LABORE (Laboree)

Abigail, and John Flood, int.Jan.23,1741-2.

Katharine, and Mark Flood, Nov.11,1741.*

LABOREE (Labore)

Sarah, and Daniel Flood, Jan.5,1735-6.*


Anna, and Nathan Haskell of Newburyport, int.May12,1804.

LACOUNT (Lecount)

Mary, of Newburyport, and William York, int.May8,1808.


Daniel, Capt., and Elizabeth Huse, May22,1808.*

Dudley, of Meredith, NH, and Abigail Plumer, June26,1811.*

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Joseph Janvrin, jr., int.Dec.7,1833.

John, and Sophia Jaques, Aug.25,1814.*

Josiah, of Exeter, and Sarah Mors, Jan.3,1737-8.*

Mary, and Caleb Richardson, July31,1682.

Salley, of Haverhill, and William Poor, int.Mar.14,1807.

William H., of Newburyport, and Sarah Lane, Mar.22,1841.*

William H., widr., of Newburyport, a.38y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, and Harriet G. Brown, wid., a.37y., d.Joseph L., and Sarah Colby, Feb.13,1848.*


Joshua, of Haverhill, and Henrietta Moulton, int.June25,1830.


Archelaus, and Elizabeth Hadley of Rowley, Jan.11,1775.*

Daniel, and Sarah J[ane.CR10] Atkinson, Apr.3,1831.CR10*

Hannah, and Joseph Chase, 3d, May29,1773.*

Margaret, and Josiah Magowin, Apr.6,1813.*

Mary, and Samuel Lurvey, Dec.9,1817.*

Susannah, and Benjamin Poor [jr. int.], at Rowley, Sept.10,1785.*


Jane, and John Farwell, both of Groton, July10,1735.CR7

William, and Miriam Erwin, both of Groton, July29,1731.CR7


Levi, and Lucy Pearson, Sept.22,1836.*

LAMBERT (Lambord, Lumbart, Lumbert)

Frederick, of Rowley, and Mary Ann Jewett, May24,1827.*

George, of Newburyport, and Caroline Haskell, int.June4,1836.

Robert, mariner, of England and Elizabeth Yeale, wid., of Boston, May21,1728.CR7

William H., of Newburyport, and Statira M. Noyes, int.May4,1847.

LAMBORD (Lambert)

Louisa F., of Ludlow, and Joseph P. Noyes, int.June4,1842.

LAMPHREY (Lamprey)

Elizabeth, of Hampton, NH, and John James Noyes, June3,1838.*

LAMPREY (Lamphrey)

Lucy, of Kensington, NH, and Moses Styles of Barnstead, NH, June28,1821.

Sally, of Kensington, NH, and John Boardman Lord, int.Oct.5,1811.


Caleb, and Abigail Chase, July15,1802.*

Charles, and Margaret Lucy Lovett, Apr.24,1834.*

Judith, and James Tayler of Andover, int.Mar.19,1819.

LANCASTER (Lanchester, Lankaster, Lankister)

Betsey, of Rumney, NH, and William Jewett, int.Dec.16,1820.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Rawlings, Oct.末,1840.*

Hannah, and Luke Larcumbe, Nov.6,1751.CR2*

Henrietta M., and Leonard W. Pearson, Oct.末,1840.*

Mary, and Samuel Butterfield, Nov.23,1785.*

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Lois Pike, Sept.5,1764.*


Joel, of Lee, NH, and Ruth Weymouth, Dec.2,1838.*

LANCHESTER (Lancaster)

Mary, d.Joseph, of Amesbury, and TimothyMirrick, int.May9,1696.


Augusta C., a.20 Y., d.Henry and Lydia, and John J. Noyes, a.23y., farmer, s.John and Sarah, Apr.13,1847.*

Hannah M., a.22y., d.Henry and Lydia S., and Samuel W. Green, widr., of Newburyport, a.25y., machinist, b. Newburyport, s.Ephraim and Sarah, of Newburyport, Apr.23,1848.*

Henry, of Newburyport, and Lydia S. Adams, June18,1820.*

Henry A., a.27y., shoemaker, s.Henry and Lydia, and Ann P. Clark of Newburyport, a.24y., b. Newburyport, d.Amos and Rebecca, June4,1848.*

Robert [Lowder. int.], and Mary Emerson, Feb.8,1801.CR5*


Alice, and Alexander Barret, June3,1756.CR8


Abner, Capt., and Eliza A. Delisle, Apr.末,1831.

Humphrey, of Gloucester, and Susanna Greenleaf, int.Jan.20,1797.

Humphrey, jr., and Mary P. Griffin, Dec.22,1825.*

John, and Mrs.Johannah Davinson, Nov.末,1693.

Joseph, Capt., and Abigail Smith, Aug.31,1796.*

Lydia D., and Samuel Lunt, jr., Nov.27,1834.*

Polly B. [Mary Baker. int.], of Rowley, and Samuel Pearson, at Rowley, Nov.23,1796.*

Mary G., and Benjamin Colby, int.Mar.22,1828.

Reuben, and Nancy Parsons, May4,1813.*

Robert Sampson, and Caroline Lunt, Oct.7,1830.*

Robert L., and Elizabeth P. Watson, both of Newburyport,末蔓末,1841.

Samuel [jr. int.], of Gloucester, and Mercy Newhall, Jan.28,1762.*

Sarah, and William H. Ladd of Newburyport, Mar.22,1841.*

Susanna, of Gloucester, and James Thurlo, Nov.22,1818.*

Theodate, of Newburyport, a.38y., b. Hampton, NH, d.Jeremiah and Lucy, and Joseph Coffin, widr., a.59y., ship carpenter, s.Amos and Hannah, June11,1845.*

Thomas, and Ann Coffin, Nov.末,1833.*

William, and Lucretia Prescott of Hampton Falls, NH, int.Nov.6,1830.

William, and Sophia C Pressey of Newburyport, int.Nov.1,1838.

William, and Nancy J. Johnson of Frankfort, ME, int.Nov.26,1842.

Wingate, and Mary Merrill, May2,1839.*

LANEGIN (Landrigan)

Eleanor Welch, and Joseph Laughton, Feb.14,1810.*


Harriet N., and Paul Adams, both of Newburyport, Nov.27,1838.


Abby, and George A. Fairbanks, both of Lowell, Oct.5,1841.

William C., and Lydia Maria Thomas, int.Nov.6,1830.

LANKASTER (Lancaster)

Thomas, and Betsy Kimball, June12,1806.*

LANKISTER (Lancaster)

Joseph, and Mary Gutterson, int.Sept.20,1805.

Mary, and William Curtis, Jan.8,1728-9.*

Moses, and Sarah Greenleaf, int.June28,1805.


Barker, of Bradford, and Ruth Chisimore, at Bradford, Feb.10,1795.*


Luke, and Hannah Lancaster, Nov.6,1786.*


Alice, and Joshua Noyes of Georgetown, int.May3,1843.

Caroline, and Orlando W. Morrill of Rowley, int.Oct.22,1831.

Charlotte, and John O. Davis of Georgetown, Nov.10,1843.

