Eliza R., and John Brooks of Rockport, May19,1842.CR4*

Elseby, d.Rebecca, and John Langley [], mariner, Dec.26,1844.*

Francis, and Rebecca Brown [], Nov.9,1817.*

James Ford, and Hannah Wentworth, int.May17,1818.

Rebecca Ann, and Benjamin Emerton, Feb.17,1846.

NASON (Nayson)

Daniel, a.22y., laborer, s.Daniel and Eunice, and Mary O. Dean, a.23y., d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.28,1848.*

Betsey L., a.24y., d.Amos and Betsey, and David P. Cloudman, a.27y., ship joiner, s.David and Susan, Jan.10,1849.*

Samuel, and Sally Gerrish of Newbury, int.June20,1795.

NAYSON (Nason)

Jonathan, of Amesbury, and Martha P[] Hodge, July1,1830.*

NEAL (Neall)

Polly, Mrs., and Nathan Chase of Newbury, int.Jan.25,1800.

William, and Sarah Lacount of Haverhill, int.Mar.14,1812.

NEALL (Neal)

Joseph, and Mary Coffin, Apr.26,1807.*


Abigail, and William Patterson, Feb.4,1818.CR2

Abigail, and Thomas Vinger, int.Dec.6,1826.

Ann, and John S. Hall, Oct.31,1840.CR6*

David Henry [Nolson. int.], a.27y., cordwainer, s.Daniel and Sarah, and Hannah Langley, a.20y., d.Orlando and Harriet, Sept.20,1848.*

Edward, and Emily B. Marston of Great Falls, NH, int.Jan.29,1848.

Elisabeth, and William Haskel [of], Mar.29,1788.*

John, a.26y., mariner, s.John and Emeline, and Ellen Aylward [], a.21y., d.Michael and Catherine, Nov.19,1846.*

John B., and Clara M. Felch of Newbury, int.May12,1849.

Mary, and Moses Hoyt, jr., Oct.10,1765.CR3*

Polly, and Henry Seward [], Mar.6,1800.*

Mary Abby, a.20y., d.Daniel and Sarah, and Daniel Johnson, a.20y., trader, s.Harrison G.O. and Hannah, Dec.15,1847.*

Nicholas, and [Mrs.CR4] Elizabeth [S.CR4] Wallace, Dec.2,1827.*

Samuel, and Sarah Thomas of Gloucester, int.Aug.29,1772.

Samuel, and Lydia Newmarsh [], Oct.12,1800.*

Samuel, and Sarah Wyatt, Sept.13,1806.*

Sarah, and John Osborn, Feb.25,1808.*

Solomon, jr., of Rowley, and Sarah Noyes, Dec.2,1779.*


Sarah [], and [Capt.CR1] William Wyer, Oct.4,1781.*

Sarah [Evans.CR1], and Nathaniel Knap, jr., May15,1791.*


James, a.23y., house carpenter, b. Harrison, ME, s.Simon and Eunice, and Mary G. Rand a.18y., d.Monroe, ME, d.Henry and Hannah, Dec.1,1849.*

NEWEL (Newell)

Elizabeth, and Henry Wedford, int.Dec.27,1776.

NEWELL (Newel)

Deborah, and John Ferren, Dec.12,1790.*


Lucy, and Ephraim Hall, Dec.3,1772.CR2


John, of Amesbury, and Sarah Marshall, int.Aug.22,1829. (ban forbidden by his wife.)


Anne [Newell. int.], and Gilbert Lyons, Aug.22,1786.*

Edward, and Abigail Stockman, Oct.24,1771.*

Edward, and Anna Coffin, int.Jan.3,1800.

Elizabeth, and Caleb Turner, Apr.1,1779.*

Elizabeth, and Cazneau Bayley of Portsmouth [NH.CR1], Mar.30,1794.*

Mary, and Rev. Ebenezer Coffin of Newbury, Oct.17,1793.*

Samuel, Capt, and Elizabeth Sprague, Dec.7,1766.CR1*


Abigail, of Newbury, and David S. Caldwell of Dunbarton, NH, Dec.5,1827.

