Elizabeth, d.Francis and Rebecca, June25,1819.

Elizabeth Ripley Randall, d.Francis and Rebecca, Mar.16,1821.

Francis John, s.Francis and Rebekah, Dec.24,1824.

Jane Perkins, d.James F. and Hannah, Mar.6,1822.

John, s.James F. and Hannah, Mar.29,1820.

Mary, d.James F. and Mary, Nov.11,1810.

Rebekah, d.Francis and Rebekah, Dec.4,1822.

William, s.James F. and Hannah, Jan.5,1819.


Charles Pinckney Holbrook, s.Elias and Myra Ann, Sept.7,1842.

James William, s.Daniel and Maria, Dec.10,1849.


Jennett Ross, d.Lawrence and Catherine, Feb.21,1847.

John Palmer, s.Darius and Lois, Sept.6,1846.

Mary Louisa, d.Lawrence and Catherine, Aug.20,1848.

NELSON (Nolson)

Edward Alonzo, s.Edward and Emily, Jan.31,1849.

George Cherry [Cheny.CR3], s.Samuel and Sally, Nov.20,1810.

Harriett Elizabeth, d.Nicholas and Elizabeth, Sept.22,1830.

John, s.Samuel, bp. Dec.16,1770.CR1

John Brockway, s.Samuel and Sally, Sept.1,1818.

John Robert, s.John and Catherine, Oct.20,1843.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia, Dec.11,1801.

Polly, d.Samuel, bp. Jan.6,1782.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.1,1776.

Samuel Brockway, s.Samuel and Sally, Oct.19,1808.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Nicholas, bp. Dec.28,1830.CR6

Thomas Lambert, s.Samuel and Sally, Sept.1,1821.

William Haskell, s.Samuel and Sally, June22,1807.

William Augustus, s.John and Eleanor, Sept.20,1847.

NEWELL (Newhall)

Anna, d.Edward, bp. July13,1766.CR1

NEWHALL (Newell)

Deborah, d.Edward, bp. Oct.8,1769.CR1

Edward, s.Edward, bp. Sept.20,1772.CR1

Elizabeth, d.[Capt.CR1] Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.6,1773.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elisabeth, June25,1769.

Mercy, d.[Capt.CR1] Samuel and Elisabeth, Sept.2,1767.


Abigail, d.Timothy, bp. Oct.12,1788.CR1

Abigail, d.Samuel and Phebe, Apr.10,1802.

Andrew, s.Andrew and Dorothy, bp. Aug.5,1787.CR2

Ann, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Jan.2,1773.

Ann Maria, d.John and Adeline, May21,1835.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Aug.31,1766.CR3

Benjamin Frye, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Aug.4,1794.

Charles, s.Mary," supposed Father is Sam Marshall," June1,1803.

Christopher, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Sept.7,1770.

Christopher, s.twin, Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Nov.7,1781.

Daniel Sprows, s.Andrew and Dorothy, bp. Aug.23,1789.CR2

Edward, s.Benjamin and Hannah, May23,1813.

Eliza, d.Martha, Feb.27,1806.

Elisabeth, d.John, 3d, bp. Oct.2,1768.CR4

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, bp. Dec.15,1782.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Daniel, bp. Feb.26,1786.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Jan.15,1804.

Emily, d.Mary, Oct.2,1812.

Eunice, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Oct.18,1775.

Hannah, d.Jacob, bp. May13,1764.CR3

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hannah, July11,1799.

Harriot, d.Mary, Mar.19,1805.

Jacob, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Apr.15,1801.

Joanna, d.Dr. John, bp. Mar.1,1767.CR1

John, s.Timothy, bp. June12,1785.CR1

John, s.Paul, bp. Dec.17,1786.CR1

John, s.Samuel and Phebe, Sept.9,1806.

John, s.John and Sally, June11,1812.

John Henry, s.John and Adeline, Oct.15,1837.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel, jr. [3d.CR4] and Anne, Dec.28,1769.

Joseph, s.Daniel, bp. Jan.11,1784.CR1

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Mar.22,1806.

Mark, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Sept.23,1810.

Martha, d.twin, Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Nov.7,1781.

Mary, d.John, jr. [3d.CR1] and Abigail, June21,1766.

Mary, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Nov.5,1779.

