Mary Elizabeth, and Alfred G. Worthley, int.June2,1849.


Harriet E. [Hannah], a.17y., d.Stephen and Martha, and George W[ashington. int.] Tuxbury of Newton, NH, a.19y., cordwainer, b. Newton, NH, s.Joseph and Abigail, Dec.9,1849.*

Lydia, of Newcastle, NH, and Thomas Packer, int.Aug.19,1786.

Mark, and Olive Mace, Oct.25,1807.*

Nancy [Parker.CR3], and Archelaus Morrill, jr. of Salisbury, Apr.14,1811.*

Stephen, and Mary Catharine Stevens, Sept.1,1825.*

Thomas, and Lydia Packer of Newcastle, NH, int.Aug.19,1786.

William D., widr., a.26y., victualler, s.Mark and Olive, and Hannah G. Calef, a.16y., d.Moses and Lucy, Oct.18,1846.*


Elijah, of Newbury, and [] Margaret Randall, Jan.28,1811.*


Judith [], and John Power, Oct.1,1785.CR2*

PAGE (Paige)

Ann Davis, and Asa Davis of Bradford, Apr.4,1825.*

Asenath L., and George F.H. Brown, May28,1835.*

Catharine, and Benjamin Swett Fowler of Salisbury, Nov.16,1820. [Nov.5.CR4]*

Catharine R., and Moses Flanders of South Hampton, NH, Feb.8,1837.*

Charles O., of East Boston, a.22y., ship carpenter, s.Samuel and Mary L., and Eliza A. Getchill, a.18y., d.Nehemiah and Olive, Nov.29,1848.*

Charlotte [], and John Gilman [jr. int.], Aug.3,1826.*

Daniel, and Polly [] Davis, Nov.30,1797.*

Daniel, and Mary Jane Short, Dec.30,1828.*

David Perkins, of Newbury, and Susa Maria Lunt, int.Nov.24,1832.

David P. [H. int.], and Sarah Pike, Oct.30,1833.*

Eben P., a.22y., blacksmith, s.Henry and Elisabeth, and Sarah E. Griffin, a.21y., d.Stephen and Margaret, Aug.30,1846.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Pearson, Aug.1,1804.*

Edward Hull [Hall.CR3; jr. int.], of Bath, and Clarissa Colman, Oct.28,1804.*

Eliza A., of Hampton, NH, and George N. Young, int.Mar.30,1844.

Eliza, and William P. Chase, int.Apr.2,1845.

Elisabeth P. [T. int.], d.Mary, and Dudley D. Tilton, manufacturer, s.Mary, Sept.19,1844.*

Betsey G., and James M. Smith, int.July4,1846.

Henry, and Margaret R[elief. int.] Ford, Apr.22,1838.*

Jeremiah, and Martha Crosby of Danvers, June12,1776.CR2

John, and Ruth Caldwell of Newbury, Apr.16,1809.*

John T., and Sarah Pearson, Mar.16,1826.*

John H., and Caroline Dennis, Jan.1,1833.*

Jonathan, Esq. [Gage. int.], and Sarah Hovey of South Berwick, ME, Sept.18,1832.*

Joseph, and Sarah Trask of Bradford, int.Nov.18,1820.

Joseph, widr., mariner, s.Dolly, and Betsey Greenleaf, wid., tailoress, d.Joseph and Judith Merrill, Mar.3,1845.*

Josiah, and Elizabeth Folsom Kimball, Feb.14,1808.*

Lucy M., and William R. Feltch of Newbury, int.Nov.30,1844.

Martha, and John Berry, Aug.23,1795.*

Mary Daniels, and William Rutherford Wise, Jan.4,1824.*

Mary Elizabeth, and Thomas A. Carew of New York, int.May13,1848.

Nancy M., of Lowell, and Joseph Richards, Nov.14,1838.*

Reuben, and Eliza Jane Chase of Newbury, int.Feb.1,1804.

Reuben, of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Work, Nov.4,1827.*

Sarah J., and John J. Rollins of Haverhill, Dec.20,1827.*

Sarah, and Thomas B. Wilson, both of South Hampton, Sept.13,1846.

Susan Bradley, and Henry Fitz, Jan.29,1807.*

Susan, and Richard S. Bayley of West Newbury, int.Mar.31,1827.

William E., and Rebecca Anderson, Nov.20,1834.*

William [jr. int.], and Dolly S. Downer, Nov.16,1837.*

William C.D., and Martha S. Crowell of Dexter, ME, int.Dec.15,1848.


Deborah, of Providence, RI, and George Olney, May2,1777.CR2

PAIGE (Page)

John C., of Salem, a.22y., machinist, s.John and Betsey, and Sarah S. Post, a.19y., d.John and Eliza, July3,1848.*

PAINE (Payne)

Charles B., and Jane M. Maybery, Apr.18,1841.*

Enoch, of Portland ME, and Sarah Hale, June6,1832.*

Henry Warren, of Hallowell, ME, and Lucy E[] Coffin, May1,1837.*

Mary [], and John Robertson of Boston, Apr.25,1821.*

Thankful, and George Wood of Methuen, Nov.30,1815.*

PALFREY (Palfry)

Abigail, and Timothy Newman, July13,1783.*

PALFRY (Palfrey)

William, and Mary Barr, both of Salem, Nov.17,1823.CR2


Andrews, and Elizabeth Davis, Feb.9,1793. [Feb.8.CR1]*

Ann, of Hampton, NH, and Thomas P. Merrill, Nov.13,1836.*

George C., and Sarah Eastman, Oct.5,1832.*

Huldah, and Stephen Tilton, Feb.25,1790.*

James, and Elizabeth George, int.May23,1807.

Jonathan, of Kensington, NH, a.47y., farmer, s.Daniel and Sarah, and Sarah Abbott, a.47y., d.Benjamin and Joanna, Jan.6,1848.*

Lucy, and Levi Mills, at Watertown, June6,1790.*

Mary, of Newbury, and John Coffin, int.Oct.28,1781.

Mary Ann, and John Goodhue [Godsoe. int.], Apr.16,1833.*

Samuel, of Bradford, and Nancy Sellers, Feb.27,1809.*

Timothy, and Anna Wyatt, Dec.16,1779.*

Timothy, and Hannah Downer, Mar.9,1795.*

Timothy, jr., and Ruth Hoyt of Amesbury, int.Sept.12,1818.

William H. [W. int.], a.25y., merchant, s.William and Marie, and Mary E. Tilton, a.24y., d.John G. and Mary A., June22,1848.*

PARADEE (Pardee)

Peter O., a.33y., farmer, s.Joseph and Margaret, and Abby Blaisdell, a.23y., d.John and Lois, Apr.9,1849.*


Frederick [Tarbell. int.] and Sarah D. Merrill, May5,1842.CR6*


Samuel, and Sally Cresey, int.Feb.20,1796.

Sarah, and Samuel N. Tenney of Boston, July5,1831.*

PARDEE (Paradee)

Aaron, and Jane Perkins, Nov.17,1786. [Dec.17.CR1]*

Aaron, and Mrs.Mary Knapp, Dec.10,1820.*

Fanny M., and William E. Currier of Newbury, Mar.27,1834.*

Henry, and Fanny Long, Jan.14,1811.*

PARIS (Parish)

Brisco, of Amherst, and Martha Jones, int.Oct.25,1777.

PARISH (Paris, Parize)

Moses P., Esq., and Mary S. Sawyer of Newbury, int.Aug.30,1829.

PARIZE (Parish)

Sophia, and William Cutler, May5,1791.*

PARK (Parks)

Esther, of Newbury, and John Flanders, Mar.28,1830.*

Robert, and Esther Greenleaf, Dec.23,1804.*


Angelina S., and Franklin Jaques, Mar.2,1844.*

Anna, and Josiah Ladd, int.Sept.26,1792.

Anna, and Benjamin Davis, jr., Dec.25,1794.*

Anna Thomas, and Anson Whelpley, Apr.19,1799.*

Bradstreet [Broadstreet, of], and [] Sarah Choate, Oct.24,1792.*

Caroline, and Nathaniel Hills, Esq., Feb.7,1839. [Feb.22. int.]*

Charles T., of Lowell, and Abigail B. Abbott, int.Sept.3,1836.

David, and Jane Herbert, Jan.30,1812.*

Direxy, and Samuel Pearson, Apr.4,1805.*

Edward, and Salome Brown, Sept.26,1810.*

Edward, and Mary [] A. Dodd, July15,1832.*

Elijah, and Anne Thomas Bayley, Apr.19,1795.*

Betsy, and Thomas Green, Jan.20,1808.*

Betsy, and John Tower, Dec.7,1809.*

Elizabeth, and Sandymon B. Marden of Portsmouth, NH, Feb.13,1820.*

Esther, and Ebenezer Rogers, Nov.12,1816.*

George, and Nancy Tenny, Aug.1,1799.*

Humphrey T., and Martha Knox, int.May9,1839.

Isaac, and Molly Lowde, June12,1786.*

Jane, of Rowley, and John Knowlton, int.Jan.16,1809.

John, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Hester, and Catherine P. Evans, a.19y., d.John and Hannah, June20,1847.*

Levi, of New York, a.23y., mariner, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, and Abigail G. Fenimore, a.20y., d.Moses R. and Hannah, Apr.12,1848.*

Polly, and David Boynton, Jan.21,1801.*

Priscilla, and Jonathan Martin [of], Dec.7,1820.*

Retire Hawthorne [of], and [] Abigail Pearson, Dec.15,1789.*

Sarah, see Pecker, Sarah.

Sarah, and William Williams Elton, Oct.7,1787.

Silas, and Mary Eaton of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Dec.3,1772.*

Silas, Dea., and Mrs.Mary Herbert, Jan.18,1810.*

Silas, of Sanbornton, NH, and Susan Flanders of Gilmanton, NH, Feb.13,1815.

Southey, and Abigail Tenney, Oct.4,1806.*


Sally White, of Ashby, and Thomas Kettell, int.Sept.13,1808.

PARKS (Park)

Martha M., of Great Falls, NH, and George A. Sampson, int.Oct.31,1846.

PARRY (Perry)

Elizabeth, and William Racklyeft, Aug.29,1802.*

Hannah Clark, and Joseph Cooper, Jan.17,1811.*

Joseph, and Mehetabel Meed, Feb.1,1798.*

Martha, and Luther Curtis, Aug.2,1789.*

William Wilks [Weeks.dup.], and Martha Chase [of], May19,1766.*


Caroline F., a.19y., d.Stephen C. and Sarah W., and James King, a.26y., manufacturer, b. Providence, RI, s.John and Jennet, Nov.4,1849.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Chandler, Oct.2,1781.*

Elizabeth, and Abiel Somerby, Nov.20,1791.*

Elizabeth, and John Pettingell Smith, Jan.18,1809.*

Gibson, and Martha Sprague, Nov.25,1782.*

Hannah, and Abraham Jackson, Sept.22,1793.*

Hannah [], and Stephen Cross, Jan.30,1798.*

Harriett N., and Thomas B. Dearborn, Mar.10,1835.*

John, and Hannah Morse, Nov.11,1784.*

John Usher, of Wells, and Susanna Savory, int.Dec.26,1803.

John, and Sally Dorsett, July8,1810.*

Jonathan, Rev., and wid.Lydia Clarkson of Portsmouth, NH, int.Aug.23,1771.

Joseph, and Mary Brown, Oct.13,1812.*

Judith, of Boston, and Anthony Davenport, int.Sept.15,1786.

Lois, and Jacob Stone, June11,1797.*

Lucy, and Joseph Tappan, int.Feb.16,1771.

Lydia, and Moses Greenleaf, Sept.17,1776.*

Lydia, of Gloucester, and Humphry Morse, int.July17,1779.