Joseph, and Almira C. White, Apr.18,1836.*

Mary Ann, and John Marshall, July3,1822.*

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Hannah, and Joseph Yeaton, a.35y., farmer, s.Samuel and Sally, Apr.17,1845.*

Samuel, and Lorana Rogers, Dec.25,1823.*

Thomas, and Hannah Pearson of Rowley, int.Dec.10,1821.


Sara [Lary.CTR], and Mathew Moore, Mar.27,1662.


Elizabeth, and Silas Wheeler, int.Aug.29,1846.

Martha Ann, and James M. Hervey of Boston, int.Feb.13,1836.

Mary, and Elisha P. Gould, Dec.27,1825.*

Thomas F., and Abigail Arbuckle of Beverly, int.Dec.27,1834.

LATTIME (Lattimore)

Gideon W., and Lydia Hunt, Nov.末,1836.*

James S., and Mary S. Smith of Lynn, int.Sept.17,1834.

Nicolas, of Newburyport, and Polly Woodwel, int.July13,1805.

Nicholas, and Mary Wheeler of Lynn, int.May25,1833.


James, Capt., of Newburyport, and Sally Coffin, May22,1808.*


Joseph, and Eleanor Welch Lanegin, Feb.14,1810.*


Charles, and Eunice Cheever, both of Newburyport, Aug.1,1839.

LAVELET (Lavalette)

Peter, of Newburyport, and Elsey Noyes Howard, int.Dec.22,1805.

LAVENUCK (Lavenuke)

Steven, and Mary Divall, Sept.25,1672.

LAVENUKE (Lavenuck)

Stephen, and Sarah Colter [Colton. int.] of Ipswich, Sept.22,1741.*


Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Joseph Huse, int.Apr.6,1816.


David, resident in Newbury, and Martha Chase, Aug.3,1716.*

John, of Great Britian, and Abigail Waters, int.Sept.29,1710.

LAYTON (Leighton)

Abigail, of Byfield Rowley, and John Uran, June12,1760.*


John, and Jael Cushing of Hingham, Feb.9,1722-3.CR7


Andrew, of Manchester, and Hannah Hynt, Aug.25,1840.*

Eunice, of Salem, and Malachi Corning of Beverly, July21,1726.

Mary, and Thomas Adams, June5,1805.*

Nathaniel, and Judeth Hunt, Apr.9,1735.*


Rachel, of Marblehead, and John Bailey, Nov.14,1721.


James, of Newburyport, and Sally Davis, Dec.29,1796.*

Sally, and James Murphy of Newburyport, July31,1806.*


Thomas M., and Sally Dearborn of North Hampton, NH, Sept.27,1810.


Lydia, of Rowley, and Daniel Thirston, int.Oct.29,1715.


Elizabeth, and Henry Johnson of Newburyport, int.Mar.15,1823.

Peter, jr., and Sarah Ellen Chase of Newburyport, int.Oct.3,1823.

LECOUNT (Lacount)

James, of Rowley, and Mary Davis, at Rowley, Jan.6,1736.*

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Cassadey, int.July2,1772.


David Ross, of Newburyport, a.23y., mariner, b. Newburyport, s.William and Lydia, of Newburyport, and Joanna E. Griffith, a.22y., d.Joseph and Elizabeth, May10,1847.

William, jr., and Caroline R. Cooke of Newburyport, int.Oct.11,1845.

LEDAIN (Ludon)

George, and Mary Adams of Boston,末蔓末,1729.CR7

LEE (Lees, Leigh)

Francis, and Sarah Coffin, Apr.末,1837.*

John, of Salisbury, and Hannah F. Colby, int.Nov.7,1829.

John F., and Elizabeth S. [L. int.] Keniston, Nov.30,1843.*

Sarah, and Elijah P. White of Georgetown, int.Nov.2,1844.

LEEMAN (Leman)

John, and Elisabeth Pilsbury, Jan.28,1747-8.*

LEES (Lee)

Ann, and Joseph Goodhue, Feb.8,1824.*

Joseph, and Rebecca Taylor, July4,1824.*

LEIBBY (Libby)

Eliza Ann, and John E. Banks of Portsmouth, NH, int.Oct.13,1849.


Abigail, and Charles Knight, Sept.1,1808.CR1

Benjamin, jr., of Newburyport, and Sally Jackson Pearson, May12,1813.*

Hall J., and Abigail Little, June2,1844.*

Hannah, and Michael Little, Jan.12,1809.*

Mary L., and Richard P. Plumer, int.Apr.6,1833.


John, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Stickney, int.Sept.30,1812.

Jonathan, of Rowley, and Mrs.Mary Boynton, Apr.25,1739.*

Mary E., of Newburyport, and Nathaniel G. Pierce, int.Mar.31,1849.

LEMAN (Leeman)

Henry, and Jane Perkins, Nov.30,1837.*


James, and Mary Turner, Jan.24,1758.CR8

LEONARD (Lynard)

Asa, of Somersworth, NH, and Mary Ann Woodman, July6,1828.*

Salley, of Newburyport, and Capt. Orlando Bagley Merrill, int.Sept.25,1802.

LERVEY (Lurvey)

Patience, and William Reed, int.Oct.7,1781.


John, and Hannah Thimpson, int.Nov.27,1832.

LEVIT (Leavitte)

Ephraim, of Stratham, and Judith Morss, int.Sept.6,1738.


Abigail, Mrs., and Jeremy Gridley, both of Boston, May22,1734.CR7

Ann, and Robert Morse, Oct.30,1654.CTR

Frederick [of Deerfield, NH. int.], and Sarah Bartlet, Sept.22,1777.*

John, b. Carmanshire, Wales, and Susanna Pilsbury, May4,1749.CR7

Jonas, and Rebeckah Chase, int.Oct.5,1805.

Mary Ann, and John C. Ramsdell, int.Aug.19,1843.

Micah, and Julia French of Salisbury, int.Oct.2,1839.

Paul, of Hingham, and Hannah Vincent of Weymouth,末蔓末,1729.CR7

Susanna, Mrs., and John Wyatt, jr., Feb.20,1745-6.*

LIBBY (Leibby)

Sarah D., of Newburyport, and Mark Griffin, jr., int.Nov.29,1846.


Dorothy, and Richard Dummer, Jan.22,1712-13.*


Anne, and Daniell Thurston, Aug.29,1648.


Judith, of Amesbury, and Samuel Elsworth, int.Aug.30,1774.


John, and Sally Coffin, Mar.31,1814.*


Nabby, of Amesbury, and Moses Chase, jr., July10,1800.*

Abigail, and Richard Adams, jr., Apr.30,1821.*

Abigail, and Hall J. Leigh, June2,1844.*

Abner, a.20y., cordwainer, and Abigail Atkinson, a.18y., Apr.30,1771.

Alice, and Thomas Hale, May25,1797.*

Alice, and Adans Knight, Nov.6,1798.*

Amos, and Hannah Moody, Nov.8,1785.*

Amos, and Elizabeth [P. int.] Knight, June17,1832.*

Anna, and William Atkinson, Apr.10,1804.*

Anna Mary, and Adams Moore of Littleton, NH, int.May9,1829.

Ann, Mrs., and Stephen Sewalll, Dec.27,1739.*

Ann, and [Capt.CR1] Moody Adams Thurlo, Mar.28,1815. [Apr.4.CR1]*

Caroline, and Daniel S. Tenney, Dec.19,1826.*

Daniel, and Abiah Clement of Haverhill, int.Sept.5,1712.

