

HACKIT (Hackett)

Mary, and Samuel Pilsbury, May18,1768.*


Charles, of Haverhill, and Susanna Brickett, at Haverhill, [bef. 1754.]

Charles, of Haverhill, and Susanna Bricket, Oct.22,1767.*

HADLE (Hadley)

Hanna, and Moses Ordway, int.Nov.29,1735.

HADLEY (Hadle, Hadly)

Elisabeth, of Rowley, and Archelaus Lakeman. Jan.11,1775.*


Abigail, and Edmund Lowel, Apr.18,1706.*

Abigail, and Stephen Ordway, jr., Mar.28,1750.*

Joseph, of Amesbury, and Prudence Thirlo, June7,1722.*

HADLY (Hadley)

Joanna, of Amesbury, and James Blye, at Amesbury, Apr.2,1731.

HAGAT (Hagget)

Isaac G., of Georgetown, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Stephen and Catharine, and Hannah M. Niles of Georgetown, d.William and Hannah, Oct.26,1848.


Eliza Ann, and John Q. Adams, int.Dec.31,1847.

HAGGET (Hagat)

Eleanor, of Andover, and Jacob Bartlet, at Andover, Mar.9,1762.*

HAIL (Hale)

Richard, and Mary Silver, Mar.16,1715.*

HAINES (Haynes)

Matthias, of North Hampton, NH, and Eunice Lunt, Nov.30,1828.*

Samuel W., of Newburyport, and Susa M. Rogers, Feb.4,1840.

HALE (Hail)

Abigail, and Henry Poore, Sept.12,1679.

Abigail, and Richard Coffin, Nov.30,1738.*

Abigail, and Enoch Foot of Newburyport, Oct.6,1774.*

Abigail, and Joseph Stickney Of Newburyport, Dec.6,1776.*

Abigail, and Moses Jaques, Aug.15,1782.*

Nabby [Abigail. int.], and Thomas Merrill, July末,1792.*

Adeline, and James B. Knight, Sept.27,1836.*

Alice L., and Rev. John C. March, Apr.23,1832.*

Alice, of Newburyport, and Nathaniel Greely, int.Oct.16,1847.

Almira, and Stephen Kimball, jr., both of Newburyport, Oct.18,1838.

Amos, and Elisabeth Plumer, Oct.17,1786.*

Anna, and William Moodey [jr. int.], Dec.末,1728.*

Anna, and Hezekiah Coffin, Jan.16,1800.*

Anne, and Daniel Knight, Dec.11,1733.*

Ann, and Richard Kent, jr., June10,1736.*

Anne, and John Hidden, int.Nov.21,1767.

Ann, and Charles Currier of Newburyport, Nov.29,1827.*

Ap[phia.TC and CTR], and Benjamin Roafe, Nov.3,1659.

Aphia, and Samuel Robertson [Robinson. int.], May30,1732.*

Benjamin, and Judith Swett, Dec.18,1729.*

Benjamin Woodwell, and Eunice Goodwin, Jan.2,1810.*

Charles H. [W. dup.], a.26y., carpenter, s.Ezra and Anna, and Sarah J. Adams of Derry, NH, a.23y., b. Derry, d.Sewall and Sarah, May5,1846.*

Charles W., and Elizabeth A. Jackman, int.Jan.9,1847.

Daniel, of Rowley, and Judeth Emery, Dec.29,1720.*

Daniel, and Ednah Pickard of Rowley, at Rowley, June16,1749.*

Daniel, and Keziah Plumer, Jan.9,1755.*

Daniel, and Priscilla Brown of Haverhill, int.June8,1765.

Daniel, 3d, and Elizabeth Dow, July17,1776.*

Daniel, 3d, and Betty Fellows of Hopkinton, NH, int.May14,1785.

Daniel [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Rawlings, Nov.9,1786.*

Daniel, and Betsy Chute of Rowley, Dec.8,1796.*

Daniel, Capt., and Mrs.Ruth Thurlo, May1,1811.*

Daniel K., and Elizabeth C. Pettengill, Apr.29,1838.*

Daniel J., of Rowley, and Sarah Thurlow, int.Dec.31,1842.

David, jr., of Rindge, NH, and Ann Plumer, Dec.11,1821. [Dec.9,1820.CR1]*

David, and Hannah Lunt, May10,1827.*

Dorothy, and Moses Woodman, Sept.11,1740.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Wicomb of Bradford, int.Oct.31,1747.

Ebenezer, Col., and Mrs.Lucy French, Sept.28,1835.*

Ebenezer, Dr., and Sarah White Bannister of Newburyport, at Newburyport, June13,1844.*

Edmund, and Martha Sawyer, May16,1728.*

Edna, and George Little, Feb.22,1710.*

Ednar, and Abel Morss, jr., Nov.11,1736.*

Edna, and Caleb Haskell, jr. of Newburyport, Apr.10,1781.*

Ednah, and Farnum How, May8,1791.CR2*

Edward, of Newbury, VT, and Mrs.Elizabeth L. Brown of Salisbury, Jan.30,1837.

Elisabeth [d.Richard.int.], and Edward Richardson, Dec.11,1696.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Huse, Nov.1,1737.*

Elezabeth, of Exeter, and Daniel Grant, int.Mar.12,1742-3.

Elisabeth, and John Ayre of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Jan.27,1746-7.*

Elisabeth, and John Watkins, Oct.28,1746.

Elisabeth, and Stephen Sweet, Mar.30,1758.*

Bettee, and William Clark, Mar.24,1763.*

Betty, and Moses Bennet of Newburyport, Nov.5,1787.*

Elisabeth, and Hugh Perterson, int.Feb.27,1790.

Elisabeth, and Thomas Emery, Dec.4,1796.*

Elizabeth, and George Toppan of Newburyport, Jan.2,1821.*

Enoch, and Mary Hills, Feb.1,1749-50.*

Enoch, and Mary Woodwell of Newburyport, int.Oct.7,1781.

Enoch, jr., and Eliza Lunt, Apr.27,1817. [May27.CR1]*

Eunice, and Joseph Knight, int.Mar.30,1765.

Eunice, and John Waite of Ipswich, Oct.21,1773.*

Eunice W., of Newburyport, and Joseph B. Hervey, Nov.4,1832.

Ezekiel, and wid.Sarah Spofford [of Rowley.int.], at Rowley, Oct.31,1736.*

Ezekiel, and Mary Moodey, Sept.6,1743.*

Ezekiel, and Mary Sergeant of Amesbury, int.Apr.13,1750.

Ezekiel, and Hannah Balch of Bradford, int.Feb.6,1752.

Ezekiel, and Abigail Sargent of Methuen, at Methuen, Jan.22,1755. [Dec.20,1755. int.]*

Ezra, and Anna Knight, Oct.30,1764.

Ezra, and Nancy Adams, Jan.1,1800.*

Ezra, jr., and Almira Perkins, May7,1829.*

Ezra, jr., and Rebecca P. Adams of Derry, NH, int.Apr.14,1839.

Hannah, and Thomas Wicum, Jan.16,1719.*

Hannah, and Ezra Pilsbury, Nov.10,1727.*

Hannah, and Joseph Atkinson, Jan.23,1744-5.*

Hannah, and John Kelly, jr., July3,1749.*

Hannah, and Joseph Titcomb, 3d, Apr.19,1750.*

Hannah, and Joshua Pettengell, int.Aug.25,1770.

Hannah, and Abraham Plumer, both of Newburyport, [Apr.29. int.], 1809.CR1*

Henry, and Sarah Kelly [d.John. int.], Sept.11,1695.*

Henry, and Mary Bartlet, May21,1730.*

Hephsibah, and James Safford, Oct.7,1736.*

Isaac, and Ruth Jewett of Rowley, at Rowley, May1,1785.*

Jacob, and Mary March of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Jan.11,1738-9.*

Jacob [of Newburyport. int.], and Mercy [Eunice. int.] Brown, Nov.16,1769.*

Jacob, and Mary Dole, Sept.1,1774.*

Jacob, and wid.Mary Safford, int.June6,1783.

Jean, and William Cheever, Nov.12,1772.*

Joannah [sometimes since of Beverly.int.], and Joseph [s.Capt. James.int.] Noyes, Feb.15,1710.*

Joannah, and Stephen Gerrish of Contocook, July15,1741.*

John, and Rebecca Lowle, Dec.5,1660.

John, and Sara Somerby, Dec.8,1663.

John, and Sarah Jacques, Oct.10,1683.

John, of Beverly, and Mrs.Sara Noyes [at Beverly.dup.], Mar.31,1684.