Lydia, and James Jackson, Oct.8,1791.*

Mack, and Lucy Knap, Jan.23,1785.*

Martha [], and Edward Rand Oct.21,1792.*

Mary, and Ephraim Messervey, int.Jan.9,1773.

Polly, and Thomas Algreen, Aug.17,1796.*

Mary Loring, and Nathaniel Brown, Mar.31,1798. [Apr.5.CR3]*

Mary, and John Smith, Mar.22,1801.*

Mary C., and Thomas E. Currier, Dec.26,1834.*

Nehemiah, of Boston, and Anna Quincy Thaxter, int.Mar.10,1810.

Phebe [Pearsons.CR1] and [Capt.CR1] Ebenezer Lane, Jan.20,1780.*

Phebe, and Samuel Mulliken, Mar.31,1798.*

Samuell, and Mary Favour, Jan.7,1766.CR3*

Sarah, of Gloucester, and Abner Lunt, jr., int.Jan.26,1771.

Sarah Davenport, and Charles Porter Phelps of Hadley, Jan.1,1800.*

Stephen Clark, and Sarah Wyer Bragdon, Aug.14,1823.*

Theophilus, and Elizabeth Greenleaf, Jan.13,1780.*

William [Capt. int.], of Boston, and Elizabeth Greenleaf, [July17.CR4], 1780.*

William [of Gloucester. int.], and Susanna Cassaday, Nov.22,1792.*


Francis, of Marblehead, and Mary R. Stevenson, int.Sept.24,1842.


David, of Ipswich, and Lydia Fletcher, May13,1802.*

David jr., and Sarah Ann Mace, Oct.2,1834.*

Hannah, of Hamilton, and Thomas Davenport, int.Mar.24,1810.

Hepzibah, of Hamilton, and Prince Stutson, int.Feb.1,1806.

PATTEN (Patton)

Betsey, and Stephen Tilton, Dec.31,1795.*

George W., and Elizabeth H. Lambert, int.May22,1836.

Hannah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Benjamin Balch, int.Aug.19,1786.

Joseph, and Adeline Augusta Lancaster, Nov.6,1832.*

Joseph, and Susannah [J. int.] Morss, Aug.10,1838.*

Thomas, jr., and [] Miriam Lord, Feb.23,1801.*

Thomas, jr. [], and Sarah Ann Whittier, Oct.29,1826.*

William C., and Mary Ann Lambert, Oct.17,1833.*


Abigail, and Nathaniel Hall, int.July24,1824.

Hannah, and Peter Peterson, Sept.4,1823.*

Jane, and Joseph Magowin, int.Nov.11,1837.

John, and Judith Graham, Dec.6,1778.*

William, and Abigail Nelson, Feb.4,1818.CR2

PATTON (Patten)

Sally, and William Chase, 3d, Feb.2,1802.*


Joseph, and Mary Russel, int.Sept.18,1779.


Catharine, and Richard Rogers of Bristol, RI, Oct.15,1839. [Oct.13.CR2]*

Clement, and Charlotte Richards, Aug.23,1798.CR2

Dianna, and Samuel Salters, int.Dec.6,1828.

George, and Charlotte Gibson of Newington, NH, Aug.17,1830.*

James, and Dorcas Cheever, Apr.24,1806.CR1

John, of Waltham, and Margaret Noyes, Nov.4,1824.*

Nancy, and Philip Barnes, int.Oct.23,1825.


Nicholas, and Nancy Hatch of Lowell, int.June20,1840.


Mary, and Timothy Cutter, Aug.28,1808.*

William, and Miriam Frazier, Feb.26,1777.*

PAYNE (Paine)

Abigail, and John Gilman, Aug.26,1818.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Morse of West Newbury, int.Oct.11,1834.

Nancy, and Rev. John Butler of Hanover, May30,1811.*

Nathaniel, and Betsy Johnson, May2,1819.*

Ruth, and Henry Morrison, Apr.25,1816.*


Daniel C., and Rebecca Cheever, Dec.9,1821.*

Henry, of Dorchester, baker, and Margaret A. Richardson, July3,1849.*

Moses T. [P. int.], of Rowley, a.25y., cordwainer, s, David and Ruth T., and Susan H. Hodge, a.21y., d.Nathaniel and Hannah, May11,1846.*

Rebecca C., a.22y., d.Daniel and Rebecca, and Thomas Butler, a.23y., baker, s.Charles and Harriet, July23,1845.*


Abigail, and Edmund Cottle Greenleaf, Aug.18,1785. [Oct.18.CR1]*

Charles [jr. int.], and Julia Ann Flora, Dec.29,1836.*

David, and Sally Caldwell, Jan.20,1814.*

Edward C., and Sarah W[] Jaques of Amesbury, Nov.6,1834.*

George, and Abigail F. Marsh, int.May7,1842.

John, and Elizabeth Ann Dodge, June6,1821.*

Jonathan, and Mary Goodwin of Newbury, int.Dec.16,1809.

Jonathan, and Judith Mace, July8,1821.

Judith, and William Butler, Jan.1,1797.*

Mary, and Cornelius Thompson, int.Feb.14,1809.

Mary, and Joseph L. Goodwin, both of Newbury, Dec.22,1831.*

Mehitable W., and Dean R. Bartlett, Nov.1,1836.*

Otis K., of Bradford, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Charles and Sophronia, and Rhoda B. Griffith of Bradford, a.20y., d.William and Ruth, Nov.26,1845.

Ruth, and Stephen Norton, Sept.11,1783.*

Sarah E., and Greenleaf Dodge, Jan.14,1844.*

Sophronia C., and Samuel F. Berge, May24,1835.*


Abigail [], and William Currier, Sept.14,1777.*


John, Rev., and Mrs.Priscila Bird Chamberlin of Boston, int.Aug.6,1812.

Ploomy Dean, and Abijah Wheeler, Sept.13,1812.*

PEARCE (Pierce)

Abigail [Peas.CR1], and Bartholomew Rogers, Dec.9,1790.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Gerrish of Newbury, int.Dec.1,1792.


John [], and Abigail Kimball, May14,1812.*

PEARS (Pierce)

John [of Gloucester. int.], and [] Sarah Humphries, May2,1790.*

PEARSE (Pierce)

Anne Rindge, of Portsmouth, NH, and Rev. Charles Burroughs, Apr.8,1823.CR2

PEARSON (Pearsons, Pierson)

Abigail [], and Retire Hawthorne Parker [of], Dec.15,1789.*

Abigail, and John Colby, Nov.6,1796.*

Abby, of Ipswich, and James Banford, int.Oct.27,1846.

Abner, and Elizabeth Woodwell of Newbury, int.Feb.3,1810.

Abner W., of Newbury, a.34y., mariner, s.Abner and Betsey, and Hannah Stanwood of Newbury, a.24y., d.William and Hannah, Feb.27,1848.

Alonzo, and Lydia T. Smart of Vassalboro, ME, int.Aug.25,1849.

Amos, and Mary Coffin of Newbury, int.Jan.17,1778.

Amos [jr. int.], and Rebecca B. Shute, May14,1839.*

Anne, and Nathaniel Newman, 3d [jr. int.], Feb.16,1769.CR4*

Ann, and John Bailey, Dec.9,1810.*

Ann, Mrs., and Porter Russell, Aug.24,1817.*

Ann T., of Newbury, and James A. Shaw, int.Nov.7,1846.

Ariel, jr., and Emily Colby of Newbury, int.Sept.21,1839.

Benjamin, and Sarah [] Warner, Oct.27,1778.*

Benjamin, jr., and Elizabeth Pike, June29,1807.*

Catharine, and Rev. Thaddeus Pomeroy of Randolph, int.Apr.6,1816.

Catherine, and Jonathan Norwood, July7,1816.*

Catharine M., and Samuel J. Brockway, May27,1840.*

Catherine, and William Merrill, Sept.19,1843.*

Daniel, and Anna Mary Ordway, both of West Newbury, Nov.3,1833.

David, and Elisabeth Sleeper, Dec.30,1778.*

David, of Newbury, and [] Jane Short, May6,1798.*

David, 3d, and Elizabeth Runnells, Dec.1,1805.*

David, jr., and Elizabeth Griffiths, Feb.18,1806.*

David, 3d, and Mrs.Polly Stanwood, June16,1807.*

David, jr., and Ann Pilsbury, Feb.13,1813.*

Deborah, and Samuel Tenney, Apr.18,1799.*

Dorothy, and Samuel Noyes, July30,1781. [1782.CR1; July13,1782. int.]*

Ebenezer, jr., and Lydia Weare of Kensington, int.Dec.7,1822.

Eleanor, of Salisbury, and Capt. Theophilus Poor, int.Apr.5,1823.

Eliza, and Jonathan Goodwin of Newbury, int.Sept.10,1829.

Eliza F., and John T. Merrill, both of Rowley, Mar.5,1841.

Eliza A., a.21y., d.Ariel and Hannah, and William G. Merrill of Newbury, a.23y., ship carpenter, s.William and Sarah, Oct.28,1847.*

Elisabeth, of Andover, and Moses Gerrish, int.July4,1768.

Elisabeth, and John Titcomb, Dec.20,1770.CR4*

Elizabeth, and Peter Lebreton, May30,1776. [Apr.28.CR1; Apr.11. int.]*

Elisabeth, and James Mutry, July24,1780.CR2

Elizabeth [], and John Ash, Jan.21,1788.*

Elizabeth, and John Horton, Nov.4,1804.*

Elizabeth Gerrish, and John Huse, Apr.13,1807.*

Elizabeth, and William Davis, jr., Feb.7,1816.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Pearson [jr. int.], Mar.16,1817.*

Elizabeth Ann, and Daniel Granger, Apr.8,1839.*

Elisabeth, a.55y., d.David and Elisabeth, and Benjamin Cross, widr., a.76y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Aug.8,1847.*

Eunice, and Hiram Mclntosh, Oct.1,1827.*

Eunice, a.20y., d.Ariel, and Hannah, and Charles Poole, a.24y., tailor, s.William and Mary, Oct.20,1845.*

Fanny, and James Short, jr. of Newbury, Apr.10,1826.*

Fanny D., and William H. Wescott, int.Nov.5,1842.

Frances M., a.25y., d.John and Harriet, and George H. Swasey, a.22y., carriage maker, s.Benjamin and Hannah, May8,1848.*

George Frederic, and Ellen Jackson, Sept.21,1829.*

George, a.25y., line maker, s.Ariel and Hannah, and Eliza J. Wentworth, a.22y., d.Edmund and Eliza, Mar.5,1848.*

Hannah [], and Jeremiah Sawyer of Newbury, Feb.18,1799.*

Hannah, and James Allen, Feb.26,1807.*

Hannah Rollins, and [Maj.CR4] Joshua Wingate Carr of Bangor, ME, Oct.9,1822.*

Hannah, and John P. Brown, int.July30,1831. (bans forbidden by John P. Brown.)

Harriot, of Newbury, and Jacob [Jabez. int.] Lurvey, Jan.21,1816.*

Harriet, and Joseph M. George, Apr.5,1827.*

Henry [Sleeper. int.], of Portland and Dolly Greenleaf, Aug.29,1814.*

Isaac, of Newbury, and Elizabeth C. Johnson, Feb.13,1820.*

Jabez L., a.24y., merchant, s.Moody and Ann, and Mary Ann Danforth, a.27y., d.Rufus and Sarah, Sept.22,1845.*

James, and Jerusha Hardy, [Aug. or Sept.], 1771.CR4*

Jane, and John Stockman, int.Dec.5,1769.

Jane, and John Hancock Titcomb [of], Mar.14,1816.*

Jane P., and Henry Moody, Aug.13,1827.*

Jeremiah, jr., and Abigail Titcomb, int.Apr.1,1772.

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Mighill of Rowley, int.Nov.27,1779.

