SACHWELL (Satchwell)

Nathaniel, and Besty Norton, int.Oct.5,1805.


Abigail, of Harvard [of], and Charles Baly, at Harvard, Mar.末,1767.*

Anne, of Newbury, and Nathaniel Tilton, int.Sept.20,1766.

Augustus, of Lawrence, a.23y., cabinet maker, s.Samuel and Mary, and Frances Hubbard, a.19y., d.John and Keziah, May30,1847.*

Ebenezer, of Newbury, a.25y., cabinet maker, s.Samuel and Polly, and Emily A. Wormstead of Newbury, a.25y., d.Michael and Phebe, Sept.12,1847.

Margaret Ann [N. int.], and Edward Raynes, Sept.15,1835.*

Mary, and Jacob Hale, July7,1783.

Mary, of Newbury, and Samuel Cook, jr., July4,1830.*

Mary W., and Henry Lancy, Oct.10,1833.*


Thomas, and Mary Stockman, Aug.23,1795.*

SALTER (Saltus)

Abel E., and Mary A[nn. int.] Young, July1,1839.CR6*

Ebenezer, and Polly Eaton, Dec.28,1794.*

Elisabeth, and William Tobey, Jan.29,1781.*

Francis, and Mary Kilborn, Aug.5,1795.*

Jane Elsworth, and William Edwards, Mar.3,1788.*

Mirriam, and Warren Perkins, int.Mar.9,1833.

Ruth, and John Hogan, Sept.2,1779.*

SALTUS (Salter)

Samuel, and Diana Paul, int.Dec.6,1828.


Mary, and Jocelin Hildrup, June7,1805.*


George A., and Martha M. Parks of Great Falls, NH, int.Oct.31,1846.

Rhoda, and Joseph Wells, Oct.12,1779.*


Sarah, and Winthrop Clough, Apr.21,1772.CR4*

SANBERN (Sanborn)

Martha, and William Bartlett, jr., Feb.2,1799. [July12. int.]*

SANBORN (Sanbern)

Ann K., of Hampton Falls, and William Moody, int.Oct.24,1835.

Charlotte Sophia, and Lewis Flora, Aug.31,1817.*

Clementine F., of Kingston, NH, and Nathaniel Bassett, Sept.18,1837.*

Elizabeth, of Kingston, NH, and Enoch Sanborn, int.Mar.11,1786.

Elizabeth, and Charles Hervey, Aug.10,1814.*

Enoch, and Elizabeth Sanborn of Kingston, NH, int.Mar.11,1786.

Frances P., and Joseph Merrill, both of South Hampton, Mar.19,1849.

George, and Polly Wight Somerby, Dec.25,1814.*

Green, Capt., and Harriot Harrod, July12,1814.*

Hannah, and George Williams, Dec.16,1798.*

Mary, and Thomas Titcomb, Apr.9,1809.*

Mary G., and Francis Pike, Sept.13,1833.*

Polly [Mrs.CR4; W. int.], and Theodore Dorrile of Charleston, SC, Oct.12,1835.*

Nancy, of Gilmanton, and Stephen Swain, int.May2,1795.

Thomas, and Polly Grover, Oct.1,1807.*


Agnes, and Erasmus Peterson Manfeldt, Dec.25,1812.*


Harriet [], a.34y., and James [S. int.] Lattimee, a.36y., shoemaker, June27,1844.*

Marshall, of Waltham, and Harriet Pilsbury, Sept.21,1831.*


Mary, and George Cogswell of Bradford, Sept.27,1817.*


Betty, of Ipswich, and Thomas Cutter, int.Sept.23,1775.


John M., and Mary Griffin, int.May14,1814.

SARGEANT (Sargent)

Bacchus, and Priscilla Lane, July19,1787.*

John, jr., and Susan C. Welch [Sarah C. int.], Nov.3,1839.CR6*

Mary, of Haverhill, and Galen Hough Fay, int.May30,1807.

SARGENT (Sargeant, Seargent, Sergeant)

Aaron P., and Elizabeth Flanders, June23,1822.*

Alanson, and Mary Leach, int.Feb.25,1824.

Anna, of Bradford, and Jacob Bartlet, at Bradford, Feb.15,1770.

Ann, and Jonathan Phillips of Lynn, Nov.24,1798.*

Ann, and Benjamin Appleton, Dec.1,1831.*

Catharine, and George Whitten, Oct.22,1823.*

Charles R., a.34y., machinist, s.Samuel and Sarah, and Mary Gooch of Boston, a.27y., d.Theodore and Betsey, May6,1847.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Mercy [Mary.CR4] Walker, June4,1789.*

Ebenezer, of Dover, NH, and Sally [] Loring, Apr.6,1815.*

Elizabeth March, and Enoch Danford, Apr.18,1820.*

Emily A.P., of Haverhill, and Ellsworth Webster, int.June7,1845.

Henry P., a.25y., livery stable keeper, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, and Mary Jane Pressey, a.21y., d.Thomas and Louisa, Oct.15,1846.*

Horace, and Jane C. Guppy, int.Dec.1,1849.

Jonathan, of Newbury, and [] Sarah W. [M. int.] Tilton, Nov.26,1834.*

Kendall, a.28y., manufacturer, s.Asa and Sarah, and Mary A. Spead, a.23y., d.Charles and Sarah, Nov.27,1847.*

Lydia, and Nicholas Hanson of South Berwick [ME. int.], Feb.27,1825.*

Mary, and David Brewer, July3,1780.CR4

Mary, and John Moody [jr. int.], May28,1812.*

Mary, and Robert Green, Oct.26,1820.*

Mary H., and [Capt. int.] Henry Griffin, Apr.13,1826.*

Mary [W. int.], a.25y., and Samuel [P. of] Goodwin, a.22y., cooper, s.Major and Sarah.July29,1844.*

Mary J., a.17y., d.True W., and Hector Coffin of Newbury, a.18y., ship carpenter, s.Joseph and Mary, Mar.26,1846.*

Mary H., a.20y., d.Nathaniel and Lydia, and Stephen J. Warner of Newbury, a.23y., carpenter, s.John and Eliza, Dec.14,1848.*

Mary J., of Amesbury, a.19y., d.Jonathan and Sally, and Alfred S. Kelley of Amesbury, a.23y., carpenter, s.Horation and Priscilla, Apr.4,1849.

Miriam, and Philip Johnson, jr., July8,1818.*

Moses, and Catharine Poor, Sept.10,1820.*

Moses H., a.23y., bookseller, s.Aaron P. and Elisabeth, and Margaret G. Morss, a.22y., d.Joseph and Deborah, Nov.2,1848.*

Nathan, of Bradford, a.21y., cordwainer, s.Nathan and Elisabeth, and Laura M. Hardy of West Newbury, a.20y., d.John and Martha, Nov.25,1847.

Nehemiah, and Sarah Godfrey, Oct.24,1830.*

Nehemiah, and Caroline Quimby, int.Dec.6,1834.

Oran P., and Susan D. Brown, int.June29,1844.

Rachel C, and Warren Kilborn, June5,1844.*

Rebecca, of Haverhill, and Moses Pidgeon, int.Feb.24,1770.

Rosanna L., of Amesbury, a.21y., d.Thomas and Mary, and Ezekiel C. Downs of Amesbury, a.22y., blacksmith, s.Ebenezer R. and Mary, Nov.7,1849.

Sarah C., and Abraham D. Colby, int.Nov.2,1839. (Ban forbidden by him.)

Sarah C., and Charles W. [H. int.] Allen, Jan.13,1841.*

Sarah C., and Charles B. Arnold, June9,1844.*

Sarah E., a.21y., d.Nathaniel and Mary, and Thomas D. Riley, widr., of Haverhill, a.37y., cordwainer, s.James and Mary, Sept.28,1847.*

Stephen, and Sally Pecker, both of Newbury, May3,1824.

Stephen N., of Amesbury, and Jane E. Goodwin, Dec.1,1831.*

Susan, wid., a.23y., d.Henry and Eleanor Brown, and William Henry Pierce, a.26y., mariner, s.Philip H. and Eliza, June20,1848.*

True W., of Methuen, and E.A. Tabor of Washington, NH, Nov.10,1833.

SATCHWELL (Sachwell)

Enoch, and Nancy McQuilling, int.Nov.22,1810.

Susanna Pearson, and Stephen Chamberlain, Dec.31,1809.*


Esek, and Minerva Boyden of Deerfield, int.July2,1825.

Lucy D., and Charles Morse, int.Jan.30,1830.

Mark, and Anna Davis, Sept.8,1801.*

Martha W., a.33y., d.Humphrey and Mary, and Samuel S.D. Smith, a.27y., yeoman, s.John and Hannah D., Sept.1,1845.*

Richard [Capt. int.], and Charlotte Haines, Nov.9,1806.*

Ruth, of Newbury, and William Griffiths [both of Newburyport. int.], July8,1810.*


Charles Tyler [Capt. int.], and Anna Lewis Thatcher, Sept.20,1821.*

Harriet B., of Boston, and Ephraim Chambers of Marblehead, Nov.3,1842.CR4

Martha V. [of], a.24y., d.John and Mary, and Robert Rogers, a.37y., mariner, s.Robert and Harriet, May15,1849.*


Catherine, of Kingston, NH, and James Banks, int.Mar.19,1808.

SAVOIE (Savory)

Prosper, and Sarah Hale Tucker, Feb.16,1843.*

SAVORY (Savoie)

Lucy P., of Haverhill, and Frederick J. Coffin, int.Apr.23,1831.

Susanna, and John Usher Parsons of Wells, int.Dec.26,1803.

SAWARD (Sayward)

Richard, and Rachel Taman, Mar.29,1769.CR2


Abigail, and John Cook [Cooch.CR1], Dec.13,1772.*

Abigail P., of Haverhill, and Samuel Brainerd, int.Mar.30,1833.

Anna, of Lee, and Joseph Babson, jr., int.Oct.16,1802.

Caroline W., of West Amesbury, and Henry Morse, int.Apr.20,1842.

Charles, jr., of Gloucester, and Almira Hotchkiss, July1,1838.*

Ebenezer C. [Sanger. int.], and Martha Rogers, May9,1843.*

Elizabeth, and [Capt. int.] Peter LeBreton, Mar.4,1783.*

Elizabeth [of], and [] Nehemiah Haskell, Nov.13,1798.*

Hannah, and Jacob Little, Sept.28,1786.CR2

Hannah, Mrs., of Newbury, and James Burnham, Esq., int.May17,1806.

Hannah Farnham, and George Gardner Lee, Esq. of Boston, Jan.20,1807.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Silas Titcomb of Portland June8,1830.CR2

Israel, and Miriam French of South Hampton, NH, Oct.26,1774.CR2

James, and Anne Farland Dec.9,1778.CR2*

James, of Hawk, and Alia Rand of Sandown, NH, Feb.19,1789.CR2

Jeremiah, of Newbury, and [] Hannah Pearson, Feb.18,1799.*

Jeremiah, and Jane Chase, Dec.21,1807.*

Jotham, and Mary Colby, Oct.20,1779.CR2

Leonard, of Amesbury, and Hannah Morse, int.Jan.31,1834.

Mary, and Jonathan Beck, jr., Aug.30,1787.*

Mary Anna, and Philip Jeremiah Schuyler, Esq., of Rhinebeck, NY, Jan.20,1807.*

Mary, and Nathan Wiggin, jr. of Belfast, Nov.8,1810.*

Mary S., of Newbury, and Moses P. Parish, Esq., int.Aug.30,1829.

Mary Ann, of Amesbury, a.35y., d.Moses and Abby, and John E. Lewis of Amesbury, a.30y., blacksmith, s.James and Agnes, Jan.23,1849.

Micajah, Dr., and Sibyll Farnham, Nov.27,1766.CR1*

Nancy, and Timothy Pendergast, both of Newbury, Nov.6,1832.

