George, and Rachel Davis, Aug.29,1754.CR8


John [resident in], and Sarah Jenkins, Nov.20,1763.*

Maria H., a.27y., d.Levi, and Mark W. Footman of Somersworth, NH, a.28y., manufacturer, s.Francis, of Durham, NH, Jan.1,1845.*

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Sally Gerrish, Oct.4,1796.*

Susan A., a.21y., b. Ashland d.Levi and Sarah, and George L. Dearborn, of Somersworth, NH, a.25y., physician, b. Wakefield, s.Lewis, of Somersworth, Nov.29,1849.*

NEAL (Neil)

Salley [], of Newburyport, and Nathan Chase [jr. int.], Feb.18,1800.


Thomas, of Dover, and Abigail Bricket, Nov.5,1705.

NEIL (Neal)

Lawrence O., and Catherine Ross of Newburyport, int.May23,1846.


Ann [of], and John Smith [jr. int.], Dec.9,1709.*

Anne, and Moses Hoyt, Sept.13,1758. [Said Hoyt takes said Anne naked and so will not be obliged to pay any of her former husband's]*

Benjamin, of Rowley, and Polley Dressor, int.Feb.20,1802.

Daniel, and Betsey Taylor, Dec.末,1835.*

Daniel P., of Rowley, and Mary P. Hoyt, [Nov.14. int.], 1840.*

Elisabeth, and William Perkins of Topsfield, Apr.18,1734.*

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and William Haskel, int.Feb.2,1788.

Hannah, and Joseph Gardner of Charlestown, July24,1795.

Jacob, and Catherine Ward, Sept.12,1805.CR5

Jane, of Rowley, and William Chandler, at Rowley, Feb.11,1752.*

Jeremiah, Hon., and Mary Balch, Apr.11,1831.*

John B., of Newburyport, a.30y., merchant tailor, b. Newburyport, s.Samuel and Sarah, of Newburyport, and Clara M. Feltch, a.32y., b. Kensington, d.Jacob and Hannah, July18,1849.*

Mary, of Byfield Rowley, and Thomas Prime of Rowley, Jan.1,1778.

Mary Jane, of Rowley, and Philip K. Rogers, int.Mar.17,1827.

Phillip, and Elizabeth Lowell (Lowle. dup.), d.John, at Rowley, Nov.1,1666. [Jan.1,1666. dup.]

Samuel, and Elisabeth Bradbury, Oct.28,1762.*

NESBE (Nessbee)

Sarah, and Joseph Pidgeon of Southhampton, Great Britian, Apr.29,1718.*


Hannah, and Adam Marriner of Boston, Sept.23,1713.*


Hannah D., of Boston, and Joseph A. Woodwell, int.Nov.4,1848.

Joanna, and Timothy Kelly, Dec.28,1783.*

Margaret M[], and Josiah Burleigh, jr. of Newmarket, NH, Jan.13,1813.*

NEWELL (Nowell)

Joseph, and Anna March, June10,1790.*

Lydia, and John Osgood, Dec.3,1778.*

Moses, and Sally Moody, Sept.21,1816. [1815.CR2]*

Rebecca, and Richard Heath, Oct.15,1812.*


Asa Tarbell, of Lynn, and Judith Little, int.Sept.12,1807.

Elezer, and Mary Fowler of Ipswich, int.July21,1738.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Ebenezer Coffin, int.Sept.25,1793.

Mercy, and Samuel Lane [lr. int.] of Gloucester, Jan.28,1762.*


Abigail, and David S. Caldwell of Dunbarton, NH, Dec.5,1827.*

Elisabeth, and David Noyes [of], resident in Newbury, Mar.26,1761.*

Elizabeth S., and Nathaniel S. Osgood of Newburyport, int.Feb.9,1828.

Esther, and Capt. Benjamin Hopkins of Wellfleet, Jan.19,1800*

Hannah, of Newburyport, and Jeremiah Johnson, int.Sept.8,1821.

Hannah O., and Eleazer W. Pettingell, int.Mar.29,1848.

Jacob, and Susanna Goodwin, Oct.12,1749.*

Jacob, of Newburyport, and Rebekah Knight, Sept.27,1819.*

John, of Ipswich, and Jane March, Dec.15,1720.*

John, [jr. int.], and Mary Toppan, Dec.5,1734.*

John, 3d, and Abigail Noyes, Mar.16,1763.*

John, and Rhoda [] B. Danforth, Sept.末,1833.*

John, Capt., and Henrietta Woodbury of Gloucester, int.Nov.1,1841.