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Mary, d.Paul, bp. Jan.19,1783.CR1

Mary, d.Timothy, bp. July23,1786.CR1

Polly, d.Thomas, bp. Nov.29,1789.CR1

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. Oct.7,1792.CR1

Mary Hale, d.Samuel and Phebe, Mar.1,1813.

Mary, d.John and Sally, Apr.6,1819.

Mary Adeline, d.John and Adeline, Oct.12,1845.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Nov.5,1777.

Paul, s.Paul, bp. Nov.28,1779.CR1

Phebe, d.Samuel and Phebe, Apr.9,1804.

Samuel, s.John, jr. and Abigail, July7,1771.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Phebe, Sept.3,1815.

Sarah, d.Jacob, bp. Apr.5,1772.CR3

Sarah, d.Daniel, bp. Mar.1,1778.CR1

Sally, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Mar.12,1784.

Sally, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Anne, Nov.30,1787.

Sary Ann, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Mar.29,1808.

Sally, d.John and Sally, Aug.10,1810.

Sarah Frances, d.John and Adeline, Jan.24,1849.

Stephen Goodwin, s.Jacob, bp. July13,1766.CR3

Thomas, s.Andrew and Dorothy, bp. July29,1792.CR2


Hannah Jane, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.20,1811.

John, s.Joseph and Sarah, July9,1800.

John, s.John and Sarah, Nov.5,1824.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.20,1816.

Joseph Daniel, s.John and Sarah, Dec.1,1826.

Lydia Plumer, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.3,1809.

Martha, d.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.15,1813.

Mary, d.Joseph and Sarah, July2,1803.

Mary Lakeman, d.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.17,1805.

Samuel Woodman, s.Joseph and Sarah, Sept.26,1801.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, May5,1807.


Mary Ann, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1839.

William, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1838.

NICHOLL (Nichols)

Eunice, d.James, bp. July10,1785.CR1

NICHOLS (Nicholl, Nicoll, Nicols)

Caroline, d.William and Lydia Balch, Dec.10,1823.

Ezra Addison, s.Dr. Ezra, bp. at Seabrook, NH, Mar.1,1821.CR2

George Washington, s.Edmund and Sarah, Oct.4,1810.

George Ward, s.John and Esther, bp. Feb.12,1834.CR2

John Cary Albion Hadlock, s.John and Esther, bp. Feb.12,1834.CR2

John Ward, s.William and Elisabeth, May29,1847.

Lydia Balch, d.William and Lydia Balch, Jan.4,1818.

Peggy Grozart, d.Robert, Aug.6,1789.CR3

Martha Willard, d.William and Lydia Balch, Mar.28,1807.

Polly, d.[Capt.CR1] William and Mary, Dec.25,1778.

Mary, d.Edmund and Sarah, Jan.22,1808.

Mary, d.William and Lydia Balch, Nov.10,1820.

Mary Ann Hickling, d.John and Esther, bp. Feb.12,1834.CR2

Nathaniel, s.twin, Joseph and Hannah, July4,1767.

Robert, s.Robert and Mary, Dec.7,1787.

Robert Chase, s.John and Esther, bp. Feb.12,1834.CR2

Samuel, s.[Capt.CR1] William and Mary, Oct.11,1783.

William, s.twin, Joseph and Hannah, July4,1767.

William, s.[Capt.CR1] William and Mary, July1,1781.

William, s.William and Mary, July1,1785.

William Wallace, s.William and Lydia Balch, Sept.9,1811.

NICOLL (Nichols)

John, s.John and Lydia, Jan.31,1782.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia, June7,1780.

Polly, d.John and Lydia, Mar.24,1778.

Sally Belcher, d.[Capt.CR1] James and Sally, Oct.29,1772.

NICOLS (Nichols)

David, s.Andrew, bp. Mar.16,1766.CR3


Sophia Ann, d.Duncan and Polly, Dec.26,1803.


James, s.James and Mary, Nov.19,1849.


George Washington, s.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.22,1844.

James Furgeson, s.David C. and Rebecca H., July26,1846.

Mary Elisabath, d.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.28,1845.

Sarah Louisa, d.David C. and Rebecca, Feb.21,1848.

NOIES (Noyes)

Abigail, d.William, bp. May26,1771.CR4

Doritha, d.Eliphalet, bp. Sept.10,1769.CR4

Jane, d.Jacob, bp. May3,1772.CR4

William, s.William, bp. Aug.2,1772.CR4

NOLSON (Nelson)

Sally, d.Samuel, bp. May1,1774.CR3


Lois Ann, d.George W. and Lois G., Oct.22,1848.