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Hannah Gurney, int.Mar.11,1815.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Place of Augusta, ME, int.Dec.15,1849. (bans forbidden by Miss E. Place, Dec.24.)

Oliver, of Cavendish, VT, and Eliza Huse, Oct.23,1829. [Oct.22.CR6]*

Richard, of South Hampton, and Elisabeth Clark of Hampton Falls, Dec.20,1773.CR2

Richard, of Amesbury, and Mrs.Sarah Frothingham, int.Oct.26,1825.

Sarah, and Moses Cheney [of], Dec.22,1785.*

Sarah [of], and William Weed, Nov.24,1790.*

SAYWARD (Saward)

Henry B., and Nancy S. Lunt, Dec.21,1828.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Ryan, Feb.1,1781.CR2*

SCALES (Skeels)

Hannah, and John Woodman, jr., Nov.13,1766.CR1*

Hester, of Concord, NH, and Stephen R. Fox, jr., int.Dec.7,1844.


William, and Mary Knight, Dec.17,1780.CR2*


Christopher, and Sarah Dougherty, Oct.3,1793.*


Samuel B., of Dover, NH, and Caroline Knight, Feb.27,1826.*


Philip Jeremiah, Esq., of Rhinebeck, NY, and Mary Anna Sawyer, Jan.20,1807.*

SCILLY (Cilley)

Elizabeth [], and Thomas Eaton, June29,1779.*


Abigail A., and James Dunning, both of Newbury, Aug.25,1830.

Joel, and Mary Brooks, Dec.26,1789.*

John, Esq., and Hannah Pickard of Rowley, int.July8,1815.

Margaret O., a.29y., d.John and Hannah, and Ebenezer Rolfe, a.30y., cabinet maker, s.Samuel and Mary, June29,1847.*

Mary, and Robert Adams, Apr.23,1816.*

Nancy, and Moses Perley of Rowley, int.Mar.28,1835.

Robert, and Nancy Greenough, Mar.末,1813.*

Sarah, and Daniel Plummer, June7,1825.*

Sarah Stacy, and Abraham Edwards, int.Oct.22,1836.


Ann, and Isaac Smith of Ipswich, int.Oct.22,1842.


Edward, of Newbury, and Ruthy A. Cook, July28,1814.*

SEARGENT (Sargent)

Amos, and Adeline Moses, Oct.7,1832.*

SEARL (Searle)

George, and Mary Russel Atkins [of], Mar.21,1779.CR2*

SEARLE (Searl)

Abigail, of Rowley, and Joshua Kent, Oct.25,1796.*


Maria O., of Sterling, and Luke Colburn, int.Nov.3,1831.

William A., and Elisabeth Coffin, both of Lowell, Aug.13,1837.


Anne, Mrs., of Londonderry, and Andrew Nichols, int.June16,1770.


Mary, and Henry Sweetser, int.Sept.19,1846.


Herman Antoine [Henry.CR6], and Nancy Woodbury [Woodberg. int.], Dec.11,1832.*


Lucy, and Jacob Osgood of Salisbury, int.Aug.25,1787.

Nancy, and Samuel Palmer of Bradford, Feb.27,1809.*

Ruth [Jerusha.CR2], and David Lawrence, Nov.7,1790.*

SELLMAN (Selman)

Samuel, of Marblehead [of Newburyport. int.], and Mary Maly, Dec.24,1780.*

SELMAN (Sellman)

Mary [], and Christian Gulliger, May9,1786.*


Samuel [Sample. int.], and Elizabeth Ferguson, Aug.18,1785.*

SERGEANT (Sargent)

Ebenezer, jr., and Elizabeth Skinner [Skimmer. int.], Sept.14,1806.*

Mary, and David Brewer,末蔓末,1780. [June16. int.]*

SEVEIR (Sevier)

Mary, and Michael M. Pearson, June5,1817.*

SEVERANCE (Saverence)

SEVIER (Seveir)

Elizabeth, and John Pearson, 4th, Jan.24,1826.*

Joseph, and [] Anne White, Jan.9,1781.*


Betsey, and Peter Bragg, June1,1817.*

Elizabeth, a.24y., d.John and Betsey, and Robert R. McQuillin of Newbury, a.23y., house carpenter, s.David P. and Sophia, Nov.1,1846.*

Emanuel, and Jane Dearborn, Oct.1,1809.*

Hannah, and John Brown, 3d, Aug.17,1806.*

Henry [], and Polly Nelson, Mar.6,1800.*

John, and Elizabeth [] Baker, Aug.14,1816.*

Lucy, and Daniel Mace, int.Dec.12,1801.

Mary, and James Burns, int.Dec.7,1810. (bans forbidden by Mrs.Elizabeth Seward.)


David, a.23y., cordwainer, s.David and Susan, and Lydia E. Short, a.21y., d.Henry and Mary, Sept.14,1849.*

John, and Esther Woodwell, Nov.26,1780.*

Levi, and Tamson Greenleaf, int.July21,1787.

Sarah, and John Carr, July30,1783.*

Susanna, and Joseph McConnie, Jan.末,1767.CR3*

William, and Mercy Rose, Mar.19,1812.*


Conklin, and Abigail Appleton, int.Aug.19,1796.*


Diordamy, and William Stanwood of Newbury, int.Sept.30,1848. (bans forbidden by William Stanwood.)


Benjamin, and Dolly Noyes, Aug.15,1797.*

SHANNIN (Shannon)

Ellen, and Cornelius Dwyer, int.Nov.18,1848.

SHANNON (Shannin)

John Langdon, of Portsmouth, NH, and Sarah Frost Blunt, Jan.17,1807. [Dec.30,1809. int.]*


Mary A., and Samuel S. Pettingell, int.Sept.28,1848.

SHARTLIFF (Sutleiff)

Sarah Carroll [Shurtliff. int.], and Elias Todd, June11,1815.*


Adeline, and Simon P. Drake, Nov.28,1831.*

Andrew, and [] Anna Valentine, July27,1782.CR2*

Caroline, and Asa Quimby, Dec.3,1827.*

Dorcas, Mrs., and Samuel March, Esq. of Salisbury, Mar.15,1820.*

Elizabeth A., and Ebenezer Sumner, May26,1842.CR4*

George, and Mary Ann Algreen, int.Oct.14,1822.

George, and Caroline Conner, Dec.21,1824.*

Hannah [], and Joseph Bain, June末,1804.*

James A., and Ann T. Pearson of Newbury, int.Nov.7,1846.

John Moulton, of Newbury, and Mary Rogers, Nov.19,1797.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth B. Titcomb, June1,1834.*

Polly, and George Disney, Oct.8,1789.

Mary Ann, and Samuel W. Richards, Dec.2,1830.*

Nancy Merrill, and Horatio Gates Smith, Feb.8,1821.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Abigail Stickney of Newbury, int.June7,1782.

Samuel, jr., and Sally Hood of Boxford, int.Nov.8,1806.

Samuel, and Abigail Bartlett, June21,1838.*

Stephen D., and Mary W. Buntin, int.Nov.12,1836.

Thomas B., and Ruth B. Davis, int.June5,1829.

Timothy, and Polly Hale, Dec.23,1783.

William, and Dorcas Merrill, Mar.17,1808.*

William, and Mary Ann Pettingel, int.Oct.13,1821.

William, and Maria P. Doane of Thompson, CT, int.May8,1838.

William E., and Hannah Kimball, int.June30,1849.


Thomas, a.30y., laborer, s.Thomas and Ellen, and Honora Cashman, a.30y., d.Patrick and Honora, Oct.28,1849.*


Elizabeth, and Maurice O. Quill, int.Jan.4,1794.

SHEPARD (Shepherd, Sheppard)

Eliza, of Newbury, and Nathaniel Merrill, int.July7,1809. (bans forbidden.)

Martha A., a.18y., d.Isaac and Anna, and Joseph J. Walker, a.25y., manufacturer, s.David and Martha, May29,1849.*

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

Lucy Ann, of Topsfield, and Asa B. Bigby [Bixby.CR1], Aug.4,1838.

Phillis, and Archelaus White, May29,1783.*

SHEPPARD (Shepard)

Joseph, and Sally Mansfield of Newbury, Oct.25,1805.*

SHERBURN (Sherburne)

Mary, and John Somerby, jr., Oct.24,1807.*

SHERBURNE (Sherburn)

Mary, of Portsmouth, and Christopher Tuckwell, int.Oct.10,1801.


Catherine, and John Morison, int.May24,1836.


Judith, and James Dee, Sept.12,1784.CR2


Mark, and Mary Ann Clarringbole, int.Sept.21,1835.


Charles, and Rebecca George, June16,1817.*

Cornelius, and Mary Ann Carr, Apr.3,1834.*

Dolly S., and Thomas W. Quimby, May8,1825.*

Eleazer P., and Eunice Pettingell of Newbury, int.Oct.27,1829.

Eleazer P., and Almira Adams, May15,1837.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Crocker, Nov.2,1800.*

George C., and Sarah Ann Norman, int.Oct.16,1832. (bans forbidden by John Norman, the father.)

George C., a.29y., mariner, s.Moses and Jane, and Mary Ann Soldan, a.25y., b. Denmark, d.Louis and Mary, of Denmark, Aug.18,1844.*

Hannah, of Newbury, and Joseph Short, int.Apr.17,1790.

Isaac, of Haverhill, and Mary Ann Burroughs, Feb.19,1827.*

James, jr., of Newbury, and Fanny Pearson, Apr.10,1826.*

Jane [], and David Pearson of Newbury, May6,1798.*

Joanna, and Francis Johnson, June20,1772.CR4*

John, jr., and Elisabeth Nichols of Newbury, Jan.15,1765.CR2

John, and Mary Chickering of Andover, at Andover, Oct.25,1770.*

John, and Hannah Eaton of Deer Isle, int.Oct.27,1810.

Joseph, and Hannah Short of Newbury, int.Apr.17,1790.

Joseph, and Eliza Dennis, June1,1824.*

Lydia, and Stephen Merrill, Dec.29,1811.*

Lydia E., a.21y., d.Henry and Mary, and David Shackford, a.23y., cordwainer, s.David and Susan, Sept.14,1849.*

Margaret, and Seth Weeks, May10,1792.*

Mary, and William Boardman, Sept.19,1786.*

Mary [], and Henry Sullivan Perry, July28,1811.*

Mary Jane, and Daniel Page, Dec.30,1828.*

Mary I., and Elbridge Morrill of Salisbury, int.Sept.28,1839.

Moses, jr., and Fanny Morss, Apr.12,1806.*

Nancy [], and Samuel Rollins of Loudon, NH, June10,1797.*

Nicolas Noyes, and Elizabeth Morse of Newbury, int.Feb.22,1777.

Nicholas, and Dolly Sumner Cutter, May28,1815.*

Nicholas W., and Maria M. Eaton of Salisbury, int.Oct.14,1842.

Obadiah, and Martha Adams of Newbury, Nov.11,1805.*

Sewall, and Anna Norton, Oct.13,1792.*

Sewell, of Newbury, and Mary Rolfe Morris, July4,1820. [July15. int.]*

Silas, jr., of Newbury, and Mary Pearson, May15,1806.*

Silas, and Mary Lankester Pettingell, int.Jan.1,1837.

William, and Merriam Hoyt of Newbury, int.Mar.15,1783.

William, jr., and Martha Nowell, Dec.31,1788.*

William, and Elizabeth Pike, Dec.11,1795.*


Dolly, and John Porter Nye, Sept.21,1807.*


Charles, of Amesbury, a.23y., s.Philip, and Annette D. Downs of Amesbury, a.21y., d.Andrews and Mary B., Aug.23,1847.


Charles E., and Ann P. Huse of Newbury, int.May24,1828.

Robinson W., of Newbury, and Harriet P Blake, int.Feb.17,1844.

