Susanna, of Salem, and John Lowell, Esq., int. May 10, 1774.

CAISEY (Casey)

Bridget, and James Cashman, int. Oct. 21, 1848.


Abner, and Lydia Story of Newbury, int. Nov. 11, 1809.

Alexander, and Mary Warner, int. Oct. 21, 1769.

Alexander, and Elizabeth H. True, int. Aug. 10, 1847.

Charlotte Walker, and Levi Swain, Apr. 10, 1814.*

David S., of Dunbarton, NH, and Abigail Newman of Newbury, Dec. 5, 1827.

Harriet M. [Mrs. int.], and Joshua Toppan, May 21, 1826.*

John [Capt. int.], and Elinor Orne, Dec. 5, 1820.*

John Baker, and Harriet Question of Newbury, int. Oct. 26, 1821.

Maria, and William Swain, int. Dec. 20, 1829.

Martha, and Samuel Rogers Allen of Boston, Apr. 25, 1822.*

Polly, and [Capt. int.] Thomas March Clark, Dec. 4, 1793.*

Mary, and Samuel Davis, Oct. 17, 1802. [Nov. 22. CR4; Oct. 29. int.]*

Mary E., a. 23 y., d. Stephen and Mary, and William F. Couch, a. 28 y., mariner, s. John and Sarah, Sept. 10, 1845.*

Mercy, of Ipswich, and Moses Davis, jr., at Ipswich, Oct. 21, 1797.*

Ruth, of Newbury, and John Page, Apr. 16, 1809.*

Samuel R., and Clarissa Bowers of Lowell, int. Dec. 1, 1831.

Samuel Lunt, of Bangor, ME, a. 26 y., Baptist clergyman, s. Stephen and Mary, and Mary L. Richards, a. 30 y., d. Alexander and Sybill S., Sept. 17, 1846.*

Sally, and David Peabody, Jan. 20, 1814.*

Sarah Elisabeth, a. 26 y., d. Abner and Lydia S., and Alfred Osgood, widr., of Boston, a. 36 y., jeweller, s. Alfred and Mary, Sept. 20, 1847.*

Stephen, and Mary Lunt of Newbury, May 4, 1819.*

Stephen, and Sarah Woodfen, int. Oct. 3, 1835.

Thomas, and Mary Boardman of Ipswich, int. Aug. 23, 1800.

William, and Abigail Woodman, Sept. 18, 1768. CR3*

William, jr., and Lucy Goodhue, Dec. 10, 1805. [Dec. 11. CR4]*

William Warner, of New Orleans, and Jane Wheelwright, int. July 2, 1825.

William W., jr., and Ruth M. Woodock of Leicester, int. Aug. 24, 1848.


Betsey, and John Thing, Aug. 23, 1801.*

Elizabeth, and John Cullimore, int. Dec. 16, 1801. (forbidden by Mrs. Calef.)

Elizabeth, and John Cullimore, int. Jan. 19, 1802. ("forbidden by Nics Pike & Ebenr March Justices of the peace, Jan. 27th, 1802. ")

Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and Elkanah Lunt, Oct. 4, 1810.*

Hannah G., a. 16 y., d. Moses and Lucy, and William D. Packer, widr., a. 26 y., victualler, s. Mark and Olive, Oct. 18, 1846.*

Mary, and Anthony Francis, Oct. 18, 1807.*

Sarah [Abigail. int.], and Daniel Webber, Aug. 18, 1776.*


Eleazar, and Abigail Hall, int. Oct. 19, 1805.


Abigail Stacey, and Charles Woodman, July 2, 1807.*

Ann, and Nathan Hadlock of Bangor, ME, June 11, 1817.*

Charles, and Mrs. Sally Kezer, Oct. 14, 1810.*

Clarissa, and Benjamin Binney Osgood of Boston, Nov. 12, 1816.*

Alvira, a. 23 y., d. David and Polly, and Joseph B. Couillard, a. 24 y., manufacturer, s. Joshua and Nancy, Mar. 11, 1847.*

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Stacey of Rowley, int. Apr. 24, 1773.

Jonathan, and Caroline Greenleaf, Mar. 22, 1819.*

Margaret [Mrs. int.], and Thomas Cristy, May 27, 1781.*

Phillippa, and Hon. George Sullivan of Exeter, NH, int. Oct. 30, 1826.


James, and Martha Smith [of Newbury. int.], Dec. 22, 1779. CR2*

CALLEY (Cawley, Colley, Colly)

Abigail, and William Piper, Dec. 4, 1796.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Adams of Newbury, int. Dec. 6, 1777.

John, and Elizabeth Condry of Newbury, int. Dec. 6, 1806.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Gerrish, int. May 9, 1772.

Richard James [Capt. int.], and Sally Wyatt, Dec. 16, 1783.*

Sarah, of Stratham, and Thomas Young, int. Oct. 26, 1765.


William, and Elizabeth Reed of Newbury, int. May 10, 1805.


Eleanor, and Gorham Hall, Dec. 1, 1842. CR4*

John [H. int.], and Dolly Ann Small, Aug. 15, 1824.*

Margaret A.M., a. 20 y., and Andrew Atkinson, seaman, June 27, 1844.*

CAMETT (Cammet)

Moses, and Mary Goodhue, July 4, 1814.*


Edward, of Boston, a. 25 y., stone cutter, s. William and Catherine, and Mary E. Johnston, a. 21 y., d. Patrick and Abigail A., Oct. 1, 1849.*

CAMMET (Camett)

Hannah, of Amesbury, a. 21 y., d. Silas and Sarah, and John T. [F. int.] Stockman, a. 19 y., manufacturer, s. John and Sarah G., June 23, 1847.*

CAMPBELL (Campbill)

Fanny B., and Nathan Pingry, June 1, 1837.*

George, and Mary March of Newbury, int. Feb. 20, 1813.

George, and Sarah Popkin of Maiden, int. May 8, 1819.

Hannah, and John Jack, int. Sept. 30, 1820.

James, and Nancy Clouston, Oct. 2, 1804.*

Jane, and Thomas Harvey, jr., May 23, 1805.*

Margaret, and Nathaniel Gerrish of Newbury, Jan. 25, 1803.*

Margaret A., and Benjamin P. Dow of Newbury, int. Nov. 30, 1838.

Margaret A., and Benjamin F. Dole of Newbury, Dec. 28, 1838.

Margaret [B. int.], a. 33 y., d. Martha, and Enoch Cross, widr., of Gorham, ME, a. 43 y., physician, s. Abigail, Nov. 28, 1844.*

Randolph, Rev., and Elizabeth Perkins, int. June 15, 1839.

Robert, and Hannah Whitmore, May 15, 1804.*

CAMPBILL (Campbell)

James, and Elizabeth Webber, int. June 16, 1779.


Hiram, and Mary Poor of Newbury, int. July 3, 1841.


Mehitabel, and John Langworthy [Longworthy. int.], Feb. 24, 1787.*

Rebekah [Mrs. int.], and Nicolas Kindness, Dec. 22, 1782. CR2*


Dorothy F., and Michael Stevens, int. Sept. 12, 1846.

Jane, Mrs., and Joseph Currier, Aug. 27, 1808.*

Joseph, and Jane Stickney, June 22, 1794.*


Martha, and William Henry Crozier, Nov. 12, 1765. CR2

Thomas A., of New York, and Mary Elizabeth Page, int. May 13, 1848.


David E., of Newbury, a. 22 y., victualler, s. James and Hannah, and Sarah Nichols, a. 18 y., d. Samuel and Nancy D., Aug. 19, 1847.*

James [jr. int.], of Newbury, and Sarah S. Wheeler, Jan. 23, 1839.*


Luther, and Jane Crocket of Newbury, June 3, 1828.*

Mary E., and William R. Fox, int. May 25, 1833.

Sybil, of Newbury, and Charles J. Fox, int. Aug. 26, 1835.

CARLETON (Carlton)

Enoch, and Mary Lane of Hampton Falls, NH, int. Oct. 27, 1842.

Fanny, and Thomas Gardner, Sept. 13, 1801.*

Hannah B., of Derry, NH, and Philip J. [I. int.] Russell, Dec. 30, 1838.*

Harriot Poor, of Exeter, and John Pearson, jr., int. Aug. 25, 1810.

Jeremiah, and Lois Hoyt, May 12, 1767. CR3*

John, and Mary Webster, Sept. 17, 1798.*


James, and Mary P. Norton [Wharton. int.], Sept. 19, 1839.*

CARLTON (Carleton)

Ann Burley, and Elias Pike, June 6, 1806.*

Francis D., a. 32 y., manufacturer, s. John and Mary, and Sarah Ann Brewster, a. 28 y., d. John and Elisabeth, Nov. 26, 1846.*

John, and Nabby Follansbe of Newbury, int. Jan. 8, 1791.

Sally [of Newbury. int.], and Daniel Dougherty, June 30, 1785.*

Sarah W., and John F. Towle, Sept. 19, 1841.*

Wales D., widr, a. 24 y., machinist, s. John and Rachel, and Elisabeth Abbott of Standish ME, a. 23 y., d. George and Julia, Apr. 20, 1847.*


John, and Molly Fleet, Jan. 5, 1784.*

John, and Elizabeth Choate, Dec. 4, 1793.*


Martha B., and William R. Carnes of Boston, Sept. 23, 1834.*

Robert, and Hannah Randall, July 22, 1824.*

Sarah H., and Charles M. Brown, Jan. 4, 1827.*

William R., of Boston, and Martha B. Carnes, Sept. 23, 1834.*


–––––, and ––––– Littlefield, ––– ––, 1844.

Isaac, and Mrs. Rebbecca Butman. Dec. 7, 1832.*


Abigail, and Michael Barry, July 8, 1781.*

Anne, of Salisbury, and Samuell Metcalf, Aug. 11, 1766. CR3*

Benjamin, of Salisbury, and Mary Ann Becket, int. Dec. 11, 1834.

Caroline, and William Coffin, May 23, 1836.*

Clarissa, and John Currier, jr., both of Newbury, Dec. 28, 1830.

Daniel, and Patience Noyes of Newbury, Nov. 28, 1825. [Nov. 18. CR4]*

Elisa, a. 23 y., b. Newbury, d. Samuel and Christie, and William P. Plumer of Newbury, a. 20 y., ship carpenter, s. James and Esther, Nov. 7, 1849.*

Elisabeth, and Michael Condon, July 8, 1781. CR2

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Newbury, and William Wigglesworth, int. Feb. 22, 1783.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Lukis, Sept. 4, 1796. CR1*

Elizabeth, of Haverhill, and Robert Long, jr., int. June 12, 1802.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Pettingell of Newbury, int. Nov. 24, 1804.

Betsey, and Charles Cheney [Chancy. CR4], Dec. 21, 1828.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Robert Pearson, int. May 19, 1804.

Hannah P., and James D. York [of Haverhill. int.], Apr. 3, 1834.*

Henry S., and Caroline L[akeman. int.] Sweet, Aug. 24, 1837.*

Jabez, and Sally Chace, Jan. 30, 1801.*

James, and Love Merrill of Newbury, int. Mar. 21, 1796.

Jane, wid., and Thomas Perkins, int. Oct. 14, 1769.

Jane, and James McDonald [of Falmouth. int.], June 12, 1777.*

Jane, and John Bartlet [of Newbury. CR2], Apr. 5, 1792.

Jane, Mrs., of Salisbury, and Daniel Hunnewell, int. Nov. 25, 1808.

John, and Sarah Shackford, July 30, 1783.*

John, and Ann Chase of West Newbury, int. Sept. 30, 1826.

Joseph, and Mary Eastman of New Meadows, int. Sept. 29, 1764.

Joseph F., and Hannah J. [P. int.] Alexander, Dec. 3, 1835.*

Joseph S., and Rebecca T. Goodwin, int. Apr. 30, 1842.

Joshua Wingate [Maj. CR4], of Bangor, ME, and Hannah Rollins Pearson, Oct. 9, 1822.*

Lydia Giddings, and [Capt. int.] Jeremiah Nelson Jaques, Oct. 28, 1822.*

Mary, Mrs. [Miss. int.], and William Creesy, June 7, 1764.*

Mary, and Nathan Merrill [3 d. int.] of Newbury, Nov. 30, 1797.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Daniel Norton, Mar. 20, 1822.*

Mary Ann, and Cornelius Short, Apr. 3, 1834.*

Mary G., of West Newbury, a. 41 y., d. William and Mary, and James B. Kelley, widr., of Hopkinton, NH, a. 40 y., husbandman, s. Stephen, Sept. 7, 1847.

Nanny [Anne. int.], and Henry Richardson, Sept. 29, 1780. CR3*

Rhoda, and George Smith, int. May 25, 1782.

Rhoda, and Thomas Pettengell, Jan. 15, 1791.*

Ruth [of Salisbury. int.], and James Smith, jr., Oct. 18, 1787.*

Sarah, and Thomas Morrison, Oct. 10, 1790.*

Sally, and Joshua Kent, jr., Sept. 8, 1825.*

Sarah B., of Salisbury, and Luther C. Merrill, Feb. 3, 1839.*

Sarah F., a. 25 y., d. Hannah, and Eben [Ebenezer. int.] Griffin, widr., a. 38 y., machinist, s. Eliphalet and Mehitable, May 21, 1848.*

Susan H., and Stephen Ilsley of Newbury, int. Jan. 5, 1833.

CARRELL (Carroll)

Philip, and Sally Cheever, Sept. 17, 1800.*


Harriett, and Samuel H. Tarr, Nov. 19, 1835.*

William, and Mary Pulsifer of Rowley, int. Feb. 13, 1808.

CARROL (Carroll)

Betsey, and Jonathan Moulton, Dec. 12, 1789.*

John, and Mary Hidden, July 1, 1792, [Jan. 12, 1793. int.; Feb. 1, 1793. CR4]*

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and John Reeves, Aug. 18, 1783.*

Susanna, and Samuel Greenleaf, Aug. 13, 1787.*

CARROLL (Carrell, Carrol)

John, and Elizabeth Willet, int. Dec. 24, 1778.


Anne, and Joseph Ellison, Jan. 29, 1784. CR2*

Benjamin A[dolphus. int.], of Newmarket, NH, and Margaret C[louston. int.] Haskell, Dec. 3, 1826.*

Elizabeth Margaret, and William Belcher Reynolds, Esq., of Boston, int. Mar. 31, 1821.

Elisabeth Jane, and James Colcord, both of Brentwood, NH, Aug. 22, 1843.

Ellen Maria, of Lowell, a. 19 y., d. Joseph and Maria, and William F. Tucker, a. 20 y., cordwainer, s. George and Mary J., Sept. 21, 1848.*

Esther, and Rev. Thomas Gary, int. May 6, 1775.

Hannah, and William Smith of Boston, June 13, 1787.*

Jeremiah, of Newbury, and Sally Woodman, Nov. 14, 1827.*

Jeremiah, and Mrs. Mary Young, int. Mar. 2, 1839.

John, and Margaret Robinson, May 14, 1843. CR2*

Joseph, and Mary Underwood, int. Aug. 29, 1795.

Joshua, and Mrs. Elizabeth Thaxter of Haverhill, int. June 17, 1794.