John, 3d, of Newbury, and Hannah Pilsbury, July6,1791.CR4*

John [ir. int.], and [wid.CR4] Hannah Rollins, Jan.24,1792.*

John, and Patty [] Johnson, Nov.4,1798.*

John, jr., and Harriot Poor Carleton of Exeter, int.Aug.25,1810.

John Smith, and Harriet Lurvey, int.Apr.20,1818.

John, jr., of Newbury, and Mary Ann Kent, June26,1822.*

John, jr., and Mary Noyes of Newbury, int.Oct.9,1824.

John, 4th, and Elizabeth Sevier, Jan.24,1826.*

John S[], Capt., and Penelope J[] Marvin, July6,1826.*

John, 3d, and Hannah Pilsbury, Mar.31,1828.*

John, and Sarah Adams Kent, int.Jan.22,1831.

John, jr., and Isabella Moore of Amherst, int.May4,1833.

John, 3d, and Mary Ann Pillsbury of Lowell, Oct.11,1838.*

John G., and Ruth Ann Thurlow of Newbury, int.Oct.20,1843.

John T., a.22y., trader, s.John and Mary, and Ellen M. Child of Boston, a.19y., d.Simeon and Maria, Apr.26,1848.*

Jonathan, and Catharine Montgomery, Dec.8,1768.CR4*

Jonathan, jr., and Abigail Woodwell, Nov.2,1779.*

Jonathan, jr., and Eunice Nourse of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.13,1792.*

Jonathan, and Olive Coffin, Mar.31,1807.*

Joseph, and Sarah Titcomb, Nov.19,1767.CR3*

Joseph [], and [] Sarah Greenleaf, Oct.19,1783. [Oct.9.CR4]*

Joseph, and Sally Edy, May4,1801.*

Judith, and David Wheeler [of], May28,1815.*

Judith, and Silas Noyes, Jan.18,1819.*

Luther, and Phebe Ordway, both of West Newbury, Oct.29,1830.

Lydia, and Capt. Francis Hodgkins, Aug.21,1812.*

Mariner, and Mary Somerby, Dec.6,1783.*

Martha, of Rowley, and Thomas Muzzey, int.Dec.3,1768.

Martha, and Ebenezer Noyes, Oct.24,1802.*

Martha, and John Desaunette, May25,1812.*

Mary, and Paul Newman, May24,1778.*

Mary G[reen. int.], and Henry Lunt, jr. of Georgetown, May24,1801.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Francis Miner, Nov.4,1801.*

Mary, and Moses Moor, Oct.18,1804.*

Mary, and Wigglesworth Dole, int.July19,1805.

Mary, and Thomas Marshall, Dec.1,1805.*

Mary, and Silas Short, jr. of Newbury, May15,1806,*

Mary, and Asa Cutts, Dec.9,1810.*

Mary, and John K. Faris, Nov.24,1823.*

Mary W., and Thomas Lewis, Apr.25,1827.*

Mary Ann, and Nathan Carter, Apr.16,1832.*

Mary A., and Caleb S. Jackson of Rowley, int.Nov.7,1848.

Michael M., and Mary Seveir, June5,1817.*

Moody, and Ann Lurvey, Sept.11,1808.*

Moses, and Elisabeth Coffin, Aug.13,1781. [1782.CR1; June23,1782. int.]*

Moses [of], and Sarah Morrison, Sept.15,1785.*

Moses, and Elizabeth Coffin, at Haverhill, Oct.1,1786.

Nancy, and Aaron Huse, Dec.13,1805.*

Obadiah, and Salley Pike, July3,1811.*

Rebecca, and William Noyes, jr., Oct.9,1788.*

Robert, and Hannah Carr of Newbury, int.May19,1804.

Robert, and Judith Woodberry, Apr.14,1805.*

Robert [H. int.], and Sarah J. Simpson, Oct.12,1840.*

Samuell, and Eunice Jaques of Newbury, Mar.8,1768.CR3

Samuel, and Direxy Parker, Apr.4,1805.*

Sarah, of Rowley, and Enoch Tappan, int.Jan.4,1766.

Sally, and Daniel Knight, Jan.31,1796.*

Sally, of Newbury, and Henry Adams, int.Dec.1,1798.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Page, Aug.1,1804.*

Sarah, and James Bradshaw, int.May19,1805.

Sally, and Enoch Coffin, June12,1810.*

Sally Jackson, of Newbury, and Benjamin Leigh, jr., int.Apr.17,1813.

Sarah, and Joseph Haskell of Washington, D.C., Sept.15,1822.*

Sarah, and John T. Page, Mar.16,1826.*

Sarah W., d.John, and Orin B. Gerrish, widr., carpenter, June5,1844.*

Sarah Ann, of Salem, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Sarah, and James R. Kenniston of Newbury, a.25y., blacksmith, s.Abner and Betsey, Jan.31,1848.

Sewall, of Boston, and Harriett French [both of Newburyport. int.], June20,1836.*

Simeon, and Abigail Brown of Newbury, int.Dec.19,1783.

Simon Tufts, and Sarah Goodrich, Jan.12,1820.*

Susanna, and Jonathan Milliken, Nov.17,1768.CR4*

Susanna, and Jeremiah Blanchard, Dec.13,1784.

Theodore, and Sarah Wyatt, June2,1779.*

Theodore, jr., and Sally Coffin, June29,1800.*

Theodore, and Lydia B[rown. int.] Pike of Salisbury, Aug.23,1827.*

Theodore C., a.28y., baker, s.John and Harriet, and Emma E. Thompson, a.21y., d.Joseph and Emma, Nov.25,1847.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Hoyt of Stratham, int.Oct.21,1779.

Thomas [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Pearson, Mar.16,1817.*

Thomas, and Sarah E. Warren, int.Sept.22,1846.

William, and Elizabeth Stevens, Nov.12,1777.CR2*

William, and Hannah Montgomery, Sept.9,1792.*

William, and Betsy Flanders of Amesbury, int.May27,1797.

William [M. int.], and Fanny [G. int.] Coolidge, Apr.29,1833.*

William, and Elisabeth Cutts, Mar.8,1838.*

William, and Sarah N. Hoague, Feb.13,1840.*

PEARSONS (Pearson)

Thomas, jr., of Haverhill, and Eliza French of Salisbury, June2,1842.CR4


James, and Salley Johnson, Feb.10,1812.*

James, and Mrs.Catharine B. Titcomb, int.Apr.17,1824.

Sarah Y. [J. int.], and Zechariah N. Morrison of Haverhill, shoemaker, Feb.24,1845.*


James, and Anna Smith of Haverhill, int.Oct.27,1806.


Elizabeth, of Haverhill, and William Stickney, at Haverhill, Feb.10,1774.*

Hannah, and Thomas Bracey, Nov.6,1787.CR4*

Harbour, and John Stevenson, Apr.20,1824.*

Sarah [Parker. int.], of Haverhill, and Thomas Frothingham, at Haverhill, Nov.5,1776.*

Sally, and Stephen Sargent, both of Newbury, May3,1824.


Hannah, of Boston, and Jonathan Stickney, jr., int.Feb.5,1797.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Abigail, and William Dole, jr., Oct.14,1808.*

Anna, and John Richardson [of], Mar.8,1792.*

Anna, and Samuel Stevens, Apr.2,1792.*

Elisabeth, and Ezra Lunt, int.Sept.14,1765.

Enoch, and Miriam Dow of Haverhill, int.Mar.24,1792.

Enoch, and Sarah Stickney, Aug.7,1792.

Enoch, and Elizabeth Stickney, Apr.24,1825.*

Esther, and Amos Goodwin of Newbury, June24,1767.CR3*

Eunice [], of Newbury, and Cutting Moody, July2,1767.CR3*

Eunice, and Benjamin Smith, Nov.17,1781. [Nov.18.CR3]

Eunice, and Archibald Davison, Oct.20,1796.*

Henry, jr., and Jane Lunt of Newbury, int.Sept.21,1787.

Polly, and Ebenezer Stickney, July8,1786.*

Mary, and William Tucker, 3d [of Gloucester. int.], Dec.20,1791.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Joseph J. Knapp, July24,1828.*

Moses, jr., and [] Mary Farrel, Aug.6,1787.*

Moses, jr., and [] Lydia Willard, Feb.1,1789.*

Nicholas, and Martha Willard, May25,1783.*

Philip Henry, and Elizabeth Gage Cawley, Nov.27,1821.*

Salome [], and Ezekiel Bartlet, Sept.1,1796.*

Sarah, and Daniel Adams, jr. of Newbury, June18,1800.*

Thomas, and Salome Hodgskins, Apr.28,1787.*

Thomas, and Phebe Jackson of Lee, int.Jan.28,1809.

Thomas, and Abigail Hardy, Apr.11,1811.*


George W., a.20y., cordwainer, s.William and Emily A., and Pamelia Ann Trundy, a.18y., d.John and Judith, Sept.29,1847.*

PENDERGAST (Pendergrass)

James, and Judith M. Onnest, Feb.1,1838.*

Martha, and Hiram Grant of Lynn, int.Sept.8,1836.

Timothy, and Nancy Sawyer, both of Newbury, Nov.6,1832.

PENDERGRASS (Pendergast)

Elizabeth, and John Young, int.Nov.26,1827. (forbidden by Mrs.Pendergrass.)

James, and Lydia Lee, Oct.28,1805.*

James, and Elizabeth Norton, Jan.17,1808.*

Sarah N. [Pendergast. int.], and William Mead, Nov.11,1836.*


Harriet, of Portsmouth, NH, and William B. Jacobs, int.Nov.16,1836.


Mary Mrs., and John Lawrence, int.Dec.31,1808.


Hannah, and Nathaniel Boardman, Feb.5,1821.


James, and Hannah B. Brown, Nov.26,1840.*


Daniel, and Ann Barnes, May31,1833.*

Philip R. [Piper. int.], and [] Sarah K. Thompson, Apr.24,1836.*

PERIE (Perry)

John, and Catharine Wier, int.Dec.25,1790.


Abigail, and Nathaniel Clough, Sept.8,1781.*

Abigail, of Wenham, and James Fowler, int.Sept.30,1809.

Abigail S., of Biddeford, ME, and Isaac W. Talbot, int.Sept.25,1830.

Abraham, and Elizabeth Knap, Dec.14,1794.*

Abraham, of Durham, NH, and Abigail Boardman, Apr.21,1814.*

Anthony, and Elizabeth Thurston, June10,1822.*

Benjamin, and Mary Moody, Jan.16,1785.*

Benjamin and [] Lydia Felton [of], Oct.13,1789.*

Benjamin, and Dorcas Standwood, Oct.11,1790.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Harris of Newbury, int.May24,1823.

Benjamin, and Mary W[heelright. int.] David, Sept.14,1826.*

Caroline, and Rufus Wills of Newbury, int.Nov.21,1837.*

Caroline, of Georgetown, a.19y., d.Asa and Elisabeth, and Enoch Adams of Georgetown, a.22y., s.Isaac and Margaret, Aug.20,1846.

David, and Elisabeth Brown, Dec.末,1767.CR3*

David, and Sarah Gisby, Oct.9,1792.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Sarah Woodburn of Worcester, Feb.26,1782.

Ebenezer, of Newbury, and Lucy E. Chiles, int.Mar.21,1846.

Elisabeth, of Ipswich, and Daniel Hodgskins, int.Jan.9,1768.

Elisabeth, and John Stovers, int.Jan.1,1785.

Betsey, and John Russell of Newbury, int.Oct.17,1789.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Loch [Lock. int.], Feb.2,1800.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Perkins, Oct.11,1833.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Jackman, both of Newbury, Nov.7,1833.

Elizabeth, and Rev. Randolph Campbell, int.June15,1839.

Eunice, and Nathaniel Thomas [of Penobscot, Jan.29. int.], 1774.*

Eunice, of Newbury, and Josiah Perkins, jr., int.Aug.16,1828.

Eunice, and Josiah Perkins of Newbury, Nov.18,1830.