Caleb, s.Caleb and Lucy, July19,1825.

Charles, s.Caleb and Lucy, May17,1823.

Charles Carroll, s.Caleb and Lucy, May12,1828.

Joseph, s.James and Sally, Feb.10,1808.

Lucy Eldora, d.George W. and Harriet, Mar.22,1847.

Sally Berry, d.James and Sally, Sept.10,1809.


末末, ch.Mary, July5,1805.

Albert, s.twin, Joshua and Sally, Jan.23,1815.

Alfred, s.twin, Joshua and Sally, Jan.23,1815.

Angelina, d.Stephen and Mary, Jan.29,1814.

Anna, d.Michael, bp. Apr.23,1769.CR1

Anna, d.Bishop and Anna, Aug.17,1786.

Anna [Kent.CR1], d.Michael and Silly, Aug.6,1804.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, July21,1777.

Bishop, s.Joshua and Lydia, June末,1752.

Caleb, s.Joshua and Mary, June28,1764.

Caleb, s.Jonathan and Mary, June28,1764.

Caroline, d.Benjamin, jr. and Judith, Mar.5,1803.

Caty, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Feb.27,1784.

Charles Stephen, s.Joshua and Sarah, Aug.16,1821.

Clarissa Ann, d.Daniel and Mary, Feb.12,1829.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Feb.18,1796.

Daniel, s.Benjamin, jr. and Judith, Apr.15,1802.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, June4,1823.

Daniel William, s.George and Martha Ann, bp. Sept.25,1831.CR2

Elisabeth, d.Stephen and Ruth, Feb.14,1786.CR3

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Feb.18,1794.

Elizabeth Burnham, d.Benjamin, jr. and Judith, Jan.26,1807.

Elsey Knight, d.John and Elsey, Aug.26,1799.

George, s.Amos and Sarah, Sept.18,1805.

George Sylvester, s.George and Martha Ann, Feb.12,1829.

Gorhum, s.Joshua and Sarah, Mar.8,1810.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.11,1782.

Hannah, d.Bishop and Anna, Jan.6,1785.

Hannah Hart, d.Benjamin, jr. and Judith, Aug.16,1805.

Harriet, d.Michael and Sally, Sept.22,1802.

Henry, s.Michael, jr. and Sally, Jan.22,1798.

James, s.John and Margaret, July20,1798.

Jane Cheever, d.Daniel and Jane, Sept.9,1820.

Jenny, d.Bishop and Hannah, Nov.11,1777.

Joseph, s.Michael, jr. and Sally, Mar.18,1796.

Joshua, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Dec.18,1778.

Joshua, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.5,1785.

Joshua Bishop, s.Bishop and Anna, Jan.25,1790.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Sally, Nov.30,1811. [1812. dup.]

Katy, d.Jonathan, bp. Aug.31,1766.CR1

Lavina, d.Stephen and Mary, Oct.14,1811.

Lydia, d.Bishop and Anna, Oct.17,1793.

Lydia [Broughton.CR1], d.Michael and Sally, Sept.22,1806.

Margaret, d.John and Margaret, Dec.3,1800.

Mary Brown, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.3,1790.

Mary Jane [Carlton.CR4], d.Stephen and Mary, July3,1817.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Mary, June29,1826.

Michael, s.Michael, bp. Feb.28,1773.CR1

Richardson, s.Bishop, bp. Mar.23,1781.CR3

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Nov.3,1780.

Sally, d.Michael and Sally, Feb.26,1800.

Sarah Titcomb, d.Stephen and Mary, July13,1819.

Stephen Sewall, s.Bishop and Anna, Apr.2,1783.

Stephen, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.8,1788.

Stephen Sewall, s.Bishop and Anna, Feb.6,1788.

Stephen, s.William and Harriet, Dec.16,1819.

William, s.Joshua and Lydia, Feb.23,1764.

William, s.Benjmin and Sarah, Jan.28,1792.

William Bishop, s.Bishop and Anna, Feb.6,1792.


Jonathan, s.Thomas and Judith, Feb.22,1789.

Judith, d.Thomas, Sept.末,1798.