Andrew, and Dorothy Sprows, June29,1784.*

Ann Pearson, and John Norwood Ingalls, July16,1798.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Frye, June29,1794.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Orn, Jan.6,1799.*

Benjamin, a.50y., carpenter, s.Benjamin and Hannah F., and Ruth Bartlet Burrill, a.50y., d.John and Mary S., May19,1845.*

Catherine, and Ebenezer Chenery of Falmouth [ME. int.], Feb.17,1825.*

Clarissa, and John Smith Haskell, Apr.19,1804.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Johnson, Sept.11,1777.*

Daniel, and Hannah Brown of North Hampton, int.Nov.4,1811.

Eliza D., and William D. Carter of Portsmouth, NH, Aug.31,1828.*

Elizabeth, and Francis B[rown. int.] Somerby, May19,1812.*

Elizabeth S[], of Newbury, and Nathaniel Smith Osgood, Mar.3,1828.*

Eunice, and William Holliday, May2,1795.*

Hannah, and Daniel Hovey, Aug.6,1772.*

Hannah, and Moses Sleeper, May6,1777.*

Hannah, and James Brown, Oct.1,1795.*

Hannah, and Jeremiah Johnson of Newbury, Oct.11,1821.*

Hannah O., of Newbury, a.21y., d.Jacob and Rebecca, and Eleazar W. Pettingell of Newbury, a.22y., farmer, s.Moses and Mary, Apr.20,1848.

Jacob, and Rebekah Knight of Newbury, int.Sept.12,1819.

Joanna, Mrs., and Matthew Currier, jr., June14,1807.*

John [jr. int.], and Jane Knap, May21,1785.*

John, and Sally Strong, Oct.15,1809.*

John, Capt., and Rebbecca B. Danforth, both of Newbury, Sept.25,1833.

John, and Adeline Stockman, Nov.23,1834.*

Joseph, and Sarah Johnson, Aug.24,1767.CR3*

Joseph, and [] Joanna Cross, Nov.9,1799.*

Joseph, and Sarah Kuhn, May1,1820.*

Judith, and Paul Stevens, Dec.6,1781.*

Martha, and Amos Follinsbee, July24,1774.*

Mary, and Joseph Cooch of Newbury, int.Nov.25,1769.

Mary, and Robert Stevenson, June28,1778.*

Mary, and Daniel Ford, Apr.18,1808.*

Mary, a.26y., d.John and Sally, and Amos Coffin of Newbury, a.27y., ship carpenter, s.Joseph and Mary C., Oct.28,1846.*

Nathaniel, 3d.[jr. int.], and Anne Pearson, Feb.16,1769.CR4*

Nathaniel, Dea., and [] Martha Dean, Dec.12,1796.*

Nathaniel, 3d, and Eliza Bartlet, Dec.2,1803.*

Nathaniel, and Tabitha Appleton, Jan.14,1827.*

Patience, and John Sillaway, Dec.16,1779.CR2*

Paul, and Mary Pearson, May24,1778.*

Rebecca K. [of], and Albert Cheever, Dec.29,1844. [Mar.14,1845.CR1]*

Samuel, and Rebeckah Noyes, int.Apr.15,1786.

Samuel, and Phebe Hale [of], May20,1801. [July29.CR4]*

Sarah [] and John Choate, Esq. of Ipewich, Apr.16,1789.*

Sarah, of Bradford, and Eleazar Johnson, int.May20,1797.

Sally, of Newbury, and Thomas Lord, int.Apr.18,1801.

Sally, of Newbury, and Charles Loyd, int.June22,1801.

Sarah, of Portland and Capt. John Wills [jr. int.], Aug.17,1808.*

Sarah Ann, and Andrew L. Haskell, July22,1829.*

Susannah, and Isaac Knap, Apr.24,1770.*

Thomas, see Winthrop, Thomas Newman.