Daniell, Rev., [of Wells, York Co. int.], and Mrs.Sarah Coffin, June7,1759.CR9*

David, and Abigail Noyes, Mar.24,1785.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Browne, Apr.5,1737.*

Ebenezer, and Eliza Adams, Dec.30,1822.*

Edmund, and Judeth Adams, Mar.18,1735-6.*

Edmund, jr., and Judith Bartlet, Aug.2,1789.*

Edmund, Capt., and Elisabeth Smith, Nov.2,1789.*

Ednah, and Stephen Toppan, Jan.1,1786.*

Elbridge G., Rev., of Manayunk, PA, a.31y., b. Hampstead, s.Joseph and Rebecca, and Sarah E. Colman, a.25y., d.Daniel and Nancy, July12,1848.*

Eliza, and John Woodman, May29,1825.*

Elizabeth, and Anthony Mors, Jan.21,1717-18.

Elisabeth, and Abel Huse, jr., Apr.29,1729.*

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and John Frazer, at Rowley, July26,1743.*

Elisabeth, and Humphrey Noyes, Nov.22,1743.*

Elisabeth, and Abraham Day, jr., of Bradford, Jan.12,1764.*

Elizabeth, and John Carr of Salisbury, Nov.24,1774.*

Betty, and James Saunders of Salem, NH, Dec.15,1774.*

Betty, and David Emery, Aug.22,1785.*

Elizabeth, and Richard Stickney, Oct.2,1795.*

Betty, and Stephen Bartlet of Newburyport, June9,1796.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Brookings, jr., Mar.11,1823. [Mar.12.CR1]*

Elizabeth, and Jacob Atkinson, Oct.5,1825.*

Elizabeth, wid., a.31y., d.James and Lucy Knight, and John M. Little, a.31y., farmer, s.Michael and Hannah, Nov.27,1845.*

Enoch, and Elizabeth Worth, May19,1707.*

Enoch, and Sarah Pettengell, Feb.19,1755.*

Enoch, and Hannah Hovey, June5,1759.*

Enoch, and Mary Hale, Feb.25,1768.*

Enoch, jr., and Mary Bricket, Sept.15,1796.*

Eunice, and Robert Adams, jr., July12,1774.*

Ezekiel, of Boston, and Mehitable Emery, May24,1801.*

Forbes, and Sarah Baker, both of Marshfield, Nov.30,1733.CR7

Frances A., and Charles C. Dame, Sept.1,1842.*

Georg, and Elionar Barnard, July19,1681.

George, and Edna Hale, Feb.22,1710.*

George, of Hampstead, and Elisabeth Poor of Rowley, May29,1754.

George, and Maria J. Brockway of Newburyport, Nov.17,1839.*

Hannah, and Joseph Low, Jan.15,1746-7.*

Hannah, and Samuel Dole, jr., Nov.20,1777.*

Hannah, and Dr. Moses Sawyer, July25,1781.*

Hannah, and Stephen Emery, 3d, May4,1783.*

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, and James Stickney, Mar.18,1802.*

Hannah, and Robert Adams, June12,1808.*

Harriet, and Moses Coffin, Dec.3,1829.*

Henry, and Lydia Little, Dec.7,1738.*

Henry, and Phebe Little, [2d.w.CR1], Oct. [20.CR1], 1816.*

Jacob, and Hannah Sawyer, int.Apr.29,1786.

Jane, and Edmund Knight, May25,1741.*

Jane, and Capt. Nicholas Brown, jr., of Newburyport, Feb.27,1808.*

Jane Noyes, a.30y., d.Henry and Phebe, and Richard Tenney, widr., a.45y., victualler, b. Rowley, s.David and Judith, Oct.20,1847.*

John [jr. int.], and Temperance Ripp, May14,1745.*

John, jr., and Ruth Hale, Apr.25,1765.*

John, and Hannah Noyes, Oct.27,1767.*

John, of Plymouth, and Salley Little, Nov.18,1801.*

John, jr., and Mary Tuksbury,末蔓末,1809. [Apr.24,1810. int.]*

John, jr., and Abigail Tewksbury, Mar.25,1817.*

John A., and Belinda Goodwin of Amesbury, int.Mar.21,1835.

John, and Ellen D. Morrill of Newburyport, int.Jan.21,1843.

John M., a.31y., farmer, s.Michael and Hannah, and Elizabeth Little, wid., a.31y., d.James and Lucy Knight, Nov.27,1845.*

John, and Nancy Coffin of Newburyport, int.Oct.21,1848.

Joseph, and Mary Coffin, Oct.31,1677.

Joseph, jr., and Bettee Merrill, Apr.28,1763.*

Joseph, and Mary Johnson, Nov.11,1766.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Moody, Oct.18,1821. [1820.CR1]*

Joshua, and Eunice Atkinson, Jan.5,1775.*

Joshua [jr. int.], and Ann Toppan of Newburyport, Nov.19,1821.*

Joshua Bailey, of Danvers, and Lydia Little, May28,1827.*

Josiah, and Sarah Toppan, Mar.23,1770.*

Josiah, of Newbury, VT, and Sophronia Balch, Jan.24,1814.*

Judith [d.Lt.], and Cutting Moodey, Mar.25,1696.*

Judith, and Abraham Adams, jr., July12,1774.*

Judith, and Thomas Norwood of Newburyport, Jan.7,1783.*

Judith, and Amos Chase [jr.CR2], Sept.24,1794.*

Judith, and Asa Tarbell Newhall of Lynn, int.Sept.12,1807.

Lois, and Joseph Kent, June25,1815.*

Lucretia, of Newburyport, and Silas Little, int.Apr.15,1786.

Lydia, wid.Moses, and John Pike, Mar.18,1694-5.

Lydia, and Henry Little, Dec.7,1738.*

Lydia, and John Atkinson, Oct.4,1770.*

Lydia, and Joshua Bailey Little of Danvers, May28,1827.*

Maria, and Adams Moor, M.D. of Littleton, NH, Aug.14,1843.*

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Gerrish, int.Feb.26,1703-4.

Mary, and Michael Dalton, Feb.5,1733-4.*

Mary, and John Berry, Jan.22,1740-41.*

Mary, and Jonathan Wiggin of Stratham, Oct.1,1761.

Mary, and John Moody, Mar.9,1762.*

Mary, and John Merrill, int.Jan.25,1771.

