Joseph, of Beverly, and Polly Stickney, int.Sept.13,1777.


Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and Robert Dodge, at Ipswich, Feb.25,1796.*

Elvira, and John Gawn [Gavin.CR10] of Lowell, Mar.24,1828.*

Eunice, and Thomas William, jr., int.June19,1802.

Mary, of Ipswich and Francis H. Abbot, int.Mar.25,1826.

Ruth, of Ipswich, and Benjamin F. Russell, int.Oct.28,1809.

Sarah, Mrs., of Medford, and Capt. Elias Girott of Boston, June3,1730.CR7

William, and Sarah Ordway, int.Feb.22,1806.


Alice, of Salisbury, and William Dannils, at Salisbury, Dec.10,1718.

Benjamin, and Sally Rowell of East Kingston, NH, int.Jan.28,1813.

Hannah, Mrs., of Exeter, and Joseph Noyes, jr., int.Mar.26,1715.

Hannah G., and Elias P. Dole of Salisbury, int.Jan.7,1832.

Joseph, jr., of Brentwood, and Elizabeth Dole, Feb.9,1775.*

Joseph, and Polly [Dolly.CR10] Jackman, May18,1809.*

Mary, and William Ruddock of Newburyport, int.Sept.29,1833.

WADLEY (Wadleigh)

John, of Stratham, NH, and Margaret Harris, Aug.8,1744.*

Joseph, of Hanover, and Abigail Mores, int.Feb.27,1802.


Fear, and Ens.Robert Stanford, Aug.12,1729.CR7


Hannah, and John Pecker of Boston, Apr.4,1723.*

Mary, Dame, of Boston, and Joseph Atkins, Esq., Apr.7,1730.*

Mary, Mrs., and Chambers Russell of Concord, Apr.1,1738.CR7

WAIT (Waite)

Mary, Mrs., and John Thorla, jr. Jan.10,1727-8.*

Mary, and Orlando Weed, int.Feb.24,1759.

Mary, and Hezekiah Coleby, jr., Nov.25,1760.*

WAITE (Wait)

John, and Sarah Kent, Jan.7,1724-5.*

John, of Ipswich, and Eunice Hale, Oct.21,1773.*

John, of Ipswich, and Judith Hale, Dec.29,1785.*

Jonadab, Lt., and Mrs.Hanah Dole, int.Dec.13,1699.


Charles F., and Lucy M. Henderson, both of Lowell, Nov.20,1831.


Abigail [Mrs.CR7], and Jeremiah Allen, jr., both of Boston, Mar.21,1727-8.


Deliverance, and John Trevett, both of Marblehead, Oct.13,1733.CR7

WALINGFORD (Wallingford)

Bathiah, of Rowley, and Amos Pearson, Feb.2,1747.

Lydia, and Samuel Jewet, both of Rowley, Apr.26,1743.


Elizabeth, and Georg Jeffry, Dec.7,1665.

Katharine, and John Puckford, mariner, both of Boston, Dec.27,1731.CR7

Mary, and Eldad Cheney, both of Bradford, Dec.31,1707.

Rebecca, of Bradford, and John Emery, int.July21,1733.

Salley, of Newburyport, and Elias Jackman Davis, May30,1799.*

William, and Hannah Woodman, May30,1751.*

WALLACE (Wallis)

George, of Newburyport, and Eliza Ann Caswell, int.May3,1817.

WALLINFORD (Wallingford)

Samuel, and Lydia Poor, Dec.25,1723.*

WALLINGFORD (Walingford, Wallinford)

Joseph, and Elisabeth Baker, both of Rowley, Sept.5,1751.

WALLINGTON (Wallinton)

Nicholas, and Sarah Travers, Aug.30,1654.

WALLINTON (Wallington)

Mary, and Joseph Poore, Aug.6,1680.

WALLIS (Wallace)

David, of Hamilton, and Huldah Noyes, Jan.1,1795.CR2*

Mary, of Salem, and Benjamin Raymond of Beverly, Apr.30,1737.CR7

Nicholas, Ens., and wid.Rebecka Sumersbie, at Ipswich, Apr.28,1691.

Samuel, and Mary Dressor, Aug.23,1789.*


Catherine, and Jacob Nelson, Sept.12,1805.CR5

Josiah, and Lydia Deland both of Salem, Nov.6,1781.

Nehemiah, and Deborah Briant, both of Hingham, July30,1728.CR7


James, of Newburyport, and Martha Elwell, int.Jan.7,1793.


Sarah, and Moses Stickney, Sept.7,1707.*


William, and Hannah Adams, Feb.10,1681.


Ann, and Joseph Wilcom of Ipswich, Nov.20,1752.*

Betsey, and Nathan Chase [4th.int.], Jan.20,1806.*

Betsey B., of Londonderry, and Henry Chase, int.Feb.16,1821.

George J., and Catharine W. Moor of Derry, NH, int.May25,1848.

John [jr.CR10], of Londonderry, and Eliza C. Jackman, Sept.5,1822.*

Joseph, and Sarah Dole, Aug.8,1749.*

Nancy, of West Newbury, and Newell S. Coffin, Sept.3,1822.*

Sally, and George Washington Came, Jan.26,1808.*

Stephen J., and Mary H. Sargent of Newburyport, int.Nov.25,1848.

Thomas, of Exeter, Eng., and Elisabeth Knowlton, July27,1756.*

Warren, Moses P., of Newburyport, and Mary D. Howard, int.May25,1822.

WARTHEN (Worthen)

Nabby, and Matthias A. Jackman, Mar.25,1793.*

George, widr., and wid.Deborah Blasdell, Oct.24,1732.CR7

Thomas, and Susanna Adams, Feb.11,1786.*


Jeremiah, and Sally Barnard of Amesbury, Jan.1,1821.*

Joshua W., of Portland ME, and Caroline Smith, int.Oct.20,1838.


Mary, and John Cheeny, Nov.25,1787.*


Abigail, and John Lawson of Great Britain, int.Sept.29,1710.

Abigail, and Thomas Islip, Feb.23,1719-20.*

Anna, and John Woodman [jr.CR2] of Newburyport, Dec.5,1787. [1788. int.andCR2]*

Peter, and Susanna Brooks of Methuen, at Methuen, Mar.21,1771.

Samuel, of Sutton, and Rachel Holman, Nov.13,1729.*

WATHAN (Worthen)

Mary, of Newburyport, and Jonathan Wheeler of Byfield Rowley, Aug.31,1780.


John, and Elisabeth Hale, Oct.28,1746.*

WATS (Watts)

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Duston, both of Haverhill, May18,1715.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Duston, both of Haverhill, May25,1715.


Dunham, and Sally Lunt, Aug.29,1814.*

Ebenezer, of Salisbury, and Martha Rawlins, July10,1716.*

Ebenezer, and Eliner Long, Aug.21,1732.*

Elizabeth P., and Robert L. Lane, both of Newburyport,末蔓末,1841.

Job, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Fisk, Jan.22,1812.*

John, of Newburyport, and Sarah Pettingell, int.July25,1812.

Judith, and Daniel Sampson, Jan.2,1752.*

Mary, and Michael Coughlin, int.Nov.11,1820.

Mercy, and Daniel Pilsbury, jr., Apr.1,1735.*

Rebeccah, and Stephen Clark, Mar.26,1747.*

Ruth, of Haverhill, and James Emery, Dec.10,1719.

William, and Sara Perly, Dec.6,1670.

WATT (Watts)

Jane, and William Atkinson, Sept.16,1838.*

WATTS (Wats, Watt)

David G., of Rowley, and Martha Smith, June6,1833.*

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Dorothy Collbee of Amesbury, Nov.13,1727.CR7


Robert, Capt., b. PA, and Mrs.Mary Brewster, both of Boston, Oct.23,1733.CR7

WAYMOUTH (Weymouth)

Enoch, and Mrs.Anna Caldwell, Mar.31,1808.*

John, and Sally Waymouth, July末,1831.*

Robert, and Eunice Raynell, Jan.29,1811.*

Sally, and John Waymouth, July末,1831.*


[Nathani.CC andCTR]el, and Elizabeth [Swa.CC andCTR]yne, Dec.3,1656.


David S., and Rebecca C. Pettingell, Nov.8,1825.*

David S., and Eliza [Ann. int.] Rappall, Nov.22,1830.*

Jacob, of Hopkinton, NH, and Mary Davis, Jan.8,1816.*

Joanna, and Thomas Pike of Byfield Rowley, June7,1763.*

John, and Rachel Harris of Rowley, int.Jan.6,1759.