Judith, and Moses Rolfe, Nov.29,1759.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Pettingill [jr. int.], Aug.25,1743.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Joseph Cooch, int.Nov.24,1769.

Mary Hale, and Stephen Plumer, jr., May24,1838.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Amos Coffin, int.Aug.29,1846.

Nathaniel, jr., and Martha Sweet of Ipswich, int.Nov.13,1742.

Rebecca K., and Albert Cheever, int.Oct.5,1844.

Samuel, of Newburyport, and Phebe Hale, int.May2,1801.

Sarah, and Thomas Smith, jr., Sept.4,1746.*

Sarah, and Joseph Edwards, Nov.12,1753.*

Sally, and Thomas Lord of Newburyport, May3,1801.*

Sally, and Charles Loyd of Newburyport, Jan.7,1802.*

Susanna, and Francis Holliday, July31,1754.*


Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and John Sweasy, int.Sept.16,1752.


Elizabeth Ann D., and Benjamin W. Robinson, Oct.22,1826.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Boston, and Joh Lyle, late of Belfast, Ireland now of Boston, June29,1731.CR7

NICHOLS (Nicols)

Elisabeth, and John Short, jr., int.Nov.17,1764.

Harriet, of Haverhill, and William Stephens, int.Mar.27,1816.

Jane, and John Courser, jr., Nov.24,1742.*

Joseph, of Amesbury, and Rebecca Chase, Feb.1,1732-3.*

Mary, of Amesbury, and Steven Rogers, June29,1744.CR7

Mary, and Joseph Willet, jr., Apr.13,1758.*

Mary (should be Sarah), of Newburyport, and Davis E. Carey, int.July31,1847.

Mehetable, and Nathaniell Willet, June4,1754.*

Phebe, and Joseph G. Pearson, June30,1836.

Sally, of Newburyport, and Joseph Piper, Mar.11,1809.*

Thomas, of Amesbury, and Judith Hoag, 24:3m:1720 (?).CR6 [int.20:2m:1721.]*

William, of Londonderry, and Anne Coffin, Oct.18,1724.*

NICOLS (Nichols)

Edmund, and Sarah Downer of Newburyport, int.Apr.17,1802.

Moses, of Amesbury, and Abigail Worth, int.May19,1790.


Anna, and Joseph Bayley, Nov.2,1800.*

Hannah M., of Georgetown, d.William and Hannah, and Isaac G. Hagat of Georgetown, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Stephen and Catharine, Oct.26,1848.

Joseph, and Elisabeth Morse, int.Oct.11,1804.

Thomas, Rev., of Rumney, NH, and Anne Woodman, Feb.1,1774.*


Joan, [Kinny?], and Nathaniel Merril, Oct.15,1661.


William and Mrs.Hanah Woodman, June5,1690.

NOICE (Noyes)

Deborah, and Jacob Knight, Oct.17,1734.CR7

Jonathan, and Lidia Bancroft of Reading, Aug.24,1742.*


Nathaniel Cornelius, and Martha Greenleaf Hale, Sept.14,1788.*


Abigail, and Edward Milliken, baker, both of Boston, July29,1726.CR7


Sarah [of Exeter, NH. int.], and Benjamin Hoag, June23,1702.*


Dorothy, of Byfield Rowley, and William Dummer, June2,1761.*

Elizabeth, of Byfield Rowley, and Jacob Jewett, jr., of Rowley, Nov.19,1771.

Elizabeth, and John Saffredini, int.Mar.18,1809.

Elizabeth, and John Kent, Sept.14,1823.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and Richard Dummer, at Rowley, June21,1785.

John, and Nancy Titcomb, Mar.30,1809.*

Mary, of Byfield Rowley, and Joseph Hale, jr., Nov.19,1765.*

Mary Ann, and Moses Tenny, Apr.6,1831.*

Samuel, and Harriet Perley, Sept.6,1838.*

Samuel, and Mary H. Currier of Newburyport, int.Nov.11,1841.

Sara, and Thomas Hale, May16,1682.


Adar, of Newburyport, and Theodore P. Huse, int.Aug.16,1840.

Amos, and Mrs.Hannah Ross, Sept.14,1828.*

Benjamin, and Margeret Richardson, June14,1722.*

Benjamin, and Mary Shute, Dec.5,1744.*

Caleb, and Susanna Mulliken of Bradford, at Bradford, Sept.末,1787.