Mary, and Matthias Plant Sawyer, Dec.13,1775.*

Mary, and Silas Pearson, jr., Nov.29,1792.*

Mary, and William White Little of Danvers, Sept.15,1805.*

Mary, and Thomas Roberson, Apr.17,1806.*

Mary, and Capt. Reubin Fisher, Oct.13,1811.*

Mary, and Thomas Hale, Esq., Sept.17,1822.*

Mary, and Adams Knight, jr., Dec.末,1833.*

Micajah, and Hannah Leigh [bet. Jan.12 and Apr.], 1809.CR1

Michael, Esq., of Poland and Salley Stover, Oct.19,1800.*

Michael, and Hannah Leigh, Jan.12,1809.*

Moses, sr., and Mary Hale, Jan.5,1714-15.*

Moses, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Jaques, Feb.12,1716-17.*

Moses, jr., and Abigail Bayley, June5,1743.*

Moses, 3d, and Mary Milk of Falmouth, in Casco Bay, Aug.15,1757.*

Moses, 3d, and Elisabeth Dummer, Aug.6,1786.*

Moses, jr., and Anna Chase, Nov.15,1800.*

Moses P., and Jane W. Russell, Apr.19,1832.*

Nancy, and Asa Adams, Nov.20,1826.*

Nanne [], and John Peabody, Mar.30,1791.*

Nathan, and Hannah Mighill of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.12,1741.*

Nathaniel, Lt., and Mary Toppan, Apr.7,1782.*

Nathaniel, Lt., and Joanna Muzzey Plumer, Jan.1,1795.*

Nathaniel, and Edna Lunt, July4,1843.*

Nathaniel, jr., a.26y., farmer, s.Tristram and Sarah, and Mary P. Danforth, a.26y., d.Samuel and Edna, May22,1845.*

Noah, and Jane Lunt, Nov.15,1801.*

Noah, and Priscilla Haynes of North Hampton, NH, int.Sept.8,1832.

Noah, and Olive Littlefield, Dec.27,1838.*

Patience, and Ebenezer March, jr., Apr.29,1817.*

Paul, of Falmouth, and Hannah Emery, May20,1762.*

Paul, and Mehitabel Lunt, Sept.12,1805.*

Paul, and Sally R. Little [2d.w.CR1], Sept.15,1818.*

Phebe [2d.w.CR1], and Henry Little, Oct. [20.CR1], 1816.*

Prudence, and James Smith [jr. int.], May17,1787.*

Richard, and Jane Noyes, Sept.19,1754.*

Ruth, and David Eaton, Oct.23,1811.*

Samuel, and Dorothy Noyes, Feb.18,1735-6.*

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Hannah Sewall, int.Dec.4,1736.

Samuel M., a.25y., farmer, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, and Mary Putnam Rolf, a.27y., d.Moses and Mary [Sarah.dup.] P., July1,1847.*

Sara, and Joseph Ilsly, Mar.3,1681-2.

Sarah, and John Kent [], Jan.14,1702.*

Sarah, and Thomas Pike, Jan.3,1709.*

Sarah, and James Noyes, jr., May30,1729.*

Sarah, and Parker Titcomb, Oct.11,1737.*

Sarah, and William Pottle of Stratham, May4,1758.*

Sarah, and Samuel Thurlo, May31,1770.*

Salla, and Simeon Adams, Apr.13,1790.*

Salley, and John Little of Plymouth, Nov.18,1801.*

Sarah, and Tristram Little, Dec.5,1815.*

Sarah, and James Smith, jr., Dec.22,1817.*

Sally R. [2d w.CR1], and Paul Little, Sept.15,1818.*

Silas, and Lucretia Little of Newburyport, int.Apr.15,1786.

Stephen, and Judith Bayley, June5,1743.*

Stephen Moody, and Elisabeth Bricket, Oct.9,1794.*

Stephen, and Anna Atkinson, June2,1795.*

Stephen, jr., and Mrs.Rebeckah Caldwall of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr.3,1797.*

Stephen William, and Hannah Morgan Russel [of], May16,1820.CR1*

Susannah, and Robert Adams, Oct.10,1799.*

Temperance, and Enoch Merrill, May31,1778.*

Thomas, of Atkinson, NH, and Abigail Kent, int.Oct.3,1772.

Tristram, and Sarah Dole, Oct.30,1707.*

Tristram, jr., and Anne Emery, Apr.10,1711.*

Tristram, and Sarah Little, Dec.5,1815.*

William, and Salley Bayley of Bradford, int.Feb.11,1797.

William White, of Danvers, and Mary Little, Sept.15,1805.*


Benjamin B. and Almira T. Bailey of Haverhill, Oct.7,1838.*

Isaiah G., of Newburyport, a.25y., farmer, s.William and Betsey, and Mary E. Chase of Newburyport, a.20y., Jan.27,1846.

Meribah, Mrs., of Kittery, and Nathaniel Bartlet, int.Sept.27,1705.

Olive, and Noah Little, Dec.27,1838.*

Samuel, of Charlestown, and Lydia Ann Winder, Mar.1,1842.*


Timothy, and Mary Garen of Newburyport, int.Aug.22,1805.

LLOYD (Loyd)

Amos P., of Newburyport, a.26y., shoemaker, b. Henniker, NH, s.John and Mary, and Mary C. Mace, a.22y., d.William and Catherine, June17,1849.*

LOCK (Locke)

Joseph, and Salley Stanwood, int.Jan.16,1804.

LOCKE (Lock)

Abigail, of Newburyport, and Daniel S. Heath, int.Aug.22,1829.

LONG (Longe)

Abiell, and Hannah Hills, Oct.27,1682.

Abigail, and Joseph Emery of Andover, int.Aug.17,1738.

Eliner, and Ebenezer Watson, Aug.21,1732.*

Enoch, and Abigail Bayley, Dec.2,1755.*

Eunice, of Newburyport, and Samuel Poor, jr., int.June10,1791.

Hanah, and Thomas Rogers, Aug.18,1702.*

Hannah, Mrs.and Moses Sawyer, Jan.7,1752.CR7

John, and Sarah Rawlings, Oct.27,1727.*

Mary, and Jonathan 末末, Oct.24,1676.

Mary, and Benjamin Pettingill [jr. int.], June15,1736.*

Mary, and Capt. William Colby of Amesbury, int.July5,1805.

Rebecca, and Nicholas Rawlings, Oct.31,1679.

Rebecca, and Samuel Poor, jr., Dec.19,1733.*

Richard, and Sarah Coker, Dec.30,1717.

Robert, and Alice Short,末蔓末, [164?]

Robert, and Eliner Annis, May19,1724.*

Samuel, and Susanna Bacon, Nov.20,1733.*

Samuel, and Mary Ginnings of Boston, int.July25,1745.

Sarah, and William Russel [resident of], Nov.28,1715.*

Sarah, and Enoch Merril, May17,1750.CR7

Sarah, of Chester, NH, and Joseph Sawyer, jr., int.Apr.27,1793.

Shubiel, and Hanah Merrill [], Aug.26,1695.*

William R., and Eliza Ann Haskell of Newburyport, June4,1822.*

LONGE (Long)

Benjamin, and Sarah Sawyer,末蔓末,1716.CR7


Abigail, and Lt. Nathaniel Emery, May21,1795.*

Abigail, and Timothy Kenison, Nov.7,1827.*

Anna, and John Fielding, Mar.6,1777.*

Ann, and henry Short, May11,1692.

Anne, Mrs., and Abraham Adams, jr., int.Nov.13,1703.

Ann, and John Poor, Dec.26,1734.*

David, and Susanna Adams, June29,1809.*

Edward, and Johannah Short, Oct.6,1743.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Woodman, Mar.1,1710-11.*

Jane, of Rowley, and Isaac Foster, int.Apr.23,1796.

John, and Priscilla Gould of Topsfield, at Topsfield, May21,1796.*

John, and Lydia Brown, both of Rowley, Sept.4,1803.CR5

Joseph, and Lucretia Fairbanks of Canton, int.Mar.27,1841.