Lydia, d.Thomas and Judith, Apr.17,1794.

Mary, d.Thomas and Judith, June23,1796.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Judith, July2,1786.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Judith, Oct.7,1783.

William, s.Thomas and Judith, Dec.19,1791.

NOWALL (Nowell)

Samuel, s.Nathanael, bp. Aug.1,1773.CR1

NOWEL (Nowell)

Catherine, d.Moses and Catherine, June15,1765.

Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, Jan.18,1768.

George, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, June5,1764.

Martha, d.John and Mary, Oct.4,1765.

Moses, s.Moses and Catharine, Mar.15,1764.

NOWELL (Nowall, Nowel)

Almira K., d.William C. and Susan, May18,1841.

Andrew Clarkson, s.Joseph, jr. and Sally, Mar.10,1814.

Anne, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.22,1757.

Anne, d, twin, Moses and Catharine, July15,1767.

Ann, d.John and Hannah, June16,1830.

Caroline, d.Joseph, jr. and Sally, May18,1809.

Charles, s.Samuel and Sarah, bp. Nov.12,1786.CR2

Charles, s.twin, George and Hannah, Apr.17,1809.

Charles, s.John and Hannah, Feb.22,1827.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1755.

Elisabeth, d.Capt. Nathaniel, bp. Oct.19,1777.CR1

Elisabeth, d.Samuel York, bp. Oct.22,1780.CR1

Betsy, d.Samuel York, bp. July4,1784.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Foster and Lydia, Aug.4,1805.

Foster, s.Samuel, bp. Feb.14,1779.CR1

George, s.Moses and Catherine, May20,1771.

George, s.George and Hannah, July30,1790.

George William, s.John and Hannah, Apr.23,1825.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Dolly, bp. Aug.22,1790.CR2

Hannah, d.George and Hannah, Jan.1,1798.

Harriot, d.Joseph and Polly, bp. Dec.24,1793.CR2

Harriett Kimball, d.William and Susan, June12,1844.

Henry, s.Joseph and Polly, bp. July13,1781.CR2

Henry, s.Joseph and Polly, bp. Sept.6,1783.CR2

Henry, s.Joseph and Polly, bp. Sept.27,1784.CR2

Henry, s.Joseph, jr. and Sally, Jan.15,1800.

James, s.twin, Moses and Catharine, July15,1767.

James, s.Silas and Martha, Oct.10,1778.

James Brintnall, s.Samuel York, bp. Oct.31,1790.CR1

James, s.George and Hannah, Jan.13,1811.

Jane, d.Nathaniel and Jane, Mar.21,1770.

John, s.Silas and Martha, July18,1782.

John, s.Samuel York, bp. Sept.15,1782.CR1

John Fletcher, s.Richard and Polly, bp. May23,1800.CR2

John Proudfit, s.John and Hannah, Mar.2,1828.

Joseph Newman, s.Nathaniel and Jane, Feb.11,1772.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Sally, June16,1807.

Margaret, d.Samuel York, bp. Aug.19,1792.CR1

Martha, d.Silas and Martha, Jan.21,1777.

Patty, d.Joseph and Polly, bp. July13,1781.CR2

Mary, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1760.

Molly Briton, d.Samuel York, bp. July14,1776.CR3

Mary, d.Joseph and Polly, bp. Sept.23,1787.CR2

Mary Jane, d.Joseph, jr. and Sally, Jan.11,1805.

Mary Ann, d.William C. and Susan, Jan.1,1834.

Matthew Perkins Dole, s.Joseph, jr. and Sally, May22,1812.

Michael, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.5,1759.

Michael, s.Samuel, bp. July11,1784.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Jane, July9,1768.

Philip, s.Capt. Nathaniel, bp. June3,1787.CR1

Phebe, d.Silas and Martha, May12,1783.CR3

Prudence, d.George and Hannah, Dec.18,1788.

Prudence, d.George and Hannah, Sept.23,1812.

Ralph Cross, s.Silas and Martha, July4,1786.

Richard, s.Samuel and Elisabeth, bp. Apr.26,1767.CR2

Richard, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.25,1769.

Richard, s.Samuel York, bp. Aug.10,1788.CR1

Richard, s.Samuel and Sarah, bp. Sept.26,1796.CR2

Richard, s.twin, George and Hannah, Apr.17,1809.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Polly, bp. Oct.3,1775.CR2

Samuel York, s.Samuel York, bp. Aug.13,1786.CR1

Sarah Johnson, d.Silas and Martha, Sept.3,1774.