SHURTLIFFE (Shartliff)

SHUTE (Chute)

Benjamin [of Newmarket, NH. int.], and Rebecca Boardman, May21,1785.*

George S., and Mary P. Killborn of Newbury, Dec.5,1837.*

Hannah, and Frederic Cook, Dec.21,1819.*

Harriet, and Francis Fotherro, int.July25,1840.

Joseph B., a.20y., manufacturer, b. Haverhill, s.Joseph and Sally, and Harriet P. [B. int.] Davis, b. Newbury, d.Oliver, Apr.23,1844. [Apr.27. int.]*

Mary Ann, and Ralph Flanders, int.Sept.5,1823. (forbidden by Mary Ann Shute, Sept.6.)

Mary Ann, and John Lamb, int.Nov.12,1825.

Nancy M., of Northwood, NH, and William P. Shute, int.Nov.22,1844.

Rebecca B., and Amos Pearson [jr. int.], May14,1839.*

Sarah M., and Edmund G. Taylor, Apr.24,1834.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Bartlett of Newbury, Dec.17,1840.*

William, of Newmarket, NH, and Hannah Berry, May18,1805.

William P., and Nancy M. Shute of Northwood, NH, int.Nov.22,1844.


Nathaniel L., of Waltham, and Ann Gerrish, Oct.末,1828.*

Nathaniel L., widr., of Weston, a.41y., machinist, b. Salem, s.Nathaniel and Joanna, and Harriett N. Gerrish, d.Nathaniel and Margaret, Apr.20,1847.*

SIDLINGER (Siellinger)

Lucy A., a.20y., d.Daniel and Mary, and Seth M. Cushman of Union, ME, farmer, s.Joseph and Eleanor, Nov.12,1848.*

SIELLINGER (Sidlinger)

Louisa, a.23y., d.Daniel and Mary, and Hezekiah Ripley, a.24y., carpenter, s.Daniel and Mary, June20,1847.*

SILLAWAY (Silloway)

Hannah, and Paul Curtis, Oct.25,1801.*

John, and Patience Newman, Dec.16,1779.CR2*

John, and Rebecca Harris, Apr.29,1804.*

SILLOWAY (Sillaway, Sylloway)

Ann, and John Noyes, jr. of Newbury, May4,1813.*

David [Daniel. int.], and J. [] H. Gerrish of Newbury,末蔓末,1844. [Feb.25. int.]*

Joseph, and Mary Jane Haskell, Oct.13,1837.*

Samuel, of Newbury, a.23y., house carpenter, s.Daniel and Hannah, and Harriet Pettingill of Newbury, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Harriet, Oct.25,1846.

Sarah J., and William A. Cheney, jr., int.Nov.10,1849.

Thomas, and Susan Stone, Sept.13,1827.*

SILLY (Cilley)

Molly, and Samuel Brown, Aug.26,1772.CR4*

SILVESTER (Sylvester)

Adam, and Judith Martin of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Oct.28,1794.

Adam, and Elizabeth Newmarch, int.Apr.8,1797.

Hannah, and William Gregory, June9,1814.*

Mary, and Joseph Bailey, Jan.31,1810.*

SIMON (Symonds)

William, and Mary Brookins, both of Newbury, int.Dec.16,1776.

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Calvin W., and Sarah Brovrn, int.Jan.8,1848.

SIMONS (Symonds)

Gilbert, and Mary Boynton, Sept.8,1788.*

Mary, Mrs., and John Murray, int.Oct.16,1790.

Molly [Mary, of], and Thomas Wilson, July21,1794.*

William, of England and Mary Brookins, Dec.25,1776.CR2


Ann G., and James Butler of Boston, Mar.7,1832.*

Ann, and John Davidson, Aug.30,1840.*

Benjamin, and Alcidia Smith of Methuen, int.Nov.3,1826.

Clarina, and Josiah W. Lake of Boston, int.Oct.5,1832.

David, and Susannah Colfry, July28,1795.*

Hannah, and William Gurney, Oct.2,1821.*

James, and Elizabeth Knap, Mar.16,1807.*

Martha, and Ezekiel H. Folsom of Salem, int.Sept.11,1847.

Mary Johnson, and Thomas Witham, jr., Jan.12,1821.*

Mary D.H., a.24y., d.Paul and Abigail, and Claudius B. Long of Worcester, a.33y., merchant, s.David and Rebecca, Dec.9,1845.*

Paul, Capt, and Mrs.Abigail Hodge, Nov.17,1806.*

Sarah J., and Robert [H. int.] Pearson, Oct.12,1840.*

Susan, and Thomas Williams of Salisbury, May21,1827. [May14.CR6]*


Deborah [], and Benjamin Clannin, Oct.1,1780.*

SKEELS (Scales)

Amos, and Nancy Fry, June9,1824.*

John W., and Laura Ann Manson of Salisbury, int.July7,1849.


Frederick, and Rebecca Multon, Apr.6,1843.CR4*


Elizabeth, and Thomas Sargent Goodhue, int.Oct.20,1804.


Elizabeth [Skimmer. int.], and Ebenezer Sergeant, jr., Sept.14,1806.*


Thomas, and Mrs.Elizabeth Foss, int.July3,1790.


Thomas, and Mary Martin, Jan.28,1793. [Apr.1. dup.]


Caroline, wid., a.35y., and John Williams, widr., a.36y., tanner and currier, s.John and Elisabeth, Feb.8,1849.*

Elisabeth, and David Pearson, Dec.30,1778.*

Hannah, and Richard Titcomb, jr., Mar.15,1797.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Brown, Apr.30,1797.CR1*

Mary, and John Barbere, int.July12,1806.

Mary Ann, and Moses Quimby, Nov.9,1823.*

Moses, and Hannah Newman, May6,1777.*

Sally, and John Stockman, May2,1799.*


Mary [], and Nathaniel Stanwood, Sept.4,1792.*


John, and Sally [Alice. int.] Murray, Jan.24,1804.*


Agnes, and Thomas Hutchinson Balch, Dec.8,1796.*


Allen, and Louisa Grant, Mar.14,1842.*

Ann, and Edmund Richardson, Oct.25,1824.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Edwards, Mar.11,1824.*

Benjamin L. [J. int.], a.25y., mariner, s.Thomas and Harriet, and Elisabeth Morrison, a.24y., d.Henry and Ruth, Feb.26,1846.*

Dennis, and Mary Ellen Evans of Newbury, int.Apr.20,1844.

Dolly Ann, and John [H. int.] Cambridge, Aug.15,1824.*

Elisha, and Sarah Cavender, Sept.25,1788.*

Harriet J., a.18y., d.Thomas and Harriet L., and William F. Gurney, a.21y., house carpenter, s.Nathaniel M. and Martha, Dec.23,1845.*

James H., of Newbury, a.22y., mason, s.James and Hannah L., and Charlotte Ann Ilsley of Newbury, a.17y., d.Wade and Lydia, Nov.7,1847.

Martha E., a.23y., d.Moses and Nancy, and Charles J. Coffin, a.21y., ship carpenter, s.Charles and Lucretia, Feb.9,1848.*

Mary, a.22y., d.Mary M., and George A. Pike, a.22y., pump and block maker, s.Elias, June11,1844.*

Thomas, and Harriet Lunt of Newbury, int.Nov.17,1818.


Sally, and Enoch Kendall, Nov.20,1803.*


Elisa, and John Nutter,末蔓末,1844. [Nov.1. int.]*

Betsey, a.27y., d.Levi and Betsey, and William H. Pettengill, a.26y., house carpenter, s.Arcadus and Polly, Nov.27,1845.*

Lydia T., of Vassalboro, ME, and Alonzo Pearson, int.Aug.25,1849.


Abigail, and Benjamin Stokes, int.Dec.7,1778.

Abigail, and James Post, int.May6,1779.

Abigail, and Hugh O'Donnel, Dec.1,1782.*

Abby, and Dennis Rier of Newbury, int.July12,1834.

Abigail M., and Moses Bayley, Aug.4,1839.*

Achsah, and Jacob Woodward [Woodwell. int.], jr., of Newbury, Jan.18,1816.*

Alcidia, of Methuen, and Benjamin Simpson, int.Nov.3,1826.

Alexander, jr., of Somersworth, NH, and Mary C. Greenleaf, Dec.7,1826.*

Anna [Lowell. int.], and Simeon Burnham, Nov.22,1784. [Nov.26.CR4; Nov.28. dup.CR4]*

Anna [], and Benjamin Standring, May24,1795.*

Anna, of Haverhill, and James Peaslee, int.Oct.27,1806.

Ann E., a.20y., d.Nathan and Eliza A., and George W. Little, a.34y., ship carpenter, s.Jedediah and Bethiah, June19,1847.*

Anthony, and Sarah Tarbox, Aug.13,1774.CR2

Benjamin, and Eunice Peirce, Nov.17,1781. [Nov.18.CR3]

Benjamin, and Nancy Colby, June27,1821.*

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Margaret D. Hall, int.Apr.18,1839.

Bridget, and Abel Bartlet, Jan.4,1794.*

Caroline, and Capt. Moses Emery of Newbury, Dec.15,1814.*

Caroline, and Jose Hipolito Esteran Gomez of Havana, int.May10,1817.

Caroline, and Josiah W.C. Pike, Feb.8,1826.*

Caroline, and William K. Kilborn, Sept.7,1837.*

Charles, and Mary B[rown. int.] Davison, Dec.30,1824.*

Charles [jr. int.], and [] Ann Follansbee, Dec.20,1830.*

Charles T., and Harriet L. Dow, Sept.末,1840. [ Sept.12. int.]*

Clementina, and Joseph Williams, jr., May11,1815.*

Daniel, and Hannah Woodman, Aug.26,1783.*

Daniel, and Abigail Jewett, July12,1812.*

Daniel, and Harriot Quimby, Nov.26,1818.*

Daniel A., and Mary G. Blake, Apr.4,1844.*

Daniel F., and Rebecca Cook, int.Oct.20,1849.

David, and Emily Bailey of West Newbury, int.Feb.10,1836.

David C., of Kingston, and Harriet Haines, int.Nov.26,1836.

David, of Newbury, and Mrs.Maria L. Smith, int.Mar.8,1845.

Ebenezer, of Newbury, and Maria L. George, int.Jan.26,1839.

Edmund, jr., of Newbury, and Abigail S. Hoague, Nov.30,1837.*

Edmund, widr., of Newbury, a.62y., s.Richard and Mehitable, and Mary H. Moody, wid., a.50y., d.Samuel and Sarah Huse, Oct.12,1847.*

Edward, and Mrs.Mehitable Dawsett, Nov.19,1817.*

Eli, Rev., of Frankfort, KY, and Mary Jane Brown, Aug.21,1822.*

Elisabeth, and Edward Swain, Jan.15,1775.CR2*

Elisabeth, and John Baldwin, May30,1779.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Moses Kimball, Nov.15,1798.*

Elizabeth, and Charles Marstes, May14,1812.*

Elizabeth G., and John Post, Dec.19,1822.*

Elizabeth G., and Benjamin D. Appleton, Apr.23,1828.*

Elizabeth L., and Robert Rier of Newbury, int.Nov.2,1830.

Elizabeth P., and George W. Goodwin, M.D., Nov.5,1840.*

Elisabeth J., a.24y., d.Daniel and Abigail, and Henry H. Hall of Boston, a.30y., merchant, s.Eli and Elisabeth, Oct.27,1846.*

Elizabeth A., of Amherst, and Rev. Joseph T. Noyes, int.Aug.19,1848.

Emily F., and Thomas E. Pressey, Sept.19,1839.*

Emiline E. [], and Fowler Bragg of Boston, Feb.1,1837.*

Enoch, and Ruth Sweet of Ipswich, int.Oct.5,1805.