John, of Beverly, and Mrs.Elisabeth Clark [wid., sr. int.], Aug.8,1698.*

John, jr., and Patience Dole, July25,1716.*

John, and Mary Noyse, Sept.14,1732.CR7

John [jr. int.], and Mrs.Elenor Knight, Oct.26,1743.*

John, jr., and Sarah Fowler, May1,1750.*

John, and Mary Willet, Mar.25,1778.*

Joseph, and Mary Moodey, d.Sergt. Caleb, deceased, int.Dec.25,1699.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Noyes, int.May1,1736.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Northend of Byfield Rowley, Nov.19,1765.*

Joseph, jr., and Anna L[ongfellow.int.] Dole, Oct.30,1800.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Eunice Chute of Rowley, Sept.18,1806.CR5

Joseph Rawlings, and Lydia Rogers, June15,1818.*

Joshua, and Hannah Woodman, Oct.13,1726.*

Joshua, and Hannah Pemburton of Bradford, Jan.13,1761.*

Joshua, and Mehetabel Hale, Sept.2,1794.*

Judeth, and Thomas Moodey, Nov.24,1692.CTR

Judith, and William Morss [jr. int.], June17,1729.*

Judeth, and John Eaton of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Oct.21,1741.*

Judith, and Oliver Hale, May4,1758.*

Judith, and John Bradstreet of Ipswich, Feb.14,1771.*

Judith, and John Waite of Ipswich, Dec.29,1785.*

Judith, and Joseph Tappan, 3d of Newburyport, May19,1812.*

Lucy, and Stephen Kimball, jr. Of Newburyport, June11,1835.*

Lydia, and Josiah Bartlet, June19,1744.*

Lydia, and Moses Ayer, int.Oct.2,1804.

Martha, and Benjamin Fairfield of Wenham, Sept.3,1754.*

Martha, of Plaistow, and Edmund Pilsbery, at Haverhill, Oct.22,1761.*

Martha Greenleaf, and Nathaniel Cornelius Noonan, Sept.14,1788.*

Mary, see Hall, Mary.

Mary, and Moses Little, sr., Jan.5,1714-15.*

Mary, and Edmund Greenleaf [3d.int.], May4,1725.*

Mary, and Henry Dole, Nov.13,1728.*

Mary, and Roger Merrill, Mar.10,1730-31.*

Mary, Mrs., and Rev. James Chandeler of Rowley [at Rowley.dup.], Dec.14,1736.*

Mary, and Joseph Hidden, Sept.29,1737.*

Mary, and David Emery, Dec.30,1756.*

Mary, and Enoch Little, Feb.25,1768.*

Mary, and Enoch Jaques, int.Jan.8,1772.

Polly, and Timothy Shaw of Hampton Falls, NH, int.Dec.5,1783.

Mary [ wid.int.], and Moses Chase, 3d, Mar.9,1784.*

Polly, of Newburyport, and Moses Clark, int.Apr.5,1786.

Polly, and Samuel Knight of Rowley, at Rowley, June10,1791.

Mary, and Rev. Elijah Parish, Nov.7,1796.*

Mary Ann, and Aaron K. Hathaway of Woburn, Aug.29,1836.*

Mary, W., and William O. Dresser, May12,1837.*

Matthew, and Mehetable Short of Amesbury, int.Feb.3,1760.

Mehetable, and Daniel Clark, Jan.28,1752.*

Mehitable, and Abel Sawyer, sr., int.Feb.4,1779.

Mehitable, and Rev. Levi Frisbie of Ipswich, June1,1780.*

Mehetabel, and Joshua Hale, Sept.2,1794.*

Mille, and Henry Noyes, Nov.5,1761.*

Moses, and Mrs.Elisabeth Dumer, int.Jan.5,1703-4.

Moses [Rev. int.], and Mrs.Mary Moody, Sept.4,1707.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Abigail Huse, Apr.20,1742.*

Moses, and Mrs.Mehitable Dumer, Nov.8,1744.*

Moses, and Mary More [Moore. int.] of Salem, at Salem, Nov.21,1763.*

Moses, jr., and Sarah Jewett of Bradford, int.Dec.17,1766.

Moses, Rev., of Boxford, and Mrs.Elizabeth Emory, Dec.28,1775.*

Moses, and Abigail Smith, June15,1786.*

Moses, 3d, and Anna Hills, Sept.30,1802.*

Moses, Capt., and Susan Toppan of Newburyport, int.Feb.25,1804.

Moses L[ittle.CR10], of Boston, and Mary L[ane.CR10] Miltimore, May13,1824.*

Nathan, and Elisabeth Kent, Aug.27,1713.*

Oliver, and Judith Hale, May4,1758.*

Oliver, jr., and Lydia Coffin, Sept.30,1784.*

Oliver, jr., and Sarah Toppan of Newburyport, July4,1821.*

Oliver, and Maria Davis of Pembroke, NH, int.Sept.24,1836.

Patience, and Nathaniel Coffin, jr. [s.John. int.], Mar.1,1738-9.*

Phebe, and Samuel Newman of Newburyport, int.May2,1801.

Priscilla, and Ebenezer Savery of Methuen, Dec.11,1790.*

Rebekah, and Jonathan Poer, int.Aug.18,1703.

Rebekah, and Moses Cheever, Jan.15,1770.*

Richard, jr., and Sarah Gage, Nov.30,1749.*

Ruth, and John Peirson of Rowley, Dec.12,1727.*

Ruth, and John Merrill [3d.int.], June1,1730.*

Ruth, and John Little, jr., Apr.25,1765.*

Ruth, and William Davis, jr. of Newburyport, int.Aug.17,1793.

Samuell, and Sara Ilsly, July21,1673.

Samuel, and Apphia Moodey, Aug.26,1714.*

Samuel, of Bradford, and Mrs.Sarah Hazzen, Dec.30,1723.*

Samuel, and Sarah Hasletine, both of Bradford, Dec.13,1725.

Samuel, jr., and Mrs.Elisabeth Pettingill, Apr.18,1745.*

Samuel, and Dorcas Lunt, Aug.15,1824.*

Sarah, and Stephen Chass, Dec.17,171[7.CR2]

Sarah [d.John. int.], and John Weed, jr., July19,1720.*

Sarah, and Joseph Person of Rowley, Jan.1,1722-3.*

Sarah, and Joshua Noyes, Apr.7,1730.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Ordway, Apr.13,1736.*

Sarah, and Barnerd Brickit, Dec.21,1737.*

Sarah, and Capt. Jeremiah Pearle of Boxford, Nov.10,1741.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Humphrey Atkinson, Aug.25,1743.*

Sarah, and Edmund Pilsbury of Haverhill, Nov.22,1759.*

Sarah, and Samuel Huse, int.Oct.21,1765.

Sarah, Mrs., and Rev. Nathaniel Noyes of South Hampton, NH, Nov.12,1765.*

Sarah, and Edmund Knight, jr., Dec.24,1767.*

Sarah, and Moses Emery [jr. int.], Sept.27,1770.*

Sarah, of Bradford, and Moses Pilsbury, 3d, int.Nov.2,1771.

Sarah, of Hampstead, NH, and Moses Atkinson, int.Aug.4,1781.

Sarah, and Abner Greenleaf [jr.CR2], Nov.27,1783.*

Sarah, and Paul Ilsley, int.Aug.7,1789.

Sarah, a.22y., d.Oliver and Sarah, and Daniel B. England a.26y., blacksmith, s.John and Sarah, July5,1846.*

Simeon, and Eunice Noyes, June18,1771.*

Simeon, and Sarah Lunt, Dec.15,1774.*

Stephen, and Sarah Swet, Oct.15,1718.*

Stephen, and Martha Goodwin, Mar.1,1755.*

Stephen, and Elisabeth Tilton, int.Sept.29,1767.

Thomasin, and Peter Morss, Mar.30,1726.*

Thomas, and Mary Hutchinson, May26,1657.

Thomas, and Sara Northend, May16,1682.

Thomas, jr., and Anna Short, int.Nov.25,1704.

Thomas, jr., and Abigail Pilsbury, Jan.12,1726-7.*

Thomas, 3d, and Mary Smith, Jan.8,1727-8.*

Thomas, and Alice Little, May25,1797.*

Thomas, Esq., and Mary Little, Sept.17,1822.*

Thomas, of New York, and Catharine C. Jordon of Savannah, GA, Oct.3,1836.*

William, of Rowley, and Martha Johnson, Nov.6,1753.*

William, and Ruth Peart of Manchester, int.Aug.5,1809.

William, and Elizabeth Goodwin, Jan.10,1819.*

William, jr., and Mary D. Plumer, int.Jan.4,1845.

William, and Mary Baston, int.Sept.11,1847.


Daniel, of Barrington, and Nancy H. Brown of Newburyport, Nov.13,1825.

Edmund, and Mrs.Elizabeth Calley, Feb.21,1813.*

Elizabeth, of Exeter, and Daniel Grant, int.Mar.12,1742-3.

Elisabeth, and Jacob Toppan, Sept.27,1748.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Edmund Bartlet, Oct.3,1745.*

Hannah, and Samuel Todd of Newburyport, int.May10,1822.

Isaac, and Elisabeth Johnson, Nov.23,1721.*

Joseph, jr., of Newburyport, and Mary D. Goodwin, int.May11,1844.

Lois S., of Georgetown, and James V. Rogers, int.May11,1840.

Martha, and John Toppan, Oct.5,1756.*

Mary [Hale. int.], and Joseph Chandler, Feb.10,1699-1700.*

Mary, of Hampton, and Daniel McKenny of Kittery, Dec.18,1732.CR7

Mary, and Lemuel Knight, int.May21,1791.

Peter, Capt., and Elizabeth Jackson, both of Portsmouth, May10,1732.CR7

Sarah, and Stephen Folsom, int.Mar.23,1805.

Sarah, of Canterbury, NH, and Daniel Woodman, int.Nov.8,1828.

William, of North Kingston, RI, and Mary Brown, wid.John, 18:8m:1734.CR6

HALLODAY (Holliday)

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Thomas Stevens, int.Jan.2,1747-8.


John, "a foreigner", and Mehetable Duty of Byfield Rowley, Dec.25,1778.