Stephen, of Newburyport, and Anna Stickney, int.June28,1801.

Stephen, and Adeline Pettingell, Dec.25,1831.*

Thomas, of Hopkinton, NH, and Tirzah Sawyer, Nov.9,1778.*


Abigal, and Abraham Merrill, Jan.18,1660.

Abigail, and William Moulton, May27,1685.

Abigail, and Joseph Simpson of York,末蔓末,1729.CR7

Abigail, 2d w.[of Haverhill. int.], and Eliphalet Hill, Nov.31,1816.CR1*

Anne, and William Salmon, Sept.29,1703.*

Ann, of Salisbury, and Joseph Cottle, Sept.18,1735.CR7

Anne, of Hampstead, and Moody Chase, int.June16,1768.

Elisabeth, and John Worth, Mar.17,1686-7.

Elizabeth Fletcher, of Haverhill, and Capt. Richard Coffin, int.Feb.1,1810.

Hannah, of Salisbury, and Stephen Bartlet, at Salisbury, Dec.18,1712.*

Israel, and Elizabeth Browne, Jan.3,1665.

Israell, and Elizabeth Lunt, Nov.9,1669.

James, and Mehitable Pearson of Rowley, int.Nov.26,1805.

Joanna, and Samuel Simson of York, Oct.28,1725.*

John, and Anne Batt, June13,1653.

John, jr., and Bridget Huggins, Mar.9,1680-81.

John, and Jane Coffin, Nov.2,1727. [Nov.11. int.]*

John, and Elizabeth Lunt, June17,1734.CR7*

Joseph, of Hampstead [Hampton, NH. int.], and Mary Sawyer, May16,1764.*

Judith, and Joseph Cooch, jr., Nov.9,1756. [Said Cooch takes said Judith Naked, and is not obliged to pay any of her former husband's debts.int.]*

Judith, and John Ilsley, Sept.24,1767.*

Lydia, and William Sawyer, [jr. int.], Jan.7,1702.*

Lydia N., and John Knight, 3d, July27,1834.*

Mary [ wid.John, of Ipswich.TC], and John Emery, Oct. [29,1650.TC].

Mary, and Joseph Poor [jr. int.], Oct.5,1710.*

Mary, and Joseph Stockman, both of Salisbury, June4,1735.CR7

Rachel, and Edward Scribner, both of Kingston, May8,1735.CR7

Sarah, of Salisbury, and Thomas Bartell [Bartlet. int.], at Salisbury, Feb.14,1710.*

Sarah, and Samuell Banks of York, Dec.22,1728.*

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Matthew Pettengill, at Haverhill, Sept.2,1760.*

Stephen, and [ wid.int.] Sarah Clark, Nov.1,1698.*

Stephen, of Salisbury, and Hannah Swet, int.Nov.2,1734.

Thomas, of Kingston, and Judith Noyes, Oct.12,1738.*


Martha, and William Burril, int.Oct.27,1787.


Abraham, and Mary Adams, Oct.14,1756.*

Anna, of Amesbury, and Oliver Bowle, int.Feb.7,1744-5.

Annis, and Jonathan Pressee, both of Amesbury, Aug.16,1733.CR7

Bagley, of Newburyport, and Lydia Lurvey, Dec.24,1815.*

Daniel, and Mrs.Hannah Frink, Feb.15,1742-3.*

Daniel, jr., and Elisabeth Thomson of Brunswick, int.Aug.22,1752.

Deborah, and Christopher Bartlet, Nov.29,1677.

Dorothy, and John Feavor, int.Oct.5,1745.

Ephraim, and Susanna Swet, Jan.11,1726-7.*

John [jr. int.], and Sarah Pettingale, Aug.12,1708.*

John, and Sarah Brown, Dec.2,1717.

John, jr., and Sarah Hale [d.John. int.], July19,1720.*

Mary, and Benjamin Coker, [jr. int.], Dec.7,1706.*

Mary, and David Knight, Oct.18,1759.CR9*

Miriam, of Amesbury, and Jacob Burrell, int.Feb.16,1760.

Nathaniell, of Amesbury, and Sarah Stickney, Oct.27,1701.

Nathaniel, of Amesbury, and Sarah Sayer [Sawyer. int.], at Amesbury, Nov.23,1711.*

Orlando, and Mary Wait, int.Feb.24,1759.

Rebekah, and Aquila Worthen of Amesbury, int.Nov.14,1781.

Sergeant, and Margarett Wells, Aug.15,1750.*

Susanna, and Thomas Thurloe, Dec.21,1759.

Susanna, and Amos Poor [3d.int.], Mar.10,1768.*

William, and Rebeccah Smith, Mar.6,1748-9.*

William, of Newburyport, and Sarah Sawyer, int.Oct.16,1790.


Abigail M., of Newburyport, a.20y., d.John and Hannah, of Newburyport, and John C. Gilbert of Newburyport, a.31y., mariner, s.William and Susannah, of Newburyport, Sept.6,1846.

John, and Hannah Stone of Newburyport, int.Mar.30,1821.

Joseph, of Bartlett, NH, and Hannah Lunt, Mar.4,1811.*


Charles, resident in Newbury, and Susanna Boynton, Oct.29,1776.*

Simeon, of Plaistow, and Susanna Merrill, May26,1799.*

Susanna, and John Eliot of Boscawen, NH, Sept.11,1781.*

WELLS (Wels)

Abigail, of Amesbury, and Samuel Bartlett, jr., at Amesbury, Feb.6,1704-5.

Almira, and George Currier of Newburyport, Dec.25,1831.*

Beamsly, and Sarah Kent, Apr.30,1752.*

Daniel, jr., and Lucy Russell, int.May8,1773.

Daniel, and Rebeckah Russell of Newburyport, May11,1800.*

Daniel, and Ann Doyle of Newburyport, int.Aug.6,1825.

David, and Mary Currier, Apr.12,1792.*

Edward, and Patience Hodgkins, Dec.1,1743.CR7

Elisabeth, of Amesbury, and Moses Chase, jr., at Amesbury, Oct.12,1709.*

Bette, of Chester, and Joseph Davis, int.Dec.14,1734.

Enoch, and Sarah Hidden of Rowley, int.Mar.1,1760.

Eunice, and James Stickney, Aug.6,1757.*

Harriet M., and Levi D. Blaisdell of Danville, NH, int.Aug.11,1838.

John, and Mary Greenleafe, Mar.5,1668.

Joseph R., and Sarah Merrill, int.Jan.26,1833.

Lucy, and Benjamin Morrill of Pittsfield, Feb.7,1815.*

Lucy, a.25y., d.Samuel and Elizabeth, and Robert B. Woodwell, a.25y., ship carpenter, s.Gideon and Lucretia, June7,1848.*

Margarett, and Sergeant Weed, Aug.15,1750.*

Mary, and Thomas Coleby, Nov.5,1731.*

Rebekah, and Johnson Lunt Pettengill, June17,1802.*

Rebecca R., and Milton Elliot, int.Jan.15,1828.

Rebecca R., and Aaron L. Putnam of Danvers, int.Sept.7,1839.

Samuel W., and Elizabeth Swazey of Newburyport, int.Oct.21,1803.

Samuel W., and Tamzon Doyle of Newburyport, int.Sept.19,1835.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Holland Mar.4,1763.*

Sophia, and Sewall Rogers, May2,1824.*

Thomas, and Mary Peckar, Mar.3,1672.

Thomas, and Sarah Browne, May14,1696.*

Thomas, and Lydia Gale of Salem, at Salem, Oct.12,1704.*

Timothy, and Mary Pilsbury, Jan.27,1725.*

WELS (Wells)

Titus, and Mary Sawyer, Sept.24,1729.CR7

WENTWORTH (Wintworth)

Daniel, and Hannah Sawyer, May31,1813.*

Harrison, and Betsey Chesley, both of Ipswich, Mar.21,1836.

Mary S., and Isaiah Rogers, May8,1842.*

Salome B., and Walter Ordway of West Newbury, Feb.13,1835.*


James P.L., and Susan O. Chase, July3,1842.*


Abigail, and Edmund Bayley, jr., int.Dec.27,1769.

Bethia, of Bradford, and Enoch Poor, int.Aug.23,1735.

Henry, of Salem, and Judith Poor, int.Dec.16,1704.

