Abigail, and Humphrey Bartlet, July4,1786.*

Abigail H., and John S. Mendum, Jan.6,1839.*

Abigail, a.33y., d.Joseph N. and Mary, and Asaph G. Spalding of Milford, a.29y., printer, s.Asaph and Nancy, Nov.24,1846.*

Amos, and Eliza Jane Bouer [Bowers.int.], Feb.26,1809.*

Amos, and Mary G[riffin. int.] Parsons, July31,1823.*

Antoinette, of Newburyport, and Charles N. Merrill, int.Dec.8,1840.

Apha, of Boscawen, and Ebben Woodman, int.Nov.21,1815.

Benjamin, and Dorothy Lunt. Aug.9,1744.*

Benjamin, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Noyes, Nov.20,1745.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Hannah Floyd, Feb.24,1812.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Miller, int.Oct.5,1822.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Perkins, int.Sept.28,1833.

David, and Abigail Moulton, July17,1760.*

David, jr., and Amelia Morse, int.Oct.21,1804.

David W., and Sally Jackman, Aug.7,1814.*

David W., and Sarah Somerby, Nov.2,1824.*

David W., and Lydia Morse, Apr.7,1829.*

David, a.39y., farmer, S. David and Amelia, and Mary O. Morse, a.33y., d.Joseph, Feb.20,1845.*

Dorothy Lunt, and Edmund Greenleaf of Newburyport, int.Jan.23,1817.

Dorothy L., and Peabody Greenleaf of Exeter, int.Nov.27,1819.

Eleanor P., a.39y., d.Matthias and Abigail, and William C. Merrill, a.39y., shipwright, s.William and Betsy, Jan.13,1848.*

Elias, and Margaret Atkinson, Apr.19,1737.*

Elias, and Keziah Jackman, June14,1750.CR7

Elias, jr., and Dorotha Wise, Oct.9,1788.*

Elias, jr., and Irena Merrill of Salisbury, int.Oct.27,1837.

Eliza C., and John Warner [jr.CR10] of Londonderry, Sept.5,1822.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Willit, May15,1706.

Elizabeth, and Dr. Parker Cleaveland both of Byfield Rowley, Aug.2,1773.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Bayley, jr. of Newburyport, int.Oct.10,1777.

Elizabeth A., and Charles W. Hale, int.Jan.9,1847.

Emily, a.20y., d.Amos, and David Reed, a.25y., blacksmith, s.David, Aug.29,1844.*

Enoch, and Molly Titcomb of Pelham, int.Apr.2,1803.

Esther, and Joseph Muzzy, Feb.9,1670.

George, and Hannah Bishop, at Rowley, Aug.27,1728.

George W., and Lydia B. Longfellow, Feb.25,1825.*

George, and Mrs.Margaret Pervier, June2,1827.*

George W., and Lydia C. Bartlett, July16,1834.*

Hannah, and Moses Retter, Mar.25,1741.*

Hannah, and David Adams, both of Rowley, Sept.29,1742.

Hannah, and Moses Emery, May29,1745.CR7*

Hannah, of Byfield Rowley, and Eliphaz Chapman, "a lay preacher" of Rowley, Aug.18,1772.

Harriet W., of Newburyport, and Hiram Roberts of Newton, July3,1833.

Harriet, and William Jackman, Dec.30,1834.*

Harriet, Mrs., and Samuel Lunt, jr. Oct.末,1837.*

Harriet W., and Eben B. Whitmore, int.Oct.24,1846.

Henry M., and Phebe S. Varnum, Oct.22,1840.*

Humphrey M., and Sarah Robinson, Oct.31,1836.*

James, 3d, and Mary French of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Dec.8,1721.

James, and Martha Snell, Sept.4,1738.*

Jane, and Richard Knight of Haverhill, May11,1749.*

Jane, and John Stickney [4th.CR2] of Newburyport, Oct.9,1788.*

Jeremiah N., and Sarah E. Lunt, Oct.25,1840.*

Joanna, and John Short, May27,1708.*

Joanna, and Joseph Bartlett, Nov.3,1825.*

John, and Hannah Smith, Nov.28,1717.

John, and Jenny Wise, Apr.22,1781.*

John, jr., and Mary Wheeler of Newburyport, int.Jan.4,1817.