Hitty, of Rowley, and William Bailey, at Rowley, June17,1786.

HANDSON (Hanson)

Martha, and Eliphalet Noyes, int.Dec.12,1809.


Lois, and Abner Moors Cheney, July22,1800.CR5


Frances, and Edwards Wines, int.June12,1840.

William, and Francis Maria Coffin, June27,1833.*

HANSON (Handson)

Jeremiah, and Eliza B. Chase, int.Apr.14,1824.

Lydia, and Thomas Ordway, Nov.15,1807.*

Robard, s.Morill, of Dover, NH, and Anna, and Miriam Sargent, d.Ebenezer and Patience, Aug.28,1782.CR6

HARBUT (Harbutt)

John, and Jane Peirce, May9,1753.CR9*

HARBUTT (Harbut)

John, and Elisabeth Harridin of Ipswich, int.Oct.24,1747.

HARDE (Hardy)

Amos, of Bradford, and Mary Chaney, Feb.22,1738-9.*

Beulah [Mrs.CR2], and Jonathan Philbrick, Aug.6,1756.*

Francis, of Bradford, and Abigail Chaney, int.Nov.16,1738.

Francis, and Dorothy Wheeler of Hollis, NH, int.Jan.7,1758.

Mary, and Joseph Lowle, int.Dec.6,1707.

HARDY (Harde)

Charles, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Hannah Ordway, Apr.14,1834.*

Deborah, of Bradford, and Joseph Bayley, int.Dec.25,1756.

Ephraim, of Bradford, and Susanna Cheney, Nov.17,1767.*

Esther, and Chase Colby of Amesbury, Mar.13,1777.*

Francis, and Isabella Stanwood, Nov.21,1759.CR9*

Francis, of Newburyport, and Lucy M. Brown, int.Sept.3,1831.

George, and Mary Fogg, Nov.24,1686.CTR

John, and Betsey Easman of Henniker, int.Sept.25,1801.

John [C. int.], Capt., of Newburyport, and Sarah Jane Brown, Dec.19,1828.*

Mary, wid., and Benjamin Poer, Apr.13,1696.*

Mary, of Bradford, and William Pilsbury, int.Oct.2,1762.

Moses, of Bradford, and Mary Boynton, Dec.3,1760.*

Nathaniel, and Eleanor Squire of Ashford, int.Feb.15,1777.

Sarah, and Zachariah Donnell, June22,1769.*

Sally, of Bradford, and Abner Bailey, 3d, int.Dec.26,1818.

Sarah J., wid., a.35y., d.Nicholas and Jane, and John Alter [Altex. int.] of Philadelphia, PA, a.38y., merchant, b. Pennsylvania, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, May3,1846.*

Susanna [of Bradford.int.], and Benjamin Thurston [jr. Aug.31. int.], 1805.CR1*

William, of Newburyport, and Nancy Rier, Apr.18,1822.*

HARMON (Harmond)

John, and Hannah J. Miller, int.July1,1826.

John, and Eliza B. Chase, Aug.30,1826.*

HARMOND (Harmon)

Eliza B., of Newburyport, and Henry Lunt, int.Nov.10,1837.

HARRAMAN (Harriman)

Jassiel, of Plaistow, NH, and Mary Davis, Mar.19,1752.CR2*

HARRANDIN (Harridin)

Joseph [Haradan. int.], of Gloucester, and Joanna Emerson, Jan.6,1731-2.*

HARRIDIN (Harrandin)

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and John Harbutt, int.Oct.24,1747.

HARRIMAN (Harraman, Hereman, Herriman)

Nathaniel, of Rowley, and Hannah Colman, at Rowley, May21,1742.*


Moses, of Cornish, NH, and Abigail Chase, Oct.22,1795.*

HARRIS (Harrise, Harriss, Herris)

Anne, and James Mulloone, Sept.18,1722.*

Benjamin, and Leucy Whitman of Stowe, int.Sept.30,1740.

Daniel, and Jerusha Howard, July29,1755.*

Ebenezer, of Ipswich, and Sally Downs, int.May17,1823.

Edward, and Lydia Currier, July8,1762.*

Elisabeth, and John Badger [s.John. int.], Dec.29,1713.*

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Henry Friend, int.Nov.22,1758.

Elizabeth, and John Quill of Boston, Sept.6,1762.CR8

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and John Floyd, int.May24,1806.

Giles, and Mary March, Nov.26,1747.*

John, and Martha Fowler of Ipswich, int.Sept.15,1744.

Josiah, of North Yarmouth, and Anna Knight, Oct.2,1793.*

Margeret, and John Wadley of Stratham, NH, Aug.8,1744.*

Mary, of Dover, and Moses Flood, Nov.20,1738.*

Mary J., and Samuel S, Short, Sept.24,1841.*

Nancy, and Daniel Thurston Colman, Feb.3,1818.*

Phebe, of Rowley [Ipswich.int.], and Nathan Dole, at Rowley, June6,1754.*

Rachel, of Rowley, and John Webber, int.Jan.6,1759.

Ruth, and Abraham Bayley, July29,1762.*

Samuel, and Abigail Presbury, Feb.1,1738-9.*

Sarah, and John Kent, 4th, Oct.1,1747.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Eliphalet Tenney, at Rowley, Oct.13,1755.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and William Perkins, int.Oct.3,1818.

Sally, and Benjamin Perkins of Newburyport, June1,1823.*

Susan S., and Thomas Caswell, Nov.2,1836.*

William, and Mary Lord of Exeter, NH, int.Feb.11,1743-4.

William, and Salley Emery, Sept.23,1804.*

William, and Eliza Murray of Newburyport, int.Oct.1,1822.

William, of Newburyport, and Sarah Dutton, int.Nov.1,1823.

HARRISE (Harris)

Jonatha, [of Newburyport.CR1], and Anna Toppan, Apr.10,1788.*

HARRISS (Harris)

Hannah, of Newburyport, and Benjamin Goodwin, int.Apr.24,1802.

Samuel, jr., and Merinda Perkins, Nov.16,1831.*


Hannah, of Boston, and Witter Cumings, int.Mar.1,1739-40.

HART (Hartt, Heart)

Laurence, and Dorothy Jones, Feb.12,1678.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Knap, Sept.18,1734.CR7*

Susan M., and Joseph Jackman, int.Aug.7,1846.

Thomas, of Portsmouth, NH, and Anne Noyes, Nov.14,1762.*


Sarah, of Plaistow, Nh., and John Downing, int.Feb.1,1783.

HARTT (Hart)

Charles, and Rebeckah Kent, int.May26,1705.


Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Brown, Jan.3,1743-4.*

HASELTON (Hazeltine)

Ruth, and William Ilsly, Dec.26,1717.

HASKEL (Haskell)

Nehemiah, Dea., of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Sawyer, int.Oct.6,1798.

Solomon, Dea., and Martha Smith, June15,1794.*

Tammey, and Joseph Bamford, June9,1796.*

William, and Elisabeth Nelson of Newburyport, int.Feb.2,1788.

HASKELL (Haskel, Haskill)

Alexander, and Rachael Stanwood, at Gloucester, Oct.7,1762.

Caleb, jr., of Newburyport, and Edna Hale, Apr.10,1781.*

Caroline, and George Lambert of Newburyport, int.June4,1836.

Eliza Ann, of Newburyport, and William R. Long. June4,1822.*

Jacob, of Newburyport, and Eunice Jaques, Dec.23,1819.*

Jacob, a.26y., school teacher, s.Jacob and Eunice, and Sarah E, Carr, a.19y., d.Dudly and Sarah Ann, Mar.9,1847.*

Joanna, of Newburyport, and Amos Pettingell, int.June19,1802.

John P.T., of Rochester, and Harriet M. Toppan of Newburyport, Nov.16,1832.

Mark, and Mary Ann Rundlett of North Hampton, NH, int.Feb.3,1832.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Moses Pettingell, int.Nov.28,1823.

Mary, and Joseph H. Felch, Apr.16,1834.*

Mary N., and David T. Woodwell, Dec.3,1843.*

Nathan, of Newburyport, and Anna Lackey, int.May12,1804.

Rachel, and Joseph Mitchell, Feb.7,1786.*

Solomon, jr., and Harriet Orne of Newburyport, int.Jan.5,1830.

Stephen G., of Newburyport, and Mary G. Johnson, Dec.1,1836.*

HASKILL (Haskell)

Nehemiah, and Elisabeth Fitts of Ipswich, int.Nov.6,1762.


Abigail, see Hodgkins, Abigail.

Thomas, and Hannah Freese, Feb.14,1716-17.CR7

HASLETINE (Hazeltine)

Sarah, and Peter Merrill, Sept.25,1717.*

Sarah, and Samuel Hale, both of Bradford, Dec.13,1725.


Sarah Ann, and Benjamin Goodwin Hunt, int.Oct.6,1827.


Nathaniel, of Salem, NH, and Lydia Bricket, Nov.23,1818.*


Elizabeth P., of Newton, NH, and Abial Pearson, int.July8,1844.


Luther, and Margaret L. Chase, int.May31,1845.


Aaron K., of Woburn, and Mary Ann Hale, Aug.29,1836.*


Sara, and Joseph Coker, Apr.13,1665.


Margaret J., and George W, Rappel of Newburyport, int.Nov.3,1849.