Daniel, of Newburyport, and Mary Carr, int.Feb.16,1822.

Elizabeth, of Manchester, and John Woodbridge, Feb.24,1706.*

John, and Mehitebal Richardson, July14,1725.*

Jonathan, and Mary Couch, Aug.11,1743.*

Joseph R., of Newburyport, and Mary H. Robbins, int.Oct.16,1842.

Joshua, and Lydia Bishop, Jan.14,1752.*

Judeth, Mrs., and Enoch Swett, July5,1743.*

Lydia, of Newburyport, and George Rogers, int.Mar.17,1815.

Martha, of Newburyport, and John Mace, Oct.29,1812.*

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Benjamin Dutton, Oct.2,1808.*

Sarah, a.48y., d.Amos and Sarah, and Paul Floyd, widr., a.59y., farmer, s.John and Polly [Elizabeth.dup.], Jan.21,1845.*


Jonathan, and Elizabeth Davis, both of Gloucester, Mar.26,1734.CR7

Nancy, and Joseph Edmonds Barrett, Feb.2, 9 or 16,1812.*

Thomas, of Newburyport, and Judith Little, Jan.7,1783.*

NOWELL (Newell)

George [Newell. int.], and Hannah Chase, Sept.14,1786.*

John, and Mary Cross, Aug.6,1753.CR9*

Mary, and Henry Chipman, Feb.5,1755.*

Paul, and Mary Nutting, both of Cambridge, June25,1734.CR7

Samuel, and Elizabeth Favor, July16,1747.CR2*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Morrison, July29,1762.*

Zacheriah, and Mary York of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Aug.8,1732.

Zacheriah, and Mary Carr, Nov.27,1735.*

NOYCE (Noyes)

Samuell, and Martha Smith of Reading, at Reading, Sept.26,1734.*

NOYES (Noice, Noyce, Noys, Noyse)

Abigail, Mrs., and Simon French of Salisbury, May8,1707.*

Abigail, and John Newman, 3d, Mar.16,1763.*

Abigail, and Joseph Moulton, jr., of Newburyport, int.Sept.14,1765.

Abigail, and David Little, Mar.24,1785.*

Abigail, and Moses Carr, jr., Oct.23,1800.*

Abigail, and Samuel Cater of Danvers, Nov.12,1836.*

Allen F., and Hannah T. Rogers, May24,1843.*

Amelia, and Abraham Dodge of Newburyport, Sept.16,1783.*

Amos, jr., and Nancy [Anna.CR1] Hazelton of Newburyport, Nov.26,1807.*

Anne, and Samuel Bailey [jr. int.], Mar.19,1748.*

Anne, and Thomas Hart of Portsmouth, NH, Nov.14,1762.*

Bathsheba, and Cutting Pettingill, Nov.24,1714.*

Benjamin, and Mary Poor, Jan.19,1726-7.*

Benjamin, and Tamzen Greenfield of Salisbury, int.Aug.29,1761.

Benjamin H., a.24y., trader, s.Amos and Nancy, and Ellen C. Bragdon, a.19y., b. York, d.James and Alice, of York, ME, Oct.2,1845.*

Bethyah, and Joseph Danford, Dec.13,1717.

Caroline, of Newburyport, and Rev. Leonard Withington, May29,1827.*

Caroline, and Richard T. Jaques, Aug.20,1837.*

Caroline, of Newburyport, and William Thurlow, int.May1,1844.

Catharine, and Zecheriah Dodge, Dec.15,1804.*

Charles, and Margaret M. Clark of Newburyport, int.Nov.12,1842.

Crissia Hunt, and William Coker, Aug.29,1822.*

Cutting, and Elizabeth Knight, Feb.25,1673.

Cutting, and Elizabeth Toppan, Jan.8,1702.*

Cutting, jr., and Elisabeth Gerish, Dec.22,1709.*

Cutting, 3d, and Mary Woodman, Apr.15,1724.*

Daniel, and Judith Knight, Dec.29,1702.*

Daniel, and Abigail Toppan, Feb.14,1727-8.*

Daniel, and Mrs.Abigail Moodey, Apr.12,1739.*

Daniel [], and Mrs.Ann Chase of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Oct.3,1745.*

Daniel, of Ipswich, and Mary Hale Perish, June23,1818.*

Daniel [David.CR10], and Sarah Pearson, Oct.16,1826.*

Daniel P., and Jane N. Davis, int.Oct.6,1849.