George B., of Newbury, an Rebecca White, Dec.1,1831.*

Hannah, Mrs., of Newbury, and Thomas Pinder, May13,1766.*

Hannah [], and John Leighton, Dec.2,1781.*

Hannah, and Charles Gordon, May14,1815.*

Hannah, and Joseph Mace of Newbury, int.May23,1819.

Hannah, Mrs., and William Piper, Feb.11,1821.*

Harriet, of Newbury, and Robert Rogers, 3d, int.Nov.17,1810.

Harriet, and William Woodman Merrill, May10,1819.*

Harriet, and Stephen Thurston, Mar.28,1832.*

Henry C. [Dr.CR1], and Harriet Davenport, Oct.30,1828.*

Jacob, and Hannah Greenleaf, Nov.11,1790.*

James T., and Margaret Winder, both of Newbury, Nov.24,1831.

James, of Calais, ME, a.29y., merchant, s.Nathaniel and Mary, and Hannah F. Chase, a.18y.d.Bailey and Mary S., Oct.19,1848.*

Jane, of Newbury, and Joseph Brookins, Apr.20,1774.CR2

Jane, and Aaron Pardee, Nov.17,1786. [Dec.17.CR1]*

John, and [] Mary Russell, Jan.23,1790.*

John Dole, and Lucy Trusdale [of], Apr.17,1794.*

John, and Sarah Eliot, Oct.18,1800.*

Joseph, and Abigail Hunt of Newbury, int.Dec.4,1790.

Joseph, 3d, and Sarah Goodwin, both of Newbury, June22,1834.

Josiah, jr., and Eunice Perkins of,1828.

Josiah, of Newbury, and Eunice Perkins, Nov.18,1830.

Lucy, and Walter Piper, jr., Sept.3,1797.*

Lucy, and William Cheever, jr., Mar.16,1815.*

Martha, and Elbridge Dole of Bangor, ME, int.Sept.30,1843.

Mary, and Nicolas Johnson, Dec.12,1776.*

Mary, and Dennis Condry, Aug.21,1791.*

Mary [], and Jonathan Gage, May20,1798.*

Mary, and Thomas Lancaster, Nov.24,1798.*

Mary, and Moses Pettingell, jr. of Newbury, Feb.10,1808.*

Mary, and John K. Chapman, Jan.16,1842.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Perkins, Oct.11,1833.*

Nathaniel, widr., of Danvers, a.46y., tanner, b. Maine, and Hannah Weston, a.35y., b. Duxbury, Jan.13,1845.*

Nathaniel, of Newbury, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin and Sarah, and Caroline Quimby, a.19y., d.Asa and Caroline, Dec.6,1847.*

Samuel, and Nancy Wyley, int.July20,1796.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Currier, Nov.6,1819.*

Samuel, widr., of Georgetown, a.47y., cordwainer, s.Moses and Jane, and Mary F. Pierce of Georgetown, a.33y., d.Thomas and Abigail, Oct.21,1849.

Sarah, and Angler March, Sept.17,1797.*

Sally, and Benjamin Lunt, jr., int.June28,1800.

Sarah, Ann, and Joshua B. Bacon of Boston, May4,1817.*

Sally, and William Conner, Mar.31,1825.*

Susan, of Dover, NH, and William Colby, int.Dec.9,1847.

Thomas, and wid.Jane Carr, int.Oct.14,1769.

Warren, and Mirriam Salter, int.Mar.9,1833.

William Baker, and Hannah Stickney, Sept.30,1804.*


John, jr., of Rowley, and Ann Dennison Haskell, int.Nov.4,1817.

Joseph, of Ipswich, and [Mrs.CR4] Hannah [P. int.] Johnson, Sept.11,1837.*

Patty, and Josiah Lunt, Nov.29,1787.*

Moses, of Rowley, and Nancy Scott, int.Mar.28,1835.

PERRY (Parry, Perie)

Charles, and [] Catharine Whitten, Jan.19,1837.*

Charles W., and Rebecca M. Jackman, May31,1841.CR6*

Gardner B., Rev., of Bradford, and Sarah Brown, May22,1827.*

Henry Sullivan, and Mary [] Short, July28,1811.*

John Lealand and Judith Gross Peterson of Boscawen, NH, int.Nov.7,1807.

Lydia, and Jeremiah Dearborn, int.Nov.5,1825.

Oliver H., widr., of Lowell, gentleman, s.Oliver H. and Elisabeth, and Mary Ann Mosely, d.Ebenezer and Mary A., Mar.3,1849.*

Robinson, a.25y., truckman, s.Jacob and Abigail, and Sarah C. Roberts, a.23y., d.John and Betsey, July23,1848.*

Samuel Henderson, and [] Anna Lufkin, Sept.6,1794.*

Samuel Henderson [], and Mrs.Rhoda Currier, June8,1812.*

William, and Ruth L. Adams, int.Aug.5,1828. (forbidden by Perry's mother, he being a boy of sixteen years.)

PERVIER (Purvere, Purvier)

Susan, of Kensington, and Jacob Lufkin, int.Apr.25,1807.


Henry, and Susanna Condry, Nov.27,1800.*

Jane, and Pomp Dummer, Nov.6,1781.*

John, and [] Susannah Wilkins, July27,1780.*

Richard, and Catharine Weir, Oct.6,1793.*

Richard, a.48y., cooper, s.Richard and Catherine, and Sarah H.B. Evans, a.22y., d.John and Anna, July4,1845.*


John, and Mrs.Sarah Lake, June30,1808.*

Judith Gross, of Boscawen, NH, and John Lealand Perry, int.Nov.7,1807.

Peter, and Hannah Patterson, Sept.4,1823.*

PETINGILL (Pettingell)

Mary M., and P. Edward Titcomb, both of Salisbury, Aug.13,1844.

PETTENGEL (Pettingell)

Alice [Ellis.CR1], and Anthony Mary [Mory.CR1], Feb.1,1796.*

PETTENGELL (Pettingell)

Hannah, and Richard Bartlet [Mar.12. dup.CR4], 1787.*

Samuel, and Lydia Lowell, July28,1789.*

Sarah, and Joseph Pike, Apr.27,1792. [Apr.27,1793.CR1; Apr.6,1793. int.]*

Thomas, and Rhoda Carr, Jan.15,1791.*

PETTENGILL (Pettingell)

Charles C., and Fanny B. Bartlet, int.Mar.23,1844.

Mary [of], and Daniel Maly, Feb.23,1777.*

Mirna, Mrs., of Haverhill, and James Dennis, at Haverhill, Oct.28,1792.*

William H., a.26y., house carpenter, s.Arcadus and Polly, and Betsey Smart, a.27y., d.Levi and Betsey, Nov.27,1845.*


Francis F., widr., of Kittery, ME, a.28y., ship carpenter, s.Francis and Lydia, and Sarah A. Donnells, a.24y., d.Frederick and Sarah, July10,1848.*

Mark, and Tabitha March, Apr.8,1844.

PETTINGAL (Pettingell)

David, and Phebe Tucker, Dec.28,1784.CR2

John, and Sarah Smith, July3,1768.*

Joseph, and Lucy Smith of Ipswich, int.May31,1777.

Judith, and Joseph Richards of Atkinson, NH, Aug.31,1769*

Matthew, and Ruth Pilsbury, July28,1771.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Lord of Ipswich, int.June30,1777.

Sarah, and Daniel McCormack, July12,1786.CR2

PETTINGALE (Pettingell)

Ann, and Michael Morrison, int.Dec.23,1815.

PETTINGALL (Pettingell)

David, and Sarah Chase, Sept.18,1770.CR4*

Jane, of Newbury, and Joshua Williams of Ipswich, Oct.30,1765.CR3

Priscilla P., and Abijah C. Wheat of Lowell, Sept.2,1832.*

PETTINGEL (Pettingell)

David, and Esther Wharf, Apr.4,1822.*

Harriot, and Ephraim Sweet, Apr.12,1810.*

Henry, and Sarah Cheevers of Newbury, int.Nov.18,1769.

Jacob, and Abigail Todd, int.June1,1771.

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Predle [Prendle. int.], May3,1818.*

Mary, of Salisbury, NH, and Elias Pike, int.May2,1819.

Mary Ann, and William Shaw, int.Oct.13,1821.

Sarah, and Mathew Currier, int.Jan.14,1775.

Sarah, and James Frothingham, Dec.25,1822.*

Stephen, of Newbury, and Sarah Curtis, July30,1816.*

Susanna, and Amos Stickney of Newbury, int.Dec.30,1769.

PETTINGELL (Petingill, Pettengel, Pettengell, Pettengill, Pettingal, Pettingale, Pettingall, Pettingel, Pettingill)

Amos, of Newbury, and Joanna Haskell, July11,1802.*

Anna, and Joseph Edwards,末蔓末,1785.

Benjamin, of Newbury, a.25y., mariner, s.Benjamin and Harriet, and Phebe A. Cressey [Cresep. int.], a.20y., d.Michael and Phebe, Dec.7,1847.*

Charlotte J., and Joshua M. Pike, both of Salisbury, Dec.29,1831.

Cutting, jr., of Newbury, and Mary N. Young, int.Nov.26,1836.

David [jr., of], and Abigail Haskell Davis, Apr.7,1805.*

David, 3d, of Newbury, and Caroline E. Hotchkiss, June22,1839.CR6*

Edmund, and Mary Hidden [of; Nov.12.CR4], 1779.*

Edmund, and Susannah Clark of Newbury, Nov.7,1811.*

Eleazer W., of Newbury, a.22y., farmer, s.Moses and Mary, and Hannah O. Newman of Newbury, a.21y., d.Jacob and Rebecca, Apr.20,1848.

Eliza Ann, and Francis Rappell, May11,1825.*

Elizabeth, and Nicholas Currier, Jan.16,1783.*

Betty Hale, and Augustus Ryan, Dec.16,1791.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Smith, Nov.30,1796. [Oct.16.CR4]*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Laskey, Mar.14,1832.*

Eunice, of Newbury, and Eleazer P. Short, int.Oct.27,1829.

Eunice, and Capt. David Haskell, Nov.13,1833.*

Hannah, and Moody Heath, Nov.30,1806.*

Hannah, and Edward Sprague Rand Apr.6,1807.*

Hannah H., and Oliver O. Jones of Salisbury, int.Sept.16,1836.

Joanna, of Newbury, and John Bickford, int.Dec.4,1784.

Joanna S., and Ezra Lunt. jr., int.Mar.11,1837.

John, jr., and Mary Hooker, Apr.9,1801.*

John, of Newbury, and Sally York, Apr.5,1804.*

Jonathan, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Carr, int.Nov.24,1804.

Joseph W., and Eliza P. Dean, Aug.25,1825.*

Josiah, and Mary Duggin, Jan.6,1802.

Judith, and Jonathan Brown, May27,1802.*

Lucy L., and Daniel G. Tilton [of], Dec.3,1840.*

Lydia, and John Muchemore, Jan.20,1805.*

Lydia Hale, and John Dodge, jr., Apr.8,1805.*

Mary, and Jacob Greenleaf, Feb.10,1799.*

Mary, and James Frothingham, Feb.23,1804.*

Mary, and Walter Piper, Sept.9,1830.*

Mary Lankester, and Silas Short, int.Jan.1,1837.

Mary [G. int.], and James W. Clow of Haverhill, Mar.28,1842.*

Mary J. [T. int.], and James M. Mansur, Apr.6,1843.*

Mary, a.31y., d.John and Sarah, and Roby Morrill of Salisbury, a.37y., farmer, s.Samuel and Nancy, Dec.23,1845.

Mary Ann, a.23y., d.Samuel and Ruth D., and Ebenezer P. Goodwin, a.23y., sailmaker, s.Joseph and Lydia, Aug.1,1847.*

Moses, jr., of Newbury, and Mary Perkins, Feb.10,1808.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Mary Greenleaf, Nov.27,1811.*

Moses, of Newbury, and Mary Haskell, Dec.18,1823.*

Nathaniel, of Newbury, and Mary Avery, Nov.21,1802.*

Olive, of Newbury, and Philip H. Richardson, int.Oct.18,1834.