Richard, and Nancy Chase, May12,1818.*

Sarah Jane, and Joseph H. Currier of Newburyport, int.Oct.30,1830.


Hannah, and Anthony Ilsley, Oct.18,1785.*

John, and Nancy C. Robinson, Aug.23,1824.*

Nancy C., and Caleb H. Howard, Nov.29,1826.*

William, resident in Newburyport, and Hannah Willet, int.July1,1780.


William, of Newburyport, and Lydia Hoyt, int.Nov.18,1848.


Ebenezer G., of Newburyport, and Mary A. Merrill, int.July4,1847.

Eloner, and Matthews Yong, Apr.23,1696.*

Elisabeth, and William Mireck, Oct.15,1730.*

James, and Martha George, Apr.24,1757.*

Juliann C., of Stratford, NH, and Obadiah S. Davis, int.Dec.1,1835.


Barzilla, and Mary Howell, Apr.21,1812.*

Nathan, of Tamworth, NH, and Judith Hunt,末蔓末,1808 or 9. [June25,1808. int.]*

HAYNES (Haines)

Frederic, and Olive Merrill, Sept.6,1824.*

Jonathan, and Mary Moulton, Jan.1,1674.

Newell H., of Stoneham, a.30y., mechanic, b. Epsom, s.Caleb B. and Sarah, and Mary J. Merrill, a.29y., b. Deerfield, d.Joseph and Nancy, Nov.29,1849.*

Priscilla, of North Hampton, NH, and Noah Little, int.Sept.8,1832.

Sara, and Joseph Hoton, Nov.13,1651.

HAZELTINE (Haselton, Hasletine, Hazelton)

Anna, and Amos Noyes, jr., Nov.26,1807.CR1

Deborah, of Haverhill, and John Merrill, int.Aug.7,1708. (forbidden by Penuel Titcomb at the request of Sarah Sawyer, singlewoman.)

Samuel [of Bradford.int.], and Ema Kent, June10,1701.*

Susanna [of Chester, NH. int.], and Nathaniel Coffin, May2,1809.CR1*

HAZELTON (Hazeltine)

Harriet E., of Salem, and Enoch Plumer, jr., int.Apr.12,1845.

Nancy, of Newburyport, and Amos Noyes, jr., Nov.26,1807.*


Hannah, of Boxford, and Joshua Morss, July13,1727.*

Richard, of Haverhill, and Mrs.Sarah Clement, Oct.22,1719.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Samuel Hale of Bradford, Dec.30,1723.*


Joanna, and Joseph Pike [jr. int.], Dec.28,1710.*

Joseph, of Concord, and Sarah Bailey, Oct.31,1817.*


Sarah, and Hugh March, sr., Dec.3,1685.

HEARD (Herd)

Abigail, and William Brackenbury, both of Ipswich, Sept.3,1707.

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Anthony Somerby, int.Mar.1,1696-7.

Betsey, Mrs., Of Newport, NH, and Joseph Greenough of Boston, Nov.末,1839.

Mary [Polly.int.], of Ipswich, and Edmund Boynton, at Ipswich, Mar.22,1792.*


Jacob, of Shapleigh, ME, and Clarissa M. Colman, Sept.28,1829.*


Maurice, and Sally Mores Jewett, int.Nov.1,1812.

HEART (Hart)

Ann, and John Lunt, Jan.11,1709.*

HEATH (Heth)

Daniel S., and Abigail Locke of Newburyport, int.Aug.22,1829.

Dudley, and Achsah Brown of Rowley, Mar.28,1811.*

Hannah, of Haverhill. and John Davis, June29,1715.*

Priscilla, and Moses Follansbee, June14,1756.

Richard, and Rebecca Newell, Oct.15,1812.*


Isabella, and Joseph Bartlet, Feb.20,1760.*


Joseph, and Mary Smith, "Irish", both of Boston, Nov.5,1728.CR7


Ann, and Henry Lynard, both of Boston, Dec.2,1741.CR7


Charles, of Newburyport, a.29y., carpenter, b. Newburyport, s.Samuel and Rhoda, of Newburyport, and Olive Ann Battis, a.25y., d.Joseph and Olive, May24,1846.*

Lucy M., and Charles F. Wakefield, both of Lowell, Nov.20,1831.


Hannah, wid., of Haverhill, and Henry Bradley, at Haverhill, Apr.17,1729.


Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and Michael Faherty, int.Aug.12,1848.

Molly, and John Low, int.Aug.23,1762.

Mary, and Jonathan Ingersol, Nov.24,1763.*

HERD (Heard)

Hannah, of Ipswich, and John Butler, int.Aug.27,1748.

HEREMAN (Harriman)

Samuel, of Rowley, and Jane Coleman, Oct.16,1729.*


Daniel, of Hopkinton, and Esther Currier, Jan.24,1786.*

Joseph, of Salem Village, and Mrs.Mary March [ wid.int.], Jan.29,1706-7.*

Sarah, and Joseph Brown, both of Salem, Nov.2,1733.CR7

HERRIMAN (Harriman)

Asa, and Joanna Beal, Mar.5,1761.*

Jane, and Timothy Toppan, Nov.23,1758.*

Jane, and Benjamin Evans of Salisbury, Aug.19,1762.*

Leonard, and Martha Plummer, both of Rowley, July5,1715.

HERRIS (Harris)

Molly, and David Pilsbury, Mar.24,1801.*

HERVEY (Hervy)

James M., of Boston, and Martha Ann Laskey, int.Feb.13,1836.

Joseph B., and Eunice W. Hale of Newburyport, Nov.4,1832.

Sarah E., of Gloucester, and Enoch Floyd, jr., int.Dec.4,1832.

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Rachel Quimby, Jan.11,1793.*

HERVY (Hervey)

Nancy, of Newburyport, and William Connor, int.Sept.17,1791.

HETH (Heath)

Jane, of Haverhill, and Joseph Kelley, Dec.23,1706.

Josiah, sr., of Haverhill, and Wid.Martha Chase, int.May9,1713.

HEWES (Huse)

Solomon, and Mrs.Martha Calef of Boston, int.June19,1700.


Richard S., of Winchester, VA, and Clarissa M. Colman, int.July31,1824.

HEWS (Huse)

Clarissa, and Thomas Hunkins, Nov.11,1798.*

Mary, and Samuel Toppan [3d.int.], July6,1749.*

HIBBARD (Hibbut)

Jeremiah, of Manchester, and Elizabeth Williams of Beverly, Jan.17,1733-4.CR7

HIBBUT (Hibbard)

Thomas, and Mary Gains, at Gloucester, Sept.25,1764.


Elizabeth Swasey, of Newburyport, and Asa Chamberlin, int.Sept.3,1813.

Mary Jane, of Newburyport, and Silas Lunt, jr., int.Oct.13,1832.


Eveline, and Charles Tyler, both of Newburyport, Nov.28,1837.

Gideon, and Mrs.Margaret Magowen, both of Newburyport, Nov.17,1836.

Mary E., of Newburyport, a.24y., b. Newburyport, d.Gideon and Mary, and Joseph Magowen of Newburyport, a.32y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Joseph and Margaret, of Newburyport, Sept.6,1846.


David, and Elizabeth Stickney of Newburyport, int.Dec.12,1781.

Elisabeth, of Rowley, and Cornelius Davis, at Rowley, Aug.29,1696.*

Betty, and Abel Cresey of Newburyport, int.Oct.5,1765.

Elisabeth, and Thomas Greenleaf, Jan.6,1779.*

Elisabeth, and Jacob Adams, int.Oct.3,1789.

Hannah, and Samuel Stickney,末蔓末,1808 or 9. [Jan.24,1809. int.]*

Hannah J., Mrs., and Benjamin G. Hunt, Jan.21,1838.*

Jacob, and Elisabeth Beal, Nov.20,1760.*

Jacob, and Jane Pettengill, Apr.25,1799.*

Jacob, and Betsey Jaques, int.Mar.14,1812.

Jacob, and Judith Clark, Sept.10,1812.*

Jacob, jr., and Hannah Johnson Thurlo, Dec.16,1821.*

James, of Rowley, and Jemima Moody, at Rowley, Sept.26,1748.*

John, and Elisabeth Beal, Nov.20,1760.CR9

John, and Anne Hale, int.Nov.21,1767.*

John, and Mary Clanan of Newburyport, int.Nov.29,1793.

Joseph, and Mary Hale, Sept.29,1737.*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Lunt. June17,1761.*

Lucy, and Dea.Silas Pearson, Jan.2,1802.*

Margeret, of Rowley, and Abraham Sawyer, Feb.17,1736-7.*

Molly, and Samuel Brown, at Gloucester, Dec.7,176.

Mary, and Edmund Pettingall of Newburyport, int.Oct.27,1779.

Mary, and Benjamin Toppan, int.Jan.17,1784.

Robinson, of Gloucester, and [ wid.int.] Katharine Beal, Nov.21,1775. [He takes said Katharine naked without any estate. int.]*

Ruth, and Edmund Morse of Newburyport, int.Nov.22,1788.

Samuel, of Rowley, and Anne Cresey, int.Mar.1,1759.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Enoch Wells, int.Mar.1,1760.

Sarah, and John Cheever of Newburyport, int.Jan.16,1779.

Sarah, and John Smith, 4th, [3d.int.], Jan.31,1788.*

Sarah T. [J. int.], and George W. Lunt of Newburyport, Jan.8,1825.*

Timothy, and Mehetabel Willet, May26,1776.*


Merrill, and Patty McCanty of Newburyport, int.Aug.6,1808.