Thomas, and Mary Todd, Feb.26,1789.*

Timothy, and Abigail Palfrey, July13,1783.*

Wingate [Capt.CR1], and Sarah Greenleaf, June17,1769.*

NEWMARCH (Newmarsh, Newmash)

Elizabeth, and Adam Silvester, int.Apr.8,1797.

John, and Sarah Johnson, Apr.15,1823.*

John, a.24y., mariner, s.John and Sarah, and Caroline G.M. Noyes [G.E. int.], a.22y., d.Jacob and Rhoda, May4,1848.*

Joseph D., and Mary Ann Vickery of Solon, ME, int.Aug.10,1849.

NEWMARSH (Newmarch)

Lydia [], and Samuel Nelson, Oct.12,1800.*

NEWMASH (Newmarch)

Joseph, and Sally Woodman, Mar.30,1800.*


Alvin A., of Ipswich, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Josiah and Zerujah, and Mary Sophia Currier of Ipswich, a.18y., d.Simon T. and Mary S., Nov.1,1849.

Anna, and Enoch Danforth, Feb.3,1781. [1782.CR1; Jan.20,1782. int.]*

George H[], of Medford, and Margaret Price,末蔓末,1845. [Dec.14,1844. int.]*

Mary Jane R., and Nathaniel W. Hurd, Apr.12,1843.*

Nancy, and Andrew Haines, June16,1812.*

Nathaniel R. [K. int.], and Mrs.Elisabeth T. [F. int.] Hardy, Oct.29,1837.*

Sarah Ann, and John Clark, int.Feb.1,1806.

Sarah, and Dudley Hoague, July31,1811.*

Stephen, widr., of Roxbury, a.41y., laborer, s.Jacob and Eunice, and Sarah [F. int.] Greenleaf, a.26y., d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.13,1845.*

NICHOL (Nichols)

John, and Lydia Rogers, Apr.27,1777.*

NICHOLLS (Nichols)

Polly, and Duncan Nilage, Mar.6,1803.*

William, and Lydia Balch Pierce, Sept.30,1805.*

NICHOLS (Nichol, Nicholls, Nicoll, Nicols)

Abia, of Haverhill, and Daniel Willet, int.Sept.30,1775.

Andrew, and Mrs.Anne Seetown of Londonderry, int.June16,1770.

Edmund, of Newbury, and Sarah Downer, June13,1802.*

Elisabeth, of Newbury, and John Short, jr., Jan.15,1765.CR2

Elisabeth, of Amesbury, and Charles Cook, int.Oct.21,1769.

Elizabeth [Cook. int.], and George Bemis of Waltham, Mar.8,1830.*

Eunice, of Amesbury, and William Howard, int.Feb.28,1772.

Hannah, and Benjamin George, Apr.27,1783.*

Henry T., of Lawrence, and Nancy P. Eastman, int.Sept.30,1847.

Lydia B[alch.CR2], a.30y., d.William and Lydia B., and Benjamin Hale, jr., a.33y., master mariner, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.7,1848.*

Martha W., and Francis B. Todd, May28,1833.*

Mary, Mrs., of Greenland and Enoch Colman Tappan, int.Nov.27,1793.

Nathan, of Lynn, and Harriet Herbert, Apr.22,1824.*

Sally, and Joseph Piper of Newbury, int.Nov.26,1808.

Sarah, a.18y., d.Samuel and Nancy D., and David E. Carey of Newbury, a.22y., victualler, s.James and Hannah, Aug.19,1847.*

William [Capt.CR1], and Mary [] Batchelder, Jan.11,1778.*


Abby, and William Watson, int.July6,1847.

NICOLL (Nichols)

Sarah [], and Benjamin Dole, June5,1791.*

NICOLS (Nichols)

Joseph, of Amesbury, and Hannah March, Oct.1,1765.CR3*

NILAGE (Nillage)

Duncan, and Polly Nicholls, Mar.6,1803.*


Patrick, and Mary McCoy, int.Nov.13,1848.