Phillippe [of], and Daniel Brown, Mar.29,1804.*

Phebe A., of Newbury, and John Bell, int.Oct.31,1846.

Richard, a.22y., mariner, s.Richard and Mary, and Sophronia C. Noyes, a.17y., d.Samuel and Ann, Nov.11,1847.*

Samuel, jr., of Newbury, and Ruth D. Plummer, May17,1826.*

Samuel S., and Mary A. Shapleigh, int.Sept.28,1848.

Sally, and John Rand [of Boston. int.], Oct.21,1800.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and John Watson, Oct.31,1812.*

Sarah C., and David J. Adams of Newbury, int.Feb.12,1842.

Stephen, jr., and Elisabeth Clark, int.June29,1765.

William H., and Hannah Johnson of Newbury, int.Oct.7,1837.

PETTINGILL (Pettingell)

Harriet, of Newbury, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Harriet, and Samuel Silloway of Newbury, a.23y., house carpenter, s.Daniel and Hannah, Oct.25,1846.

James S., of Newbury, and Mary Dodge, June29,1834.*


Catharine [of], and Abel Greenleaf, Dec.23,1778.*


Sarah, and Nathan Chase, jr. of Newbury, June7,1784.*


Patrick, widr., a.33y., laborer, s.John and Eleanor, and Mary Bradley, a.24y., d.Thomas and Winnifred, May24,1849.*


Charles Porter, of Hadley, and Sarah Davenport Parsons, Jan.1,1800.*


Benjamin, and Elisabeth Morse of Deerfield, NH, Sept.28,1797.CR2

Eliza, of Exeter, and Moses Todd, int.Apr.7,1810.

Matilda, of Amesbury, and Moses Goodwin, jr. of Amesbury, cordwainer, s.Moses and Jerusha, Jan.8,1846.


Nancy [Philbrick.CR1], and Capt. Joseph Reed, June19,1808.*

PHILIPS (Phillips)

Mercy, and Rev. Dr. Edward Bass, int.Nov.5,1789.

PHILLIPS (Philips)

Adeline, of York, ME, and Paul Thurlo, int.Sept.23,1848.

Ann [], of Boston, and Gilman Frothingham, Jan.31,1797.*

Elizabeth, and Francis Davis, int.Nov.12,1825.

Harriet, and Lemuel Jorden, int.Sept.28,1820.

John, and Sarah Ann Dorr of Roxbury, int.Nov.7,1829.

Jonathan, of Lynn, and Ann Sargent, Nov.24,1798.*

Mary [Mrs.CR1], and Thomas Summands, Oct.21,1776.*

Mary, and Moses Herriman, Nov.19,1783.*

Mercy, and Rev. Edward Bass, Nov.18,1789.CR2


Benjamin, and [] Harriet Tarr, Aug.11,1840.*


Benjamin, of Charlestown, and Abigail Kimball, July4,1820.*


Hannah, of Rowley, and John Scott, Esq., int.July8,1815.

William, and Ruth Wallis, Oct.9,1806.*


Eunice, and John Glines, int.Oct.31,1819.

George, and Eunice Wells, Apr.7,1814.*


Dolly, and John Barnes, May18,1808.*

PICKET (Pickett)

Dolly Catharine, and Jacob Willard Pierce, Dec.27,1809.*

John, and Joanna Abbot, July25,1825.*

Joseph, and Hannah Whitmore of Newbury, int.Feb.22,1812.

Richard, and Mary Choate, Aug.15,1813.*

William, Capt, and Rebecca Hooper of Marblehead, int.Oct.28,1795.

William, and Bridget Whitmore, May21,1805.*

PICKETT (Picket)

Eliza B., of Newbury, a.23y., d.Joseph and Hannah, and Jeremiah R. Ireland a.24y., mason, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Aug.14,1846.*

Hannah W., of Newbury, and Daniel A. Storey of Newbury,末蔓末,1845.

Joseph, of Newbury, and Nancy M. Downer, Nov.28,1838.*

Richard, and Tabitha L. Russell, July14,1842.*

William, Capt., and Mrs.Rebecca Hooper of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Nov.12,1795.

PIDGEON (Pidgin)

Benjamin, and Betsey Day of Wenham, int.Jan.12,1782.

Elizabeth, and Ezra.Chase, Sept.14,1800.*

Hannah, and Thomas Greely, Aug.3,1780.*

Moses, and Rebecca Sargent of Haverhill, int.Feb.24,1770.

William, and Deborah Hodgskins of Ipswich, int.Sept.30,1769.

PIDGIN (Pidgeon, Pigeon)

Benjamin, and Ann Butler, Oct.13,1811.*

Mary [], and Joseph Hoyt [Holt. int.andCR4], Oct.10,1796.*

William, Rev., of Hampton [NH. int.], and Judith Noyes, Mar.5,1796.*

PIERCE (Pearce, Pears, Pearse, Peirce)

Bailey, of Frankfort, and Ann Somerby, Nov.13,1812.*

Benjamin, of Newbury, a.22y., tailor, s.Henry and Elisabeth, and Ruth Ann Martin, a.21y., d.Calvin and Candes, Feb.2,1847.*

Catherine P., and Samuel C. Tuckerman of Boston, Mar.6,1839.*

Charles, and Mrs.Eliza B. Weilsel, int.Mar.2,1842.

Elizabeth M., and Elias A. Pike, Sept.31,1834.*

Enoch, a.26y., tailor, b. Newbury, s.Henry, jr., of Newbury, and Elisabeth W. Wilson, a.22y., d.Joseph, Nov.7,1844.*

Eunice, of Newbury, and Jabez Moulton of Hampton,末蔓末,1767.CR3

Feroline Walley, of Brookline, and Rev. Thomas B. Fox, int.Oct.3,1831.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Joseph Plummer, Nov.7,1771.CR4*

Hayward, of Bangor, ME, and Mary A[nn. int.] Greenwood, Feb.17,1834.*

Henry, of Newbury, and Thankful Foot, Nov.28,1818.*

Jacob Willard, and Dolly Catharine Picket, Dec.27,1809.*

Jacob Willard [jr. int.], of Boston, and Mary B[oardman.CR2] Dean, Feb.8,1842.*

Jonathan, of Boston, and Mary Condry, Aug.14,1817.*

Lydia Balch, and William Nicholls, Sept.30,1805.*

Margaret, and Enoch Noyes, Nov.17,1798.*

Mary, and John Noyes, 5th of Newbury, int.May31,1777.

Mary W. [Russell. int.], and John G[ardiner. int.] Dean of Newbury, Feb.8,1833.*

Mary Elizabeth, and David Flavin of Lowell, int.July15,1848.

Mary F., of Georgetown, a.33y., d.Thomas and Abigail, and Samuel Perkins, widr.of Georgetown, a.47y., cordwainer, s.Moses and Jane, Oct.21,1849.

Moses, and Sarah Wood, Sept.9,1798.CR2

Nanny, and James Connor, May18,1772.CR2

Nathan [Nathaniel. int.], and Sarah Pierce, Sept.14,1820.*

Nathaniel G., of Newbury, a.22y., mariner, s.Henry and Thankful, and Mary E. Leighton, a.19y., d.Gideon E. and Hannah, May10,1849.*

Nicholas, and Mary Chase of Dover, int.Apr.12,1800. (forbidden by Nicholas Pierce.)

Nicolas, and Mary Gardiner Morris, Aug.25,1805.*

Nicholas [jr. int.], and Rebecca Davenport, Sept.15,1812.*

Rebecca S. [T. int.], and John Walton, jr., Oct.6,1842.*

Richard, a.21y., mariner, s.Philip H. and Eliza, and Caroline A. Lovering, a.18y., b. Lowell, d.James and Caroline, Nov.27,1849.*

Sarah, and Edward Eveleth Powers [jr. int.], Oct.14,1804.*

Sarah, and Nathan [Nathaniel. int.] Pierce, Sept.14,1820.*

Sarah, and Joseph T. Howard, Nov.13,1836.*

Sarah D., a.18y., d.Philip, and Charles S. Lunt, a.21y., machinist, s.Benjamin, Apr.1,1845.*

Susan J., a.17y., d.Philip H. and Elisabeth, and Benjamin Richardson, a.20y., mariner, s.Edmund and Julia, Sept.16,1848.*

Thomas J., of Boston, a.35y., mariner, s.Robert and Mary, and Eliza Ann Hoyt, a.46y., d.William and Elisabeth, Jan.20,1846.* (partial entry listed on page 378)

William H. [Prince.CR4], merchant, s.James, and Jane T. Young, d.Joseph, July28,1844.

William H., of Newbury, a.30y., mariner, s.Henry, jr. and Elisabeth, and Hannah D. Kilborn, a.23y., d.Samuel and Hannah, Nov.17,1846.*

William Henry, a.26y., mariner, s.Philip H. and Eliza, and Susan Sargent, wid., a.23y., d.Henry and Eleanor Brown, June20,1848.*

PIERSON (Pearson)

Hannah, and Eliezer Johnson, jr., Nov.13,1768.CR4*


Elizabeth, and Patrick Vartue, int.Nov.9,1847.

PIGEON (Pidgin)

Benjamin, and [] Deborah Pike, Dec.5,1784.*


Abigail [of], and James Davis, Apr.9,1793.*

Abigail [], and Jacob Kuhn, July8,1799.*

Abigail [; Mrs.CR1], and Daniel Bemis, June11,1800.*

Abigail Bennet [Marsh, int.andCR1], and Benjamin Pike, Aug.11,1811.*

Abigail Jones, and Francis Grant of Exeter, NH, int.Apr.7,1832,

Abigail M., and Daniel C. Forte [Foote. int.], Sept.5,1841.*

Adeline, and Thomas Atwood, July9,1837.*

Anna, and Rufus White, Dec.14,1778.CR2*

Anne, and James Wyley, Feb.7,1771.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Greenleaf, Apr.1,1784.*

Benjamin, and Abigail Bennet Pike [Marsh, int.andCR1], Aug.11,1811.*

Benjamin, and Betsey George, Nov.20,1811.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and [] Abigail Gaul, Jan.7,1786.*

Daniel, and [Mrs.CR1] Anna Whaling, Aug.4,1801.*

Deborah [], and Benjamin Pigeon, Dec.5,1784.*

Edmund N., and Sarah F. Pike, both of Salisbury, Aug.29,1822.CR4

Eleanor T., of Salisbury, and Benjamin Davis, jr., int.Sept.28,1842.

Elias, and Ann Burley Carl ton, June6,1806.*

Elias, and Mary Pettingel of Salisbury, NH, int.May2,1819.

Elias A., and Elizabeth M. Pierce, Sept.31,1834.*

Elias, widr., a.61y., block and pump maker, s.Elias and Judith, and Elisabeth Brockway, a.51y., d.Pardon and Jane, Oct.9,1845.*

Eliza Mary, and Enoch Sanborn Williams, May20,1824.*

Elizabeth, and William Elliot, Mar.30,1776.*

Betty [of], and Peter Ceely, Mar.21,1791.*

Elizabeth, and William Short, Dec.11,1795.*

Betsy, and Jacob Stickney, jr., July7,1796.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Pearson, jr., June29,1807.*

Elizabeth, and William Wallis of Boston, May1,1819.*

Elisabeth Ann, of Newbury, and Isaac H. Boardman, Nov.28,1843.*

Emeline, and John Stanwood, jr., May30,1822.*

Emiline, of Salisbury, and James K. Walton of Lynn, June22,1835.

Enoch, and Elisabeth Brown of Newbury, int.May30,1772.