Ephraim Jewett, of Boston, and Catharine Wharf, Jan.21,1808.*

Eunice, of Newbury, and Nicholas Pike, int.Dec.22,1778.

Evelina E., a.18y., d.Daniel and Mary, and Jeremiah Cook, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Zebedee and Mary, Sept.16,1849.*

Fanny, and Seth Thaxter, jr. of Boston, May29,1830.*

Foster, and Jane Gerrish of Newbury, int.Dec.30,1815.

George, and Rhoda Carr, int.May25,1782.

Hannah, wid., a.27y., d.John and Hannah Weeks, and John Burnham, wid., a.38y., cordwainer, s.John and Mary Ellen, May2,1849.*

Harriet, of Ipswich, and Francis Cheever, int.May8,1845.

Harriet N., of Newbury, a.21y., d.Samuel and Elisabeth, and Enoch Wormstead of Newbury, a.22y., ropemaker, s.Michael and Phebe, Dec.8,1847.

Horatio Gates, and Nancy Merrill Shaw, Feb.8,1821.*

Isaac, of Ipswich, and Ann Scribner, int.Oct.22,1842.

James, jr., and Ruth Carr [of], Oct.18,1787.*

James, and Eliza Hamilton, Nov.29,1797.*

James M., and Betsey G. Page, int.July4,1846.

Jeremiah, and Sarah Gaines [], May4,1777.*

Jeremiah, and [] Elizabeth Rix, May2,1784.*

Joanna, of Gilmanton, and David Cilley, int.Nov.24,1802.

John, and Judith Smith, int.Mar.1,1766.

John [of], and Mary Arnold, July12,1778.CR2*

John, and Judith Boyce, Jan.21,1779.*

John, and Joanna Boynton, July10,1786.*

John, and Mary Parsons, Mar.22,1801.*

John Pettingell, and Elizabeth Parsons, Jan.18,1809.

John, jr., and Rebekah Bragdon, Feb.18,1824.*

John M., of Newbury, a.32y., brickmaker, s.Richard and Mary, and Ann G. Todd, a.21y., d.Elias and Ann G., Aug.9,1848.*

John W., of New York, and Mehitable B. Smith, int.Aug.19,1848.

John, a.33y., spinner, s.Joseph and Margaret, and Sarah Ann Hopkins, wid., a.34y., d.Alexander and Mary Adams, Apr.12,1849.*

Joseph, and Margery Rogers, Apr.21,1771.*

Joseph, of Newbury, and Hannah Morse, Dec.31,1798.*

Joseph Sydney, of Mercer, and Judith Wells, Mar.3,1805.*

Joseph, and Keturah Morss, Dec.19,1813.*

Joseph M., and Elizabeth A. Clark, int.Feb.25,1848.

Josiah [Dr. int.], and Dorothy Farnham, Oct.22,1781. [1782.CR1; Sept.14,1782. int.]*

Josiah, and Mary Plummer, int.May12,1804.

Judith, and John Smith, int.Mar.1,1766.

Judith, and Edward Jackson, Dec.19,1786.*

Judith [of], and Benjamin Lunt [jr. int.], Jan.21,1796.*

Justin, and Relief Olney of Pomfret, CT, int.Apr.27,1812.

Leonard, and Mrs.Mary Welch, Oct.5,1806.*

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Joseph Pettingal, int.May31,1777.

Lydia, and Thomas Goodwin of Newbury, Dec.31,1816.*

Lydia H., and John Falch, Sept.4,1834.*

Lydia T., and Henry Lunt [jr. int.], Dec.11,1839.*

Maria L., Mrs., and David Smith of Newbury, int.Mar.8,1845.

Martha [of], and James Callahan, Dec.22,1779.CR2*

Martha, and John Wells, Mar.6,1781.*

Martha W., and Moses Buswell, Dec.31,1815.*

Mary, Mrs.[], and William Noyes, Jan.21,1765. [Feb.21.CR1]*

Mary, and John Stevens, Mar.5,1780.*

Mary, and William Haines, Apr.5,1781.CR2*

Mary, and John Ball, int.May26,1781.

Mary, and Samuel Kilham, Sept.29,1784. [Nov.29. dup.CR4]*

Mary [], and Edward Gotham, Jan.10,1799.CR4*

Mary, and Alfred Osgood, June18,1800.*

Mary, of Salisbury, and Joseph Robinson, int.Dec.28,1811.

Mary W[eare. int.], and Daniel W[] Bagley [], May13,1834.*

Mary Jane, of Salisbury, a.23y., d.Enoch and Betsey, and Charles F. Greeley of East Kingston, NH, a.24y., farmer, s.Josiah and Sally, Mar.30,1847.

Mary A., and Abel D. Brown, int.Dec.15,1849.

Mehitable, and [Capt. int.] John Rand Oct.25,1810.*

Mehitable B., and John W. Smith of New York, int.Aug.19,1848.

Marcy, of Seabrook, and Ephraim Green, int.Sept.7,1799.

Michael, and Sarah George, Feb.15,1785.*

Michael, and Susanna Treadwell, July26,1785.*

Michael, and Elizabeth Edwards, Jan.6,1791.*

Millet, of Newfield, and Sarah Ash of Newbury, July10,1835.CR2

Nathaniel, and Judith Morse, int.Jan.19,1774.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Pettingell, Nov.30,1796. [Oct.16.CR4]*

Phebe, and Elvin Winchester, Nov.2,1831.*

Rachel, of Salem, and Edward Tappan, int.Nov.23,1782.

Robert, and Abigail Harvey [], July26,1780.CR2*

Robert and Elizabeth Couch, Oct.2,1810.*

Rufus, and Almira Barbour, Nov.28,1839.*

Samuel, and Sarah Smith, Apr.27,1800.*

Samuel, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Haskell Bamford, int.Apr.21,1821.

Samuel M., and Sally Mores [Moore. int.], Jan.20,1833.*

Samuel S.D., a.27y., yeoman, s.John and Hannah D., and Martha W. Saunders, a.33y., d.Humphrey and Mary, Sept.1,1845.*

Sarah, and John Pettingal, July3,1768.*

Sarah, and Thomas Jackson, Mar.10,1789.*

Sally, and Enoch Sweat, Nov.13,1792.*

Sally, and Benjamin Edwards, int.July28,1793.

Sally, and Edward Edwards, July14,1795.*

Sarah, and Samuel Smith, Apr.27,1800.*

Sarah Morse [Sarah Morse.CR1], and Aaron Davis [jr. int.], Dec.20,1801.*

Sarah, of Newbury, and Caleb Huse of Belfast, Sept.14,1805.CR2

Sarah, and Nathaniel Wattles of Alexandria, D.C., Oct.22,1811. [Oct.27.CR1]*

Sarah, of Newbury, and David Emery, int.Feb.29,1812.

Sarah, and David Coffin, jr. of Newbury, Sept.12,1813.*

Sarah, of Haverhill, and Charles Bradley, int.Nov.14,1817.

Sarah Ann J. [F. int.], and Samuel Huse of Newbury, Aug.20,1832.*

Sarah E., of Dorchester, and Charles J. Bishop, int.June3,1840.

Sybill Sawyer, and Alexander Richards, Jan.9,1812.*

Sidney P., of Newbury, a.21y., ship carpenter, s.John and Phebe Ann, and Georgianna R. Gilmore of Newbury, a.19y., d.James and Agnes, Jan.6,1848.

Solomon, and Hannah Kent, Feb.3,1789.*

Sophia, and Thomas Merrill [jr.CR1] of Portland Sept.13,1813.*

Susan L., of West Newbury, and Edward Toppan of Newbury, Jan.22,1821.

Theresse, and Charles Boardman of Worcester, Nov.27,1827.*

Thomas, and Mary Doyle, Sept.25,1780.CR2 [ Sept.28. int.]*

Thomas, and Susanna Lunt, May15,1784.

Thomas, and Sarah Plummer, June26,1794.*

Thomas A. [Capt.CR1], and Augusta Johnson of Newbury, Oct.25,1832.*

William, of Boston, and Hannah Carter, June13,1787.*

William, and Elizabeth McClennen, July24,1797.

William, and Mary Jackson, Sept.25,1803.*

William, of Haverhill, and Sally Holland int.Aug.8,1812.

William O., and Ruth F. Eaton of Salisbury, int.July13,1839.

William O., and Hannah S. Weeks, Sept.30,1840.*

William, and Mary Collins, int.Sept.9,1848.

Zilpha, of Rowley, and Jonathan Coates Welch, Dec.3,1818.*


Ruth [], and William Cheever, Jan.16,1812.*


Samuel, jr., of Pomfret, VT, and Mrs.Mary Tucker, int.Nov.15,1811.


Louisa A.M. [of Newburyport. int.], a.22y., b. Denmark, d.James S. and Mary W., of Elsinore, Denmark, and Joseph Ladd, a.27y., mechanic, s.Daniel and Elisabeth, June3,1844.*

Mary Ann [of Newburyport. int.], a.25y., b. Denmark, d.Louis and Mary, of Denmark, and George C. Short, a.29y., mariner, s.Moses and Jane, Aug.18,1844.*


Ebenezer, and Eunice Barr Emerton, int.Aug.18,1822.

SOMBERBY (Somerby)

William, and Elizabeth Pitman of Boston, int.Mar.16,1822.

SOMERBY (Somberby, Somersby)

Abiel, and Elizabeth Parsons, Nov.20,1791.*

Abigail, and Joseph Gaul, Dec.4,1780.CR2*

Abram, of Newbury, and Lydia Babson, Oct.1,1805.*

Abram, of Newbury, and Mary W. Jackman, int.Dec.7,1844.

Anna, and Thomas Burrill, May27,1794. [May21.CR4]*

Anna, of Newbury, and Jonathan Knights, int.Nov.29,1805.

Ann, and Bailey Pierce of Frankfort, Nov.13,1812.*

Benjamin, and Ednah Merrill, Feb.24,1785. [Feb.21.CR4]*

Daniel, and Phebe French [of], Sept.20,1777.*

Ebenezer, and Susan Willis, Aug.18,1811.*

Eliza, and Charles Flanders of Newbury, Oct.8,1822.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Hall [of], Jan.18,1786.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Richardson, June13,1790.*

Elizabeth [], and Timothy Noyes, Sept.16,1797.*

Elizabeth, and Daniel Tobey [of], Sept.30,1805.*

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Ebenezer Rogers, int.Sept.13,1806.

Elisabeth F., and Albert Lindsay of Somersworth, NH, Aug.8,1843.*

Enoch, and Mary Cresey, Nov.16,1790.*

Enoch, and Elizabeth Creasy, Nov.26,1804.*

Esther, and Benjamin Cross, Sept.20,1795.*

Fanny, and William Davis, jr., int.July18,1806.

Fanny, and Benjamin Henderson, Apr.1,1808.*

Francis B[rown. int.], and Elizabeth Newman, May19,1812.*

Hannah, and Richard Goss, Oct.23,1777.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Stone, June3,1795.*

Henry, and Joanna Allen of Newbury, Nov.4,1764.CR3

Jane, and Daniel Plummer, int.Sept.7,1771.

Jane, of Newbury, and Ebenezer Morrison, jr., int.Sept.22,1787.

Jane Dangerfield [], and Anthony Bartlet, Oct.18,1812.*

John, and Sarah Cook, Mar.14,1765.*

John, jr., and Patience Stone, Apr.22,1785.*

John [Capt.CR1], and Mary Lowell, Nov.1,1787.*

John, 3d, and Margery Merrill, Feb.17,1794.*

John, jr., and Mary Sherburn, Oct.24,1807.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Frazier of Newbury, int.Jan.16,1779.