Ebenezer, of Boston, and Sarah Cook, Sept.12,1825.*

John F., and Mrs.Lois P. Lunt, Dec.24,1833.*

Sally, of West Fairlee, and Nathan Noyes, int.Nov.29,1800.

NILLAGE (Nilage)

Sophia Ann, and Nathan Follansbee, May30,1843.*


David C., a.30y., machinist, s.John and Charlotte, and Rebecca H. Rogers, a.21y., d.Silas and Rebecca, Dec.21,1845.*

Fanny, and Joseph Creasy, int.Oct.5,1765.

Love, and Henry Gear, May3,1799.*


George W., a.30y., mariner, s.John and Hannah, and Lois Goodrich [Goodridge. int.] of Skowhegan, ME, a.25y., d.Ebenezer and Olive, Dec.21,1847.*

Hannah Cash, and Benjamin Bailey, Oct.17,1828.*

John, and Hannah Cash, Jan.19,1806.*

Sarah Ann, and George C. Short, int.Oct.16,1832. (bans forbidden by John Norman, the father.)

Sarah A[nn. int.], and David Dixon [Hixon.CR6] of New York, Nov.18,1838.*


Caleb W., and Lucy Hall of Newmarket, NH, int.July13,1822.

Charles, and Mary Barry of Danvers, int.Aug.24,1809.

James, and Sally Berry of Danvers, int.Nov.30,1805.

Samuel, of West Newbury, and Lydia Choate, int.Aug.8,1835.


John [Morrison. int.], and Mary Ann Hickey, Aug.7,1843.*


Samuel, of Newbury, and Mary H. Currier, Dec.2,1841.*

William D., of Danvers, a.23y., attorney at law, s.John and Anna, and Susan Stedman Harrod, a.19y., d.Benjamin and Mary Ann, Nov.2,1846.*


Adah, and Theodore P. Morse [Huse, of], Sept.2,1840.

Anna, and Sewall Short, Oct.13,1792.*

Anna, and Stephen Leavitt Greely of Gilmanton, NH, May17,1810.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Wyatt, Nov.26,1775.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Judith Giddinge, Oct.15,1801.*

Bishop, and Hannah Remick, Feb.10,1777.*

Bishop, and Mehitable Lake of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.14,1779.*

Bishop, and [] Anne Atwood, May2,1782.*

Caleb, and Susanna Milliken of Bradford, int.Aug.4,1787.

Caty, and William Racklyeft Woodman, July28,1803.*

Daniel, and Jane Cheever, Aug.19,1819.*

Daniel, and Mary Carr of Newbury, Mar.20,1822.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Wise, June27,1776.*

Besty, and Nathaniel Sachwell, int.Oct.5,1805.

Elizabeth, and James Pendergrass, Jan.17,1808.*

Elizabeth, and James Fuller, jr. of West Newbury, int.Dec.8,1827.

George, and Polly Follansbee, Oct.8,1789.*

George [jr. int.], and Martha Ann Pilsbury, Jan.4,1827.*

Hannah, and David Hart, Aug.28,1803.*

Hannah, and Mark Coffin, Jan.16,1804.*

James, and Elizabeth Purvier, Dec.11,1810.*

James, and Catharine Greenleaf, Aug.14,1834.*

Jane, and John Roberts, Oct.4,1801.*

John, and Elvey [] Wallis, June18,1798.*

Joseph R., and Mary H. Robbins of Newbury, int.Oct.20,1842.

Joshua, and Sarah Remick of Chester, int.Feb.25,1809.

Lavinia, and William B. Morse, Nov.30,1843.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Louge of Salem, Mar.21,1805.*

Lydia, and George Rogers of Newbury, Apr.11,1815.*

Martha, and John Mace of Newbury, int.Sept.12,1812.