John L., and Nancy B. Ramsell of Salisbury, int.Mar.26,1849.

Joseph, and Hannah Plomer, Aug.3,1720.*

Joseph, and Edith Tirrell of Kensington, Aug.12,1754.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Lois Hunt of Salisbury, July31,1806.*

Joseph, and Mary Merrill, June28,1810.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Stevens of Newburyport, int.Feb.1,1812.

Joseph, and Susan M. Hart, int.Aug.7,1846.

Keziah, and Elias Jackman, June14,1750.CR7

Lydia, and Stephen Emery, Feb.25,1714-15.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Tenney, both of Byfield Rowley, Mar.18,1783.

Lydia, and Henry Merrill, 3d, int.June16,1803.

Mary, and Joseph Morss [3d.int.], July17,1738.*

Mary, of Rowley, and George Thorla, jr., Mar.23,1758.*

Mary, and Daniel Eastman of Salisbury, May15,1760.*

Mary, and Eliphalet Davis of Exeter, NH, Sept.10,1775.*

Mary, of Byfield Rowley, and John Barker of Bradford, Mar.27,1781.

Mary, and Peter Ordway, July24,1783.*

Polly, and Joshua Towle, int.Sept.7,1808.

Polly [Dolly.CR10], and Joseph Wadleigh, May18,1809.*

Mary, and John Colby, jr. of Amesbury, Dec.29,1818.*

Mary Elizabeth, and Joseph Greenleaf Perkins, Dec.27,1823.*

Mary W., of Newburyport, a.16y., d.John and Mary, of Newburyport, and Abram Somerby, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Mary Ann, Jan.8,1845.*

Matthias A., and Nabby Warthen, Mar.25,1793.*

Matthias, and Almira Dutton of Newburyport, Dec.19,1841.*

Mercy, and Jonathan Martin, May25,1756.*

Miriam, and Stephen Russell Fox, Feb.17,1811.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Short, int.Jan.21,1769.

Moses B., and Harriet Carr, Apr.22,1821.*

Moses B., a.27y., ropemaker, s.Richard and Elizabeth, and Mary E. Smith, a.23y., d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Nov.25,1847.*

Nancy, and Joseph Currier, Mar.9,1809.*

Nancy, and Tristram Hobson of Ipswich, int.Apr.27,1820.

Nancy, and William Davis of Amesbury, int.June11,1831.

Nicholas, and Mary Mors, May29,1718.

Nicholas, and Abigail Pettingill, July2,1724.*

Olive Pierce, and Joseph Boughdon Battis, Dec.29,1811.*

Rachel, and Elias Whiten, Dec.27,1711.*

Reuben, and Sally Floyd of Ipswich, int.Feb.6,1824.

Richard, and Elizabeth Plumer, June26,1682.

Richard, jr. and Elizabeth Major, int.Apr.6,1703.

Richard, and Mary Gould, Nov.25,1780.*

Richard, jr. and Abigail Akers, int.July9,1785.

Richard, and Abigail Blasdel of Amesbury, int.July22,1803.

Richard, and Martha Bointon, int.Sept.5,1840.

Ruth, of Byfield Rowley, and Elias Cheney, Mar.9,1768.

Samuel, and Meriam Plomer, May23,1717.*

Samuell, and Mary Aires, Dec.14,1737.CR7

Samuel, of Boscawen, NH, and Anne Fowler, int.Aug.5,1772.

Sara, and Joseph Palmer, Mar.1,1664.

Sarah, and Enoch Adams, July28,1747.*

Sally, of Rowley, and Isaac Pearson, Sept.15,1794.*

Sarah, and Samuel Farnum [Varnum.CR1], Apr.24,1806.*

Sally, and David W. Jackman, Aug.7,1814.*

Sarah M., and Thomas Robinson, Apr.12,1815.*

Sarah A., a.20y., d.Joseph N. and Mary, and Charles C. Morse of Bradford, a.21y., shoemaker, b. Bradford, s.Benjamin and Abigail, of Bradford, June3,1846.*

Sarah E. [of Newburyport. int.], a.22y., d.Moses B. and Harriet, and Giles A. Adams, a.26y., carpenter, s.Richard, jr. and Abigail, Jan.13,1848.*

Simeon, and Sarah Morss, int.Sept.29,1770.