Joseph, and Mary Montgomery [Oct.25.CR4], 1779.*

Joseph [A. int.], and Mrs.Nancy [] P. Lane, Nov.3,1839.*

Judith, and Francis Rust, Oct.9,1780.*

Judith, and Andrew Davis, Jan.20,1796. [1795.CR4]*

Lois, and Elisha Gordon, Apr.13,1786.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Abraham Babson, jr. of Sedgwick [ME. int.], Nov.11,1816.*

Margery, and Robert Merrill, Dec.13,1801.*

Mary, and Mariner Pearson, Dec.6,1783.*

Mary, and Peter Williams, Jan.21,1785. [1784.CR4]*

Molley, and Samuel Hale, Feb.17,1791.*

Mary [], and David Potter, Dec.29,1800.*

Polly Wight, and George Sanborn, Dec.25,1814.*

Mary Jane, and [Capt. int.] Jeremiah E. Andrews, Sept.25,1825.*

Moses, and Bethiah White, Nov.9,1784.*

Nathan, and Mary Foot of Newbury, int.June24,1775.

Patience, and Joseph Currier, June10,1802.*

Phebe, and Daniel F. Lunt, Oct.13,1828.*

Rebecca, and John Ayes, int.Aug.24,1782.

Rebecca, and John Bodge, Sept.22,1811.*

Ruth, and Capt. William Davis, Dec.16,1819.*

Ruthy, of Newbury, and Moses E. Moulton, int.Sept.28,1825.

Samuel, Dea., and Sarah Gerrish, int.Mar.28,1772.

Samuel, and Lucy Searle Killam, Sept.11,1809.*

Samuel, of Exeter, and Abigail Allen, Nov.11,1811.*

Samuel, of Exeter, and Hannah George, Nov.28,1818.*

Sarah, and Thomas Holliday, Apr.15,1781.*

Sarah, and William Toppan, Jan.1,1783. [Nov.22,1783. int.]*

Sarah, and Robert Rogers, jr., June20,1784.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Sweazy, int.July22,1786.

Sarah G., and Thomas Anderson of Halifax, N.S., int.June13,1835.

Sarah F., and John Huse, July5,1836.*

Sarah E., a.17y., d.Joseph and Mary, and George Collins of Newbury, a.26y., housewright, s.William and Sarah, Nov.16,1848.*

Thomas, and Sarah Huse of Newbury, int.May27,1786.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Dole of Rowley, int.Apr.23,1803.

SOMERSBY (Somerby)

Abraham, and Mary Brown of Newbury, int.Dec.1,1764.


William, of Nantucket, and Helen Mar Cook, Oct.16,1840.*

SOUTER (Souther)

Samuel [jr. int.], of Haverhill, and Sarah Willson, Dec.25,1783.*

SOUTHER (Souter)

Eunice, and Joseph Wright, Nov.30,1830.*

Joanna, and William Carr Pike, Oct.12,1806.*

Jonathan, of Seabrook, NH, a.21y., mariner, s.Thomas and Mehitable, and Catherine McGuire, a.17y., d.Joseph and Emily, May17,1848.*

Mary Ann, of Seabrook, and James Wright, int.Mar.2,1830.

Robert, and Mary Remicks, May2,1779.*


Robert K., a.20y., machinist, s.Richard and Isabella, and Emila W. Beckman, a.21y., d.Israel and Betsey, Dec.9,1848.*


James M., of Roxbury, a.25y., trader, and Sarah Martin, a.22y., d.Hacket, Feb.18,1845.*


Nabby G., of Ipswich, and John Brown, 3d, int.Mar.9,1822.

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Abram, of Lowell, a.25y., merchant, s.A.A. and P.H., and Hannah W. Hogdon of Lowell, a.22y., seamstress, d.Peter and Judith, Mar.3,1846.

Charles, of Kensington, NH, and Mary Starkey Titcomb, Jan.13,1820.*

Oliver, and Ruthy Lurvey of Amesbury, int.May21,1808.

Oliver B., a.22y., merchant, s.Prescott and Hannah T., and Harriet E. Orne, a.20y., d.William and Ednah, Apr.24,1848.*

Prescott, and Hannah Titcomb Cross, Nov.23,1806.*

Rufus, of Amesbury, and Francis Lawson, Feb.23,1836.*

Rufus, and Mary H. Moody, June18,1840.*

Sarah E., and Edward E. Wood, Oct.15,1838.*

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Harriet, and Ambrose H. White, Apr.20,1834.*

John, Rev. of Andover, and Olive C.B. Kendall of Dunstable, Sept.25,1828.


Mary A., a.23y., d.Charles and Sarah, and Kendall Sargent, a.28y., manufacturer, s.Asa and Sarah, Nov.27,1847.*


Noble, of Boston, and Phillis Pike, Aug.21,1793.CR2*


Ann, and John Wood, 3d, Mar.25,1806.*

Elizabeth Andrews, and Isaac Poor, Dec.25,1809.*

Henry, and Abigail H. Moulton, Oct.21,1828.*

Mary, and Daniel Gilman, Aug.3,1826.*

Sarah, and John Ayers, Mar.23,1817.*


Carnail, and Elizabeth Clough, int.June14,1794.


John A., and Deborah H. Trull, Sept.30,1847.

Richard Smith [Dr.CR1], and [Mrs.CR1] Frances Maria Lord, July13,1829.*


Henry, and [] Molly Kent, Apr.23,1791.*


Anna, and David Burnham, int.Feb.21,1812.

Bartholomew Lunt, and Anna Crecy, int.Apr.5,1777.

Bartholomew Lunt, and Mary Coffin, Nov.19,1778.*

Edward, and Sarah Rhodes, int.June21,1800.

George, and Phebe Borland in NH, Nov.13,1769.CR2

Hannah M., b. Brandon, VT, d.George and Abby, and Charles S. Davis of Newbury, carriage builder, b. Newbury, s.Wadleigh and Betsey, Dec.10,1849.*

Mary, and William Porter, jr. of Beverly, Sept.14,1807.*

Rachel [], and Orlando Brown, Sept.20,1812.*

Rebecca, and Asa Rogers, int.Nov.14,1813.

Sarah, and Francis Holliday, int.Feb.28,1789.

Sarah, and Joseph Stanwood, 3d, Jan.19,1790.*

Sarah M., and Orlando Brown, Oct.25,1832.*

Timothy, and Patience Howard, int.July15,1796.


Archibald, and [] Sarah Sullivan, July4,1813.*

Elizabeth, and Capt. Samuel Newhall, Dec.7,1766.CR1*

Lawrence, of Dedham, and Sally [] Titcomb, Dec.13,1804.*

Lawrence, and Catharine Thomas, July5,1818.*

Martha, and Gibson Parsons, Nov.25,1782.*

Ruth, and Edward Rand Sept.20,1781.*


Francis F., and Mary [Jane.CR2] Mahony, both of Boston, Dec.3,1848.

Hannah Hopkins, a.24y., d.John H. and Sarah A., and John Babson Swasey, a.25y., lawyer, s.Henry S. and Susan, May20,1846.*

John Hopkins, and Sarah Ann Rand May23,1821.*

Margaret S[], and Bezaleel Taft, jr. of Uxbridge, Aug.27,1807. [Aug.15.CR4]*

Samuel, Rev., and Hannah Hopkins of Hadley, int.Sept.25,1779.


William, and Sarah Webber of Wenham, int.May2,1779.


Dorothy, and Andrew Newman, June29,1784.*


Lydia, and Nicolas Tracy, Mar.19,1795.*

Wyatt [Capt.CR2], and [Mrs.CR2] Mary Chandler, Sept.13,1802.*


Hannah, of Rowley, and Jonathan Call, jr. int.Apr.24,1773.

Mary, and Benjamin Frothingham, May23,1785.*

Ruth, and William Cross, Aug.24,1785.*


Rebekah [], and Michael Fogarty, Nov.7,1781.CR2*


Thomas [Capt. int.], and [] Mary Bayley, Dec.25,1821.*


Elizabeth, Mrs., of Ipswich, and James Warburton, int.Mar.21,1807.


Benjamin, and Anna [] Smith, May24,1795.*


Benjamin F., and Lucy Jane Osgood of Salisbury, int.Sept.11,1847.


Abel, and Polly Todd, July7,1788. [July1.CR4]*

Allen, and Sarah L. Watson, May16,1837.*

Anna, and Joseph Hills, Nov.23,1807.*

Anne, and Jacob Davis, Nov.20,1769.*

Ann, and Joseph Noyes, Mar.29,1778.*

Ann Atkinson, and William Bray Adams, Dec.3,1826.*

Atkinson, and Eliza Plummer of Newbury, int.Oct.4,1823.

Atkinson, and Sarah S. Rogers, May16,1833.*

Atkinson, and Hannah R. Rogers of Boston, int.May30,1849.

Catharine [], and Capt. John Wyllie, Nov.12,1828.*

Catherine, and Robert Couch, Dec.12,1841.*

Dorcas, and Benjamin Perkins, Oct.11,1790.*

Eliza Orsment, and Mark Symons, Jan.17,1819.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Wyatt, Mar.27,1777.*

Elizabeth, and John Mycam, June14,1778.*

Elisabeth, and Jacob Bowin, Mar.24,1785.CR2*

Elizabeth, and George Flanders, Apr.28,1820.*

Elizabeth, and Frederic [W. int.] Comerford, July5,1824.*

Emily E., and Moses [H. int.] Emery of West Newbury, Mar.4,1841.*

Emeline [Mrs.CR4], and James R. Barlow of Rochester, Nov.30,1828.*

Epes, and Polly Questrom, July5,1801.*

Esther, and Archibald Guthrie, int.Dec.7,1776.

Esther, and Simeon Noyes, Oct.6,1778.*

Frederick W., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Peter and Abigail, and Hannah E. Fowler, a.23y., d.John and Hannah, June1,1845.*

Hannah, of Newbury, a.24y., d.William and Hannah, and Abner W. Pearson of Newbury, a.34y., mariner, s.Abner and Betsey, Feb.27,1848.

Harriot, and Humphrey Cook, Dec.31,1809.*

Huldah Dodge, and John Ilsley of Newbury, int.June23,1821.

John, and Sarah Burgin of Ipswich, int.Nov.22,1776.

John, jr., and Emeline Pike, May30,1822.*

Joseph, and Lydia Lunt of Newbury, Dec.5,1765.CR3

Joseph, and Abigail Moody, Nov.4,1766.CR1

Joseph, and Eunice Marchant of Gloucester, int.Jan.19,1782.

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Dodge, Dec.13,1785.*

Joseph, 3d, and Sarah Spooner, Jan.19,1790.*

Joseph, Capt., of Newbury, and Mrs.Sarah Ela, int.June16,1808.

Joseph, and Mrs.Ruthy Burnham of Kensington, int.Dec.5,1811.

Joseph, jr., and Catharine Greenleaf, Oct.22,1815.*

Julia A., a.21y., d.Peter and Abigail, and Joseph H. Bragdon, a.21y., printer, s.Joseph and Rebecca, Apr.12,1846.*

Martha, and Joseph Alien, int.Feb.20,1783.

Martha, and Abraham Johnson, May20,1784.*

Mary, and Richard Miller Stone, Nov.13,1777.*

Mary, and Patrick Tobin, Aug.29,1779.*

Mary, and [Capt. int.] John Rogers, Jan.24,1793.*

Polly, Mrs., and David Pearson, 3d, June16,1807.*

Mary, and Stephen Ordway, May14,1813.*

Mary Jane, and Samuel Noyes of New York, May23,1826.*

Mary K[ing. int.], and Jessie Hattle, May29,1834.*

Mary K., and George W. Young, Oct.14,1834.*

Mary Ann P., and Richard Cutter, int.Oct.22,1842.

Nathaniel, and [] Mary Slider, Sept.4,1792.*

Peter, and Mary King of Boston, int.Feb.22,1777.