Salley, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel Plummer, int.Dec.20,1799.


Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Nicholas Johnson, int.Nov.11,1831.

Sarah [of Boston. int.], and Dudley Atkins Tyng, Esq., at Boston, Oct.18,1792.*

Susan, of Newburyport, and James Frederick Otis of Portland ME, int.Sept.24,1832.


Azor B.F., of Chelsea, VT, and Hannah L. Rier, Oct.24,1839.*

HILL (Hills)

Azubah, of Rowley, and Moses Currier, Apr.25,1803.*

Catharine, and William D. Jackman, May28,1837.*

Ednah, and William Hills, July1,1800.*

Eliphalet, and Abigail Webster, 2d w.[of Haverhill. int.], Nov.31,1816.CR1*

Elisabeth, of Westerly, RI, and Capt. Edward Wyer of Charlestown, July30,1728.CR7

Betsey, and John Thurlow, both of Rowley, Mar.28,1811.CR5

Hannah, and Joseph Pollard, both of Litchfield, Feb.26,1734-5.CR7

John, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Knapp of Salem, Jan.18,1816.CR5

Joseph, s.Samuel, of Kittery, ME, yeoman, and Miriam Sawyer, d.Stephen, yeoman, Oct.24,1744.CR6

Mary, of Billerica, and Nathaniel Patten of Windham, CT, June22,1734.CR7

Robert, Quaker, and Elizabeth Stephens of Ipswich, Apr.10,1728.CR7

Sarah, and Jonathan Bullard, both of Sherborn, Dec.8,1733.CR7

Sarah, of Boston, and Lt. Enoch Huse, int.Oct.26,1782.


Elizabeth C., a.35y., d.William and Betsy Currier, and Charles A. Olmstead, a.28y., shipwright, b. Perry, ME, s.Eliphalet, of Perry, ME, May17,1849.*

Henry H., of Boston, and Elizabeth C. Currier, Sept.10,1837.*

Jonathan, of Hampton, and Hannah Cooper, Nov.9,1732.*

HILLS (Hill)

Abigail, and Joseph Brown, 3d, Dec.26,1723.*

Abigail, and Isaac Bailey [jr. int.], Apr.15,1731.*

Abigail, and Edward Dane [Dean. int.], June20,1744.*

Abigail, and Edward Dean, Mar.18,1756.*

Abigail, and John Whittier [Whitcher. int.], June12,1800.*

Amos, and Nancy [Mary.int.], Chase, Apr.25,1793.*

Anna, and Moses Hale, 3d, Sept.30,1802.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Ordway, Nov.7,1709.*

Benjamin, jr., and Anna Brickett, Sept.27,1774.*

Charles, of Rowley, and Mehitabel B. Chase, Dec.3,1818.*

Delia, and Capt. Nathan Perley, Apr.28,1813.*

Daniel, and Hannah Emery, May10,1757.*

Dorothy, and Nehemiah Folansbe, Dec.16,1784.*

Dorothy, of Rowley, and John Pearson, int.Sept.14,1805.

Edward [Edmund.int.], and Prudence Ilsley, June12,1806.*

Eliphalet, and Sarah Whyman of Lancaster, at Lancaster, Sept.18,1783.*

Eliphalet, jr., and Sarah Coffin, Dec.14,1809.*

Elisha, of Portsmouth, NH, and Jane Stevens, Oct.31,1765.*

Elizabeth, and John Greenleafe, Oct.12,1685.

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and Joseph Greenleaf, int.Oct.24,1801.

Emme, and Somers Clark, Nov.26,1735.*

Francis, and Hannah Tenney, Oct.24,1801.CR5

Gorham, and Ann Farrington,末蔓末,1836.

Hannah, and Abiell Long, Oct.27,1682.

Hannah, and Edmund Easman, Apr.28,1747. &

Hannah, and Nathaniel Bartlet, Jan.12,1773.*

Hannah, and Moses Wood of Bradford, Oct.25,1781.*

Henry, and Hannah Bodwell of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Sept.3,1715.*

Jacob, and Margaret Plats, Apr.21,1757.*

James, and Abigail Merrill, Dec.26,1723.*

John, and Mary Pilsbury, Mar. or Apr.末,1728. [Mar.30. int.]*

John, and Mary Snow of Haverhill, int.July25,1810.

John A., of Wells, ME, and Elizabeth L. Chase, Oct.24,1839.*

Jonathan, and Abigail Bailey, int.Oct.10,1748. [Abigail Bayle forbids proceeding.]

Jonathan, and Hannah Merrill, Oct.25,1749.*

Joseph, and Anne Lunt, Mar.8,1664.

Joseph, and Priscila Chase, int.Feb.26,1703-4.

Joseph, Dr. [jr. int.], and Mrs.Hannah Britt, Sept.10,1730.*

Joshua, and Hannah Hunt, Dec.27,1739.*

Joshua, and Mary Noyes [Morse. int.], Nov.13,1766.*

Josiah, and Mary Bartlet, Sept.30,171[8.CR2]*

Josiah, and Elizabeth Stickney of Bradford, int.May3,1751.

Josiah, and Hannah Bayley, July23,1786.*

Judith, and Isaac Forster, July9,1752.*

Mary, and Jacob Adams, Aug.31,1742.*

Mary, and Enoch Hale, Feb.1,1749-50.*

Mary, and Charles Adams, Dec.18,1760.*

Polly, and Joseph Carlton, int.Feb.6,1806.

Mary S., of Rowley, and Simon T. Currier, Apr.28,1830.*

Moses, and Rebecca Hills, Jan.28,1734-5.*

Natthaniel, and Ann Worm, int.Oct.24,1709.

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Ordway, int.Mar.16,1771.

Nathaniel, and Caroline Parker, both of Newburyport, Mar.12,1839.

Obadiah, and Sarah Merrill, Jan.13,1774.*

Obadiah, and Mrs.Lois Foss, both of Rowley, Nov.31,1814.CR5

Philip K., of Newburyport, and Mary P. Gerrish, int.Aug.15,1846.

Prudence, and Francis England May10,1757.*

Rebecca, and Moses Hills, Jan.28,1734-5.*

Rebekah, and Thomas Huse, Aug.5,1779.*

Ruth, and Nathaniel Mason of Boston, Sept.1,1743.*

Ruth, and John Chase, Feb.16,1762.*

Ruth, and Joseph Tenny, Dec.17,1771.*

Samuell, and Abigal Wheeler, May20,1679.

Samuel, and Rebecca Thirston, Jan.28,1734-5.*

Samuel, and Prudence England July24,1766.*

Samuel, and Prudence Bartlett, int.June22,1807.

Sarah, and Samuel Woodman [jr. int.], May7,1761.*

Sally, and Ephraim Hutchins of Hampstead, NH, int.Nov.27,1792.

Smith, and Mary Sawyer, Oct. [14.CR2], 1730.*

Smith, and Rachel Lowe, Jan.30,1744-5.*

Susanna, and Capt. John Ayer of Haverhill, Dec.8,1818.*

Thomas, and Betsey Chadwick of Bradford, at Bradford, Apr.末,1783.*

William, and Amme Kelle, int.Jan.31,1712-13.

William, and Ednah Hill, July1,1800.*

William, jr., and Judith Chase, Jan.21,1802.*


Hannah, and Jonathan Woodman, July2,1668.

Joseph [Ens.int.], of Exeter, and Rebecca Adams [jr. int.], Oct.10,1716.*

Joseph, and Margaret Pettengell, int.Dec.25,1762.

Mary, alias Downer, and Thomas Seers, Dec.11,1656.

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)

Job, and Sarah Tufts, Dec.9,1723.*

HIND (Hynes)

Ambrose, of Cambridge, and Anna Young of Medford, Apr.22,1734.CR7

HINKLEY (Hinckley)

Gideon [of Brunswick. int.], and Mary Russell, Sept.22,1755.*

Salley, of Newburyport, and Daniel Lunt, int.May29,1803.

HOAG (Hoague, Hoog, Howig)

Benjamin, and Sarah Norris [of Exeter, NH. int.], June23,1702.*

Jonathan, and Martha Goodwin, Sept.15,1703.*

Judith, and Thomas Nichols of Amesbury, 24:3m:1720.CR6 [20:2m:1721.]*

Martha, d.Jonathan, and Joseph Peasley, s.John, Of Amesbury [of Haverhill. dup.CR4], Jan.1,1729.CR6


Abigail S., of Newburyport, and Edmund Smith, jr., int.Nov.4,1837.

HOBBS (Hobs)

末末, of Topsfield, and Mrs.Mehetible Searles of Rowley, June21,1804.CR5

Polly, of Topsfield, and Samuel Safford, int.Jan.10,1807.

HOBS (Hobbs)

Hannah, of Rowley, and Joseph Titcomb, jr., int.Sept.26,1800.

Mary, and [John.CC and CTR] Kent, Feb.24,1664.

HOBSON (Hopson)

Hannah, of Rowley, and John Batchelder, int.Mar.21,1809.

Humphrey, of Rowley, and Priscilla Perkins, Mar.5,1745-6.*

Lydia, of Rowley, and Moses Dole, at Rowley, Apr.9,1765.*

Mary J., of Georgetown, a.17y., b. Rowley, d.Prescott and Dorothy, and Daniel Pearson of Georgetown, a.18y., shoemaker, b. West Newbury, s.William and Betsey, Mar.11,1848.