Mary, and John Dame, Dec.12,1776.*

Mary, and John Onnest, July21,1805.*

Mary, and Joseph Young, jr., Dec.1,1817.*

Mary P. [Wharton. int.], and James Carlisle, Sept.19,1839.*

Mary Jane C., and Rev. Henry Augustus Woodman of West Newbury, Jan.11,1843.CR4*

Michael, and Anna Kent, Feb.18,1768.CR2*

Michael, jr., and Sally Boynton, July21,1795.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Eddy of Boston, int.Dec.22,1770.

Sarah,. and Benjamin Button of Newbury, int.Sept.17,1808.

Sarah T., and John H. Wigglesworth, int.June3,1843.

Stephen, and Ruth Peabody, Sept.11,1783.*

Stephen, and Mary Racklyeft, Jan.22,1811.*


Jonathan, and Catherine Pearson, July7,1816.*

Mary, and William Colling, Nov.13,1825.*

Thomas, and Judith Little of Newbury, int.Nov.23,1782.


Gordon D., and Margaret Horton, May2,1847.


Eunice, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Pearson, jr., at Ipswich, Nov.13,1792.*

NOWEL (Nowell)

Nathaniell, and Jane Johnson, Nov.29,1767.CR3*

Samuel York, and Mary Hoppin [of Charlestown. int.], Sept.6,1775.*

NOWELL (Nowel)

Anna, and Moses Wells, July10,1777.CR2*

Charles, and Susanna Jewett, Dec.8,1808.*

Charles, and Emiline Moore [Mace. int.], Nov.29,1835.*

Elizabeth, and Josiah Brown, Dec.12,1789.*

Elizabeth C., and George S. Armitage, Oct.12,1823.*

Emeline, Mrs., and Truman Morey of Boston, June12,1842.*

Hannah, and Henry Friend, Aug.29,1771.CR2*

Hannah, and Jeremiah Elliott, July24,1790.*

John, and Hannah [H. int.] Todd, Jan.16,1825.*

John, arid Hannah L. Davis [of Westminster, VT. int.], Mar.27,1833.*

Joseph, jr., and Sally Dole, Jan.25,1796.*

Lydia, Mrs.[], and William Currier [], Nov.12,1765.*

Lydia, and Francis Quin, int.Feb.27,1781.

Lydia, and William Hawley, May30,1784.*

Martha, and William Short, jr., Dec.31,1788.*

Patty, and Thomas Tyler, Mar.18,1807.*

Mary, and Humphry Wharf, Jan.12,1777.*

Mary, and Josiah Titcomb, jr., Feb.22,1780.CR2*

Phebe, and Charles Cook, jr., July11,1805.*

Phebe C., of Sandford, CT, and Nicholas Varina, int.Dec.14,1843.

Richard, and Polly Fletcher, Oct.24,1796.*

Sarah, and James Cullum, Aug.7,1778.CR2*

Sarah [Newell, of], and Joseph Brown, Sept.1,1794.*

Sally Johnson, and William Currier of East Kingston, NH, June8,1796.*

Silas, jr., and Hannah Chandler, Feb.10,1807.*

Susan, Mrs., and James Granger, int.July22,1820.

Susan, and Jacob Chase, Jan.6,1831.*

William C., and Susan Kimball, Nov.8,1832.*

NOYES (Noyse)

Abiah, and Richard Davis, June28,1832.*

Abigail, of Newbury, and Joseph Moulton, jr., Oct.24,1765.CR3*

Abraham, and Ann Hoyte, July3,1765.*

Abraham, jr., and Hannah Medcalfe, int.Mar.29,1788.

Abram, and Anne Atkison of Newbury, July29,1767.CR3*

Albert, of Malden, and Sophronia Ann Jaques, June27,1832,*

Amelia, of Newbury, and Abraham Dodge, int.Aug.9,1783.

Amos, and Sarah Moody, Jan.7,1794.*

Amos, and [] Elizabeth Noyes, Jan.2,1799.*

Amos, jr., of Newbury, and Nancy Hazelton, int.Aug.1,1807.