Phillip, and Ruth Randall [Rendal. int.], Jan.11,1795.*

Rachel, of Newbury, and David A. Comerford, Feb.9,1813.*

Robert, and Rebekah Gerrish of Newbury, int.June9,1810.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Damsell [Damrell. int.], Sept.12,1811.*

Samuel, and Hannah Loring, Nov.2,1820.*

Sarah, and Thomas Jenkins, Nov.23,1796.*

Sarah, and Joseph Noyes, 4th, Jan.30,1800.*

Sarah, and Thomas Flanders of Plaistow, NH. Dec.22,1817.*

Sarah L. [E. int.], and Ezekiel G. Whittier, Dec.12,1833.*

Susan D., and Edward Dearborn, Apr.14,1831.*

Tamesin, and Hezekiah Goodhue, Sept.3,1776.CR2

Thomas, and Betsey Rhodes, Mar.7,1786.*

William [of], and Susannah Downs, June7,1795.*

William, and Hannah Ames Downs, May27,1823.*

William F., and Achsah B. Heath of West Newbury, Oct.30,1834.*

William, of Newbury, and Diordamy Shafner, int.Sept.30,1848. (bans forbidden by William Stanwood.)


Eunice [], and Thomas Taylor, Apr.29,1781.*

Mark, and Eliza Smith Atkinson of Newbury, int.Mar.22,1828.


Elisabeth, and Robert Roberts, in NH, Apr.2,1767.CR2

Elizabeth, and William Titcomb, Nov.3,1778.*

Mary, and William Greenough, June21,1770.*


David, of Wenham, and [] Mary P. Rogers, Sept.16,1840.*


Mary, and Michael Murphy, July16,1832.*


Jane, and Richard Bagley of Salisbury, Feb.19,1829.*

John, and Elizabeth Swasey, June26,1808.*


Mary, and Joseph Hodgkins of Newbury, int.Mar.2,1822.

STEARNS (Sterns)

Charles G[ardner. int.], of Brewer, ME, and Margaret Lunt, Oct.9,1836.*

Eunice, of Worcester, and Thomas Follansbee, at Worcester, Dec.5,1779.

Jonathan F., Rev., and Joanna G. Chaplin of Cambridge, int.Oct.2,1840.

Jonathan F., Rev., and Hannah S. Prentiss of Portland ME, int.Oct.31,1843.


Daniel, of Northampton, and [] Elizabeth G[] Long, Feb.8,1821.*


Ebenezer, and Susanna Harrod, Dec.29,1805.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Clark, Nov.12,1781. [1782.CR1; Oct.26,1782. int.]*

STEEL (Steele)

Ebenezer [of Gloucester. int.], and [] Mary Obear, Apr.16,1795.*

James, and Anna [] Read, Nov.10,1785.CR2*

Seth, and Sarah Rogers, Jan.15,1822.*

STEELE (Steel)

Abigail, and Benjamin Mason, Feb.24,1811.*


John, and Rebekah Downs, Dec.18,1824.*

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Eleanor, and Paul Merrill, Oct.30,1806.*

Elisabeth, and Michael Titcomb, Nov.24,1782*

STERNS (Stearns)

Jane Phillips, and Amos Lunt, June8,1796.*

STETSON (Stutson)

Charles A., of Boston, and Lucy Ann Brown, int.Mar.14,1832.

Joan, of Salem, and Benjamin D. Leavitt, int.July10,1814.

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary L. Plummer of Newbury, int.Aug.22,1840.

Zilpha, and Wadleigh Dow, July10,1825.*

STEVENS (Stephens)

Abigail K., and Isaac P. Noyes of Newbury, int.Nov.14,1843.

Anne, and John Herbert, jr., int.July11,1772.

Anthony Smith, and Lydia Giddings Dutton, May9,1830.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Merrill of Salisbury, int.Apr.9,1816.

Caroline, and Israel Crocker, Dec.22,1839.*

Charles A., of Castine, ME, and Sarah M. Coffin, June10,1833.*

Clarissa [A. int.], and Tristram Lunt of Newbury, Nov.7,1841.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth L. Adams of Londonderry, NH, int.Jan.11,1817.

David, and Lydia Weeks, Dec.27,1785.*

Elizabeth, and William Pearson, Nov.12,1777.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Brown of Newbury, Jan.17,1779.*

Elizabeth, and John Holliday, Apr.19,1802.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Jackman of Newbury, Apr.16,1812.*

Elizabeth, and William Abbot Wingate of Hallowell, ME, Feb.6,1816.*

Henry Weeks, of Boston, and Mary Hunt Martin, int.Apr.12,1805.

Harry, of Amesbury, a.22y., carriage maker, s.Elisha M. and Amy, and Joanna R. Colby of Epping, NH, a.22y., d.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.4,1847.

Isaac, and Catherine Deutu [Denton.CR4], Oct.7,1794.*

Isaac, and Sarah Everden Piper, June14,1827.*

Isaac, and Rebecca Griffin, May1,1834.*

Jane Newman, and John Hastings of Haverhill, Apr.13,1800.*

John, and Mary Smith, Mar.5,1780.*

John, and Betsy Jackman [of], Sept.14,1794.*

Joseph G., a.27y., mariner, and Mary M. Caswell of Gosport, ME, a.22y., d.Joseph M. and Sarah, May18,1845.*

Judith, and John Mullen, Apr.22,1808.*

Julia Anna, and Jacob Hoyt of Amesbury, int.May1,1841.

Lewis H., of Wenham, and Mary P. Welch, int.June22,1844.

Martha, and Tallak Bronbeck, Oct.9,1825.*

Mary [], and Daniel Chase of Newbury, July25,1784.CR4*

Mary Catharine, and Stephen Packer, Sept.1,1825.*

Mary B. [], and Daniel Whiting, May27,1838.*

Mary, and William Hardy of Georgetown, Apr.12,1842.*

Michael, and Dorothy F. Card, int.Sept.12,1846.

Moses P., and Mary B. Hoyt, int.Feb.6,1823.

Moses, jr., of West Newbury, a.21y., cordwainer, s.William and Harriet, and Mary Elisabeth Young of West Newbury, a.20y., d.William and Jane, Apr.23,1846.

Nancy, and Nehemiah Pittman, May13,1802.*

Paul, and Judith Newman, Dec.6,1781.*

Philip C., of Newbury, a.20y., mariner, s.Moses and Mary, and Betsey K. George of Bradford, d.John and Olive, Sept.2,1849.

Samuel, and Anna Peirce, Apr.2,1792.*

Samuel Bingham, and Joanna Folsom of Exeter, int.Aug.10,1810.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Currier, Oct.5,1823.*

Samuel, jr., a.24y., merchant, s.Samuel and Mary, and Sarah C[rocker.CR2] Atkinson, a.18y., d.[Dr.CR2] John and Sarah, June28,1849.*

Tamesin, and Thomas Harvey, int.Mar.28,1772.

Tamzon, and Offin Boardman, int.Oct.10,1778.

William, and Mary Currier, int.Feb.19,1808.

William E., of Londonderry, and Sarah D. Pilsbury, June19,1836.*


John, and Marbour Pecker, Apr.20,1824.*

Mary, Mrs., and [Capt. int.] Samuel Bailey, May5,1811.*

Mary R., and Francis Parton of Marblehead, int.Sept.24,1842.

Robert, and Mary Newman, June28,1778.*

STEWARD (Stewart)

John, and Margaret Jenkins, int.Dec.4,1819.

Margaret, Mrs., and Josiah Price, int.Dec.14,1823.

Polly, and David Stickney of Newbury, July15,1798.*

Sarah M., of Hartford, CT, and Capt. Moses Emery, int.Dec.18,1824.

STEWART (Steward, Stuart)

Daniel, and Mary Adams, Jan.10,1773.CR2

James, and Mehitable Crocker, Jan.5,1794.*

John, and Margaret Jenkins, July31,1821.*

Joseph, and Miriam Dow of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Aug.8,1792.*

William, and Hannah Horn, int.Sept.27,1809.


Adeline, and Edward H. Tarr of Rockport, int.Dec.6,1846.

Adeline L., wid., of Boston, a.25y., d.Frederick and Hannah Cook, and George W. Wood, widr., of Ipswich, a.29y., cordwainer, s.John and Betsey, June1,1849.

Henry, and Phebe Young Dole of Newbury, int.Dec.2,1815.

Henry, and Mrs.Charlotte R. Gowdy, Feb.25,1844.*

Jonathan D., and Adeline L. Cook, Sept.30,1839.*


Abigail, Mrs., of Newbury, and Samuel Shaw, int.June7,1782.

Albert A., and Margaret M. Evans, Feb.4,1810.*

Alice, Mrs., and Silas Moody, June9,1808.*

Amos, of Newbury, and Susanna Pettingel, int.Dec.30,1769.

Amos, and Sarah Gerrish [of], Mar.11,1779.*

Anna [Mrs.CR1], and Joseph Rolph, Feb.12,1775.*

Anna [], of Newbury, and John Buteman, Aug.28,1781.*

Anna, of Newbury, and Stephen Webber, Aug.16,1801.*

Ann, and Ezra Lummus of Boston, Jan.25,1817.*

Anthony Somerby, and wid.Ruth Coffin of Newbury, int.Feb.10,1770.

Benjamin, and Catherine Knight, July4,1784.*

Benjamin, of Charlestown, and Elizabeth Todd Currier, June1,1815.*

Caleb, and Miriam Noyes, Mar.3,1836.*

Charlotte, and John Barnard, Dec.15,1805.*

David, of Newbury, and Polly Steward, July15,1798.*

David, and Elizabeth Lebreton, Jan.4,1805.*

David [Capt. int.], and Hannah Knight, May7,1826.*

Dolly, and Ephraim W. Alien, Dec.末,1804.*

Ebenezer, and Polly Peirce, July8,1786.*

Elisabeth, and David Hidden [of], Feb.19,1782.*

Elizabeth, and Dudley Hardy, Oct.28,1797.*

Elizabeth, of Newbury, and John Leighton, int.Sept.30,1812.

Elizabeth Le Breton [], and Henry C. Wright of Hartwick, NY, June26,1823.*

Elizabeth, and [Capt. int.] Jesse Brown [both of], May16,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Enoch Peirce, Apr.24,1825.*

Elizabeth LeB., and Lewis C. Gunn of Philadelphia, int.Aug.29,1839.

Emily, and Moses Chase [jr. int.] of Newbury, Feb.17,1840.*

Enoch, and Sarah Wyer Knapp, Nov.16,1823.*

Eunice, and [Capt. int.] Moses Brown, 3d, Feb.10,1796.*

Eunice, and George Brown, int.Jan.3,1800.

Gideon Woodwell, and Lydia Lunt of Newbury, int.Sept.1,1798.

Hannah, and William Baker Perkins, Sept.30,1804.*

Henry R., of Portland ME, and Sarah Hale, Nov.14,1822.*

Jacob, and Mrs.[] Sarah Montgomery, Apr.16,1766.*

Jacob, and Ruth Furlong, Jan.15,1792.*

Jacob, jr., and Betsy Pike, July7,1796.*

Jacob, of Epping, NH, and [Mrs.CR4] Ruth C[] Frothingham, Dec.21,1825.*

Jacob, jr., and Rebecca Blake Eaton, Feb.6,1833.*

Jacob, 3d, and Sarah Loring of Andover, int.Nov.2,1833.

James [], and Anna Todd, June28,1785.*

Jane, and Joseph Card, June22,1794.*

Jane, and Robert Clark, Mar.2,1800.*

Joanna, and John Goodhue, June16,1788.

John, jr., and Mary Wells Holland May15,1783.

John, 4th, and Jane Jackman of Newbury, int.Aug.16,1788.

John, and Mary Lunt, Nov.4,1801.*

John F., and Esther S. Tappan, Apr.18,1833.*

John, and Sarah Titcomb, int.Sept.3,1836.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Chipman, Oct.1,1783.*

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Peek of Boston, int.Feb.5,1797.