Enoch, and Hoppe Pike, Oct.5,1797.*

Francis, and Mary G. Sanborn, Sept.13,1833.*

Francis V., and Catherine R. Holmes of Leicester, int.Feb.19,1839.

George A., a.22y., pump and block maker, s.Elias, and Mary Small, a.22y., d.Mary M., June11,1844.*

George F.K., of Salisbury, and Ardilla A. Ford, int.Dec.31,1847.

George W., widr., a.31y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Betsey, and Sophronia E. Poor, wid., a.26y., b. Salisbury, d.Thomas and Mary Fowler, Nov.29,1849.*

Georgiana H.M., and Amos G[ilman. int.] Bartlett of Boston, July20,1840.*

Hannah, and Israel Allen, May31,1801.*

Hannah, of Salisbury, and Elijah Bliss, int.Apr.15,1809.

Harriet, of Salisbury, and Joseph Akerman, July26,1837.*

Harriet M., and William H. [R. int.] Griffin of Newbury, Sept.28,1843.*

Hoppe, and Enoch Pike, Oct.5,1797.*

James, of New York, and Lucy Ann Johnson, May8,1843.*

John [Capt. int.], and Martha Tappan, Nov.1,1764.CR3*

John N., and Martha W. Pike, both of Salisbury, May25,1843.

John Proudfit, a.20y., engineer, s.Elias and Mary, and Sophronia Ames, a.19y., d.Ebenezer and Ducilla, Apr.6,1849.*

Joseph, and Sarah Pettengell, Apr.27,1792. [Apr.27,1793.CR1; Apr.6,1793. int.]*

Joseph Trevett, and Sarah Gorden, Nov.30,1809.*

Joseph Smith, and Mrs.Sally Rand Nov.19,1810.*

Joshua, and Anne Wilson of Portsmouth, NH, int.Feb.15,1783.

Joshua M., and Charlotte J. Pettingell, both of Salisbury, Dec.29,1831.

Josiah, and Sally Stone, Oct.18,1798.*

Josiah W.C., and Caroline Smith, Feb.8,1826.*

J[] W[orster. int.] C., and Sarah A. Mitchell, Aug.16,1832.*

Josiah W.C., and Nancy Harmon of Haverhill, int.Mar.20,1846.

Julia Ann, and Matthias Varina, int.Dec.27,1834.

Laban, and Mary Dunyon of Portsmouth, NH, int.Nov.4,1826.

Louisa, of Portsmouth, NH, and Samuel W. Jackman, int.Aug.22,1847.

Lydia B[rown. int.], of Salisbury, and Theodore Pearson, Aug.23,1827.*

Martha [Trevett. int.], d.Joseph T., and Edward Burrill, Mar.8,1832.*

Martha, and Roger S. Howard, both of Newbury, Mar.22,1832.

Martha W., and John N. Pike, both of Salisbury, May25,1843.

Mary, and Jacob Stockman, Mar.30,1788.*

Mary J[ane. int.], and Rev. Nathan Munroe of Bradford, Oct.11,1836.*

Mary G., a.24y., d.Edmund and Sarah, and William Graves, jr., widr., a.36y., master mariner, s.William and Mary, Mar.16,1848.*

Mary A., a.25y., d.Abraham S. and Elisabeth, and George M. Graves of Salisbury, a, 25y., mariner, s.Israel and Nancy, Feb.13,1849.*

Mehitable Kuhn, and William Bell, int.Oct.5,1800.

Michael, and Mary Stickney of Newbury, int.July27,1765.

Michael, and Hannah Rowell, Apr.5,1767.CR1*

Moses, and Phebe Tyler, Mar.10,1767.CR3*

Nicholas, and Eunice Smith of Newbury, int.Dec.22,1778.

Phebe Ann, and Michael Creasey, Jan.7,1822.*

Phillis, and Noble Spencer of Boston, Aug.21,1793.CR2*

Richard, and Sarah Boardman, Apr.17,1800.*

Richard, of Newbury, and Mary Boardman, Dec.5,1809.*

Samuel [of], and Abigail Kelly, Sept.19,1791.*

Samuel M., and Hannah S. Brown, Jan.5,1834.*

Samuel Bartlett, a.24y., mariner, s.William C. and Joanna, and Eliza Ann Hill, a.23y., d.George W., May4,1846.*

Salley, and Obadiah Pearson, July3,1811.*

Sarah F., and Edmund N. Pike, both of Salisbury, Aug.29,1822.CR4

Sarah J[ane. int.], of Newbury, and Samuel B. Stone, May30,1831.*

Sarah Jane, and William C. Pike, jr., Feb.22,1832.*

Sarah, and David P. [H. int.] Page, Oct.30,1833.*

Stephen S., and H[elen F. int.] Pilsbury,末蔓末,1844. [Mar.15. int.]*

Susanna, and William Graves, both of Salisbury, July4,1820.

William, and Martha Lee of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Mar.8,1785.*

William Carr, and Sally Green, May6,1798.*

William Carr, and Joanna Souther, Oct.12,1806.*

William C., jr., and Sarah Jane Pike, Feb.22,1832.*

PILISBURY (Pilsbury)

Caroline, and Samuel Fisher of Londonderry, NH, Apr.17,1834.*

PILLSBURY (Pilsbury)

Adeline M., and Winthrop O. Evans, Oct.31,1842.CR4*

Gorham, of Newbury, and Fanny K. Cutter, int.Apr.6,1849.

James M., and Esther D. French, both of Salisbury, Oct.17,1844.CR4

Mary Ann, of Lowell, and John Pearson, 3d, Oct.11,1838.*

Sarah D., and William E. Stevens of Londonderry, June19,1836.*

Stephen, and Sarah Whitmore, at Boston, Dec.2,1839.*

Stephen M., a.23y., grocer, s.Alfred and Sally, and Emmeline R. Webber, a.20y., b Haverhill, d.Joel and Rhoda, Oct.21,1849.*

PILSBURY (Pilisbury, Pillsbury)

Abigail [of], and Nathaniel Bayley, Mar.2,1793.*

Alfred, of West Newbury, and Sally Pilsbury, Feb.4,1823.*

Anna, and Nicolas Titcomb, Mar.18,1798.*

Anne, and Ebenezer Choate, Jan.1,1784.*

Ann, of Newbury, and Oliver Dean, Aug.25,1796. [ Sept.25.CR2]

Ann, and James Colbert, Dec.26,1803.*

Ann, and David Pearson, jr., Feb.13,1813.*

Apphia, and John Atwood, jr., Nov.13,1808. [Oct.13.CR4]*

Benjamin, and Anna Burroughs, Mar.24,1800. [Mar.14.CR4]*

Benjamin, and Anna Burrough, int.Oct.16,1802.

Daniel, and Margery Davis, Aug.23,1808.*

Elizabeth, and Evan Morgan, Feb.12,1778. [Mar.21. int.]*

Betsey, and Samuel Dennis, Oct.23,1794.*

Elizabeth, and Henry Furlong, Nov.23,1800.*

Enoch, and Mary Pilsbury of Newbury, int.Dec.5,1807.

Enoch, Capt., and Lucy Brown, Jan.13,1819. [Jan.12.CR1]*

Eunice, and Richard Dangerfield, May17,1796.*

Eunice, and Ephraim Hunt Tappan. both of Newbury, July17,1798.*

Hannah, and John Pearson, 3d of Newbury, July6,1791.CR4*

Hannah, and John Pearson, 3d, Mar.31,1828.*

Harriet, and Marshall Sanderson of Waltham, Sept.21,1831.*

H[elen F. int.], and Stephen S. Pike,末蔓末,1844. [Mar.15. int.]*

John, and Elisabeth Davis, Sept.15,1776.CR2

John, jr., and Abigail Elliot of Portsmouth, NH, int.Apr.16,1808.

John, Capt, and Lydia Tenney, int.Nov.28,1812.

Joshua, jr. [of], and Elizabeth Wood, Feb.8,1794.*

Joshua, of Newbury, and Sarah D. Rolfe, July26,1821.*

Lois, of Newbury, and Theophilus Bradbury, 3d, int.June2,1792.

Lucy, and John Evans, jr. of Salisbury, Dec.5,1825.*

Lucy, Mrs., and Joseph Lake, jr. of Haverhill, Sept.18,1831.*

Lydia, and [Capt.CR1] Stephen Plummer, both of Newbury, Jan.21,1824.

Martha Ann, and George Norton [jr. int.], Jan.4,1827.*

Mary, and William Titcomb, jr., May4,1789.*

Mary, and Joseph Brown [], Sept.13,1801.*

Polly, and Nicolas Titcomb of Portland int.Dec.24,1802.

Mary, of Newbury, and Enoch Pilsbury, int.Dec.5,1807.

Mary, and True Choat, Jan.27,1831.*

Mary E., and William Porter, jr., Mar.22,1831.*

Michael, and Elizabeth Clark, Mar.18,1794.*

Michael, and [] Charity Maclautin [Maclaulin. int.], June9,1799.*

Oliver D., of Georgetown, a.29y., master mariner, b. Georgetown, s.Paul and Betsey, of Georgetown, and Adeline Dole, a.24y., s.John and Mary, Aug.7,1845.*

Rebekah Hoyt, and Enoch Clark Toppan, July5,1829.*

Richard, of Reading, and Abigail Morss, Feb.6,1828.*

Ruth, and Matthew Petingal, July28,1771.*

Ruthy, of Newbury, and Samuel Bartlet, int.June29,1799.

Samuel, and Nanny Swett of Salisbury, int.June11,1785.

Samuel, jr., and [] Anne Jewett, Dec.8,1788.*

Samuel [], and Elisabeth Chace of Amesbury, at Amesbury, Apr.13,1797.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Hannah Harvey [Hovey.CR4], Feb.11,1803.*

Sally, and Enoch Moody of Newbury, June11,1801.*

Sarah, and John Gilman, Dec.31,1815.*

Sally, and Alfred Pilsbury of West Newbury, Feb.4,1823.*

Solomon, of Newbury, and Mrs.Eliza Ann Goodwin, int.Apr.6,1837.

Stephen, and Sally Moody of Newbury, int.May1,1801.

Susan Abbot, and David Wright, Oct.11,1840.*

Timothy, of Newbury, and Sarah Carpenter Prince, Oct.15,1811.*

William C., and Elizabeth Morse, int.Nov.23,1825.

PINDAR (Pinder)

Anna, and Samuel Merchant, [Marchant. int.], Jan.5,1777.*

John, and Mary Holland of Haverhill, int.Apr.4,1804.

Salome, of Ipswich, and Benjamin Moody, jr., int.Feb.20,1801.

PINDER (Pindar)

Sarah [Catherine. int.], and James Abbott, May7,1795.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Hannah Perkins of Newbury, May13,1766,*


Daniel Robertson, and Molly Hoyt, Oct.19,1797.*

Daniel, and Lucy Ann Davis, Feb.24,1825.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Merrit [Merrill. int.], July15,1841.*

John, and Relief Little, June8,1809.*

Mary Hoyt, and David Currier, Oct.29,1829.*

Nathan, and Fanny B. Campbell, June1,1837.*

Samuel Hoyt [Paisley.CR1], of Haverhill, and Mary Ann Edwards, Oct.11,1832.*


Harriet, and Thuby Freeman, July8,1831.*

Henry L., and Nancy Morrill, int.Apr.13,1844.

James, and Sally Edwards, Nov.26,1806.*

John E., of Andover, and Susan H. Couch, Dec.10,1836.*

Joseph, and Mary Kimball, Mar.12,1805.*

Joseph, of Newbury, and Sally Nichols, Nov.26,1808.