Stephen, and Mary Moers, Mar.30,1763.*

Stephen, and Nancy Merrill, June22,1828.*

Stephen, jr., and Elizabeth G. Burrill of Newburyport, Oct.27,1828.*

Timothy, and Hannah Chute of Rowley, Apr.9,1723.*

Timothy, jr., and Mary Thirston, both of Rowley, Apr.2,1751.

Timothy, 3d, of Byfield Rowley, and Molly Burbank of Bradford, Oct.19,1768.

William, and Mary Pierce, July29,1786.*

William, jr., and Nancy Ball, int.June26,1815.

William, and Mrs.Nancy Ball, Nov.18,1816.

William, and Harriet Jackman, Dec.30,1834.*

William T., and Sarah M.C. Varnum, Dec.17,1835.*

William D., and Catharine Hill, May28,1837.*


Abigail, and Enoch Parker, both of Newton, July14,1736.CR7

Anna, and Edward Durant, both of Newton, Sept.15,1735.CR7

Daniel, and Lucy Burnam, int.Nov.13,1754.

Elizabeth, and Adam Pickett, both of Marblehead, Oct.6,1730.CR7

Elizabeth, and Capt. Peter Hall, both of Portsmouth, May10,1732.CR7

Elizabeth Gardner, of Newburyport, and Henry Swan Hunt, Mar.20,1809.*

John, and Polly Knight, Nov.5,1789.*

Mary, of Kittery, and Edmund Moodey, int.Mar.17,1732.

Mehetable, and David Goodwin, int.Aug.17,1765.

Ruth, and Thomas Fossat, July3,1791.CR1*

Sarah, of Bradford, and Ezra Rolfe, int.Oct.27,1705.

Sarah, Mrs., of Marbleheaf, and Capt. Daniel Brown of Exrter, Nov.12,1730.CR7

Sally, and Joseph Broughton, int.Oct.26,1808.


Abigail B., and Jonathan M. Tucker, Sept.11,1843.

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Mary Bartlet, Apr.29,1723.CR7

Sarah, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Ens.Moses Chase, int.May10,1713.

JACQUES (Jaques)

Sarah, and John Hale, Oct.10,1683.


Dudley, of Exeter, and Sarah Knight, Feb.24,1763.*

Lucretia, of Kensington, NH, and Charles Coffin, int.June27,1823.


Betsey, and John Scribner, Dec.17,1828.*

George, and Mary Chase, Nov.21,1839.*

Hiram, and Emeline M. Feltch, Dec.10,1843.*

Jane S. and George J. George of Newburyport, int.Sept.22,1841.

Joanna, and Lorenzo D. Ross, Mar.17,1833.*

John, and Elizabeth Chase, Oct.24,1842.*

Joseph, and Joanna Thurlo, Jan.8,1809.*

Joseph, jr., and Elizabeth Ladd of Newburyport, int.Dec.7,1833.

Mary E., a.19y., d.Joseph and Joanna, and Robert J. Torry, a.21y., stone cutter, s.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.8,1849.*

Ruth Ann, a.17y., d.Joseph and Joanna, and George A. Ranall, a.21y., farmer, s.Eliphalet and Mary, Nov.14,1849.*

JAQUES (Jacques)

Ann, and Robert Adams, jr. Oct.29,1725.*

Benjamin, and Apphia Coffin, May20,1725.*

Benjamin, and Mary Noyes, Dec.5,1727.*

Benjamin, and Mary Adams of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.25,1760.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Judith Noyes, Mar.4,1762.*

Charles, and Marcy Thurlo, Feb.5,1821.*

Daniell, and Mary Williams, Mar.20,1692-3.

David, and Dolley Richards of Newburyport, int.Nov.24,1804.

Deborah, and Cutting Lunt, Dec.10,1735.*

Deborah, and Capt. Israel Adams, Nov.11,1779.*

Deborah, and True Brown, jr. of Deerfield, NH, Feb.5,1824.*

Eleanor, and James Noyes, May7,1747.*

Ellanor, and Benjamin Short, Dec.末,1808?CR1

Eleanor, and Benjamin Short, Dec.16,1813.*

Eliphalet, and Lydia Adams, Jan.3,1737-8.*

Eliphalet, and Elizabeth Davis of Newburyport, int.Aug.30,1810.