Mary, and Edward Cutts of Portsmouth [NH. int.], Apr. 17, 1796.*

Moses, of Salisbury, and Clarissa Poor, Dec. 5, 1824.*

Nathan, and Mary Ann Pearson, Apr. 16, 1832.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Elisabeth Epes Cutts of Portsmouth, NH, int. Mar. 29, 1788.

Oliver, and Sally Randall, Sept. 22, 1825.*

Sally, and Shadrach Weymouth, int. Nov. 30, 1825.

Susan, of Manchester, and Trueman Herrick, int. Sept. 8, 1827.

Thomas, and Anna Raymond, Oct. 29, 1770.*

Thomas Charles, and Sarah Ann Davis, May 23, 1836. CR2*

Timothy [W. int.], of Springfield, and Eliza Harriet Bayley, Sept. 20, 1843.*

William D., of Portsmouth, NH, and Eliza D. Newman, Aug. 31, 1828.*


Benjamin Franklin, and Mary Stickney Gross, Mar. 7, 1805.*


Alice, and Edward A. Cilley, both of Newbury, Dec. 17, 1835.

Daniel, and [Mrs. int.] Molly Stockles [Stoales. int.], Oct. 17, 1784.*

David, of Newbury, and Mary Aubin, int. Dec. 9, 1820.

James, and Mrs. Hannah Curtis, Dec. 22, 1805.*

Mary, and Frederic Tone, Jan. 14, 1808.*

Mary Jane [of Boston. CR1], and Samuel Wheeler, jr., Oct. 19, 1829.*

Michael, and Abigail Young, Aug. 1, 1785. CR2*

Sally, and Edward Raynes of Deer Isle, int. Sept. 27, 1805.

Sarah Ann, and William Eastman, Aug. 9, 1807.*

Susan, of Newbury, and Henry Johnson, int. Nov. 14, 1812.

Thomas, Rev., and Esther Carter, int. May 6, 1775.

Thomas, Rev., and Deborah Prince of Exeter, NH, int. Aug. 16, 1783.

CASEY (Caisey)

Elisabeth [Mrs. int.], and Edward Jones, Nov. 6, 1781.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Cooper, Feb. 21, 1779. CR2*


Hannah, and Abel Fowler, int. Feb. 2, 1805.

Hannah, and John Norman, Jan. 19, 1806.*


Abby, and Cornelius Doyle, int. Jan. 19, 1846.

Honora, and Timothy Linihan, int. Sept. 14, 1845.

Honora, a. 30 y., d. Patrick and Honora, and Thomas Shea, a. 30 y., laborer, s. Thomas and Ellen, Oct. 28, 1849.*

James, and Bridget Caisey, int. Oct. 21, 1848.

Jeremiah, and Mary Cashman, int. Oct. 3, 1846.

Jeremiah, and Ellen Mawe, int. Mar. 27, 1848.

Mary, and Jeremiah Cashman, int. Oct. 3, 1846.

CASS (Casse)

Mary Ann, and John B. Sylvester, Aug. 11, 1839.*

Sarah [Carr. int.], and Alpheus G. Wing of Lowell, Oct. 30, 1833.*

CASSADAY (Cassady)

Susanna, and William Parsons [of Gloucester. int.], Nov. 22, 1792.*

CASSADY (Cassaday, Cassody)

Elizabeth [of Newbury. int.], and Samuel Lecount, Aug. 2, 1772.*

Timothy Kinsley, and Abigail Pike Wiley, May 29, 1796.*

CASSE (Cass)

Hervey, and Grizzel Gould, May 24, 1808.*


William C., of Boston, and Eliza Ann Lancaster, int. Aug. 25, 1830.

CASSODY (Cassady)

Mary, of Newbury, and Nathaniell Mason, Sept. 3, 1766. CR3*

CASSWELL (Caswell)

Tamezin, and Alexander McDonald, int. May 12, 1838.


Abigail, and John Harden, Sept. 23, 1795.*

Samuel, of the Isle of Shoals, and Elizabeth Randall, int. Aug. 9, 1783.

CASWELL (Casswell)

Abigail, wid., of Boston, a. 46 y., d. Nathaniel and Abigail Perkins, and David H. Griffin, a. 48 y., tin plate worker, s. Joshua and Abigail, Nov. 24, 1847.*

Azariah E., and Mary Jane Caswell of Newmarket, NH, int. June 3, 1849.

Elizabeth, and Charles Condry, Sept. 22, 1819.*

Jerusha, and Moses Plummer, June 27, 1802.*

Lemuel B., a. 24 y., mariner, s. Joseph M. and Sally, and Henrietta Garland a. 24 y., d. George T. and Mary, Dec. 31, 1845.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Benjamin Howard of Newbury, int. Apr. 27, 1816.

Mary M., of Gossport, ME, a. 22 y., d. Joseph M. and Sarah, and Joseph G. Stevens, a. 27 y., mariner, May 18, 1845.*

Mary Jane, of Newmarket, NH, and Azariah B. Caswell, int. June 3, 1849.

Robert, and Lydia Foss, Mar. 2, 1800.*

Sarah, and Edward Work, Apr. 5, 1764.*

Tamasin, and John Davidson, Apr. 29, 1843.*

Thomas, and Mrs. Clarissa Green, int. July 13, 1845.


Abigail White, and John Newman Follansbee, Jan. 1, 1797.*


Clarinda, of Newbury, a. 21 y., d. John and Susan, and John H.P. McQuillin of Newbury, a. 23 y., ship carpenter, s. Robert and Mehitable, Oct. 7, 1847.


David, and Dolly Delany, Nov. 2, 1829.*

John D., and Mary E. Long, int. May 20, 1848.


James, and Hannah Dole, int. June 16, 1770.

James, of Newbury, and Polly Murray, int. Apr. 20, 1790.

Jane, and John Mansfield Noyes, May 14, 1795.*

Sarah, and Elisha Small, Sept. 25, 1788.*

CAWLEY (Calley)

Elizabeth Gage, and Philip Henry Peirce, Nov. 27, 1821.*

CEELY (Cilley)

Peter, and Betty Pike [of Salisbury. int.], Mar. 21, 1791.*


John Uniaeck, and Clarissa Turnbull, int. Apr. 27, 1849.


Barnard [Cermanati. int.], and Mary Rose Francis, Apr. 10, 1808.*

CHACE (Chase)

Elisabeth, of Amesbury, and Samuel Pilsbury, at Amesbury, Apr. 13, 1797.*

Sally, and Jabez Carr, Jan. 30, 1801.*

Timothy Palmer, and Mrs. Lucinda Abbot, July 12, 1807. [July 10. CR1]*

CHADBOURN (Chadbourne)

Benjamin [of Berwick. int.], and Eunice Greenleaf, Nov. 11, 1790.*

Jacob, and Sally Butler, June 21, 1807.*

Mary, Mrs., of Portland and Edward Toppan, jr., int. Aug. 9, 1837.

Thomas Bowler [Chadman. int.], of Portsmouth, and Sally, Colman, Aug. 2, 1801.*

CHADBOURNE (Chadbourn)

Harriet F., b. Portland d. James and Mary, and Samuel P. Crocker, fruiterer, of Boston, Sept. 18, 1844.*

Mary, and Joseph Knapp, jr., Nov. 5, 1820.*

Mary B., and William G. Crocker, Dec. 27, 1843.*

Stephen H., of Salisbury, a. 25 y., spinner, s. George and Asenath, of Sandford, ME, and Lucy H. Beal of Salisbury, a. 21 y., d. Woodman and Anna, of Great Falls, NH, Jan. 5, 1846.


Matilda P., of Portland and William Stone, int. Oct. 11, 1829.


Moses A., of Louisville, KY, and Emiline Titcomb, Mar. 31, 1840.*


Lydia, and Joseph Tier, Oct. 8, 1767. CR2

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Asa, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Swasey Hickey, Oct. 5, 1813.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Albert Wise of Boston, Feb. 26, 1839.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Tying [Tyng. CR1], Jan. 6, 1833.*

Ichabod, and Caroline Gunnison, Mar. 21, 1813.*

Polly Phillips, and Jacob Rice George, int. May 7, 1808.

Sarah K. [H. int.], and James W. Dunning, Feb. 29, 1844.*

Stephen, and Susanna Pearson Satchwell, Dec. 31, 1809.*

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Adelia [A. int.], a. 20 y., d. Joseph and Rebecca, and Sylvester H. Furlong, a. 21 y., farmer, s. Daniel and Asenath, May 8, 1847.*

Catherine, and Joseph Littlefield of Salisbury, int. Sept. 11, 1841.

Charles P., and Sarah D. Winder of Newbury, int. Sept. 9, 1848.

Eliza Ann, and William Bragg, int. Sept. 27, 1845.

Gilman, of Orono, ME, and Nancy B. Mitchell, int. Jan. 22, 1837.

John, a. 26 y., tin plate worker, s. Bowman and Mary, and Louisa H. Hills, a. 22 y., d. Fordyce and Louisa H., May 28, 1846.*

Mary, and Dow Locke, int. Oct. 20, 1849.

Priscila Bird, Mrs., of Boston, and Rev. John Peak, int. Aug. 6, 1812.


Ephraim, of Marblehead, and Harriet B. Savage of Boston, Nov. 3, 1842. CR4


Annis, and Walter Brown, Oct. 10, 1813.*

Caroline W., wid., a. 36 y., d. James and Betsey Welch, and Elisha G. Hyde, widr., of Danvers, a. 42 y., farmer, b. Ossipee, s. Levi and Betsey, Dec. 30, 1845.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Turner, July 25, 1765. CR2

Elizabeth, and John Mycall of Harvard, Nov. 18, 1804.*

Betsy, of Atkinson, and John Boynton, int. Oct. 11, 1805.

Elisabeth P., a. 24 y., d. Samuel, and Isaac A. Hatch of Bangor, ME, a. 25 y., merchant, b. Nova Scotia, s. Silas, of Bangor, ME, Nov. 5, 1844.*

Hannah, and Silas Nowell, jr., Feb. 10, 1807.*

Martha, and Thomas Wickham, int. Nov. 24, 1781.

Mary [Mrs. CR2], and [Capt. CR2] Wyatt St. Barbe, Sept. 13, 1802.*

Nicolas W., of Plaistow, NH, and Caroline W. Welch, Dec. 25, 1828.*

Phillis, of New Rowley, and Cicero Green, int. Nov. 3, 1781.

Samuel, and Elisabeth Parsons, Oct. 2, 1781.*

Samuel, and Mary Tappan, Sept. 4, 1789.*

Samuel [Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Wyatt, Nov. 20, 1811.*

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Orlando Weed, int. Dec. 8, 1764.

Solomon, and Elisabeth Hunt, Apr. 10, 1766. CR3*

Susanna, and John Knap, Jan. 26, 1780. CR2*


William, of Wenham, and Mary Stillman, int. June 9, 1832.

CHAPLEY (Shapleigh)

Robert, and Abigail Waterhouse, int. Mar. 4, 1823.


Caleb S., and Betsey A. King, int. Oct. 28, 1849.

Joanna G., of Cambridge, and Rev. Jonathan F. Stearns, int. Oct. 2, 1840.


Daniel, of Ipswich, and Catherine B. Morse, May 24, 1840.*

Hannah, and Henry A. Bartlet, Jan. 4, 1830.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Bennet of Newbury, Sept. 26, 1811.*

Jedidiah [jr. int.], of Ipswich, and [Mrs. CR4] Jane Lunt, Dec. 10, 1835.*

John K., and Mary Perkins, Jan. 16, 1842.*

Joseph [jr. int.], of Boston, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Jarvis, [June 12. CR4] 1780.*

Joseph W., of Ipswich, and Eliza B. Moulton, int. Oct. 25, 1845.

William, and Jemima Knight, Dec. 9, 1799.*

CHASE (Chace)

Abigail, and Joseph Coffin, Jan. 5, 1792.*

Abner, and Sarah Knowlton, Jan. 11, 1795.*

Anna, and Thomas Knight, Dec. 13, 1786.

Anna, of Haverhill, and Joseph Gunnison, int. Sept. 12, 1807.

Ann, of West Newbury, and John Carr, int. Sept. 30, 1826.

Ann G., of Seabrook [NH. CR6], and Jonathan Rundlet, Apr. 10, 1834.*

Aquilla, of Newbury, and Eunice Plummer, May 7, 1827.*

Bailey, jr. [Capt. int.], and Mary Stevens Granger, Jan. 13, 1823.*

Benjamin, and Mrs. Elizabeth Beckford of Beverly, int. Feb. 22, 1800.

Benjamin, jr., of Sandown, and Elizabeth Emerton. Oct. 21, 1819.*

Caroline B., and George Lunt, int. June 25, 1833.

Carr [of Campton. int.], and Sarah Rowe, Apr. 15, 1779.*

Daniel, and Mary Whittier, ––– ––, 1784.

Daniel, of Newbury, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Stevens, July 25, 1784. CR4*

Daniel, and Maria Jane Desmazes [Desmares. int.], Apr. 25, 1816.*

Daniel, of Concord, NH, and Hannah S. Williams, July 18, 1832.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Curtis, Sept. 16, 1805.*

Eliza Jane, of Newbury, and Reuben Page, int. Feb. 1, 1804.

Betty, and Jonathan Wise, int. Sept. 13, 1766.

Elizabeth R., and Charles Knight, Nov. 17, 1839.*

Elisabeth M., and George Rowe of Pittsfield, Sept. 30, 1844.*

Eunice, and Moses Ordway [both of Newbury. CR4], May 9, 1822.

Ezra, and Elizabeth Pidgeon, Sept. 14, 1800.*

Francis, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Mary H. Wilds of Newbury, Nov. 18, 1840.

George, and Caroline Bradbury of Medford, int. Aug. 7, 1830.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Ebenezer Noyes of Dover, Nov. 29, 1764. CR3

Hannah, and William Howe, June 10, 1799.*

Hannah, of Frankfort, and William Creasy, jr., int. May 3, 1817.

Hannah, and Adam McCullock of Kennebunk, Oct. 25, 1818.*

Hannah, and Henry Merrill, both of Newbury, June 10, 1824.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Henry Dane, jr. of Andover, Apr. 5, 1831.

Hannah A[deline. int.], and Samuel C. Bailey of Derry, NH, Oct. 31, 1839.*

Hannah W., of Boston, and Charles Noyes, int. May 29, 1845.

Hannah F., a. 18 y., d. Bailey and Mary S., and James Perkins of Calais, ME, a. 29 y., merchant, s. Nathaniel and Mary, Oct. 19, 1848.*

Harriet L., and Amaziah Bailey, both of West Newbury, Sept. 6, 1832.

Harriet Augusta, and Samuel French Baxter of New York, int. July 31, 1837.

Jacob, jr., of Newbury, and Alice Hodge, Sept. 25, 1803.*

Jacob, and Susan Nowell, Jan. 6, 1831.*

Jacob, jr., of Newbury, and Eleanor A. Hunt, June 13, 1833.*

Jacob G., and Lucinda Folsom of Acton, ME, int. Nov. 4, 1842.

James, and Abigail Bickford, Sept. 25, 1770. CR4*

James, jr., and Olive [Alice. int.] Currier, Dec. 26, 1793.*

James, and Mehitable Rowe, Oct. 18, 1796. CR1*

Jane, and Jeremiah Sawyer, Dec. 21, 1807.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Rollins of Newbury, int. July 25, 1767.