Joseph, jr., and Caroline Stone, Jan.19,1830.*

Joseph L., a.25y., boat builder, s.James and Sarah, and Sarah A. Towle, a.18y., d.Stephen M. and Sally, May6,1849.*

Lovey, and Abraham Edwards, jr., Dec.6,1810.*

Lucy, and George Rogers, jr., Oct.14,1819.*

Mary P., and Samuel A. Kennedy, Nov.13,1831.*

Mary Ann, and Ebenezer Griffin, Dec.20,1831.*

Mary, and John Blake of Dunstable [], NH, Oct.16,1833.*

Miriam, and Jacob Davis, Oct.8,1797.*

Nancy, and Charles Marden, both of Lowell, Nov.30,1843.

Nathaniel, and Nancy York of Hampton, int.Dec.17,1808.

Philip R., and Martha P. Lankester, Apr.3,1827.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Conner, Apr.30,1807.*

Robert, jr., and Eliza Brown, Apr.14,1827.*

Robert [jr. int.], and M.A. [Mary Ann. int.] Poor of Newbury, Oct.23,1834.*

Sarah, and Eleazer Kezer, June1,1794.*

Sarah Everden, and Isaac Stevens, June14,1827.*

Sarah, and Samuel Brooks of Newbury, int.Oct.3,1846.

Walter, jr., and Sarah Rhodes Jackson, Oct.9,1790.*

Walter, jr., and Lucy Perkins, Sept.3,1797.*

Walter, and Mary Pettingell, Sept.9,1830.*

William, and Abigail Calley, Dec.4,1796.*

William, and Mary Randall, Dec.23,1798.*

William, and Mrs.Hannah Perkins, Feb.11,1821.*

William, and Lydia Dodge, May2,1827.*

PITMAN (Pittman)

Elizabeth, of Boston, and William Somerby, int.Mar.16,1822.

PITTMAN (Pitman)

Nehemiah, and Nancy Stevens, May13,1802.*


Elizabeth, of Augusta, ME, and Nathaniel Sawyer, int.Dec.15,1849. (bans forbidden by Miss E. Place, Dec.24.)

Elizabeth, and George H. Lang, int.Dec.29,1849.

Franklin C., of Berwick, ME, a.22y., carpenter, s.John and Dorothy, and Julia A. Floyd of Berwick, ME, a.17y., d.John and Susan F., Sept.24,1844.

William, and Judith Morrill, both of Amesbury, Feb.23,1824.


Mary Jane, and Isaac J. Hunt of Newbury, Sept.27,1829.*

Thomas, and Anne Wright, Jan.13,1783.CR2*

Thomas, and Jane Dennie, May17,1803.*

PLUMER (Plummer)

Charles H., and Elizabeth A. Burnham, int.Dec.23,1844.

Elizabeth, and Asa Davis of Bangor, Sept.6,1813.*

Emeline, and Jefferson Grant, Dec.8,1840.*

Hannah H., and Isaac Adams, both of Newbury, Apr.7,1835.CR1

Jerusha, and William Burbeck of Salisbury, int.Sept.28,1833.

Josiah, and Lydia Lakeman, Aug.23,1770.CR4*

Mary Chase, and Greenleaf Boardman, int.May6,1836.

Nathaniel D., and Caroline Augusta Hall, Apr.25,1839.*

Richard, and Mary Horn of Haverhill, NH, int.Feb.4,1836.

Samuel Somerby, and Mary Edwards, Sept.29,1801.*

Samuel S[], and Mary Chase, Oct.26,1813.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Nicholas Currier, Apr.23,1767.CR3*

Silas, of Newbury, and Hannah Poor, int.May15,1847.

William P., and Jane K. Randall, int.Aug.13,1847.

William P., of Newbury, a.20y., ship carpenter, s.James and Esther, and Elisa Carr, a.23y., b. Newbury, d.Samuel and Christie, Nov.7,1849.*

PLUMMER (Plumer)

Abigail, and Ebenezer Edwards, int.July3,1802.

Abby [Abigail. int.], of Hartland ME, a.23y., d.William and Frances, and William B. Cheney, widr., a.32y., mariner, s.Samuel and Abigail, May20,1847.*

Abraham, of Newbury, and Hannah Hale, May14,1809.*

Caroline, and David E. Cutler, July10,1823.*

Clarissa, and Joseph Noyes, Sept.28,1831.*

Daniel, and Jane Somerby, int.Sept.7,1771.

Daniel, and Sarah Scott, June7,1825.*

Ebenezer, and Hannah Adams of Newbury, int.May14,1831.

Eliza, of Newbury, and Atkinson Stanwood, int.Oct.4,1823.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Dean [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], Sept.18,1781.*

Elizabeth, and John Johnson, jr. of Portland July22,1810.*

Enoch, jr., and [] Mary Magery [of], Aug.26,1790.*

Enoch, jr., and Mary Gordon, June15,1807.*

Enoch [jr.CR4], and [] Jane Swain, Aug.7,1809.*

Enoch, and Martha Smith Horton, Dec.6,1831.*

Eunice, and Aquilla Chase of Newbury, May7,1827.*

George G., and Clara Poor of Newbury, int.Nov.10,1842.

Hannah, and Robert Dodge, Dec.18,1785.*

Harriet N., and Philip K. Remick, May24,1836.*

Joseph, and Hannah Pierce of Newbury, Nov.7,1771.CR4*

Joseph, jr., and Ann Cram of Exeter, int.Aug.12,1809.

Joshua, and Jane Jewett of Ipswich, int.Jan.26,1808.

Judith Ann, and Charles Osgood of Amesbury, May27,1835.*

Margaret, of Newbury, and Benjamin Lord, int.Mar.8,1806.

Margaret [H. int.], and Benjamin H. Jaques, Dec.17,1835.*

Martha, and Benjamin Whitmore, Aug.5,1802.*

Mary, and Josiah Smith, int.May12,1804.

Mary, and Nathaniel Harvey [], Sept.19,1805.*

Mary G[ordon. int.], and Stephen Bartlet of Eastport, ME, Apr.3,1832.*

Mary L., Mrs., of Newbury, and Thomas Stetson, int.Aug.22,1840.

Moses, and Jerusha Caswell, June27,1802.*

Moses, of Amesbury, and Ann Doyle [of Newbury.CR1], Nov.25,1830.

Nathan, and [] Abigail Delamore, June19,1780.*

Nathan, and Alice Avery, May20,1805.*

Nathan, and Abigail Stimpson of Milford, NH, int.Aug.17,1816.

Nathan J. [T. int], and Hannah Noyes, Apr.28,1833.*

Priscilla Hale, and Thomas Brown, Feb.23,1818.*

Rebecca, and Moses Davis, Apr.11,1773.CR4*

Rebecca, and Robert Harvey, Nov.10,1803.*

Ruth D., and Samuel Pettingell, jr. of Newbury, May17,1826.*

Samuel, and Dorcas Coffin [of Newbury.CR4], Sept.18,1781.*

Samuel S., and [] Lovey Edwards, Dec.21,1825.*

Sarah, and Thomas Smith, June26,1794.*

Silas, and Hannah Harmon Moulton, Nov.18,1804.*

Stephen [Capt.CR1], and Lydia Pilsbury, both of Newbury, Jan.21,1824.

Thomas, and Elizabeth Greenleaf Noyes, July12,1821.*

Tristram, and Abigail Lord, July6,1773.CR4*

Tristram, of Epping, and Nancy Bond, July31,1806.*

William, and Harriet Currier, Oct.5,1829.*


Richard, and Sarah Harrison, int.May29,1802.

POMEROY (Pomroy)

Thaddeus, Rev., of Randolph, and Catharine Pearson, int.Apr.6,1816.

POMROY (Pomeroy)

Josiah, and Mary Cook, Nov.28,1777.*

POOL (Poole)

Mary, of Gloucester, and John Keezer, int.Feb.19,1773.

POOLE (Pool)

Charles, a.24y., tailor, s.William and Mary, and Eunice Pearson, a.20y., d.Ariel and Hannah, Oct.20,1845.*

George, and Mrs.Sarah Colby, int.Sept.22,1781. (Bans forbidden.)

Sarah A., a.24y., d.William W. and Margaret, and John T. Butman, a.33y., pointer, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, Mar.5,1849.*


Anna, and Micajah Ingalls, July28,1792.*

Benjamin, and Mary Perley Dodge, Nov.29,1819.*

Benjamin H. [of], and Sarah G. Garland Jan.22,1840.*

Catherine, and William Cook, Oct.23,1794.*

Catharine, and Moses Sargent, Sept.10,1820.*

Charles, and Mary A. Thurlow of Newbury, int.June27,1846.

Clara, of Newbury, and George G. Plummer, int.Nov.10,1842.

Clarissa, and Moses Carter of Salisbury, Dec.5,1824.*

Hannah [of], and John Prince, Oct.10,1794.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Samuel England int.Nov.18,1794.

Hannah, and Silas Plumer of Newbury, int.May15,1847.

Harriet L., of Newbury, and Thomas Huse, May5,1836.*

Henry, and Abigail Johnson Huse, Aug.23,1792.*

Henry, and [] Martha Harrington, Dec.11,1823.*

Isaac, and Elizabeth Andrews Spiller, Dec.25,1809.*

Isaac, a.22y., painter, s.Isaac and Elisabeth, and Hannah Hoskins, a.20y., d.John J. and Hannah, Nov.4,1847.*

John, of Newbury, and [] Mary Miner, Jan.24,1810.*

John, and Nancy Titcomb of Cumberland ME, int.Aug.20,1843.

Jonathan, and Polly Lunt of Newbury, int.Dec.11,1802.

Jonathan, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Eustis, Oct.19,1823.*

M.A. [Mary Ann. int.], of Newbury, and Robert Piper [jr. int.], Oct.23,1834.*

Mary, and John Whitten, Nov.11,1837.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Hiram Canney, int.July3,1841.

Mary S., and Samuel G. Swain, Nov.25,1841.*

Morris, and [] Elisabeth Walker, Aug.10,1783.CR2*

Nathan [Capt. int.], and [] Mary Noyes, June25,1795.*

Nathaniel, and Adeline Hodgkins, Aug.6,1834.*

Rebecca, and Samuel Stickney, Nov.2,1790.

Samuel, jr. [of], and Eunice Long [Lang. int.], Oct.10,1791.*

Samuel, of Salem, and Mary York, Apr.4,1805.*

Samuel, 3d, of Newbury, and Hannah Greenough, Feb.10,1822.*

Samuel, of Newbury, and Abigail Currier, May11,1834.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and John Butler, 4th, int.Aug.4,1781.

Sally Dole, of Newbury, and Isaac Bray, Oct.6,1808.*

Sarah, and Daniel Hopkinson, jr. of Bradford, Dec.8,1816.*

Sophronia E., wid., a.26y., b. Salisbury, d.Thomas and Mary Fowler, and George W. Pike, widr., a.31y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Betsey, Nov.29,1849.*

Theophilus, Capt., and Eleanor Pearson of Salisbury, int.Apr.5,1823.

Thomas S., and Jane Kent of Newbury, int.Sept.4,1841.

William, and Mary Haze, Mar.5,1777.*


Sarah, of Maiden, and George Campbell, int.May8,1819.


Asa, and Mehetabel Crocker, Dec.4,1764.CR2

Catherine B[rown.CR1], and [Rev. int.] Henry Lambert, June3,1841.*

Charles, and Phebe Titcomb, int.Dec.20,1806.

Charles, and Hannah Merrill, both of Newbury, Apr.1,1823.CR2

Charles, of Newbury, and Susan Rogers, Jan.24,1824.*

Charles W. [H. int.], and Fanny W. Davison, Nov.29,1833.*

Charles E., of Springfield, VT, and Lydia Ann Emerson, Oct.6,1841.*

Dudley, of Marblehead, and Sarah Davis, int.Aug.12,1767.

Elisabeth J., and Francis V. Noyes, July7,1836.*

John, and Sally Williams, Nov.3,1804.*

John, and Hannah Bartlet, Sept.16,1811.*

John B., and Sophia Blake, int.Sept.29,1833.