Judith, and Sewel Moody, June6,1799.*

Judith, and Giles Rogers, int.Jan.30,1841.

Lydia B., and George W. Jackman, Feb.25,1825.*

Mary Ann, and Stephen Adams, Jr., Jan.16,1822.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Elbridge G. Hoyt, int.Jan.6,1831.

Mary Jane, and Charles F. Hoyt of Salisbury, int.May18,1838.

Mary E., of Newburyport, a.20y., b. Newburyport, d.John and Mary, of Newburyport, and Amos Lunt, a.24y., seaman, s.William and Hannah, Nov.20,1845.*

Moses, and Mercy Dressor of Rowley, int.Mar.16,1804.

Nathan, and Nanny Downer, Sept.10,1799.*

Nathan, and Eunice Adams, Feb.24,1814.*

Rebecca, and Ebenezer Damon Batchelder of Reading, Jan.23,1823.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Chase, Nov.30,1768.*

Samuel, and Martha Chaplin of Rowley, int.Jan.1,1780. (1790?)

Samuel, and Caroline Smith,末蔓末,1834. [Feb.22. int.]*

Sarah, and Jonathan Pearson of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.16,1740.*

Stephen, and Abigail Thompson, Mar.25,1714.*

William, and Mrs.Anne Sewall, Nov.10,1678. [1676.CTR]

William, and Hephsibah Plumer of Rowley, Jan.24,1739-40.*


Constance, and Jonathan Moores, abt. May10,1670.


John, mariner, and Elisabeth Bramble, wid., both of Boston, Mar.6,1732-3.CR7


Mary, and Stephen Bailey, int.Jan.24,1735-6.

Thomas, of Rowley, and Martha Mooers, Feb.13,1716-17.


Susanna, and Jeremiah Goodridge, Nov.24,1790.*


Benjamin, of Newburyport, and Margaret Plummer, Apr.22,1806.CR1*

John Boardman, and Sally Lamprey of Kensington, NH, int.Oct.5,1811.

John L., and Mary Jane Huse, Dec.2,1835.*

Mary, and William Chandler, Feb.26,1666.

Mary Mrs., and Benhemoth Humpheryes, resident in Newbury, int.Nov.12,1715.

Mary, of Exeter, NH, and William Harris, int.Feb.11,1743-4.

Mary, of Ipswich, and Daniel Adams, at Ipswich, Jan.14,1787.*

Samuel D., and Ann C. Lunt, June28,1826.*

Theodosia, and John Francis [residents in], Mar.11,1809.*

Thomas [Capt. int.], of Exeter, and Hannah Kent, Aug.8,1753.CR9*

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Sally Newman, May3,1801.*

Thomas P., of Amesbury, a.23y., harness maker, s.Benjamin and Margaret, and Eliza A. Clarkson, a.21y., d.Jacob and Eliza Ann, Nov.27,1845.*


Hannah D., and Joshua [John. int.] Corlew of Charlestown, Feb.24,1841.*

John, and Miriam Ramsdell, Feb.26,1786.*

John T., of Newburyport, and Mary Rolf, int.July18,1840.

Laura H., and Thomas B. Patten, July4,1841.*

Mary, and Elisha Wheeler, both of Sudbury, Nov.30,1731.CR7


John, of Rhode Island goldsmith, and Ann Badge of Charlestown, Aug.20,1730.CR7

Rufus D., of Rowley, and Hannah Elliott, int.Jan.27,1842.


Samuel, and Rachel Coffin of Newburyport, int.Mar.15,1816.

LOUDER (Lowder)

Mary, and James Day, July4,1822.*


Catherine of Newburyport, and Michael O'Connell, Sept.17,1843.


Abiel T., and Thuda [] L. Noyes, Mar.10,1814.*


Michael, and Mary Morse, both of Medfield, May25,1726.CR7

LOVERIT (Lovett)

Abigail, and Edward Trask, Apr.9,1735.CR7

LOVET (Lovett)

Thomas, of Hampton, NH, and Elizabeth Atkinson, int.Jan.4,1703-4.

LOVETT (Loverit, Lovet)

Margaret Lucy, and Charles Lamson, Apr.24,1834.*

Priscilla [of Newburyport. int.], and William Stickney, 3d, July or Aug.25,1819.CR1*


Jonathan, and Bridget Behony, both of Dunstable, Oct.16,1734.CR7


Joseph, of Exeter, NH, and Eunice Smith, Feb.13,1798.*

Moses, of Salisbury, NH, and Betsey Cooper, int.Feb.15,1805.

Richard, and Anna Coffin, Feb.24,1784.*

LOW (Lowe)

Asa, and Sally Brown of Rowley, Jan.1,1793.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Williams, Apr.29,1762.*

John, and Molly Henry, int.Aug.23,1762.

Joseph, and Hannah Little, Jan.15,1746-7.*

Joseph, and Mary Porter of Wenham, at Wenham, Jan.1,1756.*

Lois, and Isaac Foster, Apr.24,1755.*

Mary, and Richard Martin, Feb.1,1781.*

Moses A., of Gloucester, a.43y., mariner, b. Gloucester, s.David and Elizabeth, and Anna M. Sargent, a.32y., d.Winthrop and Emily, Nov.22,1848.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Ring of Gloucester, int.Nov.22,1760.

Sarah, and Ephraim, Bayley, Dec.6,1781.*


John, and Emma Morrison, Jan.1,1750.*

LOWDER (Louder)

Elizabeth, and Richard Trusdel, jr., both of Newburyport, Sept.10,1823.

LOWE (Low)

Abigail, and Ezra Chase, Oct.13,1743.*

Eunice, and Jacob Lufkin of Ipswich, May13,1762.*

Rachel, and Smith Hills, Jan.30,1744-5.*

LOWEL (Lowell)

Edmund, and Abigail Hadlock, Apr.18,1706.*

George, and Elisabeth Mores, June28,1732.*

John, and Hannah Rogers, Aug.14,1797.*

Jonathan, of Amesbury, and Hannah Ayer, Nov.14,1734.CR7*

Margaret, and John Merrill, Apr.末,1729.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Davis, Sept.28,1732.*

LOWELL (Lowel, Lowle)

Abigail, of Rowley, and Moses Cooper, Feb.24,1736-7.*

Abigail, and Jeremiah Goodridge, jr., Jan.18,1738-9.*

Abner, and Betsy Toppan of Newburyport, int.Dec.31,1824.

Anne [of], and William Bailey, at Amesbury, Nov.25,1742.*

Ann, and Dennis Condry of Newburyport, Apr.8,1813.*

Daniel, of Amesbury, and Mercy Davis, Aug.29,1765.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Titcomb, Sept.6,1757.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Parker, Aug.9,1762. [He "takes the said Elisabeth naked, without any of her former husband's estate. " int.]*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Johnston, Feb.12,1765.*

Betsy, of Amesbury, and Abner Kenniston, int.Oct.14,1810.

Hannah, Mrs., of Amesbury, and Thomas Cottle, at Amesbury, Jan.6,1725-6.

Hannah, of Salisbury, and Israel Bartlet, int.May11,1805.

John, Rev., and Mrs.Elisabeth Whiple of Hampton, NH, int.Sept.26,1757.

Joseph, and Mary Jones of South Hampton, NH, int.Jan.11,1744-5.