Elisabeth, and Enoch Knight, Nov.11,1736.*

Elisabeth, and Moses Moodey, June12,1744.*

Elisabeth, and Amos Knight of Newburyport, Jan.12,1797.*

Betsey, and Jacob Hidden, int.Mar.14,1812.

Enoch, and Mary Hale, int.June8,1772.

Enoch, and Joanna Plumer, Feb.9,1797.*

Enoch, jr. and Sally Williams Tilton of Newburyport, May26,1811.*

Eunice, and Samuel Pearson, int.Dec.5,1767.

Eunice, and Jacob Haskell of Newburyport, Dec.23,1819.*

Florence, and James Safford, Apr.5,1763.*

Hanna, and Ephraim Plumer, Jan.15,1679.

Hannah, and Ephraim B. Horn, Sept.21,1815.*

Henry, and Anne Knight, Oct.8,1648.

Henry, and Mrs.Rebecca Pikering of Portsmouth, int.Apr.10,1706.

Henry, and Mary Coffin, Jan.24,1711-12.*

Henry Cromwell, and Polly Follansbee of Newburyport, int.May9,1807.

John, and Sarah Jaques, June12,1746.*

Joseph, and Martha Brown, Mar.4,1756.*

Judeth, and William Dole, Apr.3,1755.*

Judith, and Abraham Mace [jr. int.] of Newburyport, Apr.26,1795.*

Love, and Robert Adams, 3d, Sept.7,1738.*

Lydia, and Capt. Kindal Pearson of Wilmington, Jan.30,1737-8.*

Lydia, and Tristram Lunt, Feb.20,1799.*

Martha, and Enoch Thurston of Newburyport, May28,1794.*

Mary, and Richard Brown, May7,1674. [1675.CTR]

Mary, and Parker Greenleaf, Nov.24,1715.*

Mary, and Samuel Peirce, Oct.19,1738.*

Mary, and James Greenough of Bradford, Dec.13,1759.*

Mary, of Gloucester, and Simon Thorla, int.Mar.15,1770.

Mary, and John Knight, Jan.12,1809.*

Mary, and Stephen Adams, jr., Jan.27,1814.*

Mary A., of West Newbury, and William Giddings, int.Aug.1,1846.

Mehetabel, and Richard Smith, Oct.11,1729.*

Moses, and Sarah Woodman, Nov.4,1778.*

Moses, and Abigail Hale, Aug.15,1782.*

Moses, and Rebekah Hills, July末,1792.*

Moses, jr., and Hannah Chase, int.Oct.27,1804.

Parker, jr., and Sarah Adams, Dec.1,1767.*

Pheby, and Joseph Ilsley, Sept.3,1798.*

Prudence, and Edmund Knight, June11,1751.*

Rebeckah, and John Dodge of Newburyport, int.Sept.22,1804.

Rhoda, and John Loud Tilion, Jan.25,1814.*

Richard, and Ruth Plumer, Jan.18,1681.

Richard, and Elisabeth Knight, Feb.25,1713-14.*

Richard, jr., and Mrs.Judith Noyes, Feb.19,1722-3.*

Richard, of Gloucester, and Mary Ilsley, Jan.13,1785.*

Richard, and Polly Emerson of Hampstead, NH, int.May15,1792.

Richard, Lt., and Eunise Thurston, Nov.28,1799.*

Richard T., and Caroline Noyes, Aug.20,1837.*

Ruth, and Stephen Emery, Nov.29,1692.

Ruth, and James Short, Apr.19,1737.*

Samuell, and Lydiah Pike, Dec.12,1717.

Samuel, and Mary Noyes, May8,1750.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Eunice Chase, Aug.12,1779.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Moses Little, jr., Feb.12,1716-17.*

Sarah, and John Jaques, June12,1746.*

Sarah, and Somersby Chase, Apr.16,1777.*

Sarah, and Dudley Rogers, jr. of Newburyport, int.Aug.25,1798.