Nancy, and Henry Mason, June5,1832.*

Sarah, of Ipswich, and James Chase, int.May7,1819.

Tristram, of Ipswich, and Nancy Jackman, int.Apr.27,1820.

Tristram, of Rowley, and Mary E. Battis, int.Feb.1,1845.


Adariel H., and Mary S. Fowler of Salisbury, int.July6,1833.

HODGE (Hodges)

Charles, and Elisabeth Titcomb, Sept.9,1742.*

Ellice, of Newburyport, and Jacob Chase, jr., int.Sept.8,1803.

Joanna, Mrs., of Salisbury, and Jonathan Beck, at Salisbury, Aug.2,1743.*


William, and Elizabeth Browne, Nov.11,1687.CTR

HODGES (Hodge)

James, sailor, and Katharine Galpine, both of Boston, June17,1727.CR7

Sarah, of Rowley, and David S. Batchelder of Haverhill, June2,1808.CR5

HODGKINS (Hodgskins, Hogskins)

Abigail [Haskins.int.], and George Bechem, Mar.30,1726.*

Hanah, and James Kent [jr. int.], Dec.23,1707.*

John, jr., of Ipswich, and Mary Crombie, at Ipswich, July16,1789.*

Joseph, and Emma Eldridge of Salisbury, int.Sept.26,1810.

Joseph, and Mary Stark of Newburyport, Mar.19,1822.*

Joseph E., and Hannah L.H. Bayley of West Newbury, int.Nov.6,1835.

Patience, and Edward Wells, Dec.1,1743.CR7

Phillip, and Sarah Griffin, Apr.13,1724.*

Solomon, and Martha Gooding of Salisbury, int.Apr.25,1747.

HODGSKINS (Hodgkins)

Anna, and Moses Peirce, jr., Dec.26,1762.*

Aquila, and Anna [Anne. int.] Moulton, May29,1761.*

Deborah, and Samuel Searls of Woodbery, Co. Devon, Great Britain, now resident in Newbury, int.Jan.9,1747.

Deborah, and Benjamin Pike, jr., Sept.19,1750.*

Francis, and Martha Pettengell, Nov.16,1760.*

Mary, and Jacob Pressy [jr. int.] of Amesbury, Feb.22,1738.*

Mehetable, Mrs., and Benajah Young, Dec.11,1744.*

Sarah, and Francis Ellite, Oct.4,1742.*

HOGAN (Hogin)

Edward, and Anna Brown, int.Feb.26,1803.

HOGIN (Hogan)

Elisabeth, and John Coleby, June29,1748.*

HOGSKINS (Hodgkins)

Abigail, Mrs., and Samuel Fowler, July1,1742.*


Catharine, wid., and Job Whipple, both of Ipswich, Mar.2,1731-2.CR7

HOIT (Hoyt)

Micah, and Susanna Coleby, both of Amesbury, Feb.4,1725-6.CR7

Moses, and Mary Buzzell, Feb.5,1740-41.*

Nathan, and Mrs.Mary Pettingill, Apr.28,1742.*

HOITE (Hoyt)

Hannah, and John Chase, jr., July30,1728.*

HOLDGATE (Holgate)

Elisabeth [of Haverhill.CR2], and John Morss, June20,1754.*

HOLEMAN (Holman)

Elisabeth, and William Anderton, Oct.28,1725.*

John, of Sutton, and Hannah Cheney, Nov.25,1755.*

Joseph [Homan.CR2], and Bettee Richardson, June7,1764.*

Judith, and Benjamin Cheney, Nov.6,1753.*

Mary, and John Bayley, jr., of Rowley, Nov.4,1756.*

Sarah, and Moses Lull of Rowley, July8,1755.*

HOLEMON (Holeman)

John, and Judeth Huse, May23,1728.*

HOLGATE (Holdgate)

James, Dr., of Haverhill, and Mrs.Lydia Sawyer, Apr.2,1747.CR7


Edward, and Mrs.Hannah Miller, Dec.17,1744.*

Hannah, of Exeter, NH, and Juba Merrill, Aug.3,1777.*

John, and Rebeckah Ilsley, Aug.28,1792.*

Mary Wells, and John Stickney, jr., int.Dec.27,1782.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Wells, int.July1,1758.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Wells, Mar.4,1763.*

HOLLIDAY (Halloday)

Francis, and Susanna Newman, July31,1754.*

John, and Mary Rogers, Dec.19,1751.*

HOLMAN (Holeman, Holemon, Holmon, Homan, Homans)

Edward, and Hannah Emery, May19,1726.*

Mary, and Woodbridge Greenleaf of Newburyport, July25,1790.*

Solomon, and Mary Brickitt, May23,1722.*

Solomon, and Elisabeth Kelly, Apr.18,1738.*

HOLMES (Homes)

Francis, and Mary Smith, Mar.18,1756.*

John, of Rowley, and Mary Carlton, Mar.18,1755.*

Marmaduke, and Mary Franklyn, both of Boston, Apr.23,1731.CR7

Mary, and Henry Poer, jr., of Rowley, int.Apr.6,1703.

Rebekah, and William Ridgill, both of Boston, Mar.16,1726-7.CR7

Samuel, of Rowley, and Abigail Floyd, int.Sept.9,1831.

HOLMON (Holman)

Rachel, and Samuel Waters of Sutton, Nov.13,1729.*

Sarah, and Abel Chase, Mar.23,1730-31.*


Allis, and Joshua Mitchell, Mar.10,1756.*

John S., of Cambridge, a.26y., mason, s.Thomas, of Cambridge, and Ann M. Ordway, a.24y., tailoress, d.John, Sept.1,1844.*

Oliver, of Andover, and Mary Huse, abt. July10,1716.*

HOMAN (Holman)

Bridget, of Mountsweage, and Nathaniel Foster, jr., int.Mar.4,1758.

Joseph, 3d, of Marblehead, and Mary Chaney, Dec.20,1734.*

Thomas [Holeman. int.], of Sutton, and Deborah Huntinton, at Amesbury, June23,1739.*

HOMANS (Holman)

Abigail, and Nathan Alline, Aug.25,1784.*

Nathaniel, and Wid.Mary Stacey of Marblehead, Aug.22,1733.CR7

Othniel, Capt., and Martha Follet, both of Boston, May29,1730.CR7

Stephen, and Sarah Thurla, int.May12,1784.

HOMES (Holmes)

Abigail, of Ipswich, and Nathaniel March, int.Nov.11,1747.

Elisabeth, and Henry Page, int.Aug.4,1804.

Hannah, and Stephen Knight, Oct.16,1729.*

John, and Hannah Pearson, July12,1708.*

Robert, and Esther Morse, Feb.26,1668.

HOOG (Hoag)

John, and Ebenezer Emery, Apr.21,1669.[All sources agree that Ebenezer was female.]

HOOK (Hooke)

Elizabeth, and William Hook, both of Salisbury, Sept.6,1734.CR7

Jacob, of Salisbury, and Mary March, Apr.17,1707.*

Jemima, and Jacob Blasdel, both of Amesbury, Oct.19,1727.CR7

Martha, and Richard Knight, May10,1786.*

Molly, of Salisbury, and Jacob Pettengell, int.Oct.11,1765.

Rachel, of Salisbury, and Benjamin Curtis, Dec.8,1762.*

Sally [of Salisbury.int.], and Rev. Abraham Moor, at Salisbury, May10,1796.*

William, and Elizabeth Hook, both of Salisbury, Sept.6,1734.CR7

HOOKE (Hook)

Florence, and James Coffin, Nov.16,1685.

Humphrey [of Salisbury.int.], and Mrs.Judith March, July10,1700.*


Mary W., of Newburyport, and Charles A. Davis, int.Nov.5,1831.


Jane, and John Flood [resident in Newbury, July21. int.], 1753.CR9*

Mary, and William Connor, Mar.11,1755.CR8*

Nathaniel, of Wiscasset, and Susanna Davis, int.Mar.25,1749.

Phillis, and William Buck, int.Sept.20,1783.

Ruth, Mrs., of Marblehead, and Tristram Dalton, at Marblehead [Danvers.dup.], Oct.4,1758. [Oct.24. dup.]*

Thomas Woodbridge, Capt., and Elisabeth Stickney Hunt, int.Mar.21,1801.


Benjamin, Capt., of Wellfleet, and Esther Newman, Jan.19,1800.*

John, and Lucy Jewett of Rowley, at Rowley, July7,1763.


Charles, and Julia Ann Merrill [Morril.CR10], Sept.23,1824.*

John, and Elisabeth Noyes, Mar.9,1737-8.*

John, jr., of Bradford, and wid.Sarah Morss, June18,1742.*

John, of Bradford, and Lydia Noyes, Oct.21,1800.*

Jonathan, and Margaret Burbank, int.Mar.4,1737-8.

Maria, and Benjamin F. Young, Mar.23,1843.

Noyes, and Abigail Coffin, Aug.13,1792.*


Opportunity, and Thomas Lunt, June17,1679.

HOPSON (Hobson)

Samuel, of Rowley, and Berthia [Abiah.int.] Chase, Jan.19,1793.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Paul Ilsley, May28,1761.*


Ephraim B., and Hannah Jaques, Sept.21,1815.*


Daniel, and Elisabeth Chase, Nov.15,1759.*

Hannah, of Newburyport, and Chandler Burrough, int.Sept.25,1790.