Joseph, and Mrs.[] Ann Gerrish, Apr.30,1765.*

Joseph, and Abigail Hale of Newbury, int.Oct.8,1776.

Joseph, and Sally Dow of Kensington, int.Aug.31,1811.

Judith, and Paul Atwood of Pelham, NH, int.Jan.23,1786.

Judith, and [Capt.CR1] Isaac Stone, Aug.3,1800.*

Judith, and Thomas Johnson of Effingham, Mar.17,1807.*

Judith, and Noah D. Haskell, Oct.3,1819.*

Mary, of Newbury, and Michael Pike, int.July27,1765.

Mary, of Newbury, and Moses Hoyt, int.Oct.12,1765.

Mary, and Joseph Wodden of Beverly, int.Sept.13,1777.

Mary, and Jeremiah Young, Aug.3,1800. [ Sept.11.CR1; Aug.16. int.]*

Mary F., and Henry Bartlett of Salisbury, int.June19,1819.

Samuel, and Rebecca Poor, Nov.2,1790.

Samuel, and Martha Cook, June23,1801.*

Sarah, wid., and Daniel Horton, May10,1773.CR4*

Sarah, and Humphrey Fernald of Portsmouth, NH, Mar.8,1777.*

Sarah [Mrs.CR1], and [Dea.CR1] Benjamin Colman of Newbury, Oct.27,1778.

Sarah [], and Charles Doran, July27,1780.CR2*

Sarah, and Caleb Knight, Nov.28,1782.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Joseph Appleton, int.Mar.3,1792.

Sarah, and Enoch Peirce, Aug.7,1792.

Sally, and William Middleton [of Haverhill. int.], Aug.7,1793.*

Sally, of Newbury, and Jonathan Dalton, int.Sept.14,1793.

Sarah, and Samuel Prince of Boston, Nov.16,1800.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Marsh, Feb.8,1801.*

Sarah J., of Newbury, and Benjamin G. Evans, int.June29,1833.

Thomas, of Newbury, and Alice [] Adams, Sept.27,1798.*

William [], and Elizabeth Pecker of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Feb.10,1774.*

William, and Sarah Tucker of Newbury, int.Nov.29,1776.

William, and Abigail Wadly, int.Feb.6,1779.

William, 3d, and Sally Hart Whitmore, Nov.30,1784.*

William, 4th, and Alice Mayley, Feb.8,1789.*

William, jr., and Susanna Hale, July17,1803.*

William, 3d, of Newbury, and Priscilla Lovett, July25,1819.*


Keziah H., and Theodore A. Coffin, int.Mar.25,1842.

STILLMAN (Stilman)

Harriet, and Frederic Whiley of Bradford, Oct.11,1831. [Oct.16.CR4]*

Mary, and William Channel of Wenham, int.June9,1832.

Rachel, and John Currell [Burrill.CR4], June26,1809.*

STILMAN (Stillman)

Eleazer, and Polly Mace, int.Apr.23,1801. (forbidden by her father.)

Eleazar, and Mary Mace, int.Dec.12,1801.


Abigail, of Milford, NH, and Nathan Plummer, int.Aug.17,1816.


Caroline M., of Georgetown, a.22y., d.Timothy and Susan, and David B. Tenney of Georgetown, a.23y., cordwainer, s.David B. and Hannah, Oct.11,1849.

Ebenezer, Capt., and Mary Coffin of Newbury, int.Nov.23,1782.

John, of Boston, and Mrs.Sarah Treadwell, int.Dec.15,1814.

Samuel, and [] Hannah Woodman, Feb.10,1772.*

Sarah, and Samuel Lunt, Sept.21,1821.*

William, and Nancy Smith Crosley of Boston, int.Apr.5,1823.


Molly [Stoales,], and Daniel Cary, Oct.17,1784.*

Molly [], and Parker Knight [of], Dec.20,1791.*


Abigail, and Edward Newhall, Oct.24,1771.*

Abigail W., and Charles R. [K. int.] Swasey, Dec.8,1839.*

Adeline, and John Newman, Nov.23,1834.*

Caroline, and David L. [E. int.] Colman, Nov.6,1834.*

Elizabeth, and William Merrill, int.Apr.22,1837.

Frances, of Salisbury, a.46y., d.Jonathan and Mary, and Andrew Haines, widr., a.65y., sailmaker, s.Eben and Mary, July27,1845.*

Hannah, and Joseph Eaton, Oct.30,1800.*

Henry, and Harriet Currier, Sept.27,1827.*

Jacob, and Mary Pike, Mar.30,1788.*

John, and Elisabeth Mitchel, int.Oct.12,1765.

John, and Jane Pearson, int.Dec.5,1769.

John, and Sally Sleeper, May2,1799.*

John, jr., and Sarah Greenleaf Boardman, Dec.17,1823.*

John T. [F. int.], a.19y., manufacturer, s.John and Sarah G., and Hannah Cammet of Amesbury, a.21y., d.Silas and Sarah, June23,1847.*

Mary, and Thomas Sallowes, Aug.23,1795.*

Mary, and Daniel H. Cutter, Apr.18,1834. [Aug.8,1834. int.]*

Mary H., of Newbury, a.18y., d.William and Letty, and John Thurlow of Newbury, a.25y., mariner, s.John and Lois, Nov.31,1847.

Mehetabel, and Jacob Kuhn, Nov.10,1768.*

Moses, and Joanna Currier, int.July9,1831.

Moses, and Hannah Currier, July30,1843.*

Nancy, and Joseph S. French, both of Hartford, CT, Oct.17,1826.CR4

Peter L., of Newbury, a.22y., mariner, s.William and Letty, and Joanna L. Thurlow of Newbury, a.19y., d.John and Lois, Nov.4,1847.

Rebekah, of Salisbury, and [Dea.CR4] John Batchelder of Hampton, NH, Dec.7,1824.

Roland and Mrs.[] Bathsheba Moulton, May19,1765.*

Rowland and [] Sarah Doran, Dec.22,1787.*

Ruth L., and William Mason, Sept.17,1839.*

Sarah, and John Richards, Feb.10,1777.*

Sally, and Mark Lewis, Feb.28,1805.*

Sarah, and Abraham Toppan, int.June25,1831.

William, and Letty Lurvey of Newbury, int.July24,1824.

STOCKS (Stokes)

Rebecca, and William Wayne, int.Oct.25,1777.


Hannah, and Edward Goodridge, Apr.2,1820.*

STOKES (Stocks)

Benjamin, and Abigail Smith, int.Dec.7,1778.


Abiah, of Salem, and Silas Noyes, int.June14,1806.

Anna, and William Fitz of Portsmouth [NH. int.], Oct.18,1795.*

Benjamin, and Hannah Somerby, June3,1795.*

Benjamin, and Tamizen Bamford, Dec.23,1821.*

Caroline, and Joseph Piper, jr., Jan.19,1830.*

Daniel, and Mary Stephens Bayley, Sept.8,1799.*

Dorothy M., and George W. Lee, Sept.27,1843.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Moody, Nov.17,1784.*

Ebenezer, Esq., and Fanny Coolidge, Aug.22,1820.*

Elizabeth, and David Coffin, Feb.9,1786.*

Elizabeth, and Jabez Ross of Newbury, Apr.28,1822.*

Esther [of], and William Cresey, jr., Apr.23,1789.*

Gyles P., and Sarah Mulliken, int.Sept.3,1831.

Hannah, and Samuel Brown, Nov.28,1782.*

Hannah, and Eliphalet Danforth Hardy of Bradford, int.Jan.31,1816.

Hannah, and William Balch, Oct.11,1818.*

Hannah, and John Weeks of Newbury, Apr.22,1821.*

Hannah, and William Marshall, June16,1825.*

Isaac [Capt.CR1], and Judith Stickney, Aug.3,1800.*

Isaac, and Eunice Brown, Apr.17,1804.*

Jacob, and Lois Parsons, June11,1797.*

Jacob, jr., and Eliza Atkins of Boston, int.Sept.22,1830.

John, jr., and Sarah Lowell, Oct.10,1776.*

John, jr., and Mary Swain, Nov.23,1807.*

John, and Mrs.Mary Young, Aug.20,1809.*

John Q.A., a.20y., printer, s.William and Mary Y., and Eliza A. Keyes of Exeter, NH, a.19y., d.William and Judith, Jan.25,1848.*

Joseph, and Mary Lynch, July12,1804.*

Lois Parsons, and Edward H[] Edes, Oct.27,1831.*

Mary, and Enoch Greenleaf, May13,1784.*

Mary, and Edmund Swett, Oct.19,1815.*

Mary, of Ipswich, and John Raines, int.Sept.28,1816.

Mary, and Ebenezer Russel of Ipswich, June14,1818.*

Mary, and Caleb Huse, May9,1827.*

Mary, and Benjamin Barber, Jan.13,1829.*

Patience, and John Somerby, jr., Apr.22,1785.*

Phebe H., and Lemuel Church, int.July9,1842.

Rebeckah, and Jeremiah Coffin, Oct.23,1811.*

Richard Miller, and Mary Stanwood, Nov.13,1777.*

Richard, and Caroline Almira Webster of Standish, ME, int.Aug.27,1830.

Richard, and Mary G. Atkins, Dec.3,1835.*

Samuel B[], of Dover, NH, and Sarah Ann Barber, Sept.25,1826.*

Samuel B., and Sarah J[ane. int.] Pike of Newbury, May30,1831.*

Samuel T., and Dorothy M. Bishop, Oct.29,1837.*

Sarah, and Daniel Baily, Aug.4,1765.CR2

Sarah, and [Capt. int.] Nathaniel Goodwin [of Cambridge. int.], Aug.20,1780.*

Sally, and Josiah Pike, Oct.18,1798.*

Sally Bartlet, and Amos Goodwin of Newbury, int.Nov.25,1820.

Sarah Moody, of Newbury, a.23y., d.Ebenezer and Fanny, of Newbury, and William Cushing, a.24y., merchant, s.John N. and Elisabeth, Sept.13,1827.*

Sarah B., and Isaac C. Titcomb, June22,1840.*

Sarah, of East Douglas, and Leverett L. Crofoot, int.Mar.31,1842.

Susan, and Thomas Silloway, Sept.13,1827.*

Susanna, and Joshua Marshall, Nov.28,1809.*

Thomas B., and Sarah Baker, Aug.16,1809. [Aug.10.CR1]*

William, and Matilda P. Chadwick of Portland int.Oct.11,1829.


Elizabeth, Mrs., of Portsmouth, NH, and Capt. William McHard, int.Oct.20,1781.

Elizabeth, of Portsmouth, NH, and William Bartlet, 4th, int.May23,1808.

Mary, and John Gookin, both of Greenland NH, Dec.16,1808.

STOREY (Story)

Abigail, and Peter Waterhouse, July24,1785.*

Charles W., jr., of Boston, and Elizabeth Eaton Moorfield, July30,1842.*

Daniel A., of Newbury, and Hannah W. Pickett of Newbury,末蔓末,1845.

Susan, a.23y., d.Charles and Elisabeth, and John S. Toppan of Brooklyn, NY, a.23y., merchant, s.Jeremiah P. and Lydia P., of Brooklyn, NY, June2,1847.*


William, and Rebekah Mace, Nov.12,1767.CR2


Thomas, of Kingston, Jamaica, and Ann Appleton of Portsmouth, NH, Dec.2,1777.CR2

STORY (Storey)

David, and Eliza Hudson Ballad of Hopkinton, NH, int.Aug.13,1808.

Lydia, Mrs., and Jacob Whitmore of Newbury, Jan.9,1809.*

Lydia, of Newbury, and Abner Caldwell, int.Nov.11,1809.


David, and Mrs.Sarah Burns, int.June11,1785.

David, and Mrs.Sarah Burns, int.May24,1787.