Sarah, and Daniel G. Tilton of Newburyport, Nov.4,1811.*

Sally, of Bradford, and Samuel Jewett, int.Mar.5,1814.

Sarah B., and John England Dec.3,1818.*

Sophia, and John Ladd, Aug.25,1814.*

Steven, and Debora Plumer, May13,1684.

Stephen, jr., and Mrs.Thankfull Taylor of Yarmouth, int.Feb.21,1712-13.

Stephen, and Mary Bartlett, July6,1783.*

Stephen, and Mehitabel Hovey, Nov.15,1792.*

Susanah, and Moses Noyes [jr. int.], May21,1738.*

Susannah Newman, and Benjamin Rolf of Portland int.Apr.30,1803.

Theophilus, and Sarah Wood of Newburyport, int.Mar.14,1795.

William, and Lydia Bartlet of Newburyport, int.Mar.11,1815.

William, and Elizabeth Savory, May3,1825.*


Rachel, of Boston, and Capt. Abraham Winter of Topsham, Devonshire, Eng., June23,1724.CR7

JEBSON (Jepson)

Sarah, of Cambridge, and Samuel Rolf, int.Jan.10,1698-9.

JEFFERS (Jeffry)

James, and Judith Carr, Nov.15,1803.*

JEFFRY (Jeffers)

Georg, and Elizabeth Walker, Dec.7,1665.


Nathan, and Abigail Hunt, Mar.28,1835.*

JEMSON (Gimson)

John, of Salisbury, and Rachel Goodwin, Mar.14,1738-9.*


Elisabeth, and Joshua Colby, June8,1787.*

Hannah, and Caleb Reed, int.July13,1822.

Lemuel, of Kittery, and Martha Smith, May2,1737.CR7

Mary, wid., and John Mudd, widr., shipwright, both of Boston, Feb.15,1727-8.CR7

Prudence, and Robert Cram of Exeter, Dec.7,1758.*

Robert, and Margaret Ireland July30,1792.*

Robert, and Betsy Pritchard, Dec.30,1823.*

Sarah, and John Tarbox, Sept.16,1760.CR8

Sarah, and John Nason [resident in Newbury.int.], Nov.20,1763.*

William, and Mrs.Martha Huse, Mar.4,1735-6.CR7


Sarah Ann, of Haverhill, and John Atkinson, int.Jan.8,1831.

JENNIN (Jennings)

John F., and Hannah M. Elwell, both of Rowley, Apr.27,1818.CR5

JENNINGS (Ginnings, Jennin)

Mary Jane, and Thomas H[all. int.] Adams, Dec.2,1838.*

JEPSON (Jebson)

John, of Boston, and Aphia Rolfe [d.Benjamin. int.], Apr.1,1696.*

JEWEL (Jewell)

Benjamin, and Sally Row, Aug.30,1796.*

JEWELL (Jewel, Jewill)

Abigail, and Micah Clark, Apr.15,1779.*

JEWET (Jewett)

Dummer, and Mary Staniford of Ipswich, int.Oct.12,1754.

Ezekel, of Boxford, and Martha Thirston, Jan.9,1718-19.*

Hannah, and Joseph Plumer, jr., Jan.20,1684.

Jonathan, of Rowley, and Mrs.Rebeca Poor, Dec.27,1742.*

Mary [Lydia.int.], and Robert Huse of Hartland VT, Feb.2,1797.*

Mehitable, and Samuel Wiatt, Jan.13,1737-8.*

Samuel, and Lydia Walingford, both of Rowley, Apr.26,1743.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Moses Thorla, Aug.5,1756.*

JEWETT (Jewet, Jewit)

Abigail, of Rowley, and James Calef, Jan.2,1734-5.*

Anna, of Byfield Rowley, and John Morse of Chester, NH, Oct.15,1778.

Clarissa, and John B. Greeley of Newburyport, int.July27,1823.

David, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Goodwin, int.Oct.25,1771.

David, and Abigail Knight of Atkinson, NH, int.Feb.13,1807.

David, Dr., and Rebecca Huse, Mar.30,1809.*

Deborah, of Rowley, and Joshua Dummer, int.May6,1820.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Ann Knight, both of Newburyport, Jan.20,1828.

Bette, and Oliver Tenney of Rowley, Apr.30,1752.