John P., and"Lydia Ann Brown, int.Dec.28,1844.

Joseph, of Beverly, and Sarah D. [S. int.] Porter, Nov.25,1841.*

Mary R., and Amos B. Foreman, Mar.4,1833.*

Marcy, of Danvers, and Samuel Foster, int.Mar.4,1802.

Nancy, of Wenham, and Edmund Kimbal, int.Dec.25,1789.

Sarah D. [S. int.], and Joseph Porter of Beverly, Nov.25,1841.*

William, jr., of Beverly, and Mary Spooner, Sept.14,1807.*

William, jr., and Mary E. Pilsbury, Mar.22,1831.*

William, of Rowley, and Martha Batchelder, int.Aug.30,1831.

POST (Postes)

Ebenezer, and Mary Lander, Aug.26,1823.*

Ebenezer, and Emma Currier, Nov.19,1828.*

Elisabeth G., a.21y., d.John, and Stephen S. Bartlett, a.25y., mariner, s.Daniel, Dec.25,1844.*

James, and Abigail Smith, int.May6,1779.

James A., and Mary Noyes, Dec.末,1827.*

John, and Elizabeth G. Smith, Dec.19,1822.*

Lucy, and Walter Brown of Ipswich, Dec.31,1838.*

Lydia, and Seward Lee, Nov.5,1815.*

Mary, and Edward Lee, int.Apr.29,1846.

Peter, and Mrs.Lucy Verana, int.Nov.13,1834.

Sarah S., a.19y., d.John and Eliza, and John C. Paige of Salem, a.22y., machinist, s.John and Betsey, July3,1848.*


Arthur, and Elizabeth Kloot, Aug.15,1818.*


David, and [] Mary Somerby, Dec.29,1800.*

David, Capt., and Elizabeth Johnson, Mar.19,1812.*

Hannah, and John Moody, 3d, Oct.7,1810. [Oct.17.CR1]*

Humphry, and [] Margaret Ireland Nov.17,1781.*

James, and Charlotte Frye, Oct.25,1792.CR4*

Lewis, and Marilor F. Landford, int.Oct.2,1835.

Lydia, of Ipswich, and Abel Boardman, at Ipswich, May11,1783.*

Margaret, Mrs., and James Fudge, int.Mar.11,1786.

Sally [], and Joseph Higgins of Portsmouth, NH, Jan.20,1811.*

William, and Sarah Connor, Oct.10,1798.*


John, and Eliza Ann Goodwin, int.Aug.22,1829.

John, and Elizabeth Whitmore, Nov.20,1830.*


Hannah [Rust. int.], and Joseph Noyes, 6th, Aug.18,1811.*


John, and Anne Turner, Mar.21,1771.CR2

POWER (Powers)

John, and Judith Padson, Oct.1,1785.CR2

POWERS (Power)

Edward Eveleth [jr. int.], and Sarah Pierce, Oct.14,1804.*

George W., a.20y., machinist, s.Simon and Rachel, and Clara A. Clements of Hampton, NH, a.22y., d.Charles and Hitty, Oct.末,1848.*

John, and Mrs.Judith Padson, int.Sept.10,1785.

Louisa, of Haverhill, and Samuel Green Blethen, int.Oct.6,1821.

Thomas, and Caroline Boyenton, int.Apr.5,1833.


Edward, and Elizabeth Prebble, Sept.21,1784.*

Rebecca Y., and French [Frank.CR4] Tuttle of Apalachicola, FL, Oct.3,1843.*

Sarah L., a.23y., d.Benjamin and Betsey, and James W. Cheney, a.21y., goldsmith, s.James and Elisabeth, July26,1848.*

Stafford J., of Boston, a.21y., housewright, s.Jacob and Hannah, and Sarah D. Dill, a.21y., d.John S. and Mary, Sept.13,1848.*


Abraham, and Jane [Mary Jane. int.] Roaf, Apr.6,1830.*

PREBBLE (Preble)

Elizabeth, and Edward Pratt, Sept.21,1784.*

Hannah [], and [Capt. int.] Peter Herrick, Mar.26,1794.*

Joshua, of Falmouth, and [] Hannah Cross, June10,1781.*

PREBLE (Prebble)

Jane, and Joseph [Jasper.CR3] Blake, Nov.9,1800.

Statira, and William Moulton of Newbury, Dec.15,1825.*


Samuel [Prendle. int.], and Mrs.Mary Pettingel, May3,1818.*

PRENTICE (Prentiss)

Stanton, and Molly Fowler of Newbury, int.Sept.4,1784.

PRENTISS (Prentice)

Hannah S., of Portland ME, and Rev. Jonathan F. Stearns, int.Oct.31,1843.

John, and Caroline Duffee, int.Dec.9,1826.


Abigail Walden, and Timothy Hutchins, May8,1795.*

Caroline, and Charles West Thomson of Philadelphia, int.Apr.29,1848.

Lucy O., of Boston, and Edmund L. LeBreton, Sept.1,1829.*

Mary, and John Belknap of Boston, June23,1825.*

Oliver, Esq., and Mrs.Elizabeth Oliver of Boston, int.Oct.11,1823.

Sarah J., a.22y., d.Rueben and Mary, and Robert C. Colby, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Robert and Eliza, Mar.23,1846.*

PRESSEY (Pressy)

Louisa E., and Joseph J. Lunt of Newbury, July3,1836.*

Martha, and Samuel H. Cobb, Nov.15,1841.*

Mary Jane, a.21y., d.Thomas and Louisa, and Henry P. Sargent, a.25y., livery stable keeper, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, Oct.15,1846.*

Thomas E., and Emily F. Smith, Sept.19,1839.*

PRESSY (Pressey)

Sophia C., and William Lane of Newbury, Nov.22,1838.*

William, and Margaret Chase, Nov.27,1808.*


Daniel J[ohnson. int.], of Danvers, and Elizabeth Coffin Hoyt, Mar.16,1843.*

William, and Elisabeth Weaver, Feb.23,1777.CR2*


Hannah, and Joseph Wyatt, jr., Aug.4,1828.*

John, and Elizabeth Harris, int.Aug.15,1818.

Josiah, and Mrs.Margaret Steward, int.Dec.14,1823.

Margaret, and George H[] Newton,末蔓末,1845. [Dec.14,1844. int.]*

Sarah, and Theodore Reunds, Mar.30,1817.

William, jr., and Susannah Sumner, Apr.30,1781.*

William [John. int.], and Jane [Jennie. int.] Murray, Mar.3,1785.*

PRICHARD (Pritchard)

Hugh, and Eunice Eaton, int.Apr.18,1772.

Martha, and William B. Jones of Lowell, July4,1833.*

William, and Elizabeth Hoyt Knapp,末蔓末,1832. [May7. int.]*


Michael L., and Elizabeth Merrill, int.June6,1842.


John S., of Rowley, a.31y., trader, s.DanieI and Mehitable, and Ruth Thurlow of Newbury, a.25y., d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.26,1848.


Abigail Poor, and Benjamin Buckman of Falmouth, Mar.5,1810.*

Caleb, jr., of Portland ME, and Elizabeth Hale, June14,1824.*

Deborah, of Exeter, NH, and Rev. Thomas Gary, int.Aug.16,1783.

Elizabeth H., and Ezra H. Brabrook, Feb.26,1835.*

Emily Betsey, and Charles Doane of Pittsburg, PA, May13,1816.*

Ezekiel, and Abigail Dresser, Sept.8,1784.*

Hannah, and Aaron Adams of Boston, May22,1814.*

James, Esq., and Mrs.Mary Hale, July20,1817.*

John, and Hannah Poor [of], Oct.10,1794.*

Joseph B[racket. int.], of Portland and Mary Hale, Sept.26,1821.*

Samuel, of Boston, and Sarah Stickney, Nov.16,1800.*

Sarah, and Samuel Brown Doane of Boston, June4,1807.*

Sarah Carpenter, and Timothy Pilsbury of Newbury, Oct.15,1811.*

William H., and Jane T. Young, int.May7,1844.


John, and Mary Hawes, Oct.13,1811.*

PRITCHARD (Prichard)

Harriet [], and John Barton of Haverhill, Mar.22,1841.CR6*

Jacob, and Betsy Turner, July24,1806.*

John B., and Lydia E. Young, int.Mar.1,1845.

Mary, and Rufus Herman, Nov.27,1843.*

Sarah F., and William A. Gould of Haverhill, June12,1834.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Wyatt, Aug.23,1810.*

Thomas, and Isabella Wyley, May10,1801.*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Mrs.Keturah [M. int.] Morrill [Merrill. int.] of Newbury, Oct.31,1837.*

William, and Mary Tucker, Feb.24,1828.*


Ann, and Frederick Moore, Dec.7,1834.*

Thomas Griffith [Capt. int.], and [] Anna Ingalls, Nov.22,1807.*


William L. [S. int.], a.22y., manufacturer, s.Henry and Hannah, and Ausina Mason, a.18y., d.John and Hannah, Jan.22,1848.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Hannah, and Abraham Gullison, Mar.30,1780.*

PROCTOR (Procter)

Abigail, and Charles Wescott, Nov.18,1810.*


Lydia, and Samuel Cutler, Jan.8,1794.*

William Welstead, and Sarah Jenkins, June12,1788.*


Thomas, of Portsmouth, NH, and [] Anna Torrey, Jan.9,1787.*

PULCIFER (Pulsifer)

Joseph, and Mary Brown, int.Apr.22,1769.

Lucy E., and George T. Granger, Feb.13,1828.*

PULSIFER (Pulcifer)

Ezekiel, of Rowley, and Mary March of Newbury, July20,1830.

Mary, and William Herrick, int.Aug.15,1807. (forbidden by Herrick.)

Mary, of Rowley, and William Carrick, int.Feb.13,1808.


Isaiah F., of South Hampton, NH, a.27y., cordwainer, s.John and Dorothy, and Sophia H. Fitz, a.22y., d.William and Priscilla, June10,1846.*


Mary, and Edward Hewit, July22,1781.*

PURVERE (Pervier)

Patty, and Judah Dodge, Dec.28,1800.*

PURVIER (Pervier)

Elizabeth, and James Norton, Dec.11,1810.*

Susan, and Joseph Greenleaf, Nov.20,1810.*


Lydia, and William Lewis, Aug.15,1779.*


Abigail, and John Kinsman Gilman of Exeter, NH, Apr.4,1813.*

Ann C., and John Laskey of Charlestown, int.Dec.10,1842.

Billing [], and Mary Harris of Ipswich, Sept.26,1801.*

Billings, and Mrs.Sarah Morrison, Nov.1,1810.*

Daniel, of Boston, and Elizabeth Hale, May8,1832.*

Deborah, and William Greely, May24,1825.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Hardy of Deer Island int.Dec.1,1804.

Jane, and Daniel Felch, Oct.13,1810.*

Jane [], and Wyatt St. Barbe George, Oct.19,1823.*

Jane, and Francis Lang, Aug.28,1829.*

Jane, and Daniel Glidden, Nov.22,1835.*

John Alien, and Sarah Davis, May3,1801.*

John [jr. int.], and Jane Dole, Aug.7,1806.*

John, and Hannah Wells, June11,1830.*

John, and Rebekah Bartlet, Mar.4,1831.*

Joseph, and Betsey Babson of Newbury, int.May14,1783.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Danforth, Aug.25,1816.*

Joseph, and Patience Wiley, Jan.19,1834.*

Mary, and James Tucker of Gloucester, int.Sept.16,1837.

Oliver, and Sarah Lake of Topsfield, int.Nov.11,1775.

Rebekah, and John Morrison, int.Aug.13,1808. (forbidden by Rebekah Putnam.)

Rebekah, and Thomas Chipman, Feb.19,1809.*

Salome, of Portsmouth, and Oliver Fowler, int.Nov.8,1769.

Sally, and Daniel Gliden, int.Aug.30,1834.

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