Henry, and Sarah Rogers, July4,1803. [1804. int.]*

Mary, and Samuell Mogridge, May1,1724.*

Noah, and Abigail Blay, Oct.16,1745.*


Anna, of Haverhill, and Stephen Bayley, int.May10,1754.

WEYMOUTH (Waymouth)

Olive, and Samuel Moody of Newburyport, Dec.22,1831.*

Ruth, and Joel Lancey of Lee, NH, Dec.2,1838.*


Isaac, and Catharine Connelly, at Gloucester, Sept.9,1744.

WHEELER (Wheeler, Wheeller, Wheller)

Abigal, and Samuell Hills, May20,1679.

Abigail, and Daniel Plommer, Jan.30,1723-4.*

Abigail, of Worcester, and Rev. Leonard Woods, at Worcester, Oct.8,1799.*

Anna, of Salem, NH, and James Brickett, int.Feb.14,1786.

Benjamin, of Danvers, and Eunise Dole, Mar.3,1818.*

David, and Sarah Wise, May11,1650.

David, and Judith Pearson of Newburyport, int.Apr.29,1815.

Dorothy, of Hollis NH, and Francis Harde, int.Jan.7,1758.

Elisha, and Mary Loring, both of Sudbury, Nov.30,1731.CR7

Betsey, and Jonathan Wheeler, both of Rowley, June13,1808.CR5

James, and Mary Woodman, May7,1709.

Jerusha, of Sudbury, and Harvey Stone, int.Mar.26,1812.

Jonathan, and Mary Poor, both of Byfield Rowley, Oct.11,1772.

Jonathan, of Byfield Rowley, and Mary Wathan of Newburyport, Aug.31,1780.

Jonathan, and Betsey Wheeler, both of Rowley, June13,1808.CR5

Joseph, and Sara Badger, Dec.24,1685.

Joseph, and Martha Bowen, both of Boston, July26,1734.CR7

Lydia, of Rowley, and David Adams, Mar.1,1798.*

Margaret, and Caleb Burbank of Bradford, Aug.17,1732.*

Mary, and Benjamin Swett, Feb.12,1711.*

Mary, and Abraham Gibson, both of Stow, Sept.29,1724.CR7

Mary, of Newburyport, and John Jackman, jr., int.Jan.4,1817.

Mary, of Lynn, and Nicholas Lattime, int.May25,1833.

Mercy, and James Platts of Rowley, June25,1725.*

Moses, and Jane Plummer, both of Rowley, Apr.2,1729.CR7

[Nathan. int.], jr., and Mrs.Mary Plommer, Jan.末,1724-5.*

Rebecca, and John Plommer, Mar.15,1721-2.

Rebecca, of Newburyport, and Samuel Noyes [3d.int.], Mar.21,1764.*

Roger, and Mary Wilson, Dec.7,1653.

Samuel, jr., of Rowley, and Elizabeth Lunt, at Rowley, Feb.7,1788.*

Sarah [ wid.int.], and Stephen Akerman, Feb.12,1711.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Boynton, May25,1711.

Sarah, and Abell Sawyer, jr., May8,1763.*

Sarah S., of Newburyport, and James Cary, jr., int.Jan.5,1839.

Silas, and Elizabeth Laskey, int.Aug.29,1846.

Sophia, of Gloucester, and James Clarkson, int.Nov.24,1810.

Susana, and Edward Goodwin, June5,1668.

Susanna, and William Coffin, Dec.14,1749.*

William Searle, of Rowley, and Susan Moody Brown, May30,1816.*


Abraham, and Rebecca Knight, Sept.25,1780.*

Ann, and Samuel Adams, Esq. of Rowley, July7,1818.*

Elizabeth Cogswell, and George Greenleaf of Newburyport, Oct.19,1813.*

George, of Arundel, and Mary Carter, Dec.24,1816.*

George W., of Baltimore, MD, and Hannah G. Tyler, Jan.4,1844.*

Isaac W., and Sarah Dana, int.Sept.29,1842.

Jeremiah, and Mary Davis of Gloucester, int.Aug.3,1754.

Mary, and Rev. John Codman of Dorchester, Jan.19,1813.*

Rebecca, and Capt. Thomas M[arch.int.] Clark of Newburyport, May28,1811.*

WHELLER (Wheeler)

Georg, and Susanna Stoweres, Apr.30,1660.

WHICHER (Whittier)

Ezekiel, and Sally Brown, both of Rowley, June2,1803.CR5

John, and Betsy Bartlet, int.Mar.7,1803.

Ruben, of Salisbury, and Deborah Pilsbury, Dec.19,1708.*


Lydia, Mrs., and Samuel Potter, Mar.14,1822.*

Mary E., a.28y., d.Samuel and Mary N., and Joseph Symonds, widr., a.45y., s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.7,1846.*

WHIPLE (Whipple)

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Hampton, NH, and Rev. John Lowell, int.Sept.26,1757.


Allen, and Agnes Pitts, both of Boston, Apr.18,1735.CR7

Jane, and Thomas Alden, both of Boston, Jan.3,1726-7.CR7

WHIPPLE (Whiple)

Job, and Catharine Holes, wid., both of Ipswich, Mar.2,1731-2.CR7

Martha, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Richard Brown [jr. dup.], at Ipswich, Apr.22,1703.

Sara, and Henry Short, Mar.30,1674.

WHITCHER (Whittier)

Ebenezer, of Haverhill, and Judith Willit, June23,1730.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and Daniel Chase, int.July10,1784.

Sarah, and Thomas Lunt, Oct.2,1783.*

Sarah, and Josiah Pettengill [jr.CR1], Apr.9,1801.*


Almira C., and Joseph Larkin, Apr.18,1836.*

Benjamin, and Jane Price, June13,1804.*

Dorcas, and John Danford, Nov.24,1714.*

Ebenezer, of Plaistow, NH, and Hannah Merrill, Apr.14,1757.*

Elijah P., and Hannah G. Woodman,末蔓末,1836. [Mar.31. int.]*

Elijah P., of Georgetown, and Sarah Lee, int.Nov.2,1844.

Elizabeth, of Newburyport, and Nathaniel R. Winder, int.Oct.23,1847.

Jane, and Thomas Hunt, int.Aug.24,1809.

Jane, Mrs., and Oliver Floyd, May27,1810.*

John, 3d, of Haverhill, and Ruth Emery, May7,1772.*

Leonard, of Haverhill, and Mary Dalton, int.July26,1794.

Mary, and Richard Danforth, int.June30,1702.

Mary, and Jonathan Danford, int.Jan.21,1703-4.

Mary, and Capt. Samuel Frost, both of Boston, Aug.22,1727.CR7

Polly, and William O'Donovan of Boston, int.Mar.1,1783.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Stephen W. Marston, int.Dec.7,1816.

Paul, Capt., and Anne Jones, Mar.14,1664.

Phillips, and Ruth Brown, May末,1749.CR2*

Phillips, of South Hampton, NH, and Hannah M. Brown, int.Apr.25,1838.

Rebecca, of Newburyport, and George B. Perkins, int.Oct.21,1831.

Samuel [jr. int], of Haverhill, and Mrs.Sarah Brown [at Haverhill. dup.], Nov.15,1744.*

WHITEHAM (Whitham)

Mehitable, and Josiah Pettengill, int.Aug.26,1797.


Henry, and Hannah Pilsbury, int.May8,1824.

John, and Martha Pilsbury, Sept.14,1822.*

Ralph, and Abigail Bointon, June3,1810.*


Asa, and Eliza W. Floyd, June末,1840.*

WHITEN (Whitten)

Elias, and Rachel Jackman, Dec.27,1711.*

Mercy, and Richard Flanders, Aug.19,1740.*

Rachel, and Jacob Pilsbury, int.June2,1733.

WHITHAM (Whiteham)

Elias, and Elisabeth Worthin, Dec.26,1724.*


Leucy, of Stowe, and Benjamin Harris, int.Sept.30,1740.

WHITMORE (Whittemore)

Amos, and Sarah Merrill, Feb.13,1780.*

Anthony, of Newburyport, and Priscilla Chase, Jan.15,1795.*

Benjamin, and Nancy Goodrich of Newburyport, int.Sept.9,1809.

Charles, and Mary C[offin. int.] Currier, Feb.1,1826.*

Daniel, and Betsy Brown of Newburyport, int.Sept.30,1809.