Sarah, d.Samuel, bp. Feb.9,1777.CR1

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, bp. [Nov. or Dec.] 7,1790.CR2

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, Nov.17,1801. [Nov.20. dup.]

Sally Hannah, d.Charles and Susanna, Apr.18,1809.

Silas, s.Silas and Martha, Oct.6,1780.

Stephen, s.George and Ruth, Nov.12,1792.

Stephen Chase, s.George and Hannah, Apr.14,1793.CR3

Susan Elizabeth, d.William C. and Susan, Aug.29,1836.

William, s.Moses and Catherine, Aug.9,1769.

William, s.Samuel York, bp. Nov.30,1794.CR1

William Chase, s.George and Hannah, Nov.29,1806.

William, s.William C. and Susan, Nov.22,1838.

NOYES (Noies)

末末, d.Jacob and Rhoda, Aug.16,1804.

末末, d.Sewell B. and Sarah Jane, May24,1847.

Abiah, d.Silas and Abiah, July28,1810.

Abigail, d.John, bp. Feb.16,1773.CR3

Abby Frances, d.William P. and Frances, Apr.9,1848.

Abram, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, June19,1800.

Albert, s.John and Nancy, Aug.9,1816.

Alice, d.Paul, bp. Dec.6,1767.CR3

Amelia, d.Henry, Nov.2,1765.PR23

Amos, s.Samuel and Mary, Mar.23,1764.

Amos, s.Amos and Elizabeth, Oct.11,1799.

Amos, s.Amos and Harriet Cook, June23,1830.

Amos, s.David and Harriet, Sept.27,1831.

Anna, d.Abram and Anna, July10,1774.

Anna, d.Elizabeth, bp. June29,1796.CR3

Anna Smith, d.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Jan.23,1811.

Annah Lunt, d.George W. and Harriet, Jan.8,1846.

Anne, d.Edmund, bp. Aug.12,1771.CR3

Anne, d.Stephen and Phebe, June20,1780.

Ann Latbrop, d.Nathan and Sally, Dec.20,1801. [Dec.21. dup.]

Ann, d.John and Nancy, Jan.29,1818.

Augustus Boddily, s.Paul, jr. and Susanna, Oct.23,1806.

Calvin Luther, s.Robert Heath and Betsey, Sept.13,1811.

Caroline, d.Nathan and Sally, Aug.23,1803.

Caroline, d.Jacob, jr. and Rebekah, Sept.21,1809.

Caroline, d.Joseph, 5th and Miriam, Feb.2,1820.

Catharine, d.William and Mary, Aug.17,1773.

Catherine, d.Joseph, 4th and Sarah, May12,1812.

Catherine Porter, d.Francis V. and Elizabeth J., Jan.12,1839.

Charles, s.Noah, Aug.6,1783.CR3

Charles, s.Abraham and Anna, Apr.14,1784.

Charles Edward, s.Jacob, 3d and Rebecca, Jan.1,1806.

Charles, s.Silas and Abiah, Oct.23,1815.

Charles, s.Silas and Abiah, Aug.25,1818.

Charles Augustus, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Mary, June20,1832.

Charles Henry, s.Sewell B. and Sarah Jane, Dec.25,1848.

Christian, d.Eliphalet, bp. Feb.12,1764.CR1

Clarissa, d.Samuel and Ann, May20,1828.

Crisp [Chripus.CR3] Bradbury, s.Samuel and Mary, Nov.18,1768.

Crissia Hunt, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Nov.6,1801.

Daniel, s.John, bp. Feb.16,1773.CR3

Daniel Davis, s.Daniel and Nancy, May7,1822.

David, s.Amos and Sarah, Nov.28,1794.

David Coffin, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Mary, Jan.7,1819.

David Moody, s.David and Harriet, Sept.15,1819.

Ebenezer, s.Abraham, bp. June11,1769.CR3

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.20,1770.

Ebenezer, s.Samuell, bp. May12,1771.CR3

Ebenezer, s.Noah, bp. Apr.28,1776.CR3

Ebenezer, s.Nathaniel and Mary, May26,1800.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Martha, Sept.2,1803.

Ebenezer, s.Nathan and Sally, Aug.9,1807.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, May2,1808.