Hannah, of Rowley, and Thomas Ilsley, at Rowley, Dec.24,1760.*

Jacob, jr., of Rowley, and Elizabeth Northend of Byfield Rowley, Nov.19,1771.

Jedediah, Rev., of Rowley, and Mrs.Elisabeth Dumer, Nov.11,1730.*

Jamima, of Rowley, and Josiah Smith, jr., Aug.23,1750.*

Jeremiah, of Rowley, and Abigail Emery, July15,1797.*

Jeremiah D., and Mary Smith, May19,1831.*

Jeremiah, Capt., of Rowley, and Eleanor Adams, Apr.21,1832.*

Jeremiah D., and Lydia A. Currier of Amesbury, int.May27,1848.

John [W. int.], of Rowley, and Susanna Cheney, Dec.2,1824.*

Lucy, of Rowley, and John Hopkins [Ropkins.int.], at Rowley, July7,1763.*

Mary Ann, and Frederick Lambert of Rowley, May24,1827.*

Maximillian, of Byfield Rowley, and Molly Pearson, Oct.5,1780.*

Mehitabel Jane, and William Smith, Nov.12,1837.*

Moses, of Hopkinton, NH, and Mary Sawyer of Byfield Rowley, Oct.29,1776.

Philomela, and Moses Johnson, both of Rowley, Sept.29,1810.CR5

Ruth, of Rowley, and Isaac Hale, at Rowley, May1,1785.*

Samuel, and Sally Jaques of Bradford, int.Mar.5,1814.

Sarah, of Bradford, and Moses Hale, jr., int.Dec.17,1766.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Amos Poor, jr., int.Mar.10,1769.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Simeon Plumer, at Rowley, Jan.18,1770.*

Sally Mores, and Maurice Hearn, int.Nov.1,1812.

William, jr., and Elizabeth Bowers of Newburyport, int.July2,1819.

William, and Betsey Lancaster of Rumney, NH, int.Dec.16,1820.

JEWILL (Jewell)

Thomas, and Ruth Badger, Feb.17,1701.*

JEWITT (Jewett)

Eunice, of Rowley, and Joshua Noyes, int.Apr.5,1797.

Mary, and Abner Dole, Nov.1,1694.

Pheby, of Rowley, and Moses Adams [jr. int.], May16,1793.*

JILLENS (Jillings)

Thomas, and Tabitha Glover of Salem, int.June21,1756.

JILLINGS (Gillings, Jillens)

Elisabeth, and Joseph Coffin, 4th, Jan.2,1759.*

Hannah, and Daniel Glover of Marblehead, Dec.1,1757.*

Isaac, and Mary Pilcifer, Nov.12,1755.*

Mary, and Nicolas George, int.May18,1755.

Mary, and Joseph Dorming, int.Dec.2,1761.

Thomas, and Hannah Mireck, Nov.18,1725.*

JOHN (Johns)

Charles, and Sarah W. Smith, June14,1836.*

JOHNS (John)

Matthew, sailor, and wid.Susannah Gibbins of Boston, June11,1728.CR7

JOHNSON (Johnston)

Abigail, Mrs., and Joseph Sweasy, Dec.6,1742.*

Abigail, and Joseph Huse, Dec.2,1762.*

Alfred, jr., of Belfast, ME, and Nancy Atkinson, Oct.25,1817.*

Almira, and William E. Knight, int.Dec.3,1840.

Anna, of Haverhill, and Joseph Poer, jr., int.Mar.15,1697-8.

Anna, and Dr. John Tenny of Bradford, May4,1775.*

Augusta, and Thomas A. Smith of Newburyport, Oct.25,1832.*

Benjamin, and Henrietta M. Fowler of Salisbury, Mar.10,1844.*

Brackett, and Mary Johnsaon, both of Greenland NH, Feb.13,1732-3.CR7

Bradstreet, and Susannah Brown, June19,1760.*

Daniel, of Newburyport, and Hannah Woodman. Oct.5,1764.*

Daniel, of Haverhill, and Mary Ann Smith, June末,1842.*

Dorothy, and Davis Folsom of Newmarket, NH, int.Feb.2,1771.