David, and Lydia Giddins, Dec.5,1758.*

Eben B., and Harriet W. Jackman, int.Oct.24,1846.

Ebenezer, and Susanna Merrill, Apr.14,1784.*

Ebenezer, and Lydia Ann Tripp of Alfred, ME, Aug.8,1841.*

George W., of Newburyport, and Sarah W. Chase, Nov.27,1839.*

Hannah, and John Morss, Nov.25,1767.

Hannah, and John Carr of Poland Sept.13,1801.*

Hannah, and Joseph Pickett of Newburport, Mar.22,1812.*

Jacob, and Hannah Carr of Salisbury, int.Aug.6,1785.

Jacob, and Lydia Storey of Newburyport, int.Dec.24,1808.

Jacob, and Betsey Delano of Newburyport, int.Apr.25,1824.

Jonathan, and Sarah Knap, Jan.29,1760.CR9*

Joshua, and Betsy Pearson of Salisbury, Oct.2,1817.*

Lydia, and Timothy Gordin, int.Dec.29,1781.

Lydia, Mrs., of Newburyport, and Enoch Moody, Mar.3,1813.*

Mary, Mrs., and Roger Rackley, Jan.29,1748-9.CR7

Pheby, and [Capt. int.] Henry Southwick of Boston, May27,1805.*

Rebecca P., of Lowell, and Benjamin W. Pickett, int.Aug.31,1845.

Ruth, and Lawrence Furlong, Jan.27,1763.CR8

Sarah, and Edward Kyes of Ashford, Feb.15,1801.*


Abigail, of Newburyport, and Enoch Titcomb, int.May25,1803.

Mary, and Richard Flanders, int.Aug.2,1740.


Aaron [Rev. int.], of Suncook, NH, and Mrs.Abigail Coffin, Feb.2,1743-4.*

Dorothy, and John Huse, May19,1768.*

WHITTEN (Whiten, Whitton)

Betty, of Rowley, and Enoch Pearson, at Rowley, Feb.26,1761.*

Joseph Langdon [Whittemore.CR10], and Lydia Barker, Dec.30,1809.*

Rebecca, of Pepperellboro, and Joshua Pilsbury, jr., int.Dec.20,1763.

Sarah, of Rowley, and Moses Cheney, at Rowley, Oct.23,1740.*


Isaiah, and Anna Eagan, int.Nov.5,1803.

WHITTIER (Whicher, Whitcher, Witcher)

Alexander, and Sarah E.J. Flanders of Newburyport, int.May31,1845.

Caroline, and Leonard Hoyt of Amesbury, Feb.2,1836.*

Elizabeth W., of Amesbury, and Moses Sargent, int.Sept.29,1832.

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Stephen Badger, at Haverhill, Nov.25,1725.

John, of Haverhill, and Martha Bailey, at Haverhill, [bef. 1784.]

John [Whitcher. int.], and Abigail Hills, June12,1800.*

Joseph, jr., of Haverhill, and Sarah Greenleaf [at Haverhill. dup.], July12,1739.*

Joshua, of Amesbury, and Mehitabel Young, int.Apr.21,1810.

Mary L., and William P. Whittier of Amesbury, Nov.20,1832.*

Moses, of Newburyport, and Sarah Brookins, Jan.18,1774.*

William P., of Amesbury and Mary L. Whittier, Nov.20,1832.*

WHITTON (Whitten)

John, of Arundel, and Ruth Merryl of Salisbury, Oct.21,1729.CR7

WHYMAN (Wyman)

Sarah, of Lancaster, and Eliphalet Hills, at Lancaster, Sept.18,1783.*

WIATT (Wyatt)

Mary, and John Knap, Dec.10,1731.*

Samuel, and Mehitable Jewet, Jan.13,1737-8.*

WICOM (Wicomb, Wicum, Wycomb)

Ann, and John Coleman, Apr.26,1732.*

Sarah, and Zacheriah Boyinton, Nov.15,1715.*

Thomas, and Ann Baily of Rowley, Apr.1,1728.*

WICOMB (Wicom)

Abigel, and Richard Clark of Rowley, int.Oct.24,1702.

Mehittable, and Joshua Woodman [jr. int.], Dec.15,1703.*

Sarah, of Bradford, and Ebenezer Hale, int.Oct.31,1747.

WICUM (Wicom)

Thomas, and Hannah Hale, Jan.16,1719.*

WIET (Wyatt)

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and Ephraim Noyes, int.Oct.5,1789.

WIGGENS (Wiggin)

Jonathan, and Mary Emery, Nov.9,1703.

Sarah ["late of Blue Poynt." int.], and James Davis [jr. of Haverhill. int.], Aug. [16.CTR], 1693. ["He renouncing any right, claime or interest in her former husband James Wiggens his Estate." int.]*

WIGGIN (Wiggens, Wiggins)

Jonathan, of Stratham, and Mary Little, Oct.1,1761.

Sarah B[artlett.CR10], of Stratham, NH, and Capt. Andrew W[illiam.CR10] Miltimore, May13,1827.*

WIGGINS (Wiggin)

Andrew, of Stratham, and Mehitable Moodey, Sept.22,1743.*

A[nn. int.], of Haverhill, and Joseph Merril, Feb.16,1707.*

Lydia, of Stratham, and Jeremiah Pearson, jr., int.Aug.21,1793.

Magdaleane, Mrs., and Henry Kenning of Salem Village, int.May14,1698.

Martha R., a.28y., d.John and Margaret, of Newburyport, and Elijah P. Noyes, a.25y., farmer, s.Daniel and Mary H., Nov.17,1848.*

WIGGLESWORTH (Wiggleworth, Wiglesworth)

Charlotte H., a.32y., d.William and Sarah, and Israel T. Bartlett, a.33y., shoemaker, s.Israel and Hannah, Dec.19,1847.*

Esther, and John Sewall, June8,1710.*

Katharine, and Nathaniel Jones, both of Ipswich, Nov.24,1762.

William, of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Carr, Mar.20,1783.*

William, and Sarah How, Sept.29,1814.*

William, and Harriet Patten of Amesbury, int.Mar.14,1834.

William, and Lydia Gordon, Feb.2,1836.*

WIGGLEWORTH (Wigglesworth)

Mary, and Benajah Titcomb, jr., Oct.26,1709.*

WIGLESWORTH (Wigglesworth)

Abigel, of Malden, and Samuel Topan, int.末蔓15,1701.


Edward, and Eliza Woodly, Aug.17,1809.*

WILCOM (Willcomb)

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Ann Warner, Nov.20,1752.*


Abigail B., of Topsfield, and Levi Pearson of Methuen, Aug.9,1835.

Charles, of Georgetown, and Mary [Maria.int.] E. Glines, Dec.12,1842.*

Elbridge G., and Mary Jane Rogers, int.Jan.13,1842.

Green, of Georgetown, a.20y., shoemaker, b. Georgetown, s.Ephraim and Huldah, of Georgetown, and Mary B. Davis of Georgetown, a.19y., b. Georgetown, d.John, of Georgetown, Oct.10,1846.

Mary Howard, and Francis Chase of Hampton Falls, NH, int.Oct.24,1840.

WILEY (Willey)

Betsey, and Jacob Noyes, Jan.2,1812.*

WILIAMS (William)

Judeth, and Capt. Jonathan Currier of South Hampton, NH, Apr.19,1744.*


William, Capt., of London, and Hannah Bean of York, July13,1730.CR7


James, a.22y., farmer, b. Sanford, ME, s.James and Sarah, of Sanford, and Mary Brown, a.18y., b. Greenland NH, d.Nutter and Margaret, of Greenland Mar.13,1847.*


Jacob, and Martha Pope, both of Salem, May16,1733.CR7

Mary, wid., and Phineas Willard, both of Harvard, July17,1735.CR7

Phineas, and Mary Willard, wid., both of Harvard, July17,1735.CR7


Jane, of Newburyport, and Joseph Kent, int.Sept.23,1785.

WILLET (Willit)

Benjamin, and Martha [Carr. int.] of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Oct.4,1748.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Willet, Sept.10,1778.*

Elisabeth [Mrs.CR2], and Dr. Daniel Peterson of Salem, Jan.23,1719-20.

Elisabeth, and Nathan Merrill, Aug.18,1731.*

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Poor, both of Byfield Rowley, Apr.30,1782.

Francis [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Lowle [d.Sergt. Benjamin. int.], Jan.29,1695-6.*

Hannah, and William Hawkins, resident in Newburyport, int.July1,1780.