Joseph, and Eunice Toppan of Newburyport, int.Feb.7,1824.

Mary [], and Francis Brown, May5,1741.*

Mary, and Moses Greenough, int.Feb.12,1763.

Priscilla, and Henry Merrill, May5,1748.*

Rachel, of Amesbury, and Abraham Merrill, int.Sept.17,1748.

Richard, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Cooper, Nov.4,1736.

Richard, and Mary Atkin, Jan.16,1752.*

Samuel, of Rowley, and Hannah Emerson, at Rowley, Sept.17,1735.*

Samuel, and Ann Titcomb, Aug.27,1752.*

Samuel, jr., and Lois Pike, int.Apr.10,1762.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Samuel Emmerson, Nov.16,1729.*

LOWLE (Lowell)

Benjamin, and Ruth Woodman, Oct.17,1666.

Elizabeth [d.John. dup.], and Phillip Nelson [at Rowley.dup.], Jan.1,1666. Nov.1. 1666. [Nov.1. dup.]

Elizabeth [d.Sergt. Benjamin. int.], and Francis Willet [jr. int.], Jan.29,1695-6.*

Gideon, and Mary Swett, July7,1692.CTR

Joseph, and Mary Harde, int.Dec.6,1707.

Mary [d.Sergt. Benjamin. int.], and Thomas Williams, Jan.13,1695-6.*

Mary, and Zachariah Fillbrook of Hampton, July9,1715.*

Percival, and Mary Chandler, Sept.7,1664.

Rebecca, and John Hale, Dec.5,1660.

Richard, and Sarah Browne, Apr.8,1695.

Sarah [d.Sergt. Benjamin. int.], and Ebenezer Knolton, Feb.14,1698.*


Margaret, and Peter Pelham, both of Boston, Feb.19,1734-5.CR7

LOYD (Lloyd)

Charles, of Newburyport, and Sally Newman, Jan.7,1802.*


Gideon R., and Mary Adams, May5,1831.*

Gideon R., and Nancy Dearborn of Deerfield, NH, int.June10,1837.

LUDON (Ledain)

Michael, of Danvers, and Jane Edmonds, int.Aug.12,1797.


Eunice, and Jonathan Carlton, Sept.25,1786.*

Jacob, of Ipswich, and Eunice Lowe, May13,1762.*

Rachel, of Ipswich, and John Smith, at Chebacco parish, Ipswich, June18,1747.*

LUL (Lull)

Sarah, and Stephen Bridges of Newburyport, Feb.2,1786.*

LULL (Lul)

Abigail, and Moses Conner, Dec.14,1721.

Elisabeth, of Rowley, and Richard Tyler of Boxford, Feb.14,1725-6.

Hannah, of Byfield Rowley, and Joseph Carr of Chester, Oct.25,1764.

John, of Byfield, and Susannah Ayer of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Feb.8,1727-8.

Lydia, and William Caldwell, both of Ipswich, Nov.29,1729.CR7

Mercy, of Byfield Rowley, and Parker Moores, May20,1762.

Moses, and Judith Stuart, both of Rowley, Apr.11,1754.

Moses, of Rowley, and Sarah Holeman, July8,1755.*

Samuel, of Byfield, and Hannah Ayer of Haverhill, at Haverhill, July28,1729.

Sarah, of Byfield Rowley, and Samuel Buck of Sutton, Nov.23,1775.

Thomas, of Rowley, and Hannah Poor, Dec.5,1716.*

LUMBART (Lambert)

Davis, and Abigail Rolf, Dec.24,1789.*

LUMBERT (Lambert)

Mary, and William Knight, Dec.28,1813.*


Abigail, and Henry Lunt, Jan.31,1764. [He takes said Abigail naked and so will not pay any of Her former Husband's]*

Abigail, and John Dole, 3d, June27,1765.*

Abigail, and Capt. Benjamin Colby, jr., May14,1827.*

Abner, and Hannah Stickne, May6,1726.*

Abner, jr., and Mirriam Coffin, Apr.9,1751.*

Abraham, and Miriam Moulton, both of York, July11,1733.CR7

Abraham S., and Elizabeth A. Kent of newburyport, int.Aug.12,1835.

Amos, a.24y., seaman, s.William and Hannah, and Mary E. Longfellow of Newburyport, a.20y., b. Newburyport, d.John and Mary, of Newburyport, Nov.20,1845.*

Andrew, and Betsy Colby, June2,1795.*

Anna, and Daniel Sylloway of Newburyport, Nov.14,1788.

Anne, and Joseph Hills, Mar.8,1664.

Ann, and Samuel Pettingale, Apr.29,1707.*

Ann, and Steven Moodey, both of Newbury, May9,1734.CR7

Ann, and Samuel Plummer, Nov.7,1734.*

Ann, and John Fyfeild, Nov.14,1734.*

Ann C., and Samuel D. Lord, June28,1826.*

Bartholomew, and Susanna Young, int.Feb.16,1758. ("said Lunt takes the said Susanna Young Naked & so will not be obliged to pay any of her former husband's Debts.")

Bartholomew R[ussell.CR1], and Jane Chapman, Jan.25,1823.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Noyes, Jan.16,1712-13.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Mary Muzze, Dec.15,1725.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Jemima Worcester, July15,1748.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Mary Dole, Sept.28,1749.*

Benjamin [Capt.,], and Anna Gerrish, June11,1751.*

Benjamin, jr., of Newburyport, and Judith Smith, int.Dec.20,1795.

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Pearson, Dec.1,1807.*

Benjamin, jr., of Newburyport, and Rooxbe Moody Lunt, int.Feb.11,1809.

Benjamin, jr., and Sally Tappan Coker, Mar.31,1813.*

Caroline, and Robert Sampson Lane, Oct.7,1830.*

Caroline, and George W. Knight, Dec.22,1837.*

Catharine, and Nathaniel Goodwin, int.Jan.2,1773.

Charles [jr. int.], and Sarah Blake of Newburyport, Aug.7,1838.*

Cutting, and Deborah Jaques, Dec.10,1735.*

Cutting, and Alice Osborn of Newburyport, int.Oct.4,1806.

Daniell, and Hannah Coker, May16,1664.

Daniel, and Mary Moody, June24,1679.

Daniel, and Sarah Ellit, int.May22,1714.

Daniel, and Mary Pettingill, Jan.21,1719-20.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Marjery Greenleaf, Sept.25,1746.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Sarah Knight, Nov.16,1769.*

Daniel, and Salley Hinkley of Newburyport, int.May29,1803.

Daniel A., Capt., and Elizabeth D. Woodman, Feb.13,1825.*

Daniel, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Daniel A. and Elizabeth, and Julia A. Bartlet of Brentwood, NH, a.21y., b. Brentwood, d.Aaron and Matilda, of Brentwood, Nov.27,1849.*

Deborah Ann, and John Dexter, Nov.12,1837.*

Dorcas, and Samuel Hale, Aug.15,1824.*

Dorothy, and Benjamin Jackman, Aug.9,1744.*

Dorothy, and Jonathan Moers, Jan.22,1771.*

Edna, and Nathaniel Little, July4,1843.*

Eliza, and Enoch Hale, jr., Apr.27,1817. [May27.CR1]*

Eliza [], and Thomas Pettingell, jr., Mar.31,1820.*

Eliza Jane, and William Gunnison, jr. of Newburyport, int.Sept.12,1834.