David, and Hephzibah Knight, Nov.9,1756.*

David [of], resident in Newbury, and Elisabeth Newman, Mar.26,1761.*

Dorcas, and Silas Noyes, Oct.末,1792.*

Dorcas, and James Ferguson, May19,1825.*

Dorothy, and Samuel Little, Feb.18,1735-6.*

Dolly, and David Knight, May18,1793.*

Ebenezer, of Haverhill district, and Elizabeth Greenleaf, Jan.7,1748.CR2*

Ebenezer [Dr. int.], of Dover, NH, and Hannah Chase, Nov.29,1764.*

Edmund, of Newburyport, and Anne Brown, int.Sept.22,1770.

Ednah, and John Emery, jr., Apr.7,1756.*

Ednah, and Daniel Adams, Oct.26,1758.*

Edna, and Daniel Adams [jr. int.], Nov.26,1788.*

Eleanor, and Amos Stickney, int.Feb.2,1792.

Elijah P., a.25y., farmer, s.Daniel and Mary H., and Martha R. Wiggins, a.28y., d.John and Margaret, of Newburyport, Nov.17,1848.*

Eliphalet, and Judeth Gains of Ipswich, int.Oct.3,1746.

Eliphalet, and Christian Hunt, July20,1760.*

Eliphalet, and Elisabeth Mirick, July7,1770.*

Eliphalet, and Martha Handson, int.Dec.12,1809.

Eliza, of Newburyport, and Josiah Thing, jr., int.Oct.4,1823.

Elisabeth, d.Col. Thomas, Esq., and Thomas Woodbridg, int.Jan.21,1703-4.

Elizabeth, and John Adams, Jan.22,1707.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Pettingale, jr., Jan.3,1709.*

Elisabeth, and William Adams of Rowley, Apr.22,1728.*

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Dole, Nov.26,1730.*

Elisabeth, and John Hopkinson, Mar.9,1737-8.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Jackman of Rowley, Nov.20,1745.*

Elisabeth, and James Smith, 3d, Jan.12,1748.*

Elisabeth, and Moses Short, Oct.16,1750.*

Elisabeth, and Stephen Ilsley, Oct.27,1757.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Ames [resident in], Mar.5,1765.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Marsh, Dec.23,1806.*

Elizabeth, and John Marshall of Nottingham West, NH, Feb.27,1812.*

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Joseph Rappell, int.Aug.26,1834.

Elsy, and Richard Smith, 3d, May22,1808.*

Enoch, and Lucy Dickinson of Rowley, at Rowley, July4,1739.*

Enoch, and Elisabeth Chewte of Rowley, Feb.24,1746-7.*

Enoch, and Sarah Emery, Oct.30,1765.

Enoch, jr., and Salley Chase, June16,1803.*

Enos, and Betty Pearson of Rowley, int.Feb.24,1777.

Ephraim, and Prudence Stickny, Dec.27,1722.*

Ephraim, and Elisabeth Wiet of Newburyport, int.Oct.5,1789.

Ephraim, jr., and Polly Brown of Rowley, int.Aug.9,1792.

Eunice, and Nathaniel Lunt, Jan.14,1741-2.*

Eunice, and Samuel Dummer, May16,1765.*

Eunice, and Simeon Hale, June18,1771.*

Eunice, and James Knight, jr., Feb.8,1785.*

Enice [Eunice. int.], and Joseph Perkins,末蔓末,1804.CR1*

Folansbe, jr., and Rebeckah Richardson of Bradford, int.Sept.20,1805.

Friend, and Elisabeth Knight, Oct.17,1785.*

Friend, and Abigail Ilsley of New Bradford, NH, int.Mar.17,1792.

Giles A., and Susan F. Fairweather, int.Oct.6,1849.

Hanna, and Peter Cheny, May14,1663.

Hannah, and Benjamin Lunt, Jan.16,1712-13.*

Hannah, and Nicholas Short, Jan.17,1743-4.*

Hannah, of Tamworth, and James Lunt, jr., int.May28,1743.