Joanna, and Mark Plumer, Dec.1,1761.*

John, and Mary Noyes, Nov.1,1759.*

Joseph, and Lydia Bishop, at Rowley, Dec.4,1728.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Nichols, Apr.13,1758.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Willet, Sept.10,1778.*

Lydia, Mrs.[2d.w.CR1], and Jacob Woodwell, June24,1816. [1815.CR1]*

Mary, and Jonathan Noyes, Sept.26,1749.*

Mary, and John Hale, Mar.25,1778.*

Mehetabel, and Timothy Hidden, May26,1776.*

Nathaniell, and Mehetable Nichols, June4,1754.*

Sarah, and Stephen England of Biddeford, Sept.9,1731.*

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Paul Floyd, Sept.11,1811.*

Thomas [Francis.CTR], and Martha Silver, Dec.20,1669.

WILLEY (Wiley, Willia)

Hannah, wid., and Jeremiah Shepard, both of Boston, Feb.28,1734-5.CR7

Robert, and Eliza Caswell, Aug.16,1818.*

WILLIA (Willey)

Samuel, and Anna Kimbal of Newburyport, int.Nov.10,1804.

WILLIAMS (Wiliams)

Abigall, and Steven Moulton, Aug.8,1754.*

Abigail, and John Carr, jr., Dec.15,1796.*

Elexander, of Boston, and Judeth March, int.Apr.14,1740.

Benjamin, and Jemima Robinson, Nov.10,1736.*

Dorothy, and Thomas Colby, Aug.4,1784.*

Eliphalet, of Salisbury, NH, and Sally Rowe, int.June2,1792.

Eliphalet, of Salisbury, NH, and Sally Howe, at Rowley, July14,1793.

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Jeremiah Hibbard, of Manchester, Jan.17,1733-4.CR7

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and John Brookins, int.Oct.11,1805.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Stevens, Apr.25,1832.*

Hannah, and Samuel Rendal of Dover, May25,1733.*

Isaac, and Betsey Brown, both of Salem,末蔓末,1781.

James, of Newburyport, and Elizabeth Boynton, int.Oct.26,1811.

John, and Mary Swaine of Reading, at Reading, May9,1734.*

Joseph, and Mary Pike, Nov.19,1765.*

Joseph, and Eunice B. Moody, int.May12,1841.

Joshua, of Ipswich, and Jane Pettengell, int.Oct.末,1765. ("said William Takes her the said Jane Pettengell naked without any of her former husbands Estate & so will not be obliged to pay any of his Debts.")

Judith, and William Young, May3,1788.*

Martha, and Alfred W. Pike of Hampton, NH, May27,1816.*

Mary, and Thomas Silver, Jan.4,1681.

Mary, and Daniell Jaques, Mar.20,1692-3.

Mary, and Timothy Sergeant of Amesbury, Dec.7,1720.*

Mary, and Dudley Kinrick, Apr.21,1763.*

Richard, and Ruth Rogers, June11,1703.

Sarah, and Capt. William Dove, both of Salem, June1,1730.CR7

Sarah, and Samuel Wintworth of Hampton [Somersworth.int.], NH, Nov.3,1737.*

Sally, and John Marshall of Frankfort, July12,1821.

Stephen John, of Amesbury, and Sarah Jane Smith, Nov.29,1838.*

Susan, and William Stanwood, int.Mar.15,1805.

Thomas, and Mary Lowle [d.Sergt. Benjamin. int.], Jan.15,1695-6.*

Thomas, and Ruth Woodman, Dec.30,1713.*

Thomas, jr., and Deliverance Merrill, May15,1739.*

Thomas, and Elisabeth Lowe, Apr.29,1762.*

Thomas, jr., and Eunice Wade, int.June19,1802.

WILLIT (Willet)

Elizabeth, and Daniel Bailey [jr. int.], Oct.12,1736.CR7

Hannah, and Samuell Seddon, Aug.22,1717.*

Hannah, and John Gourdin of Exeter, Dec.末,1728.*

Joannah, and Jonathan Edes of Boston, int.Mar.24,1711-12.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Jackman, May15,1706.

Judith, and Ebenezer Whitcher of Haverhill, June23,1730.*

Nathaniel, and Johannah Fosdick, Jan.25,1736-7.CR7*

Nathaniel, and Johanah Timmons, Nov.11,1747.CR7


Charles, and Emily B. Mead of Charlestown, int.Sept.9,1837.

Charles, and Mary L.W. Hyde of Cambridge, int.June5,1847.

Charles, and Elisabeth LeBreton Johnson of Newburyport, int.Dec.15,1849.

John N., and Elizabeth C. Mead of Charlestown, int.Apr.21,1832.

Rufus, and Caroline Perkins of Newburyport, int.Oct.28,1837.

Sarah Newman, and Joseph Moody Titcomb of Newburyport, int.Aug.11,1832.


Eliza A., of Amesbury, a.18y., d.John and Harriet, of Amesbury, and William Bayley, a.26y., shoemaker, s.William, May1,1845.*

Elizabeth W., of Newburyport, and Enoch Pierce, int.Oct.12,1844.

George, and Sarah March, Nov.28,1841.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Elizabeth Morrison, both of Newburyport, Dec.31,1821.

Mary, and Roger Wheeler, Dec.7,1653.

Sarah E., of Newburyport, and Parker Noyes of West Newbury, Dec.15,1842.

William, and Hannah Davis, both of Haverhill, Feb.26,1735-6.CR7


Samuel, and Zerviah Parker, Aug.28,1732.*


William T., of Wiscasset, and Deborah Adams of Rowley, Feb.10,1812.

WINCKLEY (Winkley)

Abigail A., and Charles Clyde of Derry, NH, June16,1842.*


Lydia Ann, and Samuel Littlefield of Charlestown, Mar.1,1842.*

Margaret, and James T. Perkins, int.Oct.22,1831.

Nathaniel R., and Elizabeth White of Newburyport, int.Oct.23,1847.

Sarah D., a.23y., d.Thomas and Nancy, and Charles P. Chamberlin, of Newburyport, a.23y., tinman, b. Newburyport, s.Henry and Mary, of Newburyport, Sept.24,1848.*


Edwards, and Frances Hanscom, int.June12,1840.


John, Capt., of Boston, and Mrs.Sarah Pearson, int.May12,1749.

WINGATE (Winget, Wingett, Wingit)

John, and Mrs.Ruth Cheever, both of Newburyport, Dec.12,1830.

WINGET (Wingate)

Joshua, of Hampton, and Mary Lunt [d.Ens.Henry.int.], Nov.19,1702.*

WINGETT (Wingate)

Joshua, of Hampton, and Sarah Toppan, int.Dec.21,1734.

WINGIT (Wingate)

Abigail, of Hampton, and John Stickne, int.Dec.31,1737.

WINKLEY (Winckley)

David R., of Newburyport, and Sarah J. Merrill, int.May10,1842.


Rhoda, of Newburyport, and Edward Bass, int.Sept.25,1830.


Joshua, jeweller, and Mary Houghton, both of Boston, at North Hampton, Feb.17,1724-5.CR7


Richard, and Brigget Travis, at Gloucester, Mar.30,1659.


Abraham, Capt., of Topsham, Devonshire, Eng. and Rachel Jarvott of Boston, June23,1724.CR7

Mary, and James Safford, jr, Dec.12,1772.*

Rachel, wid., and Capt. Henry Barton, both of Boston, June3,1730.CR7

WINTWORTH (Wentworth)

Samuel, of Hampton, NH, [Somersworth.int.], and Sarah Williams, Nov.3,1737.*


Daniel, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Denison, both of Ipswich, Dec.16,1740.CR7

Dorotha, and Elias Jackman, jr., Oct.9,1788.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Pettingill, Mar.23,1742-3.*

Jenny, and John Jackman, Apr.22,1781.*

Margarett, and Joseph Bootman [Butman. int.] of Beverly, Jan.12,1730-31.*

Mary, and David Reed, Apr.11,1811.*

Sarah, and David Wheeler, May11,1650.

Sarah, and Moses Lunt, June9,1771.*


Allice, and Gyles Cromlome, Sept.10,1648.

Elizabeth, and William Richardson, Aug.23,1654.