Eleazer, and Sarah Bayley, Sept.28,1762.*

Eleazer, and Elizabeth Clarkson, Mar.8,1809.*

Eleazer, jr., and Mary Ann Couch of Newburyport, int.Oct.12,1822.

Elizabeth, and Joshua Bailey [3d.int.], Apr.25,1715.*

Elisabeth, and Isaac Hall, Nov.23,1721.*

Betty, and Edward Sargent of Newcastle, NH, Feb.7,1760.*

Elizabeth C., of Newburyport, and Isaac Pearson, int.Jan.15,1820.

Elisabeth, Le Breton, of Newburyport, and Charles Wills, int.Dec.15,1849.

Hannah, and Simeon Chase, Sept.9,1772.*

Hannah, and Capt. William H. Pettingell of Newburyport, Oct.末,1837.*

Harriet F., of Newburyport, and William H. George, June27,1832.

Harrison [G. int.], of Newburyport, and Hannah Currier, Dec.21,1843.*

Henry, of Newburyport, and Susan Carey, int.Nov.13,1812.

Henry, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Le Breton, int.Mar.15,1823.

Isaac, and Martha Greenleaf, May10,1733.*

Isaac, jr., and Elisabeth Coffin, Jan.3,1760.*

Isaac, [5th.int.], of Newburyport, and Ann Toppan, Oct.14,1813.*

James, of Newburyport, and Charlottee Adams, int.Jan.16,1808.

Jane, and William Akerman, both of Newburyport,末蔓末,1832.

Jeremiah, and Hannah Newman of Newburyport, int.Sept.8,1821.

Joseph, jr., of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Dole, May19,1767.

Joseph T., and Hannah P. Toppan of Newburyport, int.Oct.10,1829.

Lucy Ann, and John S. Kimball of Newburyport, int.Aug.23,1834.

Lydia, and Philip Coombs, July10,1735.*

Lydia, and Capt. Samuel Knapp of Newburyport, June末,1839.*

Martha, and William Hale of Rowley, Nov.6,1753.*

Martha, of Salem, and John Bayley, int.Dec.11,1802.

Mary, and Thomas Coleman, July11,1651.

Mary, and Francis Browne, Nov.21,1653.

Mary, and John Currier of Amesbury, Jan.23,1728-9.*

Mary, and Brackett Johnson, both of Greenland NH, Feb.13,1732-3.CR7

Mary, and David Moody, Oct.13,1757.*

Mary, and Joseph Little. Nov.11,1766.*

Mary, of Rowley, and John Burbank, int.Apr.4,1777.

Mary, and Dudly Russel, May9,1802.*

Mary, and Ezra Lunt, July7,1808.*

Mary H., and John C, Hoyt of New York, Sept.15,1832.*

Mary G., and Stephen G. Haskell of Newburyport, Dec.1,1836.*

Mary B., and Joshua Turner, both of Newburyport, Aug.21,1839.

Mary B., and Ezekiel Evans of Salisbury, int.Oct.17,1846.

Mary L., of Newburyport, and George C. Ireland int.Nov.25,1848.

Moses, and Anna Moody, Apr.20,1758.*

Moses, and Philomela Jewett, both of Rowley, Sept.29,1810.CR5

Nancy J., of Frankfort, ME, and William Lane, int.Nov.26,1842.

Nicholas, and Sarah Huse, Mar.22,1736-7.*

Nicholas, and Elizabeth Higginson of Newburyport, int.Nov.11,1831.

Nicholas, of Newburyport, a.21y., Merchant, b. Newburyport, s.Henry and Mary A., of Newburyport, and Caroline Pettingell, a.19y., d.Moses and Mary, June12,1849.*

Obadiah, s.Edmund, of Hampton, and Judith Brown, d.John, deceased, 28:11m:1729-30.CR6

Obadiah, s.Edmund and Abigail, both deceased, of Kensington, NH, and Ruth Rogers, d.Robert and Elizabeth, Nov.5,1761.CR6

Obadiah, s.Obadiah and Judith, deceased, of Kensington, NH, and Content Rogers, d.Josiah and Patience, late of Newbury, Oct.5,1763.CR6

Paul, of Rowley, and Hannah Thorla, Dec.9,1779.*

Pharaoh, s.Nehemiah, of Lynn, and Lydia, former w., and Hannah Sawyer, d.Humphrey and Hannah, Jan.23,1782.CR6

Samuel, of Andover, and Anne Flud, Nov.23,1727.*

Samuel, of Rowley, and Susanna Searl of Byfield, Oct.20,1774.