Ebenezer Stone, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Mary, Feb.12,1830.

Edmund, s.Edmund, bp. Apr.4,1773.CR3

Edward Luther, s.Joseph, 4th and Sarah, Mar.25,1807.

Eliza, d.Wadley and Hannah, Aug.6,1801.

Eliza Ann, d.Ebenezer, jr. and Elizabeth, Jan.23,1806.

Betty, d.Paul, bp. Mar.16,1766.CR3

Elizabeth, d.William and Mary, Aug.18,1768.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.12,1783.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Anna, Oct.10,1785.

Elizabeth, d.Richard and Sarah, July12,1790.

Elizabeth Parkman, d.Silas, bp. Dec.5,1790.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Apr.20,1793.

Elizabeth Greenleaf, d.John Mansfield and Jane, Nov.9,1795.

Elizabeth Finson, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Jan.7,1802.

Elizabeth Parkman, d.Robert Heath and Betsy, Oct.15,1807.

Elizabeth Davis, d.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Jan.9,1808.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, 5th and Miriam, Dec.1,1813.

Ellen Maria, d.Francis V. and Elizabeth J., July11,1837.

Emilly, d.John M. and Jane, Jan.8,1818.

Enoch, s.Samuell, bp. Sept.15,1771.CR3

Enoch, s.Paul, bp. May10,1773.CR3

Enoch, s.Samuell, bp. Aug.22,1773.CR3

Esther, d.Simeon, bp. Apr.11,1779.CR1

Eunice, d.Joseph and Anna, Aug.31,1785.

Eunice, d.Joseph, jr. and Anna, Aug.31,1787. (recorded in 1785.).

Fanny, d.Joseph, 5th and Miriam, Mar.3,1822.

Fanny Hunt, d.twin, Joseph and Miriam, June21,1828.

Francis Vergnies, s.Enoch and Margaret, Aug.10,1804.

Francis Vergnies, s.Nathan and Sally, Sept.22,1809.

Francis Everett, s.John H. and Mary L., July5,1847.

George, s.Jacob, jr. and Rhoda, Aug.2,1791.CR5

George Rapall, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.6,1798.

George, s.Joseph and Mehitable, Dec.30,1813.CR5

George, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Mary, Mar.30,1821.

Giles, s.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.1,1777.

Hannah, d.Paul, bp. Dec.23,1770.CR3

Hannah Atkinson, d.Abraham and Anne, Dec.17,1771.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, July29,1773.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Nov.27,1804.

Hannah, d.Joseph, 5th and Mariam, Oct.24,1811.

Hannah Knap, d.Jacob and Rhoda, Feb.5,1812.

Harriet Frances, d.Davis and Harriet, May19,1824.

Harriet Cook, d.David and Harriet, Sept.2,1829.

Harriet N., d.George W. and Harriet, Jan.8,1846.PR24

Henrietta, d.John Mansfield and Jane, May11,1807.

Henry James, s.Silas and Abiah, Aug.25,1812.

Henry Furlong, S. Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Jan.1,1813.

Henry, s.John and Nancy, Nov.13,1814.

Hosea, s.Jacob, jr. [3d.CR3] and Rebekah, Nov.6,1811.

Isaac, s.Joseph and Margaret, Mar.24,1795.

Isaac, s.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Mar.27,1795.

Isaac, s.Joseph and Margaret, Mar.27,1804.

Isaac Goss, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, May20,1805.

Jacob, 3d, s.Joseph and Hannah, Apr.29,1765.

Jacob, s.John M[ansfield.CR3] and Jane, May30,1800.

Jacob, s.Jacob [jr.CR5] and Rhoda, Apr.20,1802.

Jane, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.14,1771.

Jane, d.Isaac, bp. Aug.12,1774.CR3

Jane, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.15,1775.CR3

Jane, d.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.5,1778.

Jane, d.John Mansfield and Jane, Jan.31,1799.

Jane, d.Jacob [jr.CR5] and Rhoda, Feb.末,1801.

Jane, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Sept.12,1808.

Jeremiah, s.Isaac, bp. Jan.26,1766.CR3

John Pike, s.William, bp. Nov.17,1773.CR3

John, s.Abraham and Anna, Feb.19,1779.