Hannah, and Hezekiah Hutchins, July5,1750.*

Hannah, and John Little, Oct.27,1762.*

Hannah, and Caleb Kimbal, jr., Nov.25,1766.*

Hannah [], and Joseph Richardson, jr., of Bradford, Feb.7,1782.*

Henry, and Mille Hale, Nov.5,1761.*

Horace P., a.25y., farmer, s.Silas, and Helen M. Horton, a.16y., d.James, of Newburyport, July23,1844.*

Huldah, and William Noyes, June15,1789.*

Huldah, and David Wallis of Hamilton, Jan.1,1795.CR2*

Humphrey, and Elisabeth Little, Nov.22,1743.*

Isaac, and Jane Sommerby, Jan.24,1716-17.*

Isaac, and Sarah Pettingill, Nov.24,1743.*

Isaac P., and Abigail K. Stevens, Dec.10,1843.*

Jacob, and Jane Titcomb, Nov.2,1726.*

Jacob, and Betsey Wiley, Jan.2,1812.*

Jacob C., of West Newbury, and Lydia K. Smith, June14,1833.*

James, and Hannah Knight, Mar.31,1684.

James, jr., and Sarah Coffin, int.May13,1713.

James, jr., and Sarah Little, May30,1729.*

James, and Eleanor Jaques, May7,1747.*

James, and Jane Noyes, July2,1761.*

James, a.21y., farmer, s.Noah J. and Mehitable, and Elizabeth Brown, a.18y., d.Daniel and Betsey, June7,1845.*

Jane, and Benjamin Person, jr., June23,1720.*

Jane, and David Person of Rowley, Oct.31,1722.*

Jane, Mrs., and John Studley, Jan.12,1741-2.*

Jane, and Ephraim Lunt, Apr.10,1744.*

Jane, and Jonathan Dole, jr., Jan.4,1749-50.*

Jane, and Richard Little, Sept.19,1754.*

Jane, and James Noyes, July2,1761.*

Jean, and Capt. John Pearson, jr., Feb.13,1787.*

Joanna, and Richard Carr, jr. of Salisbury, Nov.16,1770.*

John, and Mary Poor, Nov.23,1668.

John, and Mary Noyes, d.John, deceased, int.Apr.6,1700.

John [jr. int.], and Mary Thurlo, Jan.5,1703.*

John, [], and [] Tabitha Dole, Nov.17,1715.*

John, 3d, and Sarah Johnson, Nov.18,1729.*

John, and Ann Woodbridge, Oct.23,1735.*

John, 5th, and Mary Wyat of Newburyport, int.Oct.24,1767.

John, and Bethiah Dodge of Rowley, at Rowley, Feb.29,1768.

John, jr., and [] Edna Adams, May4,1772.*

John, 5th, and Mary Pierce of Newburyport, June15,1777.*

John [], and Elisabeth Pilsbery, Oct.27,1782.*

John, jr., and Sarah Knight, Feb.24,1812.*

John, jr., and Ann Silloway of Newburyport, int.Apr.7,1813.

John James, and Elizabeth Lamphrey of Hampton, NH, June3,1838.*

John J., a.23y., farmer, s.John and Sarah, and Augusta C. Lander, a.20y., d.Henry and Lydia, Apr.13,1847.*

Jonathan, and Mary Willet, Sept.26,1749.*

Joseph [s.Capt.], and Joannah Hale ["sometime since of Beverly." int.], Feb.15,1710.*

Joseph, and Jane Dole, Aug.17,1711.*

Joseph, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Wadleigh of Exeter, int.Mar.26,1715.

Joseph [sr. int.], and [] Martha Clarke, Nov.10,1715.*

Joseph, 4th, and Elisabeth Woodman, Nov.10,1726.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Noyes, Apr.21,1738.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Knap, Jan.14,1761.*

Joseph, jr., and Abigail Bayley, June12,1766.*

Joseph, and Bethiah Dodge of Rowley, int.Jan.1,1768.

Joseph P., and Louisa F. Lambord of Ludlow, int.June4,1842.

Joseph H.W., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Timothy K. and Sarah, and Ednah A. Russell, a.18y., d.Joseph and Eliza A., Dec.17,1846.*

Joshua, and Sarah Hale, Apr.7,1730.*

Joshua, and Eunice Jewit of Rowley, int.Apr.5,1797.

Joshua, of Georgetown, and Alice Larkin, int.May3,1843.

Josiah, and Mary Lunt, Mar.2,1737-8.*

Josiah Plummer of Newburyport, and Patience Thurlo, Nov.22,1820.*

Josiah P., widr., a.48y., baker, b. Newburyport, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth M. Mace of Newburyport, a.34y., b. Newburyport, d.John and Martha, June12,1848.*

Judeth, wid., and Eliphalet Coffin of Exeter, int.Feb.3,1710.