Sarah, and Ralf Cross, Oct.31,1728.*

Sarah, and John Noyes, 3d, Nov.18,1729.*

Sarah, and David Chase, jr., Mar.20,1755.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Maj. Samuel Gerrish, May19,1761.*

Sarah Lee, of Newburyport, and Jonas Hutchins, int.Oct.16,1841.

Susannah, of Rowley, and Nathan Woodbury, at Rowley, Dec.16,1746.

Thomas, and Joanna Pilsbury, Dec.7,1726.*

William, and Martha Peirce, d.Col. Daniel, Nov.9,1702.*

William, of Woburn, and [Mrs.Sarah.int.] Dole, Jan.1,1707.*

William, Rev. [jr. int.], and Mrs.Betty Bradstreet, Aug.30,1731.*

William, Capt., and Mrs.Abigail Stickne, Feb.14,1733 or 34.*

William, Rev. and Mrs.Sarah Sergeant of Amesbury, int.Oct.26,1757.

William, jr., and Lydia Chase, Mar.31,1761.*

JOHNSTON (Johnson)

James, of Newburyport, and Martha March, July5,1722.*

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Roger Merrill, int.Sept.9,1774.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Lowell, Feb.12,1765.*


Andrew, and Susannah Oliver, both of Boston, May21,1730.CR7


Abiah, and Nathaniel Lurvey, Nov.2,1785.*

Anne, and Capt. Paul White, Mar.14,1664.

Dorothy, and Laurence Hart, Feb.12,1678.

Evan, of Salisbury, and Elisabeth Oedway, Mar.20,1721-2.*

Evan, and Lydia Ordway, May13,1726.*

Hannah, of Southhampton, and Abner Gilbert of Brookfield, Oct.16,1751.CR7

Hannah, and Enoch Titcomb, jr., Nov.6,1763.CR9*

Ichabod, Capt., of Falmouth, and Mrs.Apphia Coffin, May8,1746.*

John, of Rochester, Co. Kent, Eng., and Martha Mitchel, Mar.25,1744.CR7

John, Capt., resident in Newbury, and Mrs.Hannah Greenleaf, int.Apr.22,1749.

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Woodbridg, June [12.CC; 4.CTR], 1672.

Mary, of South Hampton, NH, and Joseph Lowell, int.Jan.11,1744-5.

Mary, and Jonathan Bartlet, Oct.12,1749.*

Mary, of South Hampton, and Moses Coffin, int.Feb.22,1800.

Miriam, of South Hampton, and Moses Cooper, jr., int.Aug.4,1764.

Nathaniel, and Katharine Wigglesworth, both of Ipswich, Nov.24,1762.

Oliver O., and Hannah H. Pettingeil, Nov.23,1836.

Samuell, of Exeter, and Mary Lunt, Dec.26,1728.*

Sarah, wid., and Joseph Kendall, widr., tanner, both of Boston, Oct.27,1725.CR7

Sarah, and Richard Mayler, resident in Newbury, int.Dec.7,1753.

JORDAN (Jordon)

Hannah, Mrs., of Kittery, ME, and Capt. Stephen Greenleafe, int.Sept.17,1713.

Mary, and Benjamin Goodridg, Sept.8,1663.

JORDON (Jordan)

Caroline C., and Thomas Hale of New York, int.Sept.10,1836.

Catharine C., of Savannah, GA, and Thomas Hale of New York, Oct.3,1836.

Hannah, and Joseph Calef of Boston, Nov.9,1718.*


Abigail, and Samuel Cheney, both of Byfield Rowley, Dec.9,1783.

JOY (Joye)

Benjamin, of Salisbury, and Sarah Sawyer, Feb.10,1735-6.*

Sarah Grant, and Joseph Coffin, 4th, Feb.9,1758.CR8*

JOYE (Joy)

Mary, wid., of Amesbury, and Jeremiah Davis, at Amesbury, Mar.5,1688-9.

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