Amos, and Harriet Cook Follansbee, July22,1828.*

Anna, and Benjamin [John.CR1] Rackleyft, Sept.17,1778.*

Anne, and Thomas Bordman, Aug.6,1767.CR3*

Ann, and John Taylor, June3,1824.*

Anne Lathrop, and Joseph Balch, Esq. of Boston, Jan.22,1827.*

Caroline, and Rev. Leonard Withington of Newbury, int.May5,1827.

Caroline, wid., a.24y., d.Joseph, and William Thurlo of Newbury, a.26y., shoemaker, June13,1844.*

Caroline G.M. [G.E. int.] a.22y., d.Jacob and Rhoda, and John Newmarch, a.24y., mariner, s.John and Sarah, May4,1848.*

Caty, and John Berry Titcomb, Feb.19,1795.*

Charles, of Newbury, and Margaret M. Clark, Dec.1,1842.CR4*

Charles A., a.24y., shoemaker, and Nancy O. Bartlet, a.23y., dressmaker, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Feb.27,1845.*

Charles, and Hannah W. Chase of Boston, int.May29,1845.

Christian, and Simeon Brazier, Oct.7,1786.*

Daniel D., and Sarah Davis of Dover, NH, int.Aug.25,1849.

David, and Harriet Cook, Nov.29,1818.*

Dolly, and Benjamin Shanks, Aug.15,1797.*

Ebenezer, of Dover, and Hannah Chase of Newbury, Nov.29,1764.CR3

Ebenezer, and Betsy Sumner, Mar.19,1799.*

Ebenezer, and Martha Pearson, Oct.24,1802.*

Edmund, and Anne Brown of Newbury, int.Sept.22,1770.

Elijah P., of Newbury, a.25y., farmer, s.Daniel and Mary H., and Martha Ray, wid., a.28y., d.John and Margaret Wiggin, Nov.17,1847.*

Eliphalet, and Judith March of Salisbury, int.Feb.10,1777.

Eliza, and Josiah Thing, jr. of Newbury, Dec.1,1823.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.[], and Samuel Barker, Oct.29,1764.*

Elizabeth [], and Amos Noyes, Jan.2,1799.*

Elizabeth, and William Couch, Mar.15,1808.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Capt. Joseph Brown of Kensington, NH, May8,1809.*

Elizabeth Greenleaf, and Thomas Plummer, July12,1821.*

Elizabeth Finson, and John Hardy of Seabrook, June6,1825.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Rappell, jr. of Newbury, Oct.1,1834.*

Enoch, and Margaret Pierce, Nov.17,1798.*

Ephraim [of], and Elizabeth Wyatt, Oct.26,1790.*

Eunice, and Nathaniel Mitchell, Mar.27,1777.*

Eunice, and Philip Cheever, May31,1808.*

Francis V., and Elisabeth J. Porter, July7,1836.*

Friend, and Abigail Ilsley, Apr.19,1792.

George W., and Harriet M. Jackman, int.Nov.9,1844.

Giles A., of Newbury, a.30y., farmer, s.John and Sarah, and Susan F. Fairweather of Newbury, a.24y., d.Lewis and Charlotte, Nov.8,1849.

Hannah, and William Coffin Rernick, Mar.27,1799.*

Hannah [Atkinson. int.], and Jacob Lord of Salem, May12,1802.*

Hannah Emerson, and Moses Rogers Fenimore, May23,1822.*

Hannah, and Nathan J. [T. int.] Plummer, Apr.28,1833.*

Isaac, and Abigail Dresser of Ipswich, int.Oct.17,1772.

Isaac [Capt. int.], and [] Elizabeth Kinsley, Apr.16,1795.*

Isaac P., of Newbury, and Abigail K. Stevens, int.Nov.14,1843.

Jacob [jr. int.], and Abigail Hall, May23,1771.CR4*

Jacob, 3d, and Rebecca Harvey, Apr.18,1805.*

Jane, and Eleazer Johnson [jr. int.], May20,1798.*

Jeremiah Wheelwright [of], and Anna Metcalf, Apr.26,1792.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Abigail George, int.Oct.12,1822.