Elizabeth, and Israell Webster, Nov.9,1669.

Elisabeth, and John Webster, int.May30,1734.

Elizabeth, and John Webster, June17,1734.CR7

Elizabet, and Ehud Bartlet of Amesbury, Nov.14,1734.CR7

Betty, and Elias Hunt of Newburyport, Sept.28,1783.*

Betty, and Samuel Wheeler of Rowley, int.Jan.19,1788.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Wheeler, jr. of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.7,1788.

Betsy Rolf, and Mayo Gerrish, July14,1792.*

Elkanah, and Ann Thorla, Mar.24,1728-9.*

Elkanah, jr., and Elisabeth Palmer, Apr.5,1759.*

Enoch, and Jane Rolfe, Dec.23,1762.*

Enoch, jr., and Polly Connor, int.Dec.22,1785.

Enoch, Capt., and Jane Brookins, int.Oct.10,1789.

Enoch, jr., and Elisabeth Knight, int.Feb.17,1792.

Enoch, jr., and Lydia Jaques Pearson, Aug.13,1794.*

Enoch P., and Mary E. Colby, int.[Mar. or Apr.] 17,1847.

Ephraim, and Jane Noyes, Apr.10,1744.*

Eunice, and Nathaniell Perkins, Dec.21,1757.*

Eunice, and Matthias Haines of North Hampton, NH, Nov.30,1828.*

Ezra, and Mary Johnson, July7,1808.*

Ezra, jr., and Joanna Pettingell, both of Newburyport, Apr.13,1837.

Fanny, and John Disney,末蔓末,1830. [Jan.2. int.]*

George W., of Newburyport, and Sarah T. [J. int.] Hidden, Jan.8,1825.*

George, Capt., and Caroline B. Chase, both of Newburyport, July10,1833.

Hannah, and Benjamin Perkins, Jan.8,1746-7.*

Hannah, and James Short, jr., Nov.24,1766.*

Hannah, and Moses Stephens, Feb.13,1806.*

Hannah, and Joseph Weeks of Bartlett, NH, Mar.4,1811.*

Hannah, and David Hale, May10,1827.*

Hannah G., of Newburyport, and Abijah Howard of Thetford, VT,末蔓末,1840.

Harriet, and Thomas [Samuel.CR10] Small of Newburyport, Dec.17,1818.*

Harriet, and Charles P. Questrom of Newburyport, Nov.27,1838.*

Harriet N., and James Knight, jr., Aug.26,1843.

Henry [], and Sarah Bricket, Jan.1,1701.*

Henry, 3d [4th.dup.], and Sarah Cole, Nov.18,1707.*

Henry, 4th, and Sarah Anderton, Mar.24,1724.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Stickne of Rowley, Mar.28,1724.*

Henry, jr., and Abigail Morrill of Salisbury, int.Apr.25,1741.

Henry, and Abigail Lunt, Jan.31,1764. [He "takes said Abigail naked and so will not pay any of Her former Husband's Debts." int.]*

Henry, and Eliza B. Harmond of Newburyport, int.Nov.10,1837.

Jacob K., and Harriet Safford, June2,1835.*

Jacob W., of Newburyport, a.21y., livery stable keeper, s.Micajah and Sarah B., of Newburyport, and Frances E. Wood, a.19y., d.Hiram and Prudence, Jan.30,1849.*

James, jr., and Hannah Noyes of Tamworth, int.May28,1743.

Jane, Mrs., sr., and Joseph Mayo, int.Oct.29,1712.

Jane, and Isaac Morse, Mar.22,1738-9.CR7

Jane, Mrs., and Abner Perkins [of York. int.], Oct.3,1745.*

Jane, and Henry Pierce, jr., of Newburyport, Oct.9,1787.*

Jane, and Noah Little, Nov.15,1801.*

Jeremiah, and Hannah [Gage. int.] Cook [resident in Kensington, NH. int.], Mar.末,1808.CR1*

Jeremiah, Capt., and Lois Pearson Blanchard, Oct.22,1812.*

Jeremiah, of Newburyport, and Mary Jane Lunt, int.July28,1834.

Joanna, and Richard Pettengell, Nov.27,1755.*

Joanna, and Moses Chase, 3d, Apr.21,1783.*

Joanna, and Thomas Smith, int.Apr.24,1784.

Joanna, and Michael Atkinson, Apr.17,1794.*

John, and Mary Skerry, Nov.19,1668.

John, and Ann Heart, Jan.11,1709.*

John, jr., and Jane Gerrish, Aug.14,1733.*

John, of Rowley, and Ann Richardson, Mar.18,1734-5.*

John, mariner, of Poolton, parish of Wallasy, Cheshire, Eng., and Mrs.Hannah Moodey, Aug.17,1747.CR7

John, and Sarah Becket, Sept.20,1769.*

Johnson, and Mary Gibson, Dec.8,1756.*

Johnson, and Hannah Cook of Newburyport, int.Feb.23,1771.

Joseph, and Martha Noyes, Dec.29,1702.*

Joseph, and Joannah Adams, Dec.4,1708.

Joseph, and Mrs.Sarah Osgood of Andover, at Andover, Nov.24,1738.*

Joseph [], and Sarah Stickney, May28,1750.CR7*

Joseph, 3d, [], and Mary Beal, Oct.31,1751.*

Joseph, and Sarah Knight Lunt of Newburyport, int.Apr.22,1827.

Joseph, and Ann Knight, Dec.1,1831.*

Joseph, 3d, and Mary Jane Cook, Jan.7,1834.*

Joseph J., and Louisa E. Pressey of Newburyport, July3,1836.*

Joshua, and Love Bartlet, Mar.4,1756.CR8

Josiah, and Abigail Allen, Nov.21,1751.*

Judith, and Parker Clark, jr., int.July8,1769.

Judith, and Richard Short, Apr.25,1776.*

Judith, and William Sargent, Dec.13,1813.*

Lydia, and Joseph Stanwood, int.Nov.末,1765.

Lydia, and Nathaniel Plumer, jr. int.Nov.11,1786.

Lydia, and Gideon Woodwell Stickney of Newburyport, Oct.25,1798.*

Lydia, and Joseph Hobson Morrill of Boscawen, int.Nov.19,1804.

Marcia, and Charles Bailey, Apr.4,1822.*

Margaret, and John Adams [jr.CR1], June22,1800.*

Martha, and Joshua Morse, int.Apr.11,1805.

Mary, and Nathaniel Badger, Mar.27,1693.

Mary [], and Joshua Winger of Hampton, Nov.19,1702.*

Mary, and Samuel Jones of Exeter, Dec.26,1728.*

Mary, and Josiah Noyes, Mar.2,1737-8.*

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Brookins, June16,1741.*

Mary, and Joseph Coffin, 4th, Jan.30,1752.*

Mary, and Moses Toppan, Dec.26,1754.*

Mary, and Crispus Richards [resident in], Jan.28,1783.*

Mary, and Gideon Connor, Aug.23,1787.*

Polly, and Jonathan Poor of Newburyport, int.Dec.11,1802.