Judeth, and Thomas Pike, May12,1721.*

Judith, Mrs., and Richard Jaques, jr., Feb.19,1722-3.*

Judith, and Samuel Fisk of Boxford, Feb.1,1737-8.*

Judith, and Thomas Webster of Kingston, Oct.12,1738.*

Judeth, and Benjamin Poor, Feb.14,1748.*

Judith, and Nathaniel Dole, Jan.15,1761.*

Judith, and Benjamin Jaques [jr. int.], Mar.4,1762.*

Judith, and Reuben Peasly of Newton, NH, June14,1770.*

Judith, and Nicolas Noyes, jr., Nov.29,1788.*

Judith, and William Moulton of Newburyport, Oct.1,1801.*

Justin, a.28y., farmer, s.John and Sarah, and Myra E. Lunt, a.20y., d.Daniel A. and Elizabeth, Nov.27,1849.*

Katharine, and Benjamin Beel, June7,1772.*

Lemuel [], and Sarah Brown of Salem, at Salem, Nov.3,1781.*

Lois, and Benjamin Pearson, jr., May6,1823.*

Louisa, a.20y., d.John and Sarah, and Elisha Bean, jr., a.23y., shoemaker, s.Elisha and Margaret, June28,1848.*

Lucinda, and Thomas Carleton, Jan.31,1811.*

Lidya, and Joseph Dole, Feb.1,1716-17.*

Lydia, and Isaiah Dole, May10,1770.*

Lydia, and John Hopkinson of Bradford, Oct.21,1800.*

Lydia, and Samuel Folansbe, Nov.26,1800.*

Lydia, and Samuel Coffin [jr. int.], Apr.25,1803.*

Lydia, and Jacob Emery, int.Nov.5,1804.

Maria, and Increase Sumner Chase, May14,1818.*

Martha, and Joseph Lunt, Dec.29,1702.*

Martha, and Thomas Smith, Mar.29,1715.*

Martha, and Oliver Moodey, Feb.28,1723-4.*

Martha, and John Swett, Apr.21,1726.*

Martha, of Newburyport, and Capt. Gideon Woodwell, int.Nov.21,1772.

Patty, and Thomas Gray Chase, int.Nov.3,1807.

Martha, and Enoch Dole, jr., May31,1808.*

Martha, and Henry Wyman of Beverly, int.Mar.9,1816.

Mary, d.John, deceased, and John Noyes, int.Apr.6,1700.

Mary, and Moses Gerrish, Nov.12,1714.*

Mary, and Joseph Moulton, July25,1717.*

Mary, and Isaac Fits of Ipswich, June5,1723.*

Mary, and Abial Somerby, jr., Apr.20,1724.*

Mary, and Benjamin Jaques, Dec.5,1727.*

Mary, and Joseph Hale, jr., int.May1,1736.

Mary, and Joseph Noyes [jr. int.], Apr.21,1738.*

Mary, and Joseph Cooch, Oct.23,1740.*

Mary, and Samuel Jaques, May8,1750.*

Mary, and John Pettengell, Feb.14,1758.*

Mary, and John Willet, Nov.1,1759.*

Mary, of New Marblehead, and Jeremiah Dalton, int.May6,1761.

Mary, and Thomas Bricket, Aug.27,1766.*

Mary [Morse. int.] and Joshua Hills, Nov.13,1766.*

Mary, and Webster Bayley, Aug.24,1773.*

Molly, and Nathaniel Howard of Newburyport, May12,1784.*

Mary, and Moses Chase of Plaistow, Apr.17,1788.*

Molly, and Simeon Copps, Dec.24,1794.CR2*

Mary, and Theodore Atkinson, Feb.13,1796.*

Mary, and Jonathan Hunkins, Nov.19,1799.*

Mary, and Jacob Kent of Amesbury, Mar.14,1812.*

Mary Pilsbury, and Walter Bailey, July10,1816.*

Mary, and John Pearson, jr. of Newburyport, Nov.18,1824.*

Mary R., of Newburyport, and Zaccheus P. Thurlow, June20,1831.*

Moses, and Hannah Smith, Feb.28,1723-4.*

Moses [jr. int.], and Susannah Jaques, May21,1738.*

Moses, 3d, and Mrs.Margaret Woodbridge, Feb.17,1741-2.*

Moses, jr., and Abigail Savoury, Jan.5,1758.*

Moses, and Eunice Pilsbury, Apr.2,1795.*

Moses, and Martha Baker, both of Rowley, Mar.14,1816.CR5

Nancy, and Edward Rogers, July4,1838.*

Nathan, and Sarah Clark, June3,1714.*

Nathan, and Mary Greenleaf, Dec.27,1725.*

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Merrill, int.June8,1704.