Joseph, and Mrs. Rebecca Fogardy, int. Sept. 30, 1797.

Joseph, and Anna Farrington, May 10, 1798.

Joseph, and Martha Noyes, int. May 23, 1819. (A pauper, forbid by the overseer of Newbury.)

Joseph Titcomb, and Rebecca Morrill, Oct. 28, 1821.*

Judith, Mrs., of Amesbury, and Joseph Hoyt, jr., int. Oct. 1, 1808.

Margaret, and William Pressy, Nov. 27, 1808.*

Mirriam, a. 20 y., d. Aulger and Martha, and Charles Rand a. 22 y., mariner, s. Daniel F. and Mary, Apr. 6, 1848.*

Martha [of Newbury. int.], and William Wilks [Weeks. dup.] Parry, May 19, 1766.*

Mary, of Dover, and Nicholas Pierce, int. Apr. 12, 1800. (forbidden by Nicholas Pierce.)

Mary, and Samuel S[omerby. int.] Plumer, Oct. 26, 1813.*

Mary Ann, and Joseph S. Baley of Amesbury, int. Oct. 20, 1835.

Mary, of West Newbury, and Abner D. Bartlett, int. Nov. 5, 1845.

Mary E., and Isaiah G. Littlefield, int. Jan. 3, 1846.

Mehitabel, and Joseph Noyes, 7th, Feb. 7, 1813.*

Malvina L., a. 19 y., d. Nathan and Betsey, and Leonard Stow, a. 24 y., baker, s. Alvin and Sally, Feb. 27, 1848.*

Moses, and Ann Titcomb, Jan. 5, 1804.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Mrs. Hannah Allen, Feb. 4, 1821.*

Moses [jr. int.], of Newbury, and Emily Stickney, Feb. 17, 1840.*

Nancy B., a. 21 y., d. Elisha and Harriet, and Augustus Todd, a. 24 y., house carpenter, s. Joseph and Betsey, Oct. 4, 1846.*

Nathan, jr., of Newbury, and Sarah Pevey, June 7, 1784.*

Nathan, of Newbury, and Mrs. Polly Neal, int. Jan. 25, 1800.

Parker, and Elisabeth Turner, Jan. 5, 1766. CR3*

Phebe, and Samuel Wood, Aug. 6, 1823.*

Priscilla, of Newbury, and Anthony Whitmore, int. Dec. 6, 1794.

Rebecca, and Joseph Bradgon, jr., Dec. 16, 1821.*

Robert, and Judith Jackson, int. Sept. 22, 1795.

Robert Follansbee, and Clarissa Green Leach of Hopkinton, int. Mar. 30, 1833.

Rufus L., of Haverhill, a. 27 y., cordwainer, s. Amos B. and Mary, and Jane P. Wells of Amesbury, a. 25 y., d. Enoch and Catherine, Nov. 26, 1845. [1846. dup.]

Samuel [Capt. int.], and Sarah Boardman, Oct. 1, 1790.*

Sarah, and David Pettingall, Sept. 18, 1770. CR4*

Sally, and David Little [of Kennebunk. int.], Feb. 2, 1793.*

Sally, and Dudley Hardy, Dec. 31, 1799.*

Sally [Polly. CR1], and John Teel, Apr. 3, 1803.*

Sally, and William Connor, jr., May 20, 1806.*

Sarah, and Addison Brown of West Newbury, int. Aug. 23, 1820.

Sarah [B. CR4], and Nathan William Brown, May 16, 1821.*

Sarah Ellen, and Peter LeBreton, jr. of Newbury, Nov. 2, 1823.*

Sarah, and William Hunt, int. July 2, 1831.

Sarah W., of Newbury, and George W. Whitmore, int. Nov. 9, 1839.

Somerby, and Abigail Titcomb, June 13, 1793.*

William, and Sarah Couch, Feb. 9, 1794.*

William, of Newbury, and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Eaton, Feb. 26, 1798.*

William, 3d, and Sally Pattan, Feb. 2, 1802.*

William, jr., and Ruth Lowell of Amesbury, int. Dec. 3, 1803.

William P., and Eliza Page, int. Apr. 2, 1845.


Peter, and Margaret D. Burns, Oct. 3, 1837.*

CHEENEY (Cheney)

Moses, and Sarah Wadley, Mar. 2, 1779.*

Sarah Sawyer, and George Curtis, Nov. 29, 1813.*

CHEEVER (Cheevers, Chever)

Aaron, and Phebe Currier, Mar. 15, 1818.*

Albert, and Rebecca K. Newman [of Newbury. int.], Dec. 29, 1844. [Mar. 14, 1845. CR1]*

Benjamin Hale, and Mary March Dutton of Newbury, Apr. 28, 1825.

Dorcas, and James Paul, Apr. 24, 1806. CR2

Edwin A., and Eliza G. Strong of Boston, int. June 22, 1844.

Elizabeth C., and Nathaniel H. Lavelette, Nov. 16, 1831.*

Eunice, and John S. Dodge, Jan. 29, 1829.*

Eunice, and Charles Lavelette, Aug. 1, 1839.*

Francis, and Sarah P. Abbot, Nov. 12, 1840.*

Francis, and Harriet Smith of Ipswich, int. May 8, 1845.

Frederick, and Martha H. Morgan of Seabrook, int. Dec. 7, 1844.

Jane, and Daniel Norton, Aug. 19, 1819.*

John, and Sarah Hidden of Newbury, Feb. 16, 1779.*

John, jr., and Eunice Moulton of Newbury, int. Apr. 2, 1808.

John, and Mrs. Nancy Curtis, May 26, 1816.*

Joseph C., and [Mrs. int.] Ann Webber, Sept. 27, 1843.*

Mary J. [J.H. int.], and John Cook, jr. of New Bedford, May 21, 1834.*

Mary M., Mrs., and Aaron B. Adams, June 20, 1841. [June 21. dup.]*

Miriam, and Joseph Noyes, 5th, Nov. 13, 1806.*

Nancy, and Stephen H. Fowle of Newbury, Mar. 8, 1829.*

Nancy, and Stephen Fowle, Apr. 15, 1840.*

Philip, and Eunice Noyes, May 31, 1808.*

Philip, and Abigail Dole, Nov. 20, 1838.*

Phebe, and Joseph H. Jewett, Oct. 16, 1831.*

Rebecca, and Daniel C. Payson, Dec. 9, 1821.*

Ruth, and John Wingate, int. Nov. 6, 1830.

Sally, and Philip Carrell, Sept. 17, 1800.*

Sarah, and Joseph Stover, Sept. 18, 1803.*

Sarah, and Timothy Young, Sept. 14, 1826.*

William, and [Mrs. int.] Ruth Snider, Jan. 16, 1812.*

William, jr., and Lucy Perkins, Mar. 16, 1815.*

CHEEVERS (Cheever)

Sarah, of Newbury, and Henry Pettingel, int. Nov. 18, 1769.


Ebenezer, of Falmouth [ME. int.], and Catharine Newman, Feb. 17, 1825.*

CHENEY (Cheeney)

Abby A., a. 20 y., d. James and Elisabeth, and Rufus M. Yale, a. 23 y., sailmaker, s. John R. and Jane, July 23, 1845.*

Ann P., a. 21 y., d. Samuel and Abigail, and William J. Grover, of Portsmouth, NH, a. 23 y., housewright, s. William and Olive, May 20, 1847.*

Charles [Chancy. CR4], and Betsey Carr, Dec. 21, 1828.*

Dorcas C., a. 21 y., d. Joseph and Dorcas, and Josiah K. Towle, a. 22 y., manufacturer, s. John and Elisabeth, July 24, 1848.*

Dorothy, of Newbury, and Joseph Bickford, int. Dec. 9, 1769.

James, and Elizabeth Bayley, Nov. 26, 1822.*

James W., a. 21 y., goldsmith, s. James and Elisabeth, and Sarah L. Pratt, a. 23 y., d. Benjamin and Betsey, July 26, 1848.*

Mary W[heeler. int.], and George Curtis, Nov. 5, 1826.*

Moses [of Newbury. int.], and Sarah Sawyer, Dec. 22, 1785.*

Moses B., and Alice H. Fowle, int. Mar. 8, 1843.

Samuel, and Martha Babson, Dec. 30, 1841.*

William A., and Elizabeth Gage, Sept. 28, 1829.*

William B., widr., a. 32 y., mariner, s. Samuel and Abigail, and Abby [Abigail. int.] Plummer of Hartland ME, a. 23 y., d. William and Frances, May 20, 1847.*

William A., jr., and Sarah J. Silloway, int. Nov. 10, 1849.


Eliza B., of Rye, NH, and Samuel Clanin, int. June 19, 1841.

CHEVER (Cheever)

Benjamin Hale, and Rebecca Thompson [of Newbury. int.], Oct. 25, 1795.*

Benjamin Hale, Capt, and Mary March Button of Newbury, int. Apr. 9, 1825.


William, jr., and Harriet P. Bennett of Portsmouth, NH, int. Nov. 2, 1849.


Asa Webster, and Anna Hart Titcomb, June 13, 1802.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Anthony Stickney Jones, int. June 7, 1828.

John, and Sarah Johnson, Jan. 30, 1812.*

Mary, of Andover, and John Short, at Andover, Oct. 25, 1770.*

CHILD (Chiles)

Ellen M., of Boston, a. 19 y., d. Simeon and Maria, and John T. Pearson, a. 22 y., trader, s. John and Mary, Apr. 26, 1848.*

Phineas, and Elisabeth Griggs of Roxbury, Sept. 13, 1776. CR2

CHILES (Child)

Lucy E., and Ebenezer Perkins of Newbury, int. Mar. 21, 1846.


Charles D., of Newbury, a. 36 y., caulker, s. Charles and Eunice, and Naomia P. McQuillin, a. 26 y., d. David and Sophia, Apr. 27, 1848.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Stickney, Oct. 1, 1783.*

Paulina, and Michael Morrison, int. Oct. 3, 1794.

Rebecca, Mrs., and Enoch Danforth, jr., May 28, 1816.*

Thomas, and Rebekah Putnam, Feb. 19, 1809.*

CHOAT (Choate)

Joanna, Mrs., and Elijah Donham of Deer Island int. June 2, 1798.

John, and Abigail Tyler, Jan. 8, 1769.*

John, and Joanna O'Sullivan [Osulemon. int.], Oct. 2, 1771.*

Joseph, and Mary Cook, May 27, 1766. CR2

Ruthy, and Nicolas Blasdel, Aug. 16, 1815.*

True, and Mary Pilsbury, Jan. 27, 1831.*

CHOATE (Choat)

Anna, and William Huse, jr., Nov. 3, 1803.*

Anna, and William Rogers, Nov. 7, 1816.*

Benjamin E., and Harriet Crane, Aug. 7, 1827.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Kindness, Feb. 10, 1778.

Ebenezer, and Anne Pilsbury, Jan. 1, 1784.*

Elizabeth, and John Carman, Dec. 4, 1793.*

Ezekiel, and Catherine [S. int.] Mace, May 11, 1837.*

Florence M., and James C. Jarvey of Charleston, SC, June 14, 1843. CR2*

James, and Ruth L. Babson, Oct. 25, 1843.*

Jane Evans, and Ephraim Huntington Goodwin, Apr. 3, 1822.*

Joanna, Mrs., and Robert Hunter, int. Oct. 13, 1787.

John, Esq., of Ipswich, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Newman, Apr. 16, 1789.*

Lydia, and Samuel Norris of West Newbury, int. Aug. 8, 1835.

Mary, and Richard Picket, Aug. 15, 1813.*

Rhoda, and Atkin Todd, June 10, 1805.*

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Bradstreet Parker [Broadstreet, of Bradford. int.], Oct. 24, 1792.*

Sarah Ann, and William Teel of Haverhill, Dec. 31, 1827.*

Stephen P., and Mahala K. Dockham, Nov. 14, 1844.*

Thomas, and Molly Kindrick of Amesbury, int. Aug. 16, 1794.

Thomas, and Martha Lydia Whittier, July 28, 1833.*

William, and Mary G. Hickoks, Apr. 28, 1839.*


James B., of St. Johns, and Lydia Dodge, Apr. 5, 1833.*


John Hubbard, Rev., of Pelham, NH, and Hannah Farnham, May 12, 1807.*

Lemuel, and Phebe H. Stone, int. July 9, 1842.

Noah B., and Mary F. Lane, int. June 19, 1847.

William, and Elizabeth Valentine, Sept. 20, 1797.*


John, and Sarah Coker, Aug. 15, 1771. CR4*

John, and Elizabeth Condry, Oct. 11, 1784.*

Timothy, and Hannah Forbes, June 1, 1823.*

CHUTE (Shute)

Mary, of Rowley, and Jeremiah Colman, int. May 14, 1808.

CILLEY (Ceely, Scilly, Silly)

David, and Joanna Smith of Gilmanton, int. Nov. 24, 1802.

Edward A., and Alice Cary, both of Newbury, Dec. 17, 1835.

George R., and Mary Lewis, Aug. 11, 1842.*

James, and Lavinia McDaniel, int. Feb. 22, 1846.

James, jr., and Elizabeth Kingsley, int. Mar. 28, 1846.

John, and Mary Green, Aug. 28, 1804.*

Mercy M.J. [Maria Jones. int.], a. 18 y., d. James and Levina, and Joseph Gould of Newbury, a. 19 y., cordwainer, s. James and Mary, July 10, 1848.*

Susan, and Nathan Kilburn of Newbury, Jan. 9, 1837.*

Susan G., and Daniel Wood of New York, Sept. 7, 1842.*

CLANIN (Clannin)

Benjamin, and Mary Morris, Mar. 10, 1805.*

Mary, and William Cook, int. June 3, 1838.

Samuel, and Eliza B. Chesley of Rye, NH, int. June 19, 1841.

CLANNIN (Clanin)

Benjamin, and [ wid. int.] Deborah Sinecross, Oct. 1, 1780.*

Benjamin, and Susanna Davis, Sept. 3, 1791.*

Elizabeth [Mrs. Deborah. int.], and Jonathan Whitmore, May 29, 1783.*

Mary, and John Hidden of Newbury, July 17, 1794.*


Lydia, of Northampton, and Charles Lee Emerson, int. May 27, 1809.

Mary, and Jeremiah Emerson, int. Sept. 6, 1817.

CLARK (Clarke)

Abigail, of Chester, and Thomas Merril, int. June 12, 1779.

Amos, and Rebecca Pearson Ingalls, Apr. 11, 1813.*

Ann P., and Henry A. Lander of Newbury, int. May 20, 1848.