Helen M., a.16y., d.James, of Newburyport, and Horace P. Noyes, a.25y., farmer, s.Silas, June23,1844.*

James, of Newburyport, and Eunice L. Atkinson, Dec.5,1826.*

Joanna, and John Stickney, Sept.9,1756.*

John, and wid.Rebekah Andrews, both of Marblehead, Sept.30,1734.CR7

Makepeace, and Joanna Coffin, Mar.3,1724-5.*

Obadiah, and Martha Greenleaf, Aug.14,1755.*


Caroline E., of Newburyport, and David Pettingell, 3d, int.May11,1839.

Levi J., of Newburyport, and Caroline Ireland May5,1839.*

HOTON (Houghton)

Joseph, and Sara Haynes, Nov.13,1651.


Mary, and Joshua Winnock, Jeweller, both of Boston, Feb.17,1724-5.CR7

HOVEY (Hovy)

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Thurston, Oct.26,1769.*

Hannah, and Enoch Little, June5,1759.*

John, and Betty Kimball of Bradford, int.Oct.28,1780.

Mary, of Boxford, and William Worcester, int.Sept.29,1733.

Mehitabel, and Stephen Jaques, Nov.15,1792.*

Samuel, and Mary Ilsley, Sept.15,1732.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Bartholomew Pearson, Dec.9,1726.*

Sarah, and Wells Chase, Feb.21,1760.*

HOVY (Hovey)

Luke, and Susanna Pilsbury, Oct.25,1698.

Sarah, and Nathan Pearson, July末,1835.*

HOW (Howe)

Charlotte, and William Mace, Dec.17,1839.*

Farnum, and Ednah Hale, May8,1791.CR2*

George, of Rowley, and Debby Chapman, June9,1798.*

John, baker, and Elizabeth Congston, both of Boston,末蔓末,1729.CR7

Sarah, and John Tharley, Mar.2,1684-5.

Sarah, and Robert Fasgett, both of Marlboro, Dec.1,1730.CR7

Sarah, and William Wigglesworth, Sept.29,1814.*


Abigail, and Moses Pilsbury, jr., Oct.30,1760.*

Abijah, of Thetford, VT, and Hannah G. Lunt of Newburyport,末蔓末,1840.

Benjamin, and Millee Swett, Feb.18,1747-8.*

Benjamin, of Newburyport, and Sarah Downing, Nov.13,1794.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Lydia Caswell of Newburyport, July27,1816.*

Benjamin F., of Rowley, and Elizabeth F. Savory, int.Jan.10,1829.

Caleb H., and Nancy C. Hawkins, Nov.29,1826.*

Caroline, of Dracut, and Joseph B. Varnum, int.Oct.17,1846.

David R., and Sally O. Fuller of Danvers, int.Apr.7,1835.

Elsey Noyes, and Peter Lavelet of Newburyport, int.Dec.22,1805.

Emily, and William Pemberton of Bradford, int.Nov.22,1820.

Esther M., and David Rogers, Feb.3,1814.*

Ezra, and Mary Coleby, Oct.30,1752.*

James, of Merrimac, a.25y., carpenter, s.Nathaniel and Jemima, and Mary R. Remick, a.26y., d.John and Mary, Nov.26,1846.*

Jerusha, and Daniel Harris, July29,1753.*

John, and Lydia Richardson of Methuen, Nov.13,1776.*

John, of Deer Isle, and Mrs.Mary Chase Small, Dec.15,1811.*

Martha P., of Boston, and Charles D. Pettingell, int.Dec.3,1842.

Mary, and Zebulon Thayer, both of Braintree, July30,1729.CR7

Molly, and William Griffin, Jan.23,1764.*

Mary D., and Moses P. Warren of Newburyport, int.May25,1822.

Nathaniell, and Mercy Safford of Ipswich, int.Jan.15,1756.

Nathaniel, of Newburyport, and Molly Noyes, May12,1784.*

Roger S., and Martha Pike, int.Mar.3,1832.

Sarah, and Ezra P. Merrill of Newburyport, int.Aug.6,1820.

HOWE (How)

Sally, and Eliphalet Williams of Salisbury, NH, at Rowley, July14,1793.


Mary, and Barzilla Hayford, Apr.21,1812.*

Robert, and Fanny Chase, Nov.30,1809.*

Robert, and Hannah Emery, Oct.6,1814.*

HOWIG (Hoag)

Joseph, s.John and Ebenezer, and Sarah Gooding, d.Richard and Mary, of Amesbury, 5:3m:1707.CR6


Alice, and Hezekiah Keen, both of Pembrook, Apr.10,1730.CR7


John A., of Roxbury, a.33y., carpenter, s.John and Sally, of New York, and Elizabeth Carson of Roxbury, a.25y., d.Samuel and Margaret, Aug.18,1847.

HOYT (Hoit, Hoite, Hoyte)

Benjamin E., of Ipswich, and Elizabeth T. Moody, int.Aug.27,1836.

Charles F., of Salisbury, and Mary Jane Longfellow, int.Jan.6,1831.

Ebenezer, and Sarah T. [Jane.CR10] Buswell, both of Newburyport, Aug.14,1824.

Elbridge G., and Mary Longfellow of Newburyport, int.Jan.6,1831.

Enos, and Mary Stevens, int.May23,1835.

Ephraim, and Abigail Beacham, June25,1761.*

Ezekiel, of Amesbury, and Rebecca Brown, Dec.25,1735.*

Hannah L., a.23y., d.Joseph and Martha, and Joseph Thurlow, jr., a.34y., seaman, s.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.4,1847.*

Hopee, of Amesbury, and Timothy Pike, resident in Newbury, at Amesbury, Aug.4,1726.

Jacob, and Mehetable Tompson,末蔓末,1788. [May3. int.]*

Jane M., of Haverhill, and Joseph R. Chase, Oct.20,1832.

John C., of New York, and Mary H. Johnson, Sept.15,1832.*

Joseph, and Hannah Chace, Dec.22,1707.*

Joseph, and Ann Pettingill, May6,1731.*

Joseph, and Dorothy Currier of Amesbury, int.Oct.29,1762.

Joseph, Capt., of Newburyport, and Sarah Coffin, int.Apr.21,1810.

Joseph, and Martha Phipps, Mar.27,1816.*

Joseph, jr., a.26y., seaman, s.Joseph and Martha, and Lydia Mace of Newburyport, a.25y., b. Newburyport, d.Daniel and Lucy, of Newburyport, Nov.4,1845.*

Leonard, of Amesbury, and Caroline Whittier, Feb.2,1836.*

Lydia, and William Hawley of Newburyport, int.Nov.18,1848.

Merriam, and William Short of Newburyport, Apr.6,1783.*

Mary, and Christopher Bartlet, Dec.17,1663.

Mary, of Amesbury, and Thomas Emery, jr., int.Mar.19,1818.

Mary P., and Daniel P. Nelson of Rowley,末蔓末,1840. [Nov.14. int.]*

Moses, and Anne Nelson, Sept.13,1758. [said Hoyt takes said Ann naked and so will not be obliged to pay any of her former husband's debts.int.]*

Moses, of Newburyport, and Mary Stickney, Mar.6,1766.*

Moses, and Judith Richards of Newburyport, int.Sept.26,1778.

Moses, and Hannah Merrill, Apr.12,1779.*

Susanna, of Amesbury, and Richard Kelle, at Amesbury, Sept.28,1721.

Thomas, of Manchester, and Abby H. Brown, of Lowell, Dec.19,1839.

HOYTE (Hoyt)

Mary, of Amesbury, and Moses Ingals of Andover, Feb.21,1712.

Mary, Mrs., and Edward Gibson, Jan.17,1739-40.*


Ebenezer, Rev., and Charlotte Swasey of Ipswich, int.May16,1808.

Jane, and Thomas Champney, both of Cambridge, Sept.18,1730.CR7

John L., and Levina Poor, Oct.25,1835.*


John, and Patience Evans Burrill, int.Dec.6,1823.


Deborah, and Joseph Bailey, Nov.17,1726.*

Deborah, Mrs., and Capt. Jeremiah Stevens of Salisbury, int.Mar.1,1737-8.

Hannah, Mrs., and William Samuel Ballard of Boston, Aug.2,1738.CR7

James, and Mary Rolfe, int.Sept.29,1744.

Judeth, and Jonathan Bootman [Bodman.CR3] of Gloucester, Dec.27,1733.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. Richard Brown, June19,1726.CR7

Mary, and William Richards, jr., Nov.25,1762.*

Rebecca, Mrs., and Paul Shackford, Feb.29,1727-8.*

Rebeca, and Thomas Sweet, Jan.3,1760.*


Bridget, and John Webster, jr., Mar.9,1680-81.

Hannah, and Richard Woollery, Dec.24,1678.


David A., and Elisabeth W. Hunt, Oct.4,1817.*

Martha Ann, of Windham, NH, and Nathaniel Pilsbury, int.Nov.16,1839.

Mary Ann, of Ipswich, and Samuel Treadwell of Manchester, May末,1839.


James, Dr., of Haverhill, and Lydia Sawyer, int.Mar.19,1746-7.

Priscilla, and David Bartlet, Jan.31,1754.*


Mary, Mrs., and Francis George, Nov.14,1745.*


Benhemoth, resident in Newbury, and Mrs.Mary Lord, int.Nov.12,1715.