John, s.Samuel, bp. July30,1780.CR3

John, s.Eliphalet and Judith, July27,1788.PR22

John, s.John M[ansfield.CR3] and Jane, Jan.17,1797.

John Stanwood, s.Joseph, 4th and Sally, Feb.7,1802. [Feb.26. dup.]

John Stanwood, s.Joseph, 3d and Sarah, Feb.7,1802. [Feb.1. dup.]

John Murray, s.Robert H. and Betsy, Aug.9,1810.

John, s.John and Nancy, Mar.27,1813.

John, s.John M. and Jane, June25,1813.

John, s.Joseph and Miriam, Sept.21,1826.

Joseph, Capt, July4,1736.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Oct.1,1768.

Joseph, a, Henry, Nov.27,1769.PR23

Joseph, s, Abraham and Anne, Sept.17,1770.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Mary, May2,1785.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.1,1787.

Joseph, 3d, s.Joseph, jr. and Anna, Aug.18,1789.

Joseph, s, Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Mar.24,1803.

Joseph, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Jan.14,1804.

Joseph, s.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Mar.24,1804.

Joseph Bragdon, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, Oct.21,1807.

Joseph Thomas, s.Joseph, 5th and Miriam, Mar.4,1818.

Joseph Clement, s.George W., carpenter, and Harriet (Jackman), Feb.9,1848.

Josiah Plumer, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, Feb.17,1800.

Judith, d.Joseph and Hannah, Nov.1,1766.

Judith Gaines, d.Eliphalet and Judith, Mar.9,1780.PR22

Julia Agnes, d.Jacob and Eliza, July15,1841.

Levina Burk, d.Jacob, 3d and Rebekah, Oct.26,1807.

Lucy, d.Joseph, 3d [4th.dup.] and Sarah, June7,1803.

Luther, s.Samuel and Hannah, Dec.9,1809.CR5

Lydia [Hall.CR4], d.Jacob and Abigail, Nov.5,1773.

Margaret, d.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Mar.9,1801.

Maria Louisa, d.David and Harriet, Sept.27,1825.

Martha, d.Paul and Sarah, Feb.11,1764.

Martha, d.Ezra and Nabby, Dec.15,1769.

Martha, d.Isaac, bp. Oct.7,1770.CR3

Mary, d.William and Mary, Feb.24,1767.

Polly, d.Stephen and Pheebe, Feb.18,1772.

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Jan.21,1776.CR3

Mary, d.Jacob and Abigail, Feb.9,1777.

Mary Emery, d.Noah, bp. Mar.27,1781.CR3

Polly, d.Simeon, bp. Apr.28,1782.CR1

Polly, d.Simeon, bp. Dec.21,1783.CR1

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Apr.8,1789.

Mary, d.Richard and Sarah, Dec.13,1791.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.20,1795.

Mary, d.Joseph and Margaret, June8,1799.

Mary, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Aug.25,1799. [Aug.21.CR5]

Mary, d.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, June8,1800.

Mary Jane, d.John Mansfield and Jane, Mar.2,1805.

Mary, d.Nathan and Sally, Sept.15,1805.

Mary, d.Joseph, 5th and Miriam, Apr.14,1807.

Mary Ann, d.Joseph, 4th and Sarah, Nov.5,1808.

Mary Rebecca, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1811.

Mary Brown, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Mary, Aug.8,1823.

Mary Coffin, d.David and Harriet, Sept.8,1827.

Mary, d.Nathan and Sarah, bp. Sept.18,1831.CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d.Jacob, jr. and Eliza, Jan.10,1845.

Michael, s.Jonathan and Mary, Oct.13,1766.

Miriam, d.Joseph, 5th and Miriam, Feb.8,1816.

Moody, s.William and Mary, Aug.10,1780.

Moses, s.Henry, Dec.23,1767.PR23

Moses, s.Stephen and Phebe, Feb.14,1770.

Nancy Dole, d.Joseph 4th and Sarah, Aug.24,1810.

Nancy G., d.Joseph and Nancy, Dec.25,1836.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.23,1763.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.21,1791.

Nathaniel L., s.Paul and Susanna, Mar.19,1812.

Paul, s.Henry, Apr.17,1775.PR23

Philip Henry, s.Daniel and Nancy, Aug.9,1828.

Phebe, d.twin, Stephen and Phebe, Jan.14,1776.

Prudence Davis, d.Daniel and Nancy, Nov.20,1826.