John [], of Newbury, and Mary Wyatt, Nov.15,1767.CR3*

John, 5th, of Newbury, and Mary Pierce, int.May31,1777.

John Mansfield, and Jane Cavender, May14,1795.*

John, and Nancy Garan, May7,1812.*

John, jr., of Newbury, and Ann Silloway, May4,1813.*

John V., of West Newbury, and Sarah Lewis, int.Sept.21,1838.

John H., a.21y., baker, s.Timothy and Sally, and Mary L. Wheeler, a.20y., d.Joseph and Mary S., July7,1846.*

Joseph, and Ann Stanwood, Mar.29,1778.*

Joseph, and Margaret Furlong, Apr.3,1794.*

Joseph [4th, Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Ingalls, Nov.18,1794.*

Joseph, 4th, and Sarah Stanwood, Jan.30,1800.*

Joseph, and Judith Adams, Jan.23,1804.*

Joseph, 5th, and Miriam Cheever, Nov.13,1806.*

Joseph, 6th, and Hannah Poust [Rust. int.], Aug.18,1811.*

Joseph, 7th, and Mehitabel Chase, Feb.7,1813.*

Joseph, and Clarissa Plummer, Sept.28,1831.*

Joseph T., Rev., and Elizabeth A. Smith of Amherst, int.Aug.19,1848.

Joshua, of Georgetown, and Alice Larkin of Newbury, May21,1843.

Josiah Plummer, and Patience Thurlo of Newbury, int.Nov.4,1820.

Josiah P., of Newbury, and Elizabeth M. Mace, int.Apr.29,1848.

Judith, and Rev. William Pidgin of Hampton [NH. int.], Mar.5,1796.*

Judith, of Newbury, and William Moulton, int.Aug.29,1801.

Lydia Hall, and William Ham of Portsmouth, NH, int.Nov.14,1818.

Margaret, and John Paul of Waltham, Nov.4,1824.*

Martha, and Shubal Tenny of Bradford, Mar.15,1768.CR3*

Martha, wid., and Capt. Gideon Woodwell of Newbury, int.Nov.21,1772.

Martha, and Joseph Bragdon, Nov.22,1792.*

Martha, and Joseph Chase, int.May23,1819. (a pauper, forbidden by the overseer of Newbury.)

Mary, and Jacob Rolf, Nov.29,1764.*

Mary, and Charles Butler, Aug.27,1775.*

Molly, of Newbury, and Nathaniel Howard, int.Apr.24,1784.

Mary, and William McClary [], July24,1787.*

Mary [], and [Capt. int.] Nathan Poor, June25,1795.*

Mary, and Samuel [White. int.] Thompson, Nov.2,1798.*

Mary Ann, and William Strong, Nov.30,1817.*

Mary F., and John A. Cochran of Cambridge, Sept.12,1824.*

Mary, of Newbury, and John Pearson, jr., int.Oct.9,1824.

Mary, and Samuel Gardner of Boston, Nov.27,1825.*

Mary, and James A. Post, Dec.末,1827.*

Mary R., and Zecheus P. Thurlo of Newbury, int.June4,1831.

Miriam, and Caleb Stickney, Mar.3,1836.*

Nathan, and Sally Niles of West Fairlee, int.Nov.29,1800.

Nathaniell, and Mary Rapall, Dec.4,1784. [Dec.21. int.]*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Coffin of Newbury, int.Sept.29,1815.

Parker [of New], and Eleanor Thompson, June7,1805.*

Parker, Esq., of Salisbury, NH, and Anne Clarke, Jan.24,1828.*

Parker, of West Newbury, and Sarah E. Wilson, int.Nov.19,1842.

Patience, of Newbury, and Daniel Carr, Nov.28,1825. [Nov.18.CR4]*

Paul, jr., and Susanna Boddily, Jan.2,1806.*

Phebe [], and Joseph Farrar [of Poplin, NH. int.], Jan.14,1784.*

Rebeckah, and Samuel Newman, int.Apr.15,1786.