Jenny, and Simon Gage, Oct.14,1804.*

STOVER (Stovers)

Eliza A., a.23y., d.Peter and Percis, and Lewis B. Davis, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Stephen and Mary, Apr.30,1846.*

Elizabeth [Johnson. int.], and Joseph Stover, jr., Oct.28,1832.*

George, and Betsey C. Dodge [Doyle. int.], June6,1839.*

Henry, and Charlotte Bartlet, Sept.12,1822.*

Joseph, and Sarah Cheever, Sept.18,1803.*

Joseph, jr., and Elizabeth Stover [Johnson. int.], Oct.28,1832.*

Sally, Mrs., and John Burrill, Mar.7,1809.*

Sarah, and Moses Quimby, Nov.1,1840.*

William, and Nancy Titcomb, June14,1798.*

William, and [Mrs.CR1] Elizabeth Wright, Oct.7,1802.*

William [Capt. int.], and Mary Bassett, June2,1806.*

William, and Jane Currier, Oct.19,1824.*

STOVERS (Stover)

John, and Elisabeth Perkins, int.Jan.1,1785.


Leonard, a.24y., baker, s.Alvin and Sally, and Malvina L. Chase, a.19y., d.Nathan and Betsey, Feb.27,1848.*


John, and Agnes L. Manfelt, Oct.19,1823.CR2*


Edward, and Lydia Ingersoll, Apr.28,1776.CR2*

Lydia, and Peter Whealan, Dec.22,1779.CR2*


Sally, and John Tappan, Aug.7,1797.*


Matthew Ellis, and Rachel Remick, Apr.14,1792. [Apr.14,1793.CR1; Mar.22,1793. int.]*


Eliza G., of Boston, and Edwin A. Cheever, int.June22,1844.

Nancy, and Moses Blake of Methuen, Sept.4,1806.*

Sally, and John Newman, Oct.15,1809.*

William, and Mary Ann Noyes, Nov.30,1817.*

STUART (Stewart)

Daniel, and Hannah Davis of Newbury, Aug.25,1793.

James F., and Sarah Adams, d.Capt. William, Nov.9,1841.*

John, and Sarah Tayler Brazer of Groton, int.May20,1809.

STUTSON (Stetson)

Prince, and Hepzibah Patch of Hamilton, int.Feb.1,1806.


George, Hon, of Exeter, NH, and Phillippa Call, int.Oct.30,1826.

Honora, and Dennis Hallan, int.Dec.18,1847.

Joanna, and Henry Connor, int.Mar.15,1847.

Owen, and Ann McCrawla, both of Newbury, July30,1849.

Sarah [], and Archibald Sprague, July4,1813.*


Thomas, and [Mrs.CR1] Mary Phillips, Oct.21,1776.*


Mary [], and William Green, Feb.15,1781.CR2*


Abigail, and Alexander Baker of Portland Aug.30,1809.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth A. Shaw, May26,1842.CR4*

Betsy, and Ebenezer Noyes, Mar.19,1799.*

Esther, and Jacob Merrill, jr. of Newbury, June4,1810.*

Mary, and John Ordway Webster Brown of Newbury, Nov.16,1815.*

Mary [Summer. int.], and Charles [I. int.] Fox of Newbury, Feb.10,1841.*

Michael, and Esther Moody of Newbury, int.Feb.21,1807.

Michael, and Mary Bartlet, Jan.6,1816.*

Susannah, and William Price, jr., Apr.30,1781.*

SUTLEIFF (Shortliff)

Mark, and Joanna Gould, Dec.21,1787.*


Edward, and Elisabeth Smith, Jan.15,1775.CR2*

Edward, and Sally Davis, May23,1802.*

Edward, jr., and Rosina Taylor, Jan.16,1821.*

Edward T., and Mary [F. int.] Cutter, Apr.18,1834. [Aug.8,1834. int.]*

Edward T., and Sarah J. Lovett, Nov.29,1838.*

Betsy, and Samuel Lesley, int.Jan.23,1802.

Harriot, and Charles Butler, Aug.24,1817.*

Jacob, and Ruthy Pearson Greenleaf of Epping, NH, int.Nov.5,1814.

Jane [], and Enoch Plummer [jr.CR4], Aug.7,1809.*

John, and Jane Rousseau, Sept.5,1805. [ Sept.4.CR4]*

John M., a.21y., machinist, s.Jacob and Ruth P., and Ann M. Mowatt, a.20y., d.Henry and Mary, Dec.14,1846.*

Levi, and Charlotte Walker Caldwell, Apr.10,1814.*

Mary, and John Stone, jr., Nov.23,1807.*

Rosanna, and John R. Brown, int.Aug.14,1826.

Samuel G., and Mary S. Poor, Nov.25,1841.*

Samuel [G. int.], a.25y., machinist, s.Jacob and Ruth P., and Sophia W. Gerrish, a.25y., d.Nathaniel and Margaret, Nov.28,1844.*

Sally, and Capt. Michael Toppan, July11,1809.*

Stephen, and Nancy Sanborn of Gilmanton, int.May2,1795.

William, and Maria Caldwell, int.Dec.20,1829.


Reuben, of Boston, a.30y., merchant, s.Samuel and Clara, and Clementine Knight, a.31y., d.Daniel and Sarah, Feb.17,1848.*


John, and Mehitabel Burnham, int.Aug.18,1804.

SWASEY (Swazey, Sweasey, Sweazy)

Charles R. [K. int.], and Abigail W. Stockman, Dec.8,1839.*

Edward, jr., and Elisabeth Fulford [Guilford.CR1], Apr.4,1779.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Wells of Newbury, Nov.12,1803.*

Elizabeth, and John Stavers, June26,1808.*

Eunice [of], and Robert Cole, Nov.23,1777.CR2*

George B., and Elizabeth B. Locke, int.Oct.8,1847.

George H., a.22y., carriage maker, s.Benjamin and Hannah, and Frances M. Pearson, a.25y., d.John and Harriet, May8,1848.*

John Babson, a.25y., lawyer, s.Henry S. and Susan, and Hannah Hopkins Spring, a.24y., d.John H. and Sarah A., May20,1846.*

Joseph, jr., and Sarah Tappan [], June7,1793.*

Mary, and William Hawkins, May9,1790.*

Mary, and Samuel Davis of West Newbury, Nov.21,1822.*

Nathaniel, and Sally Morrill of Salisbury, int.Jan.17,1809.

Rebekah, and Samuel Cook, May7,1811.*

Samuel, and Sally Leigh, July14,1803.*

Sarah, and Anthony Francis, Apr.17,1831.*

SWAZEY (Swasey)

Martha, and Moses Davis, June29,1832.*

SWEASEY (Swasey)

Charles [], and Martha Johnson, Oct.7,1816.*

SWEAT (Swett)

Abigail, and Henry Titcomb, June16,1798.*

Abigail, and Joseph Brown, Nov.24,1799.*

Edmund, and Hannah Boardman, Nov.末,1767.CR3*

Edmund, jr., and Abigail Whittmore [Whittemore. int.], Jan.25,1791.*

Elisabeth, and Moody Montgomery, Sept.30,1771.CR4*

Enoch, and Sally Smith, Nov.13,1792.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Hall Toppan, June3,1798.*

Luke, and Hannah Dole of Newbury, int.Mar.16,1765.

Mary, and John Adams, int.Sept.29,1770.

Mary [], and John Denison Farly, Nov.17,1799.*

Mary, and John Thompson, Oct.27,1801.*

Samuel, and Rebecca Clark, Dec.22,1799.*

Sally, and Samuel Felton, Jan.10,1799.*

SWEAZY (Swasey)

George, and Phillis Clark, May27,1781.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Somerby, int.July22,1786.

SWEET (Swett)

Caroline L[akeman. int.], and Henry S. Carr, Aug.24,1837.*

Charles E., a.27y., mason, s.Ephraim and Harriet, and Caroline Henderson, a.25y., d.Benjamin and Frances, Nov.29,1848.*

Ephraim, and Harriot Pettingel, Apr.12,1810.*

Harriet M., and William L. Bachelder of Salem, Apr.17,1844.*

Jabez, and Hannah Kimbal of Haverhill, int.June3,1769.

Ruth, of Ipswich, and Enoch Smith, int.Oct.5,1805.

Susan, and John Jewett of Chelmsford, Feb.23,1826.*


James, and Sarah Wilson, July15,1812.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Miles Lovett, int.July26,1815.


Benjamin Goodwin, and Lydia Kettle, May16,1811.*

Ebenezer S., of Newbury, and Elizabeth M. Cummings, Nov.11,1841.*

George E., of Newbury, and Mary E. Todd, May25,1843.*

Henry, and Mary Seges, int.Sept.19,1846.

Joanna, of Charlestown, and James Kettell, jr., at Charlestown, Dec.3,1767.

Moses, and Elizabeth D. Foster of Andover, int.Aug.2,1847.

SWETT (Sweat, Sweet)

Aroline L., d.Daniel and Joanna, and John C. Brown, a.23y., trader, s.John O.W. and Mary, Nov.21,1844.*

Benjamin H., of Concord, NH, and Hitty Swett, Sept.3,1822.*

Caroline Rebekah, and David Kimball of Portsmouth, NH, Nov.3,1828.*

Daniel [Maj. int.], and [Mrs.inf.] Joanna Hunt, May9,1815.*

Daniel, and Sarah Hunt of Newbury, int.May6,1825.

Edmund, and Mary Stone, Oct.19,1815.*

Elizabeth, and William Hilton of Salisbury, int.Sept.1,1810.

E[] A., and Walter Rockwood of Nashville, TN, Apr.12,1837.*

Ellen M., and Seth [I. int.] Todd of Washington, D.C., July3,1839.*

Emily, and Dana Richardson of Dracut, int.Mar.19,1830.

Eunice, and William Woodbury, July19,1779.CR4*

Jacob, and Mary Leigh, Jan.5,1797.*

John Barnard [Dr. int.], and Charlotte Bourn of Marblehead, at Marblehead, May4,1780.*

Jonathan, and Temperance Dodge Ross, Jan.末,1819.*

Merriam, and Archibald Andrew Lodwick, int.Jan.27,1787.

Mary S[tone. int.], and Edwin Frothingham of Boston, Dec.27,1841.*

Hitty, and Benjamin H. Swett of Concord, N, H., Sept.3,1822.*

Nanny, of Salisbury, and Samuel Pilsbury, int.June11,1785.

Sarah, and Benjamin Leech, Apr.16,1782.*

Sally, and William Coffin, Mar.6,1814.*

Sarah B., and Micajah Lunt, both of Newbury, July31,1827.


Joanna, of Charlestown, and James Kittle, int.Oct.24,1767.

SYLLOWAY (Sillaway)

Daniel, and Anne Lunt of Newbury, int.Oct.25,1788.

SYLVESTER (Silvester)

Abiel, and Abigail Howard, Feb.5,1824.*

Adam, and Mrs.Judith Martin of Ipswich, int.Oct.12,1794.

Avery, and Sarah Couch, int.May21,1842.

Deborah C., and Leander Houghton, June16,1840.*

Edmund, and Sarah Howard, Nov.16,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Hall, Oct.27,1805.*

John B., and Mary Ann Cass, Aug.11,1839.*

Lucy [] J., and Charles F. Badger, Oct.5,1843.*

Mary, and Joseph Bailey, Jan.31,1810.CR2

Ruth, a.22y., d.Joseph and Mary, and William L. Greenlaw of Deer Isle, ME, a.27y., mariner, s.Richard and Mary, Sept.29,1845.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth M. Osborn, both of West Newbury, May26,1831.


Elizabeth [of Charlestown. int.], and William Teal, Feb.2,1773.CR4*

SYMONDS (Simonds, Simon, Simons, Symons)

Eliza, of Marblehead, and Samuel Foster, at Marblehead, July11,1797.*

SYMONS (Symonds)

Mark, and Eliza Orsment Stanwood, Jan.17,1819.*

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