Rebecca Thompson, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.8,1794.

Rebekah Brant, d.Joseph and Margaret, June15,1797.

Rebecca Woodbridge, d.Jacob, [jr.CR3] and Rebecca, July10,1813.

Richard Smith, s.William and Mary, Oct.28,1765.

Richard, s.twin, Richard and Sarah, Mar.24,1794.

Richard Bartlett, s.Amos and Harriet, bp. Sept.18,1831.CR1

Robert Heath, s.Paul, bp. Nov.17,1782.CR3

Salome, d.John, bp. June4,1780.CR3

Salome, d.Joseph 4th [3d.dup.] and Sarah, May28,1805.

Samuel, s.Eliphalet, bp. Sept.28,1766.CR1

Samuel, s.John, bp. Sept.24,1775.CR3

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Oct.21,1797.

Samuel, s.John M. and Jane, Oct.1,1802. [Oct.13. dup.]

Samuel, s.Wadley and Hannah, Nov.5,1805.

Samuel Metcalf, s.Jeremiah and Anna, Sept.16,1808.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ann, Oct.20,1830.

Samuel Metcalf, s.Samuel and Ann, Nov.20,1831.

Sarah, d.Paul and Sarah, May8,1762.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary, Apr.30,1769.

Sarah, d.John, bp. Feb.16,1773.CR3

Sarah, d.Henry, Sept.27,1773.PR23

Sally, d.Abraham and Anna, Dec.10,1780.

Sarah, d.Abraham, bp. Dec.10,1780.CR3

Sarah, d.Joseph, 3d [4th.dup.] and Sarah, June21,1800.

Sarah, d.Wadley and Hannah, June14,1803.

Sarah Ann, d.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Aug.11,1805.

Sarah Jane, d.Joseph, 5th and Mariam, Sept.18,1809.

Sarah Wyer, d Timothy and Elizabeth, Dec.7,1813.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.David and Harriet, Oct.8,1821.

Sarah Jane, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Mary, Mar.29,1826.

Sarah Jane, d.Jacob and Eliza, June6,1838.

Sewell B., Apr.13,1827.

Silas, s.Henry, Jan.20,1778.CR3

Silas, s.Enoch and Margaret, June20,1800.

Simeon, s.Simeon, bp. Nov.5,1780.CR1

Simeon, s.Simeon, bp. Oct.2,1785.CR1

Simeon Brazier, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Dec.8,1803. [Nov.6.CR5].

Sophia Ann, d.twin, Joseph and Miriam, June21,1828.

Sophronia Gary, d.Samuel and Ann, June6,1829.

Statira Preble, d.Jacob, jr. and Rhoda, Sept.25,1805.

Statira Preble, d.Jacob and Eliza, May8,1843.

Stephen, s.twin, Stephen and Phebe, Jan.14,1776.

Susan Serena, d.Paul, jr. and Susanna, Jan.20,1809.

Susan Elizabath, d.Silas and Abiah, May14,1821.

Susanna, d.Edmund, bp. Sept.10,1775.CR3

Susannah, d.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Feb.13,1815.

Timothy, s.Isaac, Feb.19,1766.

Timothy Kinsley, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, June29,1798.

William, s.William and Mary, Sept.21,1775.

William, s.Stephen and Phebe, Apr.19,1778.

William, s.twin, Richard and Sarah, Mar.24,1794.

William, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary, Aug.5,1795.

William Moody, s.Amos and Sarah, Sept.25,1796.

William, s.Richard and Sarah, Dec.20,1796.

William, s.Joseph, 3d and Margaret, Mar.18,1806.

William Cowper, s.John M. and Jane, Dec.12,1809.

William Cowper, s.John Mansfield and Jane, June14,1811.

William Plummer, s.Timothy K. and Sarah, Apr.25,1819.

William, s.Joseph, 4th and Miriam, June12,1824.

William, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.2,1834.

William Moody, s.Amos and Harriett, Sept.12,1835.

Woodbridge, s.John, bp. June4,1780.CR3


Sarah, d.Obadiah and Sarah Rynes, bp. Apr.5,1779.CR2


Alonzo Reed, s.John and Elisabeth, Dec.13,1845.

Mary Ann Hale, Dec.1,1833.


Ellen Emily Washburn, d.Gideon and Mary E., bp. May17,1848.CR2

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