WISEWELL (Wiswell)

Thomas, of Newtowne [Cambridge. int.], and Hanah Cheny, [d.Daniel, deceased.int.], Dec.17,1696.*

WISWELL (Wisewell)

Sarah, of Newtowne, and Joseph Cheny, int.Nov.14,1702.

WITCHER (Whittier)

Anne, and Nathan Preston of Newmarket, Jan.17,1760.CR9*

Morril, and Mary Samson, Mar.22,1750.*


George S., and Martha Stickney, Nov.13,1837.*


Leonard, Rev., and Sophia Sherburn [of Dorchester. int.], Jan.8,1817.CR1*

Leonard, Rev., and Caroline Noyes of Newburyport, May29,1827.*

WOOBURY (Woodbury)

William Cutter, of Concord, and Abigail Rogers, int.Aug.14,1824.

WOOD (Woods)

Abigail, and John Booth, both of Sudbury, Sept.18,1734.CR7

Alfred, and Ann G. Currier, both of Newburyport, July31,1839.

Amos, of Newburyport, and Sally Doyle, int.Nov.22,1817.

Ann, and Philip Rowel of Amesbury, int.Oct.16,1736.

Bridget, of Rowley, and George Burroughs, at Rowley, Nov.23,1758.*

David, and Mercy Peabody, both of Boxford, Aug.23,1734.CR7

Edward, of Bradford, and Mary Spofford of Rowley, Dec.23,1713.

Elisabeth, resident in Haverhill, and Jacob Pilsbury, at Haverhill, Mar.31,1741.

Elisabeth, of Newburyport, and Joshua Pilsbury, jr., int.Dec.7,1793.

Elizabeth, and Stephen P. Bray, both of Newburyport, Oct.3,1839.

Frances E., a.19y., d.Hiram and Prudence, and Jacob W. Lunt of Newburyport, a.21y., livery stable keeper, s.Micajah and Sarah B., of Newburyport, Jan.30,1849.*

George W., and Harriet Merrill of Newburyport, int.Mar.30,1839.

Hannah, wid., 4th m., a.59y., and Henry Somerby, a.40y., seaman, Apr.28,1845.*

Hiram, and Lydia H. Towle of Newburyport, int.Nov.4,1848.

John [resident in Newbury.int.], and Anne Pilsbury, May12,1720.*

John, and Eunice Fellows of Ipswich, int.May13,1758.

John, jr., of Newburyport, and Hannah Burrough, Nov.21,1790.*

Louisa, and George E. Foss of Ipswich, Jan.7,1844.*

Lucy, of Bradford, and Ebenezer Moody, int.Jan.5,1810.

Lydia, of Boxford, and Benjamin Titcomb, at Boxford, Aug.20,1741.*

Mary, and Edward Ordway, Dec.12,1678.

Mehitabel, of Bradford, and Bradley Osgood, Aug.1,1811.*

Moses, of Bradford, and Hannah Hills, Oct.25,1781.*

Priscilah, of Bradford, and Daniel Tenne, int.Nov.28,1711.

Sarah, of Boxford, and Jeddidiah Person, Feb.13,1716-17.

Sarah, of Newburyport, and Theophilus Jaques, int.Mar.14,1795.

William [of Falmouth.int.], and Mrs.Joanna Cook, June30,1743.*

WOODBERRE (Woodbury)

Bethiah, and Benjamin Goodridge, Nov.7,1738.*

Samuel, and Sarah Goodin, Feb.16,1738-9.*

WOODBERRY (Woodbury)

James, and Mrs.Elisabeth Peire, Nov.22,1744.*

WOODBERY (Woodbury)

Joanna, and Samuell Plumer, Dec.5,1670.

WOODBRIDG (Woodbridge)

Dorothy, Mrs., and Nathaniel Fryer, Oct.29,1678.

Joseph, and Mrs.Martha Rogers, May20,1686.

Mary, and Ezra Cottell, July6,1695.

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary Jones, June [12.CC; 4.CTR], 1672.

Thomas, and Elisabeth Noyes, d.Col. Thomas, Esq., Jan.21,1703-4.

WOODBRIDGE (Woodbridg)

Anne, and Benjamin Greenleaf, Sept.3,1724.*

Ann, and John Noyes, Oct.23,1735.*

Benjamen, and Sarah Gerrish, Dec.6,1706.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Susanna Toppan, Apr.12,1739.*

Dorothy, Mrs., and Samuel Brown, int.Mar.28,1712.

Elizabeth, wid., and James Kent, Mar.15,1711.*

Hannah, and Paul Plumer, Apr.19,1770.*

John, and Elizabeth Norton of Manchester, Feb.24,1706.*

John, and Hannah Beel, int.Oct.4,1783.

John, and Tabatha Poor, Nov.8,1808.CR1

Joseph, and Sarah Morgaredge, Dec.15,1746.*

Margaret, Mrs., and Joseph Palke, int.Mar.14,1716.

Margaret, Mrs., and Moses Noyes, 3d, Feb.17,1741-2.*

Martha, and Thomas Pearson, Nov.5,1747.*

Mary, Mrs., and Capt. James Cornish of Bristol, Eng., Oct.12,1730.CR7

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Barnard, Apr.9,1741.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. Robert Robarts, Sept.19,1743.*

Thomas, and Dorothy Titcomb, June10,1735.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Sarah Greenleaf, Nov.21,1749.*

William, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Dole, Dec.14,1749.*


Sarah, of Worcester, and Ebenezer Perkins of Newburyport, Feb.26,1782.

WOODBURY (Woobury, Woodberre, Woodberry, Woodbery)

Bezaleel, resident in Newbury, and Lucy Clark of Salem, int.Aug.8,1761.

Bezalleel, and Mary Knight, int.Dec.18,1788.

Caleb, jr., and Eunice S. [T. int.] Dole, Dec.16,1832.*

Caleb [jr. int.], and Eunice T. Prescott of Hampton Falls, at Seabrook, Dec.27,1838.*

Elizabeth, and Greenleaf Moores, Apr.14,1810.*

Henrietta, of Gloucester, and Capt. John Newman, int.Nov.1,1841.

John, Capt. [jr.CR10], of Gloucester, and Tabitha Poor, Nov.8,1808.*

Mary, and John Morse, Sept.12,1749.*

Mary, and Michael Wormsted [jr. int.], Feb.7,1839.*

Nathan, and Susannah Johnson of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.16,1746.

WOODHEAD (Woodward)

Elizabeth, of Cambridge, and Jonathan Moore, at Cambridge, Aug.14,1701.


Eliza, and Edward Wilcock, Aug.17,1809.*


Abel, and Hannah Dustin, June17,1779.*

Abigail, and Anthony Chase, June29,1758.*

Abigail, and John Follansbe, Dec.9,1779.*

Abner, and Ruth Danforth, Apr.11,1769.*

Anna, and Nathaniel Bricket, Nov.13,1750.*

Anna, and Rev. Thomas Niles of Rumney, NH, Feb.1,1774.*

Anna, and John Pulsifer, Sept.7,1800.*

Ann, and Theophilus Bradbury of Salisbury, Aug.4,1730.*

Anne, and Benjamin Pettingill, May20,1742.*

Archelaus, Lt., and Dorothy Chapman, Nov.13,1678.

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Longfellow, Mar.1,1710-11.*

Benjamin, jr., and Abigail Goodridge of Boxford, int.Oct.16,1740.

Charles, of Dover, NH, a.23y., merchant, b. Dover, NH, s.Charles and Dorothy, of Dover, and Hannah W. Coffin, a.23y., d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Sept.9,1845.*

Daniel, and Tabitha Annis, Mar.9,1737-8.*

Daniel, and Sarah Hall of Canterbury, NH, int.Nov.8,1828.

David, and Dorothy Moodey, Nov.30,1710.*

David, and Jane Short, Oct.21,1713.*

Dorothy, and John Thirston, May17,1732.*

Ebben, and Apha Jackman of Boscawen, int.Nov.21,1815.

Ednah, and Caleb Kimbal, jr., Nov.27,1800.*

Edward, and Mary Goodridge, Dec.20,1653.

Edward, and Sarah [Mary.int.] Sawyer, June29,1702.*

Edward, and Mary Saunders of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.], Dec.18,1729.*

Edward, [jr. int], and Ednar Morss, July8,1742.*

Edward, of Washington, and Jane Folansbee, int.June8,1804.