Caleb H., of Hamilton, and Sarah Burrill, Nov. 3, 1823.*

Caroline, wid., a. 27 y., d. Ichabod and Caroline Chamberlain, and Henry Toppan, widr., a. 47 y., trader, s. Joshua and Nancy, July 10, 1845.*

Christopher, and [Mrs. int.] Sarah Bowles, Dec. 30, 1786.*

Christopher, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Brown, Nov. 16, 1794.*

Clarinda A., of Warren, ME, a. 20 y., d. Joseph D. and Mercy, and Stephen T. Goodwin, a. 23 y., master mariner, s. Stephen and Elisabeth, Jan. 12, 1847.*

David T., and Rhuany C. Dow, Apr. 16, 1842.*

Eleanor, and Nathaniel Lunt of Newbury, May 20, 1798.*

Eleanor, and Salem Woodward, Jan. 22, 1806.*

Eliza, and William Gray, Mar. 10, 1831.*

Elizabeth, and Stephen Pettingell, jr., int. June 29, 1765.

Elisabeth, of Hampton Falls, and Richard Sawyer of South Hampton, Dec. 20, 1773. CR2

Elizabeth, and Michael Pilsbury, Mar. 18, 1794.*

Elizabeth, and William Tucker, Oct. 29, 1809.*

Elizabeth E., and John Teel [jr. int.], Nov. 8, 1831.*

Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and Aaron B. Adams, May 14, 1837.*

Elizabeth A., and Joseph M. Smith, int. Feb. 25, 1848.

Ellen W., and Hosea T. Crofoot, int. June 5, 1847.

Greenleaf, and Eleanor White of Boston, int. July 4, 1772.

Greenleaf, jr., and Sarah P. Ladd, Oct. 13, 1835.*

Hannah, and William Appleton, at Haverhill, Dec. 17, 1782.*

Jacob, and Emma Floyd, at Bradford, Oct. ––, 1838. [Oct. 6. int.]*

James, and Margaret Iresland int. Aug. 5, 1780.

James, and Anne Harden, Dec. 20, 1780. CR2*

Jane, of Newbury, a. 24 y., d. Joseph and Nancy, and Joseph G. Flanders, widr., of Newbury, a. 30 y., ship carpenter, s. John and Lydia, June 3, 1847.

John Phillips, and Lydia Clarkson, Dec. 6, 1795.*

John, and Sarah Ann Newton, int. Feb. 1, 1806.

John, and Mrs. Jane Wright, int. July 13, 1845.

Judith, and Reuben Mace, Jan. 25, 1810.*

Lydia P., and Joshua Lane of North Bridgewater, May 15, 1837.*

Margaret M., and Charles Noyes of Newbury, Dec. 1, 1842. CR4*

Mary, and James Batchelder, Dec. 21, 1806.*

Mary Pearson, and Nathaniel Hunt, jr. of Newbury, Mar. 18, 1821.*

Moses [of Newbury. int.], and Mary Hale, July 17, 1786.*

Moses, jr., and Hannah Atwood, Oct. 2, 1806.*

Olive, and Jeremiah Folsom, Mar. 23, 1789.*

Parker, Dr., and Elizabeth Wainwright of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr. 12, 1789.*

Phillis, and George Sweazy, May 27, 1781.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Sweat, Dec. 22, 1799.*

Rebecca S., and Charles Marsh, Feb. 1, 1831.*

Robert, and Jane Stickney, Mar. 2, 1800.*

Samuel, and Elisabeth Stedman, Nov. 12, 1781. [1782. CR1; Oct. 26, 1782. int.]*

Samuel, and Abigail Goodhue, ––– ––, 1804. [ Sept. 11. CR4]*

Sarah [Mrs. CR6], and Gratin Martin, June 28, 1827.*

Sarah G., and William Richardson of Hadley, Apr. 29, 1828.*

Sophia, and Alexander Bragg, Apr. 20, 1829.*

Susan, of Boston, and William W. Ranney, int. June 9, 1827.

Susannah, of Newbury, and Edmund Pettingell, Nov. 7, 1811.*

Thomas March [Capt. int.], and Polly Caldwell, Dec. 4, 1793.*

Thomas March, Esq., and Rebecca Wheelwright of Newbury, int. May 11, 1811.

Thomas, of Boston, and Harriet M. Dowell, Oct. 26, 1823.*

CLARKE (Clark)

Anne, and Parker Noyes, Esq. of Salisbury, NH, Jan. 24, 1828.*

Charlotte, and Capt. Charles M. Bagley [Bayley. int.], Feb. 2, 1836.*

John, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Fowler, Jan. 29, 1782. CR2*

Lucy C., and William Richardson of Hadley, Nov. 24, 1835.*

Lydia [of Newbury. int.], and John Morse, Dec. 4, 1780.*

Mary, and Stephen Atkinson of Newbury, int. Dec. 15, 1770.

Moses, and Sarah Jackman, Aug. 5, 1783.*

Samuel, Rev., of Princeton, and Sarah Wigglesworth, Sept. 13, 1819.*

Stephen, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Moulton, Sept. [18. dup. CR4], 1786.*


Frederick J., a. 21 y., painter, s. Jacob and Eliza Ann, and Anna S.W. Fennimore, a. 18 y., d. Samuel and Sarah, Nov. 29, 1849.*

Hannah, and Caleb Woodberry, Jan. 26, 1804.*

Jacob E. [G. int.], of Exeter, NH, a. 22 y., carriage manufacturer, and Lucy M. Woods, a. 19 y., tailoress, Nov. 14, 1844.*

Jacob G., widr., of Amesbury, a. 23 y., harness maker, s. Jacob and Eliza, and Mary Collins of Newbury, a. 21 y., d. William and Sarah, Feb. 19, 1846.

James A., and Eliza Jane Brown of Gloucester, int. Feb. 17, 1845.

Lydia, wid., of Portsmouth, NH, and Rev. Jonathan Parsons, int. Aug. 23, 1771.

Lydia, and John Phillips Clark, Dec. 6, 1795.*

Mary, and George Crookshank Horten, Feb. 14, 1805.*

Mary A., a. 18 y., and Aaron D. Woods, a. 23 y., painter, Nov. 29, 1844.*

Mary, a. 28 y., d. James and Sophia, and William H. Knowlton of Rockport, a. 31 y., stonecutter, s. Azor and Lois, May 20, 1845.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Dole, 3d, int. Apr. 4, 1772.


Mary Ann, and Mark Shores, int. Sept. 21, 1835.


James [Clifford. CR4], and Alice Fuller, Aug. 18, 1782.*


John, a. 35 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Francis, and Bridget Weir, a. 20 y., d. Patrick and Susan, Nov. 11, 1849.*


Philip Sidney, of Harradsburg, KY, and H[annah. int.] M[ariah. int.] Titcomb, Sept. 4, 1835. [ Sept. 10. int.]*

CLEMANT (Clement)

Mary A., and Ephraim Young, int. Oct. 9, 1847.

CLEMENS (Clement)

Sarah, and James Mulvany, Oct. 3, 1778. CR2*

CLEMENT (Clemant, Clemens, Clements, Clemmens, Clemment)

Anna R[owell. int.], and Pottle Richardson, jr., Feb. 10, 1830.*

Elvira D., and James D. Hall, int. May 24, 1849.

Hannah [Harriet. int.], a. 24 y., d. Joseph and Mary, and Richard Hazen Wellington of Boston, a. 25 y., carpenter, s. Jeremiah and Hannah, of Chelsea, July 3, 1845.*

Joseph, and Sarah Atkinson of Newbury, int. Oct. 27, 1764.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Fitz, Nov. 11, 1807.*

Rebecca [S. int.], and Parsons Ordway of Newbury, Nov. 7, 1843.*

CLEMENTS (Clement)

Clara A., of Hampton, NH, a. 22 y., d. Charles and Hitty, and George W. Powers, a. 20 y., machinist, s. Simon and Rachel, Oct. ––, 1848.*

H[annah. int.] M., a. 24 y., d. Hannah, and Simon Armstrong of Salisbury [South Hampton, NH. int.], a. 28 y., farmer, s. Jennet, Mar. 24, 1845.*

CLEMMENS (Clement)

Anne, and Dudley Lull [of Rowley. int.], Mar. 29, 1792.*

CLEMMENT (Clement)

Sarah, and Moses Coffin of Newbury, int. Dec. 19, 1767.


James, see Classford, James.


John, of Salem, and Abigail Beck, June 10, 1841.*

CLOUDMAN (Cloutman)

David P., a. 27 y., ship joiner, s. David and Susan, and Betsey L. Nason, a. 24 y., d. Amos and Betsey, Jan. 10, 1849.*


Caroline A., a. 15 y., d. Abner and Nancy, and Joseph L.P. Colby of Newbury, a. 23 y., mason, s. Benjamin and Sally, Dec. 28, 1845.*

Daniel Sampson, and Hannah Hunt, July 7, 1796.*

Elizabeth, and Carnail Spitts, int. June 14, 1794.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Willey, Apr. 24, 1806.*

Hannah, and Ezra Merrill, Jan. 20, 1799.*

James M. [W. int.] and Mary E.P. Dearborn of Stratham, NH, ––– ––, 1845. [Feb. 7. int.]*

Nathaniell, and Abigail Perkins, Sept. 8, 1781.*

Sarah, and William Turner of England Jan. 6, 1777. CR2*

Sarah, Mrs., and John Kenderlin, int. Feb. 25, 1788.

Winthrop, and Sarah Samson, Apr. 21, 1772. CR4*


Margaret, and John Haskell, Apr. 25, 1799.*

Nancy, and James Campbell, Oct. 2, 1804.*

Robert, of Salem, and Esther Hunt, Dec. 3, 1807.*

CLOUTMAN (Cloudman)

David, and Susan Dennis Greenleaf, Apr. 21, 1811.*

CLOW (Clough)

James W., of Haverhill, and Mary [G. int.] Pettingell, Mar. 28, 1842.*

COA (Coe)

Robert, and Nancy Reed, Sept. 12, 1803.*

COATES (Coats)

Elizabeth, and Thomas Greenleaf [jr., of Newbury. int.], June 13, 1789.*

COATS (Coates)

David, Capt., and Mehitabel Thirston of Newbury, int. June 7, 1765.

Elizabeth, and John Greenleaf [jr. int.], Nov. 2, 1791.*


Ann Maria S., of Poland ME, and Ambrose H. Wells, int. June 9, 1849.

Daniel M. [B. int.], a. 21 y., carpenter, s. Samuel and Ellen M., and Ellen M. Bragdon, a. 18 y., d. Joseph and Rebecca, Apr. 12, 1846.*

Frances Dun, and John B. Greeley, Oct. 30, 1842.*

Robert, and Polly Doring, int. Oct. 16, 1828.

Samuel H., and Martha Pressey, Nov. 15, 1841.*

COBURN (Coburne)

Jacob, and Mary Moor, Apr. 27, 1800.*

COBURNE (Coburn)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and James Hall of Great Britain, Oct. 5, 1765. CR2


John A., of Cambridge, and Mary F. Noyes, Sept. 12, 1824.*

Matthias, a. 25 y., stage driver, s. James and Bridget, and Emily A. Cottle, a. 16 y., d. Nathan and Triphene, Sept. 23, 1849.*


George W. [Cadwell. int.], of Gardiner, ME, and Elizabeth L. Haskell, Oct. 1, 1841.*

COE (Coa)

Ann [wid. CR2], and Thomas Winder, Oct. 7, 1812.*


Abel [Capt. int.], and Susan Ames Hale, Mar. 25, 1816.*

Abigail, and James Long, May 26, 1793. [May 27. int.]*

Abigail, and Hackett Martin, int. Nov. 17, 1821.

Abigail W., a. 35 y., d. Enoch and Sarah, and William J. Hodge, widr., a. 41 y., cordwainer, s. James and Martha, Aug. 10, 1845.*

Amos, and Hannah Brown, Nov. 21, 1779. CR2

Amos, jr., of Newbury, and Sally Cook, Jan. 27, 1803.*

Amos, of Newbury, a. 27 y., ship carpenter, s. Joseph and Mary C., and Mary Newman, a. 26 y., d. John and Sally, Oct. 28, 1846.*

Anna, and Edward Newhall, int. Jan. 3, 1800.

Anna, and Becerta Abreau, May 9, 1802.*

Benjamin [of Campton, NH. CR1], and Hannah Wyatt, ––– ––, 1773. [ Sept. 28. int.]*

Benjamin, and Sally Kimball of Haverhill, int. Mar. 31, 1798.

Charles, Esq., of Buxton, and Mary Davenport, June 30, 1808.*

Charles H., and Elizabeth Ann Coombs, May 25, 1830.*

Charles J., a. 21 y., ship carpenter, s. Charles and Lucretia, and Martha E. Small, a. 23 y., d. Moses and Nancy, Feb. 9, 1848.*

David, and Elizabeth Stone, Feb. 9, 1786.*

David, jr., and Lucia Lunt, Dec. 4, 1796.*

David, jr., of Newbury, and Sarah Smith, Sept. 12, 1813.*

Dorcas [of Newbury. CR4], and Samuel Plummer, Sept. 18, 1781.*

Ebenezer, Rev., of Newbury, and Mary Newhall, Oct. 17, 1793.*

Edmund [of Newbury. int.], and Mary Moody, Nov. 13, 1792. [Nov. 15. CR1]*

Elisabeth, and Moses Pearson, Aug. 13, 1781. [1782. CR1; June 23, 1782. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Moses Pearson, at Haverhill, Oct. 1, 1786.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Allyne Otis, June 2, 1796.*

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Joseph Hoyt, Nov. 14, 1799.*

Betsy, and Nathaniel Ash, Nov. 24, 1799.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Moody of Epsom, Sept. 24, 1801.*

Elizabeth, and Patrick Tobin [of Salem. int.], May 20, 1804. [May 19. CR4]*

Elizabeth Greenleaf, and John Allen, June 29, 1820.*

Elisabeth, and William A. Seaver, both of Lowell, Aug. 12, 1837.

Elizabeth L., of Newbury, and Moses Colman, int. Mar. 22, 1839.

Emery, and Sarah Bartlet, int. Dec. 1, 1827.

Enoch, and Elizabeth Kenny, Oct. 29, 1772. CR4*

Enoch [Capt. int.], and Sally Dutch, July 7, 1781. [1782. CR1; June 15, 1782. int.]*

Enoch, and Sally Pearson, June 12, 1810.*

Enoch [jr. int.], and Sarah M. Whitcomb of Lowell, Mar. 8, 1838.*

Eunice, and Stephen Goodwin, Oct. 17, 1789.

Francis, and Stephen Moody of Gilmanton, NH, Apr. 7, 1797. CR1*

Frederick J., and Lucy P. Savory of Haverhill, int. Apr. 23, 1831.

George W., and Elizabeth F. Kinsell of Boston, int. Aug. 17, 1833.

Hannah, and Stephen March, Aug. 24, 1801.*

Hannah, and James Merrill, Dec. 27, 1809.*

Harriet, of Newbury, and John D. Cook, Feb. 3, 1825.*

Hector [Capt. int.], of Newbury, and Mary Caswell Cook, Jan. 14, 1808.*

Hector, of Newbury, a. 18 y., ship carpenter, s. Joseph and Mary, and Mary J. Sargent, a. 17 y., d. True W., Mar. 26, 1846.*

Jeremiah, and Rebeckah Stone, Oct. 23, 1811.*

Joanna, and Elias Davis [of Newbury. int.], Nov. 1, 1831.*

John, and Mary Palmer of Newbury, int. Oct. 28, 1781.