Jonathan, and Mary Noyes, Nov.19,1799.*

Robert [jr. dup.], of Haverhill, and Hannah Muzze [at Haverhill. dup.], Dec.6,1738.*

Thomas, and Clarissa Hews, Nov.11,1798.*


Abigail, and Joseph Pirkins of Newburyport, int.Dec.4,1790.

Abigail, and Nathan Jelison, Mar.28,1835.*

Benjamin Goodwin, and Sarah Ann Hastelett, int.Oct.6,1827.

Benjamin G., and Mrs.Hannah J. Hidden, Jan.21,1838.*

Caroline, and James Adams of Washington, DC., May26,1828.*

Christian, and Eliphalet Noyes, July20,1760.*

Dorcas, and Edmund Connor, Jan.12,1792.*

Eleanor A., of Newburyport, and Jacob Chace, jr., int.Apr.6,1833.

Elias, of Newburyport, and Betty Lunt, Sept.28,1783.*

Elisabeth, of Amesbury, and John Kent [jr. int.], at Amesbury, Apr.8,1762.*

Elisabeth, and William Downs, int.Dec.26,1771.

Elisabeth, and Moses Quimbe, Apr.25,1790.*

Elizabeth Stickney, and Capt. Thomas Woodbridge Hooper, int.Mar.21,1801.

Elizabeth W., and David A. Hughes, Oct.4,1817.*

Elizabeth C., and Charles Brown of Newburyport, int.Feb.26,1819.

Enoch, and Mercy [Mary.int.] Coffin, Jan.5,1735-6.*

Enoch, and Mary Peirce, Mar.15,1736-7.*

Ephraim, of Bridgewater, and Katharine Acres, int.Oct.8,1698.

Ephraim, and Mrs.Mary Cook, Nov.22,1739.*

Gideon W[oodwell. int.], and Mary W[hite. int.] Brown, Feb.5,1834.*

Hannah, and Joshua Hills, Dec.27,1739.*

Hannah, and Andrew Leach of Manchester, Aug.25,1840.*

Henry Swan, and Elizabeth Gardner Jackson of Newburyport, Mar.20,1809.*

Henry, and Maria Cook, Nov.20,1836.*

Isaac J., and Mary Jane Platt of Newburyport, int.Sept.12,1829.

Isaiah, of Amesbury, and Ruth Lunt, Nov.19,1755.CR9

Isaiah, and Sarah Stickney, May18,1783.*

John Woodwell, and Martha Thurston Doyle, int.Mar.22,1828.

Josiah [Isaiah.int.], and Ruth Lunt, Nov.19,1755.*

Judeth, and Nathaniel Leach, Apr.9,1735.*

Judith, and Nathan Hayford of Tamworth, NH, 1808 or 9. [June25. 1808. int.]*

Lois, of Salisbury, and Joseph Jackman [jr. int.], July31,1806.*

Lydia, and Gideon W. Lattime, Nov.末,1836.*

Margeret, and Ebenezer Barton, June23,1741.*

Mary, and John Salmon, both of Boston, May29,1735.CR7

Mary, of Newburyport, and Abraham Toppan, int.Jan.9,1773.

Mary, and Capt. William Noyes of Georgetown, Columbia, Mar.17,1812.*

Mercy, and William Grove of Plymouth, Eng., Sept.4,1763.CR8

Mercy B., and Benjamin Russell, Dec.末,1835.*

Nathaniel, and Elisabeth Woodwell [Woodman. int.], Aug.26,1760.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Pearson Clark of Newburyport, int.Mar.3,1821.

Samuel, and Joanna Bragdon of York, int.Nov.26,1808.

Sarah, and Daniel Swett of Newburyport, May22,1825.*

Susanna, and Hugh Coomes, int.Feb.2,1753.

Thomas, and Jane White, int.Aug.24,1809.

HUNTINGTON (Huntinton)

Hanah, and William Chandler, jr., Nov.29,1692.

John L., and Elizabeth Ann Bayley, int.Oct.5,1849.

Sarah, d.John, deceased, and Abigail of Amesbury, and Micah Sawyer, s.Stephen and Sarah, deceased, Dec.20,1699.*

Susannah, and Andrew Downer, Dec.7,1769.*

HUNTINTON (Huntington)

Deborah, and Thomas Homan [Holeman. int.] of Sutton, at Amesbury, June23,1739.*

HUSE (Hewes, Hews, Hughes)

Abell, and Mary Sears, May25,1663.

Abel, jr., and Elisabeth Little, Apr.29,1729.*

Abil, jr., and Hannah Farley of Ipswich, int.Apr.21,1738.

Abigail, and Moses Hale [jr. int.], Apr.20,1742.*

Ann, and Samuel Stevens of Methuen, May20,1731.CR7

Ann P., and Charles E Shuff of Newburyport, June16,1828.*

Caleb, of Belfast, and Sarah Smith, int.Oct.26,1805.

Dorothy, and Joseph Dole Plumer, Aug.10,1797. [Aug.4,1796.CR1]*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Hale, Nov.1,1737.*

Elizabeth, and Capt. Daniel Ladd, May22,1808.*

Elizabeth L., and John C. Randall,末蔓末,1842.

Enoch, Lt., and Sarah Hill of Boston, int.Oct.26,1782.

Hannah, Mrs., and Parker Mors, Mar.14,1736-7.*

Hannah, and Joseph Huse of Weare, NH, Feb.5,1775.*

Hiram, and Hannah C. Arnold of Newburyport, int.July11,1841.

Israel, and Ruth Bodwell of Haverhill, Aug.末,1716.*

Jacob P., and Harriet A. Knight of Salisbury, int.Mar.10,1849.

John, and Sarah Toppan, Oct.25,1716.*

John, and Dorothy Whittemore, May19,1768.*

John, and Elizabeth Tenney, Oct.15,1795.*

Joseph, and Molle Chase, Oct.末,1737.*

Joseph, and Abigail Johnson, Dec.2,1762.*

Joseph, of Weare, NH, and Hannah Huse, Feb.5,1775.*

Joseph, Capt., of Newburyport, and Sarah Moody, Mar.5,1776.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Lawrence of Newburyport, int.Apr.6,1816.

Judeth, and John Holemon, May23,1728.*

Keziah, and John Stevens of Amesbury, Sept.13,1733.CR7*

Martha, Mrs., and William Jenkins, Mar.4,1735-6.CR7

Mary, and Oliver Holt of Andover, abt. July10,1716.*

Mary, and Enoch Davis, May8,1740.*

Mary, and Daniel March, Apr.6,1742.*

Mollee, and Charles Pressey of Sandown, NH, Apr.5,1764.*

Polly Chase, and William Burroughs of Newburyport, May25,1806.*

Mary Jane, and John L. Lord, Dec.2,1835.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Silas Moody, Esq., Sept.5,1841.*

Ralph C., of Newburyport, and Margaret F. Coffin, June27,1837.*

Ralph C., of Newburyport, and Sarah S. Barnard, int.Sept.7,1839.

Rebecca, and Dr. David Jewett, Mar.30,1809.*

Robert, of Hartland VT, and Mary [Lydia.int.] Jewett, Feb.2,1797.*

Ruth, and John Brown, Aug.27,1683.

Ruth, and Samuel Burnap of Reading, Dec.1,1726.*

Samuel, and Mary Mireck, July14,1726.*

Samuel, and Sarah Hale, int.Oct.21,1765.

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Eliza Colby, int.May23,1830.

Samuel, and Sarah Ann F. Smith of Newburyport, int.July28,1832.

Sarah, and Caleb Kimball, Apr.17,1735.*

Sarah, and William Bryant of Reading, Mar.17,1736-7.*

Sarah, and Nicholas Johnson, Mar.22,1736-7.*

Sarah, and Thomas Somerby of Newburyport, Sept.6,1786.*

Stephen, and Mrs.Judith Emery [wid.CR2], July30,1729.*

Theodore P., and Adar Norton of Newburyport, int.Aug.16,1840.

Thomas, and Sarah Moody, Jan.2,1777.*

Thomas, and Rebekah Hills, Aug.5,1779.*

Thomas [of Newburyport. int.], and Harriet L. Poor, May5,1836.*

William, and Anne Russell, int.July22,1699.

William, jr., and Mary Brown, Feb.17,1731-2.*


Elizabeth A., of North Berwick, ME, and Samuel B. Bartlett, int.Jan.6,1849.


Deborah, amd Dudly Rogers, Jan.20,1788.*


Elisabeth, of Bradford, and Jonathan Russel [both of Bradford.CR7], Sept.19,1722.

Ephraim, of Hampstead, NH, and Sally Hills, int.Nov.27,1792.

Hezekiah, and Hannah Noyes, July5,1750.*

Hezekiah [Lt. int.], and Mrs.Ann Sweet of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Jan.29,1761.*

Jonas, and Sarah Lee Johnson of Newburyport, int.Oct.16,1841.

Joseph, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Brown, June8,1812.*

Samuel, and Hanah Merrill, both of Haverhill, Jan.4,1715-16.


John, of Andover, and Sarah Adams, Jan.28,1714-15.*

Mary, and Thomas Hale, May26,1657.


Mary L W., of Cambridge, and Charles Wills, int.June5,1847.

HYNES (Hind)

William H., and Mary A. Earl of Newburyport, int.Oct.21,1848.

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