Rebecca, and William Follansbee, Jan.5,1789.*

Rebecca [], and [Capt. int.] Daniel Parley, Dec.2,1792.*

Richard Smith [Capt. int.], and Sarah Mors [], Dec.24,1789.*

Samuell, and Rebeccah Wheeler, Mar.21,1764.CR3

Samuel, and Dorothy Pearson, July30,1781. [1782.CR1; July13,1782. int.]*

Samuel, jr., and Abigail Burbeck, Jan.2,1787.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Thompson [of] Dec.13,1791.*

Samuel, of New York, and Mary Jane Stanwood, May23,1826.*

Samuel, and Ann Hilton of Wells, int.Sept.8,1827.

Sarah, and Solomon Nelson, jr. of Rowley, Dec.2,1779.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Jonathan Boardman, int.Jan.22,1820.

Sarah, and Charles Adams, Nov.26,1826.*

Sarah Ann, of Newbury, and Charles Bradstreet, int.Feb.20,1830.

Sarah Jane, and John Divine, int.Aug.6,1831.

Sarah, and James Hackett, May30,1832.*

Sewall B., and Sarah Jane Moody, int.June6,1846.

Silas, and Dorcas Bradford of Boston, int.Dec.25,1789.

Silas, and Abiah Stone of Salem, int.June14,1806.

Silas, and Judith Pearson, Jan.18,1819.*

Simeon, and Esther Stanwood, Oct.6,1778.*

Sophronia C., a.17y., d.Samuel and Ann, and Richard Pettingell, a.22y., mariner, s.Richard and Mary, Nov.11,1847.*

Statira M., of Newbury, a.27y., d.Timothy and Sarah, and William H. Lambert, a.31y., mariner, s.John and Mary P., May25,1847.*

Susan F., and Richard Dodge of Salisbury, int.Apr.29,1842.

Susan E., and Jeremiah Blake, Aug.15,1843.*

Susanna [of], and James Whitten, Feb.20,1768.CR3*

Susannah, and William Bayley of Rowley, Feb.11,1797.CR1*

Timothy, and [] Elizabeth Somerby, Sept.16,1797.*

William, and Mrs.[] Mary Smith, Jan.21,1765. [Feb.21.CR1]*

William, jr., and Rebecca Pearson, Oct.9,1788.*

William, and Mrs.Sarah Little of Portsmouth, int.Aug.30,1800.

William Henry, and Sarah Wyatt, June2,1836.*

William P., of Newbury, and Frances S. Towle, Mar.17,1844.*

NOYSE (Noyes)

Mary, and Jonathan Kettle, Jan.1,1789.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Arnold, May25,1778.*

Sarah, and Phillip Johnson, Nov.24,1789.*

William [Capt. int.], and Lydia [Sarah, dup.CR4] Hall, Mar.2,1786.*

NUGENT (Newgent)


Elisabeth C., a.20y., d.William and Lucy, and Solomon P. Felker of Newbury, a.28y., shipwright, s.Valentine and Deborah, July30,1849.*

Obed, and Sarah Ryant, int.Oct.10,1778.


Levi R., of Newbury, VT, and Judith Howard, Oct.4,1825.*


Charles H., and Mary Ann Roane, both of Tewksbury, Mar.10,1833.

George W., of Amesbury, and Mary S. Eaton of Salisbury, May10,1841.

George, of Amesbury, and Achsah Mansfield of Salisbury, Sept.7,1841.

John, and Elisa Smart,末蔓末,1844. [Nov.1. int.]*


David Page, and Susan Lewis, int.July5,1804.

Lydia S., and William J. Lunt, int.Sept.12,1846.

William, and Elizabeth Brown of Hamilton, July21,1797.*


John Porter, and Dolly Shortridge, Sept.21,1807.*

Sally, Mrs., and Joseph Jenness of Deerfield, NH, int.Aug.31,1822.

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