John, Capt., and Mary Plummer Mills, Feb. 21, 1811.*

John, jr., of Newbury, and Elizabeth Brewster, June 18, 1823.*

John W., of Cherryfield, ME, a. 28 y., merchant, s. Mary, and Harriet Maria Grace, a. 21 y., d. Sarah L., June 10, 1844.*

John M., a. 32 y., master mariner, s. John and Mary, and Elisa Williams, a. 22 y., d. Enoch and Eliza, Nov. 4, 1846.*

Joseph, and Anne Burbeck, int. Oct. 7, 1786.

Joseph, and Abigail Chase, Jan. 5, 1792.*

Joseph, of Newbury, and Mary Caswell Cook, Dec. 25, 1806.*

Joseph, and Esther Rogers, Aug. 25, 1808.*

Joseph, Capt., and Mary Farley, Dec. 18, 1814.*

Joseph D., of Newbury, and Elizabeth Rogers, May 12, 1831.*

Joseph, widr., of Newbury, a. 59 y., carpenter, s. Amos and Hannah, and Theodate Lane, a. 38 y., d. Jeremiah and Lucy, June 11, 1845.*

Lucy E[lizabeth. int.], and Henry Warren Paine of Hallowell, ME, May 1, 1837.*

Margaret, of Newbury, and Paul Lunt, int. Jan. 14, 1775.

Margaret E., of Newbury, and Ralph C. Huse, int. May 20, 1837.

Mark, and Hannah Norton, Jan. 16, 1804.*

Martha A., of Newbury, d. Joseph, and Washington McKenzie of Essex, shipwright, Aug. 18, 1844.

Mary, and Ezra Lunt, Jan. 24, 1768. CR3*

Mary, of Newbury, and Amos Pearson, int. Jan. 17, 1778.

Mary, and Bartholomew Lunt Spooner, Nov. 19, 1778.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Capt. Ebenezer Stacker, int. Nov. 23, 1782.

Mary [Mrs. int.], and John Mores, July 17, 1794.*

Mary, Mrs., and Daniel Johnson, Jan. 26, 1806.*

Mary, and Joseph Neall, Apr. 26, 1807.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Nathaniel Noyes, jr., int. Sept. 29, 1815.

Mary Ann, and Augustus G.P. Colburn, Dec. 1, 1818.*

Mary, and William Morrison, Apr. 11, 1819.*

Mary C., of Newbury, and Charles C. Doyle, int. Sept. 24, 1831.

Mary A., and William L. Dodge, both of Lowell, May 22, 1833.

Moses, of Newbury, and Sarah Clemment, int. Dec. 19, 1767.

Moses, jr., and Mary Wood, Dec. 23, 1802.*

Nancy M., and Amos W. Mooney, int. Aug. 29, 1846.

Nancy, a. 38 y., d. Nathaniel and Susan, and John Little, widr., of Newbury, a. 35 y., farmer, s. Noah and Jane, Nov. 7, 1848.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah M. Woodman of Newbury, int. Mar. 21, 1819.

Olive, and Jonathan Pearson, Mar. 31, 1807.*

Rachel, and Samuel Loud of Newbury, int. Mar. 15, 1816.

Rebecca, and Joseph Marquand Nov. 17, 1776.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Lunt, July 29, 1802.*

Ruth, wid., of Newbury, and Anthony Somerby Stickney, int. Feb. 10, 1770.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Lunt, Nov. 29, 1804.*

Samuel [Capt. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Anne Lane, Sept. 14, 1823.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Moses Brown, Sept. 6, 1764.

Sarah, of Newbury, and Caleb Knight, int. Jan. 22, 1785.

Sarah, and Francis Loring, Feb. 27, 1788.*

Sally, and Samuel Curtis, Oct. 8, 1795.*

Sally, and Theodore Pearson, jr., June 29, 1800.*

Sarah [Mrs. CR1], and Nathaniel Balch, July 22, 1802.*

Sally, Mrs., and Robert Rogers, jr., Jan. 1, 1807.*

Sally, of Newbury, and Capt. James Lattimore, int. May 7, 1808.

Sally, of Newbury, and Capt. Joseph Hoyt, May 27, 1810.*

Sally, and Enoch Moulton of Portland May 8, 1816.*

Sally, and Samuel Loud, Nov. 28, 1825. [Nov. 18. CR4]*

Sarah M., and Charles A. Stevens of Castine, ME, June 10, 1838.*

Statira N., of Newbury, a. 23 y., d. Benjamin and Mary, and Enoch Richards of Charlestown, a. 30 y., ship carpenter, s. James and Abigail, Sept. 21, 1845.

Susan H[ale. CR2], and Ephraim A[ugustus. CR2] Hyde, M.D. of Freeport, ME, Jan. 5, 1843.*

Susan B., of Newbury, and Washington Adams, int. Apr. 4, 1846.

Susan H[arriet. CR1], a. 24 y., b. Castine, ME, d. Isaac S. and Susan H., and James Woodman of Boston, a. 27 y., merchant, s. James and Sarah, Oct. 22, 1846.*

Susanna, of Newbury, and Theodore Lord Grant, int. Jan. 14, 1814.

Susannah B., and Daniel D. Akerman, Mar. 22, 1841.*

Theodore A., and Keziah H. Stillings, int. Mar. 25, 1842.

Tristram, and Elizabeth Marquand June 27, 1774.*

William, and Anne Atkins, Nov. 12, 1778. CR2*

William, and Hannah Knap, Oct. 17, 1805.*

William, and Sally Swett, Mar. 6, 1814.*

William, and Eliza Morrison, May 8, 1828. [May 11. CR4]*

William, and Caroline Carr, May 23, 1836.*

William G., and Nancy O. Honest, Jan. 2, 1839. [Jan. 24. CR6]*


Daniel, and Christianna Greeves of Amesbury, int. Jan. 14, 1838. (forbidden by both parties.)

Daniel, and Jane Ferrald, int. Mar. 3, 1838.


George, of Bradford, and Mary Sandmon, Sept. 27, 1817.*

Hannah, of Rowley, and William Eustis, int. Sept. 29, 1809.

Peter, and Hannah Dummer [of Newbury. int.], Oct. 19, 1786.*


Harriet M., and Samuel M. Williams, Jan. 22, 1826.*

Sarah, and John Churchward, Aug. 15, 1771. CR4*

William, of Newbury, and Mary H. Adams, int. Mar. 19, 1836.


George E., and Laura A. Wiggin of Newmarket, NH, int. May 22, 1847.


James, and Ann Pilsbury, Dec. 26, 1803.*


Augustus G.P., and Mary Ann Coffin, Dec. 1, 1818.*

Luke, and Maria O. Seaver of Sterling, int. Nov. 3, 1831.


Nabby, of Amesbury, and Enoch Johnson, at Amesbury, Aug. 19, 1790.*

Abigail G., and Josiah Weston, int. Mar. 26, 1843.

Abraham D., and Sarah C. Sargent, int. Nov. 2, 1839. (Ban forbidden by him.)

A[braham. int.] D., and Betsey R. [M. int.] Jackman, ––– ––, 1844. [Nov. 6, 1843. int.]*

Almira R., and Benjamin Lunt, jr., int. Dec. 7, 1830.

Benjamin, jr., Capt, and Abigail Lunt, both of Newbury, May 14, 1827.

Charles H. [R. dup.], of Amesbury, a. 23 y., carpenter [shipwright. dup.], s. Timothy and Betsey, and Hannah C. Fowler of Salisbury, a. 23 y., d. Enoch and Mary [O. dup.], Nov. 9, 1845. [1846. dup.]

Eliza, and Joseph Davis, Aug. 29, 1811.*

Eliza, Mrs., of Newbury, and Samuel Huse, June 10, 1830.*

Emily, of Newbury, and Ariel Pearson, jr., int. Sept. 21, 1839.

Enoch, and Sally Brown, int. Dec. 19, 1828.

Enoch, of Newbury, and Margaret D. Burns, Nov. 16, 1834.*

Felix D., of Newbury, and Lydia Ann Boaden, int. Oct. 19, 1834.

George W., and Harriet Kitching, Apr. 26, 1832.*

Hannah [P. int.], and Ezekiel Gowen, jr., Aug. 19, 1833.*

Harriett, of Newbury, and George Brown of Concord, NH, Sept. 11, 1834.

Joanna R., of Epping, NH, a. 22 y., d. Thomas and Abigail, and Harry Stevens of Amesbury, a. 22 y., carriage maker, s. Elisha M. and Amy, Dec. 4, 1847.

John, and Abigail Pearson, Nov. 6, 1796.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Gerrish, ––– ––, 1773.

Joseph L.P., of Newbury, a. 23 y., mason, s. Benjamin and Sally, and Caroline A. Clough, a. 15 y., d. Abner and Nancy, Dec. 28, 1845.*

Joshua [jr. int.], of Newbury, and Sally Deal [Dial. int.], Dec. 17, 1812.*

Judith, and Francis Delile, Mar. 3, 1807.*

Lydia A., and John E. Brown, both of Bradford, July 4, 1844.

Mary, and Jotham Sawyer, Oct. 20, 1779. CR2

Mary Connor, and John Gawn, Sept. 12, 1805.*

Mary G[awn. int.], Mrs., and Benjamin [Horton. int.] Bigsby, June 5, 1838.*

Mary E., of Newbury, a. 21 y., d. John and Mary, and Enoch P. Lunt of Newbury, a. 26 y., ship carpenter, s. Silas and Sarah, June 6, 1847.

Moses, and Polly Witham of Cape Ann, int. Aug. 28, 1802.

Nancy, and Benjamin Smith, June 27, 1821.*

Nathaniel, of Amesbury, and Jane Flood, int. Jan. 1, 1779.

Robert C., a. 24 y., cordwainer, s. Robert and Eliza, and Sarah J. Prescott, a. 22 y., d. Reuben and Mary, Mar. 23, 1846.*

Ruthy, and Jonathan Bancroft of Litchfield, NH, int. Feb. 14, 1826.

Sarah, Mrs., and George Poole, int. Sept. 22, 1781. (Bans forbid.)

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Peter Burns [Birds. int.], Nov. 17, 1781. [Dec. 1. int.]*

Sarah, and Thomas Kennison [of Newbury. int.], Nov. 21, 1790.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Thomas Cook, jr., int. Mar. 15, 1828.

Sarah E., and Thomas P. Titcomb, Feb. 1, 1844.*

Susan Badger, of Haverhill, and Samuel Horton Boardman, int. Aug. 25, 1832.

Thomas, of Haverhill, and Sarah Davis, Sept. 15, 1836.*

William, and Mary Lawson, Dec. 19, 1791.*

William, and Patience E. Burrill, int. May 19, 1828.

William, and Susan Perkins of Dover, NH, int. Dec. 9, 1847.

William C., a. 19 y., cordwainer, s. William and Sarah, and Olive Eaton, a. 21 y., d. Daniel and Belinda, Jan. 30, 1849.*


James, and Elisabeth Jane [Carter. CR4], both of Brentwood, NH, Aug. 22, 1843.


Abigail, and Toppan Evans, Dec. 25, 1768.*

Eunice, and Charles Westcoat, Dec. 25, 1779. CR2*

Eunice, P., and Thomas F. West, int. Oct. 5, 1840.

Mary, and Charles Harindeen, Sept. 19, 1779. CR2*

Moses D., and Sally Avery, June 20, 1802.*

Moses, jr., and Louisa Currier of Newbury, int. Mar. 8, 1833.

Rector E., of New Orleans, and Mary P. Finney, int. Aug. 28, 1847.

Robert, and Eunice Swasey [of Newbury. int.], Nov. 23, 1777. CR2*

Susanna, and Alexander Guy, int. May 5, 1769.


Michael, and Mrs. Mary Wilcot, Mar. 14, 1819.*

COLFREY (Colfry)

Abram, and Molly Johnson, Jan. 20, 1766. CR3*

COLFRY (Colfrey)

Susannah, and David Simpson, July 28, 1795.*


James, of Boston, and Debby [Deborah. int.] Mansfield, Apr. 11, 1802.*

COLLEY (Calley)

Benjamin [Capt. int.], and Alice Lunt, Jan. 18, 1791.*

Israel, and Mary Halliday [Holliday. int.], July 22, 1781. CR2*

Mary, Mrs., and Moody Montgomery, Dec. 11, 1806.*


Samuel, of Newbury, and Sally Ordway, Apr. 14, 1825.*


Caroline L., of Amesbury, and Charles Wellington Davis, int. Nov. 13, 1847.

Edward M., and Elizabeth Mugridge of Kittery, NH. int. May 23, 1846.

Elisabeth F., a. 22 y., d. Enoch and Betsey, and Leonard P. Locke of Salisbury, a. 23 y., painter, s. Lowell and Betsey, Feb. 25, 1846.

George, of Newbury, a. 26 y., housewright, s. William and Sarah, and Sarah E. Somerby, a. 17 y., d. Joseph and Mary, Nov. 16, 1848.*

Hannah, of Newbury, b. Newbury, and Edward S. Toppan of Boston, printer, s. Edward and Hannah, ––– ––, 1845.

John, and Anna True of Salisbury, int. Nov. 29, 1834.

Jonathan, of Salisbury, and Sarah Ambrose, June 19, 1836.*

Joseph, and Mrs. Elizabeth Grimmett, Sept. 23, 1809.*

Joseph, jr., and Sally Walden, int. July 14, 1810.

Lydia, and James Bush, Nov. 4, 1776.*

Mary, and William Lydston of Newbury, Aug. 27, 1812.*

Mary, of Newbury, a. 21 y., d. William and Sarah, and Jacob G. Clarkson, widr., of Amesbury, a. 23 y., harness maker, s. Jacob and Eliza, Feb. 19, 1846.

Mary, and William Smith, int. Sept. 9, 1848.

Mary, and John O'Neal, int. Aug. 16, 1849.

Samuel, and Catherine McCallany, int. June 17, 1848.

Sally [Mrs. int.], and Benjamin Howard, Aug. 27, 1825.*

Sarah, and Charles H. Ireland both of Newbury, Apr. 1, 1839.

Stoers, and Hannah Dillaway, Oct. 5, 1790.*

Timothy, and Catharine Mary Francis, int. Aug. 30, 1800.

Tirza, and John Harris [late of Maryland. int.], Nov. 11, 1776.*

William, and Sally Goodwin of Newbury, int. Oct. 2, 1813.

William, and Mary Norwood, Nov. 13, 1825.*

William, jr., of Newbury, and Harriett F. Bartlett, Mar. 12, 1837.*

COLLY (Galley)

Mary, and William Kimball, jr., Nov. 6, 1814.*


Benjamin [Dea. CR1], of Newbury, and [Mrs. CR1] Sarah Stickney, Oct. 27, 1778.

Clarissa, and Edward Hull Page [Hall. CR3; jr. int.] of Bath, Oct. 28, 1804.*

David L. [E. int.], and Caroline Stockman, Nov. 6, 1834.*

Dorothy P., and William Thurston of Bangor, ME, int. Sept. 3, 1837.

Hannah, and George Washington Waite of Baltimore, MD, June 24, 1816.*

Jeremiah, and Mary Chute of Rowley, int. May 14, 1808.

Mary, and Stilman Moore of West Newbury, int. July 3, 1829.

Mercy, and Asa Foster, int. Oct. 28, 1811.