Nathaniel, Rev., of South Hampton, NH, and Sarah Hale, Nov.12,1765.*

Nathaniel, Rev., of South Hampton, NH, and Sarah Noyes, Feb.8,1774.*

Nathaniel, of Salisbury, NH, and Sarah Emery,末蔓末,1808 or 9. [Nov.25,1808. int.]*

Nathaniel, jr., of Newburyport, and Mary Coffin, Nov.12,1815.*

Nehemiah, and Anne Stickne, May16,1732.*

Nicholas, jr., and Sarah Lunt, d.Daniel, int.July17,1695.

Nicholas, and Judith Pike, Jan.1,1716-17.*

Nicolas, jr., and Judith Noyes, Nov.29,1788.*

Noah J[ohnson. int.], and Mehetable Foster,末蔓末,1807.CR1 [ Sept.26. int.]*

Parker, and Judeth Coffin, Dec.11,1707.*

Parker, and Sarah Mighill of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.7,1734.*

Parker, and Rebecca Bailey, int.Aug.8,1807.

Parker, of West Newbury, and Sarah E. Wilson of Newburyport, Dec.15,1842.

Patience, and Daniel Carr of Newburyport, int.Oct.28,1825.

Paul, and Sarah Morse, Jan.7,1762.*

Pike, and Elizabeth Knight, Feb.18,1819.*

Priscilla, and Joseph Tompson, Nov.7,1727.*

Prudence, and Jacob Bayley, Oct.16,1745.*

Prudence, and John Serls, Dec.24,1786.*

Rachel, and Joseph Martin of Andover, Aug.5,1725.*

Rachel, and Stephen Corser of Boscawen, NH, Mar.1,1795.*

Rebecca, and John Knight, Jan.1,1671.

Rebecca, and Joseph Knight, jr., Apr.29,1708.*

Rebeckah [], and Joseph Ilsly [], Nov.28,1717.*

Samuel, and Hannah Poor, Dec.1,1714.

Samuell [jr. int.], and Mary Bradbury, Nov.17,1757.*

Samuel [], and Rebecca Wheeler of Newburyport, Mar.21,1764.*

Samuel, of Portland and Betty Palmer, Sept.30,1787.*

Samuel, jr., of Newburyport, and Mary Tompson, int.Nov.16,1791.

Samuel, 3d [] and Jane Moody, Jan.22,1795.*

Samuel, 3d, and Hannah Stickney, Jan.16,1805.*

Samuel M[], and Elizabeth N[oyes.CR5] Tenney of Rowley, May15,1823.*

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Harriet Dutton, Dec.3,1835.*

Samuel M., jr., and Betsey Ann Rogers, int.Aug.9,1849.

Sara, and Matthew Pettingall, Apr.13,1674.

Sara, Mrs., and John Hale of Beverly [at Beverly.dup.], Mar.31,1684.

Sarah, and John French, Jan.6,1708.*

Sarah, and Peter Moers, int.Sept.12,1713.

Sarah, and Henry Gardner of Charlestown, Jan.27,1731-2.*

Sarah, and Richard Adams, jr., Jan.21,1755.*

Sarah, and William Moody, July18,1755.*

Sarah, and Thomas Parsons, int.Apr.1,1758.

Sarah, and Moses Ilsley, Mar.21,1764.

Sarah, and Rev. Nathaniel Noyes of South Hampton, NH, Feb.8,1774.*

Sally, and John Brown, Sept.5,1795.*

Salley, and John Torry, Mar.29,1798.*

Sarah, and Daniel Bailey, jr., Sept.17,1806.*

Sarah, and Stephen Kent, jr., Mar.17,1808.*

Sarah Putnam, and Moses Rolf, Dec.29,1808.*

Sarah, Mrs., and William Pilsbury, Nov.11,1817.*

Sally, and Jonathan Boardman of Newburyport, Feb.15,1820.*

Sarah Ann, and Charles Bradstreet of Newburyport, Mar.7,1830.*

Sarah Jane, and John Divine, Aug.22,1831.

Sarah Jane, and John C, Adams, June20,1838.*

Sarah L., and Zaccheus Brown of Hampton, NH, int.Nov.6,1842.

Sewell B., a.20y., mason, s.Timothy and Sarah, and Sarah J. Moody of Newburyport, a.18y., d.Henry and Jane, of Newburyport, July12,1846.