Mary Muzzy, and Benjamin Small, Mar.8,1812.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. John Woodwell, jr., Dec.26,1815.*

Mary, and Abraham Stickney, Jan.5,1817.*

Mary, and Stephen Cladwell of Newburyport, int.Jan.21,1819.

Mary S., and Philip [M. int.] Bollman of Newburyport, Aug.2,1827.*

Mary Ann, and Hanson Ordway of West Newbury, Jan.14,1830.*

Mary Jane, and Jeremiah Lunt of Newburyport, int.July28,1834.

Mary M., and Joseph S. Bradbury of New York, May27,1838.*

Mary C., of Newburyport, a.45y., b. Newburyport, d.Micajah and Sarah G., of Newburyport, and Rev. Eleazer T. Fitch of New Haven, CT, a.56y., Professor of Divinity, s.Nathaniel and Mary, of New Haven, Jan.6,1848.

Matthew, and Jane Moody, int.Feb.6,1741-2.

Matthew, and wid.Hannah Tenny, Apr.18,1771.*

Mehitabel, and Paul Little, Sept.12,1805.*

Mercy, and John Thurla, int.Nov.2,1790.

Marcy, Mrs., and Moses Adams, jr., Dec.26,1811.*

Micajah, jr., Capt., and Hannah G[] Mulliken of Newburyport, May29,1826.*

Micajah, and Sarah B. Swerr, int.July7,1827.

Micajah, jr., Capt., and Mary Johnson Coffin, Dec.13,1831.*

Moody, and Louisa Mary Flory of Newburyport, Jan.27,1833.

Moses, and Sarah Wise, June9,1771.*

Myra E., a.20y., d.Daniel A. and Elizabeth, and Justin Noyes, a.28y., farmer, s.John and Sarah, Nov.27,1849.*

Nathan, and Patience Bryant of Newburyport, int.Oct.14,1784.

Nathaniel, and Eunice Noyes, Jan.14,1741-2.*

Nathaniel, and Eleanor Clerk [of Newburyport. int.], May20,1798.CR1*

Nicolas, and Eunice Dole, Jan.25,1768.*

Paul, of Newburyport, and Margaret Coffin, int.Jan.13,1775.

Paul, and Hannah Adams, Feb.5,1789.*

Paul, jr., and Mary Somerby, June21,1800.*

Paul G., and Abigail Dutten, Feb.11,1841.*

Paul, Jr., a.36y., cordwainer, s.Paul and Mary, and Sarah L, Dodge of Newburyport, a.21y., b. Newburyport, d.Silas and Marcia, Nov.21,1849.*

Rachel, and Jonathan Barker of Greenland Sept.26,1734.CR7*

Richard [jr. int.], and Sarah Bright [of Newburyport, July16. int.], 1796.*

Rooxbe Moody, and Benjamin Lunt, jr. of Newburyport, int.Feb.11,1809.

Ruth, and Josiah [] Hunt [of Amesbury.CR9], Nov.19,1755.*

Samuel, and Sarah Gillings of Newburyport, int.Nov.16,1792.

Samuel [jr.CR1], and Hannah Swett, Jan.18,1797.*

Samuel, and Massey Downs, May6,1802.*

Samuel, jr., and Abigail L. Morrison of Sanbornton, NH, int.Jan.18,1828.

Samuel, jr., and Lydia D. Lane, Nov.27,1834.*

Samuel, jr., and Mrs.Harriet Jackman, Oct.末,1837.*

Sarah, d.Daniel, and Nicholas Noyes, jr., int.July17,1695.

Sarah, Mrs., and Andrew Stickne of Rowley, Dec.12,1727.*

Sarah, and Stephen Pettingill, Oct.28,1731.*

Sarah, and Isaac Spooner, Sept.26,1754.*

Sarah, and Joseph Hidden, jr., June17,1761.*

Sarah, and Simeon Hale, Dec.15,1774.*

Sarah, and Robert Michel of Newburyport, int.Sept.13,1794.

Sarah, and Simon Adams, Oct.17,1799.*

Sally, and Dunham Watson, Aug.29,1814.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Grace, Jan.22,1822.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Goodwin, Feb.5,1822.*

Sally, and Thomas Knight, jr., Nov.3,1824.*

Sarah L., and Henry Titcomb, Jr. of Newburyport, int.Mar.11,1826.

Sarah Knight, of Newburyport, and Joseph Lunt, int.Apr.22,1827.

Sarah Jane, and John P. Fuller, May8,1828.*

Sally S[omerby.CR10], and Amos Poor, jr., of West Newbury, Apr.21,1831.*

Sarah E., and Jeremiah N. Jackman, Oct.25,1840.*

Silas, jr., and Mary Jane Hickey of Newburyport, int.Oct.13,1832.

Skiper, and Elisabeth Browne, July18,1704.*

Stephen, and wid.Mary Goodrich, June9,1766.*

Susan, of Newburyport, and Anson W. Farnum, int.Nov.18,1826.

Susan M., of Newburyport, and David P[] Page, Dec.16,1832.*

Susanna, and Walter Maddin, Aug.12,1763.CR8*

Tabitha, and Caleb Moodey [jr. int.], Jan.1,1722-3.*

Thomas, and Opportunity Hoppin, June17,1679.

Thomas, and Sarah Whitcher, Oct.2,1783.*

Tristram, and Lydia Jaques, Feb.20,1799.*

Tristram, and Clarissa A. Stevens of Newburyport, int.Oct.16,1841.

William, and Sarah Clark, Dec.29,1747.*

William [jr. int.], and Mary Stanwood, July18,1804.*

William, and Hannah Wyatt, Feb.25,1813.*

William, and Angelina Poor, Nov.末,1833.

William, and Hannah C. Coffin, July8,1841.*

William, jr., and Ann Young of Newburyport, int.Aug.29,1846.

William I., of Newburyport, a.25y., pilot, s.Jeremiah and Lois P., of Newburyport, and Lydia S. Nutting of Newburyport, a.18y., d.Gay and China, of Newburyport, Oct.8,1846.

William, jr., and Mrs.Mary Blake of Newburyport, int.Nov.10,1849.

LURVEY (Lervey)

Abiah, and William Dodg of Newburyport, int.May21,1796.

Jabez, of Newburyport, and Harriet Pearson, int.Nov.4,1815.

Jacob [of Newburyport. int.], and Hannah Boynton, Feb.26,1782.*

Letty, and William Stockman of Newburyport, Aug.12,1824.*

Lydia, and Bagley Weed of Newburyport, Dec.24,1815.*

Lydia, and Abner Pearson, July30,1825.*

Nathaniel, and Abiah Jones, Nov.2,1785.*

Richard, and Sally Elliot Mores, int.May18,1822.

Richard, and Sarah Jane Tobey, int.Feb.20,1848.

Samuel, and Mary Lakeman, Dec.9,1817.*

Susan, and Daniel Felch of Newburyport, int.Mar.4,1809.

Susan, and John Smith, 6th, June8,1809.*


William, and Mary Collins of Newburyport, int.June11,1812.


John, late of Belfast, Ireland now of Boston, merchant, and Mrs.Hannah Newton of Boston, June29,1731.CR7

LYNARD (Leonard)

Henry, and Ann Henden, both of Boston, Dec.2,1741.CR7

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