Mercy, and Asa Foster, of Hanover, NH, int. Jan. 18, 1814.

Moses, and Elizabeth L. Coffin of Newbury, int. Mar. 22, 1839.

Rebecca, and Capt. George Kilborn, jr., Jan. 9, 1817.*

Samuel [of Hallowell. int.], and Susanna Atkins, Oct. 14, 1787.*

Sally, and Thomas Bowler Chadbourn [Chadman. int.] of Portsmouth, Aug. 2, 1801.*

Sarah, Mrs. [of Bath. int.], and Capt. George Kilborn, Oct. 2, 1814.*

Thomas, and [Mrs. int.] Elisabeth Eaton, Apr. 29, 1781. CR2*

COLSON (Coleson)


Elizabeth Fullington [Cotton. CR4], and Joseph Woodman, jr., July 20, 1808.*


David A., and Rachel Stanwood of Newbury, Feb. 9, 1813.*

Betsy, and George Wellington, int. Apr. 9, 1842.

Frederic [W. int.], and Elizabeth Stanwood, July 5, 1824.*

Mary, and David Tarr, Oct. 9, 1808.*

Mary, Mrs., and Hubbard Haskell, May 10, 1818.*

Sarah S., a. 22 y., d. Frederick and Elisabeth, and Charles E. Hinkley of Lowell, a. 22 y., iron founder, s. Matthew and Bethiah, Mar. 16, 1848.*


Nathaniel, of Danvers, a. 26 y., goldsmith, s. Aaron and Mehitable, and Sophronia T. Hartford, a. 20 y., d. Samuel and Mary, Nov. 26, 1845.*


Eliza, and William Fogerty, Sept. 12, 1840.*

Michael, and Elisabeth Carr, July 8, 1781. CR2


Ann, of Newbury, and Charles Knight, jr., int. Nov. 9, 1833.

Charles, and Elizabeth Caswell, Sept. 22, 1819.*

Dennis, and Mary Perkins, Aug. 21, 1791.*

Dennis, and Ann Lowel of Newbury, int. Mar. 26, 1813.

Elizabeth, and John Churchward, Oct. 11, 1784.*

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and John Calley, int. Dec. 6, 1806.

Mary, and Jonathan Pierce of Boston, Aug. 14, 1817.*

Rhoda [of Newbury. int.], and Bartholomew Brown, Nov. 20, 1804.*

Sally, and David Lufkin, Aug. 5, 1798.*

Susanna, and Henry Peters, Nov. 27, 1800.*

Timothy, jr., and Deborah Hudson, Oct. 27, 1778.*

William, and Rhoda Gerrish, int. May 10, 1786.


Jonathan, of Campton, NH, and Elisabeth Bartlet, int. Dec. 5, 1772.

CONEL (Connel)

William [Cassel. CR1], of Boston, and Eliza [Ann. CR1] Lancaster, Sept. 30, 1830.

CONNEL (Conel)

Mary, and Joseph Appleton, Jan. 8, 1797.*


John, a. 30 y., laborer, b. Ireland s. Daniel and Bridget, and Mary Branin, a. 30 y., b. Ireland d. Patrick and Mary, Dec. 9, 1849.*

Michael, a. 30 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Biddy, and Bridget Branan, a. 23 y., d. Patrick, May 24, 1849.*

CONNER (Connor)

Anne [Mrs. int.], and William Thomas, May 27, 1790.*

Caroline, and George Shaw, Dec. 21, 1824.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Piper, Apr. 30, 1807.*

Elizabeth, and Lucratus Burrill, int. June 4, 1831.

Mary [Mrs. Sarah. int.], and John Fowler, May 16, 1784.*

Sarah, and Samuel Weaver, int. June 4, 1796.

Seauveaur Dethean, and Elizabeth Currier, Oct. 2, 1814.*

William [of Newbury. int.], and Nancy Harvey, Oct. 4, 1791. [Oct. 11. CR4]*

William, jr., and Sally Chase, May 20, 1806.*

William, and Sally Perkins, Mar. 31, 1825.*

CONNOR (Conner)

David, and Betsy Bryant of New Castle, int. Aug. 7, 1802.

Eliphalet, and Alsenius Bryant of Newcastle, int. Jan. 26, 1799.

Henry, and Joanna Sullivan, int. Mar. 15, 1847.

James, and Nanny Pierce, May 18, 1772. CR2

Margaret, of Portsmouth, and Daniel Hunnewell, int. Nov. 1, 1800.

Polly, and Enoch Lunt, jr., Jan. 11, 1786.

Sarah, and William Potter, Oct. 10, 1798.*

Timothy, a. 22 y., manufacturer, s. Cornelius and Joanna, and Bridget Lane, a. 23 y., d. Daniel and Honorah, Aug. 18, 1849.*

William, widr., a. 45 y., truckman, s. William and Mary, and Julia Ann England a. 42 y., d. Francis and Abigail, Sept. 19, 1849.*


James, and [Mrs. int.] Joanna Frazier, May 20, 1781. CR2*


Lucinda [Connors. CR3], and William Reed, jr., Dec. 9, 1811.*


Humility Burrell, and William Gee, int. Dec. 21, 1796.

COOCH (Couch)

Joanna, Mrs. [Miss, int.; Gooch. CR1], and David Boynton, Oct. 5, 1764.*

Joseph, of Newbury, and Mary Newman, int. Nov. 25, 1769.

Lydia, and Philip McGuire, May 12, 1784.*


Abigail K., and Daniel H. Knight, July 25, 1839.*

Adeline L., and Jonathan D. Stickman, Sept. 30, 1839.*

Angelina, and Charles Hall of Newton, Apr. 30, 1839. [Apr. 3, 1838. dup.]*

Anne, and Philip Obin, Dec. 6, 1782. CR2*

Benjamin, and Sarah Hackett of Canterbury, NH, June 15, 1812.*

Benjamin F., and Caroline E. Hoyt of Salisbury, int. Mar. 31, 1849.

Caroline Rebecca, a. 24 y., d. Samuel and Rebecca, and William Lecraw, jr. of Newbury, a. 24 y., mariner, s. William and Lydia, Oct. 27, 1845.*

Charles, and Elisabeth Nichols of Amesbury, int. Oct. 21, 1769.

Charles, and Elizabeth Wells, Sept. 12, 1786.*

Charles, jr., and Phebe Nowell, July 11, 1805.*

Charles, 3d, and Clarissa Gould, Apr. 18, 1818.*

Charles L., Rev., of Boothbay, ME, and Sophia Ann Horton, Nov. 3, 1830.*

Clark W., a. 22 y., cordwainer, s. Robert and Mary, and Mary Garland a. 24 y., d. George T. and Mary, Apr. 30, 1846.*

Dorothy, and Robert Heath Knap, July 22, 1804.*

Elias, and Sarah Dustner of Newbury, int. Feb. 21, 1777.

Elias, jr., and Abigail Davis, May 21, 1801.*

Elias, and Abigail Jewett of West Newbury, int. Mar. 17, 1823.

Betsy, and Capt. Anthony Knap, June 4, 1796.*

Elisabeth T., and Ira Marden, Nov. 27, 1843.*

Francis W., of Rowley, a. 27 y., shoemaker, and Mary B. Merrill, a. 19 y., d. Enoch, Jan. 1, 1845.*

Francis, a. 26 y., mariner, s. Samuel and Rebecca, and Elisabeth Ann Griffith, a. 26 y., d. Robert and Nancy, Apr. 15, 1847.*

Frederic, and Hannah Shute, Dec. 21, 1819.*

Hannah, and Johnson Lunt of Newbury, Apr. 28, 1771. CR4*

Hannah, and Johnathan Tibbits, Nov. 20, 1833.*

Harriet, and David Noyes, Nov. 29, 1818.*

Harriet Newall, and Daniel Mace, jr., int. Nov. 22, 1836.

Helen Mar, and William Sommerhays of Nantucket, Oct. 16, 1840.*

Henry, and Elizabeth Lunt, Oct. 26, 1840.*

Humphrey, and Harriot Stanwood, Dec. 31, 1809.*

James, and Adeline [B. int.] Lord, Feb. 16, 1832.*

James G., and Betsy G. Blumpy, Oct. 14, 1838.*

Jeremiah, a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. Zebedee and Mary, and Evelina E. Smith, a. 18 y., d. Daniel and Mary, Sept. 16, 1849.*

John [Cooch. CR1], and Abigail Sawyer, Dec. 13, 1772.

John, and Sarah Edwards, Dec. 25, 1776.*

John, jr., and Susanna Tyler, Nov. 5, 1807.*

John, 3d, and Phebe Titcomb, June 27, 1808.*

John D., and Harriet Coffin of Newbury, Feb. 3, 1825.*

John N., and Judith S. Bailey of Newbury, May 4, 1828.*

John, jr., of New Bedford, and Mary J. [J.H. int.] Cheever, May 21, 1834.*

Joseph, of Bangor, ME, and Amelia Cross, Nov. 7, 1816.*

Juliett, and Nicholas Varina, Dec. 7, 1837.*

Lucretia Gore, and Samuel Barnard, July 21, 1787.

Lucy, of North Berwick, ME, and Enoch P. Young, int. Apr. 24, 1847.

Lydia E., of Salem, and Daniel M. Lankester, int. July 10, 1824.

Martha, and Samuel Stickney, June 23, 1801.*

Martha, a. 22 y., d. Phebe, and William [H. int.] Hook of Bangor [ME. int.], a. 23 y., merchant, s. Benson and Jennet, Sept. 3, 1844.*

Mary, and Joseph Choat, May 27, 1766. CR2

Mary, and Josiah Pomroy, Nov. 28, 1777.*

Mary Caswell, and Joseph Coffin of Newbury, Dec. 25, 1806.*

Mary Caswell, and [Capt. int.] Hector Coffin of Newbury, Jan. 14, 1808.*

Mary, and Richard Adams of Newbury, May 3, 1818.*

Mary M., and Thomas Currier, Sept. 24, 1835.*

Mary Ann, and Fredrick H. [W. int.] Myrick of Nantucket, July 24, 1839.*

Moses, and Mary Thurlo of Newbury, int. Jan. 28, 1815.

Phebe, and William Welch, Apr. 9, 1811.*

Phebe, and William P. Wingate of Bangor, ME, int. July 21, 1836.

Rebecca, and Daniel F. Smith, int. Oct. 20, 1849.

Roxanna, and John F. [T. int.] Loring, Nov. 12, 1834.*

Rufus, and Sarah G. Foote, Aug. 28, 1837.*

Ruthy A., and Edward Sealey of Newbury, July 28, 1814.*

Samuel, and Susanna Rappall, Nov. 24, 1805.*

Samuel, and Rebekah Swasey, May 7, 1811.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Safford of Newbury, July 4, 1830.*

Sapphira S., and David G. Taylor of Cambridge, Sept. 24, 1826.*

Sarah, and John Somerby, Mar. 14, 1765.*

Sally, and Amos Coffin, jr. of Newbury, Jan. 27, 1803.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Niles of Boston, Sept. 12, 1825.*

Sarah E[dwards. int.], and William H. Gerry [Geary. int.] of Exeter [NH. int.], Dec. 27, 1839.*

Sophia Ann, wid., a. 34 y., d. James and Sophia Horton, and Otis Hayden, a. 32 y., trader, s. Silas and Mary, July 17, 1845.*

Thomas, and Lucy Adams of Newbury, int. Oct. 3, 1807.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Colby of Newbury, int. Mar. 15, 1828.

William, and Catherine Poor, Oct. 23, 1794.*

William, jr., and Mary Ann Davison, May 14, 1825.*

William, and Mary Clanin, int. June 3, 1838.

Zebedee, and Sarah Knight [of Newbury. int.], Dec. 19, 1783.*

Zebedee H[unt. CR3], and Mary Knap, Apr. 13, 1815.*

Zebedee, and Elizabeth Whitney, Mar. 31, 1825.*


George, 2d, of Springfield, and Lydia H. Dodge, May 23, 1833.*


Fanny, and Ebenezer Stone, Esq., Aug. 22, 1820.*

Fanny [G. int.], and William [M. int.] Pearson, Apr. 29, 1833.*

Jonathan [Capt. int.], and Anne Goodwin, Dec. 3, 1780.*

Jonathan [Capt. int.], and Mrs. [Miss. int.] Ann Woodbury, Aug. 18, 1795.*

Jonathan, and Fanny Granger, Feb. 4, 1813.*

Margaret Storer, and George Merrill of Philadelphia [Penn. CR1], Oct. 21, 1831.*


Anna, and [Capt. int.] Ebenezer Wheelwright, May 10, 1791.*

Elizabeth, and Rev. Daniel Dana, Dec. 30, 1800.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Charles H. Coffin, May 25, 1830.*

Esther, and Thomas Merril, Jan. 3, 1771. CR4*

Jane, and Ebenezer Greenleaf, Dec. 28, 1796.*

John J., of Bangor, ME, and Charlottee Le Breton, Aug. 27, 1835.*

John, and Abby Titcomb, Dec. 27, 1836.*

Mary, and Luther Waterman, May 24, 1798.*

Mary, and Fitz William Rogers, Nov. 10, 1829.*

Philip, and Elizabeth Harrod, Jan. 7, 1799.*

Philip, and Ann Jewett Morse, June 3, 1806.*

Philip Henry, of Bangor, ME, and Eliza Webster Boardman, Oct. 20, 1828.*

Susanna, and Samuel Dana of Ipswich, Apr. 12, 1801.*

William [Capt. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Michael Jenkins, Oct. 21, 1784.*


Charles, and Eliza W. Trefren, May 5, 1841.*

David, jr., and Lydia Kent, Jan. 30, 1806.*

David, jr., and [Mrs. int.] Hannah March, Feb. 22, 1810.*

Elisabeth, and Henry Casey, Feb. 21, 1779. CR2*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Butman, May 24, 1824.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Webster of Lowell, Dec. 29, 1828.*

Hannah, and James Follansbee, Dec. 1, 1836.*

Harriett, a. 28 y., d. John and Sarah, and John J. Rowell of Boston, a. 29 y., engineer, s. Moses and Lydia, Jan. 5, 1847.*

Henry W., a. 28 y., laborer, s. David and Hannah, and Harriet Babcock, wid., a. 28 y., b. West Newbury, d. George and Harriet Parsons, Oct. 28, 1849.*

James M., and Frances L. Currier of Lowell, int. June 12, 1841.

John, and Sally Mace, both of Newbury [both of Newburyport. int.], Nov. 29, 1801.*

John, and Lydia Lovejoy of Boston, int. Oct. 13, 1849.

Joseph, and Hannah Clark Parry, Jan. 17, 1811.*

Lydia, and William B. Johnson, May 5, 1839.*

Martha A., and Edward H. George, Oct. 25, 1840.*

Mary Ann, and Thomas S. Bailey, May 5, 1841.*

Philip, and Mrs. Anne Main, int. Nov. 9, 1783.

Rhoda, and Reuben Ricker, Feb. 20, 1793.*

Ruth R., a. 31 y., d. Joseph and Hannah, and Edward H. George, widr., a. 31 y., blacksmith, s. Joseph and Sarah M., Oct. 11, 1846.*


Moses, and Polly George of Haverhill, int. July 28, 1804.