Silas, and Dorcas Bradford, at Boston, Feb.4,1790.

Silas, and Dorcas Noyes, Oct.末,1792.*

Simeon B., and [] Ann Goodwin, Nov.26,1826.*

Simon, and Elisabeth Eaton, Dec.10,1754.*

Statire M., and William H. Lambert of Newburyport, int.May4,1847.

Stephen, and Mary March, Aug.25,1725.*

Stephen, jr., and Susanna Chase, June15,1756.*

Stephen, jr., and Betty Chase, Mar.23,1758.*

Stephen, 3d, and Sarah Pearson, July8,1772.*

Stephen, and Jane Little Knight,末蔓末,1804.CR1 [int.Apr.3.]*

Stephen, and Ruth Ayer of Haverhill, int.Feb.7,1818.

Susan R., and William Darrah,末蔓末,1833. [int.Dec.14.]*

Seusanah, and Stephen Dole, Nov.29,1716.*

Susanna, Mrs., and Richard Dole, jr., Jan.14,1745-6.*

Susanna, and Nathan Emery, int.Aug.5,1777.

Susanna, and Jacob Moody, Jan.4,1784.*

Tabitha, and James Greenough, June30,1790.*

Thomas, and Martha Peirce, Dec.28,1669.

Thomas, and Elizabeth [Greenleaf.CC andCTR], Sept.24,1677.

Thomas, and Sarah Knight, Nov.16,1686.CTR

Thomas, 3d, and Judith March, Jan.3,1722-3.*

Thomas, Ens.[jr. int.], and Mary Emery, Jan.5,1726-7.*

Thomas, Capt., and Mrs.Elisabeth Ilsley, July24,1740.*

Thomas, 3d, and Ann Follinsbe, June30,1743.*

Thomas, of Haverhill, NH, and Elisabeth Pettingill, Jan.1,1746-7.*

Thomas, 4th, and Elisabeth Morss, Jan.4,1753.*

Thomas, 3d, and Rachel Clement, int.Jan.29,1757.

Thomas, 4th, and Sarah Bennet, Jan.20,1784.*

Thomas, Maj., and Sarah Chase, Dec.9,1798.*

Thomas, and Patty Mayhew, int.Jan.8,1803.

Thomas, and Mary Brown,末蔓末,1812. [Oct.10. int.]*

Thuda L. [], and Abiel T. Lovejoy, Mar.10,1814.*

Timothy, and Mary Knight, Jan.13,1680.

Timothy, and Lydiah Plumer, Mar.18,1717-18.

Timothy, and Sarah Richards, June9,1735.*

Timothy, and Betty Dean, Jan.10,1770.*

Timothy, and Lydia Davis of Sandown, NH, int.Dec.21,1784.

Wadleigh, and Hannah Smith, Nov.29,1768.*

Wadleigh, and Ann Boardman, Dec.30,1809.*

Wadley, and Hannah Savery of Bradford, int.Jan.23,1801.

William, and Mrs.Sara Cogsall, Nov.6,1685.

William [jr. int.], and Mrs.Anne Presbury, Aug.26,1741.*

William, 3d, and Lydia Morss, Aug.10,1742.*

William, and Hannah Stevens, Dec.24,1750.*

William, and Mary Pike of Salisbury, int.Nov.2,1753.

William, and Hulda Noyes, June13,1789.*

William, and Sally Green of Haverhill, Sept.17,1800.*

William, and Patty Horton Brown, Nov.22,1809.*

William, Capt., of Georgetown, Columbia, and Mary Hunt, Mar.17,1812.*

William, P., and Frances S. Towle of Newburyport, int.Nov.4,1843.

NOYS (Noyes)

Susanna, and Stephen Knight, Nov.16,1752.*

NOYSE (Noyes)

Joseph, jr., and Ruth Peaslee of Plaistow, int.Oct.16,1776.

Mary, and John Hale, Sept.14,1732.CR7


Elizabeth C., of Newburyport, and Solomon P. Felker, int.July7,1849.


Lydia S., of Newburyport, a.18y., d.Gay and China, of Newburyport, and William I. Lunt of Newburyport, a.25y., pilot, s.Jeremiah and Lois P., of Newburyport, Oct.8,1846.

Mary, and Paul Nowell, both of Cambridge, June25,1734.CR7

Solomon D., a.22y., farmer, b. Lisbon, ME, s.Abner and Rebecca, and Marinda Perkins, a.18y., d.Benjamin and Sally, Oct.24,1847.*

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