Elisabeth, and Daniel Tenney, June5,1712.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Noyes, 4th, Nov.10,1726.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Plumer [3d.int.], Feb.15,1730-31.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Pike, Aug.1,1733.*

Elisabeth, and John Goodridge [jr. int.] of Gloucester, Jan.5,1737-8.*

Elisabeth, and Diamond Currier, Jan.2,1754.*

Elisabeth, and John Emery, 3d, Oct.1,1767.*

Betsy, and Jacob Bayley, June5,1790.*

Betsey, and Joseph Moody, jr. of Amesbury, int.July27,1811.

Elizabeth D., and Capt. Daniel A. Lunt, Feb.13,1825.*

Elizabeth Gage, of Newburyport, and Solomon Titcomb, Mar.5,1828.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Rogers, of Rowley, June7,1832.*

Giles, and Lydia Floyd, Jan.25,1827.*

Hanah, Mrs.and William Nisbit, June5,1690.

Hannah, and Samuell Plumer, Aug.8,1717.*

Hannah, and Joshua Hale, Oct.13,1726.*

Hannah, and William Walker, May30,1751.*

Hannah, and Daniel Johnson of Newburyport, Oct.5,1764.*

Hannah, and Enoch Smith, Nov.5,1793.*

Hannah [Mrs.CR2], and Eben Pearson, Dec.2,1794.*

Hannah, and Maj. Ezekiel Gyle of Plaistow, NH, Feb.14,1819.

Hannah M., and Capt. Nathaniel Coffin of Newburyport, Apr.25,1819.*

Hannah G., and Elijah P. White,末蔓末,1836. [Mar.31. int.]*

Hilton, and Hannah Clough of Salisbury, int.Oct.1,1741.

Eckabod, and Elisabeth Poor, Oct.22,1711.*

Ichabod, and Mrs.Eunice Knight, Dec.20,1739.*

James M., and Mary Eunice Poor,末蔓末,1832. [Mar.22,1833. int.]*

James M., of South Hampton, NH, and Mrs.Mary L. Brown of Newburyport,末蔓末,1837.

Jane, and Benjamin Pearson, jr., Sept.13,1743.*

Jeremiah, of Newburyport and Anna Gerrish Kelly, Oct.18,1806.*

Joanna, and George Knowlton, Sept.21,1732.*

John, and Mary Feild, July15,1656.

John, jr., and Abigail Tarr of Georgetown, int.Nov.11,1741.

John, and Hannah Adams of Rowley, Dec.12,1751.*

John, and Susanna Bricket, Dec.13,1773.*

John, jr., and Polly Emery of Atkinson, NH, int.Oct.25,1785.

John, of Newburyport, and Anna Waters, Dec.5,1787. [1788. int.andCR2]*

John, and Eliza Little, May29,1825.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Hilton, July2,1668.

Jonathan, jr., and Abigael Atkinson, d.John, sr., int.Jan.1,1695-6.

Jonathan, s.Joshua, and Sarah Mighill, d.Stephen of Rowley, deceased, int.June5,1700.

Jonathan, jr., and Sarah Dole, Jan.31,1722-3.*

Jonathan, and Mrs.Martha Toppan, Nov.27,1726.*

Jonathan, and Susanna Day, at Gloucester, June22,1777.

Joseph, and Catharine Smith of Reading, at Reading, Nov.7,1739.*

Joseph, of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Dole, int.Sept.1,1781.

Joseph, [jr. int.], of Sanbornton, and Hannah Kimball, May16,1805.*

Joshua [jr. int.], and Mehittable Wicomb, Dec.15,1703.*

Joshua, and Eunice Sawyer, Mar.末,1735-6.*

Joshua, and Ellis Stimson of Biddeford, int.Jan.20,1748-9.

Joshua, jr., of Kingston, NH, and Judith Woodman, May26,1772.*

Judeth, and Richard Cleferd of Kingston, int.Dec.17,1741.

Judith, and Joshua Woodman, jr. of Kingston, NH, May26,1772.*

Lucy, and Enoch Knight, Nov.末,1797.CR1

Lydia, and Obadiah Pearson, Aug.17,1797.*

Margeret, and Richard Bartlet [jr. int.], Apr.12,1699.*

Mark, and Sarah Morss, Dec.3,1769.*

Mark, and Sarah Chase, Feb.28,1780.*

Mary, and John Browne, Feb.20,1659.

Mary, and Jonathan Emery, Nov.29,1676.

Mary, and James Wheeler, May7,1709.

Mary, and Jacob Brown, Sept.25,1717.*

Mary, and Cutting Noyes, 3d, Apr.15,1724.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Bartlet, Sept.25,1760.*

Mary, and Caleb Morss, Aug.9,1770.*

Mary, and David Adams, Sept.22,1778.*

Mary Ann, and Asa Leonard of Somersworth, NH, July6,1828.*

Mehittable, and Phillip Goodridg, Apr.16,1700.*

Mehittable, wid., of Rowley, and John Smith, jr., int.Dec.1,1708.

Mehitable, and Andrew Duty, Apr.20,1726.*

Miriam, and Benjamin Coffin, Oct.28,1731.*

Moses, and Dorothy Hale, Sept.11,1740.*

Moses, jr., and Hannah Morrison, May29,1761.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Foster of Boxford, at Boxford, Nov.29,1798.*

Nathan, and Olive Gray of Biddeford, int.Nov.2,1749.

Nathan, and Sarah Merrill, May26,1771.*

Nathan Sargent, and Sarah Jane Toppan of West Newbury, int.July5,1834.

Paul, and Judith Kent, Sept.7,1814.*

Phebe, and Thomas Disney, Jan.20,1825.*

Priscilla, and Tristram Chase, Dec.9,1762.*

Rebekah, and Joseph Arnold, Aug.21,1751.*

Rebekah, and Josiah Emery, Nov.20,1770.*

Ruth, and Benjamin Lowle, Oct.17,1666.

Ruth, and Thomas Williams, Dec.30,1713.*

Ruth, and Oliver Goodridge, Feb.14,1782.*

Samuell, and Elisabeth Bancroft, Mar.25,1756.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Sarah Hills, May7,1761.*

Samuel, and Sarah Burbank, May11,1807.*

Samuel D., and Adeline Dankins, int.Oct.23,1849.

Sara, and John Kent, jr., Mar.13,1665.

Sarah, and Orphan Boardman [jr. int.] Jan.17,1722-3.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Plumer of Rowley, Feb.17,1736-7.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Tuckker, int.Apr.6,1742.

Sarah, and Abiel Rogers, June4,1752.*

Sarah, and Edmund Greenleaf, jr., Apr.18,1754.*

Sarah, and Moses Jaques, Nov.4,1778.*

Sarah, and Joseph Sawyer [jr.CR2], June14,1790.*

Sarah, and Nathan Rogers, jr., int.Nov.16,1805.

Sally, of Newburyport, and Jeremiah Carter, int.Oct.26,1827.

Sarah, and Theodore Russell, June末,1835.*

Sewell, and Lydia Thurla, Mar.23,1798.*

Sewall, jr., and Huldah A. Perley of Rowley, int.Nov.12,1831.

Stephen, and Jane Dawkins, Aug.8,1843.*

William, and Hannah Greenleaf, May13,1766.*

William Brown, and Euncie Wells Brown of Seabrook, NH, int.Nov.15,1834.


Henry, sailor, and Sarah Moor, both of Boston, Oct.30,1730.CR7

WOODS (Wood)

Leonard, Rev., and Abigail Wheeler of Worcester, at Worcester, Oct.8,1799.*

Lucy, of Princeton, and James Bricket, int.June13,1801.

WOODWARD (Woodhead)

Sarah L., and Josiah Chase, jr., Nov.25,1809.*

WOODWEL (Woodwell)

Polly, and Nicolas Lattime of Newburyport, int.July13,1805.

WOODWELL (Woodwel)

Ann Maria, and Stephen Ilsley of Portland int.Apr.14,1822.

Benjamin, and Lucy French, May19,1801.*

Caleb, and Hannah Floyd, Dec.末,1834.*

David, and Joanna C. Atkinson, Dec.30,1819.*

David T., and Mary N. Haskell, Dec.3,1843.*

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Samuel Emery, at Salem, Apr.16,1747.*

Elisabeth [Woodman. int.], and Nathaniel Hunt, Aug.26,1760.*

Betsy, and Abner Pearson of Newburyport, Mar.4,1810.*

Elizabeth A., and Daniel G. Tilton, June末,1843.*

Gideon, Capt., and Martha Noyes of Newburyport, int.Nov.21,1772.