Mary Watson, of Boston, and Richard Trusdel, int. Apr. 13, 1799.


Mary [Crecy. CR4], and David Elwell, Nov. 3, 1799.*

Robert H., a. 22 y., manufacturer, b. New York, s. Stephen and Sarah C., and Hannah Goud of Topsham, ME, a. 23 y., J. John T. and Hannah, July 9, 1849.*


Mary, and Abner Marstin, Feb. 10, 1778.*


Catharine Bryant, and Joseph Titcomb, int. Dec. 3, 1814.

Samuel, and Catherine Dowe, Dec. 1, 1792.*


Henrietta M., and Charles J. Jackson, int. Jan. 19, 1827.


William, of Philadelphia, PA, a. 30 y., mariner, s. Isaac and Lavinia, and Irene L. Watts, wid., a. 32 y., d. Joseph and Nancy Whitfield, Nov. 9, 1845.*

COTTEN (Cotton)

Joel, and Sarah Kenney, Nov. 20, 1781. [1782. CR1; Nov. 2, 1782. int.]*


Daniel, a servant, and Mimbo Giddens, a servant, of Exeter, int. ––– ––, 1774.

Emily A., a. 16 y., d. Nathan and Tryphene, and Matthias Cochran, a. 25 y., stage driver, s. James and Bridget, Sept. 23, 1849.*

Mimbo [of Exeter, NH. int.], and Caesar Knap, Dec. 14, 1781.*

COTTON (Cotten)

Benjamin, and [Mrs. int.] Susanna Lunt, Jan. 21, 1790.*

COUCH (Cooch)

Abigail, and James Meyer, Nov. 12, 1797.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Walker, Sept. 8, 1799.*

Elizabeth, and Robert Smith, Oct. 2, 1810.*

Elizabeth Newman, and Sumner Ridout of Marblehead, May 2, 1831.*

Eunice Sawyer, and David Rogers of Boston, Oct. 30, 1813.*

John, and Abigail Sawyer, int. Nov. 21, 1772.

John, and Sarah Heard, Aug. 30, 1796.*

John N. [H. CR4], and Caroline Flanders, Dec. 9, 1832.*

Joseph, of Salisbury, and [Mrs. CR1] Mary Knight, Sept. 17, 1777.*

Mary, and Moses Tappan [of Newbury. int.], Apr. 13, 1792. [Feb. 9, 1793. int.]*

Mary Ann, and Eleazer Johnson, jr. of Newbury, Nov. 4, 1822.*

Robert, and Catherine Stanwood, Dec. 12, 1841.*

Sarah, and William Chase, Feb. 9, 1794.*

Sarah, and Richard L. Woodfin of Marblehead, Nov. 28, 1830.*

Sarah, and Avery Sylvester, int. May 21, 1842.

Susan H., and John E. Piper of Andover, Dec. 10, 1836.*

William, and Elizabeth Noyes, Mar. 15, 1808.*

William F., a. 28 y., mariner, s. John and Sarah, and Mary E. Caldwell, a. 23 y., d. Stephen and Mary, Sept. 10, 1845.*


Emeline, a. 21 y., d. Richard and Nancy, and George H. Garland a. 21 y., cordwainer, s. George T. and Betsey R., July 5, 1847.*

Joseph B., a. 24 y., manufacturer, s. Joshua and Nancy, and Alvira Call, a. 23 y., d. David and Polly, Mar. 11, 1847.*

Joseph B., widr., a. 26 y., manufacturer, s. Joshua and Nancy, and Hannah C. Maxwell, wid., a. 26 y., d. Abner and Rebecca Nutting, Mar. 12, 1849.*

Richard S., and Joanna W. Berry, Feb. 9, 1840.*

COUSENS (Cussens)


Lot J., and Abigail B. Horton, May 5, 1835.*


Robert, and Sarah Boardman Work, Aug. 31, 1818.*


Samuel, and Jane Waterhouse of Andover, int. Oct. 24, 1782.

CRAIN (Crane)

Lydia, of Milton, and Joseph Lewis, int. July 26, 1806.


Ann, of Exeter, and Joseph Plummer, jr., int. Aug. 12, 1809.

Mary, of Hampton Falls, NH, and Reuben Reed Gaffield, Oct. 26, 1843.*

CRANE (Crain)

Harriet, and Benjamin E. Choate, Aug. 7, 1827.*

Prudence [Patience. CR2], and Thomas Davis, Feb. 14, 1819.*

CREASEY (Creasy, Crecy, Creesy, Cresey, Cressey, Cresy)

Elizabeth, and Robert Tredwell, int. Nov. 7, 1819.

Elizabeth, and Joseph H. Warren, Aug. 4, 1822.*

George, and Harriet Lewis, July 31, 1839.*

Hannah C., and Thomas [R. int.] Anderson, July 18, 1841.*

Michael, and Phebe Ann Pike, Jan. 7, 1822.*

CREASY (Creasey)

Abel, and Betty Hidden of Newbury, Jan. 24, 1766. CR3*

Elizabeth, and Enoch Somerby, Nov. 26, 1804.*

Elizabeth, and Andrew Haines, May 9, 1805.*

Joseph, and Fanny Noble, int. Oct. 5, 1765.

Joseph, and Sarah Brown, Nov. 3, 1772. CR4*

Joseph B., and Sarah Todd, Oct. 3, 1843.*

Michael, and Hannah Currier of Newbury, int. June 10, 1820.

Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Nicholas Omans [Omons. int.], Jan. 6, 1781. [Jan. 6, 1782. CR1*]

Susannah, and Edward Hastings, July 31, 1781. CR2*

William, jr., and Hannah Chase of Frankfort, int. May 3, 1817.

William J., and Hannah H. Adams of Haverhill, int. Sept. 21, 1844.

CRECY (Creasey)

Anna, and Bartholomew Lunt Spooner, int. Apr. 5, 1777.

Susanna, and William A. Gilbert, Mar. 12, 1809.*

CREESY (Creasey)

Francis, and Sarah Godfry [of Newbury. int.], Nov. 24, 1765. CR3*

John, and Sarah Walker, Feb. 17, 1765.*

William, and Mrs. [Miss. int.] Mary Carr, June 7, 1764.*

CRESEY (Creasey)

Ebenezer, see Crosby, Ebenezer.

Ebenezer, and Mary Burnharn, int. Feb. 28, 1839.

Henry Sewall, and Elizabeth Gardner, Oct. 4, 1795.*

Mary, and Enoch Somerby, Nov. 16, 1790.*

Samuel, and Ujina Bezune of Marblehead, at Marblehead, June 1, 1773.*

Sarah, and Thomas Plummer Merrill, Dec. 11, 1794.*

Sally, and Samuel Parcher, int. Feb. 20, 1796.

William, jr., and Esther Stone [of Ipswich. int.], Apr. 23, 1789.*

CRESSEY (Creasey)

Phebe A. [Cresp. int.], a. 20 y., d. Michael and Phebe, and Benjamin Pettingell of Newbury, a. 25 y., mariner, s. Benjamin and Harriet, Dec. 7, 1847.*

CRESY (Creasey)

Anna [Susannah. int.], and Thomas Johnson, Feb. 15, 1778.*


Elisabeth, and William Anderson, Oct. 3, 1784. CR2


Thomas, and [Mrs. int.] Margaret Call, May 27, 1781.*


Richard, and Sarah Debeck, int. Dec. 28, 1770.

CROCKER (Crooker)

Elisabeth, and William Goss, Dec. 29, 1782. CR2*

Israel, and Caroline Stevens, Dec. 22, 1839.*

John S., of Newbury, a. 22 y., ship carpenter, s. Lowell and Clarissa, and Mary Jane Evans, a. 18 y., d. John and Hannah, Apr. 8, 1849.*

Mehetabel, and Asa Porter, Dec. 4, 1764. CR2

Mehitable, and James Stewart, Jan. 5, 1794.*

Oliver, of Boston, and Sophia Toppan, Nov. 29, 1810.*

Samuel P., fruiterer, of Boston, and Harriet F. Chadbourne, b. Portland d. James and Mary, Sept. 18, 1844.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Short, Nov. 2, 1800.*

William, and Martha H. Harris of Ipswich, int. Oct. 8, 1842.

William G., and Mary B. Chadbourne, Dec. 27, 1843.*

CROCKET (Crockett)

Andrew, of Newbury, and Jane Emery, int. May 30, 1812.

Jane, of Newbury, and Luther Carkin, June 3, 1828.*

CROCKETT (Crocket)

Andrew, of Boston, and Nancy Burroughs, Sept. 29, 1836.*

Elizabeth, and Philander Anderson, July 25, 1832.


Hosea T., and Ellen W. Clark, int. June 5, 1847.

Leverett L., and Sarah Stone of East Douglas, int. Mar. 31, 1842.


Harriet M., of Amesbury, a. 22 y., d. Joseph and Judith, and Jacob Israel Danforth, a. 24 y., trader, s. Rufus and Sarah, Aug. 10, 1846.*

CROOKER (Crocker)

Rachel J., of Bath, ME, and Dwelly T. Hodgkins, int. Feb. 23, 1833.


Alpheus, of Hanover, NH, and Abby G.J. [Grant Jones. int.] Cutler, May 27, 1834. [Aug. 27. CR2]*

Ebenezer, and Mary Burnham, Mar. 19, 1839.

Martha, and Jeremiah Page of Danvers, June 12, 1776. CR2

Valeria, of Somersworth, NH, and Charles W. Butler, int. Oct. 18, 1845.


Nancy Smith, of Boston, and William Stocker, int. Apr. 5, 1823.


Abigail, and Whittingham Gilman, May 4, 1815.*

Adelaid, and Jesse Burnham, Oct. 3, 1830.*

Amelia, and Joseph Cook of Bangor, ME, Nov. 7, 1816.*

Benjamin, and Esther Somerby, Sept. 20, 1795.*

Benjamin, widr., a. 76 y., cordwainer, s. Benjamin and Elisabeth, and Elisabeth Pearson, a. 55 y., d. David and Elisabeth, Aug. 8, 1847.*

Caleb, and Elizabeth Mayley, May 25, 1805.*

Caroline, and Joseph Williamson, Esq. of Belfast, ME, June 14, 1824.*

Enoch, widr., of Gorham, ME, a. 43 y., physician, s. Abigail, and Margaret [B. int.] Campbell, a. 33 y., d. Martha, Nov. 28, 1844.*

George, of Troy, NY, and Lucy Ann Brown, Nov. 17, 1835.*

Hannah [Mrs. int.], and Joshua Prebble of Falmouth, June 10, 1781.*

Hannah Titcomb, and Prescott Spalding, Nov. 23, 1806.*

Harriot G[oodwin. int.], and Benjamin Franklin Ferguson of Deer Isle, Aug. 16, 1827.*

Joanna [Mrs. int.], and Joseph Newman, Nov. 9, 1799.*

John, and Mrs. Hannah Homes, May 14, 1809.*

Joseph, and Alice Brazier of Boston, int. Sept. 24, 1777.

Joseph, and Martha Thompson, int. July 19, 1805.

Lydia, and William Huse, Nov. 23, 1790.*

Mary, and [Capt. int.] William Huse, May 24, 1807.*

Mary E., and Nathaniel P. Brown, Nov. 26, 1828.*

Miriam, and Jacob Cutter of Portsmouth, NH, Oct. 25, 1798.*

Nancy, and Amos Dodge of Amherst, NH, int. Aug. 28, 1827.

Nathaniel [of Portland. int.], and Rebecca Ingalls, Oct. 12, 1788.*

Ralph, and Lydia Russell of Boston, Aug. 23, 1801.*

Ralph, of Portland and Jane Greenleaf, Apr. 12, 1802.*

Robert, of Amesbury, and Mary Cabot Tyng of Newbury, Oct. 25, 1829. CR2

Samuel [Capt. int.], of Methuen, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Berry, Oct. 16, 1823.*

Sarah, and Alfred Johnson [of Plainfield, CT. int.], May 26, 1788.*

Sarah Dole, and Samuel Huse, jr., Dec. 28, 1792.*

Stephen, jr., and Amelia Ingalls, Dec. 15, 1789.*

Stephen, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Parsons, Jan. 30, 1798.*

Thomas, and Anna Knap, Nov. 8, 1795.*

Thomas, and Phebe Lane Moulton, May 3, 1805.*

William, and Hannah Titcomb, Dec. 7, 1780.*

William, and Ruth Stacey, Aug. 24, 1785.*

William, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Frothingham, Apr. 14, 1807.*


Fanny S. [Tucker. int.], of Salem, and William Knapp [jr. int.], at Salem, June 11, 1797.*


Patrick [Cronella. int.], a. 24 y., mariner, s. John and Bridget, and Alice White, a. 24 y., d. John and Mary, Oct. 8, 1849.*


Elisabeth, and William Anderson, int. Oct. 2, 1784.


Martha S., of Dexter, ME, and William C.D. Page, int. Dec. 15, 1848.

CROWLEY (Crowly)

Hannah, and Timothy Flanagan, int. Nov. 25, 1847.

CROWLY (Crowley)

Mary Ann, a. 15 y., b. Ireland d. Malachi and Ann, and James C. Williams, a. 22 y., mariner, s. Griffey and Mary, Oct. 7, 1845.*


Mary Stevenson, and Jonathan Austin Kimball of Lowell, Apr. 14, 1827.*

Ruth, and William K. Davis, int. Nov. 20, 1840.

Samuel, and Peggy Trefry, Feb. 1, 1807.*

Samuel, jr., and Ruth Moulton, Aug. 28, 1828.*


Nancy, of Portsmouth, and Peterson Roby, int. May 9, 1778.


William Henry, and Martha Carew, Nov. 12, 1765. CR2


James Taylor, and Sarah Osborn, int. Dec. 23, 1826.


Elizabeth, and Thomas Machen, int. Nov. 13, 1802.


John, and Elizabeth Calef, int. Dec. 16, 1801. (forbidden by Mrs. Calef.)

John, and Elizabeth Calef, int. Jan. 19, 1802. ("forbidden by Nics Pike & Ebenr March Justices of the peace Jany 27th 1802. ")


James, and Sarah Nowell, Aug. 7, 1778. CR2*


William, a. 32 y., ship carpenter, s. John and Rhodelia, and Ann M. Moran [Morey. int.], a. 28 y., d. Terence and Mary, May 7, 1849.*

CUMMINGS (Cummins)

Elizabeth M., and Ebenezer S. Sweetster of Newbury, Nov. 11, 1841.*

Helen J., a. 20 y., d. Thomas and Elizabeth, and Alfred Lowell, a. 20 y., truckman, s. Joseph and Eunice, Nov. 25, 1849.*

James, Capt., and Elizabeth Peach Boddily, Apr. 17, 1810.*

Sarah A., and Nathaniel G. Bassett, int. May 14, 1842.

William [of Newbury. int.], and Sarah Woodburn, Dec. 26, 1786.*

CUMMINS (Cummings)

Elisabeth A., of Rowley, a. 23 y., d. Geroge and Elisabeth, and Edward W. Morrill, a. 20 y., mariner, s. Edward and Sophia, July 25, 1847.*


Clark, of Charleston [Charlestown. int.], and Abigail Currier, May 18, 1819.*

CURRELL (Currill)

John [Burrill. CR4], and Rachel Stillman, June 26, 1809.*


Abigail, and Clark Cunningham of Charleston [Charlestown. int.], May 18, 1819.*

Abigail, and Samuel Poor of Newbury, May 11, 1834.*

Albert, and Rebecca C. Teel, Apr. 27, 1840.*

Alice, and Robert Gurney, Jan. 17, 1822.*

Amos, and Jane White Gurney, Apr. 13, 1824.*

Ann Maria, and Horace W. Bartlet, int. Oct. 13, 1838.

Ann G., and Alfred Wood, July 31, 1839.*

Anthony D., and Mary Ann Loring of Andover, int. Sept. 14, 1835.

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Caroline [J. int.] Gallishan, Oct. 25, 1835. CR2*

Charles, and Ann Hale of Newbury, int. Nov. 3, 1827.

David, and Mary Hoyt Pingry, Oct. 29, 1829.*

Edmund, and Emma Gould, Apr. 5, 1804.*

Edmund, and Mary Hill, Apr. 23, 1835.*

Edward, and Lois Gerrish of Newbury, Aug. 26, 1805.*

Edward, and Elisabeth J. Young, Dec. 29, 1834.*

Edwin, and Ursula Fowler of Newbury, int. Oct. 21, 1843.

Eliza, of Enfield, NH, and James Follansbee, int. Dec. 23, 1815.

Elizabeth, of Salisbury, and Samuel Brown, 3d, int. July 24, 1806.

Elizabeth, and Seauveaur Dethean Conner, Oct. 2, 1814.*

Elizabeth Todd, and Benjamin Stickney of Charlestown, June 1, 1815.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Perkins, Nov. 6, 1819.*

Emma, and Ebenezer Post, Nov. 19, 1828.*

Emeline, and Michael Atkinson, jr. of Newbury, Oct. 18, 1835.*

Frances L., of Lowell, and James M. Cooper, int. June 12, 1841.

George, and Almira Wells of Newbury, int. Dec. 10, 1831.

George, jr., a. 21 y., mason, s. William and Abigail, and Mary E. Quimby, a. 21 y., d. Moses and Mary A., June 13, 1847.*

Hannah, of Haverhill, and Jonathan Merrill, at Haverhill, Feb. 28, 1787.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Michael Creasy, int. June 10, 1820.

Hannah, and Moses Stockman, July 30, 1843.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Harrison G. Johnson, int. Nov. 10, 1843.

Harriet, and Henry Stockman, Sept. 27, 1827.*

Harriet, and William Plummer, Oct. 5, 1829.*

Humphrey Wharf, and Sally C[rowell. int.] Berry, Mar. 22, 1813.*

Jane, and William Stover, Oct. 19, 1824.*

Jerusha, of Amesbury, and Thomas Ordway, int. Dec. 15, 1810.

Johanna, and Solomon Haskel, int. Jan. 24, 1778.

Joanna, and Moses Stockman, int. July 9, 1831.

John, jr., and Clarissa Carr, both of Newbury, Dec. 28, 1830.

John, of East Kingston, NH, a. 30 y., cordwainer, s. Ezra and Susan, and Mary Ring of Amesbury, a. 21 y., d. Page and Betsey T., Oct. 17, 1846.

Joseph, and Abigail Tappan, Apr. 9, 1785.*

Joseph, and Patience Somerby, June 10, 1802.*

Joseph, and Mrs. Jane Card, Aug. 27, 1808.*

Joseph H., and Sarah J[ane. int.] Hawse of Newbury, Nov. 14, 1830.*

Joseph H., and Sarah Ann Gould, int. Apr. 17, 1847.

Lavinia, of Newbury, a. 23 y., d. William and Elisabeth, and William F. [T. int.] Merrill, a. 24 y., house carpenter, s. William W. and Harriet, Nov. 24, 1846.*

Lois, and William Baker, Oct. 31, 1787.*

Louisa, of Newbury, and Moses Cole, jr., int. Mar. 8, 1833.

Lydia, and James Williams, jr. [of Boston. int.], Sept. 21, 1789.*

Lydia S[tacey. int.], and Benjamin Merrill, Sept. 21, 1834.*

Margaret [ wid. int.], and David Wells, Aug. 24, 1775.*

Margaret, and Parker M. Dole, Jan. 3, 1842.*

Mark, and Rhoda Mace, Oct. 3, 1796.*

Mark, and Elizabeth F. Curtis, June 10, 1830.*

Martha J., a. 20 y., d. Amos and Jane, and Calvin W. Davis, a. 21 y., carpenter, s. Asa and Ann, Nov. 21, 1849.*

Molly, of Salisbury, and Isaac Gallashon, int. Dec. 5, 1772.

Mary, and William Stevens, int. Feb. 19, 1808.

Mary, and Samuel Stevens, jr., Oct. 5, 1823.*

Mary H., and Samuel Northend of Newbury, Dec. 2, 1841.*

Mary Sophia, of Ipswich, a. 18 y., d. Simon T. and Mary S., and Alvin A. Newton of Ipswich, a. 23 y., cordwainer, s. Josiah and Zerujah, Nov. 1, 1849.

Mathew, and Sarah Pettingel, int. Jan. 14, 1775.

Matthew, jr., and Mrs. Joanna Newman, June 14, 1807.*

Nancy I., and Samuel P. Gurney, Sept. 10, 1831.*

Nathaniel [of Newbury. int.], and Phebe Adams, May 7, 1795.*

Nicholas, and Sarah Plumer of Newbury, Apr. 23, 1767. CR3*

Nicholas, and Elizabeth Pettingell, Jan. 16, 1783.*

Olive [Alice. int.], and James Chase, jr., Dec. 26, 1793.*

Olive Ann, a. 19 y., d. Daniel and Ann, and George Worthen of Newbury, a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Joseph and Charlotte, Jan. 25, 1848.

Phebe, and Aaron Cheever, Mar. 15, 1818.*

Rachel J. [P. int.], and William J. [G. int.] Burt [Bartlett. int.], May 4, 1835.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Reed, July 9, 1799.*

Rhoda, Mrs., and Samuel Henderson Perry [Perrcy. int.], June 8, 1812.*

Samuel, and Susanna Harris, July 28, 1787.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Todd, May 31, 1807.*

Samuel, and Lydia Truesdel, Feb. 20, 1812.*

Samuel, jr., a. 22 y., mason, s. Samuel and Hepsibah, and Susan C. Gray, a. 20 y., d. William and Abigail, Feb. 4, 1846.*

Sarah, and William Lewis, int. Feb. 22, 1777.

Sarah, and William Rust, Dec. 10, 1780. [Nov. 13. CR4]*

Sarah, and Benjamin Dutton of Newbury, int. Oct. 24, 1801.

Sarah Hall, and Michael Boardman, Nov. 29, 1812.*

Sarah P., and William Toppan [jr. int.], Apr. 14, 1831.*

Sarah D., and William C. Varina, Dec. 9, 1836.*

Sarah W., and Samuel G. Morrill, Apr. 5, 1840.*

Sarah C., of Newbury, a. 20 y., b. Newbury, d. William and Elizabeth, and David Brown of Newbury, a. 23 y., ship carpenter, b. Ipswich, s. James and Lucy, Oct. 22, 1846.

Sarah E., a. 21 y., d. Joseph and Nancy, and Horace J. Walker, a. 22 y., manufacturer, s. David and Martha, Jan. 12, 1848.*

Sarah E., a. 18 y., d. Edmund and Elizabeth, and Charles W. Merrill, a. 21 y., ship carpenter, s. Ezra P. and Sarah, Mar. 11, 1849.*

Sawyer, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Merrill, Dec. 12, 1833.*

Solomon Haskell, of Newbury, and Sarah Davenport, Feb. 2, 1808.*

Susan R., of Newbury, and David L. Goodridge of West Newbury, Oct. 5, 1837.

Susan E., and Elijah Brown, int. Jan. 7, 1843.

Susanna, and Solomon Hascall, Feb. 10, 1778. CR4

Susanna, of Salisbury, and Stephen Eaton, int. Mar. 1, 1800.

Susanna Haskell, and [Capt. int.] Jeremiah Elliot of Newbury, Oct. 31, 1813.*

Susannah Mary, and Richard Fowler of Dover, Mar. 31, 1825.*

Tabby, and William Knap, jr., Apr. 2, 1812.*

Thomas E., and Mary C. Parsons, Dec. 26, 1834.*

Thomas, and Mary M. Cook, Sept. 24, 1835.*

William [3 d. int.], and Mrs. [Miss. int.] Lydia Nowell, Nov. 12, 1765.*

William, and Abigail Peacham [Beachum. int.], Sept. 14, 1777.*

William, of East Kingston, NH, and Sally Johnson Nowell, June 8, 1796.*

William, 5th, and Mary Gerrish of Newbury, Oct. 27, 1802.*

William [4th. int.], and Abigail Bridges, Nov. 3, 1808.*

William E., of Newbury, and Fanny M. Pardee, Mar. 27, 1834.*

Woodman C., of Amesbury, and Eunice M. Brookings, Sept. 6, 1827.*

CURRILL (Currell)

Rachel, Mrs., and Ephraim Dow of Kensington [NH. CR1], Dec. 17, 1812.*


John, and Lucinda Hughes, Dec. 21, 1779. CR2*

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Elizabeth F., and Mark Currier, June 10, 1830.*

Francis, and Mary Hale, Jan. 15, 1810.*

George, and Sarah Sawyer Cheeney, Nov. 29, 1813.*

George, and Mary W[heeler. int.] Cheney, Nov. 5, 1826.*

Hannah, Mrs., and James Cary, Dec. 22, 1805.*

Henry, and Susanna Martin, Apr. 2, 1801.*

Joseph, and Nancy Dean, Dec. 28, 1804.*

Luther, and Martha Parry, Aug. 2, 1789.*

Martha, and Peter Cummings Gilbert, Aug. 20, 1791.*

Mary, and Robert Jenkins, 3d, Dec. 6, 1821.*

Nancy, Mrs., and John Cheever, May 26, 1816.*

Paul, and Hannah Sillaway, Oct. 25, 1801.*

Samuel, and Sally Coffin, Oct. 8, 1795.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Chase, Sept. 16, 1805.*

Sarah, and Stephen Pettingel of Newbury, July 30, 1816.*

Sarah Ann, and Joseph Lunt, Apr. 6, 1837.*

Theda P., a. 19 y., d. Samuel and Lucy C., and William Holmes, a. 20 y., weaver, s. Thomas and Susannah, Jan. 16, 1849.*

CURTISS (Curtis)

Sarah C. [E. CR4], and David C. Ash, May 30, 1839.*


John, and Elisabeth Willet, Jan. 10, 1779. CR2

CUSHING (Cushion)

Caleb, and Caroline Elizabeth Wilde, Nov. 23, 1824.*

Deborah, and Theodore Libby, Mar. 24, 1818.*

John Newmarch, Capt, and Elisabeth Johnson, Jan. 29, 1815.*

John N., jr., and Mary Lawrence Brown, May 16, 1843.*

Lucy, and [Lt. int.] Edward Loyd West of West Maryland Feb. 16, 1841.*

Mary, and Benjamin Peach Boddily, Mar. 24, 1809.*

Sally, and Sylvanus Plumer Dodge, Aug. 1, 1816.*

William, a. 24 y., merchant, s. John N. and Elisabeth, and Sarah Moody Stone of Newbury, a. 23 y., d. Ebenezer and Fanny, of Newbury, Sept. 23, 1847.*

CUSHION (Cushing)

Katharine, and Elisha Mack, both of Salem, Oct. 7, 1813. CR2


Lucy N., a. 27 y., d. Henry and Phebe, and James L. Fitch, a. 24 y., caulker, s. Elisha and Phebe, Nov. 11, 1848.*

Rebecca L., a. 24 y., d. Henry and Phebe, and Nathan French, a. 23 y., manufacturer, s. John and Judith, June 10, 1848.*

Seth M., of Union, ME, farmer, s. Joseph and Eleanor, and Lucy A. Sidlinger, a. 20 y., d. Daniel and Mary, Nov. 12, 1848.*


Susanna, of Boston, and William Brown of England June 30, 1767. CR2


Abby G[rant.] J[ones. int.], and Alpheus Crosby of Hanover, NH, May 27 [Aug. 27. CR2], 1834.

David, and Abigail Atkins, Apr. 15, 1766. CR2

David E., and Caroline Plumrner, July 10, 1823.*

Joseph, and [Mrs. int.] Alice Fowle, Feb. 19, 1782. CR2*

Joseph, and Abigail Cheseborough Grant Jones [of Boston, int], June 9, 1808.*

Samuel, and Lydia Prout, Jan. 8, 1794.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Greenough of Boston, int. July 12, 1806.

Sylvia, and Joseph Fatall, Dec. 6, 1807.*

Thomas H[all. int.], and Elizabeth B[ryant. int.] Moody, May 14, 1833.*

William, and Sophia Parize, May 5, 1791.*


Abraham, and Mary Gibson, Aug. 15, 1821.*

Daniel H., and Mary Stockman, Apr. 18, 1834. [Aug. 8, 1834. int.]*

Daniel H., and Susan M. Teague of Beverly, int. Aug. 27, 1840.

David S., and Lucy B. Ordway, int. Apr. 18, 1846.

Dolly Sumner, and Nicholas Short, May 28, 1815.*

Ebenezer, and Mehitable Morrison, Sept. 26, 1784.*

Fanny K., and Gorham Pillsbury of Newbury, int. Apr. 6, 1849.

Jacob, and Betsy Edmunds, Dec. 17, 1797.*

Jacob, of Portsmouth, NH, and Miriam Cross, Oct. 25, 1798.*

Levi, of Portland ME, and Ruth Jenkins, Nov. 18, 1833.*

Mary Paul, of Exeter, and Tony Gardner, int. Mar. 10, 1810.

Mary, and Edward T. Swain, Apr. 18, 1834.

Mary F., and Edward T. Swain, int. Aug. 8, 1834.

Mary E., and James W. Welch, Nov. 7, 1844.*

Mehitable, and Eliphalet Griffin, June 28, 1807.*

Richard, and Mary Ann P. Stanwood, int. Oct. 22, 1842.

Stephen Edmunds, and Mary Ann Kuhn, Sept. 29, 1825.*

Stephen E., jr., a. 22 y., painter, s. Stephen E. and Mary A., and Charlotet J. [S. int.] Armstrong, a. 19 y., d. George and Lucy A., Mar. 11, 1849.*

Thomas, and Betty Sands of Ipswich, int. Sept. 23, 1775.

Timothy, and Mary Pay, Aug. 28, 1808.*


Mary F. [S. int.], a. 21 y., d. Moses and Jane, and Nathaniel P. Morrison, widr., a. 24 y., Mason, s. Henry and Ruth, Nov. 28, 1848.*


Asa, and Mary Pearson, Dec. 9, 1810.*

Edward, of Portsmouth [NH. int.], and Mary Carter, Apr. 17, 1796.*

Elisabeth Epes, of Portsmouth, NH, and Nathaniel Carter, jr., int. Mar. 29, 1788.

Elisabeth, and William Pearson, Mar. 8, 1838.*

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