Gideon, Capt., of Newburyport, and Ruth Goodwin, July31,1781.*

Gideon, jr., and Lucretia Baker of Manchester, int.Dec.15,1821.

Hannah, and Benjamin Goodwin, Nov.7,1799.*

Jacob, jr., and Achsah Smith of Newburyport, int.Nov.12,1815.

Jacob, and Mrs.Lydia Willet [2d.w.CR1], June24,1816. [1815.CR1]*

Jacob, jr., and Sarah Proctor, Oct.19,1823.*

John, and Elisabeth Titcomb of Newburyport, int.Oct.23,1784.

John, Capt., jr., and Mrs.Mary Lunt, Dec.26,1815.*

John, jr., and Nancy Denney of Warner, NH, Aug.19,1820.*

John, Capt., and Mrs.Sarah Ann Toppan, Jan.25,1841.*

Joseph A., and Hannah D. Newcomb of Boston, int.Nov.4,1848.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Enoch Hale, int.Oct.7,1781.

Robert B., a.25y., ship carpenter, s.Gideon and Lucretia, and Lucy Wells, a.25y., d.Samuel and Elizabeth, June7,1848.*

Sally, and Michael Doak Dennis of Newburyport, int.June21,1799.

Salley, and Robert Robinson, int.Sept.9,1803.

Sally, and Robert Floyd, Oct.21,1819.*

Susanna, and Stephen Burditt of Newburyport, int.Oct.8,1808.


Esther, and Peter Cloughlin, both of Rowley, Nov.17,1813.CR5


John, and Mary Tharly, Nov.20,1653.

John, and Hannah Emerson, Jan.4,1684.

Sara, and Thomas Chaddock, Apr.6,1674.


Richard, and Hannah Huggins, Dec.24,1678.

WOOSTER (Worcester)

John, and Mary Carlton, June5,1727.*

Samuel, and Joanna Pettingill, Jan.27,1714-15.*

WORCESTER (Wooster, Worcestor, Worsester, Worster)

Daniel, and Joanna Pettingal of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Aug.29,1727.

Ira, of Brighton, and Ruth G. Stevens, Apr.12,1831.*

James, and Mary Tenney, both of Rowley, Jan.27,1823.

James, of Georgetown, and Abi Carter, int.Mar.14,1841.

Jemima, and Benjamin Lunt, 3d, July15,1748.*

Louis, of Newburyport, a.28y., lawyer, b. Gloucester, s.David, and Julia A.E. Deford of Newburyport, a.23y., d.Samuel T. and Catharine, Apr.10,1848.

Mahala, of Tyngsboro, and Cyprian Bannister int.Oct.21,1810.

Oliver, and Abigail Clark, Dec.6,1756.*

Sarah, and Daniel Akers, int.Apr.3,1736.

Timothy, and Elisabeth Clark, Nov.1,1743.

William, and Mary Hovey of Boxford, int.Sept.29,1733.

WORCESTOR (Worcester)

Francis, of Sandwich, and Hannah Boynton, Oct.28,1741.*


Ann, and Natthaniel Hills, int.Oct.24,1709.

WORMSTEAD (Wormsted)

Michael, and Phebe Thurla, June29,1814.*

WORMSTED (Wormstead)

Emily A., and Ebenezer Safford, int.July11,1847.

Enoch, and Harriet N. Smith, int.Nov.5,1847.

Mary S., and Jesse D. Gunnison of Newburyport, int.June5,1841.

Michael, and Polly Brewer, Jan.2,1794.*

Michael [jr. int.], and Mary Woodbury, Feb.7,1839.*

Phebe [T. int.], and George Donnell, jr., Nov.7,1833.*


Joseph, and Mercy March, Apr.1,1751.*

WORSESTER (Worcester)

Timothy, and Elisabeth Clark, int.Oct.1,1743.

WORSTER (Worcester)

Josiah, and Miriam Carr, Dec.13,1748.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Bailey, of Rowley, July25,1726.


Abiah, and Jonathan Morss of Plymouth [NH. int.], June8,1786.*

Abigail, and William Rogers, Sept.20,1770.

Abigail, and Moses Nicols of Amesbury, int.May19,1790.

Anna, and David Cheeny of Plymouth, NH, int.Nov.10,1792.

Edmund, and Elizabeth Kelly, Nov.25,171[8. int.]* Edmund, and Abigail Currier, Dec.23,1740.*

Edmund, and Elisabeth Sawyer of Hampstead, NH, int.Mar.15,1766.

Edmund, jr., and Polly Morse, Oct.7,1802.*

Elizabeth, and Enoch Little, May19,1707.*

Elisabeth, and Stephen Morss, July21,1725.*

Elisabeth, and James Brown, jr., Dec.18,1770.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Carr, jr., Nov.19,1795.*

Hannah, and John Carr, Nov.20,1800.*

John, and Elisabeth Webster, Mar.17,1686-7.

John, and Elizabeth Currier [of Haverhill. dup.], at Haverhill, Feb.19,1722-3.*

John, Dea., and wid.Susannah Garner, Oct.25,1742.*

Judeth, and John Atkinson, jr., Nov.23,1721.*

Judith, and Richard Kelly of Amesbury, May17,1781.*

Richard, and Mary Pike, Sept.11,1667.

Ruth, and Timothy Morse, jr. of Ipswich,末蔓末,1809. [ Sept.23. int.]*

Sarah, and Joseph Bullock of Haverhill, NH, Jan.30,1812.*

Susanna, wid., and Shimuel Griffin, Jan.18,1748-9.CR2

WORTHEN (Warthen, Wathan, Worthin)

Aquila, of Amesbury, and Rebekah Weed, int.Nov.14,1781.

George, and Olive Ann Currier, int.Dec.20,1847.

Joseph, widr., a.54y., ship carpenter, b. Amesbury, s.George and Mary, of Amesbury, and Sally Grant, wid., a.45y., b. Atkinson, NH, d.John and Martha Peaslee, of Atkinson, NH, Sept.7,1748.*

Sarah, of Bradford, VT, and John Titcomb, int.Jan.16,1808.

WORTHIN (Worthen)

Elisabeth, and Elias Whitham, Dec.26,1724.*


Ellinar, and Richard Bryer, Dec.21,1665.

Jane, and John J. Dennis, int.May5,1849.

Susanna [of Ipswich.int.], and John Frieshur, June28,1753.*

William, and Sarah Browne, Oct.5,1692.CTR

WYAT (Wyatt)

Ann, and Joseph Atkinson, both of Newbury, July15,1731.CR7

John, jr., and Mrs.Susanna Lewis, Feb.20,1745-6.*

Mary, of Newburyport, and John Noyes, 5th, int.Oct.24,1767.

Stephen, and Abigail Davis, Nov.25,1759.*

WYATT (Wiatt, Wiet, Wyat)

Elisabeth, and Jacob Merrill, Nov.21,1762.*

Hannah, and William Lunt, Feb.25,1813.*

Hannah, and Charles, "alias Aquilla," Chase, int.Dec.7,1816.

Hannah B., Mrs., and Abial Rogers, Oct.31,1817.*

Jane, and Samuel Baily, Feb.7,1733-4.*

John, and Mary Badger, Dec.15,1700.

Joseph, and Hannah Ross, int.Feb.13,1819.

Nancy, and John Eaton of Salisbury, int.Oct.11,1811.

Samuel, and Judith Greenough, July27,1756.*

Stephen, and Sarah Boardman, Nov.17,1737.*

Stephen, jr., and Keturah Sweet, Jan.7,1755.*

Stephen, and Hannah Thomas, Dec.10,1813.*

WYCOMB (Wicom)

Anne, and Francis Greenleaf,末蔓末,1748.CR2 [Jan.30. int.]*

WYER (Wyre)

Edward, Capt., of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Hill of Westerly, RI, July30,1728.CR7

William [Capt., of Charlestown. int.], and Mary Greenough, Jan.29,1761.*

WYMAN (Whyman)

Abijah, of Lancaster, and Abigail Smith, Aug.8,1744.*

George W., of Boston, a.24y., lighterman, b. Boston, s.Alpheus and Mary, of Boston, and Mary N. Marsh, a.25y., d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct.25,1847.*

Harry, of Beverly, and Martha Noyes, int.Mar.9,1816.

WYRE (Wyer)

Hester, d.Nathaniel, and Benjamin Swett, Nov. [164?]

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